There are many obvious similarities between the television series Survivor and the Total Drama series, including the vote-off premise, the merge, private conversations with the camera, challenges for invincibility, some of the contestants' character portrayal, and the Campfire Ceremony's similarity to Tribal Council.

Character SimilaritiesEdit

Many characters from Total Drama are similar to contestants in Survivor.

Season 1 - Survivor: Borneo Edit

  • Chris McLean and Jeff Probst: They are both the hosts of their respective shows; Survivor and Total Drama. Chris is seen regularly wearing khakis and a blue button up shirt, an outfit similar to the one worn by Jeff Probst for the entire first season of Survivor. Both are sarcastic and cruel to their contestants, though Chris is by far worse.
  • Owen and Richard: Richard Hatch was the first winner of Survivor and Owen was the first winner of the Total Drama series. Richard was known as "the fat naked guy," due to the fact that he spent his entire birthday on the island naked. Owen was also commonly naked many times throughout the show and is also obese. Richard was openly homosexual on the show and Owen commonly made suggestive comments which led people to believe that Owen was homosexual, such as his partial attraction to Justin.
  • Courtney and Stacey: Courtney was eliminated before the merge by Harold, after switching the votes for her to be eliminated. She often threatens to sue the show. On Survivor, Stacey was eliminated before the merge and said that another contestant told her that he told an interviewer in a confessional that he was going to vote for someone else and was told by the interviewer that Stacey was weaker/less entertaining. This resulted in his voting for Stacey and her elimination. She was then involved in a long, drawn-out lawsuit against Survivor. Stacey and Courtney also share similar bossy traits.
  • Geoff and Bridgette and Greg and Colleen: Geoff has a similar personality to Greg, both being laid-back and goofy, and somewhat unconcerned with gameplay elements. Geoff is interestingly labeled as "The Funniest Guy Around," a label that appropriately fits Greg more than it seems to apply to Geoff. Bridgette and Colleen are also similar in their sweet, lovable, America/Canada's sweetheart personalities. Geoff and Bridgette were a couple. Greg and Colleen were Survivor's first "couple."
  • DJ and Gervase: Both were big, dark-skinned men. Neither DJ nor Gervase knew how to swim at the beginning of the competition. However, they both won water challenges for their team, both of which involved paddling.
  • Staci and Sonja: They are both the first voted off of their rispective shows and they are both voted off first because they're the weakest member

Season 2 - Survivor: The Australian OutbackEdit

  • Heather and Jerri: Both of these competitors were unable to get along with their tribe/team, and were very difficult to get along with. Both were manipulative. Both were at some point called "queen bees." Both have had a conflict with the show's producers. They have also both played in three seasons. They both are in a possible relationship with another player (Heather with Alejandro, and Jerri with Survivor: Tocantins's Coach).
  • Duncan and Tina: Both of these were the winners of the second season of their show and were the first one eliminated from their next season.
  • Bridgette and Kimmi: Both were put into an eating challenge, but refused to eat certain food due to being a vegetarian. In Bridgette's case, dolphin meat, and in Kimmi's case, cow brains.

Season 5 - Survivor: ThailandEdit

  • Lindsay and Shii Ann: They both were known for making a very unintelligent mistake during their time on the show, which would end up costing them the game. Shii Ann thought that the tribes were merging and formed alliances with the other tribe. However, the tribes were still separate, but living together. She was eliminated at her team's tribal council for this mistake. Lindsay was known for voting herself off the show by accident.
  • Duncan and Robb: They are both punks and hurt contestants weaker than them. They also suffered an injury which caused someone to mock them. Duncan and Robb quickly retaliated at the people who mocked them afterwards. They are both considered bullies by their fellow contestants.

Season 6 - Survivor: The Amazon Edit

  • Heather and Jenna: Jenna (the sixth winner of Survivor) was negatively portrayed. Heather showed her breasts by accident (her top was snagged by a branch) to Harold during a challenge. Jenna showed her breasts during a challenge when she took off her clothes to get a reward of chocolate and peanut butter. Another similarity between the two is their alliances. Jenna never minded switching sides and voting off former allies if it meant her getting ahead. Heather also viewed her alliance partners as disposable. Jenna had an alliance with outsider Christy and blond Heidi, similar to Heather's alliance with Lindsay and Beth. Heather was saved several times from winning invincibility, as Jenna was saved by winning immunity when the numbers were against her. Heather and Jenna both made it furthest of the members of their alliance.
  • Beth and Christy: Beth and Christy were outsiders, Beth for her nerdiness and awkward appearance and Christy for her disability (she is deaf) and her trouble relating to other young women. Throughout the beginning of Survivor Amazon, Christy expressed her dislike for Jenna and Heidi, because they treated her as an outsider. Later on, Christy was in an alliance with Jenna and Heidi that made her feel safer in her position in the game. When Christy thought of voting off Heidi (later Jenna, because Jenna gave Heidi her immunity necklace), Christy was quickly eliminated. Beth joined the alliance with Heather and Lindsay because she sought to be popular, and to get further in the game. She later revealed that she didn't even like Heather (similar to Christy's dislike for her alliance), and betrayed Heather by shooting her with paintballs and helping the others lock her in a freezer. Obviously feeling betrayed, Heather helped get Beth eliminated. Of the alliance of three, Beth and Christy made it third furthest.
  • Lindsay and Heidi: Lindsay and Heidi are both portrayed as stereotypical blonds (hot and dumb). Heidi often did as Jenna told her to (voting the same way and telling her to join her when they removed their clothes for peanut butter and chocolate as a reward), as Lindsay did what Heather told her to (basically everything). Unlike Heather and Lindsay, though, Jenna and Heidi were close friends (though Lindsay believed she and Heather were very close). Of the alliance, Lindsay and Heidi made it second furthest.

