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Total Drama Wilderness is the fourth story in Sprinklemist's main canon. It will have twenty new contestants, all eighteen years of age or older, competing for the prize money. The contestants are going back to the camping environment, and will compete in fairly strange challenges. Will they survive the elements, the competition, and each other? Well... at least the winner will.




Chris Mclean























Chapter 1 - Another Day, Another SeasonEdit

Chris Mclean is sitting in a dentist's chair with a peculiar looking device in his mouth. He smiles, and a bright flash of light surrounds his teeth. The middle aged dentist removes the device from Chris' mouth, revealing his even brighter smile. Chris walks out of the office and it is shown to be a tent. He says, "I never leave home without my teeth whitening kit." Chris coughs in an attempt to change the subject. "Welcome to the brand new season of Total Drama. It's bound to be exciting. I've decided to bring the contestants back to a camp setting. I mean, it worked the first time, right? They will compete in challenges, vote someone out, and one will be the winner. The usual." Chris walks over to the dock. He says, "We'll welcome the contestants the same way as our first season. Nostalgia is huge, right now." Chris looks up to see a boat arriving. He smiles and says, "It looks like our first contestant is here."

A short young woman with hair over one of her eyes steps off of the boat. She looks around, drops her bag, and says, "This place is so wicked awesome, I'm, like, totally uber-excited that you invited me to be..." Chris looks at the girl with a raised eyebrow. She says in a cool, calm manner, "I mean, this place is alright."

Chris smiles and says, "That's the girl I cast. Welcome to the show, Yesenia."

"Likewise," Yesenia says in a nonchalant manner. Chris looks at her with a confused look. The next boat arrives.

Chris announces as the muscular man in blue shorts steps off of the boat, "Yesenia, I'd like you to meet..."

"Wooooooo, yeah!" the young man exclaims. "This place is awesomer than I was expecting!" He throws his bags on the ground and looks at Chris. He says, "Chris, my man!" He walks over to him and shakes his hand. "I'm, like, totally uber-excited that you invited me to be..."

"That's what she said," Chris says, looking at Yesenia.

"I don't get how that joke applies, but okay," the newly arrived young man says with a laugh.

Chris looks at him for a second and then at Yesenia. He says, "Yesenia, this is Nolan."

"I love that name," Yesenia says excitedly. "I mean, cool name."

"Thanks," Nolan says with a smile. "Your name is wicked cool, too." The young people smile at each other.

Chris chuckles. He looks up and sees the next boat arriving. He says, "I'd like the two of you to meet Joanna."

A somewhat young looking woman steps off of the boat. She looks fairly tough, like she had been through a lot. Nolan smiles wide and says, "Welcome to the show!"

Joanna mumbles in a hard, gruff voice, "A nice looking guy like you once smiled at me. The next thing I knew, we were getting married, and then came... the babies. Lots and lots of babies."

"Uh," Nolan says, uncomfortably.

"Oh, sure," Joanna states, "they're cute little things, at first. But just when you think they're at their cutest, they start pooping, throwing up, and crying. That's when reality sets in. You're young, kid," Joanna addresses Nolan. "You got the whole world in front of you. Don't make the same mistakes that I did."

"Uh," Nolan lets out, "okay?"

"Say it like you mean it, boy," Joanna urges.

"Okay," Nolan says firmly. "But I wasn't really paying attention to what you were talking about."

Joanna insists, "Promise me!"

Nolan shouts, "I promise I won't do whatever it is you're telling me not to do!" Nolan cries into his hands.

Joana pats him on the back and says, "Let it out. You're soft, kid. You don't have the backbone to be a mom."

Nolan looks up from his hands and says, "Wait, what?"

Chris looks out at the water and says, "Moving on. Our next contestant is Wade."

A heavily tattooed, pierced, and eerie looking young man steps off of the boat. He drags his suitcase toward the others. He says, "Hey, guys. My name is Wade. It's nice to meet all of you."

He extends his hand toward Yesenia. She exclaims, "Eep!" Wade furrows his brow. Yesenia explains, "'Eep' is slang for 'nice tats, bro'."

Wade chuckles and says, "Sure it is." Wade gives Chris a complicated handshake and hug combination. He says, "It's nice to be here, bro."

The next boat arrives and a young Indian woman steps off of the boat. She attempts to pull her large suitcase off of the boat. Chris introduces, "This is Shaila, everyone." She waves at them from where she is standing, still trying to pull her luggage off of the boat.

Wade rushes over and says, "Let me help."

Shaila says, "No, no. I can handle it." She tugs at the handle of the suitcase and it suddenly shifts. It knocks her and Wade to the ground.

Nolan rushes over and says, "Let me help you guys up." He puts his hand out. Wade takes his hand and stands.

Shaila insists, "I'm alright." She stands up and dusts herself off. Nolan looks at his extended hand, and puts it down. Shaila smiles and says, with a slight Indian accent, "It's nice to meet everyone."

Another boat arrives, soon after Shaila's transport left. A tall man steps off of the boat, wearing a brown jacket. Chris puts his arm around him as he approaches, and says, "This is Stefan."

Stefan waves at the contestants, looks down at the dock, and says, "Hey."

Nolan nudges Wade and asks, "Is he talking to us?" Wade nods.

Everyone awkwardly stares at Stefan as he continues standing next to Chris. Chris looks at the next arriving boat and says, "Why don't you move on over by the others?" Stefan nods and walks over to the group, standing a few feet from them. Chris smiles and says, "This is Lea."

The young woman bounds off of the boat that brought her to the others. She throws a duffel bag toward them and does a few spins. She stops and bows. The others applaud politely. She says, "Thank you! I am Lea." Lea leaps over, next to Stefan. He stares at her with his cheeks slightly pink. She looks up at him and says, "You're kind of cute."

Stefan's cheeks turn a little more red. He says, "Thanks, I think you're..." He pauses to choose his words more carefully.

Joanna suddenly appears next to them and says in her gruff voice, "I can sense love blossoming." Stefan's cheeks turn a darker shade of red. "I know how it is. First, you both smile at each other. Then you compliment each other. You know what comes next?" Stefan shakes his head. "I'll tell you what happens. Babies! Lots and lots of babies." Lea blushes, while Stefan's cheeks become a deep shade of maroon.

Chris laughs. He says, "On that note, here's Wayne."

A handsome, young man stumbles off the boat. He laughs at himself and looks up at the others. He smiles and says, "Hey, everybody. Who'sh ready to party?"

Lea's eyes widen. She says, "That's internet mogul, Wayne Anderson."

Wayne staggers over to Chris and puts his arm around him. He rests his head against Chris' shoulder and says, "Hi, Chrissy. Can I call you Chrissy?"

"No, you can't," Chris says.

"Ha ha ha!" Wayne laughs. "You're good."

"Uh," Chris says uncomfortably. "Have you been drinking?"

"Shhhhhhhhh," Wayne as he presses an index finger against Chris' lips. "It's okay, man. I just had a little." Wayne gestures with his fingers slightly apart from each other. Wayne's voice gets quieter as he says, "Just a little."

Chris says in an irritated tone, "You said you wanted to stop."

"Shhhhhhhhh," Wayne says, as he places his index finger forcefully against Chris' lips. "I can quit, anytime. Anytime, place, day, where..." Wayne abruptly shifts his head down. He opens his hand and rubs Chris' face. He looks up and says, "Who are you?" Wayne thinks for a moment and says, "Oh, right. Chrissy."

Chris sighs and says, "Our next contestant has arrived. I'd like you all to welcome Hedda." A girl with incredibly large hair steps off of the boat with a couple of small bags.

Wayne says to the others, "You guys gotta listen to my friend, here. He's smart." Wayne points to Chris' chest. "He's a smart man." Wayne pokes Chris in the chest. He looks down at Chris chest and becomes fixated on it as he continually pokes it.

Hedda looks over at Wayne as she walks toward the others. "Who's the fruitcake?" She squints as she looks at Wayne. Her eyes widen. She takes a small notepad and pen out of her pocket and begins to write fervently.

"What are you writing there?" Wade asks.

"About the fact that a big time celebrity is among us," Hedda says, excitedly.

Chris smiles and says, "Why, thank..."

"Wayne Anderson," Hedda starts, "I can't believe it. I was so right to come here."

Chris frowns. He says, "You know, you could write about me, too, if you want. I don't mind."

"No, that's okay," Hedda assures.

Wayne grabs hold of Chris' left pectoral muscle. He says, "Dude? Do you have pictorial implants?" The others laugh.

Chris' face turns bright red. He shouts, "No, I don't!"

Hedda says, "Now that's a headline. Aging reality host plastic surgery secrets are huge story items. Have you had any other work done, Chris?"

Chris looks annoyed. He states in an irritated, mocking tone, "No, I haven't had any other work done." Hedda writes fervently on her notepad. Chris looks at her for a second and says, "I haven't had any work done!" removing the word 'other' from his previous statement.

Wayne asks, "Are you sure? Because I know what silicone feels like, dude."

Chris commands, "Wayne. You stand over there, by the others." Chris points to the group. Wayne walks over, sadly. The others stare at him uncomfortably. "Next up is Reeve," Chris announces.

An incredibly tough looking, young man leaps off of the boat, landing hard on the dock with his feet. He avoids eye contact with the others. Nolan looks at his tattooed arm, gives two thumbs up, and says, "Eep!" Reeve looks at him with an annoyed expression. Yesenia slaps her forehead.

Reeve walks over to the others and states, "For the record, I don't accept any crap from no one. You hear me?" Wayne begins to chuckle. He now starts to laugh uncontrollably. Reeve looks at him and looks mad. He says, "Is something funny, pretty boy?"

Wayne wipes a tear from his eye and says, "You remind me of my stepmother."

Reeve pounds his fist in the palm of his other hand. He threatens, "You're about to become a lot less pretty, pretty boy."

Chris says, "As much as that would be awesome in this particular circumstance, no violence, Reeve."

"You're no fun," Reeve says with a heavy sigh. He stands near the others.

Chris looks over at the newly arrived boat. A lean, young woman with long brown hair, that she plays with with her hands, steps off. Before grabbing her luggage, she eyes up the contestants that already arrived. She stops at seeing Wayne. She orders, "Chris, take my things." She rushes over to Wayne, as Chris begrudgingly does as she asked. She puts her arm around Wayne's neck and says, "I'm Tamira. I'm a big fan of yours, Wayne."

Wayne smiles and says, "Thank you, little miss."

Tamira smells his breath and gags a little. She quickly smiles and says, "I would love to get to know you better, you sexy man, you."

Wayne looks slightly dizzy. He says, "You're really hot, and..." Wayne stops talking for a moment.

Tamira smiles and says, "And?" Wayne vomits on her blouse. Tamira's eyes widen. She exclaims, "Ew!"

Joanna squints her eyes and says, "You think that's bad? Try six toddlers with the flu and diarrhea all at once. It isn't pretty. I've seen things that no person should see. The horror stories are endless, but I don't want to sear your minds, though the sad reality that you may face..." Joanna's voice trails off.

Tamira looks at the vomit stain on Joanna's sweatshirt. "Is everyone here completely disgusting?" Tamira asks in an annoyed voice. She turns to Wayne, smiles sweetly, and says, "I wasn't referring to you, of course."

Chris announces as the next person arrives, "This is Toby, everybody."

"What's up?" Toby says, as he lifts his pants in order to step off of the boat.

"Apparently not your pants," a voice says dryly. The others laugh.

Toby says, "Whatevah, senorita. I've heard it all before, but I gotta be true to me, know what I'm sayin'?"

The young woman states, "Barely. Try enunciating more." The others laugh.

Yesenia nudges Nolan and asks, "What does 'enunciating' mean?"

Nolan shrugs and says, "I don't know, but it's a funny word." Nolan repeats, "Enunciating." He chuckles.

Chris stares at the young woman standing next to Toby. He asks, "Francesca? When did you arrive?"

"After that guy," Francesca informs, as she points at Wayne. "He was causing such a spectacle that I didn't want to interrupt."

"Okay," Chris acknowledges. "You and Toby can stand by the others." The next person arrives. Chris says, "This is Eduardo."

He steps off the boat, breaking a plank on the dock. "Oops," he says quietly in a slight Spanish accent.

Nolan looks at Eduardo with wide eyes. He says, "Dude, do you work out?" Eduardo nods slightly.

Eduardo walks over to Chris and extends his hand. He shakes Chris' hand and says, "Thank you for letting me on the show, sir."

Chris falls to his knees, with his face red. Chris pleads, "Let go. Let go."

Eduardo quickly lets go. He looks embarrassed and says, "I'm so sorry, sir. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Chris wheezes and points to the others, "Go stand over there." Eduardo nods and throws his bag, hitting Toby and knocking him to the ground.

Francesca states dryly, "There. Now you match your pants." The others laugh. Francesca asks, "What's so funny?"

Eduardo apologizes, "Sorry." He lifts Toby by the waist and gently sets him down on the dock. Wayne stares at Eduardo's loose fitting shirt.

"Looks like our next contestant is here," Chris says as the next boat drops off a cheerful looking woman in a red plaid dress.

She says, "Hey, all. I'm Celia." Stefan looks up at her and his face turns red, again. She walks by the others, points to Joanna's sweatshirt, and says, "You're a mom, too, huh?"

Joanna nods and says, "I've seen some pretty horrible things in my time..."

Celia asks, "Are you sure you aren't a war veteran or something?" She looks at Joanna for a moment and asks, "Single, too? No ring."

Joanna looks down at her hands and says, "I guess one of the kids must have swallowed it, again." Joanna shrugs it off.

Celia says, "Alright, then." She looks at Tamira's stained top and asks, "You're a mom, too, huh?"

"Um, stretch marks, ew," Tamira replies. "Plus, I only have room for one baby in my life." She twirls her finger on Wayne's arm.

Wayne moves away from her and stealthily stands behind Eduardo. He puts his hands up, as if to embrace him from behind, and puts his hands underneath his shirt, feeling his pecs. Eduardo's face turns a dark shade of red. He says, "Chris. What's this man doing?"

Chris looks over and says, "I don't know. Wayne, hands off!"

Wayne pulls his hands away and holds them up. He says, "Okay, okay. No need to tell me what to do. I'm grown." Wayne pauses for a moment. "Oh, and Chrissy?" Chris looks at him, as he points a thumb at Eduardo. "His are real."

Chris face turns bright red. Hedda quickly writes something on her notepad. Chris states, "Oh, goody. The next one is here."

Everyone looks up at the incredibly tall, blond, young man that steps off of the boat. "Dios mio," Eduardo mutters.

Chris says, "This is Anders."

"Ja," Anders says in a thick Swedish accent, "I am Anders." He pauses to think for a moment. "I like... to rub my thighs with pancake batter." The others, except for Francesca, burst out laughing. Anders smiles and says something in Swedish to himself. The caption reads, "My friend was right, that phrase is good for an introduction."

"Welcome to the show, Anders," Chris says with a chuckle.

Anders thinks for a moment and says, "Uh. You are very sexy man beast?" The others laugh, except for Francesca. Anders smiles.

"I like him," Nolan says with a smile.

"I don't get what's so funny," Francesca states.

"Really?" Nolan asks in disbelief.

Anders says, "Uh. You all will love my tongue." The others laugh, except for Francesca. Anders smiles.

Chris wipes a tear from his eye and says, "I wish this would never end, but here's Holly."

"Hi, everyone," Holly says sweetly. "It's nice to meet all of you." Stefan looks at her, and blushes.

"Finally," Francesca states. "Another sane person."

"That's so nice," Holly says sweetly.

"It is?" Toby asks, sounding hurt.

Holly looks at him. She says, "Um. I like your boxers."

Toby looks proud and says, "She digs me." Stefan glares at Toby.

"Ahem!" someone shouts loudly. Everyone looks at the newly arrived person with their jaws slightly open. An incredibly good looking, incredibly shirtless, young man stands before them with five large suitcases around him. He says, "Hi all. It's me, Brad™."

Tamira removes her hand from around Wayne and says, "I'm a huge follower of your money... I mean... career?"

"Me, too!" Nolan says excitedly.

"Not surprising," Brad says confidently. "I'm only the hottest guy, ever." Brad poses and purses his lips.

Wayne squints at Brad. He says, "Whoa, dude... Your heart is on the outside. You should get that adjusted."

Brad frowns, places a hand on his forehead, and says, "Wow. This is my trademark birthmark. I've had it since birth."

"Could that be why they call it a birthmark?" Francesca says dryly.

Brad rolls his eyes. He says, "I was just explaining it for that dumb guy, over there." Brad takes a closer look at Wayne. He looks taken aback. He looks at Chris with a worried expression and says, "You told me, Brad™, that I, Brad™, would be the most famous person here."

Chris shrugs and says, "How does one measure fame?"

"Whatever," Brad says, looking at his fingernails. "By the time this show is over, I'll be the most famous person in the country, no, the world!" Hedda writes something down on her notepad.

Chris looks at Brad with a worried expression. He says, "Dude, our ratings are high, but not that high." The next boat arrives. Chris says, "This is Kristy."

"No one cares," Brad assures.

Kristy says, "Um, ouch. Anyway, I'm really glad to meet all of you. I am so excited to start the game. I love this kind of thing, and I want to prove that a leader doesn't have to be controlling, nasty, and etcetera."

"Good luck with that," Chris says.

"Thanks," Kristy says with a smile.

Chris explains, "Um, that was sarcasm."

"Um, ouch," Kristy says.

Shaila says, "Don't listen to that bitter man, he's like that with everyone."

Kristy smiles and says, "Thanks."

Chris looks up and smiles, "Finally, our last contestant." A tall Native Canadian young man looks at the others with his arms folded, standing on the boat. Chris introduces, "I would like you to meet Daniel."

Daniel begins to set foot off of the boat. He hesitates, looking down at the dock. He says, "You monsters! How can you destroy our leaved nurturers for something to stand on?"

"Uh," Chris says with confusion, "It keeps us dry."

"White man," Daniel says with a sigh. "Always thinking of themselves." Daniel brings his foot back to the boat. He leaps off and swims to shore, fully clothed.

Holly calls, "Didn't you bring any luggage?"

Daniel asks from shore, "Why? Nature has provided me everything I need. The media are the ones who tell us that we need unnecessary things to survive, when we just need food, shelter, and some clothing." Daniel sighs and says, "Materialism is what's so wrong with society, today."

Reeve asks, "Seriously. What's wrong with that guy?"

"You seem to have someone like him on almost every season," Kristy states.

"Ah," Chris says. "It's no coincidence."

"What do you mean?" Eduardo asks.

Chris smirks and says, "Daniel is Sky Lynn's brother." Daniel nods.

The other contestants look surprised. "You mean, I'm not the only one with a relation to a former contestant?" Shaila asks.

"Why? Who are you related to?" Lea asks.

Shaila looks somewhat embarrassed. She says, "Levi, who appeared three seasons ago, is my husband." The others, except for Anders, gasp.

Brad looks uneasy. He says to Chris, "You mean, all of us are related to another contestant from the series?"

Chris nods and smiles. He says, "Yup, from the last three seasons. I thought it would be fun for the viewers to get to know the people in our former contestant's lives. I'll announce who everyone is related to..." The contestants begin looking at each other.

Brad interrupts, "Chris, I've kept my family secret from the public since beginning my career." Brad looks down. "I don't know if I want everyone to know."

Chris says, "Well, you can leave now, and be less famous, or you can stick it out." Brad nods. "Anyway," Chris says, "as I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted. I'll announce who our contestants are related to... Next time on Total... Drama... Wilderness!"

Chapter 2 - Trick or TreeEdit

Chris Mclean appears on camera, still on the dock, and says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Wilderness..."

"We were just here when it happened," Francesca states dryly. "We all came here, landed on the dock, except for that Daniel guy..." Daniel waves from shore. "And then you revealed that we were all related to former contestants."

Wayne chimes in, "You forgot the part about his man chest implants."

"Oh, right," Francesca recollects.

Chris looks sad and says, "I love doing the recaps." He sighs and says, "What do we do now?"

"Um," Reeve says with his rough voice. "How about telling us who everyone is related to? Did you ever think of that, shrimpy?"

Chris smiles and says, "Oh, yeah. I can't wait to see the looks on some of your faces." Chris leads the young people to land. "Daniel is Sky Lynn's brother, and Shaila is Levi's wife."

Hedda says, with pen in hand, "We know those ones already. Get to the juicy ones!"

Anders adds excitedly, "My schoolteacher is a juicy one!" The others laugh.

Chris says, "Okay, okay. But let's start with someone boring." Chris looks around. He says, "Yesenia."

Yesenia shouts, "Hey!" The others look at her. She says, "Not like I care being called boring, or anything."

Chris clears his throat and says, "Yesenia is Val's adoptive sister."

Yesenia nods. She says, "Val's pretty cool, I ain't gonna lie. I was adopted into her family, and they gave me a good home." Brad looks over at Yesenia with a slight smile. He catches himself and frowns.

