Al is the oldest of seven children. He helps his parents out where he can in taking care of his siblings. When Al was fifteen years old his parents moved from Hawaii to Canada. He'd always been interested in all sorts of activities, and was a member of nearly every sports team at his school, including basketball, rowing, football, soccer, and swimming. He also was very fond of academics, being one of his school's best students. He was student body president at sixteen. Everyone at his school, including teachers, would go to Al with their problems and things they needed help with. Al never turned anyone down. When he was given far too much to do he continued to agree to do things for people. When he found himself unable to do everything asked of him, he suffered a nervous breakdown. After recovering, he took on far less responsibilities and quit nearly every team he was a part of, except the rowing team. He also resigned from being student body president. Al now takes things extremely slow, avoids getting involved in complicated matters, and puts very little effort into things he does in order to avoid another nervous breakdown. Al still loves sports and has trouble not trying his hardest at them when he has to compete.

Al decided to join the Total Drama series because he misses Hawaii and he wants to hopefully visit a tropical location. He also wouldn't mind winning the prize money.

Audrey's mother is weird. She named Audrey after herself, but added a "II" to cut down on confusion. She kept Audrey II sheltered for her entire life, and taught her at home. Audrey II wanted to attend a normal school to be with people her age. Her mother refused, but Audrey II was persistent. Her mother finally agreed and Audrey II attended a public school at the age of fourteen. She had trouble interacting with the other kids, and was constantly saying embarrassing things. She also had difficulty with grasping certain things she was being taught. A concerned teacher discerned that Audrey II was more than just awkward. She talked to Audrey II privately, and had her agree to see a school psychiatrist. Audrey II then spoke with a colleague of the school psychiatrist. She was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Her mother agreed to the tests, assuming that there was nothing wrong. When finding out that Audrey II had an actual disorder, her mother blamed the public school system, immediately removed Audrey II from the school, and had Audrey II go back to homeschooling. Audrey II begged her mother to let her try out for her favorite series, Total Drama. Her mother agreed, realizing it wasn't long term.

Audrey II has joined the Total Drama series in order to interact with other teenagers. She feels uncomfortable around people her own age and hopes to become more comfortable. She also wants to prove that someone with Asperger's Syndrome can compete at and win a reality show.

Beau is the youngest of twelve children. Ever since he can remember girls always thought he was a cute, adorable boy. As Beau grew into his teen years, the attention he received from the female gender didn't stop. His attraction to the female population was entirely mutual. He begged his parents to let him start dating at thirteen, but he was forbidden from it. His father told him that he could start dating at sixteen. The day Beau turned sixteen he landed himself a girlfriend, made out with her, and dumped her in order to start dating another girl, immediately. After eight months of being able to date, Beau has had a total of one hundred and fifty-six girlfriends. One day, Beau met a girl that wasn't easily charmed by him. This confused Beau. He tried harder at attracting her, but failed. He then asked her why she wouldn't go out with him, and she said it was because of his bad reputation. Beau was taken by surprise by the statement as he never thought about it, but he knew that his attraction to this girl was something different. He actually imagined himself getting married to her in a few years, something that never struck him before. She promised that she would go out with him if he changed his ways. Beau promised he would try his hardest at not going after other girls. Beau had signed up to appear on the Total Drama series before meeting her, and couldn't back out. He set off for the show one day after making the promise to his potential girlfriend.

Beau joined the Total Drama series to meet girls. He also planned on winning the money by using his power on the female contestants in order to put him in the finals. His motives all changed after meeting his new love interest.

Creigh is the second oldest of four children. He's always been a very caring, trusting, and kind individual. Creigh never takes a seat on the bus in case someone needs it instead of him. He holds doors open for people, sometimes for thirty minute intervals. He gathers together search parties for lost dogs. He constantly tries to make the lives of people around him better. Creigh has a large group of friends and he feels deep attachment toward other people. He feels like his time is best spent making sure all of his friends are feeling okay by phone call, and doing whatever he can when he finds out someone isn't feeling their best. Creigh also enjoys sports and he has been an advocate at his school to encourage all kinds of people to be a part of his school's sports teams. He doesn't care about winning as much as he cares about everyone being able to be included. He takes his schoolwork very seriously, and he gets very good grades. Creigh also volunteers at a local hospital and nursing home.

Creigh decided to join the Total Drama series in order to prove that a nice person can win. He would also like the prize money in order to donate some of it to some local charities. He also wants to use the money in order to attend college and be able to help people in developing countries.

Dante is the youngest of two children whose parents went through a nasty divorce. Dante didn't like his father, but he was still hurt when his parents got divorced. When his mother remarried, Dante didn't adjust, even though his stepfather is much nicer to him and his mother than his birth father. Dante almost always feels like everyone is against him, and shows little respect to other people. Dante purposely tries to make his mother and stepfather argue, because he feels better about himself when other people are miserable, and they're less likely to keep an eye on him when they argue. He has committed several petty crimes, but always charms his way out of getting in trouble, or caught. Dante is a rebel in the classroom, when he decides to attend his school, earning him respect from some of his classmates. He is also quite popular with his female classmates, who he doesn't mind using to do his homework for him. Dante only views people as objects to get what he wants.

Dante joined the Total Drama series for the money.

At the age of seven, Emmy appeared in a TV movie, and her career as a child star began. She appeared in commercials, TV shows, and movies, even earning a few awards for her acting skills. Once she hit the age of twelve, her career came to a sudden halt. Agencies stopped calling her parents, also her managers. Emmy came to accept the fact that she was no longer in the limelight, but her parents pushed her to audition more. She had trouble dealing with the pressure from her parents combined with wanting to be a normal girl and go to a regular school. She sneaks away from her parents every now and then in order to meet other people her age she can hang out with. She doesn't discriminate against any type of person when choosing who she befriends, just as long as they pay attention to her and they don't make a big deal about her being famous.

Emmy auditioned to be on the Total Drama series to try to make friends, and also to get away from her parents. Her parents were happy to hear that she wanted to audition for something.

Frederick has an older brother that had been adopted by his parents before Frederick was born. Frederick is the heir to his parents' vast fortune, as they inherited their vast wealth from both of their parents. Frederick grew up incredibly pampered. His parents also taught him the importance of giving back to people in need, as they are world famous for their generous philanthropy. They hope for Frederick to carry on their legacy, but there's one glaring problem. Frederick hates other people. In school, he'd always been teased because he was so rich. He is constantly hounded by the paparazzi, even when he doesn't leave the grounds of his family estate. Strangers constantly ask Frederick for either money or his autograph whenever he goes out. These events caused Frederick to become very introverted and shy, even around his own family. Frederick just wants to be left alone.

Frederick joined the Total Drama series because he had received information that it would take place on a remote island that very few know about. Frederick wants to get away from his life. Frederick also secretly hopes to keep anyone else from winning.

Hae Won is the youngest of three children. She has lived in Canada all her life, though her parents moved there from South Korea just a few months before she was born. Hae Won loves her family, but prefers hanging out with her friends, which she has quite a few of. She's always the first to come to the defense of any of her friends when someone attacks them, either verbally or physically. Hae Won's always been very supportive when any of her friends are going through a problem, especially a relationship problem. She'll take the initiative in getting back at someone who hurt a friend or broke up with them, even when not asked. Hae Won usually takes things pretty personally even if they weren't meant to be offensive. She would never do anyone any harm if unprovoked, however.

Hae Won decided to join the Total Drama series in order to make new friends. She thinks of herself as a fairly strong-willed person, and is determined that she will win.

Isaiah is an only child. He wanted to move from Africa to America for a better future. His parents wanted him to have the opportunity, as well. At fifteen, Isaiah was able to move in with his cousins across seas. They lived in Canada, however. Isaiah still enjoys life in Canada. His cousins have lived in Canada all their lives so they have been having a little trouble adjusting to some things Isaiah is used to. When he went with his male cousin to the mall for the first time, Isaiah held hands with him. This heavily embarrassed his cousin, but for Isaiah it was only a symbol of friendship. Isaiah has gotten used to what is more acceptable in his new culture since this occasion, however. At his school, he has become wildly popular as he is so friendly. Isaiah is good at sports and that also adds to his popularity. His teachers encouraged him to pursue other hobbies that he might enjoy, and he took up photography. Isaiah loves photographing new people he meets, as well as nature, especially flowers. Photography is his main passion.

Isaiah joined the Total Drama series because his friends and family encouraged him to, believing he would do well. He agreed to join because he always enjoys the opportunity to make new friends. He thinks the money also might come in handy for his schooling.

Janice is the youngest of seven children. Janice was always a happy, nice girl. Nothing bad ever happened to her until the day her mother died. Her mother was ill, but was unaware of it until it was too late. It took Janice, and the rest of her family, by surprise. Janice finally had something bad happen to her and she found herself entirely unable to express how she felt on the inside. A school psychiatrist recommended that Janice try using an inanimate object to express her feelings. This worked. Janice thought that if that worked, she should get herself a dummy. Janice loves her dummy, named Violet, and takes her with her everywhere. She kind of weirded out some of her classmates at first, but they eventually got used to Violet, and find her to be pretty funny. With the help of Violet, Janice is able to say the things she never used to be able to say.

Janice joined the Total Drama series because Violet told her to. Secretly, Janice really wanted to.

Logan is an only child. Well into his teen years, Logan knew he wasn't the most attractive guy on earth. He constantly was teased at school for his looks, but his parents encouraged him to ignore the comments. Logan was successful in ignoring his rude classmates. It worked so well that everyone in his class never notices him. Logan doesn't really mind, as he dreads the alternative. Logan continued to do good deeds on a constant basis, but never asked for any sort of recognition. He never got any. Logan was still happy, though, because his relationship with his parents was very strong. One day, his father got a call that his brother and sister-in-law died in a car crash. Their son survived the crash, but was now an orphan. Logan's parents agreed to adopt Logan's cousin legally. Logan was overjoyed as he and his cousin were very close. Logan's cousin always treated him well, and Logan was happy to be a source of comfort to his sad cousin. Logan's cousin is a year older than Logan, attractive, athletic, and popular at Logan's school. Logan doesn't get jealous of his cousin, but Logan noticed a change when his cousin moved in with him. His parents affection and attention had transferred. Logan is always put second after his cousin by Logan's parents as they feel he needs the attention after losing his parents. Logan's cousin spends a lot of time doing athletic activities with his friends and on his school's teams, as Logan's parents go with him to cheer him on. Logan is now almost completely ignored by everyone in his life.

Logan joined the Total Drama series to hopefully have someone pay attention to him. He is realistic, however, and thinks he can make it all the way to the finals without anyone noticing.

Marguerite's mother died two years. Her father was an emotional wreck, but Marguerite remained strong. With her help, her father became emotionally stable and started dating, again... Online. He met a woman who lived in Canada, moved there with his daughter, and then married his girlfriend. Marguerite was sixteen at the time, her current age. Marguerite has trouble adjusting to her new atmosphere and her English isn't fantastic, but she manages. She's a very openly affectionate individual, and she ends up making people not used to her former country's customs a bit uncomfortable. She has made some new friends in her school's fashion design club, though she doesn't hang out with them after school.

Marguerite joined the Total Drama series in order to make new friends. She also would like to win the money to get into a school for fashion design.

Patsy was a normal girl living in a quiet suburb with her parents and older brother. She always loved to write. She also loved reading detective fiction. One day, Patsy submitted a story for a class assignment. Her teacher encouraged her to enter the story in an amateur writing contest, which she did. It won the top prize and Patsy received offers to get the story published. She accepted an offer and that's how her career in writing detective fiction began at the age of thirteen. Patsy averages about three novels per year since her first story became a bestseller. She is now a millionaire because of her popular books. Unfortunately, Patsy has allowed her success to go to her head. She didn't become conceited, she became eccentric. She began to speak and act like a character from one of her stories, constantly talking in third person and narrating her thoughts and what goes on around her. This confused her childhood friends to the point of their avoiding her, but she doesn't seem to mind. She enjoys being in her own little world.

Patsy decided to join the Total Drama series because she felt like going on a real life adventure.

Renee is an only child. Even when she was a little girl she had an intimidating presence. Kids were always too afraid to talk to her. As she grew up, she still intimidated people, but some of her classmates thought that she was really cool. Renee doesn't talk a lot, because she often daydreams about cute things, especially cats. People mistake her quietness for strength. Renee is too shy to correct people. When she does try to speak up she is often interrupted. Renee is strong, however, being better than most of the boys in her class at sports. The girls in her class look to her as a hero, but she would rather be cute, though she knows that isn't possible. Renee loves animals incredibly, but the animal kingdom doesn't return the sentiment. Renee is never able to even pet animals as they respond to her by biting her hand.

Renee joined the Total Drama series because one of her friends signed her up for it. Renee tried to say no, but was ignored. Renee's friends think that she will win because she is strong.

Sebastian is a very observant young man. He is able to notice small details about people and places that others don't usually notice. He also never forgets anything, as he has a photographic memory. One day, on his way back from school, Sebastian came across a crime scene at an outdoor cafe that the police were investigating. Without having any knowledge of the victim or suspects, Sebastian was able to solve the murder instantly, using his observation skills. This event made Sebastian a local hero, and his ego was greatly boosted. All sorts of people ask for Sebastian's help when things go missing, or they need some sort of minor help. Sebastian is always willing to lend his opinion on something, and to use his observation skills. Unfortunately, Sebastian is wrong most of the time, and his claim to fame was out of just sheer luck. However, even when Sebastian is wrong, people believe his theories. Sebastian knows Tsuyoshi from Total Drama Reality. Both boys are members of their school's chess club. The boys became friends because they both know Japanese and both enjoy chess. When hearing about Tsuyoshi being kicked out of his home, Sebastian asked his parents to let Tsuyoshi stay at their house for a few weeks, not caring about the reason. His parents agreed, not wanting to see him without a place to stay.

Sebastian auditioned for the Total Drama series in order to put his observation skills to use, and hopefully win the prize money. He was encouraged by Tsuyoshi to join.

Sky Lynn is the youngest of two children. She lives on a reservation with her family in Canada and also goes to a school on the reservation. Sky Lynn loves nature and shares concerns with her brother that man is destroying the earth. While she does protest with her brother against deforestation and destroying land for construction purposes, her approaches are far less radical. She believes in protecting animals and their habitat more than simply the destruction of the land as she has always had a special bond with the animal kingdom. She would never hurt another human, but she does feel deep pain when she hears of or sees anyone mistreating any of her animal friends.

Sky Lynn joined the Total Drama series to be close to nature and to brave the elements. She also wants to be able to help even one person see the need to treat the earth with respect.

Stacy has always been a nice, considerate, and caring individual. She loves people and always tries her best to see the good in everyone. She's very popular at her school, but has been the victim of people using her kindness to their advantage. She isn't gullible, so she keeps her distance from people who have tricked her in the past. She still treats them with kindness, though. Stacy is a child of divorced parents. She was fourteen when her parents split. While her older sister and younger brother didn't handle the divorce too well, Stacy remains positive during the situation, never blaming herself for what happened between her parents. Her and her siblings stay with their father one week and with their mother the next week. Stacy does her best to accept her family and life the way it is. She also loves her stepfather and her new baby sister.

Stacy decided to join the Total Drama series in order to meet new people, and to hopefully have a good experience.

Topher is practically identical to the way his uncle, Chris Mclean, looked when he was a teenager. He was even named after Chris. These factors automatically made Topher Chris' absolute favorite relative. Topher always idolized his uncle growing up, and started to become as sadistic as Chris had become in his more recent years. Topher's parents resented his personality and hoodlum friends. They eventually gave Topher an ultimatum; either quit hanging out with his bad friends, or be grounded until he was eighteen. Topher chose to run away from home, instead. At the age of fifteen, Topher lived on the streets. He tried to contact Chris to stay with him, but Chris was busy filming a reality show, and never answered Topher's calls. One day, Topher realized what a big mistake he had made by leaving home, and has tried to undo some of the bad things he's done by being kind, helpful, and an overall good citizen. He is now disgusted by Chris' sadistic behavior and completely resents his uncle, and now goes by Topher, instead of Chris. Chris seems unfazed by Topher's resentment of him and still considers Topher his favorite relative based on his looks.

Topher didn't decide to audition for the Total Drama series. Chris opted for him to appear. Instead of rejecting the offer, Topher accepted with the goal of bringing honor to the Mclean family name.

Willow is the middle child of three children. Willow has always been a very emotional person. She cries when hearing about events that happen to people that she doesn't even know on the other side of the world. Willow is by no means depressed. Willow cries when sad things happen to others, but she is surprisingly strong when personally facing hardship. She watches sad movies just to have a good cry, though she's almost constantly crying without them. Willow also cries when she's happy, which seems to happen more often. Willow has a good group of friends that don't mind that she cries all the time. They recognize that she is a very sweet individual that really cares about other people. Her friends always go to her for a shoulder to cry on.

Willow joined the Total Drama series to win the money and donate it to disaster relief funds and charities she cares about.

Yancy is an adopted child. His father wanted to get married and have a child, but never found the right woman. He decided not to give up at raising a child, however, and decided to adopt. Yancy always felt unwanted. His father didn't adopt him until he was fourteen. Yancy blamed himself for not being adopted in the ten years he was in foster care. After he was adopted, however, he quickly turned his focus to the female gender. None of the girls at his school seemed to notice him, so he began taking martial arts as a way to attract a girlfriend. He ended up giving a teacher a black eye when trying to show off his abilities. Rumors circulated that he was violent and abusive. He next tried acting tough to go along with the rumor, but that also failed as he only scared any possible girlfriends away even more. He also grew a soul patch, but this attempt also failed. Yancy's only friends are a group of socially awkward boys from different schools than him who also don't have girlfriends. He refused to take part in their nerdy hobbies and would always stand outside when they bought video games or comic books. He was spotted by a girl from his school while waiting outside of a comic shop. She mistook him for wanting to be there, told him that she thought geek's were extremely cute, and said that if she didn't already have a boyfriend she'd date him. From that moment on he turned to geek chic apparel. He doesn't actually even need glasses. This attempt has also failed, as of yet. Yancy's biggest fear is that he will become like his adoptive father. His father is concerned because Yancy only applies himself in trying to find a girlfriend, and not in schoolwork or athletics.

Yancy decided to join the Total Drama series solely to find a girlfriend. He studied the ratio of contestants finding girlfriends on the Total Drama series and thought signing up was worth the risk.


Chapter 1 - Isle Be Seeing YouEdit

The cameraman steps in to Chris Mclean's bedroom. Chris is fast asleep, wearing pajamas and holding a teddy bear. Chris says in his sleep, "Oh, Chris. You handsome devil, you..." The camera man hits an end table, making some noise. Chris' eyes shoot open. He shouts, "What are you doing in here?! I don't have to be there for another..." Chris looks at his alarm clock. He says, "Oh, man... I can't be late. I'm the one everyone is watching for." Chris rushes out of bed and starts to get dressed.

Meanwhile, an average looking, teenage boy steps off of a boat. He sets foot on the sands of a gorgeous tropical island. He says to himself, "So, this is where I'll be living for the next indefinite number of days... Sweet." The young man looks to his left and then to his right. He says, "Where's Chris?" The young man shrugs and carries his belongings farther up shore.

Another boat arrives. A young woman steps off this time. The young man's eyes light up. He runs over to greet her. She removes her sunglasses. The young man says, "Oh my gosh! You're Emmy Dinsdale! I'm a big fan of your work. My name is Lo..."

The celebrity says to herself, "Looks like I'm the first one here." She carries her belongings as she makes her way further from the water. She sets her bags down and says to herself, "Whose bags are these?" when she sees the young man's things.

Another boat arrives, and a beautiful brown haired girl steps off the boat. The young man looks up at her. She says, "Oh. You're Emmy Dinsdale," as she looks ahead. The young woman loses her footing as she steps off the boat. She falls forward. The young man who arrived first dives into the shallow water. The girl lands on his back, but she remains dry. She stands up and says, "I'm so sorry! How clumsy of me." She grabs the young man by the arm and pulls him up. "You're soaking wet. You didn't have to do that for me."

The young man says, "Whatever. Don't worry about it."

The young woman smiles sweetly and says, "My name is Stacy, and thank you." She pauses as the boy blushes and stares at her. She breaks the awkward silence by saying, "What's your name, sweetie?"

The young man opens his mouth. "Sebastian," another voice says. "I'm pleased to make your acquaintance." A short teenage boy with long black hair steps off of the fourth boat. He holds his suitcase with one hand and adjusts his sunglasses with his free hand. "Your name is..."

"Stac..." The girl begins.

Sebastian holds up his hand. He says, "No... I will use my observation skills to deduce your name." He adjusts his sunglasses. "You are... Stacy," he says.

Stacy claps politely. "Amazing," she says.

"I know," Sebastian says. He walks up toward where Emmy is standing. Stacy and the other young man follow.

The next boat arrives and a muscular young man steps off of the boat. He says, as he looks up at the four other contestants, "Hello. My name is Isaiah. It is nice to meet all of you." The young man walks toward the others. He holds up his camera that hangs around his neck and says, "Will the three of you help me remember this occasion?" The other teens shrug and gather around each other. Isaiah snaps the photograph and says, "Wonderful," as he looks at the photograph on the back of his digital camera. He holds it up for the others to see.

Emmy says, "Wow. This picture looks fantastic. You're really talented, or something." Emmy suddenly looks suspicious. "You aren't who I think you are..."

Isaiah innocently asks, "Who am I?"

Emmy shifts her eyes back and forth suspiciously. She whispers, "A paparazzi." The other teens gasp.

Isaiah begins laughing heartily. He says, "Oh, no. Nothing like that. I am just a guy who enjoys the beauty that surrounds him, and wishes to remember it as long as possible." Isaiah smiles at Emmy.

Another boat arrives on the island. The teens look at the next person to step off the boat. The girl is wearing a headband. She heads toward the others. She says, "Hello. I am Sky Lynn."

Sebastian says, "My observation skills tell me that you have come unprepared."

Sky Lynn, "Eh?"

Sebastian smirks. He points to her empty hands. He says, "You brought no luggage with you." The other teens applaud at Sebastian's brilliant observation.

Sky Lynn laughs and says, "Oh, you're mistaken." Sebastian frowns. Sky Lynn looks toward the sky. A hawk flies above the water. The other teens look up. Isaiah takes a photo of the bird. Sky Lynn lets out a call. The bird shrieks and dives toward the teens. Everyone but Sky Lynn ducks. The bird hovers right before Sky Lynn. She takes a duffel bag that the bird is holding in its talons. Sky Lynn bows her head and says, "Thank you, my friend." The bird leaves the area and heads back across the water. The other teens stare in disbelief.


Another teenage girl arrives. She shouts, "Bonjour!" The caption reads, "Hello!" The girls says, "I am Marguerite. If one of zhe strong young men could help? I seem to have packed too heavy." The first person to arrive is the first to approach her. Marguerite looks up. She says, "Anyone?" The caption reads, "Anyone?"

The young man in front of her says, "Down here."

"My apology," she states. "I didn't see you zhere." The caption reads, "My apology. I didn't see you there."

The boy mutters, "What else is new?" He is promptly hit by a large suitcase.

"Merci beaucoup," Marguerite says. The caption reads, "Thank you very much." Marguerite steps off of the boat with a small bag. The young man carries the large suitcase as his knees shake. He sets her suitcase down. She kisses the boy's cheeks. He blushes.

Sebastian says, "Quel plaisir est d'établir une telle vue sur les belles jeunes femme." The caption reads, "What a pleasure it is to establish such a view of the beautiful young woman."

Marguerite excitedly says, "Vous parlez les français?" The caption reads, "You speak the French?"

Sebastian nods and says, "Oui, mademoiselle. Et je dois dire que c'est un plaisir de faire votre connaissance." The caption reads, "Yes, miss. And I must say that it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Le plaisir est pour moi," Marguerite says. The caption reads, "The pleasure is mine." Marguerite takes hold of Sebastian's shoulders and kisses his cheeks. His face turns bright red. He uncomfortably fidgets with his sunglasses.

Sebastian awkwardly says, "Uh, the next boat is here."

Marguerite grabs his hand and says, "Let's greet zhem." The caption reads, "Let's greet them." She drags him to where the next person steps off of the boat.

A red haired young man leaps from the boat with a small bag and a medium sized bag. He says, "Hey, thanks for coming down here to meet me."

"Welcome," Marguerite says. She kisses the young man's cheeks. Sebastian frowns.

The cyan clad young man says, "Thanks." He jogs toward the other contestants. He turns to Marguerite and Sebastian. As he slowly runs backwards, he says, "I'm Creigh, by the way. Nice to meet you."

The next boat arrives and a red haired girl steps off. She says to herself, "The gorgeous heroine sets foot on the island. She thinks to herself, 'You're a long way from home, baby.' As her blazing red hair gently sways in the light breeze, she says to the cast of suspects, 'Hello.' They exchange awkward glances, as a handsome red haired teen, who looks like he never met a bad day in his life, says..."

"You're Patsy Mallone," Creigh says. "I'm a big fan of your books."

Patsy says "The red haired heroine says, 'I always enjoy meeting someone who follows my work'." Creigh smiles. Patsy continues, "Though secretly the heroine resents only being thought of as a horse with only one played out trick."

Creigh awkwardly says, "Um... It's good to meet you."

Patsy says, "The red haired heroine politely lies, 'Likewise'."

Creigh smiles. He thinks for a moment and says, "Hey!" The other contestants laugh quietly.

The next boat arrives. An intimidating young man steps off of the boat. He looks up at the gathered contestants. He glares at them as he joins them. He silently stands near them. Patsy narrates, "The brooding teen silently stands next to the others. He tries to pass off as uninterested, though he is curious as to who stands next to him. He glances at the red haired heroine and shoots her a glance that would make a grown man wince. He opens his mouth and speaks..."

"Would you cut that out?" The teenager says. "What are you, some kind of a freak?"

Stacy says, "Hey, be nice."

The boy rolls his eyes. He looks at Emmy and sees her softly smile. He says, "The name is Dante. I'll ask the ladies to try not to throw themselves at me."

Sky Lynn says, "I have a pet pig with more manners."

Dante says, "Can it, Sacagawea."

The next boat arrives and a very tall man bounds off of the boat and throws his bags to the side. He falls to his knees and runs his hands through the sand and lifts them up as sand falls back to the beach. He stands and faces the water and begins hula dancing.

Dante says, "Seriously... What freak show did they raid to find that guy?"

The newly arrived teen raises his hands toward the sun. He then pauses. He puts his arms down and faces the other contestants. He says, "Sorry, everyooone. I haven't seen a beach since I moved from hooome." He makes a 'rock on' symbol with his hand. He says, "This place is aaaawesome, maaaan. The name is Alaka'i, but you guys can call me Al."

Isaiah says, "It seems to me that you enjoy the beach."

Al nods rapidly. He says, "Yeah, maaaan. You know what's going on. The sound the waves make when they hit the shore. The feel of the sun against my skiiin. The sand in my underweeear. I love it, maaaan."

Creigh says, "TMI, dude."

The next boat arrives. A girl with a bare midriff steps off of the boat. She carries her suitcase off of the boat and says, "Oh, goshness. It's so beautiful here." The girl starts crying.

Al points at her and says to the others, "She knows what it's all about."

She makes her way to the other teens and says, "Oh, it's always nice to meet new people." She starts crying, again. She says, "I'm Willow."

Sky Lynn says, "How appropriate."

Willow says, "I know, right?"

The next boat arrives. A boy in a maroon long sleeved shirt steps off of the boat.

Al says, "There Chris is." The boy walks up to the other teens. Al says, "Chris, maaan... I love your new threads, bro."

The teen hesitates. He says, "I'm not Chris. And... I'd rather you didn't call me that."

Dante laughs and says, "Good one. I don't know why you're trying to look like some goofy, punk teenager. Midlife crisis?"

The teen says, "I'm not Chris. My name is Topher."

Sebastian shifts his glasses and says, "As in Christopher?"

Topher says, "Whatever. I'm Chris' nephew, but we're nothing alike, okay?" Topher surveys the contestants and says, "You're Emmy Dinsdale."

Emmy says, "That's me."

Topher says, "Wow. I love your work."

Emmy gives a halfhearted, "Thank you." Topher nods.

Another teenage girl steps off of the boat. She walks up to the others. She says, "Hi..." The others stare at her in disbelief. Her puppet says, "Hey, this isn't a time to get nervous. I'm Violet."

Al says, "Hey, Violeeet." Al shakes the girl's puppet.

Violet says, "Quit that, dummy. Anyway, this girl is Janice. She's a little shy, so try to make her feel welcome." Everyone awkwardly stares at Janice. Janice whispers to Violet, "Violet, you're embarrassing me." Everyone continues to awkwardly stare at Janice.

The next boat arrives. A boy shouts, "Hey, ladies. Your dream guy is here!"

"Where?" Violet shouts. Some of the others laugh.

"Who said that?" The boy asks as he walks up to the group. "Anyway, I'm Yancy. Hot stud extraordinaire."

Dante laughs. He says, "Yancy?" The others laugh.

Yancy ignores Dante. Yancy looks at each female contestant as he walks by twice. He says, "Hey, I like my prospects, here." He makes a clicking noise with his mouth. Dante trips Yancy as he walks by the second time. The others erupt in laughter. He looks embarrassed as he gets up. Yancy then silently walks to the end of the line.

The next boat arrives and a tall young woman steps off of the boat. She silently carries her things up to the other contestants. She surveys them and steps in front of Yancy. She crouches down and stares at him in the eyes.

He says, "Hey, mama. I can tell you like what you see, huh. Can't say I blame ya." The girl puts her hands on Yancy's face. Yancy begins to sweat nervously. He says, "Hey... Um... Don't you think we're moving a little fast?" The girl ignores him and starts pinching his cheeks. She silently pulls at his cheeks until the next boat arrives.

An extremely attractive young man steps off of the boat. A collective "Whoa" is uttered by the already present contestants. The latest girl to arrive stops playing with Yancy's face and turns around to see who arrived. She blushes.

The young man walks up to the others. He quickly moves his head and his hair slightly sways. He says, "Hey. I'm Beau."

Willow starts crying, again. She says, "So... beautiful..."

Beau says, "You're not so bad yourself..." His face turns red and he says, "What am I saying? Um... Nice to meet you all... I hope we can be friends. Um... Yeah... I sound like an idiot."

Marguerite says, "We don't care... Magnifique..."

Beau walks to the end of the line. Violet says, "Will you marry me?"

Beau laughs and says, "That's my first marriage proposal... From a puppet. Um..." His face turns red and he says, "Thanks." He stands next to the latest female contestant to arrive. She stares at him. He looks up at her. She quickly turns away and acts like she wasn't staring. Beau says, "What's your name?"

The girl quietly says, "Renee."

He smiles and says, "What a beautiful name..." He pauses as he sees her blush. His face turns red and he says, "Uh... I just wanted to say, you're standing on my foot." Renee quickly removes her foot.

The next boat arrives and a blonde girl trips off of the boat. She says, "I'm alright." She grabs her things and stands in front of the others. She just stares for about thirty seconds.

Topher says, "Well?"

The girl says, "Oh, sorry. Uh... I'm Audrey II, nice to meet everyone. You can call me Audrey if you want to. I have something called Asperger's Syndrome, so I apologize if I make anyone uncomfortable. Oh, it means that I can be a little awkward socially, and I'm talking too much aren't I?" Audrey blushes and walks over by Beau. She stops in front of him and stares directly into his eyes. He blushes and turns his head. She says, "Thank you for your hotness."

Beau looks embarrassed and says, "You're welcome." Audrey II stands next to him and puts her bags down.

A helicopter lands on the beach randomly. Everyone stares at the person who steps off of the craft. The pilot steps off of the helicopter and helps the young passenger out of the helicopter, and carries his luggage for him. The young man walks over to the other teens and the pilot sets his bags down. The young man says, "That is all." The pilot bows and then returns to the helicopter. He then leaves the island. Everyone stares at the rich looking young man. He says, "Charmed, I'm sure."

Emmy says, "You're Frederick Flanderbuilt."

Frederick says, "Yes, and you're... Oh, I don't care."

Audrey II says, "I thought someone like him would be a snob, or something. But he's so cool." Some of the others nod.

The last contestant arrives by boat. She steps off and says, "Hey, everybody. Can someone help me with my things?" The first young man to arrive is the first to volunteer, but Creigh quickly follows. The girl smiles at Creigh and says, "Thanks for your help." Creigh takes her belongings and the other guy goes back empty handed.

She says to the group, "I'm Hae Won. I love other people, and I try to be a good friend. If you mess with one of my friends you better watch out, I'll give you the horns." She laughs and then smiles.

Sebastian says, "Well, that's one more person to go. I deduce that there will only be twenty of us."

Al says, "You mean like the last two seasons, bro?" Sebastian frowns. Al tries to lift the corners of Sebastian's frown in order to make him smile. Sebastian slaps his hands.

Topher says, "But where is Chris?" Topher pauses and says, "Not like I care."

Another boat arrives and Chris Mclean steps off of the boat. He says, "Welcome, contestants, to the next season of the Total Drama series." The contestants, except for Topher, clap. He says, "The name of this season is Total Drama Tropics."

Patsy says, "The weathered old man announces the uncreative series name." Topher laughs.

Chris looks at Topher and says, "Topher, buddy! How you doing? You look hot as ever, bud."

Topher rolls his eyes. Hae Won says, "Wait... You guys look a lot alike."

Topher says, "No... I'm nothing like him, okay?"

Chris says, "That's because that gorgeous hunk of a teen is my nephew."

Violet says, "Beau is your nephew?"

"No, the other, more gorgeous hunk of a teen, Topher," Chris says.

Violet says, "That's far more believable." The others laugh.

Sebastian says, "You being related to one of the contestants hardly seems fair."

Chris says, "Anyway, it's time for your first challenge." Sebastian folds his arms.

"But we just got here," Frederick protests.

Chris says, "Well... that's life. The first challenge is a puzzle. Look behind you." The teens turn around and see twenty platforms set up with puzzles on them.

Marguerite says, "How did zhose get zhere?"

Chris says, "The first two contestants to complete the puzzle will get a special reward. Everyone ready?" The teens face their individual puzzles. Chris says, "Go."

Dante immediately turns away from his puzzle. Yancy says, "What are you doing?"

Dante says, "Who cares about some stupid reward. I'm here for the money. How much is it this time, Chris?"

Chris says, "Six million dollars. We had to increase the total from last year."

The teens pause. Some of them say, "Wow!" They begin their puzzles, again.

Dante starts walking and looking at the others progress. Chris says, "The first person to complete their puzzle is... Sebastian!"

Sebastian smiles and says, "Yes!" He walks over by Chris.

The first person to arrive on the island says, "Hey, Chris! I'm done, too." Chris walks over to him. Dante pushes the boy to the ground. He says as he falls "Hey! What the..."

Chris says, "The second one to finish their puzzle is... Dante!" Dante smirks.

Audrey II says, "But I thought he... Oh, never mind."

Dante stands on one side of Chris while Sebastian stands on the other side. Chris says, "Your reward is that... You get to pick your own teams."

Sebastian says, "Excellent."

Chris says, "Since Sebastian solved his puzzle first, he can choose his first teammate, first. You start with a female contestant and then alternate between genders for each choice."

Sebastian smiles wide and says, "Willow."

Willow's eyes well up with tears and she says, "Me?" She runs over to Sebastian and hugs him. She says, "Thanks for picking me first," as she cries.

Dante says, "Hae Whatever."

Hae Won looks surprised. She says, "Thanks." She stands by Dante.

Sebastian shifts his sunglasses and says, "Al."

Al says, "Cooool, maaaan. I knew you was cool, maaan." Sebastian smirks. Al stands with the forming group.

Dante says, "Big black guy."

Isaiah frowns. He says, "My name is Isaiah, but... You probably did not hear my name." Isaiah stands by Dante and Hae Won.

Sebastian's face turns red. He says, "Marguerite, will you join my team?"

Marguerite smiles and nods. She says, "Merci." The caption reads, "Thank you."

Dante says, "Emmy." Emmy smiles and joins the team. She hugs Isaiah and Hae Won.

Sebastian says, "Yancy." Yancy smiles.

Dante laughs and says, "What do you plan on doing with a team of freaks?" Yancy frowns. Dante says, "I'll take the red head guy." Creigh walks over to Dante and they bump fists.

Sebastian says, "Next I pick Renee."

Dante says, "Good, that chick scares the crap outta me." Renee glares at Dante as she walks by him. He can't help but shiver. Dante says, "Uh... Indian girl."

Sky Lynn says, "I'm Sky Lynn. I prefer native, or human." Dante laughs.

Sebastian pauses for a moment. He says, "Beau." Beau smiles as he joins Sebastian. The girls on the other team frown. The girls on Beau's team cheer.

Dante says, "I pick... Frederick."

Frederick smiles and says, "Thanks."

Dante slaps Frederick on the back and says, "Hey someone has to be out first." Frederick sadly looks down. Dante says, "Hey, I'm just playing with you."

Sebastian says, "Stacy."

Stacy walks over and says, "Thanks, pal."

Dante says, "I choose... Chris, do I have to pick one of these chicks?" Chris nods. Dante sighs and says, "Audrey."

Audrey II says, "Thanks. I was afraid I'd be picked last."

Dante says "I'll take the Chris wannabe, too."

Topher says, "Don't call me that."

Sebastian says, "Wait a minute." Sebastian points at Dante, "He chose out of turn!"

Chris shrugs and says, "I don't have a problem with it."

Sebastian sighs and says, "Janice."

Violet says, "Thanks." Janice stands next to her team.

Dante says, "Creepy writer girl." Patsy stands next to her new team.

Chris says, "So there are your teams."

Sebastian says, "Chris... The teams aren't even."

Chris counts the members of the teams. He then looks up. He says, "You there!" A sad looking boy looks down at the ground. Chris says, "What's your name, again?"

The teenager says, "Logan."

Sebastian says, "When did you get here?"

Logan wipes his eyes on his arm and says, "I was the first one here."

Sebastian says, "Logan, will you join my team?" Logan sulks over to where Sebastian's team is standing. Sebastian says, "I'm sorry I didn't notice you. I don't know why I didn't..."

Logan says, "Don't worry about it... I'm used to it."

Chris says, "Now we have to choose team names. Dante gets to pick the team name for Sebastian's team and Sebastian gets to pick Dante's team name."

Dante says, "Cool."

Sebastian says, "Let's be fair. What do you want your team name to be?"

Dante thinks and says, "The Onslaught." Creigh and Topher high five.

Sebastian says, "Oh... Okay. Dante's team will be 'The Onslaught'. Dante, I'd like our name to be 'Athena's Warriors'."

Dante nods and says, "Short guy's team will be 'The Epic Failures'." Sebastian's eyes widen behind his sunglasses. Dante laughs.

Chris says, "There we have it. The Onslaught versus The Epic Failures."

Sebastian shouts at Dante, "You jerk!"

Chris says, "The Onslaught will get to stay here. I'll bring The Epic Failures..." Dante laughs. Chris continues, "To where they'll be staying as a team." Chris takes the team to a boat as they ride with him. Chris says to the camera, "We've already had a dramatic first episode, but there's more where that came from. Be sure to tune in for when the competition really begins, next time on Total Drama Tropics."

Chapter 2 - Decathlon Days Journey Into NightEdit

Chris Mclean appears on a lounging chair sipping a drink from a coconut. He's wearing sunglasses and a tropical shirt. He says, "Man, I should have filmed the show on a tropical island years ago..." Chris lifts his glasses and looks at the camera. He sighs and says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics... I showed up late. The teens were put through a challenge right away. The two first finishers, Sebastian and Dante, got to select their own teams. They both made some... interesting choices. In the end, the boys got to choose each others' team names. Sebastian went with what Dante wanted to call his team, The Onslaught, while Dante named Sebastian's team The Epic Failures. Sebastian was not happy. Ha ha! So in conclusion, we have even more excitement in store for today's episode of Total... Drama... Tropics."

Frederick looks up into the trees.

Frederick says in confessional, "Our team has two bungalows a little ways into the jungle. One is in the trees, the other on the ground. I opted to get my own, but my petition was met with laughter. How uncivilized... I suppose I'll share the tree house with the other guys. It's not as fancy as the one I had as a child, but you can't expect me to sleep that close to the ground." Frederick begins laughing.

Emmy says, when seeing the bungalows for the first time, "Wow! We get to live in these?"

Audrey II says, "I'm so excited to get to stay with you girls! It will be like an everlasting slumber party."

Dante says, "I'll get the bikinis for the pillow fights."

"You're really disgusting," Sky Lynn says as she rolls her eyes.

Dante says, "I do what I can."

Patsy says, "The rebellious teen appears to lack any form of self control."

Dante says, "Would you cut that..."

Isaiah grabs Dante by the hand and says, "Come on, friend. Let us look at where we will be staying." Dante's eyes widen as he stares at Isaiah's hand. Isaiah leads Dante to the ladder that leads up to the loft bungalow.

Dante breaks his hand from Isaiah's grasp. He says, "Are you some sort of fruit?"

"I am not some sort of tangerine or pineapple," Isaiah says with a confused expression. "I am a person."

Dante slaps his forehead and says, "I didn't mean it literally."

Isaiah says, "I apologize. I do not completely understand your way of speaking."

Dante whispers, "The hand holding. Dude, that isn't cool."

Isaiah pauses and says, "Oh, yes. My cousin and I went to the local shopping establishment where I did a similar thing. The misunderstanding was quite humorous. He explained to me what it may look like to some people, but in my old country two men holding hands is a sign of a close friendship. Nothing more than that. I am sorry that I forgot about it. I hope you still want to be friends."

Dante smirks and says, "Of course."

Dante says in confessional, "Friend translates to someone I can manipulate into making me win this thing. With Isaiah's lack of understanding of my customs, I can easily use that against him, later. Plus, I want as strong a team as possible."

The camera shows Topher and Creigh sitting on the bottom bunk of one of the bunk beds.

Topher says in confessional, "I don't know what it is. Creigh and I just instantly clicked with each other. He's a really cool guy, and really positive. That's the kind of person I enjoy surrounding myself with."

Topher says to Creigh, "I enjoy soccer best, but I play a few other sports. How about you?"

Creigh says, "Well, running is definitely my favorite thing to do. I enjoy the feeling of it, as I'm in my own world, free from any problems. It lets me think about a lot of stuff, too."

Dante walks into the bungalow and says, "Aw. Look at the lovebirds."

Isaiah nudges Dante and quietly says, "Is that a humorous term I should be laughing at?"

Dante says, "Yes," and Isaiah heartily laughs.

Topher angrily says, "Don't imply stuff like that!"

Creigh touches Topher's arm and calmly says, "Is it worth arguing over?"

Topher pauses and says, "No. It's not."

The scene now shows The Epic Failures' island.

Sebastian looks on and says, "Adequate."

Al says, "Maaaaan... This place is more beautiful than the other island, maaaaan."

Marguerite says, "I agree with zhe handsome tall man."

"Me, too," Willow says between sobs.

Beau says, "Where do I put my things?"

Janice, Marguerite, Willow, and Stacy say in unison, "I'll take them."

Renee silently walks behind Beau and takes his luggage. He smiles and says, "Thanks, babe." She blushes. Beau realizes what he said and says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to call you 'babe'. I'm sorry for being so forward. And I didn't mean for you to take my luggage, I just was wondering where I could set it down. Not that I'm not grateful..." He pauses, looks down, and says, "I'll shut up, now." The female contestants sigh. Yancy sighs too, but for different reasons.

Logan steps out from the jungle and says, "Guys, I found two bungalow things in the jungle a little ways from the shore."

Yancy says, "I say we start building some sort of hut. We don't want to have no shelter."

Logan says, "But I just..."

Sebastian says, "Yancy... Logan just said there already is shelter for us." Logan looks at Sebastian in disbelief.

Yancy says, "He did? Oh, sorry." Yancy turns to Al and whispers, "Who's Logan?" Al shrugs.

Beau walks into the jungle and whistles. He says, "That's quite the living accommodations. Gorgeous..." Beau looks up and sees his female teammates staring at him. His face turns red.

Stacy says, "He's even hotter when he blushes." The other girls nod.

Logan walks by carrying the girl's luggage one or two at a time and sets them down by them. Marguerite says, "Thanks for being so helpful."

Logan blushes and says, "Oh, it's no big..."

Marguerite says, "You found our quarters and everyzhing, Beau."

Beau blushes and says, "Don't worry about it." The girls sigh.

Violet says, "So humble."

Yancy looks around his surroundings, a bamboo outhouse. He says, "So this is the confessional. Hmm... That Beau guy boils my blood. I mean, seriously. Every girl is crazy for him and he doesn't even do anything. I mean... I'm not doing anything, either! Why can't I get some attention from them!" Yancy folds his arms and sighs. He says, "He could at least act like he cares that they like him."

Sebastian shifts his sunglasses and says, "We should decide who stays where."

Willow cries and says, "I'll stay with Beau!" Beau's eyes widen.

Violet says, "Me, too."

Beau says, "I don't think that's such a good idea..."

Yancy shouts, "I'll take his place!"

Sebastian sighs and says, "I think it would be a good idea for each group of genders to share a bungalow according to... Uh... gender."

Al says, "Maaaan... You're smart, maaaan."

Sebastian says, "As for who stays in which..." Al raises his hand. Sebastian says, "Yes, Al."

Al says, "I say the dudes should stay on the ground level."

Sebastian says, "Does everyone agree?" The others shrug.

Al says in confessional, "I made a decisioooon... It was an important one, though. I don't want to be climbing up into a tree house all the time, maaaan. Too much effort."

The teens go into their bungalows and, from the outside, the sun goes down, the moon comes up and goes down, and the sun comes up, again.

Chris approaches The Onslaught's island with The Epic Failures aboard his boat.

Hae Won, who is already on shore, says, "What's going on?"

Chris says, "Go get the others. It's time for your first challenge." Hae Won nods and leaves the beach. The others eventually return with her.

Dante laughs, "Look guys, it's The Epic Failures. No pun intended." He laughs.

Sky Lynn says, "No pun taken." Dante glares at her.

Chris says, "Okay. Your first challenge is an Olympic tradition. The decathlon."

Violet says, "Isn't that the event no one cares about?"

Chris shakes his head and says, "No, that's dressage. Today's challenge will be divided into nine parts."

Marguerite says, "Maybe it's my English, but a decathlon is ten events, no?"

Chris says, "No... At least not this one. The teams will each choose one person to do an event for their team."

Frederick says, "This is really nothing like an actual decathlon is it?"

Chris ignores Frederick and says, "Here are the events you will be deciding on; a diving thing, caber tossing, a swimming race thing, a hundred meter dash, a sandcastle building contest, a sumo wrestling match, ribbon dancing, pole vaulting, and a team flag raising ceremony. The last event will be a team event between two contestants." Chris points to a turnstile in front of each teams' flag. Chris says, "Discuss among yourselves who you would like to do each event for your team. Only one person can do each event for their team."

Patsy says, "The red haired heroine ponders whether the host realizes how preposterous the events are." Chris blankly stares at Patsy. Patsy says, "The confused host wonders what preposterous means."

Chris says, "Get to choosing what events you'll be doing."

The teams huddle together. Audrey II says, "Okay, guys. First off, does anyone want to do something specific?"

Creigh says, "I'd love to do the hundred meter dash if no one else minds." No one objects. Creigh pumps his fist and says, "Yes!"

Hae Won says, "Emmy and I should do the team flag thing." Hae Won puts her arm around Emmy.

Dante says, "But I really wanted to do that event with you, Hae... buddy."

Hae Won stares at Dante and says, "You did?" Dante nods. Hae Won uncomfortably says, "Okay..."

In the other team's huddle, Yancy says, "First things first... What on earth is a caber?"

Sebastian shifts his glasses and says, "A big log. It's a traditional Scottish sport where two overly muscular men try to throw a giant piece of wood further than the other."

Al says, "Oooooh, I get it. It's like fetch, riiiight?"

Sebastian stares at Al and says, "Sure... It's like fetch... I think it would be best for the two least athletic among us to take part in the flag raising thing. I nominate myself and Yancy."

Yancy says, "What?! I am so athletic."

Sebastian sighs and says, "Okay, we'll switch you out. Any other ideas?"

Violet says, "Yes, what event probably requires the least amount of clothing?"

Sebastian shifts his glasses and says, "Oh, probably the sumo wrestling."

Violet says, "I nominate Beau for that one!" The other females nod rapidly.

Beau blushes and says, "I don't know if I feel comfortable..."

Willow starts crying and says, "You don't want to let down your team, do you?"

Beau sighs and says, "No..."

Sebastian says, "What about the running event? Anyone want to do that?" Renee's eyes light up. She gets ready to say something.

Yancy says, "If no one else wants to do it, I will."

Sebastian looks at how disappointed Renee looks. He says, "Renee will run for our team." Renee smiles slightly.

After the huddles disband, Chris says, "Let's start with the first event. The diving thingie." Sky Lynn steps forward for her team and Logan steps forward for his team, both in their swimsuits. Chris says, "Who'll be diving for The Epic Failures?" Logan raises his hand. Chris says, "Oh, when did you get there? Anyway, I'll be the determining judge guy." Chris points out to a diving platform set up in the water. Logan and Sky Lynn swim out to the platform. Logan lets Sky Lynn climb up, first. On the platform, Logan steps ahead of Sky Lynn. He dives first, doing two back flips before hitting the water. He swims back to shore. Sky Lynn stands at the edge of the platform. She stretches her arms out to the side. She stands still.

Emmy says, "What is she waiting for?"

Everyone stares at Sky Lynn. A flock of birds approaches the diving platform from above. Sky Lynn dives. The birds surround her and gently grab her by the hair and swim suit. With the help of her feathered friends she gently lands on the water feet first. The birds lift her in a way that make it seem like she's standing on the water. She raises her arms, the birds fly away, and she submerges. Renee's eyes become watery. Sky Lynn swims back to the shore and receives wild applause from the other contestants.

Topher says, "I'd say it's pretty obvious that Sky Lynn won that one."

Chris nods. He says, "But we have to wait for the other team's attempt." Logan sulks. Chris shrugs and says, "I guess there's really no point in waiting for The Epic Failures diver. The Onslaught gets one point!" The Onslaught cheers. Chris says, "It's time for the caber toss." Topher and Willow walk away from the others in order to change into their swimsuits.

Frederick and Yancy walk over toward their designated cabers. Frederick tosses his ten feet. Yancy struggles to even budge his caber. It starts to move, but falls backwards, landing on Yancy. Chris announces, "Two points for The Onslaught. Now it's time for the swimming race."

