Autumn is an only child. Her parents died when she was very young, and she was raised by her grandparents. Autumn has a difficult time expressing her feelings in words, so she uses her talent for art, sewing, and knitting to make presents for people that she likes. Unfortunately for Autumn, her schoolmates often befriend her or act nice toward her only to receive something from her, and ignore her after that point.

Autumn's grandparents signed Autumn up for Total Drama without her knowledge. They hope that the experience will help Autumn come out of her shell, and help her find true friends.

Blair was adopted as a baby. Her greatest "skill" is talking. Her parents have put a ban on her talking on the phone because she racked up the phone bill. At 16, she has a job as a salesperson in a clothing store to pay for a cellphone and an unlimited talk plan. She is the best salesperson as she doesn't leave costumers alone until they buy something and leave. She talks to her friends at every opportunity, and when she can't in class, she writes them notes.

Blair joined Total Drama to meet new friends.

Dirk is the oldest of two children. He is a star football player. When there was talk of adding a female kicker to his school's football team, he threatened to leave the team, and started a protest to keep her off of the team. His coach was too afraid to lose his star athlete, so he didn't allow the young woman on the team. Many other students left the school for its support of the decision.

Dirk joined Total Drama to show off his athletic prowess, and to prove that guys are better than girls.

Esme is the middle child of three girls. She was the kind of young girl who punched boys she liked, until she reached the age of 13. Now she leaves love notes in boy's lockers (with her name, phone number, and address on them). She is very trusting (especially if the person she is dealing with is a good-looking male teenager). She is the president of twenty-seven fan clubs of her favorite teen actors. She also sends them letters. She has yet to have a boyfriend as she scares nearly every guy away. She doesn't realize that they are rejecting her, though. The guys she doesn't scare away and that are interested in her, she isn't interested in.

Esme joined Total Drama to be so famous that she can attract the perfect boyfriend... And meet guys.

Fiona is the youngest of three girls. She has loved pink, fantasy, and daydreaming from an early age. She never grew out of those interests, though. She wears her fairy wings at all times. Her mother, a lawyer, encourages her daughter to dream, and would hate for her innocent perspective to be destroyed. When her school was going to ban Fiona from wearing her fairy wings, her mother threatened to sue. Fiona is now allowed to wear her wings to school. Fiona threatens to throw fairy dust (made up of pink painted saw dust and glitter) at bullies in her school (even when they pick on other kids), they stop being mean as the fairy dust hurts their eyes. Fiona likes defending others who are viewed as weird or different.

Fiona has joined Total Drama because it looks like fun to her. She thinks it will be a wonderful adventure.

Grace is the oldest of two children. She loves shopping, acting, and hanging out with her friends. She is a member of her school's drama club, and is a natural actress. She gets the lead for every play she wants to be in (at school and in her city's local theaters) without auditioning, because her reviews are so good. She is very good at memorization, which is why she is able to remember her lines with ease. She enjoys creating drama and calling people out in order to make her real life a little more dramatic. She is very loyal to her friends and family and comes to their defense when needed (or not needed). She is a little too trusting at times.

Grace joined Total Drama because she loves drama.

Ivan is the youngest of two children. Ivan was once a gifted piano player. Ivan barely watched any television (as he was constantly practicing the piano) before he first was introduced to Total Drama Island. He quickly became obsessed, he started blogging about the show, and watching the show so many times that he can recite each episode word for word. He no longer practices the piano, much to his parents chagrin. He is the president of his local TDI fan club.

Ivan has joined Total Drama to put his knowledge of TDI to good use. He wants to make his dream of appearing on the show come true.

Jerome is the oldest of two children. Jerome is very interested in his appearance and grooming. He spends two hours each morning to get ready for the day. Showering, tweezing, applying lotion, putting product in his hair... That takes a lot of time! He is interested in sports, but doesn't compete in any that may damage his face. He feels that basketball is the sport that will least likely cause injury, although he wears a face mask to deflect any rogue basketballs. He has also hired his own personal towel boy to keep the sweat off of his face at all times. Jerome is a very talented singer.

Jerome has joined Total Drama to gain a fan base in order to launch a recording career.

Katrina has a twin sister. When they were younger they were very close as they shared similar interests. As they got older, however, Katrina didn't like the feeling of being thought of as strange by the other students in her school. She then gave up her study habits and hid her love for all things sci-fi. She studied the other students in her school and the latest fashion magazines to look at trends. She started listening to pop music (as opposed to her favorites, classical and electronica), and watched sappy movies aimed toward teenagers. She learned how to relate better to the other students in her school, and has now become very popular. She has, in turn, alienated her sister, Sabrina, who doesn't agree with Katrina's hiding who she is to gain popularity.

Katrina has joined Total Drama because it's the most popular television show in her school.

Kendall Jr. is the youngest child of the family with three older sisters. Kendall's father (Kendall Sr.) always wanted a son to enroll in sports, and share manly hobbies with. Unfortunately for him, Kendall is fairly uninterested in sports. He was forced into numerous athletic activities when he was younger that he either failed at or found no joy in. The only thing Kendall seems to enjoy are listening to loud music and writing morbid poetry. He and his father have nothing in common and view communicating with each other as an impossible task. Some time after his mother's death, Kendall's father married a woman with a son the same age as Kendall. The two boys are polar opposites, and Kendall has become surprisingly jealous of the close relationship that his father and stepbrother have. While Kendall wins countless awards for his endeavors in poetry, these achievements seem to go unnoticed as his stepbrother brings home countless trophies for his athletics.

Kendall joined Total Drama to be noticed, and also to get away from his home life.

Levi is the second oldest child in his family. He has five sisters and one brother. His parents immigrated from India when he was 5 years old. He found it difficult to adjust to a new society, and was often teased for being different from the other children at his school. This caused him to keep to himself as he grew up, and to be uninterested in trends. As he entered high school, however, his off-beat style and mysterious personality caused him to be the most popular student in his school. He found himself in a position to adjust, another time, to his new found popularity. He has trouble adjusting to the other guys in his school dressing like him, because he tells everyone that being different is better than to conform to other people's views. He has adjusted, however, to the girls in his school sending him anonymous love letters on an hourly basis, and filling the seats at his swim meets.

Levi joined Total Drama to show that being unique is something to be proud of, and that anyone that feels insecure because of their differences can deal better by accepting what makes them different instead of hiding it.

Lisa is the youngest of four children, and the only girl. All of her brothers excelled in a particular sport that interested them, but Lisa had a passion for several sports. She also enjoys very feminine things, as well. Her mother encouraged her to pursue all of her interests, as long as her grades did not suffer. Despite her many activities, she manages to find time to study and complete her homework. Due to her record breaking participation in several of her schools extracurricular activities (including being on some boy's teams) and the press coverage of it, the school allowed Lisa to design her school's colors and it's team's mascots. She chose her favorite colors, baby blue and pink, and the school's teams are now "Silverlake Kittens".

Lisa joined Total Drama to show girls that they should pursue their interests without compromise, and with extra effort.

Missy is the oldest of two girls. She has been involved in beauty contests since the age of three years old. Despite her late start, she has become a seasoned pro. She gets along with everyone she meets. She has been named as Miss Congeniality for every beauty pageant she has been a part of. Her success at winning beauty pageants has not always been so sure, as she has only recently begun winning pageants (her most recent title is Miss Rhubarb Cobbler). Her many years in pageants have made her very aware of how to act around other people, and have also made her very well liked by absolutely everyone.

Missy has joined Total Drama in order to put her skills to use, and win the prize money. She also wants people to see that beauty pageant contestants aren't vapid, personality-free, and talentless.

Quintin is an only child. He has a special gift for leading, decision making, and organizing. Since the age of 12 he has managed his family's finances. Due to his suggestions, the school has cut needless costs, and has been able to run to the best of its potential. Quintin prides himself in always being right. If his fellow students need advice, they go to him. This puts no pressure on Quintin, however, as absolutely none of his suggestions have been wrong. He caused his school's guidance counselor to lose her job (which did help the school's budget). He was unanimously voted to student council (even by his competition).

Quintin joined Total Drama because he wants to lead a team to the final ten without losing a teammate.

Reginald is an only child. His mother is a famous politician's great granddaughter, and his father is a judge with his own talk show. His parents pay for whatever Reginald asks for. At the age of 16, Reginald already owns five cars and his own ice cream parlor (stocked only with his favorite flavor of ice cream, rum raisin). He has many friends that he favors with expensive gifts, but feels that they don't really like him as a person. Any hint of their using him for his money, and he will no longer associate with them (although they all secretly don't like him). Despite this, he still takes advantage of his parent's fortune.

Reginald joined Total Drama to become famous in his own right, but also to find friends that don't hang out with him only because of his parent's money. He plans to hide the fact that he is rich.

Sabrina has a twin sister. When they were younger they were incredibly close and shared a love for learning and studying. As they got older, her sister, Katrina, gave into peer pressure by wearing the latest fads and abandoning her interests. This was the source of a major amount of resentment on Sabrina's part toward her sister. Sabrina is the best and smartest student in her school. She is not the most popular girl in her school, but she does not want to sacrifice her grades in an effort to make friends.

Sabrina joined Total Drama to show that a smart person can make it far into the competition.

Stevie is the fifth youngest of seven children, all boys. All the boys were encouraged by their parents to pursue wrestling by their father (who is from a long line of wrestlers). Stevie, however, has never been defeated. His natural talent and size, combined with his strict training schedule, make him the strongest 16 year old in his region (he is also stronger than his jealous, older brothers). His mother also encourages him to pursue other goals, though, such as opera singing. His singing voice is as strong as he is physically. He is torn between his two talents in regard to which he would like to pursue as a career and which college he would like to attend. Stevie is extremely self-conscious about his body hair, which is a result of his high testosterone levels.

Stevie joined Total Drama to help discover himself (so he can decide which career to pursue). He also wants to show the world how strong he is.

Tommy is the youngest of four children. From a very early age he has been a prodigy at video games, and a technical whiz. He has won numerous video game championships. Despite playing video games alone in his room a lot of the time, he is not socially awkward, and is one of the most popular kids in his school. He is a member of his school's AV Club and tennis team. He is always willing to help the other students in his school with their video projects, and he is also a tutor. He is also a huge fan of sci-fi. The kids at his school laugh at his sci-fi references even though they usually don't understand them.

Tommy joined Total Drama in order to show that all geeks are not social failures. He also wants to encourage youths to be proud of their interests, no matter how "uncool" they may seem.

Waterlily's parents are hippies, they have never conformed even long after the 1970's ended. They originally did not plan to bring a child into the world (due to the many problems plaguing society), but did so when they were both in their early forties. Previously unnamed, they named their daughter after a flower given to her by her grandmother just before her death. They taught their daughter to love nature and peace, and she readily accepted their way of life. They roam the country performing folk songs together to help raise awareness about injustice, war, and pollution. Waterlily was never enrolled into a traditional school (she is taught what her parents feel is important), so she has trouble relating to other people her age.

Waterlily joined Total Drama to be even closer to nature, and help people be aware of ways they can help the planet.

Zane is an only child. He always gets what he wants. His father buys him whatever he asks for to make up for the long hours he spends at work. He talks his teachers into giving him better grades. He uses flattery to get on people's good sides. When running for class president he made many promises he knew he couldn't keep in order to win. He won, and shifts the blame for his poor performance on the class treasurer. He is pretty popular at his school, because the other students believe whatever he says. Despite not being the best looking guy in his school, he has had the most female admirers, because he says sweet things to them, and spreads nasty rumors about the other guys in his school.

Zane joined Total Drama because he thinks he can deceive his way to the finals.

Chapter 1 - Let the Games Begin... After You Meet the Campers, That Is

Chris Mclean smiles toward the camera and says, "Hello, and welcome to Total... Drama... Boney Island! 20 teens with very different personalities have joined for the chance to be a part of the Total Drama series. What surprises await them? How will they get along with the other campers? Who will be the winner? Where is this competition taking place? So the title of the show takes away from the mystery of that last question... But join us, anyway, as we find out the answers to some of these questions on Total Drama: Boney Island!" Chris walks over to the dock of shame. "The campers are going to arrive in just a few moments here on Total Drama Island. They have no idea that the competition is going to actually take place on Boney Island, surrounded by treacherous waters and the site of several random quicksand pits. It's also the home of interesting wildlife; the terrifying woolly beavers, Stymphalian Canada Geese, creepy spiders, uhh... and I think a few bears and freshwater sharks?" Chris pauses to speak into a walkie-talkie, "Did you deliver the bears and sharks to Boney Island, yet? You did? Excellent! Mclean out!" Chris puts away the walkie-talkie and continues, "It's sure to be an awesome season!" Chris looks out to a boat arriving to the island. "Hark! The first camper is about to arrive. I would like everyone to meet Kendall."

The boat arrives and a skinny young person with dyed red and black hair steps off the boat and mumbles something inaudible to Chris. Chris says, "Welcome to the show, Kendall! I'm sorry, but I didn't understand what you just said."

In an angry tone, Kendall replies, "That's not the first time someone didn't understand me." Kendall drops his bags down on the end of the dock and folds his arms and glares at Chris.

Chris now says, "Alright then, I'm sure you're going to be a source of great joy to millions. Let's meet our next camper, Zane."

The boat pulls up to the dock and a skinny, tall, guy steps off the boat carrying his luggage. "Hey Chris," he says, "It's so great to meet you! You are seriously my favorite reality competition host, that also occasionally hosts award shows."

"Thanks, man... I think." Chris replies, I'd like to introduce you to Kendall.

Zane catches sight of Kendall standing at the end of the dock, walks over, and says, "It seems like we're the first two campers to arrive. You know, we could rock an awesome alliance together. I mean, we could be the island's first couple. I'll be Trent to your Gwen, baby." At hearing this, Kendall blushes.


A big smile comes across Chris' face as he says, "You just hit on another dude on public television, Zane. Haha!"

Zane's eyes express his surprise after he realizes his mistake, "Kendall's not a chick?! Sorry, dude, I'm not into that! I mean, it's okay if you are, but... I mean..."

"On that note, let's move on to our next contestant, Waterlily!" Chris says, "Yeah, that's really her name."

The boat arrives and an energetic blonde girl leaps off the boat with no luggage. "Hey guys! It is beyond amazing to have a chance to become one with this island. Living off the land, being one with Mother Nature... It is so exciting!" Waterlily runs off the dock and onto land where she hugs the ground and then returns to the other contestants and Chris.

"Uh, it's nice to meet you. The next camper is Ivan." Chris announces as the boat arrives.

"You... You're the Chris Mclean!" says a short, chubby, young man with a shirt with the letters 'TDI' stamped on it. "I am your biggest fan!" Ivan wraps his arms around Chris.

"I can believe the 'biggest' statement." Zane mutters under his breath.

Ivan continues, "It has been my life long dream to get on this show!"

Chris replies, "The show has only been on a couple of years, man, but we're happy to have you. Now let's move on to Lisa."

An athletic girl comes off of the boat and greets her competition, "Hello everyone! My name is Lisa, and I'm going to be the most well rounded contestant this show has ever seen. I'm going to keep you all on your toes."

"That's one way to put a target on your back," Chris says, "Now let me introduce you to Esme."

A girl steps off of the boat and scans the other contestants. "Chris, is it just me or are you the cutest guy here?"

Chris, obviously flattered, says, "Aw, that's so swee..."

Esme interrupts, "Because I thought there were going to be some good-looking guys here." The contestants that already arrived giggle at Chris, except for an ego bruised Zane.

"Man, that's harsh!" Chris says, "Here comes our next contestant, just in time. Let's meet Tommy."

The boat pulls up as a tall, nerdy, skinny guy carefully walks off of the boat. As he adjusts his glasses he says, "It's great to be here. I love this show."

Ivan shouts, "Oh my gosh, me too! Who's your favorite contestant? Mine is Owen! I was so excited when he won the original season. Gwen is pretty cool, too, though. Gosh, I wonder if we'll be able to meet any of the old contestants here."

"Can I talk now?" an irked Chris says, "Ladies and gents, it's time to meet Grace."

A girl in nice clothes steps off of the boat with three large suitcases, "Hey, party people! Who's ready to get this drama started?" Grace trips as she walks passed Chris. After he catches her she says, "Oh my goodness... I could have died if it weren't for you."

Chris says, "I somehow doubt that, but welcome to the show. Now let's meet Quintin, shall we?"

A red haired boy walks off of the boat and introduces himself, "It is good to meet all of you. My name is Quintin."

Chris says, "It's nice to meet you, too, dude. Now let's meet our next contestant."

"Alright, let's do that," says Quintin, "Oh, and Chris? Never call me 'dude', again."

A surprised Chris says, "Er, sorry, du... I mean Quintin." Chris shudders and continues, "Reginald is on his way."

Reginald steps off of the boat with dark sunglasses, the other contestants can see their reflections in his sunglasses. He slowly removes the sunglasses and coldly greets the other players, "My name is Reginald. It's so..." he glances at the surrounding riffraff, "Nice to meet you all."

Ivan speaks up, "Has anyone ever told you that you bare a certain resemblance to..." Ivan trembles at the thought, "Heather?" Everyone, but Waterlily (who never saw the show before), gasps.

Reginald replies in a bored tone, "Who is that? Is she nice?"

Lisa shouts, "Nice? Nice?! She's evil incarnate!" She starts crying as Esme comforts her.

Reginald says, "Oh, I'm sorry. I've never seen this show before."

Chris looks up to see the next boat arriving. "That should be Fiona. Get ready for something completely different."

A girl with blonde and pink hair, and wearing fairy wings, jumps off of the boat, "Am I really here? I must be dreaming!" She grabs something out of a pouch and throws a handful of pink dust above herself, and then does a twirl. She then leaps toward Chris and says, "Hello, Mr. Mclean! It's an honor to meet you! Teehee!" She then joins the other contestants.

Kendall walks over to Chris and whispers, "She had better not be on my team..."

Chris says, "Sorry, that's out of my control. Now let's meet Dirk."

The boat drops off a muscular young man in his school's orange and maroon team jacket, "I am so ready to rock this competition," He says.

"You obviously love sports as much as I do," Lisa says, "We're going to get along, I bet."

Dirk glances at her and says, "Yeah, I don't think so." Making Lisa cry for the second time.

"Dude, that's cold!" Chris says, "It's time for Sabrina to arrive."

The boat pulls up and drops off a bookish, tall, young lady as she says, "I'm glad to make all of your acquaintances."

"The next boat is on it's way," Chris says as Sabrina carries her luggage to where the others are standing, "Next up is Katrina."

"Did you say 'Katrina'?!" Sabrina shouts, "It couldn't be! You wouldn't!"

"Who is Katrina?" Fiona asks.

Sabrina sighs as another tall young woman walks off the boat, "Katrina is my terrible excuse for a twin sister."

"Oh, Sabrina is here?" Katrina says as she turns to see the boat that brought her leave, "Is it too late to back out?"

"You signed your contract, didn't you?" Chris asks. Katrina nods. "Well, then," Chris continues, "It's too late. Join the others as we welcome Levi." Katrina walks to the opposite side of the dock by Kendall to avoid contact with Sabrina.

Levi steps off of the boat and before he can say anything Esme shouts, "It's about time a hottie stepped off of that boat!" Esme runs to him and hugs him.

"Get back to your side of the dock, Esme!" Chris directs, "Welcome to the show, man."

Levi says, "Thanks, Chris. Don't worry, though, I'm getting used to that kind of female attention."

Esme sighs, "He's so dreamy!" She says with hearts in her eyes.

"Uh-huh, right. Next up is Blair." Chris says.

The boat drops off an awkward, red haired girl, named Blair, as she says, "Yay! I'm so excited to be here. This is such a huge opportunity to get some money for college, am I right? Although, I guess if this doesn't work out, I could get a job as a telemarketer to pay my way through college. Oh, how rude of me! Hi everyone, my name is Blair. I'm adopted, but I wouldn't change that for the world. My parents love me very much, and I love them, too. Except, I guess, the time they took away my phone privileges. I swear! Just one little five-digit phone bill will make people so grumpy!"

Chris is nudged by Levi and he wakes up, "What, man? Oh, it looks like the next boat is arriving. Meet Missy."

"Hey everyone," Missy, a pretty, brown haired girl, says as she tries to pull her luggage off of the boat, "Can I get some help here, please?"

Dirk steps up and says, "Don't worry, little lady, I'll be happy to help you." He grabs her large luggage case and carries it for her.

"Thanks, ever so much!" Missy giggles, "I wish all boys were as polite as you!" Lisa gives an angry glare in the other direction.

"Here comes Jerome." Chris says as the next boat pulls up.

Jerome says "Greetings, all. This dock sure looks crowded. Everybody, try not to touch my hair." Everyone laughs (including Jerome) until Jerome says, "No, I'm serious."

"Er-kay," Chris says, "Next up is Autumn."

A petite girl wearing all rose colored clothing steps off of the boat and quietly says, "Hi," before she quickly takes her small suitcase toward the other campers.

Blair says, "I'm Blair! Good to meet you! You seem nice. I like your outfit. Wanna be friends? I think we'll be good friends."

Autumn shyly turns toward the next arriving boat and Chris says, "We have one last camper to meet. His name is Stevie."

A burly, bearded, young man steps off of the boat and greets the others with a surprisingly deep voice, "Hi guys! You can call me Stevie!"

Quintin says, "Uh, Chris? I thought that everyone that competes on this show was sixteen?"

"I am sixteen," Stevie's voice booms, "I brought my birth certificate, because the shows producers didn't believe it, either." Stevie pulls the document from somewhere in his pants.

Quintin quietly says, "Oh."

Chris pipes up, "Well, that's everybody! Everyone grab your luggage, the next boat is almost here."

"Next boat?!" Grace shouts, "Where are we going?"

Ivan sadly states, "I thought we were staying on Total Drama Island."

"Nope," Chris says, "It's the next best thing! Boney Island!" Chris says in a spooky voice.

"B-B-Bo-Boney Island?" Tommy says, "I thought that place was cursed!"

"If you'll remember, the curse only effects people when they take something off of the island. Since you're staying there, you have nothing to worry about... Except for the other dangers, of course." Chris says menacingly.

Sabrina says, "I don't like that word, 'dangers', Chris. I think I'll stay here, or go home, or something else that I'll think of in a minute..."

"How quickly they forget the million dollar check," Chris now says, "I'm glad you said that, since, you know, you signed the contract and all. You're not going anywhere that doesn't start with a 'B' and ends with an 'Oney Island'." Chris smiles and says, "Now let's get a move on." The contestants carry their luggage, except for the luggage-free Waterlily, on to the larger boat, "Now you've met our contestants, so tune in next time to see how they adapt to their new surroundings, and see which one of them gets voted off next time on Total Drama: Boney Island."

Reginald says "Uh, Chris? Why didn't we just take this boat in the first place if we all fit on it?"

Chris impatiently says, "Dramatic effect! This is Total Drama! Man, now that I've got the last word back, we'll see you next time. Thanks for viewing."

Chapter 2 - The Island of ScreamsEdit

"Welcome to the next installment of Total Drama: Boney Island." Chris Mclean says standing in front of a palm tree, "Today the campers will be introduced to their living quarters, see who is on their team, and compete in their first challenge. If all of that isn't exciting enough, one of them will be voted off in the first campfire ceremony of the season. It'll be awesome!"

The scene changes to the arriving boat. Chris gets off of the boat first and one by one the campers step off the boat carrying their luggage. Zane whispers to Stevie, "You know, man, you are obviously the strongest guy here, and I'm obviously the smartest. With your brawn and my brain, we could totally rock the best final two alliance ever. What do ya say?" Stevie shrugs.

Waterlily runs ahead of everyone and exclaims, "I can't believe we get to stay here! It seems even more rustic than the other island. I know that we'll be able to bond with nature even more here!" She runs from the beach to the solid land and hugs the ground and says, "Wow! The land is way more affectionate here! It's hugging me back!"

"Oh no!" Grace shouts as she points to Waterlily, "She just dived into quicksand!"

The other campers gasp in horror and Levi is the fastest to take action as he pulls off Tommy's belt and rushes to rescue Waterlily. He extends the belt to her, and she grabs hold of it and is pulled back to solid ground. "You have to be careful around here," Levi says, "Don't you remember what Chris told us about the dangers of this island?"

The other contestants are shocked at what just happened. Fiona yells out, "I can't believe it, that guy just saved her! He's like a hero or something!" All of the other contestants throw their arms up and cheer for what they just saw.

With his arms extended, Tommy's pants fall down to his ankles revealing his Space Trek Wars underwear. "Oh frack!" He shouts as he tries to pull his pants back up. Katrina giggles, and everyone stops their cheering to laugh and point at Tommy. "This is so not the way I wanted to make a first impression."

"Man, I had no idea the show was going to start off on such a terrifying, embarrassing," Chris pauses, "Awesome note! Now everyone gather back to the beach." Levi gives Tommy his belt back after apologizing for taking it. Chris continues, "I'm sure you all want to know what team you're on and where you'll be staying." Everyone nods. "The team names are the Screeching Spiders and the Prehistoric Geese. Quintin, Fiona, Waterlily, Stevie, Lisa, Jerome, Esme, Kendall, Tommy, and Blair will be on the Prehistoric Geese team. That means that Dirk, Grace, Autumn, Levi, Ivan, Missy, Zane, Reginald, Katrina, and Sabrina are on the Screeching Spiders." Chris hands a map to Quintin, and a map to Missy. "This is a map to where each team will be staying. If you start your hike now you'll make it back by..."

"Chris!" Katrina interjects, "I can't be on the same team as Sabrina, I just can't!"

"Like I could be on a team with a complete fake like you!" Sabrina replies.

"Oh come on, girls!" Chris says, "Can't you just try to get along? Obviously, no one else wants to trade teams with you."

Kendall looks over at Fiona and slowly begins to raise his hand. "I'll trade teams with her," Esme jumps forward and says, "I mean, if it's alright with everyone."

"No objections?" Chris asks, he doesn't see Kendall about to raise his hand, "Fine, but no one else is changing sides." Chris continues as Kendall folds his arms angrily, "It takes a lot of time to put together even teams, you know. Now once you get to your camps, you'll find an outhouse. This doubles as a confessional booth, in there you can tell us how you feel. If you're wondering where Chef is, for some reason he's afraid to set foot on this island, but being the kind, caring person that he is, he sent a care package for each team." Two interns carry very large crates and drop them off in front of the teams. "You'll need to carry these crates with you, too. Be sure to watch out for the wildlife. We don't want anymore lawsuits. You'll hear from me when it's time for your challenge, tomorrow. Now off you all go!" the teams look at their maps and begin making their way to their campsites.

Quintin says to his team, "Okay guys, I'll guide our way to the camp. I'm an expert at reading maps. Waterlily, since you're apparently so familiar with the land, you'll watch out for any more quicksand or poisonous plants. Stevie, you're in charge of carrying the crate."

In the confessional cam Quintin says, "At first I thought it was unfair how huge Stevie was, but when I found out he was on my team... Yeah, I can live with him being here."

Blair says to the confessional cam, "I was pretty surprised that that Quintin guy took charge so early. I mean, like, in every reality show I've seen the leader is usually the first person to be voted off. We'll see if it comes back to bite him in the booty."

The Prehistoric Geese make it through the woods and are able to avoid any problems. They make it to their campsite with no incident. In the confessional cam Quintin says, "Hopefully, everyone on my team already realizes that if they listen to me, we will never attend a campfire ceremony."

The camera cuts to the Screeching Spider team. "Levi obviously knows how to survive out here after his daring rescue of that hippie chick," Esme says, "I say we choose him as our team leader." She grabs him by the arm.

"Wait, I never even said that I wanted to be leader," Levi objects.

"Sure you can say you don't want to be leader," Dirk says, "But your actions earlier say otherwise."

"Okay then, you get crate carrying duties, Dirk." Levi delegates, "Who can read a map?" Sabrina raises her hand. "Alright, let's start on our way."

Zane makes his way toward Sabrina, "How is the map reading going?" He asks her.

Sabrina rigidly says, "Fine."

"You know," Zane states, "We're obviously the two smartest campers here. We could so rock an awesome final two alliance, together."

Sabrina rolls her eyes and says, "I'll think about it."

"I really have no intention of joining an alliance with Zane," Sabrina says in confessional cam, "But I'm not going to cut his ties now if I need his help later. He is obviously so desperate for an alliance that no one can trust him."

The camera cuts back to the 'Screeching Spiders' making their way through the woods as Esme asks Levi what his favorite hobby is.

"I guess it's swimming," Levi tells her. "I'm on my school's swim team."

"I love swimming, too," Esme says, "We have so much in common."

"The other contestants told me that they thought it was nice of me to switch teams with Katrina," Esme says in confessional. "I really did it to get close to Levi. We have a real connection."

Zane then approaches Ivan and says, "You know, Evan, we can totally make it to the finals together. You obviously know a lot about this game, and I know a lot about people. We could rock the best alliance ever, together."

"You mean," Ivan asks, "Like that alliance Heather had?"

"No, no, not at all," Zane says, "Think more of the Guys' Alliance Owen was in. You help me out, and I help you out. Just never vote against me, dig?"

Ivan says, "Well, if you put it that way... Yes, I'll join."

"I am so going to sail to the final two!" Zane says in confessional, "This game is so easy."

Camera cuts back to Grace walking into a giant spider web between two trees. "Aaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm stuck! I'm going to die!" Autumn puts her hand in her small luggage case and pulls out a pair of sewing scissors and cuts Grace loose.

Reginald says to Autumn, "I'm quite impressed by your intuitiveness. Way to stop that infernal loudmouth's wailing."

Autumn smiles and looks down. "It was nothing," she tells him.

"Wait a second!" Grace yells, "Who are you calling a loudmouth, you man-orexic, sniveling..."

"We're here!" Missy exclaims. "Thanks for carrying my luggage and the crate, Dirk."

"No problem," the strong young man tells her.

Grace forgets her argument and says "Where's our cabin? Heck, I'd even settle for a trailer."

Sabrina finds a note on a large bag and reads it aloud, "In this bag you'll find your camp, two large tents, one for the boys the other for the girls. You better set up camp right away. - Love, Chris." The contestants look around and see a loudspeaker as well as the promised confessional/outhouse. "Does anyone know how to assemble a tent?" Sabrina asks. Everyone shakes their head. They begin to set up their tents, anyway.

The camera cuts back to the Prehistoric Geese team as they finish setting up their tents. Katrina says into the confessional cam, "I'm glad with the way things turned out. I really like my team, they seem way cooler than the other team, and for some reason we're able to work really well together."

Camera cuts back to Quintin as he says, "Awesome job, guys. We better get rest, tomorrow's our first challenge."

Kendall says, "Yes, mom."

Fiona says, "I think it would be beyond awesome if we could get to know each other, instead. Build bonds, become b. fries, you know?"

"No, I don't know what you mean." Quintin says.

"People who question me," an annoyed Quintin says in confessional, "End up regretting it, later."

The whole team listens to Quintin as they begrudgingly get in their tents.

The camera cuts to morning at the Screeching Spiders camp. Their tents are put together very poorly, and you can see random arms and legs sticking out of the blobs of canvas. The loudspeaker tells the contestants, "Rise and shine, everyone! It's time for your first challenge! Meet me back at the beach! Mclean out!"

"This is incredulous! We just got here!" Reginald shouts. "I didn't get one moment of sleep, someone had their bony elbow wedged up my..."

The camera cuts to Chris McClean standing at the beach with the Prehistoric Geese as the Screeching Spiders arrive looking tired.

Quintin giggles as he says, "Have a nice night's sleep?"

"Leave the insultingly sarcastic questions to me, kid." Chris says, "It's time for your first challenge!"

"Woohoo!" Ivan shouts, "At least, that's what Owen always says..."

Chris says, "Oh great, we've got another one... Piled in front of you you'll find wood, and rope, and other valuable supplies." He gestures to two piles of junk and continues, "You'll need to use these supplies to build a raft or some other kind of sea-faring craft. You'll notice that buoy floating out in the treacherous waters of Boney Island," Chris now points to the buoy, "You'll be divided in five teams of two, of your own choosing. You'll need to make your way out to the buoy and around one team from each team at a time. Got that?" Chris sees a bunch of puzzled expressions, "Okay, good! This challenge has officially begun."

"Who's good at building?" Quintin asks. No one says anything. "Great. I guess it's up to me to direct you guys."

On the other team, Zane takes charge of directing who assembles the rafts. He says in confessional, "Yeah, back home I put together models and motorcycles as a hobby. There's really no difference here." Fairly soon, the Screeching Spiders team has a good craft ready to go. Dirk and Missy begin the challenge as the Prehistoric Geese just finish their shoddy raft.

"That thing does not look very stable," Tommy says looking at the two boards tied together with rope. "Quintin, I think you should know that..."

"The raft doesn't have to be perfect," Quintin interjects, "We just have to make sure the other team doesn't gain an insurmountable lead. Tommy, you and Katrina go first."

"Come on," Katrina says as she drags Tommy to the water.

Tommy says in confessional, "Yeah, I kind of have an immobilizing fear of water. I almost drowned when I was little. But of course, I was forced to compete for the team, first."

