Angelo has always been a great child. His parents were afraid that he would change when he became a teenager, but that didn't happen. He's perfectly balanced in his athleticism, academics, and personal life. He's his school football team's quarterback, captain, and head cheerleader. His team has never lost under his guidance. Despite his roles on the football team, Angelo maintains a perfect grade point average. He also volunteers with puppies with no limbs. He's popular and is nice to every student in his school. He can be firm when needed, however. His parents are concerned that if he should ever fail at something, it would devastate him.

Brent is an only child. He's perfectly satisfied with blending in. He doesn't have any discernible talents or interests, but he doesn't mind. He does average in school. He's fairly well liked, as he has never offended anyone, but he doesn't have any really close friends. He's completely satisfied with that, too. He never really says anything interesting, or does anything interesting. He doesn't get in trouble with his father, but his father wishes that his son had some goals, or character.

Cary has a twin brother named Grant. When Cary became a teenager, he became very confident in his looks. He spends a lot of time gazing at himself in the mirror, and talking about how great he is. His other favorite past time is insulting his brother's appearance, despite their being identical. Even though Grant is horribly mistreated by his brother, he says nothing but nice things about Cary. The twin boys' mother is tired of Cary's overconfidence.

Dinah loves to cause trouble. She gets her siblings in trouble by acting innocent in front of adults, but causing trouble behind the scenes. Dinah doesn't enjoy acting her age. All of the teens in her class can't stand her, but she has no idea why. She views her trouble making as endearing. Because her teachers have no idea that she's so devious, she's a teacher's pet. Dinah can be extremely nice with kids younger than her, who usually think that she's younger than she is. She also loves animals. Her mother and stepfather realize that she doesn't act her age, and want her to start to.

Grant has an identical twin brother, Cary. When Grant became a teenager, his brother became very confident in his own appearance. He constantly talked about himself as the handsome twin, and would make disparaging comments toward Grant, calling him the "ugly one". Grant takes every comment personally to the point that he has completely no self esteem, and he is constantly talking bad about himself. Grant tells his brother how great he is, and how he wishes he could be like him. The twins' mother is seriously concerned about Grant's complete lack of self-confidence.

Herman is an only child. He loves RPGs, video games, and, especially, live action role playing. He meets every week with his friends in order to go on imaginary quests in a local park. Herman is good at what he enjoys doing, but does very little else. He has a good amount of friends that don't attend his school that he meets every weekend to role play with. When Herman is done role playing, he remains in character. He is the laughingstock of his school, and the victim of hundreds of pranks throughout the school week. His father wishes that his son was interested in things that would make him more popular, or even more normal. Herman uses this form of escapism as a way to deal with his everyday life, instead of facing situations head on. His fellow LARPers are too embarrassed to meet him during the week, as they return to their normal lives.

Irene was a smart young woman who loved her parents greatly. One day they walked to the store together, and died in a freak accident. Irene could not handle the loss. The day Irene moved in with her aunt and uncle was the last day she stepped outside. Irene is afraid that a horrible accident will befall her, the way it did her parents. She became agoraphobic and never leaves her guardian's home. Her aunt and uncle demand that she interact with other young people, so she used her skills with technology to set up a device that allowed her to attend school through a web cam and a television screen. The device was set up in her school, and her teachers cart it around for her so she can "attend" every class. Her classmates are afraid of her, and refer to her as "iRene".

Jonathan is an only child. His parents enrolled him in the Boy Scouts when he was seven years old in order to teach him survival skills, and to help him make friends. Jonathan has fully dedicated his life to being a boyscout. At the age of sixteen, Jonathan is completely uninterested in dating, or anything else that boys his age are normally interested in. This worries his parents. Jonathan has also been approached by several modeling agencies, but he doesn't view his physical appearance the way others do. He still views himself as a child, as opposed to a teenager. He also doesn't realize how strong he is, physically. Jonathan has excellent survival skills.

Libby thinks she's funny, and she kind of is. The problem lies in the fact that she spends all of her time telling corny jokes, and laughing at them, hysterically. She also enjoys mocking authority figures, but she doesn't enjoy pulling pranks or practical jokes. Her parents are worried about her, because she doesn't take anything seriously, especially her grades and interpersonal relationships. Libby has no friends, because she isn't very good at listening to others, she does all the talking, and when she lets someone else talk, and they tell her a joke... She never laughs.

Melinda was a very cheerful child. She sought more attention as she grew older. She discovered that she could gain attention by being scary, and pretending to be morbid and interested in the macabre. She really isn't all that interested in creepy things, but she wants others to believe that she is. She feels that dressing only in black and acting creepy make her far more interesting. The only people that know the real Melinda are her immediate family. They want the world to see Melinda as the loving, cheerful, normal girl that they know she is.

Micky D. desperately wants to be a rap star. He is actually a gifted writer, but his rap skills are nonexistent. He claims he's from the "street", but he actually lives in a small farming community that only has one road, so technically he isn't lying. Micky D. is constantly the brunt of jokes at his school that he doesn't understand, and he doesn't catch on to sarcasm. His father is entirely embarrassed by his son, and wishes that he would start acting in a way he approves. Micky D. doesn't respect his father in the slightest, because he doesn't accept his rap star ways. Whenever Micky D.'s twin sister is in public with her brother she wears a large hat, a large trench coat, and dark sunglasses, so no one connects the two of them.

Naomi is an only child. She loved her mother deeply. Her mother walked out on her family when Naomi was twelve years old. Naomi has not heard from her mother since. Any attempts that anyone makes toward Naomi to reach out are ignored or rejected. She locks herself in her room most of the time and when she does interact with anyone she is very rigid. Naomi feels that if she doesn't allow herself to get attached to others, she won't feel hurt if they disappoint her. Naomi's father knows that Naomi is hurting herself by acting emotionless, and it causes him a great deal of pain and tears. He wants to be able to have an open relationship with his daughter.

Ophelia thinks that love is a beautiful thing. She has successfully matched fifteen couples, including her mother and stepfather, her sister and her husband, her stepsister and her husband, and two of her teachers. Ophelia finds great joy in helping two people begin a relationship. She hopes that some day she finds true love for herself, but she hasn't, so far. She knows that she's still young, but she suffers from severe feelings of loneliness, and just wants someone she can share her feelings with. She hides her feelings of loneliness very well. Her family wants to do something nice for her, since she is always doing nice things for others.

Priscilla is the second youngest of five children. Priscilla is very tough, strong, and extremely tall. She accepts no guff from anybody, and she excels at leading, and pretty much everything else she tries. Anyone who teases her about her height quickly regrets it. Her major flaw is that she's entirely sexist against men. She hates all men, and is determined to beat them at everything and at any cost. Some guys have been attracted to her dominance, but she pushes them away... Literally. Priscilla's attitude stems from the fact that the first boy she had a crush on rejected her. She mainly takes her aggression out on her school's jocks by challenging them at their sport of choice and defeating them without mercy. Her mother is proud of her daughter's strong will, but is fairly concerned about her daughter's attitude toward guys.

Ruth is a daydreamer. She loves thinking about the next thing or person she would like to draw or paint. Once she reaches the end product in her mind she begins painting, drawing, or sculpting on rare occasions. Usually this process takes her all day, the entire school day, in fact. Once she returns home she begins working on her next project, often ready to tune out her parents scolding her after receiving a phone call that she wasn't paying attention in school. Her parents really want her to take her schoolwork seriously and get her head out of the clouds. Ruth doesn't like being told that, and claims that her parents are just trying to stifle her creativity.

Sheena has had a very difficult life. Sheena's parents died when she was twelve years old. She deals with her emotions by complaining about everything and everyone, but she never talks about her innermost feelings. She ends up alienating others, but she says that she doesn't need friends, because no one can be trusted, and they're all users. Sheena's legal guardian, her older sister, knows that Sheena isn't truly happy with herself and the way she deals with her emotions, but she has a difficult time being her guardian. Sheena's younger brother spends as little time at home as possible in order to avoid Sheena's complaining and nitpicking.

Tsuyoshi enjoys strategizing and he's good at it. He's the captain of his school's chess team. Part of his winning strategy is his confident banter, which makes his opponents nervous. Tsuyoshi's family life is tragic. He comes from a very traditional Japanese family. When his father found out that Tsuyoshi was gay, he disowned him and does not allow Tsuyoshi near his home. Tsuyoshi misses his family greatly, but has tried to move on. He lives with the families of friends, moving from one couch to another nearly every week.

Uriah has a twin brother. Uriah lost his hearing, completely, at the age of fifteen. He longs to be normal, and is saddened by the fact that it isn't currently possible. He resents his identical twin brother who has perfect hearing. Uriah had been eloquent, but is afraid to speak without being able to hear himself out of being self-conscious. He exclusively uses sign language to communicate, and writing his thoughts out on paper. Uriah also doesn't hang out with other deaf people, because he doesn't want to be considered different. He is unable to easily communicate with the popular boys he surrounds himself with. He can understand them, since he is able to read lips. His parents want him to accept the fact that he is deaf.

Val is an extremely optimistic young woman. She feels that remaining positive is the only way to go through life. She volunteers at the local animal shelter and nursing home, and brightens the lives of anyone who crosses her path. Even when faced with the most negative, mean people, Val can lighten their disposition by her determination and spunk, over time. Val tries to include everyone when making plans, making her the most popular girl in her school. She is also her class president and the captain of her school's cheerleading team, which she allows anyone to join. Her parents are very proud of her.

Yi Min was adopted at the age of four and began his life overseas. He was able to learn English easily through association through viewing images. His father is a high school football coach and his mother is a P.E. teacher. They encouraged Yi Min to pursue all forms of athletics very early on. He finds studying to be extremely difficult and he spends almost all of his time training for, playing, and thinking about sports. Yi Min was forced off of all of his school's sports teams due to his poor grades. His father agreed with the decision as he doesn't want to be accused of nepotism, despite his son's fantastic athleticism. Yi Min is teased relentlessly by other teenagers who call him "stupid". He never retaliates, however, but he suffers emotionally. He longs to be able to compete on his school's teams, who have never won since he was taken off of them, but is unable to improve his grades. Yi Min's parents want their son to do better in school and to be able to compete at something.

Chapter 1 - Idle Talk Show

The scene is dark. A single light shines at a nontraditional door. Leshawna's silhouette is posted on the door, and the door begins to slide upward. The audience cheers wildly, as they chant Leshawna's name. Leshawna can be seen standing behind the rising door as she stands still, with a smile on her face. Leshawna, dressed in a matching navy blue jacket and skirt, looks toward camera two and says in an annoyed tone, "Is my photo op done, yet?" On receiving a confirming signal, Leshawna steps out from the doorway. "Hey, y'all!" Leshawna says. "Welcome to the very first episode of 'The Leshawna Show'." The audience cheers. "The Total Drama producers gave me this show as part of a settlement. I took a cue from Courtney and sued them for my wrongful elimination on Total Drama Island. These lawsuit thingies really pay off." The lights now fully illuminate the stage, revealing light blue walls and floors, a silver chair, and twenty stools lined up across from the chair. Leshawna continues, "Today's topic; teens under pressure. These teens are here because their parents, or guardians, feel that they have some problem they have to accept or get passed. I wanna see the perspective from these teens and learn more about them and how they feel." Leshawna squints at the cue card held up for her behind the camera. Leshawna says, "My first guest is Naomi. Come on out, girl."

Naomi steps through the open door and walks out to polite cheering from the audience. Naomi sits on the stool closest to Leshawna, the entire time showing no emotion. Leshawna says to the audience, "Now let me tell you a little about Naomi. When she was just twelve years old her mother walked out on her family. This left Naomi completely devastated. Now, her father feels that Naomi is completely free from any signs of emotion. He wants her to start reaching out, but doesn't know how to help. Naomi, how do you feel about your father."

Naomi says, "I love him very much." Naomi's words are lifeless, despite their meaning.

Leshawna smiles, a little, and says, "Love. That's an emotion. You're improving already, girl."

Naomi says, coldly, "He's my father. The love I have for him is completely obligatory."

Leshawna smiles blankly and says, "Let's meet our next guest." Naomi gets up and moves to the next stool to her left. Leshawna says with a shiver, "That girl gives me the creeps."

Naomi says, "I can hear you, still." Naomi shrugs signaling that she didn't really care.

"Moving on," Leshawna says. "He's a guy from the country, who acts like he's from the big city. He and his dad don't understand each other, that's why he's here. His name is Micky D."

Micky D., a young man in bright, over-sized clothing, comes out from behind the stage shouting, "I told ya'll! I ain't that baby daddy!"

Leshawna looks puzzled, "This isn't about that, fool. Come sit down over here."

Micky D. walks over to the stool and takes a seat next to Naomi. He nods his head at her and says, "Hey, shorty. You lookin' pretty fly, if I must say so myself." Naomi glares at Micky.

Leshawna says, "Micky, tell me about your relationship with your father."

Micky D. says, "I don't wanna talk about haters, yo. He don't understand me, just like I don't wanna understand him, know what I'm sayin'?

Leshawna asks, "Why did you start dressing and acting this way?"

Micky dramatically gestures with his hands against his chest, "This is who I am, know what I'm sayin'? I gotsta be true to myself."

Leshawna says, peeved, "Yes. Yourself. A skinny white boy." Leshawna quickly changes the subject. "Let's meet our next guest. Let me introduce everyone to Ruth." A girl with a piercing through her chin, and dyed streaks of green through her naturally brown hair steps out. Leshawna says as Ruth walks toward her stool, "Ruth is an artistic girl, who always has her head in the clouds. Her parents are worried about her grades, and wish she'd stop daydreaming so much. How do you feel about that, girlfriend?"

Ruth dreamily gazes just over Leshawna's head. She looks down at Leshawna and says, "Hm?"

Leshawna says, "How do you feel about your parents wanting you to get better grades, and stop daydreaming?"

"I completely understand their concern," Ruth says. "I wish I could control myself, better. It's just that when I see something, anything that inspires me, it instantly floods my mind, and I try to memorize every detail and I think about how I can execute it in an effective manner, artistically. Boring stuff like homework, just doesn't inspire me, so I can't get a grip on it."

Leshawna smiles and says, "Now I'm getting somewhere. I'll try to keep the flow going with our next guest, Jonathan." Jonathan steps out and smiles widely, with a glossy look in his eyes. He's a very attractive, muscular young man, in Boy Scout clothes. Leshawna says, "Jonathan is obviously an over-sized Boy Scout. His parents want him to grow up and out of his boyhood hobby."

Jonathan sits down after the other three guests move over a space. Jonathan says in a surprisingly high pitched voice, "Golly, gosh! I never understood that. As long as I'm not doing anything wrong, shouldn't my parents be proud of me?"

Leshawna says, "I bet they are. Maybe. But can you understand that they want you to do normal things, like dating?"

Jonathan starts spitting, "Ptooey!" He says. "Girls are icky!"

Leshawna says, offended, "You did not just say that! I'm a girl, son!"

"You are?" Jonathan says innocently.

Leshawna gets up and rolls up her sleeves, "Oh, no, no, no, no, no! I don't care how big you are. You're going down, turkey!"

An off camera voice says, "Leshawna, it's time for your next guest."

Leshawna points to her eyes, and then at Jonathan. She says, "This isn't over, sash." Leshawna now turns to the camera and says, with a fake, immediate smile, "Our next guest is a pretty negative girl, by the name of Sheena. After experiencing tragedy, she is now raised by her older sister who feels that she needs to get passed her depression and stop complaining so much."

Sheena walks out. She's a pretty girl with curly hair and a permanent scowl. Sheena says, "She would say that. She's always telling me how to be. It's annoying. Speaking of annoying, this stool is completely uncomfortable. Did you find it in a torture chamber or something? Speaking of torture chambers, what was up with my dressing room. It was cramped. My elbow hurts, now."

Leshawna is at a loss for words, for once. She says, "Um. Okay."

Sheena continues complaining, "My eyes hurt, too. I blame that ridiculous suit you're wearing."

Leshawna sighs and says, "I have to start screening my own guests." Leshawna squints and looks out to the audience. She says, "I swear I can't see a thing out there. Does someone have a hand raised, do you have a question for one of our guests?"

A girl's voice says, "Yes."

Leshawna says, "Come on down, girl." A cheerful looking girl steps down with a smile, she's wearing a light pink shirt with a storm cloud and a streak of lightning on it that says 'Lighten Up' on it. "What's your name, girl?"

The girl says, "Val."

"What's your question, Val?" Leshawna says.

Val says, "Yes, my question is for Sheena. What were you like before that tragedy happened?"

Sheena says, "I don't want to talk about it. I was stupid, then. Now I see the world for what it really is."

Val says, "Thanks for taking my question." Val leans over to Leshawna, "I don't care what anyone says, I think you look fierce in that outfit."

Leshawna says, "I like you, already. Go take a seat by Sheena. I want to talk to you, girl." The other guests move to let Val sit in the seat across from Leshawna. Leshawna says, "Tell me about yourself."

Val says cheerily, "Well, you know my name. I like to keep positive, even when things look bad." Sheena looks scornfully at Val. Val puts her hand over her heart and says, "But I would never judge anyone else for their views. I didn't go through what they did, and I could never understand their pain." Sheena gives a slight hint of a smile.

Leshawna says, "It was a pleasure to meet you. Now for our next guests, yeah, I said that plural on purpose. These are two brothers. Identical twins, to be exact. One of them suffers from low self esteem, while the other seems to have too much. They're Cary and Grant." The two boys walk out, one with a smile and his hair spiked, and wearing a yellow tank top with a star on it, the other is frowning wearing a purple sweater that reads 'I'm With Ugly' with an arrow pointing to his face. The boys sit down in two adjacent chairs across from Leshawna. The boy in the purple sweater sits down furthest from Leshawna to give his brother the better seat. Leshawna says, "Which one of you is which?"

The one in yellow says, "How dare you compare me to that." He points to his brother. He continues, "My name is Cary. The ugly one is Grant."

Grant sighs and says, "It's true. I wish I was half as good looking as him, then I might not be such a mess."

Cary says, "Excuse me, did I give you permission to speak? No one wants to hear from you." Grant nods.

Leshawna says, "Maybe it's just me, but the two of you look exactly the same."

Grant says, "You mustn't say that."

Cary tilts his head up and says, "She obviously doesn't have very good eyesight. Every other woman appreciates my extreme gorgeousness."

Leshawna says, "Get over yourself. Next up is Brent. His dad feels like he has no personality, and wants his son to build character. Brent, an average looking guy, steps out onto the stage and sits across from Leshawna. "Tell me about yourself," she says.

Brent says, "There's nothing to tell."

Leshawna blankly stares at Brent. "Nothing?" She asks. Brent shrugs. Leshawna says, "Well, that makes my job easier. Our next guest doesn't take anything seriously. Her name is Libby." A red haired young woman steps out, laughing hysterically. Leshawna can't help but laugh, too. She says, "What's so funny?"

Libby says between giggles, "The whole idea of this show. I mean, seriously, it's such a rip-off. Ha ha ha!"

Leshawna frowns, "Do you have anything else to say?"

Libby nods and says, "Okay, get ready for this joke. What's brown and sticky?" Leshawna shrugs. Libby says, "A stick!" The audience gives a mild sound of laughter, while Libby laughs hysterically.

Leshawna says, "Libby's parents would obviously like her to take life more seriously. Onto our next guest, Priscilla. I'd like to ask the first ten guests to move to the nine stools behind you, one of you can move your stool back there." Grant moves a stool for Cary to sit on. Priscilla walks out and sits in the chair across from Leshawna with her arms folded.

Priscilla says, "You were in my top eleven favorites from Total Drama Island. I'm glad you got your own show."

Leshawna says, "Thanks, girl! Tell me about yourself. I understand you're not a big fan of the the male gender."

Priscilla says in a powerful voice, "I'm strong. I don't need a man to tell me that or complete me. I could whoop any guy's &#$@ on this stage."

Leshawna says, "I'd like to keep this show TV-PG, if you don't mind, so watch the language. But more power to you girl! Hopefully, you'll find a guy who appreciates you."

Prisilla furrows her brow and says, "Did you hear a word I said?"

"I'm not paid to listen," Leshawna says. "Moving on. The next guest's name is Herman."

An ethnic looking young man in a green tunic, with blond dyed hair walks out and shouts, "Huzzah!" He makes his way to the stools and Priscilla gets up and moves down two spaces.

Leshawna says, "So I understand you're something known as a LARPer. What is that?"

Herman says, "It standseth for Live Action Role Player, my lovely maiden. It's basically a group of townspeople who run around in tights and complete adventurous quests."

Leshawna says, "Oh, I get it. You're a nerd. I understand that your father doesn't like the fact that you dress and act this way."

Herman says, "He doesn't understandeth my passion, and I do not expect him to."

Leshawna says, "I also understand that you always dress and talk like this."

"This is whoeth I am," Herman says.

Sheena rolls her eyes and says, "You realize that adding 'eth' to random words isn't Elizabethan? It's annoying, and you look stupid."

Herman stands and turns toward Sheena. He says, "What foul sorcery doeth thou hold? Thous makes me feel hurt and pain with outeth any blows."

Leshawna says, "We have to move on to our next guest, Melinda. She's kind of a goth. Her love for morbid things disturbs her parents as they don't believe that she's being herself." Melinda, a dark haired girl in a tight, long, creepy, black dress slowly walks to her seat. She almost seems to slither as she walks until she sits down. She gazes at Leshawna with a piercing green eye, the other covered by her hair. Leshawna says, "Erk. H-H-Hi, Melinda." Melinda silently stares at Leshawna. Leshawna asks, "H-how are you?"

Melinda says with a gravelly voice, "Happy."

Leshawna looks surprised and says, "Really? I never would have expected that. Why are you happy, girl?"

Melinda points a finger at Leshawna and says, "Because this show will end in nothing but turmoil, despair, and disaster. That excites me."

Leshawna shivers, "O-Okay. I'm ready for the next guest." Melinda, Herman, and Priscilla get up to let the next guest sit across from Leshawna. Priscilla pushes Herman to the ground and pulls Melinda to the seat next to her.

Herman looks up at Priscilla and says, "I have heardeth of a tribe of women of your strength and stature. I believedeth such tales were fabricated." Herman gets up and sits by Melinda.

Leshawna says, "This show needs to focus on me. It has my name in the title, not these crazies. The next guest is named Uriah. He suffered a tragic experience, and has been left completely deaf. He unfortunately isn't handling it so well, according to his parents. I guess he should be able to speak, but he chooses not to. Out of respect for his request to only use sign language, we found him an interpreter. He can read lips so the translator will only tell us what he is saying. Give him around of applause!" The audience cheers as the thin, trendy, African American teen steps out. His interpreter steps out behind him. She's a young woman, also in fashionable clothing, a long maroon sweater, silver vest, jeans, and a purple scarf. The two sit across from Leshawna, and the girl signs to Uriah to inform him of the audience's cheers, as she says it out loud. Leshawna says, "Oops, sorry. I didn't think about that... Tell me about yourself, Uriah."

The girl watches Uriah sign and translates, "I'm just your typical teen. I like going out with my friends and hanging out with them."

Leshawna says, "Are they other deaf people?"

Uriah signs as his interpreter looks on. She translates, "No. Just because I happen to be deaf, it doesn't mean I have to hang out with other deaf people. It can be a struggle to communicate with the guys, and a little tiring to read their lips all day, but they're cool and they accept me in their circle."

Leshawna says, "How has your disability affected you?"

Uriah frowns and signs. His interpreter translates, "I don't let it affect me. I'm still the same person I always was. Life has more inconveniences, now, but I can handle it."

Leshawna turns to the interpreter and says, "Thanks for coming out on such short notice, girl. You're outfit is fierce, by the way."

"Thanks," she says.

Leshawna ask, "What's your name?"

"Ophelia," the girl says.

Leshawna says, "Tell me about yourself, I hear from your family that you're good at matchmaking."

Ophelia says, "Oh, it's nothing. I like to see people happy. I guess I just have an eye for who is good for each other and who isn't."

Leshawna asks, "Do you got a boy for yourself?"

Ophelia blushes and says, "Well, no." Ophelia hesitates and says, "I'm fine with it, though. I'm sure I'll find someone, someday."

Leshawna smiles and says, "Me, too. We have to meet our next guest, Yi Min. He's a powerhouse, but his parents are disappointed with his grades. Unfortunately, because of his poor grades, he is unable to compete on any of his school's sports teams." A buff teen in a gray muscle shirt walks out. He takes his seat across from Leshawna. She asks him, "Hey, Yi Min. How does it make you feel to not be able to compete?"

Yi Min says, "It's something I struggle with. Can you imagine having a passion that you can't pursue, because of another... um..."

Leshawna says, "Limitation?"

"Sure," Yi Min says. "I still work out, lots, because it's so fun to do."

Leshawna says, "Ha ha! Good one." She wipes the tears from her eyes. "Do you have any other passions?"

Yi Min says, "I really like biting things."

Leshawna says, blankly, "Okay. Um. I think it's time for the next guest. Meet Dinah. Like Jonathan, her parents would like to see her grow up, as well." A girl dressed like a reptile steps out.

Herman jumps up and shouts, "Dragon!" He immediately runs behind the other guests and ducks behind them.


Leshawna says to Dinah, after she sits down, "Why do you dress like this?"

Dinah rocks back and forth on her stool. She says, "Cause I like it."

Leshawna says, "Girl, are you sure you're a teenager? You look so much younger."

Dinah says, "Unfortunately, yes."

"Why 'unfortunately'?" Leshawna asks.

Dinah says, "Teens are jerks." Mumbles are heard from the other guests.

Leshawna says, "On that note, let's meet Angelo." A good looking young man steps out. He smiles, revealing his extremely prefect teeth. Leshawna says, "Angelo is a little different from the other guests here, as his parents say he has absolutely no flaws." Leshawna looks at him and says, "I think I agree with them." Angelo sits across from Leshawna.

Angelo says, "Thank you for having me as a guest on your show." Angelo pulls a bouquet of roses from behind his back and hands them to Leshawna.

Leshawna smiles and says, "That's so sweet. Your parents are afraid that you may not be able to handle it if you fail at something, but I can't imagine that ever happening. How do you feel about that?"

Angelo says, "I appreciate their concern. My parents are my best friends. I'd like to think that I'd handle the situation well, but one never knows."

Leshawna says, "Our next guest comes to us via satellite. Her name is Irene, but she's commonly referred to as "iRene"." A screen lowers onto the stage the picture comes on and reveal a pretty girl with her blonde hair in a ponytail. Leshawna says, "Hi, iRene. Welcome to the show. Tell our audience about yourself."

"iRene" says, "You mean, about why I'm not there, don't you?" Leshawna nods. "iRene" says, "Well, to make a long story short, my parents left home one day, and were killed in a freak accident. I can't go out in the world, as the trauma from the experience has forced me to never leave my aunt and uncle's home. I know it sounds pathetic, but I can't help how my anxieties affect me."

Val says, with tears in her eyes, "That's so sad."

"iRene" says, "I try to live in the outside world vicariously, though. I go to public school through a device with a television screen, a generator, and a camera. That way I can see the lessons, and interact with others, in a way."

Leshawna says, "We brought the device here to show our audience." An intern wheels out the device, and "iRene" is already on screen.

"iRene" says, "I constantly need someone to cart 'me' around, so the system isn't perfect."

Leshawna says, "Its time for our final guest. His name is Tsuyoshi. He also has a sad story to share." A trendily dressed teen walks out from backstage. He takes his seat across from Leshawna. Leshawna asks, "So, I understand from what some of your friends told us that you have a fairly sad story like some of our other guests. Why don't you tell us about it?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Well, I guess it is. My father has a very traditional mentality. He doesn't agree with the way I... He thinks my lifestyle..."

Leshawna says, "He kicked you out of his house, because you're gay." The audience gasps, as well as some of the other guests.

Tsuyoshi sighs and says sarcastically, "Thank you so much for putting that so delicately. Hey, everyone! Guess what? I'm gay."

Leshawna looks embarrassed. She says, "Sorry."

Tsuyoshi says, "I try not to think too much about my situation. I mean, there's obviously more to me than that, and I don't want to be overly depressed about it. I have no contact with my family, but I have plenty of friends whose families graciously have taken me into their homes."

Leshawna says, "Now you've heard some interesting life stories of some different teens. Tune in next time for another episode of 'The Leshawna Show'." Leshawna looks up and realizes that the audience wasn't cheering. "What's up?" She says.

Chris Mclean steps out from the direction of the audience. Chris says, "Thank you, Leshawna. Your services are no longer needed." Chris presses a button, and the sounds of an audience saying "Awwww!" are heard. "This entire audience, except for Val, was a fake, as is this entire show."

Val says, "I thought the audience was pretty still when I was out there."

Leshawna says, "Wait. Wait. Wait. You mean, I wasn't given a show? Shawnie is not very happy right now. You'll hear from my lawyers."

Chris says, "Well, we gave you your own show. You never said anything about it having to be a real one. You played an instrumental part, though. For this season of Total Drama we wanted a variety of teens that normally wouldn't audition for the show. We searched them out, and their parents, guardians, and friends, in essence, volunteered for them to appear." The guests gasp. Chris signals an intern to escort Leshawna off of the stage.

"iRene" says, "I didn't sign any contract. I'm not going to appear."

Chris says, "You don't physically have to. We can work with that device we were provided with. It has wheels. But you all do have to agree to appear." Chris produces a stack of contracts and hands them out to the teens. "iRene" gets one slipped under her bedroom door. Chris says, "It's up to all of you to decide whether or not you would like to appear. But I'll say this; we've increased the prize money to make the competition more interesting."

Cary says, "How interesting?"

Chris smiles and puts his pinky up to his lips and says, "Five million dollars."

A collection of "whoa"s are heard, as many of the teens quickly sign their contracts. Some hesitate.

Chris puts his hand on Jonathan's shoulder and says, "Some of you have other reasons you might want to compete. Maybe you want to show your survival skills." Chris creeps up behind Ophelia and says, "Maybe some of you will find true love." Chris walks up to Yi Min and says, "For some, this will be a chance to join a competition."

Everyone, including "iRene", signs the document.

Chris says, "Excellent. This is going to be awesome. Ha ha!" Chris faces the camera and says, "Be sure to tune in next time, when the game really gets started. Expect plenty of drama, plenty of romance, plenty of excitement, and plenty of me, Chris Mclean."

Chapter 2 - X-Treme Home Takeover

Chris Mclean says, standing in a parking lot, "Last time, Leshawna thought she had her own talk show. Twenty teenage guests were gullible enough to believe the same. Then, the dashing me told the teens that the whole show was an elaborate end to the auditioning process. I presented them with contracts to compete on the next season in the Total Drama series, and those saps actually signed them! Ha ha!"

The camera pans out and shows the twenty teens surrounding Chris. Ophelia says, "Um... Mr. Mclean? We're standing right here."

"Ha ha!" Chris laughs. "I know." Everyone stands in awkward silence. Chris says, "I guess I should tell you the details of the competition. It's called Total... Drama... Reality!"

Cary looks around and says, "Not with these freaks, it isn't." Grant and Yi Min laugh, while the others stare at Cary disapprovingly.

Grant says, "Good one."

Yi Min says, "What are we laughing at?"

Chris says, "If you'll notice behind me, you'll see four Winnebagos."

Yi Min nudges Melinda and asks, "What's a Winnebagel?"

Melinda says, "My family has one. It's a recreational vehicle..." Everyone stares at Melinda, she adds, "of death."

Chris says, "I'm not sure about the death part, but that would be awesome. Each team gets two of these vehicles, one for the guys, the other for the girls."

Priscilla says, "Oh, I see how it is. You mentioned the 'girls' second." Priscilla looks livid.

Angelo says, "This young lady is right. Ladies should always be treated as superior. From now on, Mr. Mclean, I'd like you to refer to the females as 'young ladies', or 'young women'." Priscilla smiles.

"Um, yeah," Chris says, "I'll get right on that. And what's with this 'Mr. Mclean' stuff? Anyway, some of you have your driver's licenses already so you'll be in charge of driving your own vehicles." A truck appears and backs up toward the contestants. It dumps out several suitcases and duffle bags before driving away. Chris says, "Here's your luggage as packed lovingly by your friends and family. I'll let you get acquainted with your new homes before directing you to the site of your next challenge in the morning."

"iRene" says, "Wait. Chris? You didn't mention what the teams were."

"Why, I..." Chris says. "Wait, you're right." Chris looks at an index card and continues, "The '15 Second Fame Seekers' are made up of Brent, Cary, Grant, Herman, Melinda, Naomi, Priscilla, Ruth, Tsuyoshi, and Val."

Yi Min counts on his fingers and says, "But there's only ten of them."

Chris says, "Moving on. The rest of you, Angelo, Dinah, "iRene", Jonathan, Libby, Micky D., Ophelia, Sheena, Uriah, and Yi Min are the 'Temporarily Known'."

Sheena says, "Who came up with the sucky team names? Did I mention they suck?"

The teams gather around each other. Angelo walks over to the 15 Second Fame Seekers and puts his arms around Herman and Val's shoulders. He says, "I want you guys to know, that even though we're on separate teams, there's no bad blood between us. I wish you all the luck in the world." Angelo walks over to his team.

The 15 Second Fame Seekers watch Angelo as we walks away. Cary says, "That guy is... nice." Everyone on the 15 Second Fame Seeker team nods.

Herman says, "He touchedeth me."

Herman's teammates say "Ooooh!" in unison.

The teens on the 15 Second Fame Seekers walk onto their team's RV's.

Val says in confessional, the Winnebago's clean, white restroom, "These things are sweet. They have a kitchen, a dining room with chairs, with a couch across from that, a bedroom with five beds, and the bathroom is..." Val looks around her. Her eyes sparkle as she continues, "Beautiful. It has a working shower." Val wipes a tear from her eye.

The male team members of the 15 Second Fame Seekers are walking with their luggage to their Winnebago's bedroom. Tsuyoshi follows the others. Cary turns and says, "Where do you think you're going?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Um, our room?"

Cary points at the couch in the main section of the RV, and says, "You'll be sleeping there."

"Excuse me?" Tsuyoshi says in disbelief.

Cary says calmly, "Look. Don't make this a thing. I'm not sleeping in the same room as a... person like you."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I'd be lying if I said I haven't seen that kind of discrimination before, but I wasn't expecting it here. From a strategic standpoint, I probably wouldn't have told everyone I was gay, and if it weren't for Leshawna, they probably wouldn't have assumed it. I just can't believe the others went along with Cary. When I asked them if they felt the same way as him, they just shrugged." Tsuyoshi sighs.

Outside, the Temporarily Known team is standing together, holding hands, or resting their hands on "iRene". Angelo leads the team, excluding silent Uriah, in chanting, "Go 'Temporarily Known'."

Jonathan shouts, "Let's look at where we'll be staying, guys!" The team erupts in cheers, excluding Uriah and sarcastically in Sheena's case, and they run onto their vehicles.

"iRene" is left alone, outside. She says, "A little help here?" No one comes to help her. She says, "Anyone?"

Ophelia says in confessional, "I felt so bad about forgetting 'iRene', but I was caught up in the moment. It's going to be difficult having someone who has to completely rely on the rest of the team to help them out. We eventually pushed 'her' into the RV, though, with the help of a wheelchair ramp."

Sheena says in confessional, "This place is horrible. The kitchen is stocked with food from Chef Hatchet. The bedroom is cramped." Sheena squints, before continuing, "The bathroom is so bright I need sunglasses to look at it. No one packed sunglasses for me. Figures."

The camera shows the outside of the four vehicles. The sun goes down. And quickly springs back up.

Chris shouts into a megaphone, "Good morning, contestants!"

The contestants jump out of bed and get dressed. Uriah wakes up and looks around to see an empty room. He gets up and gets dressed, too.

Uriah signs in confessional. The caption reads, "I'd like to thank my team for waking me up in the morning." Uriah's hands are blurred out.

Chris addresses the gathered contestants and says, "I hope you don't mind us driving your vehicles to this location as you slept. I'd like you guys to meet the Smith and Wesson families." The contestants nervously wave at the families, each comprised of a father, mother and two children. "Their homes were ruined on the inside by water damage. Conveniently, they live right next door to each other, and their homes are identical."

"iRene" raises an eyebrow and says, "Does that happen?"

Chris says, "You'll all be in charge of renovating their homes. The 15 Second Fame Seekers will work on the Smith home and the Temporarily Known get the Wesson home."

Ruth says, "Wait a second... You're serious?" Chris nods.

Micky D. says, "Chris, home dawggy dawg, I ain't qualified to help these people."

The young Wesson son tugs on Micky's shirt, looks up with teary eyes, and says, "Please, sir. This is the only way we can afford to repair our home, what with my medical bills, and all."

Micky D. gets teary eyed. He says, "I'll try my best, li'l bro."

Chris produces two blueprints showing the lay out of the homes. Chris says, "Each home has two bathrooms, one kitchen, three bedrooms, a family room, and a basement. The bedrooms, family room, and basement basically just need redecorating, but the bathrooms and kitchen's pipes are completely messed up. Ha ha. They need a lot of repair." Chris hands out tool belts to the teams. He hands a box full of paint cans, paint rollers, and other supplies to Yi Min and Cary. Cary immediately hands his box to Grant. Chris says to the teams, "Get started. I'll be back with the families at the end of the day to judge."

Naomi says nonchalantly, "A day, huh?"

Chris says, "You better start right away. We'll provide furniture for you, guys. It should be arriving on a truck, soon."

Yi Min drags Dinah away from the Wesson children, who she had been playing with, using his free arm, and the teams head to their respective houses.

Inside, Angelo says, "Who has experience with what?"

"iRene" says, "I've painted my room, before."

Yi Min says, "Good, you can do that." Everyone stares at Yi Min.

Angelo says, counting on his fingers, "Well, I have experience at painting and repairing pipes. I've done drywall, repaired electrical fixtures, built furniture, and..."

Jonathan says, "You should be in charge." Everyone nods.

Libby says, "Yeah. Ha ha. You should direct us."

"Do you think that would work?" Angelo asks. Everyone nods. "Well, get to work." Angelo begins delegating.

The other team is shown. Cary says, "Priscilla, Grant, and I will work on the pipes, or whatever. The rest of you can decide who paints what and you can carry in the furniture and..."

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm sorry for interrupting, but I have experience with pipework. My dad taught me to do it when I was little, and I've been doing it for years."

Cary says, "You can be in charge of decorating. You'll like that. And don't interrupt me."

Tsuyoshi looks shocked as the other teens walk to their assignments.

Ruth says in confessional, "I felt bad for Tsuyoshi, and I wanted to stand up for him. But... I don't want to cause any problems."

"iRene" says to the camera, "I haven't been delegated to do anything... I mean, I don't know how I could help my team. Maybe I could look up some color combination on a search engine, or something... Is anyone there?" The camera pans out to show "iRene" alone in the family room.

Sheena says in confessional, "I don't like people. Except Angelo. He does really well at leading. Nothing is going wrong. Believe me, I'd tell you if it was."

The other team is shown as Grant is working on the kitchen sink. Water shoots out from the pipes. Tsuyoshi is walking by with a box of pillows.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I know it's not a good idea to cause conflict with people early on, I've seen my share of reality shows, but I don't want to lose this challenge. I'm afraid I'll be the one eliminated, if we lose."

Tsuyoshi puts his box down and rushes over to where Grant is working. "Let me help you out."

Grant says, "But Cary put me in charge of this. I have to do what he says, or he'll get mad at me."

Tsuyoshi says, "No, you don't. Cary would be even more mad at you if we lost." Grant nods. Tsuyoshi removes his scarf and sweater, and starts working under the kitchen sink, quickly stopping the leak. Tsuyoshi tries the faucet and it works perfectly.

Grant says, "That was really fast. Good job. Now I can go help, Cary."

Tsuyoshi says, "But you couldn't even help down here."

Grant slumps to the floor and says, "You're right. I almost forgot how useless I am." Tsuyoshi slaps his forehead.

Melinda walks into the kitchen and says, "This is beautiful... I've never seen such a disastrous turn of events. Cary is having no luck with the main bathroom, but he won't admit that he doesn't know what he's doing."

Tsuyoshi raises an eyebrow. "Grant? Can you ask your brother to take a look at the kitchen sink? You don't have to tell him I helped you. I'll go... Put these pillows where they need to be... Pillowy."

Grant goes and gets Cary, and Tsuyoshi sneaks into the main bathroom and fixes the damage that Cary did and sneaks back out.

Time elapses and Chris appears in front of the homes with the families. Chris shouts, "Your time is over!" The teams run out of the houses. Chris enters the first house, the one done by the 15 Second Fame Seekers. Time elapses, again. He steps out of the house, "This house is very nicely decorated, and everything works fantastically. Nicely done." Cary smiles proudly. Chris and the Wesson family enter the home done by the Temporarily Known team. Time elapses and Chris steps out with the family. Chris says, "This is a really nicely done home, as well. Both teams should be proud. But our scores have determined the winning team... The winners are... The 15 Second Fame Seekers!" The team cheers. Chris says, "Hit the button, Phil."

The two houses fall to the ground. The teens eyes widen in shock, and their mouths fall open.

Chris directs attention to the two families and says, "I'd like to introduce you to the 'Toronto Community Players'. They'll be performing in 'Oliver Twist' this weekend."

"Actors," Brent says with no hint of emotion.

Micky D. runs to the Wesson son, and says, "Tell me it ain't true, li'l bro. I know you isn't a fake."

The boy says, "Of course not, mister." The boy looks at Micky D. with teary eyes, and laughs. "Ha ha! Sucker."

Chris says, "While we were inside we were setting up explosives. We didn't really judge you guys, we flipped a coin. Ha ha! You should have seen your faces when the houses fell down. These houses were condemned, and had to be torn down. We thought we'd get a good use out of them before they went down. Temporarily Known, you'll be voting one of your teammates out. I'll let you gather your belongings, make your vote in confessional, and I'll meet you outside your RV's."

Everyone walks over to their respective Winnebago.

The girls on the Temporarily Known team discuss who they want to vote for.

"iRene" says, "Who are we voting for?"

Sheena says, "You."

"Really, why?" "iRene" says.

Ophelia says, "You weren't a huge help."

"iRene" says, "I'm sorry. This challenge was hard for me, for obvious reasons, but I know I can make it up to you guys. I can promise that I won't vote for any of you, if you keep me here." The other girls shrug.

The teens exit their Winnebagos, and see Chris waiting for them. Chris says, "Today, I'll be handing out a box with a piece of a wall from the house you helped repair. The one of you that receives a one way ticket, is the one leaving us, today. And guess what? You can't come back, ever. On the count of three, you can open your box."

"Oops," Yi Min says, holding his opened box and a piece of the wall. Chris slaps his forehead. Chris says, "Yi Min, you can open 'iRene's box, I guess, on the count of three, remember." Chris hands Yi Min the box. Chris beings counting, "One. Two. Three." Everyone opens their box.

"Goody, I'm safe," Jonathan says, peering at the piece of wall in his hands.

"Me, too," Libby says.

"I have the ticket," a boy's voice says. Everyone gasps.

Angelo looks down at the one way ticket. "I... I don't understand."

Chris says, "I was just as surprised as you. When I reviewed the votes, there were six votes for you, three for 'iRene', and one for Libby."

Uriah signs and Ophelia translates, "I can explain. At least for myself. You're perfect. You're a great guy. Everyone likes you. I can't compete against that. The further you make it into the competition, the more everyone will grow to like you. I want to win this competition."

Angelo says, "Did the rest of you feel that way?" The others that voted for him, nod.

Angelo says, "You know what?" The others lean in to see how Angelo will react. "I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm honored that you view me as a threat. I'd rather be out first than in the middle, I guess, and I'd definitely rather have somebody who deserves the money more than I do, win it. Bye everyone, and good luck." Everyone waves to Angelo as Chris leads him to a taxi waiting for him.

Angelo enters the taxi and sees a young woman with a microphone, "Leshawna, here. I'll be handling the exit interviews for the season. I was not about to let the producers pull a fast one over on me..." Leshawna looks over at the teen that joined her. "Angelo?!" Leshawna shouts at seeing the young man in the vehicle. He kisses Leshawna's hand, "What happened?" Leshawna asks.


Angelo says, "I guess the others felt threatened by me, and voted me out, but I'm fine with that. In fact... I'm thrilled."

Leshawna says, "Huh?"

"Let me explain," Angelo says. "I've never failed at anything, before. I was afraid that I would handle it poorly, maybe lose my temper, or spiral into depression, but... It didn't happen. I'm fine with what happened."

Leshawna smiles and says, "I'll say you're fine."

Angelo frowns and says, "You're making me a little uncomfortable."

Leshawna giggles.

Chris says, with the taxi in the distance, "With that, our first contestant has been eliminated. Be sure to tune in next time to see the drama unfold. Mclean out."

Chapter 3 - Mission Catwalk

"Last time on Total Drama Reality," Chris Mclean begins, "We separated our twenty teens into two teams. They took on a home remodeling challenge, that was later revealed to be a hoax. It's like these kids never learn. Ha ha! They were all, 'Oh no! The house I just took eight hours to repair just collapsed!' Ha ha!" Chris wipes a tear from his eye. "Good times. Anyway, that Angelo guy was eliminated for being too perfect. I did not see that one coming. This week, the teens face a clothing challenge." Chris looks at his fingernails. "Um. They'll have to sew and stuff... Sounds exciting."

Herman says in confessional, "I wondereth who the other team voted offeth. It must be a horrendeth blow for the individual voted offeth first. I hopeth I shalt not meet a similar fate."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "Last night, I couldn't sleep on that couch. It was really uncomfortable. I looked through the blinds and saw that the lights in the girls' Winnebago was still on. I let my curiosity get the best of me and snuck out of the guys' motor home, to see what was up. Did I mention how cold it was? Maybe it was the fact that I didn't bother to put on a jacket, and I was only wearing my pajama bottoms." Tsuyoshi sneezes.

Tsuyoshi is shown stealthily sneaking alongside the girls' RV. He puts his ear to the side of the vehicle. Priscilla can be heard saying words like "alliance", "vote", "guys". Tsuyoshi walks back to his RV.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I heard all I needed to. I knew it would happen sooner or later, what with Priscilla being such a feminazi, but a girls' alliance doesn't suit my needs. But... I don't know how to get the guys on my side to keep it from happening."

The 'Temporarily Known' girls meet outside their Winnebago. Libby knocks on the door to the guys' RV. "Knock, Knock!" Libby says as she knocks on the door.

Jonathan asks, "Who's there?"

"Theodore," Libby says.

"Theodore, who?" Jonathan asks.

Libby smiles wide as she says, "Theodore wasn't open so I knocked." She begins laughing hysterically as the other females on her team look at her with eyebrows raised.

Jonathan opens the door and he also is laughing hysterically. "Oh, gosh. That was a good one!" The other girls' raise their eyebrows even higher.

Libby says in confessional, "I think I like Jonathan. He's really, really cute, like a movie star. And I sort of guess that it helps that he laughs at my jokes."

Chris Mclean walks up to the RVs and says, "It's nice that some of you are already gathered outside." Chris looks at the 'Temporarily Known' team. "You should get a bonus in the challenge." The team members smile. Chris continues, "But... You won't."

The team says "Aaaaw," in unison, excluding Uriah.

The '15 Second Fame Seekers' now emerge from their Winnebagos.

Ruth says, "What happened?" Ruth begins crying, "Where's Angelo?" She runs up to Dinah and begins shaking her by the shoulders. "Don't tell me you voted him off. How cold you... all are..." Ruth runs back to her teammates who try to console her despite the tears in their own eyes, excluding the cold glares of Brent and Naomi.

Naomi says, "Such displays of emotion are so useless. When you wear your heart on your sleeve it's readily available to get stepped on. Or maybe someone will wipe their nose on it."

Ruth says in confessional, "I guess some of the others didn't quite understand my outburst. Let's just say that I'm looking for my muse. Angelo was my best shot, out here. He was so perfect that he could only translate that way on paper. Since he was on the other team, I wasn't able to memorize his features. My care package from home didn't include my sketchpad, so there's no way I can capture his beauty, now." Ruth sighs. "Now I have no one to inspire me, and... What was I talking about?"

Priscilla says to Ruth, "I understand the feeling you're having. Angelo was the only decent guy I've met in a long time, but he's just a guy. Don't go crazy over a guy, or you'll lose the game." Priscilla's tone gets harsher when she says, "Believe me."

Chris claps his hands and the contestants look at him. He says, "Now that I have your attention, I can tell you about where your challenge takes place." Chris takes two maps out of his pocket and hands them to the two teams. "Get in your RVs and follow me to the location highlighted on the map. I'll be riding in my gorgeous limo. See ya, there."

Ophelia decides to ride in the RV of the guys of her team as Micky D. drives.

Ophelia says in confessional, "I wanted to get to know the guys better, so I could find some potential matches for the girls." Ophelia puts her hands together and looks dreamy eyed.

Micky D. says, while driving, "Yo, this ride needs some tricking out, know what I'm sayin'? Some sweet rims, hydraulics, some of those fuzzy dice things. This thing could be pimped out, yo."