Chris looks around and smiles. He explains, "Anders here is Katrina and Sabrina's cousin."

Anders nods rapidly, and says, "Cousin Katrina och Sabrina." He looks around and says, "Är de här?" The caption reads, "Cousin Katrina and Sabrina. Are they here?"

Nolan frowns and says, "That guy is funnier in English." The others nod.

Chris sets his sights on Nolan. He says, "Nolan."

"Present," Nolan says.

"Let's move on to you," Chris explains. "Nolan, here, is the brother of Melinda."

"You mean that creepy goth chick?" Brad asks.

Nolan insists, "She's not creepy."

Chris says, "Next is Tamira. Would you like to tell the others who your cousin is?"

Tamira twirls her hair with her finger, and has her other hand on Wayne's shoulder. She says, "I don't really care."

Chris shrugs and reveals, "Tamira is related to Lisa.

"Lisa," Celia repeats. "Wasn't that the girl who wanted to be treated equal to the boys at her school?"

Tamira rolls her eyes and says, "Yeah. So what?"

Celia explains, "Don't you find it a little ironic that she wants to be treated equal, and you're setting women back a couple hundred years?"

Tamira says, "Please. I believe that a woman deserves to, like, be treated way better than a man."

Chris looks for his next victim. "Eduardo. Care to share who you're related to?"

Eduardo shrugs. He says, "Kendall is my stepbrother."

The others look at him with wide eyes. Wade says, "You're the one that Kendall was always talking about?" Eduardo looks slightly ashamed. He nods slightly.

"Let's move on to Hedda," Chris suggests.

Hedda nods and says, "My cousin is..."

Wayne begins laughing. He says, "Her name is Hedda?"

Chris says, "Yeah, so?"

Wayne laughs, some more. He says, "It's funny, because she has quite the 'hedda' hair." Wayne laughs at his joke, loudly.

Hedda rolls her eyes and says, "Like I haven't heard that one before." Hedda moves on, "As I was saying, my cousin is Irene."

"That monitor girl?" Wade asks. Hedda nods.

Chris says, "Wade sure knows a lot about past contestants. How about the one he's related to?"

Wade nods and says, "Tommy. He's my brother."

Chris nods. He says, "How about you, Francesca?"

Francesca says nonchalantly, "My sister is Willow."

Wade laughs and says, "Now that one is ironic."

"Why?" Francesca asks with no hint at emotion.

"Um," Wade begins, "Because she was the epitome of emotion, and you're... not."

"I don't understand your reasoning," Francesca states.

Chris asks, "Wayne, how about you?"

"What about me?" Wayne asks, looking around at his body. "Man, I'm hot."

Chris sighs and says, "Wayne is Dinah's stepbrother." Wayne shudders. Chris taps some of his fingers on his chin. He says, "Kristy, you're up."

Kristy nods. She reveals, "I'm Sheena's older sister." Wade laughs, again.

Chris looks at Toby. He says, "Toby is Isaiah's cousin."

"Aw, man," Toby says. "I was gettin' all excited to reveal it, too."

"Isaiah, huh?" Yesenia asks. Toby nods. She asks, "Did he ever get to feeling better?"

Toby frowns slightly. He says, "Yeah. He's in a far better place."

"Oh, gosh!" Hedda explains, whipping out her pen and notepad. "He died?"

Toby looks at her confused and says, "Uh, no. He moved back to Africa. I kind of miss him, though he came back from his season a li'l different. He is really happy to be back in Africa, though."

Chris nods. He says, "Let's see. How about Celia?"

Celia says, "Uh. My little sister is Priscilla from Total Drama Reality."

Brad laughs and says, "I remember her. Not so little." Celia glares at Brad.

Chris smirks and says, "Brad. You seem to be enjoying yourself. Care to share with the others who your relative is?" Brad shakes his head. Chris smiles and says, "Brad here is..."

Brad sighs deeply. He says, "I'll tell them. I'm Frederick Flanderbuilt's adopted brother." The others gasp. "I stress the adopted part."

"Holy cow," Tamira says, the dollar signs forming in her eyes. "You're a Flanderbuilt?"

Brad sadly nods. He says, "Even though Frederick is a complete lame ***, my adopted parents disinherited me, because I wasn't theirs. I always got along better with them than he did. But when I got old enough, I moved out without a dime of theirs. I wanted to prove to them and myself that I didn't need their money, or their name to become a success. But now that everyone knows, that's all they're going to talk about, when they should be talking about how gorgeous I am."

"Wow," Hedda says, as she writes something in her notepad. "I can't believe you're a Flanderbuilt. And I heard it directly from the source." Brad sighs.

Chris says, "Holly, you've been awful quiet." Holly smiles nervously. "Care to fill the others in on who your sister is?"

Holly shakes her head rapidly. She says, "No, Chris. That's okay."

Brad says, "You're ashamed, too, huh?"

Holly nods slightly. She says, "I don't want anyone to view me any different."

Lea smiles and says, "We won't. You can trust us."

Holly lets out a heavy sigh and says, "My sister is... Missy." A collective sound of gasping is heard from the other contestants. Holly assures, "I'm honestly nothing like her."

Chris looks at Lea. He says, "How about you Lea?"

Lea nods. She says, "Libby is my sister." Everyone stares at her blankly.

"Who is that, again?" Wade asks with a confused expression.

"Comedy girl?" Lea explains. "From Total Drama Reality?"

"Doesn't ring any bells," Wade admits.

Chris says, "Reeve, care to share who your kid brother is?"

Reeve states with no feeling, "Stevie from Total Drama: Boney Island."

"Oh, wow!" Nolan exclaims. "He was my favorite!"

"That guy was awesome!" Toby says, excitedly.

Kristy admits, "He inspired me to try out for wrestling."

"Me, too!" Nolan exclaims. Reeve lets out a very heavy sigh. He glares to the side.

Chris says, "Only two more reveals left. Joanna. You're up. We're saving the biggest surprise for last." Stefan looks down, looking uneasy.

"That guy, Beau from last season, is my brother-in-law," Joanna says with a gravelly voice.

"The hottest guy in the history of the show?" Kristy asks with wide eyes. Brad looks peeved.

"All the brothers in that family are lookers," Joanna admits. "I must admit, I was fooled, as well. A good looking man is still a man, able to impregnate a..."

Chris runs over as fast he can and covers Joanna's mouth with his hands. His face is bright red. He says, "That's enough." Joanna nods. He removes his hands and sighs. Chris looks over at Stefan and says, "Care to explain who you're related to?"

"Yancy," Stefan says quickly.

"That's the most surprising?" Brad asks. "What? Are you that kid's cousin or something?"

"I'm his father," Stefan blurts out. The others look shocked.

Brad says, "No way." Stefan nods. "That makes you like..." Brad stops for a few minutes to do math. "Like, forty years old."

"I-I adopted him when I was around twenty-six," Stefan explains. "I'm twenty-nine..." Brad's left eyebrow raises. Stefan continues, "And a half."

"What's a twenty-six year old man doing adopting a teenage boy?" Shaila asks.

Stefan looks flustered. "I know others think it looks weird. Like I'm some sort of..." Stefan stops himself from saying something embarrassing. He thinks for a few moments, as he has the others attention. "I had grown up in a group home all my childhood and teen years. I knew what it was like to never be adopted, because no one wanted a weird, quiet kid." Stefan looks down at the ground. "I always wanted a child, but the right woman hasn't come along, so I sought to get an adoption once I reached the legal adoption age. They did a thorough background check, and I was cleared. I was going to adopt a baby or small child, but then I met Yancy. I saw the pain he was in, and I felt it in my heart. After I met him outside the adoption agency, I knew he was my soul mate." Stefan's face turns bright red. He looks up at the others to try to explain, "I don't mean it like that, just that we were kindred spirits."

Brad says, "Yeah, well. I still find it creepy." Stefan looks back down at the ground.

Chris says, "Well, that's everyone. Let me lead you to your new, temporary homes." Chris walks ahead and the contestants follow him. He stops in front of two two-story cabins. He explains as he points, "The guys will live in this one, the girls in that one. Each team will live on a different floor."

"You never explained teams," Kristy politely reminds Chris.

Chris nods. He takes a card out of his pocket and reads, "The first team is 'The Black Sheep'. It consists of Brad, Shaila, Stefan, Eduardo, Hedda, Kristy, Nolan, Yesenia, Joanna, and Daniel."

"Woohoo," Nolan shouts as he whips off his shirt, jumps in the air, and hits his stomach against Brad's. "Our team rocks!"

Stefan mutters under his breath, "Great. I'm stuck on 'Team Frat Boy'."

Stefan explains in confessional, which is an outhouse, "I have nothing against frat boys. I just didn't like it when they made fun of me, pulled pranks on me, or tried to make out with me when they were in a drunken stupor and mistook me for a girl." Stefan blankly blinks at the camera.

Wayne looks at Stefan and says, "Hey, cutie. How about you and me and going out sometime?" Stefan looks at Wayne with a worried expression.

Chris explains, "Now the other team. The members of the team are Tamira, Anders, Celia, Lea, Wayne, Francesca, Reeve, Holly, Wade, and Toby." Chris puts his hands in 'rock on' symbols. "Your team is 'It's All Relative'."

"That's a team name?" Francesca says dryly.

Chris says, "What? I think it's awesome." Francesca stares at Chris. He continues, "Anyway. Blah, blah, your prize money is seven million, five hundred thousand dollars." Several contestant's eyes widen. "You guys will be spending the night here, then we'll have our first challenge, tomorrow."

Nolan raises his hand. He says, "So, like, we're all staying together. Like, in the same room?" Chris looks confused and nods.

"Why?" Brad asks with a raised eyebrow. "Is that a problem?"

"Problem?" Nolan says defensively. "No way. What problem? Why would that be a problem? No. Like there would be a problem." Nolan laughs nervously. "There's no problem."

Looking to the side with a worried expression, Nolan says in confessional, "Maybe in a new setting, things will be different."

After Chris left, Brad snaps his fingers and says to Eduardo, "Hey, muscle head. Help me with my things." Eduardo nods and picks up all five of Brad's suitcases. He heads to the cabin and breaks down the door as he keeps walking without stopping.

"I suppose I could have got the door for him," Wade admits.

"I can fix it," Toby says with a smile, as he pulls a screwdriver from his boxer shorts. Wade looks at Toby with a worried expression. The rest of the contestants head to their cabins.

Brad is seen finishing changing into a black and blue pair of underwear. He says, "All ready for bed."

Daniel says, "You change your underwear before going to bed?"

"Yeah," Brad says with a confused expression. "Like that's so unheard of. Besides, you're in a house made out of trees. You big, old hypocrite."

Daniel angrily glares at Brad. "Never call me that. I believe trees are here to protect us, and provide us shelter. I don't mind them being used in the construction of homes, as long as they're not wasted. Besides, this cabin isn't made of real wood."

Eduardo knocks on a wall to test the material, but punches a hole through it. He says, "Oopsie."

"Great," Brad says. "This place needed a window."

Downstairs, Toby smiles after repairing the door. "All finished," he says.

Wade says, "Wow, dude." He tests the door. "You do nice work."

Toby smiles and says, "Thanks, bro man."

Wayne is standing in his silk boxer shorts. He looks confused and says, "What kinda party is this? Where are the laaadies?" He drops on his bed and falls sound asleep. The others stare at him and then look away.

Upstairs, Nolan says, "So, guys. I want to hear all about you! I love meeting new people. Let's talk until morning!"

Brad sighs and says, "We have no time for that, Chin. We need to get a good night's rest."

"But," Nolan says.

Brad gives Nolan a serious glare. He says, "Don't talk back to me." Nolan nods without saying anything else. The other guys get into their beds as Nolan continues to look extremely worried. He gets in his bed, and stares at the ceiling.

The cabins are shown from outside, as time elapses. Time stops being skipped through, still in the dead of night. Even from outside, a bloodcurdling scream is heard.

Wade jumps up out of his bed, shouting, "What was that?"

Reeve says, "I don't know. But whatever it was, I'm gonna beat the crap out of it."

"Oh, my head," Wayne sits up, holding his head. His eyes are bloodshot, and he has bags under his eyes.

The Black Sheep males are shown in their room. Brad shouts, "Dude, what is your problem? We're all trying to sleep."

Nolan looks solemn. He apologizes, "I'm so sorry. I thought that maybe being here would make the nightmares stop."

"This happens to you often?" Eduardo asks.

Nolan nods. He says, "About three times a night."

"Well, stop it," Brad commands. "Or else, you're staying outside."

"I've tried," Nolan says. "Nothing worked. I'm really sorry, guys." He holds his head down. He stands up, picks up a blanket and pillow, and walks downstairs.

Daniel looks on. He says, "Isn't that kind of harsh to make the guy sleep outside?"

Brad shakes his head. "What would be harsh would be letting him ruin my beauty sleep, and robbing millions from gazing at my beauty."

Downstairs, the male members of It's All Relative look at Nolan as he walks outside. Toby says in concern, "Where's he going?"

Reeve says, "Not our teammate, not our problem."

Toby looks on, and then down at the floor. He stands up and follows after Nolan.

Wayne looks around and says "Who are you people?"

Reeve rolls his eyes and says, "We're the ones you assaulted with your drunkenness, yesterday. Or don't you remember?"

"Was I that hammered?" Wayne asks quietly.

"You were pretty smashed, dude," Wade admits.

Wayne looks embarrassed. He says, "I'm sorry."

Toby sits down next to Nolan. Nolan looks up at him and asks, "Hey. What are you doing here, dude?"

"I came to check up on you," Toby explains. "Is everything alright with your team?"

Nolan shrugs. He explains, "It was me. It wasn't any of their faults."

Toby nods. He says, "Do you need to talk about it, bro, or..."

Nolan sighs. He says, "It's just these nightmares I've been having since about a year ago. Ever night I wake up crying and screaming. I know it's a huge hassle to everyone else. I moved off campus after it bothered my roommate, but I thought it might not be an issue, here. But it is."

Toby nods. He says, "I'm sorry, dawg." He pats Nolan on the back.

Nolan smiles and assures, "It ain't your fault. It's just something I have to live with for my sins."

Toby looks concerned and says, "What are you talking about?"

Nolan blushes and says, "Oh, nothing."

"Nothing?" Toby asks.

Nolan looks down. "I don't want to talk about it."

Toby smiles and says, "I'll be here, if you ever do feel like opening up."

Nolan smiles and nods. He says, "I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, man." Toby nods, stands, and heads back to the cabin. He looks back in the distance toward Nolan, and looks down. Hedda is shown hiding in the bushes, smirking. She writes something in her notepad, aided by a pocket flashlight.

Hedda explains in confessional, "A good gossip columnist is always prepared for when a good scoop presents itself. I just wonder what that guy's big secret is." Hedda giggles excitedly.

The next morning, everyone but Nolan and Toby who are sitting on the ground next to each other, is standing around outside, talking. Anders nods his head, as if he understands the conversation going on a round him. Wayne walks over and sits down next to Nolan. Nolan looks over at him and says, "Go away."

Wayne looks confused and says, "What? The others were talking about you, so I thought I'd see how you're doing."

Nolan says, "Look. I didn't say anything about it yesterday, but I can't stand drunks. Do you even have a responsible bone in your body?"

Wayne looks concerned. He says, "Come, again? I never hurt anyone, because of my drinking. Why are you being so rude?"

"I am?" Nolan asks. Wayne nods. Nolan holds his head down. "I'm sorry, bro. I just have a lot on my mind."

"About last night?" Wayne asks. Nolan nods. Wayne explains, "Yeah. I know how it is. I've got a lot of problems, and I just take the easy way out. But I can promise you that I want to stop drinking. That's why I came here. I just made the mistake of having one last," Wayne coughs, "series of drinks," Wayne coughs, again, "before coming here." Wayne pauses and puts his head in his hands. "Man, my head." Wayne looks over at Nolan, takes Nolan's hand in his, and says, "You're not struggling out here alone. Whatever you're going through... You're not alone."

Nolan nods and says, "Thanks, man. Sorry I was kind of rude, earlier."

Wayne shrugs and says, "No problem."

Toby assures Wayne, "You're way cooler when you're sober. I kind of judged you from what you did, yesterday, but I know what it's like to be judged."

Wayne smiles and says, "Thanks. Sorry about yesterday. I hope I didn't do anything too stupid."

Chris walks up and says, "Challenge time! Follow me." The contestants gather together in their teams, and follow Chris. He brings them into the woods, and walks deeper to a section with no trees.

Daniel looks around and says, "White man happened, here." A tear comes to his eye.

Chris smiles and says, "Daniel. You actually inspired this challenge." Daniel looks up at Chris. Chris goes on, "Every challenge this season is based on one of you contestants, whether your hobbies, fears, careers, or personalities. The first is Daniel." A truck backs up and Chris walks toward it. He explains, "In the back of this truck are trees that are ready to be planted." Daniel smiles wide. "The team that plants their designated trees fastest will be the winners. Each team's trees are packaged in different colors. The Black Sheep get black, It's All Relative gets red."

"Why red?" Celia asks.

"Blood is thicker than water," Chris explains. Francesca rolls her eyes.

"Pudding is thicker than blood," Nolan adds.

Chris looks concerned and says, "Right. So if everyone's ready..."

Brad says, "Wait. So this challenge involves getting dirty and stuff?"

Chris says, "Well, yeah."

"I'm outie," Brad says as he walks away, toward the cabins. Daniel glares after him.

"Okay, well," Chris says, "let's start the challenge." Everyone approaches the truck. Chris says, "Go!"

Daniel tells his team, "Half of us should dig holes, the rest of us can run and back with the trees. It should work faster than carrying the trees and digging." His team starts following that strategy.

Tamira brings a tree to the soil. She looks down, and says, "Dirt, ew. This is too much like work." She looks through a pile of supplies, grabs a trowel, and begins digging extremely carefully.

Joanna looks at her and says, "Afraid to get a little dirty? I was like that once. It didn't last long, though. Once you have spaghetti sauce thrown at you by six toddlers..."

Kristy says, "Hey, Joanna. I think that story is awesome! Can you tell us the rest of it after the challenge, please?"

Joanna smiles slightly, spits to the side, and says, "Sure. I can do that." Joanna begins digging, concentrating better.

Shaila takes a tree and begins digging a hole herself. Daniel says, "Shaila, we agreed to help each other."

Shaila says, "I have to do this my own way." Daniel shrugs and continues running trees back and forth from the truck.

Anders stands still and looks around. He looks entirely confused about what the challenge even is. He runs to the truck, grabs a tree with a black container, and runs to the planting area.

Chris looks around and says, "We have a winning team! The Black Sheep have won our first challenge, as all of their trees have been planted." The members of the team cheer.

"Man," Reeve says. "That really sucks."

Holly smiles sweetly and says, "Look at it this way. At least we did our part in helping the environment." Reeve rolls his eyes.

Chris hands a map to Francesca. He explains, "This map has the location of the elimination ceremony on it. Meet me there in an hour." Chris walks away.

"I wonder where he's going," Lea ponders.

"I don't really want to know," Francesca states dryly.

Later, the female members of It's All Relative are sitting in their cabin. Tamira admits, "I don't really know who to vote for. All the people that should be voted out are on the other team."

"I think we have an easy choice, today," Francesca states.

"Who?" Holly asks.

"Wayne," Francesca says. "He's already loaded... In more ways than one. He's sort of annoying to be around, too."

Tamira looks a tad surprised. She says, "Not Wayne!" Everyone looks at her.

Celia says, "What possible attachment could you have to that guy?"

Tamira says quietly, "None."

"He's really wealthy," Francesca explains. "He doesn't need the money like the rest of us do." Tamira sighs.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "We're going back to marshmallows. We had an extra supply in the pantry. In this contest, the marshmallow means your life in this game. If you do not receive a marshmallow, you are eliminated from the game. I'll now announce the names of the safe contestants." Chris takes a deep breath and says, "Wade, Celia, Lea, Reeve, Francesca, Anders, Tamira, aaand Toby." He tosses marshmallows to the eight safe contestants. Chris says, "Our bottom to is Wayne and Holly." Holly looks at her teammates. Chris goes on, "The final marshmallow goes to..."


Francesca says in her usual monotone, "What happened? I can't believe it."

Holly says, "I'll tell you what happened. You voted for me because I'm Missy's sister, didn't you?" Reeve whistles innocently. Holly sighs and goes on, "Everyone always assumes I'm just like her. But I honestly try to be my nicest. In my senior year at high school, everyone avoided me, thinking I was really mean, but I really am not." Holly starts crying. She says, "It just really hurts, because I joined for my mom. She's really sick, and I wanted to help her."

Lea puts her hand on Holly's back. She says, "I didn't vote you out, but I'm really sorry it happened."

Tamira says, "OMG, you believe her?" Wayne looks down at the ground.