Both teams use boards as paddles, Katrina does all of the work for her team as Tommy clings to the "raft". Once she notices, Katrina says, "What's the matter, Tommy?"

"I can't let go of the raft! I'll drown." Tommy says.

"What would Captain Kurt do?" Katrina asks.

"You know Captain Kurt from 'Space Trek Wars'?" Tommy says in amazement, "I guess he would say something like 'Drowning? I laugh in the face of fear! Ha, take that fear!'"

"Great," Katrina says, "Go with that. If anything happens, be sure that someone will rescue you." With her motivation, Tommy begins to paddle. They are half way to the buoy as Missy and Dirk make it to the shore. Levi and Ivan go next for the Screeching Spiders and both teams finish about the same time.

Quintin says to Tommy, "Why didn't you tell me about your utter uselessness?" This makes Tommy sulk. "Never mind, Lisa and I will get us back on track." The two head off along with the other teams' Reginald and Autumn. Lisa and Quintin go a lot faster than the other team and finish as the other team passes the buoy. Quintin then directs Stevie and Fiona to go next. Reginald and Autumn finish as Stevie and Fiona pass the buoy. Zane and Grace go next for the leading Screeching Spiders. They get halfway to the buoy when Stevie and Fiona finish for their team. Quintin sends out Waterlily and Kendall.

"Wanna rock an awesome alliance with me, Grace?" Zane asks.

Grace, annoyed, says, "First, I want to survive this challenge."

They finish as Waterlily and Kendall pass the buoy. "The Spiders lead the Geese 4 to 3." Chris announces. Sabrina and Esme head into the water.

They make it halfway to the buoy when Esme looks back to shore and says, "I-I'm losing my balance!" She then falls into the water. "Help! Someone, rescue me!" She waves her arm and sees the other team return to shore, and she also sees Levi remove his shirt to get ready to dive into the water. Esme sighs (her eyes turn into hearts) as she is hit in the head with a board. "Ow!" she exclaims.

"Grab onto this!" Sabrina shouts as she holds the board out to Esme.

"Stop it!" Esme shouts.

Back at the beach, Fiona asks, "What should we do?"

Quintin says, "They'll be fine. Blair and Jerome, you're up." Jerome places a swimming cap on his head to protect his hair from any splashing water.

Waterlily says, "Don't you care about that girl's life?"

"I don't see what else we can do," Quintin replies, "We might as well win the challenge."

Esme feels someone grab her, and they swim back to shore as Sabrina rows back to shore without completing the challenge.

Esme is brought back on the beach and is given mouth to mouth resuscitation. "You're my hero," she says as she opens her eyes.

"No problem! Levi was going to swim out to save you, but after I told him I had experience as a lifeguard, he thought it was better for me to rescue you." Lisa explains to Esme.

"I did all that to get saved by Levi," Esme shouts, "and he didn't even rescue me?!" She looks up to see everyone stare at her in surprise. "Whoops." she quietly says.

The other team pulls to shore. Chris announces, "With that, the Prehistoric Geese have won the first challenge." The winning team cheers. "I'll see the 'Screeching Spiders' at the first campfire ceremony."

In confessional, Ivan says, "I know Esme royally screwed up, but I vote for Reginald. The guy scares me."

Also in confessional, Levi says, "Okay, what Esme did was real weird... Real crazy. I vote for her to go."

Camera cuts to the team around the campfire. Chris says, "Whoever does not receive a marshmallow must leave Boney Island immediately. Once you leave you can't come back, ever! The first marshmallow goes to... Ivan."

"Seriously!" Ivan says, "I can't believe it! This is not only the first marshmallow of this campfire ceremony, it's the first marshmallow of the season. I'll go down in history! Yes!"

"Uh-huh," Chris says as he throws Ivan his marshmallow, "The next marshmallow goes to Autumn," he tosses it to her, "Grace and Dirk", he tosses their marshmallows and Dirk slams his to the ground as a victory dance, "next is Missy," he throws her her marshmallow, "Levi and Sabrina," Reginald, Esme, and Zane look nervous. "The next marshmallow goes to Zane," Zane looks relieved as he catches his marshmallow. "The last marshmallow goes to..."

(Dramatic Pause)

Chris says, "Reginald, here's your marshmallow."

Esme looks sad as she boards the boat of losers. "I lost the challenge for my team. I never thought I would do something like that for a boy, but I really like Levi. I need to start to exercise some self control. I'll start right now!" She looks to see the intern driving the boat, and says, "Wow, you are super cute! Wanna go out?"

Chapter 3 - Duels of HazardEdit

A seagull with a six pack soda can wrapper around it's neck lies on the ground and slowly starts sinking in quicksand. The camera turns to a nearby Chris Mclean. "Welcome to another installment of Total Drama: Boney Island. Join us as we have our most competitive challenge of the season... so far. Let's go straight to the drama, shall we?"

Reginald says into the confessional cam, "I was really flabbergasted to receive the final marshmallow, and in effect being the one almost eliminated. I certainly don't recall doing anything that would deserve elimination."

The camera cuts to the Screeching Spiders as they return to their camp after the campfire ceremony. Reginald asks his teammates "Why did any of you vote for me to leave the island?"

"I have no idea why anyone would vote for you, man," Zane said, "You are so awesome!"

Zane, in confessional, says, "I did vote for Reginald. The guy thinks he's so much better than the rest of us. I'm not about to tell him that to his face, though. If I'm going to sail to the finals, I need to avoid making any enemies."

Ivan says to Reginald, "I voted for you. I did it because of your attitude. You seem to complain about everything, you talk like you're better than everyone, and you're alienating yourself from the rest of the team."

A surprised Reginald says, "Do all of you feel that way?" The rest of the team nods.

"I had no idea the team looked at me that way," Reginald confesses in confessional cam, "I'm trying to be nice to them, but I don't know how to relate to this class of people. I sound like I think I'm superior again, don't I?" He slaps himself on the forehead. "I'll have to try harder to get along with my team."

The scene now changes the Prehistoric Geese campsite. "It's time to rise and shine, team!" Quintin shouts.

A groggy Kendall says, as he sits up from his sleeping bag, "What time is it? Is it even morning, yet?"

"Of course, it's morning," Quintin replies, "The sun is about to rise. We need an early start if we want to survive the day." The guys step out of their tent, all looking extremely tired.

Kendall says into confessional, "Usually, I try to avoid seeing the sun as much as possible. It's so bright and cheerful, like it's mocking me. But I couldn't believe that Quintin woke us up before the sunrise."

Jerome asks Quintin, "Is there a shower around here? I seriously feel like I'm going to collapse if I don't do some man-tenance."

"After reviewing the map," Quintin says, "I've found a shower that we previously overlooked. It's a little out of the way from camp, but since we have an early start we can make our way over there."

The sun begins to rise as the guys hear Waterlily sing from inside her tent, "Dusk breaks away, as the dawn ascends. The sun casts a ray, as the darkness ends. As joy takes the place of the dark's despair, we all know that Fiona will soon be there." The ladies' tent slowly unzips as a cloud of pink mist covers the entrance of the tent and Fiona leaps out.

"When joy and happiness seem to have disappeared in the bleakness of night," Fiona says, "They always arise along with the sun!"

"I believe in making an entrance," Fiona says into the confessional cam.

"What the hell was that?!" Kendall shouts into confessional.

Stevie, Jerome, Tommy, and Quintin applaud as Fiona curtsies. Kendall just stares in complete shock. The rest of the girls then emerge from their tent.

"That was so fun," Lisa giggles, "What's on our agenda?"

"Quintin opened Chef Hatchet's care package," Stevie announces, "It had some cooking utensils, and a very large container of some of his famous gruel."

"We also found out that there's a shower not too far from here," Jerome excitedly says, "We're going to head over there after breakfast."

"When Jerome says 'We found the shower', he means that I did," Quintin corrects. "Anyway, I started a fire so breakfast is ready. Let's start eating."

After "enjoying" their gruel, the Prehistoric Geese head to the showers. They see the large building, and they also see Missy, Sabrina, Autumn, Ivan, Grace, Reginald, and Levi of the Screeching Spiders standing outside as they get near. "I can't believe we both decided to go to the showers at the same time! That's hilarious!" Blair says.

Sabrina says, "That's really not hilarious, at all. Anyway, we're already done with our showers, but we're waiting for Dirk and Zane. The showers are very large. There are two sides divided, one for the boys, and the other for the girls. No individual stalls, though."

Stevie says into confessional, "I was really bummed to hear about the open showers. I don't believe in showering around other guys. You wouldn't think it about me if you knew me, but I'm very self-conscious."

"Okay, let's go in," Quintin says.

"I think I'll stay out here," Stevie says, "And... uh... keep watch for any... attacking wildlife?"

"Sounds good, man," Quintin says, "Way to take one for the team!" The Prehistoric Geese enter the building.

Zane says to Dirk as they are standing in the showers, "Dude, now that everyone is gone, we can discuss rocking an awesome alliance, together."

"Why are we discussing this completely naked, again?" Dirk asks, "Who's in the alliance, anyway?"

Zane says, "Me, Ivan, Sabrina, and Grace."

"Sorry, too many chicks," Dirk says.

"Dude, we need somebody to vote off first when we get to the final five," Zane explains, "I was also going to ask Missy if she wanted to join."

"Hmm... I guess I'll join you, then," Dirk says. The two shake hands as the other team walks in on them.

"I'm not even going to ask," Kendall says.

Dirk and Zane leave the showers, get dressed, and head back to their camp with their team. Jerome carries in a bag with specialty shampoo, conditioner, soaps, lotions, oils, moisturizers, and some other unlabeled bottles. Kendall says, "Got any formaldehyde in there?" The group finishes in the showers, and lets Stevie go in alone. After he is done they head back to their camp.

The camera cuts to the Screeching Spiders as Dirk talks with Missy, who is cooking breakfast. "Did Zane talk to you about his alliance, yet?" Dirk asks her.

"No, he didn't," Missy replies.

"We can make it to the finals with his help, baby!" Dirk tells her, "Say 'yes' when he asks you."

"I love everyone here," Missy says to the confessional cam, "But if Zane can take me far into the game, I'll join forces with him. I mean, I'm really here to make friends and meet people, but I can still try to win, right?"

Missy serves breakfast. Instead of serving Chef's gruel to the team, she serves them eggs. Levi had found a Stymphalian Goose nest, and brought back a giant egg. "This really hits the spot!" Grace says to compliment Missy, "Good job, girl!"

Grace says in confessional, "Missy is something else. She's smart, she's ambitious, she's resourceful, and she's nice... She is going to be impossible to beat."

The loudspeaker interrupts the breakfast to tell the team that it was time to meet at the beach for the next challenge.

The two teams arrive at the same time. "Hello campers," Chris says, "Remember the time when we arrived on the island, and Waterlily almost died in the quicksand? Yeah, good times. If you'll notice, there are two platforms set up adjacently above the quicksand pit. One member from each team will be randomly paired up and stand on the platforms. You'll be given this," Chris holds up a long stick with a watermelon on each side of it, "And you'll have to try to knock the other team's member into the quicksand. The pairs have been decided by drawing names out of hats, and Stevie will be the Prehistoric Geese member who will be sitting out."

"What?" Quintin shouts, "He's our strongest player!"

"Yay!" Ivan says, "We actually have a chance at winning, now!"

"The first pair is Autumn and Fiona, take your positions, girls," Chris instructs. Fiona and Autumn climb onto their platforms as Chris tells them to begin.

Fiona raises her watermelon stick in the air, stands on one leg, and says, "In the name of truth, justice, and happiness, I will smite thee!" Autumn hits Fiona in the leg and she topples into the quicksand. "Ack! This is not good for my outfit!" Her teammates help her out of the quicksand pit.

Chris says, "With that, the Screeching Spiders lead one to nothing. Next up is Levi and Tommy." Levi strikes Tommy on the side and he falls into the sand. He too is helped out by his team. "Two to zero, in favor of the Screeching Spiders. It's Jerome and Zane's turn."

"You're going down, bro," Jerome says to Zane as they mount their platforms.

Zane says, "You know, I'm surprised that you even want to compete in this challenge. I mean, if I did manage to hit you off of your platform, you would get quicksand all over your outfit, not to mention your hair."

"You're right," Jerome says, "I forfeit." Jerome climbs down his platform as his team gasps.

"Jerome is going down if we lose!" Quintin says in confessional.

"It's now three to zip in favor of the Spiders." Chris states, "Next up we have Ivan and Blair."

The two climb up their platforms. Blair says, "Wow, this challenge is so amazing."

"I know, right?" Ivan says.

"I wonder who will win?" Blair ponders, "I don't know if I mean this match-up or the whole thing, but of course I'm going to say 'I'm going to win this match!' because I would be totally defeatist if I said 'I am going to lose!', ya know? You can never give up, no matter how hard an obstacle seems. Right? Right?" She looks to see Ivan sleeping.

"Now's your chance," Stevie says. Blair nods and knocks Ivan into the quicksand. His team pulls him out of the quicksand.

"The Geese score their first point. The score is now 3-1. Next up is Sabrina and Katrina," Chris says.

"I thought you said these matches were randomly chosen?" Katrina contests as she climbs the platform.

Chris asks, "Ever heard of coincidence?"

"I'll use strategy to beat you, Katrina," Sabrina states, "I was always better at th..." She can't finish her sentence before Katrina knocks her into the quicksand. Sabrina's team helps her out of the quicksand.

Chris says, "The score is 3-2, the Spiders still lead. Waterlily and Grace are up next." The girls climb up their ladders. Waterlily tries to hit Grace but she dodges the blow. She now tries to hit Waterlily but loses her balance and falls into the quicksand. "That was 'Grace'ful," Chris jests as her team helps her out of the sand, "The score is now a 3-3 tie. Missy and Quintin are up next." The two climb onto their platforms.

"You know you have no chance to defeat me, right?" Quintin taunts.

Missy replies, "Oh please, I've had scarier competition than you at the 'Little Miss Paddy Cake Beauty Pageant'." Missy hurls her watermelon stick at Quintin, hits him in the head, and he falls into the quicksand. Stevie pulls him out.

"The score is now 4-3. The Screeching Spiders need one more point to win." Chris says, "Next up is Reginald and Kendall." The boys climb the platforms and Reginald swings his watermelon stick at Kendall, but Kendall drops his stick into the quicksand as he ducks to avoid the blow. Reginald swings the watermelon stick again, but loses his balance and falls into the quicksand. He is helped out of the quicksand by his team.

Kendall looks up and says, "I won?! I can't believe it!" Kendall looks around and continues, "I mean, whatev..."

Chris announces, "The score is tied, 4-4, this last match-up decides which team will be the winner. It's between Lisa and Dirk."

"There is no way I'm losing to a girl," Dirk proudly says, "You're going down, girlie."

"Girls can be just as good as guys at athletics," Lisa says, "If not better."

Dirk laughs and says, "Good one!"

"Enough with the smack talk," Chris says, "Let's start the match."

The two climb the platforms as Dirk says, "Hey girlie, I'll let you have the first shot." Lisa (with fire in her eyes) hurls her watermelon stick directly at Dirk's crotch. "Erk!" Dirk groans. He drops his watermelon stick into the quicksand, crouches and flinches in pain and falls forward into the quicksand. His team sadly helps him out of the quicksand. The Prehistoric Geese hug Lisa as she comes off of her platform.

"With that the Prehistoric Geese are our winners!" Chris says. "I'll see the Screeching Spiders at their second campfire ceremony."


The camera follows the Screeching Spiders as they head to the campfire ceremony.

Zane says into confessional cam, "I decided who the next to go is. I can't let Dirk know who it is, but I talked to the rest of the team and I'm sure they agree."

The camera cuts to the Screeching Spiders around the campfire as Chris announces who the first marshmallow is thrown to Sabrina. "The next marshmallow goes to Grace," Chris says as he tosses Grace her marshmallow to her. "Reginald and Ivan," the two high five before they catch their marshmallows. "Autumn and Levi, here you go," Chris throws them their marshmallows. "For some reason, the next marshmallow goes to Dirk." A crying Dirk is hit by the marshmallow. "It's between Missy and Zane," Chris says. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Missy." He tosses the marshmallow to Missy.

Zane stands up and shouts, "What?! You guys were in an alliance with me! You know Missy is a big threat!"

"What we do know is that you can't be trusted," Grace says, "How many of us did you promise a final two alliance to?"

Zane angrily boards the boat of losers as Chris says, "That was interesting. Tune in next time to see who wins the next challenge, who is the next to be eliminated, and who... does something else... that is interesting!"

Chapter 4 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Woolly Beavers?Edit

Chris Mclean says, "Can you believe what happened at the last campfire ceremony? I thought that dude was going to be this season's Heather!" Chris looks over to see the camera rolling, "Um, are we on?" The camera nods at Chris. Chris continues, "Welcome to another edition of Total Drama: Boney Island! It's sure to be a dramatic episode. Will the Screeching Spiders win their first invincibility challenge? Will Dirk get over being beat by a girl? I sure hope not. Haha! Let's get this ball rolling."

Camera changes to the Screeching Spiders returning from the campfire ceremony. "I'm really excited that Zane was voted off," Levi says, "I think it will be good for our team's morale to keep all of the positive personalities around."

"Oh yeah," Reginald sarcastically says, "Keeping the 'positive personalities' is going to be a major help in physical challenges." Reginald sees his team angrily glare at him. "What I meant to say is, if we all keep positive, we're sure to win our next challenge! Teehee?"

Reginald says to the confessional camera, "It is so hard trying to befriend these people. I really am trying to get them to like me, though."

Grace says in confessional, "Reginald isn't the most positive person out here, or even the most likable, but at least he's starting to try to change his attitude. We can't fault him for that."

Dirk cries into confessional, "I can't believe I got beat by a chick! My sports career is over!"

The camera changes to the Prehistoric Geese team as they wake up in the morning. Quintin cooks breakfast again for his team.

Blair says in confessional cam, "Quintin wouldn't win any personality awards. The guy is a total jerk, sometimes. But he keeps the team away from campfire ceremonies. I'm just saying that he's a great leader, ya know?"

After breakfast the team breaks off into groups to try to get to know each other. Lisa and Katrina decide to go for a hike in the woods. Fiona, Blair, and Waterlily decide to stay at camp to talk. Kendall and Stevie go out to look for some different kinds of food. Tommy, Jerome, and Quintin head for the showers.

The camera shows Lisa and Katrina on their hike. Katrina says, "Lisa, you were so totally awesome at the challenge, yesterday. You showed that guy that you weren't messing around."

"He had it coming," Lisa replies. "I hate it when guys underestimate girls, you know? You weren't so bad in the challenge, yesterday, either. I had no idea you could hit someone that hard."

"I'm usually fairly mild mannered, but when it comes to Sabrina," Katrina explains, "She can get me pretty riled up."

"If you don't mind me asking," Lisa says, "What's the deal with you and your sister?"

Katrina says, "I guess I don't mind telling you. When Sabrina and I entered middle school we were very close. I started making new friends, and getting interested in things that Sabrina didn't like. Like boy bands, teen movies, stuff like that. Sabrina felt like I was abandoning her, I guess..."

"Ohmigosh! I love that stuff!" Lisa gushes, ignoring Katrina's last sentence, "Who's your favorite boy band?"

Katrina thinks for a moment then says, "It could only be 'Dog Toy'."

Lisa squeals, "Me too! I love them!" The girls hear a strange grunt, and rustling leaves from the woods. "Did you hear that?" Lisa nervously asks. Katrina nods and the two girls quickly turn in the other direction and begin to head back to camp. They arrive back at camp fairly quickly and see the other girls on their team making necklaces and bracelets out of beads and string. Katrina asks if they can join, and the other girls tell her that they can.

Waterlily says to the other girls, "It's so beyond unbelievable that five girls from different backgrounds can have so much in common. We were totally brought together for a reason."

"I know," Fiona agrees, "Some of the other girls at my school think that I'm way too girly, but we're all like that here. Isn't that funny?" The other girls laugh, even though it really wasn't really that kind of funny. "I'm all done with my necklace!" She holds up a purely pink necklace.

"That is so fetch," Katrina says.

The camera cuts to Stevie and Kendall as Stevie boasts, "I am completely undefeated in my region. Wrestling is like my calling, you know? They call me 'The Natural' back home. I've won so many awards that my dad kicked one of my brothers out of his room to make it into my trophy room. My brother shares a room with my other brother, now. I don't think they mind it too much, though, my being better than they ever were, that is. I'm sure they're thrilled by my talent, don'tchya think?" Kendall nods with a completely fake smile and his visible eye bulging, "Thanks man, I like it when others listen to what I have to say. I don't feel like I get that too often at home."

Kendall says into confessional, "I thought Fiona was bad... Well, she is, but Stevie has to be one of the most aggravatingly arrogant people I have ever met! He reminds me of my can-do-no-wrong stepbrother. I'm sure my dad would adopt Stevie if he had the chance, and leave me in a basket on some creepy old person's doorstep."

"I hope taking time off of training to be here doesn't cost me any wins next... Hey check it out!" Stevie interrupts himself. He grabs a handful of blueberries from a bush. "This tree is loaded with blueberries."

"That's not a tree, Einstein." Kendall says in confessional.

"Hand me your man-purse, Kenny." Stevie says, "We'll fill it up and have plenty of fruit to bring back to camp." The two do just that and start heading back to camp.

The scene changes to Jerome, Quintin, and Tommy as they head back from the showers. Quintin asks, "What's your guys' favorite movie? I love 'Super Action Filled Explosion Fest V'."

"I love that movie, too, bro!" Jerome says agreeably.

"I have trouble choosing," Tommy says, "It's between 'Galaxy Battles' or 'Time Traveling Scientist the Movie'. Have you seen them?"

"No way," Quintin replies, "Those kinds of movies are for geeks. I have way better taste than that."

"Oh," Tommy says, "Do you guys like sports?"

"Heck yeah," Jerome says, "I'm on my school's basketball team."

"You are?" Quintin rhetorically asks, "I'm on my school's baseball team."

"I'm on my school's tennis team," Tommy says excitedly, "We have something in common."

"Um, tennis can't be considered a real sport," Quintin says. Tommy looks surprised and then dejected.

The camera changes to the Screeching Spiders campsite. Autumn is knitting a scarf. "I love that scarf!" Missy says, "I wish I had one like it. Do you think you could teach me how to knit as good as you?"

Autumn, embarrassed by the compliment, says, "I'm really not that good. I'll give you this scarf when I'm done with it. If you want... that is."

"Autumn is so sweet," Missy say to confessional, "I hope I can help her come out of her shell a little."

Missy now goes to comfort a still-crying Dirk, "It's not so bad that Lisa beat you in the challenge, yesterday. It doesn't make you any less of an athlete. Never let a loss defeat your will to compete. If you keep trying, you'll be able to get her next time, but if you wallow in self-pity, what will you be able to accomplish?"

"I thought you would understand, babe," Dirk, still sobbing, says, "I won't be able to show my face at school ever again."

Sabrina comes over to Missy, and leads her away from Dirk. Sabrina says, "It's really no use trying to comfort him. He's already lost the entire game in his mind, losing to a girl is too much for his ego to handle. You're better off if you try not to let yourself get too worried about it." Missy sadly nods.

The loudspeaker now sounds with Chris Mclean's voice. "Hello campers! Meet me outside of the showers for your next challenge. Mclean out!"

The scene cuts to both teams arriving at the challenge site. Dirk tries to look tough despite the way he feels. Chris points to the showers and says, "You've already become introduced to the showers I'm standing in front of, but today they aren't going to serve as showers. Today, they are going to act as cages. Your challenge is to gather as many carnivorous Woolly Beavers into your teams' 'cage' in a one hour period as you can."

"Eh?! Those things are scary, Chris," Ivan says.

"That's why it's called a challenge," Chris says after rolling his eyes, "It's going to be challenging. Everyone ready? No more objections? Okay, let's get this challenge started!" The teams scatter to find the creatures they seek.

"I think we should separate into teams of two and look for individual Woolly Beavers," Tommy says, "They're way more dangerous in herds." The Prehistoric Geese team looks at Quintin.

"That's a good idea. Who's afraid of the Woolly Beavers?" Quintin asks. Fiona, Lisa, Katrina, Kendall, and Tommy raise their hands. "We'll pair each of you up with someone who isn't afraid." Fiona and Stevie pair up, Blair and Lisa team up, Katrina and Quintin team up, Kendall and Jerome team up, and Tommy and Waterlily team up. The teams head off in different directions.

Levi says to his team, "I think two teams of four will be the most useful in this challenge. Sabrina, Missy, Ivan, and Reginald will be one team. Autumn, Dirk, Grace, and I will make up the other team."

"I'm not going," Dirk insists, "I'll only drag the team down."

Missy reasons, "You can't back out, Dirk! We'll lose without your help."

Sabrina suggest, "How about if Dirk guards our team's cage?" She points to the boys' shower, "That way we'll know that any beavers we capture won't get loose."

"Good idea," Levi states, "Dirk, you stay here." The two teams head out into the woods.

Levi, Autumn, Grace hear some rustling in the leaves. Grace looks over the bush as the other two hide behind trees. "I saw that thing's hairy hide, it's definitely a Woolly beaver!" Grace confidently says. Levi removes his outer shirt and throws it over the bush, and tackles the large creature. It bucks and moves uncontrollably, but Levi never let's go. It runs out in front of the girls. With its head covered by Levi's shirt, and with Levi's arms grappled around its chest.

Autumn says in a surprised manner, "Why is it wearing pants?"

"Wait, what's going on?!" Fiona says as she runs out.

Levi jumps off, and removes the shirt over the creature to reveal Stevie. Everyone looks at Grace in a disapproving way. "What?" She says, "I told you it was hairy. Can't you understand my mistake?" The two teams start searching for Woolly Beavers again.

Quintin and Katrina, and Kendall and Jerome bring Woolly Beavers back to their cage around the same time. They head off to look for more. Sabrina, Missy, Ivan, and Reginald come back herding two Woolly Beavers soon after, and Dirk opens the door for his team. "It's the most I can do," he says. The team heads back into the woods.

Waterlily and Tommy are looking around in the middle of the woods as Waterlily asks, "Did you hear something?" Tommy shakes his head to reply 'no'. Waterlily quickly leaps into the woods and runs off before Tommy can see where she headed.

"Come back!" He yells, "You'll get killed out there!"


Waterlily sneaks back to the showers, and opens up the shower. "Hey guys," She says to the captive Woolly Beavers, "You need to be free, in your natural habitat!" The beasts run out of the shower and run back into the woods.

Quintin and Katrina return with another Woolly Beaver, and see what Waterlily has done. "What are you doing you granola crunching freak!?" Quintin shouts. "We're going to lose the game, because of you!" They put the Woolly Beaver in the makeshift cage.

"Animals belong in the wild!" Waterlily protests, "We need to treat them well in order for them to treat us well."

"Time's almost up," Chris announces, "You have about five minutes left."

Tommy stands alone in the woods, and he hears rustling in the leaves. "Waterlily?" Tommy says, "Is that you?"

Levi, Grace, and Autumn return with two Woolly Beavers and carefully put them in their team's shower. Sabrina, Ivan, Missy, and Reginald return with two more Woolly Beavers. Ivan opens the shower and one of the already captured Woolly Beavers runs out. They put the others in the shower and shut the door. "Sorry guys," Ivan apologizes.

"We have one minute left," Chris announces, "The Screeching Spiders have a 5-1 lead. Things are looking pretty bleak for the Prehistoric Geese."

"Make way!" Tommy shouts as he emerges from the woods. Five Woolly Beavers follow him.

Quintin opens his team's shower door, and says, "Run in here! It's safe in here!" Tommy runs in the shower/cage and the giant beavers follow him inside. After Quintin shuts the door, Tommy reopens it and slides out, undamaged.

"I can't believe what I just saw!" Chris exclaims, "That was awesome! But really sucky for the Screeching Spiders." The other teams return to the showers and Chris informs them that time ran out and that the Prehistoric Geese won their third challenge in a row. They all cheer as Chris let's the beavers out of the showers.

"You mean," Waterlily says, "You were just going to release the animals back into the wild all along?" Chris nods. "Man, do I feel silly! Haha!" She looks at a glaring Quintin and laughs timidly, "Haha?"

Quintin sighs and says, "Whatever, we won anyway. Try to control yourself in the future."

"I'll see the Screeching Spiders at their next campfire ceremony, where they must vote out a teammate," Chris says.

In confessional, Sabrina says, "Dirk was pretty useless in that challenge. He gets my vote."

Missy says in confessional, "Ivan messed up by letting a creature escape. We would have tied if he didn't mess it up. I like him otherwise, but I have to vote for someone."

Chris says to a sad Screeching Spiders team, "Looks like everyone's happy to be here. Let's hand out the first marshmallow. It goes to... Levi." He tosses the marshmallow to Levi. Then he throws one to Autumn, one to Grace, and one to Reginald. "Autumn, Grace, Reginald," Chris says, "Next one goes to Sabrina," He tosses Sabrina her marshmallow, and says, "Missy, here's your marshmallow." He tosses it to her and continues, "Ivan and Dirk. The two of you were pathetic during the challenge. One of you is going home. The last marshmallow goes to..."

"Ivan," Chris says as he tosses the final marshmallow to him. "You're safe."

"I can't believe I got the final marshmallow!" Ivan exclaims, "This is almost as awesome as receiving the first marshmallow! Yeah! I mean... Sorry Dirk..."

Dirk walks toward the boat of losers without saying a word. He slouches forward as he walks away from the others.

"Well," Chris says, "That wasn't the most dramatic campfire ceremony we've ever had, but tune in next time for another installment of Total Drama: Boney Island!"

Chapter 5 - For Wetter or for WorseEdit

"Welcome to another edition of Total Drama: Boney Island!" Chris says, "Are you ready for more drama, more excitement, and a little more... drama? Well, you came to the right place."

The scene changes and shows some of the Screeching Spiders on the beach in the morning. Sabrina is sitting on a blanket, reading a book. Autumn is knitting. Reginald is lying on his stomach, tanning, and Levi is laying out a towel on the sand. "Hey Autumn," Levi says, "Do you think you can spread some of this suntan lotion on my back?" He shakes the bottle to call direction to it. Autumn blushes, and focuses on her knitting. Levi then calls out to Sabrina, "Hey Sabrina? Can you help me out here?" He again shakes the bottle of suntan lotion.

"Can't you see I'm busy?" Sabrina replies, "Get Reginald to do it!"

In confessional, Levi says, "I have never been rejected by a girl like that. I guess that it's understandable in Autumn's case, it was rude of me to overlook her shyness. Sabrina is a tough nut to crack..." Levi looks embarrassed, "Not a nut in a 'crazy' sense! I just meant it as a metaphor!"

Reginald stands up and grudgingly applies the lotion. A crab then crawls up near Sabrina, and she doesn't notice it, until it pinches her toe. "Gaah!" she shrieks. She then runs over to Reginald and jumps in his arms. "Get it away from me!"

Levi says in confessional, "I kind of think that I understand why Sabrina doesn't seem attracted to me... Not that every girl has to! I mean I'm not that extremely good looking. I mean, it's not that I think I'm even good looking, at all. I should just stop talking, right?" The camera nods.

Levi nudges Reginald as he holds Sabrina. Reginald blushes.

The camera changes to the Prehistoric Geese at camp. Fiona is twirling and dancing, Stevie is bench pressing Kendall, Kendall is screaming, "Put me down, you big, dumb, ox!", Quintin and Jerome are pointing and laughing, Katrina and Lisa are braiding each other's hair, Blair is talking to a lump under a blanket that she believes is Tommy, and Tommy and Waterlily are hiking together in the woods.

Waterlily says to Tommy, "I can't believe how beyond unbelievable our team is! We all get along so great, and we are so good at challenges."

"I know," Tommy says. "I mean, sort of."

"What do you mean, like?" Waterlily asks.

"I guess that I can see a clique forming with Quintin and Jerome," Tommy explains. "They go out of their way to alienate me."

"Wow!" Waterlily says, "I never even noticed."

"That's because your mind is in outer space, somewhere," Tommy wants to say. Instead he says, "Thanks for listening."

When they get back to camp Waterlily says to Jerome and Quintin, "You guys! Stop being mean to Tommy! We all have to treat each other as human beings."

Quintin, Jerome, and Tommy, as well as the other campers, are surprised. "Er... Sorry?" Quintin says, as he is confused about how to react to the awkward situation.

"Now hug!" Waterlily commands. The boys share a group hug, although they are completely embarrassed that their small conflict was called out like that.

The loudspeaker sounds. "Hello campers! Are you ready for your next challenge?" Chris asks.

Kendall shouts, "Not really!"

"Haha!" Chris says, "You know I can't hear you, dude. It's time to head back to the beach for an exciting underwater challenge. Well, not really, the challenge will be held in about three hours. I thought I would be the nice and gracious host that I always am, and give you a little heads up. Be sure to be there. Mclean out!"

"I am going to head for the showers," Stevie says.

"Dude, why?" Quintin asks, "We're going to be doing an underwater challenge in a little while."