Ophelia smiles as she signs to Uriah. The captions read, "He's something else, isn't he?" She points to Micky D.

Uriah signs, "Sure. I guess. When I read his lips, I don't understand half of it."

Ophelia signs, "Don't worry. I don't understand half of what he says, either. So Uriah, what do you like doing with your time?"

Uriah sighs and signs, "I don't mean to be rude, but I don't usually hang out with people like you. You know sign language. That's nice. Don't feel like you have to use it with me, or translate for me. I'm independent."

Ophelia signs, "I'm sorry. I didn't know you felt that way. I was just trying to be helpful."

Uriah signs, "No one asked you to."

Yi Min silently stares as Uriah and Ophelia sign back and forth with his mouth slightly open.

Yi Min says in confessional, "The hand dancing was really pretty."

On the guys' RV of the '15 Second Fame Seekers' Grant brings Cary a cup of coffee. Cary sips it and nods his approval. Grant smiles and says, "Do you need anything else, bro?"

Cary nonchalantly says, "My toenails need trimming." Grant nods and runs to find some toenail clippers.

Herman says, "I do not believeth I understandeth. Why do you treat your brother like a common peon?"

Cary says, "Cause I rock, and he knows it. He shows his appreciation by treating me like a god."

Tsuyoshi says, "It's pretty weird if you ask me."

Cary says, "It's a good thing no one did."

Cary says in confessional, "I want Tsuyoshi out of this game. I'll do what I have to when I find out what the challenge is."

Brent, the driver for the guys, says, "We're here." He parks the vehicle in front of the long, one story building.

Everyone exits their respective Winnebago. Chris steps out of his limo and says, "Welcome to the site of your second challenge. This is the 'Institute For Fashionable Youths', or 'IFFY' for you acronym freaks. You will be in charge of creating a garment to be judged by several noted figures in the fashion industry. I have no idea who they are, but I can pretend. You'll meet them at the judging. Your team needs to select a leader. They won't do much and they'll get blamed if your team loses."

Cary slaps Tsuyoshi on the back and says, "I nominate Tsuyoshi." Cary smirks before continuing, "He was made for this challenge."

Tsuyoshi angrily says, "Dude, I'm sick of you stereotyping me."

Cary ignores Tsuyoshi and says, "All in favor of Tsuyoshi leading?" The entire team raises their hand with Cary, except for Tsuyoshi.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I guess I can understand where Cary is coming from. He's afraid of what he doesn't understand. It just really hurts me that the entire team goes along with him. They've had several times to stand up for me and they failed to. They don't care about me, so I don't care about crushing them. I'm about to start playing this game, for reals." Tsuyoshi cracks his knuckles and says with a sinister smile, "It's not going to be pretty."

"iRene" addresses her team, "Guys, I think I can lead you, here. I can direct you and you don't have to worry about me not being able to do something. Everyone agree?" The team nods.

Chris says, "So our leaders have been selected. You will choose your main seamstress... Or seamster, their main assistant, someone to sketch the design, someone to be in charge of purchasing the fabric, and a model. The rest will give support where needed. Pick who does what, right now."

"iRene" says, "I did some research on the Boy Scouts on my search engine. Jonathan has the sewing badge, so he'll be in charge of sewing. Ophelia will purchase the fabrics. Sheena can be our model. Dinah seems creative, so she can sketch. Libby will be Jonathan's assistant."

"Yes!" Libby exclaims. Everyone looks at her.

Chris says, "No using the search engine for the challenge. That wouldn't be fair. Ha ha. Fair."

Tsuyoshi says, "Let me approach this logically. Ruth likes drawing, so she'll sketch. Herman made his own costume, apparently, so he can be the main sewing person. Naomi can assist, and Val can purchase the materials. The model will be..." Tsuyoshi points out his index finger and points at Cary. Cary looks confident. Tsuyoshi moves his finger passed Cary, then Priscilla, then Melinda, then Grant, and then he stops on Naomi. "Brent," Tsuyoshi says.

His team gasps. Cary says, "I'm way hotter than Brent." Grant nods.

Tsuyoshi says, "That's debatable. Besides, we need someone with the blank model stare, and no personality. You have way too much personality, and the completely wrong dimensions."

Cary looks peeved, "What's that supposed to be mean?"

Grant says, "He didn't mean anything by it. You're perfect, Cary."

Cary says, "I know."

Chris says, "I hate to break up this wonderful conversation, but you can now enter the institute. Get started on your challenge, designers." The teens comply.

When entering their team's workroom, Ruth lights up at seeing the sketchpad.

Ruth opens the book and begins sketching.

Tsuyoshi walks over to Ruth as everyone else sets up the work station. He looks over her shoulder. "That's really good," Tsuyoshi says. "Who is it?"

"Angelo," Ruth says. "I'm trying to remember him as best I can, but it's not turning out that great."

Tsuyoshi says, "You like him?"

Ruth says, "Not romantically, really. You never know when inspiration is going to hit you. You can be inspired by a flower pot, but you don't have a crush on the flower pot. Well, some artists do, but that's another subject." Ruth stops sketching. She sighs.

Tsuyoshi says, "Don't worry. You'll find your inspiration." Ruth smiles.

Tsuyoshi tells Val the sort of fabric he wants her to buy. He then addresses Brent, "Before Val runs to the fabric store, we need your measurements. Are you comfortable in just your shorts in front of everyone?" Brent shrugs and strips down to his gray boxer briefs. Tsuyoshi says, "Cary, you can take his measurements." Cary grumbles, but complies.

Cary says in confessional, "I didn't want to do it, but I'm not about to give any reason to be eliminated in this challenge."

Ruth looks up at the scene, and her eyes widen.

Ruth says to confessional cam, "I couldn't believe it. I found my muse, my inspiration, in the least likely place. Brent. His body is completely average in every way. It's an angle I've never seen captured in the art community. A subject is usually an outstanding beauty or someone slightly more weathered." Ruth smiles happily.

Ruth is fervently sketching. Tsuyoshi checks with her, "How's the design coming along?"

Ruth says, "I'm not done with that, yet."

Tsuyoshi sighs and says, "We need it before Val goes to buy fabrics."

Ruth quickly draws a plain shirt and pants, rips out the piece of paper, and hands it to Tsuyoshi. He looks at it and hands it to Herman.

Herman says in confessional, "I've never sewn pantaloons, beforeth. I'm more used to tunics."

Priscilla tries to look over Ruth's shoulder, but she quickly obscures the sketchbook from her glance.

In the other team's workroom, "iRene" is delegating.

Yi Min says, "That box lady is doing a good job at leading. She only uses me to move tables and stuff, though. Of course, she sent me to another room to do that. It's probably part of some genius idea."

Jonathan says in confessional, "Dinah drew a sketch." Jonathan holds it up, showing a picture of a bird. "I'm not using it. I have creative license here. I already got the fabrics I needed from Ophelia."

Libby says to Jonathan as he fervently tries to sew, "How about another one? Did you hear the one about..."

Jonathan puts down his sewing needle. He slams his fists on his work table and says, "Shut up."

Libby looks taken aback. Libby says, "I thought you liked my jokes."

"I can't work with your constant talking," Jonathan says. "I'm very serious about this, and if you feel like losing the challenge, keep yammering, but don't take me down with you. I'm giving a thousand percent." Jonathan addresses the rest of the team, "And I expect the same out of the rest of you. We always need to be prepared to do our best at whatever task we're given, and if you can't take this seriously, drop out of the competition."

Libby says, "I'm sorry... I didn't realize how passionate you were about this."

Jonathan says, "Are you ready to start doing your duty and giving it your all?" Libby nods and begins helping Jonathan with his design.

Libby says, "I saw a different side of Jonathan, today, and I have no idea what to think. But I agree with him. I don't want to lose the challenge for the team."

"iRene" says, "I can't tell what I think of the outfit Jonathan created, but I liked his take charge approach."

"iRene" addresses her team, "Listen up, people. We only have a few minutes, here. Help Jonathan with whatever he needs help with."

The scene changes to a catwalk with the teams, excluding models Brent and Sheena, sitting in chairs to the right of it. Chris steps out and says, "Hello, designers. You are competing for invincibility today. Let me introduce you to your judges. Me, noted fashion plate."

Naomi says, coldly, "Since when? You only wear one outfit, all the time."

Chris continues, "Fashion designer, 'Apple' Coors." Chris points to a bald man in black pants, shirt, and vest in the judges chair. The contestants clap, pretending to know who he is. Chris says, "Your other judge is fashion model, Alice Vel Vadendswel." The contestants clap as the tall, blonde waves to them from the judge's section. Chris says, "Let's start the show."

Sheena steps out and walks down the runway with her trademark scowl. She is wearing an outfit very similar to what Jonathan normally wears. The shorts are more cropped, and she has no sash. But the ascot, and shirt are generally the same, but sewn to fit Sheena. The colors are the same. Jonathan says in voice over, "My design is very simple, but fashion forward. I'm very satisfied with it."

Sheena's voice randomly comes on voice over, "This outfit is ugly! I'm not wearing this thing!"

Jonathan is heard barking, "Models aren't supposed to have opinions!"

Sheena finishes her walk, and walks behind the runway. The judges silently write down their scores.

Brent steps out in baggy, navy blue, pants, a metallic looking belt with straps connected to them and over with shoulders, one shoulder has a leather strap on it. Brent's shirt looks like a sweater with no sleeves and a zipper, it's the same color as the pants. His hair is spiked up and he has brown boots and leather gloves with metallic wrist bands.

Herman says in voice over, "Huzzah! My outfiteth is one of a kind. I think it turned outeth exactly the way I wanted it to. I think we might seriously win."

Chris says, after the fashion show ends, "The judges have chosen the winner. The Temporarily Known... You are the winners of this challenge." The team cheers, excluding Uriah, and they surround Jonathan in a group hug, excluding "iRene".

'Apple' Coors says, "We loved your design. The hints at androgyny were stellar. The model was fantastic. Her expression was oozing with hate, just like a real model."

Chris says, "With that, the winning team can leave the catwalk as we talk with the losing team." They leave and Yi Min carts "iRene" off the set.

The 15 Second Fame Seekers walk onto the catwalk and face the judges. Chris tells them, "You are the losing team, which has not been stated, enough. One of you will be out of the competition. One of you will take the fall and be out, like in the fashion world, or something."

Alice asks in an unidentifiable accent, "Who waz responsible for thiz design?"

Cary points at Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi says, "As team leader, I am ultimately responsible. However, Ruth was in charge of drawing the sketch and Herman did not go with her design."

'Apple' says with a raised eyebrow, "Really? Why not?"

Herman says "It lacked inspiration. I had to cometh up with my own idea."

Chris says to Ruth, "What happened?" Ruth shrugs clutching the sketchbook.

Tsuyoshi whispers to Priscilla. Priscilla says, "I knew it the entire time." Priscilla walks over to Ruth and snatches the sketchbook out of her hands. "I'll tell you what happened," Priscilla says. "This traitor was so in love with some guy that she let her team done." Priscilla opens the sketch book and begins tearing the pages out and throwing them at the judges. Each page has a well drawn picture of Brent on them.

Brent looks at the pictures and says, "This is weird."

Ruth cries out, "Stop it! You're ruining them!" She leaps off stage and begins gathering the pages frantically.


Priscilla says, "Pathetic. She was drawing these the entire time when she should have been helping her team."

Ruth says, "These are the most beautiful, pure sketches I've ever done. They didn't need me in the challenge."

Brent says, "This means you were staring at me the entire time?" Brent looks uncomfortable.

The judges whisper among each other. Chris says, "We have made a decision. Priscilla, Grant, Cary, Brent, Melinda, Naomi, and Val... You're in. You may leave the catwalk." The teens exit the set. Chris says, "Herman, the judges didn't like your design, but they think you did enough for your team to continue to compete. Herman... You're in." Herman leaves the catwalk. Chris says, "Ruth, you got distracted, and ultimately did not do what your team needed you to." Chris turns to Tsuyoshi and says, "Tsuyoshi, you were team leader, and your team lacked direction." Dramatic music plays and Chris says, "Tsuyoshi..."

"You're in. That means, Ruth, you're out of the competition. You didn't do what was asked of you. You may gather your belongings and leave."

Ruth looks at Tsuyoshi and says, "You told Priscilla. How could you? Why did you?"

Tsuyoshi smirks and says, "It was harsh, I admit. I want to win, and it would have been me, otherwise. I did what I had to."

Chris says, "That's cold, bro. I like it."

Ruth leaves the building and heads to her Winnebago. She packs her things and gets into the taxi waiting for her.

Leshawna looks at her and says, "Welcome, Ruth. Sorry we had to meet again, this way."

Ruth says, "It's not your fault."

Leshawna asks, "What led to your elimination?"

"Tsuyoshi betrayed me," Ruth says, "By revealing to everyone that I wasn't fully committed to the challenge."

Leshawna says, "Girl, it sounds to me that they had good reason to eliminate you."

Ruth says, "Well, I can't believe it was Tsuyoshi. I mean, after I... I should have stood up for him earlier, when Cary was being so cruel to him. He didn't deserve that, and I just let it happen..."

Leshawna says, "So?"

Ruth says, "It wasn't Tsuyoshi's fault. I'm to blame for what happened to me. One good thing came out of the experience, though."

Leshawna says, "What's that?"

"I found my muse," Ruth says, clutching her drawings. "I've drawn a masterpiece. I feel like I can focus on studying more, and not disappoint those who expect something out of me."

Leshawna says, "Man, I'm a good interviewer."

Chris says, still inside the Institute For Fashionable Youths, "That wraps up another episode of Total Drama Reality. Tune in next time for even more drama."

Chapter 4 - Bronze Cook

Chris says to the camera, "Last time, our teens took on the challenge of sewing. They then presented their designs to a distinguished panel. The 15 Second Fame Seekers lost, and the judges decided to send home Ruth for not giving the challenge her all. This time, eighteen young people will be gathered to Kitchen Arena to take on the challenge that is, Bronze Cook!" Chris randomly pulls out a red pepper and takes a bite out of it. The camera pans out to reveal Chris in a large kitchen with two cooking stations. Chris exclaims, "What the crap?! This thing is hot! My tongue is on fire! Someone call the medic! The fire department!" Chef Hatchet runs out and tosses a bucket of baking soda on Chris' tongue. Chris says, "Thanks. I needed that. Let's see what the contestants are up to."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "No hard feelings against Ruth. My strategy can be compared to a chess game. Ruth was basically a pawn that had to be sacrificed in order for me to get where I need to be."

Cary and Grant are standing outside the four Winnebagos. Ophelia is sitting outside at a nearby picnic table.

Grant says to Cary, "You looked awesome during that last challenge."

Cary rolls his eyes and says, "Say something less obvious, moron."

"Sorry," Grant says, looking down.

Cary says, "Wait out here, dork. I'm going back into the Winnebago to scrounge up some breakfast. Maybe if I'm feeling generous, I'll bring you out a piece of toast or something." Cary leaves, and Grant goes to sit by Ophelia.

Ophelia says, "Your brother isn't very nice."

Grant says, "Sure, he is. He just has a different way of showing it."

"It's different, alright," Ophelia says. "Grant, why do you let Cary talk to you that way?"

Grant says, "He's just honest. He's very honest. He says what I need to hear."

Ophelia says, "Grant, you don't deserve to be treated that way. I think you need to stand up to your brother."

Grant says, "You don't understand our relationship. So... So don't try to interfere." Grant gets up, walks away, and stands over by his Winnebago.

Tsuyoshi walks out of his Winnebago, and waves at Grant. Grant waves back. Tsuyoshi then knocks on Priscilla, Val, Naomi, and Melinda's Winnebago's door.

Priscilla answers the door, and says, "I was wondering when you'd show up. Come in."

Tsuyoshi closes the door behind him, and says, "I'd like to propose an alliance to the four of you."

Priscilla says, "Why would we want to be in an alliance with someone like you?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Is everyone here a homophobe?"

Priscilla says, "I don't trust guys, doofus."

Tsuyoshi smacks his forehead, and says, "Fine. There's five guys, and four of you. Keep your pride, and get picked off one by one. I can just go to the guys and make it happen."

Val says, "Wait. I think he's right. We need him, after Ruth got eliminated."

Priscilla says, "Fine. We have an alliance." Priscilla glares at Tsuyoshi, and continues, "But if you ever try to betray me, you're going down, punk."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I officially have an alliance. I hope it works out, for once. It may not sound like a good alliance, because Priscilla's a man hater, but I don't have many other options, and Cary wants me out."

Libby says in confessional, "Jonathan was pretty awesome in the challenge. I'm going to try hooking up with him, before some other girl snatches him from my grasp."

Jonathan is talking with Libby as the entire Temporarily Known team is outside. He is heard saying, "So then I got my wood splitting badge. I guess you could say I was a cut above the rest."

Libby laughs, and says, "Oh, gosh. You're funny, and good looking, too."

Jonathan blushes and says, "Thanks."

Libby puts her hands around Jonathan's arm and smiles at him. Libby says, "Wanna make out?"

Jonathan says, "Make out what?"

Libby giggles and says, "You know... Kissing." Jonathan abruptly pulls his arm from Libby's grasp. She loses her balance and falls to the ground saying, "Ack!"

Jonathan says, "Get away from me. I don't want to date. You girls always go around saying how cute I am and I'm sick of it. No one ever just wants to be my friend." Jonathan walks away, leaving Libby looking dejected.

Sheena helps Libby to her feet, "You don't need that psycho. Just forget about him and dating, altogether. Guys aren't worth the trouble."

Sheena and Libby look up to see Yi Min staring at his hands. He says, "My thumbs are shorter than the rest of my fingers."

Sheena says to Libby, "See what I mean."

Libby smiles and says, "I never knew you had a nice side."

Sheena scowls and says, "Never mistake me for nice." Ophelia peers at Sheena.

Chris walks up to the Winnebagos and the 15 Second Fame Seekers walk out soon after.

Chris hands maps to the two teams, and says, "Meet me, here." Chris points to his map. He then says, "My limo awaits." All of the teens, but Yi Min and "iRene", enter their Winnebagos.

Yi Min is still staring at his hands. "iRene" says, "Hey, Yi Min." Yi Min looks around for who spoke to him. "iRene" says, "Over here. The box girl."

Yi Min steps over to her and says, "What is it TV head?"

"iRene" says, "I need a little help getting around. I would like you to cart me around for the challenges, and stuff. If you can use your strength to help me out, I can use my mind to help you out."

Yi Min says, "What makes you think I need your help?"

"iRene" stares blankly and says, "Because I can count to eight without looking at my fingers."

Yi Min nods and says, "I like that in a woman. I'll help you."

Chris walks to his limo and the two teams follow him to the site of the next challenge.

Naomi says to confessional, "We were at some television studio. What an original place for a challenge for a television show."

Chris says, "This is the province renowned Kitchen Arena."

Micky D. nudges Uriah, who looks at Micky D. as he says, "This is dat place they film that cooking competition, yo." Uriah nods.

Uriah signs in confessional. The captions read, "That guy acts like I don't watch television. What an idiot. That's about the only form of entertainment that comes with captions. Too bad foreign films are so boring."

Micky D. puts his arm around Uriah and says, with his head facing him, "You stick wit me, bro dawg, I'll take carezies of you, fo' schnozzle." Uriah nods.

Uriah signs in confessional. The captions read, "Seriously. That guy doesn't realize that he's not speaking proper English. I cannot understand him, so I just nod my head whenever he speaks."

Chris says, "Okay, kiddies. The challenge is going to be a contest to see who can make the best dish out of a secret ingredient. Follow me inside." The teens follow Chris into the studio. Chris walks up a set of stairs and stands in front of a large table with a sheet covering the contents. Chris says, "Two team members from each team will be selected by their team and sequestered. They will have no idea who's making what, and they will be the judges for this challenge."

The team's huddle as they discuss who it should be.

In the Temporarily Known huddle, Yi Min says, "'iRene' should be a judge." The team silently glares at Yi Min.

Ophelia signs and says to Uriah, "Do you think you can do this challenge? Communicating might be difficult."

Uriah signs, Ophelia translates, "I want to do this. I am not weak."

Sheena says, "I'm a connoisseur. I'm good at finding unique flavors in food."

"iRene" smirks and says, "So one could say that you enjoy whining and dining?" The others laugh. "iRene" says, "Logically, I think the two worst at cooking should be the judges. Who's that?" Yi Min and Dinah raise their hands. "iRene" says, "Good, we'll go with that."

In the 15 Second Fame Seekers huddle, Grant says, "I'm no good at cooking, or anything else, for that matter. I should sit out."

Naomi says to Cary, with little interest, "How about you?"

Cary says, "Uh... I'm awesome at cooking. Duh."

Priscilla raises an eyebrow at Cary and says, "I don't think I like your tone with her."

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm not very good at cooking, either. I'll sit out, too."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I'm actually decent at cooking. But why would a judge be blamed for the team's loss? Sitting out is basically a way to guarantee safety."

Chris says, "Who did you guys decide to sit out?"

Priscilla says, "We chose Tsuyoshi and Grant."

Ophelia says, "We chose Dinah and... Sheena."

"iRene" says, "What?!"

"Try to trust me," Ophelia says.

Chris says, "Okay. There we go. Each team needs to appoint a head chef."

Tsuyoshi says, "If Cary's so good at cooking, I say he should be our head chef. All agreed?" The girls on the team all raise their hands, Priscilla hesitantly does so.

Cary's eyes widen, "Uh... I can do it. I'll be awesome, as long as these saps don't get in my way." Melinda and Sheena hold Priscilla back.

"iRene" says, "I nominate Ophelia."

Ophelia says, "Really? You think I can do it?"

"iRene" smirks and says, "Sure. All in favor?" The others raise their hands.

Chris says, "Okay, then. I'll reveal the secret ingredient." Chris removes the sheet and reveals several hundred boxes of granola bars. "The secret ingredient is granola!"

Dinah glares at the boxes and says, "Why is your face on each box?"

Chris says, "These are 'Chris Mclean's Granola Crunchers', my genius marketing idea. Unfortunately, my genius was ahead of it's time, and we only sold four boxes nationally. If you need anymore for your recipe, we have plenty in the back. Plenty..." Chris says, "We'll now sequester the judges in a conveniently soundproof room." Chef appears, again, and escorts the four teens to their destination. Chris says, "Now the rest of you may begin. You have cupboards and refrigerators full of other ingredients. You have one hour to finish your recipe." The teens rush to grab as much boxes of granola bars as they can carry.

"iRene" says, "Yes! Chris never said anything about not being allowed to use a search engine. Heh heh." She quickly types on her computer and stares at her screen. "I've got nothing."

Ophelia says, "There has to be something."

"iRene" says, "All I can find are recipes for yogurt and granola, or homemade granola. I got nothing."

Ophelia says, "We'll have to wing it. Um..." Ophelia signs to Uriah and says, "You, Jonathan, and Yi Min can look at what we have in this kitchen."

On the other side of the kitchen, Cary says, "I think we need to approach this simply. Stick with what we know."

Herman says, "Whatevereth you say."

Priscilla says, "You would agree with him."

"Well excuse me, princess," Herman says. "I was just trying to supporteth our leader."

Cary rummages through the cupboards to look for ingredients.

Ophelia says in confessional, "I wanted to try something I've made before with granola substituted."

Cary announces, "We're done."

Ophelia looks shocked. She says, "But we still have fifty five minutes, left!"

Ophelia says in confessional, "I can't be distracted by the other team. I told everyone their assignments, and they'll do great. I know it. We work well together. I just hope we don't run out of time."

The Temporarily Known team is seen working hard.

The sequestered teens are now shown. Grant says, "I wonder how Cary's doing by himself."

Dinah says, "He's a big boy. He can handle it. Plus, he has his team out there."

Grant says, "I guess. I just can't help but be worried about him."

Tsuyoshi says, "Let it go, dude. He doesn't care about you, so stop worrying about him."

Grant says, "Don't say that. He does care. He's amazing. He just doesn't show it the same way as everyone else. He tells me what I do wrong, so I don't have the wrong opinion of myself."

Sheena rolls her eyes and says, "Please. Do you even listen to yourself? Your brother treats you like an idiot, when you're the smart one. You don't act like you're perfect."

Grant hesitates and says, "You think I'm smart?"

Sheena says, "I call it like I see it. People who talk about themselves being so awesome are obviously insecure. You're obviously the smart twin, and you're demeanor obviously makes you more attractive."

Grant says, "Obviously?"

Sheena says, "Yes."

Tsuyoshi says, "You need to start sticking up for yourself. Your brother treats you like scum."

Grant says, "Cary's my only friend. No one else likes me."

"Is that what Cary tells you?" Tsuyoshi asks. Grant nods.

Dinah says, "What a jerk. I hate people like that."

Sheena puts her hand on Grant's shoulder and says, "You have a lot of baggage. But I can see passed that. You're a nice person, and... I'd like to get to know you better."

Grant says in disbelief, "You're lying to me."

Sheena says, "What do I have to gain by lying to you?"

"She has a point," Tsuyoshi says.

"Yeah," Dinah says.

Sheena yells, "Why are you two talking? You're making my ears hurt."

Grant says, "I don't know how I feel, right now. I think I like you, too, but I can't abandon Cary. He's all I have."

Tsuyoshi smiles and says, "Maybe you need something else."

Grant says, "I..."

Sheena says, "We don't have to start dating today or anything. You still have time to decide, but I know I like you. You're the only person I've met that I'm completely unable to complain about." Grant smiles.

Dinah says, "That's pretty sweet, if you ask me."

Sheena shouts, "No one asked you!"

Chef enters the room and says, "We're ready for you maggots to judge the contest. I guess they don't know anyone with a sensitive palate, who could have judged this challenge," Chef mutters under his breath.

The four judges sit down at a table. Chris enters the judging room and says, "Welcome, judges. It's up to you to decide the winners of this challenge. You don't know who made what dish so you're unbiased. You'll rate each dish between one and ten." Chris directs an intern into the room, the intern is carrying a tray with covered plates. He sets them in front of the judges. Chris says, "This is your first course." The four teens remove the cover from their dishes and see an extravagant dish before them. They each take a bite. Chris says, "This is some kind of fish with asparagus, and sort of a granola crust."

Sheena says, "The granola is fairly hard, but I can't complain too much about it, surprisingly. I give this dish a nine."

Grant says, "This is so good, it must have been made by Cary. Ten!" The others glare at Grant.


"Eight," Dinah says. "It needs ketchup."

Tsuyoshi says, "Five." The other judges look at Tsuyoshi suspiciously. He explains, "I don't like fish."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I don't think that there's any way that Cary made this dish. If I give it a relatively low score, it shouldn't raise suspicion. That way, I can give our team a higher score and possibly give our team the win."

The intern brings out the next dish. The judges remove the lids of their plates and gasp. Chris says, "This is PB,J, and G... Peanut butter, jelly, and granola sandwiches." Tsuyoshi smacks his forehead. The teens bite into their sandwiches and uncomfortably try to chew on the hard granola.

Sheena says, "This is disgusting. My teeth hurt. I give this a one, but I wish I could give it a zero.

Grant says, "Peanut butter and jelly is Cary's favorite... This has to be his. I... I give it a ten." The others look shocked.

Dinah says, "I give it a four. The peanut butter and jelly was fine, but not the granola." Chris looks annoyed with the statement.

Tsuyoshi says, "A one."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "The other teams score was far too high. There was nothing I could do to make us win. At least Cary will take the blame for this."

Chrs says, "Okay, let's go meet the others and announce the winning team."

Chris and the four judges reunite with the others. Chris says, "The Temporarily Known had a score of thirty-two out of forty." The team cheers. Chris say, "The other team had a score of... Sixteen. The 15 Second Fame Seekers are our losers. Chef and I will choose who'll be eliminated after discussing it with each other. Go to your RVs and meet us back here in fifteen minutes."

The teens go into their Winnebagos. Cary takes Grant by the wrist and says, "Let me talk to you alone for a minute." He drags him into the guys' bedroom. Cary can be heard yelling even outside the Winnebago, "You let this happen, you idiot! I'll never forgive you!" Grant can inaudibly be heard saying something. Cary continues yelling, "Shut up! You should have given me a higher score! You made me look stupid! It's your fault we lost this challenge!" Cary exits the room and angrily walks by Brent, Tsuyoshi, and Herman. He exits the Winnebago without saying a word. Every other contestant, but Uriah, is outside angrily glaring at Cary. Tsuyoshi, Brent, and Herman rush into the bedroom and see Grant sitting on a bed, crying uncontrollably into his hands.

Tsuyoshi puts his arm around Grant. Grant says, "He's right. I failed him."

Brent says, "It was Cary's fault, not yours. He's just trying to blame you for his own failure."

Herman says, "Come on, we have to meet for the elimination."

The rest of the 15 Second Fame Seekers exit their RV, and enter Kitchen Arena. Chris and Chef are standing at the top of the stairs. Chris says, "We've reached a decision. Only one of you is responsible for this teams loss. That person is leaving the competition. Chef and I have decided that the person leaving us is..."

"Wait," Grant shouts out. "I have something to admit." All attention is given to Grant. "I... It was me. I wanted to prove myself to the team, that I wasn't a failure. I told Cary that I wanted to dress in his clothes, because I knew the others would nominate him as the team leader, no matter what the challenge."

Chris' eyebrows raise, "You mean, you were pretending to be Cary during the entire challenge?"

Grant says, "Yes. It's something twins do, sometimes. I wanted to prove that I was great, like him, but I failed miserably. I was pathetic... Like always. I let the team down. I changed back to my regular clothing when we went back to our RV. I should be the one eliminated, not him. Cary deserves to stay here."

Chris looks to Cary and says, "Is he telling the truth?"

Cary hesitates and says, "Yes."

Chris looks to Chef, and Chef nods. Chris says, "Well... I guess that means Grant is out."

Tsuyoshi shouts, "They're lying! Don't let this happen. I was sequestered with Grant the entire time." Tsuyoshi turns to Cary with a smirk and says, "Tell me something that happened while we were sequestered."

Cary says, "You mean when I said that Cary was amazing."

Tsuyoshi says, "No. I mean, he said something like that, but..."

Chris says, "That's good enough for me." Chris points to Grant and says, "Take him away."

An intern comes in and leads Grant out of the building. Grant smiles at Cary as he walks out. Cary looks at him disgusted.

Grant exits the building with the other team staring. He looks at Sheena and looks ashamed. He enters the waiting taxi cab.

Leshawna looks at the teen as he sits next to her. She says, "I remember you, you're one of the twins. Which one were you, again?"

Grant quietly says, "Grant."

Leshawna asks, "What led to your elimination?"

Grant says, "I hurt my brother. He got angry with me, and it was one of the worst feelings in my life."

Leshawna says, "How did you hurt him?"

Grant says, "It was my fault that we lost. I should have given the other team a low score. He was going to be eliminated."

"But here you are," Leshawna says. "What happened?"

"I made it right," Grant says. "I lied. I lied about taking his place during the challenge. I just wanted to undo what I did, and make Cary feel good, again. I don't want to see him like that, ever again. I want him to be happy." Grant begins crying, again.

Leshawna says, "What do you want for yourself?"

Grant is taken aback by the question. He answers, "This."

The scene changes back to the inside of Kitchen Arena. Chris says to the camera, "That was... Unexpected. If you want more drama, more comedy..." Chris looks off camera and says, "There'll be some comedy next time, right?" After hearing an affirmative answer, Chris says, "More comedy, and more Total... Drama... Reality."

Chapter 5 - Last Comic in an Upright Position

Chris Mclean is standing in a rundown comedy club. He says, "Last time on Total Drama Reality. The contestants competed in a cook off. Cary led his team to failure... The dude didn't even admit it, and he blamed his twin brother, Grant for the loss. What kind of a jerk blams someone else for... Did I just say 'blams'?" Chris stops, points off camera, and says, "Phil! You weren't holding the cue cards straight, again! And your writing is getting less legible every week! I should fire you, right here. Anyway... Where was I? Oh yeah, so the one twin said he was posing as the other twin during the challenge. Then the other twin said the one twin was telling the truth. It was more confusing than a Hayley Mills movie. In the end, the one twin guy was eliminated. But that's all in the past, right? Let's see what's happening now."

Cary stomps onto his Winnebago with everyone from the other team glaring at him, angrily.

Micky D. says in confessional, "What that guy did was wiggedy whack. My respect for him? Spent."

Sheena says outside confessional, "What's taking you so long? Get out! I have something to say!"

Micky D. gets out and Sheena enters and closes the door. Micky D. says, "Hold up a second, shorty... Ain't ya got yo own confessional?"

Sheena shouts, "My Lord! All you do is complain! Get out of here before I get really mad!" A dejected Micky D. walks away.

Sheena says in confessional, "I finally meet a guy I like, and he gets eliminated when his evil twin should have been. Figures that would happen to me. Cary will rue the day he yelled at his brother. People who yell at others have no class."

Jonathan knocks on the confessional door and says, "Are you almost done in there? I really gotta take a whizz!"

Sheena slaps her forehead and shouts, "Well, hold it! I'm not done, yet!" Sheena leans back and whispers, "I actually am done, but I'm not giving him the satisfaction of getting in here." Sheena smiles and doesn't say anything else.

Jonathan runs into the 15 Second Fame Seeker's Winnebago. He yells as he runs passed the guys on the couch, "Potty emergency!" Jonathan runs into the guys' bathroom.

Tsuyoshi looks at Brent with a raised eyebrow and says, "Did he just say 'potty'?"

Jonathan exits the guys' bathroom and gives a sigh of relief. Cary opens the bedroom door just wide enough to drop Brent and Herman's clothes onto the floor. Jonathan looks down and says, "What's going on, here?"

Herman says, as he gathers his and Brent's clothes, "That foul human being hath decreed Brent and I unworthy to shareth the same bedroom as he."

Jonathan says, "Wow. He's a meanie."

Brent says, "I don't care, anyway. I'd rather sleep on the floor out here, than share a room with him."

Jonathan shrugs and says, "See ya." Before exiting the cabin. He comes back in, and says, "This was on your door." He hands them an envelope and leaves, again.

Brent opens the envelope and reads it loud, "For the Total Drama Laundry Service, please leave your clothing outside your Winnebago. It'll be returned to you in the morning."

Tsuyoshi says, "Can I see that for a sec?" Brent hands Tsuyoshi the piece of paper. Tsuyoshi says, "This is a fake. Who would want us to... Slip this under the bedroom door." He hands it to Brent and he does so.

Herman asks, "How doeth you know it was a ruse?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Since when would this show have a free laundry service?"

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "Plus, it was written in crayon."

Cary drops his clothing outside his door with an outstretched arm. Herman dumps the pile of clothing outside.

Night passes and the sun comes up.

Ophelia says in confessional, "Yesterday, I purposely switched Yi Min out as a judge so Sheena could have a chance to be with Cary. Both of them are slightly similar, and I could see both of their good sides. I felt like they needed each other for that to shine, and I guess it worked, as Sheena was sad that Grant left. I'm sorry they couldn't be together longer." Ophelia frowns. She continues, "I know "iRene" was mad at me, because she didn't understand why I did what I did, but she should be happy that we won."

Libby says to Ophelia, while the other girls on their team still sleep, "I realize why you switched up the choices for judges, yesterday. I was wondering... Could you think of a way to set me up with Jonathan?"

Ophelia says, "I don't mean to sound harsh, but... Jonathan said he didn't like you. I wouldn't pursue him if I were you. You'll only end up getting hurt, if he keeps rejecting you. I know you'll find someone, someday, but the right guy for you isn't on this show."

Libby sighs and says, "I guess you know what you're talking about. Thanks. I'll try to leave Jonathan alone." The two girls hug.

Chris shouts through a megaphone, "Time to get up, everyone!" Everyone but Cary goes outside.

Uriah signs in confessional. The captions read, "Thankfully, someone woke me up this time when Chris announced to meet him..." He pauses, and then continues signing, "Not like I needed any help."

Cary peeks his head through the bedroom door. "Is anyone here?" He asks.

Cary says, bare chested in the confessional, "So I woke up this morning, and my clothes weren't returned to me... I put out what I was wearing, too. I'm not sure what to do, and even my hair gel was missing..." Cary smiles and says, "Who am I kidding? I'm looking good. Whoever took my clothes is going to be surprised that I'm not letting it get to me." Cary struts out of confessional.

Cary proudly exits his designated Winnebago wearing only his cerulean briefs. Everyone stares at him. Chris says, "It's about time you joined us." Cary smirks. Chris continues, "For your challenge, you guys are to choose one person to do a comedy routine for their team. The winning team gets invincibility."

Libby says, "You guys should pick Cary. Look at him. He's a joke." Everyone laughs.

Cary says, "Don't act like you all don't know how hot I am."

"iRene" says, "Yeah. Farmer's tans and love handles are really in this season." Everyone laughs, again.

Tsuyoshi says, "It's too bad Grant isn't here to shave your back." Everyone laughs.

Cary shouts, "Stop it! I don't need everyone pointing out my shortcomings!"

Libby says, "He's right, everyone. His tight underwear does that." Everyone laughs hysterically, as a humiliated Cary runs back into his Winnebago.


Dinah says in confessional, "I liked Grant. What Cary said to him was so mean. I don't like jerks, like Cary." She holds up one of Cary's shirts and his bottle of hair gel. She laughs, "Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk! This'll teach him for sure."

Cary rummages through the suitcases in the bedroom looking for something to wear. Herman and Brent walk in. Cary says, "You guys gotta lend me some clothes."

Brent shakes his head. Herman says, "No wayeth." The two teens head back outside.

Cary rummages through the suitcases and finally finds something to wear. He says to himself, "Anything but that."

The two teams are huddled together, except for Cary.

In the Temporarily Known huddle, "iRene" says, "We have to pick Libby. She was hilarious, today."

Yi Min says, "I'm in total agreeance with box face."

Sheena says, "Wait. I'm funny, too." Everyone looks at her disbelievingly. She says, "Let me show you some of my best stuff."

"iRene" says, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to give her a chance. What do you got?"

Sheena clears her throat and says, "You know what I hate? I hate it when you buy something from the store and take it home, and then you peel off the price tag and reveal another price tag with a lower price on it. I mean, what's the deal? Did the value of the product go up? Did the price it took to manufacture it increase after it was produced?" Sheena stops and says, "So what did you think?" The rest of the team silently stares at Sheena.

Ophelia says, "How do I put this gently? Honey, that wasn't much of a joke as it was you complaining about something."

Sheena says, "You're kidding. That was comedy gold."

"iRene" says, "Remember when I said it wouldn't hurt to give you a chance? I was wrong. Libby will perform for our team."

The other team's guys' Winnebago's door opens. Cary steps out and everyone gasps. He is wearing green pants and a sweatshirt that reads, 'I'm With Ugly'.

Sheena says in confessional, "If I didn't know better, I would have thought that was Grant. But it was obviously the jerk one."

Sheena says bitterly, "You found a shirt that suits you." The others laugh.

Cary tries to avoid eye contact with the others.

Cary says in confessional, "Grant forgot to pack his things. I didn't want to wear this... But it can't be more humiliating than what happened earlier. I've never been so embarrassed." Cary holds up a box with Chris Mclean's face on it. He says, "The cupboards have been filled with these Granola Crunchers." Cary reads out loud, "Calories per serving, 300. One serving, one bite... Ingredients, granola and lard." Cary stares blankly at the package. "Sounds good to me." Cary unwraps a granola bar and starts eating.

Cary joins his team's huddle. He asks, "What happened while I was gone?"

Val says, "We decided to have you do the act for the team."

Cary looks surprised, "I know I'm awesome and all, but I'm not that funny."

Priscilla says, "We know. If we lose, which you better prevent, we want you to take the blame for losing the challenge and get eliminated." Cary looks crushed.

Val turns to Priscilla and says, "You didn't have to put it like that."

"Please, don't make me do this," Cary pleads. "Not right now."

Tsuyoshi says with a smirk, "Sorry. The decision was unanimous." Cary sighs.

Chris says, "So, who'll be performing for each team?" Libby and Cary step forward. Chris says, "The two of you will ride in the limo with me to the comedy club. The others can follow us."

The teens drive their Winnebagos to the location, following the limo.

Everyone meets outside the comedy club. Chris says, "As I explained on the way here, the two contestants will each perform five jokes in front of the non-competing contestants. Whoever gets the most laughs will win the challenge for their team."

The 15 Second Fame Seekers huddle together. Tsuyoshi says to Naomi, "What should we do to keep from laughing at the other team?"

Naomi says, "One trick I know of is to think of something really sad. Like dead puppies, or something."

Priscilla says, "Genius."

Everyone enters the comedy club. Chris says, "Take your seats." The noncompeting contestants sit down in chairs set up in front of the stage. Chris says, "Libby will go first."

Libby gets up on stage and says, "Hello, everyone! I'm Libby! Nice to see you all came out here."

Naomi says, "We had no choice."

Libby says nervously, "Right... So here's my first joke. How do you brush your hare?" She pauses. "Grab him by both ears and brush gently." The Temporarily Known, Libby, and Melinda laugh.

Priscilla glares at Melinda. Melinda says, "What? I was thinking about the dead puppies." Priscilla shakes her head.

Someone from the audience shouts out, "Say something like what you said about Cary, earlier."

Libby says, "Okay. Okay. Cary walks into a bar, and the bartender says, 'Why the long face?'" Everyone but Cary laughs.

"More, more!" The audience shouts.

Libby says, "So, Cary is in the checkout line at the grocery store. The cashier checks his items; a TV dinner, a quart of milk, and paper plates. The cashier says, 'Let me guess. Are you single?' Cary says in amazement, 'Yeah, how'd you guess?' The cashier says, 'You're ugly.'" The audience laughs hysterically, excluding Cary, who looks hurt.

The audience shouts, "More!"

Libby points to Ophelia shoes and says, "I love Ophelia's flats. The problem is, she left the Winnebago in high heels." The audience gasps. Ophelia looks incredibly hurt, as Libby laughs alone. Libby says, "Lighten up, I'm just kidding. Now for my last joke... I was so shocked that Uriah wasn't chosen to do a comedy routine for our team. We could have seen a deaf comedy jam." Libby laughs as the other teens gasp. Chris rushes the stage and escorts Libby to her seat.

Chris goes back on stage and says, "I wasn't expecting that..."

Cary says, "Why was it okay when she made fun of me, but not the others?"

Yi Min raises his arm and says, "Oh! Oh! I know this one! We don't like you."

Chris says, "On that note, it's Cary's turn! Make him feel welcome."

Cary walks on stage, and the audience remains silent. He leans up to the microphone and awkwardly says, "Is this thing on?" The microphone screeches. Chris signals for Cary to start. Cary says, "Um... So why did the clock fly? Because... Wait... Why did the person throw out the window..." Cary gets a 'boo' from the audience.

Chris says, "Dude, go on to your next joke."

Cary says, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Cary gestures, and hits the microphone with his hand. Knocking the mike stand to the ground. Cary looks embarrassed. The audience starts laughing. Cary picks up the microphone, by itself. He walks across the stage and starts his next joke. "Um... Why did the blonde park her car in the pool?" Cary quickly says with a smile, "Because she was dumb!" The audience remains silent.

Someone shouts from the audience, "You're blond, dummy." The audience laughs.

Cary looks nervous. He begins walking to the other side of the stage. "So... Uh... What does a cat say?"

"You suck!" Someone shouts from the audience. The rest of the audience laughs.

Cary begins slapping himself on the forehead, as he says, "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" The audience laughs.

Chris says, "Last joke."

Cary says, "How many frogs does it take to screw in a light bulb?" Cary walks across the stage, not realizing that he had wrapped the microphone's cord around his legs. He falls off of the stage. The audience erupts in cheers and gives Cary's act a standing ovation.

Chris says, "It looks like Cary has won this challenge for his team."

Cary looks up and asks, "Where am I? What year is this?"

Ignoring Cary, Chris says, "That means that the 15 Second Fame Seekers are invincible, and Libby is out."

Libby shouts, "What?"

Chris says, "Oh, did I forget to mention that the comedian who lost for their team would be automatically eliminated? Sorry about that."

"That's not fair," Libby protests.

Sheena says, "It's not like we wouldn't have voted you out, anyway."

Libby looks at Ophelia. Ophelia says, "You weren't the nicest up there."

Libby says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings... Except Cary's." Everyone, but Cary, laughs.

Ophelia hugs Libby and says, "It's okay, just don't do it, again." Libby nods. Ophelia continues, "I'm sorry you got eliminated this way."

Libby goes into her team's Winnebago and packs her bags. She then enters the waiting taxicab.

Leshawna greets Libby, "Hey, girl." Leshawna looks at a piece of paper. She says, "You're Libby, right?" Libby nods. "What happened?"

"I guess I offended my team with some of my jokes," Libby says, "But I didn't mean to purposely hurt anyone's feelings. Chris then revealed that the person selected for the challenge on the losing team was automatically eliminated. So here I am."

Leshawna says, "Did you learn anything?" Libby shrugs. Leshawna says, "What? Everyone else, came off of the show having some huge epiphany!"

Libby laughs and says, "That's a funny word." Leshawna sighs.

Chris says, still inside the comedy club, "That ends today's installment of Total... Drama... Reality. Tune in next time for more Total... Drama... Reality."

Chapter 6 - The Smallest Winners

Chris Mclean says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Reality. The teens chose one teammate to provide a comedy routine for the rest of their team. The Temporarily Known chose Libby, funny girl extraordinaire. Good choice. The 15 Second Fame Seekers chose completely unfunny Cary, so he could serve as a scapegoat in case the team lost. Another good choice. In the end, Cary actually won the challenge for his team, and Libby was automatically eliminated. Sucks to be her. How will events unfold on today's episode? Only time will tell. Let's begin another exciting installment of Total... Drama... Realty... I mean, Reality!"

Cary walks into his teams Winnebago after the challenge. Cary looks around and sees a very clean room in front of him. He says, "What's going on around here?"

Tsuyoshi says, "We moved our belongings into the bedroom. Herman, Brent, and I took a vote. You're staying out here."

"No," Cary says stubbornly.

Herman says, "We tooketh a vote."

Brent says, "Majority rules."

"No," Cary repeats.

Herman and Brent ignore Cary and walk into the bedroom. Tsuyoshi walks right up to Cary, smirks, and says, "Now you know how it feels to have everyone against you. Not very fun, is it?"

Cary says, "It's a blast. But I'm not staying out here, it's beneath me."

Tsuyoshi laughs and says, "Sorry, chum. You should have thought of that before you treated everyone like crap, especially your brother."

Cary says, "Grant is crap."

Tsuyoshi grabs Cary by the shirt collar and says, "Don't you dare say anything like that, again. Your brother puts up with your garbage day in and day out. I have no idea why he does it, but you should at least respect him for it." Tsuyoshi lets go of Cary's shirt.

Cary says, "Don't tell me what to do. And never put your gay hands on me, again."

Tsuyoshi looks livid and says, "You are the most bigoted, vindictive, selfish person I've ever met. I swear, you are going down this challenge. Kiss your chances at five million dollars goodbye. You're destined to be alone for the rest of your life. No one will ever want to be near such an egotistical moron, so I hope you're prepared to die alone, scumbag." Tsuyoshi walks into the bedroom leaving Cary by himself.

Cary shouts after Tsuyoshi, "I don't need anyone else! I've got myself!" Cary looks around him and holds his knees to his chest as he sits on the couch. Cary stares blankly at something in the kitchen for nearly an hour.

Val says in confessional, "Oh, gosh. This show has been nothing but fun and happiness. I've made some great friends with the girls on my team, and Tsuyoshi. I can't wait to see what each day will bring." Val smiles cheerfully.

Tsuyoshi, Brent, and Herman are sleeping on three of the five beds. Tsuyoshi is on the bottom bunk, and Brent is on the top bunk. Herman can be heard snoring rather loudly on one of the other beds.

Brents says, "Tsuyoshi, are you awake?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Yeah."

"I just wanted to say," Brent says, "I'm sorry for going along with Cary in the beginning. It was wrong."

Tsuyoshi says, "It doesn't matter. It was in the past."

Brent says, "It's just that, when I found out you were gay, I didn't know how to feel about it. No one else ever told me they were, so I didn't know how to react. I'm still trying to find out who I am as a person."

Tsuyoshi says, "I understand. I completely forgive you."

Brent says, "When I got to know you better, I got to like you, like a lot... Well, that's all I wanted to say. Good night."

"Good night," Tsuyoshi says. Tsuyoshi's blushing can't be seen by Brent.

As the sun rises the other teens are awoken by the sound of a bugle. Yi Min pulls on Uriah's arm in order to get him out of bed. Uriah falls off of the top bunk.

Uriah signs a string of obscenities at Yi Min, with his hands blurred out. Yi Min hugs Uriah and says, "I'm lucky to have a friend like you, too."

Uriah signs. The captions read, "I can't see your lips that well, when you hug me! Let me put my clothes on, pervert!"

Everyone rushes outside. "Where's Chris?" Naomi asks. "Not that I care," she adds.

Jonathan says, "I don't know."

"iRene" says, "We heard a bugle, so we came out."

Jonathan holds up the shining instrument and says, "Oh, that was just me. I'm practicing for my bugle boy badge."