Topher and Willow stand ready in their swimsuits. Willow is wearing a swimsuit from her school swim team. Topher is wearing a wetsuit.

Dante teases, "Looks like someone's ashamed of their own body." Topher glares at Dante.

Chris shouts, "Go!" Topher and Willow take off.

Creigh says, "I better go get ready for the big race." He goes toward his bungalow. He eventually returns with the small bag he carried onto the island. Creigh sits down on the ground and rolls up his pant leg. Some of the others turn around and look at him as he removes his prosthetic leg. He removes another prosthetic leg from the small bag. The others stare.

Creigh looks up and smiles nervously. Dante looks angry. He shouts, "What are you doing?"

Creigh says, "Oh." He lifts up the prosthetic leg he had been wearing and says, "This one isn't really designed for running. It's more for aesthetics." He holds up the more mechanical looking prosthetic leg and says, "This one is designed for running. It's what I use for track."

Dante says, "You lied to us. We can't have some one legged guy run a race for our team!"

Creigh says, "I didn't lie about anything. I just guess I should have mentioned it."

Dante says, "You think so?"

Creigh says, "Look, I wouldn't have volunteered if I thought I wouldn't win. I'm pretty fast. You wouldn't believe the kinds of things people with disabilities can do these days."

Dante says to Chris, "Can we switch out who we already decided on?"

Chris shrugs and says, "I don't see why not."

Creigh looks disappointed. He says, "I can do this." He looks at his teammates and says, "Don't any of you believe in me?"

His team members look at the ground. One voice chimes in, "You're all being really rude... And... and close minded."

Dante looks at Logan and says, "You stay out of this, pipsqueak. He's not even on your team."

Logan says, "I don't care. He has as much right to compete as any of us, and..."

Dante says, "No, he doesn't. Someone else will run."

"That's discrimination!" Logan shouts.

Dante's eyes widen. He says, "Look. It's not like that..." Dante pauses. He says, "If he wants to run, I'm fine with it." Some of the others nod in agreement.

Chris announces, "Willow wins a point for her team."

Topher walks over to the group. He says, "Sorry, I let you guys down. Willow is one fast swimmer..." Topher looks around at his team. He says, "Did I miss something?" Topher looks down at Creigh and smiles. He helps him stand up. Topher says, "Are you ready to run?"

Dante points at Creigh's prosthetic leg and says, "Did you notice anything strange?"

Topher says, "I noticed."

Dante says, "And? It doesn't bother you that he wants us to rely on him?"

Topher says, "Should it? Creigh knew what he was doing when he requested to do the race."

Chris says, "It's time to get started." Chris leads the teens to a track. Creigh bends down and feels the hard surface of the track.

Audrey II says, "Where do these things keep showing up from?"

Creigh and Renee get ready to run. Chris shouts, "Go!" Creigh quickly pulls ahead of Renee. She realizes that he is leading and increases her pace. She catches up to him and as the race is almost over she barely pulls ahead. Chris says, "Renee wins a point for her team."

Creigh looks disappointed. Renee quietly says, "You're fast."

Creigh smiles slightly and says, "Thanks."

Topher puts his hand on Creigh's back and says, "You were amazing. You almost won it, too." Dante folds his arms and looks the other way, as the other The Onslaught members surround Creigh to show their support.

Chris says, "Moving on... Sandcastle building contest." Audrey II and Marguerite begin building separate sand castles. Audrey II's castle looks better than Marguerite's when they finish. Audrey proudly gestures when Chris comes to judge her sandcastle. She accidentally knocks down the sand castle. Chis says, "Well... Marguerite wins by default."

Dante says, "Way to go, freak."

Audrey II looks down. "I'm sorry... It was an accident."

Audrey II says in confessional, "I can be a little clumsy, sometimes. I guess I can't make people understand that. It really hurts, though, when someone calls me a name over something I can't help..."

Beau walks out of the jungle in his sumo wrestling outfit. His face is bright red. The girls cheer crazily. The other guys stare in disbelief. Dante whispers to Frederick, "Is it wrong to think that a guy is hot?" Frederick shakes his head 'no'.

Beau awkwardly walks to the circle drawn in the sand. Isaiah eventually walks into the circle, also. He shakes Beau's hand. Isaiah says, "You are, I believe the term is 'ripped'." Beau blushes and puts his hand on the back of his head. The girls swoon, and Janice faints. Violet slaps her in the face in an effort to wake her up.

Beau says, "Chris... Isaiah is considerably larger than I am... Shouldn't I be up against someone my own size?"

Emmy shouts, "I'll wrestle him!"

Patsy says, "The red haired heroine will, too!"

Hae Won says, "Me, too."

Stacy says, "I'll wrestle him, too!" Everyone stares at Stacy. She says, "What?"

Beau bashfully says, "Never mind."

Chris says, "Whoever, steps out of the circle first loses."

Isaiah and Beau nod and begin the match. Isaiah dives at Beau and misses. Beau tries to stay away from Isaiah. Isaiah says, "Please, hold still, my friend."

Beau smirks and says, "Not on your life, bud." Isaiah dives at Beau, again. Beau gets out of the way but Isaiah catches the side of Beau's costume, and tears the side. Beau's eyes widen and his face turns bright red as he grasps the side of the fabric to make sure it doesn't fall off. Beau shouts, "I forfeit! Forfeit!" Beau runs out of the circle and runs into the jungle. The girls stare as he runs by and swoon.


Chris says, "Isaiah wins the third point for The Onslaught. That's three to three. Next up is the ribbon dance." Al and Patsy step forward. Chris says, "Really? Well, whatever." Chris hands the two their ribbons.

Patsy and Al twirl their ribbons simultaneously. Patsy leaps and twirls as she says, "Patsy leaps and makes the fabric look like it is dancing on air."

Al stays stationary, just staring at the ribbon he's twirling. Al says, "Soooo beautifuuuul."

Chris announces, "Um... Patsy wins another point for her team. I could have done without the commentary, though. One more point and The Onslaught wins. It's time for pole vaulting."

Emmy and Stacy step forward. Chris hands the girls a pole. Stacy runs and leaps over the bar. Emmy tries next, but fails to get airborne.

Chris says, "One more point for The Epic Failures. Four, four. Now Dante and Hae Won, and Janice and Sebastian will turn the turnstile to raise their team's flag." The four teens get in position. Chris says, "This will decide the winning team. Ready? Go!"

The teams turn their turnstiles. Hae Won and Dante pull ahead. Dante begins pushing harder. Hae Won says, "Slow down, a little."

Dante says, "We want to win this, we have to try harder."

Hae Won looks at the progress of the other team and says, "But they're not anywhere..." Dante pushes abruptly. Hae Won exclaims, "Ow!" Hae Won falls to the ground. Dante stops pushing, and walks over to Hae Won. Their team's flag falls as the turnstile spins back. He says, "Are you okay?"

Hae Won says, "Yeah, but why were you pushing so hard? We were winning."

Chris says, "The Epic Failures are the winners!" The Epic Failures cheer.

The Onslaught gathers around Dante and Hae Won. Emmy says, "Nice attempt, guys."

Hae Won says, "I don't know what happened. Dante just started pushing the turnstile real fast."

Dante looks angry. He says, "Now you're pinning this on me?"

Hae Won says, "Well, it's obvious."

Dante says, "Maybe if you weren't so weak, we would have won this thing."

Hae Won says, "Whatever. I was trying my hardest."

Dante says, "Which is apparently pretty pathetic."

Dante and Hae Won storm off in opposite directions.

Creigh says, "What just happened?" The others shrug.

Chris says, "Um... That was pretty awkward. The Onslaught will meet me at your campfire ceremony, later today. The Epic Failures... I meant to mention it earlier, but you win a reward for winning this challenge." The Epic Failures cheer and join Chris on his boat. He waves goodbye to The Onslaught and drives off.

The scene changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "This season the coconut represents your life in the game." Chris holds up a tray of coconuts. He says, "The one of you who does not receive a coconut will be asked to leave the area immediately. You will not be allowed to come back to the game... ever. Let's start with giving the first coconut to the game's hottest player."

Audrey II excitedly says, "Beau is here?"

Chris sighs and says, "Topher." He throws Topher a coconut and says, "I was talking about Topher. The next person safe is... Patsy." Chris throws Patsy a coconut. Chris says, "Next up, Frederick and Isaiah." Chris tosses the boys their coconuts. Chris says, "The next coconut is for Sky Lynn... Oops." Chris drops Sky Lynn's coconut and it lands on a turtle. The turtle carries the coconut over to Sky Lynn. She picks it up and smiles at the creature. Chris says, "The next coconut is for Emmy." Chris throws a coconut to Emmy. Topher catches it and hands it to Emmy. He smiles at her. Chris says, "Audrey II." Chris throws her her coconut. Chris throws the next coconut to Creigh and says, "You're safe, Creigh. That leaves Dante and Hae Won. The last coconut goes to..."

"Dante. That means Hae Won is the first person eliminated from Total Drama Tropics."

Hae Won says, "Excuse me? What in the world did I do?"

Frederick says, "You lost us the challenge."

Hae Won says, "That was Dante's fault, not mine."

Dante says, "Not this, again. The others obviously want a strong team. You don't fit into the equation."

Hae Won says, "You guys made a serious mistake." Hae Won stands. Chris leads her to the 'Boat of Loserdom'. She gets on, and angrily crosses her arms.

Chris says to the camera, "Well... That's all for this installment of Total Drama Tropics. Be sure to tune in next time."

The Onslaught leaves the campfire ceremony.

Dante says in confessional, "Man, that was too hilarious. I got my whole team to turn on someone for no reason." He laughs. "Let's just say that Hae Won didn't exactly fit into my long term plan. And if anyone's wondering why I threw the challenge and got mad at people who did poorly... Well, better to shift the blame for losing off of myself where I can, right?"

Chapter 3 - Oh Say Can You SeashellEdit

Chris Mclean says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics, the contestants took part in a decathlon. The wins were even and it came down to the final event. Dante and Hae Won lost the event under peculiar circumstances. The two teens got into an argument, and in the end, Hae Won was the one eliminated from her team. What will happen on today's episode of Total... Drama... Tropics? Who will be the next to go? Find out, now."

Chris takes The Epic Failures to their island and lets them off of the boat. Chris says, "Well, that's all. See you, guys..."

Sebastian says, "Wait! You mentioned we won a reward for winning the last challenge."

Chris says, "Oh, that's right." Chris walks away from the side of the boat and comes back with a large barrel. He hands the barrel to Beau before parting.

Violet says, "Let Janice take that for you!"

"I'll be happy to help," Marguerite says. Renee nods.

Willow cries, "I wanna help."

Beau blushes and says, "I think I got it, but thanks." The girls, excluding Stacy, sigh.

Marguerite nudges Stacy and says, "You missed zhe cue."

"Oh," Stacy says. "I was just... thinking about something."

Yancy looks around on the beach and picks up a stick. He says, "Man, this is heavy!" Al lifts Yancy. Yancy shouts, "Hey, put me down!"

"No need to yell, maaaan," Al says. "I'm helping you out. Just relaaaax." He gently begins rocking Yancy back and forth.

Yancy says, "What do you think you're..." Yancy instantly falls asleep in Al's arms. Beau sets the barrel down.

Willow says, "I wonder what we got." Willow starts to cry and says, "I'm so excited."

Sebastian shifts his glasses and says, "It can wait until morning. That way we can actually see what's in the barrel and be able to use whatever is in it."

Marguerite puts her arm around Sebastian and says, "Oui. I zhink mon petit mignon is correct, no?" The caption reads, "Yes. I think my little cutie is correct, no?" Sebastian blushes. The others nod and make their ways to their bungalows.

On The Onslaught's island, Isaiah says, "I don't ever want to be in that situation, again. Let us try our hardest so we do not have to send someone else home." Isaiah puts his arm around Frederick and says, "Right, friend?"

Frederick says, "Yes. I agree with Isaiah."

Dante looks grim. Isaiah asks, "What is the matter, my friend?"

Dante looks at the ground and says, "I just... I don't want you guys to be mad at me for earlier."

Topher says, "Well, you were pretty harsh."

"And annoying," Sky Lynn adds.

Isaiah puts his arm around Dante and says, "Do not be upset with Dante. He is a good friend and he is also human. We have all lost our tempers at one time, have we not?"

Creigh nods and says, "Isaiah is right." The others nod.

Dante says in confessional, "I actually like having Isaiah around. He was able to diffuse that situation and make me look good. You know, in a non-physical way." Dante laughs and says, "I don't need any help in that department."

Dante walks over to Emmy and says, "Hey, babe. Isaiah's right about me, you know."

"He seems like a great guy," Emmy says with a smile.

Dante says, "He is. He's also a great judge of character." Dante smiles. Emmy lets out a small laugh. Everyone heads to their bungalows to sleep.

The moon goes down, and then the sun comes up.

Yancy says in confessional, "I was so excited to see what was in the barrel that I couldn't sleep. Maybe it's a girl!" Yancy giggles excitedly.

The Epic Failures gather around the barrel. Logan lifts the lid off of the barrel. The teens look inside. Stacy says, "Survival supplies. Makes sense."

The teens start pulling things out of the barrel. Yancy pulls a spear out of the barrel and says, "Cool! This is for hunting." Yancy smiles and says, "I'd like the ladies to know that I'm a master hunter."

Sebastian pulls a net out of the barrel. Al looks at it and excitedly says, "I know what that is. Maaaaan... I haven't seen one of those since I left the island."

Sebastian raises an eyebrow and says, "You know how to use this?"

Al nods and says, "I'm an expert, maaaan."

"Great," Sebastian says. He hands the net to Al and says, "Make good use of it."

Al smiles and says, "To be honest, maaaan, I don't know if it's big enough."

"We're going to be eating some fish, tonight," Sebastian says in confessional with a smile.

Al says, "I gotta find the right spot," Al leaves the area and walks to a distant part of the beach.

Renee pulls a machete out of the barrel. She stares at it. She then directly stares at Yancy. Yancy begins to shiver, and sweat begins to form on his forehead.

Yancy says in confessional, "That Renee girl... She scares me heavily. I mean, she's hot and all, but she makes me nervous. I'm guessing she got that bandage on her hand when she got into a fist fight with a police officer... Man... When she held that machete up I almost wet myself... Which is why I'm here."

On The Onslaught's beach, the teens are either lying on the beach or frolicking in the water. Topher is the only one not present.

Isaiah is snapping pictures of the teens as they are in the water. Isaiah says to Emmy, "You take beautiful pictures."

Emmy smiles and says, "Thanks." Isaiah continues to focus his photography and praise on her.

Creigh, Frederick, and Dante are lying on towels on the beach. Isaiah approaches them and says, "You guys look like an advertisement for the 'Abdominal and Flinch' clothing store chain." The guys laugh as Isaiah takes pictures of them lying on the beach. Isaiah sits down next to the guys.

Dante says, "Let me see your camera for a second." Isaiah hands the camera to Dante. Dante says, "You got some real talent, bud." Dante pauses as he cycles through the pictures. He smiles and hands the camera back to Isaiah.

Topher says in confessional, "I prefer showering in the morning. There's one out here with a screen made from bamboo. The screen is a tad flimsy, and someone could look over at any time. I don't really like that." Topher's face turns red. He says, "Not like I have anything to be embarrassed about."

Stacy is now seen walking along the beach.

Stacy says in confessional, "I've had a lot on my mind lately. It's pretty... I don't know how to talk to anyone about it."

Stacy continues walking along the beach. She hears something like growling. She looks scared as she looks toward the jungle. She sees Al laying in the net like it was an hammock. She laughs as he continues snoring. She approaches him and pushes the hammock. He wakes up and says, "What's going on, maaaan?" He looks at Stacy and says, "Oh. Hey."

Stacy says, "Hey. What are you doing out here?"

Al says, "Sleeping. How 'bout you, maaaan? I mean, womaaaaan?"

Stacy says, "Oh... I've just been thinking."

"About what?" Al asks.


Stacy says, "It's nothing."

Al says, "You think about nothing, too? You're coool, maaaan. I mean, womaaaan."

Stacy laughs. She says, "Al... Have you ever been in love with someone?"

Al shrugs and says, "I'm not sure."

Stacy says, "I think I really like someone here, but I don't know how to tell him."

Al says, "What's he like, like?"

Stacy says, "He's really sweet. He's probably the nicest person I've ever met."

"You mean me, riiiight?" Al asks.

Stacy laughs and says, "You're so silly. No. It's someone else. You're nice too, though."

"I think you should just tell him," Al says. "It would be worse to never tell him then to have him say no, ya knoooow?"

Stacy nods and says, "Thanks for the advice. I think I'll tell him, but I'll wait for the right moment."

Al says, "Right oooooon." He gives two thumbs up.

Topher is shown walking onto his team's beach. He sees Emmy, Audrey II, Patsy, and Creigh sitting on towels, tanning. He sits down next to Emmy and says, "Can I talk to you privately, please?"

Emmy shrugs and follows him into the jungle. Dante looks on and leaves the water in order to follow them. Emmy says to Topher, "What's up?"

Topher takes Emmy's hands in his and says, "Emmy. The truth is, I've had a crush on you ever since I was little. I never thought I'd meet you in person. I also never thought that you would be so awesome." Topher blushes and says, "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to... Go out with me?"

Emmy smiles sweetly and says, "That's really sweet, Topher. You're a great guy, it's just that... I like someone else here." Dante smirks as he eavesdrops behind the bushes.

"Oh," Topher says as he blushes. "I feel pretty foolish, right now."

"Don't feel that way," Emmy says. "It takes a lot of courage to say what you just said to me."

Topher asks, "Who is it? I mean, if you don't mind my asking..."

Dante continues to smirk. Emmy blushes as she says, "Isaiah." Dante's smirk disappears.

Topher says, "You couldn't have chosen a better guy." Topher smiles. "If you don't want to go out with me, I'd want you to go out with a guy who can take care of you and treat you right."

Emmy smiles and says, "Thanks."

Dante emerges from the jungle and sits next to Creigh. Audrey II asks, "Where have you been?"

Dante says, "Man. Why the third degree? I was just taking a leak. Do you wanna hear about it in more detail?"

Audrey's face turns red and she says, "No, that's okay."

Topher walks out from the jungle and quickly runs to Isaiah. Isaiah then walks into the jungle. Isaiah sees Emmy and says, "Oh, hello, Emmy. Topher told me you wanted to speak with me."

Emmy blushes and says, "He did? Well... Yeah."

"What did you want to ask?" Isaiah asks.

Emmy says, "Uh... This is kind of awkward. I like you a lot, Isaiah. I was wondering if you would you like to maybe... start dating?"

Isaiah's eyes light up. He says, "I did not know you felt that way."

Emmy says, "If you don't like me, it's okay. Just tell me."

Isaiah says, "Oh, no. It is not like that at all. I actually feel the same way."

Emmy blushes and says, "You do?" Isaiah leans toward Emmy and kisses her. Emmy smiles wide and says, "I think we should go back to the others." Isaiah nods and takes Emmy's hand in his. They walk out of the jungle holding hands and join the others. The other team mates smile at them, except for Dante who doesn't look at either of them in the eye.

Patsy says, "Romance blossoms on the tropical island."

Emmy smiles and says, "Yeah... Isaiah and I are going to start seeing each other." They look at each other in the eyes and smile.

Audrey II leans toward Creigh and asks, "Haven't they seen each other this whole time?"

"They mean, like, dating," Creigh explains.

"Oh," Audrey II says.

Isaiah says, "Yes. We both liked each other without knowing. It is a good thing that..." Isaiah looks out at the water and sees Sky Lynn riding on the backs of two dolphins like water skis. She waves at the others, as they stare at her with their jaws dropped.

Sky Lynn swims back to shore and says, "Man, that was fun." She turns and waves at the dolphins. "Goodbye, my friends," she says as they swim backwards and screech. Sky Lynn turns around and the others continue to stare at her in disbelief.

Chris shortly arrives on their beach and says, "The challenge is on the other team's island. Hop on and we'll make it over there." The teens comply with Chris and get on his boat.

They arrive at The Epic Failures island, and begin stepping off of the boat. Logan rushes over and extends his hand in order to help Creigh step off of the boat. Creigh smiles at Logan. Chris says, "It's time for your second challenge." The Epic Failures are already gathered. Chris says, "While The Epic Failures were sleeping, we buried ten seashells in the sand." Chris holds up an obnoxiously turquoise seashell and says, "They look like this. The first team to find six out of the ten seashells wins invincibility." Sebastian immediately turns around and surveys the beach. Chris says, "One of The Epic Failures will sit out of the challenge."

Willow raises her hand and says, "Beau will sit out. We can't let him get sand under his fingernails." She begins to cry and says, "I can't even imagine the horribleness." The other female contestants nod.

Chris says, "Okay, then. On your mark. Get set. Go!"

The teens begin to scurry. Sebastian shouts, "Wait!"

Violet says, "Wait? We have to hurry before The Onslaught wins."

Sebastian shakes his head and points to his forehead. He says, "I have a photographic memory. I remember what the beach looked like yesterday before the seashells were buried. I know exactly where the shells are." Sebastian smirks and begins directing six of his teammates. They quickly rush to where he pointed them to and they uncover the six seashells.

Chris says, "Wow... Um... That was a really short challenge. Oh, well... The Epic Failures win invincibility. The Onslaught has to eliminate another contestant. Come with me." The Onslaught gets on the boat and leaves the island with Chris.

Beau slaps Sebastian on the back and says, "That was really amazing, bro." The others nod.

The Onslaught steps off of Chris' boat and they stand on the beach. Patsy says, "The teenagers collectively think to themselves, 'Well, that sucked'." The others nod.

Frederick pauses and says, "I gotta go... do something." He rushes off. The teens start to head toward their bungalows. Isaiah takes Emmy by the hand and says, "How would you like to go swimming, again? We are already dressed for it." Emmy nods, and they put their things on the still present towels. They head toward the water as the others leave the area.

Topher says in confessional, "I thought maybe I'd be jealous of Isaiah, but I'm not. I can see how happy Emmy is, and that makes me happy, too."

Frederick is in the middle of the jungle. His eyes shift to the left and then to the right. He sighs and sticks his finger up one of his nostrils. He sighs and looks extremely relaxed. His eyes widen suddenly and he stops picking his nose. He walks away quickly.

Frederick says in confessional, "Okay... So I pick my nose... But it's not like I do it in front of everyone. I heard something in the jungle, just now. It sounded like someone or something stepped on a twig in the distance. I just know I wasn't going to wait around to see what it was."

In the guy's bungalow the guys are gathered around. Isaiah walks in and sets his things down and says, "I am going to head over to the confessional." Isaiah leaves.

Dante walks over and picks up Isaiah's camera. Topher says, "I want to see, too." Topher sits next to Dante on one of the beds. They look through the images. Topher says, "There sure are a lot of pictures of Emmy." All of a sudden the boys begin laughing.

Frederick and Creigh walk over. Frederick says, "What is it?" He looks down and looks mortified.

Dante says, "Digging for gold, huh?"

"It's doctored!" Frederick shouts.

Creigh says, "How? It's a camera."

Frederick takes the camera out of Dante's hands and quickly deletes the picture. Dante says, "Aw. That picture would have been worth a pretty penny with one of those tabloid magazines."

Frederick's eyes get wide. He says, "Isaiah wouldn't do something like that."

Dante laughs. He says, "Some people aren't what they seem."

Frederick says, "Why can't people like that just leave me alone?" Frederick storms out of the bungalow and Creigh follows him.

Dante says, "Man. If he took that picture without Frederick knowing, he must be really good." Topher laughs and nods. Dante says, "I wonder what kind of picture he can get of Emmy now that they're dating."

Topher looks uncomfortable. He says, "What are you talking about?" Dante laughs.

Isaiah walks in and says, "You would not believe it. I walked halfway to the confessional and realized I forgot my camera." He picks his camera up from off of his bed. He says, "You never know when the perfect picture might happen." He smiles and leaves the bungalow.

Topher says, "I'm going to go check up on Creigh and Frederick."

"You do that," Dante says. Topher leaves.

Isaiah says in confessional, "I am such good friends with everyone here, the experience has been fantastic, so far."

Emmy walks through the jungle by herself. She reaches the shower and walks in. While she is showering she hears a clicking noise. She says, "Is someone out there?" She hears someone running away. Emmy quickly gets dressed and hurries back toward her bungalow.

The scene changes to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "I have eight pineapples, here. In this game, the pineapple means your life in the game."

Sky Lynn says, "I distinctly remember that last time, you passed out coconuts."

Chris says, "Yeah, well. The producers from one of my other shows complained that I was using the same hand out item, and they didn't want any redundant items." Chris shrugs. He says, "The first pineapple goes to Topher." Chris throws the young man his pineapple. Topher screams in pain upon catching the pineapple. Chris says, "The next one is for Sky Lynn." Chris throws a pineapple at the girl and a bear steps in front of the speeding pineapple. It breaks when it hits the animal.

The bear growls at Chris. Sky Lynn says as the bear leaves, "Thank you, my friend."

Creigh whispers to Topher, "I swear I saw that bear smile. Wait... What is a bear doing here?"

Chris says, "Creigh." Chris throws the pineapple to Creigh. Creigh yelps. Chris throws a pineapple to Patsy, Audrey II, and Dante. The teens each shout on impact of the pineapple. Chris says, "The next pineapple is for Emmy." Chris throws the pineapple to the girl. Isaiah catches it, winces, and hands it to Emmy. Chris says, "Only two of you are left. The next teen leaving us is either Isaiah or Frederick." Chris pauses dramatically and says, "The final pineapple goes to..."

"Frederick." Chris throws the pineapple to Frederick and he shouts out in pain upon catching the pineapple.

Isaiah smiles and says, "There must be something wrong."

"Nope," Chris says. "The majority voted for you."

Isaiah looks confused and says, "But I do not understand. I did not do anything to anyone."

Topher looks down and says, "You didn't think you would be found out, did you?"

"What are you speaking about?" Isaiah says.

Frederick says, "We know how you really are, jerk."

Isaiah continues to look confused. He looks at Emmy, and she does not return his gaze. Isaiah says, "Emmy, I am going to miss you." He takes her hand. She quickly breaks away from his grasp.

Chris says, "Isaiah, it's time for you to go." Isaiah stands up and looks at the others. He sadly turns around and walks toward the 'Boat of Loserdom'.

Isaiah sits down on a seat on the boat and says, "I am so confused." Isaiah begins crying. He says, "I felt like everyone was not happy with me, but I do not know what was wrong. I am so confused about what I might have done or said to make them vote for me."

Emmy sits by herself as she cries. Patsy hugs her, without narration.

Dante says in confessional, "Oh, man. You think people would realize that just because someone owns a camera, somebody else could use it, too." Dante laughs. He continues, "Defaming a guy's character never gets old. Sorry 'friend', but you got in my way. Oh, and one more thing I found out. I apparently do a fantastic camera impression." Dante makes a clicking sound with his mouth. He smirks.

Stacy is sitting on the beach looking at the water. Logan creeps up behind her and says, "Hey, the other girls are getting ready for bed."

Stacy says, "Oh, I didn't notice you there."

"What else is new?" Logan says sarcastically.

"Sorry," Stacy says. "I didn't mean it that way." Logan turns around. Stacy says, "Logan, wait. I want to talk to you about something."

Logan sits down next to her and says, "What is it?"

Stacy says, "The moment I met you, I thought you were a creep."

Logan says, "That's nice."

Stacy blushes and says, "Well, you were really nice to me and some of the other girls. I didn't think you were acting that way out of genuine concern. I thought you were trying to hit on us. But yesterday... The way you defended Creigh. I can't get it out of my head. You were so brave in speaking up for him. I realized how nice you were that very moment. I've been thinking about you a lot, and... I want you to be my boyfriend."

Logan's eyes light up and he says, "What?"

Stacy blushes and says, "That sounds forward."

"Umm, yeah," Logan says, "it does. Why me?"

Stacy says, "I'll admit that you aren't exactly the type of guy I normally date. Usually they're these really hot guys that only care about sports. The two boyfriends I've had seemed to only treat me like a trophy, or something. They weren't that nice in the long run. Logan, you're a perfect gentleman... I'm sorry. I'm probably making you uncomfortable."

Logan says, "I never had a girlfriend, before. Heck, girls don't even notice me."

"I noticed," Stacy says.

Logan says, "I'd be honored if you'd go out with me." Stacy leans over and hugs Logan. They stand up and walk back to the bungalows.

Chapter 4 - Trivial Pursuers Edit

"Last Time on Total... Drama... Tropics," Chris Mclean states, "The Epic Failures won their second challenge in a row. All kinds of crazy stuff happened with The Onslaught, and after being framed with his camera..." Chris pauses momentarily, smiles, and continues, "Get it? Ha ha! Anyway, Isaiah was sent packing. What's going to happen now on Total... Drama... Tropics?"

The Onslaught are sitting at the campfire ceremony. Everyone gathers around Emmy while she cries.

Patsy says, "The concerned heroine wonders if it's possible for her to do anything to help her wounded friend."

Emmy shakes her head and says, "I think I want to be left alone right now."

Frederick stands up and says, "That's fine by me." He leaves the campfire ceremony.

Frederick says in confessional, "I thought I was friends with Isaiah, but he betrayed me. At least it taught me to have absolutely no trust in the goodness of humanity." Frederick crosses his arms, looks to the left, and says, "I hate people."

The other team members stay by Emmy. Dante gets up and says, "Didn't you hear her, people? She wants to be left alone, right now."

"But she's an emotional wreck," Audrey II says.

"Or you could try respecting her wishes," Dante says as he glares at Audrey. She sighs and walks away from the group. The others, except for Dante, follow shortly.

"Thanks," Emmy says.

Dante sits down next to her and says, "No problem."

Emmy pauses and says, "Why did everyone vote for Isaiah?"

Dante looks down at the ground and says, "We found... I can't even say it."

"You found what?" Emmy asks.

Dante sighs and says, "There was a photo on his camera. We were afraid he might sell it to some magazine to make money off of it."

Emmy quietly says, "Oh. So I was right."

Dante says, "But you don't have to worry. We deleted it, right away."

"Thanks," Emmy says. "I can't believe I trusted him." She starts to cry, again.

Dante says, "Some people are just no good." He puts a hand on her shoulder and says, "I'm sorry you had to go through this experience, but its over, now. You don't have to cry."

Emmy turns to look at Dante. She looks at him in the eyes and says, "You're so good to me." He leans in and kisses her.

On The Epic Failures' island, the girls wait outside for Stacy to return to their bungalow. Beau walks by and Violet says, "Lookin' good, hot stuff."

Beau says, "Thanks, babe. You're lookin' mighty..." Beau's face turns red and he stops mid-sentence. He walks into the woods.

Violet turns to Janice and asks, "I'm lookin' mighty?"

"I think I'm losing it," Beau says in confessional. "I almost just hit on a freakin' puppet. A puppet!" He buries his head in his hands and says, "I have to keep strong for her. I miss her so much."

Stacy and Logan walk back to the others. Logan says, "Goodnight, Stacy." She leans down and kisses him on the cheek. He smiles and walks toward the guys' bungalow.

Willow says, "Who was that just now, Stace?" Willow begins to cry and she says, "Having a stranger here is sort of freaking me out."

"That was Logan," Stacy says. "He's not a stranger. He's been here the whole time, and he's the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful guy I ever met." Stacy smiles and she climbs up first to her shared bungalow.

Renee smiles softly. Marguerite says, "Young love is beautiful thing, no?" The girls sigh.

Violet asks, "Were you all just thinking about your chances with Beau, too?" The others, including Janice, nod.

Sebastian looks up at Logan as he walks into their bungalow. Sebastian says, "It's about time you got back." Sebastian continues to look at him and says, "You look really happy."

Logan continues to smile wide. He says, "Is it that obvious?" Sebastian nods. Logan says, "Well, it's because I am really happy."

"I'm glad," Sebastian says with a smile. "It's a good look for you."

Sebastian states in confessional, "I consider myself as a friend to Logan. Ever since I hurt his feelings on the first day, I've done my best to make it right. I try to make sure he feels included, so I never have to hurt him, again. He's a good guy."

The sun is shown rising in the morning.

Topher heads out of his bungalow and says, "I'm hitting the shower, guys."

Frederick sarcastically says, "Thanks for informing us. We'll have a parade ready for you when you get back."

Topher says, "Okay?" He walks out of the bungalow.

Creigh turns to Frederick and says, "Dude, that was kind of harsh."

"Being nice doesn't get you anywhere," Frederick says. "One day you'll learn it the hard way."

Creigh says, "Come on. There are good people out there."

"You keep telling yourself that," Frederick says.

Topher walks back toward the bungalow. He walks close to where the beach is and looks out from the trees. From an angle he sees Dante sitting behind Emmy with his arms around her. Topher frowns and he heads back into the jungle. He goes into his designated bungalow and sits next to Creigh. Creigh asks, "What's up, bud?"

Topher says, "I just saw Dante and Emmy together. I think they're boyfriend and girlfriend."

"That's great," Creigh says.

"No, it's not," Frederick chimes.

Topher says, "I don't know. I just get a really bad feeling about it. Like when she was with Isaiah, I was happy for her. But just now, seeing her with Dante... I get this nauseous feeling."

Creigh says, "You like her, huh?"

Topher blushes and says, "Yeah."

"It sounds to me that you're feeling a little jealous," Creigh says.

Frederick says, "Or maybe you're just a horrible judge of character. You were wrong about Isaiah."

Topher thinks for a second and says, "Maybe you guys are right. It's probably nothing." Topher smiles and says, "I'll try to be happy for her no matter who she's with."

Creigh says, "If you ever need someone to talk to, remember we're here."

"Don't include me in that!" Frederick shouts.

Topher looks at Creigh and says, "Thanks, Creigh. You're the best." Creigh smiles.

The female team members, excluding Emmy, are sitting in their bungalow. Patsy is writing in a notebook with a red pen.

Sky Lynn says, "Ooh, what's that? Is that a new novel?"

Patsy nods and says, "The beautiful girl with the fiery red hair has completed her latest novel and is now looking for any tiny errors that need correction."

"It all sounds so official," Audrey II says.

"Under normal circumstances," Patsy begins, "the incredibly talented author would hire a proofreader, but she has an eye for things that sometimes get overlooked."

Audrey II looks at Patsy and says, "That's cool you can do that." Audrey stares at the notebook.

Patsy says, "The red haired heroine ponders whether or not the blonde dame wants to read the unfinished work."

Audrey's eyes widen and she says, "Really? Can I?" Patsy nods as she hands the book to Audrey II. Audrey II begins reading the first page and says, "Ooooh."

The Epic Failures are shown on their beach.

Sebastian says in confessional, "I guess I should have done this earlier, but an alliance is pretty important in a game like this. First I have to figure out who the right people for an alliance are."

Sebastian looks at Willow, then at Janice, then at Marguerite. He shifts his glasses and says to Marguerite, "Marguerite, I think the two of us should be in the final two together if you would like to."

Marguerite squeals and says, "I would love to!" She kisses his cheeks. Sebastian's face turns bright red.

Sebastian shifts his glasses and says in confessional, "Asking Marguerite to be in the alliance was entirely strategic."

Sebastian looks at Logan and Stacy as they giggle. Stacy gets up and heads toward the water.

Stacy smiles in confessional and says, "Logan is amazing. He's so nice, and he treats me really special. I'm so glad I saw the good in him. He's so amazing."

Sebastian gets up and sits by Logan. He says, "Hey, buddy, how's it going?"

Logan smiles, sighs, and says, "Great." Logan hesitates and says, "I'm in love."

Sebastian smiles and says, "I'm so happy for you. Um... Who exactly are you in love with?"

"Stacy," Logan sighs. "She told me she wanted to go out with me. Can you believe it?"

Sebastian says, "That's great, buddy." Sebastian gets up and walks over to a fully clothed Beau. Sebastian says, "Hey, Beau."

Beau says, "Hey."

"Isn't that outfit a little warm?" Sebastian asks.

Beau says, "Yeah... But I don't want the girls to go all crazy over me." Beau blushes, "Not that I'm implying that they would." Sebastian nods. Yancy parades onto the beach in a striped, 1920's style men's bathing suit. Beau raises an eyebrow and says, "Man, what are you wearing?"

Yancy tugs at the shoulder straps of his bathing suit and says, "The ladies love the retro look."

Beau says, "Sure, but not the antique look." Sebastian laughs and Yancy glares at Beau. Willow, Marguerite, and Janice turn around to look at Yancy. They also begin laughing. Yancy looks embarrassed and heads back into the jungle.

Willow waves at Beau and says, "Hey, Beau. Wanna make out?"

Beau's says, "Uh... Uh... Uh... I gotta go." Beau's face is bright red. He gets up and heads into the jungle.

Willow turns around and shrugs. She says, "It was worth a shot."

Janice whispers, "You're my hero. I wish I could be so bold."

"I'm so upset, right now," Yancy says in confessional. "That Beau guy does no wrong, and everyone treats me like I'm joking. Every girl is crazy about him, but he doesn't give them a second look. I want a girlfriend so badly, and he just takes his looks for granted. I really hate Beau. I hate him." Yancy stands up and walks out of the confessional. Beau is standing outside.

Beau says, "I was just waiting for my turn."

Yancy hesitates and says, "You heard everything I said?"

Beau's eyes begin to get watery and he says, "Hey, don't worry about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right?"

"Beau, I'm sorry," Yancy says.

"I said not to worry about it," Beau says. He forces a smile, turns around, and walks away.

Yancy looks on as Beau walks away. Yancy enters the confessional stall, again. He sits down, looks sad, and says, "I feel sick, right now. I feel like such a jerk." Yancy walks out of the confessional again and heads back toward the beach.

Yancy walks by Al. Al says, "Hey, maaaan. What's going oooon?" Yancy completely ignores Al and continues walking. Al shrugs and then follows Yancy to the beach.

Chris is there along with The Onslaught. Chris says, "It's time for your next challenge."

"Cool, maaaaan," Al says, "Challenges are cooool."

Chris says, "Um, whatever. Your challenge is to answer trivia about the island." The contestants groan. Chris says, "Come on! It's a great challenge."

Audrey II says, "If by 'great' you mean 'boring'." The other contestants laugh. Audrey blushes.

Chris says, "Well, here's how it will work." Chris hands a bell to each team. He says, "One of you will be in charge of ringing the bell when you think your team knows the answer to the question. The first team to three points wins, but beware. The first team to get a question wrong, automatically loses and has to vote someone out. So if everyone understands..." The contestants all look behind Chris with wide eyes. He says, "What?" He turns around and sees a large cruise ship behind him. A platform is extended and a group of tourists walks off of the boat.

An overweight woman with a fanny pack and a visor says, "Oh, gosh. This place is beautiful, don'cha know!"

"Agreed, dear," a short man with glasses and a mustache says.

Chris says, "What are you people doing here?"

The woman says, "We came to tour the big island, yeah? It sure is a long way from Idaho, huh, honey?"

"Agreed, dear," the short man agrees.

Chris raises an eyebrow and says, "Who exactly are you?"

"My name is Connie Muldoon, of the Muldoon family," the woman states. "This is my husband, Norman Muldoon." She points to a girl and says, "This is my oldest daughter, Holly Muldoon." She points to another girl and says, "This is my youngest daughter, Taylor Muldoon. I named her before the name got all popular, ya know." Connie points to a boy and says, "This is my son, Camden Muldoon." The boy waves. Connie stares at an Asian man that is in the group. She says, "I have no idea who this man is."


The Asian man bows and says, "I am Kazehaya Shota."

"Well, that's nice, but you can't be here," Chris says. "We're about to film a challenge for our show."

Connie says, "Oh, is this one of them there teen beach drama shows?" Connie surveys the contestants, points to Sky Lynn and says, "Isn't that Snucki? You been working on your tan, 'girlfriend'. It looks good."

Chris sighs and says, "This is another show. Total Drama Tropics."

Connie frowns and says, "Never heard of it."

"Anyway," Chris says, "this is a restricted island during production. I think you may be lost."

Connie pulls out a map, looks at it, and says, "Oh, gosh, he's right. So sorry, ya know. We'll be going. Can I make a shout out?"

Chris slaps his forehead and says, "Fine."

Connie says, "This is to all the haters. You thought I'd never make it, but you was wrong. Peace." Connie and the other tourists get back on the cruise ship and it quickly sails away.

Stacy asks, "What just happened?"

Chris shrugs and says, "Now that that's over, let's get to your challenge. First question, what state did the woman say she and her family were from?"

Sebastian says, "Wait... That was all staged?"

Creigh rings his teams bell and says, "Idaho."

Chris nods. "That's one point for The Onslaught. Tell me is this statement is true, Connie's youngest daughter's name is Taylor?"

Sebastian rings his team's bell and says, "Yes, that's true."

Chris says, "Right. One point for The Onslaught, one point for The Epic Failures. What was the name of the man that Connie and her family didn't know?"

Sebastian rings his team's bell and says, "Kazehaya Shota."

"Right," Chris says. "That's two points for The Epic Failures, you guys are in a position to win. Tell me if this statement is true. Connie mistook Sky Lynn for someone named 'Snucki'."

Sebastian rings the bell for his team. Dante says, "Hey, Sebastian. Your fly is down."

Sebastian blushes. He quickly turns around and checks his zipper. He shouts at Dante and says, "No, it's not!"

Chris frowns and says, "That's wrong. Sorry to The Epic Failures, but I stated that the first team to get a question wrong would have to visit the campfire ceremony. That means The Onslaught won this challenge." The team cheers.

Sebastian says, "But that's not fair! Dante cheated."

Chris shrugs and says, "Sorry, but you answered the question wrong." He boards his boat along with The Onslaught and they leave the island.

Sebastian says in confessional, "That challenge was so unfair." He sighs. "I'm bound to take the blame for losing the challenge, even though I answered two of the three questions correctly for our team. I talked to some of my teammates, though. Hopefully it was enough to keep me here."

The scene cuts to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "In this game the plantain means life. If you receive a plantain you are safe. The one of you who does not receive one will no longer be a part of this game." Chris throws a banana like fruit to Beau. Chris says, "Beau, you're safe."

Willow says, "And hot. He's safe and hot." Beau blushes.

Chris says, "Whatever. Willow, you're safe, too." Chris throws the girl a plantain. Chris says, "Al and Marguerite." He throws them their plantains. Marguerite hugs Al. "Renee, you're safe, too." Chris throws the girl her plantain. Chris stares at Logan who is holding hands with Stacy. He says, "What's-his-name." He throws Logan his plantain.

Stacy and Sebastian say, "Logan," at the same time. Chris shrugs.

Chris continues, "Janice, you're safe." He throws her the plantain and Violet catches it in her mouth. The others applaud as Violet bows. Chris says, "Sebastian." He throws him his plantain. Sebastian lets out a sigh of relief. Chris says, "Yancy and Stacy. One of you received the most votes. The one of you to receive the final plantain is..."

"Yancy." Chris throws him his plantain.

Logan stands up and says, "What? Stacy? You can't be serious!"

Stacy also looks stunned. She looks at Logan and says, "What happened?"

"I don't know," Logan says. He hugs Stacy tight. Logan says to Chris, "Let me go instead of her."

Sebastian takes hold of Logan's arm and says, "Logan, don't do anything you'll regret. I'll explain everything to you later."

Logan's eyes fill with tears. He says, "But Stacy is the only girl I've ever met that I really like."

Stacy stands up and says, "Thanks, Logan. I really like you, too, but I guess I have to go. The others must have had some reason to vote for me. I'll see you later, okay?" Logan sighs and nods.

Stacy heads toward the 'Boat of Loserdom', turns around, and blows a kiss to Logan. Sebastian looks down at the ground, and says, "Hasn't this gone on long enough?" Logan looks confused as he looks at Sebastian.

"That was pretty surreal," Stacy says on the 'Boat of Loserdom'. "I wasn't expecting to be eliminated so early, but I know it's just a game. I hope Logan is okay."

Chris says to the camera, "Be sure to tune in next time for more Total... Drama... Tropics." Chris gets up and leaves.

Sebastian says to his team, "Can you guys leave me alone with Logan for a minute?" His team nods, and everyone but he and Logan gets up and leaves.

Logan says, "Sebastian, what's up? Why did everyone vote for Stacy?"

"You don't have any idea?" Sebastian asks. Logan shakes his head. Sebastian says, "Logan, you know I'm your friend, right?"

"Yeah," Logan says.

Sebastian says, "This is going to sound really harsh, but you need to know the truth. I think Stacy was just using you for your vote. It's a strategy I've seen used on these shows a thousand times."

Logan laughs and says, "You're kidding. Stacy isn't like that."

"Logan," Sebastian says, "this isn't easy for me to say, but girls like Stacy don't fall for guys like you."

Logan looks down and says, "What do you mean?"

Sebastian says, "Um... Girls like her usually like guys who look like... Beau."

"I knew what you meant, but stranger things have happened," Logan says. "You're wrong about her. She's not like other girls. She told me she liked me for my personality."

Sebastian says, "Logan, the thought that this is a game never crossed your mind?"

Logan's countenance falls. He says, "You mean... She was lying to me to get the money?"

Sebastian says, "I'm sorry it had to be this way, Logan, but I couldn't stand to see you get hurt."

Logan says, "I... I can't believe it." Logan's eyes get watery. He says, "The one person who actually said that they noticed me for me was actually lying, and I fell for it." Sebastian puts a hand on Logan's shoulder. Logan says, "Thanks for letting me know, I just... I feel so broken." Logan puts his head in his hands and cries hard.

Chapter 5 - The Tower of DoomEdit

Chris Mclean smiles and says, "I'm Chris Mclean, and I'm incredibly good looking. Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics... the teams took part in a challenge that required them to remember boring details of a boring conversation. Sebastian quickly pulled ahead for his team. He was about to answer the final question correctly when Dante tricked him into giving an incorrect response, making Sebastian lose the challenge for his team. Stacy was voted out. Sebastian explained to her boyfriend... guy that he thought she was just using him. I wonder how that will all work out. Let's find out on today's edition of Total... Drama... Tropics."

Sebastian walks with his arm around a sad looking Logan. They walk to their bungalow. The other guys on the team look up.

Beau looks sad and says, "Is he going to be okay?"

Sebastian says, "Yeah. I'm sure he will."

Beau says in confessional, "My heart really goes out to Logan. I hate to see the guy like that. I've never experienced what he's going through, but... I've been on the other side of it... quite a few times." Beau pauses. He puts one of his hands against his forehead and says, "I'm so horrible."

Logan gets into his bed without changing into his pajamas. Yancy looks over at Beau. Yancy stands up and says "Beau, can we talk outside?"

"I'm okay, dude," Beau says. "Forget about earlier, okay?"

Yancy says, "No, I can't. I have to talk to you."

Beau sighs and gets up. Yancy and him step outside. Yancy says, "I'm sorry."

"Look," Beau says, "I told you not to..."

Yancy says, "I can tell you're still hurt. I feel so ashamed of myself for saying what I did. Ever since that moment, I've felt really sick. I want you to know that. Beau, I don't like having people mad at me, and I should have controlled myself." Yancy pauses and waits for a response.

Beau says, "It's just... You said those things like you know what I'm going through. It really hurt that you could say that you hate me, when you know nothing about me."

"You're right," Yancy says. "I should have thought that there was some reason for your behavior." Yancy looks down.

Beau says, "The reason I haven't returned the affection of the girls is... There's a girl at home that I really love. I'm used to lots of attention from girls. I'm not used to ignoring it, though. I promised her that she was the only one for me, and I want to stand by that, but it's extremely difficult."

"Oh," Yancy says. "I feel even worse that I judged you. What you're going through must be rough."

"It's not easy," Beau confirms.

Yancy says, "But you're doing awesome! If it were me, I know I'd give in."

"I don't know how much longer I can go on like this," Beau adds.

Yancy says, "Don't worry. Maybe we can work together. When you need to talk, I'll give you advice on not being attractive to the girls. I'm an expert at that."

Beau says, "You'd really do that for me?"

Yancy nods and says, "Sure. We're friends, right?"

"Yeah," Beau says. "We're friends. Thanks, Yancy. Most people wouldn't have tried so hard to make amends with someone they hurt. It takes a lot of humility to do what you just did. You're a good kid, and someday you'll meet a girl who realizes it."

Yancy says, "Thanks, Beau." The guys walk back to their bungalow.

Frederick says in confessional, "I really hate it here. I thought I'd like to be on a remote island, but the people I'm surrounded by are good for nothing. It's worse here than at home." Frederick sighs and says, "That's why I'm launching 'Operation: Elimination'." Frederick gets a gleam in his eye and he laughs, "Heh. Heh. Heh."

Patsy says to Audrey II, "The author eagerly anticipates some thoughts on her new work."

Audrey II says, "Well... I don't know how to put this."

Frederick pokes his head through the bungalow's screen and says, "Patsy, I want you to know that I think all of your books are only good for toilet paper. Bye." Frederick leaves and laughs, "Heh. Heh. Heh."

Patsy looks crushed. Audrey II says, "Hey, Patsy. I think what Freddy F. was trying to say that there's always room for improvement. You're work is good, but it can only get better."

Patsy smiles and says, "The red haired teenage genius smiles and thanks her good friend. The red haired heroine vows to improve her writing." Audrey smiles.

Audrey II says in confessional, "I'm so glad I was able to comfort Patsy. I feel like I never say the right thing... I don't have a lot of friends, as I'm constantly reminded that I'm different, so I'm glad I made at least one here."

Creigh and Topher are laying in their bunk bed. Creigh says, "How are you holding up, bud?"

"I don't know," Topher says. "I don't know why, but Dante makes me so mad. I feel so embarrassed to even be on his team when he does something dirty. I wish I could just let it go."

Creigh says, "Just try to think about the worst case scenario."

Topher asks, "What do you mean?"

"I mean," Creigh says, "No matter how bad Dante can get, it could always be worse, right?"

"I guess so," Topher says. "Thanks for the advice. I'll try to put it into practice. Creigh, I wish I was like you. Have you always been so positive?"

"Uh," Creigh says, "No, Topher."

"Really?" Topher asks. "I can't imagine that. I sort of always pictured you as always dealing with things perfectly. Tell me one time you weren't positive."

"When I lost my leg," Creigh says awkwardly.

Topher says, "Oh, man. I can be really stupid sometimes. I didn't mean to bring that up."

"Oh," Creigh says, "Don't worry about it. It happened, I've been able to deal with it."