Stevie explains, "I got all sweaty from bench pressing Kendall, the guy is heavier than he looks."

Jerome laughs as he says, "It must be the make-up and unseen body piercings." Quintin laughs, and high-fives Jerome. Kendall looks over to Waterlily to cause a confrontation, but she is busy staring at a butterfly.

Tommy volunteers to go with Stevie so he doesn't have to walk there alone, but Stevie says he isn't afraid to go alone. So he heads off. When he gets there he sees the girls from the other team. Grace says, "Hey, Stevie. Where's your team at?"

"Back at camp," Stevie tells her, "I thought I'd come and take a shower before the challenge."

Missy shouts, "Oh gosh! There's a challenge, today?"

Stevie nods and says, "The loudspeaker told us to meet at the beach for a swimming challenge in about two and a half hours from now."

Sabrina says, "Thanks for the info."

Sabrina says in confessional, "If Stevie had any brains, he wouldn't have told us about the challenge. If we didn't show up we would probably be disqualified."

Grace awkwardly says, "Um, aren't you going to go inside and shower with the other guys?"

"Nah!" Stevie says, "I enjoy hanging with you four girls." They stand in awkward silence until the guys from the Screeching Spiders walk out. "Well, gotta get in there!" Stevie says as he walks in. He makes sure no one is looking, disrobes, leaves his dirty clothes and duffle bag on a bench outside the showers and walks in.

The camera cuts back to the Prehistoric Geese camp, after some time has elapsed. "It's almost time for the challenge," Katrina states, "Stevie isn't back, yet."

Fiona gasps and says, "Oh my gosh! What if he got eaten alive by a Woolly Beaver?!"

Lisa says, "I would be more concerned for the Woolly Beaver."

Quintin says, "We can't sit here any longer, we'll have to head to the challenge without Stevie."

Blair says, "Maybe he's already gone to the challenge? I can totally see Stevie doing that."

The team heads to the beach. The Screeching Spiders are already there, but there is no sign of Stevie. Chris also has yet to arrive. Autumn walks over to Lisa, and shyly says "Ummmm... I found this envelope with your name on it on the beach when we arrived... I kind of think... Here." Autumn leaves the note with Lisa and awkwardly walks away.

Lisa opens the letter and reads to herself, the camera shows what the note says. In scraggly handwriting the note says, "Everyone knows that your a complete fake. Girls shouldn't be in sports! You should go home now before you end up embarrassing yourself." Lisa starts crying.

"Who would write anything so mean?" Lisa sobs.

Just then, Chris walks onto the scene and says, "You're all already here? Wait, where's that mountain of a teen, Stevie?"

Quintin says, "The clod bailed on us. We don't know where he is."

Chris says, "That's okay, because your team is ahead by three members. You'll have to choose two more campers to sit out of the challenge."

Knowing that this was going to be a swimming challenge, the contestants wore their swimsuits under their clothes. They then changed into their swimsuits. A worried Jerome says, "Guys, I had my swimming cap in my pocket on the way here. I can't find it! Have any of you seen it?" The others shake their heads in a negatory fashion.

"Maybe you dropped it in the woods, somewhere?" Ivan volunteers.

Quintin changes the subject and huddles his team together, "Okay, Lisa, Stevie, Katrina, Jerome, Fiona, Waterlily, and I are the strongest swimmers. Since Stevie isn't here, I guess Tommy and Kendall will sit out."

Tommy says, "That's fine by me." Kendall nods his head in agreement.

Jerome says, "There's no way I'm swimming without my swim cap. No way."

Quintin says, "Come on, bro! We need you out there."

"I'm not about to ruin my hair for some stupid challenge," Jerome stubbornly states.

"Fine!" Quintin says, "Kendall, you'll take Jerome's place. We still have a chance at winning since Lisa and I are competing."

Fiona speaks up, "You can't expect Lisa to compete, she's an emotional wreck right now!" Lisa continues crying.

"I can face my fear of water," Tommy says, "If it means helping the team."

Quintin looks at Tommy and says, "We're doomed."

"So who's sitting out on the Prehistoric Geese team?" Chris asks. Jerome and Lisa raise their hands. "Okay. Your challenge is to swim out to that marked section of the lake," Chris points out to the section and continues, "You will then dive into the water and search for a Bass statue, in honor of the Killer Bass team, and bring it back to shore. Every camper has to go out at least once, and you must bring a statue back to shore, but only one statue at a time. There are fifteen statues out there, so the first team to bring back eight statues wins. You'll go out two at a time, one camper from each team at a time. Any questions?" Kendall raises his hand, but Chris doesn't notice. "Good. This challenge has officially started."


Quintin says, "Tommy you'll go first so we know how much ground we need to gain later." He pushes Tommy forward, and he runs to the water.

Sabrina goes first for the Screeching Spiders. She reaches the marked boundary before Tommy, who isn't a fast swimmer. She dives but comes up empty handed the first time. Tommy reaches the section and they both dive at the same time. Sabrina rises to the top of the water with her statue, and Tommy rises empty handed. Sabrina swims back to shore, and her team cheers. Tommy rises, now, with a statue for his team. He swims back to shore as Missy already reaches the marked area. Fiona is sent out for her team, and she makes it to the marked area while Missy is still searching. They dive underwater at the same time and pull up a statue each. they also make it back to camp at the same time. Levi and Quintin go out for their teams. Levi beats Quintin to the marked area, dives underwater and pulls up a statue before Quintin gets there. He heads back and makes it to shore before Quintin even has a chance to dive. He does pull up a statue on his first try, and makes his way back to shore. Ivan begins swimming for the Screeching Spiders. Quintin makes it back to shore, and sends out Katrina. Katrina catches up with Ivan who is struggling. Katrina dives and grabs a statue, and passes up Ivan. She makes it back to shore.

Chris says, "The Prehistoric Geese are leading 4 to 3."

Tommy high fives Katrina and says, "All their bass are belong to us!" She giggles as Quintin directs Blair to go next. She goes fairly slowly, and almost makes it to the marked area when Ivan emerges from the water with a statue. He heads back slowly and makes it back to shore.

"These competitions are a lot harder than they looked on TV." Ivan gasps as he rests on the ground. Reginald starts swimming for the other team and catches up with Blair. He rises out of the water with a statue and heads back. Blair then grabs a statue and makes her way back to shore. Reginald arrives about thirty seconds sooner than Blair. Autumn is sent out for the Screeching Spiders. Blair arrives, drops her statue, and Quintin sends out Waterlily. She makes up ground, and catches up with Autumn. Autumn comes up out of the water with her statue as Waterlily arrives. Waterlily dives and gets a statue. On her way back she catches up with Autumn, and both girls return to shore at the same time.

"The score is 6 to 6," Chris announces. Grace and Kendall head out for their teams. Grace has a slight lead on Kendall. She dives two times before finding a statue, and heads back. Kendall then finds a statue and heads back. Grace arrives at shore about ten seconds before Kendall. The team sends Levi out for his second time. Kendall makes it back to shore and drops the statue.

Quintin says, "There's no need for us to send someone out. Levi is their best swimmer. He'll find the statue, before we even get out there."

"We can't just give up!" Blair exclaims, "We worked so hard." Levi is shown struggling to find the final statue, since only one was left.

"It's a wasted effort," Quintin says. Levi comes back to shore with the final bass statue.

"With that," Chris says, "The Screeching Spiders have won their first challenge!" The winning team cheers and Chris continues, "The Prehistoric Geese must vote someone out." The teams get dressed and head back to camp.

The camera follows the Prehistoric Geese on their hike back to camp before they must eliminate someone. "We better check the showers to see if Stevie is there," Kendall says. Kendall, Jerome, and Quintin enter the boys' locker room.

Stevie hears the door open, and yells out from the shower, "Don't come in here! Someone stole my clothes, and duffle bag."

Quintin says, "I don't care if you had to streak all the way there. You never abandon your team during a challenge."

"I missed the challenge?" Stevie asks, "Did we win?"

"No way. Not with these rejects," Quintin says. "Take Jerome's jacket, and my pants. I'll wear my swim shorts." Stevie puts on the clothes that were handed to him behind the door, and comes out revealing the clothes' poor fit.

"I never planned on losing a challenge," Quintin says in confessional, "Of course, I wasn't counting on my team's three strongest players wimping out for such poor reasons. I would love to vote out one of our weak players, but one of those three needs to be booted."

The camera changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "Welcome to your first campfire ceremony. Do you like it so far? Haha!" He receives blank stares, and continues, "The marshmallow represents life out here. If you do not receive a marshmallow, you must head to the boat of losers and leave immediately. You can't come back, eveeer." Chris pauses and says, "The first marshmallow goes to Waterlily," he tosses her her marshmallow, "The next two go to Fiona and Kendall," he tosses the two their marshmallows and Fiona catches hers after doing a twirl. "Tommy and Katrina come get your marshmallows," Chris says. They walk to him and take their marshmallows. "Quintin and Blair", Chris says as the two get their marshmallows. "The next one goes to..." Lisa, Stevie, and Jerome look nervous. "Stevie", Stevie lets out a sigh of relief and catches his marshmallow. Chris now says, "Lisa and Jerome, one of you are the first to be eliminated. You didn't compete in the challenge. You let your team down." Lisa bursts out crying, again. "The last marshmallow goes to..."

"Lisa, quit your crying," Chris says as he tosses her her marshmallow.

Jerome says to Quintin, "Bro, I thought we were tight! I thought you would talk the team into keeping me around."

Quintin replies, "I like you, man. You just let our team down, and you're weaker in the challenges than Lisa and Stevie. I can't let personal feelings get in the way of what's best for the team. Friends are unnecessary here."

Jerome, with his feelings hurt, is led to the boat of losers and taken away.

Chris says, "That was cold, Quintin. Anyway, we'll see you next time for more thrills, chills, and bills on the next episode of Total Drama: Boney Island! What? These outfits I wear are expensive."

Chapter 6 - Blind Man WalkingEdit

Chris Mclean appears on camera holding a shovel. "Hey viewers!" Chris says, "Welcome back to a totally awesome episode of Total Drama: Boney Island. At least... I hope it's totally awesome. The challenge is going to be totally awesome and I'm sure the elimination will be totally awesome. So let's start this totally awesome episode of Total Drama: Boney Island. Okay... So our writers are on strike. It's hard to think of an introduction, okay?"

The camera shows the Prehistoric Geese returning to camp. "That was a really crazy challenge, guys," Blair says. "Who would have thought that Stevie, Jerome, and Lisa wouldn't compete for our team. Do you guys think someone sabotaged our chances at winning?" Without letting anyone answer her question, Blair continues, "I think someone so did. I wonder who wrote that nasty letter to Lisa. That was, like, so mean!"

"Now that you mention it," Fiona says, "It does seem like someone was messing with the challenge."

Tommy joins the conversation, "It must have been someone from the other team."

Tommy says in confessional with his arms folded, "This whole sabotage thing seems so unfair. The other team must have planned this. The only way they think they can win is by cheating!"

Stevie says in confessional, "Yeah... That was so embarrassing. Someone stole my clothing when I was in the shower... I really let down my team by not showing up to the challenge. Now I have to wear Jerome's jacket and Quintin's trousers... Yeah, he's like 20 sizes smaller than me... I never truly knew pain until I met Quintin's pants."

The scene now changes to show the other team at camp. Grace says, "I am getting so sick of living in this tent. My back is sore, and my clothes are getting dirty."

"When will this thing be over?" Grace says in confessional.

Levi says, "Don't worry, Grace. It will all be worth it in the end."

Sabrina says in confessional, "No one on my team has even mentioned the sabotage episode since it happened. Someone on this team obviously did it."

Sabrina says to her team members awkwardly, "So... What did everyone think of the challenge, yesterday?"

"I can't believe we won!" Ivan says, "It felt so awesome!"

"Yeah, but..." Sabrina starts.

"It's so nice that we didn't have to eliminate anyone," Missy says.

Sabrina says, "True, but what about..."

Reginald says, "Chris' hair? It looked fantastic."

"It seems like," Sabrina says, "They're avoiding the subject."

The speaker sounded with Chris' voice, "Hey campers! It's time for your next challenge."

"Already?" Autumn says.

"Take a look at your maps," Chris said. "You'll notice a giant X on the map."

Sabrina says after she looks at the map, "When did that get there?"

"Meet me at that spot," Chris says.

The teams meet for their next challenge at the spot designated on the map. "Welcome, campers!" Chris says, "You'll notice the holes dug up all over the area." The campers look around the area. "I hope you appreciate them, it took a lot of work!"

Katrina says, "They look uber-awesome, Chris."

"Thanks! Someone appreciates me, after all!" Chris says.

Sabrina says, "You always were a great suck up."

"Shut up, Sabrina!" Katrina says.

Chris says, "Settle down, girls! Save it for the challenge. Speaking of which, let me tell you about it. You'll see that there are two platforms behind me. One of you from each team will stand on these platforms, the rest will be blindfolded. The camper on the platform will lead their teammates through this obstacle course helping them find flags. Whoever finds all five of their teams flags wins. The Prehistoric Geese will be searching for light blue flags. The Screeching Spiders will be looking for black flags. Now pick the camper you want to search for the flag on your team."

The teams huddle together. Quintin says to his team, "I think that I should be the one to direct everyone for our team. Is everyone in agreement?"

"I kind of think that Blair should be the one to call out for our team," Fiona says. "She is so used to talking."

Lisa says, "Oh yeah, Blair should do it!"

Quintin says, "But..."

"You really think I can do it?" Blair says. "I'm so flattered! You really think I have what it takes to win for our team?"

"Uhh..." Quintin says.

Waterlily nudges Quintin and whispers, "Try to support your teammates, Quintin. We all need a chance to shine."

Quintin says, "Fine, but you'll all be sorry when we lose." Kendall rolls his eyes.

Over at the other team's huddle, Levi says, "Who wants to lead the team?"

Reginald says, "Not me, I don't want to be responsible for our team's loss."

"I think you should do it, Levi," Missy says. "I have full trust in you!"

"You think so?" Levi says, "I don't really want to do it, but if we have no other volunteers..."

"I - I'll do it," Ivan says. The others gasp.

Levi says, "Way to take one for the team. Let's go team."

"Sorry," Sabrina says in confessional, "But I don't exactly have a lot of confidence in Ivan. He has not exactly been the best at challenges. I should have said something."

"Okay," Chris says, "The teams have chosen Blair... and Ivan. Everyone securely place your blindfolds." Chris looks on as the campers place their blindfolds and Ivan and Blair step onto the platforms. "Okay, let's get this challenge under way. Watch out for those pits. Haha!"

Ivan says, "Everyone stay still! I will direct you all one at a time."

"That sounds like a good idea," Blair says. "Waterlily, I will direct you first, girlfriend. There's a flag a little to your right, walk toward it." Waterlily begins to walk toward the flag.

"Autumn," Ivan says, "Walk forward about five steps." Autumn begins walking.

Waterlily reaches around the ground. She finds her team's first flag. Waterlily says, "I told you Blair would be good at this, Quintin." Quintin grunts.

Ivan says, "Now, Autumn turn to your left and walk about three steps. The flag is on the ground there."

Blair says, "Stevie, walk forward five feet."

Autumn reaches her first flag and picks it up. Ivan says, "Now Sabrina, walk forward two steps. Levi turn around and walk three steps."

Katrina says, "Blair! Direct more than one of us at once."

Quintin says, "I don't think that that's a good..."

"Okay," Blair says, "Stevie walk to the left. Fiona step sideways, three steps." Stevie begins walking, but goes too far and falls in a pit. Fiona steps the wrong way and falls into another pit. Blair apologizes. Levi and Sabrina find a flag each for their team.

Ivan says, "Reginald, turn to the left. Step forward three steps. Grace step backwards three steps. Be careful, there's a pit really close in that direction."

Blair says, "Um... Kendall, walk forward two steps. That reminds me of a song. I love that song. Isn't it funny how the mind works? You can totally be thinking of one thing, and then your track of thought changes, completely."

Chris says, "Uh-huh... I hate to interrupt, Blair, but your team just lost. The Prehistoric Geese have to vote off another camper." The Screeching Spiders cheer.


"I told you guys," Quintin shouts, "that Blair would be a terrible choice for this challenge! You should know that I know what's best for our team!"

The scene changes to the Prehistoric Geese around the campfire ready to eliminate their next camper.

Blair says in confessional, "Is it just me, or is Quintin totally bossy? He's so annoying, right? My vote is for him."

Quintin says in confessional, "Yeah, Blair is pretty useless. I'm voting her out."

Chris tosses the first marshmallow to Katrina. "Here's your marshmallow, Katrina. Next is Stevie and Lisa." He tosses them their marshmallows. "Quintin," Quintin puts his hands out to receive the marshmallow, Chris says, "Oh, sorry Quintin, I just randomly felt like saying your name. The next marshmallow is for Waterlily. Next is Kendall." He tosses the marshmallows to the two teens as Quintin angrily folds his arms. "The next two are for Tommy and Fiona." He throws the marshmallows. "Quintin and Blair are our bottom two.. Who will be eliminated? The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Quintin." He tosses Quintin his marshmallow. Chris says, "I'm sorry Blair, but that means that you have been eliminated. Please board the Boat of Losers."

Blair says as she makes her way to the Boat of Losers, "What, really? Oh, well. Everyone has to go sometime. Well, not really. I mean someone is going to win, right? I really had fun out here, I just wish I could have stayed longer, you know? So see you guys, try to have fun without me. I still hope one of you wins this thing..." Her voice trails off into the night as the Boat of Losers sails away.

Chapter 7 - Wheel of MisfortuneEdit

"Welcome to another installment of Total Drama: Boney Island!" Chris Mclean says as he stands near the beach. "This time we have a little something special planned for the campers. Stay tuned to see some screams from the teams. Haha! Yeah, I thought up that line myself. That's why they pay me the big bucks!"

The scene now shows the Prehistoric Geese as they wake up in the morning. Stevie is seen punching a tree repeatedly, as the others who are awake go about their business.

Stevie says in confessional, "I have to think up creative ways to keep up my physical training while I'm out here. A tree isn't as comfortable to hit as a punching bag, though."

Kendall is seen staring at Stevie with his eyebrow arched. Kendall is now shown in confessional. "Stevie is a mindless jock. I can't stand people who only have the mental capacity to wrap their minds around working out."

The sound of Stevie's strikes fill the area. The campers who were still sleeping wake up, because of the noise. Tommy emerges out of his tent wearing only his Space Trek Wars underwear. He says as he wipes his eyes, "What is that racket?" He puts on his glasses and sees the other campers now staring at him with wide eyes. He looks down at himself and jumps back into the tent to get dressed. Katrina blushes.

The girl's tent now opens as Fiona steps out. Soon after, Waterlily steps out and reacts to the continuous pounding noise. "What is that?" She asks. She looks around and sees what the noise is coming from. She exclaims, "Sweet Mother Gaia!" She runs over to Stevie and jumps on his shoulders as tears stream from her eyes. She yells out, "What are you doing to that beautiful living creature?!"

"What do you mean, living creature?" Stevie innocently asks after stopping his work out.

Waterlily's eyes widen. She now says, "Trees have souls! How can you be so ignorant?!"

"I'm sorry," Stevie says. "I never thought about it, before."

"The damage is already done!" Waterlily says. She jumps off of Stevie's back and hugs the tree and gently caresses it.

Quintin is shown in confessional. He says, "I'm on a team full of freaks."

The scene now changes to the Screeching Spiders. Levi and Reginald are tossing a Frisbee to each other, as the others are sitting on the ground near their tents. Levi says to the group of teens, "Ivan really stepped it up, yesterday. I can't get over how awesome he did."

Missy says, "I know! He was a real star out there."

Ivan blushes and says, "Oh, guys. It was nothing."

Reginald says, "Seriously, 'bro'," He puts his fingers in parentheses as he tries to catch up with trends in young people talk, "That was the first challenge that wasn't even remotely close." Reginald is hit by the Frisbee.

Ivan says in confessional, "I was shocked that I won the challenge. It felt awesome! But overall, it's been a struggle out here for me. This is my dream, but I was never expecting it to be so difficult. Living in the wild is not for me... And don't even get me started on how hard the other challenges have been."

While still in the confessional Ivan hears Chris' voice from the loudspeaker say, "Speaking of challenges, it's time for the next one! It's a beautiful day for going to the beach. Right? Meet me there."

Ivan says, still in confessional, "How did he hear what I was saying? Anyway, gotta go! Bye!" He runs out of the confessional with toilet paper stuck on the bottom of his foot.

The two teams meet on the beach and the Screeching Spiders see the other team now without Blair. "That was a logical choice," Sabrina says approvingly.

"Thanks," Quintin says. His team looks at him in an annoyed way.

"It's my time, now, kids!" Chris says. "Let me tell you about your challenge." Chris directs attention to an object covered by a giant sheet. He removes the sheet to reveal a large game show style wheel. It has the faces of some of the campers from the original season of Total Drama Island on different sections. "Consider this a tribute challenge."

Ivan says, "Woohoo!!!"

"That's right, Ivan!" Chris says. "This is something to be excited about. Do you guys remember the episode where we had the campers face their fears?" Everyone nods except for Waterlily and Reginald. "Good!" Chris says. "You are going to face the fears of the campers that took part in that challenge, with some liberties taken. I'll spin the wheel and then the teams will choose who they would like to compete for their team." Ivan's smile quickly faded. "If no one will volunteer the team doesn't get a point. Once an individual does a challenge, they cannot compete in another one. Let's spin the wheel." Chris now spins the wheel. The first camper it lands on is Beth. "Oh boy!" Chris says, "Who's ready to jump into a pool full of worms?" Chris looks at the campers as he sees no volunteers. "Come on! Someone be a sport."

Quintin says, "I'll volunteer... Waterlily."

"What?" Waterlily says.

Quintin says, "You love nature. Here's your chance to get even closer to it."

Waterlily looks nervous, "Um... You're right. I'll go for our team, Chris."

Levi asks for volunteers for his team. "I'll do it, I guess," Reginald says.

Waterlily hesitantly dives into the tub full of worms. Reginald dives in for his team. "That's one point for each team," Chris says. Chris spins the wheel for a second time and it lands on Gwen's picture. "Ooh! This is a good one! We're going to do something different, though. Each team will choose two campers to be buried alive, together. The campers will have a bigger box than Gwen did, so you'll have more air. After five minutes we'll let you out. Now who volunteers?"

Sabrina, Kendall, Levi, and Stevie raise their hands. When Kendall sees Stevie's hand, he quickly puts his hand down. Quintin says, "Kendall and Stevie'll do it."

Kendall says sternly, "I changed my mind, Quintin."

"Why?" Quintin says.

"I don't want to be buried alive with... Stevie," Kendall abruptly says.

Stevie looks hurt, and Quintin says, "That's silly. You were willing to do the challenge two seconds ago, you can do it, now. You don't want to be voted off for this, do you?" He pushes Stevie and Kendall forward.

"Volunteers, walk on down into your chambers," Chris says. "You'll do fine. Their shouldn't be any mishaps." Chris says that last sentence menacingly. The four teens walk down into the large rooms and Chris seals the rooms. He begins covering the chambers with dirt as evenly as possible.

Stevie says to Kendall, "Why didn't you want to compete when you saw that you'd be paired with me? I thought we were friends."

Kendall says, "You want to know, honestly?"

Stevie says, "Yeah."

Kendall sighs and says, "You seem to have very little personality. You only seem interested in sports. I'm not a big fan of people like that. My dad and stepbrother are that way, and they don't care about me or my interests."

The scene changes to Sabrina and Levi in their chamber.

Levi says, "This isn't so bad. It's kind of like my basement." Levi says awkwardly, "I have been meaning to ask you something."

"Why Katrina and I don't get along, right?" Sabrina says. Levi nods. "Well, if you must know, Katrina and I got along once. We both loved school and trying our hardest to get good grades. When we got older, Katrina wanted to be popular with the kids at school. She foolishly sacrificed her grades, and stopped hanging out with me because I wasn't cool, enough."

"So you were jealous?" Levi plainly states.

The scene changes back to Stevie and Kendall. Stevie says, "I'm not your dad or stepbrother, though."

"I know," Kendall says, "But you're so much like them."

Stevie says, "I don't only care about sports. I like other things, too."

Disbelievingly, Kendall asks, "Like what?"

Stevie says, "Opera."

Kendall looks surprised as he says, "Really?"

"Yeah," Stevie says. "I'm actually a pretty good singer."

Kendall, still shocked, says, "Really?"

"Yeah," Stevie says. "I feel like it's my true passion, but my family pressures me to wrestle. I'm naturally gifted at that, too. I've never been defeated. I can't give it up, though, because I would disappoint my family, especially my father."

The scene changes back to the other team's buried campers.

Sabrina protests, "What? I'm not jealous. I want to be the best I can be at school. That leaves me with no time to make friends. I can make friends once I finish school."

"You mean," Levi says, "Back home, you have no friends?"

Sabrina now looks embarrassed. She says, "Not really."

Levi says, "Don't worry about it. You've made friends here. We'll keep in touch after you get back home."

"Thanks, Levi," She says. She leans to hug him. The two hug, and Levi attempts to kiss Sabrina.

The scene changes back to Kendall and Stevie.

Kendall says, "Would you mind singing something for me?"

"I don't mind, if you really want to hear," Stevie says. Kendall smiles and nods.

Stevie sings powerfully, "Vesti la giubba, e la faccia infarina. La gente paga e rider vuole qua."

The power of Stevie's voice makes the ground shake above.

Lisa says, "Gosh! What was that?! We better get everyone out of the ground! They could be in danger."

Chris says, "You're right, but that's not going to happen. We still have two minutes left."

The camera returns to Sabrina and Levi.

Sabrina pushes Levi away from her. She yells, "What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry," Levi says. "I thought we were sharing a romantic moment."

"Look, Levi," Sabrina says. "I like you as a friend, but I'm not interested in you as a boyfriend."

Levi says, "Why? I mean, back home, I practically have to beat the girls off of me with a stick, but you just don't seem interested in me. Are you..."

"I'm not a lesbian!" Sabrina shouts. "I just don't like you in that way. I can't explain it. Goodness, you have such a high opinion of yourself."

Levi is shocked by the statement. He states, "I'm sorry! I'm really not vain, at all."

"Oh, really?" Sabrina says. "You were annoyed with Esme, and got her voted off for liking you, and now you're shocked that every other girl isn't obsessed with you."

"It's not that," Levi says, "It's just that I'm used to every girl at my school going crazy for me."

"Well guess what?" Sabrina says. "We aren't at your school."

Levi looks upset.

The scene changes back to Kendall and Stevie.

Kendall's visible eye bulges as he says, "You're voice is the most amazing thing I've ever heard! You are so gifted."

Stevie says, "Thanks. So now do you still think I only care about sports?"

"I was wrong," Kendall says. "Sorry, I guess I was really quick to judge. Can you forgive me?"

"Don't sweat it," Stevie says, "You think we can try to be friends?"

Kendall says, "I don't really have a lot of friends, but... Of course. I think I can relate with you more than I ever thought. Both of our dads want us in sports so bad that they ignore what we really love."

"So what's your passion?" Stevie says.

"Poetry," Kendall says.

Stevie says, "Cool!"

The scene changes back to Sabrina and Levi.

Levi says, "Sorry, I was acting like a real jerk."

Sabrina sighs and says, "It's alright." The two teens hear scraping at the top of their chamber as shovels hit the top of the chamber. Sabrina looks up and says, "It looks like we're getting out of here. It seemed way longer than five minutes."

The two climb up a ladder on the side of a wall. Chris opens the hatch at the top of the chamber and lets the campers out. Stevie and Kendall are already out of their chamber.

Chris says, "Good job, guys. You passed with flying colors. Each team has three points each. Let's spin to see what we'll be doing next." Chris spins the wheel. It lands on Sadie and Lindsay. "Oh! Haha! Bad haircuts! If you'll remember, Sadie and Lindsay had to wear bad wigs for a few hours to face their fear."

Fiona says, "I can so do that!"

Chris says, "Great! There's a little twist, though." Chris smiles as he puts on a blindfold and holds up a pair of scissors. "So who wants to do this challenge?"

"I take it back!" Fiona says as she holds her hair.

"Too bad Kendall already went," Quintin says, "His hair can't get any worse."

Stevie shoves Quintin and says, "Lay off, man."

Quintin says, "Okay, okay. What went on in that chamber, anyway?" Quintin thinks for a moment. "Never mind."

"So do we have any volunteers?" Chris asks. Everyone says 'no' at the same time. "Aw! I was looking forward to this one." Chris takes off his blindfold, and steps near the wheel, again. Chris spins it and it lands on Harold.

Ivan says, "Ninjas?!"

"That's right, Ivan," Chris says. "One camper from each team will duel against a ninja. You don't have to win, but you at least have to dodge his attacks for one minute."

Grace volunteers for the Screeching Spiders. "This sounds so easy," Grace says.

"You're right," Quintin says, "Lisa will do it."

"What? Why me?" Lisa asks.

"We'll win if you do it," Quintin explains. "Trust me, you're our most agile team member."

"Okay," Lisa says.

"Let's begin. Grace, get in the ring with your ninja," Chris says. Grace steps into the ring, which is a circle drawn on the ground. Chris says, "Don't leave that circle for a whole minute. If you get hit by the ninja, you can still win by defeating him, or throwing him out of the ring. Go!"

In under three seconds, Grace is hit by the ninja's sword. It cuts her jacket. "Oh no, you did just not!" Grace says. Grace begins chasing the ninja around the ring. She grabs him and lifts him over her head and slams him on the ground.

"Grace scores a point for her team! That was awesome," Chris says. "It's Lisa's turn." Lisa begins her match and is able to avoid the ninja for a full minute with grace and agility. "The score is still tied. Let's hear it for our crappy ninjas!" The campers applaud politely as the ninjas catch the boat of losers and leave. "Whoever doesn't complete a challenge for their team from now on will automatically lose for their team." Chris spins the wheel and it lands on Courtney. "Who wants to dive twenty feet into a vat of warm green jelly?"

Missy says, "It can only get worse, right? I'll do it."

"Me, too," Katrina says. The two teens easily complete the challenge.

Chris spins the wheel, "We're tied 5 to 5," Chris says. The wheel lands on LeShawna. "Ooh!" Chris says, "Spiders! One team member will have to have a giant, creepy, crawly spider crawl on their face! Who volunteers?"

"Tommy!" Quintin says as he pushes the other teen forward. "Don't let us down." Tommy looks extremely nervous.

Ivan says, "I can't do this! Spiders really freak me out. They never really did, but when I saw Total Drama Island... Words can't describe the nightmares I've had of Chef Hatchet in a spider costume."

Sabrina says, "But that leaves Autumn."

"I can do it," Autumn bravely says.

Tommy screams during the challenge while Autumn is able to remain calm. Both teens successfully finish the task. "Good job... Man, no one has failed, yet," Chris says. He spins the wheel. It lands on Duncan.

"That's the worst one, yet!" Ivan says as he cries in terror.

"That's right," Chris says, "You'll have to hug a cardboard Celine Dion standee. Since Ivan hasn't competed in a challenge, he's the Screeching Spiders only option. Who will compete for the Prehistoric Geese?"

"I'm brave. I'll take one for the team," Quintin says.


Kendall rolls his eyes and says, "My hero..." Quintin hugs the standee while Ivan refuses. Chris says, "Well, the Prehistoric Geese have won! The Screeching Spiders have to vote someone out."

The scene quickly changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "Autumn, Grace, Reginald." He hands the three their marshmallows as they walk up to Chris. "Levi and Missy, here you go," Chris hands them their marshmallows. "It's between Sabrina and Ivan." Sabrina quickly glares at Levi. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Ivan," Chris smiles and says, "Just kidding! Bro, you stunk, today! Sabrina come get your marshmallow." Sabrina gets her marshmallow and punches Chris in the arm.

"Oh well," Ivan says, "I really did deserve it. Bye guys!" Ivan boards the Boat of Losers. On the way off the island Ivan says, "That was the best experience of my life." Ivan smiles as he looks back at Boney Island.

Chapter 8 - Dodgebrawl - A Fictional Underdog Story Edit

Chris Mclean is shown stuffing rocks into dodge balls. He looks up and says, "Oh, hello. Welcome to another installment of Total Drama: Boney Island. We have an exciting challenge prepared, provided by viewers like you! Man, you guys are twisted. I like it. Ha ha!"

The camera shows the night sky, just after the preceding campfire ceremony. Gray clouds surround the island. The Screeching Spiders are seen making their way back to camp from the campfire ceremony.

"Oh, lordy!" Grace exclaims. "I am not about to get my outfit, hair, and makeup wet. You better not start raining! You hear me, clouds?!"

Reginald says, "Are you daft?"

"What was that?" Grace asks in an irritated tone.

"Uh..." Reginald says, "I said, 'Do you feel a draft?'"

Grace says with an eyebrow raised, "Mmm hmm..."

"If we keep up a solid pace, we're sure to make it back to camp before the rain begins," States a fairly quiet voice. The other members of the team widen their eyes and look at the person who spoke. Autumn feels the gazes of the other contestants and she blushes. "What?" She asks.