Sheena glares at Jonathan. She says, "You've got to be kidding me... You woke us up at five in the morning, you dolt!"

Jonathan says, "I didn't think about that. Sorry."

Sheena says, "Sorry isn't going to cut it, you over-sized toddler."

Val says, "Hey. That's not very nice."

Sheena says, "Newsflash, Sunny. I don't do nice."

Micky D. says, "She's got a point, yo. It's really early, know what I'm sayin'? Not even Chris McDawg would make us do one of dem challenges, this early."

Chris shows up at that very moment. "It's time to start your next challenge," Chris announces.

Micky D. says, "I take it back, ya'll."

Sheena turns to Jonathan and says, "Thanks for waking us up on time, I guess." Jonathan smiles widely. Sheena says, "Your bugle playing sucks. I have a migraine, now." Jonathan frowns.

Chris says, "What a touching moment. Now back to me. Today's challenge will see you teens taking on fitness and exercise. It pains my heart to know that obesity is on the rise with today's youth. I want to do my part in raising awareness of this important issue..."

Val says, "I knew you had a heart."

"It'll boost ratings," Chris finishes. Val's smile fades. Chris now says, "Let me tell you about your challenge. You'll have access to a local gym. You'll be working out in an attempt to have your team be the one that loses the most weight as a whole. The team that loses the most weight will win invincibility."

Melinda says, "What if you have no weight to lose?"

"Well," Chris says, "You better work at not gaining any." Chris hands out T-shirts and shorts to both teams. "The two teams will be wearing these shirts to signify unity and blah blah. The 15 Second Fame Seekers will be wearing black. The Temporarily Known will be wearing blue. Black and blue... My two favorite colors. Ha ha!"

Cary says in confessional, "I can finally get out of these awful clothes and wear this black T-Shirt."

Ophelia says, "How will you know how much weight we lose?"

Chris says, "Good question. I'm glad I thought of it. We'll take the weight from the physicals you were given before you appeared on Leshawna's talk show. We did those to see if you were all physically able to appear on the show."

Tsuyoshi rubs his chin and says, "I thought a physical was weird in order to appear on a talk show."

Yi Min says, "A physical? So that's what that was." Everyone stares at Yi Min.

Chris says, "Anyway... Each team will choose a team member to act as leader and trainer."

The teams huddle together.

Tsuyoshi says, "Priscilla, plain and simple. She's the toughest one of us."

"Agreed," the others say.

Tsuyoshi whispers to Priscilla, "You'll want to make sure that Cary takes the blame in case our team loses." Priscilla smirks and nods.

On the other team, "iRene" says, "Okay, This is an obvious choice. The only one of us that has extensive training with working out is Yi Min."

Dinah says, "I'm a little nervous to put my chance at 5 million dollars at risk by having Yi Min lead."

"iRene" says, "Trust me, on this one. The things that Yi Min doesn't know could fill the biggest library on Earth, but he knows how to work out, which must account for a pamphlet, or something."

Sheena rolls her eyes and says, "Great speech. Color me motivated."

Yi Min says, "Motivated is my favorite color." Everyone stares at Yi Min.

Uriah signs in confessional. The captions read, "I don't feel too secure with Yi Min as our trainer, but I guess we don't really have any other options."

Chris leads the teens to their destination, a nearby gym. They somehow found time to change into their new clothes. Chris says, "This is the site of your next challenge. You'll have an entire week to work out, which will be reduced to a few minutes on TV thanks to the power of editing. Seriously. People want drama. If they wanted to watch people work out at the gym, gyms would set up a viewing a section, and charge the people to use them."

Naomi says, "Another failed business idea, I see."

Chris says, "I tell ya. I'm ahead of the times. Who are our leaders?" Priscilla and Yi Min step forward. "Go ahead and start your work outs," Chris says.

The teens enter the building. On their way inside, Brent says to Melinda, dressed in black shorts, the T-Shirt, and her hair in a ponytail, "You look nice this way."

Melinda says, "Um... Thank you." She smiles.

Once inside, Yi Min addresses his team, "Before we get started... Where's Dinah?"

Dinah blushes and raises her hand. Everyone looks at her and gasps. "What's wrong?" She asks.

Micky D. says, "You're lookin' pretty fly, senorita."

Yi Min raises an eyebrow, "Who are you?"

Dinah says, "It's me... Dinah."

Yi Min laughs and says, "You're telling me, that you went from a giant lizard to a cute, teenage girl? You have to get up pretty early to pull that one over on me."

Sheena glares at Jonathan and says, "We did."

Dinah blushes and says, "You think I'm cute?" Yi Min nods.

Jonathan says, "I like you better in your costume."


Yi Min says, "Costume?" Uriah slaps his forehead. Yi Min now says, "Okay, everyone. Let's begin our work out." The others head toward the various exercise machines. Yi Min says, "Where are you guys going?" Everyone stops. "We start by stretching. It prevents injury. I mean, really. It's like you guys know nothing."

Sheena says in confessional, "Yi Min telling me I know nothing... That was the lowest point of my life."

The teens begin stretching.

On the 15 Second Fame Seekers, Priscilla says, "Okay, maggots, let's start." Priscilla assigns everyone to a different machine, except for Cary.

Cary says, "What should I do?"

Priscilla says, "Figure it out."

Cary says, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm on your team, too."

Priscilla says, "Of course I noticed. In fact, it saddens me, a little."

Cary says, "So?"

Priscilla says, "You're on your own."

Cary says in confessional, "When I'm at home, I run. A lot. That's how I keep my gorgeous figure, in case the girls out there wanted to know."

Cary walks up to a tread mill, but has difficulty turning it on. Val says, "Need some help?"

Priscilla says, "He can figure it out by himself."

Cary says, "I don't need anyone's help." After struggling to turn on the machine, Cary says, "I'm leaving. You guys don't want me here, anyway."

"That's the first intelligent thing you've said this entire time," Tsuyoshi says.

Cary leaves in a huff and boards his designated Winnebago.

A montage shows all of the teens sweating and working hard on the machines, throughout the week.

The montage stops and Yi Min says, "Okay, team. Let's do some Yoga."

Micky D. says, "Yoga is for chicks. I ain't doin' that, yo."

Yi Min says, "It helps with flexibility and relaxation. It's exactly what we need right now."

Micky D. says, "Fine..."

Yi Min says, "The trick is to clear your mind, before starting."

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "You must be an expert."

Yi Min says, "That's the spirit!" He hugs Uriah, who unsuccessfully tries to get away.

The team begins doing yoga under Yi Min's direction.

Priscilla says to her sweating team as they all are running on treadmills, except for the absent Cary, "You guys aren't trying hard enough. Turn your machines up a level."

Herman shouts, "I can't."

Priscilla asks, "You can't?"

Herman says, "No. I can't."

Priscilla says, "Everyone but Herman, turn your treadmill up one level."

Herman says, "Whew." Priscilla walks up to Herman's treadmill and turns it up three levels. Herman tries to keep up, but flies off of his treadmill.

Priscilla shouts, "Get up!" Herman gets up, with his legs trembling. Priscilla says, "Anyone else feel like 'they can't'?" No one says anything. "That's what I thought," Priscilla says. Herman pukes and falls backwards.

Val looks back and says, "Oh my gosh! Is he okay?"

Priscilla says, "Don't worry about him. You'll only baby him."

Val says in confessional, "I'm beginning to regret my alliance with Priscilla. She's so mean."

Another montage shows the teams working out, everyone but "iRene" and Cary.

Chris walks into the gym on the final day and says, "Last Day Workout! Your weigh in is later today." He walks out of the gym.

Priscilla says, "This is our last opportunity. Let's amp up the work out."

Herman says, "You're kiddingeth." Priscilla glares at Herman. She then throws a barbell at him. Herman catches it, but collapses under the weight.

Yi Min says to his team, "Everyone did scrum diddly wonderful! Let's give it our all, today!"

The team shouts, "Yeah!"

Yi Min says, "It's time for... Jazzercise!"

Uriah signs. The captions read, "You've got to be kidding."

Yi Min hands sweatbands out to his team. They begin following Yi Min's lead after he turns on a radio, and begins an aerobics routine. After they start, Yi Min says, "You guys can take it from here." Yi Min walks up to Uriah and taps him on the shoulder. Uriah stops his Jazzercise and reads Yi Min's lips as he says, "I need a spotter." Uriah nods and follows Yi Min.

Yi Min begins bench pressing as Uriah looks on. Yi Min directs him to add more weight to the barbell. Yi Min lifts and continues the process of adding more weight. After Yi Min finishes he says, "Thank you, Uriah." Yi Min walks back to the rest of the team. Uriah adds up the total of the weights that Yi Min was lifting and looks shocked.

Uriah signs in confessional. The captions read, "I couldn't believe it. That guy was lifting 600 pounds. I could have never helped him if he lost control, but he acted like he was lifting feathers. That guy is serious business."

Yi Min says in confessional, "I was so excited to be near a gym, again... I couldn't leave those weights alone." Yi Min looks off dreamily.

Chris walks in and says, "Last Day Workout is over." Chris looks at the Jazzercising Temporarily Known who froze in their positions as Chris walked in. Chris says, "I'm not even going to ask. Meet back here in twenty minutes, when we'll have our weigh in."

The teams walk back to their Winnebagos. The door to the 15 Second Fame Seeker's guys Winnebago is locked. Herman takes out a lock pick and begins tampering with the lock.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I've only ever seen a lock pick in video games... It figures that Herman has one."

Cary jumps up as he hears the other guys enter the Winnebago. "I was just taking a little nap," Cary explains.

Brent says, "Come on, we have our weigh in, soon."

Cary gets up and follows the other guys out of the Winnebago. Tsuyoshi says to Cary, "You look different, somehow." Cary shrugs.

The teens walk back into the gym, and the film is played in slow motion.

Ophelia says in confessional, "I think people are expecting a big number from me, so that makes me nervous. What if I can't pull it off?" Ophelia hyperventilates, a little.

Priscila says in confessional, "They made the female contestants wear sports bras to the weigh in. How sexist. I'd like to see them force the guys to wear sports bras... Never mind."

The teens walk into the gym and see Chris standing on a platform that wasn't previously there. Next to him is a large scale with a monitor above it. Chris says, "Welcome to your first weigh in."

Naomi says, "That implies that there will be more."

Chris says, "Welcome to you last weigh in. Is that better? We'll begin by weighing in with the Temporarily Known team. Let's start with the team leader, Yi Min." Yi Min removes his shirt and throws it on "iRene"'s cart and walks up on to the scale. Chris says, "Yi Min, your previous weight was two hundred and sixty pounds."

Yi Min says, "All muscle."

Herman says, "Obviously."

Chris says, "Ahem. Yi Min, please step onto the scale." Yi Min complies. "Yi Min your weight is..." The monitor goes up and down in number and finally lands on two hundred and sixty-two pounds. Chris says, "You've gained two pounds."

Yi Min claps and says, "Alright!"

Sheena says, "The point is to lose weight."

Yi Min says, "That's two extra pounds of muscle." He kisses one of his biceps and says, "Oh yeah!" Yi Min walks down to the others.

Chris says, "Okay, then... That brings your team total to +2 pounds." Chris draws attention to another monitor that says '+2' pounds. Chris says, "Sheena, you're up." Sheena walks up and lost one pound, bringing her team's total to '+1' pound. Chris directs Uriah to take his turn. He removes his shirt and steps onto the scale. He has lost a total of three pounds, bringing his team's total to '-2' pounds according to the monitor. Dinah walks up next and has lost a total of one pound, bringing the total for her team to '-3' pounds. "Next up is Micky D."

Micky D. says, "Ladies... Be prepared to be amazed at my ill bod, ya'll." Micky D. removes his shirt and walks onto the scale.

Sheena shouts, "My eyes! It burns!" She looks away to avoid the glare from Micky's pale skin. Everyone avoids directly looking at Micky D.

Uriah signs in confessional. The captions read, "I treated Micky D. like the sun. I'm not about to lose my eyesight, as well."

Micky D. says, "I gets it. Ya'll don't want to look at my gorgeous bod."

Chris says, "To avoid looking to my right and burning my eyes, I'm not going to look at the monitor. Let's just say that Micky D. gained ten pounds.

Micky D. says, "That is whack, bro-dawg." Micky D. looks at the monitor and it says, '-4'. The monitor that shows the team's total now reads, '+7'. Micky D. says, "Not cool," as he steps off the platform and puts his shirt back on.

Chris says, "Next up is 'iRene'." Jonathan pushes "iRene" up to the scale and places her on the scale.

"iRene" smirks and says, "At least I'm not gaining any weight." Everyone looks at the monitor.

Chris announces, "You gained one pound."

"iRene" says in disbelief, "How is that even possible?"

Yi Min looks around him and says, "Has anyone seen my shirt?"

Chris says, "The team's total amount of pounds lost is '+8'. Jonathan, you're up." Jonathan removes his shirt and walks onto the scale. Chris looks at the monitor and announces, "You lost 4 pounds, good job."

The other teens clap and Jonathan lifts his arms in triumph. His shorts fall around his ankles revealing his superhero briefs. Cary says, "How come no one is making fun of him?"

Val stares with wide eyes and says, "He looks good..." Jonathan blushes and pulls his shorts back up. Cary folds his arms.

The team total monitor reads '+4' pounds. Ophelia is the last one to step onto the scale. She loses a total of four pounds. The others clap.

Ophelia says in confessional, "I was expecting a bigger number, but I'm really glad I didn't gain."

Chris says, "Your team's total of pounds lost is '0'. Now that's just sad. The other team has to have lost a total of one pound." Priscilla smirks. Chris says, "Priscilla, you'll weigh in first for the 15 Second Fame Seekers." Priscilla steps onto the scale. She loses a total of seven pounds. The other teens clap.

Priscilla says, "And that's how it's done." The monitor reads '-7'. Herman walks onto the scale. The monitor reveals that he lost 2 pounds. The team total monitor changes to '-9'. Melinda goes up next, the monitor reveals that she lost 1 pound, bringing her team's total to '-10'. Brent steps onto the scale next, silently. The monitor reveals that he lost 2 pounds. The team total monitor reads '-12'.

Jonathan says to Yi Min, "I have a bad feeling about this." Yi Min looks nervous.

Val steps onto the scale. The monitor reads that she lost 2 pounds. The team total loss monitor reads '-14'. Tsuyoshi walks onto the scale and the monitor shows that he lost 8 pounds. The others cheer at the impressive number. The team total monitor reads '-22'.

Jonathan says to Yi Min, "I have a really bad feeling about this." Yi Min begins sweating a little.

Naomi steps onto the scale, and the monitor shows that she lost 3 pounds. The team total monitor reads '-25'. Cary removes his shirt and heads onto the scale. Chuckles are heard from the other teens. Cary says, "What is it?"

Sheena says, "Nice gut." The others laugh.

Cary says, "What are you talking about? I've got a six pack."

"A six pack of jelly rolls," Tsuyoshi teases. The others laugh.

The monitor begins changing numbers. Cary's weight before the show began reads '165'. Cary's current weight reads, '191'. Everyone gasps. Cary says, "What?" He looks at the monitor. The others begin laughing at him, another time. Cary's eyes fill with tears and he runs off the stage and out of the gym.

Chris says, "Wow... Cary gained 26 pounds. That brings the 15 Second Fame Seekers total to '+1'. That makes the Temporarily Known our winners and they are all safe. Tsuyoshi lost the most weight on his team, and cannot be voted for. You have an hour to discuss who will be eliminated. Chris pulls out a tray and removes the lid, "Now who wants cookies?" The teens storm the platform, all but "iRene" and Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi slips out of the gym. He walks into his designated Winnebago and sees Cary crying into his hands. Tsuyoshi hands Cary his shirt, and he puts it back on.

Tsuyoshi asks, "What's the matter?"

Cary says, "Nothing. How did you get in here? I locked the door."

Tsuyoshi says, "The lock was picked. It won't work, anymore, after that. You're lying about nothing being wrong. It's not normal for someone to gain 26 pounds in a few weeks."

Cary says, "I find it interesting that you're the one lecturing me on what isn't normal."

Tsuyoshi says in an angry tone, "I came out here to comfort you, and you're going to act like a jerk?"

Cary insists, "I have to."

Tsuyoshi says, "Please. No one has to treat others like crap."

Cary says, "I know what I said."

Tsuyoshi says, "You really think that? It's not too late to change, Cary. You could still make friends, here."

"I tried the whole nice thing," Cary says, "I just got pushed around and picked on at school."

Tsuyoshi says, "So you stooped down to that level, by making Grant miserable?"

Cary states, "Grant deserves it."

Tsuyoshi says, "Don't give me that. What could Grant do to deserve it?"

Cary says, "Nothing."

Tsuyoshi rolls his eys and says, "Figures."

Cary says, "It's nothing he did. It's what he is." Tsuyoshi looks confused. Cary continues, "Grant is... normal."

Tsuyoshi says, "Normal?"

Cary says, "I'm..." Cary sighs.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I knew exactly what Cary was going to say. I'd seen it a handful of times."

Cary admits, "I'm... bulimic."

Tsuyoshi is again in confessional. He's slouched forward. He looks up with a sad expression and says, "That wasn't what I thought it was going to be."

Tsuyoshi asks in disbelief, "What?"

Cary looks down. "Cary is the only person who I've ever told. I was a bit of a porker... Cary was as slim as he is now. I swear, he's never worked out a day in his life. I began binging and purging to deal with how I felt about myself, and to look like the guys on TV."

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm sorry... But Grant doesn't deserve to be treated the way you treat him."

Cary says, "Grant is strong. He told me that if it made me feel better, I could take my aggression that I feel toward myself out on him, and he would help me eat healthier. And... It worked. Whenever, anyone would insult me, Grant would compliment me, or I'd insult him. It seems harsh, but that's how our relationship works."

Tsuyoshi says, "That doesn't explain how you gained that weight."

Cary admits, "After Grant got eliminated, you guys started to really bash me. I began binging to deal with my feelings. Those granola bars Chris gave us..."

Tsuyoshi walks to the cupboards and sees every box of the granola bars empty. Tsuyoshi states, "These things were the least healthy thing possible... Each one was over 1,000 calories."

Cary says, "But I didn't want anyone to know my secret. There are cameras everywhere, even in the bathroom. I couldn't exactly..."

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm sorry."

Cary asks, "What are you sorry for?"

Tsuyoshi says, "For treating you the way you treat Grant, which you have to find a way to stop. I thought it was okay to treat you so poorly, because of how you treated everyone else. I should have tried to be a better person. I know how alone you must have felt. I just made it worse."

Cary says, "I'm sorry for the way I treated you. I just alienated you to make me feel superior to someone. You aren't a bad person, at all. I deserved everything you guys threw at me."

Tsuyoshi puts his arm around Cary and says, "Dude, you didn't. Not just because of your problem, either. Because you're a human being. I want to make this right. I can get the others to vote for Priscilla. You can try to be nice to the others, I'll do my best to help you. We'll just have to let the others know about your secret."

Cary says, "That's not happening."

Tsuyoshi says, "What?"

Cary says, "I don't want to let the others know."

Tsuyoshi says, "They'll find out on TV, anyway."

Cary says, "And maybe by then I'll be able to handle it, but right now... I'm begging you not to tell the others."

Tsyoshi puts a hand on Cary's shoulder and says, "You have my word. But I'm still going to try to keep you here." Tsuyoshi leaves the Winnebago and sees Herman, Val, and Brent sitting outside talking.

Tsuyoshi says to them, "Hey guys, what's up?"

Val says, "We were talking about Priscilla."

Herman says, "And how meaneth she is."

Brent says, "We were thinking of voting her out after Cary."

Tsuyoshi says, "Why after Cary?"

Herman says, "Cary makeths our lives miserable here. Priscilla mayeth be bad, but nobody's as bad as Cary."

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm voting for Priscilla."

Brent says, "What got into you all of a sudden? I thought you hated Cary."

Tsuyoshi says, "Nothing. I just... I think that Priscilla is a bigger threat, and we have to vote for her. We'll have a chance to vote for Cary, later."

Herman says, "Cary, firsteth." The other two nod.

Tsuyoshi walks away from the conversation, disappointed. Chris now steps out of the gym and announces, "It's time to vote someone out."

The 15 Second Fame Seekers all walk into the gym and walk into a room with a dining room table on it. They are each given a tray with a lid on it and a piece of paper to write down their vote. After voting, Chris directs them to sit down at the table in this order, from left to right, Cary, Priscilla, Naomi, Melinda, Herman, Brent, Val, and Tsuyoshi.

Chris says, "We'll start by asking Cary to reveal who he voted for." Cary lifts the lid to his tray without saying a word. It reads 'Priscilla'.

Priscilla reveals her vote next. She says, "This vote is for the person who lost us this challenge." She lifts up the lid and it reads, 'Cary'.

Chris says, "That's one vote Priscilla and one vote for Cary."

Naomi reads off her card as she lifts the lid to her tray, "Cary."

Melinda says, "My vote is for Cary. He lost the challenge for us." She reveals her vote that reads, 'Cary'.

Chris says, "That's three votes for Cary and one vote for Priscilla. If Cary receives to more votes, he's out. Herman is next."

Herman says, "I thought long and hard about this decision." Herman lifts up the lid to his tray, it reads, 'Priscilla'.

Chris says, "That's two votes for Priscilla and three for Cary." Brent lifts up the lid to his tray, and reveals his vote for 'Priscilla'. Chris says, "We are now tied at three votes for Priscilla and three for Cary."

Val says, "I didn't want to write this person's name down, but I felt like I had no choice. That's why, with a heavy heart, I voted for... Priscilla." Priscilla looks livid.

Chris says, "That's four votes for Priscilla and three for Cary. If Priscilla gets one more vote, she's out. If the vote is tied, Cary, the team member with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be out. It's all up to Tsuyoshi."

Tsuyoshi looks solemn. He says, "I voted for..." He lifts up the lid of his tray, revealing the name of the person leaving. The card reads...

'Cary'. Chris says, "Okay. No big shock, there. Cary you're out of the competition."

Tsuyoshi looks at Cary who refuses to return his gaze. Cary gets up and walks out of the room without saying anything to his team. He sees the waiting taxi as he exits the gym, and enters.

Leshawna is waiting for him inside. Leshawna says, "Hey, Cary. So, how are you?" Cary says nothing as he looks out the window.

Leshawna asks, "Are you going to say anything to me?" Cary shakes his head. Leshawna says, "Thanks for the easy interview." The taxi leaves the scene.

Chris looks at an angry Priscilla, inside the voting room. He says, "Someone got their feelings hurt. I can't wait to see how this plays out on the next episode of Total... Drama... Reality."

Chapter 7 - I Endured a Japanese Game ShowEdit

Chris Mclean is standing in front of the Winnebagos. He says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Reality, we subjected our mostly already thin contestants to a weight loss challenge. Priscilla was as mean as heck, but got great results from the team members she trained, though she wouldn't help Cary out, making him feel dejected and blah blah. So, he left the gym for the entire week. On the other team, Yi Min's subtle approach to weight loss wasn't as effective on the scale, but because of Cary's extreme weight gain, Yi Min's team came off victorious. Cary was promptly voted off with absolutely no regrets from his team, whatsoever. Let's see what happens this time on Total... Drama... Reality."

After leaving the gym, Priscilla stomps her way onto her designated Winnebago.

Val follows her and says, "I'm so sorry," the entire time. Val looks behind herself at Tsuyoshi with a disappointed expression before boarding her RV.

The Temporarily Known team members are all standing outside. They applaud to show their approval of Cary being eliminated.

When the male team members of the 15 Second Fame Seekers enter their Winnebago, Herman says to Tsuyoshi, "I can't believeth it. I thought you had our backeth."

Tsuyoshi says, "But you... I'm sorry."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I feel like a complete idiot. The other three came to their decision to vote out Cary without telling me. I'm so dependent on strategy that I thought if I was the only one who voted for Priscilla, I would be eliminated next if she survived the vote. I wish I had gone with my heart, instead." Tsuyoshi, looking sad, says, "I need to start looking at my team members as people, as opposed to emotionless chess pieces. I already hurt at least two people, and I don't want to do anymore damage."

Tsuyoshi looks at Brent and says, "But we're still cool, right?"

Brent says, "Sure, whatever, bro." Tsuyoshi gives a slight smile.

In the girl's RV, Priscilla asks, "Why did you betray me, traitor?"

Val says, "I'm sorry."

Priscilla says, "Answer the question."

"I thought you were being a little harsh during the challenge," Val says.

Priscilla says, "And did you not see the numbers we pulled?"

Val says, "I didn't look at it that way..."

Priscilla says, "Well, now you're going to see what happens to people who betray me. I still can't believe that you teamed up with the guys..." Priscilla shudders.

Priscilla enters the bedroom. Val says to Naomi and Melinda, "I hope you guys don't hate me, too."

Naomi says, "My thoughts on the subject are that I really don't care all that much."

Melinda says, "Hey, I forgive you." Naomi shrugs and walks into the bedroom. Melinda sits on the couch by Val and says, "Can I tell you something?"

Val says, "Sure, what is it?"

Melinda says, "I think someone likes me."

Val says, "That's so cool! Who is it?"

Melinda smiles and says, "I'll give you a hint. He's on the short side, he's got scraggly hair, and hints at a beard."

Val says in disbelief, "You think Chris has a crush on you?!"

Melinda says, "No. Disgusting. I'm talking about Brent."

"Really?" Val says still in disbelief, but in a lesser degree. "I can't get a read on that guy. How do you feel about him? Do you like him back?"

Melinda smiles and says, "I just might. He's so mysterious and broody."

Morning comes and the remaining fifteen teenagers are standing outside in expectation of their challenge.

Tsuyoshi walks up to Ophelia and says, "Hey... Um... Can I ask you something?"

"Shoot," Ophelia says.

Tsuyoshi says, "Well, I know that you set up Sheena and Grant earlier, so I was wondering if you could help me out."

Ophelia says, "Who is it?"

Tsuyoshi points to Brent and says, "Him. I can usually tell, but... I'm not sure if he likes me, but I think he might."

Ophelia says, "I never really talked to him, but if I can get some time alone with him, maybe I could find out for you."

Tsuyoshi hugs Ophelia and says, "For a practical stranger to be so helpful... You rock." He walks away.

Priscilla glares at him and says, "First, I had an alliance member betray me, now I have one hugging someone on the other team." Tsuyoshi puts his hand on the back of his head and smiles nervously.

After Tsuyoshi is done talking with Ophelia, Melinda walks up to her. Melinda is still wearing the black T-Shirt, shorts, and her hair in a ponytail as she was in the previous challenge. Melinda says, "So I understand that you hooked Sheena up with Grant, earlier..."

Ophelia says in confessional, "Is it that obvious?"

Melinda says, "I think this guy likes me. So, um, I was wondering if you could help me out with him."

Ophelia says, "Just tell me who it is, and I'll see what I can do."

Melinda says, "Brent." Ophelia's eyes widen. "What's wrong?" Melinda asks.

Ophelia says in confessional, "Something is going on, here. I have this sinking feeling that Brent is playing the game. But I guess it could be possible for him to like both of them..."

Ophelia says, "Uh... Nothing. It's just that Brent is a hard person to get a good vibe on. If I ever find a chance to talk with him, I'll try to figure him out, okay?"

Melinda smiles and says, "You'd do that for me when you hardly even know me?"

Ophelia says, "If it makes someone happy, I'm all for it." The two girls smile and Melinda walks back toward her team with a spring in her step.

Priscilla says in confessional, "Melinda has been acting strange, lately. Strange for her normal, anyway. I guess, for her, when she acts normal, it's strange."

Yi Min walks up to Ophelia and says, "I was wondering if you could help me find something out." Ophelia turns and walks in the other direction. Yi Min looks sad and says to himself, "I guess I really do have bad breath."

Chris walks onto the scene and says, "Good morning, campers!"

"Campers?" "iRene" repeats.

"Campers use RVs, you know," Chris says. "Duh. Now, it's that time again for you guys to follow me in your RVs to the undisclosed location." Chris enters his limo, and the teens enter their Winnebagos. They follow him to the location, a windowless building with graffiti on the outside. Chris says, "This is the location of your next challenge."

Sheena says, "I'm not going in that building. It looks nasty."

Chris says, "Man up." Priscilla angrily glares at Chris. Chris opens the door. The only thing the contestants can see is a dark hallway.

Yi Min bravely steps forward, and pushes "iRene" inside the building and she rolls forward, screaming. He says, "Go find out if it's safe, comps." He turns back around and stands with the other contestants.

Micky D. says, "Yo, dude man dawg, that was so not chill, know what I'm sayin'?"

Yi Min giggles and says, "Your words tickle my ears."

Chris says, "Are you guys going in or not? If you don't enter the building, "iRene" will win for her team."

Yi Min shouts, "Oh no!"

Chris says, "Are you serious, bro?"

Yi Min says, "Chris Mclanahan is my long lost brother?"

Chris slaps his forehead and says, "'Bro' is an expression, bro." The teens nervously begin entering the building, as Chris holds the door open for them. After the last one enters. Chris shuts the door behind them. "So long," Chris shouts from the outside.

Jonathan says, "Aren't you coming with us?"

Chris says, "Not on your life, man. Ha ha!"

Jonathan tries to open the door. He says, "It's locked from the outside."

Sheena raises an eyebrow and says, "Is that even possible?"

The teens nervously walk down the hallway and find "iRene"'s device in front of a wall. "Are you guys there? Thanks a lot for abandoning me." Yi Min takes hold of the device and begins pushing it as the others walk forward.

Val says in confessional, "What we saw next was fantastic. Bright colors. An excited audience. It was so awesome!"

Sheena says in confessional, "It was a bright room full of screaming Asian people. I had nightmares less scary than that scenario."

As the teens enter the room, they see bleachers full of cheering Asian people, bright yellow and pink floors and walls, and a Japanese man with a microphone. Dinah enters the room last to cries of terror and "Godzilla!"

The host says with a heavy Japanese accent, "Welcome! Banzai!" The audience cheers wildly. He says something in Japanese. The caption reads, "Here are the stupid Canadians." The audience laughs.

Tsuyoshi speaks in Japanese. The caption reads, "You do all know that I speak fluent Japanese, right?" The host and audience gasp.

The host says, "You will compete super, crazy, dangerous, happy, exciting, fun challenges!" The audience cheers.

Sheena says, "He just said 'dangerous', right?"

The host screams, "Are you ready for crazy super action?"

The contestants give a halfhearted cheer. Uriah sarcastically signs applause.

The host speaks in Japanese. The captions read, "These saps really think the Japanese are this weird." The audience and Tsuyoshi laugh. The host says in English, "I understand one team has more players. Please, sit out one." The host bows politely.

The Temporarily Known huddle together and Yi Min says when they're done, "We'll sit out Ophelia."

"iRene" and Sheena shout, "What?!" in unison. The audience laughs.

The host speaks in Japanese. The caption reads, "Crazy foreigners!" The audience laughs.

Tsuyoshi speaks in Japanese. The caption reads, "You guys realize that you're the foreigners, right now? I'm assuming, anyway."

The host ignores Tsuyoshi. He takes Ophelia by the arm and leads her to a pen with stools that says, 'Loser bin' in Japanese. Tsuyoshi and the audience laugh, as she takes her seat.

"First challenge," the host announces. The audience cheers. "Choose one to compete 'Fly on the Wall'." The audience cheers, again. Brent and Sheena step forward.

Sheena says in confessional, "I decided to compete first for my team. I wanted to get this crap out of the way."

Sheena and Brent are wearing black shirts and pants with Velcro on them. They have wings strapped on their backs. The host says, "You see the wall?" The contestants nod. "You will jump on the trampoline. The one who lands higher will win one point for team. Ready?" The contestants nod. Brent goes first and does averagely. Sheena goes next and does above average. The audience cheers. "Curly hair wins the round!" The audience and the Temporarily Known cheer. A random sumo wrestler pulls Brent off of the wall and leads him to the 'Loser Bin'.

Sheena says, "Is someone going to help me down?" She is completely ignored.

Brent says to Ophelia, "Hey."

Ophelia says in confessional, "I didn't think I'd get a chance to talk with Brent so early, but I took the opportunity to learn about him."

Ophelia says, "Hi. So, Brent do you mind if I get to know you better?" Brent shrugs. Ophelia says, "What's your favorite color?"

"Blue is okay," Brent says.

Ophelia nods and says, "What's your favorite movie genre?"

"Whatever," Brent says.

"Do you like music?" Ophelia asks.

"It's okay," Brent says.

Ophelia looks confused and says, "What's your best school subject?"

Brent answers, "I get C's in everything."

Ophelia looks nervous and slips out, "Are you attracted to men or women?"

"Women," Brent says, not phased by the inappropriate question.

Ophelia looks embarrassed as she says in confessional, "I was so flustered by his answers. I couldn't get a read on him, so I just kind of blurted it out. I ruled out Tsuyoshi, though."

Ophelia says, "Do you like anyone in particular?" Brent shrugs and looks uncomfortable.

Brent says in confessional, "I think that Ophelia girl was hitting on me."

Herman walks up to the 'Loser Bin' wearing an adult diaper and a bonnet. Ophelia asks, "What happened?"

"I losteth," Herman says.

Brent says to Herman, nonchalantly, "You look cute." Ophelia raises an eyebrow.

Herman says, "Um... Thanks?"

Ophelia says, "Seriously. I have no idea what Brent is thinking. He flatters people, with absolutely no emotion attached."

"Next challenge is 'Vine Swing of Enjoyment'!" Tsuyoshi and Jonathan are standing next to the host in loincloths. The host speaks in Japanese. The caption reads, "The skinny one looks sickly." The audience laughs.

Tsuyoshi says in Japanese. The caption reads, "I'm Japanese. It's not that hard to remember that I understand you."

The host looks nervous and yells, "Start!"

Jonathan runs ahead of Tsuyoshi and speedily swings from makeshift vine to makeshift vine. Tsuyoshi begins swinging and a sumo wrestler dressed as a monkey throws coconuts at him. "Hey!" Tsuyoshi shouts. The audience laughs. Jonathan finishes the course, and Tsuyoshi falls off. He is carried by another sumo wrestler to the 'Loser Bin'. He is tossed next to the others.


Tsuyoshi whispers to Ophelia, "Did you find anything out?"

Ophelia shrugs and says, "I guess he doesn't like you."

Tsuyoshi says, "Huh? He told me he liked me, a lot. Is that something you go around saying to people?"

Ophelia says, "I can't explain it. But I really don't think he is interested in anyone, here."

Priscilla is in the middle of a duel with Dinah. Both are dressed in suits of armor. Priscilla taunts, "I'm taking you down, short stuff."

Dinah says, "Take that!" She thrusts her foam sword toward Priscilla. The top of her suit of armor falls off, revealing her bra. Many of the guys in the audience begin whistling and cheering.

Priscilla begins blushing, attempts to cover herself with her arms, and yells, "Men are perverts!" Brent removes his fly shirt and throws it to Priscilla. She quickly puts it on and walks over to the 'Loser Bin'. "Thanks," she quietly says to Brent, "I guess that all guys aren't so bad."

Priscilla says in confessional, "I felt like a piece of meat out there. But I'm appreciative of Brent's chivalry..."

The host says, "15 Second Fame Seekers lose!" The audience cheers. "Choose two of you to be in the loser two!"

"Loser two! Loser two!" The audience shouts repeatedly.

"What does that even mean?" Naomi asks.

Tsuyoshi says, "I think they want us to choose a bottom two."

Priscilla says, "I pick Val. She's a traitor. All agreed?"

Everyone but Tsuyoshi and Val agree. Tsuyoshi says to Brent, "Really? After you voted with her last time?"

Brent shrugs and says, "I don't feel attached too easily, I guess."

Tsuyoshi looks mad and says, "I think Brent should be in the bottom two." The others laugh.

"Why would we vote for Brent?" Priscilla asks.

Tsuyoshi says, "He told me he liked me. I think he was trying to flatter me in order to make it further in the game."

Melinda says, "Is that true?" Brent shrugs. Melinda says, "That means that you were just saying I looked good the other day to get further in the game?"

Tsuyoshi says, "All in favor of Brent being in the bottom two?" Everyone but Brent raises their hand.

Priscilla says, "No one messes with one of my girls." Tsuyoshi glares at Priscilla. Priscilla says, "I was talking about Melinda."

Tsuyoshi turns to the host and says, "We chose these two as our bottom two." He pushes forward Val and Brent.

The host shouts, "Loser two!" The audience cheers. The host steps to the side of the stage and brings back two large things that look like feather dusters with a strap on the back. "Strap these on your behinds," the host instructs. Val and Brent comply. The host says, "You will play 'Brush Strokers'!" The audience cheers. The host points out two large white pieces of paper and two big buckets of paint in between those. "You will dunk your brush with paint. Then the one who covers the paper completely will be safe. The other one goes home!" The audience cheers.

Naomi leans toward Tsuyoshi and says, "Why are they always cheering?" Tsuyoshi shrugs and shakes his head.

The host then shouts, "Ready?" Val and Brent nod. The host shouts, "Go!" Val and Brent frantically try to paint their respective paper. The audience laughs at seeing the two teens taking part in the challenge. After a few minutes one of the contestants finishes first. The host shouts, "The winner is..."

"The girl one!" Val cheers. Brent looks disappointed, as only half of his paper was colored. He takes off the giant brush. The host says, "Sayonara!" The audience repeats the word. Brent is escorted out of the building by two sumo wrestlers.

Eventually the audience disbands, leaving the room, talking on cell phones. The host leaves the room, as well.

Dinah says, "Well... That was interesting." Everyone leaves the studio and sees Brent putting his luggage into the trunk of the taxicab.

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm sorry it happened this way, Brent. I just don't like being messed with."

Brent says, "I wasn't messing with you."

Prisilla says, "Oh, come on."

Brent says, "It's true. I do like you, Tsuyoshi. Just as a friend. I thought we were best friends, but I guess I didn't know how to express it right."

Tsuyoshi repeats, "Best friends... Why didn't you explain that, earlier?"

Brent says, "I didn't know what to say. I was put on the spot in front of everyone."

Melinda says, "What did you mean when you said you thought I looked good?"

Brent says, "Exactly what I said. I like this outfit better than the other one."

Herman says, "That doesn't explaineth why you said I was cute." Everyone gasps.

Brent says, "You were dressed as a baby. It was an attempt at humor."

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm sorry, Brent."

Val says, "I think we all are."

Brent sighs and says, "Whatever."

Brent gets in the taxi and sees Leshawna waiting for him.

Leshawna says, "What up, boy? Good to see you."

"It is?" Brent asks.

Leshawna says, "Sure."

"So you're saying you think it's a good thing that I lost out on five million dollars?" Brent asks.

Leshawna says, "Er... I didn't..."

"I see how it is," Brent says.

Leshawna says in an embarrassed manner, "I'm sorry."

Brent says, "I didn't mean it that way... Just... I see how easily wording can be confused for something else. I wish I could communicate a little more clearly." Brent looks out the window.

Leshawna says, "I'm sorry, hon. Did you have fun, though?"

Brent says, "Yeah. I think I did."

Chris says, "So... I was hardly in the episode at all, but I personally think the parts with me in them were definitely the highlight. Be sure to tune in next time for another installment of Total... Drama... Reality..."

Chapter 8 - Boy vs. WildEdit

Chris Mclean says, "Welcome to this week's installment of Total Drama Reality... I mean, Total... Drama... Reality. Last time, the kids got suckered into appearing on a Japanese game show, while the world looked and laughed at their silly costumes. Ha ha! I'm still laughing about it. Due to a misunderstanding, Brent was selected to appear in the elimination challenge. Val was, too, for losing loyalty to her alliance. In the end, Val won the challenge, sending Brent home. Are you ready for more Total... Drama... Reality? I know I am."

The 15 Second Fame Seekers are seen glumly walking on to their Winnebagos.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "After hurting people with my strategy, I decided to play the game using my heart more than my brain. That completely backfired. I have no idea how to play this game without hurting people." Tsuyoshi sighs. "Maybe I should stop trying to play the game, altogether."

Val is sitting among her female team members inside their Winnebago. "Man, that was a tough elimination, but I'm so glad to still be here."

Priscilla stands and says, "It should have been you." Melinda and Naomi stand and walk into the bedroom after Priscilla.

Val says in confessional, "I always try to keep a positive attitude, but I've never been tested so hard. I feel so lonely here. I miss my friends and family. I miss being around people who actually care about me." Val begins crying.

Jonathan says in confessional, "Being a Boy Scout is all about being prepared for anything, at any time. That's why I get up so early, every day. Instead of playing my bugle, this time, I decided to work on my fire building skills, using natural components."

Jonathan is outside of his Winnebago trying to build a fire on the ground. Melinda steps out of the 15 Second Fame Seekers' girl's RV.

Jonathan looks up and says, "Good diddily morning! You changed back to your old outfit."

Melinda says eerily, "I didn't see any reason to dress normal, anymore. Life is full of despair."

Jonathan says, "That's nice. Say, I never took you for a morning person. What are you doing up so early?"

Melinda admits, "I... I couldn't sleep."

Jonathan says, "You liked that guy that got eliminated, huh?"

"Yeah," Melinda says, "But he didn't like me the same way I liked him. I took my anger out on him by going along with everyone else in setting him up for the elimination. I feel pretty bad about it. That's why I couldn't..." Melinda looks up at Jonathan and says, "What am I doing, talking to you about this?" Jonathan shrugs. Jonathan continues to build a fire, but only produces smoke. Melinda says creepily, "I love the smell of burning. Heh... Heh..." Jonathan and Melinda didn't look up and see four mysterious figures enter their teams' Winnebagos.

Jonathan looks up as the Winnebagos begin moving. "Wait!" Jonathan shouts as he sees the vehicles pull away. He gets up and chases after the vehicles but they turn passed the corner.

"Why didn't you catch them?" Melinda asks in a worried voice.

Jonathan looks down and says, "That's because I have yet to attain my RV catching badge."

Melinda raises an eyebrow and says, "Is that a thing?" Melinda looks around her and exclaims, "I found something!" She looks eerie and says, "I mean, I wonder what that convenient piece of paper is."

Jonathan picks it up and says, "It's a map."

Melinda looks around her and picks up another piece of paper. She says, "This says that the teams have been kidnapped."

Jonathan shouts, "Oh, no!"

Melinda reads on and says, "It says it's from a group of people who Chris Mclean owes money to. They've taken the others hostage. They probably didn't realize that the two of us weren't in our RVs, and they left this note for Chris."

Jonathan states, "The map has their destination marked on it."

Melinda says, "The note says that they want Chris to meet them to negotiate. That's why the map is marked."

Jonathan nods and says, "You know what we have to do. We have to rescue the others."

Melinda says, "Jonathan. We should call the police to get help."

Jonathan says, "We can't do that right now. We have no idea where the police station is in this city. Street corners aren't equipped with pay phones, anymore, and we weren't allowed to bring cellphones onto the show. No stores are open at this hour, and I haven't seen a single person, either. We're on our own, here.

Melinda says, "I guess you're right... Jonathan?"

"Yes?" Jonathan asks.

Melinda says with a little bit of a tremble in her voice, "I'm really worried about them."

Jonathan admits, "I am, too, but we're in a position to help them. Let's put aside our worries and do our best. Agreed?"

Melinda says, "Agreed."

Jonathan reaches into his pocket and pulls out a kit. He opens it, and takes out a compass. "The first thing we need to do is read the map and figure out where they're headed." He looks at the map, and says, "They're headed North. We'll follow the compass to their location. It really isn't that far from here. Let's start walking." The pair begins walking together. They leave the alley they were in, and start walking alongside the road toward the direction that was highlighted on the map.

Melinda says, "How are you so prepared for an emergency?"

Jonathan says, "It's part of being a Boy Scout. I'm always prepared for anything. Being able to help other people, no matter what sort of help they need. That's who I am. That's who I want to be."

Melinda admits, "I wish I was as positive about who I am."

Jonathan says, "You seem to have an identity, already."

Melinda says, "Yeah... I do don't I? Scaring people. That's me."

Jonathan says, "You don't scare me one bit."

Melinda says, "I know. I feel that I'm lying to myself. I'm not a dark soul. I'm a complete fake. I just want attention. I wish I could be like you, Jonathan. Being myself without being concerned about what others think."

Jonathan says, "I do care about what others think. I know they think I'm some kind of freak, especially my parents. They want me to change, and I've considered it."

Melinda says, "But you're doing what you love. Shouldn't that mean something to them?"

Jonathan admits, "I guess it doesn't. They want me to be the stereotypical normal. Dating too young, standing around at the mall, joining the football team, sounds like a blast, huh?" They continue walking along a road, with trees surrounding it.

Melinda says, "Jonathan. Don't ever change who you are, okay? You're great the way you are. You care about people, and you seem to have no concern about yourself. You were put on this earth to help people. That's what you should do."

Jonathan smiles and says, "Thanks, Melinda. That means, a lot." Jonathan keeps walking and says, "We have to keep moving." Jonathan to turns and sees that Melinda isn't moving. "What's wrong?" He asks.

Melinda says, "It's just that I'm really tired. I think my blood sugar is low."

Jonathan asks, "You're diabetic?"

Melinda nods. "I should have a piece of candy or something in the RV."

Jonathan says, "I don't have anything like that." Jonathan looks through his kit and pulls something out and hands it to her. "Eat this. It should help for the time being."

Melinda looks at it and says, "This is..." She drops the item.

Jonathan says, "What? It's just beef jerky."

Melinda admits, "I'm a vegetarian, Jonathan."

Jonathan says, "It's an emergency, that's all we have, right now. I wouldn't judge you if you ate it, and I'd never mention it to anyone."

Melinda says in a determined way, "No, Jonathan. My beliefs mean more to me than that. I'm not about to make an exception for any reason."

Jonathan says, "I'll respect that. But we do need to keep moving. I'm strong. I can carry you the rest of the way, and maybe we can find something you can eat." Jonathan lifts Melinda into his arms and she puts her arms around his neck.

Melinda says, "Thank you, Jonathan."

Jonathan smiles and says, "Hey, it's the least I can do in this situation. I wonder why we haven't seen any cars driving by."

Melinda says, "I guess it's too early for most people to be out driving." She looks at the map and says, "This is sort of a back road, too." Jonathan continues walking, carrying Melinda. She says, "According to the map, they should be nearby."

Jonathan asks, "What's that up ahead?"

"The RVs," Melinda says in surprise. The RVs are along the side of the road, abandoned. Jonathan carries Melinda to her RV. As she finds something that raises her blood sugar and uses it, Jonathan searches the other RVs.

Jonathan says in confessional, "I've searched the RVs and no one was here. I found a note from someone. It must be from Uriah. It says, 'I'm so scared. Yi Min, what did that man say? I don't know what's going on.' He uses these notes to communicate sometimes, but he tries to not depend on communicating with us." Jonathan begins crying. "I can't imagine the fear he was experiencing in order to write this... If anyone is watching this footage, we need help. Right away. Chris, if you're watching this, I know you care about us, Chris. I know in my heart that this isn't a part of the show. You could never be this cruel to us. Melinda and I were outside of the RVs at the time the others were abducted, we walked all this way. Chris, we need you more than ever." Jonathan tapes the map to hang in front of the camera with his emergency supply of duct tape. "Where this marking is, is where we are located. Someone has taken the others. I don't know what they've done to them. They said they wanted to talk to you, Chris. Bring reinforcements. Please, help us. I'm going to go look for them. We might not be able to wait, for help..." Jonathan leaves the RV, and Melinda is waiting outside.

Melinda says, "I found something. I'm feeling better. Jonathan... Thank you."

Jonathan says, "I'm doing what I have to in this situation. I'm going to look for the others. You wait here. Maybe you can flag a car down, or something."

"Jonathan, I want to help you," Melinda states.

Jonathan insists, "Then stay here. If you can get someone to help us, that would be the best way you can help." Melinda nods.

Jonathan sets off into the woods. He gets on the ground and looks closely. "Footprints." He sees the trail from "iRene"s device. "Someone tried to wipe these footprints, but they weren't able to cover the trail from "iRene" as easily." Jonathan follows the trail and sees the others in two elaborate cages. Jonathan rushes to one of the cages and puts his arms up. He sees his entire team bound and gagged in chairs, with their hands tied behind them, and their legs tied to their chair. Their eyes are all red from crying, including, "iRene" who's audio had been turned off. Jonathan says with his hands on the cage and tears in his eyes, "You guys don't have to worry, anymore. I'm here to help you." Jonathan opens his emergency kit and pulls out a pocket knife. He begins sawing at the ropes tied to the bamboo on part of the cage. He tries cutting it for a long time, but makes barely any progress. Jonathan says, "I have to try something else." He looks around him and begins building a mound of sticks and twigs to make a fire, and he tries to find the proper fire making stones and he finds them successfully. He says, "Don't worry. I'll use this fire in order to light something in order to burn the ropes. You'll be free in no time." Jonathan begins striking flint against another stone, but is unsuccessfully. He then looks to the sky and sees the sun shining through the trees. He removes a mirror from his emergency kit. He holds it above the twigs and grass he gathered and a spark is formed. He smiles and says, "It's going to be fine, everyone. I got a spark." He begins blowing on it and it slowly becomes bigger, but doesn't become fire. Jonathan hears footsteps behind him and quickly turns around. He quickly pulls out his pocket knife.