Season 7 - Survivor: Pearl Islands Edit

  • DJ and Osten: DJ and Osten are actually rather similar in physical appearance and look very muscular. Osten appeared as being afraid of many things (including pelicans). DJ is also afraid of seemingly harmless things (such as the tiniest snake). Osten was involved in a challenge that involved swimming where he made it halfway to his goal, and complained that he was drowning, and after returning to shore, refused to complete the challenge. DJ also refused to compete in a challenge that involved water (diving off the cliff in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2). In the episodes where they refused to compete, both contestants' teams lost immunity/invincibility, but they were not voted off. Both of them also left the show.
  • Owen and Rupert: Owen and Rupert were very nice to their peers and a lot of the other contestants befriended them very quickly. Owen and Rupert are also very good at finding food. They were both overweight and did at least one mischievous thing in their seasons. They also made it to the merge the first two times they played the game and also played the game three times. Owen and Rupert also helped the opposing teams (or opposing contestants in Owen's point of view in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen) and made friends with animals. They also won money in their seasons for winning the game and for being most popular. They also have both made it to eighth place in one of there seasons.
  • Leshawna and Sandra: Leshawna and Sandra were straight-up and always said what was on their minds. They have a big conflict with the antagonist and got into many fights and arguments. They both used the 'as long it ain't me' strategy at least once. They both lied to their peers, but they made many friends during their time on the show. Leshawna and Sandra also had a major part in eliminating a returning contestant on the show.

Season 9 - Survivor: VanuatuEdit

  • Owen and Chris: Both of them were the winner of their season. They both were considered to be poor athletes as Chris stumbled in the first immunity challenge, and Owen was obese. They also were in a alliance made completely out of men. They both were blondes.
  • Ezekiel and Travis: Both of them were from the country. Travis was on a season were his tribe was all men, and Ezekiel was a sexist, believing men were stronger than women. They both were eliminated due to them doing something that made their tribe not trust them. (Ezekiel made sexist comments and Travis tried communicating with his old tribe after being swapped to Yasur).
  • DJ and Rory: Both of them were tough, intimidating, dark-skinned men. They both made it to the merge at least once.
  • Lindsay and Eliza: They were both, talkative and annoyed their tribemates. They both played the game more than once and made it to them merge the first two times they played the game.

Season 10 - Survivor: Palau Edit

  • Noah and Willard: Both minor players were eliminated first for their teams after a winning streak.
  • Owen and Coby: Both were players known to be social with their teams. Coby has been called "the gay hairdresser," and many people believe that Owen is a homosexual. When Stephenie, who had been the only remaining contestant in her tribe, had been merged with Koror (the winning tribe), Coby told Stephenie all of Koror's secrets and alliances. When DJ, Owen, Duncan, and Geoff had made a male-only alliance, Owen accidentally told Gwen about the alliance, who told the other girls.
  • Leshawna and Jolanda: Both were portrayed as bossy, black women. They both are from urban areas (Jolanda is from Houston, Leshawna is portrayed as an urban girl).
  • Duncan and Tom: Both are portrayed as anti-heroes, who were never protagonists and somewhat manipulative. They have both won the grand prize and have returned for a second season.
  • Beth and Stephenie: When the teams merged, they were both vulnerable (Beth had never proved herself as a help in challenges, and Stephenie was the last member of her tribe). However, they proved to be able to be strong (Beth was able to win the last two immunity challenges in Total Drama Action, Stephenie was shown as a big threat because of her friendliness and her athletic ability). In the second season that they played, they were both the runner-up.
  • DJ and Janu: In the first season they played in, they made it to 8th place. At the last minute at an elimination ceremony, they surprisingly quit to save someone.
  • Lindsay and Wanda: Their singing was annoying to some other contestants, and they were considered weak players. Wanda's weakness and annoying singing actually cost her the game.
  • Team Victory and Ulong Tribe: Both teams lost the first four immunity challenges, and lost four team members. Also all of there members were eliminated back to back except for 1 episode.
  • Team Amazon and Koror Tribe: Both teams were considered the dominant team of their seasons. They also both lost exactly one player before the merge.

Season 11 - Survivor: GuatemalaEdit

  • Duncan and Judd: Both were tough, and made a well known alliance. They were cold to the other competitors.
  • Heather and Stephenie: Both controlled an alliance and were the "leaders" of their respective alliances. Both have won individual invincibility. Both changed from their previous season. Stephenie changed from hero to villain in her second season while Heather changed from villain to anti-hero in her second season. Both made it to the Final Two at some point and both were runner-up. Both have made it to the merge twice, and were voted out pre-merge once.

Season 12 - Survivor: Panama Edit

  • Leshawna and Cirie: Both are black and they are well known players of their respective seasons, each of them playing three times so far. They have made it to the merge the first two times they competed. They are known for being heroic, and being good "players" of their season.
  • Harold and Dan: Both of them were put on the inferior tribe. They were both considered to be intelligent, but were bad in physical challenges. Dan was eliminated right before the merge, as well as Harold was in his first season.