Topher says, "How, dude? I don't think I could ever cope with something like that."

Creigh says, "Well, when I was ten I loved running as much as I do now. My family were in the states visiting our cousins and one of my cousins and I were playing in the backyard. I remember feeling like a pinch on my leg. I never thought that it would lead to my losing a leg..." Creigh sighs. "I went inside and someone eventually noticed that my leg looked strange. I mentioned that I felt a sting, earlier. It was figured out that I'd been stung by a scorpion, and I'd been poisoned. I was rushed to the hospital, put under, and when I woke up, I eventually realized that my leg had been amputated."

"Wow," Topher lets out.

Creigh continues, "I was devastated. That kind of thing shouldn't happen. My dreams of being an Olympic runner were over."

"I'm sorry, dude," Topher says.

Creigh says, "Yeah, so was I. I felt so sorry for myself that I completely gave up on everything. I thought it was pointless, and I just let myself be carted around in a wheelchair for three years. I'd given up on my dream. I'd given up on walking, ever again."

"What changed?" Topher asks.

Creigh smiles and says, "I was shown a video. It was a video of a Paralympic race. I couldn't believe my eyes. The man who won the race had two prosthetic legs. He was the only one with missing limbs. I was so stunned. I did research on him and saw that he was a war veteran who lost his legs in an explosion. It made me think. I imagined that happening to me, and how I would have given up. But he didn't. I realized that he had it worse than I did, and thought 'I want to be like that.' So I went to my parents and told them I wanted to learn to walk, again. They were so happy, and that made me happy. I went through therapy and with a lot of practice, and a lot of failed attempts, I learned. Whenever I felt like giving up, I just thought about the people who had it worse than I did."

Topher says, "You're amazing. And you are back on track with your dream."

Creigh hesitates and he says, "Well, no. I don't want to be a runner, anymore."

"What?" Topher asks. "But you're so good."

"Topher," Creigh says, "I have a new dream. I want to be able to help people. I want to inspire them in a different way. I want to be a doctor. I want to go to other countries in order to help out underprivileged kids, and I want to do my best to give them the medical attention they lack, and deserve as much as anyone else."

Topher asks, "How do you do it?"

Creigh responds, "I just keep in mind that someone always has it worse off than I do, and I want to be there to help them."

Topher smiles and says, "That's awesome. I wish I could have a dream like that."

Frederick and Dante walk in. Dante says, "I'm all done making out with Emmy for the night." Dante directly looks to see Topher's reaction. He says nothing else when Topher doesn't respond, and just gets into bed.

In the morning, Topher climbs out of the bunk bed and slips off of the ladder, and lands on the ground.

Frederick jumps up and says, "Oh, that was my doing. I covered the ladder with Creigh's hair gel. By the way, Creigh, you're out of hair gel. Heh. Heh. Heh."

Topher laughs and says, "Good one, Fred. And hey, Creigh. You can use my hair gel, I have plenty."

"Thanks, bud," Creigh says.

Frederick says, "You two are morons." Dante looks on and smirks.

Dante says in confessional, "Frederick is being a jerk for jerk's sake. He almost outshines me in that department." Dante laughs. "That's the kind of person I need with me in the finals."

Sky Lynn and Emmy are walking together through the jungle. Sky Lynn says, "So Emmy, I have to know. What exactly is it that you see in Dante? He seems like a major jerk."

Emmy says, "He was there for me when I needed someone."

"And?" Sky Lynn asks.

"There's more to him then he lets on," Emmy says. "He can be really sweet sometimes, but he doesn't like showing that side of himself to just anyone."

Sky Lynn sighs and says, "If you think he's a good guy, then I just have to support you, huh?"

Emmy says, "Thanks, Sky Lynn. You're awesome." Emmy hugs Sky Lynn and a tiger walks up to them and joins the hug. It leaves a few seconds later. Emmy asks, "Uh... What is up with that?"

Sky Lynn shrugs and says, "I honestly have no idea. I just have a way with the animal kingdom."

Yancy says in confessional with a smile, "Today's the day I get me a girlfriend." He giggles excitedly.

Yancy walks onto the beach and says, "Remember how I said I'm good at hunting, and stuff?" His team mates look at him. Yancy says, "Well, today I'm going to get us some meat foodstuffs." He proudly holds up the spear, turns around and leaves. Renee quickly gets up and heads toward her bungalow.

Marguerite turns to Willow and asks, "What was zhat all about?" Willow shrugs.

Janice walks onto the beach and says, "Has... Has anyone seen Violet? I haven't seen her, anywhere."

Al says, "Maybe she got up and walked away, maaaan."

"Don't say anything so creepy," Willow says as she begins crying.

Janice says, "What am I going to do without her?"

Beau says, "I'll help you look." Marguerite and Willow quickly get up and stand behind Beau.

Janice blushes and quietly says, "Thanks." The four teens go into the woods in order to look for the rogue puppet.

Sebastian sneakily walks over to Al. Al says, "What's up, maaaan?"

Sebastian smirks and says, "I want to talk."

Al says, "Okay, cooool. Hold this." Al hands Sebastian his shirt.

"I know you try your hardest in trying to get fish for the team," Sebastian says.

Al looks confused and says, "Whatever you say, maaan. Hold this." He hands Sebastian his belt.

Sebastian says, "I want someone like you in my alliance. How does that sound?"

"Goooood," Al says. "You're smart about a lot of figuring out stuff, maaan. I'm in." Sebastian smiles. Al says, "Hold this." He hands Sebastian his pants.

Sebastian looks nervous and says, "What are you doing?"

Al looks around and says, "There's no one here, maaaan. It's an open beach. I hate tan liiines."

Sebastian's face turns red and he says, "I'm going to go look for Violet."

Al puts his head in his hands and says, "Oh, maaan. Violet's missing? She's my friend." Sebastian looks confused and just quietly walks away.

A few minutes later Sebastian walks onto the beach and says, "Put your clothes back on, we found Violet." Al quickly gets dressed.

Al asks, "Where was she?"

Sebastian says, "Sometimes the most obvious place is the last one people look. Violet was under Janice's bed."

"Huh," Al said. "You figured it out, didn't you, maaan?"

Sebastian shifts his sunglasses and says, "Well, I don't like to brag, but yes. Yes, I did."

Al grabs Sebastian by the shoulders and says, "You're smart, maaan."

Janice, Marguerite, Willow, Logan, and Beau walk onto the beach.

Yancy is in the woods. He looks around for some animal, and he turns around and sees Renee with a machete. Yancy screams. He then says, "Sorry, I just didn't hear you. I'm about to put my hunting skills to use." He looks at the machete and says, "Oh, you want to help? Awesome!" The teens hear something walking. The teens turn to see a deer. Yancy whispers, "Ooh, venison." He holds up his spear and gets ready to throw it. Renee hurls her machete. It whizzes right by Yancy's face. Yancy freezes. He looks at the machete sticking out of a tree. He looks at a very serious looking Renee. Yancy screams. The deer runs away. Yancy screams and runs all the way to the beach. Yancy says, "She tried to kill me..." Everyone looks up at Yancy. Everyone but Beau and Logan begin to laugh. Yancy says, "What is..." Yancy looks down and sees that the front of his pants are soaking wet. Yancy looks shocked and he starts to cry. He turns and runs back into the jungle.

Beau gets up and follows Yancy. He trips over something and falls to the ground. He looks to see that he tripped over Yancy, lying on the ground in the fetal position. Beau says, "Yancy."

Yancy says, "I just want to die. I'm such a loser. Nothing is going to make me feel any better, so just leave me alone."

Beau stands up and heads back to the beach. Beau says in a loud voice, "If I can have everyone's attention."

The others turn around to look at him. Marguerite says, "Yes, my beautiful cupcake?"

Beau folds his arms and wets his pants. He says, "That is all." He turns around and walks back into the jungle. Everyone looks on in complete shock.

Beau walks up to Yancy and stretches his hand out to him and says, "Get up."

Yancy looks up at Beau. He says, "You didn't just do what I think you did... Did you?"

"Let's go change," Beau says.

Yancy nods and stands up. He looks at Beau as they walk together and says, "You didn't have to go that far."

Beau says, "Don't worry about it."

Yancy says, "Beau... Thank you."

A few minutes later, Beau and Yancy walk onto the beach. Willow runs up to Beau and whispers, "You don't have to be embarrassed. I accidentally wet myself just a year ago." Willow cries, hugs Beau, and says, "I know your pain." Beau's face begins to turn red.

Yancy says, "Leave him alone."

Willow says, "But I was just trying to comfort him."

Yancy barks, "I said, leave him alone!"

Willow says, "Eep!" She cries and runs away.

Yancy and Beau stand next to Sebastian. Sebastian says to Beau, "I realize what you just did for Yancy." Sebastian smiles.

Beau says, "That's the kind of thing you do for a..." Beau pauses, looks at Yancy, and finishes, "friend." Yancy smiles.

Beau says in confessional, "If you would have asked me my thoughts on Yancy, yesterday... They wouldn't have been that positive. You have to give everyone a shot. You never know who you'll become friends with. At home, I don't have a ton of guy friends. They're either jealous of me, or they're mad at me for stealing their girlfriends." Beau looks down. "Man, I was such a jerk. Why couldn't I see that?"

Renee walks out and stands next to Sebastian. She sadly looks at Sebastian. Yancy hides behind Beau. Sebastian says, "Yancy, Renee feels really bad about what happened. She doesn't like it when people hurt animals."

Yancy says, "Oh. Is that what happened? Why didn't she just say so?"

Sebastian says, "She has trouble expressing herself."

"I..." Yancy stutters, "I forgive you, Renee. I'm sorry I didn't think about hurting your feelings." Renee smiles at Yancy. Yancy smiles back and Beau discreetly gives Yancy a 'thumbs up' sign.

Chris appears on a boat and says, "We're headed to The Onslaught's island for today's challenge. Let's go!" The teens get on the boat. They arrive at The Onslaught's island, and step onto the sand. The other team is already gathered among a large pile of wooden blocks and two ladders. The Epic Failures gather around the pile of wood. Chris says, "Your challenge is to build the tallest tower. Whichever team does so gets invincibility. You have ten minutes, and your time begins now."

The teens start grabbing pieces of wood. Audrey II directs, "I think we should make a strong foundation for our tower."

"That's a good idea," Creigh says. Audrey blushes. The Onslaught begins working on the base of the tower as The Epic Failures do the same.

Beau says, "I think we better start by making a strong base."

Violet says, "Oh, Beau. You're so smart."

Beau blushes and says, "It's nothing, I just worked in construction last summer."

Beau says in confessional, "It was pretty weird how when I worked at construction people walking by would be whistling at me."

Patsy says, "It was a cool afternoon. The breeze gently brought the waves of the sea crashing on the shore. A group of teens fought for survival, while..." Patsy's voice gets louder, "the lazy, spoiled millionaire did nothing!"

Frederick lies on the beach and says, "And why should I help?"

Sky Lynn says, "Because this is a team effort."

Frederick rolls his eyes. "Please," he says sarcastically.

Creigh says, "You know, Frederick is being pretty smart. If we have too many people working on this, we're bound to get in each others way."

Topher says, "Oh, right. Good job, Frederick!"

Frederick mutters, "No problem."

The teams make good progress with their towers. Chris announces, "Only one minute left."

Frederick stands up and removes his jacket. He rolls up his sleeves. Chris begins counting down when ten seconds are left. Frederick says, "Everyone get out of the way." His team moves away from the tower. Frederick runs at full speed and slams against his team's tower with his shoulder. The tower shakes and it starts to topple over. It falls toward Emmy and Dante. Dante leaps out of the way, while Emmy freezes in shock. Topher runs and dives, knocking Emmy out of the way and landing on top of her.

Chris says, "The Epic Failures win the challenge!" The team cheers.

Dante angrily marches toward Topher and Emmy. He grabs Topher by the arm, and pulls him off of Emmy. He says, "Get off of my girlfriend."

Emmy says, "Dante, he was just trying to help me."

Dante says, "Shut up. This doesn't involve you." Emmy looks embarrassed.

Topher says, "Look, man, I really was trying to help her. Something you should have been doing."

Creigh looks disappointed as he looks at Topher. Dante says, "Oh, like this is my fault? Maybe if you actually helped make the tower stronger instead of being BFF's with 'Peg Leg'."

Topher says, "Don't call him that, you jerk!"

Creigh says, "Hey, Topher. It's okay. I've been called worse."

Topher pauses and says, "Right. I'm sorry for speaking for you, Creigh. Everyone, do what's smart. Let's vote out Dante, tonight."

Emmy says, "What? No!"

Dante says, "Right, and let's just let Chris hand the money to his precious nephew. That sounds like a plan."


The Epic Failures look on with their eyes wide. Marguerite whispers to Willow, "What eez going on?"

Willow cries and says, "I don't know, but I'm glad I'm not on that team." Marguerite nods.

Chris says, "Uh... I'll bring the ironically victorious Epic Failures back to their island, and I'll meet the rest of you for your campfire ceremony, later." Chris waves and leaves on the boat with The Epic Failures.

Everyone on The Onslaught walks off of the beach except for Frederick. His eyes are wide and he says, "What just happened?"

"I lost the challenge for the team," Frederick says in confessional, "But nobody even noticed." Frederick pouts.

Frederick walks into the girl's bungalow and sees only Emmy and Dante not present. Frederick says, "Everyone... I know some of you don't like Dante, but I'm begging you to send me home."

Audrey II says, "What? Really? But why?"

"I'm already rich," Frederick says, "and I hate it here. I want to go."

Topher sighs and says, "Is that what you really want?" Frederick nods and leaves.

Frederick hears Emmy and Dante talking. He approaches them and says, "I want to be the one to be eliminated."

Dante says, "Funny. We're voting for Topher."

Frederick says, "Come on. I'm begging you to vote me out."

Dante shakes his head and says, "Quit being a baby. We're not voting for you." Frederick looks annoyed. He leaves the area.

The whole team meets together and heads toward the campfire ceremony. Frederick says, "Wait." Everyone stops and gives Frederick their attention. Frederick walks behind Dante and gives him a wedgie. Dante's face contorts, and some of the others laugh. Frederick says, "Okay, let's not keep Chris waiting."

The scene cuts to the campfire ceremony. Chris says, "Welcome to your third campfire ceremony. One of you is receiving their final plantain."

"Plantain?" Topher says, "I thought it was a pineapple?"

Chris says, "Such a smart boy. You get the first plantain, buddy." Chris throws the plantain to his nephew. Chris says, "Sky Lynn and Audrey II." He throws plantains to the girls. "Next up is Creigh," Chris announces as he throws the fruit to the boy. "Patsy, you're safe," Chris says before throwing Patsy her plantain. "Emmy," Chris says. He throws the girl a plantain. Chris says, "Frederick and Dante. Dante and Frederick. You are our bottom two. One of you is leaving us, tonight." Frederick keeps his fingers crossed. Chris says, "The final plantain goes to..."

"Dante." He throws the final plantain to him.

Frederick jumps up and says, "Yes!"

Chris asks, "Okay... Um... Is that a good thing?"

Frederick says, "Yeah, it is! I hate it here, and everyone involved. Including you, Chris."

Chris says, "Um... Thanks?"

Frederick laughs, "No problem, chump." Frederick waves and says, "Bye, everyone! I hope the rest of the experience only gets worse for you." Frederick skips to the 'Boat of Loserdom'.

Chris says, "Well... That was weird. The viewers will see more of me, Chris Mclean, on the next episode of Total... Drama... Tropics." Chris waits. He says, "What, no dramatic ending scene?" He shrugs and says, "Oh, well. It can't happen every time, I guess."

Chapter 6 - Arts and Craftiness Edit

"It is I," Chris Mclean announces proudly, "Chris Mclean. Hold your applause. Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics... Beau was hot..." Chris smiles, points to himself, and says, "But not as hot as me. I'm just throwing that out there. Yancy and Beau became pants wetting BFFs. Al and Sebastian became alliance buddies. Topher and Creigh became best buddies after Creigh talked about his one-leggedness. Why do I mention these seemingly insignificant events? Bromances are what make the world work, man." Chris begins to tear up. He says, "Chef, I miss you out here, man." He taps his fist against his heart, and makes a peace sign. "Anyway, The Onslaught lost the challenge after Frederick threw the challenge for his team, with the hopes of getting himself eliminated. His actions backfired and caused a big argument between the right Topher and the wrong Dante. Frederick was only eliminated after he requested to be. So what happens next? There's only one way to find out."

Still at the campfire ceremony site, Dante says, "Thanks for keeping me here, everyone. I knew you all loved me." Sky Lynn rolls her eyes.

"It would have been you," Topher says. "You don't deserve to be here."

Dante smirks. He turns to Emmy and kisses her. He says, "Let's get out of here, babe." Topher's face gets red. Dante and Emmy get up. Emmy apologetically looks at Topher, before being led by the hand into the jungle by Dante.

In the jungle, Emmy says, "Dante, I don't like you using me to get Topher mad. He doesn't deserve that."

Dante says, "Babe, leave the strategy to me. That dweeb has some anger management issues. He loses his cool one too many times, he's out, and I'm one person closer to the money."

"I just think it seems wrong," Emmy states.

Dante's voice becomes harsh when he says, "You aren't here to think. You're lucky I even chose someone as pathetic as you to go along with me."

Emmy looks shocked. She says, "You don't really mean that."

Dante hesitates. He says, "Of course not, babe. I just don't like it when people question me. Ya know?"

Emmy nods and says, "Sorry, Dante."

Creigh and Topher are the only two still sitting at the campfire ceremony site. Topher says, "I can't wait to get Dante out. He's the biggest jerk there is. Am I right?"

"Topher," Creigh starts, "This has to stop."

Topher looks quizzically at Creigh. He says, "What do you mean?"

Creigh says, "I thought you wanted to control yourself. What are you expecting out of Dante? Perfection?"

Topher pauses. He says, "He's... I don't know. I just want him to be nicer. I mean, he's with Emmmy, and she deserves someone so much better."

"And that's up to you to decide?" Creigh asks.

"Man," Topher says, "Why are you defending him? You know as much as I do how big a jerk he is."

Creigh sighs. He says, "Topher, he's playing you. He's doing things just to get a rise out of you, and you're falling for it. I'm afraid for you, man."

Topher stares at Creigh. He says, "He... is?" Creigh nods. Topher looks disappointed. He says, "Man, I've been so stupid." Topher sighs. "From now on, I'm going to try my hardest to not let him get to me."

"You promise?" Creigh asks.

Topher says, "Swearsies."

Creigh laughs and says, "Well, I'm glad to hear it. I'm here to help you whenever you need to talk."

Topher stands up and helps Creigh up. He says, "Thanks, Creigh. You're the best friend a guy could have out here."

At The Epic Failures girls' bungalow, Willow asks, "Is everyone having fun?"

Renee nods. Marguerite says, "Oui. I've been having a good time. This island is so beautiful, no? And our team is so friendly."

Willow starts to cry. She says, "That's so nice." She turns her attention to Janice and asks, "What about you, Janice?"

Violet says, "I think it's been going really good, too."

Willow says, "Um... I was asking you, Janice."

Janice blushes and says, "Oh... Um, I like it."

Willow and Marguerite stare at Janice for a second. Marguerite says, "Well, I am really tired. I will hit zhe burlap bag."

Willow turns to Marguerite and says, "You mean sack."

Marguerite looks confused and asks, "I will sack zhe burlap bag?" Willow sighs and goes to her bed.

Janice walks over to Renee's bed. She asks, "Renee, can we talk?" Renee nods. Janice says, "Why don't you talk much?"

Renee pauses. She quietly says, "I don't know. I'm usually afraid to say the wrong thing."

"Me, too," Janice says. She sighs and says, "I wish I could talk more, without feeling like everyone was judging me." Renee points to Violet. Janice looks at her puppet and says, "I feel like when I talk through Violet, nobody is looking at me, or thinking it's me talking. I've gotten so used to expressing myself this way, but it hasn't made me more comfortable." Renee nods. Renee turns around in her bed. Janice gets up and goes to her own bed.

In the guys' bungalow, Al says, "Okay, duuuudes. It's time for some girl talk."

Sebastian raises an eyebrow. He says, "Come, again?"

"You knooooow," Al says. "Talking about our feelings and stuff, maaaan."

Sebastian says, "I hardly see the point in..."

Al lifts his palms to his chin and lays on his stomach. He says, "Do you guys have any crushes on anyone, here?"

Beau's face turns red and he says, "No!"

Yancy, Sebastian, and Al look at him. Beau covers his face with a blanket. Al says, "How 'bout you, C-baaaass?"

Sebastian says, "No. I don't get crushes."

"So why do you look so embarrassed when Marguerite is around?" Yancy asks.

Sebastian says, "I don't get embarrassed."

"Then what is it?" Yancy asks.

Al holds up two fingers and says, "The only other thing it can be, maaaan. Gas."

Sebastian's face turns red. He says, "No, it's not that!"

Al puts his hand on his forehead. He says, "Whoa, maaaan! Then there's only one possible explanatioooon."

Yancy turns to Al and asks, "What is it?"

Al points to Sebastian and says, "He's in looooove."

Sebastian turns red and says, "No! I'm not!"

Al smirks and says, "Mm-hmm... Whatever you say, maaaan. Whateveeeer yoooou saaaay."

"Stop it!" Sebastian shouts. "I'm going to bed." Sebastian storms off to his bed.

Al looks at Yancy. "We're the only two survivors, maaaan," Al says. Al says, "Do you like somebody?"

Yancy shrugs and says, "I don't know, I guess."

"But you're always talking about girls, maaaan," Al says.

Yancy says, "Yeah. I am, huh?" Al nods. "I just don't know what actually falling in love feels like."

Al says, "You'll have your day, maaaan." Yancy stares blankly for a few minutes. Al waves his hand in front of Yancy's face.

Yancy says, "Oh... I... I hope so."

The moon goes down and the sun comes up in the morning.

Audrey II is reading Patsy's story. Patsy wakes up. She says, "The day breaks. The blonde looks through the notebook even at this early hour. The author wonders what thought her friend had planned to vocalize before being interrupted the previous day."

Audrey blushes and says, "You remember that?" Patsy nods. Audrey says, "Well... Maybe this will sound harsh, but I don't get the thing on, I think, the third page about the moon looking like a diamond hanging in the sky. I don't get it, I mean. The moon isn't a diamond, and it doesn't hang on anything."

Patsy says, "The author wonders why the girl didn't get the metaphor."

Audrey II says, "Oh... Metaphors. I mean, I knew it was one, but it didn't make sense."

Audrey II says in confessional, "I hate metaphors... Even before I knew why. I tend to take things literally, it's part of my Asperger's, but when something is referred to as something pretty different, it just seems so ridiculous."

Audrey II says, "Another thing was the phrase 'all of a sudden'."

Patsy says, "The writer asks, 'What about it, dame?'"

"You wrote it fourteen times, so far," Audrey explains.

Patsy takes the notebook out of Audrey's hands and flips through it. She takes her red pen and starts making corrections.

Creigh knocks on the outside of the girls' bungalow. He says, "It's time to meet for the challenge."

Emmy says, "What? I didn't even have breakfast." Sky Lynn claps her hands and a monkey enters the bungalow wearing a bow tie, holding a tray. He presents Sky Lynn and Emmy with a silver tray. Sky Lynn and Emmy remove the lids of the trays to see plantain omelets.

Audrey II crosses her arms and says, "Lucky."

The girls meet the rest of the contestants and Chris on the beach. A large crate is next to Chris. He says, "It's time for your next challenge. It's an exciting one." Chris takes a crowbar to the crate and pries it open, revealing all kinds of arts and craft supplies. Chris says, "Each teen will be randomly given an art assignment. They will be paired against a member of the other team, and whoever does the best, as judged by me, will win a point for their team."

Dante says, "This challenge is lamer than Topher's haircut." Topher plasters on a smile.

Chris says, "The Epic Failures have one extra contestant, so they'll be sitting out someone."

Sebastian looks confused and begins counting his teammates. Willow says, "I'll sit out. Arts and crafts projects make me all teary eyed." Willow begins to get choked up.

Chris says, "Alright." Chris holds up two mugs full of popsicle sticks and says, "Each contestant will draw a popsicle stick, and that will decide what event you'll be doing." The teens each take a popsicle stick. Chris nods and says, "It has been decided." The teens all begin going through the crate taking out felt, pipe cleaners, and markers. Chris says, "You each have ten minutes for your part of the challenge."

The teens work on their projects for the allotted time.

Chris says, "Okay. I've never been so excited for a challenge before. Let's get the judging started." Chris giggles in excitement.

Al says, "I feel you, maaan."

Audrey II says, "Literally?" The other teens laugh. Audrey blushes.

Al looks embarrassed, for once. He says, "No, not literally."

Chris says, "The first match up is between Sebastian and Emmy." Sebastian and Emmy step forward. They hold up mugs that they painted themselves. Chris looks over the mugs. He says, "Hm... Emmy's utilized glitter and sparkles. Sebastian's..." Chris stares at the all black mug. Chris says, "Emmy wins a point for her team."

Sebastian frowns. "I liked mine," he says.

Chris says, "Next up is Dante and Yancy with their balloon pals."

Dante holds up a balloon with bucked teeth and a goofy expression drawn on with a black marker. He says, "Mine is supposed to be Topher." Topher looks on with a fake smile, and his eye twitches.

Yancy holds his up. It has yarn for long yellow hair, and a face with horrid looking simulated makeup. Chris says, "That's really creepy, bro. This is a tough decision..."

Dante holds up a pin to his project and his Topher balloon bursts. He says, "Oops."

Chris says, "Yancy wins by default." Yancy smiles. "The most losery way to win." Yancy frowns. Chris says, "Marguerite and Sky Lynn are up." The girls hold up dolls they had sewn together.

Chris looks at the dolls. Sky Lynn's doll's arm falls off. She smiles nervously. A badger comes out of the jungle, jumps up, and attacks Marguerite's doll, ripping it to shreds. It starts to leave the area. Marguerite says, "Incroyable." The caption reads, "Incredible."

Beau asks, "Seriously... A badger?"

Chris shrugs and says, "Sky Lynn wins by default."

Sebastian says, "That's not fair!" The badger turns around and growls at Sebastian. He nervously says, "Never mind."

Chris says, "Next up is gift wrapping by Beau and Audrey II."

Beau holds up the blue and silver box he wrapped. Audrey says, "Nice package, Beau." Beau's eyes widen and his face turns red. The other contestants laugh. Audrey thinks for a moment. She blushes and says, "Wait! I was talking about the package he was holding, not the one in his pants." The other contestants burst out laughing, again. Beau and Audrey's faces turn a darker shade of red.

Chris says, "Ha ha! Well... On to the judging, unless Audrey has anything else she wants to say."

Audrey continues to blush and says, "I'm done."

Chris surveys the boxes and says to Audrey II, "Green and pink? Really?"

"I like those colors together," Audrey II says with a shrug.

Chris says, "Beau wins a point for his team. Janice and Patsy's turn." The girls walk up with popsicle stick houses. Chris walks up to Patsy's popsicle stick house and flicks it with his finger. It falls apart. Chris shakes his head in disgust. He walks over to Janice's and flicks it with his finger. It doesn't fall. Chris says, "Nice. I couldn't be more proud. Janice wins a point for her team. Creigh and Renee are up with their glass bottles filled with random things."

Creigh holds up his entry full of colored sand. Renee holds up her glass bottle full of plastic kittens. Chris laughs at Renee's entry and says, "It's funny 'cause the kitties can't breathe in that thing." Renee's eyes widen, she takes her bottle and breaks it against the side of the crate.

Renee whispers, "Be free. Be free."

Chris says, "Um... Kay. Creigh wins a point with his lack of imagination." Creigh frowns. Chris says, "Next, Al and Topher are the deciding factor to this challenge. Whoever wins this point, wins for their team." Al walks up wearing a creepy red and brown monster mask. Topher looks on and reluctantly put on his paper mask. Chris shudders. Chris says, "You were supposed to make a mask of the creepiest thing you could think of. The point goes to... Topher for his mask of me all wrinkled and gross in like eighty years."

"It's supposed to be you, now," Topher says.

Al, nearly as mellow as always, says, "What? His isn't creepy at all, maaaan. It's an insult to arts and crafts, everywhere, maaaan." Al flicks a pop up eyeball on his mask and it sways in the breeze.

Willow cries and puts her arm around Al. She says, "Al, calm down. The world is full of injustice. You gotta pick your battles." Al sighs.

Chris says, "The Epic Failures will be voting someone out, tonight."

Chris brings The Epic Failures to their island.

Everyone sighs. They go to their respective bungalows.

The girls talk amongst themselves. Marguerite asks, "Who are we voting for tonight?"

Willow says, "I hate to say it, but Al losing his temper today was really scary."

Marguerite thinks for a second and says, "When was zhat?"

The guys are sitting on the beach. Renee, Marguerite, and Willow join them. A few minutes later Janice walks out and says, "Somebody took Violet. You guys have to help me find her." The teens get up and look for the rogue puppet. They first check the girls' bungalow. They look under each girl's bed, and find Violet under Marguerite's bed. Janice says to Violet, "Shame on you, Violet. You shouldn't go off by yourself."

The guys quietly back out of the bungalow. Sebastian takes Marguerite by the arm and says to her, "You didn't take Violet did you?"

"Of course not," Marguerite says.

"I believe you," Sebastian says. "But you know what that means."

Yancy shakes and says, "Violet is haunted!"

"No," Sebastian says. "Janice is trying to frame Marguerite for taking her puppet, and get her voted out."

Marguerite says in shock, "No! I thought we were friends."

Sebastian shrugs and says, "She probably just wants to stay another night. But we're not voting you out."

Marguerite hugs Sebastian and says, "Thank you!" He blushes.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris says, "The plantain means life. The plantain is also nature's green banana. The first plantain goes to Sebastian." Chris tosses the plantain to the boy. Chris says, "Willow and Yancy." He throws plantains to the teens. Willow cries. Chris says, "Beau, you're safe." The female contestants cheer. "Renee," Chris announces as he tosses the plantain to the girl. Chris says, "The next plantain goes to Al." Chris tosses the tall teenager his plantain. "Only one plantain left." He looks down at the two plantains. He throws one behind him. Chris says, "Either Marguerite or Janice are going to be eliminated. The final plantain goes to..."

"Marguerite." Chris tosses her her plantain.

Violet says, "Okay, what the crap?"

Marguerite says, "You shouldn't try to frame people. Naughty, naughty!"

Janice asks, "What do you mean?"

Sebastian shifts his sunglasses and says, "You kept hiding Violet in order to make it look like someone stole her."

Violet turns to Janice and says, "What is he talking about?" Janice nervously says, "I don't know what he's talking about." Sebastian folds his arms.

Chris says, "Well, as endearingly creepy as all of this is, Janice, it's time for you to go." Janice gets up along with Violet and gets on the 'Boat of Loserdom'.

Al says in a disappointed manner, "Where's Violet going, maaan? I voted for Janice."

Janice looks over the side of the boat with Violet on the seat next to her. Janice says, "Well, that backfired." She sighs. "I thought that if I hid Violet, it would help me talk to the others. I didn't think they'd think I was trying to cheat."

Chapter 7 - SOS, Please, Someone Help Us Edit

"Chris Mclean, here," Chris Mclean says. "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics... The challenge consisted of Canada's favorite pastime, arts and crafts. It brought a tear of proudness to my heart, but not a real tear. I don't want to mess up my makeup." Chris pauses and awkwardly stares at the camera. He continues, "So, anyway, The Onslaught won the challenge. Janice was sent home for the usual puppet related reasons. What will happen on today's episode? Who will be sent home, or to an undisclosed location? Find out, now-ish."

Al walks back to their team's bungalow with his arms around Yancy and Sebastian. He says, "That was the saddest elimination, eveeeer."

Sebastian says, "Well, it had to happen. Janice was trying to sabotage Marguerite."

"You mean," Al says, "your girlfrieeeend?"

"She is not my girlfriend!" Sebastian insists. "She's just a friend."

Al smirks and says, "Whatever you saaaaay, maaaaan."

Sebastian sighs and gives a little hint of a smile. Yancy leans in toward Beau and audibly whispers, "He's totally hot for her." Beau nods.

Sebastian shouts, "Not you guys, too?" The guys walk to their respective beds and Sebastian says, "I'm going to sleep." Al is heard snoring loudly.

The other guys look at him to see that he didn't fully make it onto his bed, and he was sleeping on the floor with his head resting on the bed. Beau says, "Aw! The poor little fella didn't make it to his bed."

Sebastian sets his sunglasses to the side and sits on his bed. He looks up to see Logan's face, obscured by the darkness of night, directly in front of his. Sebastian screams, "Gah!" Al jumps up, hits his head on the top bunk of his bed, and falls unconscious.

Logan says, "You know... What you said earlier is true."

Sebastian says, "Uh, what do you mean?"

Logan smirks and says, "You know, about how girls like Stacy, or say... Marguerite, don't fall for guys like you and me." Logan's face is illuminated with a flash of lightning.

Sebastian says, "I... I know that." He looks around, realizing that Logan had disappeared into the darkness. Sebastian looks uncomfortable, and gets into his bed.

At The Onslaught girls' bungalow, Audrey II says, "Hey, Emmy. I was just thinking I don't know you as well as I want to."

"Umkay," Emmy says.

Audrey II says, "What's being famous like?"

Emmy says, "It's okay, I mean it's a dream that a lot of little girls have. I sort of became a role model to a lot of kids."

"Cool, cool," Audrey II says.

"Yeah," Emmy says. "It put a lot of pressure on me to be perfect, though, as my every move would always be watched or reported on."

Sky Lynn says, "That must have been difficult."

Emmy nods and says, "In a way. I'm kind of glad that my fame has faded a little. It allows me to just live without worrying about looking stupid."

Audrey II says, "That's how I feel all the time." The other girls on her team look at her. She blushes.

Three hours later, back at The Epic Failure's guys' bungalow, Yancy says, "Beau, are you awake?"

Beau hesitates before saying, "Yeah, how did you know?"

Yancy climbs down the ladder to his bunk bed and sits on Beau's bed. He says, "I have trouble sleeping, sometimes. It has to do with..." Yancy pauses. He says, "I have something I have to tell you, first. Beau..." Yancy sighs, "I spent most of my life in an orphanage or foster homes. My parents brought me there when I was four. They just didn't want me, anymore."

Beau says, "Wow, dude. I had no idea. That must have been horrible."

Yancy lays down next to Beau and says, "It was. I remember that day really vividly, but since then I learned things about my biological parents that I didn't understand when I was little. They weren't very nice people. Anyway, I was adopted only two years ago. The orphanage wasn't horrible, I'll admit, but a few years before I was adopted I started having these nightmares. That's why I have trouble falling asleep, sometimes. The dreams are about still being at the orphanage with people coming in to talk to me and then they leave. Then I go by the door after they leave and I overhear them saying things about me, as to why they wouldn't want a child like me. They say really harsh things, and I can never get those words out of my head. Those dreams haven't stopped, even after I was adopted. I mean, I already feel bad about myself, like no one could ever want or love me."

Beau says, "Yancy, that isn't true. You were adopted, right? Your parents must have seen something in you."

"I was adopted by a single man," Yancy explains.

Beau says, "He must have..."

Yancy interrupts, "My dad only adopted me because he pitied me."

Beau says, "Come on, Yancy. That's not true."

"Whatever," Yancy says. "He grew up as an orphan, too, but he was never adopted. He just wanted an older kid because I reminded him of himself. He didn't want me to feel bad." Yancy looks at Beau and says, "I just want to find a girl who loves me. I know it comes off as being desperate, but I'm tired of feeling unwanted."

Beau says, "I'm going to help you get a girlfriend."

"How?" Yancy asks. "No ones going to want to go out with me."

Beau smirks and says, "You forget who you're talking to. If there's one thing I know, it's how to get a girlfriend."

Yancy says, "Really? You'd do that for me?"

Beau says, "Sure, man. You have my support."

"Thanks," Yancy says with a smile. "You're a really awesome friend."

Beau says, "I know. Okay, I think we should..." Beau looks at Yancy and realizes that he had fallen asleep with a smile on his face. Beau's face turns red and he turns and lays on his back.

In the morning, Yancy wakes up and sees that he's sleeping next to Beau. He looks embarrassed. He sits up, turns around, and sees Al looking at him with his eyebrows raised. Yancy says, "This isn't what it looks like. Beau and I were just talking last night, and I fell asleep." Yancy pauses and says, "You seriously cannot tell anyone."

Al lowers his eyebrows and says, "Oh, that's what happened?" Yancy nods rapidly. "I believe you, maaaaan. I won't tell a soul, maaaaan." Al motions zipping his lips.

At The Onslaught's island, the teens are at the beach. Patsy, Audrey II, and Sky Lynn are swimming in the water. Topher and Creigh are sitting next to each other near the water. Emmy and Dante are sitting closer to the jungle. Topher turns around and looks at the couple, he stands up, and approaches them. He says, "Hey, guys. I was thinking of taking a swim. You two should come, too." He smiles, turns around, and walks to the water.

Emmy stands up. Dante says, "Where are you going?"

Emmy smiles and says, "For a swim. It sounds like fun."

"You're staying here, by me," Dante states.

Emmy laughs and says, "You're funny." She turns around to head toward the water. In a swift motion, Dante reaches out and grabs Emmy's wrist.

He says, "I said, you're staying here." Emmy looks at Dante's hand on her wrist. She hesitates before sitting back down next to him.

Dante says in confessional, "Emmy is my ticket to winning this game. I can't be having her getting all buddy buddy with the other people on the team and losing loyalty to me."

Chris comes to the island on his speedboat. He steps off the boat and says, "Gather 'round." The teens all walk toward Chris. He says, "It's time for your next challenge."

Patsy says, "There was a wave of confusion among the teens. They wondered what happened to the opposing team."

Chris says, "This challenge doesn't require you to see the other team. You have an hour to find anything you can to build a distress signal. An airplane, driven by a pilot..."

"As opposed to a monkey?" Audrey II asks. The others laugh.

Chris says, "As I was saying, Ms. Rudy McRudington."

Audrey II says, "Sorry."

Chris continues, "The pilot will judge which team did a better job at the challenge. The Epic Failures will be given the same instructions, and will begin their challenge when I announce it to them. They won't be able to start at the same time, but they'll also be given an hour to complete the challenge. The plane will pass by your island in an hour exactly, so you better get started. I'll come to the island and tell you what team won the challenge. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go talk to the other team." Chris gets in his boat and leaves the island.

Topher says, "Alright, any ideas for a signal?"

Creigh says, "How about we dig 'SOS' in the sand?"

"I got a better idea," Dante says. "How about we gather branches, leaves, and stuff from the jungle and spell out 'SOS', instead?"

Sky Lynn says, "I think that's a better idea."

Topher nods and says, "Yeah, so do I. Sorry, Creigh."

"No problem, dude," Creigh says.

The teens head into the jungle and begin gathering leaves and branches.

At The Epic Failures' beach, Chris finishes, "So, that's your challenge. I'll come back to tell you which team won the challenge." Chris gets on his boat and speeds off.

Willow says, "I say we have Beau stand on the beach naked. All in favor?" Everyone but Beau, Logan, Sebastian, and Yancy raise their hands. Beau's face turns bright red.

Sebastian says, "That's not going to happen. We need something that will get someone's attention." Willow raises an eyebrow. Sebastian adds, "That doesn't break any laws."

"Like a tower, maybe?" Beau suggests.

Marguerite says, "I agree with zhe Beau." Renee nods.

Sebastian says, "I guess that would work."

The teens split up to look for materials to build with.

Beau grabs hold of Yancy's arm and whispers, "Okay. Let's try something to land you a girl." Yancy smiles wide and looks dopey in general. Beau asks, "Who do you like?"

Yancy shrugs and whispers, "I'm not picky. All the girls here are pretty hot."

"Tell me about it," Beau says. Yancy slaps Beau across the face. Beau says, "Thanks, I needed that." Beau whispers, "How about Renee? Do you like her?"

Yancy shivers. He says, "Maybe someone else? She freaks me out, man."

Beau thinks for a second. He says, "I think she likes you, and I don't know about the other two." Yancy stares at Beau. Beau sighs and says, "Okay, first thing you need to keep in mind is that girls love a guy with a good sense of humor."

Yancy says, "But I'm not all that funny." Beau laughs. Yancy raises an eyebrow. He asks, "What's so funny? Is there a booger on my face?"

Beau whispers, "You don't actually have to say something funny for people to laugh. If I laugh at what you say all the time, the others will think you're funny."

Yancy whispers, "Oh. I think I get it."

Beau laughs and says loudly, "Man, you're hilarious." The others look over.

At The Onslaught's beach, the teens keep bringing leaves and branches to the beach. Sky Lynn stays on the beach working on making the letters look bigger. Topher and Creigh bring a load of leaves back. Topher heads to the jungle. He asks, "Aren't you coming?"

Creigh says, "You go ahead." Topher shrugs and leaves without Creigh.

Sky Lynn asks, "Hey, what's up?"

"I just had a little idea that should help us out," Creigh says. He sits on the ground with a pile of sticks and leaves, and begins rubbing a flint against a rock.

Dante returns with Emmy and they both are carrying armfuls of leaves. Dante asks, "What's 'Red' doing?"

Sky Lynn says, "Making fire, duh."

"Well," Dante says, "He should stop it, and do something effective."

Sky Lynn shrugs and says, "I think it's a good idea."

Dante turns around and says, "Whatever, just another reason to vote him out if we lose."

At The Epic Failures beach, the teens gather together and look at their pile of stuff. Marguerite says, "It does not really look like anything, no?"

Sebastian sighs and says, "You're right."

"It's kind of sad," Willow says as she starts to cry. She turns to Beau and says, "Hold me?" Beau blushes and walks by himself into the jungle.

The other teens go to get more building material. Yancy goes along with Willow into the jungle. He says, "Can I tell you something?"

Willow says, "No, I won't go out with you."

Yancy looks embarrassed and says, "No, not anything like that. It has to do with Beau."

"I'm always willing to talk about Beau," Willow says with a sigh.

Yancy says, "I think you make him feel really uncomfortable."

"I do?" Willow asks. Yancy nods. Willow says, "I didn't know. I hope he isn't made at me." Willow starts to cry.

Yancy says, "Don't cry about it, just try to give him some space." Willow begins to cry harder. She gets closer to Yancy and starts crying into his shoulder. He smiles softly. She blows her nose on his sweater, and his smile quickly fades.

Yancy says in confessional, "That was kind of really gross. Willow's still hot, but I kind of don't know if I can get that out of my mind... Or off of my sweater." Yancy shudders.

At The Onslaught's island, Creigh is blowing on the smoke that is forming from his attempts at making fire. Sky Lynn looks over his shoulder, as he starts rubbing the flint against the rock, again. A spark hits his pile of leaves and sticks. It quickly sets fire. He excitedly gets up, turns around, and hugs Sky Lynn. They both grab sticks and light the ends of them on fire and head to the letters, and light them on fire at different spots.

The other teens arrive at different times and add to the fires with the things they gathered. Topher gives Creigh a high-five and says, "Awesome work, man." The plane flies overhead and the teens wave their arms around.

The other team is gathered around their pile of stuff. They look at it in a disappointed manner. They look up as a plane flies overhead. Sebastian says, "We can still hope that the other team did worse."

Chris arrives at The Onslaught's island and says, "The pilot was quite impressed with your signal. But I'm here to tell you... That you won the challenge." The team cheers. Chris continues, "You have invincibility, and you don't have to vote anyone out, tonight."

Chris leaves the island and heads to the other team's island. He tells them, "The challenge is over." He stares at the team's attempt and says, "Uh... You guys lost, sorry. I'll be back later for your campfire ceremony." Chris gets on his speedboat and leaves.

Marguerite says in confessional, "Zhis is anozher tough decision. Nobody really did anything zhat deserves elimination, except maybe..." Marguerite slaps herself in the face and says, "I must rid such zhoughts from my head."

At the campfire ceremony, Chris says, "Hello, The Epic Failures.'

The teens say in unison, "Hi, Chris."

Chris says, "One of you will be eliminated tonight. Whoever doesn't receive a plantain is going to the place in which you go when you lose this game. The first plantain goes to... Renee." Chris throws the plantain to the girl. "Next up is Sebastian." Chris throws a plantain to him. "Al," Chris announces as he throws a plantain to the boy. "Marguerite, you're safe." Chris throws Marguerite her plantain. "Yancy, you are also safe." Chris throws him his plantain. "That means our bottom two are Willow and Beau." Yancy's eyes widen. Chris says, "The final plantain goes to..."

"Willow." Chris throws the plantain to Willow. She cries.

Yancy looks at Beau, and Beau looks back at him in a state of shock. "What happened, dude?" Yancy shakes his head. Marguerite, Willow, and Renee surround Beau and hug him.

Chris says, "Well, you kids tried to play some prank on me, by voting out some kid named 'Logan'. Beau had the second most votes."

Logan speaks up, "Uh... I'm Logan."

Chris says, "Wha? Huh?" Logan nods. Chris says, "Oh sorry, Beau. In that case, Logan is out." He looks down to see another plantain on his plate. He picks it up and tosses it to Beau.

Al looks at Logan and says, "Sorry, maaaaan. Sebastian told me to vote you out, so I did." Some of the others nod.

Logan glares at Sebastian. He says, "The truth hurt that bad, huh?"

Sebastian looks down and away from Logan's direction. He says, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Logan shrugs and gets up. He says, "Bye, I guess." He gets on the 'Boat of Loserdom'. He says, "I thought my life couldn't get any worse by coming here, but I was wrong." Logan sighs. "I wish I could forget what happened, here."

Chris says, "Seriously, who was that? Anyway, be sure to tune into the next exciting episode of Total... Drama... Tropics!"

Chapter 8 - Defend Your Sandcastle Edit

Chris Mclean appears in front of the camera, "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics, our teens competed in making superior distress signals. At Beau's suggestion, the Epic Failures made a signal that epically failed. The Onslaught won the challenge partly due to Creigh's intuitiveness. Whatever that means. Because he said something that Sebastian didn't want to hear, Logan was voted out. Whoever that is. What will happen this time? Wait and see, I guess."

Yancy says in confessional, "I'm sorry we had to vote out anybody, and I feel bad for... uh... that kid. But I'm really glad it wasn't Beau. I don't know what I would do without him here."

Marguerite is walking with Sebastian on the beach. "Thank you so much for keeping me here, each week. I am so very grateful."

Sebastian says, "You're a good friend."

"Zhat is so sweet," Marguerite says. She kisses Sebastian on the cheeks and says, "We should head back, hon."

Sebastian blushes. He says, "Yeah."

Sebastian walks into the guys' bungalow. He sighs. Al says, "What's wroooong?"

"Nothing," Sebastian says with a smile.

Beau says, "I know that look. Sebastian is in love without denial."

Al says, "You know what Sebastian looks like when he's in looooove?"

"That's not what I meant," Beau says. "I meant in general. He generally looks like a guy who finally admits he's in love." Beau turns to Sebastian and says, "So?"

"I admit it," Sebastian says. "I think I'm in love with Marguerite."

"Whoooooa," Al says, "that's a big step. How do you think she feels, maaaan?"

"I think she feels the same way," Sebastian says.

Beau says, "Hmm... Then I think you should go for it."

"You do?" Sebastian asks. Beau nods. Sebastian says, "I'll think about it. Goodnight, guys."

Beau walks over to his and Yancy's bunk bed. Yancy is already under his blanket. He says, "Yancy, you've been really quiet. Is everything okay?"

Yancy says, sounding hurt, "I don't want to talk to you."

"What's the matter, Yancy?" Beau asks.

"How could you say that to Sebastian?" Yancy asks.

"I don't..." Beau pauses. He says, "You like Marguerite, too."

Yancy says, "Yeah. You could have asked how I felt."

Beau sighs. He says, "You never said anything about that before, even when we talked about Sebastian liking her."

Yancy says, "Well, I didn't think he would actually go for it."

"Really?" Beau asks.

Yancy says, "But now they'll start going out, and I'll never have a girlfriend."

Beau says, "Stop it, Yancy. Just because you like Marguerite, too, doesn't mean she's the one for you. It also doesn't mean she's the last girl on Earth. There are plenty of others."

"You're right," Yancy says with a sigh. "Sorry I got mad at you. Will you still help me?"

"Of course," Beau says with a smile.

At the girls' bungalow on The Onslaught's island. Audrey II asks Emmy, "So how are things going with Dante?"

"Fine," Emmy says.

Audrey II says, "What's he like when the two of you are alone? He doesn't seem that nice around everyone else."

Emmy says, "He can be really sweet, sometimes."

Patsy says, "The red haired heroine ponders whether or not that is even in the realm of possibilities."

Sky Lynn says, "Me, too."

"You guys don't know what he's like," Emmy says. "I know he really cares about me, deep down."

Sky Lynn says, "Then I guess that's all that matters."

The moon goes down. The sun comes up.

Sebastian wakes up to see Al, Yancy, and Beau in camouflaged clothing. "What's up?" Sebastian asks.

"We're going to help you get Marguerite to go out with you," Yancy says.

Sebastian asks, "Where did you get those clothes?"

Beau says, "Would you believe that we all happened to pack camouflage as alternative outfits?"

Sebastian says, "No."

Al says, "First, you got to give her flowers, maaaan. Girls love flowers." Al hands Sebastian a handful of weeds with dirt clods still attached at the bottom.

"Then you have to tell her what her good qualities are," Beau says. "She'll appreciate that for sure."

Yancy says, "Then... I got nothing."

Al says, "Go out and get her, maaaan!"

Yancy and Beau shout, "Yeah!" in unison.

Sebastian asks, "Can I get dressed first?"

After Sebastian is dressed, the guys storm outside, discreetly following Sebastian as he goes outside.

Beau says, "First, you should go to the beach. That's the most romantic spot, here. We'll get Marguerite out there. Don't worry."

Sebastian says, "Guys, I'm not sure..." Yancy pushes Sebastian toward the beach.

Al walks to the girls' bungalow, while Beau does somersaults all the way there. Beau says, "Okay, Al, let's climb up there." Al nods.

The boys climb up the ladder. They stand on either side of the door way, pressed against the walls. Beau whispers, "Al, quietly call Marguerite's name to get her outside."

Al nods. He calls, "Margueriiiiite." Beau gives Al a thumbs up.

Willow walks out and says, "Did someone call my name?"

"Nooooo," Al says. Willow shrugs and walks back inside.

Beau says, "Try it, again."