Melinda says, "Relax, Jonathan. I haven't found anyone, I thought I'd see if I could help you, somehow."

Jonathan says, "I'm trying to build a fire in order to burn through the ropes. Why don't you look to see if your team mates are okay?" Jonathan brings his attention back to his attempt at fire. He soon hears something creak. Everyone but Uriah and "iRene" looks to the other team's cage.

Melinda says, "Uh... Jonathan. The door to the cages aren't locked."

Jonathan gets up and says, "You can't be serious." Sheena rolls her eyes.

Melinda removes Herman's gag and begins untying his ropes. Herman says, "I'm so scared. I want to go home. I miss my dad." Herman continues crying. Jonathan opens the door to his team's cage.

Melinda says, "Who did this?"

Herman says, "Some big men. They had guns and knives. I've never been so scared. They said they would hurt us if we didn't go along with them."

Melinda asks, "Were they wearing disguises or anything?"

Jonathan plugs in the wire and returns "iRene"s audio to her. "I know what you're thinking, but Chef and Chris weren't among them. They weren't in disguise. I never saw any of them, before today."

Jonathan asks, "What happened to you?"

"iRene" says, "I don't know. I could hear yelling outside my room, and when I called out to my Aunt and Uncle, I got no response. Something was put in front of my door, so I couldn't leave my room. My internet was down, too, so I can't contact anyone. Jonathan... I'm so terrified, right now. What if my aunt and uncle are hurt? I can't lose my guardians, again." "iRene" begins to cry, again.

Jonathan says, "Don't worry. I'm sure they'll be alright." Jonathan tries to hide his lack of confidence.

More footsteps are heard. The teens look and see Chris running to them. He says, "I got here as fast as I could, is everyone okay?"

Ophelia, who has been unbound, and is helping Jonathan untie the others, says "Everyone is all right, Chris. I'm so happy you're here. Did you call the police?"

Chris says nonchalantly, "There was no need for any of that. I've been watching you guys in my editing room, this challenge idea made for some great television. Ha ha!" The teens gasp. Jonathan stops what he's doing and slowly walks toward Chris. "The 15 Second Fame Seekers are our winners as Melinda opened her teams cage before Jonathan." Jonathan steps closer to Chris. "We told 'iRene's guardians to leave the house for whatever reason, and we barricaded her door and cut her cable internet." Jonathan steps closer. Chris says, "I have to mention that the four men will be at the local 'Play with Your Food' dinner theater in an all male performance of MacBeth." Jonathan reaches Chris and glares at him. Chris says, "Jonathan. I'd like to thank you for your performance this week. You actually believed it, the audience is going to eat this up. Ha ha!" Jonathan takes hold of Chris shirt collar. "Wh... What are you doing?"

"I believed in you," Jonathan says. "I knew you would never go this far with a challenge. I thought you had some sort of humanity in there, I felt I could see glimpses of it. But you really are a heartless bastard."

Jonathan raises his fist and Chris pleads, "Please, don't hit me. You guys knew we were on a TV show. You should have figured this was a challenge. You can't blame me. This is the kind of stuff the people want to see, it'll be great for ratings."

"I'm done with you." Jonathan brings his fist down and strikes Chris on the jaw. Chris falls to the ground. Jonathan kicks Chris in his side as Chris groans.

Tsuyoshi and Yi Min run and hold Jonathan back. Yi Min says, "Jonny, it's not worth it."

Jonathan says, "He's toyed with us. I thought you were all in danger. I thought you were going to die."

Yi Min says, "But we're all okay. Jonathan, Chris isn't the nicest guy in the world, but try to forgive him, here. He made a mistake. He went too far."

"I can't," Jonathan says. Jonathan tries to pull away, but Yi Min holds him back.

Chris gets up slowly and says, "You will regret laying your hands on my face. You're out of the competition." He rubs his bottom lip with his hand, and looks at the blood.

A voice says, "You can't do that."

Chris statess, "Of course, I can. There's a rule that states that violence is grounds for immediate expulsion from the competition."

"iRene", the voice from before, says, "I happen to have a copy of my contract, here. It distinctly states that if a contestant physically attacks another, in an extremely violent way and while they are both in the competition, they will be immediately removed from the competition."

"Exactly," Chris says, smugly.

"iRene" says, "Chris... The rule is about hitting another contestant. You aren't a contestant."

Chris' eyes widen in realization. Chris says, "That rule will be changed very soon. Besides, what I say goes."

"iRene" says, "You can't do that without receiving a lawsuit from Jonathan, I'm sure."

Chris says, "Fine. Whatever. The Temporarily Known will vote someone out in confessional. I think it's an obvious choice."

The others walk back to their Winnebagos. Uriah and Melinda walk along with Jonathan with their hands on his back. He still looks infuriated.

Micky D. says in confessional, "I ain't gonna lie, yo, that challenge was mad scary. I nearly dropped a deuce, but I'm voting for Jonathan. That guy scared me, today, yo. He might lose his temper with me at some point, and try to beat me down." Micky D. smirks and says, "Not like I couldn't take him, know what I'm sayin'?"

Sheena says to her team. "Ugh. That was on the top of the list of the worst experiences of my life. I'm taking a shower. My hair is a mess."

Everyone dejectedly enters their Winnebagos.

Sheena enters her Winnebago's bathroom and eventually says, "Oh great, where's my shampoo? It's not in my bag." She calls out, "Is anyone out there?" A hand reaches through the slightly ajar door and gives Sheena her bottle of shampoo.

Several minutes later, Sheena is heard screaming. Ophelia says, "What's the matter?"

Sheena bursts through the door. Her hair has been dyed green. "Who did this?" Sheena shouts. Sheena says to Ophelia says, "It was you! You're always meddling in other people's business. Stop bothering us."

Dinah runs into the Winnebago from outside, "What's the matter?" She's followed by Uriah, Jonathan, Yi Min, and Micky D. Sheena, in a towel, says, "One of you morons tampered with my shampoo. It was probably you, Dinah. This seems like something childish, you'd do."

Jonathan says defensively, "Don't say that to her."

Sheena says, "Oh, excuse me. The baby is defended by the even bigger baby."

Micky D. says, "Don't play with him, shortie."

Sheena says, "I'm not afraid of an over-sized eight year old. Grow up, loser."

Jonathan says quietly, "I've had a rough day, don't make it worse."

Sheena says, "We wouldn't even be in this situation if you used your brain instead of trying to act like a wannabe survivalist."


Ophelia pleads, "Sheena, don't bring up the challenge."

"Look," Sheena says, "This big dolt lost us the challenge, that makes him deserving of elimination. I'm not going to sympathize with him for what happened with Chris."

Jonathan says, "I didn't know..."

Sheena says, "Well, maybe you would have known it was a challenge if you weren't living on a different planet. Chris isn't exactly worthy of our trust. If you acted your age, this would have never happened."

Jonathan says, "I don't need to hear this. I'm going back to my RV." A defeated Jonathan slouches off of the girl's RV.

He says in confessional, sadly, "Maybe everyone is right."

Yi Min knocks on the bedroom door. "Are you okay in there, Jonny?" Jonathan's crying can be heard from outside the door. Yi Min says, "Jonathan, I'm sorry about what happened. It's all going to be okay. When you're ready, we have to meet outside for our elimination."

The Temporarily Known wait outside for Jonathan to emerge. When he does, everyone gasps. He's wearing a cyan polo shirt, and skinny jeans.

Dinah exclaims, "What happened to you?"

Jonathan somberly says, "I did a little growing up. My scouting days are done. I'm a man, now. I can't keep acting like a little kid. Let's go get this business over with."

Chris shows up and says, "Where's the giant Cub Scout?"

Jonathan says, "He's dead." Chris looks at Jonathan in disbelief. Jonathan says, "I'm sorry about my tantrum earlier, sir. I hope you can forgive me."

Chris says in confessional, "I was actually going to apologize to him, but this works, too."

Chris says, "Sure. Whatever. I've reviewed your votes, so if you'll follow..." Chris looks at Sheena. "I thought the color was off on my monitor. What happened to your hair?"

Sheena says, "One of these utter imbeciles sabotaged me."

Chris shrugs and says, "That explains it. Let's just get this awful day over with." Chris hands a cupcake to Ophelia, "This cupcake represents life out here, or something. If you don't receive a cupcake, like Ophelia, you'll be eliminated, and you can't come back, ever." The teens nod. Chris hands one to Uriah and Yi Min. "Uriah, Yi Min, and 'iRene', you're all safe." Chris places a cupcake on top of "iRene"s monitor. "Here's one for Micky D." Chris hands Micky a cupcake. "Dinah, here you go." Chris gives a cupcake to Dinah. "Sheena and Jonathan are our bottom two. The final cupcake goes to..."

"Jonathan." Chris hands Jonathan a cupcake.

Sheena says in a surprised way, "I lost to that raging idiot?"

Chris says, "Don't call him that."

Ophelia says, "I'm sorry, Sheena, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for Jonathan. He had possibly the worst day of his life. I mean, we didn't have a reason to vote for anyone besides him, until you started complaining about everyone."

Sheena says, "Whatever. I don't want to be a part of this horrible show, anyway."

Sheena boards a taxi cab waiting for her without gathering her luggage.

Leshawna ignores Sheena's green hair and says, "Hey, Sheena."

Sheena rolls her eyes and says, "Not you, again."

An annoyed Leshawna says, "What did you just say? Anyway... What happened?"

"My team voted me off instead of a bumbling moron," Sheena says. "Why is this taxi so cramped? I feel like a sardine."

Leshawna says, "Do you ever not complain?"

Sheena says, "Never. Why you have a problem with that?"

The taxi driver turns his head and says, "Hey."

Sheena looks up and sees Grant. Sheena smiles and says, "Grant! How are you, honey?"

Grant says, "Good. It was great to see Cary, again."

Sheena rolls her eyes and says, "Still as unhealthily obsessed with your brother as ever, I see."

Grant says, "I don't know what happened, but Cary is acting like a new person. You'd confuse him for Angelo if you didn't know better."

"Really?" Sheena asks.

Leshawna giggles, "Angelo..."

Sheena places her hand on Grant's shoulder and says, "It looks like we have a lot of catching up to do."

Chris looks on at the leaving taxi cab. "Guys," he says, "The cupcakes are my attempt at some sort of an apology. I'm so sorry for today. I promise never to leave you in the dark like that, again. I just was thinking about the ratings, and not about your feelings. You guys are still growing up. I don't want to effect you adversely, or cause any emotional damage." Chris looks at Jonathan, and quickly looks away. Chris sighs.

Yi Min puts a hand on Chris' shoulder and says, "I knew you weren't all bad, Chrissy."

"Thanks," Chris says. "Call me, 'Chrissy', again, and you'll regret it." Chris turns to the camera and says in a monotone voice, "Tune in next time for more Total Drama Reality."

Chapter 9 - Porpoise AquariumEdit

Chris Mclean says, "Last time on Total Drama Reality... Well, I don't really want to talk about it. I think I did some permanent emotional damage to one of our contestants." Chris sighs. "Sheena was eliminated. Let's hope this week doesn't turn out as bad as last time."

After the elimination, the remaining Temporarily Known contestants board their RVs. Micky D. says to Jonathan as they walk onto their Winnebago behind Yi Min and Uriah, "Bro dawg, where'd you get the new threads?"

Jonathan says, "Our bags weren't packed by us, Mackenzie. This is the way my parents expect me to dress. I just wore the kid's clothes I was wearing."

Micky D.'s eyes widen. "Dawg bro... How did you know my real first name?"

Jonathan shrugs, "Just a wild guess."

Micky D. says, "Don't call me that, yo. It's so not me, bro. Call me Micky, Micky D., Mack, or even Mack Daddy."

Jonathan says, "How juvenile."

Micky D. puts his hand on Jonathan's shoulder and says, "I'll let it slide this time, bro man. Your new outfit looks sweet, though, I ain't gonna lie."

Jonathan and Micky D. hear Yi Min exclaim, "What happened in here?" from inside the bedroom. Micky D. rushes into the room.

Scraps of fabric are all over the floor. Micky D. examines the fabric, looks at Jonathan, and says, "Bro... This ain't what I thinks it is... Right, bro?"

Jonathan says, "I won't be needing it anymore. I had to cut it to pieces in order to move on." Yi Min looks confused. Jonathan rolls his eyes and says, "Use your brain for once. It's my sash."

Yi Min gasps, "You can't get this thing back, right?" Jonathan shakes his head. Yi Min says, "It must have taken you years to get all those badges... That's why you were crying, earlier? I don't think..."

"A truer statement has never been uttered," Jonathan interrupts. Yi Min looks hurt, immediately gets in his bed, and faces the wall.

In the 15 Second Fame Seekers girl's RV, Priscilla says, "I have an announcement to make." Val, Melinda, and Naomi look to her. Priscilla continues, after her grandiose statement, "I have decided to forgive Val."

Val looks happy. She says, "Really? Thanks so much!"

Priscilla smiles, "I figured I should start acting a little more considerate. I mean, I was pretty harsh earlier, but maybe I can work on it."

"That would be so uber awesome," Val says. Melinda nods. Naomi looks aloof. Melinda and Naomi walk into the bedroom.

Val hugs Priscilla. Priscilla whispers in Val's ear, "If you ever betray me, again, you're dead meat."

Priscilla says in confessional, "I need Val's vote later in the game. I'm still as mad at that traitor as the day she crossed me. I don't forgive."

In the 15 Second Fame Seeker's RV, both boys are in their beds. Herman says from across the room, "Tsuyoshi, art thou awaketh?" Herman question is met with silence. Herman reaches off the side of his bed, and takes hold of one of his boots. He picks it up and throws it in Tsuyoshi's direction.

Tsuyoshi exclaims, "What the?!?!"

"Oh, goodeth," Herman says. "You're awaketh."

A peeved Tsuyoshi says, "What's going on?"

Herman says, "Nothing."

Tsuyoshi says, "Well, good night."

Herman says, "Tsu, can I ask you something?"

"What?" Tsuyoshi asks.

"I noticed something weirdeth about earlier," Herman says. "When I looked aroundeth when we wert tied up... You wert the only one not crying. Even Priscilla was. Tsuyoshi... Why weren't thou crying? Weren't thou scared? Did thou know it was a challenge?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I didn't know. It's just that I made a promise to myself. I don't want people to think of me as some big crybaby. I'm sure that's what they're expecting. I promised myself I wouldn't cry on the show."

Herman says, "Even when thou wert scared for thine safety?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Even, then. I just think about the day I was banned from my home by my father. Nothing can be as bad as the loneliness and hurt I felt that day. I was more scared then, then I was earlier today."

Herman says, "Wow... How did thou deal with the lonely feelingeth?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I have a great group of friends at home. They were all really sympathetic and caring. They didn't completely fill the void of my family, especially my sister, but they helped me get through the darkest period of my life."

Herman says, "Tsu? How did thou get friends?"

Tsuyoshi says, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Herman says, "I'm sorry. I didn't meaneth anything by it. It's just... I don't have friends at hometh."

Tsuyoshi says, "The only advice I can give is to be yourself."

Herman says, "That's what I hath been doing for years. It hathen't worked, yet."

Tsuyoshi says, "I noticed something about earlier, too."

"Whateth was it?" Herman asks.

Tsuyoshi says, "Herman. When Melinda rescued us, you weren't talking this way. You were speaking normally."

Herman blushes and says, "I guess that's the wayeth I behaveth when undereth extreme stress."

Tsuyoshi says, "Herman, I think you have the ability to tone down the way you act. Making friends isn't only about finding people who accept you the way you are, but it's about taking an interest in your friend's interests and well being. I think you're a caring guy, and you could have tons of close friends. You just need to start thinking more about not alienating others by being in your own little world, and more about other people." Tsuyoshi pauses and says, "I'm sorry if that sounds a little harsh."

Herman says, "I understandeth completely. Everyone always tells me that I should justeth be myselfeth. That hath yet to work. Thank you for the advice."

Tsuyoshi says, "No problem, now get to sleep."

Herman says, "Tsu? Can I asketh you one more thing?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Sure."

Herman asks, "Are we friends?"

"Of course," Tsuyoshi says without hesitation. Herman falls asleep with a smile on his face.

The next day, in Ophelia, "iRene", and Dinah's Winnebago, the girls are all up and about. Ophelia begins carting "iRene" out of the bedroom. After pushing her out, she runs back into the room and shuts the door. "iRene" shouts, "Hey! What are you doing? Get back here!" "iRene" is ignored.

Dinah suspiciously looks at Ophelia. Ophelia says, "Dinah. I have something serious I want to talk to you about."

Dinah says, "What do you want?"

Ophelia says, "Dinah... I know that it was you who sabotaged Sheena."

Dinah says, "What? That's crazy."

"Honey," Ophelia says, "I know it wasn't me, and you're the only one who could have done it at the time."

Dinah says, "Well, that makes no sense. What possible motive could I have to sabotage Sheena? We weren't enemies or anything."

Ophelia says calmly, "You like him."

Dinah says in disbelief, "Who?"

Ophelia says, "Jonathan."

Dinah says, "That's even crazier. I never get crushes on people. Why would I like someone like him?"

Ophelia shrugs, "Who can say why people fall in love? I can see it in the way you look at him. And the way you were disappointed by the way he changed his outfit. You wanted to make an excuse for someone other than Jonathan to be eliminated, so you targeted the best bet at upsetting everyone, Sheena. It's pretty obvious to me."

Dinah says, "I don't like him."

Ophelia says, "Okay. But you really shouldn't hurt other people's chances at five million dollars."

"I didn't do it," Dinah states.

Dinah says in confessional, "Fine. It was me, but I don't like Jonathan." Dinah folds her arms and looks away from the camera.

Chris appears outside and shouts, "Come on out, everyone. It's time for your next challenge.

The contestants all meet outside. Chris is standing next to a large crate. He says, "Inside this fairly large crate are all kinds of materials for building something. An invention type of something. For today's challenge, I want you all to take fifteen minutes and build an invention that would benefit mankind, and make their lives more convenient."

Melinda says, "Fifteen minutes? How is that possible?"

Chris says, "We're running late. After you're done with the invention, you'll make a presentation to four top business executives and entrepreneurs. They'll decide who they think shoud win the challenge, and the losing team will vote someone out. Are you guys ready?" The contestants nod. Chris opens the crate and says, "It's time to start your challenge." The teens rush to the materials and begin rummaging through them.

Tsuyoshi says, "I think it would be a good idea for each of us to try to assemble something. Then, when our time is up we can decide on which invention to use."

Naomi says coldly, "I've heard worse ideas."

"Like what?" Val asks.

"This entire show," Naomi explains.

Priscilla says, "That sounds like a decent plan. Let's go with it."

Yi Min says to his team, "How about we make something to use to brush our teeth?"

"iRene" says, "Um... Like a toothbrush?"

Jonathan says to Yi Min, "Dude, you're such a moron."

Yi Min looks down, turns around, and walks away from the group.

Yi Min says in confessional with tears in his eyes, "I'm not dumb. I'm not. I really miss the old Jonathan. He never used to say such mean things. It's not like I haven't heard words like 'dumb', 'idiot', 'stupid', or 'moron' my entire life. It just hurts coming from him. We were friends, before."

Yi Min regains his composure after a few minutes and returns to the group, "Hey, guys! What did we come up with?"

Micky D. says, "A wicked awesome self chalking pool cue."

Yi Min says, "Wow. That's awesome. How did you make something like that?"

"iRene" says, "We don't know. It just sort of happened."

The 15 Second Fame Seekers look at their individual efforts. Naomi says, "So... We made several piles of junk?"

"Pretty much," Tsuyoshi says with a sigh.

"Which one do we choose?" Melinda asks.

Priscilla says, "Herman's." Everyone looks at Herman's invention.

"What is it?" Val asks.

Herman says, "A double hookshot."

Tsuyoshi says, "No offense, but... I don't know if we'll win with that."

Herman smiles and says, "I'm not offended, at all. I kind of agree."

Melinda nudges Naomi and asks quietly, "What happened to him?" Naomi shrugs.

Priscilla says, "Well, there's no reason to hide it, anymore. It's not like we have any good choices here. Herman's the last person not in our alliance. If we lose, he'll get blamed and we'll send him home. It's as easy as that."

Herman laughs valiantly and says, "That's not true. My friend, Tsuyoshi, would never join an alliance like that."

Tsuyoshi looks down and says, "I kind of did, Herman. It was a while ago, though."

Herman says, "Well, he wouldn't vote against me, now. Right?"

Priscilla says, "He will unless he wants to get eliminated next."

Herman looks at Tsuyoshi, but Tsuyoshi tries to avoid making eye contact. Herman says, "It's true, isn't it?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I agreed to the alliance a while ago, Herman. I can't break my promise, now. I hope you understand."

"I do understandeth," Herman says. "You aren't man enough to stand up for a friend. Big shocketh."

Tsuyoshi says, "Herman, don't make this personal. We're still friends."

Herman says, "Last time I checked, friends didn't betrayeth each other."

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm sorry." Priscilla smirks.

Herman says in confessional, "I finally madeth my first friend..." Herman repeats, "My first friend." He looks sad and says, "I would never hath voted for him, no mattereth what. I guess friendship means something differenteth to some people. I can't be friends with someone liketh that."

Chris says, "Okay, contestants. The invention building process is over. We're going to drive over to the office building where your judging will take place." The teens get into their Winnebagos and follow Chris' limousine to the location.

Everyone emerges from their RV and meets with Chris, again. Chris says, "Okay, so you've decided on your inventions, right?" The teens nod. Chris continues, "Okay. Please choose one team member to make a presentation to the tycoons."

Yi Min says, "Is a tycoon some sort of raccoon hybrid?" Everyone looks at him.

Priscilla says, "I say we pick Herman, for obvious reasons."

Tsuyoshi says, "No. I say it should be Val. She'd be the best at it."

Val says, "I'd be happy to do it."

Priscilla says, "Fine. We'll still vote Herman out." Herman dejectedly hands his product to Val.

Chris says, "So who will be representing each team?" Val and Micky D. step forward. Chris says, "The rest of you will wait outside, while these two make the presentation."

"iRene" says to Ophelia, "Why did we pick him, again?"

Ophelia says, "I can't remember. It seemed like a good idea at the time."

As Micky D. and Val enter the building, Val turns and says, "Wait. What does this thing do?" Chris pushes her inside the building. Herman glares at Tsuyoshi.

Chris leads the two teens to a dark room and leads them inside. They can see three dark figures in front of them on a stage in chairs. The figure's faces are obscured by the darkness of the room. One of the voices booms, "Let's get this over with. After both presentations, we'll choose a winner. Which one of these young people will present, first?"

Chris says, "This one." He points to Val.

Val steps forward with a smile and says, "Hi, I'm Val. But this isn't about me, it's about this fantastic product I have with me here today." She holds up the double hookshot.

"What does it do?" One of the male voices says.

Val stares at the product for a moment and says, "You know how you get a really itchy spot on your back? Don't you all just hate that? Well this product solves everything." Val points the device behind her back and fires it. The claw part bounces off of the wall directly behind her and makes contact on her back. It spins. Val winces and says, "That feels so much better."

"Thank you," a deep female voice says. "We're ready for the next presentation."

Micky D. steps forward and says, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! What up, biz dawgs? The Mick Deester is in the hizzouse. Holler!"

One of the male voices booms, "Get on with it!"

Micky D. nervously says, "You know how when you're all playing pool, and you have to pause to chalk up your stick thing, know what I'm sayin'?"

"Not really," the female voice says.

Micky D. holds up the product. "This thing chalks itself when there isn't enough chalk particle stuff on it, or whatevah?"

"Are you asking a question?" One of the voices mocks.

Micky D. starts sweating and says, "Um... I wrote a dope rhyme about the product..."

Chris takes Micky D. by the shoulder and says, "I think they get it."

One of the voices says, "Both presentations were... Interesting, to say the least. We'll now announce the winning product."

The scene changes to the other teens waiting outside.

Ophelia says, "Who do you guys think will win?"

Yi Min says, "If we win, great. If we lose. We know who's going home."

"Yeah, but it was kind of our fault for picking Micky," says "iRene".

Yi Min says, "I wasn't talking about him." Yi Min points at Jonathan.

Dinah says, "What? No way. Sure he's changed, but..."

Micky D. and Val walk out of the building. "What happened?" Melinda asks.

Val smiles and says, "We won! All thanks to Herman's product. They loved it, Herman. They offered a million dollars for the patent."

Herman says in disbelief, "Really?"

Tsuyoshi says, "That's awesome, Herman!"

Herman says, "Oh. Now thou art my friend?" Herman rolls his eyes.

Yi Min walks up to Micky D. and says, "Don't worry man. You won't be going home for this. We all know Jonathan deserves to be eliminated for being such a giant jerk."

Jonathan leaves the group and says, "Whatever, losers. I don't care, either way."

Dinah says, "Jonathan, don't say that." Jonathan walks onto his Winnebago. Ophelia looks at Dinah sympathetically. Dinah says loudly, "I don't like him, okay? I'll show that jerk not to mess with his team." Dinah stomps off. She rummages through some items in her Winnebago and tiptoes onto Jonathan's RV. The bathroom door is closed and she can hear the shower running. She looks in the bedroom and sees his discarded clothes on the floor and finds his luggage. She takes out a pen and bites off the back part of it. She pours the ink on the clothes he was just wearing, and opens his luggage. She takes out his boy scout clothes and sets them aside. She gasps when she looks at what was hidden under those clothes in the luggage.

Dinah runs off of the RV and back to hers, before entering she discards the leaking pen on the ground. She calls out, "Ophelia?"

Ophelia says, "Yeah?"

Dinah, holding a piece of paper against her chest, says, "I was lying. I do like Jonathan."

Ophelia says, trying to sound surprised, "Really?"

Dinah says, "You have to set us up, before we get separated."

Ophelia says, "I'll see what I can do."

Dinah pleads, "Please, Ophelia?" Ophelia smiles and nods.

She leaves the RV and enters Jonathan's Winnebago to see him step out of the bathroom in a towel. He looks at her for a second then in his room, he says, "What happened?" He rushes in and sees the other guys sitting around. Ophelia follows him as he rummages through his clothes. "Where is it? Did you guys go through my stuff?" The guys shake their heads. Ophelia signs to Uriah. The caption says, "I need your help." She leaves and tells Jonathan, "Get dressed. Uriah knows where the thing you're looking for is, it seems." She leaves the RV and signals to Dinah.

Jonathan dressed now in skinny jeans and an aqua colored shirt, is led off of the RV by Uriah. Uriah holds Jonathan's hand and leads him to an overhang. Uriah points at the setting sun. Jonathan says, "It's beautiful, but why did you lead me here." Uriah points at the ground. Jonathan sighs and sits down. He looks ahead and says, "Nature is so beautiful. It reminds me why I began scouting..." He looks behind him and sees that Uriah is gone. He looks at the sun, again.

Dinah soon walks up behind him and says, "Can I sit, here?"

Jonathan says, "Why not?"

Dinah sits by him and says, "I'm sorry I ruined some of your clothes."

Jonathan says, "No big deal. I didn't like them, anyway."

Dinah says, "Yeah, you look pretty funny in them."

Jonathan smiles and says, "Looking funny is popular, nowadays."

"I like you better, when you don't try looking like everyone else," Dinah says.

"So do I," Jonathan says.

Dinah says, "But... I like you no matter what you're wearing, Jonathan." She hands him the piece of paper she took from his things. She says, "You were looking for this?"


Jonathan looks at the piece of paper and says, "You know, huh?" Dinah nods. He looks at it, "It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I couldn't throw it out. I knew that the person who drew it had to be pure and beautiful on the inside, too." He smiles at the sight of the picture Dinah drew of a bird, earlier in the competition. "You're the first girl I've ever liked." Dinah puts her hand around Jonathan's arm and rests her head on his shoulder. Jonathan says as they look at the setting sun, "Why can't growing up be as simple as this moment?"

"I don't know, Jonathan," Dinah says. "I don't know."

Ophelia walks up to the two teens and says, "It's time for us to vote someone out." They walk back to the rest of the group.

Yi Min says, "Jonathan, I'm sorry for what I said."

Jonathan doesn't say anything, and goes to confessional to vote. When he emerges from the RV, Chris appears and says, "Everyone's voted. The taxi is waiting for one of you. The person who got the most votes must leave here, immediately. I have patents for the contestants staying in the competition. Creative, huh?" The contestants shrug. "The first one goes to 'iRene'." Chris tapes a patent on to "iRene"s monitor. "The next ones go to Ophelia and Uriah." Chris signs Uriah's name as he says it. He hands them there patents. "Micky D." Chris hands the boy his patent. "Yi Min," Chris says. Chris hands him his slip of paper. Dinah and Jonathan hold hands. Chris says, "The last patent goes to..."

"Jonathan." Chris holds up the patent for him.

Jonathan looks at everyone around him and says, "Why didn't you vote me out?"

Dinah says, "Don't worry, Jonathan. I told them to vote for me."

Jonathan says, "Why would you do that?"

"For you, Jonathan," Dinah says. "I told them that it was me that sabotaged Sheena. That was wrong of me. I thought... It would make you stay here. I want you to have this opportunity, Jonathan. I don't deserve it for what I did. My time is up, Jonathan."

Jonathan hugs Dinah and says, "I'll miss you, Dinah."

Dinah says, "Hey. I'll see you soon, right? There's nothing to worry about." She caresses the side of his face before parting.

Dinah grabs her already packed luggage, and gets into the taxi.

Leshawna greets the girl with, "Hey, girl."

Dinah says, "Hey."

Leshawna says, "What happened?"

Dinah says, "I made a few mistakes. I felt I didn't deserve to win, and..." Dinah pauses.

Leshawna says, "And?"

Dinah says, "I met someone I like, a lot."

"Sounds like you won, in a sense," Leshawna says.

"What a cliche..." Dinah says.

Leshawna ignores the statement and says, "So, overall, a good or bad experience?"

Dinah says, "Overall, it was amazing."

Jonathan waves until the taxi leaves his line of vision.

Chris says to the camera, "Thanks for viewing today's Total... Drama... Reality. Be sure not to miss the next installment."

Chapter 10 - Astounding RaceEdit

"Chris Mclean, here," Chris says. "Last time on Total... Drama... Reality, thirteen teens battled each other in the world of business. Each team presented an invention to a group of entrepreneur types. I'm sure it was extremely fun for them. Micky D. bombed with his presentation. Ha ha! It was awesome. But in the end his team didn't vote him out, but they voted out Dinah for sabotaging one of her former team mates. Find out what new drama awaits in today's Total... Drama... Reality."

The male Temporarily Known team members walk toward their Winnebago. Jonathan puts his hand on Yi Min's arm. Yi Min looks at him as Jonathan says, "Yi Min? You don't have to apologize to me. I was out of line earlier... I hope you can forget what I said and we can still be buddies."

Yi Min smiles and says, "I'd like that very much." Yi Min hugs Jonathan.

Jonathan says, "You can let go aaaany time, now."

Yi Min says, still smiling, "Sorry, man. It's just that I felt really bad when I lost my best friend." Jonathan smiles.

Jonathan says in confessional, "Dinah's elimination was a surprise, and a disappointment. But... I'm proud of myself for being able to handle it. It must be the fact that she said I'd see her again, soon."

Herman says in confessional, "So far, my timeth out here hath been pretty horribleth. I hope my team doesn't lose another challengeth, as I hath been assured in no uncertaineth terms that I wilt be the nexteth eliminated. I really want to get a chanceth to meet the other teameth. They seemeth so much nicereth."

The moon goes down and the sun rises.

Chris shouts through a megaphone, "Good afternoon, contestants!" The teens rush out of their RVs in order to meet Chris for the challenge. Chris continues, "The two teams are slowly becoming less each week, and I'm sure the elimination order is determined." Priscilla smirks as she glares at Herman. "But," Chris says, "That all ends today." Herman smiles.

Herman says, "Huzzah!"

Tsuyoshi whispers to Priscilla, "This is bad. Herman's mad at me, right now. He'll side with the other team, for sure."

Chris says, "Aaaaaaaand... You're teams, again." Several eyebrows raise. Chris explains, "I'll draw a name from a bag. That person will pick the person they would like to compete with in a team of two, for a race. Then I'll discard the name of the person they chose." Chris draws a name from the bag and reads it, "Micky D. You get to choose who you will race. Think deeply about your decision, as this..."

"Val", Micky D. says without hesitation.

Micky D. says in confessional, "Val is one hot little mama."

Val says in confessional, "Micky D. wouldn't have been my first choice, but I'm positive we can make this partnership work. I'm just glad I was one of the first people chosen."

Chris draws the second name from the bag. "Uriah," Chris announces.

Uriah begins signing. The caption reads, "I know how I always claim I'm independent, but the other day during the survival challenge, I felt so helpless. I realize that I need assistance, sometimes. That's why I choose Ophelia."

Ophelia smiles. She signs, and says, "I think we'll make a great team."

Chris draws a third name from the bag. Chris reads out loud, "Naomi."

Naomi says coldly, "Whoever, I don't care."

Chris says, "Come on, you have to pick someone."

Priscilla puts an arm around Naomi's shoulder and says, "She'll pick me." Naomi shrugs.

Chris says, "That's good enough for me." He pulls out a fourth name. "Melinda," he reads.

Melinda says, "I'll pick Tsuyoshi."

Melinda says in confessional, "I still like Jonathan, and all, but I think Tsuyoshi will make a better team mate."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I probably would have chosen someone from the other team to try to sway them to our side... But what'cha gonna do?"

Chris rummages through the bag and pulls out a name. "Jonathan," he reads.

Jonathan looks at the three remaining contestants, Herman, "iRene", and Yi Min. Jonathan says, "I pick Herman."

Herman runs up to Jonathan and hugs him. Jonathan smiles.

Herman says in confessional, "Huzzah! Jonathan would hath been my first choiceth. He seems so cooleth. I'm not sureth why he changed his garb, however."

Chris says, "That means that 'iRene' and Yi Min are paired together. We'll start our race around the city in a few minutes."

Yi Min takes Jonathan aside and whispers to him, "You meant to say me, right? Herman and Yi Min sound pretty similar. I understand your mistake."

Jonathan says, "Sorry, Yi Min. I want someone who won't drag me down."

Yi Min looks offended. "I think we could work well together."

Jonathan says, "Dude... How do I say this politely? You're not very bright."

Yi Min says, "You say it politely by not saying it, at all. Jonathan... I take back what I said. I don't want to be friends, anymore. I can't be friends with someone who treats me one way one minute, then another the next minute." Yi Min walks away, and stands by "iRene".

Val says to Micky D., "Are you ready, teamie?"

Micky D. says, "You bet, chicita."

Val shouts, "Yay!"

Herman walks up to Jonathan and says, "I'm alleth ready." Herman pauses, "What's wrongeth?"

"Nothing," Jonathan lies.

Chris hands a set of clues to each team. He says, "Each team will not get a Winnebago, so when I say go, you better hurry. The team that checks in at the final location last will be eliminated." Chris pauses and says, "Go!"

Five teams rush to the Winnebagos. Yi Min opens his team's clue. "What are you doing?" "iRene" shouts.

Yi Min says, "It's pretty pointless to get into a vehicle without knowing where you're going." "iRene" slaps her forehead.

Ophelia and Uriah walk up to Yi Min and "iRene". Ophelia says, "We didn't make it on an RV in time, either. We don't get one." Yi Min hands his clue to Ophelia. She says, "So... The clue says we're racing to Chinatown, first. When we get there, we'll look for a stand decorated all red and yellow. There we'll get another clue." She pulls a map out of the clue and hands it to Yi Min. The RVs begin pulling away. Ophelia says, "I think it would be a good idea for the four of us to..."

Yi Min yanks his clue out of Ophelia's hand, jumps on "iRene"'s device, and begins pushing with his foot. As he leaves the area he shouts, "So long, suckers!"

Uriah signs to Ophelia. The captions read, "That was really weird." Ophelia nods.

She signs and says, "What are we going to do now? Without a vehicle..." A horn honks. She turns around to look, and Uriah copies her reaction. Chris and Chef drive into the area, each driving a convertible. One is red, the other is yellow.

Chris says, "I thought it wouldn't be fair for the last two teams to go without a vehicle... Where's the other team?" Uriah and Ophelia shrug. Chef and Chris get out of the vehicles.

Chef says, "You kids get your choice between these two rides."

Uriah signs. The captions read, "I like the yellow one."

Ophelia says, "We'll take the yellow one."

Chef hands the teens the keys to the vehicle. Chef points to Uriah and whispers to Chris, "What's wrong with that kid?"

Chris slaps his forehead and says, "He's deaf."

"Oooooh," Chef says.

Ophelia starts the car and drives toward the location. Uriah waves as they pass "iRene" and Yi Min.

Yi Min says, "Where'd they get that?"

"iRene" says, "Where'd they get what?"

"A car," Yi Min says.

"iRene" says, "We should go back. Maybe there's one for us."

Yi Min says, "We're almost there. I know where Chinatown is."

"iRene" says, "Excuse me for a minute." Sounds of vomiting can be heard from her sound system. She comes back from her bathroom and says, "I get motion sick, pretty easy..." She turns away from her monitor.

Priscilla and Naomi are the first team to arrive in Chinatown. Priscilla says, "There it is!" She points to the booth, and she and Naomi run toward it. Tsuyoshi and Melinda arrive next, followed by Jonathan and Herman, then Ophelia and Uriah. Priscilla and Naomi receive a clue from a man at the stand. They open it and Naomi says, "Go back to your vehicle and drive back to the starting location to receive your third clue."

The other teams grab their clues and rush back to their vehicles. Naomi hands the clue to Priscilla, and Priscilla smirks, "I like your style." Priscilla reads, "Look for a restaurant named Hong Kong Garden. Your challenge will be to eat from a selection of sushi, only six of them contain your next clue." The girls rush through Chinatown in order to find their next location.

Tsuyoshi pauses and says, "Wait up, everyone. Shouldn't Priscilla and Naomi have come back here, too?" Everyone opens their clues.

Micky D. says, "That lying rassamafrass."

Tsuyoshi raises an eyebrow and says, "Rassamafrass?"

Val says, "Let's not dwell on that. Let's find the Hong Kong Garden." The teens rush through Chinatown to find their next location.

Yi Min and "iRene" arrive soon after the others dispersed. They find their first clue. Yi Min holds it up for "iRene" to read it. "iRene" says, "Why don't you read it? You're there."

Yi Min says, "Because you should understand the clue better. And maybe you can look up where the location is, or something."

"I guess that's a good idea," "iRene" says.

Yi Min says, "See. I'm not the big dummy everyone thinks I am." They head directly to the Hong Kong Garden with "iRene" calling out the directions, and see the last team arriving at the challenge, Uriah and Ophelia. They follow them into the building where the other teams are already going through the hundreds of sushi. Melinda is sitting to the side as the others bite through the sushi. Yi Min pops on of the sushi rolls into his mouth, and smears one on "iRene"'s screen.

"iRene" says, "Uh... Yi Min... I can't exactly do this challenge."

Yi Min says, "Oh, sorry. I thought your screen had some sort of mystical portal option." The others, except for Uriah, stop to glare at Yi Min. They then proceed to go through the sushi as Yi Min carts "iRene" over to where Melinda is sitting.

"iRene" asks, "So what's your excuse?"

"Vegetarian," Melinda says.

"Ah," "iRene" says in realization.

Uriah takes Ophelia by the hand and shows her the clue. Ophelia blushes and smiles as they rush outside the restaurant. Ophelia reads the clue and says, "Our next stop is at a deli about two miles from Chinatown."

Back in the restaurant, Tsuyoshi says, "Wait... Why is there sushi in a Chinese restaurant?" He shrugs and continues looking for a clue. He finds one at the same time as Yi Min. The two high five and rush out of the restaurant. Yi Min runs back in and retrieves "iRene" and Melinda. Tsuyoshi reads the clue out loud and the four teens make their way back to the RVs.

Melinda takes Tsuyoshi aside and says, "I feel bad for those two, since they don't have a vehicle. I don't think there would be any problem with helping them by giving them a ride to the next location."

Tsuyoshi says, "But this is a race, we can't go around helping everyone."

Melinda creepily glares at Tsuyoshi. He says, "Fine. But just this once."

Melinda says, "Do you guys want to ride with us to the next location?"

Yi Min says, "I don't..."

"iRene" says, "We'll take the offer." Yi Min shrugs and carts "iRene" onto the Winnebago with a wheelchair ramp.

Herman and Jonathan make their way to their Winnebago with their clue. Jonathan says, "Awesome! We weren't the last ones out of there."

Herman smiles and says, "Besteth. Teameth. Evereth." Jonathan laughs and smiles.

Priscilla and Naomi make their way out to their Winnebago after Jonathan and Herman leave, followed by Val and Micky D.

Micky D. says, "Eating all that sushi made me feel ill, yo."

Val says, "Don't worry, Mick. I'll drive to the location if you need to..."

Micky D. says, "Thanks, boo. You're pretty wicked awe... Excuse me." Micky D. runs into the bathroom and can be heard vomiting. Val winces.

After stopping puking, Micky D. says in confessional, "I think my first date with Val is going pretty sweet, yo. What can I say? I have a way with the girlies. I can tell she wants me, know what I'm sayin'?" Micky D. looks paler than normal, turns around, and pukes, again.

Ophelia and Uriah get to the location first. A woman in an apron hands the teens their next clue. Ophelia reads the clue out loud as Uriah looks over her shoulder. Ophelia says, "Our next challenge is to haul one hundred bricks from here to there." Ophelia points to the somewhat nearby location. She signs. The caption reads, "Do you understand?" Uriah nods, takes off his shirt, kicks off his shoes and starts taking off his pants. Ophelia signs. The caption reads, "What are you doing?" Her face is bright red.

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "Those bricks are really muddy looking. I'm not about to get my nice clothes dirty."

Ophelia is in confessional. Her face is bright red, as she silently stares at the camera.

Ophelia says, "Um... Okay, then." They start carrying as many bricks as they can at a time, Uriah in his underwear, and Ophelia with her face still bright red.

Tsuyoshi, Melinda, Yi Min, and "iRene" arrive on the scene, and Yi Min immediately begins disrobing. Tsuyoshi reads the clue, "Carry one of these piles of one hundred bricks to the marked location." Tsuyoshi looks at Uriah with a confused expression. "I have no idea why he's not wearing his clothes... That's not part of the clue." Yi Min blushes as he puts his clothes back on. Tsuyoshi, Melinda, and Yi Min begin hauling their bricks. Herman and Jonathan, and Priscilla and Naomi arrive soon and head to the bricks, as well, after reading the clue.

Herman says to Jonathan, "I musteth be honest. I thinketh it's pretty obvious that I can't carryeth as many bricks as you can..." Jonathan nods. Jonathan takes about ten bricks, while Herman carries four. Micky D. and Val show up soon after and begin hauling bricks.

Yi Min says in confessional, "I'm the only one out here who had to do this alone, since 'iRene' can't help. I mean... I'm strong, but it can be pretty awkward to carry a lot of the bricks. I kept dropping them when I'd take too many."

Ophelia and Uriah finish the task first. Uriah hugs Ophelia, and she turns an even brighter shade of red. The two head back to the woman in the apron to get their next clue. Uriah puts his clothes back on. Ophelia reads the clue out loud, as Uriah reads her lips. "Make your way to the finish line. The first team to step on the mat will win a special prize. The last team to step on the mat will be eliminated. The finish line is at your starting location, which is marked on your first map." The two run to their car and leave the scene. Tsuyoshi and Melinda finish their task, shortly after Uriah and Ophelia. They head back to the starting point.

Jonathan and Herman are making progress when Jonathan stops on the way to get more bricks. Herman turns and says, "Cometh on, Jonathan. Don't giveth up."

Jonathan says, "Leave me alone for a minute. I have to catch my breath."

Herman looks at the other teams as they continue at the challenge. He says, "Cometh on, Jonathan. We'll lose if you don't hurry."

Jonathan snaps, "Maybe if you weren't so weak, I wouldn't be so tired. Try hauling your own weight."

Herman says, "I'm trying the besteth I can. I'm trying to haul my own weight."

Jonathan says, "Which is apparently only ten pounds."

Herman looks confused, and says, "Why art thou being so mean?"

Jonathan says angrily, "Oh, you want to see mean?"

Jonathan grabs Herman by the wrist, and Herman lets out an "Ow!" as Jonathan drags him back to the bricks. Jonathan starts filling Herman's arms with about ten bricks. Herman says, "I can't taketh this many." The other teams look on at the scene but don't stop what they're doing.


Jonathan barks, "Stop talking so stupid. I don't care how much you can carry, you said you didn't want to lose. Do your part, whiner." Herman looks upset, but doesn't say anymore.

Jonathan drags Herman and drops the bricks down, and drags Herman back to the woman with the apron. She hands them their next clue.

Jonathan says to Herman, "I hope you're happy. We finished." Jonathan reads the clue, and Herman remains quiet. They enter their Winnebago and head to the finish line. Melinda and Naomi finish their task and head back to the finish line.

Val, Micky D., and Yi Min all finish their task about the same time and receive their clues from the woman with the apron. The woman walks back into the deli and flips a 'Sorry, We're Closed' sign. Micky D. and Val enter their Winnebago.

Yi Min tries to open the door to the deli, but it's locked. He turns to "iRene" and holds the clue up to her camera and says, "Now, what?"

"iRene" says, "Read the clue."

Yi Min says, "But you'd figure it out faster."

"iRene" says, "I'll explain it to you. It's too dark for me to read it, now."

Uriah and Ophelia, and Tsuyoshi and Melinda are shown driving to the finish line. Chris is seen standing on a mat. He looks up and sees the first team arrive on the mat.

Chris says, "Ophelia and Uriah... You're the first team to arrive." The teens hug each other.

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "We work really well together." Ophelia nods.

Chris says, "The prize for coming in first will be announced at tomorrow's challenge. Congratulations. The two of you are safe. You can go, now." Uriah and Ophelia walk back to their convertible to wait for the other teams.

Tsuyoshi and Melinda arrive next, and step on the mat. Chris announces, "Tsuyoshi and Melinda... you're team number two."

Tsuyoshi looks disappointed. Melinda says, "Hey, would you rather be eliminated?"

In their vehicle for the challenge, Uriah signs to Ophelia. The caption reads, "I'm really sorry about earlier in the competition."

Ophelia signs and says, "What do you mean?"

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "When I said I didn't need your help. I was pretty rude."

Ophelia signs and says, "No sweat."

Uriah continues signing. The caption reads, "It was the survival challenge. I felt so scared and alone. Micky D. was hiding in a corner of the Winnebago, and I wrote a note to Yi Min seeking comfort, or some explanation."

Ophelia smiles and signs. The caption reads, "Well, at least you had Yi Min there to comfort you."

Uriah looks solemn and signs. The caption reads, "I don't know how to explain this." Ophelia looks at Uriah's hands, as he signs. The caption reads, "I don't think Yi Min knows how to read."

The scene changes back to Yi Min and "iRene". "iRene" says, "Come on, Yi Min. Just read the clue."

Yi Min stares at the piece of paper nervously, and begins, "M... Mm... Ma... Mark... Mark y... Mark yu... Mark you... Mark you..." Yi min says, "It's really dark... I can't read the clue, either."

"iRene" says, "It doesn't seem that dark, but maybe you can find a light somewhere." Yi Min sits on the ground. "iRene" says, "Come on, Yi Min don't give up."

Yi Min says, "I can't read it."

"iRene" says, "Maybe if you..."

Yi Min says, "I can't read, at all."

"iRene" is shocked, "That can't be true."

Yi Min says, now crying, "It is. I'm as dumb as everyone says. I fail every class, my teachers tell me I'm lazy. It's not like I didn't try to learn, but it was too hard. I only learned how to spell my name from hours of practice. I avoid the subject and fake it, because I don't want anyone to know that I really am stupid."

"iRene" pauses for a minute, as she opens a window on her computer. She says, "Yi Min... Have you ever heard of dyslexia?" Yi Min shakes his head. "iRene" says, "Yi Min... I think that's what your problem is."

Yi Min says, "Problem?"

"iRene" says, "Maybe that's not the best word... It basically means that you have difficulty with reading, and spelling. And it takes greater effort to learn those things for you."

"How come no one told me?" Yi Min asks.

"iRene" says, "I don't know, Yi Min. I guess they didn't realize it."

Yi Min says, "But... Why didn't anyone notice?"

"iRene" says, "A lot of the things you say, Yi Min, aren't very smart."

"Yeah?" Yi Min says.

"iRene" looks uncomfortable, "Yi Min... I think you've just been written off as stupid from some of the things you say."

Yi Min says, "But that's just my sense of humor. No one's that dumb. I always wonder why no one laughs..."

"iRene"'s eyes widen when she realizes what was just said. "I can't believe it. You were just joking all this time?"

Yi Min says, "Most of the time. What was that word, again?"

