It's Beana!

Beana is Lena's evil twin.


Beana isn't related to Lena and it is unknown why she is almost an opposite of Lena, because she was not created by Shadowbutt. She is a loud, morbidly obese woman with spiky hair, and is only 4 feet tall. She wasn't in the first game except for when she was sitting on a desk at Negamar. She was also hinted at by Lena when she said, "Wouldn't it be weird if I had an evil twin?" Beana had way more parts in the second game. She was the boss of Chapter 8. After Dark Shadowbutt was defeated, Beana promised to be a bit nicer to everybody. (except for Lena of course)

Boss StrategyEdit

Beana is the boss of Chapter 8 in WolduWarriors 2. She hops around on the dock, and you must use Squirt to hop out of the water and jump on her head. She then gets a waterski and rides on the water. You have to use Smiley and Zeke to shoot out Smiley's shell at Beana. Once she gets hit again, she dives into the water. You must now use the Water Drill attack with Will twice on her and she'll be defeated.

Relationship with LenaEdit

Beana and Lena are mortal enemies. When Lena goes to Woodamar in a MiniMovie in the second game, she sees Beana and gets into a tackle-fight with her. Beana then nags Lena about being a coward. Also, in the WolduWarriors Tik Tok music video, Beana and Lena are seen in the barn slap-fighting while Lito, Amiee, Sarah, Peter and Forrest are dancing on tables.


  • "AH'M BEANA!!!!" -WolduWarriors 2
  • "Dont'cha remember me?" -WolduWarriors 2, Pwip skits
  • "Don't be a sissy! Fight! Fight! FIGHT!" -WolduWarriors 2 (Lena Goes To Woodamar MiniMovie)
  • "Hey sonnies! Come 'n' get me!" -WolduWarriors 2
  • "Think you can beat me, loo-sers?!?" -WolduWarriors 2
  • "Hahahahaha! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!" -WolduWarriors 2
  • "Ow! Ee! Oof! Ouch! OWEEEH!" -WolduWarriors 2


  • Beana is the head of Negamar summer camp (Camp Dis-Discovery) and also a camp called Woodamar, which has never been seen, except for the Pwip skit "Poker Buddy, or Stone Goes To Woodamar."
  • Beana is the only character in WolduWarriors to appear in something outside of the series, in her case the Pwip Skits, amazingly funny skits performed by the kids of Woldumar.
  • Beana has a sister/husband/cousin named Milford, as proven in the Pwip skit "Poker Buddy Returns, or Stone Goes To Juvy."
  • Beana doesn't wear a bra, that's why she's so saggy.