Season 13 - Survivor: Cook IslandsEdit

  • Heather and Parvati: They both were strategic players who were classified as "villains." They both flirted with men at least once to get themselves further in the game. They have played three times, have both made it to the finale season they played in, and they were in a powerful alliance.
  • Duncan and Jonathan: They were both nasty and arrogant to their fellow competitors, and they were both ill-tempered. Jonathan's last words when he was eliminated were "I want my hat back at some point." Duncan didn't say all the nicest things to the contestants.
  • DJ's Mother and Jonathan: Both were very overprotective of certain things. On the first day of Survivor 13, Jonathan got really angry when a tribemate of his (Jessica) let a chicken escape. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, DJ's Mother gets upset about her bus being dirty and covered in barf and chocolate caramels.
  • Geoff and Jeff: Their names are pronounced the same, and they mostly wore cowboy hats (Jeff Probst tends to wear his cowboy hat most in this season).
  • Izzy and Cao Boi: Both were friendly, yet they didn't fit in and acted eccentric most of the time.
  • Bridgette and Candice: Both were very athletic females who also had a relationship since the beginning of the season. Bridgette's was with Geoff, while Candice's was with Adam.
  • Owen and Billy Garcia: Both were obese and liked women with hair and whose names had the letter I in them.

Season 14 - Survivor FijiEdit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama Island originally aired, there are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)

  • Brick and Boo: They are similar because they are both strong in challenges and they were both part of the superior tribe Brick was Mutant maggots And Boo was on Moto.
  • Owen and Yau-Man: Both were favorites on there seasons

Season 15 - Survivor: ChinaEdit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama Island originally aired, there are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)
  • Bridgette and Amanda: Amanda was targeted through the entire game for being an athletic threat. This was the reason Bridgette was voted out in Hide and Be Sneaky. They have also both played the game 3 times.
  • DJ and James: James was picked out as being a big scary African-American male, but just like DJ, he had a kind heart and was a threat because of his likability. They have also both played the game 3 times. They both left the game with an injury in their third season.
  • Lindsay and Courtney: Both of them also did not like to get dirty and were weak in challenges and they were both terrified over little things, Lindsay was terrified of bugs, and Courtney was terrified of mud. They both also backstabbed their alliance members, Lindsay by calling Heather mean and swearing at her and Courtney, along with her ally Todd, by specifically getting rid of her ally James because he had two Hidden Immunity Idols.
  • Ezekiel and "Chicken": Chicken came from the country and worked on a farm. He was considered an outsider due to being the oldest on his team and lack of understanding of social norms. Ezekiel was also from the country, worked on a farm and didn't fit in. Both were also the first out in general and on their team since they annoyed their teammates. They also have a thick accent.

Season 16 - Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites Edit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama Island originally aired, there are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)
  • DJ and Jonny Fairplay: Both of them quit the game to see their family members. DJ quit because his mother will be happier is he did the right thing and Jonny Fairplay quit to see his pregnant girlfriend.
  • Harold and Chet: They both claimed they were good at athletic challenges but they weren't. Harold claimed he was great at dodgeball but can't even hit Leshawna about 5 feet apart. Chet claimed he could swim well but he really couldn't swim well or dive at all. He ended up costing his tribe a loss. They were both known for being the weakest.

Season 17 - Survivor: Gabon Edit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama Island originally aired, there are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)
  • Beth and Susie: Susie and Beth joined an alliance that they later rebelled against. They also made it to the finals, where they were runner up.
  • Heather and Randy (and Corrine): Heather was pointlessly mean to everyone, similar to Randy and Corrine. Corrine led an alliance, similar to Heather. Randy was humiliated when he was eliminated (by playing a fake immunity idol) and so was Heather (getting her head shaved).
  • Sam and Ken: Both are considered gamers except Ken is a professional gamer.
  • Leshawna and Crystal: Leshawna made Heather jump of the cliff in the first episode, and Crystal made GC eat his rice.

Season 18 - Survivor: TocantinsEdit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama Island originally aired, there are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)
  • Owen and J.T. Both had the most supporters when they were in the final two in their first season.

Season 19 - Survivor: Samoa Edit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama Island originally aired. There are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)
  • Scott/Justin/Heather/Alejandro and Russell H.: Russell, like Justin and Alejandro, used female contestants to get him further in the game. Unlike Russell, however, Justin was the first in his alliance to go and was rejected by his ally in the end. Russell got rid of two girls who threatened him, and Justin eliminated Izzy. Both Russell and Justin were on struggling teams. Justin and Russell also both played 2 seasons. Russell also made final three deals with his fellow contestants, similar to the deal Heather made with Lindsay and Beth, and made it to the final three, only to lose the competition. Scott, however, may share the most similarities with Russell. Just as Russell tried to ruin his team by emptying out their water canteens and burning their socks, Scott repeatedly threw challenges for his team. Both also share a country background, with Hantz coming from Texas and Scott mentioning his upbringing on a farm. Additionally, both were notorious for searching for the hidden immunity idol more than anyone else, and using it to save themselves from elimination.
  • Eva and Ben: Ben and Eva kicked somebody. Ben was thrown out of a challenge due to this. Eva was considered the bully of the contestants, and Ben has been called a bully by Jeff Probst.[1] However, both Eva and Ben have been forgiven by their peers, and were able to sit next to people they had the most conflict with without issue. Both of them played only 1 season.
  • Duncan and Ben: Chris referred to Duncan as a bully during the recap in X-Treme Torture. Jeff Probst also called Ben a bully on his blog. [2]
  • Owen and Russell S.: Both were evacuated due to an injury during a challenge, resulting in the challenge abruptly ending. Although in Total Drama Action, Chris continued with part two of the challenge and Owen returned, but in Survivor the challenge completely ended and Russell had to drop out.
  • Izzy and Shambo: Both were crazy, but generally nice to people. In later episodes, they aligned with the antagonist. Also, they said mean comments in a special episode. (Shambo said mean things to Mick and Natalie during the finale and Izzy cursed off the director of photography in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special). They were also eliminated because of their traits. (Izzy was crazy [and she shot Heather] and Shambo was the oldest of the six remaining contestants.) They also used nicknames while on the show. (Izzy used "E-Scope" and "Explosivo," Shambo's real name is Shannon.
  • DJ and Jaison: Both were African-American (or Canadian, in DJ's case) and strong, when Jaison was voted off he was one of the last members of his team, while DJ was, too. Both were on the losing team, and both had kind hearts.
  • Eva and Shambo: Both are big, crazy, tough and muscular women. They have the same resemblance of each other and both have deep voices. Both of them played only 1 season.
  • DJ and Mick/Shambo: Both have them have hurt several birds during a season. Although DJ hurt seagulls and Mick and Shambo killed and cooked their tribe's chickens.
  • Cody and Brett: Both were young/smaller males who were very hidden up until the late portion of the game where they emerged as an obstacle for the lead characters (Russell and Alejandro/Heather) Both were also eliminated before the Final Competition.