Al says, "Margueriiiiite, come to the beeeach." Beau gives Al a thumbs up.

Marguerite walks outside. She says, "Is someone calling moi?"

"Go to the beeeeach," Al says.

Marguerite says, "If you say so, Al, dear."

Marguerite climbs down the ladder and heads to the beach. Al and Beau discreetly follow her. They see Yancy spying on Sebastian from the bushes, and they join him.

Marguerite walks onto the beach and sees Sebastian sitting on the sand. "May I sit here?" Marguerite asks.

Sebastian says, "Please." He looks at the weeds in his hand, and hands them to her. He says, "These are for you."

Marguerite says, "Zhey're lovely."

Sebastian says, "I think you're the most amazing girl I ever met. You're so nice to everyone, and you don't seem stuck up, even though you're so beautiful."

Marguerite says, "You're making me blush."

Sebastian says, "I like you, a lot."

Marguerite says, "I like you, too."

"Really?" Sebastian asks. Sebastian takes off his sunglasses and leans toward Marguerite in order to kiss her.

Beau says with panic in his voice, "He's improvising!"

Marguerite pushes Sebastian back. She says, "What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry," Sebastian says.

Marguerite says, "I'm not zhe kind of girl that kisses just any guy."

"Just any guy," Sebastian repeats.

Marguerite says, "I like you, Sebastian. You've been so very nice to me. But I do not have romantic feelings for you."

"Oh," Sebastian says, "I see. I should have known. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable."

"Don't be sorry," Marguerite says. "I hope you're not upset."

Sebastian hesitates. He says, "Of course not." Marguerite stands up and offers a hand to Sebastian. He says, "I think I'll wait out here for a while." Marguerite nods and heads back to the jungle.

Al, Beau, and Yancy head out to the beach. Yancy says, "So, how did it go?"

Beau says, "I'm really sorry, dude."

"Oh," Yancy says.

Sebastian looks really sad. He looks up at them with tears in his eyes. He says, "I'll be alright. It was stupid to think she could possibly like me."

Beau says, "Sebastian, don't say stuff like that. You'll find another girl."

Sebastian says, "That's easy for you to say. Girls always go after guys like you, just because of the way you look." Beau looks down.

Yancy says, "Beau's right. There are other girls out there."

"Yancy, you don't know what you're talking about," Sebastian says.

Yancy hesitates before saying, "You're right."

Sebastian looks at Al. He says, "I suppose you have some advice for me, too?" Al remains frozen, saying nothing. Sebastian sighs and says, "Sorry, guys. I don't feel so great right now. I just want to be by myself for a while. Sorry you wasted your time, but thanks for your help." Sebastian gets up and walks into the jungle leaving the other three guys on the beach. They all look disappointed.

Al says in confessional, "I feel so bad. I should have been able to comfort Sebastian, but I couldn't say anything. I try to ignore those kinds of feelings, so I didn't know what to say. I should have said something. He needed me to." Al sighs.

Renee says to Marguerite, "Are you alright?"

Marguerite sighs. She says, "No."

Willow grabs a box of tissues and says, "Tell us all about it."

Marguerite says, "I feel really bad about somezhing." She sighs. "I lied to someone."

Willow starts crying. She says, "Who?"

"I told Sebastian I didn't like him, because I don't want a relationship to effect the game," Marguerite says.

"So you like him?" Willow asks.

"I don't know," Marguerite says. "I haven't really thought about it, but I just gave him a quick response. I hope he isn't hurt."

Willow says, "I think he'll be okay."

Renee nods and says, "Mm."

Yancy pokes his head into the girls bungalow and says, "Chris is here for the challenge."

Willow cries, "Get out! What if we were changing?" Yancy giggles creepily and slowly backs his head out.

Topher says in confessional, "So I was walking back from the shower, and I went to the beach. Chris was there with the other team, and he said that someone would have to swim for the challenge. I figured it would be me so I went to the bungalow to change."

At the beach, Chris says, "Hey, where's Topher?"

Creigh says, "He went to the shower before you arrived. He might be back at the bungalow by now."

"Well," Chris starts, "Can you go get him?"

Creigh says, "Oh, sure." Creigh jogs toward the jungle.

"Hey, Topher," Creigh shots as he is just outside the bungalow. He goes inside and says, "Are you in..." He catches sight of Topher and stops in the middle of his sentence.

Topher says, "Oh, crap." Topher turns around to see Creigh staring at him. Topher is standing in his boxer shorts. His back, arms, chest, and the left side of his stomach are covered in tattoos.

Creigh says, "What is all that?"

Topher says, "I... I'll explain later. We have to get to the challenge."

Creigh hesitates before saying, "Okay." Topher continues to get into his wetsuit.

Creigh returns to the others before Topher and says, "He's on his way." Topher shows up a few minutes later.

Chris says, "Hello, you handsome teen, you." Topher blushes. "Today's challenge has to do with protecting an already been built sandcastle." He gestures toward two sandcastles with cages built around them. "Several tools that will help you to better secure your sandcastle have been hidden in the jungle, here, in the sand, and in the water. You have ten minutes to search for these aids, and five minutes after that to secure them around your sandcastle. After that time, the teams will try to break down the other team's cage in order to get to the sandcastle. Whoever destroys the sandcastle fastest wins invincibility. If everyone understands, you can begin your challenge."

The teens begin digging in the sand to find different things. Topher and Willow swim out to look for some things in the water. Topher brings back a bag and puts it on a mat by his team's cage. He heads back into the water. After ten minutes, the teens look at what they gathered and begin emptying the bags they gathered. The Onslaught wraps ropes around the cage, while the Epic Failures focus on putting planks into the cage so that they are sort of woven between the inside and the outside of the cage. They then start wrapping their cage in ropes.

Chris says, "Times up. Now try to get to the other team's castle." Yancy runs at The Onslaught's cage, does a flying kick, and hits it. He falls to the ground clutching his ankle. The Epic Failures work at untying the ropes. A bear runs out of the jungle and heads toward The Epic Failures cage. Chris says, "Uh uh! No help from random bears." The bear looks disappointed as it looks at Sky Lynn. It walks back into the jungle. The Onslaught guys pull at the planks inserted in the cage while the girls untie the ropes. One of the cages opens. Dante takes the honors of jumping up and down on The Epic Failures castle. Chris says, "The Onslaught wins invincibility!" The team cheers. Chris says, "That means..."

Yancy sighs and says, "We know."

Chris says, "I'll bring you guys back to your island. One of you will be voted out." Chris leaves the island with The Epic Failures.

The team sighs collectively. Yancy says, "This bites."

Sebastian sighs and says, "I just want to be alone." He leaves the other teens. Marguerite sadly looks at him.

Renee quietly asks, "Who do we vote out?"

Willow says, "I hate to say it." She starts to cry. "Sebastian has been a good leader for us, but it doesn't seem like he's in it anymore. I hate to have to vote anyone out."

Marguerite looks down. Beau whispers to Yancy, "Say something nice to her."

"You look really yummy," Yancy blurts out.

Beau stares at Yancy and says, "Really?" He pauses and starts laughing. He says, "Yancy, you're so funny."

Marguerite smiles and says, "Thank you for trying to make me feel better, cutie." She walks to Yancy and hugs him tightly.

Yancy says, "Whew!" once Marguerite lets go.

The girls leave the guys on the beach. "What a woman," Yancy says.

Beau says, "Yeah... She certainly is a flirt."

"I guess," Yancy says.

Beau says, "She's always kissing the guys on the cheek."

Al adds, "Or complimenting us."

"Or calling us pet names," Yancy states. The guys look back and forth at each other.

Willow says in confessional, "My vote is for Sebastian." She cries. "I have to vote for someone."

Sebastian says in confessional, "I vote for Willow. Even though Marguerite rejected me, I can't vote for her. I know I'll be okay, soon, but my time here was overall pretty good."

At the campfire ceremony, Chris says, "Welcome to your third elimination vote in a row. Congratulations. The first plantain is for Al." Chris tosses a plantain to Al. "Next, Beau." Beau catches his plantain. Chris tosses a plantain to Renee and says, "Renee, you're safe. The next plantain is for Yancy." Chris says as he throws the plantain to the boy. Willow, Sebastian, and Marguerite look at each other. Chris says, "The next plantain is for Willow." Willow nods and catches her plantain. Chris says, "One of you is out. Thanks for playing. The final plantain goes to..."

"Sebastian." Chris throws the last plantain to Sebastian.

Willow says, "What? Not Marguerite. She would never hurt anybody."

Yancy says, "She hurt my friend."

Marguerite says, "You mean zhe Sebastian?" She looks at Sebastian and says, "I am sorry about what happened. I wish I handled it differently, but I was taken off guard."

Sebastian says, "It's okay." He looks at the other guys on his team and says, "You guys didn't have to vote for Marguerite for my sake."

Beau says, "We realized what she was doing. She was trying to use us guys by flirting with us. It ended up getting you attached. She went too far."

Marguerite says, "I do not understand. I wasn't trying to use you. I guess I'm just naturally flirtatious?"

Chris says, "Well, I guess it's time for you to leave, Marguerite."

She nods and heads to the 'Boat of Loserdom'. Sebastian shouts after her, "If it makes you feel better, I couldn't vote for you."

Marguerite turns and says, "I couldn't vote for you either, Sebastian." She blows a kiss to him, pauses, realizing what she had just done, and turns toward the 'Boat of Loserdom'.

Once on board, she says, "Zhat is too bad. I wish I could stay longer, but I had a good time until today. I feel bad about hurting Sebastian, but he'll be okay. I zhink my flirting is just second nature for me, a lot of people are like zhat in my country, but zhey don't mean anyzhing by it." She sighs. "I'll miss everyone."

Chris says to the camera, "Another one gone, with thirteen left to go. See who goes home on the next installment of Total... Drama... Tropics."

Dante says, "I'm gonna hit the showers. You two lovebirds can have some alone time." He walks out of the bungalow.

Creigh states, "So, Topher. You said you'd explain about the tattoos."

Topher lets out a sigh and says, "Here goes. When I was thirteen I got involved with some bad friends. They were basically gang members that were always up to no good. I ran away from home when my parents saw how bad I'd gotten. I had a friend that I stayed with whose father is a tattoo artist. Practically the whole time I was there he gave me tattoos, basically as a test dummy."

Creigh says, "I noticed a scar on your stomach. How did you get it?"

Topher hesitates before answering. He says, "I had to have an emergency appendectomy when I..."

"Topher," Creigh says. "You can stop lying to me. Your appendix is on the other side."

Topher pauses. He says, "I was stabbed. Creigh, I was in a gang. My friend I mentioned, I met in juvenile hall. I was sent there after I got in a bad fight, and I was left out on the street. I lied about who I was and avoided foster care. Me and my friend both got out about the same time, and I stayed with him and his dad, because I couldn't go home."

Creigh says, "I'm sorry to hear about all that."

Topher says, "I've made changes, though. I went back home, and have tried to correct my behavior. The way I was living was wrong, Creigh. I learned that."

"Did you quit taking drugs?" Creigh asks solemnly.

Topher hesitates. He says, "You... saw the track marks." Creigh nods. Topher sighs. "I started using at the age of thirteen. One of my friends introduced me... But I've been clean for six months. I wish it never happened."

Creigh says, "But it sounds to me that you've learned from your mistakes. That's something not everyone gets a chance to do."

"I never want to go back to the old me," Topher says, "But my body constantly reminds me of the things I did. When I think about how I was... It scares me that I could ever be that way. I'm scared that I'll regress."

Creigh smiles and says, "Just keep doing what you're doing and never give up. I believe in you. You're a different person than how you were. I can tell."

"Thanks," Topher says. He continues, "You have to promise me that you won't tell the others."

Creigh smiles and says, "You have my word."

Chapter 9 - A Run to RememberEdit

Chris Mclean states, "Hello. Welcome to the latest episode of Total... Drama... Tropics! Last time, Sebastian finally admitted that he loved and or liked Marguerite. With a little help from his friends, he expressed to Marguerite his feelings. Sadly, he was rejected." Chris Mclean frowns. He continues, "I have absolutely no idea what that feels like. Anyway, after losing the challenge, some of Marguerite's teammates thought that she was flirting with the guys to get ahead in the game, and she was promptly eliminated. Who will be promptly eliminated on this episode of Total... Drama... Tropics?"

Sebastian says in confessional, "Even though Marguerite didn't like me the way I like her, I still would have liked to be around her some more." Sebastian sighs and says, "At least now, I can get my head back in the game. I was ready to be sent home last time."

Beau leans in toward Al and Yancy. He says, "Okay. When Sebastian comes back, try to be supportive. He's going to be really upset." Al and Yancy nod.

Sebastian walks into the bungalow with a smile on his face. He says, "Hey, guys. Beautiful night, huh?"

Al says, "It's okay, maaaaan. Let it allllll out."

"I finally thought of the right thing to saaaay," Al says in confessional with two thumbs up.

"Wait," Beau says. "Aren't you... devastated?"

Sebastian says, "No. I have to respect Marguerite, and I didn't come here to fall in love, anyway. I came to play a game." Sebastian changes into his pajamas, gets into his bed, and says, "Goodnight."

Yancy looks at Sebastian and says, "He's a wreck."

Willow looks around her bungalow. Renee waves.

Willow cries in confessional. She says, "It suddenly got a lot quieter in there."

Willow says to Renee, "So... Renee... What do you like doing in your free time?" Renee shrugs. Willow sighs. Seconds later, a baby jungle cat walks into the girls bungalow. Willow screams and cries. She shouts, "Wild animal!" Renee looks at the cat with wide eyes. She slowly approaches it and stretches out her hand in an attempt to pet the animal. She inches closer to it, and when she is close enough to pet it, it opens its mouth and bites her hand. Renee attempts to shake her hand free. The cat lets go and runs back into the jungle. Renee kneels on the floor, rubbing her bitten hand.

"That was really weird," Willow says in confessional.

On The Onslaught's island, the female contestants are in their bungalow.

Audrey II says to Emmy, "Tell me another story about stardom!"

Emmy sighs and says, "Oh, no one wants to hear that. They aren't that exciting."

"I think they're great," Audrey II says.

"They are kind of boring," Sky Lynn says. "No offense."

Audrey II says, "Oh."

Patsy narrates, "Just when the teenage girls were feeling completely bored, a chill entered the room. Along with it, a wild animal." The girls look up at a jungle cat that had entered the bungalow. Audrey's eyes get wide. Patsy continues narrating, "The fierce, wild animal eyed up its prey." Emmy holds onto Audrey II, and the girls shake in fear. "The jungle cat finally eyed its victim." The jungle cat glares at Sky Lynn. "The animal pounced at the defenseless young woman... And hugged her, and started licking her face?" The jungle cat jumps down and leaves the bungalow.

Emmy says in confessional, "That was really weird."

In the morning at The Epic Failures' island, Beau and Yancy are sitting outside. Beau says, "The second thing we're going to try is for me to randomly compliment you in front of the girls to highlight to them what your good points are."

Yancy says, "That sounds great."

Beau pauses for a second. He says, "So... What are some of your good points?"

"I am highly susceptible to illness," Yancy nods as he speaks.

"What else?" Beau asks.

"Um..." Yancy says as he tries to think. "I'm good at spying on the girls' volleyball team while escaping notice."

Beau sighs. He says, "Girls volleyball..." Yancy slaps Beau across the face. Beau says, "Thanks." Willow and Renee walk out of their bungalow. Beau clutches Yancy's shoulder and whispers, "Now's our chance." Beau changes to a loud voice and says, "Oh, Yancy. You are the best. And... Your complexion is really smooth."

Yancy raises an eyebrow and says, "Thanks."

Willow and Renee walk up to the guys. Willow says, "Hi, Beau. What are you guys doing?"

Beau puts an arm around Yancy and says, "We're going over Yancy's good qualities."

"And you look really good doing it, Beau," Willow says.

Beau looks embarrassed. Yancy says, "Leave him alone. I told you before."

"I'm sorry," Willow says. She cries. "It's just that, Beau looks so sexy that it's hard to control myself." Renee nods. Beau's face turns red.

"Uh," Beau says. He points to Yancy and says, "What about him? Isn't he kind of sexy... ish?"

Willow stares at Yancy. She says, "Um... No offense, but I never go for the nerdy type." Yancy looks disappointed. "Sorry," she adds. Yancy sulks away and walks back into his bungalow. Beau follows after him. Willow asks, "Where are you going?"

Beau says, "To comfort him..." Willow looks down. Al and Sebastian step out of their bungalow as Beau enters.

Yancy's sitting on Beau's bed. He says, "I'm giving up."

"Don't say that," Beau says.

Yancy says, "How am I supposed to get a girl if they have you to compare me to?"

Beau looks down. He says, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I ever decided to audition for this show."

Yancy sighs and says, "Don't be. If I never met you, I don't know what I'd be doing. You've been a great friend."

Beau says, "I wish the girls weren't always going after me..."

Yancy says, "We have opposite problems."

"Maybe if you didn't dress so nerdy," Beau says.

At the same time, Yancy says, "Maybe if you didn't dress so sexy." The boys laugh. Yancy sighs, "But I only packed sweaters, neckties, and button up shirts." Yancy throws his sweater to the side, takes off his tie, and starts unbuttoning his shirt. He sighs. Beau looks shocked. Yancy says, "What's the matter?"

Beau says, "When did you get so muscular?"

Yancy shrugs and says, "I guess from martial arts. I've been doing that for a while now."

Beau slaps his forehead. He says, "We've been going about this all wrong."

"We have?" Yancy asks.

Beau nods and says, "Girls love muscles on guys, Yancy. Most of them, anyway."

"They do?" Yancy asks.

"You really are clueless," Beau says. Yancy sighs. Beau says, "Sorry, man. But you should start wearing clothes that show off your muscles. It's our best bet."

Yancy says, "But I don't have any clothes like that."

Beau smirks. "But I do."

Yancy's eyes light up. He says, "And if you dressed like a nerd..."

"This idea is just crazy enough to work," Beau says.

Several minutes later, Yancy says, "Oh, man. You look ridiculous." He laughs. Yancy's pants expose Beau's shins. "You're missing something, though." Yancy hands Beau his glasses.

Beau says, "Don't you need these?"

"Nope," Yancy says. "They aren't prescription, just for show." Beau raises an eyebrow. He puts on the glasses and Yancy laughs.

Yancy pulls up Beau's pants. He says, "So how do I look?"

Beau says, "I forgot how much shorter you are... Try rolling up the pant legs." Yancy nods and does so. Al walks in. Beau says, "You look hot, dude."

Yancy says, "Are you sure? Your shirt feels a little baggy, and the pants seem tight in all the wrong places."

Al says, "Uh... It's time for the challenge, guuuys." The three walk outside and meet the others on the beach. Everyone stops to stare at Beau and Yancy.

Audrey II says, "You two look different, somehow. Is it Halloween, Chris?"

Chris shakes his head and says, "No."

Willow says, "You look really good like that."

Yancy smiles and says, "Why thank you."

Willow says, "Like a sexy librarian... Or accountant, or something."

Yancy slaps his face, looks at Beau, and whispers, "She's talking about you, isn't she?"

Beau looks nervous and lets out a laugh. He shouts, "Yancy! You're hilarious!"

"Thanks for trying," Yancy whispers with a sigh.

Dante says, "I didn't come here for a freak show. Tell us what the challenge is." Emmy looks at Dante in a disappointed manner.

Chris says, "Freak shows are good for ratings." Chris counts on his hands for a few seconds. He says, "Your challenge is a nine-legged race. In three teams of two, your legs will be tied together and you'll be teamed against a team from the other team for a three legged race."

Dante asks, "So Creigh doesn't have to be tied to someone else for that to work?" Creigh winces.

Chris says, "Come on, Dante. Creigh will be treated like anyone else for this challenge. You can sit one person out, however."

The Onslaught huddles together. Audrey II says, "I'll be sitting out of this one."

Chris says, "Alright. I'll let the teams decide who will be paired together. Then we'll start the first match."

The Epic Failures huddle together. Renee begins to speak, but Willow interrupts her. She says, "I'll run with Beau."

Yancy says, "No. I think that's a bad idea. How about I run with you, Willow?"

Sebastian shifts his sunglasses and says, "Fine." Willow cries. Sebastian says, "Al and Renee will run together, because they're the tallest. I'll run with Beau."

"Lucky," Willow says.

Chris says, "Who'll run first?" Al and Renee, and Dante and Emmy step forward. The two groups get ready to run behind the starting line that was drawn in the sand. Chris says, "Are we all ready?" The teens nod. Chris shouts, "Go!" Al and Renee run, taking big steps. Dante and Emmy try to keep up, but fail. Al and Renee finish first. Chris says, "That's one point for The Epic Failures."

Sebastian says, in a surprised manner, "Al, that was amazing."

Al says, "Oh, it was nothing, maaan."

Sky Lynn says, "Nice effort," to Dante and Emmy.

Dante says, "We would have won if Emmy wasn't so slow."

"I'm sorry," Emmy says. Dante rolls his eyes.

Beau and Sebastian, and Creigh and Topher are lined up and ready to run. Chris shouts, "Go!" The boys run forward. The race is close, but Creigh and Topher pull ahead leaving Sebastian and Beau behind, never to catch up. Chris says, "That's one point for The Onslaught. The scores are even. We're down to our last match." Yancy and Willow, and Sky Lynn and Patsy get in position to run. Chris shouts, "Go!"

The teens run ahead. Willow and Yancy lead. Willow says excitedly, "We got this!" Her eyes get watery. Yancy smiles at Willow. He fails to realize that one of Beau's pant legs came undone. Yancy's eyes widen as his foot gets caught in the fabric. He falls face forward bringing Willow down with him. Sky Lynn and Patsy cross the finish line. The Onslaught cheers. Chris says, "Wow... The Onslaught wins four challenges in a row. The Epic Failures have to eliminate yet another contestant."

Beau walks over to Yancy and Willow. He unties their legs, and helps Yancy up. Yancy looks devastated. Chris says, "I'll take The Onslaught back to their beach, and be back later."

Beau puts his arm around Yancy and they walk back to their bungalow. The others look disappointed. Yancy takes off Beau's vest and throws it against a wall. He sits down on a bed, and puts his head in his hands. "This was a disaster," Yancy says. "Nobody noticed me until I lost the challenge."

Beau says, "I'm sorry, Yancy. The whole thing was a bad idea."

"Thanks, Beau," Yancy says.

"For what?" Beau asks.

Yancy says, "For trying to help me. I know I'm a lost cause, and I'm sorry you wasted your efforts."

Beau says, "Don't give up, dude. Today was just a minor setback. It's not the end of your life, and you'll have more chances."

"Beau?" Yancy asks.

Beau says, "Yeah?"

"Thanks for being my best friend," Yancy says. Beau smiles and hugs Yancy.

Outside, Willow says, "What was up with Beau and Yancy, today? Something was up."

Sebastian says, "Isn't it obvious?"

"Yeah," Al says. He pauses and says, "What's obvious, again?"

Sebastian sighs and says, "I hate to be the one to say it, but... Beau and Yancy are gay."

Willow, Renee, and Al, shout in unison, "What?!"

"Couples start dressing like each other, sometimes," Sebastian states.

Willow says, "I thought that was really strange, but I guess that's about the only possibility."

Al pauses. He says, "But why is Yancy always trying to impress the girls, maaaan?"

Sebastian says, "He's not comfortable with being gay, I guess. He's trying to overcompensate, or deny his feelings by acting straight." Sebastian pauses and says, "I've seen it before."

Willow thinks. She says, "He is always defending Beau when I hit on him. And Beau always looks so embarrassed whenever a girl compliments him."

Sebastian nods. He says, "He must be embarrassed when he isn't attracted to girls, and they're always throwing themselves at him. Since this is a game, he probably doesn't want to hurt their feelings by rejecting them or coming out."

"I feel so bad for making him feel uncomfortable," Willow says. "I wish he would have just said something."

"All the really cute guys are either gay or taken," Renee adds.

Al starts walking toward the guys' bungalow. Sebastian grabs hold of the back of Al's belt as he walks in place. Al looks down and says, "Why aren't I mooooving?"

Sebastian says, "Where are you going, Al?"

"To ask them," Al says.

Willow cries and says, "You can't do that. It has to be their decision to announce that kind of thing."

Al says, "It does?" Willow, Renee, and Sebastian nod.

Sebastian asks, "Haven't you noticed any suspicious behavior from the two of them?"

Al thinks for a second, and looks down. He says, "Yeah."

"I hate to say it, but one of them has to go," Sebastian says.

Al says, "What? I love those guys, maaaan. Are you afraid of gays, maaaan?"

Sebastian's face turns red. He says, "No, it's nothing like that. My best friend is gay."

Al says, "I am? Man, I didn't know..."

Sebastian sighs and says, "Not you. My best friend at home."

Renee asks, "So why vote for one of them?"

Sebastian says, "They're a couple. They won't vote each other out."

"Oooooh," Al says. "You're really good at thinking, maaaaan."

Sebastian smiles and says, "Thanks."

Al says, "They need a couple naaaaame... How about 'Beauyancy'?"

At the elimination ceremony, Chris throws the first plantain to Renee. He says, "Sebastian, you're safe." Chris throws Sebastian his plantain. "Al," Chris says as he throws the teen his plantain. "Willow, here you go." Chris throws her her plantain. "Beau and Yancy, you are our bottom two." The boys look at each other. They're both wearing their normal clothes. Chris says, "There's only one plantain for the two of you. It is for..."

"Yancy." Chris says as he throws Yancy his plantain. Beau sighs.

Yancy says, "I let the team down. Why did you guys vote Beau out? I should go in his place."

Sebastian says, "We voted for Beau because we think the merge is coming soon. Beau can get the female contestants to vote however he wants them to. So... he's the biggest threat."

Yancy says, "But Beau wouldn't do something like that. He's a great guy."

Beau smiles and says, "Thanks for sticking up for me, Yancy, but it's a little late for that." Beau hugs Yancy and says, "Stay strong out here." Al, Sebastian, Willow, and Renee exchange glances.

Yancy says, "But I don't know what I'm gonna do without you here. I'm going to miss you so much." Al, Sebastian, Willow, and Renee exchange glances.

Beau says, "You'll do fine." Beau stands up. Yancy stands up and hugs Beau. Beau smiles and says, "I love you, man."

"I love you, too," Yancy says with a smile.

Willow cries and says, "That's so sweet."

Chris says, "I hate to break up this beautiful moment, but it's time for Beau to leave." Beau nods and heads to the 'Boat of Loserdom'. He waves to his former teammates before stepping on the boat.

He sits down and says, "I feel like I've grown so much out here. I actually made a friend with another guy. Yancy is one of the best friends I've ever had. When I was helping him... Or trying to, it helped me take my mind off of girls and focus on helping him. He has no idea how much I appreciate that. He makes me feel like I can focus my attention on just my girl... I thought this contest would only make me lose self control, but... It didn't. Yancy's a really special guy and he deserves to be happy, and I know he'll make some girl very happy in the near future." Beau smiles.

Chris faces the camera and says, "That brings another episode to a close. Be sure to tune in to the next Total... Drama... Tropics!"

Emmy is sitting by herself on the beach. Dante approaches her and says, "What's the matter, babe?"

Emmy says, "Dante... I don't think I want to go out with you, anymore."

"What?" Dante says with a hint of anger in his voice.

"During the challenge today," Emmy says, "You weren't very nice to Creigh or me. I don't think I want to be with someone like that."

Dante says sweetly, "Oh, babe. You know I don't mean the things I say."

Emmy looks down and says, "You shouldn't say them at all, whether you mean them or not."

"You look really beautiful in the moonlight," Dante says. Emmy smiles slightly. Dante leans toward Emmy and kisses her.

Chapter 10 - Balloon TossedEdit

"Hello and welcome to Total..." Chris dramatically pauses, "Drama... Tropics! Last time, due to Yancy, The Epic Failures lost their fourth challenge in a row. He and his bromance partner, Beau, were assumed to be a gay couple. I now how it feels. I mean, why can't two guys be best friends without people assuming things?" Chris rolls his eyes. "I digress. Yancy and Beau were the bottom two, and Beau was the one eliminated for fear that he wouldn't vote against Yancy, and for fear that he might have wanted to control the female contestants' votes. What will happen this time on Total... Drama... Tropics?"

The Epic Failures are still at campfire ceremony site. Yancy says with tears in his eyes, "I still don't understand why you guys voted for Beau. He's the nicest guy I ever met."

Willow says with tears in her eyes. "Yancy. I guess you should know the truth." Sebastian looks surprised. Willow continues, "We were afraid you would never vote out Beau, and he would never vote for you."

Yancy pauses to think. He says, "Yeah. We wouldn't have."

Willow turns to Renee and says, "We should probably turn in for the night." Renee nods.

Sebastian says, "I agree." The three get up and head for the jungle.

Al stands up in order to follow Sebastian. Yancy puts his arm out and grabs hold of Al's arm. Yancy says, "Please, don't go."

Al uncomfortably looks at Yancy's hand. He says, "Uh... Okay."

Yancy looks at Al and says, "I'm going to miss him so much. I don't know what I'm going to do without him."

"Uhhhhh," Al says.

Yancy looks at Al. Al's expression is blank. Yancy looks down and says, "Sorry for loading you with my concerns, Al. It won't happen, again." Yancy gets up and heads into the jungle. Al looks extremely disappointed.

Al says in confessional, "I feel... I don't know. I wanted to say something to make Yancy feel better, ya knooow? But... I've never been involved in a situation like that. I didn't want to say anything insensitive or anything... that might offend him." Al looks down. "I guess my not being able to say anything made Yancy sad, too."

On The Onslaught's beach, the teens are gathered together.

"It seems like we haven't lost a challenge in so long," Audrey II says.

"I know," Sky Lynn says.

Creigh says, "It's pretty awesome. Our team is strong."

"You're welcome," Dante says with a smirk.

"Huh?" Topher says.

Dante says, "Remember that I chose this team."

"Oh," Topher says. "Right."

Dante continues, "And what was that little guy thinking when he chose the other team? They're a bunch of rejects."

Emmy says, "Dante. You don't have to insult the other team."

Dante rolls his eyes and says, "Oh be quiet. No one asked for your opinion. Besides, we all know it's true. That team is so pathetic, and I knew it when I named them." Dante laughs. "Man, that was good."

Topher begins, "Dante, I'm sick of... Never mind."

Dante says, "You have something to say, Tophu, say it." Topher looks away from Dante without saying anything. Dante says, "I knew you didn't have the balls to stand up to me." Topher stands up and walks away. Creigh follows after him.

Emmy says, "I don't like you being so rude to Topher."

Dante glares at Emmy and says, "You know you really should be seen and not heard. Stay out of it." Dante gets up and storms off along the beach.

Emmy starts to cry. Sky Lynn says, "Emmy, I'm sorry."

Emmy says, "He can be so mean. I don't like it."

Sky Lynn says, "Maybe you should think about breaking up with him. He doesn't seem like he's worth what he puts you through."

Emmy sighs. She says, "I don't know. You're probably right, but... even though he says things like that, I still love him. I know it sounds stupid, but I... I'm going to go talk to him." Emmy gets up and goes in the direction Dante walked.

"I don't understand it," Sky Lynn says.

Patsy says, "Emmy probably doesn't either. Dante has used her emotions to get her involved with him. While it's evident that he doesn't care about her remotely, she can't fight her feelings for him, so she keeps extending forgiveness and returning to him. I don't think anything we can say will make her understand what's happening." Audrey II and Sky Lyn stare at Patsy with wide eyes. Patsy blushes. She says, "Uh... Patsy said?"

In the morning, Creigh looks over at Dante to make sure he's sleeping. He says, "Topher?"

Topher says, "Yeah?"

Creigh says, "I'm proud of you."

"For what?" Topher asks.

"For not letting Dante get to you," Creigh explains. "You've been doing a great job."

Topher says, "I don't feel like I've been doing that good."

Creigh says, "Nonsense. You really improved from where you were."

Topher sighs. He says, "I still don't like him. He makes me so angry. Whenever he says something disrespectful to Emmy, I just want to..." Topher stops talking.

"Well," Creigh says, "You've been controlling yourself really well. Keep doing what your doing."

Later, Chris appears on The Onslaught's beach with The Epic Failures.

Audrey II says, "Oh, it's time for our next challenge."

Chris nods. He says, "Yup. It's time for your first challenge on an individual level."

Creigh says, "Whoa. You mean we're merging, already?"

Chris nods. "Yeah, and The Epic Failures are moving to your island."

"You can stop calling us that," Sebastian protests.

Chris shrugs and says, "It has a nice ring to it."

Al slouches to be closer to Sebastian's ear level. He says, "I still can't believe you knew the merge was happening this early, maaaan." Sebastian smiles.

Chris says, "It's now time for your most epic challenge to date."

"Even better than the craft challenge?" Al says.

Chris nods. "It's a water balloon fight!" The contestants stare at Chris. "Oh, come on. You know it's awesome." An intern brings a basket of water balloons over to Chris. "If any of you get wet, you're out of the challenge." Audrey II randomly falls over into the sea. Chris says, "Audrey is out."

Audrey II says, "Oh, man!"

Chris says, "Everyone grab your first water balloon and get in your starting positions." The teens do so. Chris says, "You'll have to go back to the basket if you want to get a new water balloon after using your first one. If you throw a water balloon after being eliminated, it won't count. Everyone ready?" The teens nod. Chris says, "Go!" Topher immediately hits Dante with a water balloon. "Dante is out," Chris announces.

Dante glares at Topher. "You're going down." Topher smirks.

Creigh throws a water balloon at Sky Lynn. It breaks at her feet, but she still gets wet. Chris says, "Sky Lynn is out."

Sky Lynn says, "Thanks, Creigh. I thought we were friends."

"We are," Creigh says. "I just don't want one of your animal buddies to make you win."

Willow cries. Chris says, "Willow is out."

Sebastian says to Yancy and Al, "We should team up and go after the other team."

Al accidentally pops his water balloon on himself. "Oops," he says.

Renee does a back flip and throws a water balloon that lands between Emmy and Patsy, getting both of them wet.

"Emmy, Patsy, and Al are out," Chris states.

Sebastian and Yancy team up and throw their water balloons at Creigh. Sebastian misses by far, and Creigh catches Yancy's water balloon. Creigh lifts the water balloon over his head in order to throw it. A hawk swoops down and pops Creigh's balloon, dousing him in water.

Chris says, "Creigh is out." Sky Lynn smirks at Creigh. Topher and Renee go to the water balloon basket at the same time. They look at each other and then turn to Yancy and Sebastian and throw their water balloons. Chris says, "Yancy and Sebastian are out."

Topher smirks at Renee as he grabs a water balloon before she can. He throws it at her, but she dives out of the way. Topher grabs another water balloon, throws it, but misses as Renee rolls out of the way. She grabs a water balloon and throws it toward Topher.

Chris shouts, "Topher and Renee win invincibility!" Topher is hit by the water balloon and covered in water.

Dante shouts, "What? That's not fair. You never said anything about two winners."

"I wanted it to be a surprise," Chris says.

Sebastian says, "I would assume you just wanted Topher to be safe."

Chris says, "No... I had it planned that way. I'll be back later for your campfire ceremony."

The teens disperse. The former members of The Epic Failures split off. Sebastian says, "This is not a good situation."

Al says, "Whaaaat?"

Sebastian says, "We have two less members than the other team. They'll probably pick us off."

"Why?" Willow says with tears in her eyes.

Sebastian sighs and says, "They have the numbers against us."

Topher approaches the group. He says, "Hey, guys."

Sebastian turns his head away from Topher and says, "Hey, cheater."

Topher says, "I'm sorry. I don't want Chris' charity, but I understand why you'd be mad."

Al says, "It's not your fault, maaaan."

Topher says, "How would you guys like to vote with me, tonight?"

"For who?" Renee asks.

"Dante," Sebastian states.

Topher nods. He says, "He's not very nice, and he's always badmouthing you guys. I think it's dangerous to have someone like him in the game."

"We're fine with that," Sebastian says.

Dante looks over at the group and says to Emmy. "I don't like it."

Emmy says, "What, honey?"

"Topher wants me out," Dante says.

"You don't know that," Emmy says.

"Quit being so stupid," Dante states bluntly.

Emmy looks taken aback. "I'm sorry."

Dante says, "No, baby. Don't be sorry. I was the one out of line." Emmy smiles slightly. Dante continues, "Hey, baby. You love me as much as I love you, right?"

Emmy smiles. She says, "That's the first time you said something like that to me. Yeah, I love you, Dante."

He says, "Can I ask you a little favor?"

Emmy smiles and says, "Sure."

"Tell the others you want to be voted out," Dante says.

"What?" Emmy asks in surprise.

"Oh, baby," Dante says. "I don't want you to go, but I'm scared it might be me, tonight." Emmy looks down.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris says, "The first plantain goes to Topher." Chris tosses Topher his plantain. Dante rolls his eyes. "Renee," Chris says. "Al, Creigh, Yancy," Chris throws plantains to the boys. "Willow, Sky Lynn, Patsy," Chris throws the girls' plantains to them. "Audrey II, you're safe," Chris throws a plantain to her. "Sebastian," Chris says. Dante looks at Emmy. She looks back at him. He looks down. Chris says, "One of you will be out. The final plantain is for..."

"Emmy," Chris states.

Dante shouts, "What?" He turns to Emmy and screams, "You didn't tell them to vote for you!"

"I did," Emmy says. "I don't know why they didn't."

"Stop lying to me!" Dante exclaims. He raises his hand and gets ready to strike her. Emmy looks shocked.

Dante looks at his arm and sees the hand holding it back. A shaking voice tells him, "Don't you ever raise a hand to her."

"This is none of your business," Dante turns to look at Topher. He says "Let go of..." Topher quickly crashes his forehead against Dante's. Dante holds his hand up against his head. He says, "You..." Topher let's go of Dante's arm. He stands and punches Dante in the eye. Dante falls to his hands and knees on the ground. He looks up at Topher and pleads, "Dude, I'm sorry. Please don't hit me."

Topher says, "You've had this coming since day one." He kicks Dante as hard as he can in the ribs. Dante falls, putting his arms around himself as he groans.

Emmy screams, "Topher, stop!" The others look on, unable to intervene.

Topher kicks Dante, again, now in the arm. Creigh stands up and approaches Topher calmly. Topher raises his leg and stomps on Dante's back. Dante screams in pain as tears stream down his face. Creigh puts his hand on Topher's back. He says, "Topher, calm down. You don't want..." Topher instinctively jabs Creigh in the stomach with his elbow. Creigh's face shows both surprise and pain as he stumbles backward. He loses his balance and falls backwards, hitting the back of his head on one of the stumps used as a stool at the campfire ceremony.

Sky Lynn shouts, "Creigh!" She rushes to him, as do Sebastian and Audrey II.

Audrey II cries as she shouts, "Chris! He's not responding!"

Chris breaks out of his state of shock and rushes to Creigh. Topher continues kicking Dante in his side as Willow, Emmy, Al, Yancy, Patsy, and Renee look on immobilized by not knowing how to deal with the situation.

Chris says, "Guys, don't worry. Creigh is still breathing. I'll... get medical out here." He looks at Topher as he continually kicks Dante. Chris calls out, "Topher! Stop."

Topher says, "He's brought all of us so much pain. I'm only giving him what he deserves." Topher increases the force behind his blow. Dante fails to even groan in response, as he had slipped out of consciousness.

Chris says, "He doesn't deserve this. Topher, you're going to be forced out of the competition."

Topher pauses. He looks at Chris with a wild look in his eyes. He smirks and says, "For what, Chris?"

"Violence, Topher," Chris says. "You read the rules. You know anyone who violently attacks another contestant will be removed from the competition."

Topher laughs. He says, "Oh, I know the rule, Chris. The one that states that it has to be another contestant."

Chris says, "What are you getting at?"

Topher smiles. He says, "Dante was just eliminated. He's not a contestant, anymore. There's nothing you can do to me. I'm safe. He's out, and he got the beating he'd been begging for."

Sky Lynn stops looking at Creigh and looks up at Topher. She says, "You mean... You've been planning this? That's just... sadistic."

"Don't call me that!" Topher shouts.

Chris says, "Topher..." Chris looks down and says, "You overlooked something."

"What are you talking about?" Topher asks. "This plan was perfect."

Chris sighs. He takes a contract out of his pocket and reads, "A contestant is not eliminated until the final hand out item has been given out."

Topher looks at Chris. He looks at the tray that Chris had set down, seeing the final plantain still sitting on it. "Oh no," Topher says quietly. Topher looks at Creigh lying on the ground. "Wha... Did... What happened to Creigh?"

"You monster!" Sky Lynn says with tears in her eyes. She puts her arms around Creigh.

Topher says, "I didn't mean to hurt him. Is he alright?" Creigh's eyes open slightly. Topher approaches him and says, "Creigh, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" As Topher approaches him, Creigh's eyes express terror. He pushes himself back as Topher gets closer. Topher stops and says, "Creigh, I didn't mean to hurt you."

Chris says, "Topher... Come with me. I'll get the medics, and bring you away from here. Dante gets to stay, if he's still able. We'll have to wait and find out."

Topher looks at Dante lying unconscious on the ground with Emmy kneeling by him. Topher says with his voice trembling, "What have I done? All that progress I thought I made... meant nothing." Topher's eyes swell with tears. He says, "I deserve to go to wherever the losers are staying."

Chris says, "Topher... You won't be joining the other eliminated contestants. I'm going to have to get the authorities involved."

Topher looks down. He says, "I was afraid of that."

"I'm sorry, Topher," Chris says.

Topher says, "I understand." Chris puts his hand on Topher's back as they walk toward Chris' boat. Topher looks back at the distraught, crying group of teens. He looks ahead and then down at the ground.

Chapter 11 - Key PlayerEdit

Topher looks down and says, "I'm sorry, Chris."

"I'm sorry I put you through all this," Chris says.

Topher sighs and says, "You couldn't have known I'd act that way." Chris looks solemn. Topher asks, "Chris... Why didn't you ever help me when I would call you? If you had known how I was, maybe you would have tried to stop me."

Chris looks away and says, "I did know."

Topher looks a little confused and says, "You knew, and didn't reach out to me?"

"I know I let you down," Chris says.

"Why, Chris?" Topher asks.

"I was scared, I guess," Chris says. "You're parents filled me in on some things you were doing, and I didn't feel like I could do anything at the time. I made sure I was extremely busy, so I could provide myself with an excuse to ignore you."

Topher looks down. "You mean... you could have changed my life, but you didn't feel like it?"

"I'm so sorry, Topher," Chris says.

Topher looks at Chris and says, "So if you knew, why did you bring me here?"

Chris says, "I was so proud of you when I heard that you went home and were turning around. I wanted to show the world how proud I was of you, and how great of a kid you turned out to be. I guess I didn't seriously think about what could happen."

"I guess not," Topher says. He remains silent for the rest of the ride.

At the site of the elimination ceremony, Willow asks, "What do we do, now?" Tears continue to fall from her eyes.

Sebastian says, "We wait for the medical staff to arrive."

Emmy says as she kneels next to Dante, who still lies unconscious, "What's taking them so long?"

Sebastian says, "Don't worry. Dante looks pretty bad, but I think he'll be alright."

"I can't help it," Emmy says. "The whole thing was my fault."

Sky Lynn says, "No, it wasn't, Emmy. It was Dante's fault for thinking of hurting you."

Emmy looks up and says, "Oh, great! The medics are here."

Chef Hatchet, wearing a nurse's outfit, rushes over, followed by two paramedics. Chef says, "I was on a date. I came here as fast as I could."

Audrey II says, "But you took the time to change into that outfit?"

Chef looks confused and says, "No." He looks at Dante and points to him. The paramedics put the teen on a stretcher and rush to the boat. Chef asks, "Who's the other kid that got hurt?"

Creigh, sitting on the ground, raises his hand and quietly says, "Me."

Chef says, "Well, you look alright. But we better check you out, too, just to make sure." Creigh stands. He stumbles a little as he walks over to Chef. Chef helps him walk to the boat, and it departs once they get on.

Yancy looks at Audrey II and says, "Is your team always this dramatic?"

Audrey II shakes her head and says, "No."

Yancy feels someone clutch his shoulder. He looks behind him to see that it was Renee. Her expression is serious. Yancy looks slightly scared, and brushes her hand off of his shoulder. He then turns to look at Al who is completely still, still looking shocked. Yancy puts his hand on Al's knee and says, "Al, buddy. It's all over. You don't have to be scared, anymore." Al keeps sitting without saying anything.

Sebastian says, "I guess we better go try to get some sleep and wait until tomorrow to see how the guys are."

Patsy agrees, "No one was going to deny that the sly, dark haired, young man was right." Everyone but Al gets up and heads into the jungle. Yancy looks back in concern at Al, but turns his head as he walks into the jungle.

Sebastian and Yancy are in their bungalow. Yancy says, "Do these kinds of things happen all the time?"

Sebastian says, while changing into his sleepwear, "I believe so, but not always in front of everyone. We should really get to sleep."

"How can you act like nothing happened?" Yancy asks.

Sebastian hesitates. He says, "It's best not to dwell on it. I was scared, too, but it happened, and we can be glad it's over. Also, no one got seriously hurt."

Yancy says, "Dante looked pretty bad."

"He'll be okay," Sebastian reassures.

"I wish Beau was here," Yancy says.

Sebastian looks at Yancy's sad expression. He looks down and says, "I'm sorry we voted him out."

Yancy says, "He always made me feel better, you know? I could be really upset about something, and he always knew just what to say."

Sebastian says, "What you guys have is really special."

Yancy nods and says, "Yeah. I miss him."

Sebastian says, "You'll see him soon." Sebastian gets in a bed. He says, "Goodnight, Yancy."

Yancy lays on a bed and says, "Goodnight." He stares straight up for a long time.

Yancy says in confessional, "I couldn't sleep last night. I just kept thinking about what happened."

In the girls' bungalow, Emmy says, "I wonder if Dante is alright." She nervously looks out the doorway.

Willow looks at Audrey II, and then at Emmy. Willow says, "I don't get it."

"Get what?" Emmy asks.

Willow says, "He was about to hit you. Aren't you even upset about that?"

Emmy says, "He didn't mean it. He's not a violent person, I just made him mad."

Sky Lynn says strongly, "It wasn't your fault, Emmy. Dante's a bad person. He got what he deserved."

"How can you say that?" Emmy asks. "You never even tried to get to know him."

"I don't have to," Sky Lynn says. "He treats you, and everyone else, like dirt. He's only interested in himself."

"You don't like him," Emmy says. "I get it. But you're wrong. I guess I was wrong for thinking you were my friend."

"I am," Sky Lynn says.

Emmy says, "No. A friend would be supportive, even if they didn't agree with their friend on everything."

"He's only going to hurt you," Sky Lynn says.

Emmy says, "Whatever. I'm leaving." Emmy walks out of the bungalow.

Sky Lynn sighs. She says, "Is it as obvious to you guys as it is to me?"

Patsy says, "Yeah."

"But maybe he'll learn something," Audrey II suggests.

Sky Lynn says, "Maybe he will. I hope so."

Yancy walks over to the site of campfire ceremony. He looks at Al who still sits, staring ahead. Yancy asks, "Al. What's wrong? The fight had nothing to do with you." Al remains silent. Yancy sighs. He says, "It's completely healthy to talk about what you're feeling." Al doesn't reply.

A voice says, "Hey."

Yancy turns around and sees Emmy standing there. He says, "Hi."

Emmy asks, "Can I sit down?"

"Of course," Yancy says. Emmy sits down. Yancy looks at her.

Emmy says, "What is it?"

Yancy shrugs. He says, "I don't know a lot about what's going on with your team. I have to admit that it kind of scared me."

Emmy nods. She says, "That's okay. I was scared, too."

Yancy says, "Did Dante hit you before?"

Emmy looks surprised. She says, "No. Of course not."

"But he was about to," Yancy says.

Emmy says sincerely, "I don't think he was serious."

"I see," Yancy says.

"I know he looks like a bad guy," Emmy says. "But he really isn't. He loves me. I'm sure of it."

Yancy smiles and says, "If you think so, he probably is a nice guy."

Emmy hugs Yancy and says, "Thanks. This is a hard time right now, and everyone has been pretty judgmental of him. I'm just worried about him. I'm going to head back. I'm glad we talked, Nancy."

"Uh," Yancy corrects, "It's Yancy."

"Right," Emmy says. "Thanks, Yancy." She kisses him on the cheek, and leaves.

Yancy looks down, and then at the immobilized Al. Yancy sighs and walks away.

In confessional, Yancy says, "My talk with Emmy made me realize something. If someone told me they wanted to go out with me, would I let them treat me however they wanted, just so I would be able to say I had someone? How would I react if they made me mad? I honestly don't know, and that scares me about myself. I was so happy that the teams were merging, because that opened up a few more possible options for girlfriends for me, but now I can't even think that way." Yancy looks down and says, "I don't think being single is the worst thing that can happen to a person, anymore."

Creigh sits outside of the medical tent in a chair, surrounded by empty chairs. He looks up at the camera and says, "Dante was brought in a few minutes ago. He woke up just before he went inside. He was groaning, and saying that he hurt all over. Yeah. I felt really bad. I kind of..."

"You can't be serious!" Dante's shouting interrupts Creigh. "Oh, God." Creigh looks grim.

"I wonder what's wrong," Creigh says. A few minutes later, Dante and Chef walk out of the tent. Dante has one hand on his head, a black eye, and he looks upset. Creigh looks at Dante, shirtless with bandages over his chest, ribs, and his arm in a sling. "Dante, are you going to be okay?" Creigh asks.

Chef looks down. He says, "I have to fill out some paperwork. I'll see you in a few minutes."

Dante sits in the chair next to Creigh. Creigh looks at him. Dante looks down. Creigh says, "You'll be alright."

Dante says, "Creigh..." Dante's eyes fill with tears. He says, "I haven't been to a doctor in a long time... I don't have insurance. When I was being examined, Chef found something. My family can't afford the surgery, and..." Dante looks at Creigh in the eyes and says, "I'm dying, Creigh." Creigh's mouth slips open. Dante buries his head in Creigh's shoulder and cries.

Chef steps out and says, "Creigh. Come on, boy."

In the morning, the teens are sitting on the beach, waiting for Creigh and Dante to return. Audrey II hands Patsy her notebook. Audrey II says, "All finished."

Patsy says, "The author could do nothing but wait with keen anticipation as to what her friend thought about the story."