Missy says, "It's just that we've never heard you say such a long sentence, hon. It's a big step up!"

Levi says, "Autumn is right, let's try to go as fast as we can to make it back to our tents."

The scene changes to the Prehistoric Geese at camp.

Stevie says in confessional, "When we returned to camp we stopped at the showers. My duffle bag was on a bench. I know it wasn't there before, but I'm glad to have my own clothes back."

"It's going to rain," Quintin says as he looks up at the sky.

"Ooh, I love rain!" Waterlily says excitedly. "I was born on a rainy night!"

"Yeah," Quintin says, "No one cares."

Fiona glares at Quintin and says, "Don't listen to him, Waterlily. I find what you said to be fascinating. Do you, like, feel a oneness with rain, then?"

"Uh-huh," Waterlily says.

Fiona sighs and says, "That is so cool."

Fiona says in confessional, "I wish I could feel a oneness with nature, like that." Fiona winks, points at the camera, and says, "I can always keep trying to be in harmony with nature!"

It begins to rain and the campers rush into their tents. Waterlily remains outside and begins dancing in the rain.

Quintin says, "Hippie girl, get out of the rain!"

"No way, man," Waterlily says. "It feels so gentle and soothing against my skin. Rain is Mother Nature's way of cleansing the earth." She continues to do a dance that resembles the hula.

The scene changes to morning at the Screeching Spiders camp.

Sabrina says in confessional cam. "We made it back to camp just as it began to start raining. We didn't get too wet."

The campers are standing around chatting when Chris announces via the sound speaker, "It's time for your next challenge, and it's a doozy. Meet me at the beach."

The Screeching Spiders make it to the beach a few minutes before the Prehistoric Geese. When both teams are gathered, Chris says, "We took a little survey of fans of the show. We asked them what challenge they would like to see from Total Drama Island. Let me read the winning entry. It comes from some kid named 2-D. He writes, 'I think you should use the Dodgeball challenge, but with ROCKS IN THE DODGEBALL'S!' Nice, dude. Ha ha!"

Katrina's eyes bulge and she says, "You can't be serious."

Chris walks over to Katrina and puts his arm around her shoulder, "You see, Katrina. We here at Total Drama: Boney Island cherish the fans we have. We believe that we have to make the people happy by giving them what they want."

Tommy says, "Yeah, I'm a people, Chris, and I don't want to get hit by rock-filled dodge balls."

"Okay, okay," Chris says, "I'll give you what you want. You won't be hit by dodge balls." Several sighs of relief are heard. Chris continues, "I mean, the whole point of this game is to dodge balls, right? If you can dodge them, you won't be hit by them." Chris looks over at Waterlily and says, "Ew! What happened to her!?!" Waterlily's skin looks to be a gray color, her eyes are red and teary, and her nose is running.

Lisa says, "She came down with something from standing out in the rain too long."

"We're running a television show here," Chris says. "You guys are supposed to be semi-attractive. Waterlily, you are not fitting that criteria, right now." Waterlily answers Chris by coughing. "I guess, Waterlily gets to go to the medical tent and sit out of the challenge." Waterlily is escorted away from the beach by a pair of interns carrying a stretcher.

Kendall looks on as Waterlily is taken away. He produces an extremely phony cough and says, "Chris, I think I'm coming down with something, too."

Chris looks at Kendall sympathetically and says, "That's too bad. It's also too bad that our medical tent only has room for one patient at a time." Kendall angrily folds his arms. Chris continues, "You guys will compete in one round of dodge ball. No switch-outs. The last man standing wins for their team. The Prehistoric Geese currently have one extra teammate present so they can sit one out."

The Prehistoric Geese huddle together to discuss who will sit out. Everyone pleads their case as they all want out of the challenge. Chris asks, "Did you guys decide who's sitting out?"

Quintin says, "Yes. I will sit out."

Kendall says, "What? That's not what we decided!"

"Okay," Chris says, "Quintin gets to sit on his team's 'Eliminated Camper Bench' on the sidelines."

The teams hesitantly gather on two sides of the beach. The boundaries are drawn out in the sand. Chris says, "We can begin the game!" He hands three dodge balls to each team.

The Screeching Spiders gather around each other to discuss a strategy. Quintin yells at his teammates, "Take out their biggest threat!" Tommy gently tosses a dodge ball at Levi, and Levi is eliminated as his back was turned. Quintin stands up and says, "Good job, Tommy! Next time, throw the ball harder. We want injuries!"

Grace says, "Hey guys! He wants injuries!" Quintin turns to face Grace when he hears her say this. She throws a dodge ball hard. It hits Quintin directly in the crotch. His eyes bulge as he screams at a high pitch, he collapses to the ground.

Chris says, "I hope Quintin didn't plan on having children in the future." Kendall walks over to the other team and shakes Grace's hand. Chris says, "What a lovely gesture, but Kendall, you're out of bounds. Take a seat next to Quintin."


Kendall says, "Oh darn." Kendall smiles as he sits on the 'Eliminated Camper Bench'.

The game continues as Stevie throws a dodge ball into the sky. Instead of trying to catch it the Screeching Spiders try to get out of the way by running in circles. The ball lands on Sabrina's foot. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Sabrina says. She limps over to her team's 'Eliminated Camper Bench'. "I don't think it's broken, so that's good. Ow!" She says.

Autumn throws a ball but it misses everyone. Tommy does the same thing. Reginald throws a ball and hits Fiona's fairy wing. Fiona sits down next to her team's eliminated campers. Reginald is now taken out by Lisa. He isn't hurt at all by the throw, as Lisa was gentle with her throw. Katrina throws a ball gently at Missy, but Missy catches the ball, eliminating Katrina. Katrina takes a seat on the bench. Grace throws a dodge ball at full speed at Stevie it hits him in the stomach. Stevie doesn't flinch and the inside of the dodge ball visibly crumbles on impact.

Chris says, "Wow, dude! That was amazing. You are eliminated, though." Stevie takes a seat on the bench. Quintin is still lying on the ground as tears fall from his eyes. Tommy is eliminated when Grace, Autumn, and Missy team up on him. He gets hit on the arm, leg, and chest. He isn't visibly injured, though. The three girls from the Screeching Spiders prepare to throw a ball at Lisa after they are able to collect dodge balls that she unsuccessfully threw at them.

Grace says, "Sorry girl, we have to take you out. We'll be gentle, though." They throw three dodge balls at Lisa at the same time. Lisa amazingly catches all three dodge balls in her arms.

Chris says, "Wow! That was crazy awesome! Lisa wins for the Prehistoric Geese." The team celebrates, except for Waterlily and Quintin, who is still lying on the ground. "The Screeching Spiders have to vote for someone. I'll see you guys later."

Levi says in confessional, "This bites. I don't want to vote anyone else out. I guess my vote goes to Grace."

Sabrina says in confessional, "I vote for Autumn, I guess."

Missy says in confessional, "This is so hard! No one did anything that makes them deserve to be eliminated! If I must vote, I vote for Reginald."

The team gathers together at the campfire ceremony. They all look sad. Chris says, "Welcome back, guys. I have marshmallows for five of you. Sabrina gets the first one." Chris tosses her her marshmallow. "Levi and Missy, here you go." Chris tosses the two there marshmallows. Grace, Autumn, and Reginald look nervous. "Autumn, this one is for you." He tosses her her marshmallow. "There's one marshmallow on this tray. It goes to..."

"Reginald. He tosses him his marshmallow." Reginald sighs in relief but looks sadly at a surprisingly calm Grace. Chris reaches into his pocket and says, "Wait... What's this?" He pulls out another marshmallow and tosses it to Grace. "Grace, you're safe, too."

Grace says, "Wait, what? This is a non elimination round?"

Chris says, "No. Waterlily's sickness was pretty serious. She got pneumonia. We had to transport her to a more... advanced medical center. She won't be able to come back, because the doctors said she wouldn't be able to." Chris now turns to the camera, "Shocked? Well tune in for more surprises on the next installment of Total Drama: Boney Island."

Chapter 9 - Welcome to the Jingle Edit

"Good day and greetings," Chris Mclean says. "Welcome to another episode of Total Drama: Boney Island. What exciting things do we have planned? Nothing! This is a reality show! We just wait for the drama to unfold. Ha ha. Yeah."

The camera shows the Screeching Spiders at camp.

Grace is completely calm about almost being voted out. Her mood quickly changes when she says, "Why did you traitors vote for me?"

Levi nervously says, "We had to vote for someone. I voted for you for no real reason."

Grace sarcastically says, "I'm glad you had a good reason."

Sabrina says in confessional, "I was surprised by how Grace reacted. She should be happy that she's still here. I'll try not to get her mad, though."

The Prehistoric Geese are shown at camp.

Lisa says, "I'm worried about Waterlily. I hope she's okay."

Chris's voice comes over the loudspeaker. "Prehistoric Geese, Waterlily had to be evacuated, and will no longer be competing. Mclean out." The team gasps.

"Oh, no!" Fiona says. "Poor Waterlily!" Fiona cries.

Katrina, who is sitting on the ground, says, "I hope she gets better."

"She got what she deserved," Quintin says. "She should have listened to me. I told her to come out of the rain. I'm always right."

Tommy says, "Dude, seriously. Have a heart."

Quintin slaps Tommy across the face. "Never call me 'dude'."

Katrina jumps up and warns Quintin, "Don't touch him!"

Tommy says, "It's alright, Katrina. He slaps like a Ferengi." Katrina smiles and nods.

Quintin says, "I'm sorry, Tommy. I was out of line." Quintin walks into the woods.

Kendall says, "It's not like I care or anything, but someone should go after him."

Lisa says, "I'll go." Stevie and and Katrina also volunteer to go along.

The three teens walk into the woods and find Quintin. Lisa asks, "Quintin, what's wrong?"

Quintin says, "I can't talk about it."

Stevie says, "I know how hard it is to express yourself. But I also know how hard it is to bottle up your emotions."

"You'll feel better to get it off your chest," Katrina says.

Quintin says, "Al-Alright. When I was 13, my only friend in the world was my older brother. He called me 'dude', all of the time. To make a long story short, he died in a motorcycle accident. I felt so betrayed that he left me... I can't forgive him for it." All four teens are crying.

Lisa says, "That's so sad, Quintin. I'm so sorry."

Katrina says, "Quintin, you know he didn't die on purpose to hurt you. Don't take your anger out on him."

Quintin says, "You're... Right."

Stevie says, "I can't relate to you, but I can offer my friendship."


Lisa says, "Me, too."

Katrina says, "Count me in." The three teens hug Quintin.

"Thanks guys," Quintin smiles, "I never wanted to share that with anyone, but I'm glad I did. We should head back to camp."

The camera goes back to the Screeching Spiders.

Missy is talking to Autumn. "So, girl, what made you try out for this show when you're so shy."

"I didn't," Autumn says.

"So how did you get on?" Missy asks.

Autumn says quietly, "My grandparents."

"That's weird. So they auditioned for you?" Missy asks. Autumn nods. "Why?" Missy asks.

"They wanted me to make friends," Autumn answers.

"Well, you've got one already," Missy says. Autumn smiles and the two girls hug.

Chris says over the loudspeaker, "I want the teams to meet at the 'X' on your maps for your next challenge."

The scene changes to the Screeching Spiders arriving at camp before the other team. Two platforms, each with a bottle of olive oil and writing utensils, are set up about ten feet from each other. The team gathers around one platform and touch the supplies. Grace picks up one of the jars. Chris says, "Don't touch that! It's for the other team."

"Sorry, Chris," Grace says as she puts it down.

"Take your position over there," Chris says, "And wait for the other team to arrive." They do that and the other team arrives soon after. Chris announces, "You'll notice the different supplies on your platform."

Stevie says, "It's a singing contest. Awesome!"

Reginald says, "Huh?"

Chris says, "He's right. Olive oil is believed to soothe the vocal chords. The two teams will choose someone to sing the lead, and someone else to write the song. Of course, that can be a team effort. The song will be a thirty second commercial for the show. Everyone can get started."

"Stevie should sing for the team," Kendall says. "He's awesome."

"Thanks," Stevie says. "Kendall is awesome at writing poetry, he should write the song."

"I've never written a jingle," Kendall says. "I don't think I'll be that great."

"Don't be so modest," Stevie says. "You can do it."

Quintin says, "Fine."

Stevie opens the olive oil bottle and gargles with it. He says, "It's weird how the bottle was already open."

"No, that's not right," Chris says. "Those bottles are new." Stevie shrugs.

The Screeching Spiders discuss their plan. "Who can sing, here?" Levi asks. No one says anything.

"We're screwed," Reginald says.

"I really don't want to lose, again," Sabrina says.

"I-I can do it," Autumn says. Her team gasps.

"Are you sure you can do it?" Levi says.

Sabrina says, "We can't ask that of you."

Missy says, "Don't discourage her. She can do it. She'll be great."

"You're right," Grace says. "We believe in you."

"I think I can right the song," Sabrina says.

Time elapses, and the team finishes their songs.

Stevie tries to sing, but his voice is hoarse. "I can't do it, guys," Stevie says with a scratchy voice. "I think someone tampered with the olive oil. Someone else has to sing."

"No!" Kendall says. "We'll lose without you."

Quintin says, "It's no use. We need a volunteer." No one raises their hand, so Fiona raises her hand.

"I'm not the best singer," she says, "But I'll do it for the team."

"Is everyone ready?" Chris asks. The campers shake their heads. "Well, too bad! Its time to start. First up, the Screeching Spiders."

Autumn sings her teams song with a sweet, fairly quiet voice, "Twenty teens have the adventure of their lives. They endure many trials and try to survive. They face the odds and try to thrive. It'll be the funnest show that you've ever seen. Did we mention that it's hosted by the fantastic Chris Mclean?" Everyone applauds the performance.

Chris says, "That was the most beautiful song I've ever heard! Now let's hear the other team's song."

Fiona begins singing with a peppy voice, that cracks a little, "When death and despair abound! Darkness surrounds us and takes over our souls! Love and joy are futile! Destruction is inevitable! Watch Total Drama: Boney Island!" Silence befalls the forest after the performance.

"That was really weird," Chris says, "Um... The Screeching Spiders win." The Screeching Spiders cheer over their victory. The teams head back to their camps.

When the Prehistoric Geese get back to their camp. Quintin takes Stevie, Katrina, and Lisa aside and says, "We're definitely the strongest four on our team. We should start an alliance and vote out one of the weaker and dorkier members of our team when we get to the campfire ceremony."

Lisa says, "I agree. I love Fiona, though, and I think that one of the guys should go."

Quintin says, "Fine. She stuck up for the team, today, anyway. I want to vote out Kendall. His song was terrible."

"I'm not voting for Kendall," Stevie says.

"Well, that leaves Tommy," Quintin says. "We'll vote for him. He didn't do anything in the challenge, anyway."

The scene changes to the campfire ceremony. "The first marshmallow goes to Stevie," Chris says before he tosses Stevie his marshmallow. "The next two go to Katrina and Fiona," Chris tosses the marshmallows to the two girls. "Here's your marshmallow, Lisa," Chris tosses her her marshmallow. "Kendall, this one's for you," Chris says. "That means Quintin and Tommy are our bottom two. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Tommy," Chris says as he tosses Tommy his marshmallow. Stevie and Lisa gasp.

Quintin stands up and says, "No! No, this can't happen!" He turns to Katrina and says, "It was you, Katrina. You betrayed me. You like Tommy. I can see it."

Katrina looks down, to avoid eye contact with Quintin, and says, "You're right. I'm sorry, Quintin. I couldn't vote for Tommy, no matter how hard I tried. I hope you can forgive me."

Quintin walks to the Boat of Losers without replying to Katrina. He turns back and says, "This team will fail without me. You need me. You'll see." He boards the Boat of Losers as the tears well up.

Chapter 10 - Ping-Pwn Edit

Chris appears on screen, and he is seen without his stubble. Chris Mclean says, "Hello and welcome to another installment of Total Drama: Boney Island... Uh, guys. I wasn't ready, yet!" Chris shakes a bottle and sprays something on his face. He now has stubble, again. Chris says, "It's the all new 'Chris Mclean's Stubble in a Can'. Buy it, today, for only thirteen easy installments of $19.95. Anyway, let's get the show started."

Lisa says to her team in the morning, "I still can't believe what happened, last night." The six teens are sitting around their camp's campfire.

"Neither can I," Tommy says. "I was sure it would be me last night." Tommy turns to Katrina. "Is it true, what Quintin said?"

Katrina blushes and says, "Yeah... I didn't want it revealed that way, though. It was impossible to choose you over Quintin."

Tommy says to her, "Thank you."

Fiona says in confessional, "It's so romantic how Katrina chose her heart over her loyalty to Quintin." Fiona now holds her hands together and says dreamily, "I wonder if I'm going to find love out here. Tommy and Katrina are so coy about liking each other. I'm going to do my part in speeding up their relationship."

Fiona says to the group, "We need some more freshwater from the well. Why don't you and Katrina get us some, Tommy?"

Stevie says, "That's okay, I'll do it." Fiona jabs Stevie in the ribs. Stevie says, "I've just changed my mind. You two should go." Katrina blushes again, she and Tommy stand up and grab a bucket, and head into the woods together.

After they leave, Lisa walks over to Fiona. She says, "When Quintin said he wanted to vote someone out, I made sure that we didn't vote for you."

Fiona's eyes get big and she says, "Really? Thanks, so much!"

"It's alright," Lisa says, "There's no way I would vote for my BFF."

Fiona says, "You are so my BFF, too." She smiles and hugs Lisa.

The camera changes to show the Screeching Spiders at camp, they are sitting around doing nothing.

"I wonder who the other team voted for," Reginald says.

Grace says, "I hope it's that red headed jerk."

"It probably isn't," Missy says, "It's probably Fiona, since she sang for their team."

Sabrina looks annoyed and says, "That's enough. I can't stand it anymore! We obviously only won that challenge because somebody on our team cheated." The other teens gasp. "Oh please, don't act like you haven't thought it. You act like nothing happened whenever sabotage is apparent."

Levi shrugs and says, "I just figured that it was the production team doing those things so the challenge wins would be even."

Sabrina shakes her head and says, "They couldn't do that without facing legal repercussions." Sabrina eyes the other teens. "It would spare us a lot of trouble if whoever is the saboteur raises their hand." No one raises their hand. "That figures."

Levi says, "Let's not dwell on it, it will only make us suspicious of each other. Let's gather some water from our well, Sabrina. Reginald, Missy, and Grace, why don't you three gather some firewood. Autumn can you stay here and keep an eye on camp?" Autumn nods in agreement. Everyone leaves the area leaving Autumn alone.

Autumn says in confessional, she looks a little apprehensive to speak, but says, "I was really thinking about what Sabrina said. We should find out who was sabotaging the other team. It really isn't fair. I thought being alone in camp would give me the opportunity to investigate."

Autumn is seen at camp. She looks around to make sure everyone is gone.

Autumn says in confessional, "Grace was my first guess. She has a flair for dramatics, so I guess she sounded like a plausible suspect."

Autumn searches Grace's three suitcases, but comes up empty handed.

"My second guess was Reginald," Autumn says, "I really didn't think it was him, but the others seem to think he's kind of mean, sometimes. After searching through his luggage, I didn't find any incriminating evidence. My third guess was Sabrina, I thought that maybe her trying to discuss the subject was some sort of attempt at a distraction. I felt pretty bad about searching through everyone's luggage, but it was for a good cause. Anyway, there was nothing in her luggage, or Levi's, even. I thought that there was no evidence to be found, but I finally decided to look through Missy's suitcase..."


The camera goes back to Autumn's search. She opens Missy's suitcase and rummages through it. She eventually finds something that makes her step back out of shock, Jerome's swimming cap.

Autumn says in confessional, "I couldn't believe it when I found the swimming cap in Missy's suitcase. She's been such a good friend. She couldn't be the saboteur. Maybe someone placed the cap in her suitcase to frame her."

The scene goes back to Autumn's search. She closes Missy's suitcase and puts it back where she found it. The other campers return at the same time, but Autumn is unable to bring up what she discovered, out of nerves.

Katrina and Tommy are seen, now. The two teens are walking back from getting water for their team.

Tommy says awkwardly, "So, uh... You really like me?"

Katrina says, "I think so, I mean, I guess."

Tommy says, "I'm used to girls thinking I'm funny or that my geekiness is endearing, or whatever. But they've never said they liked me, you know, in that way."

Katrina says, "I think you're really cool. I mean, you like geeky things, like sci-fi, but you're not ashamed of it. Why is that?"

"I don't know," Tommy says. "It's only natural to be interested in what you like, right? No matter what others think."

"I wish I was like that," Katrina says, "I mean, I love sci-fi, but everyone at my school doesn't. I wanted to fit in, so I kind of... Hid my geeky side."

Tommy says, "That's kind of sad."

"Not really," Katrina says, "I mean, friends are more important than hobbies, right?"

Tommy says, "I always felt that a friend was someone who accepted you no matter what you're interested in. If not, there's always someone who'll be interested in the same things as you. You just have to search for them."

The two return to camp just in time to hear Chris over the loudspeaker. "Come meet for your next challenge. The location is marked on the map."

The next scene shows the two teams arriving. Two tables are set up and Chris is standing in front of them.

Grace says, "You voted out, Quintin? Oh, yeah!"

"Ahem," Chris says, "Throughout the ages, there has never been a sport more respected than table tennis."

"Says who?" Sabrina says.

Chris says, "Um, people? Anyway, the twelve of you are going to be involved in a ping pong tournament. The match ups have been randomly decided. Two match ups will take place at a time, in order to save time. The first two match ups are between Levi and Stevie, and Katrina and Sabrina."

"There's no way that those are random!" Sabrina says.

"Trust me," Chris says as he winks. "First to five points is the winner. Let's start."

Levi wins his match up, 5-4. Stevie says, "This isn't my sport."

Katrina wins her match up, 5-0.

Chris says, "Levi and Katrina are moving on. Next match ups, Reginald and Tommy, and Kendall and Grace."

Tommy wins his match, 5-2. Grace wins her match up, 5-4.

"Tommy and Grace are moving on," Chris says. "Next up are Autumn and Lisa, and Missy and Fiona."

Lisa wins her match up, 5-0. Missy wins her match, 5-3.

"Lisa and Missy are moving on," Chris says. "The top two scores will move on to the finals. Lisa, you're up against Missy. Tommy, you're up against Grace."

Tommy wins his match against Grace, 5-4. Lisa wins, 5-0.

"Lisa," Chris says, "Your score is safe to put you in the finals. The last semi-final match is between Katrina and Levi."

Levi wins, 5-3.

Chris says, "The final match will between Levi and Lisa." The teams cheer for their representatives.

Lisa wins again, 5-0.

"Wow," Chris says, "You did amazing, Lisa. You win invincibility for your team." The Prehistoric Geese cheer for their win.

Lisa addresses the Screeching Spiders, "I hope you weed out that rotten cheater from your team."

When the Screeching Spiders make it back to their camp before their campfire ceremony. Levi says, "Lisa is right, we need to find out who the saboteur is."

Autumn sighs and asks Missy to walk with her. Once they're away from camp, Autumn says, "Missy. You've been so nice to me out here. I-I found Jerome's swimming cap in your suitcase. I think you should tell the others that you are the saboteur."

"Oh, hon!" Missy says, "I know it doesn't look good, but I found that swim cap in Grace's suitcase. I figured she was the one causing trouble, so I took it to confront her with it, but I couldn't be bold enough to confront her. You see how mad she can get."

"I knew it couldn't be you. I think it's time for you to tell the others about Grace, then," Autumn says.

Missy nods, "Will you come with?"

Autumn blushes, and says, "I don't think I can handle that kind of confrontation. I'm sorry, I can't be there to support you."

Missy hugs Autumn and says, "It alright, hon. I think I'll be able to handle it. Thanks for you support." Missy heads back to the other campers.

The campfire ceremony is now in progress. Chris says, "Welcome back, campers. One of you will be voted out. Whoever doesn't receive a marshmallow will be eliminated and must leave the island. The first marshmallow goes to Reginald." Chris tosses Reginald his marshmallow. "Next one is for Levi." Levi catches his marshmallow. "The next one is for Sabrina." Sabrina goes up to Chris and takes her marshmallow. "The next marshmallow goes to Missy." Missy goes up and takes her marshmallow. "That leaves Autumn and Grace." The two girls look at each other. Chris says, "The last marshmallow goes to..."

"Grace." Chris tosses her the marshmallow. Autumn is silent, but visibly upset. She gets up and immediately boards the Boat of Losers.

On her way to her destination, Autumn says, still in shock, "I-I can't understand what happened."

Missy is shown in confessional, "Autumn was right. I am the saboteur. I've been doing it for years in order to win those beauty pageants I compete in. Winning is worth tampering with less deserving people's chances. I am the only one who deserves to win. I couldn't let any doubts about me, on Autumn's part, in the future harm my chances at winning. She was so gullible, I knew it was a good decision to pretend to be her friend. I mentioned to the team that Autumn wanted to confide in me that she was the saboteur. I told them that I had already known, because I found the swimming cap in her luggage. Those fools obviously believed me. I was able to use that sap to get myself further in the game. So thanks, Autumn." Missy blows a kiss to the camera. "I'm getting so sick of pretending to be nice to these idiots. I have to in order to win, though. Maybe it'll help to voice my real thoughts in here."

Chris is seen in the editing room watching Missy's heartless confessional session. He pauses it at the end. "Wow," he says, "I didn't see that coming. Will the Screeching Spiders ever see through Missy's act? Tune in for more drama next time on Total Drama: Boney Island."

Chapter 11 - You Just Keep Me Hanging On Edit

Chris Mclean is in his luxurious crew tent looking at the screen of his laptop, "Man, it's sure hard to come up with new ideas for challenges, especially since a third of the challenge crew have mysteriously gone missing on the island..." Chris sees an image of a kitten hanging from a tree branch with the words 'Hang in there!' printed above it. "That's it!" Chris exclaims.

The Screeching Spiders are now seen returning from their campfire ceremony. Missy is crying.

Levi says to her, trying to comfort her, "I know it's hard to believe that Autumn was the saboteur. She seemed so nice, but if we got rid of the cheater, it's a good thing. Right?"

Missy says, "Yeah, you're right. I just can't believe that Autumn was a cheater."

Missy says in confessional, "I can't believe I got the team to vote out Autumn. I can't take all of the credit, though. It takes a special group of people to believe that someone completely innocent is guilty of a crime. Fortunately, my teammates missed a ride on the short bus in order to come here. I figure that I'll lose my beauty pageant titles, but who cares? I'm on my way to winning a million dollars!"

Grace says in confessional, "I can't believe that Autumn was the saboteur. No, really. I can't believe what Missy told us. For someone so shy to make such bold moves, it doesn't add up." Grace shrugs and says, "I wish I knew the whole story."

The Prehistoric Geese are now shown in camp the following day.

Fiona is cooking some of Chef Hatchet's award losing gruel. Lisa says, "Nobody get up. I'll get your lunch for you!" She frantically gathers and serves lunch for her teammates on plates from the supply crate from Chef. She neglects to give Stevie a plate of food. He fails to bring up the subject as he gets his own serving of gruel, and no one else seems to notice.

Tommy says, "Thanks, Lisa." The others, excluding Stevie, thank her, as well.

"It's the least I can do," Lisa says cheerfully.

In confessional, Lisa says, "I have to find a way to become indisposable to my team. Ever since Quintin was voted out, I feel like, since I was closely associated with him, I'm in serious danger."

After lunch, Stevie asks Kendall to go with him to get more water for the team. The two boys leave the others. Once they're out of earshot, Stevie says, "I feel nervous, Kendall."

Kendall says coolly, "About what?"

"Lisa, is everyone on our team's best friend, pretty much," Stevie says, "Since the two of us are sort of on the outs with the..."

"Freaks?" Kendall finishes Stevie's thought.

"Yeah," Stevie says nervously. "I feel like I'm the next to go."

Kendall tries to be comforting and says, "Don't worry about it, or whatever. You're the strongest person on our team, the others would never vote you out."

Stevie says, "If this show is anything like the first season of Total Drama Island, the merge is coming soon. The others know that, they'll vote me out so they won't have to compete against me on an individual level."

Kendall is surprised by Stevie's reasonable logic, "I never thought about that." The two boys hear rustling in the leaves. Kendall jumps into Stevie's arms. "It's a Woolly Beaver!" Fiona jumps out in front of the boys.

"There's no need to fear!" Fiona says. "Fiona is..." Fiona sees the two boys in their compromising position, "What the?!"

Kendall jumps out of Stevie's arms, the two boys are blushing, "We thought you were a Woolly Beaver."

"Riiiiight," Fiona says. "Anyway, I thought you two could use some help in gathering water."

Kendall angrily says, "Why would we need help? Especially from you."

"Okay," Fiona says sweetly, "I'll go back to camp." Her eyes dart back and forth, "I'll take the water bucket back with me."

Kendall slaps his forehead and says, "We forgot the container for the water." Kendall grabs the bucket from Fiona. "Let's keep going, Stevie." Kendall looks around and sees that Stevie has disappeared. "Where did Stevie go?"

Stevie says in confessional, "I snuck away from Fiona and Kendall, on purpose. You see, Kendall told me he couldn't stand me, earlier in the competition. After we got to know each other, he's my best friend. I thought that if he spent some time with Fiona, he wouldn't hate her so much, anymore. Get it?"

Fiona says, "Oh well, let's get the water, together, Kenny."

"Never call me 'Kenny'," Kendall says.

"Okay, Dolly," Fiona says. "Aw! That's my new name for you! Isn't it cute? It's a play on 'Dall'. You know, the second part of 'Kendall'?"

"I get it," Kendall says as he rolls his eyes. "Don't call..."

"Oh! We're here, Dolly!" Fiona says before Kendall can finish his sentence. She hugs Kendall.

"Don't touch me!" Kendall says.

Fiona pouts at Kendall and says, "Aw! Come on, Dolly! Don't you ever get happy?"

"Don't you ever shut up?" Kendall says.

Fiona says, cheerily as ever, "Not when the quest for joy is involved! Something adorable has to have made you happy, once in your life."

Kendall says, "You're never going to give up, are you?" Fiona shakes her head. Kendall sighs and says, "I will hunt you down and dye all of your clothes black if you ever repeat this to anyone."

Fiona says, "I promise."

Kendall says, "When I was little, after my mom died, my dad got me a pet puppy. It made me so happy, after I was so depressed. When my dad got married soon afterward, we weren't allowed to keep the puppy, so he gave it to someone else." Fiona's eyes are full of tears. Kendall continues, "It makes me sad every time I think about it, but I love dogs, with their floppy ears and sad eyes." Kendall smiles.

Fiona jumps toward Kendall and hugs him, again, "That's so sad!" She says, "I'm sorry that anyone has to deal with those kind of emotions."

Kendall says quietly, "Thank you."

"I'm sure the entire viewing audience feels sorry for you, too," Fiona says.

Kendall's visible eye bulges as he realizes that he just confessed his love for puppies to the world. The two teens return to camp. Stevie is sitting among the other Prehistoric Geese, he smiles at Kendall, and Kendall glares angrily at Stevie.

Chris' voice comes on over the loudspeaker, mysteriously just in time with when Fiona and Kendall return to camp with the water. Chris says, "Hello, campers! It's time for your next challenge. Meet me at the beach."

The scene changes to show the two teams gathering on the beach. Above the water are several platforms with a metal bar above them.

Reginald asks Chris, "What's all this set up for?"

Chris says, "The challenge. Duh!"

Sabrina and Katrina giggle at the same time. They look at each other and realize that they're both laughing. Sabrina sarcastically says, "That's so mature." She rolls her eyes at Katrina.

"I sense that the attention is not currently on me," Chris says. Everyone turns to look at him, again. "That's better," he says. "Now I would like you to take that boat over there over to those platforms. I'll wait here while you get ready." The boat transports the teens to the floating platforms. The man driving it looks similar to Tyler. Chris shouts to the teens, "You're all going to grab hold of that bar above you. Whoever stays up the longest will win invincibility for their team. The platforms won't be on the ground when you fall so you're going to get wet if you fall in." Tommy looks a little nervous. "Are you all ready to start?" The teens grab hold of the metal bar above them. The platforms are removed by the boat driving intern. "Let the games begin," Chris says.

The tall contestants' feet graze the water. Sabrina feels something else graze against her feet. "What was that?!" She asks Chris.

"Oh, nothing," Chris says calmly, but loud enough to hear across the water. "Let's just say that when you fall into the water, you'll want to make your way quickly back to the beach."

"What, why?" Sabrina says.

Chris says, "I don't want to talk about it."

Sabrina looks nervous and lifts her legs so they don't touch the water. Fiona falls into the water first, and quickly swims back to shore. "Sorry, guys," she says to her team.

The remaining teens look down at the water and see shark fins above the water. Tommy begins to sweat, and loses his grip. "Help!" He shouts, "I can't swim fast enough to make it back fast enough."

Levi sighs and jumps into the water. "I'll help. Stay calm." Levi says. He puts his arm around Tommy and they make it safely back to shore.