Season 20 - Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Edit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama Island originally aired, there are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)
  • The Drama Brothers and The Dragons: After being voted out of the game, contestants "Coach," Courtney, and "J.T." formed a fake band called "The Dragons" while living in Ponderosa (The Survivor equivalent of Playa Des Losers). [3] Cody, Harold, Justin, and Trent formed The Drama Brothers between Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour.
  • Geoff and Colby: Both were similar throughout the seasons. They also became part of an outnumbered alliance. For Colby, it was his tribe (Heroes) that was against the Villains tribe. For Geoff, it was the guy's alliance against the girls and both were led by winners. (Guys: Duncan, Heroes: J.T). Also they felt odd joining these alliances, Geoff because he had to vote out Bridgette and Colby because he was with a different and rival alliance. Both seemed not much of a threat in challenges, stopped a fight between girls, wore hats throughout the seasons, were thought of as nice guys and saw a close friend go home before them. (Colby and Tom, Geoff and DJ)
  • Ezekiel and J.T.: Both of them are country boys. They both also tried to get rid of women. Ezekiel by sexist comments about women and J.T. by giving a note to Russell to eliminate Parvati because he thought there was a women's alliance, so J.T. tried to get Russell to join the Heroes side to eliminate women. They also both competed in 2 seasons.
  • Heather's Alliance and Russell's Alliance: Both were powerful alliances that controlled the game for a while. They both had three members, and were named after the leader (Heather, Lindsay and Beth in Total Drama Island, Russell H., Parvati, and Danielle in Survivor). However, it fell apart when one member revolted against the leader (Beth refused to follow Heather's errands, Parvati showed a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to Danielle but not Russell.)
  • Tiki Idol and the Hidden Immunity Idol: Both had a major effect on the game. Even though the Hidden Immunity Idol has been on Survivor since the eleventh season, the idol looks most alike to the Tiki Idol in this season.
  • Alejandro and Russell: Both have used females to get themselves further in the game (Bridgette and Lindsay with Alejandro, Parvati and Danielle with Russell). Both of them are considered good guys until they reveal their true colors. Both have wanted to control the game. Both are good strategists. Both have been lied to (Chris told Alejandro about how he could be in Total Drama Dirtbags, Parvati told Russell that she didn't have a hidden immunity idol, when she really did). Both have conflicts with another contestant (Russell/Boston Rob, Alejandro/Duncan). Russell wasn't liked by the jury because he backstabbed them, and Alejandro wasn't liked by the peanut gallery because he backstabbed them.
  • Scott and Russell: Both often went out searching for hidden immunity idols without any clues, and also raised suspicions from other members of their teams.
  • Harold and Candice: In their second season, they both flipped on their alliance. Harold flipped on Leshawna's Alliance while Candice flipped from the Heroes to the Villains.