"iRene" thinks about what Yi Min could mean, and says, "Dyslexia. But don't worry, with a lot of effort and some help, you can learn to read and write. It can be hard, but you can do it if you really try."

Yi Min says, "Hey, 'iRene'?"

"iRene" says, "That's the first time you called me by my name."

Yi Min says, "Thanks." Yi Min hugs the device.

Chris pulls up in his red convertible. Chris says, "There you two are. Everyone else already checked in. I'll drive you to the finish line." Yi Min places "iRene"'s device in the back seat. They come to the destination and Yi Min pushes "iRene"'s device behind Chris as they make their way to the mat. Chris says, "Yi Min and 'iRene' you are the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you..."

"That Herman and Jonathan have been eliminated."

"iRene" says, "What? How is that even possible?"

Yi Min says, "You said that we were the last team to arrive."

Chef brings out a portable DVD player and hands it to Chris. Chris says solemnly, "Just watch. They were the third team to arrive."

The video shows Jonathan and Herman arriving, Jonathan runs on to the mat. And Herman defiantly stands just steps away. Jonathan turns to Herman and says, "Come on, Herman. Get on the mat."

"No," Herman says.

Jonathan steps off the mat, and grabs Herman by the wrist. He says, "Get on the mat."

Herman shouts, "Let go of me!" Herman pushes Jonathan's hand off of him with his free arm. "This entire experience has been a nightmare. One horrible thing happens after another. First it was that sadistic challenge, then my team told me I was all alone, I lost my first friend almost as fast as I made one, but I thought it could only get better, once I got to get to know someone on the other team." A sobbing Herman continues, "Jonathan... From the moment everyone arrived, I felt a bond with you. I thought we'd be friends for sure..."

Jonathan says, "This isn't about friendship. This show is for money."

Herman says, "It never was for me. I thoughteth I could make friends. That was my motive for joining. It always was. And you Jonathan... You didn't want the money, either. You didn't agree to join until you had a chance to use your survival skills. I thought that was so cool... But Jonathan..." Jonathan looks at Herman. Herman continues, "You're just as horrible as the others. Chris, I'm not stepping on the mat. I want to leave. This whole experience has been awful." Herman runs away and enters his Winnebago.

Jonathan stares in disbelief. He then falls to his knees, and starts to cry. Chris looks on and says, "Jonathan... I'm sorry."

Jonathan says to Chris, "Chris... What's wrong with me? One minute I feel fine, the next minute I'm so frustrated, and I start turning on people. It's like I have absolutely no control over my emotions."

Chris says, "We're going to get you some help, Jonathan. It'll all be okay." Chris puts a hand on Jonathan's shoulder.

Jonathan looks up at him and says, "I'm so scared, Chris. I don't want to hurt anyone, anymore."

Chris shuts the DVD player and says, "They already left."

Yi Min, who is crying, says, "What's wrong with Jonathan, Chris?"

Chris says, "I'm not an expert, but I have a pretty good idea."

Yi Min says, "I'm worried about him, Chris."

Chris says, "I'll get him some help. Don't worry Yi Min, he'll be alright." Chris repeats, "He'll be alright."

Chapter 11 - Where Art They, Now?Edit

"Hey, ya'll," Leshawna says from her exit interview taxi. "I'm on my way to the Chateau des Losers, a five star hotel that has been the home of the eliminated contestants since they were... uh... eliminated. What are they up to? How have they been handling their defeat? Inguiring minds want to know, ya'll." Leshawna looks out the window of the taxi and says, "Looks like I'm here." Leshawna opens the door to the taxi and steps out. She then walks to the doors of the ritzy hotel and an attendant opens the door for her, "I could get used to this." Leshawna glares at the distant taxi driver. Leshawna stares in amazement at the expensively decorated lobby. "And I thought Playa des Losers was nice," Leshawna thinks out loud. Leshawna talks to a polite receptionist and she points to the left. Leshawna begins walking in that direction. Leshawna looks at a boy sitting at the bar. She says, "It looks like I've found our first eliminated player."

The boy in the green tunic says to the bartender, "Giveth me another Shirley Temple, wench."

The gruff male bartender says, "Stop calling me that, and I think you've had enough."

Herman grabs a hold of the bartender's shirt collar, across the bar, and says, "I'll telleth thou when I hath had enough. Now giveth..."

Leshawna awkwardly interrupts Herman, "Uh... Hey, Herman. How's it going?"

Herman looks at Leshawna with his irises completely red. Herman says, "How doeth it look liketh it is going?"

Leshawna says, "Do you want to talk about your experience on the show, or..."

Herman points to a nearby door, "You'll findeth the others in there. Leaveth me to my intoxicating beverageth."

The bartender laughs, "Like I'd be caught serving alcohol to a minor."

Herman slams his fist on the bar and says, "Giveth me my grog, wench!"

Leshawna quietly backs away from the bar and goes through the door that Herman pointed to. Inside she sees a large room with three glass walls and a glass ceiling. The room is decorated with all sorts of large, fern-like, potted plants. The room has a pool and a hot tub. Leshawna smiles as she looks at the beautiful surroundings. Leshawna sees Brent standing still near the edge of the pool in his gray swimsuit.

Leshawna walks up to him and says, "Hey... Guy. How are you?"

Brent says, "Fine."

Leshawna looks at Brent. He keeps standing still, saying and doing nothing. "So," Leshawna says. "Are you doing something?"

Brent says, "Not really."

Leshawna says, "Can you tell me about your experience on the show?"

Brent shrugs and says casually, "It was fine."

"Okay," Leshawna says slowly, "I'm just going to back away, now." Leshawna steps away from Brent.

Brent says, after Leshawna walks away, "Are you almost done?"

Ruth, who is sitting in a nearby lounge chair, says, "Almost." She holds up her thumb in her line of vision of Brent, sticks out her tongue, and continues working on her sketch.

Leshawna next walks over to the pool. Libby is floating on a raft in the middle of the pool. Leshawna calls out, "Hey, girl!"

Libby calls back, "Hey!"

Leshawna says, "Can I ask you some questions?"

"Sure," Libby says. Libby makes no effort to float to the side of the pool.

Leshawna says, "How are you handling being out of the competition?"

Libby says, "Considering my surroundings, I've gotten over it. I'd probably never get to stay in a place like this in my whole life."

Leshawna says, "Unless you won the five million."

Libby pauses and says, "Hey, wanna here a joke?"

Leshawna says, "Sure, girl."

Libby says, "Okay. What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?"

Leshawna humors Libby and says, "What?"

Libby says, "Leshawna's interview skills." Libby starts laughing. Leshawna glares at Libby. A shark fin slowly approaches Libby on her raft. Libby's raft gets flipped when the fin reaches her. Libby continues laughing, and says, "That was a good one."

Dinah emerges from the water. She is wearing goggles, a one piece swimsuit, and a shark fin on her head. "I try," Dinah says. Libby makes her way back onto her raft.

Leshawna squints and says, "Dinah, right?" Dinah nods. "Would you mind answering a few questions, girl?"

Dinah says, "It depends on what they're about."

Leshawna says, "How are you doing knowing that you lost?"

"Not so bad," Dinah says. "I kind of regret some of my actions on the show, but I've asked Sheena to forgive me, and I think she has." Dinah gets hit by a volleyball.

Leshawna turns around and sees Sheena, wearing a bikini and a sarong around her waist, waving innocently. "Oops," Sheena says, "Sorry about that."

Dinah says, "That's okay."

Sheena says, "You suck at dodging."

Leshawna turns back to Dinah and says, "So if you could pick an eliminated contestant that you thought deserved to win, who would it be?"

Dinah says, "Jonathan. He was trying so hard."

Leshawna looks around and says, "Where is Jonathan?"

Dinah says, "I'm not sure. Chris dropped by earlier and said that he was taking Jonathan to talk to someone." Dinah pauses and says, "I really hope everything's okay. He seemed pretty sad when I saw him, again."

A football whizzes by Dinah's head, hits Libby's raft, and capsizes it. Libby lets out a scream. Sheena calls out, "My mistake. I'm so sorry!" Sheena grins maniacally. Sheena whispers to herself, "I'm so sorry I missed."

Leshawna says to Dinah, "I'm sure everything will be okay, girl. Don't worry, too much." Leshawna makes her way to Grant who is sitting on a lounge chair in his swimsuit. Leshawna says, "Hey, Ca... Grant?"

Grant says, "That's right."

"How've you been doing?" Leshawna asks.

Grant says, "Pretty awesome, I'd say. This whole experience has been so great for me. I got my old, cheerful brother back. I even landed myself a girlfriend." Sheena sits down on a lounge chair next to Grant. The two hold hands.

Leshawna smiles and says, "I'm so happy for you."

Grant says, "If you would have told me that my life would have changed like this a few weeks ago, I would've thought you were crazy."

Leshawna says, "If you could choose another contestant to win the game, eliminated or not, who would it be?"

Grant says, "Hands down, Ca..." Grant looks at a glaring Sheena. "Sheena, definitely Sheena." Sheena smiles.

Sheena says, "You're so sweet." The two lean in to kiss and Cary randomly appears behind them.

Cary's eyes are sparkling. He says, "I made a pie!" He holds up the dessert.


Grant says, "That's great, bro. It looks so good."

Cary says, "Try a piece."

Grant takes a piece into his hand and takes a bite. "Mmm... This is the awesomest pie in the history of piedom."

Cary smiles and says, "Sheena, how bout you?"

Sheena takes a piece in her hand, "Couldn't you bring a friggin' plate?" Cary frowns. Grant looks disapprovingly at Sheena. She says, "I mean, this looks great. What kind of pie is this?"

Cary says, "Texas pecan."

Sheena says, "Disgusting..." Cary looks like he's about to cry. "I mean," Sheena says, "My favorite." She takes a bite of the pie and winces. She says, "Mmm... So... Delicious." Cary smiles. Sheena says, "Excuse me for a minute." Sheena runs off and the sound of someone vomiting can be heard from a distance.

Leshawna looks at the pie and says, "Are you going to eat that?"

Cary says, "Are you kidding? Of course not, I can't eat these kind of empty calories. Since I got voted out, I was able to get back to my normal weight."

Leshawna says, "That must have been a hard time for you."

Cary says, "It was. I was so ashamed of myself." Cary lifts up his black shirt and says, "But I got my six pack back through diet and excercise." Cary smiles wide. "My abs are harder than ever."

Leshawna looks uncomfortable, "That's nice."

Cary says, "Feel how hard my abs are."

Leshawna says, "I don't..."

Cary shouts, "Feel them!" Leshawna complies begrudgingly. Cary says, "It feels so good to be the guy with the best body here, again."

Libby shouts, "Hey, Angelo! Come swim with us!" Angelo stands up directly behind Cary and removes his shirt. Cary looks at Angelo and slowly pulls his shirt back down.

Leshawna pushes Cary out of the way and says, "Hey, Angelo!"

Angelo looks at Leshawna and says, "Leshawna? It's so good to see you!" Angelo hugs Leshawna. She giggles. Angelo says, "How have you been?"

Leshawna smiles and says, "Goooood."

Angelo says, "I'm glad to hear that. I'm happy when everyone else is happy."

Dinah can be heard in the background saying, "Jonathan!"

Leshawna turns and sees that the boy had entered the room. "Hey," Jonathan says to Dinah.

Leshawna walks over to him and Dinah. Dinah says, "So did you find out what's wrong?"

Jonathan says, "Yeah, the psychiatrist said..." Jonathan looks at a wide eyed Leshawna.

Leshawna says, "Don't stop on my account."

Jonathan rolls his eyes and says, "The psychiatrist Chris brought me to is pretty sure that I'm bipolar. She wanted to do more tests before giving me a complete diagnosis, though."

Dinah hugs Jonathan and says, "You know I'm here if you need to talk." She takes Jonathan's hand.

Jonathan smiles and says, "Thanks."

Leshawna says with tears in her eyes, "That's so sweet. This has to be a scary time for you, Jonathan."

Jonathan says, "Yeah... Yeah. But I'm pretty relieved to know that there is actually something wrong, and I'm not just going crazy. I can get medicinal treatment if I want. My parents will be coming to pick me up, shortly."

Leshawna says, "You aren't staying here?"

Jonathan shakes his head, "I get to go home, but maybe they'll let me come back here every few days."

Dinah says, "I'll be thinking about you every moment."

Jonathan hugs Dinah, and says, "You've been the best part of this experience for me. I'm so glad to have you help me get through this. I was afraid that you wouldn't like me anymore after what happened with Herman."

Dinah says, "Jonathan... I could never abandon you, no matter what."

Ruth walks up and says, "Hey, guys. We're about to play water polo. Wanna join us?"

Jonathan says, "I think I have time to play a game." Dinah nods. Jonathan leaves, changes into his swimsuit, and meets the others back at the pool.

Angelo walks up to Jonathan and says, "Leshawna left."

Jonathan says, "Aren't you going to play?"

Angelo says, "If I play that makes nine players."

Jonathan says, "And?"

Angelo says, "That's an uneven number. We can't have that, now can we?" Jonathan laughs.

Angelo walks through the door, and sees Herman still at the bar. Angelo sits down. Herman looks up and says, "Salutations."

Angelo says, "Hi, Herman. How are you holding up?"

Herman hesitates and says, "Look. If you wanteth to be with your friends, go. You don't have to comforteth me. I don't needeth anyone's pity."

Angelo says, "I was just going to ask if you wanted to play water polo with me and the others."

"Nay," Herman says.

"That's okay," Angelo says. He doesn't get up.

Herman says, "Aren't you going to joineth them?"

Angelo says, "I'm okay. The teams would be uneven with me. Are you sure you don't want to?"

Herman says, "I really don't wanteth to go in there. Besides... Never mindeth."

Angelo says, "What is it?"

"I can't swim," Herman says. "I'm scared to even tryeth."

Angelo says, "Do you have a swimsuit?"

Herman shakes his head. He says, "I hath a blue, waterproof tunic, though."

"That works," Angelo says. "I'm going to teach you how to swim."

Herman says, "Thou really don't have to."

"I know," Angelo says. "I don't have to, but I want to."

Herman looks at Angelo. Angelo smiles sincerely. Herman says, "I'll go changeth." Herman coolly gets up from his seat. He walks toward his room with a wide smile on his face.

Leshawna hides behind a newspaper as Herman passes. She looks on with a smile as he walks up the stairs. Leshawna puts the newspaper down, walks out the door, and walks to the waiting taxi. She gets in and sits down. She looks to her side and says, "What are you doing, here?"

"Leshawna," Chris Mclean looks up at her and says, "I want to talk to you about something."

Chapter 12 - Spite & Hate Plus 8Edit

Leshawna looks at the camera from inside a limousine and says, "Hey, ya'll! Your girl, Leshawna, here. How ya'll doin'? Now, I know you're probably asking yourself, 'Why is this fly honey on my TV, right now?' Well, Chris told me that he needed a little time off from the show, and naturally, I was the one he came to. He probably has some award function to host, or something. Now let's see, here." Leshawna looks at a piece of paper and says, "Now, last time on the show, I visited the eliminated contestants. The time before that, the contestants competed in a race in teams of two. In the end, Jonathan and Herman were eliminated for not completing the race." Leshawna looks at another piece of paper, and says, "I'm sure ya'll will love this week's episode. The challenge Chris had set up sounds like a nightma... hoot. It sounds like a big old hoot. So, stay tuned for this week's installment of Total Drama Reality."

Val looks through the window of her team's Winnebago as she watches the sunrise. Naomi walks out of the bedroom and prepares her breakfast in the kitchen. She sits next to Val.

Val says, "Isn't it beautiful?"

Naomi asks, "What?"

Val answers, "The sun."

"It's okay," Naomi says as she peers out the window.

Val says, "Just looking at it, you can feel the warmth." Val smiles.

Naomi says, "Ha ha. Warmth," in a monotone voice.

Val says, "When I look at the sun, I always know that everything's going to be okay. You know what I mean?"

Naomi rolls her eyes. "Yeah, whatever."

Naomi says in confessional, "Why was Val talking to me?" Naomi rolls her eyes, again. "I haven't felt warmth in... quite a few years."

Uriah and Ophelia are sitting outside, signing to each other. Uriah signs. The caption reads, "Thanks so much for yesterday. I'm starting to understand that I can accept help from other people, and still not be completely dependent on others."

Ophelia smile, signs, and says, "No problem. I'm glad I can help."

Uriah smiles and signs. The caption reads, "I can't believe how nice you are to me, even though I treated you so badly earlier in the contest."

Ophelia signs and says, "I knew. I knew you were just frustrated. It can be hard to have to ask others for help."

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "Yeah. Frustrated describes it well. But without you... This is going to seem awkward. I felt so lonely. Have you ever felt alone?"

Ophelia blushes, signs, and says, "Yes. I've felt really alone, before. Even though I have friends and family, I never had an extremely close relationship. Like a best friend, or a boyfriend."

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "Who knows?" Uriah smiles and continues signing. "Maybe you'll find him, here."

Ophelia says in confessional, while signing, "I think I've fallen for Uriah." Ophelia smiles. "I think... This is going to sound silly. I think he might like me, too."

Leshawna walks onto the site. "Hey, guys," She says. "It's time for your next challenge."

"Where's Chris?" Ophelia asks.

Leshawna says, "He wanted to take a little time off from the show. He asked me to take over as host for an unspecified allotment of time."

Soon, the others join Uriah, Leshawna, and Ophelia outside.

Tsuyoshi asks, "What's Leshawna doing here?"

Uriah smacks his forehead. Ophelia says, "Chris asked her to host for a little while."

Leshawna says, "Hey, people. Today's challenge will be childcare."

Everyone, but Uriah, laughs. Melinda says, "Good one."

Leshawna says, "I'm serious. We've found five sets of stressed out parents, who want a little break. You'll be paired in five teams of two and take on the challenge of taking care of the kids for a day. Me and my best girlfriends will ask the teams about the experience after getting a little report from the families."

Priscilla turns to Naomi and says, "You'll be my team mate."

Leshawna says, "Oh no, girl. You got it wrong. You guys aren't picking the teams. For finishing the race first, last time, Ophelia and Uriah will select teams. They can go to the side and determine what they'll be doing."

The two teens step to the side. Uriah signs. The caption reads, "We were a great team, last time."

Ophelia signs. The caption reads, "I agree." She smiles.

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "I'll let you pick all the teams, but one."

Ophelia signs. The caption reads, "Sure. Who do you want to pair together?"

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "I want to be paired with someone I think I'm developing feelings for." Ophelia smiles. Uriah continues signing. The caption reads, "I want to be paired with Val."

Ophelia's smile fades. She signs. The caption reads, "Val? Are you sure that's a good idea?"

Uriah nods. He signs. The caption reads, "I really wanted to be paired with her last time, but she was chosen first. Please. I'm just asking this one thing."

Ophelia says in confessional, "I guess I should have known that Uriah didn't actually like me in that way. I thought we had a special relationship, but it was only in my head. He didn't even want to be my partner last time." Ophelia sighs.

Ophelia and Uriah rejoin the others. Ophelia says, "Okay, here are the teams. Melinda and "iRene"."

"iRene" says, "That's random."

Ophelia continues, "Naomi and Micky D."

Micky D. shouts, "Score!"

Naomi glares at Ophelia. Ophelia shudders before continuing. "The next team is Priscilla and Yi Min."

Priscilla looks at Yi Min. She says, "I don't want to be paired with this joke."

Yi Min corrects, "I'm Chinese." Everyone glares at Yi Min. "iRene" laughs.

Leshawna says, "Well, it's Ophelia and Uriah's decision, Priscilla." Priscilla folds her arms.

Ophelia continues, "The next team is Uriah and..." Ophelia hesitates. "Val. So that means that it's me paired with Tsuyoshi."

Tsuyoshi walks up to Ophelia and says, "We'll do great." Ophelia smiles politely. Uriah puts his arm around Val. Ophelia looks at them, and her smile fades.

Ophelia says in confessional, "Uriah wanted to be paired with Val. I respected that. If it makes him happy... I'm glad."

Leshawna says, "Okay. Get in the limo."

Val's eyes widen. "We get to ride in the limo?" Leshawna nods. The teens cheer.

The camera shows the ten contestants and Leshawna tightly crammed inside the limo. Naomi says, "This isn't really what it's cracked up to be."

The teens emerge from the limo at a nice suburb. Leshawna says, "Okay, our first two team's designated families can be found on this block." Leshawna points to one yellow house. "This is the house Uriah and Val's kids are at." Leshawna points at a purple house. "This is where Yi Min and Priscilla will be babysitting."

A woman with really messy hair walks out of the house pulling at her hair. She screams, "Help me!" She runs off into the distance.

A man steps out of the building, "Please, excuse my wife's behavior. Thanks for doing this. We'll be back in the evening."

Leshawna says, "Bye." She gets back into the limo the others, leaving Uriah and Val, and Priscilla and Yi Min.

Leshawna says, "Next stop." The teams stop at another suburb. Leshawna says, "At the white house with a blue door, that's where Micky D. and Naomi will be staying for the day." Micky D. and Naomi get out of the vehicle and head toward the house. The limo leaves the area.

Leshawna says, "Our final stop. Tsuyoshi and Ophelia will be at this gray house, and Melinda and 'iRene's designated family is at the yellow house at the end of the street. I'll be back to pick you guys up at the end of the day. Have fun."

Ophelia turns to Tsuyoshi and says, "Did Leshawna say how many kids we had to watch?" Tsuyoshi shakes his head.

Before entering their house, Val hugs Uriah and says, "Let's do our best." Uriah nods and smiles. Val says, "I think we'll make a great team."

Val says in confessional, "I'm going to do my best in not treating Uriah different than I would treat anyone else."

Val rings the doorbell and a big burly man comes to the door. His petite wife appears behind him and says, "You must be the kids who are taking care of our little darlings. Thanks so much for agreeing to this."

Val says, "It's our pleasure." Uriah nods.

The scene changes to Yi Min and Priscilla entering their designated house. They're greeted by eight children between the ages of two and nine.

Yi Min smiles at the children and says, "Are you ready for a fun time?" The kids cheer.

Ophelia says in confessional, "I selected Priscilla and Yi Min as a team, because I feel like Yi Min is a great guy. But I think his ideal woman needs to be strong... You can't get much stronger than Priscilla."

Priscilla says to Yi Min, "You're in charge of cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, and anything else I can think of."

Yi Min says, "What are you going to do?"

Priscilla says, "Nothing."

Yi Min stares blankly for a while, smiles, and says, "Okay."

Priscilla pauses and asks, "You aren't going to argue?"

"Of course not," Yi Min says. "Arguing doesn't get you anywhere. If you feel like I can handle this task by myself... I believe you."

Priscilla says in confessional, "I felt kind of bad. Okay, not really."

Priscilla says, "I'm going to take a nap." Priscilla leaves the room.

Yi Min says, "So what do you guys normally do each day?"

One of the older children says, "My mom wrote out this agenda for what needs to be done." The girl hands Yi Min the piece of paper.

Yi Min looks at the paper and stares at it. He says, "Who wants pizza?" The kids cheer.

The scene changes to Tsuyoshi and Ophelia as they enter the home they'd been assigned to. An eleven year old boy speaks, "Hey, I'm Jimmy. I'm the oldest. These are my ten year old twin sisters Janie and Joanie." The girls wave. Jimmy continues, "These are my twin brothers Jakey and Jackie. They're eight." the boys smile. "And this is my six year old sister, Jessie." Jessie smiles. "My four year old brother Jesse." Jimmy points at Jesse. "And my youngest brother Jerry."

Jerry says, "I'm three!" Ophelia smiles. Jerry says to Ophelia, "I like you." Tsuyoshi smiles awkwardly at Jerry. Jerry runs and hides behind his oldest brother.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I'm not exactly that good with children. And... I'm so confused. I can't remember any of their names." Tsuyoshi sighs.

Ophelia says, "Who wants to help make breakfast?" All the children raise their hands.

Tsuyoshi says, "I'll set the table. Uh.. Who wants to help?"

The children remain silent. Joanie looks around and says, "I will."

Tsuyoshi looks surprised. He says, "You don't have to if you don't want to." Joanie ignores him and starts setting the table. The others join Ophelia in the kitchen. Tsuyoshi says to Joanie, "Jessie was it?"

"Joanie," The girl corrects.

"Sorry," Tsuyoshi says.

Joanie says, "Don't worry about it. Even my parents forget my name, sometimes."

The scene changes to Micky D. and Naomi as they enter their designated house. The kids greet them. Micky D. says, "Yo, little bros and bro-ettes."

One of the younger boys says to Micky D., "You look goofy." The kids laugh. Naomi looks at the children coldly. Micky D. turns and pretends to cry. The boy says, "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to make you cry."

Micky D. says, "I wasn't crying about what you said, know what I'm sayin'? I cried because I remembered what I did to the last guy who made fun of me." The boy smiles and runs in the other direction screaming. Micky D. chases after him, slowly. The other kids laugh and chase after Micky D. Naomi stands still and stares blankly.

The scene changes to Melinda as she pushes "iRene"'s cart into the house. The children stare in disbelief at the pair.

"iRene" says, "Don't worry. I don't bite. But the same can't be said for my friend, here." Melinda looks at the children creepily.

One of the older children says in confessional, her name, "Melissa", is on the screen, "These people scare me a little... A lot. They scare me a lot."

"iRene" says, "Okay, kiddies... Who's ready for auntie Irene to read them a story?"

The eight kids shout in unison, "Me!"

Melinda leaves to prepare breakfast for the children.

The scene changes to Uriah and Val. Val says to Uriah, "You make breakfast for the kids, I'll talk to them for a little while." Uriah nods and smiles at Val.

One of the female children follows Uriah into the kitchen, but runs back to Val after a few seconds.

"My name is Val," Val says. "We're going to have fun, today." The children cheer.

Uriah comes back with a big stack of pancakes, after a while. Val smiles at him and says, "Great choice. What kid doesn't love pancakes?" The kids run over to Uriah and bombard him.

The scene changes to Priscilla as she walks downstairs to check up on Yi Min and the children. Yi Min is blindfolded and is running around the living room trying to catch the laughing and taunting children. Priscilla turns and walks back upstairs.

The scene changes to Micky D. as he takes the kids outside, while Naomi straightens up the house.

Naomi says in confessional, "The day started out fine. I didn't have to interact with the children at all. I'm surprised at how good Micky D. is with children."

The scene changes to Tsuyoshi as he sets the table with Joanie. She asks, "Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Yes, a sister."

Joanie says, "It must be nice. It should be easier for you to get away from your family."

Tsuyoshi produces a fake smile and says, "Yeah."

Joanie says, "Sometimes I wish I didn't have any siblings."

"Why's that?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Joanie says, "I don't have any time to myself. I'm always paired with Janie for everything, and my parents don't seem to show me any attention by myself."

Tsuyoshi says, "Did you ever tell your parents how you feel?"

Joanie says, "Yeah, but they didn't do anything. I know they get stressed out sometimes, but I wish they'd pay attention to me."

Tsuyoshi says, "I know how you feel, and maybe if you keep mentioning it to them, they'll listen. But Joanie... You're really lucky." Joanie looks at Tsuyoshi. "You never have to be alone unless you choose to. Joanie... My parents don't talk to me, anymore, because of something. I'm not allowed to see them or my sister. I used to feel like you, sometimes, wanting to be left alone. But now the time I spent with them is a memory... I'm not saying that you can't be alone sometimes, but try not to resent what you have, here. I'm sure your parents love you very much."

"I know they do," Joanie says. "Thanks, Tsuyoshi. An adult has never taken me seriously like this." Joanie smile and hugs Tsuyoshi. The others come in with breakfast.

The scene changes. Melinda says, "Breakfast is ready."

"iRene" finishes her story, "I've been dead for fifteen years! And the zombie ate the little children. The end."

The kids' eyes are wide in surprise. One of the boys says, "That was awesome!" The children cheer.

Melinda laughs and says, "I'm sorry I missed the rest of the story. Breakfast is oatmeal, raisins, and Facon. Tofu bacon."

One of the kids says, "That sounds weird."

"iRene" says, "It won't kill you. Unlike the zom..."

Melinda steps in front of "iRene". Melinda says, "It's good to try new foods. You'll never know if you like something unless you try it." The kids eat their breakfast. Melinda carts "iRene" away and says, "What are you trying to do with that story? Give them nightmares?"

"iRene" says, "It's my favorite... They liked it, too. Besides, I thought you liked scary stuff."

Melinda says, "What I like has nothing to do with what's appropriate for kids that age, okay?"

"iRene" says, "Fine. Melinda? I'm sorry."

Melinda says, "It's okay. We don't want to lose the challenge over something like this, though."

The scene changes and shows Micky D. as he says, "Who's ready for nap time, yo?"

One of the girls says, "It's so early."

Micky D. says, "If we take a nap, now, li'l peeps, we can play the rest of the day."

The kids say, "Yay!" Micky D. has the kids bring their blankets and pillows to the living room. The kids say, "Read us a story." Micky D. smiles and begins reading a story that one of the kids brought to him.

Naomi looks on through the kitchen door as the kids crowd around Micky D. One of the younger boys falls asleep on Micky D.'s lap. Naomi can't help but smile.

The scene changes and shows Yi Min as he does push ups in the middle of the living room with all eight kids standing on his back. Priscilla comes downstairs to see what was going on. She laughs as the kids count out the number of push ups Yi Min is doing. Priscilla immediately frowns and walks back upstairs.


The scene changes to Uriah and Val as they are eating breakfast with the kids. Uriah puts his hand on Val's hand and smiles at her. Val moves her hand. Uriah rubs his foot against Val's leg. Val moves her leg and mouths, "Uriah, cut it out." Uriah smiles at her, and puts his hand on hers, again. Val shouts, "I have a boyfriend at home!"

Everyone looks at Val and she looks embarrassed. Uriah looks crushed. He gets up from the table.

A thud is heard. Val looks over to the left. One of the children, who is crying, says, "Something's wrong with Abby." One of the girls is on the floor shaking. Her face has turned red, and her face is swelling up. Val runs to find a phone and calls the paramedics.

Abby gasps to breathe while Uriah sits next to her. Uriah is crying. Abby gasps, "Aller... gies... Can't... Breathe..."

One of the kids, who is also crying, says, "Abby said she told you she was allergic to wheat. You didn't use the rice flour for the pancakes, did you? Are you dumb, or something?"

The paramedics arrive shortly, along with the children's parents.

Val says, "I'm so sorry... We didn't mean for this to happen."

The children's father shouts, "Your show can expect a lawsuit! Get out of my house!"

Val cries, "I'm so sorry." She and Uriah exit the house, and the paramedics rush passed them.

Val turns to Uriah, "I'm so sorry I put you through this. It's my fault." Uriah turns his head and looks away from Val.

A limo arrives at the house. Leshawna steps out. She says, "I came as fast as I could. The challenge is ending early. I'll go inform Yi Min and Priscilla. Then we'll get the others."

Val says, "I'm so sorry."

Leshawna says, "I'm sorry this happened. But don't worry, the producers assured me that the show will take full responsibility for this." Leshawna hugs Val. She parts to talk to Yi Min and Priscilla.

The scene changes as Naomi says to Micky D., "You're great with kids."

Micky D. says, "It ain't no thing, but a chicken wing."

Naomi smiles. "You seem a lot sweeter than I first thought."

Micky D. says, "I'm a man of many colors, yo. Not just pasty white." Naomi laughs. "I love little kids, know what I'm sayin'?"

Leshawna rings the doorbell. Naomi greets her, along with the children's parents.

Leshawna knocks on the door to the house that Ophelia and Tsuyoshi were left at. Leshawna says, "The challenge is ending early. There was an incident..."

Joanie says to Tsuyoshi. "You're leaving?" Tsuyoshi nods. Joanie hugs him, and says, "I'm so glad you came here." The other kids hug Ophelia goodbye, as she says goodbye to each of them by name.

Leshawna and the children's parents go to where Melinda and "iRene" are staying and Leshawna explains that the challenge is over.

Uriah runs out of the taxi and hugs Ophelia. Uriah is crying. He gathers his composure, and signs. The caption reads, "I was wrong about Val. We're so wrong for each other. I hope the girl is okay."

Ophelia signs and says with concern, "What happened?"

Leshawna says, "I'll explain everything on our way to the elimination ceremony."

Everyone gets in the limo and rides to the location. They arrived at a small building. The RVs are parked outside of the building. The RVs had been reduced to two, one for each group of genders. The teens enter the building and see two girls sitting in two chairs behind a desk. They smile and wave at the teens. Leshawna solemnly sits next to her friends.

One of them says, "Hey, girl. Aren't you going to introduce us?"

Leshawna says, "This is my best cousin, LeShaniqua."

LeShaniqua smiles and waves. "Hey, ya'll," she says.

Leshawna says, "And this is my friend, Jasmine."

Jasmine says "It's good to be here." Jasmine looks at the somber group of teens. She turns to Leshawna and says, "What happened, girl?"

Leshawna says, "Will Uriah and Val step forward, please?" Uriah and Val step forward. Leshawna says, "I was originally going to interview each team, but the two of you clearly are our bottom two." LeShaniqua and Jasmine look at each other. Leshawna explains, "One of the children these two were looking after had a wheat allergy. She was given wheat, by Uriah."

"Ohmigosh," Jasmine says.

Leshawna assures, "I just got informed that she is okay, though. Val, you called the paramedics just in time."

Val cries, again. She says, "Thank goodness she's okay."

Leshawna says, "Ophelia, can you walk up here, please, to translate for Uriah?"

Jasmine says, "Is he a foreigner?"

Leshawna explains, "Uriah is deaf."

"Oh," Jasmine says.

"Uriah," Leshawna says, "Can you explain what happened?"

Uriah signs. Ophelia translates, "Val put me in charge of cooking."

Val says, "One of the kids told Uriah that she had a wheat allergy, but she didn't know he was deaf."

Uriah looks embarrassed. He signs. Ophelia translates, "I didn't know anyone ever went into the kitchen. My back was turned, I guess."

LeShaniqua asks, "How did the two of you get along, otherwise?"

Uriah signs. Ophelia translates, "Val has a boyfriend at home."

LeShaniqua says, "Oh no, she didn't! She's cheating on you?" Everyone, including Yi Min, glares at LeShaniqua. "What?" she asks.

Val says, "Please don't blame Uriah for our loss. It was my fault, really."

Ophelia says, "No. Don't eliminate Val. I chose the teams. I should have known that there would be problems if Uriah was paired with her."

Uriah signs to Ophelia. The caption reads, "What? This was not your fault. I chose the team." Ophelia doesn't translate.

Leshawna, Jasmine, and LeShaniqua huddle together. Leshawna says, "We've come to a decision. We've decided that either Ophelia or Val should go home." Leshawna pauses. She says, "The one of you being eliminated is..."


Val nods. She says, "Hey, I deserve it." Val turns to Ophelia and says, "Take care of him, okay?" Ophelia looks at Uriah and nods.

Val says in Uriah's direction, as she takes hold of his hands, "Don't beat yourself up over this. I'm sorry about today, but you'll find someone, I'm sure. I think there's someone who loves you very much, here." Val smiles and looks in Ophelia's direction. Ophelia blushes, and so does Yi Min who is standing behind Ophelia.

Leshawna, LeShaniqua, and Jasmine get up and lead Val outside. Val packs her belongings, and joins the girls outside. They all enter the taxi together and the other contestants wave to her.

Leshawna says, "So that was rough."

Val says, "Yeah. It was."

Leshawna asks, "How are you feeling, right now?"

Val says, "I feel really bad about what happened with Abby. I'm so glad she's okay. I'm also glad that Uriah gets to stay. He deserves to be there, and I feel like I could have made him look bad, but that's just not me."

Jasmine says, "You got class, girl."

LeShaniqua says, "And great hair, girl. Where'd you get it done?"

A peeved Leshawna says, "This is my interview." Leshawna looks outside the window and says, "We're here."

Val gets out of the taxi and Leshawna hugs her, followed by LeShaniqua and Jasmine. Leshawna's friends walk with Val to the hotel. Leshawna stays by the taxi, sighs, and says to herself, "I think I know why Chris needed a break so badly..."

Chapter 13 - The Vole Edit

An empty, white room is shown. A shoe falls from above and hits the ground. Leshawna is lowered on a wire. She is wearing black clothes, a black trench coat and black sunglasses. She says, "Welcome to another installment of Total Drama Reality. Last time, the teens were split up into teams of two in order to take on a babysitting challenge." Leshawna starts swinging back and forth. "An unfortunate incident occurred and put Uriah and Val in jeopardy. Ophelia took the blame for pairing the two teens together, but in the end, me and my home girls decided that Val should be the one eliminated." Leshawna starts spinning in circles. "Is someone going to let me down from here?"

Ophelia sadly says in confessional, "I feel horrible about earlier, still. I knew that Uriah and Val wouldn't be a good match. I just put him with her, because that's what he wanted."

The five remaining girls are in their Winnebago. Melinda says to Ophelia, "You're still upset about what happened with that girl?" Ophelia nods.

Priscilla says, "Don't be upset over that. You couldn't have known that was going to happen."

Ophelia sighs and says, "I guess you're right. Thank you, Pri..."

Priscilla interrupts, "But you should feel sorry for setting me up with Yao Mao. Never do anything like that, again, if you value your life, that is." Ophelia nervously gulps.

"That's odd," Ophelia says quietly.

Priscilla asks, "What is?"

Ophelia says, "I just thought the two of you would hit it off."

Melinda looks at Priscilla with wide eyes. Priscilla blushes and says, "What are you crazy or something?" Priscilla looks over at Naomi, who is smiling with a dreamy look. Priscilla says, "Hey, Naomi. What's up?"

Naomi blushes and says, "Nothing."

Melinda says in confessional, "That's the most color I've ever seen in Naomi's cheeks." Melinda pauses. "I wasn't even trying to sound creepy..."

The sun goes down and quickly rises.

Tsuyoshi sits up, stretches out his arms, and says, "Time to rise and..." Tsuyoshi looks up to see Uriah only clad in his briefs. Tsuyoshi turns red.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "Let's just say that Uriah seems pretty secure in his skin."

Yi Min pulls Micky D. out of his bed. "Time to wakey wakey," Yi Min says. Yi Min leaves the room to take a shower.

Tsuyoshi laughs out loud, and wipes a tear from his eye. He says, "Nice footie pajamas, Mick."

Micky D. says, "Yo, yo, bro dawg. I'll have you know that all the gangstas are wearin' these."

Tsuyoshi says, "Since when?"

Micky D. pauses. He says, "I saw it in a movie, once... Yo."

Tsuyoshi laughs, again. "Well, I guess the little duckies are pretty street."

Micky D. puts his arm around Tsuyoshi's shoulders and says, "Now you're coming around, Tsu dawg."

Yi Min returns and whips Tsuyoshi on the behind with a towel, "Your turn for the shower."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I can't believe the difference between this group of guys and my old team. They don't act awkward around me. They just treat me like one of the guys." Tsuyoshi smiles.

The guys eventually meet outside to see the girls outside surrounding a garbage can in the middle of the parking lot. Yi Min says, "What are we staring at?"

Priscilla shouts, "Pipe down, you big lummox."

Yi Min laughs. "You say funny word." Priscilla rolls her eyes.

"iRene" says, "This wasn't here, earlier. And why on earth would it randomly appear in the middle of..."

The garbage can says, "Be quiet. It's time for your next mission."

"iRene" asks, "Did I just get interrupted by a talking trash can? Anyone find that weird?"

Naomi says, "You should be happy to interact with someone of your own kind." Everyone, but "iRene" and Uriah, laughs.

Micky D. says, "Good one, boo." Naomi smiles. Priscilla's eyes widen. She then looks angrily at Naomi.

The garbage can says, "This is a cover. I'm not really a talking trash can."

Tsuyoshi sarcastically says, "I would have never guessed."

Yi Min says, "Dude, you, too?" Everyone stares at Yi Min. "iRene" laughs.

The trash can says, "Your next mission, if you choose to accept it, will be explained by me, Leshawna. Hey, ya'll!" The teens awkwardly stare at the trash can as Ophelia signs everything the message has been saying to Uriah. "Meet me at the rendezvous point. This message will now self destruct."

The teens run for cover, but nothing explodes. Melinda says, "Isn't there supposed to be some sort of explosion?"

"iRene" says, still next to the trash can, "Thanks so much for the abandonment. The message never said where we were supposed to meet Leshawna."

"Hey, guys!" Leshawna says. Priscilla glares at Leshawna. "And... girls," Leshawna adds awkwardly. Leshawna reaches into a black bag she had been carrying. She pulls out eight journals. Leshawna says, "You'll each be given one of these journals. I suggest that you each open yours, privately. You will all be submitted to a few tasks. One of you has a black card in your journal."

"iRene", holds up her journal that had been slid under her door, and says, "And what does that mean?"

Leshawna says, "If you have the black card in your journal, it means you'll be acting as a spy for the challenge."

Tsuyoshi raises an eyebrow, "A spy?"

Leshawna nods. "One of you will attempt to sabotage each challenge."

Melinda says, "Why?"

Leshawna opens a briefcase full of money, "These challenges are for cash money. If the spy successfully sabotages each challenge, they can keep money out of the pot. Whatever money that doesn't go into the pot goes to the vole. They don't get anything from the main pot."

Tsuyoshi says, "So, basically, someone can just blatantly screw up every challenge?"

Leshawna shakes her head and says, "There will be a test at the end."

Yi Min says, "A test?"

Leshawna nods and says, "The test will ask for details about the spy, or as we'll call them, the vole."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I thought a spy was usually referred to as a mole." Tsuyoshi shrugs.

Leshawna continues, "If three people correctly guess the identity of the vole... Our little spy will be eliminated and they won't get to keep the money."

Priscilla says, "So the spy is going to have to be subtle." Leshawna nods.

Ophelia says, "So then everyone else will just try their hardest, and the vole should be easy to spot, right?"

Leshawna says, "Sure, if you want to play it that way. But keep this in mind; If the vole is not identified, the player with the least amount of correct answers will be eliminated. You might choose to have suspicion directed toward you so that other people get more incorrect answers than you do, or you can play honestly. Everyone get it?" The players nod. Leshawna says, "Great, I'll let you go somewhere private to examine your journal. The vole should probably discard their black card so no one finds it. You can also use the journal to write down any interesting details you might notice. Then it's time for your first challenge." Leshawna walks away.

Yi Min says in confessional, "I'm so scared. I can't fake taking a test." Yi Min starts to cry. "It looks like this is my last day here."

Tsuyoshi opens his journal and looks inside. He nonchalantly says, "So looking at the other contestants... It's going to be hard to spot the saboteur. We have a girl who's a TV screen, a deaf guy, a man hater, and... Yi Min. There's a lot of opportunity for some unintentional sabotage." Tsuyoshi rubs his chin and continues, "This should be interesting."

The teens meet back outside. Leshawna comes back pulling a large suitcase. Leshawna says, "Here is your first challenge. Well, sort of... Each of you will be given a choice. Either you wear whatever costume that has been assigned to you, for a thousand dollars for the pot, or you don't wear it, preventing a thousand dollars from making it into the pot. You have to wear the costume for the entire day. Everyone understand?" The teens nod. Leshawna rummages through the suitcase. Leshawna says, "The first costume is for Tsuyoshi." She pulls out a giant, pink rabbit costume. Everyone glares at Tsuyoshi.

Tsuyoshi says, "I'll wear it." The other teens, except for Uriah, cheer.

"iRene" hears a knock on her door. Her aunt presents her with a monkey costume. "iRene" says, "I'll wear it, too." She gets up to put on the costume.

Leshawna says, "That's already two thousand dollars in the pot. See how easy it is?" Leshawna pulls out a bikini. "This one is for... Ophelia."

Ophelia blushes and says, "There's no way I'm wearing that." Everyone glares at her. "Okay, guys, seriously?"

Leshawna says, "I understand, girl." Leshawna's voice turns mysterious. "Or do I? Next we have..." Leshawna holds up skinny jeans and a cyan polo shirt, "Normal white boy clothes for Micky D."

Micky D.'s eyes widen, "Not no way, yo."

Naomi says, "Hey, Mick. Who you are on the inside isn't going to change with what you wear."

Micky D. says, "You got a point, baby. I'll wearz it."

Priscilla raises an eyebrow and says, "Baby?"

Leshawna says, "That's funny, Priscilla. It just happens to be your turn." Leshawna holds up a leotard and a tutu.

Priscilla's eyes widen. Everyone stares at her, waiting for her reaction. She mutters, "I'll do it."

Leshawna laughs. "I can't wait to see that one." Priscilla glares at her. Leshawna digs into her bag and pulls out a speedo. Everyone but Uriah laughs. Leshawna says, "Uriah. This one's for you. You gonna wear it?" Uriah shakes his head. "You sure?" Leshawna asks. Uriah nods. Tsuyoshi immediately begins writing in his notes. Leshawna now pulls out a two piece horse costume. She says, "The front end is for Melinda. The back end is for Naomi. Will you girls be wearing this costume?"

Melinda says, "Yes."

Naomi says, "No."

Leshawna says, "A half a horse?" Leshawna pauses, "I guess it'll just have to work." Leshawna digs into the bag a pulls out a mermaid fin. "Yi Min, this one is yours."

Yi Min says, "I'll wear it." The others laugh.

"Okay," Leshawna says, "Three of the nine of you chose not to wear your costume. That means that's six thousand dollars to be split among the non-vole contestants, and three thousand dollars for the vole. Go get changed into your costumes. I'll wait for you all out here."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, now in a bunny suit, "So, of the three people who chose not to wear a costume, I guess Ophelia and Naomi are somewhat understandable. Uriah, though, confused me. He has never seemed ashamed of his body, before. His action did seem slightly blatant. If I were the vole, and I'm not saying I am, I think I might choose to take the costume, just to avoid suspicion. But Uriah would make a good saboteur..."

The contestants begin to meet back outside. Naomi smiles at Micky D. as the others who see him gasp. His hair is slicked back, and his clothing actually fits. Leshawna says, "Who are we missing?"

Yi Min appears in his RV's doorway with no shirt, wearing the mermaid fin. He falls forward out of the RV and lands on his face. "Ow..." Yi Min says quietly. Priscilla laughs out loud and the others glare at her. Uriah runs over to help him up. Uriah leads Yi Min by the arm as he hops alongside Uriah. Priscilla laughs, again.

Micky D. says, "What's so funny, Princess Tutu?"

Priscilla lifts Micky D. by the shirt collar, "Don't mess with me, Abercrombie."

Micky D. says, "I ain't wanting no trouble, girlie." Priscilla puts him down.


Leshawna says, "For this challenge, you'll have to cross this bridge." Leshawna moves a tree branch and reveals an extremely rickety bridge between two cliffs. She says, "You'll have to make your way across the bridge in, at least, thirty seconds. There's a platform with a button on it you need to press to signify that you finish in time. If you manage to do the challenge, that's another thousand dollars for the group. We'll go one at a time, starting with... Melinda. Will she do it?" Melinda nods. She gets into a starting position. Leshawna shouts, "Go!"

Melinda quickly runs across the bridge. Melinda makes it to the button and says, "Woo! Did I make it in time?"

Leshawna looks at her stop watch and says, "You bet, girl. You had fifteen seconds to spare." The other contestants cheer, except for Uriah. Leshawna says, "Next up is Naomi. Will you do it, girl?"

Naomi says, "Why wouldn't I?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Oh, I dunno. You might think plummeting to your death is a bad thing?"

Naomi says, "Pcht. Like I have anything to live for." Naomi looks at Micky D., he looks at her wide eyed. Naomi says, "I don't want to do it."

Priscilla says, "What? Are you nuts?" Naomi ignores Priscilla.

Leshawna says, "It's her choice. Next is Micky D. Will you be..."

"Nah," Micky D. says. Everyone glares at Micky D. He walks over and stands next to Naomi. Ophelia smiles.

Leshawna says, "Okay, next I'll ask 'iRene'." Leshawna looks at "iRene", and says, "Moving on. Tsuyoshi, will you be doing the challenge?"

Tsuyoshi nods. Leshawna shouts, "Go!" Tsuyoshi begins running across the bridge. He suddenly stops.

Melinda says, "What's wrong?"

Tsuyoshi says, "My costume. It's stuck." Tsuyoshi tugs at the leg of the costume and gets it free from the two planks of wood.

Leshawna says, "Well, times up. Tsuyoshi fails."

As Tsuyoshi returns, Priscilla says, "Very understated. Good performance." Tsuyoshi gives a nervous smile.

Leshawna says, "Next up is Ophelia. Will you do the challenge, girl?" Ophelia hesitates.

Ophelia says in confessional, "I don't love heights, but I didn't want to let the others down."

"I'll do it," Ophelia says.

Leshawna shouts "Go!" after Ophelia gets ready. She begins running. She looks down about halfway across the bridge and instantly freezes. She holds onto one of the ropes on the side.

Priscilla shouts, "What's wrong with you? Keep going."

Ophelia screams, "I'm scared!" She starts crying. She nervously says, "I'm going to fall."

The others look concerned. "iRene" says, "That's the first time I've ever heard her raise her voice."

