• Bolbinator17

    My Burma Cast

    December 13, 2013 by Bolbinator17

    The 1st contestant that will be returning is Greg Buis and his sister Julie!!! Continue to vote!!!

    LINK: New Poll!!!

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  • Echomist x


    October 6, 2013 by Echomist x

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  • Webly

    38 leave round one.

    Contestants eliminated from

    Total Drama: Boney Island – Lisa, Reginald, Tommy
    Total Drama Reality – Angelo, Val
    Total Drama Tropics – Dante, Frederick, Stacy
    Total Drama Wilderness – Daniel, Kristy, Shaila, Wayne
    Total Drama Athletics – Bubba, Gabby, Isabella, Polly Ann, Tony
    Total Deception Island – Hildegarde, Karen, LeVar, Michaiah, Ollie, Prescott, Shanise, Trevor, Vinnie
    Total Drama Time Travel – Alexander the Generally Awesome, Bianka, El Serpiente, Jon Pierre, Julietta, Millie
    Total Drama Super Powered – Acid Tongue, Elli, Her Royal Hotness, Kent Clark, Nightshade, Vanity

    So yeah. Comment on your thoughts!!! Only 38 went this round, but 64 will go from the next and of those 64, 10 will have a chance to return. However, eve…

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