Audrey frowns and says, "Well... I don't know how to say it. It was... the awesomest story, ever! "

"You really thought so?" Patsy asks.

Audrey nods and smiles. "It was great. I did not see that ending coming. That was a great chappy."

Sebastian turns and says, "What are you guys talking about?"

"Patsy's new masterpiece," Audrey states.

Sebastian looks at the notebook. He says, "I'm a huge fan of your work. You wouldn't mind if I read it, would you?"

Patsy shrugs and hands it the notebook to Sebastian. She says, "The beautiful red haired heroine eagerly awaits the obviously intelligent, young man's opinion is." Sebastian smiles as he takes the notebook and immediately begins reading.

Sebastian says in confessional, "This is the best Patsy Mallone story I've read." He flips through the pages of the notebook. "The characters are awesome. Especially the suave, brainy, detective. He's really cool. And that's not a word I throw around. I can't wait to see how it ends."

Chris pulls up in his boat with Dante and Creigh. Emmy runs to Dante as he steps off of the boat. She puts her arms around him, and he winces when she does. She asks, "What did they find?"

Dante looks at Creigh and says, "I have a few broken ribs, and my arm was bruised pretty bad."

The others have gathered around them, too. Sky Lynn asks, "Is everything alright, Creigh?"

He forces a smile, and says, "Why wouldn't it be?"

Audrey II says, "Um... You hit your head pretty hard."

"Oh," Creigh says, "right. That. I have a pretty minor concussion. I'm going to be fine."

Sky Lynn says, "I'm really happy to hear that."

Chris says, "Yeah. Creigh and Dante are still in the competition. Which is convenient, because it's time for your next challenge." Chris pulls a giant treasure chest with a lock on it off of his boat. He takes a barrel out of the boat. He says, "This barrel is full of keys. Only one of them unlocks the chest. The first one of you to find the key that opens the chest wins invincibility. If everyone's ready, you can get started."

The teens each grab a key and get in line. Al falls backward in line. Chris says, "Renee is trying her key, first." Renee tries to open the chest but is unsuccessful. Chris says, "Now, it's Sebastian's turn." Sebastian turns his key and the chests open. Chris says, "Wow. That was anticlimactic. Sebastian wins invincibility. Someone else will be voted out tonight. I'll be back later." Chris gets on his boat and leaves the island.

Creigh looks down at Al lying on the ground and asks, "What's wrong with Al?"

Yancy shrugs and says, "He's been acting weird since last night."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "The one of you that does not receive a plantain, will immediately leave us." Chris eyes up the teens and says, "Sebastian, you're safe." Chris tosses him his plantain. "Renee," Chris says before throwing her her plantain. "Sky Lynn, Creigh, and Audrey II. You're all safe." Chris tosses plantains to the teens. Chris says, "Emmy and Dante." Emmy runs up and takes a plantain for herself and Dante. She hands one to him, after returning to her seat. "Willow," Chris says as he throws her her plantain. Al looks ahead as Yancy looks up at him. Chris says, "Al, you're safe." Chris throws Al a plantain, which hits him in the face. "Patsy and Yancy, a good name for a sitcom, but unfortunately one of you is leaving us. The final plantain is for..."

"Yancy." Chris throws him his plantain.

Patsy looks stunned. "What did I do?"

Sebastian tosses her her notebook. He says, "I think you know very well what you did. You should be ashamed."

Patsy looks confused, "Patsy doesn't understand."

Chris says, "Sorry, Patsy. You have been eliminated, though, so it's time for you to leave."

Patsy nods. She gets on the 'Boat of Loserdom'. She looks back and says, "Of all the places I coulda been, I had to choose this one. It was a rocky road, kids, but you know that. I hate goodbyes, so I won't give ya one." She steps on the boat and rides away.

"That was dramatic," Renee says quietly.

Chris says, "It could have been worse. Well, tune in next time for another episode of Total... Drama... Tropics."

Chapter 12 - Keep Your Arm UpEdit

Chris is standing on the beach. He says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics, everyone, pretty much, was acting weird. At the exciting challenge, Sebastian selected the invincibility winning key. Patsy ended up getting eliminated for reasons that even I'm not quite clear on. Who will get eliminated tonight?"

After the elimination ceremony, Emmy helps Dante walk back to his bungalow. Everyone but Al stands up in order to go to their bungalow. Sebastian turns back to Al, and walks back to a seat next to Al. Sebastian asks, "Al, what's wrong?" He gets no response. Sebastian says, "Al, come on. You haven't said anything since yesterday. There has to be something on your mind." Sebastian looks at Al, as he remains silent. Sebastian sighs. He says, "When you're ready to talk, you know where to find me." Sebastian stands up and begins walking away. A hand grasps his arm, and he looks back at Al.

Al says, "I'm scared, man."

Sebastian turns and sits next to Al. He says, "There's nothing to be scared about, Al. Topher is gone now, so you don't have..."

Al interrupts, "I know that, and that's a part of it. I never saw anyone lose control like that. But... why couldn't I do anything to stop it, ya know? I could have done something to keep Dante from getting hurt."

Sebastian says, "I could have, too, perhaps, but I didn't. Al, what happened was by no means your fault."

"But," Al begins, "ever since I've been here, I've been dealing with emotions that I'm used to ignoring. I realize that I can't ignore them without affecting other people. I'm useless in competitions, I'm useless when my friends need me to say something encouraging, I'm useless in a crisis, and I'm useless in life. All because I want to take the easy way out and not have to deal with difficult situations."

Sebastian says, "Al, you aren't useless. You've been a great friend."

"Like when you needed help with what happened with Marguerite?" Al asks rhetorically.

"I'm sorry," Sebastian says. "That had nothing to do with you, and I shouldn't have pressured you to say anything."

"About all I can do is stand around with a dopey expression on my face and act all mellow," Al relates, "because I can't deal with stressful situations."

Sebastian says, "Al, you've been there for me, even when you don't know it." Al looks at Sebastian. "I tend to think too much about certain things. I think being around you has helped me loosen up a little. Even though it didn't work out with Marguerite, I was able to make myself vulnerable enough to go and talk to her. I don't know if I could have done that without your easygoing attitude around. So I appreciate that."

"You do?" Al asks. Sebastian nods. Al adds, "How are you able to handle stress without letting it get to you?"

Sebastian says, "I never really thought about it. You just have to recognize that you can't fix every problem in the world."

"I know that," Al says.

"And if you ever feel stressed," Sebastian adds, "find someone you trust so you can share with them how you're feeling, so it doesn't eat away at you on the inside. But if anyone ever asks you for advice and you don't know what to say, all you have to do is say, 'I don't know if I have the right words to say, but I'm here if you just want someone to listen'."

Al sits for a few seconds without responding. He says, "Wow. That's... Thanks, C-Bass. That's good advice. I'm sorry I was acting so dopey."

"Don't be," Sebastian says with a smile. He hugs Al and says, "I'm glad we talked, Al. I was so worried about you."

"You were?" Al asks. "I never thought you really liked me all that much. I know I can be kind of annoying."

Sebastian says, "I guess I never said how I felt. Al, having you around makes me not take everything so seriously. I know on the outside it may not seem that way, but having someone so nice and friendly around has made me more cheerful. It's all thanks to you."

Al looks down and says, "I had no idea. Thanks, Sebastian."

Sebastian smiles and says, "What happened to C-Bass?"

Al laughs. "I'm glad we had this talk, C-Baaaass."

Sebastian laughs, suddenly turns serious, and says, "Don't overdo it." Al smiles and nods. They get up and head to their bungalow.

The next day, the teens are either swimming or lying on the beach.

Emmy and Dante are lying on towels close to the jungle. Sky Lynn approaches them and says, "Hey, Emmy. Wanna go for a swim?"

Emmy turns to look at Dante. She asks, "Dante, is that okay?"

"If you want to go, go ahead," Dante says. "But I want you here, by me."

Emmy nods and says, "Sorry, Sky Lynn. Maybe later."

Sky Lynn sighs and says, "Right." She turns and walks away. She sits down next to Willow and Creigh.

Willow says, "What's up?"

Sky Lynn says, "I know I shouldn't feel this way, after all he's been through, but I still don't trust Dante."

Creigh says, "He's mellowed out a lot."

"I know," Sky Lynn says. "But it feels like a facade. He's still controlling Emmy, saying she has to stay by him, even though it isn't as cruel as before."

"Maybe he just needs someone, right now," Creigh says. "We don't know what's going on for him on the inside."

Willow asks, "Did you ever think of having your own psychology talk show?"

Creigh blushes and says, "Oh, no. I'm no good at that kind of stuff."

Sky Lynn says, "Sure you are."

"Would you just stop it!" Creigh snaps.

Willow and Sky Lynn look at him with their eyes wide. "Creigh, what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry," Creigh says. He looks down, before standing. He says, "I think I have to be by myself for a while." He walks into the jungle.

Sky Lynn says to Willow, "I've never seen Creigh snap like that. He's always been the nicest person I ever met."

Creigh sits with his hands on his head in confessional. He says, "I can't stop thinking about Dante... I feel responsible for everything. I knew what Topher was really like, and I gave him bad advice. And I should have told someone. I should have told Dante about Topher's past. That might have kept him from making Topher mad, and saved him from getting hurt. He didn't deserve that." Creigh hits the side of the confessional with his fist, and says, "Why didn't I do anything?" He lets out a sigh and says, "I guess if it didn't happen, Dante wouldn't have known he was dying. Stuff like that shouldn't happen to people my age. It's not fair."

Renee, Yancy, Al, Audrey II, and Sebastian sit next to each other on the beach. Renee eats a banana. Audrey II sighs.

Yancy says, "What's wrong, Audrey?"

"Patsy was my best friend, here," Audrey says. "I miss her. I have to wonder why she got voted out."

Al starts to say, "We voted for her because..." Sebastian grabs hold of Al's lips.

Sebastian says, "Trust us. She had to go for what she did."

"I just can't help but wonder why everyone voted for her," Audrey says. A seagull appears next to Renee, and she tosses it a piece of her banana.

Sebastian says, "You read the story she wrote, right?" Audrey nods. "And you didn't find anything strange about it?"

Audrey shakes her head and says, "No. I mean, not that strange. Why do you mention it?"

By now, a large group of seagulls surround Renee. They start swarming around Renee and she throws her banana away, but they still attack her. Sky Lynn rushes over and says, "Leave her alone!" The birds quickly leave Renee and fly off into the distance. Renee looks dazed.

Willow rushes over and shakes Renee by the shoulders and says, "Are you alright?"

Renee says, "Ouch."

Sky Lynn says, "Hey, what's everyone talking about?"

"Nothing," Sebastian says.

Sky Lynn says, "We have to vote for Dante, tonight."

Al says, "But he got hurt. I'd feel guilty about voting for him."

Audrey II says, "And it seems like he's changed for the better."

Sky Lynn says, "I know it seems that way, but he's being as controlling toward Emmy as before, just in more subtle ways."

Creigh walks up to the group and says, "Hey, guys. What's up?"

"We've decided that we're voting for Dante," Sebastian says.

Creigh looks surprised. He says, "But I don't..."

Chris shows up on his boat and says, "Challenge time!"

Creigh mutters, "Perfect timing."

Everyone walks up to Chris. He says, "So, this challenge is all about endurance. You'll all be standing on a platform with a rope tied around your arm. If you bring your arm down, it'll make these large buckets of water fall forward." Chris points to the containers of water. "Dousing you with water. The last person standing without making the water fall will win invincibility. Get in position."

Dante looks down and says, "Chris, I can't do this challenge without irritating where I was hurt."

Chris says, "Oh. Right. You'll have to sit out. Sorry."

"That's real fair," Dante says as he rolls his eyes.

"Now if everyone's ready," Chris says. The teens put their arms up. Chris says, "The challenge starts now."

Audrey II falls backwards, immediately, swinging by the rope, but avoiding getting wet because of the way she fell. The others laugh.

Audrey looks embarrassed in confessional, "I hate being awkward. I know I mostly can't help it, though..."

Creigh stands with his arm straight up. He looks at Sky Lynn and says, "Sorry about earlier."

"This has been a stressful couple of days for everyone," Sky Lynn says.

"Yeah," Creigh says quietly.

"It must have been hard for you to see your friend lose control like that," Sky Lynn says.

Creigh says solemnly, "Topher isn't my friend. Not anymore."

Sky Lynn says, "Everyone makes mistakes, Creigh."

"Friends don't put each other in danger like that," Creigh says. "People are supposed to help each other, not hurt."

Sky Lynn says, "I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive him." Creigh gets quiet.

Willow says, "Oh, man this hurts."

Yancy laughs and says, "It's nothing to cry over." He looks at Willow and realizes she isn't crying. He looks confused, but then returns his focus to the challenge.

Sebastian's arm drops, and the water pours on him.

Chris says, "Sebastian is out. You can sit on the bench next to Dante."

Sebastian walks toward the bench, sits down, looks at Al, smiles, and gives him a thumbs up. Al returns the sentiment and jerks the container of water, making it spill all over him. Al frowns, and Sebastian slaps himself on the forehead. Al walks over to the bench and sits down. Sebastian quietly says, "Sorry, Al."

Al says, "Don't worry, maaaan." Al removes his shirt and rings the water out of it.

Willow puts her arm down and says, "I can't do it, anymore." She's doused with water.

Chris says, "Willow, you're out."

Willow says, "Oh, really, Chris? What gave you that idea?"

"Don't ruin this for me," Chris says. "I live for announcing when people lose challenges. It makes me feel better about myself."

"You're a sad, little man," Willow says as she walks over to the bench.

Emmy is the next to drop out of the challenge. She joins the others on the bench.

Chris says, "Emmy is out. Who will be..." Yancy's arm falls, and the water douses him, knocking off his glasses.

He chases them to the bench, as the water carries them over there. Dante smirks and crushes the glasses under his foot. He says, "Oops. My foot slipped. Sorry, buddy."

Yancy smiles and says, "No problem. I don't need them, anyway."

Dante raises his eyebrow. Sebastian looks on, but then turns to see Sky Lynn drop out of the challenge.

Chris says, "Sky Lynn is out."

Sky Lynn readjusts her top. She looks at Creigh, smiles, and says, "Keep strong, Creigh." He nods.

A baby jungle cat walks in front of the contestants still in the challenge. Renee looks down, blushes, and begins shaking. She then quickly kneels down in order to pet the cat. Her water spills, and scares the cat away.

Chris says, "That was really strange. Renee is out. Creigh wins invincibility!"

Sky Lynn jumps up and runs over to Creigh to hug him. He pulls his arm down, and they're both doused with water.

Sky Lynn says, "You did it, Creigh."

Creigh looks down. He says, "Chris? Can I give my invincibility to someone else?"

Chris shrugs and says, "I guess so, but that will make you vulnerable to the vote."

"I don't care," Creigh says. "I want to give my invincibility to Dante."

Chris looks surprised, as does everyone else. Sky Lynn says, "Creigh, don't do it. Why are you trying to protect Dante? He's never been nice to you."

"I've made my decision," Creigh says firmly.

Chris says, "Okay, if that's what you want." Chris changes his attention to the group as a whole. He says, "Meet me back at the campfire ceremony site." Chris heads to his speedboat and leaves the island.

Sky Lynn says in confessional, "I can't believe what just happened. Creigh has been acting so strange lately."

Creigh is sitting by himself on the beach. Dante approaches him and says, "You didn't have to do that." He sits down next to Creigh.

"They were going to vote you out," Creigh says. "I couldn't let that happen."

Dante says, "I'm sorry I was so mean to you earlier. You're a great person, even though I wasn't respectful of you."

Creigh looks down and says, "I'm sorry about what happened, Dante."

"It's okay, dude," Dante says. "This is a very tough time, but if anyone knows I'm glad it's you. I don't know how to talk about it. I don't want the others to think I'm weak, but I want them to know."

"Yeah," Creigh says.

Dante slaps Creigh on the back and says, "Thanks, Creigh."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Dante, thanks to Creigh you are safe, tonight." Dante appreciatively nods in Creigh's direction. Chris tosses Dante a plantain, and he catches it with his good arm. "Emmy, you're safe," Chris announces as he tosses a plantain to the girl. "Renee, you're safe." Chris tosses her her plantain. "Yancy." Chris throws Yancy a plantain. "Willow, here you go," Chris tosses her her plantain. "Al." Chris tosses him his plantain. "Audrey II is safe," Chris says as he tosses her her plantain. "Sebastian." Chris throws him his plantain. Chris says, "Creigh and Sky Lynn, you're our bottom two. The one of you who is safe, and receiving the final plantain is..."

"Sky Lynn." Chris throws her her plantain.

"I figured this would happen," Creigh says.

Sky Lynn's eyes fill with tears. She says, "Creigh, why did you do it?"

Creigh looks down and says, "I don't know if I can say."

Audrey II says, "You've been acting so strange, and you save Dante of all people."

"Dante is dying," Creigh reveals.

Dante looks down. Emmy looks at him with her eyes wide. Yancy says, "He is?"

"I found out when we were getting medical attention," Creigh says. "I guess it was a preexisting problem that had nothing to do with the beating."

Sky Lynn looks solemn and says, "I'm so sorry, Dante." Emmy puts one of her hands on Dante's back.

Creigh says, "He can't afford the surgery without this competition. I'm begging you guys... This is more serious than a game, now. You have to let Dante win." Creigh can't keep from crying. He stands up and receives a hug from every other contestant. He says, "Take care, everyone." He heads to the 'Boat of Loserdom', turns, and waves, before getting on the boat.

Once on board, Creigh says, "That was hard. I had to put my dream to be able to help kids in other lands on the back burner for a little while. I thought really hard about my decision in case I ever got invincibility. I started to feel selfish about my own dream. I realized that maybe this was my opportunity to help someone. I didn't have to wait for the future to be able to help someone who needed it." He smiles. "I learned a valuable lesson. I'm going to have to reach my dream the hard way, but I feel I did the right thing."

Chris says, "Another shocking turn of events. Anyway, be sure to tune in next time for another installment of Total... Drama... Tropics!"

Chapter 13 - Loaf of MeatEdit

"Hello all you fine, kindly viewer types," Chris Mclean says. "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics, Creigh won invincibility... which he promptly gave to Dante, of all people. The others didn't know his reasons so they voted him out. Creigh then told the others that Dante was dying. He then begged them to let Dante win. Will they? Won't they? I don't know. It's sure to be interesting, though."

"So it's true?" Emmy asks Dante. Dante lets out a sigh and he nods. "I can't believe it. Dante, I'm so sorry."

Dante lets out a half-smile and says, "Don't worry about it. I'll be fine." He looks down and says, "I was diagnosed by a guy in a nurse's outfit. I'm sure he could be wrong."

"I don't think we should take that chance," Emmy says.

Al says, "Yeah." Audrey II and Renee nod.

Dante looks up, with a sad expression. He says, "Look, I don't want you all to give up at your shot at the money. I'll manage."

Willow says, "You're dying. You need the money more than we do."

"You guys would do that for me, after what I've put some of you through?" Dante asks.

Yancy smiles and says, "Of course. I don't think any of us feel otherwise." Sebastian and Sky Lynn both look down.

Dante smiles and says, "Thank you. All of you. You're all great people." Dante sighs. He says, "I think I want to be left alone for a little while, though."

Audrey II says, "Sure thing, Dantster." The others leave Dante to himself. He gets up and walks to the beach.

The other guys go to their bungalow. Yancy says, "I wish Creigh told us why he gave invincibility to Dante beforehand. He was a cool guy."

Al says, "Think about it, li'l bro dude. All of us have to go at some point." Yancy nods. Al turns his attention to Sebastian. He says, "Hey C-Bass. You've been really serious, lately."

"And quiet," Yancy adds.

Sebastian says, "I have a lot on my mind. I've just been thinking a lot ever since Creigh said what he said."

"Too much thinking is always bad, maaaan," Al says.

Sebastian says, "I'm going to get ready for bed." Al and Yancy nod. Sebastian takes off his sunglasses and jacket, and begins pulling up his trademark white T-shirt. Al approaches him and starts tickling his arm pits. Sebastian puts his shirt back down and glares at Al.

Al looks down and says, "Sorry."

Al says in confessional, "I like Sebastian. He's a cool, smart, guy person. I just like him better when he's laughing or smiling, ya know? Right now, he's kinda bumming me out. He'll always be my best bud, though." Al's confessional ends with a smile.

Emmy looks out the doorway of the girls' bungalow. She walks back to her bed and sits down. Willow looks at her and says, "I know this has to be a difficult time for you. I know I'd be devastated if I found out my boyfriend was dying... If I had one... That was healthy in the first place." Renee looks at Willow with a slightly confused expression.

Emmy says, "Thanks."

"If you need to talk," Audrey II says, "I'm willing to listen."

"Me, too," Willow says. Renee nods.

"Thanks, all of you," Emmy says. She looks at Sky Lynn.

Sky Lynn says, "I guess I should say what's on my mind. Emmy, please don't hate me for this, but I don't know how I feel right now. I never liked Dante since the day I met him. I know I should feel bad for him, but I don't know how I feel."

Emmy looks slightly confused as she says, "What do you mean?"

Sky Lynn looks down and says, "Maybe... he's getting what he deserves."

Several gasps are heard. "How can you say something like that?" Willow says in surprise. Renee nods.

Sky Lynn puts her arms around her legs and says, "It scares me that I can't feel sorry for him."

Emmy says, "It's okay." The others look at her. "I know that you never liked him, but Sky Lynn, please try to look at him as another human being that has been given a second chance. I know you don't really wish any harm on him."

"You aren't mad at me?" Sky Lynn asks.

Emmy simply says, "No."

Sky Lynn smiles and says, "I'm going to try to change my attitude toward him. I want to for your sake."

"Thanks, Sky Lynn," Emmy says.

In the morning, Dante gets up from his bed. Al looks up at him and says, "Hey, buddy. How you feelin'?"

Dante smiles and says, "I'm alright."

Al says, "Can I tell you something?"

Dante shrugs and says, "Sure."

Al gets up, walks over to Dante's bed, and sits down next to him. "I want to be the next to be voted out," Al says. "I wanna do it for you, maaan."

Dante smiles and says, "That's really valiant of you."

Al smiles and says, "No sweat, bro."

Al says in confessional, "Yeah, I know what valiant means. I'm not dumb or anything, I'm just chill."

Al gets up and slaps Dante on the back. Dante screams in pain. Sebastian and Yancy jump out of bed to see what is happening. Dante shouts, "You moron! Don't you remember I got the **** beaten out of..." Al looks on and his light brown eyes are shot open. Dante looks embarrassed. He looks down and says, "I'm sorry... pal. I didn't mean that."

Al smiles and says, "I'm sorry for slapping you, Dante. I wasn't thinking. It's okay to lose your cool every once in a while. I mean, you have a lot you're struggling with."

"Yeah," Yancy agrees.

"Thanks for being so understanding," Dante says. "This has been a really..." Dante never finishes his sentence as he breaks down and cries into his hands. Al puts his arm around him.

Later, the teens are lying on the beach. Renee stares at Yancy. He catches her gaze, and she quickly turns from looking at him. Yancy's eyebrows are furrowed as he looks at her. Yancy stands up and rolls up his pant legs. He says "I'm going for a swim if anyone would care to join me." Renee stands up. "Anyone who isn't prone to attempt to drown me." Renee blushes.

Sebastian says, "Yancy, be nice."

"She gives me the willies," Yancy bluntly says. Renee looks down.

Sebastian reaches up and grabs hold of Yancy's wrist and pulls him down so his face is near his. Sebastian whispers, "Yancy. Renee likes you."

Yancy looks surprised. He says, "What?"

Sebastian slaps his forehead and says, "Yeah. I wonder why she doesn't care."

"Huh?" Yancy asks. His face shows his confusion.

Sebastian's face turns red. He says, "Nothing. But you should probably just break it to her gently."

"Break what to who now?" Yancy asks, as confused as ever.

Sebastian says in confessional, "Renee knows as well as I do that Yancy is in love with Beau. I wonder why she likes him so much even though she knows they can't be together." Sebastian shrugs his shoulders and says, "I guess you can't help who you get a crush on."

Yancy removes his shirt and tosses it to the sand. Willow's eyes widen.

"Yancy is pretty hot," Willow says in confessional with her eyes still wide.

Al is standing by Dante and Emmy, fanning Dante with an over-sized palm frond. Al asks, "Do you want me to get you anything, Dante?"

Dante says, "I'm good, man. Thanks." Al loiters. Dante adds, "If you want to get me a coconut, though, that would be great." Al nods. He walks by Sebastian. Sebastian gets up and walks with Al.

Sebastian says, "Can I walk with you?"

"Sure, maaaan," Al says.

Sebastian says, "I'm worried about you, Al."

"What for?" Al asks.

Sebastian says, "Dante is dangerous, Al."

"Dante?" Al asks. "He's a nice guy."

"I just want you to be careful, Al," Sebastian says. He turns around and leaves Al.

"Sebastian has been acting strange," Al says in confessional. "I think he's worried about Dante for some reason, or something. I don't know what he means, but Sebastian's always been good at directing us before."

Al gets back to the beach with the coconut he found for Dante. He drops it and joins the others when he sees that Chris had arrived for the challenge. Several stations are set up with silver trays on top of them. Chris looks up at Al and says, "Good, everyone's here. If everyone will stand next to a station." Everyone walks over to a station. Chris says, "Remove the lid to your tray." The teens do so to see a hunk of meatloaf under the lid. Audrey II pokes it. Chris says, "Meatloaf, an amalgam of meat product. It has been passed down to each generation. Your challenge today is to make it more exciting... with art! Whoever can put the most meaning in their creation will win."

"Really?" Dante asks with a raised eyebrow.

Chris nods and says, "Yes. Everyone get it?" The teens look around in confusion. Chris says, "Okay, then we can get started."

Sky Lynn puts the lid to her tray back down and sits down on the ground. She says, "I don't feel right about doing this challenge."

Chris rolls his eyes and says, "Another one of those."

The others dig into the hunk of meat presented before them.

Several minutes later, Chris announces, "Okay, everyone. The challenge is over. Please put the lid back on the tray, and I'll proceed with the judging." The teenage contestants put the lid down on their tray. Chris walks over to Dante's station and says, "Let's start with Dante's creation." Dante smirks. Chris lifts the tray and Dante's creation is pixelated. Chris' face turns bright red and he puts the lid back down.

Dante continues to smirk as he says, "What's wrong, Chris?"

Chris glares at Dante and says, "Way too vulgar for this show, Dante." Chris walks over to Yancy's station. He lifts the tray and sees a bust of Beau made of meat.

Willow says, "Aaaaaaw. That's so sweet."

Chris nods. He says, "Nice work, Yancy." Yancy smiles. Chris walks over to Audrey II's station and lifts the lid to see what she came up with. The meatloaf is intact. The only change is that Audrey drew a smiley face on the hunk of meat with ketchup.

"It's a smiley face," Audrey explains.

Chris says, "Right. Nice use of subtlety."

Audrey smiles proudly and says, "I got this."

Chris moves over to Emmy's tray. He lifts the lid and reveals Dante's name spelled out with pieces of the meatloaf. Chris says, "Hmm. Interesting. And by 'interesting' I mean completely boring." Emmy frowns. Chris moves over to Sebastian's area. He lifts the lid and says, "Um... A bunch of lines, squiggles, and dots."

Sebastian shifts his sunglasses and says, "It's my interpretation of the Ursa Major constellation."

Chris yawns before moving to the next station. He lifts Willow's tray to reveal a bust of Beau. Chris raises his eyebrow and says, "What was once original has now become mundane and ordinary." Yancy glares at Willow. Chris moves over to Al's section. He lifts the tray to see a tiny model of a hula girl. Chris says, "Nice. A little small, though."

Al says, "That's not all of it." Al flicks the hula girl with his finger and it wobbles at the hips.

Chris says, "Whoa. How did you get it to do that?"

"I flicked it with my finger, maaaan," Al says, confused by why Chris was asking.

Chris moves over to Renee's section and lifts the lid. He reveals a pretty horrendous creature. Chris says, "What is this?"

Renee quietly says, "A kitty."

Chris looks on at the creation and says, "This is no kitty." Renee frowns. Chris says, "Well, I've seen all I had to. The winner of the challenge is..." The teens lean in to hear the name of the winning contestant. "Sky Lynn."

"What?!" nearly everyone shouts in unison.

Chris says, "Her statement was the most powerful of all. She did not compromise her beliefs because of a competition." Chris puts a hand over his heart, and a tear rolls down his cheek. He says, "I was truly touched."

Sky Lynn says, "Oookay. I didn't want to touch it because meatloaf is weird."

"No matter, I'm getting prepared for award season," Chris says with a smile. "Anyway, I'll be back later for the elimination ceremony. Sky Lynn is safe. Bye, everyone." Chris gets in his boat and leaves.

Everyone but Dante and Emmy are gathered together just before the elimination ceremony. Sebastian says with his voice shaking, "Guys. I have something I want to say. This is really hard for me to say."

Al puts his hand on Sebastian's shoulder and says, "We're here for you, buddy."

Sebastian sighs. He says, "I think... No, I know Dante is lying to us." The others gasp.

"Who would do something like that?" Audrey II asks.

Sebastian says, "Dante."

"I wouldn't put it passed him," Sky Lynn joins in.

Audrey II says in disbelief, "I know Dante isn't that nice, but I can't imagine him lying about something so serious. Why do you think he's lying?"

Sebastian explains, "It's just a feeling I have."

"That's it?" Audrey asks.

Al says, "Sebastian has a great track record. He's made decisions for our team, and made observations about people just by using his brain." Al points at his own forehead.

"Like what?" Audrey asks.

"Like when he figured out Beau and Yancy were gay," Al reveals.

Yancy's eyebrows raise as far as they can go. Yancy shouts, "What?!"

Sebastian shouts, "Al! You weren't supposed to say anything!"

Yancy says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Beau and I aren't gay. Where in the world did that come from?"

Renee, Al, and Willow point at Sebastian. Sebastian says, "But... that explains the way you guys are always around each other, and whispering, and wearing each others clothes."

Yancy says, "What? We were just friends. The clothing thing was Beau's attempt at keeping the girls from going crazy over him, and my attempt for the girls to go crazy over me. We thought that if we dressed like each other, our interactions with girls would reverse, but... Yeah, that didn't work. Why didn't you guys ask us?"

Sebastian says nervously, "Uh, we wanted to respect your privacy."

"By making assumptions?" Yancy asks.

"I'm sorry," Sebastian says quietly.

Willow says, "But Sebastian was right about other things. Like Janice trying to frame Marguerite, or Stacy using Logan for game play."

"What was that last one?" Al asks.

Willow repeats, "Stacy using Logan for game play."

Al says, "Sebastian said that?" Willow, Renee, Yancy, and Sebastian nod. "But she told me she liked him. She didn't say it was him, but I could tell that's who she meant, and that she really loved him."

"What?" Sebastian says in disbelief. Sebastian puts his head in his hands. He says, "I can't believe it." Sebastian removes his sunglasses and wipes the tears from his eyes. "I was so horrible to Logan." Everyone glares at Sebastian. He says, "But... what about Patsy? She wrote a story about me, and Dante and Emmy without permission."

Audrey II looks at Sebastian and says, "You mean the one she had in that notebook?" Sebastian nods. She asks, "What made you think that?"

Sebastian explains, "The... uh... the detective sounded like me. The abusive relationship where the guy ends up being a murder victim. But then my character, the detective, was killed when he assumed that the killer was the wrong person. That was a really rude thing to write about us. Didn't you notice that when you read it?"

Audrey II explains, "Patsy wrote that story before she came here. Any similarity was coincidental."

Sebastian says, "What? But that can't be right."

Sky Lyn adds, "It's true. She just brought the notebook to go over any mistakes."

"So," Sebastian says weakly, "I was wrong about everything?" Sebastian slouches to the ground. He has his head in his hands. He tearfully looks up at the others and says, "I'm sorry. I was wrong, and I hurt a lot of people. I hope you can all forgive me." No one says anything. Sebastian says, "You have to believe me this time. I know Dante is a bad guy." The others start to walk away. Sebastian reaches up and grabs Al's wrist. Sebastian asks, "Al, you believe me, right? Dante's behavior from the beginning shows that he has to be lying."

Al says, "What happens if you're wrong this time?"

"I-I don't know," Sebastian says. "But I know I'm right this time. You have to trust me."

Al sighs. He says, "I'll tell you what happens. Dante dies."

Sebastian says, "Don't let him fool you."

Al looks at Sebastian. He turns his head away sadly. Al shakes his arm free from Sebastian's grasp. "I'm sorry, Sebastian. I can't believe you, anymore. You don't like Dante. I get that. You never did."

"I know you'll believe me if you let me explain," Sebastian says. Al walks away. Sebastian stays on the ground, looking down.

At the elimination ceremony, Sebastian sits to the side with several empty seats around him. Chris says, "The plantain means life and such. The one of you who doesn't receive one will be eliminated. Let's start with Sky Lynn." Chris tosses her a plantain. "Emmy," Chris says. He throws her a plantain. "Renee and Willow," Chris says as he throws plantains to the teens. "Audrey, you're safe." Audrey catches her plantain. "Yancy is safe, too." Chris throws Yancy a plantain. "Dante." Dante catches his plantain. Chris says, "Al and Sebastian are our bottom two. Only one will receive a plantain. The one of you who doesn't must leave immediately." Sebastian stands up. "The final plantain goes to..."

"Al." Chris throws Al his plantain.

Sebastian starts walking toward the 'Boat of Loserdom'. His head is held down. He looks back to see the others avoiding eye contact with him. He continues onto the boat silently.

Sebastian sits down. He says, "I don't blame the others for voting me out, and not believing me. I made so many misjudgments and they came back to haunt me. I'm truly sorry to everyone whose chances at winning I effected. I know it makes no sense to believe me anymore, but I know Dante is lying. He's a very bad person." Sebastian looks down. "I was thinking about Hae Won. It was obvious that Dante targeted her to be the first person eliminated. I finally figured out why. Emmy smiled at him when he first arrived, even though he wasn't being very nice. I remember that. He had planned to control her from the start. But there were problems in his plan. One being that Isaiah liked Emmy. I don't know what happened with him, but I could tell they liked each other, and I found it odd that the other team sacrificed their strongest physical player so early. With Hae Won, though... what she said when she introduced herself worried Dante. He chose her first so he could vote her out first. He planned on manipulating and controlling Emmy from the start, and wanted to make sure Hae Won wasn't in the way. Anyone capable of being that conniving and devious would have no qualms about lying about being sick. His act gave no indication of any sort of sincerity, and his grieving... it seems so staged. When he isn't randomly crying, he's acting the way he always did. I just wish I was a more trustworthy source. I couldn't stand to see someone like that win." Sebastian sighs. "Al, buddy. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. You're such an honest, caring person, and I don't want to see Dante take advantage of your kindness, especially."

Dante smiles in confessional. He says, "I can't believe the others got rid of the only person who tried to oppose me. They told Emmy and I what he was trying to do." Dante laughs. "The funny thing is that the little twerp was right. Nobody would believe him." Dante laughs, again. "All it took was deceiving Creigh. If I told everyone myself, they never would have believed me. I'm winning this game by any means necessary, even if it means a tiny little lie. Everyone left is wrapped around my little finger, and is willing to hand me the prize. The only thing I have to do is pick who I feel like eliminating next." Dante smirks.

Chapter 14 - Where in the World is Chef Hatchet?Edit

Chris Mclean is standing on his boat wearing a yellow raincoat. The wind is blowing and it is raining. Chris says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics, Sky Lynn won the challenge with her statement against meatloaf, and for animal rights, or something. Sebastian was convinced that Dante wasn't really dying. It was then found out that Sebastian was incorrect with situations involving some of his former teammates. He lost the trust of even his closest friends and was voted out. Who will be next?" Chris looks up. He says, "It seems a storm is a brewin'." Chris is hit in the face by a seagull with a plastic soda ring around its neck.

Dante is leaning against the confessional booth. He looks up at the sky. His demeanor shows his impatience.

Yancy and Al are in their shared bungalow. Al sadly says, "I still can't believe I trusted Sebastian for so long."

Yancy says, "We all did, Al."

"Why did he have to take it so far?" Al asks. "Nobody is evil enough to lie about being about to die. That's just wrong."

Yancy nods. He adds, "Yeah, that was kind of cruel."

Al says, "I can't forgive that little rat. He was probably just making everything up for some strategy that he planned."

"Al," Yancy says. "Sebastian wasn't all bad. He just made some mistakes, is all. I don't think he was intentionally trying to hurt anyone."

"Well he did, man," Al says sadly.

Yancy smiles and says, "I think you should try and forgive him. He was your friend, I think he genuinely liked you, and I think he was a good guy."

Al gets up and walks toward the entrance of the bungalow. Al changes the subject when he says, "I wonder where Dante went off to."

"He said he was going to the confessional cam," Yancy explains. "He should be back any minute, now."

"I'm worried about him," Al says. "It looks like it's going to storm. I'm going to go look for him." Al heads out of the bungalow.

Yancy shouts, "Al!" Al doesn't respond.

At the confessional booth, Dante looks up and says, "It's about time you showed up. I've been waiting for nearly a half hour. Can't you consider me, for once?"

Emmy says, "Sorry, Dante. I got here as fast as I could. What was it that you wanted to tell me?"

Dante says, "You know I trust you, babe?" Emmy nods. He says with a smirk, "I lied about being terminally ill."

In shock, Emmy asks, "What are you saying?" It begins to rain lightly.

Dante says, "Babe, the others wanted to vote me out, they almost got to, too. I knew they would vote for me, again. I had to think fast, so I lied to Creigh. Babe, it's the perfect plan. Everyone is ready to give me the money."

"How could you?" Emmy asks, still in disbelief.

Dante says, "Come on, babe. It's the perfect plan."

"That's something completely despicable to lie about," Emmy says firmly.

"Don't act so stupid," Dante says. "This is a game. People expect to be lied to." The rain begins to fall more heavily.

"Well, I don't want to be any part of it," Emmy says.

Dante says, "Babe, I need you right now." Emmy looks at Dante. "If the others start to get suspicious like short stuff was, I need you to play the sympathy card for me. Say something about how I'm all sad and mopey or something. 'Blah, blah, Dante needs the money.' You'd do that for me, babe, right? With your help, those suckers are never going to suspect that I'm lying, and we can make it all the way to the final two."

"I..." Emmy starts.

Footsteps are heard running from the area. Dante looks to where the sound comes from. He says, "What is that?" He runs in the direction of where the footsteps were heard, before receiving an answer. He runs at full speed. He sees Al running back toward the bungalows. Dante closes the gap between him and Al and tackles Al to the ground from behind. Dante screams in pain from the effect his action has on his wounds. He shouts, "How much did you hear?"

"I heard everything I had to, man," Al says. "I have to tell the others."

Dante bends Al's arm behind his back. "You're not telling anyone. If you promise not to say anything, I'll bring you to the final two with me."

Al screams in pain. He shouts, "That's dishonest. How could you lie about something so serious?"

Dante ignores the question. He sighs and says, "I guess you want to do this the hard way." Dante grabs Al by the back of his hair and presses his face into the muddy ground. He rubs Al's face in the mud. After a few seconds he pulls Al's face out of the mud. Al coughs. Dante says, "Are you going to tell the others that I lied?"

"Yes," Al says, "I have to."

Dante pushes Al's face in the mud, again. Dante says, "It's not like I'm enjoying this." He pulls his head back up.

Al asks, "Why are you doing this? I thought we were friends."

Dante laughs. He says, "Right. I go around making friends with worthless morons. I guess I didn't mind it when you were pampering me, earlier. We can go back to that if you don't talk to the others about what you heard."

"I won't do it," Al insists.

Dante sighs and says, "You're only bringing this upon yourself." Dante rubs Al's face in the mud, again. He pulls Al's head back up.

Al coughs. Al cries, "Okay, I won't tell them. I won't. Just, please, don't hurt me."

Dante smirks and says, "I'm glad you're seeing things my way." He stands, and pulls Al up.

Al shivers. He looks down. "Can I go back, now?"

"Of course, buddy," Dante says with a wide smile. Al begins walking toward the bungalows. Dante says, "Wait a second." Al turns to look at Dante. Dante says, "If I ever find out that you told the others what happened... Let's just say you'll regret it." Al nods slightly, and begins walking with his head held down.

Al says in confessional while crying, "I'm sorry, Sebastian. I should have listened to you when I had the chance. But now it's too late." Al holds his head down and says, "I'm so ashamed that I gave in."

Emmy walks up to Dante from several yards away. She says, "How could you do that to Al? He would never hurt anybody."

"You're talking stupid, again," Dante says with a sigh. "I just did enough to scare him, a little roughhousing and a vague threat. Al is weak. You break him down, he does whatever you want him to because he's too scared to defend himself. I know what I'm talking about, here. If the others found out I was lying, it's all over for me... for us. Baby, I'm doing this for you as much as I am for myself."

Emmy says, "You're horrible."

"Ah, you love it," Dante says with a smirk.

Al walks into the guys' bungalow where Yancy is sitting and waiting. Yancy looks at Al and says, "Wow. It must really be bad out there."

"Yeah," Al says. He changes out of his dirty, wet clothes and changes into his pajama bottoms.

"Is there something wrong, Al?" Yancy asks.

Al says defensively, "Why would something be wrong?"

Yancy shrugs and says, "Misread that one."

Dante walks into the bungalow and says, "Hey, fellas. What's up?" Al gets into a bed and pulls his blanket so it covers his face, leaving his legs exposed, and sticking out from where the bed ends.

Yancy looks at Dante and asks, "Do you think Al is acting strange?"

"Stranger than usual?" Dante asks.

Yancy furrows his brow. He says, "True. Well... goodnight!"

The next morning, the girls are in their bungalow. Yancy pushes Al through the entrance. He says, "This is my friend, Al."

"Nice to meet you Al," Audrey II greets.

Sky Lynn says, "We've known him for a few days, now."

"Oh, right," Audrey remembers.

"My friend is in need of a makeover," Yancy states. "He's been acting different, and I think it will lighten his mood."

Al says, "That's why you brought me here, man?" Yancy nods. Audrey II pulls out her makeup bag. Al lifts his eyebrows. Sky Lynn brings him to a chair and he sits down with a heavy sigh.

Willow looks at Yancy. She says, "I think you could use a makeover, too."

Renee shakes her head. Yancy says, "Nah, I think I'm good."

Willow says, "It'll be fun."

Yancy sighs and says, "Alright."

Willow pulls out some hair product and begins messing with Yancy's hair.

Later, Audrey II smiles and says, "All finished!" She steps out of the way to reveal Al with makeup on his face and hair ties randomly placed in his hair. She holds up a mirror and asks, "Do you like it?" Al shrugs. He shakes his head and undoes what was just done.

"I wasn't really trying to give Al a makeover," Audrey says in confessional. "I was just trying to cheer him up. I don't think it worked, however."

Audrey II looks over at Willow and Yancy. Willow steps out of the way and says, "Done."

Audrey II's eyes widen. She says, "Wow! You look so handsome with your hair like that. I could so just randomly make out with you." The others look at Audrey with worried expressions. She says, "What? Isn't that a saying?" She hands Yancy a mirror.

He looks at his reflection and sees his hair standing straight up. He says, "I don't know. I don't want to break any laws with my hair like this."

"Laws?" Sky Lynn asks.

"Uh, like gravity?" Yancy says. All the girls laugh, except for Renee who looks down.

Willow says, "You're cute and funny," with the emphasis on 'and'.

Al continues to look somber. Emmy looks at him, and then looks down.

Dante walks into the girl's bungalow and says, "Ladies, Chris is outside waiting for us."

Yancy protests, "You can't call us ladies. Right, Al?"

Al looks up at Dante. He quietly says, "I don't mind." Dante smirks.

Dante begins coughing. Yancy looks concerned. He says, "I'm sorry, Dante. Are you okay?"

Dante sadly looks down and says, "No, Yancy."

Yancy looks embarrassed. "Right," Yancy says. "Sorry."

The teens walk outside and see Chris. He says, "Welcome to the jungle, the site of your next challenge. The lovely and talented Chef Hatchet has graciously joined us for this challenge."

"Where is he?" Sky Lynn asks.

"Right on cue," Chris says with a smile. "That's the challenge. He has hidden himself somewhere on this island. The first camper to tag Chef wins invincibility. Your challenge begins, now."

The teens scramble to look for Chef. Dante grabs Emmy by the arm and says, "Let's check the beach."

Emmy says, "Chris gave us a clue, though. He said..."

"I'm sorry," Dante interrupts, "Are you questioning me?"

"But," Emmy begins. She thinks for a moment and says, "Fine, let's go."

Renee walks through the jungle by herself. She sees rustling leaves in a bush. She approaches the bush, and a large bear emerges from behind it. Renee goes to pet the bear, but it growls angrily. She brings her hand back, turns around, and runs from the bear as it chases her.

In another part of the jungle, Yancy searches through a thorn bush. We walks away from it and fails to note that a thread from his sweater got caught on the thorn bush and it unravels as he walks away. He comes across Sky Lynn lying with her ear to the ground. Yancy asks, "What'cha doin'?"

Sky Lynn looks up and says, "Tracking. Your sweater looks sickly."

Yancy looks down. He shouts, "Oh, no!" He looks behind him and begins trying to gather his unraveled sweater.

"It's just a sweater," Sky Lynn says.

Yancy says, "It's not just a sweater. My dad knitted it for me." Sky Lynn raises an eyebrow. "He's not very good at saying how he feels, but when I said I wanted a new wardrobe, he actually took the time to learn how to knit and he made this for me as a surprise. It took him, like, three months."

"Wow," Sky Lynn says. "He must really care about you."

Yancy pauses. He says, "I guess I never thought about it. I mean... He doesn't go around saying stuff like that, but he does do a lot of little things for me that I guess I take for granted. Whenever I ask for something, he buys me whatever I want, but I don't remember ever thanking him." Yancy looks down.

Sky Lynn puts a hand on Yancy's chest. She says, "Do you hear something?"

"Uh," Yancy says. "That's my heart beating out of my chest." He looks nervously at Sky Lynn's hand.

Sky Lynn says, "It sounds like crying and sniffling."

Yancy says, "That sounds like someone I know." The teens walk over to the bush where the sound is coming from. They look over to see Chef Hatchet crying into a handkerchief. "You're not Willow," Yancy says.

Chef says, "You're story really touched me, young brotha. I never got the chance to tell my dad how much he meant to me."

Yancy says, "He died when you were little?"

Chef shakes his head, and says, "He ran away to join the circus when I was thirty-five."

"Okay," Sky Lynn says with a confused expression. She turns to Yancy and says, "You know what we have to do?" Yancy nods.

"It's okay. I'm sure he knows you appreciated him," Yancy says as Sky Lynn tags Chef Hatchet. Yancy looks at her and says, "You had something else in mind, huh?"

Sky Lynn says, "I thought we could tag him at the same time." Yancy slaps his forehead.

Chef gets out from his hiding place and walks with the teens back to where Al and Chris are standing. The others join them, eventually. Chris asks Chef, "So who tagged you first?"

Chef explains, "While Yancy touched my heart, Sky Lynn was the first to physically tag me."

Chris announces, "Sky Lynn wins invincibility!"

"And Yancy won my heart," Chef says with a nod. Chris jealously glares at Yancy. Yancy looks nervous.

Chris says, "I'll be back soon for your elimination ceremony, after I have a strict talking to with Chef." Chef looks down in shame. The two men head toward Chris' boat.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris announces, "Sky Lynn, since you won invincibility you get the first plantain." He throws the girl a plantain. "Willow." Chris throws a plantain to Willow. "Audrey II, you're safe." She catches her plantain. "Yancy, you're safe, also." Yancy pumps his fist, and fails to catch his plantain. "Renee," Chris says before throwing her her plantain. "Emmy, this one's for you." Chris throws a plantain to the girl. Chris says, "Dante and Al. You are the bottom two. The one of you who is receiving the final plantain is..."

"Al." Chris quickly throws Al his plantain.

Dante looks surprised. He looks at the others and says, "You found out."

"I can't believe you would lie about something like that," Willow says.

Dante looks at Al. Al says nervously, "I didn't say anything. I swear." Al puts his arms over his head and says, "Don't hurt me."

Yancy looks worriedly at Al. He then looks at Dante and says, "What did you do to him?"

Dante looks at Emmy. She says, "I had to tell them, Dante. They believed me, because they knew I wouldn't lie if you really were dying. When I saw what you did to Al... I realized you did the same thing with me. I was just another part of your strategy, wasn't I?"

Dante stands. He says with a huge smile on his face, "Well, it looks like you guys got me." He walks over to Emmy and says, "Don't be silly, babe. You know I really love you." He hugs her tight, and whispers in her ear, "I won't forget this. But I'll give you one more chance. If you don't win and give me the money, I'm coming after you. Wherever you go, I'll be able to hunt you down and find you." He lets go and smiles. He says cheerfully, "Bye, everyone!" He walks to the 'Boat of Loserdom'.

Once on the boat, Dante smiles and says, "I may be leaving, but my game isn't over, yet."

Chris says, "That was a strange exit, but you guys made the right decision." Al walks over to Emmy and hugs her. She looks on with a worried expression. Chris says, "Be sure to see what happens next on another Total... Drama... Tropics."

Chapter 15 - Sheep TrickEdit

Chris smiles at the camera. He states, "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics, the teens had to seek out and tag a hiding Chef Hatchet for the challenge. Sky Lynn and Yancy were the first to find Chef. Sky Lynn was the one to tag him, giving her invincibility for the night. Emmy let the others know that Dante was lying about having a fatal illness," Chris clears his throat and announces loudly and proudly, "and Dante was eliminated!" Random cheering is heard. Chris pouts and says, "But that didn't stop him from threatening Emmy, saying that he would come after her if she didn't win and give him the money." Chris sighs and says, "How will that effect the game? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to see what happens on this installment of Total... Drama... Tropics!"

Audrey II says in confessional, "After Dante was eliminated, we all decided to stay at the campfire ceremony a little longer. Kind of like a celebration."

Yancy, Willow, Sky Lynn, Renee, and Audrey II dance around the campfire. Al and Emmy sit and look on. Yancy stops dancing and walks over to Al. Yancy says, "Hey, buddy, why don't you join us?"

"I don't know," Al says.

Yancy nods. He says, "I don't know what Dante did, but I'm sure you have to be glad he's gone now, right? He's a bad kid."

Al says quietly, "I guess I'm glad he's gone."

