Reuben is a talking sandwich.


Reuben looks just like a normal sandwich with lettuce, cheese, and ham, but he has eyes and can talk.


Reuben is a gruff, perpetually angry sandwich who always says dirty things and tries to intimidate people. Despite his curt manner, however, he is actually a good guy and a very good helper to the WolduWarriors.

TV ShowEdit

In the TV show, Reuben is pictured as one of Steven and Jarl's best buddies. Unfortunately, they both often try to eat him. In the episode "Babysitter", the three had to babysit Jixx's little buddy, Tibblum. The three broke all the rules, and Steven tried to eat Reuben.


  • Reuben was once a normal human, but was sadly turned into a sandwich.
  • Reuben's name is baed on the real type of sandwich, reuben.
  • Reuben is voiced by Tiny Lister in the TV show.