Holly stands up and walks off. Holly says on The Boat of Losers, "I figured something like that might happen, but I really hoped it didn't." Holly sighs. "I don't know what I'm going to do now. I'll just have to help my mom the way I have been, even though it's been a struggle. I'm sorry I didn't do better, mom."

Chris says, "Well, that was our first elimination. Be sure to tune in next time for another exciting episode." Chris leaves the campfire ceremony.

Wayne stands up and says, "It came to my attention that some of you planned to vote me out because of my wealth. I wanted to say that I plan to donate all of my winnings to charity."

Reeve says in an annoyed tone, "Charity? Why not let someone win who actually could use the money themselves?"

Wayne looks at Reeve and says strongly, "Let me get one thing clear. That money could change a lot of people's lives, not just one or two." He points at the palm of his hand. "Donating that money could help more than just one of you, and for you to think that a charity isn't a worthy cause compared to wanting to buy a new car, or something, for yourself... It just disgusts me." Wayne walks away. Tamira looks in the direction he went with a surprised expression. The others look at each other.

Anders says, "Uh. The voices in my head tell me to slap myself with bananas." Anders nods. The others look at Anders.

Chapter 3 - Any Given MondayEdit

Chris is shown lying down shirtless on a massage table. He says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Wilderness, I revealed who everyone was related to. Then the teams were selected. The contestants went to sleep. Nolan screamed in his sleep, freaking everyone out. Brad made him sleep outside." Chef walks in with a bowl. He takes out the contents of the bowl with a stick and begins applying it to Chris' back. Chris continues, "The challenge involved planting trees. It was based on Daniel's love of environmental blah blah." Chef applies thin paper-like strips to Chris' back. "The other team had to vote someone out. They chose Holly just because she was related to Missy. Wayne got all vocal..." Chef rips one of the paper strips off of Chris' back. Chris screams loudly. Chris continues, "About how rich people need money, too. What will happen on this episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness?" Chef rips another strip off of Chris' back. He screams, again.

Chef Hatchet says, "Sometimes I love my job." He smiles softly.

The female members of It's All Relative are shown sitting in their cabin. Lea says, "I feel really bad about Holly. I don't think she's a bad person."

"Me, neither," Celia agrees.

Tamira sighs and says, "Maybe I was wrong about her."

Nolan and Toby are now shown sitting on the dock, with their feet in the water. "I'm glad you're still here, man," Nolan assures.

Toby smirks and says, "What possible reason would they have to vote me out this early?"

Nolan shrugs. He says, "I'm a little disappointed with my team right now. I don't think any of the guys are bad, or anything. They just aren't really supportive of me. I figure if we lose the challenge, I'll be the first one voted out."

"Don't be so negative, dawg," Toby says with a smile. "Once they gets to know you, they'll look past your problem."

"Maybe," Nolan says quietly.

"Not 'maybe', dawg," Toby assures, "for sure."

Nolan begins, "Toby, I want to tell you about why I have those nightmares."

Toby says, "I'm willing to listen, bro-man, but it's getting late. We better head back. I'll talk to you about it tomorrow night." Nolan nods. The guys stand up. As Toby walks away, Nolan slaps him on the butt. As they leave the area, Hedda emerges from the water. She removes her scuba mask, takes her notepad out of a waterproof carrier, and begins writing with a big smile on her face.

Hedda says in confessional, "Good things come to those who wait. I can't wait to see what Nolan's problem is. Maybe he's afraid of vampires, or something." Hedda pauses for a moment. She says, "Nah. Vampires are hot."

Nolan walks over to where he slept the previous night. He sees his blanket and pillow neatly placed on a mattress. He looks around, but sees nobody around. He shrugs and gets into the bed, after removing his cap.

The moon goes down and the sun comes up in the morning. Brad stretches. The other guys also get up out of their beds, none of them wearing shirts. Daniel admits, "It was really hot last night." He begins brushing his teeth with some natural product.

Brad surveys the other guys. He says, "We're hot."

Stefan's cheeks turn red. He says quietly, "Excuse me?"

"What I mean is," Brad explains, "we all have really sexy bodies."

Daniel looks a tad bothered and says, "Not any better, man." Stefan quickly puts a shirt on.

Brad snaps his fingers and says, "I thought of something. We should have an all hotness alliance! Of course, I'd be the leader, since I'm so the hottest."

Eduardo looks at Stefan and asks, "Am I the only one disturbed by this conversation?" Stefan shakes his head.

Brad says, "Come on, guys. An alliance is an alliance. You're either with me or against me."

Stefan asks, "What about Nolan?"

Brad says coldly, "We leave him out in the wild where he belongs."

"There's only four of us, though," Eduardo explains. "What use is an alliance of four on a team of ten?"

"Dude," Brad insists, "try speaking English."

Eduardo's brow furrows. He says, "More them, less us?"

Brad nods and says, "Oh, right. We'll have to recruit more members. Probably some girls. But who?" Brad stands to think for a few moments, placing his thumb and index finger under his chin. He says, "Too bad our team doesn't have any hot chicks," while nudging Stefan's arm with his elbow. "Right, dude?" Stefan blushes. Brad goes on, "So are you guys in, or what?"

Eduardo says, "I guess."

Stefan nods and says, "Sure."

Daniel looks at Brad with a slightly concerned look on his face. He looks down and says, "I'm in."

Brad smiles and says, "I knew you guys would see things my way. The hot way. We should seal the alliance with a group hug."

"No, that's okay," Eduardo insists. He, Stefan, and Daniel walk away.

Brad folds his arms in a disappointed manner. He looks down at himself and says, "Man, I'm good looking." Hedda can be seen hanging upside down, looking through the hole Eduardo punched through the wall. She writes something in her notepad.

In the female members of The Black Sheep's room, Kristy wakes up. She looks around and says, "Where's that Hedda girl? She's never in here."

Joanna shrugs and says, "After a while, you stop noticing when your kids go missing." Kristy looks at Joanna with a concerned expression.

Shaila nods and says, "She's old enough to be out on her own."

"We aren't her mothers," Joanna says with a nod.

Kristy shrugs and says, "I guess you guys are right." She looks around. "I'm going outside... For a walk."

Yesenia smiles and says, "Ooh, ooh! I wanna go!" Kristy looks at her. "I mean, I guess I'd go, too, if I have to." Kristy shrugs and she and Yesenia walk outside.

Once outside, Kristy says, "Okay. I say we find Hedda."

"But I thought you said the others were right about not caring where she is?" Yesenia states. "Not that I care, or anything."

Kristy shrugs and says, "I don't know. It just makes me feel sick, not knowing where she is. We're a team, so we should care about the whereabouts of our teammates."

Brad slowly appears behind the girls. He places his arms around them. He says smoothly, "Hello, ladies."

Yesenia giggles, "Bra-a-a-a-ad."

Brad smiles and says, "That's my name. Feel free to wear it out." Yesenia giggles as Brad gives a cheesy grin.

"What's up?" Kristy asks nonchalantly.

Brad says, "My hotness level. Now, I have an interesting proposition for you ladies. How would you girls like to be in an alliance with me, Brad™?"

"Su-u-u-u-ure," Yesenia says nervously with a giggle.

Kristy raises her eyebrow and asks, "Why us?"

Brad looks at her and smiles sweetly. He says, "Because I chose you." He slightly turns his head the side and smiles. "You should be honored."

Kristy shrugs and says, "I guess I'll join, if you promise this is a nice alliance, and not a mean one."

"I'm insulted," Brad says, still smiling. "I would never run a mean alliance."

Kristy smiles and says, "Okay. I suppose I will join. No meanness, though."

Brad nods. "Bye, ladies," he says as he walks away. Brad walks through the woods and walks into Hedda. He says, "What are you doing here?"

Hedda smiles and says, "Just observing."

Brad shrugs and says, "Whatever. Bye." He begins walking away.

Hedda says, "I want in your alliance."

"What alliance?" Brad asks innocently.

"The one you have with Eduardo, Daniel, Stefan, and now Kristy, and Yesenia," Hedda explains.

"How do you know all that?" Brad asks with a raised eyebrow.

Hedda smirks and says, "I have my sources."

"Whatever," Brad says. "We don't have room for you."

Hedda says, "Okay. I can just blab to the others about your alliance. Then I can make the members of your alliance feel insecure after learning that everyone knows about it. That's your call."

Brad says, "No. I can convince them, otherwise."

Hedda smiles and says, "Fine. I'll just let everyone know the secret you've been hiding."

"How do you know that?" Brad asks, looking shocked.

"Like I said, I have my sources," Hedda says.

Brad pleads, "Please. Please don't tell them! I'll do anything."

Hedda looks slightly taken aback. She says, "Then let me join your alliance."

Brad sighs and says, "Okay. You can be in it, hairball."

Hedda squeals, "Yay! I'm in the hotness alliance!" Brad's eyebrow raises.

Brad says in confessional, "I'm thinking this alliance just got to be one person too large." He uneasily looks to the side and says, "I don't know how she found out."

Hedda says in confessional, "I have no idea what Brad's hiding, it was just a lucky guess. I guess everyone has something to hide. It's my job to find out what it is." Hedda smiles.

The contestants are gathered around Chris who is standing between the two cabins. Hedda and Brad walk up.

Francesca says dryly, "Where have you two been?"

Brad says, "Uh, just in the woods."

"We were making out," Hedda lies. "We're dating!"

Brad exclaims, "What?!"

Hedda puts her arm through Brad's and gives him a devious smile. She says, "Right, shnookums?

Brad shudders and says, "Yeah... We're going out." Hedda kicks her leg up in the air and rests her large hair on his shoulder. The others look at them.

Brad says sadly in confessional, "I'm way too handsome to be tied down by a girlfriend." Brad sighs. "But that girl is dangerous, camera. If I don't do what she says, she might reveal my secret... I can't let that happen."

Chris says, "Well, it's time for your next challenge. This one is based on Nolan." Nolan smiles.

Brad says, "What is it, random screaming?" Nolan frowns.

"It's the football," Chris says gruffly. "We'll play a quarter of on actual game. The winners win the challenge."

"Since when?" Francesca states dryly.

Chris frowns and says, "And the losers lose the challenge."

"Didn't see that one coming," Francesca says.

Chris continues, "One member of The Black Sheep has to sit out so that the teams are even."

Brad raises his hand and asks, "Is this a tackle game?"

Chris nods and says, "Why, yes it..."

Brad walks over to a bench on the sidelines. He says, "I'm sitting out." He gestures at his body and says, "Don't want to ruin the gorgeous." His team glares at him.

Chris says, "Okay, we'll start our game. Does anyone have any questions?"

Anders says, "I keep jar of pickles in my boxer shorts. They keep me company." The others laugh. Anders smiles.

Chris says, "It sounds like everyone's ready. Let the games begin." Chris pulls a coin out of his pocket. He says, "I'll flip this coin to see what team will go first."

Reeve inspects the coin. He says, "This coin has your face on both sides."

"Handsome coin, huh?" Chris asks.

Wade asks, "How do you tell what side is which?"

Chris explains, "This side I'm smiling," he turns the coin, "on this side I'm pouting."

"I like your style," Brad states from the sidelines.

Chris says, "It's All Relative gets the option. Which side do you call?"

"The stupid one," Reeve states. "No wait, they both look that way."

Chris glares at Reeve. He says, "The Black Sheep get to call."

"Hey!" Tamira shouts. She glares at Reeve. She forgets what she's doing, and smiles and waves at Wayne.

Kristy calls, "We call the smiling side."

Chris flips the coin and the smiling side faces up after it lands on the ground. Chris says, "You win the coin toss. Will your team take offense or defense?"

Nolan declares, "Offense."

Chris says, "Okay. Take sides so we can begin."

The teams get into huddles. Nolan says to his team, "I will be quarterback, since I know the game. I'm going to throw the ball to whoever is open, okay?" His team nods.

On the other side, Wade says, "Okay. I played a football video game, once, so I call being captain." The others nod. "What we need to do for defense is guard the people with similar stats."

"Huh?" Tamira asks.

Wade explains, "Like, similar body type. Reeve, you guard Eduardo." Reeve nods. "Wayne, you get Nolan. Anders..."

Anders says, "Ja. My uvula is wildly popular among ladies and polar bears." The others giggle, except for Francesca.

Francesca says, "I don't get what's so funny."

Wade moves on to the next teammate.

After a few minutes, the huddles disband. Chris says from the sidelines, now dressed in a referee's outfit, "Let the games begin." He blows a whistle. Wade runs ahead and punts the ball. It sails through the air.

While running alongside Wade, Reeve says, "That was a nice kick, for a geek."

Wade smiles and says, "I'm only part geek. I never actually kicked a ball before, but it wasn't too different from a video game."

Reeve laughs and says, "Good one." Wade looks at him with a confused expression.

Yesenia catches the ball. She screams in panic, "What do I do?! What do I do?!"

"Stay calm," Nolan states. "Run to the other side."

Yesenia nods and begins running. Reeve catches up to her, and gets ready to tackle her. She shouts, "Eep!" She tosses the ball in the air. Daniel catches it and runs ahead.

Nolan says, "Okay. Never let go of the ball."

Yesenia says quietly, "Sorry."

Toby runs at Daniel, trips over his own pants, but tackles Daniel in the process of falling. Wayne helps Toby up and says, "That was a nice tackle, bro."

Toby looks embarrassed. He says, "Uh, thanks."

Shaila throws the ball back to Nolan. He gets ready to throw it, while Wade gets ready to tackle him. Nolan throws the ball to Eduardo, who catches it. Reeve says, "Okay. The big guy has to be slow. He'll be easy to..." Eduardo begins running incredibly fast. "What the?" Reeve exclaims. Wayne runs at Eduardo and jumps at him. He grabs hold of his shoulders, but Eduardo keeps running. Celia, Toby, and Lea all jump on his back, but he doesn't fall, and slows down only slightly. Reeve jumps toward Eduardo and lands on the group of people holding onto him. Anders licks his finger and holds it up in the air. Eduardo crosses into the end zone.

Chris announces, "That's six points for The Black Sheep. They can choose to kick a field goal for one point, or go for one of those surprise two point things."

The Black Sheep huddle together. Nolan says, "We go for the field goal. Who wants to kick?"

Kristy says, "Ooh. Ooh! I will." Nolan nods.

Everyone gets in position. Kristy kicks the ball and it gets through the field goal. Chris announces, "That's seven points, total, for The Black Sheep. Now it's the other team's turn to receive."

Kristy punts the ball, and it is caught by Lea. She gracefully leaps through the air, turns, and runs passed the other team members trying to tackle her. She dodges Eduardo and Nolan, who crash into each other, and lands right in front of Stefan. Stefan looks down at Lea and raises his arms. She looks at him with wide eyes. He looks down and blushes. Lea runs passed him and scores a goal for her team.

Chris announces, "That's six points for It's All Relative."

The team huddles together. Wade asks, "Who wants to kick the field goal?" No one volunteers. Wade volunteers, "I'll do it."

The team gets ready for Wade to kick a field goal. He runs toward the ball, kicks it, but misses the field goal. He looks down in an ashamed manner. He asks, "Do I get a continue, or..."

Chris shakes his head. He says, "Now it's The Black Sheep's turn to go on offense, again."

Wade punts the ball and it goes somewhat far. Nolan catches it and begins running forward. Reeve points at Nolan and shouts, "Everyone! Attack!"

Nolan's eyes widen. He says, "What now?" Several members of It's All Relative tackle him. The football flies from the pile of people. Toby catches the ball, and looks down at it with wide eyes.

Wayne looks up from the pile of people and shouts to Toby, "Run, dude! Run!" Toby nods, and begins running toward the end zone. He has one arm around the ball, and his other hand holding up his pants. Stefan runs toward him, and Toby lets go of his pants in order to extend his arm to keep Stefan back. Toby's pants fall around his ankles, and he trips on them, falling to the ground. He loses his grip on the football, before falling down completely.

Stefan grabs hold of the ball, lying on the ground. Brad shouts, "Run to the other end zone! The others are all on the ground, still!" Stefan runs back to the other end zone.

Chris blows his whistle and says, "Time's up! The Black Sheep win the challenge!"

The Black Sheep surround Stefan and throw him in the air. His face turns red. They let him down. Kristy hugs Stefan tightly, and says, "You did great out there."

Stefan's face turns a brighter shade of red. He says, "Thanks... I like touching..."

Kristy's eyes widen as she looks at him. She asks, "What did you say?" Stefan's face turns a darker red color, and he chooses not to repeat himself.

Chris says, "I'll be back in an hour for It's All Relative's second elimination. Meet me there!" Chris leaves the area.

Some of the members of It's All Relative begin heading back to their cabins. Toby sits down on the ground. He folds his hands over and looks down at the ground. Wayne walks over to him and sits down. Toby says, "I'm sorry I blew the challenge, today." Wayne puts his hand on Toby's back.

Wayne says, "It's all right, dude. It was just one challenge. No one's going to look down on you for it. Besides, you weren't the only one to mess up."

Toby looks at Wayne and says, "You're really down to earth, you know that? I assumed you'd act all superior to everyone and me, because... we dress different."

"Just because we're from two different places, doesn't mean we can't be homies," Wayne assures.

Toby laughs. He says, "Don't say 'homies', dawg. You sound goofy." Wayne chuckles. Toby gets a little more somber and says, "I really can't get eliminated, yet."

At the campfire ceremony, Chris says, "One of you is thoroughly hated by your team, and has been voted out. But don't worry, the fanfiction community will surely write stories where you make it a lot further, and read into subtle moments declaring that you fell in love with someone random." The members of It's All Relative look at Chris with confused expressions. He says, "Lea, you're safe." He tosses her her marshmallow. "Celia and Francesca, you're safe, too." Chris tosses the girls their marshmallows. "Tamira." She catches her marshmallow. "Anders and Wayne, here you are." Chris tosses marshmallows to them.

Anders states proudly, "I use the spoon as a lever." Everyone, but Francesca, laughs.

Chris looks around at the last three guys. He says dramatically, "The next one goes toooooooo... Reeve." Reeve catches his marshmallow and bites it violently. Wade and Toby look at each other with worried expressions. Chris announces, "The final marshmallow is for..."

"Wade. That means that Toby, you're..."

"No!" Toby shouts. "I can't be out!" Anders looks at Toby with concern, though not understanding his words.

"I'm sorry, dude," Chris says. "That's the way the votes went."

Toby cries into his hands, he says between sobs "I'm going to lose my house. That can't happen."

"You'll find another place to live, bro," Wade assures.

"You don't understand," Toby insists. "That house is the last connection I have to my parents. They died because I wasn't there for them, and now it means I let them down, again." Toby sniffles.

Tamira says quietly, "You should have told us about this."

"Like it's something I randomly open up to people about," Toby states. He looks down. He picks up his things and stands up. "I'm ready to go."

Celia says with compassion in her voice, "We didn't know. I'm so sorry, Toby."

"What good does that do?" Toby asks.

Wayne looks up at him with a particularly worried expression. He stands up and hugs his friend. Wayne assures, "Everything will be alright. Try not to get too upset."

Toby sighs, nods, and says, "I'll miss you, homes."

"I really tried to change the votes, but it didn't work," Wayne assures. "I'm sorry."

"Thanks, man," Toby says. He sighs and walks to the 'Boat of Losers'.

Toby sits down and throws his head back. He says, "Man. That was jank..." Toby looks down in realization. He says, "Ah, geez. I forgot about Nolan. I hope he's alright."

Lea says sadly, after Toby goes, "Did anyone know about Toby?" The others shake their heads. Lea says, "I feel really bad for him, now."

Celia adds, "I wish he was that passionate during the rest of the competition. I wouldn't have voted for him."

Chris frowns. He says, "Tune in to the next episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness for more drama, intrigue, and me."

Chapter 4 - Hidden BalletEdit

"Hello," Chris Mclean states with a wide grin. "Welcome to another thrilling episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness! Last time, the teams had to play football. There were some definite stars, and some definite..." Chris looks around and asks, "What's a metaphorical, entirely lame contrast to the word 'stars'?" Chris thinks for a moment and says, "Ah. I got it. Pluto. There were some definite Plutos. Toby possibly cost the game for his team when his pants caused him to trip, stumble, and fail. He was voted out, but not without an outburst over the fact that he needed the money in order to stay in his parents' home. Someone else will be voted out this episode. Who will it be? Stay tuned to find out. Ha ha!" Chris pauses for a few seconds. "I laugh at some pretty weird times, don't I?"

Sitting on the ground, Nolan fidgets with his fingers. He looks over at the site of the campfire ceremony, and then away. After hearing some commotion at the campfire ceremony, he looks up, seeing a lone figure head to the 'Boat of Losers'. Nolan stands up, and begins walking toward the dock, but the boat leaves long before he can get to it. Nolan looks at the members of It's All Relative that emerge from the campfire ceremony site. He looks at everyone, and then sadly down at the ground.