Yancy grabs hold of Al's hands and says in his best rock and roll voice, "Then come party with us!" Al laughs, nods, and stands up.

Sky Lynn looks over at Emmy. She stops dancing and sits next to her friend. Emmy says, "Hey."

Sky Lynn says, "Hey."

"I feel I have to apologize," Emmy says. "You were right about Dante from the start. I was too proud to listen to what you had to say, I guess. If I had listened to you, none of this would have happened."

Sky Lynn says, "It doesn't matter when you found out about how he really was. What matters is that you found out before it got to be too late."

Emmy nods and says, "I suppose you're right."

Sky Lynn looks at Emmy, as she continues to look solemn, and says, "You should be a lot happier that he's gone. What's wrong?"

"Dante..." Emmy begins. "Nothing."

Emmy says in confessional, "Dante threatened me. I don't want him to control me anymore, but I have to admit that I'm scared. He's someone with no scruples, and I'm afraid he might hurt one of my friends here if I let them know what he said to me."

Yancy looks down at the fire and says, "The fire is about to go out." Yancy looks at a hula dancing Al. He looks at the fire, again, and says, "I guess I can try to keep it going." Yancy gets down on his hands and knees. He begins blowing on the fire until it starts up again. He smiles and says, "That oughta do it." Yancy sniffs. He asks, "Does anyone else smell something burning?"

Willow cries. She yells, "Your tie is on fire!"

Yancy looks down and screams. He shouts, "What do we do?!" Al continues hula dancing. Renee looks around her. She picks up a large stick and runs toward Yancy and starts hitting his tie with it. Yancy shouts between strikes, "What are you doing?! I'm already going to die, you don't have to make it any faster."

Sky Lynn says, "Quit your bellyaching. Your tie is out."

Yancy looks down at the remains of his necktie sadly. He removes it from his neck and unbuttons the top two buttons of his shirt. Yancy sighs as he looks at his lifeless, partly burnt necktie in his hands. "We went through a lot of tough times together." A tear forms in Yancy's eye. "My dad bought it for me instead of paying our water bill one month."

Audrey II asks, "It cost that much?"

Yancy nods and says, "Neckties are expensive these days." Sky Lynn looks at Yancy with a raised eyebrow.

Sky Lynn says in confessional, "These stories about Yancy's dad are getting weirder."

Audrey II says, It's getting late, so what should we do now?"

Yancy looks at Al who never stopped dancing and says, "I think he's got the right idea."

Willow approaches Yancy, smiles, and says, "May I have this dance?" She puts a hand out to him.

Yancy's voice cracks when he says, "Sure." He clears his throat and says deeper, "Sure." Yancy and Willow begin dancing. Renee looks on, and then looks down at the ground. Sky Lynn shrugs and begins slow dancing with Al.

Audrey II looks around, and settles her gaze on Renee. She shrugs, approaches her, and begins slow dancing with her. "I was out of options," Audrey II states. Renee doesn't take her eyes off of Yancy and Willow.

Yancy says quietly to Willow, "I never slow danced with a girl, before." He says nervously, "Not that I danced with a guy!" Willow laughs gently. Yancy says, "Uh... I apologize if my hands are a little sweaty."

Willow says, "That's okay. I'm nervous, too." She lets go of his hand, and puts her hand on his back. Yancy awkwardly does the same. Willow pulls Yancy's head to her shoulder.

Renee stops dancing. Audrey II says, "Okay, I'm not the best dancer, but leading is hard!" Renee walks away abruptly, and goes into the jungle.

Sky Lynn stops dancing with Al and says, "I guess we better get to bed." The others nod, and head to their respective bungalows.

Yancy and Al are in their beds. Al gets up and looks out the entrance of their shared bungalow. He sighs and heads back to his bed. Yancy says, "Al, what's the matter?"

"You're awake?" Al asks.

Yancy sarcastically says, "No."

"Okay," Al says as he turns around in his bed.

"I was being sarcastic," Yancy states. "What's wrong, Al?"

"Why would anything be wrong?" Al says.

"Okay, if nothing's wrong, I'll try to go to..." Yancy begins.

Al says, "It's Dante."

"Dante?" Yancy asks.

"I think he might still be on the island," Al states with an uneasy voice.

"What?" Yancy asks. "You saw him leave, like I did."

Al says, "Yeah, but they could have brought him back, man."

"Chris wouldn't do that," Yancy says. "Even I could tell that he didn't like him."

"Then maybe he swam back to the island," Al suggests.

Yancy says, "You're being irrational. Dante is gone. You don't have to worry about him, anymore."

Al sighs. He says, "You're right. I mean, I know you're right. I know he's gone, but I'm still afraid. He's a really bad person."

Yancy looks in Al's direction. He looks down. He says, "I'll protect you if he comes back."

Al says, "Thanks," quietly.

Yancy says in confessional, "I don't know what happened between Al and Dante, but it must have really scarred Al. I never saw him like this, before. He usually is giving people the benefit of the doubt, so... It must have been bad."

In the morning, the teens are gathered on the beach.

Yancy is sitting by Willow. Renee looks on from behind the bushes. Yancy looks at Willow and says, "I noticed that you cried yesterday."

Willow laughs and says, "I'm a crier."

"I know," Yancy says. "I just noticed that for the last few days, you hadn't been crying."

Willow looks down. She says quietly, "Did you notice when I stopped?"

"Uh," Yancy says, "I don't remember."

"It was after Topher attacked Dante," Willow states. "I never saw anything so horrible, or where I was so scared. After that, I haven't been as emotional. I just don't think anything is going to be as disturbing as that."

"But what about yesterday?" Yancy asks.

Willow blushes. She says, "You were on fire. I thought you were gong to be hurt."

Yancy looks confused. He says, "You care that much about me?"

Willow blushes. She says quietly, "Maybe."

Yancy looks at Willow with his continued confused expression. He stands up and says, "How about we go for a swim?" He removes his shirt and tosses it to the ground. Willow looks up at him and sighs.

Willow sighs and says in confessional, "I don't think I'll ever get sick of that sight." Willow furrows her brow. She says, "Is it sacrilegious to think that Yancy just might be hotter than Beau?" Willow's face turns red.

Yancy walks with Willow toward the water. She looks over at him and puts his hand in hers. Yancy looks at their hands with a raised eyebrow. Yancy says, "What's that for?" Willow smiles. Yancy suddenly feels a hand on his hip. He looks nervous. He looks down at the hand and sees that it is wrapped in bandages. He looks confused, again. He looks to his side and realizes that the hand belongs to Renee. He says, "Oh. Hi, Renee. We were just going to go for a swim." Renee pulls Yancy away from Willow, and they lose the grasp of their hands. Yancy says, "Ack!" Renee grabs hold of Yancy's hand and begins pulling him in the other direction. Yancy looks concerned. He says, "Where are you taking me?" Renee remains quiet. Yancy yelps, "Help! I'm being kidnapped!" Yancy clears his throat and says in a deeper voice, "I mean, I'm being man-napped."

Renee stops running. She lets go of Yancy's hand and quietly says, "Sorry." She looks down and then walks away.

"What is going on?" Yancy says with a confused voice.

Chris says directly behind Yancy, "It's challenge time!"

Yancy yells, "Gah!" and falls over.

The others gather around Chris. Chris explains, "You're challenge is right this way." The teens follow Chris to the location of the challenge. They see a pen surrounded by seven individual pens. About twenty sheep are in the main pen. Chris explains, "Each of you will be assigned a pen. The one of you who gathers the most sheep into their pen in twenty minutes, wins invincibility." Everyone gets in position in the main pen. Chris says, "If everyone's ready, the challenge begins, now!"

Emmy, Renee, Yancy, Willow, and Audrey II begin running after sheep. Al looks over at Sky Lynn and sees that she is sitting with her legs crossed on the ground in front of her pen. Al says, "I like your style, maaaan." Al sits down on the ground next to his pen.

Yancy tackles a sheep to the ground. Renee looks on. She grabs him by the seat of his pants and pulls him off of the sheep. Yancy says in panic, "What're you doing?!"

Renee looks down. She looks at an approaching sheep. She extends a hand toward it and walks backward to Yancy's pen. The sheep follows her. Renee's eyes sparkle. Renee opens Yancy's pen. Yancy says, "That's my pen." The sheep runs forward and headbutts Renee in the stomach. Renee falls to the ground clutching her stomach. The sheep smugly walks away.

Emmy walks over to Renee and asks, "Are you alright?" Renee nods slightly.

Renee looks up at the sheep. They gather around Sky Lynn. She pats them on the head as they approach her. Sky Lynn stands up, opens her pen, and all of the sheep follow her as she walks inside, for a poor fit.

Chris looks on with wide eyes. He says, "Um. Sky Lynn wins invincibility!" One sheep cheers, and the rest follow its lead. Chris says, "I'll be back later for your campfire ceremony, where Sky Lynn can't be voted out." The contestants nod, and Chris leaves.

Audrey II runs to Sky Lynn once she exits the pen and hugs her. Audrey says, "That was awesomely awesome!"

Sky Lynn modestly says, "It was nothing."

Yancy walks over to Al and says, "You look to be in better spirits."

Al shrugs and says, "Life goes on."

"And so do worn out cliches," Yancy says. Al laughs. Yancy smiles.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "The plantain means your life in this game. The one of you who does not receive a plantain has been eliminated from this contest and must leave immediately." The contestants nod. "The first plantain goes to Sky Lynn." Sky Lyn smiles as she catches the fruit. "Audrey II," Chris says as she throws her her plantain. "Yancy and Al, the both of you are safe." Yancy and Al high five. Chris dramatically looks down at one of the remaining two plantains. "Emmy." He takes it and tosses it to Emmy. "Willow and Renee," Chris states. "One of you received the most votes and will be leaving the contest. The final plantain goes to..."

"Willow." She catches her plantain.

Renee looks down sadly. She looks over at Yancy. He averts her gaze and shivers. Renee stands up and heads to the 'Boat of Loserdom' with her head held down. She leaves the island and says nothing.

Chris says, "Uh... Bye?" Chris shrugs. He says, "There you have it. We're down to six. Be sure to tune in next time for another episode of Total... Drama... Tropics."

Chapter 16 - Swim For Your SupperEdit

Chris Mclean smiles and says, "Welcome to another exciting episode of Total... Drama... Tropics. Last time, Sky Lynn won the exciting sheep related challenge. Renee creeped everyone out after acting strangely with Yancy, because of her unrequited love for him. Her actions were misunderstood by the other contestants, and it led to her elimination. Stay tuned to see what will happen in today's episode?"

Yancy lets out a sigh after Renee and Chris left the island. He says, "That girl gave me the creeps."

Willow nods and says, "I know. She weirded me out, too." She looks over at Yancy and puts her hand on his knee. Yancy looks at Willow's hand on his knee. He raises his eyebrows.

Yancy says nervously in confessional, "I just went to first base with Willow." He pauses. "I think."

Sky Lynn looks over at Emmy, who looks solemn. She walks over to her and sits down next to her. Sky Lynn asks, "Is anything wrong?"

Emmy shakes her head and says, "Why would anything be wrong?"

Sky Lynn shrugs and says, "No reason."

Emmy says in confessional, "I feel bad that I can't be open with Sky Lynn. She's been a true friend. I should have listened to her when she was right about Dante. I've been worried about his threat to me. He's a dangerous person. I wish I could talk to someone about what he said, but I'm afraid that might put them in danger, especially Sky Lynn."

Sky Lynn sighs in confessional. She says, "I think Emmy feels that she made a mistake about voting out Dante. I think she still blames herself for his behavior, and still wants to be with him. I don't want to press the point, because that would only cause another argument. I'm really scared for her, though."

Audrey II yawns. She says, "It's definitely passed my bedtime."

Willow raises an eyebrow and asks, "You have a bedtime?"

Audrey II says, "Yeah... Doesn't everyone?"

"Pssht," Willow says. "No. At least not the cool people."

Yancy says quietly in confessional, "I have a bedtime..."

Sky Lynn stands up and says, "It is getting late, though. I guess we all better get to bed." The other female contestants stand up and head toward the jungle. Willow stops. Looks back at Yancy and waves in a slightly flirtatious manner. Yancy waves back.

Yancy looks down. He turns to Al and says, "Hey, Al. Can I ask you for some advice?"

Al shrugs and says, "Sure, maaan."

"Have you ever been in a relationship?" Yancy asks.

Al nods and says, "I have a dad, mom, five brothers, a sister, a grandma, a dog, some friends..."

"That's not what I mean," Yancy asks. "I meant, have you ever had a girlfriend?"

"Oh," Al says. "Yeah, I had a girlfriend."

"You did?" Yancy says in a surprised voice.

Al nods. He says, "Wait, man... Why is that so surprising?"

"No reason," Yancy says awkwardly. He says, "How far did you go with her?"

"What?" Al asks in surprise.

Yancy looks nervous. He says, "You know. Did you," Yancy gulps, "kiss?"

Al looks down and says, "Yeah. One time."

"Whoa," Yancy says. "I see you from a whole new light, now. How did you know you wanted to go out with her?"

Al shrugs. He says, "She was real pretty and popular."

"Wow," Yancy says. "I never would have taken you for the shallow type."

"It wasn't like that," Al says in an embarrassed way. "She asked me out."

Yancy's eyebrows go up. He says, "That happens?"

Al nods and says, "Yeah, maaan."

"So..." Yancy says. "What happened with her?"

Al looks down. He says, "I was pretty popular, too, Yancy. I was the captain of a lot of my school's sports teams. I was on the student council, and all sort of other things."

"I can't believe that," Yancy says.

Al nods and says, "It's true. I was busy all the time, and was always asked to help people. I never said no. After a while, the pressure and stress got to be too much for me to handle. I suffered a pretty major nervous breakdown. It scared a lot of people, and me, too. It all got to me. I was doing way more than I could handle, and it finally made me snap." Al looks down.

Yancy says, "I never would have thought you weren't always the Al I know."

Al shrugs. He says, "I gave up a lot of stuff after it happened. I had taken on more responsibility than I could handle, including having a girlfriend. I thought about it pretty heavily, and decided to break up with her, even though she supported me after the breakdown. I realized I wasn't mature enough to be in a relationship. I wasn't being fair to us. I think I agreed to go out with her, because I felt pressured to, and I didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying no. In all honesty, I didn't really think a lot about it. I realize now that I was too young to be in a relationship."

"I guess it was good you realized that," Yancy says.

"Yeah," Al says. "I guess. I stopped taking on responsibility so I wouldn't disappoint people, anymore." Al looks down, "But I still disappoint them. Now my family doesn't ask much of me, because they're afraid it'll be too much pressure."

Yancy says, "I'm sure they're proud of you for realizing that you can't do everything."

Al says quietly, "Now I can't do anything without feeling I'm going to have another nervous breakdown. I know I'm worthless, now."

Yancy says, "Don't say that. You've been a great friend to me. That means something."

Al looks over at Yancy. He quietly says, "Right." He stands up and walks away.

Yancy gets up a few seconds later. He falls forward. He gets up and runs toward Al. He says, "Al, wait." He catches up to Al in the bungalow they share and says, "You aren't worthless. You mean a lot to a lot of us. You make me glad that I decided to come here, despite all the bad things that happened."

"Pants on fire," Al says as he points at Yancy.

Yancy exclaims, "I'm not lying! I mean every word."

Al says, "No, really. Your pants are on fire."

Yancy looks down and screams, as he sees the smoke coming from his pants. He says, "They must have caught on fire when I fell by the fire." Yancy hurriedly kicks off his shoes, pulls his pants off, and throws them on one of the bunk beds. He lets out a heavy sigh and says, "That was close."

Al looks on and says, "Uh."

Yancy says, "What is it?" Yancy looks down and says, "Oh, right. I'll go put on another pair of pants."

"F-f-fire," Al stutters.

"Is that some new dance song, or something?" Yancy asks with a confused expression. He looks behind him and sees that side of the bungalow up in flames. Yancy says, "Oh my good golly! We gotta get out of here." Yancy runs to the entrance of the bungalow. He looks back to see Al standing in place, petrified. Yancy shouts, "Al, let's go!" Al fails to move. Yancy runs to him and grabs him by the arm and runs toward the doorway. They climb down, and stand to the side. They look up and see parts of the bungalow falling to the ground, as it keeps burning. The girls leave their bungalow and look on with Al and Yancy. Willow looks at Yancy as he cries. She puts her arm around him.

Yancy says, "This was all my fault. Now Al and I don't have a place to stay."

Audrey II points her index finger in the air and states, "You'll have to stay with us."

Yancy says in a worried voice, "What? I never even had a girlfriend, let alone lived with a girl."

Willow says with a smile, "It's no big deal, you need a place to stay. It's not like anything uncomfortable will happen." She hugs Yancy to her. She cries. "I'm so glad you're alive."

Yancy says, "Th-Thanks. But I think I would feel more comfortable staying outside."

Audrey II keeps looking at the fire. She asks, "What are we going to do about the fire? How do we let Chris know what's going on?" It begins raining and Chris walks up to the teens. Audrey says, "Right on cue."

"What happened, here?" Chris asks.

Yancy explains, "Something was on fire in my pants, and..."

"Whoa!" Chris says, "Way too much information, pal. Anyway, I guess we'll have to figure out something for living arrangements."

Willow says, "We already decided for the guys to share a bungalow with us."

"Wait a minute, now!" Chris exclaims. "While that may be good for ratings, this is still a family friendly show."

"What other option is there?" Emmy asks.

Chris says, "Did you people forget about the other island? There are two bungalows there that are not extra crispy."

"Oh, yeah," Yancy says. He looks embarrassed.

Chris says, "Pack up and we'll head over there right now." The girls go into their bungalow, pack, and meet the others outside. They head to Chris' boat and go over to the other island. They exit the boat and rush to the bungalows, as the rain continues to pour down.

Yancy lays down in his bed and says, "What a day." He looks at Al, who sits quietly on his bed. "Aren't you tired, Al?"

Al says, "What's wrong with me?"

Yancy says, "Nothing's wrong. Wait, why are you asking?"

"The other bungalow was burning down, and I couldn't even move," Al says.

Yancy says, "We're safe, now."

"What will happen if something like that happens and I don't have someone to save me?" Al asks.

Yancy looks at Al. He says, "You'll figure things out, Al. I'm sure of it, or my name isn't..."

"Chris Mclean, here," Chris says.

Yancy jumps up and says, "What are you doing here? I'm not decent."

Chris says, "I covered my boat, but I shouldn't ride around on it in the rain. I'm bunking with you guys! It's going to be fun, like a slumber party!" Chris grabs a pillow and hits Al with it.

Yancy sighs and says, "I just want to go to bed."

Chris complains, "That's not fair." He pouts. "Anyway, I don't have my pajamas, so I hope you guys don't mind if I sleep in the nude."

Yancy says, "I definitely mind."

Chris sighs. "Fine, but I at least need to hear a bedtime story before I go to sleep."

Yancy says, "I don't know any stories." Yancy looks at Al, who still sits the same way he did, before. Yancy begins, "Once upon a time, there was a boy who..."

"What nationality was the boy?" Chris asks curiously.

Yancy asks in a slightly annoyed manner, "Why does that matter?"

Chris says, "So I can imagine better. Unless there are pictures?"

"No," Yancy says. "No pictures." He explains, "The boy's father was from Egypt and his mom was from Nigeria." Yancy looks down. He says, "They weren't very good parents, though."

"Why not?" Chris asks.

"Well," Yancy begins, "they were involved with selling and smuggling drugs, and some other bad stuff."

"This doesn't sound like a story I've heard before," Chris says.

Yancy says, "Sorry, I can stop if you..."

"What happened next?" Chris asks with anticipation.

Yancy sighs. "They gave their son up for adoption. I guess, in a way, it was the best thing that could have happened to him in that situation, but at the time they said it was because he was bad and that they didn't like looking after him all the time, even though they left him at home by himself most of the time. As he grew, the feeling of them not caring about him made him feel like he was unlovable and unwanted."

"Is this one of those stories where I'm going to cry?" Chris asks. "Because I didn't bring a handkerchief."

Yancy shakes his head. He says, "I don't feel like telling the rest, anyway. Sorry if that..." Chris can be heard snoring.

Al looks in Yancy's direction. He asks, "Was that a true story?"

Yancy hesitates. He says, "Yeah."

Al nods to himself. He says, "Thanks for the story, Yancy."

Yancy says, "I didn't finish, but you're welcome."

"I'm thinking I know how it ends," Al says. He gets under his blanket and goes to sleep.

In the morning, Audrey II wakes up first. She looks over at Sky Lynn and continues to stare. Willow gets up next, and looks over at Audrey. Willow asks, "What are you staring at?"

Audrey II looks away and turns bright red. She says, "I wasn't staring for any reason, really."

"Sure," Willow says with a shrug. "Look, I don't care, anyway."

Audrey II says, "Really. I just had a dream. It had to do with the challenge, yesterday. It's funny how dreams work, I guess. It reminded me... This is going to sound weird, but I felt like yesterday's challenge was completely unfair."

"How?" Willow asks.

Audrey says, "Don't tell Sky Lynn, but the challenge had to do with animals. Animals heart her, so it just seemed really unfair. Like no one else had a chance to win."

"Now that you mention it," Willow says, "I guess it really wasn't fair, at all." Willow stares at a still sleeping Sky Lynn.

Audrey II blushes and says, "What are you staring at?"

Willow says, "What you were staring at like two minutes ago."

"Oh, yeah," Audrey II says.

"I kind of feel bad about what I told Willow," Audrey says in confessional. "I don't usually open up about how I'm feeling, and when I do, I feel like the other person thinks I'm weird or I feel like I shouldn't have said it after I think about it. In this situation... I feel like I shouldn't have said anything. Sky Lynn is my friend, I think, and I shouldn't think that she didn't deserve to win the challenge."

Willow gets dressed in her normal outfit, and heads out of the bungalow. Audrey II asks, "Where are you going?"

"I want to see Yancy," Willow explains.

Audrey nods. She says, "Do you like him, or something?"

Willow blushes. She says, "It should be obvious."

Audrey II squints and says, "Right. Of course." Willow leaves. Audrey II sighs and says to herself, "I thought I had a chance with that guy, but not with Willow competing for his hand... And his other stuff. But she's way prettier than me, taller, not as awkward, and like the perfect girlfriend."

Emmy says wearily, after just waking up during Audrey's last sentence, "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that."

Audrey II says, "I was just talking about Willow."

"Right," Emmy says. "That doesn't make it any better, but whatever makes you happy." Audrey's face turns bright red.

Willow is shown sneaking up to the guys bungalow on ground level. She peeks inside and looks around for Yancy and sees Chris Mclean in bed with Yancy with his arms around him. Willow's eyes widen as she takes her head out of the bungalow. She leans up against the bungalow, and looks shocked and embarrassed. She hears Yancy say, "You can get up, now."

Chris yawns loudly and says, "Thanks, dude. Not many guys would do that. I can't make it through the night without my teddy bear, but you're a pretty close substitution."

Yancy shouts, "This does not leave this room! Okay?"

"Okay," Chris says before laughing.

Willow smiles and laughs gently to herself.

Willow says in confessional, "Most people would have thought that was a really weird thing for Yancy to do for Chris, but I thought it was kind of cute and really sweet." Willow looks on with her face red. She holds her hands together and says, "I want Yancy to be my own little teddy bear."

Yancy and Al walk out of their bungalow. Chris follows behind. He shouts, "Challenge time!" The female contestants go outside and meet with Chris and the others. Chris clears his throat and says, "Today's challenge is swimming!"

"Yay for swimming!" Willow shouts.

Chris nods. He says, "You will all swim out to a platform out in the water. There are ten white flags out there. You'll grab a flag and swim back to shore. Then swim back and do it again. The one of you who gets the most will win. Any questions?"

Yancy raises his hand. He says, "Yeah... Um... I don't have a swimsuit. It went up in the fire." Yancy looks at Al and says, "Al's, too."

Al whips off his pants and reveals that he's wearing a neon orange Speedo underneath. He gives Yancy a thumbs up and says, "You always have to be prepared."

Audrey II asks, "For what? Swimming in the dark with oncoming cars?" The others laugh. Al looks embarrassed.

Chris says, "Either swim with what you have, or don't do the challenge." Yancy nods. The girls leave to change into their swimsuits, while Yancy and Al remove their shirts, and head to the beach with Chris. Yancy stands waiting in his maroon boxer briefs.

The girls walk down onto the beach in their swimsuits. Willow says, "I'm ready for the..." Yancy looks at her, and she looks at him up and down, with hearts floating around him and angels singing. Her face turns bright red.

Chris says, "Okay, since everyone is ready. Go!"

Everyone but Willow runs to the water. She looks around and sees Al and Sky Lynn reaching the platform. "I can't let Yancy distract me," Willow says.

Chris looks at Willow and says, "Our Yancy? You must be talking about some other Yancy." She blushes before running out to the water. Al and Sky Lynn return to shore with a white flag each. Willow reaches the platform before Yancy, Audrey, and Emmy. She grabs a white flag, and dives off the platform. Yancy, Emmy, and Audrey reach the platform around the same time. Al gets ahead of Sky Lynn, and gets another white flag. Willow catches up with Sky Lynn and both girls grab a white flag and return to shore. Al almost reaches the platform one more time, Willow is right behind him, while Sky Lynn is behind Willow. Audrey II, Emmy, and Yancy make it back to shore, and all decide to not swim out, again. A dolphin swims under Sky Lynn, and she grabs hold of it. It leads her passed Willow and she almost catches up to Al. Al gets to the platform, grabs the flag, and heads back to shore. Al reaches the shore. Chris announces, "What in the... Al is the winner of this challenge!"

Yancy shouts, "Yay, Al! You did it!" Al looks embarrassed.

Chris says, "Seriously. When did you learn to swim that fast?"

Al shrugs and says, "I lived on an island, and used to swim every day."

Sky Lynn and Willow make it back to shore. Chris says, "Al has invincibility. I'll meet you at the elimination ceremony when you're all done voting."

Later, at the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Al receives the first plantain." Chris throws him his plantain. "Emmy is safe, as well." Emmy catches her plantain. Chris tosses the next plantain to Audrey II. "You're safe, Audrey." She cheers. Chris says, "Yancy, you're safe, also." Yancy catches his plantain. Chris looks at Sky Lynn and Willow. He says, "Willow and Sky Lynn are the bottom two, tonight. You girls should be proud. You made it all the way to the final six!" The girls smile. Chris says, "Although, it would be pretty disappointing to make it this far without actually winning." Chris shrugs. Willow and Sky Lynn frown. Chris continues, "The one of you who gets to keep competing, and the recipient of the final plantain is..."

"Willow." Willow catches the final plantain.

Emmy hugs Sky Lynn. Emmy says, "I didn't know the others were voting for you."

Sky Lynn says nicely, "It's okay."

"I'm glad you're handling this so well," Audrey states.

Sky Lynn smiles and nods, "I was a threat, I guess." Sky Lynn skips to the 'Boat of Loserdom'. She waves goodbye.

She says on her way off the island, "I'm a little disappointed. I mean, I wanted to win, but I had fun being closer to nature." Sky Lynn looks down. "I seriously hope Emmy is okay, though. "

A stampede of wild animals is heard charging toward the location of the campfire ceremony. Chris shouts and begins running to his boat, "Be sure to tune into the next episode of Total... Drama... Tropics. I'm going to seek shelter." The contestants nod and run to their bungalows.

Chapter 17 - Anticipating to ExhaleEdit

Chris Mclean has the usual smile on his face. He says, "Welcome to another episode of Total... Drama... Tropics! If you remember last time, our final six competed in a swimming contest to retrieve flags and stuff. Willow was the odds on favorite to win the challenge..." Chris pauses to hand twenty dollars to the cameraman. Chris scowls. He continues, "But Al was the one to win the challenge. After some talk of Sky Lynn having an unfair advantage in challenges, she was eliminated." An animal is heard roaring in the distance. Chris looks around with a scared expression. "What was that?" After a few seconds, he regains his composure and adds, "Who will be the next contestant eliminated? Find out now... Or a little after now."

Audrey II and Al are sitting in confessional together. Audrey II states, "Al and I came here in order to get away from the animals that were all mad that Sky Lynn was eliminated. We didn't come here to make out, or anything." Al looks embarrassed. "Not that we'd want to or anything. Right, Al?"

Al continues to look embarrassed. His voice cracks as he says, "Right." He clears his throat.

Audrey II says, "So, Sky Lynn and I were friends, I think."

"You were, for sure," Al states.

"You think so?" Audrey asks.

Al says excitedly, "Yeah! Who wouldn't want to be friends with you? You're sweet, funny, and pretty pretty."

Audrey looks at Al with one of her eyebrows raised and says, "Okay. Anyway, I'm sorry I voted her out. It's too bad Al had invincibility. We would have voted him out." Audrey thinks for a second and says, "No offense, Al."

"Wow," Al says. "You're honest, too." Al smiles wide. "Hey, did you like my swimsuit from the last challenge?"

"Uh," Audrey II starts, "sure."

"You did?" Al asks excitedly. "Wanna see it, again?" Al awkwardly stands in the confined space and gets in pants dropping position.

Audrey II nervously says, "That's okay, Al. I don't need to see that ever again."

"Oh," Al says. He sits back down. He looks embarrassed. "I see."

"Al?" Audrey asks.

"Yeah?" Al asks.

Audrey II asks, "Why do you get so embarrassed around me, all the time? When anyone else says something, you don't even act like you heard them, sometimes."

Al looks down. He says, "It's that obvious, huh?" Al sighs. He says, "It's because I care what you think. I care what you think about me. I only felt that way once about a girl."

Audrey looks at Al. She says, "I had no idea you felt that way."

Al looks at Audrey with his eyes more open than usual. He says, "Audrey? I was wondering if, maybe, you'd want to, maybe, be my girlfriend?" Al lets out a huge sigh.

Audrey II looks into Al's eyes, smiles, and says, "I guess."

Al jumps up and hits his head on the ceiling of confessional. He sits back down and rubs the spot he hit with his hand. He says, "Cooool. You wanna head back to the others?" Audrey smiles and nods.

They leave confessional and walk back alongside each other. Al takes Audrey's hand in his. He sweats profusely. He says, "We don't have to get all makey outy right away. I mean, unless you want to."

Audrey II says, "Gross."

Al laughs nervously and says, "Yeah. That was kind of a weird thing to say. I can be so dumb, sometimes." Al looks down at their hands. He lets go, looks at Audrey, and says, "I'm sorry that I'm sweating so much. I'm just really nervous. I'm sure that's grossing you out." Al looks down. "I just really like you, but was afraid to say anything to you about it, because I was afraid you might reject me." Audrey nods gently. He says, "I'm not the type of guy girls usually throw themselves at. I'm not like Beau or Yancy. So, I never feel like pretty girls like you would be interested in me. You can break up with me if you want. I guess I'm a bit of a loser."

Audrey II assures, "You're not a loser, Al. Don't talk that way. You're funny... and tall... and your soul patch is really skinny... and..."

Al stops walking. He takes Audrey's head in his hands and kisses her. Al looks embarrassed. He looks into her eyes and looks down. He says, "Sorry. Uh. I guess we should go to our bungalows, now." Al walks away from Audrey. He turns to her and waves, before walking into his bungalow.

Yancy looks up at Al as he enters. He says, "Hey, Al. Where have you been?"

"Nowhere," Al states.

Yancy sniffs the air. He says, "You were with a girl."

A shocked Al asks, "How did you know that?"

Yancy laughs and says, "I was just kidding." Yancy pauses. "Wait. You mean, you were with a girl? Did you kiss her?"

Al looks down at the ground, and kicks his foot slightly. He says, "Maybe."

"What?" Yancy asks in surprise. "I was just kidding, again. Who was it?"

"I'd rather not talk about my personal life, maaaan," Al says.

Yancy nods and says, "Sorry." Yancy lays down in his bed and says, "Well, goodnight, Al." Al nods. He looks at Yancy's back, as it faces him. Al looks down at the ground. He gets into his bed and goes to sleep.

Willow looks up when Audrey II walks into their bungalow. "Where have you been?" Willow asks.

"With a guy," Audrey II says. She smiles slightly and says, "I have a boyfriend."

Willow grabs a makeup brush out of her belongings and points it at Audrey. She says angrily, "Yancy is mine!"

Audrey II blushes. She explains, "I don't mean Yancy."

Emmy says, "Chris is the only other guy out here, and dating him would be seriously against the rules."

Audrey II shakes her head and says, "I'm talking about Al."

"Al?" Willow and Emmy say in unison. Audrey nods. Willow says, "Is he even an option?"

"Why do you say that?" Audrey II asks.

Willow shrugs. She says, "I always imagined Al as one of those people who doesn't have romantic feelings. Like, I could never think of him that way. He's like an older brother type. One that isn't very hot."

"Yeah," Audrey says quietly.

"Al's a really nice guy," Emmy assures. "I'm sure he will make you really happy."

"Thanks," Audrey II says.

In the morning, the five remaining contestants sit together on the beach.

Yancy says, "Even though I did pretty sucky at the challenge, yesterday, it was kind of fun."

Willow agrees, "Yeah, it was."

Yancy stands, removes his shirts, and says, "Does anyone want to have a race, like yesterday?"

Audrey II looks up at Yancy and blushes. She says, "Sure. I'm in." Al looks over at her. He stands up and removes his pants, revealing a bright yellow Speedo. Audrey avoids looking at him. He sits down on a towel that was laid out.

Al says, "I'm fine, here."

Willow says, "I'll go, too." Yancy, Willow, and Audrey II run off together.

Al looks on, and then looks down. He turns to look at Emmy, laying on her stomach, with sunglasses on. He says, "Hey, Emster. Remember Dante?"

Emmy says, "Um... Yeeeeeah?"

Al says, "Do you know why you agreed to go out with him?"

Emmy sighs. She says, "I was desperate. I was feeling vulnerable, and I didn't want to be alone at the time."

"He's pretty good looking, too," Al says.

Emmy blushes slightly and says, "Yeah."

"Is that why you liked him?" Al asks.

"It helped," Emmy states.

"But he was bad," Al says. "There were a lot of nice guys, here."

Emmy sighs. She says, "Yeah. I shouldn't have taken his behavior as lightly as I did. I just thought he was playing."

Al says, "People like him shouldn't be in relationships." Al nods. "But girls don't go for nice guys like me." He looks down and says, "Not that I'm saying I'm perfect."

"What is this about?" Emmy asks. "Aren't you and Audrey going out?"

"No," Al says in a confused manner.

Emmy thinks for a second. She says, "Aren't you and Audrey II going out?"

Al nods and says, "Yeah."

Audrey II, Yancy, Willow, and Chris walk up to Al and Emmy. Chris says, "It's time for the next challenge. It was going to be a random money giveaway, but you're all in your swimsuits, already, so we'll do something different."

"Aw," Audrey says.

Chris says, "You will all swim out. Then I want you to go underwater. This will be a breath holding contest. The one of you that holds their breath the longest wins invincibility. Everyone get it?" The teens nod and head into the water. Chris counts, "One. Two. Three. Go!" The teens take deep breaths and go underwater.

Underwater, Al looks over at Audrey II. He stands up after three seconds underwater. Chris announces, "Al is out of the challenge." Al nods and walks over to Chris. Chris says, "I thought you'd be a lot better at this."

Al looks down. He says, "There's somebody else I wanted to have a shot at winning." After forty-five seconds, Audrey II gets out of the water. Al looks disappointed. He looks over at her and says, "Good effort, Audrey."

Audrey says, "Thanks."

A few seconds later, Emmy gets up out of the water. Chris says, "Emmy is out of the challenge. We're down to Yancy and Willow. Who will win invincibility?"

One of the two remaining contestants stands up and heads back to shore. Chris looks over and says, "Yancy has won invincibility!" Willow goes back, and helps him out of the water.

Willow tells him, "You won!"

Yancy says, "I did?"

Audrey II runs over and hugs him. She says, "Awesome job."

"Thanks," Yancy says. Al looks over at Yancy and Audrey II. He heads back to the bungalows with his head held down.

Chris pushes Audrey away, puts an arm around Yancy, and says, "Congratulations, Yancy. You have earned invincibility."

Audrey II says from the ground, "I think I fractured my pancreas."

"Anyway," Chris says awkwardly, "I'll be back later for the elimination ceremony." Chris leaves on his boat.

Yancy looks around for Al. He asks, "Where did Al go?"

Emmy says, "He went to his bungalows after you won. He looked pretty disappointed."

Yancy walks to the bungalow he shares with Al. Yancy walks in, puts his arm around Al, and says, "What is it, buddy?"

Al pushes Yancy away from him. He says, "Leave me alone."

Yancy looks confused. He asks, "Are you mad at me?"

"Yeah, I'm mad at you," Al says in an annoyed tone.

"Why?" Yancy asks. "What did I do?"

"You're you," Al says. He looks down. "You're like the perfect boyfriend."

"I thought we discussed that," Yancy says. "I'm not gay. Wait... You have a girlfriend, right?"

"Yeah," Al says quietly.

Yancy smiles and says, "You should be happy. I still don't think I'm ready to date, but you totally are."

Al sighs and says, "You don't get it."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "After tonight, only four of you will be remaining in the fight for the prize money. Yancy, as winner of invincibility, you are safe." Yancy smiles as Chris throws him his plantain. "Willow, you're safe," Chris states. Willow catches her plantain. Chris eyes the last three remaining contestants. Chris says, "The next person safe is... Al." Chris throws Al his plantain. Chris announces, "The final plantain goes to..."

"Audrey II." Audrey catches her plantain.

Emmy says, "Thanks, guys."

Yancy says, "I still don't get why you wanted to be voted out."

"I thought it would make your decision easier," Emmy says with a shrug. "I have a little money left over from my acting, so the money was never a huge incentive for me. I think the four of you deserve it more than I do." Audrey II stands up and hugs Emmy as she gets ready to leave. The others stand up and hug her, too. Emmy walks toward the 'Boat of Loserdom'. She waves to the others before getting on.

Emmy says on the boat, "I'm a little nervous about seeing Dante, again. I know he's going to be mad, but I can't be scared of him forever. I thought if I won, I might end up giving him the money, or part of it. I can't always trust myself when it comes to Dante." Emmy looks down. "I feel the best idea was for me to not win, in this instance. Now that I'm no longer his shot at the money, maybe he'll leave me alone. The least I can say about this whole experience is that I learned something about myself, and hopefully that will help me in the relationship department."

Willow and Yancy walk away from the campfire ceremony. Audrey looks at them as they walk away. Al looks over at Audrey II. He says, "Audrey... Can we talk?

Audrey II asks, "What is it?

Al says, "I want to break up."

Audrey's eyes widen. She says, "What?"

Al nods. He says, "I really like you. I like you a lot. But I can tell that you don't like me."

Audrey II looks down. She says, "I do like you. I just feel like I don't feel the way you feel. You know?" She pauses. "Sorry. I'm not great at expressing myself."

"No," Al says. "I know what you mean. I could tell from the way you looked at me, and the way you look at Yancy. He's the one you like, right?"

Audrey II nods slightly. She says, "I didn't want to hurt your feelings, though. And I thought, maybe I do like you. But I just couldn't think of you that way. I'm sorry, Al."

"Hey," Al says. "Don't be sorry. I want you to be happy. If it's not with me, then I can live with that. I don't want you to be in a relationship you don't want to be in."

Audrey II smiles and hugs Al. She says, "Thanks, Al. I think we're still going to be good friends." She kisses him on the cheek. Al hugs Audrey close to him, and then lets go. Audrey II turns and walks toward the bungalows. Al sighs and puts his head in his hands.

Chapter 18 - Tropical Wrestling EntertainmentEdit

Chris Mclean, standing on the beach, says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics, Al liked Audrey II. Al asked Audrey to go out with him. Audrey agreed. Audrey II really liked Yancy, even with Willow also liking him. Yancy won the challenge. Emmy requested to get voted out so that she wouldn't give the money to Dante, even though he threatened her. Back to the love quadrangle, Al could tell that Audrey liked Yancy more than him, so he broke up with her. What's going to happen next? Stay tuned to find out."

Al quietly returns to the bungalow he shares with Yancy. Yancy looks up and says, "Hey, Al." Yancy looks at Al as he cries. Yancy looks confused. He says, "Al, what's wrong?"

Al looks down and says, "Audrey II and I broke up."

Yancy says, "You must be really upset."

"No," Al says. "Everything's fine."

"Even I can tell you're hurt," Yancy states.

"Well, great for you," Al says sarcastically. He gets in his bed and faces the wall. Yancy looks over at Al. Yancy's confused expression changes to a very sad one.

Yancy says in confessional, "I know Al is really upset. I never saw him cry, before." Yancy looks down, sadly. "I really hate to see people upset. Ya know?"

In Audrey II and Willow's bungalow, Willow asks, "I saw you talking with Al, earlier. He looked upset. What's going on?"

Audrey nonchalantly explains, "We broke up."

"That fast?" Willow asks. Audrey nods. Willow looks down. She begins to cry as she says, "You mean the world to him. He must have been really heartbroken."

Audrey II looks confused. She says, "I don't understand why it would mean that much to him."

Willow raises an eyebrow. She says, "Because he really liked you."

"I'm not sure," Audrey says hesitantly.

Willow says, "I didn't say anything about it, before, because it was none of my business. But I noticed the way he looks at you. I think he's liked you almost all along. I think you mean more to him than you really think."

Audrey looks down. "I didn't pick up on that," Audrey II states. "I kind of have trouble measuring how people feel about me." She looks up and says, "But I don't feel the way he does about me. For him, I mean. It would be best for us to stop dating each other early on, you know?

Willow looks down. She asks, "Are you sure you don't like Al?"

Audrey nods. She says, "I'm pretty sure. Why do you ask?"

"Because," Willow says as she begins crying, again, "If he cares about you so much... That's more than some people have. You could learn to love him back, if you gave him the chance."

Audrey looks down. She says, "But I'm not attracted to Al. Not like the way I'm attracted to Yancy." Audrey blushes.

Willow looks surprised and begins crying. She says, "You like Yancy, too?" Audrey nods, looking embarrassed. She says, "I know Yancy is a hot property, but sometimes attraction is all there is. A real relationship needs to be about so much more than that."

Audrey II nods and says, "Maybe you're right." She turns in her bed and says, "Thanks for talking to me. Goodnight."

Willow says firmly with tears in her eyes, "P.S. Stay away from my man." Audrey II gulps.

Willow says in confessional, "Well, after a little while, it seems like my emotions have flooded back to me. Literally."

The next morning, the four remaining teens are sitting on the beach. The group is unusually silent. Yancy glances at Al, who looks solemn. Willow tries to break the awkward silence. "So... How is everybody?" Everyone shrugs. "Does anyone want to go for a walk or something?" Her request is met with silence. She sighs and says, "I'll go alone." Willow gets up and walks away.

Yancy looks at Al, again. He takes a deep breath, changes his glance to Audrey and says, "Hey, Audrey? I heard you were on the market, again. Would you like to go out with me?"

Audrey's eyes widen. She says excitedly, "Yes and yes."

Al looks over at Yancy and looks angry. He stands up and walks off into the jungle. Yancy looks on and then holds his head down. He says, "Hey, Audrey? How about you and me go back to my bungalow?"

Audrey giggles excitedly and says, "Sure. That sounds fun." Audrey II takes Yancy's hand in hers. They walk back together. He looks grossed out from the sweatiness of her hands.

Al angrily says in confessional, "How could Yancy do that to me? We were friends. He knows how I feel about her." Al puts his head in his hands. "I miss it when I closed myself off from people and I didn't have to feel these kinds of emotions."

Audrey II and Yancy make it to Yancy's bungalow. He hugs her close to him. He asks, "You want to make out?" Audrey begins sweating from her brow. She nods rapidly. Yancy smiles. He leans in and she nervously sticks her lips out. Yancy kisses Audrey on the nose. She opens her eyes and looks at him with a confused expression. He sticks his tongue out and licks her nose.

Audrey II pushes Yancy away from her. She says, "What are you doing? That's gross."

Yancy looks down. He says, "I'm sorry. I never kissed a girl, before. And... I suppose you'll have to find out, eventually. I sort of have this weird nose fetish."

Audrey raises an eyebrow. She says, "That is really weird."

"I know," Yancy says, looking ashamed. Yancy steps away from Audrey II. He says, "I know what we can do." Yancy removes his shirts. Al walks in. Yancy and Audrey II don't see him, so he steps back outside and spies on them from outside the door.

Audrey smiles and says, "That's the Yancy I like to see."

Yancy smiles and says, "Thanks." Al starts to walk away. Yancy lifts his arms in the air, revealing his underarms. He says, "Babe, I get these incredibly bad rashes around my armpits." Al stops walking away in order to listen. "I was thinking, maybe you could help me apply my medication?"

Audrey looks at Yancy's underarms in a disgusted manner. She sadly looks at his face. She looks down at the floor and says, "I'm sorry, Yancy. I don't think this is working out."

"What do you mean?" Yancy asks innocently.

Audrey II says, "I don't know. I had this image of you being the perfect guy, but I guess you aren't. No offense. The real you is just not what I was expecting. It's kind of grossing me out."

"It's the armpit rashes, isn't it?" Yancy asks. Audrey looks away. He puts his shirts back on. "So you're breaking up with me?"

Audrey nods gently. She says, "I'm sorry, Yancy. I wish I could look passed your faults, but... I can't. I hope you understand." Yancy pouts. He nods slightly. Audrey II says, "I don't want there to be any weirdness between us, though. I want to be friends. Even though we were kind of hot and heavy."

Yancy raises an eyebrow and says, "When was that?"

Audrey shrugs. She says, "I saw that line in a movie, once." She turns toward the door and says, "I guess I'll be going."

Yancy calls out, "Audrey. Can you do one thing for me before you go?"

Audrey looks at him and says, "As long as it doesn't involve medication."

"Can you promise me you'll give Al a second chance?" Yancy asks. He looks down and says, "He's a really good guy. I want to see him happy. He was really happy when he was with you. I know if you give him some time, he'll make you happy, too. I think you can both make each other really happy."

Audrey II continues to look at Yancy, who looks at her with wide eyes. She looks down and says, "Yeah. I think I can give him another chance. I think I was a little hasty in what happened between us. I'll just have to think about how I feel about him" She says, "Bye, Yancy." She walks out of the bungalow. Al presses himself against the bungalow so that Audrey doesn't see him as she passes by.

Al walks in. Yancy says, "Hey, Al. Nice to see you." Al walks up to Yancy without a word, gets down on his knees and hugs Yancy. Yancy says, "What's that for?" Al doesn't say anything. Yancy looks embarassed and says, "You heard what happened, didn't you? Look, Al. I didn't do all that so you would know I did it or feel indebted to me or anything. I just thought I was able to do something nice for you, you don't have to feel like you need to repay me or anything." Al still doesn't say anything.

Al stands up and wipes the tears from his face. He says, "You're an amazing friend. I'm sorry I was jealous, man."

"It's okay," Yancy says. "I still can't believe that someone was actually jealous of me."

Willow pokes her head into the bungalow and says, "It's challenge time." The guys nod and join her outside. Chris and Audrey are waiting.

Chris says, "Today's challenge is a fight to the death!"

"Eh?" Audrey II says.

Chris laughs and says, "A PG fight to the death. First, Audrey II and Willow will face off. Then Al and Yancy will have their match. The winners from each match will then face off. The winner of that match will win invincibility."

"How will the winner of each match be determined?" Yancy asks.

Chris answers, "The other contestant needs to say that they give up. There will be no actual injury causing. Just holds, pleading, and drama. You know, like professional wrestling." The contestants nod. Chris leads the teens to a circle drawn in the grass. Audrey II and Willow stand, ready to start wrestling. Chris smiles and says, "You can start, now!" The girls nod.

Willow taunts, "I'm taking you down, Audrey."

Audrey asks, "You are?" Willow nods. Audrey says, "Okay, then I give up."

Chris looks on in disbelief. He says, "Wow, that was lame. But Willow technically wins. Next up, it's Al and Yancy's turn." The boys stand off against each other. Chris says, "So you guys can..."

"Before we begin," Al says, "I want to say that Yancy did something really nice for me, earlier today. I'm going to forfeit this challenge, so he can win." Al walks out of the circle.

"You don't have to do that, Al," Yancy says.

Chris throws his head back and says, "Man. What a letdown. Yancy is moving on to face off against Willow." The two teens enter the circle. Chris says, "Let's get it on."

Yancy smirks at Willow and he cracks his kunckles. Willow cries and says, "Go easy on me."

Yancy looks at her, and then looks down at the ground. He says, "Chris. I can't fight a girl. I quit this match."

"You're kidding me," Chris says with a groan. He announces, "Then that means that Willow is the winner of the suckiest challenge in sucky challenge history."

Audrey II says, "I don't know. That key one was pretty awful."

Chris says, "Whatever. Meet me at the elimination ceremony in an half hour."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "One of you has recieved more votes than the others. I'll hand the first plantain out to the challenge winner, Willow." Willow smiles and catches her plantain. Chris looks at Audrey II, Al, and Yancy. He smiles and throws a plantain to Al. Al looks at it with a confused expression. Chris says, "It is between Audrey II and Yancy. The last plantain goes to..."


Audrey II sighs and says, "I figured this would happen with you Epic Failures."

Willow says defensively, "Hey!"

Audrey blushes and says, "I was talking about your old team name. Sorry."

Al looks at Audrey II. He then turns to Chris and says, "I don't understand, Chris. Why am I staying?"

"What do you mean, Al?" Audrey II asks.

Al looks down. He says, "I know it was dumb of me, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for you or Yancy. I voted for myself."

Audrey II looks confused. She says, "Even though we broke up?"

"Yeah," Al says quietly. "I still really like you."

Audrey II looks at Al and blushes. She says, "That was so nice of you. Nobody has ever done something that nice for me. I voted for Yancy."

Willow says, "Yancy and I voted for Audrey."

Audrey II nods. She looks at Al and says, "Al. After this is all over... Do you want to go out, again? With me?"

Al smiles and says, "Yeah. That would be nice."

Audrey II gets up and hugs Al. She then hugs Willow. She goes to hug Yancy. She looks at him and shudders. She says, "I should go." She awkwardly walks over to the 'Boat of Loserdom'.

Audrey II says on the 'Boat of Loserdom', "A lot of crazy stuff happened on that island." She smiles and says, "But it was all worth it in the end. I'm glad I came here."

Chris Mclean says, "It's down to the final three. Who will come just short of the final two and a fifty-fifty shot at the prize money? Be sure to watch the next installment to find out."

