Total Drama AthleticsEdit

Written by: Toadgamer80

  • Evan would not have cancer, and not be mean. Evan x Alexandria would happen.
  • Nathan would not secretly turn evil.
  • Luke would not be so cliche.
  • Gabby x Tony and Fernando x Kylie would not happen.

Elimination OrderEdit

  • 1st out: Fernando
  • 2nd out: Nathan
  • 3rd out: Gabby
  • 4th out: Zoe
  • 5th out: Jayden
  • 6th out: Vanessa
  • 7th out: Luke
  • 8th out: Madison
  • 9th out: Evan
  • 10th out: Isabella

Merge: Doyce, Alexandria, Kylie, Tony, Holden, Cassie, Bubba, Ramona, Skylar, Polly Ann

  • 11th out: Polly Ann
  • 12th out: Bubba
  • 13th out: Ramona
  • 14th out: Cassie
  • 15th out: Holden
  • 16th out: Skylar
  • 17th out: Tony
  • 18th out: Kylie
  • Runner-Up: Doyce
  • Winner: Alexandria