Jarl is a wimpy dork of a Hooga Hooga who has a crush on Jixx.


Jarl is an extremely skinny and out of shape orange Hooga Hooga. He has no muscle whatsoever, and when he tries to show it, it droops down. He wears nothing but short shorts, which do not look very good on him. He is also completely bald and has a cracking voice.

TV ShowEdit

In the WolduWarriors TV show, Jarl is portrayed as a lazy bum who does nothing except hang out with Steven and eat cheese sandwiches. He is often forced to babysit Tibblum, who is surprisingly stronger than him.


  • Jarl is extremely jealous of Joe.
  • Even though he has his own girlfriend, he still has an enormous crush on Jixx.
  • Some of his personality traits are reminiscent of He is the EXACT SAME FUCKING CHARACTER as Beast Boy from Teen Titans.