Leshawna says, "It's okay, honey, don't worry about the challenge. The times up, anyway. Just slowly make your way back to start." Ophelia sighs and begins walking slowly toward Leshawna. Leshawna holds her hand out to Ophelia. When Ophelia gets close enough, she takes hold of Leshawna's hand, and Leshawna helps her back onto solid ground.

Priscilla hesitates and says, "I'm sorry..."

Ophelia says, "I should be the one who's sorry. I let you guys down."

Uriah puts a hand on her shoulder and Micky D. says, "No sweat, yo. Don't worry about it, know what I'm sayin'?"

Ophelia nods and says, "Thanks, guys."

Leshawna says, "Next up is Uriah." Uriah nods. Uriah gets in position to run. Leshawna shouts, "Go!" Uriah stands still. A collective slap of foreheads is heard. Uriah looks back. Leshawna says, "Time's up. That was pretty bad, boy. Next up is Priscilla. Will you do the challenge?"

Priscilla says, "Of course."

Leshawna shouts, "Go!" after Priscilla gets into the starting position.

Priscilla runs across the bridge. She pushes the button and shouts, "Time!"

Leshawna says, "Ten seconds, good job, girl." Priscilla walks across the bridge, confidently. Leshawna says, "Last up is Yi Min. Will you do the challenge?"

Yi Min says, "Why wouldn't I?"

Ophelia says, "Yi Min, think about what you're wearing." Yi Min looks down.

"So what?" He says.

Micky D. says, "Yo, dawg bro, you can barely walk in that thing. You'd never make it in time, ya know? You might even fall off the bridge, know what I'm sayin'?"

Yi Min pauses and says, "Yeah... You guys are right. I don't think I should do it."

Leshawna says, "Okay, then. That means seven of you didn't finish the task and two of you did." Leshawna counts on her fingers. "That means a total of eight thousand dollars in the pot, and ten thousand dollars for the vole." The teens gasp.

Micky D. says, with a dramatic gesture, "That vole is cleaning up, ya'll!"

Yi Min says, "But eight thousand is still a lot."

Ophelia says, "But we have to split it up amongst ourselves."

Yi Min says, "Oh, yeah."

Leshawna says, "One more challenge. If anyone would like to take the complete total of money, just tell me. That's eighteen thousand dollars on the spot."

Naomi says, "The catch?"

Leshawna says, "Am I that obvious?" The teens all nod. Leshawna says, "Take the money, and there will be no elimination."

Tsuyoshi says, "And?"

Leshawna continues, "You leave the competition."

Melinda says, "Like, the competition, competition?"

Leshawna nods. "Just nod if you want to leave right now and get a guaranteed eighteen thousand."

Priscilla says, "And forfeit five million dollars? Do any of us seem stupid enough to..." Priscilla looks at Yi Min. "Hey, Yi Min, take the money. It's way better than nothing."

Yi Min pauses for a second, Yi Min opens his mouth and...

Laughs hysterically. He says, "Like I would ever do that. You gotta be kidding me." He continues laughing.

Leshawna says, "I see we have no takers. Alright, it's time for the test."

Yi Min says, "Whoops..."

Leshawna reaches into the large suitcase and pulls out a small laptop for each contestant. She says, "Each of these computers has the test on it. 'iRene' will be sent a copy of the test via e-mail. I'll let you all change out of your costumes before you take the test. Each test will be multiple choice." Yi Min's eyes light up.

Yi Min says in confessional, "Now a multiple choice test I can fake. I might not get any answers right, but I can at least take the test."

Leshawna continues, "There will be five questions. When you select an answer, the test will change to the next question, automatically. So think about your answer carefully. In case of a tie, the contestant involved in the tie that finished the test in the slowest amount of time will be eliminated. The first question is, 'What costume did the vole wear?' One of the options being that they didn't wear one. The second, 'Did the vole successfully cross the bridge?' The third question is, "Did the vole even attempt to cross the bridge?" The fourth is, 'Is the vole male or female?' Finally, 'Who is the vole?' Everyone got it?" The teens nod and make there ways onto their RVs to change into their regular clothes. Yi Min falls up the stairs.

The teens each come out and Leshawna hands a computer to each contestant. They are each instructed to take the test in a separate area. The teens are shown in a montage taking the test. Yi Min flies through the test with a smile on his face.

The teens meet back with Leshawna and she is standing by a set of chairs. The teens sit down in the chairs, Yi Min pushes "iRene" next to the other chairs. Leshawna directs attention to a TV screen that has been set up outside. She points to it and says, "I'll type in everyone's name onto my computer, one by one. The screen will light up green if you are safe. It will light up red if you're the one eliminated." Leshawna types in 'Naomi.' She looks nervous. The screen lights up...

Green. Leshawna says, "You're safe, Naomi. Congratulations." Micky D. puts his hand on Naomi's knee. Leshawna types in 'Micky D.' The screen lights up...

Green. Leshawna says, "You're safe. Good job!" Naomi leans over to Micky D. and kisses him. His face lights up...

Red. Priscilla looks livid. Leshawna says, "Let's type up Priscilla's name, next." Leshawna types in Priscilla's name. The screen lights up...

Green. Leshawna says, "You're safe. Next up... Ophelia." Leshawna types in the girl's name. Ophelia lets out a nervous sigh. The screen lights up...

Green. Leshawna says, "Good job, girl. You're safe. We'll put in Yi Min's name, next." Yi Min starts to sweat. The screen lights up...

Green. Priscilla shouts out, "What?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Isn't it obvious? He's safe because he was the vole."

Yi Min says, "No, I wasn't."

Tsuyoshi says, "You weren't? You're kidding, right?"

Yi Min shakes his head and says, "It wasn't me."

Tsuyoshi says, "But I figured you chose to wear the mermaid costume, because you thought it would make the later challenges harder for you."

Yi Min says, "Right... But that was just to throw people off."

Leshawna says, "And it did. He had the most people guess him as the spy." Yi Min smiles. Leshawna says, "Now, let's keep this thing moving with Melinda." Leshawna types in the name. The screen lights up...

Red. Melinda gasps. Leshawna says, "I'm sorry, hon. You tied with one of the others for the lowest score, but you took longer to fill out the test. You'll be leaving us, today."

Melinda sighs and says, "Okay."

Priscilla runs to Melinda and hugs her. Priscilla says, "Thanks for always being loyal." Priscilla shoots a glance at Naomi. "I'm sorry you're leaving this way."

Melinda says, "It had to be someone, right?" Melinda gets hugs from Naomi and Tsuyoshi. Melinda turns to Leshawna and asks, "Who did I tie with?"

Leshawna says, "Tsuyoshi. And the vole was Ophelia." The teens gasp and look at her.

Yi Min cries into his hands and says, "It's like I don't even know who you are, anymore."

Ophelia blushes and says, "Sorry, guys. It was my role for the challenge."

Leshawna says, "And you did good, girl. You helped prevent three thousand dollars from going into the pot directly, and you did some mighty fine acting, if I should say so myself. You'll get your ten thousand dollars after the contest, and you still have a shot at the five million."

Melinda goes to pack her things and steps out of the RV, a little while later. She waves goodbye and enters the taxi with Leshawna.

Leshawna says, "So, Melinda? Did you have a good time?"

Melinda answers, "Up until this moment, sure."

Leshawna asks, "What was the best part?"

Melinda says, "The others. I made some pretty good friends here, and not a single enemy."

Leshawna says, "And I think you lost your creepy."

Melinda laughs and says, "That's always good, right?"

Leshawna says to the camera, "Well, that's it for today's Total Drama Reality. Tune in next time. I know I'm excited for it."

Chapter 14 - A Vapid, Self Absorbed Celebrity is My New BestieEdit

Leshawna says, "Hey y'all! Your girl, Leshawna, here. Last time, we had this spy themed challenge. I looked great in my black trenchcoat. The contestants had to take part of these challenges while one of them was rewarded for keeping people for doing them. Everyone was offered eighteen thousand dollars to quit the show, but nobody took it. In the end, Melinda was eliminated for not guessing the identity of the spy. There's a lot of fun in store for today. Stay tuned to see what happens."

Ophelia says in confessional, "It was kind of fun being a spy in the last challenge. Plus, I got ten thousand dollars for it. Well... This whole show was never really about the money, for me. I wanted to... gain relationships. I suppose I'm sort of sorry that I had to be the spy. I'm not really sure why."

The scene shows Priscilla with Ophelia in a head lock. Priscilla says adamantly, "And if you ever lie to me, again, you'll know what real pain feels like." Priscilla lets go and heads into her RV.

Everyone heads into their Winnebago except for Naomi and Micky D., who are holding hands. Micky D. says, "I don't wanna say goodbye, yet, babe."

Naomi smiles and says, "I'll see you in the morning." The two kiss and part ways.

Naomi says in confessional, "Micky D. is so not my type that he's my type. I can't believe I found someone on this show. I feel... happy, again."

Naomi walks out of confessional and into the girl's bedroom. She hugs a pajama clad Ophelia.

Ophelia says in confessional, "I didn't need an explanation. I'm so happy for them."

Micky D. walks into his RV with a smile on his face. Tsuyoshi smiles.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, wearing his bunny costume from the previous challenge, "Micky D. and Naomi... I never thought the two of them would fall for each other, but it's so sweet." Tsuyoshi akwardly stares at the camera. He says, "I like my new bunny suit." Tsuyoshi looks ashamed. "When I wear it I feel cute." Tsuyoshi gets up and walks out of confessional.

The contestants go to sleep for the night. In the morning, Leshawna yells, "It's challenge time!"

The contestants rush out of their RVs without changing. Ophelia pushes "iRene" out of their Winnebago.

Leshawna and the other girls stare at Tsuyoshi, still in his bunny costume. His face turns red. Yi Min puts his arm around Tsuyoshi and starts, "This bunny suit makes my friend happy, and..."

Tsuyoshi begins, "You don't really have to..."

Yi Min continues, "If he wants to wear it, he has my full support." Some of the others politely clap after Yi Min's speech.

Micky D. says in confessional, "I'm all for the Tsu-ster's bunny suit, for reals. No one even noticed my duckie footie pajamas, yo."

Leshawna says, "Your next challenge features a special guest celebrity." The teens raise their eyebrows. A blonde girl steps out of Leshawna's limo holding a pink purse with a chihuahaha uncontrollably shaking in it. Leshawna says, "I'd like to introduce you to internationally known celebutante, Karina Hamilton!" The contestants applaud, while Uriah signs applause.

Karina aloofly says, "Hey."

Uriah signs. Ophelia translates, "I'm your biggest fan."

Karina looks at Uriah says, "Aww! He's deaf. That is so uber cute." Uriah smiles.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "Um... Is that something acceptable to say?"

Karina next turns her attention to Tsuyoshi. She says, "Oh my gosh! I love your style."

Tsuyoshi says, "Thanks?"

Leshawna says, "Karina has graciously taken time out of her busy schedule to be part of our challenge, today. Your challenge will be to..."

Karina interrupts, "I want to explain it."

Leshawna says, nervously, "Of course."

Karina speaks slowly, "Sooo, your challenge is to liiike... Make me happy, or whatever. Then, I'll pick one of you to be my bestie, and one of you will so be my worstie."

Yi Min turns to "iRene" and says, "What is this language she speaks?"

Karina says, "I'll take each of you on some outing type thiiing, then I'll, like, talk to you, or something. Then we'll be BFF's, if I feel like it."

Leshawna says dryly, "Well done. I'll leave the rest of the hosting to Karina." Some of the contestants look at Leshawna with a pleading look of terror that seemed to say, "Please don't leave us with her."

Karina says to Leshawna, "Hey, can you be a dear and get me a latte?"

Leshawna looks peeved. She sweetly says, "Sure, hon." Leshawna shouts, "Phil! Get this spoiled brat a latte." Karina glares at Leshawna. Leshawna says, "I totally wasn't talking about you."

Karina says, "Oh, of course not." Karina air kisses Leshawna as she leaves. Karina turns to the contestants in a quick motion. She says, "Okay, so, like, first I'd like to get to know..." Karina surveys the contestants and says, "I pick you, sweetie." Pointing at Uriah. He leaps in glee. Karina looks at him and says, "I'll let you put your clothes on, first."

Uriah looks down and signs. The caption reads, "Why?" Uriah pauses and looks at Ophelia.

Uriah signs, again. Ophelia translates, "Uriah wants me to come with the two of you to translate." Ophelia turns to Karina and says, "Is that okay?"

Karina says, "Of course, sweetie." Karina claps and says, "You are dimissed. Uriah and translator girl, meet me in five." The teens leave the area to change clothes in their RVs.

Uriah and Ophelia emerge after a few minutes. Uriah had cut off the sleeves of one of his shirts. Ophelia looks at him blankly. Karina greets the two with air kisses. Karina holds up her purse and says, "Shake Mr. Widdles hand." The dog uncontrollably shakes at them.

Ophelia says in confessional, "Do dogs have hands?"

Ophelia and Uriah shake the dog by the paw. Ophelia says, "He's so cute."

Karina scoffs and says, "Mr. Widdles is a girl."

Ophelia pauses and says, "Oh, of course. She's... so cute."

The three get into Karina's white limo. Karina says, "So, liike, tell me about yourselves."

Uriah signs. Ophelia translates, "I like hanging out with my friends and looking good."

Karina says, "Were you deaf all your life?"

Uriah looks surprised at the question. He signs. Ophelia translates, "No."

Karina says, "Tell me how it happened. I so want to know."

Uriah does nothing. Ophelia looks at him, and signs. The caption reads, "You don't have to answer her."

Uriah signs. The caption read, "I guess I don't. I'm not trying to hide anything. It's just difficult for me to think about it."

Karina says, "Are you going to tell me, or not? You're losing major bestie points by making me wait."

Uriah hesitates. He signs. Ophelia translates, "When I was a born I had a defect. I was deaf in my left ear. When I was fifteen I found out about a new experimental surgery that had a five percent chance of restoring the hearing in my bad ear. I begged my parents to let me have the surgery, even though they thought it might not turn out. They saw how much it meant to me. It was so important to me that I be one of the first ones to receive the surgery, that I had my parents take money from my college fund to pay for it. On the day of the surgery..." Ophelia stops signing. Uriah is crying. Ophelia starts crying, as well.

Uriah wipes his eyes and continues signing. The caption reads, "He operated on the wrong ear and severely punctured my ear drum. The surgeon was an alcoholic. He'd been drinking before the surgery, like it meant nothing." Uriah stops signing. He puts his face on Ophelia's shoulder, as both keep crying.

Karina says, "I'm bored, now." She turns to Ophelia and says, "What was you name, again?"

Ophelia says in disbelief, "Ophelia."

Karina says, "I don't like that name. I'm going to call you Chrissy. So, Chrissy, tell me about yourself?"

Ophelia stares at Karina. She says, "I like making people happy, I guess."

Karina says, "Oh, yay! There's this boy I had my eye on. I was thinking you could help me out with him."

Ophelia pauses. She asks, "Someone here?"

Karina says, "Yeah! He's tall, Asian, and looks hot in a bunny suit." Ophelia laughs. Karina asks, "Like, what's so funny?"

Ophelia says, "He's not interested. Trust me."

Karina says, "How do you mean, like?"

Ophelia says, "He's gay."

Karina's eyes widen. She says, "He is?" Ophelia nods. Karina asks, "What's his name?"

Ophelia says, "Tsuyoshi."

Ophelia says in confessional, "I momentarily thought about setting her up with Tsuyoshi, but I could never be so cruel to him."

Karina's limo stops back by the RVs. Ophelia and Uriah step out. Tsuyoshi exits his RV in his normal clothes to see what is going on. Ophelia says to him, "Oh, good. Karina wants you to go with her next."

Tsuyoshi says, "Okay. Thanks for letting me know." Tsuyoshi walks toward the limo, and Karina pulls him in by the scarf.

Karina says, "Hey, Tsu-ie! Can I call you that?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I don't really..."

Karina says, "Care? OMG! We're like psychic twins or something, Tsu-ie. So Ophelia told me you were gay."

Tsuyoshi looks disappointed. He asks "She did?"

Karina says, "How come all the cute guys are gay?"

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "Thank you, Ophelia. I really mean it."

Karina says, "I'm so excited. I always wanted a gay best friend!" Tsuyoshi looks at Karina with a surprised expression. She says, "You can paint my nails, braid my hair, and give me fashion advice. Yay!"

Tsuyoshi says, "No. I don't do that sort of stuff."

Karina pouts. She says, "Aw! I always hoped my first gay best friend would be gayer."

Tsuyoshi freezes. He says, "Driver, turn this vehicle around. I'm done."

Karina says, "Aw! You're no fun."

The limo makes it back to where the RVs are parked. Tsuyoshi angrily walks out of the limo, and back onto his RV. Ophelia leaves her RV and walks onto the guys' RV. Tsuyoshi had changed back into his bunny suit, and is sitting in the corner with his arms around his knees. Ophelia says, "Tsuyoshi, I'm so sorry. Was she horrible?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Yes, but I don't blame you." Tsuyoshi pauses before saying, "I hate stereotypes."

"iRene" is seen in the limo with Karina. Karina awkwardly stares at her and says nothing the entire time.

The scene now shows Yi Min in the limo with Karina. Karina says, "So, what do you like to do?"

Yi Min says, "Working out, bench pressing, weightlifting, squat thrusts..."

Karina says, "You're boring. Let's talk about me now. I like shopping, buying things, spending my parents money..."

The scene now shows Karina in the limo with Naomi. Karina looks at Naomi and says, "Ooh, girl! I know that look. You're in love!"

Naomi blushes. She says, "Yeah. I am."

Karina smiles and says, "Who with? Someone here?"

Naomi nods and says, "I don't think you met him, yet. His name is Micky D. He makes me laugh, and he's so sweet to everyone."

Karina says, "That's so cute! I can't wait to meet him. He sounds like a dream guy."

Naomi smiles sweetly and says, "He is."

The scene now changes to Karina in the limo with Micky D. She looks at him for a few minutes with a confused expression. She says, "So you're Micky D."

Micky D. says, "You got it right, home slice. It's a honor to meet a big time star, like yous."

Karina makes an odd expression and says, "Thanks. So I understand that you and Naomi are an item?"

Micky D.'s expression changes. He smiles sweetly. He says, "She's my entire world, yo. It's like... I've only known her for a few days, but we just fit. I feel like I've known her for years, and we were meant to meet each other. She's so amazing, yo."

Karina smiles and says, "She said a lot of the same stuff about you."

Micky D. says, "For reals?" Karina nods. Micky D. excitedly gestures as he says, "That's so coolio! I hoped she felt the same way I do, know what I'm sayin'?" Karina smiles.

The limo comes back to where the other RVs are parked. Micky D. steps out of the taxi and puts his arm around Naomi, who had been waiting for him.

Priscilla steps into the limo and says, "I'm the last one."

Karina says, "I'm Karina, but everyone knows who I am. What's your name?"

Priscilla says, "Priscilla."

Karina looks on at Naomi and Micky D. She says, "They are, like, sooo sweet."

Priscilla turns to look out the other window and says, "Yeah, I guess."

Karina turns to Priscilla and says, "What's wrong?"

Priscilla sighs and says, "He's so wrong for her."

Karina says, "Really? What do you mean?"

Priscilla says, "He's a jerk. He doesn't really like her. He's just using her to get further in the competition."

"Huh," Karina says. "I didn't get that from him, at all. I think he's really mad about her. I can tell."

Priscilla pauses for a second and says, "Naomi used to be my best friend, here." Karina looks at Priscilla with interest. Priscilla continues, "I feel so betrayed."

Karina says, "Oh, sweetie. Don't feel bad about it. I'm sure she didn't mean to hurt you." Karina looks sympathetically at Priscilla.

Priscilla looks at Karina. She says, "Naomi told me something. I promised not to tell." Karina looks curious. "She told me that she wanted to use one of the guys in order to make it to the finals."

Karina's eyes widen. She says, "Really?" Priscilla nods.

"Her plan was to have him to offer to be eliminated in place of her if it ever happened," Priscilla adds.

Karina says, "Oh my gosh, that is so cold." Karina looks up and sees that they arrived back at the Winnebagos. "We're here. Thanks so much for letting me know all this." Priscilla smirks.

Priscilla and Karina exit the limo together. The others gather outside. Karina announces, "I'm ready to make my decision. First, I'm sure all of you loved me as much as I know you did. Second, one of you left a worse impression than the rest of you and is my worstie, and you're so going home. First, let me say who is safe. Um... Ur... The deaf one."

Ophelia shouts, "His name is Uriah!" Everyone looks at her. She blushes.

Karina continues, "Thanks, Chrissy! You're safe, too." Karina says, "The next safe person is... Micky D. You are the sweetest guy, ever!" Naomi puts her hand on his arm and he blushes. Karina continues, "Yi Min, you're boring, but you're kind of hot. You're safe, too." Karina now says, "Tsu-ie, you're safe, too." Tsuyoshi rolls his eyes. Karina stares at "iRene" and says, "You're safe, too, but don't look at me." Karina dramatically says, "Now... Priscilla and Naomi. One of you is my bestie. One of you will be eliminated. Priscilla, I hope you were being honest with me. Honesty is very important, but I think maybe... You were jealous of Naomi, and made everything up."

"What's she talking about, yo?" Micky D. asks.

Karina says, "Uh-uh! No interrupties. Naomi, you seem like a super sweet girl. But I don't know if it's an act or not. I need a friend who I can trust to be loyal. The one of you who is staying in the competition, and is so my new best friend, is..."

"Priscilla! Yay!" Karina finishes.

Micky D. runs up to Naomi and puts his arms around her. He says, "No way, yo. Naomi is not faking. She's the most real girl I know, see."

Karina points to Priscilla and says, "That's not what she told me. I need a friend who stands up for me, and who's willing to tell me the ugly truth."

Micky D. says, "She was lying, whatever she said."

Karina says, "Well, I believe her."

Micky D. says, "Fine. If you want to eliminate Naomi, I'll take her place, yo."

Karina says, "Aw! That is, like, so sad. That's exactly what Priscilla said Naomi wanted to happen."

Micky D. pauses and looks at Naomi. Naomi looks like she's about to cry. Micky D. says, "I know Naomi would never use me like that. I want to go instead. I'm not playin'."

Naomi says, "Stop! Micky, you should stay here. I don't know why Priscilla said those things, but you should stay here instead of me. I don't want you to lose out on the money."


Micky D. says, "The money isn't important, yo." Naomi hugs him.

Naomi looks up and sees the taxi arrive. She heads toward it. Micky D. grasps her hand, but Naomi continues walking toward the taxi, and gets in.

Karina says, "Well... Byesies!" Karina walks to her limo and gets in with Mr. Widdles. She looks out the window and sees Micky D. crying. She sadly looks away.

Leshawna says to Naomi as she gets into the taxi, "Hey, girl." Naomi sadly looks at Leshawna. "What's wrong?" Leshawna asks.

Naomi says, "I'm going to miss him."

"I'm sorry, girl," Leshawna says, "But you'll see him, again."

Naomi says, "Yeah, I guess." Naomi smiles.

Leshawna says, "Now, what?"

Naomi says, "Even though, I won't see him for a little while, just thinking about Micky D. makes me happy."

Leshawna smiles and says, "I'm happy for the both of you." Leshawna turns to the camera and says, "Thanks for watching. Be sure to tune in to the next installment of Total Drama Reality."

Chapter 15 - Canada's Next Big Super Model... But Probably NotEdit

Chris Mclean says, "Hey everyone, it's me, again. I'm positive I was missed by all. So according to Leshawna, this celebrity girl showed up saying that I'd asked her to appear on the show. I'm tellin' ya, I swore off the sadistic challenge ideas, so it wasn't my idea. Apparently she hurt some of the contestants feelings. She chose to eliminate Naomi for thinking she was just using Micky D. She also chose Priscilla as her new best buddy, for whatever reason. What's in store for the contestants on this episode of Total... Drama... Reality? I'm not telling, but I hope the title doesn't give anything away..."

A peeved looking Micky D. says in confessional, "So Priscilla took down my sweetie, yo. She's going to be regrettin' that, know what I'm sayin'?"

Micky D. says to his fellow male contestants, who are gathered together in their RV's bedroom, "We need to take down Priscilla, fo' shizzly."

Yi Min says, "We do?"

Micky D. nods and says, "Why? You gots a problem with that?"

Yi Min say, "Um... Not really."

Micky D. turns to Uriah and Tsuyoshi and says, "How about yous?" Uriah shrugs.

Tsuyoshi says, "I don't know." Micky D glares at Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi explains, "I've had an alliance with her since pretty early on. I'd kind of feel wrong about voting for her at this stage." Tsuyoshi waits for Micky D.'s reaction.

Micky D. says, "Yo, it ain't no thing. I'll figure out some othah way to get rid of her, yo."

The scene changes to the girls' Winnebago.

Priscilla says to "iRene" and Ophelia, "I can't believe the guys have outnumbered us." Ophelia doesn't look at Priscilla. Priscilla says, "I think the three of us have to vote together. An alliance of the three..." Priscilla pauses to look at the other two girls, "strongest women in the entire game."

"iRene" says, "Yeah, whatever. Girl power. Woo."

Priscilla looks at Ophelia and says, "Well?"

Ophelia says, "Here's what I think. It's your fault the guys are outnumbering us, anyway. I could never align myself with someone so cruel. How could you lie to break up two people who are head over heels for each other?"

Priscilla says, "That's none of your business."

Ophelia sighs and says, "I thought I figured you out. I thought you were a nice person beneath your tough exterior, but I was wrong."

Priscilla says, "I guess you were."

The scene changes to morning.

Chris shouts through a megaphone, "Time to get up!"

The contestants soon meet up with Chris outside. Yi Min says excitedly, "Chris, you're back!" Yi Min hugs Chris tightly.

Chris says, "I'm glad to see you, too, dude." Chris pauses. "You can let go of me, now."

Yi Min says, "Sorry."

Chris says, "Let me tell you about your next challenge. You're about to enter the fabulous world of modeling." The contestants blankly stare at Chris. He says, "I can feel the excitement building. We're going to put you through two modeling challenges, a panel of leading fashion icons will judge you, and we'll decide which one of you will go home."

Tsuyoshi raises an eyebrow and says, "Did you say we? So you're suggesting that you're a leading fashion icon?"

Chris says, "Is there a problem with that?"

Tsuyoshi says, "No problem."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I'd just hate to see what the rest of the judges look like..."

"The first part of the challenge is to see which one of you has the best model walk," Chris says. "Following that we'll have a photo shoot. And then..." Chris' voice turns serious, "The judging."

Micky D. calls out, "Guy huddle!" The guys huddle together. Micky D. says, "Okay, how are we going to take out Priscilla without a vote, yo?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm not saying it."

Micky D. says, "No holding out on us, bro."

Tsuyoshi says, "Sorry, Micky. I'm not going to betray Priscilla, now."

Micky D. says, "Fine, whateva, bro. Stick with your morals, or whatev. You probably don't even have any good ideas, anyways."

"If distracting her from focusing isn't a good..." Tsuyoshi pauses.

Micky D. smiles and says, "Thanks, man dawg." Tsuyoshi slaps himself on the forehead. Micky D. points to Yi Min and says, "Bro, you're in charge of distracting her."

Yi Min looks surprised. "Me? Why, me?"

Micky D. shakes his head and says, "Yi man, you're the only choice, know what I'm sayin'?" Yi Min shakes his head. Micky D. continues, "It can't be me or Tsu Dawg for obvious reasons." Tsuyoshi waves. "And Uriah... Well, it might be hard for him, yo." Uriah smiles and nods rapidly. "So you're the only option left."

"What about me?" A voice says. The boys turn their heads and see Chris Mclean in the huddle. "What?" He asks. "I never can turn down a call for a guy huddle."

Micky D. stares at Chris for a second. He turns to Yi Min and says, "So you'll do it, dawg?"

"I..." Yi Min pauses. Micky D. looks at him with puppy dog eyes. Yi Min says, "I'll do it for you. But... I don't think I'm very good at flaunting my manly charms."

Micky D. says, "Don't worry, bro. You're in the presence of a pro."

"Why thank you," Chris says. "The first thing you gotta do is..."

Micky D. interrupts, "McDawg... I was talking about me." Chris, Tsuyoshi, and Yi Min laugh. Micky D. says, "I'll let that mean-spirited laughter slide this time, yo. First, you gotta do a lot of winking and smiling. Girls dig that, yo."

"They do?" Yi Min asks.

Micky D. nods and says, "Next, you gotta show off your manly physique. Now, you ain't as ripped as me," Chris and Tsuyoshi laugh. Micky D. continues, "But you got some muscle on ya. Girls dig that, too. Then the final step is for you to kiss her."

The other guys' eyes widen. Yi Min says, "Kiss her?" Micky D. nods.

Chris says, "You know... I hate to interrupt this wonderful conversation, but our runway expert is here." The huddle disbands. Chris says to the now sleeping female contestants, "You can wake up, now. It's time for our first part of a challenge." The girls wake up. Chris says, "I'd like to introduce you to our runway coach extraordinaire... Chef."

Chef steps out of a limo in a black dress and high heels. The contestants, except for Uriah, laugh. Chef says, "I hate my life."

Chris says, "Chef will give you an example of how to walk down the runway. Then you will each do your best model walk. Chef will choose a winner, and they will get a special advantage or two in the second part of the challenge."

Chef says, "Okay, maggots. I'll show you how to walk like a real model. Pay attention if you wanna win." Chef begins walking in front of the contestants. Halfway down the runway he scratches his behind. When he reaches the end of the runway he spits to the side. Then walks back with a harsh expression. He then addresses the contestants, again, "You got that? Now it's you people's turn."

Uriah walks nothing like Chef and more like an actual male model.

Uriah signs in confessional. The caption reads, "I always wanted to be a model. This might be my big chance."

Chef laughs and says, "That was pathetic." Uriah frowns.

Ophelia timidly walks in front of the other contestants and Chef. Chef says, "That was good... For a mouse." Ophelia shyly gets back in line.

Micky D. confidently strides in front of Chef and the others. At the end of his walk he crosses his arms and makes rock on signs with his hands. Chef laughs and says, "I laugh at jokes. Next!"

Yi Min walks in front of Chef and the others pushing "iRene". He looks at Priscilla, winks, and smiles. Priscilla raises one of her eyebrows. Micky D. gives him a thumbs up. Chef says, "Not bad, either of you. I could have used a little less smiling from the big man, though." Yi Min blushes.

Priscilla walks next. She has a mean scowl on her face. Chef says, "Not bad. Not bad at all."

Tsuyoshi is the last one to walk in front of the others. He walks with his hands in his pockets. After he's done, Chef says, "Hands out of your pockets, boy. How disrespectful." Chef walks in front of the contestants, staring them down. He says, "I think it's pretty obvious who wins this challenge." Micky D. smiles. Chef announces, "Priscilla. Good job." Micky D. frowns.

Chris walks back to the group and says, "Congratulations, Priscilla. You get two advantages for the upcoming photo shoot. One, you get the most frames, thirty in total. You get to choose how many everyone else gets. The less they get, the more likely they are to be eliminated." Priscilla smiles. Chris continues, "The other amount of frames are twenty-five, twenty, fifteen, ten, five, and one. Tell me the order of who you want to get the frames from most to least."

Priscilla says, "'iRene', Tsuyoshi, Ophelia, Uriah, Yi Min, and Micky D." Priscilla smiles at Micky D. wickedly. She asks Chris, "What's the other advantage?"

Chris says, "You get to watch the rest of the photo shoots and then you'll be going last. It might help you, or you might end up overthinking everything." Priscilla nods. Chris says, "We'll go in order of how many frames each contestant received starting with the lowest. That's you Micky D."

Uriah signs. Ophelia translates, "What will the theme of the photo shoot be? There has to be a theme."

Chris nods and says, "There is. Picture it." He puts his hands up like a frame and says, "The theme of the photo shoot is Total Drama: Boney Island."

"iRene" says, "Pardon?"

Chris further explains, "You'll each be dressed as a different contestant from Total Drama: Boney Island, and you'll pose for your photo in a tropical setting." Chris puts his fingers in quotation marks when saying 'tropical setting'. Chef walks by and pourss a bag of kitty litter on the ground, places a sun umbrella by it, and walks away. Chris says, "You guys should make your way to the hair and costume department." He points to an outhouse with a piece of paper taped to it that says 'Hair and Costume Department'.

Micky D. walks into the outhouse and comes out dressed as Zane. His hair is combed to resemble Zane's hairstyle. Yi Min says, "Awesome, man! You look just like that Blair chick."

Micky D. says, "I'm supposed to be Zane, yo, not Blair."

Micky D. says in confessional, "I actually kinda like the outfit, for reals. The vest and T-shirt are a little tight, but I always love me some baggy pants, yo."

Everyone but Priscilla make their way to the hair and costume department.

Chris says, "Let me introduce you to your for photographer, Gilles Ben Someone."

A short, gray haired man says, "Bonjourno."

Chris explains, "Gilles, you'll be photographing this young man here. His name is..."

Gilles says, "Unimportant."

Chris says, "Right." He points to Priscilla and says, "This is Priscilla. She won the runway walk challenge and will be allowed to watch each contestant's photo shoot."

Gilles says, "Priscilla, my darling... Don't get in my way." Gilles pulls a camera out of his bag and says, "Let us begin."

Micky D. gets in position. He confidently says, "I only get one shot, but I rock out loud at gettin' my picture did, know what I'm sayin?" He stands in the makeshift sand, crosses his arms, and puts his hands in rock on symbols. His pants fall to his ankles and his expression changes from smug to shocked. Gilles snaps the photo. Priscilla and Chris break out in laughter. Micky D. pulls his pants up and runs from the set, stumbling all the way.

Gilles says, "Bring out the next amateur."

Chris walks over to retrieve Yi Min, who is dressed as Tommy. Micky D. says as Yi Min parts, "Don't forget our plan." Yi Min nods.

Yi Min stands by the umbrella. He says, "Before we begin... What's my motivation, again?"

Chris says, "Act like Tommy."

Yi Min says, "Who?"

Chris says, "Act nerdy." Yi Min nods. He then remembers Micky D.'s advice after noticing Priscilla. Yi Min rips his shirt open, sending buttons everywhere. "Ow, my eye!" Chris shouts.

Yi Min smiles and winks at Priscilla while Gilles takes five pictures. Gilles says, "Beautiful! Work it!" while taking the pictures. Priscilla stares at Yi Min with her eyes wide. Gilles says, "We are done here. Fantastique!"

Yi Min says, "Bless you," and walks away.

Micky D. says, "How'd it go Yi Dawg?"

Yi Min assures, "Well, I flaunted my muscles, but I'm not sure she liked it."

Micky D. says, "Trust me, the girlies love the muscles. Don't forget step three, yo."

Yi Min says, "Right... What was it, again?"

Micky D. reminds him, "Make with the kissing, bro."

Yi Min says, "Yeah... Right." Micky D. leaves the area.

Chris walks up to Uriah and Ophelia and says to Uriah, "Stevie, huh?"

Uriah nods and signs. Ophelia translates, "Why did I get the least fashionable person?" Uriah rubs his drawn on beard.

Chris shrugs. He then squints at Uriah. He says, "You know... There's something missing." He looks like he has an idea and walks away and pulls some plants out of the ground. He then places it under the top of Uriah's tank top. "Perfect," Chris says. He pushes Uriah off in the direction of the photographer.

Ophelia asks, "Can I go with him?"

Chris says, "Sorry. Against the rules and all that." Chris follows Uriah to where the photos are being taken.

Uriah signs in confessional. The caption reads, "I think I did a good job. Those leaves were really itchy..." Uriah stops signing in order to scratch his chest.

Ophelia walks up to the photographer after Uriah finishes his photo shoot. She is dressed like Katrina. Gilles says, "What is this? I do not shoot plus sized girls." Ophelia turns around. Chris runs over to her and stops her from walking away.

The scene changes to Yi Min sitting next to "iRene". She asks, "What's wrong?"

He says, "Nothing."

"iRene" says, "I know you good enough to know when something's wrong. You can tell me, Yi Min."

Yi Min says, "Promise me not to make fun of me." "iRene" nods. Yi Min says, "There's this girl and... It's complicated."

"iRene" says, "Let me guess. You wanna kiss her."

Yi Min's eyes widen. He says, "Y... Yeah. I don't want to embarass myself, but I never kissed someone before."

"iRene" says, "Then I guess I'll have to teach you." Yi Min looks surprised. He shrugs and leans in to kiss her monitor. "iRene" shouts, "What are you doing? I didn't mean like that!" Yi Min stops making out with "iRene"'s monitor.

Yi Min says, "Then what did you mean?"

"iRene" says, "I'll look up the latest episode of 'Slander Girl'. You can learn from that."

Yi Min says, "Thanks, Irene. You're the best TV sidekick a guy can have."

"iRene" smiles and says, "What are TV sidekicks for?"

Ophelia comes back from her photo shoot. She knocks on the door of the hair and costume department. Tsuyoshi says from inside, "What is it?"

Ophelia says, "It's your turn."

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm not coming out there."

Ophelia says, "What's wrong?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I look like an idiot."

"It can't be all that bad," Ophelia says. Tsuyoshi opens the door, and Ophelia imediately bursts out laughing. Tsuyoshi slams the door shut. Ophelia says, "I'm sorry. I couldn't control myself. You didn't look that bad."

Tsuyoshi says, "Don't lie to make me feel better."

Ophelia says, "Fine. I'll tell you how it is. If you don't come out here, right now, you'll lose the challenge. The judges will send you home, for sure."

Tsuyoshi opens the door, dressed like Kendall, and says "Bring it on."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "Nothing against Kendall or anything, but... his style isn't me."

Tsuyoshi, looking miserable, stands in front of Gilles as he takes the pictures. Priscilla and Chris laugh at him in the background.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I swore to myself from a really early age that I wouldn't go emo..." Tsuyoshi sighs.

"iRene" was placed awkwardly on the kitty litter. She is dressed as Sabrina. Gilles silently takes pictures of her.

Ophelia sits back next to Uriah on the ground. He signs to her. The caption reads, "How did it go?"

"Okay, I guess," Ophelia signs and says. She pauses for a few seconds and signs. The caption reads, "Uriah. Something has been bothering me about the story you told Karina about losing your hearing."

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "It was true."

Ophelia signs and says, "Of course. I wasn't implying that it wasn't."

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "So what did bother you?"

Ophelia signs. The caption reads, "Did your family sue the hospital where the malpractice happened?"

Uriah stops looking at Ophelia and looks somber. He nods his head.

He looks at her again as she signs. The caption reads, "You won the lawsuit didn't you?"

Uriah nods. He signs. The caption reads, "After taxes, the winnings were twenty-seven million dollars."

Ophelia says, "Wow."

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "You probably don't think I need to be here, do you?"

Ophelia signs. The caption reads, "I never implied that."

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "Sure, I don't need the money, but for me it means more than that. If I win, I could finally prove to myself that I'm capable of accomplishing something, even though I'm deaf." Ophelia looks at Uriah's eyes. She smiles at him.

Priscilla walks out of the hair and costume department dressed like Missy. Micky D. says as she walks by, "That look suits you perfectly, yo, though, Missy was nicer." Priscilla gives him a mean glare.

Priscilla walks on set in front of Gilles. She says, "Let's get this over with."

Gilles begins taking photos while Priscilla scowls. Gilles says, "Ah. Such beauty hidden by a harsh demeanor." Priscilla glares at Gilles. He continues speaking while taking pictures, "There must be something or someone who brings out a smile." Priscilla thinks for a second and a soft smile emerges. Gilles says, "Ah! There the beauty has emerged, no? What did you think of?"

Priscilla says, "Y... Yogurt. I love me some yogurt."

Gilles stares blankly. He lifts his camera back up and continues taking pictures. "We are all done, here," Gilles says. He turns to Chris and says, "I will send you the bill for my services." Gilles gets into a waiting limo and leaves.

Chris says, "Time for judging."

"iRene" asks, "So soon?" Chris nods.

Priscilla says, "Can't I change first?"

Chris says, "We have a schedule to stick to."

Priscilla sighs and says, "I miss Leshawna."

The teens follow Chris into a nearby building.

Chris sits at a table between two other people. Chris says, "You're first judge is noted diva runway coach extraordinaire, Chef Hatchet." Chef snaps his fingers. Chris says, "The other judge is Total Drama: Boney Island expert, Ivan."

Ivan waves at the contestants. He says, "I've been watching the show! I love it, so far."

Chris looks at Ivan and says, "But it hasn't aired on TV, yet." Ivan whistles innocently. Chris continues, "Let's start with judging our first contestant, Micky D."

Micky D. leaves the group of contestants to stand in front of the judges. They turn their attention to a TV screen on their right. Micky D. looks at it with them as his picture comes up. The judges laugh at the picture of him looking surprised with his pants around his ankles, in Zane's signature orange boxer briefs.

Chris stops laughing and asks, "What do you think about it, Micky D.?"

Micky D. says, "I think it looks pretty tight."

Chris says, "Seriously?"

Micky D. says, "Yeah, bro. Those underwears look real tight, know what I'm sayin'?" Micky D. blushes and returns to stand next to the others.

Chris says, "Next up is Yi Min."

Yi Min walks in front of the judges, and looks at the TV screen as his picture comes up. Chef's eyebrows raise as the picture of Yi Min smiling and winking with an open shirt comes up. Chef says, "It's wrong, but I like it."

Ivan surveys the picture and says, "The picture is fine, but it doesn't seem like Tommy, at all. I think you missed the mark."

Chris says, "Thank you, Yi Min. You can rejoin the others. Uriah, your turn."

Uriah walks in front of the judges and stands before them. He continues to scratch his chest. He looks at his picture and gives himself a thumbs up. The picture is of him attempting a wrestling pose.

Chris says, "It's hard to picture you as Stevie, I'm not sure who made that decision, but I think you tried your best. Good job. You can rejoin the others." Uriah walks back to the group of contestants. Chris says, "Next up is Ophelia."

Ophelia steps before the judges. Her picture comes up, and Ophelia winces. She looks entirely uncomfortable in the photo. Ivan says, "It's not the best photo, but it does remind me of Katrina in a way. I think you portrayed her pretty well."

Ophelia says, "Thank you."

Chris says, "I think I agree with Ivan. Thank you, Ophelia. You can rejoin the other contestants." Ophelia walks back to the others. Chris says, "Next up is Tsuyoshi."

Tsuyoshi walks up to the judges table. He looks at his photo with them and looks embarrassed. Chef says, "I like it. You look like a little punk kid." Chris nods.

Ivan says, "The fact that you're just standing there with a frown, you look a lot like Kendall. Good job."

Tsuyoshi says, "Thanks?"

Chris says, "Thank you, Tsuyoshi. Next up is 'iRene'."

Tsuyoshi pushes her forward and turns her camera toward the TV screen. Ivan comments, "Considering your... limitations, I think this picture turned out really good. You look a bit awkward, like Sabrina. So you look a lot like her. You know... If she was inside a monitor, or something."

Chris says, "Thank you, 'iRene'. Last up is Priscilla." Priscilla steps forward as Yi Min pushes "iRene" back to the group of contestants.

Priscilla looks at the screen to her left. Her picture comes up. Ivan shivers. He says, "You remind me of Missy, a bit. She scares me." Priscilla rolls her eyes.

Chris says, "I do think that you captured her in this photograph. It reminds me of her sweet side. It seems entirely genuine in the picture. Good job, Priscilla. You can rejoin the others." Priscilla turns around and joins the other teens, again.

The judges huddle together, and mumble about their decision. Chris says, "We've come to a decision." He gets up and walks in front of the judge's table. He says, "If I call your name, you are safe. If I do not call your name, you have been eliminated. The first person whose name I'm going to call has the best photo of the week." He pauses. He says, "Tsuyoshi. Great job."

Tsuyoshi looks surprised. He says, "Thanks, judges." Chris directs him to stand at his right next to the wall.

Chris says, "The next name I'm going to call is... Priscilla." Micky D. glares at Yi Min. Yi Min looks apologetic. Priscilla stands next to Tsuyoshi. Chris says, "Ophelia." Ophelia joins Tsuyoshi and Priscilla. Chris announces, "Uriah, take 'iRene' to the side. You're both safe." Uriah bows slightly and pushes "iRene"'s cart next to the other safe contestants. Chris says, "Will Yi Min and Micky D. please step before me." The boys do so. Chris continues, "Both of you took pretty poor photographs today. You both didn't accurately portray your contestant, but Yi Min, you had more frames." Chris turns to Micky D. and says, "But you traumatized me. So who gets eliminated?"

"Yi Min," Chris says.

Yi Min looks sad. Micky D. says, "Yeah, boooy! I'm still in it."

Chris says, "No, no! I clearly said that the name I didn't call would be the person eliminated. Don't you young people pay attention, these days?"

Micky D. frowns and says, "So, you mean I'm going?" Chris nods. Micky D. says, "Oh." Yi Min hugs Micky D. Micky D. says, "It's chill, bro. Don't worry about me." He stretches his hand out to the other contestants and says, "It's been real, peeps. Stay cool, yo." He heads toward the exit. Priscilla smiles meanspiritedly and waves. Micky D. rolls his eyes before exiting.

Micky D. gets into his RV and packs his things. He leaves the Winnebago and sees Yi Min waiting for him. Micky D. says, "Hey, I'm fine, bro."

Yi Min says, "But I feel bad that I didn't mess up Priscilla for you."

Micky D. smiles, revealing his gold plated teeth, and says, "Don't worry, bro. You can still carry out the operation without me, yo." Yi Min hugs Micky D., again, before he enters the taxi.

Leshawna greets him with, "Hey, Micky D."

Micky D. says, "Hey, mama."

Leshawna says, "Sorry to see you, here."

Micky D. says, "Yeah, it's a l'il disappointing. I ain't gonna lie."

Leshawna says, "Yeah. I know how it feels. But you have someone waiting for you at your destination."

Micky D. says, "Don't worry. I ain't forgotten her, one second. I tried to avenge her with Priscilla, but that backfired. I'm still glad I get to see Naomi, again, yo."

Leshawna says, "I'm sure she'll be happy to see you, too." Leshawna turns to the camera and says, "Well, that's it for this installment of Total Drama Reality. Be sure to tune in, again, next time."

Chapter 16 - Taste of FriendshipEdit

Chris says, "Hello, faithful viewers. Last time on Total... Drama... Reality, we had our teens take on the world of self-awareness by having them compete in two challenges based on the modeling industry. Priscilla won the model walk part of the challenge giving her the power to decide how many photos each contestant received for the photo shoot. She chose for Micky D. to receive the lowest amount of frames, ultimately causing his downfall. And by downfall I'm referring to his pants. What will happen next on Total... Drama... Reality?"

Yi Min says in confessional, "Micky D. wanted me to take down Priscilla for making Naomi be eliminated. So now I'm supposed to flirt with her to distract her from the game. I don't feel comfortable doing that, but I want to revenge my friend."

Uriah, Tsuyoshi, and Yi Min are in their RV's bedroom. Tsuyoshi says in Uriah's line of vision, "Is everything alright? You're not looking yourself." Uriah turns his head away from Tsuyoshi.

Uriah looks sad as he signs in confessional. The caption reads, "Why didn't she judge me?"

Uriah removes his shirt to prepare for bed. He scratches his chest. Yi Min looks shocked. He says while pointing to a rash on Uriah's chest, "Dude, you have to get that checked out." Uriah looks at his chest and his eyes widen.

Tsuyoshi, who is wearing his bunny suit, says, "I'll go with you to the medical staff." Uriah nods. Tsuyoshi adds, "Come on."

The two boys make their way to a tent with a sign that says 'Medicul Atenshun'. They enter the tent to see Chef Hatchet sitting in a chair dressed in a nurse's costume. Chef says to Tsuyoshi, "Ha ha! You're dressed like a bunny."

Tsuyoshi says, "I didn't come here for fashion critique, nursie. Something's wrong with Uriah."

Chef says, "He's the deaf kid."

Tsuyoshi slaps his forehead with his paw. He says, "Not that. He has a rash."

Chef gets up from his seat and takes a look at Uriah. He says, "Contact Dermatitis, caused by contact with some itch causing substance. We start with washing the irritated area to remove any remaining particles of the irritant, then I have some cream stuff that we can use to reduce inflammation. Other than that, he just has to leave it alone in order for it to heal."

Tsuyoshi pauses for a second. He says, "You actually have medical training?"

Chef ignores the question and pushes Tsuyoshi out of the tent. Chef says, "Get lost, bunny boy. I'll take care of the boy and have him back to you in no time."

"Thanks," Tsuyoshi says while parting.

The moon fades and the sun rises.

Priscilla wakes up and stretches her arms. She looks to her right and sees Ophelia and "iRene" glaring at her. "This is creepy. What is it?" Priscilla asks.

"iRene" says, "We can't believe what you did to Naomi and Micky D."

Priscilla says to "iRene", "Not you, too."

"iRene" says, "They weren't hurting anyone."

"I did what I had to," Priscilla says.

Ophelia says, "You realize that makes no sense?"

The girls are interrupted by Chris Mclean shouting, "It's time for your next challenge!"