Nolan says quietly in confessional, "The other team voted out the best friend I've had in years." Nolan pauses for a few moments. "That sounds really pathetic... Toby was just the first person I felt comfortable talking to, besides my family, about what I did." Nolan looks to the side and says, "I'm going to miss you Toby, but I have a feeling that I'm going to see you really soon. We can talk then." Nolan sighs, slaps his knees, stands, and leaves the confessional. Hedda emerges from the toilet, wearing a sanitation suit. She removes her helmet, and sets it to the side. She takes her notepad out of her suit and sticks out her tongue as she begins writing.

Hedda looks up at the camera and says, "With Toby gone, I don't know if there will be any way to find out his secret... Unless..."

Hedda, dressed in all black, and with a ski mask covering only part of her hair and none of her face, sneaks into the men's cabin. She points a flashlight at the sleeping members of It's All Relative. Reeve says in his sleep, "Mommy... I didn't know the hamburger was contagious..." Hedda backs up to the wall, quickly jots down some notes in her notepad, and slowly sneaks up the stairs. She points the flashlight around the room, focuses on one of Brad's large suitcases, and sneaks toward it. She grabs hold of it, and quietly pulls it out of the room. At the stairs, she stealthily pulls it. On the final two stairs, the suitcase falls, and lands on her with a thud.

Upstairs, Brad gets up from his bed. He says, "I feel a disturbance in my wardrobe."

Eduardo, who is already standing, says, "I think I heard someone."

Brad gets up, turns on a light, walks over to the stairs, looks down, and sees no one. He says, "Likely story."

"What do you mean?" Eduardo asks in a curious voice.

Brad goes back to inspect his suitcases. He says, "There were five suitcases here. I know, because I can count that high. Now there are..." Brad pauses to count his fingers, "four of them. Somebody took one of my suitcases." Brad inspects the contents of the suitcases, and says, "Oh, man. It's the suitcase with my summer collection of Y front briefs in every color known to man." Brad puts his head in his hands and cries.

Daniel wearily looks up from his bed and asks, "What's going on?"

Brad glares at Eduardo and says, "We have a thief among us."

"I didn't do anything," Eduardo defensively insists.

"Then why were you just standing around, when I got up?" Brad interrogates.

Eduardo insists, "I heard a noise. I would never steal."

Brad scoffs, "Right." Brad walks over to Eduardo, and grabs his wrist. Eduardo's wrist squeaks. Brad demands, "Tell me what you did with my things."

Eduardo falls to his knees with a loud thud, and insists, "I didn't do it. Please, let go of me."

Brad's eyebrow raises. He lets go of Eduardo. He asks sympathetically, "Eduardo? Is something wrong?" Eduardo looks stressed. He stands up, loudly runs down the stairs, and out of the cabin.

"What was that all about?" Daniel asks.

"I don't know," Brad says with a shrug. "I wasn't going to hurt him, or anything."

"Like you could, anyway," Daniel admits. "I mean, that guy is super beefy, and you're all, like, beef jerky."

"Hey!" Brad says defensively. "I don't tan. I make sure that my skin doesn't get leathery."

Daniel ignores Brad and says, "He could snap you like a twig if he wanted to." Daniel chuckles. "I'd pay to see that."

Brad says, "Okay, I get it."

"I mean, if he really wanted to," Daniel goes on, "he could crush your skull with a jab from his pinky. Even the one not on his dominant hand."

Brad asks in an annoyed tone, "Are you quite done?"

Daniel thinks for a second and says, "Yeah, I guess." He laughs, walks over to Brad, puts his arm around him, and says, "I'm just having some fun with you. I didn't mean anything by it. Despite my conscience, I like you, Brad. I didn't think I would, but I don't think you're as bad as you put on. I mean... There's good in everyone, right?" Brad smiles slightly. And begins to open his mouth. Daniel interrupts and says, "Well, goodnight." Daniel hops into his bed. Brad looks over at Stefan, who is snoring loudly, and sighs.

Eduardo is seen standing outside, just staring ahead. He hears Nolan scream in the distance. Eduardo walks in that direction. Nolan's chest convulses as he gasps for air. Eduardo reaches Nolan and sits down by him. The ground shakes. Nolan asks, "What are you doing here?"

Eduardo sighs. He says, "I was feeling uncomfortable, so I came out here for some fresh air."

Nolan nods. He stares at Eduardo and says, "You're so buff."

Eduardo blushes and says, "Yeah. Thanks."

"I bet nothing scares you," Nolan says, looking up at the stars.

Eduardo shrugs, causing his shoulders and neck to rub against each other, making a squeaking noise. "I'm not scared of much. I know that I can protect myself."

Nolan nods. He says with a sigh, "I wish I could be strong like you." He looks over at Eduardo and says, "Thanks for coming over. It gets pretty lonely out here."

"No problem," Eduardo says.

"I'm feeling better, now," Nolan admits. "Thanks. Um, you can go back now. I don't want you to..." Nolan stops talking. He looks at Eduardo, who is sleeping in the fetal position with his thumb in his mouth. Nolan lets out a soft laugh. He turns in order to go back to sleep. Hedda, in a tree, writes something down in her notepad.

Hedda smiles in confessional and says, "My plan worked out perfectly. I knew someone would get blamed for taking Brad's things, and he'd force them to sleep outside." Hedda rummages through Brad's suitcase and pulls out two pairs of briefs. One is cranberry colored, the other is burgundy. She stares at both pairs, trying to notice any difference in color.

In the morning, Lea is shown in her cabin, fully dressed. She is doing squats, and elegantly posing with her arms. Tamira groggily gets out of bed. Lea looks at her and says, "Good morning!"

Tamira says, "Are you sure it's morning?"

Lea laughs and says, "Don't be silly."

"I heard about people like you, but I swore they didn't exist," Francesca says as she wakes up.

"How do you mean?" Lea asks.

"Existing?" Francesca asks dryly. "As opposed to non-existent?"

Lea laughs cheerfully. "No, I meant the 'people like me'."

"I think she means morning people," Tamira says with a shudder.

Lea says playfully, "Oh, stop being silly."

Celia wakes up next. She looks around, and says, "What time is it?"

Lea says, "I don't know. Five A.M.?"

Celia groans, and pulls the covers over her head. Tamira looks at Celia and says, "That's funny. I thought 'Princess Buttercup' would be another morning person." Celia throws a boot in Tamira's direction.

Outside, Reeve is running. He stops for a few seconds to rest. Wade runs up to him, wearing sweats. Wade asks, "Mind if I join you for a run? I find running to be a lot more enjoyable with a partner."

"I'm not into that 'partner goody goody' crap," Reeve gruffly explains.

"Dude, come on," Wade pleads. "Multiplayer is always more fun."

Reeve begins to let out a small laugh, but catches himself. "Fine," Reeve concedes. "But there will be no talking, no singing, no humming, no whistling..."

"How about sound effects?" Wade asks.

"Right," Reeve says with a nod. "No sound effects."

"Aw," Wade says in a disappointed manner.

Reeve smirks and says, "Maybe one or two."

Wade excitedly says, "Woohoo! Though, I was kidding..." Reeve looks at him seriously. "But I'll take whatever I can get."

Reeve says, "Okay, Slim, you ready?"

Wade nods and says, "But, please, don't call me that."

"Whatever you say, Bones," Reeve says with a smirk. The guys begin running together.

Wayne and Anders are sitting in their cabin. Wayne says, "So Anders... Tell me about yourself."

Anders nods and says, "Popsicles are my favorite animal."

Wayne sighs and says, "You don't understand a single word of English, huh?"

Anders nods rapidly and says, "English like second happy to Anders."

Wayne looks seriously at Anders, then around. He says, "I really am missing alcohol... I don't want the others to know, but I feel like my body is going to shut down any second. I'm a really bad person, man." Wayne looks down. "Because of me, my best friend in the world is a vegetable."

Anders smiles. Recognizing Wayne's words, he repeats, "My best friend in the world is a vegetable!"

Wayne sighs. He says, "I know you don't understand me. I'd talk to someone else, but I don't want them to think I'm this weak guy, who only thinks about alcohol." Anders smiles blankly. "Anyway, uh... Thanks for listening, I guess."

Anders says happily in confessional, "Jag är så glad." He smiles widely. "Jag gjorde några nya vänner, ja? Den burrigt leds en är en trevlig kille. Jag var rädd att jag inte skulle passa in här, men jag känner att jag verkligen umgås med alla." Anders gives two thumbs up. The caption reads, "I am so glad. I made some new friends, yes? The frizzy headed one is a nice guy. I was afraid I wouldn't fit in here, but I feel like I really get along with everyone."

Brad is shown walking outside. He sees Eduardo doing push ups by himself. Brad walks over to him. He says, "Hey, Ed. Sorry about last night. I just get really defensive when people touch my stuff. Are we still cool?" Eduardo shrugs. "You're still in the hotness alliance, right?"

"Yeah," Eduardo says. "It would be dumb to quit it. But can you promise me something?"

"Depends," Brad says.

Eduardo asks, "Nolan is a good kid. He's obviously troubled, but that doesn't mean he deserves to be treated like an outcast. I want him in the alliance."

Brad says, "Come on, man. The alliance is huge as is."

"It means a lot to me, Brad," Eduardo says quietly. "If he's not in... I don't want to be."

Brad sighs. He rolls his eyes and says, "Fine. He can be in the alliance."

Eduardo smiles. He says, "Thanks. I'm glad you respect my thoughts, man. I thought you'd shoot me down, you know? Like one of those overly controlling types."

"Whatever," Brad says in an annoyed tone. He begins walking away. He calls back, "No more requests. This one is major, enough."

Eduardo nods and says, "I understand."

The female members of The Black Sheep are in their cabin. Hedda whips out her notepad. She asks, "So, anybody have any crushes?"

Joanna and Shaila roll their eyes. Joanna says, "Girl talk. It disgusts me. Sure, I didn't always feel that way, but you learn from your mistakes."

Hedda ignores them. She says, "What about you, Yesenia? Any boy strike your fancy?"

"Bra-a-a-a-ad," Yesenia states. "I mean... No one, really."

Hedda says, "Mm hm." She writes something in her notepad. "Kristy?" Kristy doesn't respond. "Kristy?" Hedda repeats.

Kristy looks up and says, "Oh. Uh, sorry. I was just thinking."

"Ooh," Hedda asks. "What about?"

Kristy says, "You all have to promise me that you won't say I squealed." Hedda nods rapidly. Kristy sighs. "There's an alliance going on."

Shaila raises an eyebrow and says, "There is?"

Kristy nods. She says, "I feel kind of bad about it. I believe people should be voted out based on their performance, or how they work with the team, not based on who's in the alliance and who isn't."

Joanna sighs and says, "I figured no one would offer me an alliance."

Kristy sighs and says, "Sorry, Hedda, Joanna, and Shaila. I'm sorry you aren't part of it..."

"Oh, I'm in the alliance," Hedda says.

"You are?" Kristy asks.

Hedda nods. She looks at Shaila and Joanna and says, "You two can be in the alliance, too."

"We can?" Joanna asks.

Kristy says, "I thought it was Brad's alliance?"

Hedda smirks and says, "I know how to get my way."

Shaila admits, "I don't need an alliance to make it through this game. I can make it to the end on my own merit."

Hedda says, "Don't be silly. Everyone needs an alliance in one of these games. I'll go talk to Brad about it."

Chris' voice is heard, saying, "Time for your challenge!"

Everyone meets outside. A large stage is set up, with a few benches in front of it. Lea looks up and sees the stage with a curtain across it. She asks, "Will we be performing something?"

Chris nods and says, "Yup." He pulls the curtain back and reveals a stage with a scenic background, a bush prop toward the front of the stage, a paper rock on the other side of the stage, and a paper tree toward the back. "This is your stage. You will be performing a ballet, in honor of Holly."

Lea squeals excitedly. Reeve says, "You got to be kidding me."

"Nope," Chris says with a smile. "The Black Sheep can sit two people out." Everyone on The Black Sheep raises their hand, except for Kristy.

Kristy gathers her teammates in a huddle, and says, "Okay. We need to agree on two people to sit out. I think we can agree on Nolan, since he was great in our last challenge. Who should be the other one?"

"Me," Brad insists.

"But you sat out of the other challenges," Stefan reminds.

Joanna says, "My body don't move the way it used to, when I was younger and more spry. Chasing down a bunch of crawling toddlers can take a toll on someone. I have no time to take care of myself. Oh, sure I used to be young and lean. My body looked like Hedda's... or maybe even Brad. But those days are over... Yeah. Those days are..."

Brad says, "Okay. All agreed that Joanna sits out?" Everyone nods. The huddle disbands, and Joanna and Nolan sit on the benches.

Chris pulls out a box and says, "Alright, everyone can change into their tights."

"Tights?" Reeve asks. "You never said anything about tights!"

Chris shrugs and says, "I thought it was implied."

"Well, I'm not about to wear tights," Reeve insists.

Brad chuckles and loudly whispers to Daniel, "Looks like someone is ashamed of some part of their body."

Reeve glares at Brad. Chris says, "Okay. Anyone who doesn't put on their costume is automatically disqualified."

"I can risk sitting out of a challenge," Reeve admits, as he approaches the bench. "A real man doesn't wear tights."

Chris says, "Whoa. Wait a second, buddy. You won't be disqualified from the challenge. You'll be disqualified from the entire competition."

Reeve's eyes widen. He repeats, "The entire competition?" Chris nods. Reeve scowls, approaches the box, grabs a costume, and walks to his cabin. The others follow suit.

They meet Chris back outside. Chef Hatchet is sitting on one of the benches. "What's he doing here?" Francesca asks.

Anders says, "I think of Chef's beautiful body all through the night. I end up feeling insecure about my own body in the morning." Everyone, but Francesca, laughs. Brad looks at Anders, whose tights barely covers his upper body, and frowns.

Chef says, "Flattery will get you nowhere." He pauses for a few seconds. "What about my body do you like in particular?"

"He's judging our performances?" Wade suggests, ignoring Chef's comments.

Chris shakes his head and says, "Not exactly."

"This challenge is so lame," Reeve says with a sigh, using his hands to cover himself.

"Ballet is not lame!" Lea defends.

Chris frowns and says, "No, he's right. It is lame." Lea frowns. "That's why Chef is here. He isn't here to judge, he's here to..."

"Shoot you little ballet punks with paintballs," Chef explains with a wicked grin.

"What?" Tamira asks in disbelief.

Chris further explains, "We had to make the challenge exciting. You will all attempt to cross the stage, one at a time. Whatever team has the most members cross the stage without getting hit wins the challenge."

Brad raises his hand and says, "Those paintballs better not disfigure me if I get hit. If so, you'll hear from my attorney." Brad is only wearing tights on his legs, and still no shirt.

Chris laughs and says, "Sure. Everyone get in position. We'll start with It's All Relative." The team gets into position to start the challenge. Chef pulls out two paintball guns. He smiles. Chris says, "You can begin whenever you're ready." Classical music begins playing.

Tamira pulls on her hair nervously. "I don't like this challenge. I don't want to get hit."

Lea says, "Don't worry. Just try your best. Those paintball things can't hurt that bad." Lea looks out on stage and smiles. She says, "I have to go." She leaps out on stage, and is immediately fired at with paintballs by Chef. She gracefully dodges the paintballs, but Chef doesn't give up. He fires after Lea, but misses every time. She successfully makes it across the stage. Her team applauds, and Lea bows from across the stage.

Tamira says, "That looked really easy." She steps out on stage and is immediately hit by paintballs. She whines, "Those paintball thingies hurt!" She walks off stage, and sits on one of the benches.

Wade tugs on the loosely fitting tights on his chest. He asks, "Who wants to try next?"

"I guess I will," Wayne volunteers. He leaps out on stage, and does some pirouettes, dodging paintballs. He leaps, and turns on the stage, dodging paintballs. He notices how close he is to the other side and leaps in the air. He does the splits as he lands, but comes just short of the other side of the stage. He looks worried, and is immediately struck in the chest by a paintball. He leans backward and eventually falls back, still doing the splits. He eventually gets up and takes a seat by Tamira.

Celia goes next, taking advantage of the props, as she hides behind them. She eventually makes it to the other side of the stage, without getting hit.

Wade tugs at his tights at his chest, and eventually pulls them down so only up to his waist is exposed. He explains to his team members, "I feel a little weird in that, sorry." He looks out on stage and says, "I guess I'll go next." He leaps on stage. He makes it halfway across the stage, and is hit by a paintball.

Chef looks up, and says, "I coulda swore I hit the boy." Wade looks down, realizing that the paintball blends in perfectly with his tattoos. He takes advantage of the confusion, and rushes to the other side of the stage.

Chris shrugs and says, "I guess you didn't hit him, after all, Chef." A tear comes to Chef's eye.

Francesca folds her arms and crosses the stage. She says, "I don't get why this challenge is supposed to be so difficult. It seems pretty easy to me." She makes it across the stage without being hit, despite Chef's efforts.

Reeve looks on, while Anders looks up toward the sky. Reeve smirks and pushes Anders on stage. Anders looks around and waves at the audience. He sees Chef aiming his paintball gun at him, and Anders suddenly becomes terrified. He looks around and hides behind the paper bush prop. It scarcely shields him as he has his arms over his head, and his eyes closed. His butt sticks up over the prop, and his legs stick out behind. Chef sticks out his tongue as he takes aim, and hits Anders in the butt with a paintball. "Ow!" Anders yelps. Wade approaches the stage and helps Anders to a bench.

Reeve looks around him, and sees that he is the member of It's All Relative remaining. He lets out a heavy sigh. He waddles sideways onto the stage, covering his crotch with his hands. Chef fires at him but misses. Brad chuckles at Reeve. Reeve angrily points at Brad and says, "You're going down when this challenge is over. You hear me?" He folds his arms and scowls, stopping walking. Chef aims at his stomach, but loses concentration when Brad coughs. The paintball fires, and hits Reeve directly in the crotch. Reeve's eyes widen, he grabs hold of the injured area, says, "Mommy!" in a high pitched voice, and falls backward.

Chef chuckles and says, "Now that's what I call a nutcracker suite..."

Wade rushes to the stage and says, "Reeve? Are you alright?" Reeve doesn't respond. Wade jumps on stage. He says, "Reeve passed out... I hope he's alright." Eduardo goes to help Wade carry Reeve offstage. Chef fires and hits Eduardo with a paintball.

Chris says, "Oh, did I forget to mention that it's The Black Sheep team's turn, now?" Chris shrugs. Eduardo sighs and lifts Reeve up and off the stage by himself. Wade follows after him.

Yesenia steps onto the stage. She says, "This is so not cool." She does a series of leaps across the stage and says, "Wheeee!" Chef tries to hit her but misses. She makes it to the other side, safely. Chef frowns.

Stefan steps out. He covers his crotch with his hands. He explains, "I don't want to end up like that guy." He gestures at Reeve with a nod of his head. Chef fires a shot at Stefan. He dodges it. He hides behind the bush prop. Chef aims carefully and fires at the bush prop. The thin paper rips as it is hit by the paintball. Stefan stands up and reveals that the purple paint sprayed all over his face. He sighs and steps off of the stage.

Hedda goes next. She jumps across the stage, gracefully. She hides behind the rock prop. Her hair visibly sticks out. Chef shoots her hair with a paintball. She looks up, sighs, and stands up. She says, "I hope this washes out."

Shaila attempts to march across the stage, but she is hit by a paintball. Kristy goes next, and she does a series of somersaults across the stage, crossing successfully.

Brad slaps Daniel's butt and says, "Go get 'em, tiger."

Daniel looks at Brad and says, "I worry about you, sometimes."

"Why?" Brad asks with confusion evident in his voice.

Daniel leaps on the stage. He looks around, and says, "Nature is way more beautiful than this set... And how many trees had to die to make these cheesy paper props? Whoever made this set should be ashamed of their lack of respect for nature, and lack of talent." He folds his arms.

Chef says tearfully, "How dare you!" He fires rapidly at Daniel, striking him all over with paintballs.

Daniel shouts, "Ow!" every time, until falling over.

Brad walks out and says, "Well, we lost. Challenge is over. No point in me even trying." Chef hits Brad in the pelvis with a paintball. "Ouch," Brad says with a frown. He looks down at a dazed Daniel, and helps him to his feet. Daniel limps as Brad helps him offstage.

Chris says, "As stated by Brad, The Black Sheep have lost the challenge. Meet me at the campfire ceremony, tonight. Congratulations to It's All Relative."

"Thanks, Chris," Wade starts. "It's really nice to finally..." Chris and Chef walk way from the area. Wade sighs. "So... Yeah."

Reeve opens his eyes and says in a high pitched voice, "I see a bright light at the end of the tunnel..."

Hedda takes Brad by the hand, and leads him into the woods. Yesenia whispers to Kristy, "Ooooh, look at the lovebirds."

Brad asks, "What do you want?"

Hedda explains, "Who do we vote out?"

"Joanna," Brad states.

"We can't," Hedda explains. "She's in the alliance."