Season 21 - Survivor: Nicaragua Edit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama World Tour began airing. There are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)
  • Leshawna and NaOnka - Both were "loud-mouthed" African-American women, who were unafraid to openly insult someone they didn't like. Also, at one point, they were a prime target for elimination but due to last-second actions, were saved. Both voted off an Asian player that was deemed as a threat (Brenda and Heather, respectively).
  • Heather and Brenda - Both are Asian women who were generally considered attractive. Both led a strong alliance, and didn't tend to care much about anything other than winning the competition. Both had a guy flirting with them regularly in one season, but constantly denied his feelings.
  • Owen and Fabio - Both are blonde males that initially weren't targeted for not being too strategic, but have proved to be strategic before, as Fabio voted off Brenda, arguably the game's biggest threat, and Owen was able to destroy Duncan and Harold's temporary friendship in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen. Both have made the merge as the majority (more young players made the merge in this season than old players; more Gophers made the merge in Total Drama Island than Bass). Also, they have both been the winners of their first seasons, Owen in Total Drama Island and Fabio in Survivor: Nicaragua.
  • Tyler and Fabio - Both aren't the most muscular people in the game, but have proven to be strong (Tyler in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better; Fabio won the first and fifth immunity challenges of the season, and won all of the last three consecutive immunity challenges of the season). Also, both have been injured several times, but Tyler more severely than Fabio.
  • Geoff and Fabio - Both are fairly well-built and physically capable blonde males with a laid-back, relaxed attitude. Both commonly use lingo such as "man" or "dude," and both are often prone to bad luck and getting injured.
  • Duncan and Sash - Both are tough players that despite playing the game aggressively, they get far in the competition. Both have cut off a smart player that trusted them post merge (Duncan voted off Courtney in Total Drama Action while Sash voted off Brenda).
  • Alejandro and Sash - Both are strategic players that formed friendships with the majority of the contestants only as part of their plan to further themselves in the game and they feel little remorse when voting them off. Both had someone that told them off whether directly or indirectly (Leshawna for Alejandro and Dan for Sash).
  • Lightning and Sash-Sash claimed to have never lost a competition in his life in a pre season interview, while Lightning is also an overachiever who claims he carries his team's back at home.
  • Ezekiel and Wendy - Both were the first voted off in their respective seasons mainly because of them not keeping their mouth shut. Also, both live in the country.
  • Lindsay and Purple Kelly - Both are deemed to be floaters in the competition due to their lack of strategic games and are considered stereotypical dumb blondes.
  • Alejandro and Marty - Both are very smart players and have been known to vote off players that are threats, as Alejandro voted off Owen and Duncan and Marty voted off Jimmy J. and Jimmy T. Both made some bold statements: Alejandro said that one by one, all the contestants in Total Drama World Tour would go down, and Marty said that whoever wants to play with him is welcome to, as he's playing the game for real.
  • Leshawna and Jane - Both are contestants popular with the majority of the cast and enjoy dancing in their peculiar dancing fashion. Both were the third to last person eliminated in their first seasons (not counting the runner ups).
  • Cody and Chase - Both are contestants that got far in a season mainly because of the help of a girl (Sierra and Brenda/NaOnka respectively). Both have shown attraction for a girl that doesn't feel the same way about them and also have made the final three and were liked by many of the losers.
  • Gwen and Alina- Both are smart players that try to play their game well, despite being critical of some of their competitors. Both are fond of the loudmouth, the guy showing attraction for a girl that doesn't like her back and the goofball of their seasons. Both were well liked but became huge targets after unfortunate events (Gwen kissing Duncan, Alina being responsible for stealing food with NaOnka). Both also made enemies of the seventh place finisher of the season (Benry for Alina, Courtney for Gwen if one counts Blaineley as sixth).
  • Heather and NaOnka- Both were unusually cruel to the person who stood out in their tribe, and were not afraid to display their cruelty. Plus they both cared only about themselves and both were considered villains in their seasons.
  • Trent and Chase - Both played the guitar, both can sing, and both have something to do with vehicles. (Chase is a race car carjack and Trent wants a motorcycle). Both also let their love for a girl throw off their game at one point.
  • Justin and Fabio - Both were male models and were injured often in an episode (Fabio in the first episode of Survivor and Justin in the episode he was voted out in Total Drama Action).
  • Noah and Jimmy T - Both were tan-skinned men. They both complained a lot and were sarcastic. Both of them hated an antagonistic person on their tribe. (Alejandro for Noah and Marty for Jimmy T.). They were both eliminated extremely early in their first season (Noah in third and Jimmy T. in fourth).

Season 22 - Survivor: Redemption IslandEdit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama World Tour began airing. There are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)

  • Courtney and Phillip: Both of them are dark-skinned. They were extremely bossy and often clashed with tribe-members. On their first season, they both lost the first immunity challenge, and were targeted for elimination, only to barely stay. They both also mention their careers a lot, as Courtney mentions being a CIT and Phillip mentions being a special agent. Also, both are very talkative to the point that practically all of their teammates get annoyed with them.
  • Noah and David: Both are players with high IQ's that do/did not trust the villain on their team.
  • Noah and Russell: Both are extremely intelligent players, but were soon disliked by the rest of their team (Noah for his sarcasm and laziness and Russell for his reputation as a villain). Because of these reasons, they were the third contestant voted out of the season, and the first voted out of their team.
  • Owen and Ralph: Both are overweight. They both are physically strong, capable players. They are also not considered very smart. They also both are well liked in their tribe and both won their first immunity challenge. They also both helped take down the villain (Owen helped take down Courtney, Ralph helped take down Russell)
  • Harold and Phillip: Both of them made conflicts in their first episode and both talk so much about things that people don't care about to the extent that it annoys those around them. They have both had their clothes stolen at one point, and wore red underwear.
  • Gwen and Francesca: Both are considered outsiders. They often make snide remarks in private, though are usually the voice of reason. Both have also been the first member voted out of their team.
  • Duncan and Russell: Both are very rude and arrogant and had lead their team to victory once in a season. They also were both eliminated early in their third season.
  • Eva and Matthew: They were both the second person voted out. They then returned to the game and got voted out in the same episode.
  • Alejandro and Rob: Both used naive and innocent contestants to get themselves further in the game. Both of them see the game the same way, get rid of the strong and keep the weak. Both were responsible for most eliminations in their season. Both won the game.
  • Chef Hatchet and Phillip: Both are black and short tempered. Both worked for the government. (Chef was in the military and Phillip was a federal agent) Both had headgear (Chef had a little chef's hat and Phillip uses a feather).
  • Beth and Natalie: Both are the smallest players of their respective casts and despite appearing to be weak, they both managed to win an individual immunity challenge. Also, Beth was Justin's closest ally, as Natalie was Rob's.
  • Heather and Boston Rob: in their first seasons, both were seen as huge villains, but once they reached the finale of their later season (Heather's 3rd and Boston Rob's 4th), they seemed to have a lot of supporters and were viewed as lesser villains when compared to other players (Alejandro for Heather; Russell for Rob).
  • Duncan and Andrea: Both are good at challenges and got 5th place in a season due to returning after their first elimination. Both had a good connection with someone of the opposite gender but voted that person off before (Andrea voted off Matt; Duncan voted off Courtney in Total Drama Action).
  • Beth and Phillip: Both players were a bit too talkative and annoying at times and finished in 2nd in a season.
  • Duncan and Mike: Both were strong, dark haired male competitors, who did well in challenges and ended up in outnumbered alliances following the merge. Also, Mike is an ex marine, and Duncan reveals in Full Metal Drama that he wants to be a marine when he grows up.