Priscilla says in confessional, "So everyone hates me. I don't need friends to win this thing."

The teens gather around Chris. Chris says, "This challenge is all about friends and friendship." Priscilla gulps. Chris continues, "You'll each be given five rose colored pocket watches. You'll distribute them to whoever you want after you spend a little time with each other contestant in order to get to know each other better. Whoever receives the lowest amount of rose colored pocket watches will be eliminated."

"iRene" says, "Is it just me or are the hand out items constantly getting weirder?"

Chris says, "I'll let each of you pick who you want to talk to first, then we'll rotate." Priscilla stands next to Tsuyoshi. Uriah stands next to Ophelia. Yi Min stands next to "iRene". Chris says, "Alright." He directs each pair to a room hidden behind a curtain. He says to each team separately, "You see that clock?" He points to a clock in each room in a montage. "When time runs out, your conversation ends and you switch who you talk to."

Priscilla says to Tsuyoshi, "I'm screwed."

Tsuyoshi says, "Hey, don't give up. If you start acting nice to the others now, maybe you'll be able to change their minds about you."

Priscila says, "I don't think I can do it. I'm honestly not the nicest person on earth."

"Even the nicest person on earth had to start somewhere," Tsuyoshi says. "I'll give all of my pocket watches to you."

The camera now shows "iRene" and Yi Min. Yi Min says, "So, how you doin'?"

"iRene" ignore his question and says, "We need some strategy here. We can finally take down Priscilla by wisely distributing our pocket watches." Yi Min nods.

The scene changes to Uriah and Ophelia. Ophelia signs and says, "What's the matter, Uriah?"

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "Nothing."

Ophelia signs and says, "I know you well enough to know when something is bothering you."

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "Yeah. You know me better than anyone, even with my friends back home." Ophelia looks at him. He continues signing. The caption reads, "Ophelia. Why didn't you say anything when I told you I was rich? It didn't bother you that I'm in the competition?"

Ophelia signs. The caption reads, "Whatever reason you have for competing, I'm fine with. You don't have to beat yourself up over it. As long as you don't have any qualms with it."

Uriah hesitates. He signs. The caption reads, "Thank you. That makes me feel a lot better. Ophelia? Why were you always so nice to me, even when I didn't want to be around you?"

Ophelia smiles as she signs. The caption reads, "I can see the good in people. I knew you weren't mean, even though you were being abrasive. And truthfully Uriah... I like you." Uriah looks surprised. Ophelia blushes. She continues signing. The caption reads, "I guess it's hard to explain who we fall for, but Uriah... I respect that you aren't attracted to me. I won't bother you with my feelings, and I'll move on. So you don't have to worry about it, okay?" Ophelia looks up. She points to the clock, signs and says, "Our time is up." The two get up and leave the room. The other teens are outside and they all split off into new groups.

"iRene" is paired with Priscilla. "iRene" says, "You're going down, Priscilla. This is a numbers game. No one likes you, here."

Priscilla rolls her eyes and says, "Thanks so much for letting me know." The two are silent toward each other the rest of the time.

Yi Min and Uriah are paired together. Yi Min says, "We're going to try to eliminate Priscilla. Don't give her any watch thingies." Uriah nods.

The scene changes to Tsuyoshi and Ophelia. Ophelia says, "Tsuyoshi, we can finally eliminate Priscilla. Will you help us?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I can't. Priscilla is very loyal to me."

Ophelia sighs and says, "But she wasn't loyal to Naomi."

Tsuyoshi pauses. He says, "Well... I can't betray her."

Ophelia says, "Okay. I'm not pressuring you."

Time runs out again. The teens part and change pairs.

Ophelia is paired with "iRene". Ophelia says, "How've you been doing so far?"

"iRene" says, "Fine. You?"

Ophelia says, "Same."

The camera now shows Tsuyoshi with Uriah. "How's your rash?" Uriah gives Tsuyoshi a thumbs up. Tsuyoshi smiles and says, "Great." The boys look at the clock and see quite a bit of time left. Tsuyoshi says, "Can you teach me how to sign your name?" Uriah nods and begins to teach Tsuyoshi.

The scene changes to Yi Min and Priscilla. Yi Min says, "Hey, Priscilla. How's it going?"

"What do you think, idiot?" Priscilla asks rudely.

Yi Min hesitates before speaking again. He says, "Why are you so mean?"

"Why are you so stupid?" Priscilla counters.

Yi Min pauses, again. He says, "I have dyslexia."

Priscilla looks surprised. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

Yi Min says, "I don't understand why you have to say such mean things. I mean, just because you don't know all the details doesn't mean there aren't any." Priscilla remains quiet. Yi Min leans in toward her and kisses her. Priscilla's eyes widen. She breaks away and starts crying. Yi Min says, "Okay, so I'm not the best kisser."

Priscilla says, "What have I done?"

Yi Min looks grim. Yi Min says, "What do you mean?"

Priscilla says, "What was wrong with Naomi liking Micky D.? Why did I act so selfishly?"

Yi Min says, "I... I don't know."

Priscilla says, "Since I spent some time with you, I instantly started liking you."

Yi Min says in disbelief, "Really?"

Priscila nods and says, "Yeah, but I tried to suppress my feelings. I didn't want to be weak. I resented Naomi for being so open about her feelings."

Yi Min says, "I think you just answered your own question."

Uriah, "iRene", Tsuyoshi, and Ophelia are outside waiting for Yi Min and Priscilla. Ophelia signs to Uriah and says, "I think you should go in there. If they see you that might help them realize time is up. Then you can start your time with Priscilla." Uriah nods and goes through the curtain.

He walks in and sees Priscilla crying. She says, "I just feel so guilty. How can I act so selfishly?"

Yi Min says, "You're not all..." Yi Min looks up at Uriah. Yi Min immediately stands up. Yi Min says, "Um... Our time is up. I'll be going." Yi Min walks away.

Uriah sits down by Priscilla. He just looks at her as she continues crying. He has a confused expression on his face, but he puts his hand on Priscilla's shoulder. She puts her face on his shoulder and keeps crying.

The scene changes to Ophelia with Yi Min. Yi Min says, "I don't know if I want to talk right now, okay?" Ophelia nods and says nothing.

The camera now shows Tsuyoshi and "iRene". Tsuyoshi says, "Hey, I was just thinking that I don't really know a lot about you."

"iRene" says, "What's there to know?"

Tsuyoshi says, "A lot, I'd say."

"iRene" says, "I know what you're saying, I guess. But... I don't really want to talk about it. It was my darkest day and... I don't know if I can ever recover."

Tsuyoshi nods and says, "Yeah... We both have had our share of bad times, huh?"

"iRene" says, "Yeah. I guess so. It has to be hard for you to know that your parents abandoned you by choice." Tsuyoshi nods. "iRene" says, "How can you face the world each day. I mean... You have to be sad, too."

Tsuyoshi says, "Of course... I just wonder. Would I shut myself off from the outside world if I had a home to shut myself away in? My relationships always seem to end up hurting me, or someone else. I don't know if I can handle it."

"iRene" says, "Wow. I always thought you were so strong and independent."

Tsuyoshi sighs and looks up. He says, "Time's up. Let's go."

The teens meet outside for their final pairings.

Yi Min and Tsuyoshi are paired together. Yi Min says, "I've been waiting to talk to you. I'm just going to say it flat out. How did you know you were gay?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I always did... After those kinds of feelings kicked in. Why do you..."

Yi Min says, "And you liked someone, didn't you?"

Tsuyoshi pauses. He says, "Yeah. I liked someone. But it was complicated."

Yi Min says, "Complicated how?"

Tsuyoshi says, "You really want to hear this?" Yi Min nods. Tsuyoshi continues, "So... Um... He was on the basketball team at my school. We met eyes during one of his games when I was in the stands and we kind of both knew, I guess. He met with me after the game and we started seeing each other in secret. On my sixteenth birthday he wanted to take me out. I had to lie to my father about seeing a sick friend, or something. My father was always wanting me to meet a nice girl... He was concerned that I never brought any home. So, anyway... I met my boyfriend. The day was great and it ended with a kiss before I caught a bus back home." Tsuyoshi hesitates before continuing. "When I got back home, my father was waiting for me. All of my belongings were outside. He told me that he followed me, because he thought I lied to him. He saw me kissing my boyfriend. He told me he no longer had a son and that he never wanted to see me, again. And that's the last time I ever saw him."

Yi Min says, "I'm so sorry. But... At least you had your boyfriend to support you."

Tsuyoshi hesitates. He says, "I went to him, to his house. He met me outside... I told him what happened. He acted so cold. He wasn't out with his parents, either. He said he thought it was best that we stopped dating. He was afraid the same thing might happen to him after seeing it firsthand. He also valued his place on the basketball team and had seen someone else discriminated against to the point of quitting the team. He had told me about the incident earlier. We never talked to each other, again. And the worst part is... He started dating girls, afterward." Yi Min looks shocked. Tsuyoshi says, "Yeah. It hurts because he's lying to himself. Even though there are other openly gay people at our school, he wants to fit in with the standard."

Yi Min is now crying. He says, "Tsuyoshi... I'm really sorry about what happened."

Tsuyoshi says, "It's in the past. I have to keep moving forward. But why did you want to know all this?"

Yi Min says, "I think I'm in love with Priscilla." Tsuyoshi looks surprised. Yi Min says, "I thought I hated her for what she did to Naomi and Micky D. but... I was wrong about that. But maybe... Maybe I shouldn't pursue it. It's kind of complicated, too. I might end up getting hurt like you were. She can be really mean, sometimes."

Tsuyoshi says, "Do you think she likes you back?" Yi Min nods. Tsuyoshi says, "Don't look to me as an example in your case. Do you think starting a relationship with her is worth the risk?"

Yi Min thinks for a few seconds and says, "Yeah. I think it is." Yi Min then says, "Thanks for your help."

Tsuyoshi smiles and says, "No problem."

The scene changes to Uriah and "iRene". Uriah signs. The caption reads, "Communicating with Irene is too hard."

The scene now shows Ophelia and Priscilla. Priscilla slouches down in a chair. Ophelia says, "What's wrong?"

Priscilla says, "I want you guys to eliminate me."

Ophelia says, "What?"

"I know you already planned to," Priscilla says. "Just carry on with the plan."

"But why?" Ophelia asks.

Priscilla says, "I was wrong about Naomi and Micky D. It's what I deserve."

Ophelia says, "Okay." Ophelia looks at the clock and the girls meet the others outside.

Priscilla says to the others. "I want you all to eliminate me."

Yi Min says, "What? No way!"

Tsuyoshi says, "Ditto."

Priscilla says, "Come on. Just... Just do what I say." She walks away.

Chris walks in and leads Priscilla back to the group. Chris says, "It's time for the rose colored pocket watch ceremony."

"iRene" says, "Whoever came up with this idea should be fired."

Chris ignores the comment. He says, "Now it's time for someone to be eliminated. Started handing out watches!"

Ophelia and Uriah trade watches. Yi Min gives his to "iRene". "iRene" gives hers to Tsuyoshi. Priscilla gives hers to Yi Min. Tsuyoshi pauses...

He gives one watch to Priscilla and divides the others between the other four contestants. Priscilla says, "Thank you guys for respecting my decision. If I hurt any of you... I'm sorry." She looks to Yi Min and then looks away. She says, "I'm ready to go now."

Chris says, "Okay, Priscilla. The taxi is waiting for you." She nods and leaves the room. She packs her belongings together and exits the RV. The others are waiting outside for her.

"iRene" says, "I'm sorry for being harsh with you, earlier."

Priscilla says, "Don't worry about it. I deserved it." Tsuyoshi and Yi Min take turns hugging Priscilla goodbye.

Ophelia says, "I think what you did just now was very honorable."

Priscilla smirks and says, "Thanks. You know, Ophelia... I'm glad I met you. If it weren't for you, I never would have given Yi Min a second look. I owe everything to you." Priscilla hugs Ophelia.

Ophelia says, "So that's what happened." Priscilla nods.

Priscilla says, "I'm going to miss all of you. I learned so much from each of you." Priscilla then gets into the taxi.

Leshawna says, "Hey, Priscilla."

Priscilla says, "Hi."

Leshawna says, "How's it going?"

Priscilla says, "Kind of bittersweet. I'm happy in a way, and kind of disappointed."

"How are you disappointed?" Leshawna asks.

Priscilla says, "I'm disappointed with myself and my actions on the show. I felt I was justified to act the way I did. But... I clearly wasn't."

Leshawna says, "It seems like you learned something, though. That's always good." Priscilla nods. Leshawna says to the camera, "Well that's all for today's episode. Be sure to tune in to the next Total Drama Reality."

Chapter 17 - Loss and FoundEdit

Angelo walks in front of Herman's hotel room door and knocks on it. Herman shouts from inside, "Cometh in, it isn't locked!" Angelo tries the handle and the door opens.

Angelo says, "Hey, Herman. Where are you?"

Herman says, "In the showereth."

Angelo says, "You leave the door unlocked while you shower?"

Herman says, "Yay. Why wouldn'teth I? Taketh a seat. I'll be outeth in a momenteth." Angelo sits in a chair. He looks to his left and sees an envelope. Herman steps out of his bathroom in a towel.

Angelo says, "Herman? What is that?"

Herman lifts up his arm, points to a triangular mark on the back of his hand, and says, "Oh, this? It's justeth a birthmark."

Angelo says, "Sorry. I didn't mean that." Angelo holds up the sealed envelope and says, "I meant this." Herman's eyes light up and he snatches the envelope from Angelo's hand. Angelo says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry."

Herman sighs and says, "Don't worry abouteth it. Did thou needeth something?"

Angelo says, "Leshawna is downstairs. She wanted someone to get you for a group interview."

Herman says, "Thanketh thou, my friend." Herman giggles. "Thou can waiteth for me downstairs while I getteth dressed." Angelo gets up and leaves the room.

Several minutes later, Herman comes down to join the others in the hotel lobby. Cary, wearing a cyan button up shirt, gives a thumbs up to Herman and says, "Nice tunic. Cyan is pure epic win."

Herman smiles a little and says, "Thanks. Where art Leshawna?"

Melinda, dressed in a lacy purple shirt, jeans, and with her hair in a ponytail, says, "She told us to wait down here. She went to meet the latest loser. After she gets them she's coming back here."

Dinah yawns and says, "It is way passed my bedtime." Everyone stares at her in her lobster pajamas.

Just then the door to the hotel opens. The former contestants look wide eyed as the former contestant enters. Sheena says, "Ugh. It's just Jonathan."

Jonathan, carrying a duffle bag, says, "It's nice to see you, too."

Dinah says, "Yay!" She runs up and hugs Jonathan, who is wearing a graphic tee with a cartoon mouse on it.

Jonathan blushes and says, "Hey, babe."

Sheena rolls her eyes. She looks at her boyfriend, Grant, sitting right next to her and says, "I wuv you!" Grant smiles.

Jonathan says, "My parents are letting me spend the night, here. Mostly because of the interview." Herman averts his eyes from Jonathan.

The door opens and Priscilla steps in. The eliminated contestants cheer wildly, except for Melinda, Angelo, and Brent. Priscilla looks down at the floor.

Micky D. shouts, "Yeeeeah, boooy! That's what you get, sucka!"

Leshawna enters after Priscilla. Leshawna says, "Settle down, everyone. It's time for the interview." Priscilla quietly takes a seat next to Melinda. Leshawna surveys the room and says, "Everyone's here. Alright, first question. How has everyone been doing after their elimination?"

Micky D. speaks first, "Great, yo. I got to see my girl fry, again. And things just got even betta when that wiggety witch walked in, know what I'm sayin?" Priscilla turns her head to avoid anyone's gaze. She looks directly at a smiling Libby. Priscilla turns her head back.

Leshawna says, "Micky D. try to be civil."

Jonathan says, "I decided to take medical treatment for my disorder. It should help me control my emotions better, but it's not a cure by any means."

Leshawna says, "Interesting. I hope it works out for you."

Herman says, "I'm not friendless anymoreth." He puts his hand on Angelo's shoulder.

Leshawna pauses as she looks at Grant. She says, "Grant. It is Grant, right?" Grant nods. She says, "Good. I always remember because you're the cute twin." Cary frowns. Leshawna asks, "Grant, why aren't you wearing a shirt? You knew I was coming."

Grant puts his hand on the back of his head and laughs nervously. He says, "Well... Cary burned all of my 'I'm with Ugly' shirts for whatever reason." Cary smiles and nods.

Leshawna says, "Couldn't you buy a new shirt?"

Grant says, "Well." He chuckles. "You know those 'no shirt, no shoes, no service' signs at stores?" Leshawna nods. Grant says, "They aren't foolin'."

Leshawna turns her direction to Val, "Hey, girl!" Leshawna says, "How's it been?"

Val says, "At first I was feeling a little down, but two days ago I received a letter from Abby's family." Val's eyes get teary, "Her mom wrote the letter. She said that she and her husband discussed the matter with each other. They said that they're taking responsibility for the incident, and that they should have informed Uriah and I about Abby's allergy." Val wipes her eyes. "She even thanked me for calling the paramedics in time and she wrote that I was a hero."

Leshawna smiles. Libby randomly says, "How do you kill a circus?" Everyone stares at her blankly. She says, "Go for the juggler!" The others laugh, except for Priscilla.

Ruth is sitting in a chair silently sketching. Leshawna asks, "What are you working on, girl?"

Ruth says, "Oh, I'm just working on one of my sketches of Brent."

"Mind if we take a look, girl?" Leshawna asks.

Ruth says, "Not at all, but keep in mind it isn't finished." Ruth holds up the picture. Everyone who sees it laughs.

Leshawna says with wide eyes, "I'll say it isn't finished. You forgot his clothes."

Brent looks at the picture and shouts, "I did not pose for that!" His face turns bright red.

Leshawna awkwardly says, "Moving on. It's time for the inevitable 'Who does everyone want to win?' question. Naomi?"

Naomi looks at Micky D. and says, "Micky D."

Micky D. says, "Aw! Thanks, shawtie."

Leshawna says, "Um... In the competition. Who do you want to win that is still competing?"

Naomi turns to Leshawna and says, "Ophelia. I owe her so much." Naomi looks back at Micky D.

Grant and Sheena look at each other. Sheena says, "I would say Uriah because he doesn't burden me with talking, but I'd have to say Ophelia, too." Grant nods in agreement.

Dinah says, "I guess a lot of us have a lot to thank Ophelia for." Jonathan smiles at Dinah.

Libby says, "I'm rooting for her, too, and I didn't even land myself a man."

Val says, "I'll root for Uriah. I think he's very confused, but I respect him for taking on the competition despite his disability."

Angelo nods and says, "Yeah, I think I want him to win, too."

Herman says, "Yeah. Whatevereth Angelo says."

Melinda says, "Am I the only one rooting for "iRene"?" Everyone stares at her blankly. "Oh, come on! The girl isn't even there and she's still in the competition. That has to count for something."

Cary says, "I'm rooting for Tsuyoshi." Everyone gasps. Cary says, "What? A guy can't support another guy, who just happens to be gay, without any weirdness?"

Brent says, "It's not that, you just gave the guy a ton of crap."

Cary says, "Well, I changed my mind about him. Is that okay with you? I mean... I don't agree with his lifestyle, but... He's a good person, and he's gotta be the best game player left."

Brent nods, "He has my vote, too."

"Me, too," Ruth says.

Priscilla says, "Even after what he did to you, you can forgive him?"

Ruth says, "Of course. He wasn't really trying to hurt me, personally, and he seemed to really care about me." Priscilla looks at Naomi.

Micky D. says, "Yo, I love me some Ophelia and Tsu-dawg, but Yi Min is my bro."

Angelo says, "Yeah, for me it's between him and Uriah."

Herman says, "Yeah, me too-eth."

Cary repeats, "Too-eth?"

Priscilla quietly says, "I want Yi Min to win, too."

Micky D.'s eyes widen and he looks at Priscilla. He laughs and says, "No way, yo! That is rich!"

Priscilla quickly turns to Micky D. and says, "What's so funny, cream puff?"

Micky D. says, "It looks like my plan worked! Ha ha! Fo' twizzle!"

Priscilla gets up from her seat and grabs Micky D. by the shirt collar and lifts him off of his chair. She says, "You better explain yourself."

Micky D. says, "Does operation smoochy smooch ring any bells?" Micky D. laughs.

Priscilla says, "That was... A part of a plan to get rid of me?"

Micky D. laughs and says, "And you bought it! Ha ha! I never really thought it would work, know what I'm..." Priscilla looks directly into his eyes and tears begin to form in her eyes. She puts him back down, grabs her things, and runs up the stairs. Micky D. looks somber and slouches in his chair. Naomi puts her hand on Micky D.'s back. He says, "I never saw someone's heart break, before."

Leshawna looks at the teens. She says, "Well... That was my last question. Um... I guess the interview is over." Leshawna gets up from her seat. She says, "Bye, everybody. I'll see you next time." The teens start to disperse and Leshawna leaves the hotel.

Chapter 18 - Reform SchoolEdit

"Chris Mclean, here," Chris Mclean says. Chris is wearing glasses and a university sweater. He says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Reality, the contestants took part in a friendship challenge. Most of the teens discussed wanting to take out Priscilla for some of the mean things she did. Priscilla had a change of heart during the challenge and asked the others to eliminate her. They complied with Priscilla's request despite some misgivings. This week he have something entirely different in store for the contestants. How will they handle what's in store for them on today's edition of Total... Drama... Reality?"

Ophelia and "iRene" are talking in their RV's bedroom. Ophelia says, "We were wrong about Priscilla."

"iRene" says, "IKR?"

Ophelia looks around and says, "Sure. I feel bad about misjudging her, and then ganging up on her."

"Yeah, me too," "iRene" says. "I hope she forgives us. Ophelia?"

Ophelia says, "Yeah?"

"I wanna tell you something," "iRene" says, "About what happened to my parents."

Ophelia says, "Okay."

"iRene" pauses for a few minutes. She says, "One day, my parents went out for a walk. It was a clear, beautiful day. I didn't go with them, because I had some schoolwork to finish up. While they were out, the weather just changed. They were in the middle of the neighborhood, so there were people who saw what happened from their windows." "iRene" starts to cry. She continues, "I just... I want to tell someone here this, so they understand." "iRene" sighs. "I guess they were laughing when it started to rain, and were skipping around on their way home. That's the kind of people they were. They didn't realize that it was a lightning storm. Lightning struck a tree they were next to. It fell toward them, and my father was able to push my mom out of the way. He was crushed."

Ophelia, who is also crying, says, "I'm so sorry."

"iRene" says, "The part that hurts most of all... Is that his dying thought must have been that he saved my mom. When the tree fell, it hit a power line. One of the wires was on the ground... Where my mother..." "iRene" breaks down, again, unable to finish the story.

Ophelia, still crying, says, "I'm so sorry. That's so much for anyone to go through. I couldn't imagine the pain you felt, or still feel."

"iRene" wipes her eyes on her arm and says, "I... I don't want to be trapped in this house forever, but whenever I think about going outside... I'm so scared that something will happen to me. I just... Can't do it."

Ophelia says, "Never feel like you have to push yourself to do something you don't want to do. When this competition is over, would it be okay if I came over to your house? We could hang out, or whatever."

"iRene" pauses and says, "I would like that. No one ever asked me, before."

Ophelia says, "Ah! You can't say that anymore, can you?" "iRene" laughs. Ophelia continues, "Now, we should get to bed. Goodnight, Irene."

"iRene" smiles and says, "Goodnight, and thanks."

The sun rises in the morning. Chris appears in front of the two Winnebagos. "It's time for the next challenge!" He shouts through a megaphone.

The teens meet outside. Ophelia pushes "iRene" outside. Tsuyoshi says, "You know Chris, you could just give us a schedule instead of waking us up like this, every day."

Chris says, "I know, but does that sound remotely fun?" Uriah rolls his eyes.

Yi Min says, "Chris does have a point."

Tsuyoshi says, "He does?"

Chris hands a map to Tsuyoshi and Ophelia. He says, "Meet me at the location marked on the map for your next challenge."

The teens get back into their RVs and follow Chris to the location. The contestants exit their vehicles and meet Chris, who is waiting for them outside. Yi Min looks shocked as he looks at the building. He says, "I know this place. This place is a school. I don't like schools."

Tsuyoshi pokes Yi Min on the arm and says, "What's so bad about a school?" Yi Min, Chris, Ophelia, Uriah, and "iRene" look toward the ground to avoid looking at Tsuyoshi.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "Okay, seriously. Something's going on that I don't know about."

Chris says, "Inside you'll find our certified instructor who is ready to help the five of you deal with whatever problem you've been dealing with. Whichever one of you grows the least will be eliminated. Everybody ready?"

Tsuyoshi nervously says, "What do you mean by 'problem'?"

Yi Min nervously says, "What if we don't have a problem?"

"iRene" says, "What if we can't change?"

Chris says, "I'm glad everyone is ready to go! Come on." Chris marches up to the school cheerily. The contestants begrudgingly follow him. They walk inside the school and follow Chris to a room.

Uriah signs. Ophelia translates, "This is your certified instructor?" Chef Hatchet smiles and waves, wearing his military clothing.

Chris says, "Yep!"

"iRene" says, "I agree if by certified you mean certifiably insane."

Chris ignores the comment and says, "I'm sure by now you all feel comfortable being left in the hands of Chef Hatchet. Bye!"

Tsuyoshi shouts, "Chris! Don't go!" Everyone stares at Tsuyoshi. His face turns red.

Yi Min says, "I dunno, I don't think Chef is as bad as Chris." Ophelia, "iRene", Uriah, and Chef Hatchet nod.

"Hey!" Chris says defensively. "Whatever, you'll all miss me in time. Well, off I go."

Yi Min says, "Chris... Where are you going?"

Chris says, "Somewhere very important."

"Important?" Chef says, "I thought you said you were going to get your back waxed?" The teens, except for Uriah, laugh.

Chris says, "Thank you, Chef Hatchet." Chris turns around and walks out of the classroom.

The contestants smile at Chef. He says, "Listen up, worms. You're going to sit still at these desks," Chef points to the rows of desks and chairs, "While I read each of your life stories." He holds up a folder. "I do not want to hear a single peep out of any of you. I'll then decide what tasks I'll have you based on your stories." Chef sits down in a chair behind the biggest desk in the room. He leans the chair backwards and rests his legs on the desk.

Ophelia says, "Isn't it dangerous to lean your chair back like that?"

Chef says, "Did I just hear a peep?" He angirly glares at Ophelia. She says nothing. Chef says, "That's what I thought." He looks through his folder and pulls out a chunk of papers. He says, "Uriah. That's the deaf kid. This should be very interesting. Heh heh!" Five minutes pass and Chef's eyes are full of tears. He slams his fist against his desk and shouts, "Why? What did this kid do to deserve that?" The other contestants look at Uriah. Chef blows his nose in a tissue. He says, "Now I'm gonna read box girl's story." Five minutes pass and Chef is crying, again. "Irene, I'm so sorry!" Chef blows his nose, again. Everyone stares at "iRene". Chef regains his composure. "Now it's 'Tah-su-yah-shy'." Chef reads the piece of paper. Chef bawls, again. "I'm sorry, 'Tee-sooey-oishi'. I didn't know."

Tsuyoshi says, "It's okay, Chef."

Chef gets serious and says, "What did I say about peeping?" Tsuyoshi looks embarrassed. The other contestants look at Tsuyoshi. Chef picks up the next piece of paper, and says, "Yi Min, huh? That's my mama's name." The contestants eyes widen. Chef reads the story and his eyes fill with tears. He says, "I can't believe it... I'm so sorry, Yi Min." Tsuyoshi looks at Yi Min quizzically. Tsuyoshi then looks at the other contestants, who are looking down. Chef wipes his eyes and says, "Now for the last one. I have a feeling this one isn't going to be so bad." He glares at Ophelia. After five minutes, he's crying, again. He says, "I thought I was the only one who felt so lonely." Ophelia looks embarrassed as the others stare at her. Chef says, "Where did Chris find you people? I don't even want to do the challenge, anymore, and just give you all invincibility, instead." The contestants smile. Chef continues, "But that ain't happening. Uriah, it seems to me like you're a selfish twerp." Uriah looks shocked. "It sounds like you only care about yourself and how others feel about you. Stand up." Uriah stands.

Chef reaches behind his desk and pulls out a dunce cap that has the words "I iz Ugly" on it. Chef says, "Wear this." Uriah shakes his head. Chef puts the dunce cap back in the desk and then writes something on a notepad. He says, "Tsu-boy, stand up." Tsuyoshi stands up. Chef reaches behind his desk and pulls out a bucket. He throws the contents at Tsuyoshi.

Tsuyoshi says, "What is this? Is it grease?" Tsuyoshi takes a step and starts slipping. He slides across the room and falls just in front of Uriah. Uriah jumps back, lifts his arms back, and Tsuyoshi falls to the ground. Tsuyoshi says, "Ow."

Chef Hatchet writes more in his notebook. He says, "Irene, your task is to set foot outside your house."

"What?" "iRene" and Ophelia shout at the same time.

Chef says, "If you've grown at all during this competition, you should be able to at least do that."

"iRene" says, "My camera is connected to my computer, how would you know if I finished the task?"

Chef says, "That's why I sent a camera crew to your home. They're waiting outside."

Ophelia says, "Irene, you don't have to do that if it's too hard."

"iRene" pauses. She says, "I'm going to do it." The others gasp. "I signed up to be on the show for help. I need to take the first step.... Literally." She gets up from her computer, lets out a sigh, and walks out of her room. Everyone stares at the screen. She comes back and says, "There was no camera crew out there."

Chef says, "So I lied." He writes down in his notebook.

Ophelia says, "Great job, Irene!"

Yi Min shouts, "Irene, you did it!"

"iRene" says, "Yeah... I did, didn't I? Now I don't ever have to set foot out there, again." Chef writes more in his notebook.

Chef says, "Next up is Yi Min. Yi Min, I want you to confess to the others what your problem is."

Yi Min says, "Don't make me do that. I don't want them to think I'm dumb, Mr. Chef."

Tsuyoshi says, "We won't think that. Right, guys?" Tsuyoshi looks at the others and sees them looking down. "What is it?" He asks.

Ophelia says, "Uriah and I already know. We figured it out, but never mentioned it to him."

"You knew?" Yi Min asks. Ophelia and Uriah nod. Yi Min says, "But you both were still really nice to me. How long have you known?"

Ophelia says, "Uriah knew since the kidnapping, survival challenge. He let me know during the race challenge. Yi Min, if you keep lying to people, then how do you expect to be helped?"

He says, "I don't know. I told Irene, already, so... She didn't judge me, either."

Chef says, "So Tie-yo-shoe's the only person who doesn't know?"

Yi Min nods. He says, "Tsuyoshi, you have to promise me that you won't judge me for what I have to say."

"I promise," Tsuyoshi says. "You never judged me since the day you met me, so how can I do the same?"

Yi Min nods and says, "Tsuyoshi... I can't read."

Tsuyoshi hesitates. He looks at Yi Min and Yi Min starts to cry. Tsuyoshi puts his head down. He lifts it back up and says, "I want to help you."

Yi Min says, "You mean that?" Tsuyoshi nods. Yi Min says, "Irene thinks I have dyslexia. I was never diagnosed and everyone just thought I was stupid. I couldn't tell them what was really wrong."

Tsuyoshi says, "With a lot of patience and a lot of hard work you can conquer this, and I want to help."

Yi Min says, "I'm so lucky to have met such great people." Yi Min hugs Tsuyoshi. A still greasy Tsuyoshi flies from Yi Min's grasp.

Chef puts down a tissue he had been using to wipes his eyes and says, "Enough with the mushy crap." Chef writes something down in his notebook. "Next up is Ophelia." Ophelia stands up. Chef puts a glass of blended grasshoppers on his desk. Chef says, "Tsuyoshi, stand up."

Tsuyoshi says, "Do I have to?"

Chef says, "If you don't, I am not going to be happy with you."

Tsuyoshi stares at Chef. Tsuyoshi says, "No."

Chef says, "Listen to me, boy. If you don't do what I tell you, I have the power to kick you off this show."

Tsuyoshi says, "I don't care. I'm not getting tricked by you, again."

Chef angrily glares at Tsuyoshi. His expression changes and he smirks. Chef Hatchet writes something down in his notebook. He says, "Okay, then. Yi Min, stand up." Yi Min stands. Chef says, "Drink this glass of blended grasshoppers."

Yi Min looks at the glass. He reaches for it. Ophelia shouts, "No! He already did his challenge. This is my challenge. Let me drink it."

"You sure?" Chef asks.

Ophelia nods. She takes hold of the glass and drinks the contents. Ophelia looks sick. "That was really gross," she says.

Chef writes something in his notebook. He says, "The challenge is over."

"iRene" says, "You didn't give Tsuyoshi a test."

Tsuyoshi says, "He did."

Chef smiles and says, "The boy is sharp. Meet me outside the school. One of you will be eliminated." Chef leaves the room.

Uriah signs. Ophelia translates, "What was that all about?" Ophelia shrugs and the teens walk outside.

Chef and Chris are waiting for them outside. Chris says, "It's time for the elimination. Chef has discussed his choice with me, and we're ready to announce the decision."

Chef says, "Three of you are safe from elimination and have won the challenge, and invincibility. Yi Min," Yi Min steps forward, "You faced your fear of opening up about being unable to read. Congratulations, you are safe."

Yi Min says, "Thanks."

Chef says, "Next, Irene. You are also safe for facing your fear head on, and stepping outside. Congratulations."

Chris raises an eyebrow and says, "What went on in there?"

Chef says, "Next is Uriah. Uriah... You failed at your challenge to put someone ahead of yourself. Also, you failed to let yourself look silly. You are in the bottom two. Please step in front of me." Chef points to where he wants Uriah to stand. Uriah stands in front of Chef. Chef says, "Next, Ophelia and Tsuyoshi. One of you passed your challenge. The other failed. The one of you that is safe is... Tsuyoshi. Congrats." Uriah looks surprised. He looks back at Ophelia. She walks up and stands next to him. Chef says, "Tsuyoshi, your challenge was to stand up to someone and not care about what their opinion of your actions was. You passed. Ophelia..."

Ophelia says, "I was supposed to put myself ahead of someone else for once, wasn't I?" Chef Hatchet nods.

Uriah signs to Ophelia. The caption reads, "But that's what makes you so special."

Chef says, "If you always put others before yourself, you won't be happy. Trying to make others happy all the time, will only stress you out, and you will be the only one around you who isn't happy."

Ophelia nods. She says, "You can send me home."

Uriah signs. The caption reads, "No! I deserve to go home!" Ophelia doesn't translate for Uriah. Uriah turns to her and signs. The caption reads, "Please. Don't silence me by not translating."

Uriah signs. Ophelia translates, "I want to go home. I'm a millionaire." The other teens gasp. Ophelia continues translating, "I don't need the money, and I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time by being out here. Please send me home."

Chef smirks and says, "Very interesting. The person leaving today is..."

"Uriah." Uriah nods.

Ophelia hugs Uriah. The two part. Uriah signs as he smiles. Ophelia translates, "I finally did something unselfish for once."

Chef walks up to Uriah and puts his hand on his shoulder. Chris says, "Uriah, please pack your things. The taxi will be here, shortly." Uriah nods. Uriah goes onto his RV and packs his things. He exits the Winnebago and hugs Yi Min and Tsuyoshi. He then hugs Ophelia, again. He waves and gets into the taxi.

Leshawna is sitting in the taxi with a male interpreter. Leshawna says, "Uriah, sorry about what happened." The translator interprets what Leshawna said for Uriah.

Uriah signs. The translator says, "What are you going to do?"

Leshawna asks, "You don't seem upset." The translator interprets.

Uriah signs. The interpreter translates, "I didn't need to be there. I have a lot of money, already."

Leshawna says, "You just realized that?" The interpreter translates. Uriah blankly looks at Leshawna. She says, "You must care about the other contestants. That must be it." The interpreter translates.

Uriah looks at Leshawna. He signs. The translator interprets, "I don't think so."

Leshawna says, "In order to give up on the competition this far in, there must have been some reason. I could have sworn it was out of respect for the other four." The translator interprets.

Uriah looks confused. Suddenly, Uriah's eyes widen. He turns from Leshawna and the translator and rapidly rolls down the window and looks back at the other competitors in the distance. He attempts to sign something. He looks at Ophelia and sees that she isn't looking up at him. Uriah lets out a sigh.

Tsuyoshi puts his arm around Ophelia and says, "That must have been really difficult."

Ophelia says, "Yeah, but I couldn't pick and choose when to translate for..."

Ophelia is interrupted by a voice the others had never heard. It says, "Ophelia! I love you!" Ophelia's eyes widen. She looks up at the taxi and sees Uriah's head outside the window. Uriah repeats, "I love you!"

Ophelia looks ahead with tears in her eyes. The taxi turns a corner and is now out of sight. Ophelia turns to Chris. She says, "I want to go. I have to be with him."

Chris says, "No, no. You can see him later on. We still have a show to film."

Ophelia looks at Chris straight in the eyes. She repeats, "I want to go."

Chris says, "But we haven't had a challenge, or a vote, or anything."

Ophelia turns to Yi Min. She takes hold of his hand and presses it so he forms a fist. She puts her hand into a peace sign. She says, "Scissors. Oh, look. I lost the challenge."

Yi Min says, "Yay! I won!"

Chris says, "But what about a vote?"

Ophelia says, "All in favor of Ophelia being eliminated?" She looks at "iRene", Tsuyoshi, and Yi Min. They look at her sadly. She says, "This is what I want. Please don't make me stay here. I want to go be with Uriah."

Tsuyoshi says, "I vote for Ophelia."

Yi Min says, "Me, too."

"iRene" says, "So do I."

Ophelia says, "Thank you, so much."

Everyone looks at Chris. He says, "Well... I guess with that, Ophelia has been eliminated. Pack your things and go."

Ophelia runs to Chris and hugs him. She enters her designated Winnebago, grabs her things, and rushes out. She hugs Tsuyoshi and Yi Min. She says, "I'm ready to go."

Yi Min says to Ophelia, "You really are amazing, you know that?"

Ophelia blushes and says, "Thanks."

Chris says, "The taxi won't be able to get back in a little while. You'll have to wait."

"I'll bring her," Chef says.

Ophelia looks at Chef and says, "Thank you." Ophelia follows Chef to his Jeep and the two get in. Ophelia says to the other three contestants, "Thank you, guys. You're all really awesome." She waves goodbye as Chef starts his vehicle.

Chef says, as they drive away, "You got guts, girl. You finally stood up for what you wanted."

Ophelia pauses and says, "You're right."

"Why did you give up on the contest?" Chef asks.

Ophelia says, "I got what I wanted from it. I fell in love with someone who loves me back. That's what really matters to me."

Chef smiles and says, "You and Uriah passed my challenge. A little late, but you passed."

Chris says, "Well... We're down to our final three slightly sooner than I was expecting. Who will be out next? Tune in next time to find out on Total... Drama... Reality."

Chapter 19 - The NoviceEdit

Chris stands in front of the camera and says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Reality, Chef Hatchet put the contestants through several psychological tests to determine whether they had overcome a flawed aspect of their personality. Uriah and Ophelia were the bottom two. Uriah volunteered to be sent home, and Chef complied. During his exit interview, Uriah had a big revelation. He rolled down the window nearest to him and shouted to Ophelia that he loved her. I don't know if you've been watching lately, but it was a big deal! Ophelia then staged a challenge to lose and had the other three contestants vote her out, so she could reunite with Uriah. What will happen next? Probably nothing as dramatic as that. What? I just don't want you to get your hopes up."

Yi Min says in confessional, "I can't believe I made it all the way to the final three. I thought it would be harder than this. I was kind of hoping someone would view me as a threat and vote me out, though..." Yi Min blushes and says, "Not that I don't want to win this."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "Early on... I never thought I'd make it to this point. I had my share of obstacles, but I did it." A montage plays showing Tsuyoshi, wearing a loin cloth, being hit by coconuts thrown by a sumo wrestler dressed as a monkey, Tsuyoshi wearing his bunny suit, and Tsuyoshi looking uncomfortable while dressed as Kendall. Tsuyoshi, still in confessional, says, "You're showing a montage of my most embarrassing moments, aren't you?" Tsuyoshi shakes his head in disapproval.

Yi Min, sitting on the edge of his bed, says to Tsuyoshi as he walks into their bedroom, "I still can't believe I'm still here, man."

Tsuyoshi, dressed in his bunny suit, says, "Yeah, me neither. I thought I'd be eliminated after the first challenge."

"What?" Yi Min asks. "You?" Tsuyoshi nods. Yi Min says, "But you're so nice, and you're so smart. Why would your team vote you out?"

Tsuyoshi says, "It's not always easy, being different from everyone else. I instantly was treated like an outcast by the other guys on my team."

Yi Min says, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Tsuyoshi says. "Besides, you always treated me with respect. I'll be forever grateful for that." Tsuyoshi hugs Yi Min. Tsuyoshi then walks over to his own bed, and lays on it.

Yi Min says, "Thanks, Tsuyoshi."

Tsuyoshi says, "For what?"

Yi Min says, "For saying you'd help me."

"What are friends for?" Tsuyoshi says. "Well, goodnight."

Outside, the moon goes down and the sun comes up.

Chris says, "It's that time, again! What time is it, you might ask? Time for an all-new challenge!" Tsuyoshi and Yi Min walk outside and see Chris standing next to "iRene".

"iRene" says, "Thanks, so much."

Yi Min says, "You're welcome."

"That was sarcasm!" "iRene" shouts. "You guys left my device outside, all night."

Tsuyoshi says, "Sorry. I guess we didn't think about it. Usually, one of the girls would push your device inside."

"Whatever," "iRene" says.

Chris says, "You, dear children, are about to enter the work force."

Tsuyoshi says, "I've already had a job. I worked at a department store, earlier this summer. Oh, and sometimes I tutor."

Yi Min says, "And I worked for a landscaping company, last summer."

"iRene" says, "I've worked, too." Everyone stares at her in disbelief. She says, "What? I worked from home, stuffing envelopes."

Chris says, "Fine. You, dear children..."

"iRene" says, "Young adults."

Chris slaps his forehead. Chris says, "You, dear young adults, are about to reenter the work force. Is that better?"

Yi Min says, "It sounded kind of goofy to me."

Chris sighs and says, "A local fast food establishment has granted us permission for the three of you to work there. You'll each be assigned to different tasks. The three of you can follow me in the guys' Winnebago. 'iRene', we'll have your Winnebago driven to the location separately."

Tsuyoshi says, "You mean, she still gets her own Winnebago?"

Chris nods and says, "Yup. Time's a wastin'. You don't want to be late for your first day of work." Chris gets into his limo, while Yi Min lifts "iRene" onto their RV, and Tsuyoshi drives to the location. The teens arrive after Chris and meet him outside. Chris says, "Here we are. 'Uncle Buck's Fried Chicken and Waffle House'. You'll each be given a task. Whoever completes their task the best, will be given invincibility. That's very important at this point." The teens nod. Chris looks at a piece of paper. He says, "Tsuyoshi, you'll be in charge of the grill. Yi Min will be working the register. 'iRene' will clear tables."

Tsuyoshi says, "What?"

Chris says, "You heard me. Now get in there." Chris pushes the three teens inside the restaurant. Chris exits and says, "I've never been so proud." Chris wipes a tear from his eye.

Each teen is led to their station by the restaurant manager.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I started working at my station, but I felt so bad for Yi Min and 'iRene'."

The manager walks up to each contestant and writes down in his notebook. He slaps Tsuyoshi on the back and says, "Keep up the good work, boy." Tsuyoshi smiles, but overhears Yi Min struggling, and a customer complaining at him.

Tsuyoshi says, "Sir, I'd like to switch stations with my friend, there." Tsuyoshi points at Yi Min.

The manager says, "We can't be having none of that, boy. We have other cashiers working, so if he doesn't do his job right, we won't lose any business."

Yi Min continues to struggle at working the cash register as a customer yells, "What's the matter? Are you too stupid to figure it out?"

Yi Min says, "I'm sorry. This is my first day."

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I know I was putting the challenge at risk, but I couldn't stand to see Yi Min struggling like that."

Tsuyoshi walks up to the register and hands Yi Min his apron and spatula. Yi Min says, "Thank you." Yi Min walks back toward the grill.

The customer says, "It's about time that waste of a human being got demoted. Now I'd like..."

Tsuyoshi says sternly, "Get out."

The customer says, "Excuse me?"

"I refuse to serve someone so rude," Tsuyoshi says. "Maybe I'll think about taking your order if you can go find an obedience school and come back with some manners."

The customer turns red and says, "I'm never coming back here, again." The rude customer storms out of the building. The manager frowns and writes something down in a notebook.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I started working the register and I've done it before, so it wasn't too hard. But once I had been doing it for a while, I noticed how dirty the tables were getting, with 'iRene' in charge of cleaning them. When the customers were coming in less frequently, I went to help her out."

Tsuyoshi places a register closed sign next to his register. He walks over to "iRene" and takes the rag and spray that had been placed on top of her device. "iRene" says, "Thanks for helping me. There isn't exactly much I can do."

Tsuyoshi says, "This challenge wasn't exactly made for you." Tsuyoshi starts wiping off a table.

"iRene" says, "I feel really embarrassed right now. I'm not able to do a task so simple, because I'm too scared to leave my house."

"Don't worry about it," Tsuyoshi says as he continues cleaning tables. Tsuyoshi looks up and sees that a large amount of customers has accumulated in the restaurant. Tsuyoshi sighs and goes back to the register.

Yi Min says in confessional, "Tsuyoshi was amazing during the challenge. He did everything."

The manager says to Yi Min, "Man, you sure are doing great at this task."

Yi Min says, "Thanks." The manager writes something down in his notebook.

A montage shows Yi Min frying chicken, "iRene" being stationary, and Tsuyoshi sweating as he works the register and runs to clean tables.

Chris walks in and says, "Yi Min, Tsuyoshi, and 'iRene', your challenge is over." Tsuyoshi and Yi Min gather around "iRene". Yi Min puts his arm around Tsuyoshi's shoulder. Chris says, "We'll drive to another location for the judging." Chris and the three teens leave the building and the contestants get into the Winnebago. They follow Chris to the next location.

"iRene" says, "What does the location look like?"

Yi Min looks out the window and says, "It's an office building."

Chris gets out of his limo, and the teens meet him outside. Chris says, "Follow me." Chris enters the building and the teens follow behind. They get into an elevator and go to the top floor. The teens follow Chris into a boardroom and the teens sit in chairs at the side of the table in the room that is closest to the door. Chris walks to the other side and stands next to a chair that is facing a wall. Chris pulls out a notebook. He says, "So, these are the notes from the manager at the restaurant. I'll look at these and decide who the winner is.: Chris looks through the notes and says, "'iRene', you were unable to do your task at all." "iRene" blushes. Chris continues, "Tsuyoshi, you started your task well, but then you took on the tasks of your other two competitors. You did okay at those tasks, but you seemed stressed out. Yi Min, you did poorly at your assigned task, but extremely well at Tsuyoshi's task." Chris pauses. He says, "I've decided the winner of the challenge." He looks at each teen, dramatically. Chris says, "The winner of this challenge is... Tsuyoshi."

Tsuyoshi says, "What? Yi Min did way better at his task."

Yi Min shakes his head and says, "I did your task well."

Chris says, "Yi Min is right. The challenge was to see who did their assigned task best. While you did every task, Tsuyoshi, you still did your own at first. You did good with it, too. Tsuyoshi, you're guaranteed a spot in the final two."

Yi Min smiles and says, "Great job, buddy."

Tsuyoshi says, "Thanks."

Chris says, "Now it's time for me to announce who will be deciding who goes home." Chris puts his hands on the over-sized chair that faces the wall. He slowly turns it around.

Yi Min says, "Chris, I'm no brain sturgeon, but I'm pretty sure that chair is empty."

Chris says, "Score one for the big man. This chair is indeed empty. That's because Tsuyoshi gets to decide who is eliminated."

Tsuyoshi says, "Me?"

Chris nods and says, "As winner of the challenge, you get to decide who you will compete against in the final two. Come over here." Tsuyoshi gets up and walks around the table. He sits in the large chair facing the other two contestants. Chris says, "I'll leave the three of you alone. Yi Min and 'iRene', it's up to you to convince Tsuyoshi to take you to the final two. I'll be seeing you." Chris waves before he exits the room.

Yi Min smiles wide at Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi says, "I'm sorry I'm put in this position. I like both of you so it's going to be a hard decision. Do each of you have an opening statement?"

"iRene" says, "I'm in a box."

Tsuyoshi nods, "Good point. Yi Min?"

Yi Min smiles and says, "My buddy told me he'd help me. I trust you, buddy." Tsuyoshi suddenly looks very grim. He looks down. Yi Min says, "What's wrong, Tsu?"

Tsuyoshi says to himself, "He didn't understand what I meant."

Yi Min looks confused. He says, "Tsuyoshi... What is it?"

Tsuyoshi looks up at Yi Min. Tsuyoshi says, "Yi Min... When I said that I'd help you, I didn't mean it as an alliance."