"Since when?" Brad asks.

Hedda explains, "Since I let her be in it. Shaila, too... Well, sort of."

"This is my alliance," Brad says with a frown. "Who said you could make decisions like that?"

Hedda says sweetly, "Oh. I assumed I could. I'm sorry. I guess I'll go tell everyone your secret."

Brad says quickly, "No, no! It's fine that you let them in the alliance. But who do we vote out?"

"How about Nolan?" Hedda suggests.

"He's in the alliance, too," Brad explains.

Hedda blinks blankly. Brad puts his hand on his head. Hedda asks, "So the hotness alliance has everyone on the team in it?"

Brad sighs and says, "Yeah."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Welcome to your first elimination ceremony. One of you will be out of the competition, for good. The marshmallow means your life in the competition." Chris eyes up the contestants. He says, "Yesenia and Kristy, you're both safe." He tosses marshmallows to the girls.

"Eeeeeeeee!" Yesenia shouts. Everyone stares at her. She pounds her chest with her fist and says, "Uh... That's tight."

Chris says, "Daniel, here's your marshmallow." Daniel catches it.

Daniel says, "You know. Marshmallows have gelatin in them. I find them offensive. Crushed pig knuckles and ligaments isn't exactly the most appealing thing to be in a fluffy, 'innocent' treat." Yesenia spits out her marshmallow.

Chris shrugs and says, "Moving on. Here you go, Hedda." Hedda catches the marshmallow. "Brad." Brad smiles as he catches his marshmallow. He places the marshmallow on his abs and it melts. Chris announces, "Stefan, here you go." Stefan catches the marshmallow. "Joanna, you're safe." She catches her marshmallow. "The next one goes to... Nolan." Nolan frowns as he catches his marshmallow. He looks over at the bottom two. Chris says, "Shaila and Eduardo are our bottom two. One of you will be leaving. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Eduardo." Eduardo catches the marshmallow.

Shaila stands up and says, "I don't need this competition, anyway."

Hedda says, "If you just agreed to be in the alliance..."

"I don't need an alliance to stay in the game," Shaila says.

"Could that be why you're out of the game?" Brad asks as he rolls his eyes.

"Whatever," Shaila says. She walks over to the Boat of Losers.

Shaila says, while on the boat, "I guess I couldn't admit to myself that I needed some help to stay in the game longer, but to be honest, this game isn't for me. And to be really honest... I miss Levi so much. I guess I loved him a lot more than I thought I did, and I'm glad I saw that, since he's going to be my husband for many years to come. He's a great person, and he never gets mad at me, even when I'm stubborn." Shaila smiles. She says, "Wait, what was I talking about?" She shrugs and says nothing else.

Chris says, "Well, that's it for another episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness. What will happen next time? Who will be eliminated? Will Reeve speak normally, ever again? Find out next time!"

Chapter 5 - Male Model CitizensEdit

Chris Mclean smiles, revealing his big white teeth. He recaps, "Last time on Total... Drama... Wilderness, we subjected our contestants to a ballet challenge. We aren't completely heartless, so Chef Hatchet shot paintballs at the contestants as they tried to stealthily make their way across the stage... Poor, Reeve... Anyway, It's All Relative ended up winning their first challenge. On The Black Sheep, Hedda and Brad discovered that they had let everyone on their team be in their alliance. Ha ha! But in the end, Shaila was sent home for not really being committed to the alliance. What will happen in this episode? Be sure not to miss a single moment!"

It's All Relative is sitting outside of the cabins looking toward the location of the campfire ceremony. Wade asks, "Who do you guys think they're going to vote out?"

"I hope that Brad guy," Reeve says, still in a high pitched voice. Celia stifles laughter. Reeve glares at her.

Lea says, "I wish nobody had to be voted out."

Francesca states, "You know that would defeat the entire purpose of the competition, right?"

"They call me 'jelly bean'," Anders states with a smile. Most of It's All Relative laughs. Francesca sighs.

Wayne suggests, "Anyway, I think Shaila is going home. She didn't exactly seem like a team player."

Tamira giggles, twirls her hair around her finger, and says, "Oh, Wayne. You're, like, so observant!"

The members of The Black Sheep return to the cabins. Nearly everyone goes inside. Nolan says, "Hey, guys. We voted out Shaila."

Tamira wraps her arms around Wayne and says sweetly, "Oh, gosh, Wayne! You're just so smart!"

Wayne blushes a little and says, "Thanks."

"Um, okay," Nolan says in a confused manner.

The next scene shows that it is now morning. Most of the contestants are sitting at wooden picnic tables eating slop made by Chef Hatchet. Daniel stands near the others, but doesn't eat anything. Wade says to Stefan, who is sitting across the table from him, "So, Stefan. You remember how Yancy mentioned stories about you last season?" Stefan nods. "Were those true or not? I've been dying to know."

"They were true," Stefan confirms.

"Even the one where you bought a necktie for him instead of paying the water bill?" Wade asks in disbelief.

The others seated at the table look at Stefan. He blushes a little and says, "Yeah."

"Now that's just bad parenting," Joanna states. "I would know."

Stefan looks embarrassed and says, "You don't understand. It sounds weird, but the majority of the money I take home I put into Yancy's college fund. I want him to get an education like I never could have afforded for myself... The rest is for essentials, but when Yancy would want something, I couldn't say no to him."

Stefan admits in confessional, "I never went to college, but I sort of experienced the atmosphere. I worked as a janitor at a campus a few years ago. I did fit right in... Right into the trash bins that the frat boys would stuff me in. Basically... that job didn't work out."

Yesenia pokes the slop in front of her. She looks up at Daniel and asks, "Aren't you going to eat anything?"

"No, I'm good," Daniel states.

"You aren't even the least bit hungry?" Kristy asks with concern in her voice.

"I haven't seen you eat anything in the last few days," Eduardo admits. "Are you sure everything's okay?"

Daniel looks slightly annoyed. He insists, "I'm fine. Okay?" He walks off into the woods.

Yesenia says, "I bet you that guy is anorexic. Or 'Ana' as the cool kids are calling it."

"Yeah," Nolan agrees.

Brad says defensively, "You guys are just going to make assumptions about him without asking?"

"Pretty much," Francesca states with a nod.

Brad gets up, leaving his slop on the table. He walks in the direction that Daniel went in. He soon finds him resting against a tree. Brad asks, "Daniel. What's going on man? Why aren't you eating?"

"I'm not hungry," Daniel insists. His stomach growls loudly. Brad raises an eyebrow. Daniel looks embarrassed. He says, "Okay. I have a reason, but it's not as bad as it looks."

"What is it?" Brad asks.

"You have got to promise me that you won't tell the others," Daniel requests. "I don't want them thinking that I'm some kind of freak."

Brad says, "I promise I won't tell."

Daniel lets out a sigh. He says, "I'm a fruitarian."

Brad looks confused. He asks, "I don't think the others will care what religion you are."

"It's not a religion," Daniel replies. "It's sort of like a vegetarian, but different. It means different things to different people. For me, it means that I... only eat things that fall from a tree in a natural manner. It just feels wrong to me for a plant to die for people's benefit."

Brad has an eyebrow raised, and says, "Didn't you say that you were okay with trees being cut down and used as shelter?"

"Yeah," Daniel says quietly. "I lied."

"Why would you lie about something like that?" Brad asks.

"I didn't want the others to think that I wasn't," Daniel pauses, "normal."

Brad says with a frown, "Well, if that's what you believe, it shouldn't matter what the others think."

"I know," Daniel says quietly. "But I guess I just want to look cool..."

Brad asks, "So didn't you bring stuff you could eat with you?"

"Um," Daniel says quietly. "I was so focused on making a statement against materialism, that I kind of forgot. I usually prepare my own dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, but... I didn't this time. I didn't want to bring any belongings with me."

Brad puts his hand on the back of his head. He suggests, "Maybe we can find something?"

Daniel shrugs and says, "I don't know. I tried looking, but..." A bird is heard squawking above. Daniel and Brad look up, and it drops a sack into Daniel's hands. Daniel and Brad stare at the sack in disbelief. Daniel removes a note from it, and reads, "I sent you some food. You forgot to prepare ahead of time, bro. You wanted to make a statement, didn't you? Tsk tsk. - Sky Lynn." Brad and Daniel laugh, and leave the woods.

Hedda emerges from the bushes, wearing a hat with shrubbery on it. She writes something on her notepad, and says, "Fruitarian, huh?"

Hedda returns to where the others are gathered. Joanna asks, "Where have you been?"

"In the background," Hedda answers.

Chris, who is already there, says, "Well, it's challenge time! This one is about... male modeling!"

Brad excitedly exclaims, "Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!"

Tamira twirls her finger on Wayne's chest and says, "This challenge was made for you, handsome." Wayne blushes.

"Uh, no," Brad disagrees. "It was made for me."

Chris nods and says, "It was made for Brad." Brad sticks his tongue out at Tamira. "One person has to sit out from The Black Sheep." Brad points at Joanna. "Three male contestants from each team will compete in three categories. One will model evening wear, one will model casual clothing, and one will model underwear."

"I call dibs on underwear!" Brad proclaims. The others look at him with worried expressions.

Chris goes on, "The others will help with backstage stuff and wardrobe. Chef Hatchet and I will judge which person paired against the other will win the 'match' after they walk the runway. The show starts in an half hour." Chris walks away.

The Black Sheep gather together into a huddle. Kristy says, "Okay. We know Brad wants to wear underwear." Brad smiles. "Who wants to volunteer for the other two categories?"

Brad orders, "Eduardo gets evening wear, and Stefan gets casual." Eduardo and Stefan look like they're about to protest. Brad continues, "I know what I'm talking about." Nolan shrugs.

"Okay," Kristy says. "If everyone's okay with that, we'll go look at the wardrobe we have to work with." Everyone, but Daniel, begins walking toward the stage that had been set up for the challenge.

Brad pauses and looks back at Daniel. He walks back to him. Brad asks, "What's wrong, Dan?"

Daniel says quietly, "You don't think I'm pretty enough for this challenge?"

"Don't be silly," Brad says with a slight chuckle.

Daniel says, "So why did you have the other guys compete, and not me?"

Brad looks back to make sure no one else is listening. Brad admits, "Because. If we lose, which we won't, you won't take the blame. We both know that I'll win my part, one of the others will take the fall if we lose." Brad smirks.

Daniel nods and smiles. He says, "Thanks, man." The guys walk together behind the stage.

Hedda crawls out from under a bench, and writes something in her notepad.

The members of It's All Relative are gathered in their part of the backstage area. Wade holds up the small white briefs that were provided for the underwear modeling challenge. Wade says, "Okay, there's no way I'm modeling these." He hands them to Wayne.

Wayne looks at the pair of briefs. He says, "Uh... I don't feel comfortable modeling these."

"But you'd look great in them!" Tamira assures with a smile.

Francesca states dryly, "Besides. Everyone already saw that video of you that leaked on the internet with you dancing intoxicated in the street in your underwear. This can't be much worse than that." Wayne's face turns red.

"You looked great in that video, baby," Tamira insists.

"I'd rather not," Wayne insists. He looks at Reeve. "How about..."

"Haven't I suffered, enough?" Reeve asks, his voice back to normal.

Celia nods and says, "Reeve should be allowed to sit out of the challenge, after what happened yesterday. I'm sure we can all agree on that."

Reeve nods and says, "Besides, modeling is for girls."

"I heard that!" Brad shouts through the curtain that separates the teams.

"But who else do we..." Wade begins.

Anders states, "I am sad boy. My tears fill a hundred bathtubs." Reeve, Wayne, and Wade look at each other and smirk.

Wayne hands Anders the briefs and says, "Here, Anders. Put these on." Anders looks down at the underwear with raised eyebrows.

On the other side, Brad is changed into his pink briefs for the challenge. He looks down and says, "Man, I look good." He looks around him, and sees that he's the only one on his team changed. He walks over to the curtain and opens it slightly to peek at the other team. Anders is standing in the white briefs, by himself, looking embarrassed.

Brad's face looks flushed. He goes back to where he was formerly standing. Kristy walks up to him and says, "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"It was Anders," Brad says quietly.

Kristy raises an eyebrow. She says, "I know he's pale, but he's not actually a ghost."

"Rub it in, why don't you," Brad says defensively. "The other team chose Anders for the underwear modeling."

"Great," Kristy says. "You'll win for sure!"

Brad says woefully, "Anders is incredibly pale and lanky..."

"Um," Kristy says with a confused expression. "And that's a problem, why?"

"You know nothing," Brad says as he begins crying. "In the male modeling world, pale is the new tan." Kristy raises her eyebrow, again. "And the lanky, emaciated look is huge..."

"Okay," Kristy says with confusion in her voice, "what?"

"It's true," Brad says as he cries into his hands. "Anders is going to win this challenge. I might as well give up."

Kristy says, "Look, you're an incredibly good looking guy."

"I am?" Brad asks.

"Yeah," Kristy assures. "I mean, you're always telling us that."

"That's true," Brad says between sobs.

Kristy goes on, "Giving up is the last thing you should do. Doing something, anything, is better than giving up."

"You're right!" Brad exclaims with a blank expression.

Kristy says, "Okay, well. I have to go help the others, don't give up." Kristy walks back behind a curtain.

"I should do something," Brad says as he hits his hand with his fist. He sneaks over to the other team's side, and sees Anders standing alone. He walks up to him and grabs his hand.

Anders states, "Jag är inte till det." The caption reads, "I am not into that."

Brad drags Anders toward the runway. He points to it and pushes Anders forward. Brad says, "Show me what you got." Anders looks at Brad with a confused expression, but he begins walking down the runway. He returns to Brad, and Brad shakes his head in a disappointed manner. Brad then runs down the runway at full speed, and back. He gives Anders two thumbs up, and Anders nods. Brad says, "That's why they call it a runway, dude."

Anders says, "Jag har sett modevisningar, före, i mitt hemland. De gör saker mycket annorlunda, här." The caption reads, "I have seen fashion shows, before, in my homeland. They do things much differently, here."

To begin the challenge, Chris is on stage. He states, "The show we've all been waiting for is about to begin." Chef is shown sitting in the audience wearing a flamboyant hat and a scowl. Chris says, "We'll begin the show with Brad." Brad confidently struts down the runway.

Backstage, Eduardo tugs on the collar of his nice tuxedo. Nolan asks him, "Hey, Eddy. Is everything okay?"

Eduardo says, "I don't know. I'm really nervous. I never modeled, before."

Nolan frowns. He says, "Believe in yourself more, dudebro. You do bodybuilding contests, right?" Eduardo nods. Nolan explains, "This is just like that!" Eduardo nods.

Anders is shown running down the runway and back. Chef and Chris look on with wide eyes. Anders and Brad walk back on stage. Chris looks at Anders and asks, "What in the world, dude?" Anders looks at Chris blankly. Chris announces, "Chef and I have unanimously decided that Brad wins this part of the challenge for his team." Brad pumps his fists.

Anders walks back to his team. Francesca stares at the monitor that shows the runway. She looks up at Anders and asks, "What was that?"

Anders looks confused. Reeve says, "I'll tell you what it was. It was an idiot ruining the challenge for us." Anders looks down. He walks toward the curtain that leads outside, and attempts to walk through it, but fails to find an opening in the curtain. Reeve sighs and says, "That guy is so stupid." Anders finally finds the opening in the curtain and walks out.

Celia looks disappointed. She says, "You were a little harsh with him."

"Oh, please," Reeve says, as he rolls his eyes. "It's not like he can understand me, anyway."

Stefan is shown walking down the runway in casual wear. He looks fairly stiff as he walks down the runway in a typical tennis outfit. Wayne walks down the runway in a pink blazer, and white shorts. He reaches the end of the runway and winks. Chef giggles. Chris glares at him. The two contestants finish their runway walk. Chris announces, "The winner of this one is... Wayne. Nice job, Wayne. You stole Chef's heart." Chris glares at Wayne and whispers, "I hate you." Wayne and Stefan look concerned, and walk backstage.

Backstage, Brad says, "Okay, Eduardo. It's your turn. Knock 'em dead."

Eduardo says, "I think my suit is a little tight."

Brad frowns. He states, "It's not a model's job to complain. A model's job is to... model. You wear what you're given, and deal with it." Eduardo's skin squeaks as he nods. Brad tries to push Eduardo toward the runway. Eduardo doesn't move for a few moments. He walks toward it, and Brad falls to the ground.

Eduardo steps out on stage, and gulps. He walks halfway down the runway and stops. He flexes his muscles, holding his hands and pushing his arms forward. A look of concern comes across his face as he hears something ripping. He continues to walk down the rest of the runway. He stops at the end of the runway and holds his arms up, flexing his biceps. His suit jacket and shirt burst. A now shirtless Eduardo walks back down the runway and backstage in an embarrassed manner. Brad has his hand on his forehead when Eduardo makes it backstage.

"That was interesting," Chris says quietly.

Wade walks onstage and he is blushing. He holds his head down as he walks down the runway. He trips and falls, and his lip ring gets caught on the fabric on the side of the stage. "A little help, here?" Wade requests in a muffled voice. Chef walks over and pulls out a butcher's knife. Wade's eyes widen, and he lets out a muffled scream. Chef cuts a part of the fabric, so Wade can stand up. Chef's eyes widen as he sees the wet front of Wade's pants. Wade runs backstage.

Wade holds his hands over his head in confessional, "That was the most embarrassing experience of my life... I seriously thought Chef was going to kill me." Wade looks down to see the piece of fabric still attached to his lip ring. He pulls it off, and blushes.

Both teams, excluding Anders, are standing in front of Chris and Chef. Chris states, "That was a very peculiar final part of the challenge..." Eduardo and Wade look down in embarrassed ways. Chris says, "The results of the challenge had to be decided... The winner of the last model walk is... Eduardo." Eduardo looks on in disbelief. The Black Sheep cheer. Nolan hugs Eduardo, and his muscles squeak. Eduardo blushes and shrugs Nolan off of him. Chris states, "That means that It's All Relative has to vote out another person." The team collectively sighs. Chris continues, "Meet me in an hour." Chris walks off with Chef.

It's All Relative gathers together. "I think we know who we have to vote for," Reeve states.

Lea nods and says, "This competition is too hard for Anders. I feel bad for him, though."

Francesca says, "He didn't know what he was doing was wrong. I say we give him another chance."

Celia looks at Francesca with wide eyes. She asks, "Aren't you the one who can't stand him?"

"I never said that," Francesca states. "I just said that I don't find him funny."

Wade suggests, "Someone should look for him. I have to go... get changed."

Everyone walks to their cabins, but Francesca. She sighs and walks toward the water. Anders is sitting on the ground. He had changed into his clothes. He looks up at Francesca, and then back at the water. He quietly says, "Idiot."

Francesca frowns and asks, "You understood him?"

Anders lifts his glasses, and wipes a tear from his eyes. He says, "Jag vet vad det ordet är. Vi har samma ord i mitt hemland." The caption read, "I know what that word is. We have the same word in my homeland."

Francesca looks at him blankly. She says, "You never understand what you're saying in English, right?" Francesca looks at the water. "That's why I never laugh at what you say. You don't know what embarrassing things you're saying."

Anders says, "Tillbaka i mitt hemland, ingen någonsin kallat mig en 'idiot'." The caption reads, "Back in my homeland, no one ever called me an idiot." He goes on, "Jag flyttade hit, och jag blev plötsligt en gigantisk idiot." The caption reads, "I moved here, and I suddenly became a giant idiot."

Francesca puts her hand on Anders back. He looks at her. She says, "It has to be hard, not knowing what's going on around you, and everyone else looking down on you." Francesca lets out a slight smile. She says, "Let's try voting out Reeve." She repeats, "Reeve."

Anders looks into Francesca's eyes. He smiles sweetly and says, "I would like for you to show me your boobies." Francesca's eyes widen. She slaps Anders across the face, stands, and walks away. Anders puts his hand on the stinging red mark on his face. He says to himself, "Vem visste 'jag skulle vilja lära känna dig bättre' var så kränkande, här." The caption reads, "Who knew 'I would like to get to know you better' was so offensive, here." Anders looks thoughtful for a few moments, and then looks down, sadly.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris states, "One of you has been voted out. When you have not received your marshmallow, you must immediately leave the campfire ceremony area, and leave on the Boat of Losers." Chris looks around, shifting his eyebrows. He states, "Lea, Celia, Francesca, and Tamira, you're all safe." He tosses marshmallows out to the young ladies. "Wayne, you looked awesome today," Chris states. He tosses a marshmallow to a worried looking Wayne. Tamira kisses Wayne on the cheek. Chris eyes up the three remaining guys. He says, "The next marshmallow is for..." Chris pauses dramatically. "Reeve." Reeve catches the marshmallow. "Our bottom two is Wade and Anders. The final marshmallow is for..."

"Wade." Wade catches his marshmallow.