Season 23 - Survivor: South PacificEdit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama World Tour began airing. There are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)

  • Sadie and Semhar: Both are one of the physically weaker players of their respective casts and were voted off following a challenge that they did poorly in that involved throwing objects.
  • Sierra and Cochran: Both are regarded as super fans of their respective shows. Both received one vote against them in the first elimination they appeared in.
  • Justin and Coach: Both seem to attract attention from their fellow castmates (whether positive or negative) and both played differently than their first (or first two) times in their respective games, as Coach played like a villain his first two times and a hero his third time, while Justin played like a hero his first time and a villain his second time (although Coach is the only one to say this himself).
  • Harold and Cochran: Both are categorized as "nerds", redheaded, wear glasses, are scrawny, have extremely pale skin, and are treated as outcasts on their tribe, being regularly put down by the "popular" members. Both made huge moves in the game at one point or another that changed their tribe and saved themselves (Harold switching the votes to get Courtney eliminated, and Cochran flipping his vote and joining with the other team immediately after the merge). Both also switched from their original alliances at one point or another (Cochran as mentioned above and Harold betraying Leshawna in Total Drama Action). Both had rivals that were much stronger than they were (Duncan for Harold, Ozzy for Cochran, although Ozzy and Cochran's relationship was not as tense as Duncan and Harold's).
  • Duncan and Brandon: Both are short, but physically strong. They are both manipulative, emotional and irritable, and were in a major alliance.
  • Lindsay and Whitney: Both are attractive, blonde women. They aren't known for their intelligence and make it far for their percieved fecklessness.
  • Beth and Sophie: Both are geek girls, both wear glasses, both were girl scouts and both won their seasons (Sophie won that season and Beth won the alternate episode of Total Drama Action)
  • Dakota and Whitney: Both are attractive girl's with long blonde hair. They also both have a relationship with someone on their tribe. Dakota with Sam and Whitney with Keith.
  • Mike and Brandon: Both had secrets to hide, and help someone get immunity/invincibility that got them out of the game. (Brandon is Russell Hantz's nephew, and gave the immunity to Albert. Mike had multiple personality disorder, and helped Scott win the challenge.) They both had a thing with a girl (Brandon with Mikayla, and Mike with Zoey.) They both placed 6th in their first season.

Season 24 - Survivor: One WorldEdit

(This season appeared on television after Total Drama: Revenge of the Island began airing. There are still some contestant similarities, but these have to be coincidental)

  • Noah and Colton: Both are short and not very strong physically and wear sweaters. Both seem to have a conflict with a more strong and manipulative player (Alejandro for Noah, Matt for Colton).
  • Heather and Alicia: They are both big villains and have dark hair. They also both make an all female alliance early in the season.
  • Lindsay and Kat: They are both dumb blondes, that join an alliance very early run by one of the main villains (Heather for Lindsay and Alicia for Kat).
  • Scott and Sabrina: They both were the first people to find the idol in their season. They both reveal it to another contestant (Sabrina shared it with Colton and Scott shared it with Zoey).
  • Lightning and Colton: They both think they are better off on their own instead of being part of a team, and both stated this on the second episode of their seasons.
  • Izzy, Colton, and Kourtney: All were removed at some point in the game due to an injury.
  • Cameron and Leif: Both are short, both wear glasses and both sabotaged their teammates by accident. (Leif got Bill eliminated and Cameron got Mike eliminated)
  • Leshawna and Christina: Both try to flatter their team out of fear and danger of being voted off.
  • Courtney and Chelsea: Both grossed out by the sight of someone's underwear. Harold's underwear landed in front of Courtney, Tarzan's underwear thrown on top of Chelsea's clean clothes.
  • DJ and Jonas: Both are nice likable guys that are good cooks.

Event Similarities Edit

Many events that occurred in Total Drama also occurred in Survivor.

Season 1 - Survivor: BorneoEdit

  • In Awwwwww, Drumheller, it was Cody's birthday, and in an episode of Survivor it was Richard Hatch's birthday.

Season 2 - Survivor: The Australian OutbackEdit

  • A confrontation between two contestants, Kimmi and Alicia, resulted in Kimmi's saying, "Don't wave your finger in my face." with Alicia famously retorting, "I will always wag my finger in your face." A similar confrontation occurred during Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island between Heather and Leshawna, with Leshawna saying: "Uh-uh, you are not waving your fingers in my face!"
  • Kimmi took part in a disgusting food challenge that required her to act against her vegetarian beliefs. She refused to eat animal brains, but did eat a large worm. Bridgette is also a vegetarian who had to face a gross food challenge in Brunch of Disgustingness. She compromised and ate some of the animal food items, but refused to eat hot dogs made of dolphin meat.
  • Another similar event in season two or Survivor was the reward challenge in the second episode. Where contestants were required to jump off a cliff, fetch a chest, and put together a puzzle. This had many similarities to Not So Happy Campers - Part 2. First, this was the second episode of Total Drama Island, as well as Survivor. This was the first elimination challenge in Total Drama Island, as well as the first reward challenge in Survivor. This challenge required contestants to jump off a cliff in both shows and everyone was given the opportunity to not jump (but in Survivor they all did) in both shows. Another similarity is after they jumped off the cliff, they had to carry a chest(s) as well as put something together.
  • The Killer Bass and Barramundi are both teams named after fish.