Tommy timidly smiles and says, "Thank you. I'm sorry I made you give up your chances in order to save me."

Levi says, "I wasn't going to let you drown out there. A life is more important than a competition."

Chris says, "Hmm... The freshwater sharks aren't very hungry, today." Fiona, Tommy, and Levi angrily glare at Chris. "What?" Chris innocently says.

Stevie says, "Guys, I have way too much weight to support out here, I have to let go." Stevie drops out and the large splash from him falling into the water makes Grace fall into the water, too. The two swim back together.

"Thanks a lot, Stevie," Grace says. Stevie smiles at her in an embarrassed manner.

Kendall, Katrina, Reginald, and Missy fall around the same time, and safely make it back to the shore. Sabrina and Lisa are the only contestants left in the game.

Sabrina says, "I'm so sore."

"Then let go," Lisa says.

"I'm not getting in the water with those sharks," Sabrina says. "They're going to have to get me with that boat."

Lisa says, "But the sharks haven't bitten anyone, so far. You'll be fine." Just as she says this, she slips from the bar. Lisa sighs and swims back to shore. The intern picks up Sabrina in his boat, and she's driven back to shore.

"Congratulations, Sabrina," Chris says, "You've won invincibility for your team. The Prehistoric Geese need to vote somebody out, tonight. Have fun with that." The Screeching Spiders celebrate their victory.

The camera shows Lisa talking to Fiona as they walk back to their campsite before the campfire ceremony, "Fiona, I have a big favor to ask of you. I need you to get the others to vote for Stevie."

"But I like Stevie," Fiona says.

Lisa nods and says, "So do I, but he's the strongest person out here. We'll be merging soon. It's been great to have him on our team, but do you want to compete against him?"

"I guess not," Fiona says. "I guess I owe you one for saving me at our last vote."

"I wasn't going to mention it," Lisa says.

When the team is back at their camp, Fiona talks with Katrina, Kendall, and Tommy.

"I think Stevie should go home," Fiona says.

Kendall looks surprised, "Really, why?"

"Because he's so strong," Fiona says, "We won't be able to win any challenges against him when we merge."

"She's right," Tommy says. Katrina nods in agreement.

Kendall says, "But Lisa has won almost every challenge for our team. She almost won it again, today."

Katrina says, "I never thought about that. Stevie just looks stronger, I guess."

"But he isn't," Kendall says.

The scene changes and Chris addresses the teens, "The one of you who does not receive a marshmallow, tonight, is out of the competition. The first marshmallow goes to Fiona." Chris tosses her her marshmallow, and she catches it happily, and throws a handful of glitter in the air. Chris continues, "Tommy and Katrina, you're both safe." Chris throws marshmallows to both teens. "Kendall," Chris says as he tosses the boy his marshmallow. Stevie and Lisa are holding hands as they await the news of who would be going home. Chris says, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Stevie," Chris tosses Stevie his marshmallow. "I'm sorry, Lisa," Chris says, "You've been a strong competitor, I guess, too strong. It's time for you to leave."

Lisa says, "It's okay, I thought I'd be more upset, but I'm fine with this. I've grown to have a special bond with all of my team members, and I hope one of them wins this game. Bye, guys." The remaining Prehistoric Geese sadly wave to Lisa and she boards the Boat of Losers.

Chris now says, "We're down to ten campers, but we've got something special planned for the next episode. Tune in next time for a very special Total Drama: Boney Island."

Fiona says, "Special? I'm so excited, now! What's going to happen?"

"Contain yourself, girl!" Chris shouts. "You're going to have to wait to see what happens, too!"

"Awww!" Fiona says sadly.

Chapter 12 - The Biggest Losers Edit

"Hello, I'm Chris Mclean," Chris says. He is standing on the dock of Playa Des Losers. "In today's episode, we thought we would visit the people who made the first eleven episodes special. What have they been up to since being eliminated? I have no idea, and frankly... I don't care, too much. We'll see what they think of the remaining contestants, as if their opinions mattered. Let's see what the campers are doing, shall we?"

The scene changes to the pool, showing the eliminated campers either swimming, sunbathing, or sitting at the bar.


Jerome is sunbathing next to Waterlily and Ivan. Jerome says, "Since my time on the show, I'd like to think that I've changed for the better. I'm not solely concerned about my looks." Dirk does a cannonball into the pool, nearly splashing water on Jerome's hair. Jerome jumps up and shouts, "Watch it!" Ivan giggles.

Ivan says as he addresses the camera, "I was pretty bummed when I got eliminated. I never realized that the show was going to be so physically exhausting." Ivan sighs.

"Tell me about it," Waterlily says. "I'm all better, now, but getting so sick was pretty scary. I'm pretty sad about not being on the island, anymore. This island is... nice, but it's been tampered with by man. I wish I could go back to the more rustic Boney Island."

The camera now shows Quintin with Autumn lounging on the other side of the pool. Quintin says, "I heard that you were the cheater, I don't buy it."

"I'm not," Autumn says shyly.

Quintin says, "You just never seemed like the type. It seems to me that you were tricked. What led to your elimination?"

Autumn says, "I don't know. Missy went back to my teammates to tell them that she found Jerome's swimming cap in Grace's bag, and then I was brought here."

Quintin says suspiciously, "Very interesting." Quintin puts his hand on Autumn's shoulder. "Are there any other details you can fill me in on?" Autumn abruptly stands up and walks away. Quintin now says, "I guess, I should leave the flirting tactic to Esme."

Esme suddenly appears out of the bushes behind Quintin and says, "I take offense to that! I'll have you know that I've given up going crazy over guys."

"Oh, really?" Quintin says, "What are you holding?"

Esme looks down at the pair of binoculars in her hand and hides it behind her back. "Nothing!" she says. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some... uh... Birdwatching to do." She walks back into the bushes.

The camera shows Dirk and Blair swimming in the pool. They stop swimming to talk to the camera from the pool. Dirk says, "Yeah, my time on the show was completely humiliating."

"I'll say," Blair says.

Dirk glares at Blair before continuing, "I was sulking pretty much from the moment I got here. I've gotten over my loss to Lisa since being at Playa Des Losers, especially when Lisa got eliminated. Hecks yeah!"

Blair rolls her eyes and says, "So mature! Of course, don't take that literally, I was totally being sarcastic. Anyway, I had so much fun on the show. The girls in my camp were totally awesome." Dirk laughs hysterically.

Lisa and Zane are now shown sitting by the bar drinking fancy juices with paper umbrellas sticking out of the glasses.

Zane says sadly, "I can't believe I lost the game."

"Me, neither," Lisa says with a sigh.

"I had the whole game figured out," Zane says, "I was the best strategic player."

Lisa says, "And I was so the strongest."

Zane looks to Lisa and says, "Hey, they can't keep the best players around if they want to win, right?"

"That's true," Lisa says. "We were the strongest two out there."

Zane says, "We could have rocked an awesome final two alliance, together."

"We would have been unstoppable," Lisa says. "Me with my dominance in the challenges, and you could have kept me in with your strategy talk." Lisa touches Zane's hand and they smile at each other.

Autumn is now sitting next to Ivan, Waterlily, and Jerome. Ivan asks them, "Who do you guys want to win?"

Waterlily says, "I'd say Fiona, she doesn't care about what the man thinks about her."

Blair butts in the conversation by saying, "Fiona is totally my pick, too! She's so awesome!"

Dirk says, "Fiona can't win."

"Why not?" Blair asks.

"Because a guy will totally win," Dirk says. "Of course, I'd really love for Missy to be the winner."

Esme randomly appears sitting on the side of the pool and says, "I swear, I never understood what Missy saw in you. Other than your gorgeous biceps, golden hair, piercing blue eyes, and... What were we talking about? Oh yeah, I want Levi to win. Not because he's my soul mate and we were totally made for each other, but because he's the best player all around. He's well rounded... And so are his eyes... So beautiful..." Esme dreamily looks off into space.

"Um... Right," Quintin says. "My money is on Stevie. He's the strongest person out there, and he was the only one still there that really stood up for me."

Lisa says, "I think I want Fiona to win, too. Or maybe, Sabrina. I didn't really spend much time with her, but she's got a good head on her shoulders."

Zane says, "I guess I want Sabrina to win, too. She's almost as smart as I am... Almost."

Ivan says, "I think Tommy should win, because he sounds like a big fan of the Total Drama series."

At this, Chris appears in a cloud of smoke. "Hello, losers! Have I got a twist for you!"

Ivan looks nervous and exclaims, "Okay, people! No one say, Leshawna!"

"Ha ha!" Chris says, "Don't worry. You won't be voting anyone out. The twist is... That two of you will be returning to the game."

"What?!" Zane says.

"You heard me," Chris says.

"Who will be returning?" Lisa says.

Chris smiles and says, "The two of you who will be returning are..."

"Well, honestly, I don't know," Chris shrugs. He now says, "The two of you who return will be decided by the viewers. You will each make a plea as to why you should return to the game, and the fans will vote for who they think deserves to be on. Let's start with our very first loser, Esme."

Esme says, "Where do I start? I think I deserve to be on the show, because I deserve a chance to redeem myself. I want to prove to everyone that I'm not some ditzy girl that is only obsessed with guys. I think I have a serious chance at winning since everyone will underestimate me."

"Thank you, Esme," Chris says. "Next up is Zane."

"Please vote for me," Zane says. "This game needs a strong strategic player. That's me. I can wrap the remaining contestants around my little finger, if you give me the opportunity. I'll bring drama to the game. Count on it."

Chris says, "Now it's Dirk's turn."

Dirk says, "This game needs another strong competitor to give the other guys a run for their money. Vote me in. I'm over my loss and stronger than ever."

"Jerome's turn," Chris says.

Jerome says, "I want to apologize to my fans and to my former teammates for the fact that I failed to compete in some challenges. I'm a new man. I won't let anyone down for the sake of my appearance. I hope that I'm just given a chance."

"Touching," Chris say. "Blair's up." Chris inserts earplugs in his ears before the girl starts speaking.

"Hey, I'm Blair," Blair says. "You probably knew that. I'm so nervous, I don't even know where to begin. Should I talk about how I'm a major people person, and that I'll get along with everyone, so I'm bound to win? Or is that too cocky? Maybe I should say that I..."

"Time's up," Chris says looking at his watch. He takes out his ear plugs and says, "Ivan, you're up."

"Thanks, Chris," Ivan says. "I think that I need to be back in the competition. I have so much love for this game, and if the merge is coming up, I won't have to worry about being bad at challenges. I think I have a serious shot at winning if you give me a chance."

Chris says, "Now it's Waterlily's turn."

Waterlily says, "I think I should be given another chance, because I wasn't voted out like the other contestants. I really would be so happy if I could return to Boney Island. I feel a real bond with it."

"The quicksand misses you, too," Chris says. "It's Quintin's turn."

Quintin says, "I already know that I'll return to the game. This show needs me. I know exactly what I need to do in order to win."

"Charming, bro," Chris says, "It's Autumn's turn to speak."

Autumn blushes and says, "Um... Please, vote for me?"

"I'm totally convinced," Chris says, "Now it's Lisa's turn to state her case."

Lisa says, "I think I deserve to return to the game, because I made it further than the rest of the campers here. I would totally make it far on my athletic ability alone, so please give me a chance."

"There you have it," Chris says. "The polls are now open. You may vote for two campers to return. One on each poll. Either vote for your two favorites, or vote for your favorite twice if you want to be more sure that they come back. Voting will end the day of the next chapter."

The polls are now closed. Thank you to everyone who voted. See the talk page for the poll results.

Chapter 13 - The Come Back Kids Edit

Chris says standing on the shores of Boney Island, "Welcome back to another installment of Total Drama: Boney Island. Last time, we revealed that two eliminated campers were coming back to the competition. Who will it be? How will the other campers react? What exciting things will happen as a result? Where am I going with this? Why am I asking all of these questions? Anyway, I've asked the remaining campers to meet me here." Chris looks toward the mainland. He says, "Here they come now." Chris now addresses the newly arrived teens, "Welcome, campers. As of right now, you are no longer two teams. You are playing as individuals." Several cheers are heard from the campers. "In the last episode, that you are all completely unaware of, we visited the eliminated campers."

Tommy says, "Oh, great. Who did they vote out?"

"No one," Chris says, "You little know it all... Nobody was voted out. They were voted in."

"That means," Sabrina begins.

Chris says, "That's right! We're bringing back two campers. Meet your new old competition." A boat arrives. Quintin steps off of the boat.

"Eep!" Katrina says.

Quintin says, "Hello, everyone. I'm positive that some of you never expected to see me, again." Quintin glares at Katrina.

"Let's see who else was voted back in," Chris says. The next boat carries Zane.

"Hey, people," Zane says. "Remember me?"

Grace rolls her eyes and says, "You were voted out so long ago that I can barely remember you. Chris, who in the world voted these people back in?"

Chris puts his hand over his heart, "Our faithful viewers."

Reginald says, "So where is our camp going to be?"

"You guys can decide between your two camps," Chris says.

Quintin says, "We'll pick the former Prehistoric Geese camp. It's better."

Sabrina says, "But you never saw our camp." Quintin glares at Sabrina.

"Okay," Chris says, "You guys can head back to camp. Have fun." The teens begin to walk back to their camp. They hear the sound of a boat behind them.

"Like, hey everyone," A familiar voice says, "I'm baaaaack!" Everyone turns around and sees Waterlily leaping off of the boat.

Quintin says, "Oh great. What is she doing here?"

Grace says, "Chris, I distinctly remember you saying that only two campers would be returning."

"You can't prove that," Chris says shiftily. "There was a three way tie for first place. Rather than angering Waterlily's fan base by not bringing her back, we thought we'd make everyone happy. Now quit your griping and head back to camp." The teens comply.

On their walk back, Quintin walks alone with Missy. He says in a low voice, so no one else can hear, "I know you're the saboteur."

"What ever are you talking about?" Missy says.

Quintin says, "Don't play dumb with me. I talked to Autumn. She said that she was voted out after you promised to tell the others that Grace was the saboteur. Care to explain why Autumn was voted out, instead?"

"I don't owe you any explanation," Missy says, "But everyone was offended that Autumn searched through their bags."

Quintin says, "I know you're lying."

"Fine," Missy says, "If I were the saboteur, what good does it do for you to tell me?"

Quintin says, "I propose an alliance."

Missy says, "I don't want to be in an alliance with you, loser."

"That's fine," Quintin says. "I'll just tell the others about, you know, you being the cheater."

Missy says, "Oh please, they would never believe you. I've got my team wrapped around my little finger."

"That may be true," Quintin says, "But my old team knows how I'm right about everything. They'll believe me over you, a complete stranger, and I don't know if you know how to count, but there are more of them than there are Screeching Spiders."

"Fine," Missy sighs and says, "I'll join."

"Join, what?" Fiona says as she randomly joins the conversation.

"A bowling league when I get back home, dear," Missy says.

Fiona says, "Ooooooh! Cool!"

Missy says in confessional, "Quintin is underhanded, ruthless, and sinister. At least we have something in common. I guess, it won't hurt to have him get me farther in the game."

Tommy says to Katrina as they walk together, "What do you think about Quintin returning?"

"I think I'm in trouble," Katrina says. "He'll try his hardest to get his revenge by voting me out."

"I won't let him do that," Tommy says.

"Maybe you won't," Katrina says, "But Sabrina will."

Tommy says, "That's why you should try to patch things up with your sister."

"What?" Katrina says. "No way!"

Tommy shrugs and says, "Suit yourself."

The camera now shows Waterlily walking with Kendall and Stevie. Waterlily says, "It was pretty scary when I got sick. I thought that maybe I wouldn't see you guys, again."

Stevie says, "I'm glad you're all right."

Waterlily looks down in an embarrassed manner, "That's what I love about you, Stevie. You, like, don't hold grudges. I felt so bad, because I felt angry toward you when you attacked that poor harmless tree... But I thought, I don't want to be angry with anyone. I know you didn't do it purposely to harm the tree. So... I'm sorry I was angry with you." Stevie and Waterlily hug.

Zane says in confessional, "I was eying up my competition. I'm the strongest one here. I want align myself with other strong players."

Zane walks up to Quintin and grabs him by the arm and pulls him away from Fiona and Missy. "That was subtle," Quintin says.

Zane says, "We are the two strongest players. We should team up, we could rock an awesome final two alliance, together."

Quintin says, "Why not? You seem perfectly unlikable."

Zane says, "What was that?"

"Nothing," Quintin says.

Quintin says in confessional, "I'm here to win, and get revenge on Katrina, but that's only a side mission. An alliance with Missy and Zane is my best bet at accomplishing both tasks. I know I'm not the most likable guy, I know that. So if I have a sort of, uh, villain's alliance, I'll be able to persuade the others to vote out one of them instead of me when it matters."

Quintin says to Zane, "I've already made Missy my ally, as well."

Zane says in a shocked manner, "That's the person I wanted to vote out first."

Quintin says, "Trust me, she isn't as nice as she seems."

"Hmm..." Zane says. "So who are we voting out, first?"

"Katrina," Quintin says without hesitation. The teens make it back to their campsite.

Levi says, "We're here! It looks way better than the old Screeching Spider camp."

Chris' voice comes over on loudspeaker, "Campers, it's time for your first challenge as individuals. Meet me at the beach."

Kendall says in disbelief, "We just got back from there!"

The scene changes to the campers arriving at the beach where Chris is waiting. Chris says, "Hello, campers! Long time, no see." Chris hears some grumbles from the campers.

Fiona says, "I'm so excited for the next challenge! It will be so fun!"

Waterlily says, "Yeah, it will."

Chris says, "Let me explain what you'll be doing. I've buried thirteen capsules in the sand. One of them contains an invincibility pass. You'll have five minutes to find one. Once you do, you'll wait until everyone else is done and then open your container. Your time staaaaaarts... Now!"

The campers scramble in order to find a capsule in the sand. Katrina, Levi, Kendall, and Missy find a capsule, quickly. They stand watch the others dig through the sand with their hands. Quintin is the next to find a capsule. "I know I have the invincibility pass in here," He says. He joins the others on the sidelines.

"Time's almost up," Chris says. Grace, Waterlily, and Tommy find a capsule. Chris looks at his watch and says, "Time is up. Sorry to everyone who didn't find a capsule, but you have no chance at winning." Stevie, Sabrina, Zane, Reginald, and Fiona stand next to the others, empty-handed. Chris says, "Let's start opening them with Katrina." Katrina opens her capsule, and reveals a blank piece of paper. "That's not invincibility," Chris says, "Now let's have Levi and Kendall open theirs." The boys open their capsules, revealing blank pieces of paper. Grace and Waterlily open their capsules next, revealing blank pieces of paper. Missy and Tommy open their capsules, Missy's paper is blank while Tommy's capsule contains an invincibility pass. Tommy cheers, and Katrina runs to him and hugs him.

Quintin says, "That can't be right. I was positive that I had the pass." Quintin opens his capsule and sees another invincibility pass.

Grace says, "Chris, now I know this time that you said there was one invincibility pass."

Chris smiles and says, "I said one of them contained an invincibility pass. I never said another one didn't. Now go get ready for your campfire ceremony." The campers leave the area and head back to their campsite.

After returning, Grace says to Missy, "Come with me in the woods, girl." They get up and go into the woods. Grace says to Missy, "I know you are the saboteur."

"Whatever are you talking about?" Missy says.

"Look," Grace says, "I know it wasn't Autumn. I remembered something that didn't make sense."

Missy says, "Oh, what was that?"

Grace says, "When we surrounded the table with the olive oil on it, I know Autumn didn't touch it."

Missy says, "So how does that make me the saboteur?"

Grace says, "That's an easy one. You told us that it was Autumn. Why would you try to eliminate your supposed best friend if you weren't trying to shift the blame on her?"

"What are you going to do with this information?" Missy says.

"I have to tell the others," Grace says.

"What if I promise you my allegiance, instead?" Missy says, "As long as you promise not to tell the others."

"Hmm..." Grace says, "I suppose that makes sense." They walk back to camp. Everyone else is ready to walk to the campfire ceremony.

The scene changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "Welcome to your first campfire ceremony on an individual level. If you don't receive a marshmallow, you must leave the campfire ceremony immediately, take the boat of losers, and leave the competition. And you can't come back, ever! The first marshmallows will go to Tommy and Quintin." Chris throws the marshmallow to the boys. "The next marshmallows go to Levi, Sabrina, Fiona, and Kendall." Chris throws the marshmallows to the four teens at high speeds. "Waterlily and Zane," Chris says as he throws the marshmallows to the teenagers. "The next safe contestants are Stevie and Reginald." Chris tosses one marshmallow to each boy. Katrina, Missy, and Grace wait to see their fate. Chris says, "Missy, you are safe." Chris tosses the marshmallow to Missy. "The person who receives the final marshmallow is..."

"Katrina." Chris tosses Katrina her marshmallow.

Grace says, "What? That makes no sense. You guys are being..." Quintin nudges Zane.

Zane interrupts Grace, "We're all terribly sad to see you go, Grace."

Grace says, "But you're..."

"Going to miss you, greatly," Zane says.

"You guys have to vote..." Grace tries to say.


Zane interrupts, again, "With our hearts?"

Grace says, "No! Stop interrupting me! You're making a..."

Chris says, "Okay, Grace. It's time for you to take the Boat of Losers." Chris escorts Grace to the boat, and it begins to leave.

She shouts from the boat, "Keep an eye on Missy!"

Everyone quickly glares at Missy after hearing Grace's words. Missy says, "I have no idea what that means."

Zane says, "She obviously meant that we need to keep an eye on her best friend, Missy's best interests. She wants us to keep Missy safe."

"Aww!" Fiona says. "That's so nice."

Missy says in confessional, "I was able to persuade Quintin and Zane to vote out Grace on our way to the campfire ceremony. I mean, seriously, like I could trust her to keep her mouth shut? The guys then went around and got some of the others to vote for her. Quintin really wanted to vote for Katrina, but he thought it was more important to take out the loud mouth. It's not like they didn't hate Grace, too. She badmouthed Zane when he was eliminated, and she purposely hit Quintin in the... unmentionables in the dodge ball challenge. But I think it's obvious that I have complete control over the alliance."

Chris now says from the control room, "An interesting development, isn't it? Tune in next time to another installment of Total Drama: Boney Island."

Chapter 14 - The Love Dingy Edit

Chris says, "Hello, and welcome to another episode of Total Drama: Boney Island. I don't know if you've noticed, but the relationships in this season are taking forever to develop." Chris puts his hand over his heart and says, "We here at Total Drama: Boney Island feel that young teens in love are a beautiful thing and also good for ratings. So we've decided to speed things up with this week's challenge. Haha!"

The sun is shown rising over the campers' tents. Quintin is the first to emerge from the guys' tent. Stevie is the next to step out of the tent. He yawns and scratches his stomach.

Stevie says in confessional, "That tent was only made for five guys and there are seven of us here. Yeah. Not a good combination if you're into getting a good night's sleep."

The rest of the guys make there way out of the tent. Fiona now walks out of the girls' tent. "Good morning, everyone! Isn't today a beautiful day? It makes me want to walk up to the sun and give it a big hug!"

Kendall says, "You would burn to death... If you didn't suffocate from lack of oxygen, first."

Kendall says in confessional, "I highly recommend that she gives it a try... I hate morning people."

Fiona says, "Aww! Dolly, I'm so touched that you're concerned for my well being. You're so sweet." She pinches his cheek.

Sabrina steps out of the woods. Reginald asks her, "When did you get up?"

"Just now," Sabrina says. "I slept out in the woods last night."

Stevie says, "Isn't that dangerous? You could have been eaten by a Woolly Beaver, or something."

Sabrina says, "If the other option is sharing a tent with Katrina, I'll take the Woolly Beaver."

Quintin throws his fist in the air and says, "You tell it, sister!"

Tommy says in confessional, "I don't know what the deal is with Katrina and Sabrina, but I want them to work out their differences."

Chris Mclean's voice comes from the loudspeaker, "Hello, campers. We're going to get an early start on today's challenge. Come meet me at the beach."

Kendall says, "What's with these constant walks to the beach?"

"I don't know," Stevie says, "But they're great for my quads." He begins jogging toward the beach as Katrina, Waterlily, and Missy rush out of the tent.

The camera now shows the campers arriving at the beach. Chris is waiting for them. He is standing in front of several small boats on the sand with oars inside them. Chris says, "Good morning, campers. Thanks for making your way down here at such an early hour."

"We had a choice?" Kendall says.

"No," Chris replies. "Let me tell you about your challenge. You will each be paired with another camper for a romantic getaway. We've been watching you all very closely. We know your every action. We know who you each secretly have a crush on."

Sabrina says, "What's all this 'we' business?"

Chris says, "No interruptions, please. Your partner and you will have to row one of these tiny boats through the river that runs through Boney Island. You'll make your way through the 'Cave of Love and Creepy Bats and Stuff'. Make your way back to this spot and we'll see who the winner is. Our first pairing is Kendall and Fiona."

Fiona says, "Yay, Dolly! We're teamed together!" She hugs him as he rolls his visible eye.

"The next pairing is Reginald and Missy," Chris says.

Missy says in confessional, "Reginald? Ew! I didn't want to be paired with that skinny waste of a contestant."

Missy says, "What a good match!"

Reginald says, "Really?"

"Sure," Missy says as she puts her arm around Reginald's elbow. "We'll win for sure."

Chris says, "The next two pairings are Sabrina and Tommy, and Katrina and Levi."

Katrina's eyes widen. "What?! I like Tommy."

Chris says, "Oops! Sorry, I can never tell twins apart. It's too late to switch the teams, now. The next team is Quintin and Waterlily."

Quintin says, "I thought you said you were watching us closely."

"Moving on," Chris says.

Zane says, "You can't mean."

Chris nods. "Our last pair is Zane and Stevie."

Zane says, "Chris, my man, I don't like guys."

Chris says, "How quickly you forget the time you hit on Kendall when you first arrived on the island. We're always watching and we never forget."

Sabrina says, "You hit on Kendall?" Everyone except Zane and Kendall break into laughter.

"Stop it!" Zane says. "I thought he was a chick. Thanks a lot for telling everyone, Chris."

"No problem," Chris says. "You were paired with Stevie because he was the only one left. Everyone grab a boat and start on your way. Your path is marked with large, noticeable, orange flags."

The teens run and grab a boat. Zane and Stevie are the first ones to get their boat into the water, followed by Katrina and Levi, Quintin and Waterlily, Tommy and Sabrina, and Reginald and Missy. Kendall and Fiona are struggling to get their boat into the water. They push it at the same time and eventually get it into the water. Kendall gets into the boat and stretches his hand out to help Fiona onto the boat. Fiona says, "Thanks, Dolly! You're so chivalrous!" Kendall blushes.

The camera now shows the leading Stevie and Zane in their boat. Stevie says, "I just realized that I barely know anything about you, Zane."

"I'm not interested," Zane says.

"In what?" Stevie asks.

Zane smacks his forehead and says, "I only date girls. Lots of them."

Stevie says, "You're that insecure?"

"Huh?" Zane asks.

Stevie says, "We're obviously paired together because there are extra guys, and we were the only two left."

"Sorry," Zane says quietly. "So... Um... I'm pretty good at fixing cars and motorcycles and stuff."

Stevie says, "That's awesome."

"What are you good at?" Zane asks.

"Wrestling," Stevie says. "I'm undefeated in my region."

Zane says, "Wow! You must be really good."

Stevie admits, "I think it comes from not wanting to lose. I don't want anyone to be disappointed if I fail."

Zane says, "Wait. You just called me out for being insecure, but you have insecurities, too!"

Stevie says, "I never said I didn't."

"Sorry," Zane says, again. "Anyway, I wish I had a passion, like you have for wrestling."

Stevie says, "I don't think wrestling is my passion."

Zane says, "But you're so good at it."

"Yeah," Stevie says, "But that doesn't mean it's my passion."

Zane says, "So what is it?"

"Opera singing," Stevie says.

Zane says, "Whoa! I love opera!"

Stevie says in a surprised way, "What? Really?"

Zane states, "Yeah, my favorite one is Pagliacci."

Stevie's eyes widen and he says, "Mine, too! Too bad the lead is for a tenor..."

The camera now switches to second place Katrina and Levi.

Levi says, "So you like Tommy?"

Katrina says, "I can't believe I blurted that out in front of everyone."

Levi says, "If you don't mind my asking. What do you see in him?"

"Well," Katrina says, "He accepts who he is. I wish I could be like that."

Levi says, "Sabrina told me why the two of you don't get along. Sorry, for bringing it up, but what you said just now reminded me of it."

"That's alright," Katrina says. "So," Katrina says suspiciously, "If they paired me up with you and Tommy with Sabrina... You must like each other!"

Levi says, "No way! I mean... She doesn't like me."

Katrina says, "Really? But you like her... That must be hard."

Levi admitss, "I'm not sure if I like her."

Katrina asks, "How can you not be sure?"

Levi says, "Well, I tried to kiss her, and..."

Katrina says, "You tried to kiss her, and you're not even sure that you like her?! First of all, Ew! Why would anyone try to kiss Sabrina? Second, you didn't even like her and you tried to kiss her?"

Levi hesitates and says, "I have a good reason."

"Puh-lease!" Katrina says. "You're just a player. Playing with my sister's feelings!"

Levi says, "It's not like that, at all!"

"Mmm huh..." Katrina says, "I don't believe you."

"Look," Levi says, "I see everyone dating around me. Every television show I see features teens dating. Even my parents want me to get married at eighteen. Marriage is very important in my culture. Everyone worries about me since I haven't started dating, but I don't feel like I'm ready, yet."

Katrina says, "So why did you try to kiss Sabrina?"

Levi says, "Because I feel pressure to start dating, and it makes me feel like there's something wrong with me."

Katrina says, "If you feel like you aren't ready, don't pay attention to what everyone else thinks. You have to stay true to yourself, or you'll end up making a horrible mistake." Katrina pauses and says, "I can't believe what I just said."

Levi says, "It was good advice for me."

Katrina says, "Yeah, but for me, too."

Levi says, "How do you mean?"

"I ignored the things I love and even my own sister," Katrina says, "Just to try to be popular."

The camera shows Waterlily and Quintin as they enter the 'Cave of Love and Creepy Bats and Stuff'.

Waterlily says, "Isn't this cave so romantic?"

"No," Quintin says, "It's not."

Waterlily says, "Come on, Quinters! Mother Nature's charms are so lovely. Don't you ever think about it? I mean, how astounding and wonderful nature is?"

Quintin says, "I guess this cave is kind of cool. In a creepy sort of way."

Waterlily says, "Look at the intricate detail of the walls of the cave. The beautiful stalagmites. It took years for those to form, just for us to look at them and marvel."

Quintin says, "I guess that it is pretty beautiful in here." The two teens now go through a particularly dark part of the cave. Quintin yells, "Something just brushed up against me! It must be a bat." The teens now exit the dark part of the cave revealing Quintin sitting on Waterlily's lap. He quickly jumps off and remains silent for the rest of the trip. Quintin's face is red the entire time.

The camera now shows Reginald and Missy, currently in fourth place.

Missy says to Reginald, "I can't believe we've been out here together for so long and I know so little about you."

Reginald says, "There's nothing to tell."

Missy says, "That can't be true."

Reginald says, "Can I trust you to keep a secret?"

Missy says, "Of course, hon."

"I feel like I'm living a lie out here," Reginald says.


Missy says, "I have no idea how you feel."

"What I mean is," Reginald says, "I've been hiding something from everyone else, and I'm feeling bad about it."

Missy says, "I'm all ears, if you want to tell me about it. Being honest with someone will definitely make you feel better."

Reginald sighs as he says, "I really don't need to be here for the money. I'm a spoiled rich kid. No one wants to be my friend back home because they like me. They just want to be around someone with money. I didn't want to tell anyone out here, because they would vote me out right away. I just wanted to find friends that like me for my personality, not for my money."

Missy says, "Oh, honey. We love you, here. No one's going to vote you out for that reason."

"Thanks," Reginald says. The two teens hug.

The camera now shows the next boat that contains Sabrina and Tommy. The team is in fifth place.

Sabrina tries to break the awkward silence by saying, "So you and Katrina are a... You know... Couple?"

"Not really," Tommy says.

"She said she liked you," Sabrina says.

Tommy says, "Yeah. She really stood up for me. She took a stand against the more popular campers, in order to save me from the vote. That's why Quintin is so mad at her. She betrayed him by voting him out."

"She always was a traitor," Sabrina says. "She stopped hanging around me, because I wasn't cool enough. She started hanging out with the popular kids, and hid the fact that she loved science fiction."

Tommy says, "Don't you see? She's changed. She went against the popular kids to vote with the geeks."

Sabrina says in realization, "You're right. I can't believe she stood up for her own thoughts instead of following someone elses."

Tommy says, "See? I think you better make up with her."

"Maybe, you're right," Sabrina states quietly.

The camera now shows the contestants in last place, Kendall and Fiona.

"Come on, Dolly!" Fiona shouts. "We have to catch up."

Kendall says, "Don't call me that. I'm trying. Maybe if you helped some more, we'd be able to."