Anders looks around at the others. He stands up. Chris says, "Sorry, Anders. Um... You can go now."

Anders looks at the Boat of Losers and walks toward it. He looks back at his former teammates, and then looks down at the ground.

Once on the boat, Anders says quietly, "Denna tävling var svårare än jag trodde det skulle vara. Jag upptäckte att min vän som hävdade att hjälpa mig att lära mig engelska inte var en sann vän." The caption reads, "That contest was harder than I thought it would be. I did discover that my friend who claimed to be helping me learn English was not a true friend." Anders lets out a deep sigh.

Chris states, "That's it for another episode. Be sure to tune in next time for another Total... Drama... Wilderness."

Chapter 6 - Hostile MakeoverEdit

"Hello," Chris Mclean states, "and welcome to another thrilling episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness! If you'll remember what happened last time, we had a modeling challenge for boys. Brad tricked Anders into running down the runway in his part of the challenge. Wayne won his match-up against Stefan. And Eduardo's busted shirt outdid Wade tripping, getting his lip ring caught on the stage, and then wetting himself when Chef Hatchet went to help him. Overall, a pretty epic runway show. In the end, Anders lack of communication ended up sending him home, which brings us to this episode. Who will do something that will get them eliminated this time on Total... Drama... Wilderness?"

Reeve and Wade are sitting together at the site of the campfire ceremony. Wade says, "I'm really sorry about my performance in the challenge."

"Whatever, dude," Reeve says. "You did horribly, but Anders had to go."

"Was there much discussion on sending me home?" Wade asks.

Reeve says nervously, "Uh, a little."

"How little?" Wade asks.

Reeve confesses, "It was going to be you."

"I see," Wade states with a nod. "Why wasn't it?"

"I kind of talked everyone out of it," Reeve admits.

"Wow!" Wade lets out. "Thanks, man. I didn't know you liked me so much."

Reeve says gruffly, "I don't. Okay? I just thought Anders would mess up more in future challenges."

"Suuuuure," Wade says playfully. Wade stands up. He says, "I think we should head back." Reeve nods and stands up. Wade looks at him for a second and hugs him tight. "Thanks, again."

Reeve looks embarrassed and says, "Uh... yeah." He gently pats Wade on the back. "You can let go, now."

Wade lets go. He says, "See? Isn't hugging magical?" Wade's eyes sparkle.


Reeve raises an eyebrow and says, "If I catch you hugging me, again, you may end up in intensive care."

"Why?" Wade asks. They begin walking back.

Reeve explains, "Because real men don't hug other dudes. Hugging is for grandmas and babies."

Wade laughs and says, "Yes, sir."

Celia who is standing by herself outside looks at the two guys and says, "Hey."

"Hey," Wade replies.

Reeve looks down at the ground. He says, "About earlier. There's something I wanted to say to you."

"To me?" Celia asks.

Reeve nods. He says, "About when you helped the team decide to sit me out of the challenge."

"Yeah?" Celia asks.

Reeve states, "I... um... I don't need your help, okay? I can defend myself."

Celia looks slightly taken aback. She says, "Um, okay?"

Wade looks embarrassed. He says, "He doesn't mean that. He meant to say 'thank you'."

Reeve says, "No, I didn't. I meant what I said." Reeve walks into the guys' cabin.

"What's up with that guy?" Celia asks when looking after Reeve.

Wade looks at Celia. She turns to him, and he quickly looks away from her. He says, "He's just really... I don't know... masculine? He likes to seem like a real man guy. Don't let it get to you. He's a nice guy deep down, despite his gruff exterior."

"You think so?" Celia asks.

Wade nods gently and says, "Sure."

Eduardo is shown sitting next to a sleeping Nolan. Nolan begins to shake in his sleep, and he lets out a whimper. Eduardo grabs hold of Nolan by the shoulders, and begins shaking him. Nolan wakes up and says, "Wha... what's going on? Is it another earthquake, momma?" Nolan looks at Eduardo and says, "You're not momma. What's going on?"

Eduardo explains, "You were about to have another night terror."

"Oh," Nolan says. "And you prevented it by waking me up?" Eduardo nods. "Thanks, man."

Eduardo says, "I'm really worried about you in this competition."

"What for?" Nolan asks.

"I think the others don't view you as part of the team, because you're so isolated," Eduardo explains. "I think you deserve to be here more than anyone else. I don't want you to get voted out for your problem."

Nolan asks, "But what can I do?"

Eduardo shrugs. He says, "Try to be more of a part of the team, I guess."

"But how, dude?" Nolan asks.

"You'll think of something, I'm sure," Eduardo replies.

"Thanks, dude," Nolan says. "Thanks for talking with me."

"Sure," Eduardo says. He looks down at the ground. "I was wondering. Have you heard of post traumatic stress disorder?"

"Well, yeah," Nolan says. "That's what I have."

"You mean, you know?" Eduardo asks.

Nolan nods, "I went and got all mentally evaluated, or whatever. The psychiatrist told me what it was. How did you know what it is?"

Eduardo admits, "I'm going to school to become a psychiatrist. I got into school on my athletic merit, but I really want to be able to use my education to help people."

"Hey," Nolan says, "that's really cool."

"Thanks," Eduardo says, while blushing.

"You're going to make one awesome psychiatrist, dude," Nolan states. Nolan extends his arm toward Eduardo. Eduardo stands, abruptly.

Eduardo says, "Thanks. I better get back to the cabin. See you, later."

"See you," Nolan says quietly, as Eduardo walks away. The ground shakes as he walks. Hedda falls out of a tree as Eduardo walks past it. He doesn't notice her. She intently writes something down in her notepad.

In the morning, Lea is sitting outside. She sings to herself. Little animals begin gathering toward her as she sings.

Inside the guys' cabin, Stefan's eyes open. He listens to Lea's voice from outside. He looks around and spots the hole that Eduardo punched through the wall. He crawls on Eduardo to get a look outside. Stefan smiles softly. Eduardo's eyes open. His eyes widen, as he sees Stefan kneeling on his stomach. Stefan looks at Eduardo and says, "Uh... Good morning." Eduardo grabs hold of Stefan's neck. Stefan says in a muffled voice, "It's not what it looks like." Eduardo tosses Stefan to the floor with great ease. Stefan stands up and says, "Sorry. I was just trying to get a better look outside."

Brad wakes up and says, "What's going on?" Daniel wakes up, as well. He yawns. Brad barks, "Don't yawn! You'll make me yawn, and I can't get yawn marks!"

Daniel laughs and says, "You're such a girl."

In the It's All Relative guys' room, Wade is standing in his boxers that are marked with an 'M'. Wayne wakes up. He looks at Wade. Wayne says, "Hey, Wade."

Wade jumps. He looks at Wayne and says, "Oh, good morning, man."

Wayne stares at Wade. He looks at his tattooed legs. He asks, "You're tattooed all over?"

Wade blushes, and begins getting dressed. He says, "Yeah, pretty much."

"Didn't that hurt?" Wayne asks.

Wade says, "Yeah, a little. I have a pretty high tolerance of pain, though."

Wayne gets out of his bed, and adjusts his silk boxer shorts. He says, "I could never get tattoos, I don't think. My skin is pretty..."

"I'll say," a female voice states.

Wayne and Wade look over to see Tamira standing in the guys' room. Wayne shouts, "What are you doing in here?" He grabs two pillows and covers his body with them.

Tamira smiles and says, "I came to see you, silly! And I'm glad it was worth it." Wayne blushes.

Wayne says, "Uh, I'll come outside when I'm done getting dressed."

"'Kay 'kay," Tamira answers. She stands still.

"Uh," Wayne says, "can I get some privacy?"

Tamira says, "Wade?"

Wade says, "I think he was talking to you."

"Oh," Tamira says. She rolls her eyes and giggles. "Oh, gosh, Wayne. You're so shy! That's so cute." She giggles as she walks out of the room.

Wade says, "That girl freaks me out, how about you?"

Reeve says from his bed, "Why do you think I was pretending to be sleeping?"

Wayne says quietly, "Yeah."

In The Black Sheep girls' cabin, Yesenia sighs. Hedda whips out her notepad. "What's wrong, honey?" Hedda asks.

Yesenia says, "I don't know."

Joanna looks at Yesenia. She says, "Yeah. I see what's wrong. You're homesick."

"I am?" Yesenia asks.

Joanna nods. She says, "You must have a home worth going back to."

"Yeah," Yesenia says. "I guess I do miss my family, a little. I mean, I'm not homesick. Cool people don't get homesick."

Kristy laughs and says, "It's nothing to be ashamed about. I'm sure all of us are a little homesick." Joanna laughs.

Outside, Chris is standing with a megaphone. He shouts into it, "It's time for your challenge!" The contestants gather outside. Chris announces, "Your next challenge is a makeover challenge! This challenge is based on Celia. Celia is a hairstylist and makeup artist."

"She is?" Reeve asks.

Chris nods. He says, "You'll pick one person to serve an important role in the challenge."

Francesca states, "Well, since Celia already has experience with this sort of thing, I say we choose her." The rest of the team nods.

Chris says, "Alright. How about The Black Sheep?" The members of the team look at each other.

Nolan excitedly says, "I'll do it!"

"What!?" Brad shouts. "Do you have experience with doing makeovers?"

Nolan says, "Uh... Yes?"

"Really?" Reeve asks, looking worriedly at Nolan.

Chris states, "Well, if he does," Chris looks up and down at Nolan, "which I doubt from the way he dresses, it doesn't matter." Chris grabs two collars from the side and hands them to Nolan and Celia. He says, "Put these on."

The two put on the collars. Nolan says, "What is this fo..." Nolan stops talking, as he shakes uncontrollably.

Chris laughs. "These are shock collars."

Nolan shouts, "What?!" He gets shocked, again.

Chris laughs. He says, "The two people you selected are who you will be giving makeovers to. These collars give out a shock whenever the contestant wearing them speaks. If I get the signal that one of them spoke during the challenge, the team is automatically disqualified." The rest of It's All Relative looks at Celia in a worried manner. "Ha ha! They get absolutely no say in the makeover."

"That's not fair!" Lea states. "Celia is our only hope in this challenge."

Stefan agrees, "Yeah."

"Dude, wrong team," Nolan reminds. He gets shocked.

"What all do we have to makeover?" Yesenia asks.

Chris states, "Hair, makeup, and clothing. Two tents have been set up with all the supplies you need." Chris points to the tents. "We'll get started once The Black Sheep decide on two people to sit out."

Reeve says in an annoyed tone, "What's with all these girly challenges?"

Joanna says, "Yeah."

Brad sighs and states, "We'll sit out Joanna and Stefan."

Stefan shrugs and says, "I'm okay with that."

Chris says, "Okay. You can all head into your tents. From this moment on, if Nolan or Celia utter a single word, the challenge is over. Otherwise, you have an hour for your makeovers."

The contestants head over to their tents. It's All Relative heads into their tent. Reeve stands outside. Wade asks, "Dude, what are you doing? Get in here."

Reeve says, "Last time I checked, I'm not a girl." He frowns. "There's no way on earth I'm taking part in this challenge."

Wade lets out a light sigh. He says, "Okay, dude, if that's what you want." Wade goes inside the tent.

The Black Sheep, minus Joanna and Stefan, are inside their tent. "There's nothing but dresses in here, for clothes," Kristy observes.

Brad says, "Aw, man. Why did Nolan have to volunteer for this?" Nolan looks down.

Eduardo says, "We can't blame him. He didn't know what he was agreeing to do."

"Yeah, you're right," Kristy agrees. "We'll just have to work with what we have."

Brad rubs his chin. He says, "My chin is sexy." He then says, "Chris never said anything about using clothes from somewhere else. Nolan is way chunkier than I am." Nolan glares at Brad. Brad eyes up Daniel and Eduardo. He says, "I'm guessing that you guys didn't pack anything that's actually fashionable."

"Environmentally friendly clothing leaves no room for fashion," Daniel states.

Brad says, "We'll worry about clothes, later. Right now, let me fix that hair problem." Nolan silently glares at Brad. Brad pulls a bottle of hair gel from his pocket.

"You carry that everywhere you go?" Hedda asks, with her notepad out.

Brad nods, "Ch'yeah. You never know when your hair might suddenly get limp and lifeless." He removes Nolan's cap and shudders. "Hat hair." Brad gags. "I'll see what I can do, but don't get your hopes up." Brad puts some gel in his hands and starts styling Nolan's hair.

In the other team's tent, some of the female contestants work on picking out clothing for Celia, and Tamira works on her makeup. Francesca states, "These dresses have to be some of the most ugly I've ever seen." She holds up a gaudy, magenta dress.

"They're all we have," Lea admits. "We just have to work with what we were given."

Tamira says, "There! All finished!" She steps back, and puts her arms around Wayne. She says, "Do you like it Waynie-poo?"

Wayne cringes at looking at Celia. He says, "Uh, sure." Celia is made up with bright blue eye shadow, dark rouge, and dark purple lipstick.

Tamira hugs Wayne and says, "You're so sweet! But I know I'm good at doing makeup."

"Right," Wayne says quietly.

Wade nudges Wayne's arm. He whispers so only Wayne can hear, "Dude, that girl is trouble." Wayne nods gently.

Francesca hands Celia a gaudy green dress. She says, "Put this on. It's the least ugly dress."

Celia looks at it with a worried expression. Wade and Wayne walk out to give Celia some privacy. Tamira follows after Wayne.

In the other team's tent, Brad states, "All done." The others look at Brad and then at Nolan, then at Brad, and back to Nolan.

Kristy says, "Um. You made his hair look just like yours."

"I know!" Brad says excitedly. "He looks awesome, right? I mean, not as awesome as I do." Brad laughs. "We all know that that isn't possible."

"Right," Kristy says quietly.

"Now to work on his clothes," Brad says as he rubs his chin. He steps out of the tent. He sees Wayne and approaches him. Brad says, "Hey, dude. Can I borrow your shirt?"

Wayne says, "What? No!"

Tamira puts her hands around Wayne's arm and says, "Aw, let him borrow it. I want to see your mus-kles some more." Wayne blushes. "Please?" Tamira asks with wide eyes.

Wayne sighs. He unbuttons his shirt and hands it to Brad. Brad smiles and says, "Thanks for helping us win this challenge." He walks off. He walks back and says, "Can I borrow your pants, too?"

Wayne blushes and says, "No!"

Brad says, "Aw, come on."

Wayne sighs. He says, "I have a few extra pairs among my things. I'll go get you a pair." Wayne walks off. He comes back a little while later. He hands Brad a pair of pants.

Brad walks off and says, "Thanks, sucker. Heh heh."

Wade says, "Dude, why did you help him?"

Wayne shrugs. Tamira explains, "Because he's a nice widdle boopdy boop!" She squeezes Wayne's cheeks with one hand and his lips stick out.


Lea and Francesca walk out of their tent. Lea states, "We're all done."

The teammates rush into the tent. Celia is standing inside with her hair in pigtails, in the gaudy green dress, and way too much makeup. Wade winces as he says, "You look beautiful." Most of the others nod.

Reeve says, "What? Are you all out of your minds? She looks like a train wreck." Celia frowns.

"Like you can talk," Francesca states. "You didn't even take part of the challenge."

"Um, yeah," Reeve states. "This is not a guy challenge."

Lea says in an annoyed tone, "It is, too. Lots of guys give makeovers."

Reeve laughs. He says, "Right. Those guys. I'm just saying, there's no way we're winning this challenge."

"Well, whatever," Tamira says. "We know if we lose, you're the one going home."

"What?" Reeve says, slightly surprised. "This wasn't my fault."

"Right," Francesca says. "While you were so busy acting like a macho man, we all at least tried to do the challenge."

Reeve looks down at the ground. He looks up at the clock, and sees there is still an half hour left for the challenge. He says, "Everyone get out. I need to talk with Wade." The others start walking out of the room. Reeve reaches up and grabs hold of Celia's wrist. He shakes his head, and she stops walking. Once everyone is outside, Reeve whispers, "You two have to promise me that what you are about to see does not leave this tent, okay?"

"Huh?" Wade says. "Why?"

Reeve says casually, "Because if you do, I'll freakin' kill you." He turns to Celia and says, "And if you say anything, I'll..." Celia looks at Reeve with a worried expression in her eyes. He continues, "I'll be disappointed."

"Hey!" Wade protests. Reeve glares at Wade. Wade says, "I'll promise not to say anything... If you agree not to ever vote me out of the competition, no matter what."

Reeve narrows his eyes at Wade and says, "Oh, you're good. Fine. I won't vote for you." He looks at Celia and asks, "Do you promise?" Celia nods.

Reeve walks over to the clothing rack. He stares at it for a few minutes. "What is he doing?" Wade asks. Celia shakes her head.

Reeve walks back with two dresses. He says, "The top on this one," he holds up a gaudy red and black dress, "isn't so bad. Agreed?" Celia nods. He holds up the other dress and says, "The bottom of this one is really pretty, right?" Celia nods. Reeve smiles. He takes one of the dresses and tears it at the middle.

Wade's eyes widen. He says, "Dude, what are you doing?"

Reeve doesn't stop to explain. He tears the other dress in two. He hands one of the torn skirts and one of the torn tops to Celia. He says, "Put these on." He turns around. Wade stares at Celia. Reeve grabs Wade's head and turns it around. Celia taps the guys on the shoulders when she's done. They turn around. Reeve nods. He heads back to the clothing rack and removes a wide black belt that was around one of the dresses. He hands it to Celia. She nods, and puts it on to cover the torn areas.

Wade stares in disbelief. He says, "Wow, that dress looks amazing. Dude, you're good at that."

Reeve looks to the side and quietly says, "Thanks."

"But what about the hair and makeup?" Wade asks.

Reeve walks up to Celia. He puts his fingers on his chin. He says, "Your hair is nice the way it is, normally. I won't cut it, but I'll style it differently so there are no complaints that we didn't do anything." Reeve stands behind Celia and takes down her pigtails. He puts her hair up in a very professional and neat looking bun. He looks at Celia's face. Grabs a washcloth, dips it in a prepared basin of water, and wipes the makeup of her eyelids and cheeks. He starts to gently apply makeup to her face. He looks at the clock. He says, "One minute left."

Wade continues staring in disbelief. "Dude, you're amazing. It's like you're on god mode."

"Shut up," Reeve says. He looks down. "A man isn't supposed to be good at stuff like that. That's why you can't tell the others."

Wade says, "But you're awesome! You should be proud of your talent." Reeve sadly looks Wade in the eyes. Wade says quietly, "Okay. You don't have to say anything if you don't want to." Wade looks at Celia. He says, "You forgot about her lipstick."

Reeve looks at Celia. He says, "It's way too dark." He looks at the clock and says, "But I don't have time to wipe it off and reapply it." Reeve walks over to Celia, leans down, and kisses her. Celia's eyes widen. Reeve pulls away. He looks down at Celia's lips and says, while blushing, "There. That's a lot better." Celia's lips are a bit less dark. Wade looks to the side.

Chris announces from outside, "The challenge is over! Please bring out your makeover recipients."

Brad leads Nolan out of their tent. Reeve and Wade walk out with Celia.

"Holy cow!" Lea exclaims. "Celia looks amazing! What happened?" Celia glares at Lea.

Reeve lies, "It turns out that Wade is really good at that girly stuff." Reeve looks at Wade and says, "Right, Wade?" Wade nods gently. "He was a little embarrassed about it, but he came through for us."

Daniel looks closely at Reeve. He says, "Dude. Are you wearing lipstick?"

Reeve quickly says, "No!" He wipes his mouth with his arm.

Wade states, "I used Reeve as a test model for the makeup." Reeve glares at Wade. Wade smiles widely and gives Reeve two thumbs up.

Nolan and Celia walk up to Chris. Nolan waddles, on account of the tight pants. Chris eyes up both contestants. He looks at Nolan's shirt that is not tucked in. He says, "You mind pulling your shirt up?" Nolan shakes his head. Chris commands, "Lift it up." Nolan blushes as he raises the shirt, revealing that the pants are unbuttoned, and his stomach is spilling over the top of the tight pants. Chris laughs and nods. He says, "I have to admit. Both teams did really well, but there's just no way around it. It's All Relative wins this challenge!" The team cheers. Wayne, Lea, and Reeve pat Wade on the back. Wade looks at Reeve and then down at the ground. Chris goes on, "I'll meet The Black Sheep at the campfire ceremony, later tonight." He leaves the area.

Brad sighs. He says, "Who knew that Wade guy was a genius at this?" Hedda grabs Brad by the arm and drags him into the woods.

Kristy says, "They do that a lot, don't they?"

"Young love," Joanna states. "It makes me a little queasy." Joanna has a sudden worried look on her face. She says, "It better not be morning sickness."

In the woods, Hedda says, "We need to vote out Yesenia."

"Yesenia?" Brad asks. "Why her?"

"She said she was homesick," Hedda explains. "To me, that's better reason than any."