Chapter 19 - Take a BowEdit

Chris Mclean smiles and says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics, we whittled our four contestants down to three." Chris changes his tone to a sarcastic one. "Willow won the most exciting challenge in our show's history, when everyone else forfeited." Chris rolls his eyes, and returns to his usual tone. "That Audrey II girl was eliminated. She was the last of The Onslaught to be eliminated, leaving only three former members of The Epic Failures. How will things turn out now that they will have to turn on one of their own? Who will make the big decision? When will I stop asking questions as a lead in to the episode? Find out, now!"

Willow cries. She says, "I'm the last girl left." Yancy looks over at her and smiles. She reaches over and puts her arms around him. She says, "I'm so glad that I got to meet you, Yancy."

"You are?" Yancy asks.

"Um, yeah," Willow says.

Yancy looks up at Al who is standing and watching Audrey leave on the boat. "You're going to miss her, huh, big guy?"

Al nods. He sits down next to Yancy. He puts his arms around him. He says, "Yancy, thank you for being such a good friend."

Yancy smiles sheepishly and says, "You would have helped me out, too, right?"

Al shrugs and says, "I'm not that quick on my feet."

"What does your speed have to do with anything?" Yancy asks with a confused expression.

Al laughs and says, "I mean, I'm not that quick in thinking up plans, or whatever."

Willow smiles. She takes hold of Yancy and begins to pull him away from Al. She says, "I'd like to talk to Yancy alone for a little while."

Al pulls on Yancy and says, "I think we better turn in for the night."

Willow pulls on Yancy in the other direction and says, "I want to talk to him."

"It's getting late," Al insists, tugging on Yancy's arm.

Willow says, "It'll only take a minute." She pulls on Yancy.

Al says, "But..." His eyes open wide and he has a gleam in them. He lets go of Yancy and he falls on top of Willow. Al says, "Okay, you can take him, but have him home at a reasonable hour." Al walks to his bungalow.

Yancy laughs. He says, "Al is quite the character. What did you want to talk to me about?"

Willow blushes. She says, "I was wondering..." Willow pauses.

"Yeah?" Yancy asks.

"Would you want to start going out?" Willow asks.

"With who?" Yancy asks with a confused expression.

"Me, silly," Willow says with a laugh.

"Oh," Yancy asks. He looks down. "I thought you didn't like me that way."

Willow blushes and says, "That was before."

"But what changed?" Yancy asks.

"Uh," Willow looks embarrassed. "My feelings for you changed."

Yancy looks at her and smiles. He says, "I sort of gave up trying, you know?"

Willow asks, "So do you want to be my boyfriend?"

Yancy smiles wide. He excitedly says, "Yes!"

Willow hugs him and says, "I'm so happy."

Yancy says, "Me, too." A few seconds later, he awkwardly says, "What do dating people do?" Willow smiles and leans in to kiss Yancy. He turns his head and says, "I... I never kissed a girl, before."

Willow raises an eyebrow and asks, "Did you kiss someone else?"

"Oh, no," Yancy says, looking incredibly embarrassed. "Just my dad." Willow's eyebrows raise. He says, "On the cheek. Nothing creepy." He looks down. "I tried to practice by kissing my pillow and my hand, but it's not the same. Right?"

Willow laughs and says, "You're so cute."

Yancy laughs nervously. He says, "Thanks." He pauses for a few seconds, before saying, "Is it different?" Willow leans in and kisses Yancy gently on the lips. He smiles and says, "That was really nice." She kisses him again, but more passionately. Yancy begins sweating, he says, "Maybe we shouldn't..." Willow hugs Yancy tight and kisses him, again. Yancy pushes Willow off of himself. He looks really embarrassed. He says, "Willow. I'm sorry, I can't do this." He stands up and rushes back to his bungalow. Willow looks after him, and then looks down.

Willow is crying in confessional. She says between sobs, "I think I came off too strong with Yancy. I had to go and ruin it with my dream guy." She looks down sadly.

Yancy walks into his bungalow. Al looks up and says, "Hey, maaan. How'd it go with Willow?"

Yancy looks down at the ground and says, "Bad."

"I'm sorry, man," Al says quietly.

Yancy explains, "It's just that I'm a beginner with dating, and she's like a professional."

Al raises his eyebrow. "Like... a professional?" Yancy nods. Al says, "Whoa."

Yancy says quietly, "I don't know what to do."

Al says, "If you really liked her, you'd be able to look passed that."

"I guess you're right," Yancy says. "I guess I don't know how I feel toward her." He looks down. "She's hot."

Al nods. He says, "There's more to that in a relationship, though."

Yancy's eyes widen and he says, "There is?"

Al explains, "There's compatibility, communication, and lurve."

Yancy looks down. "I think my point has been proven."

"What point?" Al asks.

Yancy explains, "That I'm not ready to date." He looks down and says, "Thanks, Al."

"You're welcome," Al says.

The next day, Yancy approaches Willow, who is sitting by herself on the beach. He says, "I'm sorry about yesterday. I kind of agreed to date you without thinking." He looks down. "I just don't feel ready to date. I have a lot of growing up to do, and..."

"You don't have to be sorry," Willow says. "I wasn't considering your feelings, even though I knew you never dated, before. I have a lot of growing up to do, too."

"Are you kidding?" Yancy asks. "You must have been dating for years! You're a total pro."

Willow blushes. She says, "Thanks?" She pauses for a moment. "Yancy?"

He says, "Yeah?"

"I have something I need to admit," Willow explains. Yancy nods. "I only wanted to date you, because I thought you were cute. I didn't think so earlier in the competition, but my feelings changed." She sighs and says, "I'm so shallow. You deserve someone who likes you no matter your hotness level."

Yancy looks down. He says solemnly, "That's why you wanted to go out with me?" Yancy looks up at her. Willow looks down. She nods her head slightly. Yancy looks down. "Oh. I was hoping that I'd meet a girl that liked me for my personality."

"I'm sorry, Yancy," Willow says tearfully.

"Don't be," Yancy says with a sigh. "I only agreed to go out with you for the same reason. I know absolutely nothing about you."

Al walks up and says, "Hey, guys. Chris is here for the challenge."

Chris waves, standing a few feet in front of Willow and Yancy. Willow asks, "When did you get here?"

"I've been standing here for, like, five minutes," Chris explains. Willow and Yancy look embarrassed. Chris says loudly, "It's time for your final challenge before the final two. This one's important." Chris rushes over to his boat. He grabs one box at a time and runs back to the contestants. He places the boxes on platforms that were already set up. He explains, "Under these boxes is what will determine your fate in this game." The contestants gulp. Chris lifts the first box, revealing a mannequin head with a bow tie lying next to it. Chris says, "The first of you that can properly tie a bow tie wins this challenge."

"That's the challenge?" Willow says in disbelief.

Chris nods. "Yes. Now everyone get in position." The contestants step in front of their mannequin heads. Chris shouts, "Go!"

Al and Willow look over at Yancy as he ties fervently. Yancy shouts, "Done!"

Chris walks over to him. He looks at Yancy's mannequin. He announces, "This tie has been tied improperly. Sorry, Yancy. You can try, again."

Yancy sighs and says, "I never tied a bow tie, before." The teens continue tying their designated ties.

Chris looks over and says, "We have a winner!" The teens stop what they're doing. Chris says, "Congratulations, Al! You get the final invincibility." Willow cries.

Al puts a hand on his head and says, "I can't believe it."

Chris explains, "Along with invincibility, Al gets the only elimination vote, tonight. I'll see you guys at the elimination ceremony." Al stands still suddenly looking stressed, Yancy and Willow hug Al and then leave the area. Chris looks up at Al. He says, "Al?"

Al looks down at him, and says, "Yeah?"

Chris says, "Is everything alright?" Al shrugs. Chris says, "Good." He reaches and pulls off his shirt, which is attached to his pants, revealing that he is wearing a tuxedo underneath his clothes. Al lifts his left eyebrow. Chris says, "I need you to tie this for me." Chris hands him a bow tie. Al nods. He sticks his tongue out as he begins tying Chris' tie.

Al sighs in confessional. He says, "I don't know what I'm going to do. This is a huge decision. I'm better friends with Yancy, but I do want to win. If I pick the wrong person, they might beat me in the finals. I never realized how much pressure this decision was."

Chris shows up at the campfire ceremony. He says, "Al, you are safe. As the only voter, tonight, I would like for you to vote for the person you want to be eliminated in front of us."

Al nods. He stands up and says, "I've been in this game with both of you for a really long time. I honestly know Yancy better than I know you, Willow." Willow cries. "But that doesn't mean I decided to bring him to the finals. I mean, he could beat me, or Willow could beat me, depending what the challenge, or whatever, is. This decision is really hard."

"We understand, Al," Yancy says.

Willow says in agreement, "Yeah."

Al says, "Thanks to both of you. The person I decided to vote out is..."

"Willow. I'm really sorry."

Willow wipes her eyes. She says, "It's okay. I know this had to be a hard decision for you. I think you and Yancy deserve to be in the finals more than I do." She stands up. She hugs Al. Yancy stands up. Willow awkwardly hugs him.

Willow walks to the 'Boat of Loserdom'. Once on board, she says, "I understand Al's decision, but it still kind of feels bad to make it this far, and then to be eliminated. I enjoyed myself out here. I'm excited for the guys, though. They're really great." Willow cries and says, "I'm happy for them."

Chris smiles and says, "So, this is our final two. Congratulations, guys."

Yancy says, "Thanks, Chris. It's awesome to make it so..." Chris leaves. Yancy says, "Okay." Yancy turns to Al and says, "Thanks, Al." Yancy hugs Al.

Al smiles. He says, "No problem, buddy. I couldn't vote out a friend like that. I just couldn't do it."

Yancy says, "This has been quite the crazy ride. Can you believe it's almost over?" Al shakes his head.

Chris says from his boat, "There you have it. Who will be the winner of Total... Drama... Tropics? Be sure to watch the exciting finale."

Chapter 20 - Whatever Happened to That One Person?Edit

"Hello," Chris Mclean says with a smile. He is sitting in a wicker chair in a room at a nice resort. "Welcome to a bonus episode of Total... Drama... Tropics. Today, we take a break from the exciting competition to check in on events that happened in the lives of the eliminated contestants some time after being voted out. Most of these events are out of order, but mainly deal with a certain contestant. We'll bring you this never before seen footage in the order that the contestant were eliminated. In order to ensure that we captured anything interesting, the new Playa des Losers resort is loaded with cameras and microphones that have been cleverly disguised." Chris points to the head of a beaver on the wall with a camera clearly sticking out of its mouth. Chris makes a cheesy smile toward the camera and says, "Lets start with our first loser, Hae Won. In this clip, we'll see her reaction to finding out the reason she was eliminated. Ha ha!"

Hae Won is shown sitting on a beach chair next to Stacy and Marguerite, by the pool. Hae Won sighs and says, "I wish I would have gotten a chance to compete like everyone else."

"Right," Stacy says, "Hae Won. We get it."

Marguerite says quietly, "I still cannot believe that Sebastian was voted out. He was such a smart player, no?" Sebastian quietly walks over to the sunbathing girls, dressed in his usual clothes. Marguerite says, "Oh, Sebastian. We were just talking about you. How are you, sweetie?"

Sebastian looks down. He says, "Hae Won, can you come talk to me for a minute?"

Hae Won looks at him and says, "Uh. Why?"

Sebastian continues to look down and says, "I think it's kind of important." She sighs, gets up, and follows him to a more secluded area.

"What do you want?" Hae Won asks.

Sebastian says, "I know why you were eliminated. I thought you would want to find out the reason."

Hae Won looks confused. She says, "I'm all ears."

Several minutes later, Hae Won asks, "I can't believe he would go through all that trouble to hurt someone nice, like Emmy. That jerk."

"I guess I'm not completely sure," Sebastian disclaims, "But I think it seems pretty likely."

Hae Won says, "I knew Dante was a bad egg from the start. I can't wait until he gets here..."

A few hours later, Dante comes onto the island looking sad, still wearing his bandages. Creigh's expression shows his surprise as he looks up from the beach chair he is sitting on. Hae Won looks on and smirks. Hae Won finds a moment to speak with Dante alone. She says, "I heard why you voted me out. That's a pretty despicable thing to do."

Dante smirks and says, "You got in my way, girl. No hard feelings?"

Hae Won says innocently, "Oh, of course not." The two shake hands.

"Now if you don't mind me," Dante begins, "I saw a hot tub on the way to my room that has my name on it." Dante walks away. Hae Won smirks and heads toward Dante's room. She pulls a crowbar out from behind her back, opens his door, and slips inside.

Dante says in confessional, the next day, "I don't know what happened." His teeth are black. "Someone replaced my toothpaste with something that definitely is not toothpaste. My deodorant is missing, and my special medicated ointment for chaffing was replaced with superglue." Dante cries. He says, "Things are stuck together that shouldn't be stuck together. Whoever did this to me... Please, leave me alone."

Chris laughs as the footage ends. He says, "I guess we finally got to see Hae Won's defensive side. Next, let's check up on Isaiah. This gentle giant was also the victim of Dante's scheming. How did he handle being eliminated?"

Isaiah is shown on a wooded path. He holds up his camera and takes a picture of some local wildlife. Beau walks by. He says, "Hey, Isaiah. Good to see you." Isaiah remains silent and focused on his photography. Beau says awkwardly, "Um. I was just out for a walk. It helps me clear my head, sometimes, ya know?" Isaiah continues to ignore Beau. Beau looks down and says, "I don't know what happened while you were on the show, but if you need someone to talk to..."

Isaiah begins to walk away. He calls back to Beau, "I have no interest. I made the mistake of getting close to people, and they chose to hurt me." Isaiah looks down. He says, "I've decided to move back to my native country. I no longer wish to live here, if all people here are like this." Isaiah continues walking.

Chris looks to the side. He says, "I guess he didn't handle his experience well. But what about Stacy? Surely, that must have gone well."

Stacy looks up at the 'Boat of Loserdom'. Logan looks up and catches sight of her. He looks down. She runs down to meet him and stretches out her arms to embrace him. Logan solemnly walks passed her. He is led to his room by a bellboy. Stacy looks on with a look of concern. Hae Won walks down and looks around. She asks, "Nobody was on the boat? What a waste." Hae Won walks away.

Stacy says in confessional, "I don't understand why Logan was acting so cold like that. I was happy to see him, I mean, I wish he could still compete, though." Stacy says with a tint of sadness, "Something happened. I hate to see him that way."

In the morning, Logan steps out of his room, brushing his teeth. He takes a step and trips over something. He looks to see that it was Stacy camping outside of his room in a sleeping bag. She says groggily, "Logan? I wanted to see you so I slept out here." Logan rushes back into his room.

Logan says from his room, quietly, "Can't you leave me alone?"

She looks confused. She says, "I thought you'd be happy to see me, but you walked right by me, last night."

Logan sighs. "I know what you did, okay? So just... go."

Stacy says, "I don't know what you mean. Can't we just talk?" Logan leaves her unanswered. She remains seated on the ground.

Chris sighs. He says, "How does this story turn out? Do Stacy and Logan ever reconcile? Stay tuned, where these questions and more may or not be answered. Now, let's move on to Frederick.

Camera footage is shown outside of Frederick's room.

Chris says, "That's all we got. The guy went straight to his room after his elimination and hasn't come out since. And frankly, I'd rather not see what he's doing in there. Janice creeped her way into our hearts with her weirdness and creepy puppet thingy. How did this fine, mentally unstable youth handle her elimination?"

Janice is shown nervously rocking back and forth in a rocking chair with her left eye twitching.

Chris says uneasily, "Uh, it looks like she's handling it well. Now let's move on to the next installment in the Logan and Stacy melodrama." Chris grabs a bucket of popcorn, before the clip starts.

Stacy is shown outside of Logan's room in a sleeping bag at night. One of the blinds in his room lifts up and then goes back down.

The next morning, Stacy wakes up. She sees Logan crouching beside her, with his room's door open. He says, "I don't understand."

Stacy says with a smile, "Hi, Logan."

"The game is over, now," Logan says, "For us anyway."

Stacy looks confused. She says, "I know that."

Logan sighs and says, "Look, I don't have a lot of money, or anything. So just give it up, already."

Stacy continues to look confused. She says, "I don't know what you're talking about." Logan rolls his eyes. "I just want to talk. I want to catch up with you."

Logan sighs and returns to his room. He calls from inside, "I have nothing else to say to you."

Stacy says firmly, "Then I'm not leaving this spot."

Logan hesitates a moment before replying, "Maybe, I'll talk if you give me a little time. I want you to go back to your room. No one should have to sleep outside like you've been doing."

Stacy asks, "If I go back to my room, you might talk to me, again?"

"Yes," Logan confirms. "I mean, maybe." Stacy sighs, gathers her things, and heads toward her room down the hall.

Chris is shown with his eyes wide. He says dramatically, "What happens next? Believe me, there's more to this story. But why don't we take a break from it to show you Marguerite's segment."

Marguerite is shown sipping a drink from a coconut. She says to the camera, "I enjoyed my time on zhe island, and the people I got to meet, no? But it is most enjoyable, here." Marguerite sets down her drink.

A teenage, male worker appears and says, "Uh, miss. Here's another drink." He holds a tray with a drink on it out toward her.

Marguerite takes the drink and says, "But I could not afford to pay for zhe last one."

The boys voice cracks as he says, "This one comes out of my paycheck, as well. I mean... It's on the house, ma'am."

Marguerite smiles. She stands up and kisses him on the cheeks. She says, "Merci." The boy faints. Marguerite looks down at him with a worried expression.

Chris appears on camera and is shown drinking from a straw sticking out from a coconut. He says, "How come I had to pay for mine?" Chris sighs. He says, "Next we see how Beau's elimination went."

Beau looks around the Playa des Losers resort. He whistles and says, "This place is nice." He looks around. He waves at some of the former contestants.

Violet says, "The hotness has returned, ya'll." Janice blushes.

Beau blushes, he says, "It looks like everyone is here." He looks around and says, "Wait. Where are Logan, Frederick, and Hae Won?"

Stacy explains, "Logan and Frederick have pretty much locked themselves in their rooms. Hae Won... I think she is in the phone room, talking to her family."

"Oh, that's..." Beau begins. He says in surprise, "You mean, there's a phone, here?"

Marguerite nods and says, "Oui."

Beau drops his belongings and rushes away. He comes back a few seconds later and asks, "Uh. Where is the phone?" Marguerite points in the direction of the phone, and Beau walks that way.

Beau finds the room and sees Hae Won talking inside. She blushes on sight of him. He taps on the door, and Hae Wn holds the phone against her shoulder. He opens the door slightly and asks, "Hey. I was wondering if I could make a call."

Hae Won says, "I'm sorry, Beau. I'm in the middle of a conversation."

Beau gives Hae Won a smoldering glance and says seductively, "Please? It would mean the world to me."

Hae Won blushes and puts the phone down. She says, "It's all yours."

Beau looks ashamed. He says, "Thanks." Hae Won leaves the room and glances back at him a few times before going out of sight. Beau picks up the phone and quickly presses a sequence of numbers. He waits as it rings. He says, "I feel bad. I swore to myself that I wouldn't use my powers selfishly, but this is something diff..." Beau is interrupted when the person he is calling answers. He says, "Hi. It's me." He pauses to listen. "I miss you so much, too. I thought about you every minute of every day."

Chris is on camera, again, with a tear in his eye. He says, "Uh... My eyes are sensitive to the lights here." Chris clears his throat and says, "Yeah. Next up is when Topher's punishment was up. He spent a few nights at a local prison." Chris looks down.

Topher is let out of a cell. He is wearing his usual clothing. He keeps his head down. "Hi, Christopher." Chris says quietly. Topher looks up at Chris. Chris explains, "I didn't think it would be appropriate for you to stay with the others now that your time here is finished."

"So?" Topher asks.

"I want you to stay with me," Chris assures.

"Whatever," Topher says with no emotion. He signs some papers before leaving with Chris. The two walk out of the prison.

Chris looks over a few times at Topher. They get on Chris' boat. Chris asks, "Is anything wrong, Topher?" Topher glares at Chris. Chris looks down. He says, "Right. Sorry." He looks back up as he steers his boat. Chris says, "I know I wasn't there for you when you needed me, but I want to assure you that I'm here, now."

"Thanks," Topher says quickly.

"So, if you want to talk..." Chris suggests.

"No, that's okay," Topher responds. Chris looks down. His boat hits a seagull, as Chris fails to watch what he's doing. Topher looks at Chris. Topher says, "I'm just really angry with myself. I thought I'd overcome my problems, but it's like they never left."

Chris says, "Are you kidding me? One setback doesn't undo what you've accomplished."

"It doesn't?" Topher asks.

Chris shakes his head. Chris explains, "You just have to keep trying to control yourself, without letting one failing make you give up."

"Right," Topher says. "Thanks, Chris."

"No problem, buddy," Chris says with a smile.

Topher says, "I've decided to get therapy. Something I should have started a while ago."

"I think that's a good idea," Chris states. "It's never too late, though." Topher nods. He looks at his uncle and smiles.

Chris is shown in the room at Playa des Losers, his tears streaming down his face. He says, "This stupid lighting... Next up, we take a look in at Patsy." Chris dabs his face with a tissue.

Patsy is shown sitting in her room, writing. She looks up and says, "This whole experience has been incredibly inspiring to me. I've come up with some totally new characters." Patsy reads some names off. "Shmee, a one legged war veteran who was issues with being overly trusting. Gopher, an irritable, escaped convict. Immy, a sweet girl who gets involved with the wrong person. Monte... the wrong person." Patsy smiles. She says, "This is going to be my best work, yet."

Chris smiles and says, "I guess this competition had something for everyone." Chris becomes somber. "Let's move on to Creigh."

Creigh anxiously looks up at the arriving 'Boat of Loserdom'. He smiles and gives a sigh of relief. Marguerite says, "Sebastian? Zhat's definitely not who I was expecting."

Sebastian steps off the boat. He asks, "Is Logan around? I have to go talk to him."

"He's in his room," Creigh explains. "How is Dante doing?"

Sebastian looks down solemnly. He removes his sunglasses, looks Creigh in the eye, and says quietly, "Creigh. Dante lied to you."

Creigh looks at Sebastian. He shouts, "Liar!" Creigh puts his hand into a fist and strikes Sebastian. Sebastian falls to the ground. He rubs his nose. Creigh looks at Sebastian. Everyone around stares at Creigh. He looks around him and says, "I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Sebastian. I don't know what came over me, but, please, don't say anything like that, again." Creigh walks away.

Sebastian says, "But..." Sebastian stops himself. He says, "I have to go see Logan." Sebastian rushes toward his room.

Chris interrupts the scene, saying, "I felt this scene went along with the last one, so I decided to include it as Sebastian's segment."

Sebastian knocks on Logan's door. Logan says, "Stacy, go away. I need to think some more."

Sebastian calls out, "Logan. It's me, Sebastian."

Logan quickly answers the door. He says, "Sebastian? You got voted out?"

"I'm really sorry," Sebastian interrupts. "I-I was wrong about Stacy."

"What do you mean?" Logan asks with a confused expression.

"She wasn't using you," Sebastian explains. "She really did like you."

Logan quickly walks passed Sebastian. He asks, "Where is she?"

"Over by the dock," Sebastian answers.

Logan runs as fast as he can. He finds Stacy by the others. He puts his arms around her and says, "I'm so sorry I didn't trust you." He hugs her close to him. Stacy smiles and hugs Logan close to her.

Hae Won whispers to Marguerite, "Who is that guy?" Marguerite shakes her head.

Chris blows his nose on a tissue. He says, "It turns out that I'm allergic to the lights in here, too." He clears his throat and says, "Next up is..." Chris glares to the side. "Dante." Chris sighs. "I guess he gets a segment, too."

Creigh says, "Dante." He looks down. The boys are sitting in Dante's room. "Is there anything I can get you?"

Dante shakes his head and says, "No."

"I can't believe the others would vote you out," Creigh says. "How could they be so heartless?"

Dante sighs. He says, "That Sebastian guy from the other team made them doubt me."

"I still don't understand how he could even think you would lie about something like that," Creigh says quietly. He looks up at Dante, tearfully, and says, "I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure you live, Dante. I'll get you the money, somehow."

"Thanks," Dante says. "You're a good friend." Dante hugs Creigh, and smirks wickedly when Creigh is unable to see.

Chris is shown, again. He looks disappointed. He says, "Let's move on to Renee. Did she open up at all, after being eliminated?"

Renee is shown sitting on a lounge chair away from the others. She is reading a book about kitties. She looks up for a moment and sees a baby jungle cat, looking up at her. Renee freezes and stares back at it nervously. The cat approaches her. It jumps up with sudden action. Renee winces. The cat lays down on Renee's lap. She looks down and smiles. She pats it on the head.

Chris wipes his eyes with a tissue. A series of used tissues surround him. He says, "It's the... Oh, never mind. Sky Lynn was the next person voted out. What scene did I choose for her?"

Sky Lynn walks on to her new, temporary home. She looks up and smiles. A flock of seagulls surround her belongings and lift them for her. She walks by the pool and sees Creigh sitting by Dante. The birds fly ahead with her belongings, as she stops walking. She says, "Creigh. It's good to see you, again."

"Hey," Creigh says quietly, avoiding eye contact with Sky Lynn.

"I was thinking we could catch up on things," Sky Lynn explains.

Creigh looks up and says, "I don't think I want to. Sorry."

"You have to know that Dante was lying at this point," Sky Lynn says.

Creigh looks at her angrily. He says, "I don't want to hear it. I know in my heart that Dante would never do something like that."

Dante smirks, coughs, and says, "Why are you saying such horrible things about me?"

"Give it up," Sky Lynn says with a roll of her eyes. "Dante told Emmy he was lying in order to win the money. That's why he was voted out. Al overheard him, too."

Creigh looks over at Dante. Creigh says, "That's not true."

Dante smirks and says, "Of course, it isn't."

"That's all I need to hear," Creigh says. Sky Lynn sighs and walks toward her room. Creigh looks over at Dante with a concerned expression. "It isn't true, right?"

Dante says, "No."

"I just don't see why Emmy or Al would be the ones to make something up like that," Creigh says. "Ya know?"

Dante smirks. He says, "Okay, Creigh. I admit it. I lied." Creigh's face looks grim. Dante laughs and says, "You should see your face right now. I owe it to you, though, for being so gullible to believe something so obviously fake."

Creigh's eyes fill with tears. He says, "I gave up everything for you. I gave up my shot at my dream."

Dante rolls his eyes and says, "Lighten up. We all had a reason to want to win. You're pathetic reason couldn't be any more important than anyone else's."

Creigh says, "It meant so much to me, though. Didn't you even once consider how..." He looks at Dante and says, "Thanks, Dante."

Dante raises an eyebrow and says, "For what?"

Creigh angrily explains, "For showing me that there aren't any good, honest people left, anymore. And that I've been stupid for thinking otherwise." Creigh heads to his room.

Dante looks on and shrugs. He says, "He was going to find that out sooner or later."

"So that scene was pretty light on the amount of Sky Lynn," Chris says from the room he's been in. "But it felt worth showing. Next up is Emmy."

Emmy arrives on the island. Sky Lynn runs and hugs her. She says, "I'm sorry, Emmy."

"It's alright," Emmy says with a smile. Emmy walks together with Sky Lynn toward her new living quarters. Dante stands with his arms folded as Emmy walks by. He glares at her angrily, but she does not look up at him.

Sky Lynn smiles at Emmy and says, "I'm so proud of you for breaking it off with Dante. I'll be right back, okay?"

Emmy looks at Sky Lynn with a concerned expression. She says, "Okay. Don't take long." Sky Lynn nods and leaves. Seconds later, Emmy looks up and sees Dante standing in her doorway. "Dante," Emmy says in surprise.

"What happened, Emmy?" Dante asks with a serious voice.

Emmy says, "I stopped being scared of you. I told the others to vote me out."

Dante glares at her. "I am not happy, right now." He steps in and locks the door behind him. "I told you you'd regret it if you lost."

Emmy says, "Get out. If anything happens to me, the others will know who was to blame. You'll wind up in prison."

"Juvie," Dante corrects. "I can handle that."

A knocking is heard from the door. Sky Lynn shouts, "Emmy? Is everything okay in there?"

Dante tackles Emmy to the ground, and covers her mouth with his hands. He whispers, "You're not telling her anything."

The door opens, Sky Lynn says, "Get away from her."

Dante stands up. Slightly surprised. He says, "I was just..." Sky Lynn stares at him. He walks out of the room. He looks at Sky Lynn's hand, seeing the key card in it. He says, "You got smarter, didn't you, Emmy?"

Emmy says firmly, "Leave me alone."

"I guess I'll have to," Dante says with a smirk. "It just stopped being fun." He walks away from the entrance to Emmy's room. Emmy hugs Sky Lynn tight.

Chris is shown, again. He sighs and says, "After I saw this footage, Dante was taken from this vicinity. Him being on this show had to be one of the poorest decisions I've ever made. And I've made my share of poor decisions." Chris' frown changes suddenly to a smile as he says, "Next up is Audrey II, a far lighter subject."

Audrey II is sitting in a lounge chair near some other contestants. She is eating a sandwich. She says, "This sandwich reminds me of Al."

"What now?" Sky Lynn says in a confused voice.

"I don't know," Audrey starts. "The bread is really flaky and kind of tan in color. It's kind of tall like he is, and it has some pineapple in it. That's kind of exotic, isn't it?"

Emmy looks at her own sandwich and says, "What kind of sandwich did they give you?"

Chris stares at the camera, as he is shown, again. He says, "I said it was light. I said nothing about it being intelligent or interesting." Chris says, "Finally, we come down to Willow. This girl cried more than a sad baby. How did she handle her elimination, you wonder?"

Willow steps off of the 'Boat of Loserdom'. She waves to the contestants that came to greet her. She says, "It's down to Al and Yancy." Beau pumps his fist.

Sebastian smiles and says, "I'm happy for them both."

Willow nods. She says, "They're both deserving."

Marguerite looks at Willow. She says, "You're not even the slightest bit upset?"

Willow shrugs. "I guess not too much."

"Wow," Stacy says, as she holds Logan's hand. "I was expecting this moment to be complete with waterworks."

Willow begins crying heavily. She says, "You think all I do is cry all the time?" Willow runs from the group. They look at each other with confused expressions.

Chris is shown one final time. He says, "So that was our check up on the losers program. I hope you liked it." Chris thinks for a moment. "Never mind, I just hope you watched it. Ratings are the only thing that matters. Be sure to tune in to the next episode, where a winner is decided. Who will it be? It's sure to be an exciting conclusion when all of this season's eliminated contestants come to root for who they would like to see win. Yes, I said all of them are returning. That's all next time, on Total... Drama... Tropics."

Chapter 21 - Win, Lose, or Die TryingEdit

Chris Mclean is standing on the beach in a party hat. He says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Tropics, Al won the bow tie challenge, earning him the right to take who he wanted to the final two. Al was conflicted, but ultimately chose to eliminate Willow. Now Al and Yancy are the final two contestants. Which one of them will win the whole thing? Which one will blow it? Find out now, in the exciting finale."

Yancy and Al are sitting in their bungalow. Yancy says, "Can you believe we're the final two?" Al shakes his head. Yancy states, "Yeah. I can't believe it, either. I'm really grateful to you for bringing me with you to the finals."

"So you forgive me?" Al asks with anticipation to the reply evident in his voice.

Yancy looks confused, as usual. He asks, "What do you mean?"

"I mean about some of the things I thought about you," Al says quietly.

"I don't follow," Yancy admits.

"Like," Al starts, "when I believed what Sebastian said about you, maaan. It made me kind of uncomfortable to be around you." Al looks down.

Yancy says, "I was never mad at you about that. Why would I be?"

"Because you were all sad," Al explains, "and I didn't do anything to help you. I froze under the pressure, like I always do."

Yancy looks over to Al and says, "It's okay, Al. It really is. Don't worry about that, now. We have a big day, tomorrow. I have to be prepared for when I beat that skinny behind of yours in the challenge, or whatever."

Al smirks and says, "Oh, you're going down... Thick soul patch... guy."

"Is that a taunt?" Yancy asks with confusion in his voice.

The next morning, Al and Yancy are sitting on the beach awaiting Chris' arrival. They watch as several interns assemble the cheering sections for each boy, and as they paint borders on the sand in a rectangular shape.

Chris arrives on his usual boat. The first five eliminated contestants are with him. Chris greets, "Hello there, final two." Yancy and Al look up at Chris. "Today is the day you've been looking forward to."

"Audrey II agreed to marry me?" Al asks.

Chris looks confused and says, "Ah. No. I mean, it's time for your final challenge." Chris stops looking confused and continues, "Hae Won, Isaiah, Stacy, Frederick, and Janice are here to decide who they want to support in the finals. The others will return later. Hae Won, why don't you get us started?"

Hae Won nods, and everyone follows her toward the support sections. She explains, "I obviously didn't get to know either of you. So, I flipped a coin I stole from Dante back at the resort. It landed on Yancy, so I'm supporting you, today."

Al whispers to Yancy, "You're on a coin?" Yancy shrugs.

Chris says, "Very good. Isaiah, you're next." Isaiah says nothing, as he sits in Al's support section.

Stacy explains, "Both of you guys are great. I have to support Al, though, because he was super nice to me when I was there, and he listened to me when I needed to talk to someone." She sits in Al's support section.

"I would have listened, too," Yancy admits, with his voice cracking.

"I have decided to support neither of you," Frederick explains in a superior tone. "I hope that both of you lose. I will remain standing for the entire challenge." Frederick folds his arms.

Chris shrugs and says, "If that's what you want to do, I guess I can't force you to do otherwise. What about you Janice?"

"I've decided to support Yancy," Violet explains for Janice.

Al looks down, in a disappointed manner. He says, "I thought we were best puppet pals." Janice doesn't respond. She just sits down in Yancy's cheering section.

Chris looks out at the water and says, "It looks like the other boat has arrived." The thirteen remaining contestants step off of the boat and walk up toward Chris. Dante looks at Topher with a huge smile on his face, as Topher's hands are bound behind his back in handcuffs. Topher looks ashamed, and keeps his head down. Chris looks at Topher, and looks down, as well. He then looks up and says, "Let's have our sixth contestant eliminated," Chris quickly looks at something written on his hand and says, "Logan, choose who he wants to support." Logan sits by Stacy in Al's support section and puts his arm around her. Al smiles softly.

Marguerite says, "I was undecided who I would support, no? So I just decided on Yancy." She sits in Yancy's support section.

Beau runs over to Yancy's support section and shouts, "Go, Yancy, go!" His chest looks like it has Al's name painted on it. He removes his shirt, and reveals that Yancy's name is painted on his chest in capital letters. Janice looks over and faints.

"Topher," Chris prompts. Topher nods, walks quietly to Yancy's section, and sits down without explanation. "Next is Patsy." Patsy shrugs and sits in Yancy's support section. Creigh looks over at Topher. He walks to Al's section and sits down.

Sebastian says quietly, "Al, I hope you can forgive me. Your friendship means a lot to me, so I have to support you today." He sits down in Al's section.

Al says, "I forgave you, and thanks." Sebastian lets out a sigh of relief and smiles. Dante walks over to Yancy's support section and glares at Al. Al shudders nervously.

"You're up, Renee," Chris announces. Renee walks to Yancy's support section and sits down. Sky Lynn walks to Al's section and sits down.

Emmy explains, "Both of you are good kids, but I feel I owe it to Al to support him." Al looks somewhat confused at Emmy's reasoning, but smiles as she sits in his section.

Audrey II runs over to Al and hugs him. She says, "I hope you win this, even though Yancy is infinitely more sexy." Yancy looks embarrassed.

Beau's right eyebrow raises up. He asks, "What happened since I left? I mean... Go, Yancy, go!"

"Lastly," Chris states, "it's Willow's turn to pick."

"You broke my heart, a little," Willow explains, "but I still value our friendship." Willow sits in Yancy's section. Beau looks confused, again.

Chris says, "There we have it. Nine supporters for Yancy, eight for Al." Chris smirks.

"So, how do we help who we supported?" Sky Lynn asks as she looks at the boring race track.

"Oh, you don't help them this time," Chris explains. "You are each in charge of setting up an obstacle for the opponent of the person you chose. You want to do your best in preventing them from winning." Several contestants look surprised. Frederick quickly sits down in Al's section. Chris further explains, "I'll give you guys an hour to set up an obstacle." Another boat arrives. "This next boat is full of supplies for you to set up your idea for a challenge. You'll each need to explain your challenge to the contestant, before they start. Remember that the obstacle you set up has to be doable. It has to be cleared by our unpaid... I mean, generous interns, first. I'll let you all get started." Chris puts his arms around Al and Yancy. He says, "You guys will come with me while the former contestants set up the challenges. We don't want either of you to get any sneak peeks at what they have in store for you." The eliminated players hurry and look through their options in the supply boat. Chris and the final two contestants walk with him along the beach until the others are out of sight.

One hour later, Chris, Al, and Yancy return to the sight of the final challenge. Chris brings the guys to the beginning of the course as they try to catch glimpses of each of their obstacles. Chris explains, "Now, each former contestant can only take a maximum of thirty seconds to explain their challenge. After your challenge has been completed, go directly to the finish line. The obstacle course ends with a stretch to run to the finish line. If you're both ready, we'll begin." Yancy and Al nod. Chris shouts, "Go!" Yancy and Al run to their first challenge.

Hae Won says, "My challenge requires you to get over this wall." Al looks at the wall. "You can use that rope if you want, but it isn't necessary." Al grabs on to the top of the wall, which is fairly high by shorter people's standards, and pulls himself over it. Hae Won looks on and says, "I forgot about that..."

Yancy takes a photograph of Al climbing Hae Won's obstacle and hands the camera back to Isaiah. Isaiah shrugs his approval, and Yancy moves on, even with Al. Stacy explains to Yancy, "I want you to do a classic pirouette."

"What now?" Yancy says with a confused voice.

Stacy laughs and says, "I'll demonstrate."

Al is shown on the other side of the course, removing a sword from his throat. He bows before Janice and Violet, and Violet confirms, "You can move on. Good job, Al." Al smiles, drops the sword to the side, and runs ahead.

Yancy looks on as Al finishes presenting Marguerite with a box of chocolates and flowers for her part of the challenge. Al moves on to Beau's challenge that involves strapping a rope around Al's waste and him working through a complicated maze while blindfolded. Yancy turns to Stacy and says, "I'm sorry. I have like no balance." Stacy looks down. Yancy tries another pirouette.

Stacy says, "Uh. It's good enough. You can move on."

"Thanks," Yancy says quietly. He moves on to Frederick's challenge. Frederick smiles from the sidelines, holding the triggers to several large cannons. Yancy begins sweating as he dodges the cannonballs.

Al is shown completing his challenge with Beau. He moves on to Topher. Topher looks down and says, "I don't have a challenge for you, just go ahead." Al nods and moves to Patsy. She smiles and presents Al with a trunk full of costumes.

Yancy safely makes it to Logan's section. Logan says, "Okay, I want you to help this old lady find her car keys." Chef smiles at Yancy, dressed in an old lady costume. Yancy begins digging through his purse.

Al moves on to Dante's challenge, wearing a brown pinstriped suit, an old style hat, and a fake mustache. Dante smirks and says, "I want you to eat what's on this plate, here." Dante lifts up a lid on a plate to reveal five, live, hissing cockroaches. Al shrugs and puts the first in his mouth.

Yancy hands Chef Hatchet his car keys. He moves on to Sebastian's challenge. Sebastian presents a chessboard with a knight piece on it. Sebastian says, "This is a puzzle that requires you to place this knight piece on every single square, never touching the same square twice."

Yancy looks on in disbelief. He says, "How are we gonna remember what ones I placed it on?" Sebastian points to his forehead. Yancy groans, "Photographic memory."

Sebastian assures, "This isn't a standard chessboard, though, so it's not as hard as it sounds." Yancy nods and begins trying.

Al swallows the last cockroach and shows Dante his empty mouth. Dante frowns and says, "Whatever. You can move on."

Al goes to Renee. She says quietly, "See this jungle cat?" Al looks down and nods. "I want you to pet it." Al shrugs and reaches down to pet it. He succeeds. "Amazing," Renee whispers. The cat rolls on its back. Al smiles and scratches its belly.

Sebastian says, "Good job, Yancy. You can move on to Creigh." Yancy nods and goes to Creigh.

Creigh has his arms folded, he looks to the side and says, "I decided that you didn't have to do a challenge for me. I don't care who wins. Keep going." Yancy looks at Creigh sadly, but follows his direction.

Yancy reaches Sky Lynn's obstacle. She smiles and says, "I want you to stand in this spot for one full minute." Sky Lynn explains as she points to where she meant. Yancy looks confused and nods. After a few seconds, birds of all kinds swarm and start perching themselves on Yancy.

Al stands, realizing he wasted time by petting the cat. He whispers to Renee, "Oh... You're good." He rushes to Willow's section.

Chris announces, "Al is on his final challenge!"

Yancy rushes to Emmy's section, after finishing Sky Lynn's obstacle.

Al is shown trying to complete a complicated three dimensional puzzle. "This is hard," Al laments.

Yancy completes Emmy's rock climbing challenge. He moves on to Audrey II's challenge. Audrey points to a balance beam and says, "I want you to clear this balance beam, and land on the mat on the ground." Yancy sighs, but begins attempting the obstacle. Yancy struggles with it.

Yancy says, "This is tough, but at least Al has a difficult challenge, as..."

Chris announces, "Al is done with his final challenge!"

Yancy's eyes widen. He looks at Al as he moves passed him. Yancy runs on the balance beam and leaps through the air, landing on Al's shoulders. Al says, "What are you doing, maaan?"

Yancy sighs. He says, "I'm sorry, Al. I really want to win."

Al asks, "What are you..." Yancy applies pressure to a pressure point near Al's neck. Al slumps to the ground, unconscious.

"What just happened?" Marguerite asks with wide eyes.

"Is Al gong to be alright?" Audrey II asks.

Yancy says, "He'll wake up in a few minutes. He'll be fine."

Chris says, "Yancy, you have to go back and complete the balance beam."

Yancy says, "I know," as he runs back to it. He steps back on and tries again. He falls off as he tries several times. He begins trying to cross it at a far slower pace.

Al begins to stand up. He wobbles as he stands to his feet. He falls as he tries to stand, but stands, again. Yancy says, "Sorry, Al. I have to do what I..."

Al turns around and says, "Your tie is on crooked, maaan."

Yancy looks down. He says, "It is?" He pauses and says, "My neckties were all burned, Al. You know..." Yancy loses his concentration and falls, both legs on separate sides of the balance beam. He yelps in pain, and falls to the side of the balance beam.

Al walks unsteadily toward the finish line. After a few seconds, Yancy uneasily walks back to the start of the balance beam. Dante smirks and says, "Great job, Al. I'm actually surprised you even want to win."

Al stops walking, inches from the finish line. He says, "What are you talking about?"

Dante says, "Being responsible for that much money is a really stressful situation. Having to decide what to do with it... I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. I, frankly, don't know if you can handle it."

"Don't listen to him," Emmy shouts. "He's just mad at you, because you didn't get eliminated instead of him."

Sebastian says, "He's just trying to make you lose."

Al pauses and thinks. He says, "I'm not sure. Maybe Dante is right." Dante smirks. Al sighs. He looks back and sees Yancy finally complete the balance beam. Al looks down. Yancy approaches the finish line.

Chris announces, "We have a winner! Congratulations, Al!" Dante crosses his arms and looks annoyed. Most of the others cheer.

Yancy reaches the finish line and bends over to catch his breath. He says in a high voice, "Congratulations, Al."

Al looks embarrassed. He says, "I didn't mean for you to get hurt, I just wanted you to fall." He removes the fake mustache from Patsy's challenge.

Yancy pats Al on the back and says, "It's okay. I played kind of dirty, but it wasn't anything personal."

"I know," Al says, quietly. Audrey II and Sebastian hug Al. He says, "I'd like to thank all of you. Even Dante." Dante rolls his eyes. "I learned a lot about myself, and I think I grew as a person."

Audrey II says, "I didn't think you could get any taller."

Al looks embarrassed. He says, "I meant like emotionally, and stuff."

"You really deserved to win, Al," Yancy says with a wide smile.

Beau hugs Yancy and says, "You did great, too."

Chris says, "Well, it was definitely a dramatic season. Thanks to everyone who watched, and to our cast... Most of them. Be sure to watch the next season, Total Drama Wilderness. We'll see you at the reunion."

Chapter 22 - Reunited We StandEdit

Chris Mclean smiles. He is wearing a floral print shirt and sipping out of a straw in a coconut. He laughs and says, "I love it here." The camera pans out, showing him in the tropical island setting of Total Drama Tropics. "I couldn't wait to come back, here, so the reunion is a little early. It's time again to ask the former contestants some uncomfortable question." Several groans and sighs are heard from the contestants. "Let's start with the ever so forgettable Hae Won."

"Gee, thanks," Hae Won states sarcastically.

"No problem," Chris says. "The first question is 'Do you find your name at all ironic, with the fact that you were the first eliminated?'"

Hae Won sighs, "Yes, as people constantly point it out to me."

"Has your defensive behavior ever gotten you in trouble," Chris asks, "and if so, was it worth it?"

"There have been some times that I got caught," Hae Won admits. She narrows her eyes and says, "But it was always worth it."

"Are you still friends with Emmy?" Chris asks.

Hae Won nods. She says, "Yes. We e-mail and text each other, at least."

"What are your thoughts on Dante?" Chris asks.

Hae Won answers, "He's a scuzz bag, who should be happy that he's still alive." Hae Won glares at Dante. He holds his head down.

Chris laughs. He turns to Isaiah and asks, "Hey, Isaiah. How have you coped since your elimination?"

Isaiah shrugs. He admits, "I did not take it well, but I have tried to forget about my experience."

Chris asks, "Are you and Emmy..."

Isaiah shakes his head. He says, "I could not believe what she had suspected me of doing. It really hurt my heart." Emmy looks down at the ground.

"And Dante?" Chris asks.

"Dante can rot in hell, as he deserves," Isaiah answers. Dante winces at Isaiah's harsh words.

"A viewer who wishes to remain anonymous wonders, how has your social life been since returning to Africa?" Chris asks.

Isaiah shrugs. He says, "I guess it has been alright. I do not feel as trusting as I once was."

Chris nods, and looks slightly saddened. He asks, "Several viewers wondered how your photography has been going?"

Isaiah gives a slight smile. He says, "I still find great joy in photography, especially nature."

"Well," Chris says, "that's good, at least." He turns to Stacy and asks, "Stacy. Several viewers wondered about your relationship with Logan. How has it been going?"

"Good," Stacy says while blushing.

"How do you think he has influenced you?" Chris asks.

Stacy replies, "He has made me not overlook anyone, and to look for the good in everyone." She smiles at Logan.

Chris says dryly, "How sweet. Next is Frederick." Frederick is hit in the face with a coconut.

"Who threw that?" Frederick asks while looking around.

Chris coughs. He says with a chuckle, "Do you regret auditioning for the program?"

"Yes," Frederick states quickly.

"Have you become at all more social?" Chris asks.

Frederick gives a sneer. He says, "Ew. No."

"Now on to the Brad questions," Chris says. Frederick groans. "The people want to know. What was he like before he left your family home?"

"Different," Frederick says with a sigh. "I'll be honest. He was my only friend. He didn't care that I took away his inheritance. He was really reclusive, going outside with a blanket on his head, but I found out that was all part of his scheme." Frederick sighs. "When he left, he didn't call, write, or anything. I felt like he didn't care about our relationship, since he was able to throw it away like that."

"Nad wonders if you regret how you treated Brad on Total Drama Wilderness?" Chris asks.

Frederick sighs. He says, "Yes. I just didn't realize how what I did would affect him, and that it was so personal." Frederick looks down.

"Sorry," Chris says. Frederick gives a slight smile. "I wasn't paying attention." Frederick frowns. Chris says, "Janice, have you opened up at all?"

"A little," Janice says.

Chris looks around. He asks, "Where's Violet? Did you ditch the puppet?" Janice nods. "That sounds like progress. Have you been able to find a boyfriend?"

Janice blushes and says, "Yeah."

Chris asks, "What's he like?"

"Well," Janice says while blushing, "he's here."

Chris eyes widen, "He was a contestant?"

Janice shakes her head. She says, "Let me introduce you." Janice reaches behind her seat and grabs something. She pulls up a male puppet, place on her arm. Chris' eyes widen. Janice says, "Say hello Brock."

"Hello," Brock says smoothly. Janice receives several worried stares.

"Let's move on," Chris says with a worried expression. "The next set of questions are for Logan. Logan, have people noticed you since appearing on Total Drama Tropics?"

Logan nods. He smiles and says, "A lot of people recognize me, and tell me how they related to me, or how they liked me on the show."

"Are you less shy?" Chris asks.

Logan nods. He says, "I partly felt that if I said anything, no one would notice me, anyway. I've been talking more, and Stacy really helps."

"What about your family?" Chris asks.

"Well," Logan explains, "they didn't realize that they had been ignoring me, so they've tried to make up for it. My friendship with Jamie, my brother, has improved. He always tries to include me in his plans."

Chris asks, "How about your relationship with Sebastian?"

Logan says, "We're friends. I feel bad about how I acted toward him, and he's done a lot in trying to make up for what he did. I know he wasn't bad, and that he was well-intentioned. I'm glad that I was able to forgive him."

Chris nods. He says, "Marguerite. One of our viewers wondered if you missed France."

"Oui," Marguerite answers. "But I have friends in Canada, as well. I am positive that if I moved back, I would miss Canada." Several laughs are heard.

"Have you been able to be less flirtatious?" Chris asks.

"Oui," Marguerite says with a sweet smile. "I like to think so."

Chris asks, "Our final question for you comes from Shane. He asks, do you realize how beautiful you are, both in personality in appearance?"

Marguerite blushes. She says, "Oh, what a sweet, sweet person. Thank you for zhe kind words, sweetie." Marguerite blows a kiss at the camera.

"Okay," Chris states. "Beau, how has your relationship with your girlfriend been?"

Beau blushes and says, "Goooooood."

Chris asks, "Have you still been bombarded by members of the opposite sex?"

Beau admits, "Yeah. Some girls don't know how to take no for an answer. But I've stood my ground."

"So has the show effected your girl troubles?" Chris asks.