Fiona says, "You're the strong one, Dolly. Use your biceps!"

Kendall says, "Don't call me that, and I don't have any biceps."

Fiona scoots closer to Kendall and squeezes his arm, "Of course you do!"

Kendall accidentally drops his oar into the river. "Oh great," He says. "What are we going to do know that we lost one of the oars?"

Fiona smiles and kisses Kendall.

Chris is shown watching the scene from the control room, "It's about time someone kissed somebody on this show!"

Kendall says, blushing, "Fiona! Get back to your side of the boat."

Fiona says, "Whatever you say, cutie."

"Gah!" Kendall exclaims. "I prefer 'Dolly' to that."

Fiona giggles and says, "Okay. 'Dolly', it is."

Chris is on shore waiting for the campers to arrive. Stevie and Zane come in first, followed shortly by Katrina and Levi. Zane exclaims, "We won! We're awesome!" The rest of the campers arrive. Kendall and Fiona miraculously make it back with only one oar.

Chris announces, "The winners are... Yet to be decided."

Zane says, "What? We made it back first!"

"This is true," Chris says. "But if you'll remember when I explained the challenge, I said to meet at this spot, and then we would see who the winners were. I never said who got here first would be the winners. Now I'm going to ask you trivia about your teammate."

"You should have told us that, earlier!" Sabrina says.

"What can I say?" Chris says. "I love surprises. The winners will be decided by who knows most about their challenge partner. When you miss a question, you're out of the challenge. Let's start with Stevie and Zane. This question is directed toward Stevie. What is Zane's favorite hobby?"

"Mechanics," Stevie says.

"Right," Chris says. Zane and Stevie high five. "Katrina, what is Levi's IQ?"

Katrina says, "What? I don't know that!"

Chris says, "Wrong. Katrina and Levi are out. Quintin, what is Waterlily's show size?"

Quintin says, "Eight."

Chris says "Wro... You're right. How did you... Never mind. Tommy, what is Sabrina's favorite ice cream topping?"

"Fudge?" Tommy guesses.

"Wrong," Chris says. "Tommy and Sabrina are out. Missy, what has Reginald been hiding from the other campers?"

Missy says, "You mean that he's actually rich?" The other contestants gasp. Missy covers her mouth with her hands. "I'm so sorry, Reginald."

Reginald looks upset and says, "I guess, it was bound to come out."

Chris says, "Missy, you are correct. Fiona, what is Kendall's favorite animal?"

Kendall glares at Fiona. Fiona says, "I know that one. But I promised not to tell." She smiles at Kendall, and he smiles back.

"Suit yourself," Chris says. "Fiona and Kendall are out. Zane, what is Stevie's favorite opera?"

Zane smiles and says, "Pagliacci."

Chris says, "Right. Waterlily, what is Quintin's biggest fear?"

"Man destroying the earth," Waterlily says.

"No," Chris says, "That's your fear."

Waterlily says, "Oh, yeah." Quintin slaps his forehead.

Chris says, "Quintin and Waterlily are out. Reginald, what is the latest beauty pageant title that Missy has won?"

"I have no idea," Reginald says. "And I honestly don't care."

"I said I was sorry," Missy says. "I didn't do it on purpose."

Chris says, "Well, with that Zane and Stevie have won invincibility. Let's immediately head to the campfire ceremony."

The scene changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris has already begun handing out marshmallows. Stevie, Zane, Levi, Quintin, Kendall, Fiona, Sabrina, Tommy, and Waterlily already have their marshmallows. Chris says, "Missy you're safe." She grabs her marshmallow from the tray and smiles so only Chris can see. She turns around and is now crying. Chris says, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Katrina." She takes her marshmallow from Chris.

Reginald stands and says, "Fine. Who needs this?" He storms off to the Boat of Losers and leaves the island.

Chris addresses the camera, "Tune in next time for more totally dramatic Total Drama: Boney Island."

Chapter 15 - Hit Me With Your Best Slingshot Edit

Chris Mclean says, "Welcome to another installment of Total Drama: Boney Island. There's even more excitement in store. I think."

The scene changes to a seagull with soda can wrapper around it's neck sitting on the ground. A herd of Woolly Beavers runs by and tramples the seagull.

The scene abruptly changes to the campers sitting around. Tommy says to Katrina, "Let's go for a walk." The two get up and leave the campsite.

Levi says to Sabrina, "Hey, um... I think we need some more water. Come with me to get some?"

Sabrina looks at the water supply, "We still have plenty."

Levi stand up and knocks the bucket containing the water over. "Whoops," Levi innocently states.

Sabrina looks suspiciously at Levi and says, "Fine, I'll go with you. You better not be up to something."

Levi's eyes widen and he says, "Who, me?" They get up and walk into the forest in the opposite direction of Katrina and Tommy.

Levi says in confessional, "Tommy and I hatched up a great scheme. I just hope it works out."

Sabrina says to Levi, "Don't try any funny stuff. Try to kiss me, and your lips will be bruised by my fist."

Levi says, "I'm sorry about that. It won't happen, again."

"So why are we out here?" Sabrina asks. "And why did you bring the map? We know where the water is."

Levi says, "I wanted to make sure. I mean, this is a new camp for the two of us, and all. Hey! What kind of bush is that?"

Sabrina walks over to it and says, "It looks like an amelanchier alnifolia. They're not particularly uncommon in this area. You've heard of a Saskatoon berry, right? This bush is filled with them. I think we should gather some, don't you, Levi?" Sabrina looks behind her and sees that Levi has vanished. "Very funny," she says. At that very moment, Tommy and Katrina walk up to Sabrina.

"Funny meeting you here," Tommy says.

"Levi just abandoned me," Sabrina says.

Tommy says, "I'll go look for him." Tommy runs off before the girls can stop him.

Katrina says, "I think we were the victims of a scheme."

Sabrina sarcastically says, "Wow. You figured that out all by yourself?" Sabrina quickly says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that."

Katrina says, "Sabrina... I'm so sorry that I stopped hanging out with you. It was so shallow of me."

Sabrina says, "And I'm sorry for treating you like dirt." The two sisters hug.

Katrina says, "Let's never fight, again. If we have some sort of disagreement, let's try to work it out, okay?"

Sabrina says, "Deal. Help me gather some of these berries. Let's use the water bucket. We'll send someone out for water, later."

"Besides," Katrina says, "We aren't anywhere near the well."

"That figures," Sabrina says.

The camera now shows the camp. Sabrina and Katrina walk into the area with the gathered berries.

Katrina addresses Tommy, "I see what you did, thare."

Tommy says, "Orly?"

"Thanks," Katrina says before she hugs Tommy.

"Anytime," Tommy says.

Sabrina says, "Thanks, Levi. You aren't so bad, after all."

Levi says, "You're just finding this out?" She playfully punches Levi on the arm.

Sabrina now walks over to Tommy and hugs him. She says, "Thank you, too." Tommy blushes. Quintin, who is drinking out of a canteen, spits his water out. Everyone turns their attention to him.

"Yuck!" Quintin exclaims, "This water is disgusting."

Kendall says, "Congratulations. You just stated the obvious."

"I have to run to the confessional," Quintin says as he runs off.

In confessional, Quintin says, "I can't believe it. Not only are Katrina and Sabrina on non-arguing terms, I just figured something out. Trying to get revenge on Katrina by voting her out was so stupid of me."

Quintin exits the confessional, to see Zane and Missy waiting for him. "What are you two doing here?" Quintin asks.

Zane says, "We saw you rush off, and knew something was up."

"We left separately," Missy says, "So no one would suspect us of being in an alliance, together. So what was the spit take for?"

Quintin says, "I need you to play matchmaker, Missy."

The scene changes back to camp. Missy arrives alone. "We still didn't get any water? Someone needs to get some."

Katrina says, "Tommy and I will go get it."

Missy says, "I wanted you to make some imitation berry pancakes with me. Using the Saskatoon berries and some of Chef's gruel."

Katrina says, "I guess I'll help you."

"Great," Missy says. "Why don't Tommy and Sabrina fetch the water for us?"

"Sure," Sabrina says. "It's not like I have anything better to do. Come on, Tommy." The two leave together.

Sabrina says as she walks with Tommy, "I can't believe I'm friends with Katrina, again, after so many years of feuding. I owe it all to you and Levi."

"It was nothing," Tommy says.

"If you think a family bond is nothing," Sabrina says.

Tommy says, "I didn't mean it like that."

"I know," Sabrina says. "We need to think of a way for you and Katrina to have a romantic date."

"Why?" Tommy asks.

"She said she liked you, don't you..." Sabrina says. "Wait. You don't like Katrina back, do you?"

Tommy says, "She's really nice, and all. She's just not my type, is all."

Sabrina says, "So what is your type?"

Tommy says, "Someone smart, with a sarcastic sense of humor, and who isn't afraid of what others think of her."

Sabrina blushes and says, "You just described me."

Tommy blushes and says, "I know." The two hold hands and kiss. Their glasses make a clicking sound against each other.

Sabrina says, "That was my first kiss."

Tommy says, "Mine, too. Er, we better hurry up and head back to camp before anyone gets suspicious."

"Right," Sabrina says.


When the two return to camp. Fiona is the only one there. Fiona says, "Wherever have the two of you been? Chris came over the loudspeaker and said to meet for the next challenge. The others wanted to leave without you, but I insisted that I stay to let you know."

Sabrina says, "Wow. That was really nice."

"That's Fiona for you," Tommy says.

Fiona says, "I'll take a rain-check for the compliments. Let's get to the challenge."

The camera shows the campers on the beach as Sabrina, Tommy, and Fiona join them.

Chris announces, "Here's a slingshot for each of you." Chris hands out the slingshots to the campers.

Fiona says, "A green one?" Fiona eyes Kendall's slingshot. "Can I trade with Kendall? I want the pink one!"

"No," Chris says. Fiona sighs. Chris continues, "If you'll notice to your left. There are several targets with different points on them. The biggest target is worth five points. The medium sized one is worth ten points. The smallest one is worth twenty-five points."

"We can read, Chris," Sabrina says.

Chris glares at Sabrina, "If I'm allowed to continue. You will be shooting paint balls at the targets. The colors match your slingshots. The two contestants that get the highest total of points will be awarded with invincibility. You'll each get three shots. We'll start with Fiona."

Fiona shoots at the targets with her slingshot. She only hits the five point target.

"Next is Stevie," Chris says.

Stevie hits the twenty-five point target twice, and the ten point target once.

Chris says, "Sixty. That's a pretty hard score to beat. Next up is Missy."

Missy hits the ten point target and the five point target. She misses with her third shot.

Chris says, "Missy is currently in second place with fifteen points. Fiona is not eligible for invincibility." Fiona pouts. Chris says, "Zane is next."

Zane gets ten points total.

Chris says, "Zane is out. Next up is Waterlily."

Waterlily hits the medium sized target three times.

Chris says, "Waterlily has thirty points. Knocking Missy out of the top spot. Kendall is next."

Kendall misses all of the targets.

Fiona hugs Kendall and says, "Aw, Dolly! You did worse than I did, so I wouldn't feel so bad."

Kendall says, "Um... Sure."

Chris says, "Kendall is out. Next up is Katrina."

Katrina hits the medium target two times, and the small one, once.

Chris says, "Katrina has a solid score of forty-five. Waterlily can no longer win. Next up is Quintin."

Quintin says, "I know I won't win." He gets fifteen points.

Chris says, "Quintin lost. Stevie and Katrina are the ones to beat. Sabrina is up."

Sabrina gets ten point.

"Sabrina is out," Chris says. "It's Levi's turn."

Levi hits the large target, once. He then tries hitting the small one, and successfully hits it, twice.

Chris says, "Levi knocked Katrina out of second place. Tommy is the only one left. Stevie has sixty points, and is invincible for certain. Tommy can still knock Levi out of second place."

Tommy says, "I got this. This is the same as, like, every video game, ever."

Tommy hits the small target two times. Tommy says, "Levi, this is for helping me swim back a couple of challenges ago." Tommy hits the ground with his last paintball.

Chris says, "With that, Levi and Stevie are invincible."

Levi says to Tommy, "Thank you, so much."

Tommy says, "I owed you."

Chris says, "Your campfire ceremony is later tonight. You can pack, if you think you're vulnerable, tonight. I'll see you, then."

On the way back to camp, Zane is talking to Katrina the other time. She nods her head, though, she isn't really listening. Tommy and Sabrina are walking ahead of everyone. They make it back to camp, first.

Sabrina says, "That was so nice of you to give Levi invincibility like that."

"It was nothing," Tommy says.

"You're so sweet," Sabrina says. She kisses Tommy. Their glasses click together.

Zane and Katrina walk into the camp. Katrina gasps as she sees the two kissing. Her eyes well up with tears. Katrina says, "Sabrina. I should have known that I couldn't trust you." She turns her back.

Tommy shouts, "Katrina! Wait!"

"Don't talk to me," Katrina says. She leaves camp.

She finds Quintin and pulls him aside. Crying, she says to him, "Quintin, if I could quit right now, I would. But I can't, according to the contract I signed. I know you can't stand me. So, I beg of you, vote me out. I don't want to be here, anymore."

"Why?" Quintin asks.

"It's Sabrina," Katrina says. "Just when we were getting along, she steals Tommy from me. I hate her."

Quintin nods, "I'll see what I can do."

At the campfire ceremony, Chris says, "If you don't receive a marshmallow, you have been eliminated. You can't come back, ever. The first marshmallows go to Levi and Stevie." Chris throws them their marshmallows. Chris says, "Zane, Missy, and Fiona." Chris tosses the three their marshmallows. "The next three go to Quintin, Waterlily, and Kendall." Chris throws out the marshmallows. "Our bottom three are Tommy, Sabrina, and Katrina. The next marshmallow goes to Sabrina." Sabrina catches her marshmallow. Chris says, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Katrina." Chris throws her her marshmallow, and she doesn't catch it.

"Chris," Katrina says, "Can't I break the rules and just leave? I really don't want to stay here with her."

Chris says, "We didn't want any quitters this season. Sorry, Katrina, you must stay."

Katrina buries her face in her hands as she cries.

Tommy quietly walks onto the Boat of Losers.

Quintin says in confessional, "I realized earlier that I was wrong to try to get revenge on Katrina by voting her out. Once I realized that Tommy liked Sabrina, I thought up a plan to make Katrina's life miserable here. She actually wanted me to get her voted out. I would be doing her a favor. Haha! Yeah, right. With Tommy gone, he can't mend things with Katrina. Besides, he should have been the one eliminated when I was."

Chapter 16 - Labyrinth, RepeatEdit

Chris says to the camera, "It's that time, again. We have plenty of terror... I mean, 'fun', in store for the remaining campers. Who knows what will happen in the latest installment of Total Drama: Boney Island? I don't know, either, but it better be good."

The scene shows the final ten campers sitting around the campfire in the morning. Katrina is still crying.

Sabrina says, "I feel so bad for hurting Katrina's feelings. It took us so long to make up, and I go and ruin it by kissing the guy she liked. He is so cute, though." Sabrina gushes. She composes herself and says, "Ahem. I would try to console her, but she hates me right now."

Missy has her arm around Katrina. "There, there, honey. Try not to get so depressed. You still want to win the money, don't you?"

Katrina says, "I don't care, anymore."

Missy says sweetly, "I care. Never give up."

Katrina stops crying and says, "Thanks. It's going to be hard, though... With her around."

"As despicable as Sabrina is," Missy says, "Try not to let her bother you. Sure she stole your boyfriend and betrayed your trust on national television, but she's still your sister."

Katrina begins crying again and says, "That makes it even worse."

"Sorry, hon," Missy says.

Missy says in confessional, "Oh... My... Gosh... Katrina is the most irritating person I've ever met. Wah! Wah! So your sister stole your geek of a boyfriend. Get over it. He obviously didn't even like you in the first place. There's nothing there to like, anyway. I'm sorry that Quintin wants to keep Katrina around." Missy sighs. "But I guess he knows what's best. I guess it will be easy to beat a sobbing mess in the finals."

Fiona and Kendall are sitting by each other holding hands, and gazing into each others eyes.

Kendall says in confessional, "I can't believe the way I feel about Fiona. I never, ever thought that I would even be able to look at her without rolling my eyes, but now when I look at her my heart feels so warm." Kendall smiles. "I had forgotten what happiness felt like."

Kendall says to Fiona, "I wrote you a poem."

Fiona says happily, "I've never had someone write a poem for me."

Waterlily, who is sitting near the two, says, "Hey! I wrote a poem for you when you leaped out of our tent, early on."

Fiona and Kendall ignore Waterlily. Kendall says, "Darkness and death encircle me." Fiona's smile quickly turns into a frown. Kendall continues, "They become crowded by the love and happiness that I feel." Fiona smiles. "My heart is cold with disquieting emotion." Fiona frowns. Kendall concludes, "Love proceeds to melt my frozen heart."

Fiona smiles and hugs Kendall, "That was so beautiful. I'm so fortunate to have met a sweet cutie like you, Kendall."

"What happened to 'Dolly'?" Kendall asks with a smile. They giggle.

Missy whispers to Katrina, "How insensitive of them. Here you are, with your heart crushed to pieces, and they're rubbing their relationship in your face." Katrina begins crying, again. "It's okay, hon. You can cry on my shoulder if you need to."

Missy says in confessional, "Fiona and Kendall make me want to puke. But they serve as ammunition to make Katrina miserable. I don't really know why Quintin wants me to make her life miserable, but I'm more than happy to oblige."

Zane and Stevie are walking in the woods.

Zane says, "Can I ask you about something?"

"What is it?" Stevie asks.

Zane says, "I remember some others talking about how embarrassed you are to be seen with no clothes on."

Stevie blushes and says, "I had no idea it was so obvious."

Zane says, "You need to face your fears head on."

"Um," Stevie says, "You want to see me naked?!"

Zane says, "Puke, vomit! No! I meant that you should find a way to get over your fear. I mean, if you can't face this one, you won't be able to get passed any fears you develop in the future."

"I guess I want to get over my fear," Stevie says, "But how?"

Zane rubs his chin and exclaims, "I've got it!"

The other campers are sitting in camp. Stevie runs through camp, completely naked. He's censored. He yells, "Wooo!" as he streaks passed the other campers and back into the woods on the other side.

He meets Zane on that side who is holding his clothing. Zane says, "You did it!"

Stevie says, "I can't believe it. You helped me get over something I've struggled with for so long." Stevie goes to hug Zane.

Zane pushes Stevie back and says, "I know you helped me get over my homophobia, but this is a little much."

Stevie blushes and says, "Sorry," as he puts his clothes back on.

Stevie and Zane rejoin the other campers at camp.

Levi says, "You guys won't believe what happened when you were gone! A Woolly Beaver just ran by us! This is the closest they've come to camp, before." Zane begins laughing hysterically as he wipes the tears from his eyes. Stevie kicks him in the back of the shin.

Chris Mclean's voice comes over the loud speaker. "It's time to meet for your next challenge. Come to the special location marked on your map."

The campers arrive at the site of the challenge and see large, thin, red walls set up near Chris. Chris says, "Welcome to your amazing challenge."

Sabrina rolls her eyes and says, "Let me guess. It's a maze, isn't it?"

"Brilliant," Chris says. "How did you know?"

"Lucky guess," Sabrina says.

Chris explains the challenge, "As stated by our resident nerd, this is a maze."

"Hey!" Sabrina says. Katrina laughs.

Chris says, "This isn't your father's maze, though."

Waterlily obliviously says, "My father had a maze? I had no idea." Everyone but Chris and Waterlily laugh.

Chris says, "Anyway... In this maze, you don't want to take a wrong turn."

Levi says, "Why not?"

Chris says, "If I can continue, I'll explain. This maze is full of all kinds of creepy, scary, things. Not to mention booby traps."

Zane laughs and says, "You said 'booby'."

Chris says, "What is it with the constant interruptions? You'll note the location of the entrance. Enter there, and then make your way to the exit. The challenge begins now."

The campers run into the maze. They all run separate ways when they enter. Sabrina, Kendall, Fiona, and Quintin run to the left. Levi, Zane, and Katrina run forward. Missy, Stevie, and Waterlily run to the right. Missy runs ahead of the others and falls into a pit of quicksand.

"Help!" she screams.

"What do we do?" Waterlily says. "Levi isn't around to help."

Missy yells, "Try combining your brain cells and maybe you can actually have a thought."

Waterlily says, "Hey! That wasn't very nice."


Stevie says, "Don't worry about it, let's just rescue her." Stevie grabs Waterlily by the ankles and drops her by Missy in order to rescue her. They successfully do so.

Missy says, "I'm so sorry that I lost my composure there. I apologize for what I said."

Stevie says, "It's alright. We understand."

Missy walks out through the maze entrance. "I forfeit," Missy says. Chris smiles.

Waterlily and Stevie are joined by Levi, Zane, and Katrina. Levi says, "We ended up at a wrong end."

"Us, too," Waterlily says. They begin walking down the left path. They are met by Fiona and Kendall who are running from the bottom of the maze.

Kendall exclaims, "Sasquatchanakwa is down there! Run!"

They run to the right. They then run down and see an actual Woolly Beaver, and get chased upward. They run to the right, and then straight down. They run to the right after running down the straight path. They run through the curved path and end up through the exit, with Levi exiting first. Chris says, "Where have you guys been? Sabrina and Quintin have been out here for the longest time."

"Who won?" Fiona asks.

Quintin says, "Sabrina won. She exited first."

Chris says, "Aw! I wanted to announce it. Go gather your things and meet me at the campfire ceremony. Sabrina is invincible." Katrina rolls her eyes.

After returning to camp, Quintin, Zane, and Missy discreetly meet each other in the woods. Quintin asks, "Who are we voting out?"

Missy says, "Definitely, Stevie."

"Stevie?" Zane says. "Why?"

Missy says, "He's the strongest. He won two invincibility challenges in a row. If we don't vote him out now, we won't have another chance."

"She's right," Quintin says.

Zane says, "I'm not voting out Stevie."

Quintin says, "I like him, a lot, but he has to go."

Zane says, "Do what you want, but I'm not voting for him." Zane walks away.

Missy says, "Can you believe that? I mean, I knew that we couldn't trust Zane."

Quintin says, "Why's that?"

"Well," Missy says, "Zane was voted out so early because he kept promising a final two alliance to practically everyone. He told Dirk that he would invite me into his alliance, but he never asked me to join. Then he tried to vote me out."

"I didn't know that," Quintin says. "But Stevie is a bigger threat."

Missy says, "Fine. We'll vote Stevie. It sounds like you want to get back stabbed, again."

The scene now changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "Whoever doesn't receive a marshmallow will be eliminated. They must take the Boat of Losers immediately, and they can't come back... Ever. Since Sabrina won invincibility, she gets the first marshmallow." Chris tosses Sabrina her marshmallow. Chris says to Sabrina, "By the way, how did you figure out the maze?"

"That's easy," Sabrina says. "I saw the location of the entrance, and in conjunction with the size of the maze I could tell that it spelled something out. I also took into account how big of an egomaniac you are. I knew the maze spelled out 'Chris', and went from there."

"I'm insulted," Chris says. "You're right, but I'm still insulted. The next marshmallows go to Quintin, Fiona, Katrina, Levi, Waterlily, and Missy." Chris tosses the marshmallows to those campers. Stevie, Zane, and Kendall look nervously at each other. "The next marshmallow is for Kendall," Chris announces as he tosses Kendall his marshmallow. Chris says, "The last marshmallow goes to..."

"Stevie." He tosses Stevie his marshmallow.

Zane gets up and walks onto the Boat of Losers. Once he boards the boat he says, "I had a great alliance, and a great strategy. It was all about game play to me, and winning. As the game went on, I realized that I made a true friend in Stevie. I would rather be here, than have him lose out on his chance at the money. I knew I'd be voted out by standing up for him, but he deserves to win more than I do. I'm excited to see Lisa, again." Zane smiles.

Chapter 17 - Gross Point BlechEdit

"Chris Mclean, here," Chris says. "Who's ready for more excitement? More drama?" Chris' eyes shine, "More rrromance? And hopefully, some vomiting? I mean, seriously. We made it this far without a single person throwing up. What is this world coming to?"

The scene changes to the remaining campers at camp.

Levi says, "Hey, everyone. I'm heading over to the river to do laundry. If you guys have anything you want me to wash, I'd be more than..." Everyone throws their heaps of dirty laundry at Levi. He falls over on impact.

Sabrina says in confessional, "You know, Levi has certainly changed for the better. He doesn't seem as worried about impressing the girls in camp, so much. Instead, he focuses his energy on being a team player, and helping around camp. He's becoming quite popular around camp."

Fiona and Kendall are sitting next to each other. Fiona has her head on Kendall's shoulder. Waterlily, Katrina, and Quintin are fetching water. With Sabrina at confessional, Missy and Stevie are the only two at camp besides Kendall and Fiona.

Sitting across from the two campers, Missy whispers to Stevie, "It's kind of sad, if you think about it."

"What is?" Stevie says.

"The way Kendall and Fiona are all over each other," Missy says.

Stevie says, "It doesn't bother me."

Missy says, "I just meant that it's a little inconsiderate of Katrina. She has a broken heart and constantly has to see these two's public displays of affection."

"I guess so," Stevie says.

"Not to mention," Missy says, "The fact that Kendall has basically ignored you since getting together with Fiona."

Stevie says, "It's cool. I don't get jealous."

Missy says, "You're so sweet. Anyone else would be completely upset about something like that, hon."

"I..." Stevie begins, "I'm happy for them." Stevie gets up and heads into the woods.

Missy says in confessional, "Since Stevie keeps winning these challenges, I thought it would be a good idea to get that blockhead on my side. You know, until he loses invincibility, again." Missy sweetly clenches her hands together and says, "I do so love breaking up friendships."

Katrina heads back to camp. Missy asks, "Welcome back, hon. Where is everyone else?"

"Waterlily was showing Quintin some of the 'wonders' of Mother Nature," Katrina says. "I got a little... Bored. So I came back here."

The camera now shows Quintin and Waterlily in the forest.

"There are so many things we can do to help the environment," Waterlily says. "Walking or bicycling, instead of driving. Using the back of paper. Recycling. It doesn't hurt us to take care of the earth."

Quintin says, "You're right. After all, the earth has taken care of us for so long."

Waterlily says, "So you promise to start being more conscious of not harming the earth when you get back home?"

"I promise," Quintin says with a smile, "And with me, you know I mean what I say."

Waterlily hugs Quintin and says, "That's the right thing to do." She kisses Quintin on the cheek. He blushes. They start heading back to camp.

Quintin says, "Waterlily?"

"Yes?" She says.

"This is a little embarrassing for me to ask, but," Quintin says nervously, "I've never liked a girl more than you. I was wondering... When we leave here, if we could be a, you know... Couple?"

Waterlily looks aloof and says, "No." Quintin looks crestfallen. Waterlily now says, "Let's be a couple, now."

"I'm not sure if that's..." Waterlily leaps into Quintin's arms and kisses him. The two gather their composure and head back to camp.

When Missy sees Quintin she says, "Can I talk to you for a sec, hon?"

She pulls him aside and asks, "What's going on?"

"I have no idea what you mean," Quintin says.

"Cut the crap," Missy says. "I haven't seen you smile so wide since I met you. What's going on between you and Waterlily?"

"Nothing," Quintin lies.

Missy says with a smile, as to not attract attention, "That's good, because we can't have a couple making it too far, together. It will interfere with our plan."

Quintin sighs and says in confessional, "Missy is right, as much as I hate to admit it. I came here to win. If I keep my relationship with Waterlily secret... Maybe, she can help me in the long run." Quintin sighs again and says, "I know that isn't true. Waterlily makes me think with my heart, instead of my head."

Quintin arrives back to camp to see the other campers at camp.

Chris Mclean walks into the camp with a cart with many covered plates. "I'm glad to see everyone here," Chris says. "I thought, out of the kindness of my heart, that I would bring the challenge to you."

Katrina says, "That's so sweet... Are you running a fever?"

"No," Chris says. "I'll have you know that I can be a really kind and considerate man. This is not one of those times. I will be presenting each of you with a delicious delicacy. The camper that eats theirs the slowest, will be out of the competition. If anyone refuses to do it, they are also ineligible for invincibility, but everyone else must complete the course. Everyone gather round." They all stand in a row and Chris hands each of them a dish. "Everyone remove the lid and eat it immediately." Everyone removes the lid to reveal a locust.

Levi says, "Sorry, Chris. I can't do this. I'm vegetarian."

Waterlily says, "I will not be eating any of these beautiful creatures. Quintin and I won't be taking part of this travesty, either."

Quintin looks at Waterlily and says, "We won't?" Waterlily glares at Quintin. Quintin says, "I'm not doing it."

Waterlily puts her hand on Quintin's arm and smiles at him. He smiles back. Missy glares at the pair.


Chris says, "What's the hold up?" Katrina, Sabrina, Kendall, Stevie, Fiona, and Missy start eating the broiled locust.

Fiona turns a greenish color and says, "I can't do this." Everyone else swallows the locust.

Chris says, "Waterlily, Quintin, Levi, and Fiona are out." Chris hands the remaining contestants their next tray. "Please reveal your next dish." The campers remove the lids and see a live walking stick.

Sabrina says, "Okay, seriously Chris? The one that was already dead was fine, but I can't eat this one."

Stevie, Kendall, Katrina, and Missy eat the bug.

Chris hands out the plates for the next round. "Sabrina is out. Remove the lids, if you will." Everyone gasps as they see broiled tarantulas.

Kendall pukes and passes out. Chris begins clapping and says, "Congratulations, Kendall! Our first puke of the season! Too bad you're not awake to enjoy it..."

Stevie swallows the Tarantula in one gulp. Missy slowly chews her tarantula, while grimacing.

Katrina says, "Yeah. This show isn't worth it. I'm out."

Missy swallows her tarantula.

Chris says, "Katrina and Kendall are out. Our final competitors are Stevie and Missy." Chris hands them the next tray. "Remove... your... lid..." Chris says. The two competitors remove their lid. "It's a classic," Chris says. "Blended cockroach."

Missy says, "Ew! Ew! Ew!"

Stevie quickly drinks the concoction.

Chris announces, "With that, Stevie is our winner. He cannot be voted out. Mclean out." Chris disappears with a puff of smoke. Chris' voice mysteriously is heard, "Meet me at the campfire ceremony, where you will be voting out another camper."

Sabrina says, "That was creepy."

Missy says in confessional, "Well, I'm using likability factor to vote someone out."

Missy discreetly says to Quintin, "We have to convince everyone to vote out Waterlily."

"No," Quintin says.

"Oh, really?" Missy says. "Why not? I didn't think you liked her."

Quintin says, "Well, I do. Why can't we target Fiona or Kendall? They're a couple."

"Look," Missy says, "Waterlily is making you weak. I distinctly remember you taking out Zane when he refused to vote out Stevie. I find it interesting that you can't do what you expected him to."

Quintin angrily leaves the conversation.

The scene changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "Here you go, Stevie." Chris tosses Stevie his marshmallow and says, "You earned it. The next one is for Katrina." He tosses her her marshmallow. "Levi, Missy, Quintin, Sabrina." Chris tosses the teens their marshmallows. "Fiona, you're safe." Chris tosses Fiona her marshmallow. She sadly looks at Kendall. Waterlily looks nervous. Chris says, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Kendall." Chris tosses the marshmallow to the boy.

Waterlily says, "This hurts a lot more than I thought it would." She cries as she looks down. Quintin puts his hand on her shoulder. She abruptly gets up and boards the Boat of Losers. "Bye, everyone," She says as she waves.

Chris says to the camera, "Well, that's all for this installment. Tune in next time to see more of me. We all know that's why you watch."

Chapter 18 - Canadian RouletteEdit

Chris Mclean waves to the camera, "Thanks for tuning in, and welcome to another exciting installment of Total Drama: Boney Island. Things are getting more intense here as we near the conclusion of the competition. Feelings are bound to be hurt, conflicts are bound to begin. It's time like these when I really love my job. Ha ha!"

Quintin is seen in confessional cam. He says, "Okay. That sucked." Quintin sighs, "But I have to make difficult decisions if I want to win this. I feel like crap right now, but at least tormenting Katrina brings me some happiness."

The teens are shown sitting around the campfire in the morning, except for Levi. Fiona hugs Kendall tight. She whispers to him, "I'm so glad you're still here."

"Me, too," Kendall says. The two kiss. Quintin and Katrina roll their eyes at the same time.

Quintin says, "Thanks, guys for making the next elimination easy."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kendall asks in a peeved manner.

Fiona says, "Don't take what he says personally, Dolly. He's just jealous."

Quintin keeps quiet, but looks angered.

Quintin says in confessional, "Um... Yeah, I'm jealous. I just had to vote out my girlfriend, and these two are acting like lovesick puppies. They are going down. Hard."

Levi walks into the camp carrying a large crate full of food.

"What the crap?!" Sabrina exclaims.