Brad says, "Um... I don't really feel comfortable voting for her."

"What?" Hedda asks. "Why not?"

Brad looks flustered. He says, "No... no reason."

"Okay," Hedda states. "Yesenia it is." She walks out of the woods. Brad looks up after Hedda, and then at the ground.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris announces, "This is your second appearance at an elimination ceremony. The first person safe is Brad." Brad smiles as he catches his marshmallow, causing a bright flash of light through the dark night. Chris continues, "Kristy and Stefan, the two of you are safe, as well." Chris tosses out two marshmallows.

Stefan catches both marshmallows and gently hands one to Kristy. Kristy smiles and says, "Thanks." Stefan blushes.

Chris announces, "Eduardo." Chris tosses Eduardo a marshmallow. "Daniel." Chris tosses him a marshmallow. Daniel folds his arms, as the marshmallow whizzes past his head. "Joanna." Joanna catches her marshmallow. Nolan nervously looks at Hedda and Yesenia. Chris says, "Nolan, you're safe." Chris throws a marshmallow to him. It slaps him in the face.

Nolan says in disbelief, "I am? Sweetness!"

Chris looks at Hedda and Yesenia. He says, "One of you will not receive a marshmallow." Hedda looks at Brad with a worried expression. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Hedda." Chris tosses a marshmallow to her.

Yesenia says, "Okay, that is so not cool!"

Joanna says in a gruff manner, "Go home to mommy and daddy."

"This is about me being homesick?" Yesenia says.

Eduardo looks confused. He says, "But she won't be going home. She'll go to the loser resort for the duration of the contest."

Brad and Hedda look at each other with confused expressions. Brad says, "I only agreed to vote for her, because I thought the was going straight home."

Chris says, "Okay, seriously?"

Yesenia sighs. She says, "Bye, everyone. This was super duper fun! I mean, I had a pretty dope time out here, while it lasted." She puts her hand in a sideways peace sign. "Peace!" She walks off to the Boat of Losers.

Yesenia sits on the boat. She shrugs and says, "Yeah. I had a pretty good time. I wish it lasted longer, though. Oh, well."

Chris looks at the contestants. He says, "You can all go back to your cabins, now." He turns toward the camera and says, "What will happen next time? Be sure to tune into the next installment of Total... Drama... Wilderness, to find out."

Chapter 7 - Platformers, More Than Meets the EyeEdit

Chris Mclean says, "Hello, all you faithful viewers... and unfaithful ones. Thanks for tuning into another episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness! Last time, we had a makeover challenge. Reeve secretly did the makeover on his team, not wanting the others to know that he was a big girlie man. Celia, the recipient of the makeover, and Wade, a guy who was randomly present, promised not to tell the others that Reeve did the makeover. In the end, Reeve's makeover beat out the other team's makeover of Nolan. Yesenia was the one eliminated for feeling homesick, even though she didn't get to return home. What will happen on today's episode? Who will be eliminated? Find out the answers to all two of these questions, now!"

Hedda says in confessional, "I really need to know what happened to Nolan that made him such a mess. I've decided to interfere, like any good columnist would. I will find out his secret!" Hedda slams her fist down into her hand.

Hedda walks behind Eduardo who is on his way back to his cabin along with his male teammates. She grabs hold of his wrist and stops walking. Eduardo fails to notice that Hedda grabbed hold of him, and walks another five yards, before Hedda says, "Um... Eduardo? Can we talk?"

Eduardo turns around. He states, "Oh, hi, Hedda. I'm not sure. What did you want to talk about?"

"Nolan," Hedda states. "I'm concerned about him. Didn't he seem a little sad during the elimination?"

Eduardo thinks back. He says, "No, not really."

"Ah," Hedda sighs. "You must not have noticed. I think it would be best if you went to talk with him."

Eduardo shrugs. He says, "If you think I should, then I guess I will." Eduardo walks off in Nolan's direction.

"Excellent," Hedda says to herself with a smirk.

"What's excellent?" Kristy, who randomly appears next to Hedda, asks. Kristy looks at what Hedda was looking at, Eduardo walking off. Kristy looks concerned. She says, "I thought you were going out with Brad?" Hedda blushes and disappears into the darkness. Kristy shrugs and walks into her cabin.

Celia is shown swimming in the nearby lake. Wade walks by, looks out at the water, and sits down. He blushes slightly as he watches Celia. She eventually steps out of the water. She says, "Oh, hey, Wade."

"Hey," Wade replies.

"What are you doing out here?" Celia asks. She sits down next him.

He answers, "Oh, I was just out for a run, and thought I'd take a little break." Celia nods and smiles. Wade nervously blurts out, "Okay, I lied. I have a giant crush on you, and when I saw you swimming out there, I thought I might get a chance to talk with you if I stayed around."

Celia laughs. She says, "You're sweet."

Wade's eyes widen. He says, "You mean, sweet enough to go out with, sweet?"

Celia laughs. She frowns slightly. She says, "I'm sorry Wade, but I don't really think I'm ready to be in a relationship, right now."

Wade frowns and looks down at the ground. He says, "Oh, I see. It's because of the way I look, isn't it?"

"No, of course not," Celia assures. "You actually remind me of my ex-husband, and he was cute like you are. He had tattoos and piercings, too. It's just that... I don't feel ready to be in a relationship with anyone, right now. My husband left me and my little girl behind. He just became an entirely different man, shortly into our marriage." Celia looks down sadly. "Sometimes, I think I'm cursed. My husband left me, my dad left my mom, and my little sister's boyfriend just randomly broke up with her without explanation after dating her for almost two years. It just seems like the women in my family aren't meant to find true love."

"You aren't cursed," Wade assures.

Celia asks, "You think so?"

"I know so," Wade assures. "You just have had the wrong men in your life. There are some good guys out there. They're just harder to find."

"Thanks for the comforting words, Wade," Celia says. She kisses him on the cheek. "I have a feeling you're one of the good guys."

Wade laughs and smiles. He says, "Thank you." Wade stands up. "Mind if I walk you back to your cabin?"

Celia says, "I'd be delighted." They walk off together.

Eduardo is shown sitting next to Nolan. Nolan asks, "You know how you told me about your interest in psychiatry?"

Eduardo nods and says, "Yeah, I remember that."

"I was wondering," Nolan says quietly, "do you think you could help me with my problem?"

Eduardo states, "I'd certainly be willing to try. Haven't you sought help from your regular therapist?"

"Dude," Nolan states. "I'm a college kid who rents his own apartment off campus. I can't afford to see a psychiatrist. I just went long enough to get a diagnosis, and stopped."

"I see," Eduardo says. "But if I help you, don't expect free sessions."

Nolan says in a disappointed manner, "Aw, man. Really?"

Eduardo laughs. He says, "No, not really. I was joking with you."

Nolan laughs. He says, "I didn't know you joked around like that."

Eduardo shrugs. He says, "Anyway, about your problem. It may be hard for you to relate, but first, I'm going to have to know about what happened to you, and what your dreams are about."

Nolan nods. He states, "I understand. It was almost a year ago, I guess." Nolan lets out a heavy sigh. "I was a fool, dude. I thought I was invincible, I guess. I thought I could do no wrong. But, yeah. I was wrong. I guess I felt I was better than everyone else. I'd heard reports of stuff like what happened with me, but I failed to see how it applied to me." Nolan looks down. "I was always text messaging, dude. Always. I thought I was, like, an expert or something. I'd even text while I was driving. That's what I was doing, one day. I looked down for a few seconds, looked up, and saw that I was crossing an intersection, not realizing that I had a red light. But it was too late, dude." Nolan's tears stream down his face. "I hit another car from the side. It was a mom, dad, and two young kids. They..." Nolan stops himself. He says, "I got out of the accident with, like, no physical injuries. I was so sorry for what I did, I mean, really sorry. But I guess I kind of felt that I was lucky for not getting injured." Eduardo continues to listen. "I was wrong. I had to go to jail for being reckless, but the sentence was pretty short, about thirty days. When I was there, I thought really hard about what I had done, and I even thought that I might have deserved a longer sentence. Eventually, the nightmares started. Every night, I'd have the same dream, and go back to what happened that day. It's like I saw everything as vividly as the day it happened, and that scared me to no end. Dude, there hasn't been one night I've gone to sleep that I haven't had that nightmare. I feel like it won't ever stop." Nolan cries hard. "I'm sorry for what I did, but the dreams just won't stop. Sometimes I feel like a physical injury would have been so much better than what I've been going through, and I'm being punished for what I did." Nolan rests his head against Eduardo's shoulder.

Eduardo looks slightly taken aback. He gently pats Nolan on the back. Eduardo says, "I'm really sorry about the whole experience, Nolan. Often times, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stops for a person without any explanation. Something I suggest for you to do when you get back home is to talk with other kids about your experience, maybe on the level of public speaking. That might help you deal with the guilt you're experiencing."

Nolan says, "But no one would listen. I know that I wouldn't have."

Eduardo shakes his head. He says, "You're like a lot of people, Nolan. I'm sure that someone would relate to you, and listen. Just try to think it over."

Nolan nods. He says, "Okay. Thanks so much for listening to me, and not interrupting. I'm going to try to get some shut eye."

"Sure," Eduardo states. "But remember, if you ever feel like talking to me, again, don't feel afraid to ask."

"I'll remember that," Nolan states. "Thanks." Eduardo nods and heads back to his cabin.

Hedda looks at Nolan with a sad expression from behind a tree. She looks down at her notepad with the light from the moon illuminating it. She hesitates, but writes something down in her notepad.

Hedda says in confessional, "Well... I finally know what Nolan has been hiding. I have to say, that I feel so bad that he has to live through that... But a story is a story."

Eduardo is shown walking into his room. Daniel is shown with his blanket half on the floor. He shivers. Stefan walks over to him, places the blanket over him, tucks him into bed, and kisses him on the forehead. He turns around to see Eduardo watching him. Stefan's face turns bright red. He says, "I wasn't... I was just..."

Eduardo smiles. He says, "Yancy is a lucky kid to have a dad like you."

Stefan looks a little embarrassed. He says, "Th-Thank you. I guess I always imagined a dad to be like that."

"Yeah," Eduardo says quietly. "That's right. You grew up without parents." Stefan nods.

"It was a hard situation to be in," Stefan says, "but I'm fortunate. Some kids aren't able to move on, after never having been adopted. It wasn't easy, but I was able to establish myself, though, I'm not the best socially. Uh. I wanted to make sure someone else was able to have an existence after being in a similar situation. Maybe that's why I spoil Yancy a little more than I should. I just knew what it feels like to have no one, or nothing."

"Yeah," Eduardo says. "That makes sense."

"We should probably get to bed, young man," Stefan states. "We want to be at our best, for tomorrow."

"Yeah," Eduardo says with a laugh.

"Would you two keep it down?" Brad asks in an annoyed tone. He turns around in his bed.

"Sorry," Stefan apologizes. Eduardo and Stefan get in their beds, and go to sleep.

In the morning, the contestants are sitting outside at their picnic tables. Daniel stands to the side.

Tamira twirls her finger around in Wayne's hair. She says, "Your hair is so awesome. I'm so jealous."

"Your hair is nice, too," Wayne states.

"Aw! Thanks," Tamira says. "You're so sweet, Waynie-poo! I so wish you were my boyfriend."

"Okay," Wayne says with a shrug.

"What?" Tamira says in disbelief.

"What?" Reeve says in disbelief.

Wade begins choking on the food he was eating. Lea quickly stands behind Wade and performs the Heimlich maneuver on him. The piece of slop lodged in his throat sails to the other teams table and hits Joanna in the eye. "Oh, great," Joanna states dryly. "This now feels like home."

Stefan looks around him, puts some of his Chef Hatchet slop in a spoon, and flings it at Wade. It slaps Wade in the face. "Dude," Wade says. "What was that for?"

Stefan blushes and says, "I apologize."

"Whatever," Wade states. He gets up, and says, "I'm going to go wash this off." As he leaves, something paper-like falls from his pocket. Reeve looks down, picks it up, and stuffs it in his pocket without anyone noticing.

Tamira looks lovingly at Wayne as she hugs him tight. She says, "You're so sexy when you chew your food!"

"Um, thanks," Wayne says in a concerned way.

"You're so sexy when you thank people," Tamira states. Wayne looks at her nervously.

Francesca says dryly, "Okay. I have to agree with her, there."

Tamira says defensively, "Stay away from my man!" Francesca raises an eyebrow. Tamira grabs hold of Wayne's arm and stands up. She says, "Come on, Wayne. We don't want to be around that adulteress."

"I don't think she was serious," Wayne says, as he begins walking away with Tamira.

"Oh, sure," Tamira says dramatically. "Take that harlot's side." Chris then walks to the group along with Wade.

Chris announces, "It's time for your next challenge. Wade inspired this one."

"Score!" Wade says excitedly.

"It's a live action video game," Chris states.

"Sweet!" Wade says with a smile.

Francesca asks, "Isn't that an oxymoron?"

Chris shrugs. He says, "Each team will choose a main protagonist from their team. They will go through an obstacle course. Members of the other team will serve as enemies. They'll attempt to keep the protagonist from making it to the boss stage in a good time."

"Boss stage?" Kristy asks.

"That's right," Chris says. "Each team will choose a member of the team to serve as their boss. They will attempt to keep the protagonist from reaching the finish line, which is in a cage. The protagonist will have to figure out how to get past the boss and save the princess. Each team will also select a damsel in distress type. The Black Sheep need to sit out one member."

"I say we sit out Nolan," Brad suggests.

Nolan says, "No way! I'm going to be the main protagonist."

Brad says, "No. Seriously? But you're bound to fa..." Brad looks over at Daniel who is looking concerned at the wooden obstacles of the stage. Brad quietly says, "Uh, sure. You can be the protagonist, Nolan. Daniel can sit out."

"I guess he's as good as any," Joanna says with a shrug.

Kristy says, "I nominate Eduardo as the main boss. He's definitely our strongest."

"Good idea," Brad states. "I call damsel for our team."

Nolan looks at Brad with a concerned expression. He asks, "You mean, I have to rescue you?"

"What?" Brad says. "There's nothing wrong with one dude rescuing another dude."

The other team is shown in a huddle, Francesca states, "I think Wade should be the protagonist." Wade smiles.

"Then I want to be the princess," Tamira states.

"Okay?" Lea says. "I think Reeve should be our boss."

Reeve glares at her. He says, "Because I'm big and scary?"

"No," Lea says, "of course not."

Lea says in confessional, "It was because he's big and scary."

"All agreed?" Celia asks. Everyone nods.

The teens go back near Chris. He says, "Okay, if roles are chosen, everyone can get into their costumes. We'll start with The Black Sheep's turn."

After everyone is done changing, Nolan walks up to Chris, dressed in overalls, a red shirt, and with a mustache glued to his upper lip. He looks behind Chris to see the members of the other team dressed as mushroom type creatures, and turtles. Chris states, "You'll be timed. Wade has been sequestered so he doesn't get an unfair glimpse at the level. If you lose a life, the challenge is over, and the other team just has to get past the point you got to."

"Excuse me?" Nolan asks. "Did you say 'lose a life'?"

"Ha ha!" Chris says, "If you're ready, go ahead and beat this level!" Chris pushes Nolan across the starting line. He looks up at the background drawn on paper. He sees his first enemy, Lea dressed as a mushroom creature. She runs toward Nolan, but he sidesteps her, as she falls face forward. Nolan keeps running.

Lea requests from Chris, "A little help, here? There's no arms for this costume. I can't get up." Chris quietly walks away.

Nolan comes across Wayne, dressed as a turtle with only his face visible. Wayne says, "This is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me... In public.... That wasn't leaked onto the internet... That wasn't..." Wayne looks around and sees that Nolan already passed him. Wayne shrugs.

Nolan is shown running past the members of the opposing team, as he dodges them, and as they accidentally run into each other. Lying on the ground, Tamira says, "I didn't know I had to play the role of princess and a giant turtle." She sighs.

Nolan reaches the boss stage. He looks to see a disgruntled Reeve in a giant, spiked, turtle costume. Reeve sighs and says, "Let's get this over with." Reeve charges at Nolan, and knocks him to the ground.

"Ouch," Nolan says.

Brad looks on from the cage, rolls his eyes, and says, "My hero." He is wearing only a kilt.

Nolan stumbles over to Brad's cage and says, "How do I get you out of there?"

Brad scoffs and says, "I'm a princess. You can't expect me to notice stuff like that. That's your job."

Nolan frowns. He says, "You're such a d..." Brad looks behind Nolan with a worried expression. Nolan explains, "I was just going to say 'dirt bag'." Brad shakes his head. Nolan looks confused for a second. Then he quickly leaps to his left. Reeve slams into Brad's cage, causing it to break open. Reeve falls backward with a heavy thud. Nolan enters the cage and takes Brad's hand.

Chris appears and says, "Good job, Nolan. You did well." Nolan and Brad look at their hands, blush, and let go. Chris says, "Now, Brad, you can go get dressed in your turtle costume for the other team's run. Brad rolls his eyes and walks away. Chris continues, "Nolan, you can watch the other team from the sidelines if you want to." Nolan nods.

Wade is shown walking up to Chris. Wade is wearing overalls with a green shirt. He says, "Aw. I'm the sidekick."

Chris shrugs and says, "Nolan successfully completed the level, so you just have to beat his time." Chris pushes Wade across the starting line. "Go!"

Wade begins running. He comes across Kristy dressed as a mushroom creature, with her face sticking out of the costume. She says, "I know we're on separate teams, but I wish you luck. I'll do my best to stop you, but I hope you try your best, too."

Wade says, "Thanks." Wade runs, jumps toward a wooden prop, leaps off of it, lands on the top of Kristy's costume, and bounds ahead.

Kristy falls over and says, "Ow! You jumped on my head! Who would do something like that? Are you nuts?"

Wade looks ashamed. He says, "Um... Sorry." He runs ahead.

Wade sees Brad dressed as a turtle. Brad says, "Just go past me. I don't want any blow to befall my body, and make it less gorgeous." Wade nods and runs ahead. Brad sticks out one of his turtle feet and trips Wade. Brad smirks and says, "Sucker."

Wade stands up and runs ahead. He sees several opposing team members in front of him. He looks to his side and sees a pipe looking object. Wade climbs on top of it, stands on it, and crouches. Chris says from the sidelines, "Dude. That's just a prop."

Wade blushes, and uses it to jump beyond the opponents. He smiles and says, "Um, that's what I was trying to do."

"Suuuure," Chris states.

Wade races ahead and reaches the boss stage. He looks around and only sees Tamira in the cage, and Eduardo is nowhere in sight. Tamira says, "Wade? Where's Wayne?"

"What do you mean?" Wade asks.

Tamira explains, "I thought we agreed that Wayne would do the course."

"No," Wade says. "We said Wade."

"Aw, geez," Tamira says with a sigh. "Well, whatever. Rescue me, and junk."

Wade shrugs. He begins messing with the lock on the cage. Wade feels someone touch his shoulder. He looks back and sees Eduardo. He looks up and down at him, dressed in a skin tight leather costume, and his hair colored orange. Wade says, "Hey, Eduardo. Wrong game." Eduardo lifts Wade above his head. Wade says, "Eduardo?! What are you doing?"

Eduardo says, "What do you mean? I'm doing my role in the challenge."

Wade says, "I've been watching you, man. You're a really nice guy. You have to remember who you are, and that physical violence would contradict that. Is hurting me worth doing, just because of a challenge?" Eduardo throws Wade. Wade says, "Ow!", as he hits the ground. Eduardo walks toward Wade, lifts him, and throws him, again. Wade slams against the cage, and yelps in pain. He falls forward, and the cage squeaks open. Eduardo shrugs and disappears into the shadows. Wade gets up and walks toward Tamira. He says, "I have rescued you, my fair maiden."

Tamira pushes Wade's face away from her. She says, "Oh, please. Your princess is in another castle."

Chris says from the sidelines, "Okay! The challenge is over."

Eventually, the contestants gather around Chris. He announces, "Both teams have finished the level, but one did it faster than the other. That would be... The Black Sheep." Most of The Black Sheep cheer. Nolan bleats like a sheep. Chris states, "That means that the members of It's All Relative need to vote out another team member. I'll be back later for that." Chris walks away. The contestants disband.

Tamira and Wayne walk off by themselves. Tamira says, "Hey, Wayne baby. I was hoping you'd be the one to rescue me. You would have done a far better job."

"Thanks," Wayne says.

Tamira grabs hold of Wayne's arm. She says, "You're so strong and handsome. You're my perfect little..." Wayne interrupts her with a kiss. The two kiss passionately. Stefan walks by and sees the two kissing. His face turns red, and he walks away without being noticed.

Stefan has tears in his eyes in confessional. He says, "I know I seem pretty pathetic, right now. I'm not jealous that Wayne and Tamira are dating, it's just that... whenever I see a couple embracing, or kissing... I just get reminded of how lonely I am." Stefan looks down at the floor.