"In a way," Beau admits. "I seem to get even more advances, but the show has really helped me to be able to ignore them."

Chris admits, "That's nice. How are you and Yancy doing? Still friends?"

"Yeah," Beau says. "Yancy and I are really close. We hang out whenever we can. We're pretty inseparable. I seriously love that kid."

Yancy's face turns red. He says, "Beau! Remember the whole... Sebastian thing?"

Beau blushes. He says, "Um... Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing. My boy, Yancy and I don't roll like that."

Chris laughs slightly. He says, "Alright, moving on to Topher." Topher is shown looking down at the ground. He is wearing a sleeveless shirt, showing his tattoos. "Hey, bud."

"Hey," Topher says quietly.

"How have people treated you after the show?" Chris asks.

"A lot of them keep their distance," Topher admits. "They're afraid I might snap. Other people try to coax me into a fight, so... It's been difficult."

Chris says, "Sorry, bud. Um, have you forgiven yourself for what happened with Dante and Creigh?"

Topher shakes his head. He says, "No. I don't know if I ever can. I let Dante get to me, and I should have controlled it. I can't blame anyone but myself."

"Have you and Creigh made up?" Chris asks.

Topher looks at an empty stool. He says, "No. I wanted to do, but I haven't tried. I feel like, if I did try to contact him, he wouldn't want to listen. I want to tell him how sorry I am." Topher looks down at the ground.

"Have you sought help, and if so how has it been going?" Chris asks.

Topher nods. "I get therapy, and I go to anger management classes. I feel like I've improved, but I try to face each situation as it comes, as opposed to declaring that I've been cured of my issues."

Chris says, "Patsy, your turn. When's your next novel coming out?"

"Soon," Patsy states. "It's about an aging reality host, that is obsessed with acting like a teenager. Everyone has a reason for wanting to kill him, after he turns up dead."

Chris looks suspiciously at Patsy. He asks, "Over the self-narration?" Patsy nods. "When did you begin writing?"

"When I was four," Patsy admits.

"Did Dante and Emmy's 'relationship' inspire a novel?" Chris asks.

"No," Patsy insists. "It really was a coincidence."

Chris says, "If you say so. Next, I'm sure everyone notices Creigh's absence." Some of the contestants look at the empty seat. Dante lets out a sigh.

Willow says, "Shouldn't he be here?" She begins crying and says, "I thought we were contractually obligated to appear here."

Chris nods. "All of you children were obligated to appear, but Creigh turned eighteen a few days ago. He's an adult, so he isn't bound by it, anymore. He opted not to return for the reunion."

"Yeah," Topher states sadly. "I was hoping to talk to him."

Chris shrugs, "Let's not dwell on it. Let's talk to Sebastian. How humiliating was your time on your show?"

"Pretty humiliating," Sebastian admits. "I'm not going to lie. But I really learned not to make assumptions about people."

"Why do you wear sunglasses all the time?" Chris asks.

Sebastian admits, "My eyes are my biggest weakness. When I play chess without the sunglasses, most people can pick up on what I'm thinking. They're a bit expressive, so I prefer to keep what I'm thinking guarded."

"Do you think you could have stopped Dante if the others believed you?" Chris asks.

"Maybe," Sebastian admits. "But I would have had to have been a more reliable source."

"Let's talk about Tsuyoshi, a little," Chris says. "How has he been?"

Sebastian smiles. He says, "He's been doing really well. I'm happy for him."

"Have you ever had to stand up for him?" Chris asks.

"Yeah," Sebastian states. "Tsuyoshi is a nice guy, but there's a lot of hate out there. He doesn't deserve what he gets faced with, but I try to comfort him or give the haters a piece of my mind, if I'm there. Tsuyoshi is very respectful, and rarely even talks about his sexuality. He also has Yi Min to go to, now, which helps when I'm not around."

"That's good," Chris says with a shrug. "Next is Dante, we got a lot of questions for you. Do you get a lot of hate from viewers?" Dante nods his head. "What about your little strategy? Do you think that worked out for you?" Dante holds his head down. Chris says, "Uh, Red wonders if you regret anything you did in the competition?" Dante remains silent. "Do you realize how horrible of a role model you were?"

"Come on," Topher insists. "Answer the questions. We all had to."

"I don't want to," Dante states.

Isaiah says, "You deserve to answer for the things you did."

"I-it wasn't me," Dante says quietly.

Frederick states, "Take responsibility for what you did."

Dante holds his head up, his eyes full of tears. He says, "That wasn't me."

"Then who was it?" Topher asks with an eye roll.

"My father," Dante says as he looks back down at the ground. He gets several confused looks. Dante explains, "I was proud of myself after the show. I started watching it, thinking how great a player I was going to seem. But after a few episodes, I saw my father... How he treated me and my mom... That's what I saw. It scared me. I never thought I'd become like him, and I just never saw it. I'm trying to change, but it can be hard, at times. I'm really sorry to everyone I hurt." Emmy looks down.

"Please," Isaiah states. "I do not buy a word of it." Dante sighs, and continues looking at the ground.

Chris says, "Huh. Well, let's move on. Renee. Some freak that insists she's a pixie asks if you still have that jungle cat?"

Renee shakes her head. "I left him here. I couldn't take him out of his natural habitat." The same jungle cat comes out of the woods and jumps on Renee's lap. She blushes.

"The viewer also wondered if she could pet him," Chris says. The jungle cat growls. "Renee, are you still shy?" Renee blushes and nods. Chris says, "Next, Sky Lynn. What do you think of your elimination?"

Sky Lynn shrugs. She says, "I didn't love it."

"Do you think it was fair for those animals to help you in the competition?" Chris asks.

"There was no rule against it," Sky Lynn reminds.

"Do you think random animals will show up to this reunion?" Chris asks. A polar bear swims to shore and shakes. It sits near Sky Lynn. Chris asks, "What's a polar bear doing on a tropical island?" He shrugs. "What about Daniel? Were you proud of how he appeared in Total Drama Wilderness?"

Sky Lynn smiles and nods. She says, "He's passionate about his beliefs. He didn't force his opinion on people, and I'm glad that he stood his ground and didn't conform his beliefs. I was proud of him. He was able to show another side of an environmentally conscious person."

Chris says, "Let's move on to Emmy. Has your relationship with Dante effected your relationships?"

Emmy admits, "I haven't dated since. I just feel that I can't trust anyone, and I'm afraid the same thing might happen." Dante lets out a sigh.

Chris asks, "How were you able to stand up to Dante?"

"It was thanks to Al," Emmy admits. "I couldn't see what was happening with Dante and I, and I made excuses for Dante. When I saw how he treated Al that night... I couldn't make an excuse for it."

Chris nods. He says, "Are you going to do any movies, anymore?"

Emmy shakes her head and says, "I don't want to act, anymore. My parents finally understand that I don't want to audition for things."

Chris says, "Okay. Let's move on to Audrey II." Audrey blushes. "How has the show affected you, emotionally? That question is from 'A fellow person with Asperger's to his biggest idol and inspiration'."

Audrey II blushes, again. She says, "That means a lot to me. I've gotten a lot of support from people effected by Asperger's Syndrome, so that's been flippin' sweet."

"Yeah, um," Chris says. "What about the question?"

"What question?" Audrey asks. "How has the show affected you, emotionally?"

"Oh," Audrey answers. "Well, it's helped me a little, with not being so self-conscious, and not feeling embarrassed all the time." Audrey blushes.

Chris asks, "How about you and Al? Still dating?"

"Well," Audrey answers, "no. We live far apart, but we're still friends. Maybe some day we'll get back together."

Chris nods. "Were you surprised by how well you did in the game?"

"Yeah," Audrey answers. She says, "Especially with Dante on my team. I thought he would target me."

Chris says, "Willow, on to you. Have you gotten less emotional since the show?"

Willow cries. She says, "Yes."

"Have you found a boyfriend?" Chris asks.

Willow says, "No. I haven't found someone. I'm still holding out for someone as good looking as Yancy or Beau." Beau blushes.

Yancy says, "I'm one of a kind, baby." Yancy laughs. "Beau, on the other hand..."

Willow looks at Beau with a confused expression. Beau explains, "Multiples run in my family. I'm an identical triplet." Willow's eyes widen. "I have two brothers that look exactly like me, and they're both single."

"Hook a sista up!" Willow says.

"Me, too!" Audrey II demands. She looks at Al and says, "Sorry, Al." Al shrugs it off.

Beau laughs and says, "I'll see what I can do."

"Yancy," Chris says, "what do you think of your loss?"

Yancy admits, "I was fine with it. The competition itself was reward enough, though winning would have been nice."

Chris says in a sing song voice, "Have a giiiirlfriend, yet?"

Yancy blushes. He says, "Not yet. I've been focusing on my schoolwork, and other things. I'll face that when I'm ready."

"Have you been more confident and comfortable with yourself?" Chris asks.

Yancy nods. "I'm not obsessed with dating, anymore, so with that a lot of my stress has gone away. I don't know about the confidence, though. I don't think I'm the best, or anything, but my nightmares come less frequently."

Chris nods and says, "That's good to hear. Did you see daddy on Total Drama Wilderness?"

Yancy laughs and says, "Yeah. I liked seeing him like that. It made me appreciate what he goes through more, and we have more in common than I thought."

Chris says, "Now, Al, the big winner, everyone wants to know how you've spent your money?"

Al smiles and stands up. He gestures toward a sarong he is wearing at his waist. He says, "I bought this sarong, maaaaan."

Chris' eyes widen. He says, "That's it?"

Al laughs and says, "I'm just playin' with you." Audrey begins to say something, and Al blushes and says, "I don't mean literally. With the money, my family was able to move back to Hawaii. We'd moved because of the economy, and my dad couldn't find a job in Hawaii. We moved back, and he found work. I'm waaaay happier there." Al smiles.

"What about your confidence?" Chris asks. "Has that improved?"

Al shrugs. He says, "I think so. I continued rowing, at school, and I try to take things one at a time. Winning Total Drama Tropics has helped me believe that I can do something without feeling too overwhelmed, ya knooow? I still question whether I really deserved it, though."

Yancy puts his hand on Al's back and says, "Don't say that, dude. You totally deserved it."

"Thanks," Al says quietly.

Chris says, "Well, that's all. We still have a week to vacation here, so you kids do what you want." The contestants scatter.

Dante remains in his seat. Topher sits on a stool next to him. Dante looks at Topher and says, "I don't want trouble. Just leave me alone until the week is over."

Topher says, "Look, Dante. I'm not here to argue. I just wanted to apologize."

"No," Dante says. "I deserved it."

Topher shakes his head. "I don't think so. Was what you said about your father true?"

Dante lets out a sigh. He says, "Yeah, my birth father. He was no good. He would get all crazy, and jealous with my mom, and hit me, or tell me how worthless I was whenever I tried to do something."

"I'm sorry," Topher says.

Dante says, "Not your fault. I didn't realize how much like him I had become, until I saw it from the outside, you know?"

"Yeah," Topher replies.

"But even then," Dante says, "I felt that I at least had an excuse for my behavior, and that I couldn't change. One night, my mom told me about this kid, Eduardo. I stopped watching Total Drama, but she told me how he had been abused as a kid, so I started watching, again." Dante sighs. He says, "Thanks to him, I came to realize that I didn't have to continue the cycle, like I thought. I started getting therapy. I still don't think I'm ready to date, yet, but I can feel it's helping."

"I'm happy for you," Topher admits.

"Thanks," Dante says. "Most people think I'm lying when I say that I'm trying to change, so I don't think I'll ever earn people's trust."

"Yeah," Topher states. "I know how that feels."

"Why are you even talking to me?" Dante asks. "I treated you like garbage."

Topher shrugs. "I know what it's like to feel alone," Topher states. "I could tell that you want to change. I've been there. I know how hard it is." Topher places his hand on Dante's shoulder. "But if you need someone to talk to, I think it would be best to go to someone who's been in a similar situation."

"You're a big man," Dante says. "Thanks." Topher nods.

Elimination ChartEdit

Hae Won OUT


This section is best read after you read the entire story.


  • TDIwriter was very helpful to me for this story. He helped me sort out ideas and to make them more suitable for the audience, and in most cases less intense where need be. I'm really grateful for his help, so a huge thanks goes out to him.
  • The main goal of this story was to give a glimpse of a realistic abusive relationship. Readers unfamiliar with those types of situations may find the behavior of Emmy, in particular, strange, but I did my best to accurately portray both main parties involved. Hopefully, this story helps the readers unfamiliar with this type of situation recognize signs if they were to ever see something similar.
  • Another goal of this story was to showcase comedy characters, and also to put them in a difficult situation that forced most of them to learn something or develop more.

Chapter 1

  • The title of chapter one, Isle Be Seeing You, is a pun on the phrase "I'll be seeing you."
  • Chris is shown dreaming about himself.
  • Logan is the first character revealed in the story, though his name is the last to be revealed. The narrative is meant to give him a central character feel.
  • Emmy's last name, Dinsdale, is based on the first recipient of the Emmy award.
  • Sebastian is portrayed as a stater of the obvious in this chapter.
  • Isaiah being referred to as a paparazzi in this chapter is an indication of the misunderstanding that led to his elimination.
  • Marguerite's completely understandable dialogue has subtitles as a reference to reality shows that give captions to people with any hint of an accent, even if they are easy to understand.
  • Creigh is referred to by Patsy as 'a handsome red haired teen, who looks like he never met a bad day in his life'. This is a direct reference to his change in character far later in the story when he was wronged by two characters, now facing 'bad days', and not handling it, well. It also refers to the fact that he had faced hard times (specifically with the loss of his leg), and came out of it, eventually.
  • Patsy makes a wordy reference to the phrase of 'a one trick pony'.
  • Emmy is not attracted to Topher, because he makes a big deal out of her being famous in this chapter, and for his resemblance to Chris.
  • Renee is based on a character named Sakaki from the anime 'Azumanga Daioh'. Many of her actions are based on her.
  • Beau says that Violet gave him his only marriage proposal. He then thinks and says 'from a puppet'. This implies that he has received marriage proposals before, though being a minor.
  • Beau catches himself flirting several times, but stops himself.
  • Audrey II announces that she has Asperger's Syndrome as a first impression. This may seem strange, but the scene was based on the way a contestant on a reality show announced that she had it.
  • Frederick's last name, Flanderbuilt, is a reference to the wealthy Vanderbilt family of the United States. The 'built' part of the name is based on Frederick's muscular frame.
  • Hae Won's statement of 'If you mess with one of my friends you better watch out, I'll give you the horns' is the reason Dante got her eliminated first, as he planned to manipulate Emmy from the moment she smiled when he said something rude. He could have let Sebastian choose her, but that may have meant that she would befriend her post-merge.
  • Sebastian purposely chooses a weak team. The thought process behind it was for him to not be the weakest. That's why he chose Willow and Al, first. He chose Marguerite because he had a crush on her early on. He chose Renee because he needed someone strong, and he personally understood her actions. He chose Yancy for being weak. He chose Beau because he could tell there was something off about him, though he didn't know the reason behind his behavior at that point. Stacy was chosen because she needed to be on a team with Logan, story wise. Sebastian chose Janice, though he didn't really want her or Patsy on his team.
  • Dante's selection process was to mostly choose strong male team mates. He chose Hae Won to ensure that she be on his team with him, and be out first. He chose Emmy next, due to his scheme. Dante refers to only three characters by their actual name when choosing them. Audrey is one, because he was disturbed by her having Asperger's, but she was a better choice to him than Patsy or Janice. Frederick is one, to show that Dante is familiar with the rich and famous. Emmy is the third. He knows Emmy's name because he planned to use her in his plan, and he is aware of the famous. I intended for it to be an indication that he keeps up on celebrity news and gossip, possibly knowing some things about Emmy that made him think he could manipulate her. He doesn't refer to Patsy by name, as he probably as little interest in reading, or authors.
  • Dante displays rude behavior throughout the chapter, though it is meant to portray him as both charming, and then conniving when you see his later behavior in the story.

Chapter 2

  • The title of the chapter, Decathlon Days Journey Into Night, is based on "Long Days Journey Into Night".
  • I didn't intend to use Isaiah's male-male hand holding misunderstanding in the story, but I failed to think of anything funny for him to do in the whole story. I find the story particularly funny when you think of him holding hands with Toby in public.
  • Dante declaring Isaiah as his friend was supposed to make it seem like Isaiah would make it a lot further into the game than he did.
  • Sebastian remembers Logan after he didn't notice him in the first chapter. He tries to make it a point to include Logan, and remind others about his existence throughout the story.
  • Chris mentions dressage as the Olympic event no one cares about. Dressage is basically trainers making horses dance to music. It is indeed an Olympic event.
  • The decathlon is supposed to humorously not remotely resemble a real decathlon. This 'decathlon' has nine events, ridiculous events, and the contestants each only did one event.
  • This challenge had to have at least one two person team event so that Dante could blame Hae Won for their team's loss.
  • Dante has trouble remembering other contestant's names, except for famous ones. This is due to lack of interest in them.
  • When asking what event would have the least amount of clothing, Sebastian suggests sumo wrestling. While this choice makes sense, swimming or diving may have more readily come to someone's mind as requiring little clothing. Willow had to do the swimming challenge for The Epic Failures, because she was established as a good swimmer on her bio and Logan had to do the diving challenge, so as people spectated, they didn't notice him, as he'd be more noticeable in some of the other events. Sumo Wrestling was the only other option for Beau's scene.
  • Because of his small stature and nerdy appearance, everyone assumes Yancy is not athletic, while he really is.
  • Dante makes a dig at Topher when seeing him in his wetsuit, saying that he was ashamed of his body. Dante's assertions are correct, but it's meant to appear to be only teasing, and not foreshadowing.
  • Dante shows closed-minded thinking when Creigh reveals that he wears a prosthetic leg, and wants to run for the running event. Dante only agreed to let Creigh run, when Logan accused him of discriminating against Creigh. Dante did not want his team to vote him out for that. From this scene on, Creigh remembers Logan.
  • The hard surface of the track was stressed, as it would be difficult for Creigh to run in the sand with a prosthesis.
  • Renee wins the racing challenge because the character she is based on is a fast runner.
  • Renee doesn't talk much, but she makes it a point to compliment Creigh's efforts. This is so he takes his loss well, after insisting he run.
  • Dante commenting on how good looking Beau is was to show that even the most masculine guy had to admit that he was attractive.
  • When Beau accidentally poses with his hand on the back of his head, it says Janice faints. She doesn't, really, as her puppet, Violet, slaps her face to get her to wake up.
  • When girls volunteer to sumo wrestle Beau, everyone looks at Stacy when she volunteers. This is because she's the only one to volunteer that is on the same team as Beau.
  • Another glimpse of Topher's crush on Emmy is when he catches the coconut Chris tosses at her.
  • Even though Dante lost the challenge, he keeps mentioning how Hae Won is weak. This is his attempt to get his team to vote her out so that the team is 'stronger'.
  • Dante saying that Hae Won didn't fit into his long term plan is reference to him not wanting her to interfere with his attempts at manipulating Emmy.

Chapter 3

  • The title of the chapter, Oh Say Can You Seashell, is based on "Oh say can you see".
  • I felt the scene of Al rocking Yancy to sleep would interfere with his storyline of having difficulty sleeping. I left it, as it was just supposed to be a comedic scene.
  • When attempting to brag about himself to Emmy, Dante just reaffirms for her of how great Isaiah is. He says Isaiah is great, and a great judge of character, trying to get Emmy to like himself, and not Isaiah.
  • Isaiah's mention of 'Abdominal and Flinch' is a reference to 'Abercrombie and Fitch'.
  • Al using the fishing net as a hammock was going to be a recurring scene, but I decided once was enough. Sebastian never was going to find out.
  • Al mentions the net maybe not being big enough. He meant for him to fit in as a hammock, as opposed to what Sebastian thought, that he was that good of a fisherman.
  • Al is viewed by the team as useful in this chapter, due to a wrong assumption by Sebastian. Sebastian usually hurts people's chances for no reason, but he helps Al stay around, while he might otherwise have been an early out.
  • Al states to Stacy that he never fell in love. He mentions having a girlfriend later in the story, but he can be assumed as not having fallen in love with her, yet, before breaking up.
  • Topher telling Emmy that he had a crush on her since childhood is a partial reason she didn't like him, as she doesn't like people fretting over her fame.
  • Topher stating that he would want Emmy to have a boyfriend that treated her well, was foreshadowing about the misconception with Isaiah, and her bad relationship with Dante.
  • Dante thought that Emmy liked him, not Isaiah.
  • Audrey taking 'seeing each other' literally is a reference to people with Asperger's tending to take wording literally.
  • When Frederick sneaks off to pick his nose, I later thought to make him a cocaine addict. I thought about it for a while, and decided to stick with the original thought, though the storyline of him not wanting that picture seen became stronger with that storyline.
  • The coconuts that were passed out were changed due to being a hand out item in Total Drama Cruise.

Chapter 4

  • The chapter title, Trivial Pursuers, is based on the board game, Trivial Pursuit.
  • Dante ironically gets everyone to leave Emmy alone, but stays with her. This is part of his plan to be alone with her.
  • Dante deceptively uses the truth by stating that there was a photo on Isaiah's camera, implying that it was the alleged one of her in the shower, when it was actually Frederick picking his nose.
  • Dante saying that some people are just no good, was basically a reference to himself.
  • Beau is shown having trouble controlling his flirtatious nature, by almost hitting on a puppet.
  • Frederick foreshadows what happens to Creigh later in the story when he says, "Being nice doesn't get you anywhere... One day you'll learn it the hard way."
  • Connie Muldoon is the name of a character from the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That. She was played by Lori Beth Denberg.
  • Connie mentioning that her daughter Taylor was named before the name got all popular was a reference to Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner.
  • Kazehaya Shota is the name of the male lead in an anime/manga series called Kimi ni Todoke.
  • Sky Lynn being mistaken for 'Snucki' is a reference to Jersey Shore's Snooki.
  • Connie's shout out to all the haters that said she wouldn't make it was based on a similar shout out made on The Price is Right.
  • For the elimination in this chapter, I had trouble remembering Logan and Renee when writing who was safe from elimination.

Chapter 5

  • The title of this chapter, The Tower of Doom, is based on Indian Jones and The Temple of Doom.
  • Beau relates how he was in the past a few times in this chapter, feeling that he hasn't changed, though he is obviously not the same person he used to be.
  • Beau saying that he has been on the other side of how Logan is feeling relates to him breaking girls' hearts in the past.
  • Yancy's apology to Beau is based on a time I apologized to someone I unintentionally hurt the feelings of. We became good friends after that.
  • The decision to have Creigh have one leg came from pondering why he would be afraid of scorpions, as listed in his fears on his profile page. This was incorporated in his story of how he lost his leg.
  • In the scene where Al hands Sebastian his clothes to hold so he could tan, the joke was going to end with Sebastian saying he was leaving before Al asked him to hold anything else, referring to his underpants. I dropped the line, as some might think he was implying something a bit more vulgar...
  • Yancy scaring off Willow was meant to appear that he was protecting Beau from another admirer to the others.
  • Sebastian noted that Beau wet himself to make Yancy feel better. He later believed that it was because they were romantically involved.
  • Beau pauses before calling Yancy a friend. This was meant to appear to Sebastian that he was carefully selecting his words so that he didn't say 'boyfriend', when it simply meant that he was getting used to his new friendship.
  • Beau mentions that he used to steal other guys' girlfriends, remorsefully. This is an indication that he wasn't always very nice.
  • Beau states in confessional that he used to be whistled at by people when he worked construction. This is meant to be a twist on the stereotype that construction workers whistle at attractive women as they walk by their site.
  • With good intention, Creigh consistently tells Topher to suppress his anger. Topher does not know how to handle that anger properly, so it continues to build up inside of him.
  • Frederick makes several attempts to sabotage himself in the game and his efforts are either ignored or mistaken for positive actions. His elimination was originally going to be because of his bad attitude, in general. Frederick was going to make it much farther into the game, possibly to the final three. I had difficulty thinking of good plots for him, though, and ended up eliminating him far earlier.
  • Upon his elimination, Frederick says that he hopes the experience only gets worse for the other contestants, signifying that it does get worse for them, in reference to Emmy and Dante's abusive relationship and Topher beating Dante in later chapters.

Chapter 6

  • The chapter title, Arts and Craftiness, is a reference to "arts and crafts".
  • Logan is not mentioned by name in this chapter. This is the first time I didn't mention a character in a chapter that was still in the competition, and that wasn't a chapter that checked up on the eliminated players. The idea came to me when TDIwriter stated that he forgot Logan, sometimes, and I thought that I did, as well. I then thought to write a chapter with him not being mentioned. It could only be in this chapter, as he dealt with the heartbreak concerning Stacy in the previous chapter, and he would be eliminated in the next chapter. Logan would have been eliminated in this chapter, but I wanted to include a chapter where he wasn't mentioned, and that could not have happened in an earlier chapter, or in his elimination chapter.
  • Dante is harsh with Emmy in this chapter, but he realizes that he was, and attempts to smooth it over.
  • Creigh defends Dante, not knowing how bad Dante actually is.
  • Yancy freezes when Al says that he would find love, some day. Al could assume that he already had, with Beau, but didn't want to mention it. The freeze was actually because he found the words hurtful, reminding him of his hard time with the ladies.
  • Audrey II dislikes metaphor, as they are thought of in a literal way, sometimes, by people with Asperger's, and difficult to comprehend or relate to, at times.
  • Audrey's utterance of "lucky" is a reference to Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Al is embarrassed when Audrey II asks if he was being literal when he said that he felt Chris. This was used later to highlight that he had a crush on her, though the decision to include the relationship was not decided on for sure at this point.
  • Dante purposely breaks the balloon that he said was supposed to be Topher in an effort to annoy Topher.
  • Audrey II wrapped her gift in pink and green as I like those two colors together, though they kind of clash.
  • Janice was originally going to make it much further into the competition, and slowly become comfortable without Violet. I was undecided from the start of the story as to whether Audrey II, Marguerite, Sky Lynn, Janice, or Patsy would make it to the final ten, but eventually decided on Audrey II and Sky Lynn.

Chapter 7

  • The chapter title, SOS, Please, Someone Help Us, is based on a lyric from Rihanna's song, SOS.
  • Not meaning to be hurtful, Logan bitterly tells Sebastian, in essence, that girls like Marguerite don't like guys like him. This was because he still felt bitter about the situation, not bitter with Sebastian for telling him that.
  • Yancy's claims that his father, Stefan, wanted to adopt an older orphan out of pity were confirmed as false. He stated in Total Drama Wilderness that he was looking to adopt a baby, but felt a connection when he met Yancy, showing that his intention was not to adopt someone just because of their similar situation.
  • Al catching Beau and Yancy sleeping in the same bed, is something that he later considers as suspicious behavior on their parts, when they are assumed as homosexual.
  • When Al tells Yancy that he wouldn't tell a "soul, maaaaan", this is a reference to the song Soul Man, made famous by The Blues Brothers.
  • Dante is shown as controlling when he tells Emmy what she can or can't do. This is done in context to his strategy, but is meant to reflect a controlling member of a bad relationship.
  • The challenge is based on a challenge done on the original season of Survivor, and also Survivor: Marquesas.
  • Dante's idea of putting leaves and such in the shape of the letters 'SOS' is superior to Creigh's idea of digging out the letters, as it would take far less labor.
  • Topher agrees with Dante's idea, showing that he is trying to be respectful toward him. He also displays this in this chapter when he invites him and Emmy to go swimming.
  • When Willow suggests Beau standing naked on the beach as a signal, Beau, Logan, Yancy, and Sebastian are listed as not raising their hands in agreement. Al is the only male that raised his hand. His reason for doing so would be not understanding what was being talked about or caring, or that he felt that would require less effort on his part.
  • In an attempt to change the subject from him being naked, Beau suggests building a tower. This ultimately failed, and was why Marguerite considered voting for him, though she doesn't state who she thought about voting out.
  • Dante states 'just another reason to vote him out if we lose', when Creigh tries to start fire for the distress signal. When he says 'another reason', it implies that the other reason is the fact that Creigh has one leg.
  • Sebastian convinces his team to vote out Logan, because of what he said about Marguerite not liking him.

Chapter 8

  • The chapter title, Defend You Sandcastle, is based on the video game Defend Your Castle.
  • Yancy states that he doesn't know what he would do without Beau there. This is meant to foreshadow that Yancy eventually must face the competition without Beau.
  • After their efforts fail, Sebastian insults Beau, Yancy, and Al with their deepest insecurities, out of anger. Beau's being his guilt about being so attractive over the female species, Yancy's being the fact that he has no experience in dating, and Al's being his inability to help others in their time of need. Sebastian either picked up on this by his observation skills, or just by coincidence. He didn't mean to hurt their feelings, but his being upset caused him to react that way. He repeatedly tells the others that he wants be left alone, probably because he realizes how he acts around others when depressed.
  • Marguerite wasn't originally going to be unsure about her feelings toward Sebastian, but this was added to give her some more plot in the chapter, and to make her elimination become a misunderstanding, as was quite common on The Epic Failures.
  • I rarely show who anyone votes for before the eliminations, but in this chapter two votes were shown to specifically show that Sebastian did not for Marguerite.
  • Creigh's desire to become a doctor was specifically for the scene where he was able to discern that Topher had track marks, and to identify that he was lying about having his appendix removed. Topher was obviously ashamed about both having done drugs, and having been involved in violence.
  • Topher gets Creigh to promise not to tell the others about his violent past. Creigh agrees to, assuming that Topher has changed completely. This later is an issue, as Creigh withholding Topher's secret leads to a violent act on Topher's part, where even Creigh gets hurt.

Chapter 9

  • The chapter title, A Run to Remember, is based on the Nicolas Sparks' book and film A Walk to Remember.
  • Yancy and Al don't pick up on the fact that Sebastian is handling everything well, after what happened with Marguerite in the previous chapter. Beau picks up on this due to his experience with dating.
  • The scene with Renee being bitten by a jungle cat is something that commonly happens to Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh, who Renee is based on. Sakaki is bitten by alley cats, however.
  • Yancy slaps Beau to keep his mind off of girls' volleyball. This may be considered a violent act, but it wasn't done spitefully, or with as much malice as what Topher later did to Dante.
  • Yancy mentions that he only packed ties, sweaters, and button up shirts. Later, when his tie and sweater are destroyed, he doesn't put on the other clothes he mentioned, or even the camouflage clothing he wore earlier. This is basically a mistake, and why all of his belongings eventually got burned in the fire.
  • Yancy's character image makes him look scrawny. He is toned, though lean. His clothes make people believe he is skinny, as opposed to muscular.
  • Chris counts to nine on his fingers, even though he only has eight fingers.
  • Any possible indication that Beau or Yancy were straight is thwarted as Sebastian, Willow, Al, and Renee reason against it.
  • Renee states that all the good guys are gay or taken. This is an indication that Beau is not gay, but taken.
  • Al's couple name for Beau and Yancy, based on combining celebrity couple's names as nicknames, is 'Beauyancy', meant to sound like buoyancy.
  • Beau or Yancy logically had the most reason to vote out one of them, though Yancy seemed like the most logical choice, for losing the challenge, but Beau was eliminated for being a bigger threat. Even though the boys were not in a romantic relationship, they still would not have voted for each other, one of the reasons they were being voted for.
  • When Dante sees that he is failing at talking Emmy out of being mad at him, he kisses her in an attempt to take her mind off of being mad at him.

Chapter 10

  • The title, Balloon Tossed, comes from the phrase/game, balloon toss.
  • Chris refers to knowing how it is to be assumed to be in a gay couple, referring to him and Chef.
  • When Willow was about to reveal why they voted for Beau, Sebastian was afraid she was going to say it was because they thought he and Yancy were a couple. Sebastian didn't want to 'out' them. She instead said that it was because they wouldn't vote for each other.
  • Al is unable to comfort Yancy, as he thinks Yancy might be attracted to him.
  • Dante calls Topher 'Tophu', in reference to tofu.
  • Topher tells Creigh that he doesn't feel like he was doing well with ignoring Dante. This is because, while he wasn't externally angry with Dante, he still felt the same on the inside.
  • Creigh basically felt that Topher bottling up his anger was the same as controlling it.
  • Renee's actions in this challenge are based on Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh during a snowball fight scene in the series.
  • Sebastian knows that Topher wanted to vote for Dante as it is fairly obvious that they don't like each other.
  • Dante says something mean to Emmy, but immediately tells her he loves her. This is simply because he wanted her help, and was trying to be manipulative.
  • Dante was going to either spit on Emmy or slap her, but TDIwriter advised me against him spitting on her. I eventually thought of him simply getting ready to hit her, and that solved my slight apprehension.
  • During the beating, Dante begins pleading with Topher not to hurt him. This is to show that Dante isn't as tough when in harm's way, and cares a lot about himself.
  • Sky Lynn, Audrey II, and Sebastian rush to help Creigh when he gets hurt. Sky Lynn and Audrey rush to help as they are friends of Creigh. Sebastian rushes to him to see if he can help in any way. These three are less paralyzed by fear than the others.
  • Topher is familiar with the rule against violence, as he found a loophole in it. This shows that he had thought about hurting Dante, but likely didn't actually plan to act on it. He snapped after Dante was about to hit Emmy, not really thinking his actions through, and simply acting on the rage that was building up inside of him.
  • To make the scene less scary, the portions involving the beating are vague and not very detailed.
  • Topher isn't meant to be portrayed as a bad person. He simply dealt with a problem the wrong way.
  • The beating scene is the main reason this story is PG-13. Dante and Emmy's abusive relationship and Beau's trouble with controlling himself toward girls were other slight reasons the story got this rating.

Chapter 11

  • The title, Key Player, isn't much of a pun. It mainly has to do with the challenge being about keys.
  • Sebastian saying that he thought Dante would be alright was meant to indicate that it wouldn't be, as he later 'finds out that he's dying', even though he really wasn't.
  • Emmy ignores Sky Lynn when she says that what happened was not her fault, but Dante's. This was meant to show that she cared more about Dante being hurt than the fact that he was about to hit her.
  • This chapter has the first of two 'Chef going on a date in his nurse's outfit' gags. The second is in Total Drama Wilderness.
  • Sebastian says that what Beau and Yancy have is special, thinking they were in love. This is meant to show that Sebastian doesn't judge homosexuals, as Tsuyoshi is meant to be his close friend. Yancy assumed he was talking about their friendship.
  • Emmy's talk with Yancy made him see the dark side of dating, that he hadn't considered. From this scene on, he's less eager to start dating.
  • Yancy states that he didn't consider singleness as the worst thing that could happen to someone, now thinking that an abusive relationship was far worse than no relationship.
  • Chef doesn't say anything when Dante starts yelling. Chef likely told him what was broken or bruised, and he assumed that Dante was upset about it. Dante was really planning to manipulate Creigh all along. He knew Creigh was there as he opened his eyes before going into the medical tent.
  • When Creigh asks Dante if he was going to be okay, Chef looks down. Chef looked down because of how badly Dante took what he told him, though Chef's actions made it look like something more serious was wrong with Dante.
  • Dante was originally going to specifically lie about having testicular cancer. Back when I had planned for Creigh to be simply naive and a little dimwitted, I was going to have him call out to Dante something to the effect of, "I hope your balls are okay, dude!" upon his elimination. That would be when the others would find out about it.
  • Audrey II says 'chappy' in reference to DJ Spenstar.
  • When Sky Lynn asks Creigh if everything is okay, he says 'why wouldn't it be?' thinking she was referring to what he thought he had discovered regarding Dante. She only meant that she wanted to know how he was, as he had hit his head.
  • The challenge is based on an old friend of mine that won a car in a promotional event by being the second or third person to draw a key, and it was the winning one.
  • Patsy's goodbye is based on a memorable scene from Casablanca.
  • When Chris says that the elimination ceremony could have been worse, he was referring to the beating that occurred in the previous chapter.

Chapter 12

  • The title, Keep Your Arm Up, is based on an Annie Lennox lyric, "Keep your head up", or the phrase in general.
  • Al talks to Sebastian because he trusts him and views him as his closest friend in the competition.
  • Sebastian utters one of my personal philosophies when he talks about listening if you don't have advice to give. I often don't have the right words to say, but listening helps just as much in some situations.
  • Dante still manipulates Emmy, but makes her feel guilty as opposed to forcefully telling her what to do and what not to do.
  • When Sky Lynn talks against Dante, Creigh makes excuses for him, because Dante lied to him about being sick.
  • Creigh loses his temper when the others keep saying how good he is with 'psychology'. This is because he blames himself for what Topher did to Dante, because he gave him the wrong advice.
  • Audrey II has trouble reading people, and is easily fooled by Dante's 'change of heart'.
  • This challenge is based on one of my favorite ones from the reality show Survivor.
  • After getting doused with the water, Sky Lynn adjusts her top. This is because she wears a tube top, and it would likely be moved around.
  • Dante manipulates Creigh into revealing that he was dying. He didn't want to reveal it himself, as hiding it made it look like he didn't want it to make the others think he was using the 'fact' to make them let him win.
  • Dante doesn't say anything in confessional about lying, as I wanted to hide that from the reader, at first, so that they could view the matter the way the rest of the cast was.

Chapter 13

  • The title, Loaf of Meat, is based on a 'loaf of bread' and 'meatloaf'.
  • It is undetermined whether or not Chris knew that Dante was lying or not. By reading his opening recap it may suggest that he did know, but worded the recap in a way as not to reveal the fact to the viewer.
  • When everyone was volunteering to let Dante win, Yancy says that he didn't think anyone felt otherwise. Sebastian and Sky Lynn looked down, signifying that they did feel otherwise, as is later revealed in the chapter.
  • This chapter marks the first time Al opens his eyes in the series (if I remember right). They are described as light brown. He opens them when he is shocked that Dante screamed/cursed at him, after Al accidentally hurt his sore spot.
  • When Dante apologizes to Al, he calls him 'pal' after a pause. This is because he forgot Al's name, because he never actually cared for him.
  • This challenge points out that Sky Lynn is not vegetarian, as she only protests the challenge out of not liking meatloaf, not out of any belief she might have.
  • Dante's meatloaf sculpture is of a male member. That's why it is pixelated, and considered too vulgar. I was originally going to have Dante say to Chris something to the effect of, "What's the matter? First time seeing one?"
  • Yancy's meatloaf bust of Beau is referred to as 'sweet' by Willow, because she still thought they were dating.
  • Renee's 'horrendous creature' sculpture that is meant to be a cat is based on Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh's poor drawing skills.
  • Dante isn't in the bottom two because Al requested to be voted out for his sake, and the others obviously didn't believe what Sebastian said about Dante.
  • Sebastian's confession on the Boat of Losers is meant to be a display of his photographic memory.
  • Dante reveals in confessional that he is lying after Sebastian reveals why he thought so. This was because the reader would no doubt have believed Sebastian this time, and there wouldn't be much reason to keep it secret, anymore. This also done to make the reader wrongly assume that Dante would make it much further as the official, ruthless villain.
  • I thought about having Dante bring Sebastian to the Boat of Loserdom, tell him that he knew what he said about him, and punch his nose, breaking it.

Chapter 14

  • The title, Where in the World is Chef Hatchet?, is based on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
  • When writing this chapter, I lost what I had wrote all the way up to Dante trying to use a scare tactic with Al, after complications with my computer. I had to rewrite it, but had trouble, as I had already put down what I needed to, so it was like the ideas had left me. I eventually remembered well enough to get the scene done, but I still don't feel that it was as well written as I originally had written.
  • Chris saying that there was a storm 'a brewin', is a reference to a literal storm, and the culmination of the situation with Dante.
  • When Emmy confronts Dante about lying, he uses an excuse of 'the others expect to be lied to'. This is to highlight the fact that he didn't feel he did anything wrong.
  • Dante attempts to manipulate Emmy into helping him by saying he needs her.
  • I thought of using Yancy as Dante's target, but Al seemed like a better choice, as his personality is more trusting and open. I also wanted to give Al a more serious subject to deal with, as he would go on to win the contest.
  • Dante is strong enough to keep Al on the ground, even with his arm in a sling. I didn't mention that detail in the scene, but it's implied that he would still be wearing the sling.
  • Dante promises to bring Al to the final two with him if he didn't reveal that he was lying. Emmy was likely listening in, and recalled that he had promised her the same thing seconds before.
  • Dante repeatedly blames Al for the cruel actions he is taking against him, something common among abusers.
  • Dante telling Emmy that Al is weak and just needed to be broken down, and so on, was meant to make her realize that he had done the same to her, through different means.
  • Emmy never tells Dante that she agrees to go along with his plan. He mistakenly feels that he has complete control over her, so he assumes so.
  • Yancy can tell something is wrong with Al, but he views it as himself not reading Al correctly when Al denies it.
  • When Willow says that Yancy needs a makeover, Renee shakes her head, meaning that she thinks he's perfect the way he is.
  • Al does a fairly cartoon-y action by shaking his head and causing his makeover to be undone.
  • Renee gets sad when the other girls laugh at Yancy, as she can tell they kind of like him, too.
  • The challenge is based on an opposite version of the challenge in Total Drama Island's Hide and be Sneaky. The contestants have to find Chef Hatchet, as opposed to the other way around.
  • Emmy initially questions Dante in the challenge, but then realizes that he would lose the challenge because of his decision, forgetting that Chris had given them a clue to Chef Hatchet's whereabouts.
  • Chris quickly throws Al his plantain to avoid the loophole that made Dante stay the first time, and to get rid of him once and for all.
  • I meant to have Dante tell Emmy not to tell anyone about his threat after his elimination, but I forgot.

Chapter 15

  • The title, Sheep Trick, is based on the band Cheap Trick.
  • After forgetting to have Dante threaten Emmy if she told anyone about his threat, I had Emmy state in confessional that she was afraid of what he might do to them if she told in this chapter.
  • The necktie Yancy lost was meant to have cost between thirty and forty dollars, as neckties can get that expensive, or even more expensive than that.
  • The line that mentions that one sheep cheers while the others follow its lead is meant to be a reference to sheep being followers.

Chapter 16

  • The title, Swim For Your Supper, comes from the song Sing For Your Supper.
  • Yancy is fairly innocent. He views a hand on his knee as first base, and he gulps when asking if Al kissed his former girlfriend.
  • Dante calling Al worthless hurt him pretty heavily, as he mentions the word in this chapter despite Dante calling him that two chapters prior. I meant for it to subtly hint that Al already viewed himself as worthless, and hearing Dante call him that made him feel worse.
  • When Yancy mentions to Al that he was a good friend to him, Al doesn't believe him, as he feels guilty about being nervous around him when he thought he was homosexual.
  • Al whips off his pants and reveals his swimsuit underneath. I was going to wait to use this joke with Brad, but decided to use it in this story.
  • Al being a fast swimmer surprised everyone since he is usually slow and relaxed. He explains that he was a good swimmer, since he lived on an island and swam often.
  • Willow got distracted, and may have wont the challenge if she started swimming at the same time as the others.

Chapter 17

  • The title, Anticipating to Exhale, is based on the film Waiting to Exhale.
  • Chris describes Willow as the odds on favorite to win the previous challenge, and hands the camera man twenty dollars, signifying that he had bet on her to win.
  • With Al's actions with Audrey II are meant to show that he realizes that she doesn't like him as much as he likes her.
  • Al is wearing a bright yellow Speedo, as opposed to the orange one he wore in the previous chapter. His clothes were destroyed in the fire, so it made no sense for him to have another colored Speedo, other than the one he already had been wearing. I meant to explain that he had the second Speedo in his pocket, but I never did explain it in story.
  • Al is confused when Emmy calls Audrey II Audrey, though he calls her Audrey from time to time.
  • Al wanted Audrey II to win the challenge, but she lost soon after he quit.
  • This chapter contained the infamous raunchy Yancy joke, but it was taken out after some readers complained about the joke. The joke involved a body part of his that was out of proportion to the rest of his body.
  • Emmy says that her volunteering to go home would make their decision easier. She was referring to the fact that the Epic Failures were obviously going to vote together, being in the majority, so she knew it would be between her or Audrey II.

Chapter 18

  • The title, Tropical Wrestling Entertainment, is based on World Wrestling Entertainment. It was also meant to have the same initials of Total Wikia Elementary.
  • Audrey II's palms are sweaty when holding Yancy's hand. This is in reference to when Al held Audrey II's hand, and his palms were sweating. This had to do with their being nervous around the one they were attracted to.
  • Yancy's poor kissing abilities were in reference to a similar bad kisser in 6teen.
  • Yancy needing to apply medication to his rashes, located at his underarms, is in reference to someone I know with a similar condition.
  • The methods that Yancy used in trying to get Audrey II to be grossed out by him were true and false. The nose fetish was false, while him never kissing a girl, and his rashes were true.
  • Yancy's actions were in reference to him overcoming his desperation with girls, and his actions are reminiscent to what Beau selflessly did for him, earlier in the competition.
  • Audrey II stating that the key challenge was awful was in reference to sarcastic reader reaction to that challenge.

Chapter 19

  • The title, Take a Bow, is a reference to the Rhianna song of the same name. The chapter title is a reference to a bow that you tie, as opposed to the action of bowing, however.
  • Yancy was originally going to have simply stated that he had kissed his dad, and not mentioning that it was on the cheek. I ran that by someone on Chatango, and they thought stating 'on the cheek' would be important. I can't remember who it was that helped me, however, but thanks!
  • I believe it was the same user, but they suggested that I simply had Willow kiss Yancy. Originally she was going to tackle him to the ground, also. They felt that that was more suggestive, when I didn't intend it to be.
  • When Yancy kept stating that Willow was a professional at dating, she was going to protest, saying that she really hadn't dated very much.
  • Willow was originally going to stop crying, and then start again, in this chapter. Al was going to think she was trying to manipulate sympathy, so he would vote her out for that reason. I decided that I didn't want Willow to appear that way, and I also didn't want Al to make an assumption like that.
  • Willow cries when Al wins invincibility, because she knows Al is going to eliminate her, due to his friendship with Yancy.
  • The challenge was simply for Chris to get someone to tie his bow tie for him for an event he had to go to.
  • Chris leaving while Yancy is talking is a reference to people doing the same thing to the author.

Chapter 20

  • The title, Whatever Happened to That One Person?, is a reference to the film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
  • Dante shows his true cowardice, again, when he is the one mistreated, after Hae Won messes with him.
  • Hae Won's scene in this chapter was to show her defensive side, as she never had a chance to while in the competition.
  • Beau refers to his appearance as his 'powers'.
  • Chris' conversation with Topher features some points that I meant to bring out when he brought him to the authorities, but forgot.
  • Patsy's character 'Immy', is named after singer Imogen Heap's nickname. It is also supposed to sound like Emmy, implying that the character is based on her.
  • In Patsy's story, Monte is meant to represent Dante, Gopher is based on Topher, and Shmee is based on Creigh.
  • Creigh is angered by Sebastian claiming that Dante lied to him, and punches him. This is to replace the scene where Dante was going to punch Sebastian when he (Sebastian) got eliminated. The reason being to show how heavy Sebastian's claim was.
  • Renee's scene with the jungle cat that finally likes her has to do with Sakaki, again. Toward the end of Azumanga Daioh, she gets a pet jungle cat, that actually likes her.
  • Dante states that Creigh would eventually find out. He was referring to when Creigh said that there aren't any good, honest people, anymore.
  • In the scene where Dante attacks Emmy, he was originally going to pull a knife on her. During the struggle, she was to have gotten the knife from him, and stab him. He wasn't going to have died, but it would have been a serious wound. The scene was meant to show that Emmy wasn't weak or scared of him, anymore, but it felt too dark, and was left out.
  • Personally, I felt that it made little sense for Dante to be brought to the Playa des Losers resort after some of the things that he did, but it was important for him to be there for some scenes.
  • Audrey II's scene was meant to be a lot lighter than some of the previous scenes, in an attempt to balance out the seriousness of the chapter.

Chapter 21

  • The title, Win, Lose, or Die Trying, is based on Win, Lose, or Draw.
  • Chris states that the contestants can only use thirty seconds to explain their challenge. This is to prevent anyone from stalling a contestant.
  • Stacy's challenge, Yancy doing a ballet move, was meant to establish that Yancy isn't good at balancing.
  • Yancy's action of making Al unconscious was meant to make it look like he would win.
  • Al was originally going to steal Yancy's underpants as he passed him, after regaining control of one of his arms, and convince Yancy to let him win, as opposed to having his winning photo of him with no pants on. This seemed a little disturbing, and a little out of character for Al.
  • Dante manipulating Al was, again, meant to make it look like Yancy would win. It also was meant to show that Al could think for himself, and wouldn't have a breakdown.

Chapter 22

  • The title, Reunited We Stand, is based on the expression, 'united we stand'.
  • A lot of users felt that Hae Won would win due to her name having 'won' in it. Some thought it sounded like 'one' as well, so they founded it ironic that she was the first one out, either way.
  • The contestants are understandably bitter toward Dante, though most of them never consider that he had changed.
  • This chapter debuted soon after some of the contestants made an appearance in Total Drama Wilderness. That's why Frederick faced questions regarding what he had done to his adoptive brother, Brad.
  • Even though Jamie is Logan's cousin, and adoptive brother, he refers to him as his brother to show their closeness.
  • Some laugh when Marguerite says she would miss Canada if she moved. This was to show their opinion on Canada.
  • Marguerite states that she thinks she has become less flirtatious, but then flirts with a viewer who sent her a question.
  • Beau's response to how his girlfriend is, "Goooooood", is a reference to Zobe's common response to how he is doing.
  • Creigh's absence is due to me not wanting to reveal that he was in a wheelchair, and to highlight his bitterness.
  • Creigh got out of appearing due to his being eighteen, and no longer a minor under that contract. Other characters that may have turned eighteen didn't have a reason to not want to appear.
  • Dante is hurt by the bitterness felt toward him, as he feels ashamed. Most of the others feel like he's faking, even after revealing his realization. Topher believes him, despite being his enemy, because he had gone through something similar.
  • I felt kind of bad for Dante, myself, as I knew I wanted him to turn around, but it had to wait for the reunion, as he was to have seen himself on TV before changing. When readers declared him a heartless villain with not much else to him, I knew what was in store, but had to keep that to myself.
  • The polar bear coming to the tropical island for Sky Lynn was a reference to Lost.
  • I had originally planned for Beau's identical brothers to be in the audience for the reunion, but left it out once I decided to just have the cast present.
  • Part of the reason that Dante relates to Eduardo, aside from their abusive fathers, is that they are both Hispanic.
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