Yi Min says, "Huh? But that's what help is, right?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I meant I would tutor you, to help you with your dyslexia."

Yi Min says, "Oh." Yi Min looks down. He looks back up at Tsuyoshi and says, "But we're friends, right?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Of course."

Yi Min says, "So friends wouldn't vote each other out, right?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I... Yi Min, would you be mad with me if I voted you out?"

"Oh," Yi Min says. He looks down, again. He says, "No, buddy. Of course not. I might not understand your reasons, but I'm sure you're not trying to hurt me."

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm glad to hear that."

Yi Min breaks down crying. He says, "I just really wanted to win."

"iRene" says, "Tsuyoshi. I've gotten what I need from this competition. I never thought I'd be able to set foot outside. I want to win, but I think Yi Min deserves a shot at the money more than I do."

Tsuyoshi puts his head in his hands and says, "Why do I have to be put in this situation?" Tsuyoshi pauses. He continues, "It's just that my heart is telling me to keep you here, Yi Min, but my head says that 'iRene' would be easier to win against."

Yi Min stops crying, looks up at Tsuyoshi, and says, "I understand if you want to vote me out. I'll accept it, and I'll forgive you. I don't know what I would do in your situation, but I can't make your choice for you."

Tsuyoshi hesitates. He says, "I've made my decision. The person leaving the competition today is..."

"Yi Min. I'm sorry."

Yi Min gets up. He smiles at Tsuyoshi and says, "Hey, no big deal. You did what you felt necessary."

Tsuyoshi says, "It's just... I can't imagine losing to 'iRene'."

"iRene" says dryly, "Thanks."

Tsuyoshi says, "No offense."

Yi Min walks around the large table and hugs Tsuyoshi. Yi Min says, "If I couldn't win, I'd want it to be you. I still feel that way. Bring it home, buddy."

Tsuyoshi looks sadly at Yi Min. He says, "Yi Min... I'm really sorry it had to be this way."

Yi Min says, "Look, Tsuyoshi. I probably would have made the same choice. I'm not going to lie about that. I can't be mad at someone who did the same thing I would have."

Tsuyoshi says, "Thanks, Yi Min. I'm really glad you understand. I still want to help you, you know."

Yi Min smiles and says, "Good. I couldn't ask for a better tutor. Bye, guys." Yi Min hugs "iRene"'s device on his way out of the room. He turns back and waves before exiting.

"iRene" says, "That must have been really hard."

Tsuyoshi says, "Yeah... Yeah."

Yi Min is shown exiting the building. He enters his RV and packs his belongings. He walks outside and gets into the taxi waiting for him. Leshawna says, "Hey, Yi Min."

Yi Min says, "You're that one lady."

Leshawna nods. She stares at Yi Min, who has a big smile on his face. She asks, "So... You look surprisingly happy."

Yi Min keeps smiling. He says, "I do?"

Leshawna says, "Yeah. You don't know why?"

Yi Min thinks for a second. He giggles. He excitedly says, "I was voted out for being a threat!"

Leshawna looks confused. She says, "Okay, then. Congratulations?"

"Thank you," Yi Min says.

Leshawna says, "With that, we're down to our final two. Who will win? 'iRene' or Tsuyoshi? It's sure to be an exciting match up... Somehow. Be sure to tune in to the next episode of Total Drama Reality."

Chapter 20 - Losing Isn't EverythingEdit

Libby, Brent, Melinda, Ophelia, and Uriah are sitting in the lobby of the Chateau des Losers. Uriah and Ophelia are sitting next to each other and Uriah has his arms around Ophelia. Libby stares at the front entrance and says, "I wonder when the next loser is going to get here."

Melinda says, "It should be any minute, now."

Cary, Grant, and Sheena walk down the stairs and join the group. "This place has way too many stairs," Sheena complains.

Cary says, "I like them. They're great for my calves."

Sheena says, "Whatever. Your calves look nasty." Grant looks at Sheena disapprovingly.

Cary laughs and says, "Oh, you."

Just then, the front door swings open. The contestants eyes widen as they look up and see Jonathan with his overnight bag. He says, "Hey, everyone."

Sheena rolls her eyes and says, "This is getting redundant."

Cary jumps up from his chair and says, "I'll go get Dinah. She'll be so glad you're here."

"You don't have to..." Jonathan starts. Cary skips away from the group without listening.

Ophelia says, "Hey, Jonathan. What brings you here?"

Jonathan says, "It's the finale, tomorrow. I'm supposed to be here so I can root for who I want to win."

Cary, Dinah, and Ruth now come down the stairs. Dinah is wearing zebra striped pajamas with an eye mask on her forehead that looks like a zebra mask. She says, "You better have had a good reason for..." Dinah looks up at Jonathan. She shouts, "You're here!" She runs up to him and leaps into his arms. Jonathan smiles.

Ruth smiles. She hands Jonathan a piece of paper and says, "I've been working on this for a while. I just finished."

He looks at the piece of paper. It is a drawing of Jonathan, in his boy scout uniform, hugging Dinah, in her dinosaur costume. Jonathan stares at the drawing and says, "It's beautiful. Thank you."

Ruth says, "You're welcome."

Jonathan stares at the drawing. A single tear falls from his face and hits the paper. He says, "I wish I could go back." He wipes his eyes on his arm. "I told the Boy Scout committee some of the things I did and begged them to let me have a new sash, but... They said my conduct wasn't a good reflection on their organization. They didn't understand. I love scouting more than anything."

Dinah hugs Jonathan tight and says, "You can still do the scouting stuff and practically everything you did before. We can go camping with my family, sometime, if you want."

Jonathan says, "Almost anything." He hugs Dinah tighter.

Naomi, Micky D., and Val come downstairs. Micky D.'s eyes are red. Naomi has her arm on his back. She says, "It's okay, Mick. You don't have to be so hard on yourself."

Micky D. says, "Yo, I feel like dirt. Lower than dirt, ya know?" Micky D. looks down sadly. He says, "She won't even talk to me. Ever since I said what I said, she hasn't even left her room. I'm da world's biggest jerk, know what I'm sayin'?"

Naomi stands in front of Micky D. and looks him in the eyes. She says, "You didn't know that you were hurting her. Sure, it wasn't the best action, but..."

Micky D. says, "You know, you don't have to date a scumbag, like me, anymore. I'd undastand if you wanted to bail out, yo."

Naomi says, "Mick... You're sorry for what you did. Most people can't even admit their mistakes, and if they do, they shift the blame to someone else. You're still the guy I fell for, and I can accept you with your faults."

Micky D. says, "But you deserve so much better." He slouches down in a chair.

The scene changes to Herman's room. Angelo is sitting on Herman's bed as Herman reads the letter he had been hesitant to read. He reads, "I can't explain to you how hurt I felt when I realized I hurt you. Seeing you in pain only brought me pain. I value you as a person, and as a friend. If I could undo the hurt I caused, I would. I was acting selfishly, and would be equally hurt by someone who did the same to me. I hope you can forgive me, but if you can't, I'd understand. I feel bad about telling you to change. I befriended you and who you are, not who society tells you to be. I want you to know that I still and will always care about you. I'm afraid that you'll never read these words, and you'll never talk to me, again. But now that these words are on paper, they exist and are no longer eating away at me. I can't wait to see you, again, even if you don't want to see me. That's all I needed to say to you. I hope for only the best for you, even if you don't want me in your life. Your friend, Tsuyoshi." Herman looks up at Angelo. Herman says, "Thank thou for makingeth me readeth that."

Angelo says, "He sounds like a great friend. Well, do you want to go downstairs and see who got eliminated?"

Herman nods and says, "Yay."

Angelo asks, "Who do you think it will be?"

Herman says, "Mayhaps "iRene"?"

Angelo says, "Huh. That's the first time you didn't say Tsuyoshi."

"It's the first timeth I didn't wanteth it to be him," Herman says.

Herman and Angelo join the others in the lobby. Val says, "Hey, guys. I think the next contestant is here."

The door swings open. Everyone sees Yi Min as he enters. Several of the contestants let out a disappointed sigh at seeing him. Yi Min surveys the group of eliminated contestants. He drops his things and runs toward the stairs. He runs up them. He runs back down after a few minutes and asks, "What number is Priscilla's room?"

Melinda says, "215."

Yi Min says, "Thanks." He runs back up the stairs and heads toward the room. He knocks on the door.

Priscilla says from inside, "I don't want to talk, right now."

Yi Min excitedly says, "It's me!"

"Good," Priscilla says, "I have something I want to say to you." Priscilla opens the door. Her eyes are red from crying, and full of hate.

Yi Min smiles at her, not reading anything from her expression. He lifts her in the air and then pulls her down toward him so that her lips meet his. He puts her back down and says, "I missed you so much. What was it that you wanted to say to me?"

Priscilla stares at Yi Min for a few seconds. She says, "I missed you so much, too." She puts her arms around him.

Yi Min says, "Hey, everyone is downstairs. We should go hang out with them."

Priscilla nods. She says, "Let me get ready first."

Yi Min says, "I'll wait for you right outside, here." He smiles at her, again. She closes the door. Several minutes later, Priscilla opens her hotel room door and looks more presentable. Yi Min takes her by the hand and says, "Let's go." Priscilla looks at Yi Min as they walk down the hall together. She can't stop herself from smiling.

Chapter 21 - OutlasterEdit

Chris says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Reality, we had our three remaining teens enter the work force. Tsuyoshi came off victorious and got to decide who to bring with him to the finals. He voted out Yi Min, the person he felt closer to, because he was a bigger threat than "iRene". How will that decision work out? There's only one way to find out. It's time for what we've all been waiting for, the exciting conclusion of Total... Drama... Reality!"

Tsuyoshi pushes "iRene" into her designated Winnebago. "iRene" says, "Can you believe we made it all the way to the finals?"

Tsuyoshi says, "No. I still can't believe it."

"It's ironic, isn't it?" "iRene" says.

Tsuyoshi says, "What is?"

"iRene" says, "It's the homeless versus the home bound."

Tsuyoshi laughs slightly. He says, "I guess that is pretty ironic." Tsuyoshi sighs.

"iRene" says, "You're still upset about voting out Yi Min?"

Tsuyoshi nods. He says, "I feel bad, as he was one of my best friends."

"iRene" says, "Mine, too."

Tsuyoshi says, "I just feel like I have to win. If I don't I can't afford to attend college, probably. And, no offense, but I think I have a better shot at winning against you in your... current condition."

"iRene" says, "Yeah... Well, I guess we should get some rest before the big day, tomorrow. Goodnight." Tsuyoshi leaves the RV and enters his own.

The sun comes up in the morning.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I was so excited, I could barely sleep."

Tsuyoshi walks off of his Winnebago and sees Chris outside waiting for him. Chris says, "Good morning, man! You're just in time. The eliminated contestants have arrived and they're ready to show who they will support." Tsuyoshi surveys the two cheering sections with his face on the front of one, and "iRene"'s face on the other. Chris says, "Without any further ado, let's see who Angelo will support."

Angelo steps off of a bus. He walks toward Chris and says, "Well, you seem like a great guy, Tsuyoshi, but I have to support my former team mate, here." Tsuyoshi nods. Angelo sits in "iRene"'s section.

Ruth is the next to step off the bus. Tsuyoshi looks down at the ground in shame. Ruth says, "Don't look so glum. I've forgiven you for what you did to me. Heck, I might've done the same thing to keep myself in longer. That's why I've chosen to support you, today." Ruth sits down in Tsuyoshi's cheering section. He smiles at her.

The next person to step off of the bus is Grant. He says, "Tsuyoshi was always really supportive of me, even when I didn't want that support. I have to support you, now." Grant sits in Tsuyoshi's cheering section.

Libby is the next person to step off of the bus. She says, "I'm supporting 'iRene', today. No offense, Tsuyoshi, but I never really interacted with you."

Tsuyoshi says, "I understand." Libby sits down in the "iRene" support section.

Cary steps off of the bus, next. Tsuyoshi looks down at the ground. He doesn't see Cary walk right up to him. Cary hugs Tsuyoshi and says, "All is forgiven. Bud, you got this." Tsuyoshi smiles wide as Cary sits down in Tsuyoshi's cheering section.

The next person to come off of the bus is Brent. Tsuyoshi's smile fades. Brent says, "Tsuyoshi... You're still one of my best friends." Brent sits down in Tsuyoshi's cheering section.

Tsuyoshi smiles and says, "Thank you." Sheena steps off of the bus. She sits in Tsuyoshi's section. Tsuyoshi says, "I'm touched."

Sheena says, "Yeah? Well, don't be. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something I don't like about you. I'm only sitting here, because my widdle honey muffin is over here." She smiles at Grant.

Dinah is the next person to step off of the bus. She says, "I like you, Tsuyoshi, but I know 'iRene' a little better."

Herman steps out of the bus. Tsuyoshi lets out a heavy sigh at seeing him. Herman sadly looks at Tsuyoshi. He says, "I readeth the letter. And... I'm sorry I got so madeth at thou. I should hath been more understanding, and I was being a pretty selfisheth friend at the time. Hopefully you can forgiveth me, Tsuyoshi. You're not a baddeth guy, at all."

Tsuyoshi says, "I forgive you, though you're the one who should be forgiving me. I'm so glad we're friends, again, Herman." Herman smiles and sits in Tsuyoshi's cheering section.

Jonathan walks off of the bus. He says, "Tsuyoshi, you seem pretty cool, but I don't know you very well. I think 'iRene' could use all the support she can get, so that's why I'm rooting for her." Jonathan sits down in "iRene"'s support section.

The next person to step off of the bus is Val. She says, "Hey, Tsuyoshi. We never really did much, together." She looks behind her and continues, "And I kind of feel bad, because it seems like you already have a bunch of support, so I'm going to cheer for 'iRene'. Sorry." Val sits in the "iRene" cheering section.

Melinda gets off of the bus, next. She says, "I like the both of you, but I'm going to root for 'iRene' this time. I think it's amazing that she got as far as she did." Melinda sits in the "iRene" support section.

Naomi steps off of the bus along with Micky D. Naomi says, "Micky D. and I have decided to support you, Tsuyoshi."

"Better known as Tsu Dawgy Dawg, yo!" Micky D. says. Naomi and Micky D. sit down in Tsuyoshi's support section. Micky D. says, "Stay cool, Tsuyo-yo-yo." Tsuyoshi smiles.

Priscilla steps off of the bus and says, "Tsuyoshi, you've been one of the most loyal people to me, even when I was not the most trustworthy person. I'll value our friendship for a lifetime. You have my trust, just like I had yours." Tsuyoshi smiles as Priscilla takes a seat in his cheering section.

Uriah and Ophelia step off of the bus, next. Ophelia says as she signs, "Tsuyoshi, you've been a good friend, but I feel the need to support 'iRene'. We went through a little more together. I hope you understand." Tsuyoshi nods. Ophelia sits down in "iRene"'s support section. Uriah shrugs and sits next to her.

Yi Min comes off the bus last. He says, "I was friends with both of you. Tsuyoshi, I told you you had my support, so... I'm rooting for you today." Yi Min sits in Tsuyoshi's cheering section, next to Priscilla.

Chris says, "That's everyone. Tsuyoshi, you have ten supporters to the eight 'iRene' has. How it'll work is that anyone supporting you can help you in any way during your final challenge. The only thing they cannot do is literally carry you over the finish line. That's stretching it a little. So if you're ready to begin, I'll explain the challenge..."

Melinda says, "Uh... Chris?"

Chris says, "What is it?"

"'iRene' isn't here, yet," Melinda says.

Chris snaps his fingers and says, "I felt like I was forgetting something. We forgot to take her off of her Winnebago."

"I'll go get her if it's okay." Yi Min says.

Chris nods and says, "Go ahead."

Yi Min heads toward the Winnebago designated for the female contestants. The others awkwardly wait for Yi Min to return. He does after a few minutes. He is crying as he pushes the cart forward. He turns it around and says, "Someone killed 'iRene'." The others gasp as they see the blank screen. Yi Min says, "Look!" as he pushes the power button on the monitor repeatedly.

Chris walks over to Yi Min and turns the cart around to reveal that all of the wires in the back had been cut. Chris says, "Well, it looks like 'iRene' won't be competing today."

"What doeth that mean?" Herman asks.

Chris says, "It means that Tsuyoshi wins by default."

Tsuyoshi excitedly says, "It does? You mean... I won?" Tsuyoshi cheers.

Herman says, "I'm so disgustedeth, right now. I cannot believe thou would stoopeth so low."

Tsuyoshi says, "What are you talking about, Herman?"

Tears begin to form in Herman's eyes and he says, "I trusted you! I thought you were really a good person, but you blatantly sabotaged Irene just so you could win."

"Sabotage?" Tsuyoshi says, "But I didn't..." Herman stands up and moves over to the "iRene" cheering section. Tsuyoshi looks at the others in his cheering section. They all look very serious.

Cary says, "You know, it's just like you to do something like this. I thought you changed. I thought you learned your lesson about playing the game too hard." Cary turns his gaze from Tsuyoshi and says, "I can't support what you did." Cary, along with Sheena and Grant, gets up and moves to the "iRene" support section.

Ruth stands up. Tsuyoshi says, "Not you, too."

Ruth says, "I understood why you got me eliminated, but I don't understand this, Tsuyoshi. It's just... cheating. I'm just so disappointed." Brent stands up and looks at Tsuyoshi. He silently turns his head as he walks with Ruth to "iRene"'s cheering section.

"The others are right, yo," Micky D. says. "This is not cool, bro, not cool." Micky D. and Naomi get up and go sit in "iRene"'s cheering section.

Tsuyoshi looks down at the ground. "I can't believe you guys think I would do something like this." He looks up at Yi Min and Priscilla. He says, "You guys are going to leave me, too. Right?"

Yi Min looks uncomfortable. He asks, "You didn't do it?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Of course not."

Yi Min smiles faintly and says, "Then I believe you."

"Me, too," Priscilla says.

Tsuyoshi tries to put on a smile and says, "Thanks."

Yi Min says to Chris, "So does Tsuyoshi win, now?"

Chris says, "I guess he does. If no one has anything else..."

"Wait!" a voice shouts. Everyone turns to where the voice came from. They gasp. Irene is standing there in person. She is wearing a bicycle helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and a bullet proof vest. "I'm here. I can still compete." Her support section cheers. Herman glares at Tsuyoshi.

Chris says, "I guess you can."

Yi Min runs over to greet Irene, dragging Priscilla by the hand. When Yi Min gets to her he hugs her and says, "I'm so happy to see you in person."

Irene breathes heavily and says, "Thanks. It's pretty scary to be out here, but this competition taught me so much. It helped me to want to face my fear. When I realized my device wasn't working, I knew I had to make a decision. So... Here I am. I don't live too far from here." Irene takes a deep breath and exhales.

Yi Min hugs Irene again and says, "Don't worry, I'll protect you." He smiles as he takes Priscilla by the hand and sits in Irene's support section.

Chris says, "Well, with that, Irene has the support of all eighteen eliminated players. A new record!" Tsuyoshi stares in disbelief at his empty support section.

Yi Min nudges Micky D. Micky D. sighs and hands Yi Min five dollars. Yi Min says, "I told you she wasn't fat."

Chris says, "Okay. Let me explain your challenge. It starts with an obstacle course. You'll both make your way through this mud pit." Chris points at the mud pit. He says, "There are ten keys in each pit. When you find one, you must bring it to the door over here." Chris points to a door made out of bamboo between the walls of the obstacle course. "Only one key unlocks the door. If the key you have doesn't work, you'll have to go back to look for another one. Of course, you can open the door or get through it any other way you see fit, but the key is the simplest method. After that there is a rope to climb to get over the wall. Now Irene, this is the only task you need to complete without the aid of your supporters." Irene nods. Chris continues, "Over the wall is a slide that will bring you to your final part of the challenge, a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle is an image of yours truly, Chris Mclean." Chris smiles. Chris says, "After the puzzle, it's a mad dash to the finish line at the corner of this fine office building." Chris points to the building that the final three had to go into at the end of their previous challenge. Chris says, "If our final two are ready, we'll begin." Irene nods. Tsuyoshi just stares blankly. Chris shrugs. He says, "On your mark... Get set... Go!"

Irene and her supporters start running to the first obstacle. Tsuyoshi stands still, still staring ahead. He mutters to himself, "I'm all alone... All over, again... Why does this keep happening to me?"

Jonathan shouts, "I found a key!"

Tsuyoshi looks at the group. He says to himself, "I don't need them. I can win this thing by myself." He runs toward the first obstacle.

Irene tries to open the lock with the key Jonathan found. It doesn't open the door. The others turn to go back to look through the mud. Irene says, "Hold up. Jonathan, Yi Min, Priscilla, and Angelo. The four of you are really strong. Do you think you could try breaking down the door?"

Yi Min says, "Aye, aye, Captain."

Irene says, "I'll go back with the others to look for the next key." Irene inhales and then exhales.

Ophelia says, "You probably shouldn't go in the mud, Irene. It might make the next part of the challenge harder for you."

Irene says, "I think you're right. Thanks." Uriah watches the others while they look through the mud while he stands next to Irene on the side. He looks at his clothes, shrugs, and dives in.

Tsuyoshi tries his second key in the lock. It doesn't work and he discards it. He goes back to his mud pit and tries searching, again.

The sound of a large crash is heard. Irene looks to the side and sees that the door had been knocked down by Jonathan, Yi Min, Priscilla, and Angelo. Irene's supporters cheer. Tsuyoshi looks back down at what he is doing. He finds a third key. He runs to the door and is unsuccessful, again.

Irene begins climbing the rope for the second part of the challenge. She struggles with it. Libby shouts, "Come on, Irene! You can do it."

Sheena says, "No, she can't." Libby glares at Sheena, then she laughs.

Tsuyoshi comes back to the door with his fourth key, but it also doesn't open the door. He turns around and makes his way back to the mud pit.

Irene makes progress on the rope climb but slowly slides back down. Her group of supporters continue to cheer her on.

Tsuyoshi comes to the door with his fifth key. He uses the key and it unlocks the door. Tsuyoshi pumps his fist and he runs over to the rope. He hears the other contestants on the other side cheering on Irene. Tsuyoshi mutters to himself, "She's still on this part of the challenge. Here's my big chance." Tsuyoshi climbs the rope midway but then slides to the ground. He removes his muddy scarf and sweater and then tries again. This time Tsuyoshi successfully climbs to the top of the platform. He slides down and makes his way to the puzzle, which he quickly starts to assemble. Chris looks on at Tsuyoshi. The puzzle is surrounded by three walls so Tsuyoshi is unable to see the other puzzle to the side of him, or the finish line. Tsuyoshi has one final piece of the puzzle to insert. He puts the piece down and it doesn't fit. Tsuyoshi stares down in disbelief. He tries to push the piece in place, but is unsuccessful. Tsuyoshi says to Chris, "This piece is defective. It matches the puzzle but it's backwards.

Chris looks at the piece and shrugs. He says, "Keep trying."

Tsuyoshi looks at the puzzle and starts to disassemble it.

Irene finally finishes the rope climb Her supporters run out of the obstacle course and around the walls in order to meet her at the puzzle part of the challenge. She hesitates before going down the slide. Melinda shouts, "Irene, you can do it!" Irene inhales and then exhales. She slides down the slide. With the help of her supporters, she starts to put together her puzzle. Chris looks back and forth at the two contestants as they put together their puzzles.

Irene say, "This piece doesn't fit." Tsuyoshi looks down at his puzzle. He also only has the one piece left.

Yi Min scoffs and says, "This is so obvious."

Irene says, "Wow, Yi Min, you're a genius."

Chris throws his arms up and shouts, "Irene's puzzle is solved." Her supporters cheer. Tsuyoshi's brow furrows. Chris leaves as the others run along with Irene to the finish line. Tsuyoshi peaks over at Irene's puzzle and sees theat someone had taken it apart so he couldn't look at it completed. Tsuyoshi sighs and sits on the ground. He puts his head in his hands and hears, "Irene! You are the winner of Total... Drama... Reality! Congratulations!" He also hears the other contestants cheering wildly.

He just sits still and doesn't join the others. Eventually Yi Min walks over and says, "Hey, buddy. How's it going?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I can't believe I lost this game because of a stupid puzzle. It's broken or something."

Yi Min looks at the puzzle and says, "This old thing?" Yi Min laughs. He picks up the final piece and holds it in front of Tsuyoshi's face. Yi Min says, "This piece would fit perfectly if only this part," Yi Min points to a slanted edge on only one of the round parts of the piece, "was on the other side." Yi Min slowly turns the piece around.

Tsuyoshi says, "No. It was that easy?" Yi Min hands Tsuyoshi the puzzle piece. Tsuyoshi places the puzzle piece down so the blank side of the piece faces up. It fits into the puzzle. Tsuyoshi puts his hands on both sides of the table that hold the puzzle and stares straight down at it.

Yi Min says, "Come on. You want to be able to say you finished, right?" Tsuyoshi nods and follows Yi Min. The others are standing around Irene chatting with her just in front of the finish line. Tsuyoshi crosses the finish line. Yi Min lightly punches Tsuyoshi on the arm and says, "There. You finished the course. You should be proud."

Tsuyoshi smiles at Yi Min and says, "Thanks, you're really a great..." Tsuyoshi looks over Yi Min's shoulder, behind the building, at the point that the finish line ends at, and says, "Chris?"

Yi Min says, "A great Chris?"

Tsuyoshi points behind Yi Min and he turns around. Chris is lying on the ground. Chris is tied up with a piece of rope with a piece of red fabric in his mouth. Tsuyoshi rushes over to Chris and takes the piece of fabric out of his mouth. Tsuyoshi says, "What happened?"

Jonathan walks over and says, "That was my doing." Jonathan starts to untie the knots in the rope. He says, "I still got it. I took the rope down from where Irene had to climb. Consider it payback, Chris." Jonathan picks up the red piece of fabric and ties it around his neck as an ascot.

Irene steps over the finish line and says, "Say it, Chris."

Chris sighs and says, "Tsuyoshi... You are the winner of Total Drama Reality."

Tsuyoshi says in disbelief, "But I heard everything. I heard Chris announce that Irene won."

Chris says, "That's what you heard," Chris stands up, "But that wasn't what happened."

Herman says, "I always wantedeth to be a voiceth actor." Herman clears his throat and says in his best Chris Mclean voice, "Irene, you are the winner of Total... Drama... Reality!"

Tsuyoshi says, "That was pretty bad." He laughs. "I can't believe I fell for it. But... I don't understand why you all did this so I could win. I thought you all hated me."

Irene says, "Well... It was my choice, Tsuyoshi. I almost crossed the finish line when Cary said something like, 'that will teach that dirty cheater'. I stopped running and stood right before the finish. I asked Cary to explain and he said that you were the one who cut the wires to my device."

"But I didn't," Tsuyoshi says.

"I know," Irene says. "I told Chris I wanted to appear in the competition in the flesh, so I would give you some decent competition. He said he would cut the wires for ratings and he asked me not to mention that he did. I had no idea everyone would automatically assume that you had done it. I'm sorry for that."

Tsuyoshi says, "But... I feel like you just let me win."

Irene says, "Don't think that. You deserved to win more than I did. This challenge meant so little, and if it weren't for Yi Min, I wouldn't have finished that puzzle. The win is rightfully yours. You played the entire game better than me, and Tsuyoshi?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Yes?"

"I want you to have the money," Irene says. "You have nothing. I have my family, and now my fear to be outside is conquered. I have the money my parents left behind for me. I knew I could attend college, easily. I wanted to make sure that you could, too. I was worried about your future, and what would happen if you didn't win."

Tsuyoshi says, "This means a lot. I felt so alone after you all abandoned me."

Herman says, "I apologizeth. I should hath trusted thou."

"Me, too," Cary says, looking down at the ground. Cary looks up at Tsuyoshi and says, "But you're not alone, anymore. You have me, and the rest of the friends you made here. You deserved this win."

Irene, Yi Min, Priscilla, Cary, Grant, Herman, Ruth, Melinda, Micky D., Ophelia, and Brent join together to give Tsuyoshi a group hug. Tsuyoshi says, "Thanks, you all mean so much to me." Tsuyoshi pauses. He says, "Oh, crap."

Herman says, "Whateth is it?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm going to cry." The tears of joy fall from his eyes.

Chapter 22 - State of ReunionEdit

Chris Mclean smiles and waves. He is on the stage that was used as the set of Leshawna's talk show. Chris says, "Remember that time there was this show about teens in a reality competition that was based on other reality shows? Remember the Winnebagos? Remember the disorders? Yeah. It was a good season. It's been about a year, and we've assembled the contestants together in order to check up on their lives and how the show affected them." The camera pans out and shows the twenty Total Drama Reality contestants sitting in four rows of stools, in order of the first person eliminated, Angelo, down to the winner, Tsuyoshi. The audience cheers. Some of the contestants wave and smile. Chris says, "Let's get straight to the first question. It's directed toward Angelo, and from T.W. Have you ever failed at something, and kept it a secret?"

Angelo smiles and says, "Everyone has their shortcomings."

"Ooh," Chris says excitedly. "What did you do? What did you do?"

Angelo frowns. He looks down and says, "I can't think of anything. I apologize for getting your hopes up."

Chris sighs and says, "Figures. Next question. Jacob wonders 'How far did you think you were going to make it, before you were eliminated?'"

"I thought I could make it all the way," Angelo states. "I had never lost at anything before Total Drama Reality. I guess I sort of didn't think it was possible."

Chris asks the next question, "Did you see your blindside coming?" Angelo shakes his head 'no'. Chris says, "Thanks, Angelo. You handled your elimination well." Angelo gives a closed mouth smile. "Next up, Ruth. Did you expect to be eliminated as early as you were?"

Ruth shakes her head. She says, "I had a good amount of friends on the show, and I thought my alliance was secure. I just got in Tsuyoshi's path." Tsuyoshi blushes. "I take responsibility for my elimination, though."

Chris asks, "Speaking of which, how is your relationship with Tsuyoshi? Are you still friends?"

Ruth nods and says, "We still e-mail each other on occasion to check up on each other. He's a good friend."

"How are your artistic endeavors going?" Chris asks.

"Great," Ruth says excitedly. "Since the show, my art has really improved."

"Does that have anything to do with Brent?" Chris asks with a smirk.

Ruth nods. "I wish I could explain it better, but Brent really opened my mind as to what art could be."

Chris asks, "Has he posed for you since the show?"

"Yeah," Ruth informs. "He has posed for me, on the condition that I kept his involvement in my artwork confidential." Chris blankly looks at Ruth and blinks. "Oh, shoot," Ruth says in an embarrassed manner. "Sorry, Brent." Brent shrugs, not looking like he cares.

Chris asks his next question, "Spenny wants to know how Grant's relationship with Cary has been since the show?"

Cary says, "We're the best of friends, now. I can go to Grant about..."

"Excuse me, Cary," Grant says with a slight hint of annoyance. "Up to this moment, Chris has been asking people questions in the order of their elimination. If I recall correctly, I would be next. I believe it would be best for you to wait your turn."

Cary looks ashamed. He says, "Right. I'm sorry for speaking out of turn." Chris looks slightly confused.

Grant, wearing a yellow button up shirt, apologizes, "Sorry for the interruption, Chris. What was that question?"

"Uh," Chris says with an uneasy tone, "how has your relationship with your brother been since the show?"

Grant smiles incredibly widely and answers, "Great! We're great friends."

Cary agrees, "Yeah. It's like we're even closer than before."

Grant looks at his brother and nods. "I'm so grateful for what this competition has done for our relationship. I loved Cary more than anyone else, before the show, but for him to treat me like his friend, now, it means so much. Cary respects me, now, and we can really open up about what we're feeling and struggling with." Cary reaches over Libby and sets his hand on Grant's knee.

Chris smiles and says, "That's great. A few of our viewers were wondering about your self esteem, Grant. Has it improved since meeting Sheena, and resolving things with Cary?"

Grant smiles at Sheena and nods. "Yeah. I found my two best friends on the show. Before, I didn't feel like I deserved to have friends. I wanted Cary to feel better than I did, and that really brought me to a low point. I'm very grateful to Total Drama Reality for helping me."

Chris smiles and says, "No problem. Next up we have some questions for Libby. Have you gotten funnier since your time on the show?"

Libby shrugs and says, "Humor is subjective, Chris."

"True," Chris says. "Has your brand of comedy changed, at all?"

Libby looks down and says, "Yeah. When I realized I could hurt people with my jokes, that made me work at keeping any mean spirited comments to myself."

"That's good," Chris commends. "Have you done any stand up routines since the show?"

Libby says, "At some local cafes, and stuff. People don't usually take female comics very seriously."

Chris laughs and says, "Good one." Libby looks at him with a confused expression. He says, "Let's move on. Cary, how have people treated you since your time on the show?"

"For a while," Cary starts, "I got a mix of responses. Some told me they hated me when we'd pass each other on the street. Some people told me that they really liked me... They probably thought they were talking to Grant, though."

Grant says, "That's not true, Cary. There were people that really liked you, and could relate to you. Tell them about that letter you got."

Cary looks down. He says, "Yeah. I got a letter from a girl a little younger than me. She told me she struggled with bulimia and body image, too. She told me that seeing me deal with my struggle in a healthy manner had inspired her to seek help." Cary looks up, his eyes watery. "That meant so much. At least one person was helped by my story."

Chris smiles. "How have you been doing with your struggle?"

Grant looks over at Cary. Cary says, "I need to be honest. There have been about three times where I failed, but I haven't given up. You can't let setbacks stop you from giving up struggling with what your dealing with. Only three times in the last year is great, in perspective."

Chris says, "It is. Keep up the good work, Cary." Chris turns his attention toward Brent. Brent blankly stares back at Chris. Chris asks, "Uh. Brent. This question comes from a viewer who wishes to remain anonymous. Do you feel like you could have grown more as a person if you had stayed in the game a little longer?"

Brent shrugs. He says nonchalantly, "I guess."

"Have you been recognized on the streets after your appearance on the show?" Chris asks.

"Yes," Brent answers.

"And?" Chris asks.

Brent asks with no hint of emotion, "And what?"

"What happened?" Chris asks.

Brent explains, "Some girl thought I was the sexiest guy on earth, or something."

Chris says, "That must have made you happy, or something."

Brent shrugs. "I just figured she must have mistaken me for someone else."

Chris says, "I guess I'll go to Sheena with the next question. Jake wonders if you've gotten treatment for your constant complaining."

Sheena looks annoyed. She says, "What kind of question is that? Is there some sort of treatment for complaining, or something?"

Grant says sweetly, "I think you've gotten better." Sheena giggles softly.

Chris smiles and asks, "How is your relationship with Grant?"

Sheena smiles widely. She frowns, looks away from Chris, and says, "It's okay."

Chris shrugs and asks, "Dinah, did you get more mature?"

Dinah, dressed in a porcupine costume, mimics in a whiny voice, "Did you get more mature?"

"That answers that question," Chris mutters. He asks, "Why the costume change?"

Dinah answers, "I kept getting mistaken for Godzilla."

Chris laughs and says, "That sounds pretty funny."

"I don't know," Dinah says. "It felt wrong to sign autographs as Godzilla, you know?"

Chris raises an eyebrow, "Yeah. Sure. Are you still dating Jonathan?"

She looks up at Jonathan, who opted to switch seats with Herman so he could sit by Dinah. She answers, "Yeah. We are. I feel really fortunate for our relationship."

Jonathan says, "I'm the one who feels fortunate." Dinah puts her hands around Jonathan's arm.

Sheena rolls her eyes and says, "Let's just agree that you're both fortunate."

Dinah says, "I have to thank Ophelia for insisting that I express my feelings toward Jonathan. She's a great friend." Ophelia looks back at Dinah and Jonathan and smiles.

Chris smiles. He says, "Let's move on to Jonathan. Some guy named Kenny wonders how the events of Total Drama Reality have affected your life."

Jonathan looks down. He says, "It was a pretty dark time for me. While some of it was happening, I regretted signing that contract. But if it weren't for the show, I don't know if I would have known what was wrong with me. Knowing the reason for my mood swings has made it easier for me to understand my behavior and in a way it has helped me to not overreact or be upset with myself over what I say or do, at times. I know now that it isn't completely my fault. I'm grateful to the show for that, and also to Ophelia for matching me up with Dinah."

"That leads in to our next question," Chris says. "How did it feel to like a girl for the first time?"

Jonathan blushes and smiles, revealing that his braces have been removed. He says, "It felt nice. I kind of get it, now. Having someone there you can talk to who cares about you... is nice."

"How have you been able to cope with your bipolar depression?" Chris asks.

Jonathan says, "It's tough. I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I don't want to be on my medication, because I don't know if what I'm feeling, or not feeling, is what I'm actually feeling. You know? But I really don't want to hurt anyone with what I say or do, so I've taken my medication, regularly. It helps having the support of Dinah, and my family, too. If I do say something harsh, they've been very understanding."

"How about your love for the outdoors?" Chris asks.

Jonathan says, "My scouting was sort of my pre-show therapy. I felt so calm when I looked at the scenery, or was occupied with getting some badge. Since being dismissed from the Boy Scouts, my parents have been more interested in my love for the outdoors. They take me camping when I want to or when I'm feeling a little down, which honestly isn't all the time. I'm glad they understand the reason I loved scouting, now, even though I just sort of figured it out, too."

"I'm glad things are going well for you, Jonathan," Chris assures. "Herman..." Chris looks where Herman is supposed to be sitting. He says, "Angelo? What are you doing in Herman's seat?"

Herman is dressed identically to Angelo, with a black, curly wig. Herman says, "Uh, Chris. It's me. Herman."

"What happened to you?" Chris asks, in a slightly shocked manner.

Herman shrugs. He says, "I guess I outgrew my LARPing."

"But why are you dressed like Angelo?" Chris asks.

Herman's face turns red. He says, "I have a new hero, now."

Chris shrugs and says, "Whatever makes you happy. Let's see. Did you find a life?"

"I guess," Herman says. "I play football now. I just like helping people in general, now. I've been able to make friends. I just had to be myself."

Chris awkwardly stares at Herman, and then at Angelo. Chris asks, "Have you forgiven Jonathan?"

Herman looks down and says, "Yeah. My experience with Jonathan taught me that there can be reasons behind peoples behavior. I regret making him lose the game. I acted so selfishly, but I felt it was justified. I just hope he forgives me."

Jonathan smiles and says, "Of course. If it weren't for you, I would have never known or realized what was wrong. I'm sorry for what I put you through, though."

"It's okay," Herman assures.

Chris asks, "What about that million dollar offer for your idea in the invention challenge?"

Herman smiles and says, "I took it." The other contestants and audience cheer and smile. Herman adds, "I really owe it to Tsuyoshi. He kept urging me to consider the offer. I realized that it wasn't about him. He wanted what was best for me. I realized that he wasn't trying to sponge the money off of me, which was pretty irrational in the first place. So, yeah. I thank him, nearly every time we talk."

Tsuyoshi says, "It's no big deal."

Chris says, "I'm glad you're doing well, Herman. Val, how are things?"

Val says cheerfully, "Great. My boyfriend and I are still going out. He's been supportive throughout the whole experience. I've been pretty happy, I guess."

Chris says, "That's great. Anything you took from the show?"

Val nods. She says, "I've tried to do better in dealing with people with disabilities. The show, and my interactions with Uriah, made me realize that there was so much that I didn't understand. I want to either be a teacher for kids with special needs, or something dealing with sign language. I've already learned some sign language."

"That's cool," Chris says. "Next up is Melinda. Were you even remotely into the macabre when you appeared to be?"

Melinda blushes. She is wearing a deep red dress. Her hair is shorter. She says, "I wasn't really. I kind of liked horror movies, especially the older, cheesy ones. My older brother introduced me to them, and I still like them. Anyway, I was basically just dressing and acting that way for attention. I'm a little embarrassed about it, now."

Chris asks, "Have you and Brent gone out?"

Melinda laughs. She says, "No. I guess I only liked him, because I thought he liked me back. But now that I know that he doesn't..."

Brent says in a monotonous voice, "What? I was totally hot for you."

"You were?" Melinda asks, her cheeks bright red.

Ophelia runs to Brent and whispers, "Ask her to go out with you."

Brent nods. "Wanna go out?"

Melinda says, "Uh... Yeah."

Chris laughs. He says, "Another Total Drama Reality love connection. On that note. Naomi, how is your relationship with Micky D. doing?"

Naomi smiles warmly and says, "We're doing good. It's been fun to try to wrangle in a player."

"I had my share o' honeys, yo, I ain't gonna lie," Micky D. informs.

Chris asks, "What attracted to you to Micky D.? You seemed to dislike him at first."

Naomi answers, "I did dislike him, at first. At the time, I didn't like anybody that was so outgoing or optimistic. I knew I liked him when I saw how he was a genuinely caring person in the babysitting challenge. I guess I felt that that sort of person didn't exist, but when I saw him acting that way, without knowing I was standing there. I saw him for the beautiful person he is."

Micky D. says, "In otha words, she wanted my body." Naomi laughs.

Chris says, "Umkay. Have you reconciled with Priscilla?"

Naomi nods. Micky D. looks down sadly. Naomi says, "Her actions at the time made me upset, but I know she didn't mean to hurt me. We still talk."

"How about you Micky D.?" Chris asks. "Have you and Priscilla made up?"

Micky D. nods slightly. He says, "I was a big jerk with her, ya know? I wanted to make her hurt, but I was acting real wrong. I wasn't considering her feelings. I just wanted revenge."

Chris asks, "Several viewers were wondering how your rapping career has been going for you. Even your biggest fan, T.W. I'm guessing that the fact that they don't know means that it went nowhere."

Micky D. blushes. He says, "I got some sick raps in the works, ya know."

"His lyrics are really well written and thought provoking," Naomi assures.

"Thanks, boo," Micky D. says. "I just don't think people like my rhymin' skills, for some reason. I think it's because I'm skinny."

"I'm sure that's it," Chris states. "Priscilla, you're up. How have you and Yi Min been doing since the show ended?"

"Good," Priscilla says shyly. "He's the best guy I've ever met. When I doubted him momentarily, I realized I never had to. He is the purest, most well intentioned person I know." Yi Min blushes.

Chris smiles. "I'm glad I had a part in you two getting together." Ophelia raises an eyebrow. Chris asks, "Are you still sexist against guys?"

Priscilla says, "No. I know that I was being silly. Not all guys are bad."

Chris says, "I know, right?"

"Just you," Priscilla states with a scowl.

"I'm hurt," Chris says with a smile. "Uriah," Chris says as he signs Uriah's name. He asks, "How have you and Ophelia been doing since Total Drama Reality?"

Uriah signs. Ophelia translates, "Great, Chris. I know that Ophelia is the girl I want to marry." Ophelia blushes. She continues translating, "I proposed to her, and we plan to marry once we turn eighteen." The audience and other contestants cheer. Yi Min hugs Ophelia.

Chris looks surprised. He says, "Congratulations."

Uriah smiles and says slowly, "Thank you."

Chris asks, "You've been speaking?"

Uriah nods. He signs. Ophelia translates, "It isn't easy. I'm still really self conscious, but I've been getting better. I'm still a little nervous to speak in large sentences, but I'm able to communicate with people better. It helps when I need something, especially when Ophelia isn't around. Which is barely ever." Uriah and Ophelia smile at each other. "Some people don't even know I'm deaf. They just think I like staring at their lips when we converse, I guess. That's all I have to tell you about." Uriah puts his arm around Ophelia's shoulders.

Chris turns to Ophelia. He asks, "How did Uriah respond to your elimination?"

Ophelia smiles. She says, "He was upset about what I did."

"I cried," Uriah says.

Ophelia chuckles. She says, "But he understood my reasons. We were just really happy to see each other, again. We see each other just about every day."

"Do you still make matches?" Chris asks.

Ophelia smiles and nods. She says, "I want other people to be happy, like Uriah and I are."

"You do a good job at it," Chris admits.

Ophelia smirks and says, "So do you."

Chris laughs and says, "I have no idea what you're implying." Ophelia gives Chris a knowing smile.

"Yi Min," Chris addresses. "Have you made improvements since learning you were dyslexic?"

Yi Min smiles and nods. He says, "I'm learning. Slowly, but surely. I'm about at a second grade reading level, now."

"I'm sorry," Chris says quietly.

"Why?" Yi Min says with a confused expression. "I'm not embarrassed about that. Not the way I was embarrassed when I couldn't even read anything but my own name. I've improved. That's the way I like to look at it."

"How've you been able to improve?" Chris asks.

Yi Min looks over at Tsuyoshi. He reaches passed Irene and places his hand on Tsuyoshi's shoulder. "Tsuyoshi. He's tutoring me just like he said he would. He's helped me in a lot of other ways, as a friend. I'm so grateful for everything he's helped me with."

"In what other ways has he helped you?" Chris asks.

"Why don't you ask him when you get to him?" Yi Min suggests.

Chris nods. He asks, "Have you been able to enroll in any sports since the show?"

Yi Min nods rapidly. He says, "Heck, yes. It was the first thing I did when school began, or before... Whatever. Because of my circumstances, I was allowed to join the teams. It's been really fun to be able to do what I really love."

Chris says, "I'm happy for you." Chris looks at Irene, dressed in protective gear. "Hey, Irene."

"Hey," she replies.

"One of our viewers wonders if Total Drama Reality inspired you to go out more," Chris states.

Irene lets out a deep breath and says, "Yes. I've been taking it slow, but I'm able to go out more frequently all the time. I hope to attend school in person after the summer is over."

"That's nice," Chris says with a smile. "So you are no longer a hikikomori."

"What?" Irene asks.

Tsuyoshi explains, "It's a term referring to people, notably in Japan, that isolate themselves in order to avoid social interaction. Some are likely agoraphobic."

"Oh," Irene says. "Okay."

"Have any contestants visited you in your home?" Chris asks.

Irene nods and says, "Yi Min and Tsuyoshi have stopped by several times. Especially during the summer. Some others at least call. I appreciate all the friends I've made over the course of the series."

"Are you still glad you decided to allow Tsuyoshi to win?" Chris asks.

"That's one of the best decisions I've ever made," Irene states. "He really needed it. I'm secure, and I wanted to make sure he was, too. He's done some really good things with his money."

Chris nods. He says, "I'm going to ask you about that, Tsuyoshi. How have you been using your money?"

"Well," Tsuyoshi starts, "This is a long story. I had to go through some legal stuff, as I was disowned. The government wanted to assure that I had a place to live, though I was hesitant about foster care. I'm still a minor, after all. They just didn't know about my situation until after the show. It's kind of been a relief that I avoided living in foster care. I've had to move away from my hometown, but I was able to arrange to attend a private school. I live in a dorm on campus."

"That's great," Chris says.

Tsuyoshi smiles. He says, "The money has been a lifesaver for me. The school really took a small amount of the money, but I have complete control over the money."

Yi Min nudges Tsuyoshi and says, "Tell him who your roommate is."

"I was getting to that," Tsuyoshi says with a slight laugh. "I share my dorm with Yi Min."

"Really?" Chris nods.

"I promised Yi Min I would help him," Tsuyoshi explains. "I talked with his parents and they agreed for me to pay for his schooling. The school really wanted him on their sports teams."

"Isn't Tsuyoshi amazing?" Yi Min asks rhetorically.

Tsuyoshi's face turns red. He says, "It's nothing."

Chris says, "That was really nice, Tsuyoshi. I have to ask you about your friend, Sebastian. Have you been watching Total Drama Tropics?"

Yi Min nods rapidly. "Yeah, we watch and record every episode. We have viewing parties with some of the guys from school."

Chris asks, "How do you feel about the way Sebastian has played the game?"

Tsuyoshi answers, "Well, it was hard to watch sometimes. I'll be honest. I was disappointed with certain things that happened. I feel a little responsible, as I suggested he join. I do know that he was really sorry. He didn't mean any harm, and he really is an intelligent guy."

"Are you still friends?" Chris asks.

"Oh, sure," Tsuyoshi says. "I go back solely to visit him when I have the chance. We're still close."

"How have things been with you in the romance department?" Chris asks bluntly.

Tsuyoshi looks surprised. He blushes and says, "Nobody wants to hear about that."

Yi Min winks and says, "There's this guy that Tsuyoshi totally was going out with. I mean, at an all boys school he's bound to find someone..."

"Yi Min!" Tsuyoshi shouts.

"They broke up, though," Yi Min explains. "The guy got jealous over Tsuyoshi's crush on a Total Drama Tropics contestant."

"Who?" Chris says with wide eyes.

"It was..." Yi Min starts. Tsuyoshi looks at Yi Min with a disappointed expression. Yi Min winks and says, "I'll just say that Tsu has a thing for redheads."

Tsuoshi puts his palm against his forehead. He says, "That doesn't narrow it down, at all."

"I could have meant that writer girl," Yi Min suggests.

Chris laughs and says, "Well, it sounds like you're all doing pretty well. I'm glad to hear it. Total Drama Wilderness is about to premier, so be sure to watch. Also, five Total Drama Reality contestants will return for our All-Star season. It's sure to be quite the season. Thanks to all of you for coming, today. I look forward to seeing five of you, again."

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