Season 4 - Survivor: MarquesasEdit

  • Two contestants (Paschal and Neleh) went away on a reward on a cruise ship. They received luxury treatment, and ate very exquisite food. When the two returned to camp, Neleh went on about how fantastic the experience was and offered the contestants who could not enjoy the reward a mint that had already been in her mouth. They rejected the offer, and resented Neleh. In Brunch of Disgustingness, the guys won a reward that took place on a cruise ship. They received spa treatment and fine food. When they returned in No Pain, No Game, the guys bragged about how great their reward was. This made the girls (especially Leshawna) more jealous than they already were of the guys. Owen then offered the female campers chocolate covered cherry blossoms. Leshawna rejected these by hitting the tray of chocolates into the lake.
  • The way Boston Rob insulted people on his tribe is similar to the way Leshawna insulted people on her team (as well as people from the opposing team) in Million Dollar Babies.
  • In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Cody celebrated his birthday, similar to how Vecepia celebrated her birthday.

Season 5 - Survivor: ThailandEdit

  • While two contestants are sleeping and apparently spooning, the male end of the two contestants started "grinding" against the female contestant. In The Big Sleep, Noah and Cody are sleeping by each other and spooning, both campers wake up to Noah kissing Cody's ear.

Season 7- Survivor: Pearl IslandsEdit

  • In Season 7, contestants met a close friend or relative, and one person would share a reward with their friend/relative. Jonny Fairplay and his friend lied about their grandma being dead for the reward, similar to how Leshawna fake crying in One Flu Over the Cuckoos for a spa day with her cousin, Leshaniqua.
  • When there were 10 contestants left, Jeff Probst brought back the 6 eliminated castaways as a surprise to get revenge, as a tribe called the Outcasts. Two contestants were later brought back into the game for good. In No Pain, No Game, Izzy and Eva came back to the game without warning. However, only Eva was in the game to get revenge. It later backfired on her when she was eliminated.

Season 8 - Survivor: All StarsEdit

  • This season brought back 18 memorable contestants to play for a second time. This is similar to Total Drama Action, which brought back 14 memorable contestants.

Season 10 - Survivor: PalauEdit

  • In Season 10, the tribe Ulong lost every single elimination challenge and only won once, similar to Team Victory losing all elimination challenges except for two.
  • There was an elimination challenge for both Ulong and Team Victory which would decide who would be eliminated since both had only two members left on their respective teams.

Season 11 - Survivor: GuatemalaEdit

  • This season was the first season to introduce the Hidden Immunity Idol, which could save a person from elimination if they found it. This is to similar to the McLean-Brand Chris Head that was introduced in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. It had the same kind of powers.
  • In Awwww Drummheller, it was Cody's birthday, and during Survivor: Guatemala, Danni's birthday was celebrated.

Season 12 - Survivor: PanamaEdit

  • Heather voting Alejandro off after he helped Heather out of the hole is similar to what happened in Survivor: Panama. Danielle asked Terry to teach her how to make fire since she felt like she would be in a tie-breaker situation, so Terry helped her, and Danielle was saved from elimination after winning the challenge. But at the next vote, Danielle votes off Terry, despite what he did to help her. Coincidentally, both Heather and Danielle were seen as villains because of them betraying others and both of those events happened in the final 4 of those respective shows.

Season 15 - Survivor: ChinaEdit

  • In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Dawn had played what she thought was the McLean-Brand Chris Head, but it turned out to be fake. A similair occurance happens in Survivor: China, when one of the contestants had played a fake immunity idol, and was then voted out that same night.

Season 20 - Survivor: Heroes vs. VillainsEdit

  • In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Duncan had to do all the immunity challenges from over the season. During Survivor, the contestants had to do memorable challenges from past seasons.

Season 21 - Survivor: NicaraguaEdit

  • In Episode 10, Chase, Fabio, Jane, Kelly S., and NaOnka won a trip to a volcano for winning the reward challenge. This is similar to how in Total Drama Action's 10th episode, Masters of Disasters, Duncan, Harold, Heather, and Leshawna won a trip to British Columbia, which involved scaling a volcano.

Season 22 - Survivor: Redemption IslandEdit

  • A new twist this season is that players that get voted off will go to Redemption Island to have a shot at returning. In the Total Drama series, four different players of five occasions returned to the game after elimination.
  • Matt, the winner of the first Redemption Island cycle, returns to the game at the merge, but is immediately voted off in the same episode. This is strikingly similar to Eva's return in No Pain, No Game. However, this is ironic, because Matt is seen as a good guy that tries to make friends, while Eva acts the opposite way. The same thing occurred to Andrea when she returned


  • In The Aftermath: IV, the final vote is very similar to the way the winner is chosen in Survivor by a jury of eliminated contestants. Also, the eliminated contestants voted on a piece of paper for the winner after each asking the final two a question. Also, the way Chris slowly read through all of the votes one-by-one is similar to how Jeff Probst reads through the votes, occasionally restating the standing between the finalists and the amount of votes they have after every few votes. For example: "That's three votes for Duncan, and one vote for Beth."
  • Eliminated campers got to stay at Playa Des Losers, a luxurious resort. When a jury member (the last 7 through nine voted off) is voted off of Survivor, they stay in Ponderosa, a campsite with showers, a head chef, and various outdoor and indoor activities.
  • Both feature opposing teams (usually two), although on Survivor they're called "tribes."
  • In Niagara Brawls, Chris says "The gang has spoken." when Owen was voted off. In Survivor, Jeff always says "The tribe has spoken." when a contestant is voted off.
  • In 2008: A Space Owen, the cast gets items from home. This could be a reference to the family visits on Survivor.
  • In many episodes, Chris hires unpaid interns to test the challenges and most of them end up in the hospital. In Survivor, there is a group of paid interns called "The Dream Team" to test the challenges and nobody gets injured.
  • In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Chris introduces the McLean-Brand Chris Head, which is similar to an immunity idol.