Levi says, "Hey guys. I went for a walk before everyone woke up, and found this huge area filled with potatoes, apple trees, carrots, radishes... All sorts of stuff. So I came back here, and emptied my luggage and took the big crate Chef Hatchet gave us as a care package. And filled everything with the food. I already marked the location on the map before I left, again, so we can go there, later."

Stevie says, "That is extremely amazing."

Katrina says, "I'm impressed."

Levi blushes and says, "Oh, guys. It was nothing."

"Okay," Missy says. "No it wasn't. It must have been extremely heavy. Is there anything you can't do?"

"Oh," Levi says in an embarrassed manner, "Come on. Anyone would have done the same thing."

Missy says in confessional, "I excel at saying bad things about people, but Levi makes it hard. Sure he kind of has no personality, but he's pretty cool, and kind of hot..." Missy looks surprised. "I can't believe I just said that!"

Stevie helps Levi put everything on the ground. Stevie slaps Levi on the back, he says, "You done good, kid."

Levi smiles and says, "Thanks, buddy."

Kendall says in confessional, "Okay. Levi is an amazing guy. He doesn't seem to care about anything but the welfare of his fellow campers. The guy is screwed up in the head."

Quintin says, "Oh, crud. It's about to rain. Everyone get into your tents."

Everyone gets into their tent, but Katrina. Fiona says, "Katrina, what are you doing out there?"

Katrina says, "I'm not about to share a tent with that thieving cat."

"Don't be silly," Fiona says. "There aren't any cats in here."

Katrina slaps her forehead, "I'm talking about Sabrina."

Fiona sighs and returns to the tent. She says to Sabrina, "Can't you try to apologize to her?"

Sabrina says, "I would, but she doesn't want to hear it."

Missy says, "You're probably right."

"No she isn't," Fiona says, "Katrina will listen."

"I don't think I can do it," Sabrina says.

"Nobody is forcing you, sweetie," Missy says.

Fiona points to herself and says, "I am. If you don't do it she's going to die out there."

Sabrina looks at Missy. Missy says, "Well, when you put it that way..."

Missy says in confessional, "Leave her out there."

Sabrina opens the tent and says, "Katrina, why don't you come inside?"

"I have nothing to say to you," Katrina says.

Sabrina sighs and says, "I'm sorry for what I did, Katrina. I should have considered your feelings."

Katrina says, "I don't forgive you. But it's a start." Katrina enters the tent and sits silently in a corner. The teens listen to the rain for about an half hour, before it stops. They now exit their tents.

Stevie grabs Fiona and Kendall by the shoulder and says, "Can I talk to you two?" They walk out into the woods.

Stevie says, "I'm worried about the two of you."

"For why?" Kendall asks.

"There's been some talk," Stevie says. "Unless I don't win invincibility, it sounds like the others are going to vote one of the two of you out."

Fiona says, "Why would they ever do that?"

Stevie says, "Er... The two of you are coming off a little... strong. Usually, a couple is broken up because they won't vote each other out."

"And we never would," Fiona says.

"Exactly," Stevie says. "If only you guys could make it seem like you weren't a couple, or at least tone it down."

Kendall says, "Stevie is right. I don't want to be separated from you, Fiona."

Fiona says, "I'll try to think up something."

They return to camp.

Sabrina says, "Chris just came over loud speaker, and said to meet him at the beach."

Kendall says, "Ugh! Another walk to the beach?"

Levi says, "It beats having Chris randomly show up, here."

"This is true," Kendall says.

The scene changes to show the campers arriving at the challenge.

Chris says, "Welcome to your next challenge, campers. It's simple." Chris directs their attention to eight boxes. "Seven of these boxes are empty. One of them has a sort of... Jack in a box in it. Each of you will take turns choosing a box. Whoever gets the jack in a box, will lose the challenge. We'll keep doing this until he have a winner. Everyone get it?"

Sabrina says, "Do you take us for idiots?"

Chris says, "A simple 'yes' would have sufficed. We'll start with... Missy."

Missy steps up to the boxes and chooses the one second farthest to the right. It's empty. Sabrina goes next and chooses the box furthest to the left, hers is also empty. Stevie is the next to choose and the box he chose, the one fourth from the right, also was empty. Levi chooses the next box, the one second to the left, he opens it and sees Chef Hatchet's head in the box. Levi screams uncontrollably and falls backwards.

Katrina says, "That's what happened to chef! You murdered him!"

Chris laughs hysterically, "Oh, man! That was rich! You guys fell for it! I made that head out of paper mache."

Levi says, "But it looked so realistic."

Chris says, "What can I say? I have a knack for paper mache. Hey, that rhymed. Anyway, Levi you're out. Everyone turn around while I rearrange the boxes. No peeking!" Chris rearranges the boxes, and then says, "Let's start with Sabrina this time."

Sabrina says, "Well, logically it's not going to be the one it was last time." Sabrina opens the box second furthest to the left, and sees Chef's head. "Dang," Sabrina says.

Chris says, "Sabrina is out." Chris rearranges the boxes, again. "Let's start with Kendall this time." Kendall opens the box furthest to the left, and it is empty. Katrina goes next, and she chooses the boxes second furthest from the right, it also is empty. Fiona opens the box next to the one Katrina opened, and it is empty, as well. Missy opens the box to the left of the one Katrina opened, it is empty, also. Stevie chooses the box furthest to the left, and it is empty, as well. Quintin goes up to the only remaining box and opens it.

Seeing Chef's head, he says, "Just for the record. Since this was the only box I could choose, I wasn't wrong."

"Maybe not," Chris says, "But you're out." Chris rearranges the boxes, "Perfect. Now let's start with Missy." Missy opens the box furthest to the right, and it is empty. Katrina goes next and chooses the box second farthest to the right, revealing Chef's head.

Chris says, "I thought I'd change things up a little. Katrina is out." Chris rearranges the boxes. "Stevie will go first, this time." Stevie chooses the one second to the left, and it is empty. Kendall goes next and chooses the box furthest to the right, revealing Chef's head.

"Kendall is out," Chris says. Chris rearranges the boxes while everyone turns their backs. "Let's start with Missy." Missy opens the box furthest to the right and her box is empty. Fiona goes next and chooses the box in the middle, revealing Chef's head.

"Fiona is out," Chris announces. "Either Missy or Stevie will receive invincibility." Chris rearranges the boxes. "Steve will choose first. After choosing a box, just stand next to it. You and Missy will open your boxes at the same time, the winning box has an invincibility pass in it." Stevie chooses the box on the left, leaving Missy to stand by the one on the right. "On the count of three," Chris announces, "One. Two. Three!"

The two teens open their boxes at the same time, Missy screams. "Ha ha!" Chris says, "I forgot to mention that the incorrect box had a snake in it this time. Stevie is the winner of invincibility. Meet me tonight at the campfire ceremony where you can't vote out Stevie."

The teens are shown returning to camp.

Fiona says in confessional, "I came up with the best plan, ever. Hehehe!" Fiona giggles mischievously.

When everyone was gathered around the campfire, Fiona stands up and dramatically says, "I can't go on living a lie." Fiona looks around and sees only Kendall looking at her. She repeats, "I said, I can't go on living a lie!" Everyone looks at her. "Kendall, you're a great guy, but I don't love you."

Kendall's eye bulges.

Fiona dramatically puts her hand over her forehead and says, "My heart belongs to..." Fiona eyes the other guys in camp. "Stevie!"

"What?!" Stevie exclaims. "Fiona, I..." Before Stevie can say anything else, Fiona leaps to him and kisses him.

Everyone in camp looks at the scene with their jaws wide open.

"I can't believe it," Sabrina says.

Kendall looks like he just had his heart smashed to pieces. Fiona winks at him, and his expression quickly changes to a smile.

Quintin says in disbelief, "Kendall, don't you have anything to say?"

Kendall says with a frown, "I'm devastated. But I am not in love with Fiona. I am in love with..." Kendall eyes the female campers and says, "Stevie, as well!"

The other campers fall over.

Stevie shouts, "What?!"

"You heard me!" Kendall says. "Nothing can douse my burning passion."

Kendall winks at Stevie, and Stevie says, "Er... I gotta go." Stevie runs off into the woods.

"Stevie, wait!" Kendall and Fiona chase after him, and catch up with him.

Stevie says, "I had no idea you guys felt that way about me. I thought we were just friends..."

Fiona says, "Stevie, it was just an act."

Stevie looks to Kendall and says, "It was?"

Kendall nods, "I didn't know at first, but when Fiona winked at me, I knew something was up. So I went along with it."

"But, why?" Stevie asks.


Fiona says, "Because. You said that we would be targeted if we were a couple. I just officially broke us up." Kendall smiles at Fiona.

Stevie says, "This plan may be crazy enough to work. Who do we vote out?"

Kendall says, "Isn't it obvious?"

The scene now changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says "The one of you who doesn't receive a marshmallow will leave the campfire ceremony, immediately. You will take the Boat of Losers and you can't come back, ever. Understand?"

Quintin says, "This isn't exactly our first campfire ceremony, Chris."

"Anyway," Chris continues, "The first marshmallow is for Stevie." Chris tosses the marshmallow to Stevie. "Next up are Levi, Missy, Katrina, and Sabrina." Chris tosses a marshmallow to each teen. Chris looks at Quintin, Fiona, and Kendall. He says, "The next one of you who is safe, is... Kendall." Chris tosses Kendall a marshmallow. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Quintin." Chris says as he tosses the marshmallow to Quintin.

"Wait, what?!" Kendall shouts.

Fiona looks shocked.

Kendall asks, "Why Fiona? Why did you guys vote for her?"

"Um," Katrina says, "She just broke up with you on national television, and forced you out of the closet. You should be happy that we voted her out."

Kendall says, "But we were pretending. I'm not really gay. We just staged that entire thing so that you guys wouldn't think we were a couple, anymore, and you wouldn't break us up."

Quintin smirks and says, "Well, I guess that backfired."

Kendall puts his arm around Fiona and says, "I won't let them take you away, you can't leave."

"I have to go, Dolly," Fiona says sadly.

Kendall protests, "No! I can't let them take you. I need you here. I need you by my side." Kendall cries.

Fiona says, "Stay strong, Dolly. You'll be just fine without me. We'll see each other, soon." Fiona gets up and walks to the Boat of Losers. She says, "I love you, Dolly," before boarding the boat. On her way to her new destination, she loses her composure and cries uncontrollably.

Chapter 19 - Guess Who's Coming to Boney IslandEdit

A familiar red hair girl waves to the camera and says, "Hey, everyone! Welcome back to another totally awesome installment of Total Drama: Boney Island." She says the last four words of the sentence in a creepy voice. "You might not recognize me, but if not, what rock have you been living under? Am I right? That reminds me of the time I was camping out in the woods, and a certain group of government officers were looking for me. To make a long story short, I ended up living under a rock. It was pretty neat, but a little cramped. I had to move out and fine a larger place. Moving is always hard. You get so much emotional attachment to your home. So, anyway," The girl chuckles nervously and continues, "My name is Izzy, and I'm filling in for Chris this week. He had to host some award show, or something, and Chef Hatchet is afraid to set foot on this island. He said something about bad Juju or something... Or was he talking about me? Anyway, you can expect a lot more excitement for the campers, or else my name isn't Guadalupe."

The campers are sitting near the campfire in the morning. Everyone but Kendall is playing cards.

Stevie says in confessional, "I can't believe I made it this far. I haven't made any enemies, either. I think I have a real shot at winning this, as long as I get immunity every time... It could happen. I've been worried about Kendall ever since Fiona was eliminated. He took it pretty hard."

Katrina says to Kendall, "Why don't you eat something? It'll keep your strength up."

Kendall grumbles, "It's all meaningless. Every time I get attached to something, it leaves me. I'll start liking food, and then I'll never be allowed to eat, again."

Katrina looks at the slop they had for breakfast, "I have a feeling that that would never happen."

Katrina says in confessional, "I felt really bad about voting out Fiona when I realized that everything was a big misunderstanding. But Kendall needs to keep his head in the game." Katrina angrily says, "I mean, the love of my life completely ripped my heart out of my chest on national television, and my no good back stabber of a blood relative stole him from me..." Katrina regains her composure, "And I'm handling it perfectly well."

Missy says in confessional with a pout, "Kendall was so sad about his little Fiona being eliminated. It was so sweet, he even cried. I did all in my power to keep myself from laughing."

After the card game is over, Quintin jumps out and shouts, "Oh, yeah! I won! I always win! It's because I never do anything wrong. Oh, yeah!"

"Good game," Levi says with a genuine smile.

Sabrina says after rolling her eyes, "Way to rub it in everyone's faces, Quintin." Sabrina grabs Levi's shoulder and says to him, "Can I talk to you for a second?"

Levi and Sabrina walk to a quiet part of the camp. Sabrina whispers, "What's up with you, lately?"

"What do you mean?" Levi asks.

Sabrina says, "Seriously. You've been extremely nice to everyone, and you've been the biggest asset at camp. You stopped trying to impress me, too."

Levi says, "It's a little embarrassing... I just realized that I'm not ready for a relationship right now. I guess, since I'm not so worried about that, I can focus my energy into being a more positive entity."

Sabrina playfully punches Levi on the arm, and says, "Keep it up. You're way cooler this way." Levi smiles.


All of a sudden a Woolly Beaver enters camp and growls. The campers jump up, immediately, except for Kendall.

"Kendall!" Stevie shouts, "Look out!"

Kendall miserably says, "Who cares? I either die now, or die later. What's the difference?"

Stevie picks up Kendall and takes him to the side of camp opposite of the Woolly Beaver. Stevie says, "The difference is that we care about you. I won't let anything happen to you."

The Woolly Beaver starts giggling.

Sabrina says, "Wait. Does this seem familiar to anyone else?"

The Woolly Beaver stands on it's two hind legs and removes it's mask.

"Izzy!" The campers shout at once.

"You should have seen the look on your guys' faces," Izzy laughs. "You totally thought you were going to die. It was hilarious." Izzy wipes a tear out of her eye.

Missy says, "I hope you don't mind my asking, but... Whatever are you doing here?"

Izzy says, "Chris had to go host an award show, or something. He asked me to host, because I'm so level headed and responsible." Quintin raises one side of his eyebrow. Izzy shouts, "Are you ready for your challenge?" Everyone shrugs. Izzy says, "Alright!" Izzy pulls a box out of her Woolly Beaver costume. "This is a box of chocolates." Izzy opens up the heart shaped box.

Sabrina says, "What do these chocolates have to do with the challenge?"

Izzy says, "Everyone will grab a chocolate, and take a bite out of the one they pick. One of them contains an invincibility pass."

Stevie says, "That sounds easy enough."

Izzy says, "I know. That's why I filled the others with an exotic poison."

"What?!" Katrina shouts.

Izzy nods and says, "I had to make the challenge exciting. If you grab the wrong chocolate... Well, let's just say its a fast acting poison."

"I'm not doing that," Missy says.

Izzy frowns and says, "Oh, come on. I thought you guys were adventurous. Do you all feel that way?"

Everyone looks at a sweating Quintin, "There's always the chance that I could be wrong this one time."

Izzy sighs and says, "If everyone doesn't want to do it, then I'll think up a new challenge."

Kendall raises his hand and begins to say, "I'll do..." Stevie covers Kendall's mouth with his hand.

Izzy pops a few chocolates into her mouth. Everyone gasps. Izzy says, "I didn't really fill these with poison. I just said that to make the challenge more exciting." Izzy makes a contorted face. Everyone gasps, again. Izzy says, "Ew! That one had lemon creme in it. I hate lemon creme." Izzy now addresses the campers and says, "Meet me at the beach in twenty minutes." Izzy runs into the woods.

Stevie says in confessional, "I always liked Izzy on the TV, but she's way crazier in person."

The scene changes to the campers arriving at the beach for their challenge. A giant stage, with a large crate on it, is set up on the beach.

"Welcome to your challenge, campers!" Izzy shouts. Everyone looks at her suspiciously. "What? This challenge is perfectly safe... If you do it right."

Quintin sighs and says, "Just tell us what it is."

Izzy darts her eyes to the left, and then to the right. "In this crate... Is everyone's favorite oddity... Sasquatchanakwa!"

Levi looks at Izzy, "What do we have to do?"

"I'll open this crate," Izzy says, twirling around a crowbar, "And the first one of you that kisses Sasquatchanakwa on the lips, gets invincibility."

"No way," Missy says.

"Not going to do it," Quintin says.

"Are you out of your mind?" Sabrina says.

Izzy says, "Only according to six different psychiatrists and seven psychologists. I'm telling ya, they were all total quacks, though. Don't tell me that none of you are willing to do it?"

Stevie quickly covers Kendall's mouth with his hand.

Izzy says, "Fine. I'll think up a third challenge. You guys are so boring! Besides, it wasn't really Sasquatchanakwa in this crate." Izzy opens the crate and reveals Eva.

"Gah!" Quintin yells, "That's even worse!"

Eva says to Quintin, "Shut it, 'Red'." She hits her hand with her fist, "Unless you'd like me to shut it for you."

Izzy pushes a button, and Eva falls through a trapdoor in the stage as she shouts in surprise. Izzy says, "I was prepared for you guys chickening out, so I have the next challenge ready." Izzy goes behind the stage and tosses three chainsaws onto the stage.

Katrina says, "Now what?"

Sabrina says to Katrina, "I have a bad feeling about this." Katrina folds her arms and looks away from Sabrina.

Izzy says, "For this challenge, whoever is able to juggle these chainsaws, while they're running, longest before losing a limb is the winner!"

"No way I'm doing that," Levi says.

Sabrina says, "Please. All the other challenges were a ruse. This one's no different."

Quintin says, "Those are real chainsaws. Believe me." Sabrina gulps.

Izzy says with a smile, "So who's up first?" Stevie covers Kendall's mouth, again.

Quintin says, "We all refuse to take part of this ridiculous challenge." The campers all nod. Stevie moves Kendall's head up and down.

Izzy frowns and says, "You people have no appreciation for the time and effort it takes to think up these challenges. I feel sorry for Chris. Just meet me at the campfire ceremony area."

Everyone follows Izzy there. Once there she says, "Since none of you lame-o's wanted to do the challenge, I'll just have you vote for the person you want to see win invincibility."

Katrina says, "Right now?"

Izzy says, "Everyone will vote in the confessional booth for the person they want to be safe for sure. Then you'll go back and vote someone out."

Missy says in confessional, "If I had to choose anyone, it would be Levi. I quietly told Quintin vote for him, too. I can't pick Quintin, since no one else would vote for him. And I definitely don't want it to be Stevie."

Kendall votes in confessional, "It's pointless, now. I vote for Stevie. Who cares anymore, anyway?"

Time elapses and everyone is back from voting.

Izzy says, "The winner of invincibility is..."

"Izzy!" a voice shouts.

Izzy says, "No. That's not right." She looks up to see Chris Mclean. "Uh-oh..." Izzy says.

Chris is tied to a chair, but he is able to stand on his own, awkwardly. He hops forward. "Izzy! I can't believe you tied me up in order to take over my show. Why can't you take no for an answer?"

Izzy says, "I just remembered an appointment I had. Gotta go." Izzy runs off into the woods.

Quintin says, "You mean that all this time, Izzy was hosting, illegally? So everything we went through had no meaning?"

Chris says, after Stevie breaks him free from the ropes, "Well, we aren't about to go back and redo the challenge. We have a schedule to hold to. I've reviewed the votes, and I've got your marshmallows."

Sabrina says, "First of all, how did you find time to review the votes?"

Chris says, "On my way over here I stopped at the editing room. What can I say? I have my priorities."

Katrina says, "Second of all, the votes we cast were for invincibility, not elimination."

Chris says, "That makes no sense. We never had you vote for invincibility, before." Chris lifts up a marshmallow. "This one goes to Quintin." Quintin catches his marshmallow, remaining silent.

Sabrina looks concerned, "Quintin. Say something. He'll believe you." Quintin smirks and remains silent.

Chris says, "I don't know what you're so worried about, Sabrina, you're safe." Chris tosses a marshmallow in her direction. Chris continues, "Katrina and Kendall, the two of you are safe." Chris tosses marshmallows to the teens. Missy, Levi, and Stevie look at each other nervously. "Missy, you're safe." Chris tosses her a marshmallow. Chris says, "It's between Stevie and Levi. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Stevie." Chris says.

Levi says, "Well, that sucks." Levi gets up, and heads toward the Boat of Losers. Levi turns and says, "Bye, everyone. Thanks for voting for me, I guess."

Chris says, "Hm. We're getting down to the wire, now. I thought that guy might win. Tune in next time for another totally dramatic episode."

Chapter 20 - Thanks for the Memorization Edit

Chris says to the camera, "The name's Chris. Chris Mclean. But who doesn't know that by now, am I right? Ha ha... Um... So anyway, last time I was kidnapped by Izzy as she apparently presented the campers with challenges that they were unwilling to perform. It would have been awesome if I thought it up. Let's get the drama started."

The six remaining campers are shown at camp.

Sabrina says, "I still can't believe what happened last night."

Katrina says, "Yeah. Levi was so cool. I wish that didn't happen that way."

"Who cares?" Kendall says gloomily.

Missy says in confessional, "I guess everyone has to go sometime, if I'm going to win this thing."

Katrina ignores Kendall and says to Sabrina, "I'm sorry I was so mean to you. Let's try to start over, again."

Missy's eyes widen. "That's so forgiving of you," Missy says. "I don't know if I'd be ever able to forgive someone who stole my crush from me. I don't know if I'd be able to forget the tears, the heartache, the pain..."

Stevie puts his arm around Missy and says, "You always have something encouraging to say to us." Kendall rolls his eyes.

Quintin says in confessional, "Maybe it's just the fact that I know Missy better than anyone here, but it's so obvious to me that she's using her seemingly well-intentioned comfort to discourage the others. I like it, but hopefully she doesn't get caught."

"Who wants to go for a walk?" Stevie asks, "We could always use some more water and firewood." Katrina and Sabrina get up.

Sabrina looks at Kendall. She takes him by the hand and pulls him up. "Come on," She says.

Kendall says, "I don't want to go. I would rather be stationary, and die a slow death. Why not do it in this spot?" Sabrina yanks him by the arm.

Sabrina says in confessional, "I want to take Kendall's mind off of Fiona. He acts like he'll never see her, again."

Quintin says, "I'll stay behind and keep an eye on camp."

"Me, too," Missy says. Everyone looks at her suspiciously. "You know," she says, "The more the merrier."

After everyone leaves Missy says, "We need to get rid of Stevie."

Quintin says, "That would be an obvious choice, but he isn't likely to lose the challenge."

Missy says, "Maybe you forget how I made my team win several times. I'm an expert at sabotage."

"I never forgot that," Quintin says.

Missy says, "We just need to get Katrina and Sabrina to vote with us."

"We can't risk them getting into another fight," Quintin says, "Otherwise, they would never vote with each other. Why don't you mention it to them? They'll listen to you."

Missy says, "But you're the one who's always right. They'd listen to you."

Quintin says, "I'm not exactly the most popular guy with Katrina."

"Oh," Missy says, "I forgot. No one likes you. You're so busy dictating that you come across as a complete jerk." Quintin looks crushed. "Oh, please," Missy says. "You know I'm right. Anyway, I'm sure Sabrina would listen to you. I'll take care of the sobbing brat. If we talk to them separately, we can convince them to vote the same way without being aware of the other one's vote. That way it doesn't matter if they have another spat, and we can continue to torture them." Missy smiles.

Quintin says, "What if Stevie wins invincibility?"

"Do I have to think up everything?" Missy says in an annoyed way. "Kendall. We vote out Kendall. I'm sure everyone's sick of his pathetic moaning."

The other four teens return to camp.

"We're back!" Stevie states.

"I can see that, dear," Missy says sweetly. Stevie blushes.

Stevie says in confessional, "I've seen Missy lose her temper before, but I like my women feisty. She's so nice to everyone, every other time." Stevie smiles and continues, "I... I think I'm starting to have a crush on her, I think."

Stevie gazes at Missy from across the campfire. When she looks at him back he waves.

Missy says in confessional, "Oh, crud. I think Stevie likes me... I wish I could manipulate him to take me further into the game, but he has got to go." Missy shudders, "He probably thinks I like him, too. I could never like such a disgustingly hairy wildebeest like him. Yuck!"

Chris walks into camp. "Hi, campers!" He says. He's wearing a ridiculous outfit, and holding six clipboards and a box of crayons. "It's time for your next challenge." He places the clipboards and crayons down on the ground, and immediately leaves camp.

Quintin picks up the materials and hands them to everyone. On each clipboard is a black and white picture of Chris.

Sabrina says sarcastically, "What are we supposed to do? Color in the lines?"

Chris' voice comes on over the loudspeaker. "Hello, again, campers."

Katrina says, "Is it just me? Or is everything happening in reverse order?"

Chris continues, "I'm sure you all noticed my strange outfit."

"No stranger than usual," Quintin says.

Chris says, "Whoever is able to remember the most detail of my costume will win invincibility. Draw on the picture with your box of crayons, what I was wearing. Each item also has to be drawn with the correct color. You may begin. I'll be back in ten minutes to decide the winner."

Everyone but Kendall begins drawing. Kendall says, "What's the point?"

Stevie says without looking up from his picture, "Invincibility."

Kendall sighs and says, "I wish there was invincibility from heartache." Kendall drops his box of crayons and clipboard to the ground.

Missy coughs gently. Stevie looks up at her. She smiles at him sweetly and waves. Stevie blushes and continues working on his drawing.

Quintin says in confessional, "I knew that my only competition in this... Competition was Sabrina, so I had to act like the complete jerk that I am and distract her, somehow."

Quintin whispers to Katrina, "Your sister told me, today, that she thought your apology was fake, like you always are. She thought you did it just in an attempt to win the game."

Katrina stands up, points at Sabrina, and says, "I knew you couldn't be trusted."

Sabrina says, "Oh, no. Now what." She rolls her eyes.

Katrina says, "Don't you roll your eyes at me." Both girls angrily cross their arms and stop working on their picture. Quintin continues to work on his picture.

Chris returns to camp still in his costume. He says, "Papers, please." Everyone hands him their clipboard. Stevie hands him Kendall's. Chris reviews the pictures beginning with Kendall's. Chris says, "Wow. You didn't even try. You get no points." Chris now surveys Katrina's picture. "You have two things right. My giant orange cowboy hat, and the brown coconut bra. Two points." Chris now looks at Missy's picture. He says, "You have the cowboy hat, coconut bra, red suspenders, purple booty shorts, and yellow knee socks. That's five points for you." Chris now looks at Sabrina's picture, "You have four things right. So you can't win, sorry." Chris looks at Quintin's picture and says, "You have the cowboy hat, coconut bra, suspenders, purple shorts, knee socks, and the neon green shoes. You're now in the lead with a perfect six points. Chris now holds up Stevie's picture. Chris' eyes bulge and he says, "What's this supposed to be?"

The campers gasp. Stevie blushes and says, "I got a little... distracted."

Chris says, "You got the cowboy hat right, but you drew me in Missy's clothing." Chris slaps his forehead. "Quintin wins invincibility for the next vote. Meet me at the campfire ceremony, tonight."


Quintin says in confessional, "I guess it feels good to be safe, tonight. I talked to Sabrina and got her to agree to vote out Stevie. Missy and I are using popularity as the means to vote him out. No one would win against him in the end."

The scene changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "I reviewed the votes, and here are your marshmallows. Quintin. You're safe." He throws him a marshmallow. "Missy, Kendall, and Sabrina are safe." He tosses them their marshmallows. "That leaves Katrina and Stevie. The next marshmallow goes to..."

"Katrina." Chris tosses her her marshmallow.

Stevie says, "I figured that would happen once I lost invincibility. Oh, well. Bye, everyone." He blows a kiss at Missy. Stevie boards the boat of losers. The five remaining campers get up.

Chris says, "Get a move on, guys. It's time to vote out another camper."

Quintin says in a surprised way, "What?" He says, "I didn't see this coming."

Chris says, "With absolutely no discussion, you will all leave the area and make your vote. Quintin is also up for elimination."

Quintin protests, "But I won invincibility."

Chris says, "If you'll remember, I said you would be safe from the vote. No plural. Your invincibility was only for one campfire ceremony. Now get moving."

The campers leave the campfire ceremony and return one by one. Chris leaves and comes back. He says, "I reviewed the votes. Katrina, you're safe." Chris tosses her her marshmallow. "Sabrina." Chris says before tossing her her marshmallow. "Kendall," Chris says. Chris looks at Quintin and Missy, "One of you is out, and will have to leave the campfire ceremony immediately, and you can't come back, ever. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Quintin." Chris tosses him his marshmallow.

Missy's jaw drops. "W-w-why?" She mutters.

Katrina says, "I feel really bad, Missy, but you told me to vote out Stevie because he was so popular. I mean... You're really popular, too. I don't think I could win against you, if it comes down to a jury vote, or just who has the most support in the finals. I'm really sorry."

Sabrina says with a puzzled expression, "Quintin told me to vote out Stevie, too."

Missy gets up and angrily walks over to the Boat of Losers.

On her way to her destination she says, "I had this game in the bag. If only I had time to tell everyone who to vote for. Everyone else left sucks." Missy folds her arm and gives a look of disgust.

Chapter 21 - Name That Name! Edit

Chris Mclean smiles and says, "Welcome to Total Drama: Boney Island! We're down to our final four. Who will be our winner? The bossy jerk kid? The nerdy girl? The creepy depressing one? The desperate crybaby? Who knows? There's only one way to find out, and that's to stay tuned."

The four remaining campers are sitting at camp.

Quintin says in confessional, "I was kind of surprised that Missy got eliminated. Okay, not really. Because she was hiding her antagonistic behavior, people liked her. I knew at least two of the campers would vote for her, the others for me. I knew she would betray me, so I did what was necessary."

Sabrina says, "Can you guys believe it? We're in the final four."

Kendall says, "Meh."

Quintin says, "Um. I knew I'd be here."

"Oh, yeah?" Kendall says. "Even when you were eliminated?" Quintin glares at Kendall.

Sabrina says in confessional, "When this game started, I never would have expected this to be the final four. I mean, when you think about it, we're quite an unconventional group of misfits."

Katrina says, "So what would everyone do if they won the money?"

Quintin says, "I'll invest it, once I reach eighteen."

Sabrina says, "I'd save it. Maybe buy a house after college."

Katrina says, "Who asked you?"

"Ah," Sabrina says. "You hate me, today."

Katrina says, "Maybe if you didn't think I was so 'fake'."

Sabrina says, "I never..."

Quintin quickly interrupts Sabrina and says, "What about you Katrina?"

"I'd buy nice clothes," Katrina says, "And maybe a tricked out car."

Sabrina sarcastically says, "How wise. Kendall, how about you?"

Kendall sadly says, "I don't care."

Katrina says, "Oh, come on. There must be something you'd want."

Kendall slightly smiles and says, "I guess I'd remodel my room. It would look great with padded walls, and barbwire across the windows. I'd put a deadbolt on the door to prevent people like you to ever come near me, again, and I wouldn't have to be bothered by your idle conversation."

Katrina looks hurt, and says, "I'm sorry. I just wanted to get you involved with the group."

Kendall says rigidly, "Well, don't."

Katrina sighs and says in confessional, "Ever since Fiona's elimination, Kendall has been acting differently. I don't know why he acts like he'll never see her, again. I mean, she's only an island away."

Quintin says in confessional, "Everything is actually turning out exactly how I planned. With the twins being here, I can easily pit them against each other whenever I want in order to be safe from the vote. With Kendall here... Well, let's just say the boy is hopeless. Once I get into the finals, I'll win, no matter who I'm up against. If you don't believe me, look at my track record. I'm always right. So what if everyone hates me in the end? I didn't come here to make friends."

Chris walks into camp. "Hello, campers. It's so good to see all of you." Kendall raises an eyebrow. "It's time for your next challenge." Chris hands each contestant a small chalkboard and a piece of chalk. Chris says, "I'm going to ask you all a question about one of the campers you competed with. You'll each write your answer on a chalkboard and reveal it. You're out of the competition when you get one wrong. Here's the first question: Who finished in eighth place?"

Everyone writes down a name, and holds up their chalkboard. Chris surveys the chalkboards and says, "Everyone is right. It was Fiona. Next question. Who tried to attract Levi's attention by faking her own drowning?"

Everyone writes an answer, and reveals them. "Everyone has Esme written down, except for Kendall, who wrote..." Chris looks surprised, "Chris Mclean's mother. Kendall, you should be ashamed of yourself. You're out of this contest, and up for elimination."

Kendall says, "Whoop-dee-doo."

Chris says, "The next question. Who was secretly a rich kid?" Everyone writes a name down and reveals their answer. Chris reads the answers and says, "The three of you are right. It was Reginald. Next question. Who was the first contestant eliminated from the Prehistoric Geese?" Everyone writes down 'Jerome'. Chris nods and says, "That's right. Who was the first camper eliminated without an elimination vote?" Sabrina and Quintin write 'Waterlily' while Katrina writes 'Levi'. Chris says, "With that, Katrina is out of the competition. It's now between Sabrina and Quintin. Next question. Which camper has the longest name?" Both contestants hold up the chalkboard without erasing it. "That's right," Chris says, "The answer is Waterlily. Who was the saboteur?" Everyone's eyes widen. Sabrina and Quintin write down their answers. Sabrina's answer is 'Grace' and Quintin's chalkboard says 'Missy'. Chris says, "The winner of invincibility is... Quintin!" Katrina and Sabrina gasp.

