Joe is a ferocious Hooga Hooga who is part of the Fearsome 4. He is extremely strong and very muscular.
Joe official

Joe's official art from WolduWarriors 2.


Joe was a young Hooga Hooga who always wanted to be buff, so he started working out. He sometimes joins the WolduWarriors on their quests, and often shows up at the barn. He scares the little half-dayers (not always on purpose), especially a very puny 4-year-old named Marah. He is currently going out with Jixx (much to the dismay of Jarl) and Jarl has to share a room with him. Jarl and Joe's conflicting lifestyles mess the room up, with one side covered with weightlifting materials and wrestling gear, and the other side covered in moldy cheese sandwiches and old comic books.

Powers Edit

You get to play as the Hooga Hoogas once you beat the game and Dark Shadowbutt twice. Joe is very strong and enjoys punching. He can punch through splintered walls and large logs blocking the way on the path.


  • "Jixx? Who's Jixx?" -WolduWarriors
  • "Stupid kid." -WolduWarriors
  • "Wow. Nasty kid." -WolduWarriors
  • "Hey. You kids tryin' t' defeat that Gargantua? I can help you if y' want." -WolduWarriors
  • "Don't cry Marah! I'm not that scary!" -WolduWarriors
  • "See Reuben? I think he wants t' tell ya somethin'." -WolduWarriors 2