Jixx official

Jixx's art from WolduWarriors 2.

Jixx is a female Hooga Hooga who is part of the Fearsome 4.


Jixx is an extremely attractive female Hooga Hooga, attracting Joe, Jarl, and even Mo. She is very athletic and slender, and wears an olive-green tanktop and red underwear. She has long, silky blue hair, the signature brown crest on her head, a scar on her cheek and red eyes.


In WolduWarriors, Jixx was mentioned when Joe went into the barn and the half-dayers mistook him for Jixx, who was revealed to be very legendary. Her first real appearance in the first game was when Shadowbutt was defeated, swooping out of the forest and delivering a final blow. In the second game, she had much more appearances. Her first one was in chapter 3-2, when she told the WolduWarriors about the Hunter's Drain. She then appeared in Chapter 4-2, where she was deciding if Tibblum should stay with the WolduWarriors or the WolduWarriors Jr. She appeared once again in Chapter 5-4, where she was arguing with Mona about how "un-girlfriend-like" to just leave Jarl. She later appeared in Chapters 8-1, where she was yelling at Cagney, 9-1, where she was lost in Owl Woods, and all of Chapter 10, where she was helping the WolduWarriors defeat Shadi.


You can unlock Jixx once you beat the Boss Brawl in under 12 minutes. She is extremely graceful and can leap onto trees with lots of treasure, coins or 1-ups hidden on them. She can also do her famed attack Captivate, where she attracts any Hooga Hooga enemies and they can't move for a couple seconds.


  • Jixx has a good relationship with Tibblum, because he looks up to her like an older sister. Jixx tries to hug Tibblum every day.
  • Jixx has attracted these males: Mo, Joe, Jarl, Calvin, Cagney, 9th Boss, and Hobbes.