Sabrina says, "You must be joking. It couldn't have been Missy."

"She's so nice," Katrina says.

Quintin says, "That shows what the two of you know. Her niceness was just an act. She was just using you, Katrina. She did a pretty good job of it."

Sabrina says, "How do you know all of this?"

Chris interrupts the conversation. "Meet me at the campfire ceremony, where one of you will be eliminated."

Quintin says in confessional, "Sabrina has to be the one to go. She is the only one who can slightly give me any sort of competition. I talked it over with Katrina, actually. I reminded her of the pain Sabrina caused her when she betrayed her and broke her heart. It was almost too easy."

The scene changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "One of you will lose out on your chance at a million dollars. Once you're voted out, you can't come back. Ever. The first marshmallow goes to Quintin." Chris tosses him his marshmallow. "Katrina, you're safe." Chris tosses her her marshmallow. Kendall looks aloof and Sabrina is frowning. "The last marshmallow is for..."

"Sabrina." Chris tosses her her marshmallow.

Quintin says, "Katrina? You voted for Kendall? I don't get it."

Katrina says, "I had to. When you reminded me of my own heartache, I thought about Kendall. He wants to be reunited with Fiona. I had the power to let him return to her. I didn't want him to suffer any longer." She looks at Kendall. He gets up and hugs her.


Kendall says, "It's about time! It's like you people can't take a friggin' hint!"

Sabrina says, "What do you mean?"

Kendall says, "I was acting all mopey and depressed so you guys would get tired of me and vote me out. Man, I thought you would vote me out sooner." Kendall runs onto the Boat of Losers. On his way to his destination he lets out an excited squeal, "Eeeeeeee!"

Chris, Quintin, Sabrina, and Katrina look stunned. Chris says to the camera, "I have no words. Well... Other than, 'I'm Chris Mclean. Tune into the next installment of Total Drama: Boney Island.'"

Chapter 22 - Terms of Endurance Edit

Chris Mclean smiles and says, "Welcome to Total Drama: Boney Island! With only three contestants left, we're even closer to our finale. Who will be eliminated this time, coming within inches of the million dollar prize? I don't know, but it'd suck to be them. Ha ha!"

The three remaining teens are seen at their campsite. Katrina and Sabrina are sitting with their backs facing each other, as Quintin tends to the fire.

Quintin says, "So did the two of you think you'd make it this far?"

Sabrina and Katrina begin speaking at the same time, and quickly quit speaking when they realize this.

Quintin says in confessional, "Man. My plan was to take these two far into the competition in order to pit them against each other. This is turning out way easier than I thought it would. There's no way these two will look passed their differences, and take the other to the final. Trust me, I'm always right about these things."

Quintin says, "Well, I knew I'd make it this far."

Sabrina rolls her eyes and says, "Oh, please."

"Excuse me?" Quintin says disbelievingly.

Sabrina says, "I'm sick of hearing you constantly patting yourself on the back." Sabrina mocks, "I'm right above everything. I can do no wrong. Blah, blah, I'm perfect, blah, blah."

"I never claimed I was perfect," Quintin says angrily.

Katrina says, "Leave him alone."

Sabrina says, "This isn't your conversation."

Quintin says, "Yeah. Butt out."

"But I was defending you," Katrina says sheepishly.

Quintin says, "I hope the day never comes when I need help from a traitor."

Katrina says sadly, "I'm sorry." Katrina walks off into the woods to the confessional cam.

Katrina says in confessional, "I made it to the final three. Shouldn't I be excited about that? Unfortunately, I'm here with my two worst enemies." Katrina sighs.

Alone with Sabrina, Quintin says, "I'm sorry if I come across as an egomaniac. I don't mean to sound like such a jerk. I can be very vocal with my opinion. I guess that even I have flaws."

Sabrina says, "I'm sorry for losing my temper with you."

Quintin says, "That's okay. I know I can be frustrating to be around. Missy kindly pointed that out."

Sabrina says, "So, what's the deal with you and Missy?"

"I found out that she was the saboteur," Quintin says. "We were in a secret alliance, together." Sabrina gasps. "She was completely underhanded, I regret making an alliance with her."

Quintin says in confessional, "I don't really regret the alliance. It got me this far. But I need Sabrina to trust me." Quintin smirks.

"So, I guess, even you make mistakes," Sabrina says.

Quintin gives a fake smile and says, "It feels good to come clean like this. I feel like I can really trust you, Sabrina, and I don't open up to just anyone." Quintin hugs Sabrina.

Sabrina smiles and says, "Sure, you can trust me."

"Unlike your sister, I hope," Quintin says.

"I'm nothing like her," Sabrina says.

Quintin says, "I like that. If I win the next challenge, I'm taking you with me to the finals. I'd rather be in the finals with strong competition, rather than that mess."

Sabrina says, "Me, too."

"Thanks," Quintin says. "I'm going to head over to the confessionals."

Quintin gets up and leaves the area. On his way to the confessionals he meets Katrina.

"Hey," Katrina says, "I wish there was a way to make up for what I did earlier in the competition."

Quintin says, "I can't think of anything." Quintin pauses and says, "Wait, I just thought of a way to make up for it."

"What is it?" Katrina asks.

"If you win today's competition," Quintin says, "Take me to the finals."

Katrina says, "I don't know if I can do that. I mean, Sabrina is my sister."

Quintin says, "I understand. That's very noble of you to stand up for someone who obviously doesn't care about you just because your related."

Katrina hesitates and asks, "Would you really forgive me if I voted out Sabrina?" Quintin nods. Katrina says, "I guess I'll do it."

Quintin says bitterly, "I hope I can trust you."

"Believe me," Katrina says, "I won't betray you, again." The two teens part ways.

Quintin smiles and says in confessional, "I just cemented my place in the final two."

Once Quintin returns to camp, Chris' voice comes on over the loudspeaker and announces, "It's time for your challenge, final three. Meet me at the beach."

The three teens arrive at the beach where Chris is waiting. Chris directs attention to three platforms. Chris says, "Here is the site of your next challenge. Each of you will stand on one of these platforms on one leg. The last one remaining will win crucial invincibility."

"How creative," Quintin says. The three teens take their positions.

Chris says, "Your challenge begins, now."

Quintin immediately gives up. Chris, Katrina, and Sabrina gasp. Quintin says, "What? I knew I couldn't beat either of you at this. I have horrible balance. Why torture myself, when I could take myself out early?"

Chris says, "I guess it makes sense, in a weird way."

Thirty minutes elapse and the two sisters continue the challenge.

Sabrina says, "I don't think I can keep this up. It hurts so bad."

Katrina says, "I could do this all day."

Quintin says, "That is so not possible."

Sabrina slips and falls off her platform. Chris says, "With that, Katrina has won invincibility. Congratulations. You have a guaranteed spot in the final two."

"Thanks," Katrina says sadly.

Chris says, "Meet me at the campfire ceremony, tonight."

The three leave the area and head back to camp.

Quintin says in confessional, "I'm not even packing my bags. I'm not going, anywhere."

Sabrina says to the other two, "I guess this is my last day here." Katrina remains silent, as does Quintin. Sabrina looks at Quintin and says, "You made a deal with Katrina, didn't you?"

Quintin says, "She owes me."

Katrina says, "I'm sorry Sabrina, but I have to make up for how I betrayed him. This is the only way."

Sabrina sighs and says, "I understand." She turns her attention to Quintin and says, "It was your idea to use Missy to try to keep Katrina and I at each others throats, wasn't it?"

Quintin says, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Sabrina says, "Come on. I'm not stupid."


Quintin says, "Fine. I did. I knew it would take me to the finals, and I was right. There's no way Katrina can take back her promise, now."

"He's right," Katrina says.

Sabrina says, "Can't you ever think for yourself?"

"I'm sorry," Katrina says, "It's too late to change what I promised."

Sabrina gathers her belongings and says, "It's okay, I guess. I made a similar promise to Quintin, too. He successfully pitted us against each other."

Katrina says, "I figured that."

The three make their way to the campfire ceremony. Chris hands a marshmallow to Katrina. "Since you won invincibility, you are automatically safe. Also, since you are the only vote caster, we'll have you cast your vote in front of these two." Chris hands her another marshmallow. Chris says, "Give it to the contestant you would like to join you in the final two."

Katrina stands up and says, "This hurts so much. I've longed to have a close relationship with my sister, but I was too selfish to pursue it. It hurts that I can't start now, because of a promise I made. This marshmallow goes to..."

"I was wrong," Quintin says. Everyone looks at Quintin. He says, "All this time I was so determined to win, that I was willing to do anything possible to get myself in the finals. I got my closest friends voted out, just to advance myself further. I stepped on others feelings just to prove points. Worst of all, I tried to tear apart two sisters." Quintin begins crying. "I would never forgive anyone who did that to my brother and I, but here I am meddling in matters that I have no business in." Quintin looks at Katrina says, "Don't uphold your part of the deal. That marshmallow belongs to your sister."

Sabrina says, "Quintin, you don't have to do this."

Quintin says, "You're wrong. I have to. I'm so sorry for any pain I caused the two of you."

Katrina hands the marshmallow to Sabrina.

Quintin gets up, hugs Katrina, and whispers, "I forgive you."

Katrina says, "I forgive you, too."

Chris says, "Wow, man. You just gave up your shot at a million dollars."

Quintin says, "Chris, I had to. It was the right thing to do." Quintin boards the Boat of Losers with a wide smile on his face. He waves to the final two as he departs.

Chris says, "With that, Katrina and Sabrina are our final two. Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of Total Drama: Boney Island."

Chapter 23 - Won for the MoneyEdit

Chris Mclean appears in front of the camera, "Hello, my faithful viewers. It's time for the exciting finale, where our winner will be decided. Who will it be? The twin, or the other twin? Who knows, but I can guarantee that this episode will not disappoint. I'm practically in the entire thing."

"Can you believe it?" Katrina says, sitting next to the campfire.

Sabrina says, "I still can't."

Katrina says in confessional, "I never would have thought that Sabrina and I would be in the finals, together. When this competition started, we couldn't even stand each other enough to be on the same tribe together."

Sabrina asks, "Do you think we'll have a challenge or some sort of jury vote?" Katrina shrugs.

Sabrina says in confessional, "I'm in the finals with Katrina, and... We're on speaking terms. This competition has given me so much. I even have a boyfriend, now." Sabrina blushes.

Katrina asks, "Do you think the others will be there?"

Sabrina says, "I hope so."

Chris appears suddenly and says, "It's time for us to decide our winner," Chris takes both twin by the arm and leads them all the way to the beach. Two large sections of bleachers are set up, one painted white, the other maroon. Chris points to the bleachers and says, "In a few minutes, the eighteen non-finalists are going to come here, and sit in one of these cheering sections to represent who they'd like to see win. Who they choose could affect the outcome."

Sabrina says, "How?"

Chris says, "Moving on. After the eliminated campers come here, you'll give a speech as to what you'll do with the money and blah-dy blah. Then you'll take part in an epic challenge. The one of you that crosses the finish line first will be one million dollars richer. The eliminated campers will come in one at a time in order of when they were eliminated, and choose who they would like to see win. Let's start with Esme."

Esme walks off of the large boat that originally transported the teens to Boney Island. Esme waves and says, "Congratulations, you two." She sits in Katrina's cheering section. "I'm rooting for Katrina, because I switched places with her in the very beginning. If it weren't for her, I'd never get to be on a team with Levi, and realize how foolish I was." Esme smiles and says, "Thanks."

Dirk comes off of the boat next, and stands between the two sections. "I don't think either of you should win," Dirk says. Sabrina and Katrina roll their eyes. Dirk continues, "But if I have to choose, I pick Sabrina." Dirk sits in Sabrina's section, and says, "She's doesn't really try very hard at sports, like she should." Esme gets up, walks over to Dirk, and kicks him in the shin. She then runs back to her section.

Jerome exits the boat next and sits in Katrina's section. Blair comes off of the boat and says, "This is a really hard decision. Okay, well not really, since I never really got to know Sabrina, like, at all, and Katrina was one of my bestest friends out here. So I'll sit over here. I hope your not offended, or anything, Sabrina."

"Not at all," Sabrina says.

Ivan is next to get off of the boat, he sits in Sabrina's section. Ivan is followed by Autumn, who quietly sits in Sabrina's section. Lisa exits the boat and also chooses Sabrina's section. Lisa says, "Sorry, Katrina. But when you betrayed Quintin, you betrayed me, as well." Katrina looks ashamed.

Grace is the next person to get off the boat, she sits in Sabrina's section. Grace says, "You got this, girl."

Reginald gets off the boat and sits in Katrina's section. Sabrina looks surprised and says, "Reginald, I thought we were friends."

Reginald says, "Please. I don't care who wins this thing." Sabrina looks sad.

Tommy is the next person to step off of the boat. He looks conflicted and says, "Sabrina, I hope you understand, but I feel like I owe Katrina for the way I made her feel." Tommy sits down in Katrina's section.

Sabrina says, "It's okay. I understand."

Katrina says, "No, it isn't. Look, I shouldn't think that you're supposed to like me more than my sister, just because I like you. I'm so over it. Don't feel like you have to support me, just because you think my feelings will be hurt." Sabrina hugs her sister, as Tommy gets up and sits in Sabrina's section.

Zane comes off the boat and sits in Sabrina's section. Waterlily exits the boat and frolics to Katrina's section, and sits down. Fiona exits the boat and sits in Katrina's section, followed by Levi. Levi says, "I feel a special connection to both of you, but I feel like Katrina helped me grow up, a little." Levi sits in Katrina's section. Stevie exits the boat next and sits in Katrina's section.

Missy gets off of the boat angrily and silently sits in Sabrina's section. Kendall exits the boat next and sits in Katrina's section and says, "Thanks, again, for letting me reunite with my love." Kendall pushes Blair out of the way so he can sit by Fiona.

Quintin steps off of the boat with an ashamed look on his face, he quietly sits in Katrina's section. Jerome immediately stands up, walks over to Sabrina's section, and sits down. Quintin tries not to look. Waterlily stands up, and sadly walks over to Sabrina's section, and sits down. Quintin looks crushed and says, "I wish you two could forgive me, I was wrong. This isn't about me, right now, it's about supporting Katrina." Quintin's plea was met with silence.

"That was awkward," Chris says. "Now we'll have the obligatory 'What I'll do with the money' speech. Katrina?"

Katrina says, "I plan to study hard, now. I learned from my mistakes of thinking popularity was more important than my education. I'll use the money to get into a good college."

Chris says, "How about you Sabrina?"

Sabrina, "I'll use the money for college, too, unless I get a full-ride scholarship. I plan on saving the rest of the money."

Chris looks to see that no one has changed who they originally supported, then he says, "There we have it. Eight supporters for Katrina, ten for Sabrina. Let me tell you what that means." Chris holds up two large backpacks, one has Katrina's face on it, and the other one has Sabrina's face on it. "Each of you will have to wear a backpack," Chris says. Chris hands the backpack to the twins, and they put them on.

Sabrina says, "Gah! This thing is heavy."

Chris says, "There are eighteen five pound weights in those backpacks. Adding up to ninety pounds. For each supporter you received, I will take out one weight. Meaning, Sabrina only has to carry forty pounds, while, Katrina has to carry fifty pounds. Those ten pounds could make all the difference." Chris removes fifty pounds from Sabrina's backpack, and forty from Katrina's. Chris says, "Your challenge is an obstacle course. First you will climb that wall over there. You have a rope to help you over it. Then, you'll see a marked area where you'll dig up a slingshot. You'll find a podium near that with pellets to shoot down a collection of pots from a marked distance of ten feet. Those pots each have a puzzle piece in them. After shooting and shattering the pots, you'll use the pieces to assemble a puzzle together on the podium. After I have confirmed that you finished the puzzle, you will then dash to the finish line. Whoever crosses first, will be the winner. Are you ready?" Sabrina and Katrina nod. Chris shouts, "Go!"

The eliminated campers cheer for their contestant of choice as they run to the wall. The twins keep within a close distance of each other.

Katrina says in confessional, "I think that I could have climbed that wall, easily, if it wasn't for the fifty pounds I had to carry."

Both girls try to climb the wall, but struggle. They finish the climb about the same time as they hear cheers from the other campers. Both girls begin climbing down the other side and Sabrina falls after getting about halfway down. "Ow!" She exclaims. She gets up and heads to the sand pit where she is supposed to dig up her slingshot. She begins digging in the sand with her hands. Katrina catches up and begins digging also.

Katrina digs out the sand fairly fast, as she flings the sand at Sabrina. Sabrina shouts, "Watch it!"

"Sorry," Katrina says, as she blushes. She begins digging, facing the other direction. Katrina shouts, "I found it!" She lifts up her slingshot, and runs over to her podium and begins shooting at the pots. Sabrina then finds her slingshot and runs over to her podium. Sabrina does poorly at hitting the pots, and Katrina eventually breaks the last of hers. She runs to gather the pieces, and heads back to her podium to assemble the puzzle. Katrina is halfway done with her puzzle when Sabrina smashes her final pot. She gathers the pieces and heads over to the podium. She quickly assembles the puzzle. Chris confirms that she finished it, and she begins running to the finish line. Katrina finishes her puzzle shortly after Sabrina and begins running, after receiving confirmation from Chris. Katrina runs and catches up to Sabrina, running as fast as she can. She begins to get a lead on Sabrina. Sabrina tries to run faster, but falls. Her glasses fall to the ground. Katrina's supporters burst out in cheers.

Sabrina says, "My glasses! I can't see without them." Sabrina scrambles to find her glasses as she crawls around trying to find them. Katrina stops running to look behind her.

Fiona shouts, "Go, Katrina! You can win this thing."

Katrina hesitates, she steps toward the finish line, and says, "I can't win this way." Katrina turns and walks to Sabrina, and hands her her glasses. Katrina helps her sister up and says, "Let's finish this together." Katrina and Sabrina walk together toward the finish line. Katrina has her hand on Sabrina's shoulder.

Chris shouts, "You can't do this! This can't end in a tie!"

Quintin smirks and says, "I never saw anything that said that in the rules. Not to mention our contracts."

Chris says, "Well, I'm making up the rule, now. No ties!"

Lisa says, "You, so, can't do that." Chris sighs. The eliminated campers, excluding Reginald, cheer.

Sabrina says to Katrina as they near the finish line, "You didn't have to do this. I'd be perfectly fine if you won."

Katrina says, "I gave you such a hard time for so long. I treated you like dirt. This is something I have to do." Sabrina smiles.

As they were just a few steps from the finish line, Katrina loses her footing, and falls forward. Sabrina is propelled forward by Katrina, and she falls to the ground.

Everyone watching the scene gasps.

Chris says, "I can't believe it..."

Sabrina is kneeling on the ground, across the finish line.

Chris says, "Sabrina is the winner!"

The eliminated campers applaud and cheer, excluding Reginald. Tommy runs over to Sabrina and helps her to her feet. He hugs her.

Sabrina says, "Did Chris say I won?" Tommy nods. Sabrina turns to Katrina and says, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to fall like that, I..."

Katrina says, "Don't worry about it. It was my own fault. You deserve this." Katrina smiles. Sabrina hugs Katrina.

Reginald rolls his eyes. Autumn takes him by the hand. Reginald looks down at Autumn. They smile at each other and blush.

Chris says, "Sabrina. I present you with this over-sized million dollar check." Chris hands the check to Sabrina, and the other campers surround her. Stevie lifts her and sets her on his shoulder as everyone cheers, once more.

Katrina slips away from the crowd and looks on with a smile. Quintin walks over to Katrina and smiles at her. Katrina winks at Quintin.

Quintin says, "I knew it."

Chapter 24 - Reunion'dEdit

Chris Mclean says, "Chris Mclean here, to present you with another installment of Total... Drama... Reali... Oh... Where am I?" Chris looks around him and sees that he is on Boney Island. He takes out an organizer and reads it. "Chris Mclean here, to present you with the Total Drama: Boney Island reunion!" The crowd of Woolly Beavers goes wild. Chris looks at the reunited cast and says, "It's about one year since the season ended. Everyone is here, so let's get this wild and kooky question and answer session under way." Sabrina raises an eyebrow. Chris says, "So let's start with a question directed to the lot of you. How have things been since Total Drama: Boney Island ended?"

Blair speaks up first, "Well, things have been going great for me since I left the show. I got to see all of my friends and family. Well, not all of my family, as that would be pretty difficult as some of them are dead, but I digress. Oh, and you might find it interesting to know that I've discovered a cure for..."

Chris interrupts her, "Maybe I didn't ask that question right. When I said 'How have things been since Total Drama: Boney Island ended?' I meant, 'How have you enjoyed the excitingly exciting sequel to Total Drama: Boney Island, Total... Drama... Reality?' Does anyone watch?"

Ivan raises his arm and says, "Ooh! Ooh! I watch, and I love it! My favorite..."

Chris interrupts and says, "Does anyone other than Ivan watch? I mean, that's already a given."

Tommy says, "I watch it with Sabrina. It's an excuse for us to get together. We live a few hours apart, but I make it a goal to drive to visit her every night it's on. I really like it."

Katrina says, "Oh, please. You haven't watched a single second of it. The two of you are either making out, or telling each other how much you 'wuv' each other." Sabrina and Tommy blush simultaneously.

Chris says, "That reminds me. Katrina and Sabrina, several of our viewers wanted to know how your relationship has been after the show?"

Katrina says, "It's been really great, honestly."

Sabrina says, "We have our share of arguments still, that's a given."

"But we're always able to work things out," Katrina says.

Sabrina says, "And our arguing has become far less frequent."

Chris says, "Touching, really. Moving on to Esme. Are you still madly in love with Levi?"

Levi looks uncomfortable. Esme says, "What a mistake that was. I'm over Levi. I should have respected him in the beginning, and talked about my feelings to see if he felt the same way."

Chris says, "I'm impressed. Anyway... Still boy crazy?"

Zane shouts, "Chris! I'm not gay! Give it a rest, already." Everyone silently stares at Zane with their eyes wide.

Chris says, "Um... That question was directed toward Esme." Zane turns a very bright shade of red.

Esme says, "Well... I still like guys, but I don't go around strategizing at how to get them to date me. Ironically, I finally have a boyfriend at home after I started chilling out, a little."

Chris says, "Wow. Quite impressive. It's your turn, Zane. When did you begin your life as a smooth talker?"

Zane sticks out his tongue. He says, "Thee thith?" He points at his tongue, and then puts it back in his mouth. "This baby is golden. I was born with it."

Chris says, "Umkay. The next question to you is from Brandon. Brandon writes, 'If you had voted with Missy and Quintin to eliminate Stevie, how far do you think you would have gotten?'"

Zane says, "Well, first off, I would never vote out my best friend. Bros before dough, and all that. But if it did happen, I'd probably make it around seventh."

Chris says, "I'm shocked. You weren't confident that you would win?"

Zane says, "I would have talked everyone into voting for me to get invincibility, and would have gotten axed like Levi."

Levi says, "Still hurts."

Chris says, "Next up is Dirk. Many of our viewers are wondering if you're still sexist."

"Still going strong," Dirk says proudly.

"Congratulations?" Chris awkwardly says.

Dirk says, "Thanks, man. How come compliments from guys are so much more rewarding? After that whole Missy mistake, I've given up dating girls. They so aren't worth it."

Chris says, "But... Never mind. Moving on to Jerome." Jerome smiles and waves at the Woolly Beavers. Chris asks, "Got any funny stories about your looks?"

Jerome says, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Chris ignores Jerome and asks, "If you could go back, would you try to be more involved in the game, instead of being so obsessed with your looks?"

Jerome gestures with his hands and brings attention to his face. He says, "This always comes first, Chris."

Chris asks, "One more question, Jerome. Where do you get your hair product, face cream, and skin care product?"

Jerome becomes very grim and says, "I cannot divulge my secrets."

Chris says, "Why not?" Jerome stares very hard at Chris without saying anything. Chris says, "Moving on. Blair, why do you talk so much?"

Blair looks confused. She repeats, "Talk so much?"

Chris says, "Will you ever shut up?" Blair looks crushed and starts crying. Chris says, "Um... Ivan... How did you become so obsessed with the Total Drama series?"

Ivan says, "I dunno. I saw an episode and was hooked ever since."

Chris asks, "The next question comes from Spenny. Did you get to meet any of the TDI contestants in person?"

Ivan nods and says, "I met a few of them, but I was so happy when I got to meet Owen."

Chris says, "That's awesome."

Ivan nods and says, "He even gave me his autograph." Ivan holds up a piece of paper.

Chris squints at the piece of paper and says, "I'd recognize that piece of paper anywhere. That's a restraining order."

Ivan says, "I had to try my hardest to get his signature." Ivan holds the piece of paper against his heart.

Chris stares blankly at Ivan. He says, "Waterlily... How are things with Quintin?"

Waterlily looks sad. She says, "We don't talk."

Quintin says, "Maybe if you owned a phone."

Chris says, "What did you ever see in him?"

Waterlily says, "I thought he was really sweet. I could tell he was an honest, nice person deep down. But... I can't..." Waterlily starts to cry. "I can forgive him for what he did. But when someone values a game or money over their relationship with you, it's hard to forget that."

Quintin says, "Waterlily, it won't ever happen, again. I've learned my lesson. Just give me one more chance." Waterlily doesn't reply.

Chris says, "Well, on a lighter note. Waterlily, what are your parents' names?"

"Bob and Steve," Waterlily says.

Chris says, "Wow. I was expecting something crazy... Wait a minute." Chris looks surprised. "Bob and Steve?"

Waterlily nods. She says, "My mom is Steve. Hi, Steve!"

Chris says. "Alrighty... Quintin... Ever been wrong before?"

Quintin looks at Waterlily. He looks at Chris and says, "Yes."

Chris asks, "Did you always know what places you would come in?"

Quintin rolls his eyes and says, "No, Chris. I don't predict things, I make decisions. I can't make people agree with me, so I know there's a chance for... betrayal." Quintin looks down.

Chris asks, "Okay, Autumn. Have you been able to make any real friends on the show?"

"Well," Autumn says, "Reginald. And Blair and I talk every day. Well, Blair does most of the talking." Blair starts crying, again. Autumn blushes and says, "Sorry."

Chris asks, "Lisa. How did you feel about being voted out?"

Lisa says, "Not thrilled. I knew it was happening, but I still am pretty competitive. I wanted to win pretty badly."

Chris asks, "Are you and Zane still together?"

Lisa shakes her head. Lisa says, "We live on separate sides of the country. It just wasn't working out for us."

Zane says, "We're not on bad terms, at all, though."

Chris says, "The next question is for Grace. How did you feel about your unfair elimination?"

Grace raises an eyebrow says, "It was unfair."

"If you could take any moment back, what would it be?" Chris asks.

Grace says, "Letting that ninja cut my favorite jacket."

Chris looks surprised. He says, "Really?"

Grace says, "No, not really. My biggest mistake was trusting that two-faced weasel." Grace points at Missy.

Chris says, "Hey, Reginald? Still feeling bitter?"

Reginald says, "I guess not so bad. I was hurting back then, but I made some real friends." Reginald smiles at Autumn. He continues, "Autumn is great. She'll always let me talk to her when I need to. I also talk with Levi pretty regularly, too. He also helps me out when I'm feeling a little depressed." Reginald's eyes get teary. He says, "It means a lot to have friends who don't judge me even when I can be negative sometimes."

Levi puts his hand on Reginald's back and says, "We know how hard you're trying."

Chris says, "Heartwarming. Really. We have a question for you from a viewer who wishes to remain anonymous. 'Do you think you could have made better use of your time on the island if Missy hadn't betrayed you?'"

Reginald says, "Yeah... I think maybe I could have grown a little more if I were out there. I was just starting to feel comfortable to open up to someone. I chose the wrong person and was betrayed. I don't know if that wound will ever heal. Trust is a big issue for me... But I really do believe that Autumn and Levi have my best interests at heart. So I'm still making progress, despite Missy."

Missy rolls her eyes and says, "Oh, sure. Blame your problems on me."

Chris says, "Anywho, Tommy... Still a geek?"

Tommy blushes and says, "Yeah. I guess."

Chris asks, "Why Sabrina and not Katrina?"

Tommy says, "I don't know. I can't really explain it. I guess Sabrina is my type, no offense to Katrina."

Chris says, "Now it's Fiona's turn." Several Woolly Beavers cheer. "Fiona, who's you favorite fairy?"

Fiona says, "The sugar plum fairies. They remind me of my Dolly." Kendall blushes and the two smile at each other.

Chris says, "I'm not even going to ask about that. Do you still believe in the tooth fairy?"

Fiona looks at Chris quizzically and says, "Why wouldn't I?"

Chris says, "No reason. Have you ever been mean to someone in your whole life?"

Fiona says, "Nope. I think anyone can make it through their whole life without being mean. It can be hard, sometimes, I guess, but it's worth it."

Chris says, "Levi, have you started dating, yet?"

Levi looks embarrassed, "Oh, no. I haven't. I still feel pretty young, I guess. The girls at my school have been respectful of my thoughts though, so that's nice."

Chris asks, "How did you feel during your elimination?"

Levi says, "I hid it pretty well, but I was pretty shattered. It was a tough way to be eliminated."

Chris says, "Yeah, so sorry. Moving on to Stevie." The Woolly Beavers cheer wildly. Chris looks at the Woolly Beavers and says, "You're their idol. So Stevie, did you feel threatened by Fiona and Kendall's relationship?"

Stevie says, "No, I'm happy for them. I hope that I can find a girl who loves me as much as Fiona loves Kendall, someday."

Chris asks, "How did you feel about Missy using you?"

"Used," Stevie says.

Chris asks, "Are you still undefeated in wrestling?"

Stevie nods. Stevie says, "I'm still wrestling, though whether I want to keep doing it in the future... I still haven't come to a decision."

"Missy," Chris says. The Woolly Beavers boo and hiss. Chris continues and says, "Were you really friends with Autumn?"

Missy says sweetly, "Of course." Autumn smiles softly.

Chris asks, "What was your best move?"

Missy says, "Taking out Autumn. That was hilarious." Autumn frowns.

Chris says, "Do you feel any remorse over getting nearly everyone eliminated, including yourself?"

Missy says, "Yeah, that getting myself voted out thing was a little regrettable." Missy rolls her eyes. "Who came up with these questions?"

"One more question, Missy," Chris says. "Taylor wants to know why you started sabotaging everyone and acting like a jerk?"

"Real sensitive," Missy says as she rolls her eyes. "That was always my strategy, and I guess I was always just some big jerk."

Chris says, "Touching. I'm glad you changed your ways."

Missy rolls her eyes and says sarcastically, "Oh my gosh, you listen so well."

Chris says, "It was probably one of the most talked about moments, but Kendall, we never heard how you felt when Zane mistook you for a girl. Ken was one of the people who wanted to know, for whatever reason."

Kendall blushes and says, "It wasn't the first time, but it was still pretty embarrassing to happen on national TV. Honestly... I didn't realize he thought I was a girl at first. I thought he was just pretty bold." Zane blushes, again.

Chris says, "Anything to say about your stepbrother? Like did your relationship get better after the show?"

Kendall shakes his head and says, "No. We don't talk. It got a little better with my dad, but not by much. I have Stevie and Fiona now, though. So the void is kind of filled, a little. I feel closer to my stepmother, though. Just with my stepbrother... I can't talk to him. It's hard for us to relate to each other, because we are so different."

Chris asks, "Katrina, this question is from Sam. How do you feel about your sister beating you and winning the prize?"

Katrina says, "Er... I was pretty disappointed. I thought we could both win."

Sabrina says, "I figured out what you did, you know."

"You did?" Katrina asks. Sabrina nods. Katrina says, "Well, I don't regret what I did. Sabrina deserved to win."

Chris says, "How have your grades been since the show?"

Katrina says, "I've been studying more. My grades aren't perfect, but they're better."

Chris says, "Have you returned to your geekdom?"

Katrina says, "Well, a little. I go with Sabrina and Tommy to some sci-fi shows and conventions every now and then."

Chris says dryly, "Sounds fun." Chris turns his attention to Sabrina and says, "Sabrina, our big winner." The Woolly Beavers cheer. "I'll ask the big question. What have you done, or what do you plan on doing with the money you won?"

Sabrina says, "I saved practically all of it." Sabrina turns to Katrina and says, "I haven't told my sister yet, but I want to pay her way through whatever college she wants to get into."

Katrina looks surprised. She says, "You don't have to do that."

Sabrina says, "Too bad. I am. I owe you." The sisters hug.

Chris says, "Well, that ends our reunion. It was pretty decent to see all of you, again. I'll see five of you during the All-Star season."

Ivan's eyes light up. He says, "There's going to be an All-Star season?" Chris nods.

Chris concludes, "That's all we have time for. Thanks for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed seeing how your favorite Boney Islanders have been doing."

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