Interaction Similarities Edit

Many characters in Total Drama interacted with others the same way as contestants in Survivor.

Season 1 - Survivor : BorneoEdit

  • Zoey and Scott and Colleen and Sean : Scott vote off Zoey's boyfriend,Mike,like Sean did with Colleen and Greg. After that,Colleen will begin to vote Sean,like Zoey will vegin to vote Scott.

Season 8 - Survivor: All StarsEdit

  • Katie and Sadie and Rob M. & Amber: As soon as they met each other, they were very close. They would do anything to be on the same team together. (Fun Fact: Rob proposed to Amber at the season finale, and minutes later, she won the grand prize.) However, Katie and Sadie knew each other before the show.
  • Alejandro and Heather and Rob M. & Amber: Like Rob and Amber, both Heather and Alejandro controlled most of the game. Much like how Heather and Alejandro were attracted to each other, Rob and Amber were attracted to each other as well, and how Heather and Alejandro's attraction was initially a conflict, both Rob and Amber mentioned in pre-show interviews they disliked one another. Both duos made it to the final four, up against another equally tight duo (Cody and Sierra were up against Alejandro and Heather, while Rupert and Jenna were up against Rob and Amber), and both duos made it to the final two.

Season 14 - Survivor: FijiEdit

  • Duncan and Harold and Rocky & Anthony: Duncan and Rocky both believe in manhood, so they pick on weak, geeky players in their respective seasons (Harold and Anthony).

Season 16 - Survivor MicronesiaEdit

  • Trent and Gwen and Ozzy & Amanada: In Total Drama Island, Trent and Gwen both had a strong attraction, along with Ozzy and Amanda. The male also got blindsided by another female (In Survivor, Parvati blindsided Ozzy, In Total Drama Island, Heather blindsided Trent). The female placed 2nd and the male rooted for the female to win.

Season 18 - Survivor TocantinsEdit

  • Harold and Leshawna and J.T. & Stephen: In Total Drama Action, Leshawna's "urban girl" personality clashed with Harold's geeky personality, yet they still were able to be friends. In Survivor, J.T. was known as a "southern boy" and Stephen was known to be called a "geek" because of his job as a computer consultant and because he lived in New York City. However, they formed one of the strongest friendships in Survivor history and even went to the final two together.

Season 20 - Survivor: Heroes vs. VillainsEdit

  • Gwen and Heather and Boston Rob & Russell: In Total Drama Island, Gwen quickly made enemies with Heather and they were both against one another. In Survivor, the same conflict happened with Boston Rob and Russell when they made alliances to take their enemy down. Coincidentally, Gwen and Boston Rob placed thirteenth and were eliminated in the seventh episode.
  • Alejandro and Heather and Russell & Parvati: In Total Drama World Tour, Alejandro tries to charm Heather to get further in the game, much like he had done with other girls, but Heather can tell he's trying to play her, so she attempts to play him. In Survivor, Russell tries to charm all of the ladies and then turns against them, trying to get them eliminated so he can get further in the game. He tried to start an alliance with Parvati, and even though Parvati does join his alliance, she lies to him several times, playing him while he tries to play her including hiding idols from him, much like what Heather did.

Season 21 - Survivor: NicaraguaEdit

  • Heather and Gwen and NaOnka and Kelly B.: Both hated the odd one out in their tribe and were cruel to them. NaOnka hated Kelly B for having a prosthetic leg and bullied her for it making her a fan hated. Heather hated Gwen for being gothic and did everything she could to ruin her and Trent's relationship making her a fan hated.

Season 24 - Survivor: One WorldEdit

  • Courtney and Gwen and Alicia and Christina: Both would not let the other talk. At the first tribal council, Christina was not able to defend herself because Alicia would always interrupt her. In Total Drama World Tour, Courtney would not let Gwen cheer when Cody won for their team. Courtney and Alicia were angry when Gwen and Christina talked with the boys.

Total Drama World TourEdit

This season had more similarities to Survivor than the others:

  • Alejandro being the main villain despite other villains in this season is similar to how Russell Hantz was the main villain of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, despite nine other villains participating.
  • After Slap Slap Revolution, instead of the "Total Drama" style of elimination ceremonies, Chris revealed the voting results, which is what Jeff Probst does in Survivor.
  • This season takes place around the world, as does Survivor. In fact, some of the locations that were visited in Survivor (the Amazon, Australia, China, and Africa) were visited this season.
  • Some of the rewards this season were based on the location, such as how Alejandro, Duncan, and Owen won Swedish massages in Sweden Sour.
  • Almost all of the seasons of Survivor had new players, and this season had three.
  • Sierra's personality, her being a super fan, and the fact that she got on her favorite show, is similar to the theme of Survivor: Micronesia.
  • With most of these episodes having more than one challenge, this is similar to how in Survivor, there are reward and immunity challenges in several episodes.
  • There are three teams this season, similar to Survivor: All Stars.
  • In Survivor: One World, Colton was removed from the competition for apendix surgery, rather than being eliminated. Izzy was also removed due to illness/injury. However, this was due to her enhanced intelligence that she gained from it and not medical attention.