Reeve walks by Wayne and Tamira. He uncomfortably says, "Hello." The two don't stop kissing. Reeve says, "Don't stop on my account." He walks toward his cabin.

Reeve enters and sees Wade desperately searching his things. He says, "I lost something really important to me. I swore I had it in my pocket."

Reeve holds the item that Wade dropped to him. He explains, "You dropped it when you went to wash your face."

"Thanks," Wade says as he takes it. He asks, "Did you look at it?"

Reeve nods. He says, "You don't need to explain. It's none of my business."

Wade laughs and says, "It's no big deal." Wade holds up the photograph of an overweight Asian guy.

"Who is he?" Reeve asks. "He must be pretty special if you keep his picture with you. Is it your brother or... uh... a friend?"

Wade shakes his head. He looks at the photo. He admits, "It's me." Reeve looks surprised. Wade laughs and says, "What? You can't imagine me as a porker?"

"Not really," Reeve admits.

"Yeah," Wade says. "It was from a time when I didn't really take care of myself. One day, I took a good look at myself and realized that I was unhappy. I set out to balance the amount of time I spent with electronics with physical exercise. I also began eating healthier. I keep this picture with me to remember what I used to look like, so I keep it in my mind that I don't ever want to go back to how I was."

Reeve slaps Wade on the back and says, "You look great, man. You should be really proud."

Wade smiles slightly, and says, "I am. Thanks."

Reeve nods and smiles. He says, "I hate to admit it, but I was the exact opposite. When I was younger, I was a lot smaller than my brothers. I didn't really grow that much until I was about fifteen or sixteen."

Wade laughs and says, "I can't even imagine you like that."

"Well, don't try," Reeve says with a serious expression.

"Okay," Wade says. "I'll just imagine you as huge as you are now, as a baby."

Reeve laughs. He says, "Good. Keep it that way."

Wayne walks into the guys' room. "Oh," Wade says. He looks uncomfortable.

"Hey, guys," Wayne says nonchalantly. "Ready to go vote somebody out?"

"Yeah, sure," Wade says. The guys walk outside.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "One of you is out of the competition, and you won't be coming back, ever. The first safe contestant is Francesca." Chris tosses a marshmallow to her. "Next up is Celia." Chris tosses a marshmallow to her. "Lea," Chris states with a toss of a marshmallow. Lea happily catches her marshmallow. Chris throws the next one to Reeve. Reeve smiles. Chris says, "Oops. My aim is off. Hand that one to Wade." Reeve frowns, but then smiles as he hands the marshmallow to Wade. Chris clears his throat and says, "Reeve, you're safe." Chris tosses him his marshmallow.

Reeve catches it, and says angrily, "Okay, why did it matter?"

Chris shrugs. "It just does, okay?" Chris states. "Ahem. Tamira and Wayne. You're our bottom two." The two look at each other with wide eyes. Chris says, "One of you is out. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Wayne." Wayne catches his marshmallow and looks at it in a disappointed manner.

Tamira says, "OMG, you guys. Voting me out is just rude."

Wayne is annoyed. He says, "Why did you vote out Tamira?"

"Dude," Wade says, "she was just playing you. She's just after your money."

"I-I," Wayne stutters, "I know."

Tamira looks at Wayne with a worried expression. She says, "Babe, that's not true."

"Save it," Wayne says with an eye roll. "I'm not stupid."

"So why would you go out with someone like that?" Celia asks.

Wayne looks embarrassed. He says, "I don't deserve anyone much better." Tamira looks hurt by Wayne's words. He says, "I just needed someone to take my mind off of my problems."

Tamira says tearfully, "But Wayne, I really did like you." She stands up. Wayne ignores her. "At least I thought I did." Tamira takes her things and heads toward the Boat of Losers.

Tamira looks sad. She says, "Maybe I was using Wayne just a little. But he was using me, too." She looks to the side. "There's more to me than just some shallow girl who likes guys with money." Tamira sighs. "There is."

Chris says to the camera, "That's all for this episode. Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness!"

Chapter 8 - Just Another Mechanic MondayEdit

Chris Mclean gives a wide grin. He says, "Hello, my faithful ratings... I mean, viewers. It's time once again for another Total... Drama... Wilderness! Last time, the contestants battled it out on a life-sized video game reference. Wade and Nolan took on the role of protagonist for their teams. They both tried to clear the course in a faster time, while their opponents tried to slow them down. In the end, Nolan rescued his princess, Brad, in a faster time than Wade did. Tamira was eliminated, because the others felt she was using Wayne, because of his money. Wayne revealed that he knew, and also that he was using Tamira to take his mind off of his problems. What will happen in this episode? Who will be eliminated? Watch and find out."

Wayne stands up. He says, "Now if you'll all excuse me, I'm going back to my cabin." He begins walking in that direction.

The other members of It's All Relative, minus Reeve, Wade, and Celia, head back toward their cabins. Reeve looks after Wayne. He says quietly, "I hate to say it, but that guy gives me the creeps, sometimes. It's like he's one way one minute, and another the next."

"Like you don't know what you're going to get," Celia states. "I wish I could get into his head, sometimes. What about you, Wade?" Wade's eyes are full of tears, as he bites his lower lip and squirms in his seat. Celia looks concerned. She says, "Wade?"

Reeve slaps himself on the forehead. "Look, Wade. If you have to go, you have to go." Wade nods and runs off into the woods. Reeve and Celia laugh. Reeve says, "I love that kid." His face turns red. "I mean, like man love." Reeve's face turns a deeper shade of red. "No, I mean, completely..."

"I know what you meant," Celia says with a laugh.

Reeve says, "Don't... tell him I said that."

Celia nods and smiles. She promises, "I won't."

Reeve looks in her direction, softly smiles, and looks down at the ground. "I never met anyone like you," Reeve admits.

"What do you mean?" Celia asks.

Reeve explains, "A girl who doesn't run in the other direction when they see me."

Celia laughs. She says, "You're a sweet guy, Reeve, despite your rough exterior."

"Thanks," Reeve says, "I guess. Look, Celia, I don't go around saying this to anyone, but... I really like you, and I was thinking we could possibly..."

Celia interrupts, "I'm really sorry, Reeve, but I've been hurt in the past, and I don't think I'm ready for a..." Reeve interrupts Celia with a kiss. They get lost in the moment, and continue kissing.

Wade walks up with a smile on his face. He sees what's happening, and his face drops. He quickly turns around and walks toward his cabin. He walks by Nolan, Daniel, Hedda, and Brad, who are standing outside. Nolan says, with his hands in 'rock on' symbols, "You did awesome in the challenge earlier, bro. You gave me a run for my..." Wade walks by without saying a word, and slams the door behind him. "What's his problem?" Nolan asks.

"Maybe, he doesn't like you, like everyone else," Brad suggests.

Nolan laughs and hugs Brad. "You're funny, dude," Nolan says. Brad glares at Nolan.

Nolan says in confessional, "Eduardo helping me with my problem has really helped me lighten up. I feel like part of the team, again. I'm not sure what part. Probably not the engine... Maybe like a windshield wiper, or something."

Hedda says, "I think it would be best for us to vote out Stefan next chance we get."

"Stefan?" Brad asks in disbelief.

"Why?" Hedda asks. "Is that a problem for you, sweetie?"

Brad shakes his head. He says, "No, problem. I just thought that Stefan was an asset to our team."

"How?" Hedda asks. Stefan is shown in a tree, looking at Lea and Francesca sitting outside, from above. Hedda goes on, "He's a total creeper."

"Yeah, but he's strong," Brad states. Nolan looks at Brad.

Hedda says, "I think you're wrong." Nolan looks at Hedda.

Daniel defends Brad by saying, "Brad is right. We need to keep our team as strong as possible." Nolan looks at Daniel.

Nolan says, "Uh, one time, my friends thought it would be funny to bring a live goat into my apartment, while I was sleeping. He got into my underwear drawer, ate everything, including my money stash, and I had to go commando for like six days, until my next paycheck." Hedda, Daniel, and Brad stare at Nolan with wide eyes. Nolan says, "What? I wanted to be part of the conversation, and I'm no good with strategy stuff."

Brad turns around, he says, "Whatever. We'll talk about it when it matters."

"What?" Nolan asks, "About the goat?" Brad ignores Nolan, and walks into the cabin. Daniel and Hedda also walk away. Nolan shrugs and walks toward his bed, randomly placed in the woods.

Lea, Celia, and Francesca are shown sitting on the ground and talking. Hedda sits down by them and asks, "Hey, girls. How's it going?"

Lea states, "Pretty flippin' fantastic."

"Oh, really?" Hedda says excitedly. "Why?"

Lea looks confused. She says, "No specific reason."

"Oh, okay," Hedda states. "Do you girls like anyone, here?"

Celia's face turns red. Francesca states dryly, "That seems like a pretty random question. Especially for someone on the other team." Hedda looks at Celia.

Hedda says, "Never mind, then. Do any of you have any deep dark secrets you've been hiding?"

"Like, how I'm half lobster?" Lea asks.

Hedda's eyes widen. She says, "Really?"

Lea looks concerned. She says, "Uh. I'm joking."

Hedda looks embarrassed. She says, "Oh. I knew that." Stefan tries to stifle a laugh, from up in a nearby tree.

"What was that?" Francesca asks. Stefan's face turns bright red. He does his best impression of an owl.

Celia says, "I think it would be best if we went inside." Lea and Francesca nod, and they go inside their cabin.

Hedda looks around, and spots Stefan in the tree. He looks embarrassed. He says, "It's not what it looks like. I was up here to get away, and then the girls came out. I thought if I attracted attention, they'd think I was some major weirdo." He looks embarrassed, jumps out of the tree, and runs toward his cabin.

Hedda takes out her notepad. She says, "Who says 'weirdo', anymore?" As she writes something down in her notepad.

Daniel and Brad are shown in their cabin. Brad has changed into his night briefs, and gets in his bed. Daniel spits out his toothpaste through the hole in the wall. Hedda can be heard from outside, saying, "Ech! What is this?"

Daniel blushes. He says, "Hey, Brad. Can we talk?"

"Sure," Brad says with a shrug. "What about?"

"You," Daniel admits.

"Awesome!" Brad says. "My favorite thing to talk about."

Daniel lets out a laugh. He says, "You're so funny. I was just thinking..." Daniel sits down on Brad's bed. "You're probably the nicest guy I've ever met."

"Nice?" Brad asks with a bewildered expression. "I'm anything but nice."

Daniel says, "Yeah. That's what you try to put out there, but I see the things you do for others, how you stick up for them." Daniel smiles. "I want to be able to be like that, to stand up for people."

Brad sits up in his bed. He says quietly, "Thanks for the compliment."

"Whatever you say, man," Daniel says with a laugh. He hugs Brad. "I'm so fortunate to have made a friend like you. I just... I don't get along with many people, as I scare them away because they think I'm self righteous, or whatever. But when I told you I was a fruitarian, you didn't even bat an eyelash." Daniel smiles. "That meant a lot to me." Daniel stands up, and walks toward his bed. He says from across the room, "I just wanted to say thanks."

"Uh," Brad says. "You're welcome, bud."

In the morning, Brad wakes up. He looks around the room and sees Daniel missing. He asks, "Hey, where did Daniel go?"

Eduardo says, "Outside." He turns around in his bed, and causes the legs on the bed to break. His bed slams against the floor. He says, "Ah, great. Not again."

Brad stands up and heads outside. He walks over to the woods, finds Daniel by the section where the contestants planted trees for the challenge, and begins walking over to him. He stops after he hears Daniel say something, and hides behind a tree. Brad hears Daniel say, "Aren't you looking strong, today?" He rests his hand on the tree, and appears to meditate as he closes his eyes. Daniel then turns and looks at a sprouting tree. He gets low to the ground and points up at a taller tree. He says, "Don't worry, little guy. One day you'll be as big as your daddy, over there. You just have to keep on growing." Brad holds his head down, but has a soft smile on his face. He turns around and stealthily walks in the direction of the cabins.

Brad says in confessional, "I guess most people might find Daniel's behavior a bit strange, but why do people constantly feel the need to judge others? It made me feel good to see him so passionate about something he cares about. But don't tell him I said that, camera."

In the It's All Relative guys' room, Reeve sits up in his bed. He looks around to see Wayne sleeping, and Wade missing. Reeve gets out of bed, and puts his feet on the floor. His eyes widen, and he lets out a loud scream.

In the above room, Stefan stops snoring, sits up, and looks around. He asks, "What was that?"

"I have no idea," Eduardo says with a worried expression. He gets up and says, "I'm going to check it out." Eduardo leaves the room.

Stefan notices a piece of paper on his legs. He looks at it with a confused expression. He picks up the piece of paper. It reads, "I don't know if you know it or not, but you snore. Loud. It worries me. You could be suffering from sleep apnea, so I want to make sure you go get examined when you get home. I'm not positive, or anything... But, please, get checked out. - Bra... Anonymous." Stefan looks at the note with a confused expression.

Reeve is shown downstairs, resting his arms on Wayne and Eduardo's shoulders. He lets out a grunt out of pain. Reeve looks down, and mumbles an, "Mmm," sounding like he is in pain.

Eduardo asks, "Dude, are you okay?"

Reeve shakes his head. "No," Reeve grumbles, "It hurts."

Wayne says, "Sit down." Reeve sits on his bed, and holds his foot out. Wayne looks a little queasy, and turns away.

Eduardo's eyes widen. He says, "Is that a shard of glass? Dude, why did you..."

"Like I stepped on it on purpose!" Reeve shouts angrily.

Eduardo blushes and stutters, "S-s-sorry."

"Sorry, I lost my cool," Reeve apologizes. "You know... Giant piece of glass sticking out of my foot, and all."

"Yeah," Eduardo says.

Reeve winces. "Can you bring me to the medical tent?" Reeve asks, looking in pain.

Eduardo nods. He says, "Right. Sure." Eduardo lifts Reeve and carries him outside.

Reeve blushes and says, "I haven't been carried since I was fif... A baby."

Wade walks by the guys as they are outside. He looks concerned. He asks, "What happened?"

Eduardo explains, "Reeve stepped on something sharp. I'm taking him to the medical tent."

Joanna and Kristy look on. Kristy looks a little queasy. Joanna laughs. She says, "That's nothing. You should have seen the time..."

"I don't want to hear about it," Kristy says. Kristy looks sick, and runs off.

Wade walks along with Eduardo and Reeve. The three guys go into the medical tent to see Chef standing in his nurse outfit. Reeve looks concerned. "I don't want to be examined by a tranny," he pleads. Eduardo places Reeve on a hospital bed.

"It's fine," Wade assures. "Eduardo and I will be outside." Reeve grasps Wade's arm and looks at him with worried eyes. Wade says, "Uh, I'll stay. If that's alright with you, Chef."

"Whatever," Chef states. "And it's Mr. Sir Chef Nurse Hatchet to you."

"Okay," Wade says. "Can you help my friend out, now?"

Chef nods. He takes a look at Reeve's foot. Rubs his chin, and stares for a few minutes. He says, "You have a piece of glass in your foot."

"No, really?!" Reeve shouts. "Get it out!"

Chef looks disappointed. He begins to cry and says, "You didn't have to yell at me."

Reeve apologizes, "I'm sorry. Just, please, help me out." Chef nods, and yanks the piece of glass out with his hand. Reeve's eyes water. He says, "Urgh."

Chef says, "I'll go get you some bandages. You'll be fine, if the bleeding ever stops." Reeve looks concerned. Chef laughs. He says, "Just a little excessive bleeding due to a gaping wound humor." Chef leaves to get some bandages. Wade sits in a chair by Reeve, holding his head down. Chef wraps the bandage around Reeve's foot, and tightens it. He hands him a box of bandages. He says, "You'll need to change your bandages every now and then." Reeve nods. Chef heads toward the exit and says, "If you boys will excuse me, I have a date to get to." Chef grabs his purse and walks outside.

Reeve sighs. He says, "I didn't even get to thank him." Wade continues looking down. Reeve looks at Wade. He says, "I know you did this."

"What are you talking about?" Wade says defensively. "Why would I try to hurt you?"

Reeve says, "I don't think you did it on purpose. I never said that."

"Oh," Wade says quietly.

"You're still hung up on your looks, aren't you?" Reeve asks. "Even after you lost all that weight."

Wade looks uneasy. He says, "Um... I..."

"That glass was from a mirror, wasn't it?" Reeve asks. Wade nods slightly. "You were looking at your reflection, got angry, and broke the mirror."

"You're smart," Wade admits. "That's exactly what happened."

"I don't understand it, though," Reeve admits. "You're a moderately good looking guy, if guys could be good looking. You didn't have to cover your body with those tattoos, especially if they make you feel insecure." Wade looks to the side. Reeve thinks for a second. He says, "It's not about the tattoos, is it?" Wade shakes his head.

"I wanted to cover my flaws with the tattoos," Wade admits. "I thought I was depressed over my weight, before, but after I lost it, I still couldn't see anything but flaws. I know no girl could ever like me with the way I look. There needs to be some sort of attraction there." Wade looks down at the ground.

Reeve says, "You're wrong about yourself, Wade. You're a nice guy, and..."

"I've heard that a thousand times, before getting rejected by the girl I like," Wade says. "It's always the same. I know you didn't know it, Reeve, but I went to Celia, the other day, and told her I liked her. She rejected me, saying it had nothing to do with my appearance and that she'd been hurt recently, but then I saw you with her, last night."

"That's what this is about?" Reeve says, looking sad. "Wade, I had no idea. I didn't mean anything. I really like her, but if I knew how you felt, I never would have kissed her."

Wade says, "It's fine. Really. I want you to be happy, man. You're my friend. But I won't lie, it hurts a little, but I can go on, it's just... It's hard not to let it get to me, right now." Reeve stands up, winces as he stands on his bad foot, and hugs Wade close to him.

"I'm here for you," Reeve promises.

"Thanks," Wade says. He looks around the tent, walks to the side of the tent, grabs a pair of crutches, and hands them to Reeve. "Let's go meet the others." Hedda crawls out from underneath one of the hospital beds, and writes something in her notepad.

They walk out of the tent. Celia is outside, sitting on the ground. She stands up and hugs Reeve. She says, "I heard about what happened. Are you alright?" Reeve blushes, and Wade looks away.

"I'll be fine," Reeve assures. Reeve pretends to lose his balance.

Celia lets go of him. She says, "Oh, sorry."

Chris is shown sleeping on the ground. Wade asks, "What's with Chris?"

Joanna explains, as she points at Reeve, "While you were taking care of your little boo-boo, Chris came for the challenge, but he got tired of waiting, so he went to sleep."

"Maybe we should wake him," Wade suggests.

"Are you kidding?" Lea asks. "We get a break from a challenge."

Wade nods and smiles. He says, "That's true."

Reeve looks around. He says, "Aren't we missing someone? That Indian guy?"

Brad nods. He states, "Yeah, he's out in the woods."

"How can you guys stand being on a team with that guy?" Wayne asks. "He freaks me out, a little, with his nature stuff."

"You think that's bad?" Hedda asks. "You didn't hear it from me, but I heard that he's a fruitarian."

"How did you find that out?" Brad asks with a surprised expression.

"I have my sources," Hedda says with a smirk.

"What's a fruitarian?" Lea asks out of curiosity.

"It means that he only eats things that fall from a tree naturally, without harvesting," Hedda explains. Some of the others laugh.

"Wow," Joanna states. "That guy is a nutcase."

"I know!" Hedda says with a laugh. Daniel walks out of the woods, but quietly hides behind one of the cabins.

"What kind of psycho gets so worked up over plants?" Reeve asks. He immediately looks guilty for what he said. He starts walking away with the help of his crutches. He says, "Ah, whatever. I don't care what that guy does." Celia and Wade walk away with him.

Lea also walks away, saying, "It doesn't feel right to badmouth him." Stefan, Eduardo, and Kristy walk off in her direction.

"What about you, Brad?" Hedda asks.

Brad looks hesitant to speak, and he looks at the others. Daniel looks at Brad, and smiles a little. "I don't know what that guys problem is," Brad states. "It's like he thinks he's so much better than everyone else, with all his 'never harming nature' crap." Daniel looks shocked and hurt by Brad's words. "He's always pushing his beliefs on people, and he acts like they're wrong, just because they don't agree with him." Some of the others laugh. Brad goes on, "You won't believe what I saw him doing, today. That freak was talking to friggin' plants." Some of the others laugh.

Hedda asks with wide eyes, "Is that true?"

Brad nods and says, "I knew that guy had some mental issues, but I didn't know it was that bad. That guy has to be the biggest loser I've ever met." Daniel is shown behind the cabin, sitting on the ground, crying. "And get this, it's like he has this weird crush on me. The guy seriously creeps me out."

"Why would he say those things about me?" Daniel says in confessional. "I never felt so betrayed by someone. I mean, I've heard people insult me before, but never someone who acted like my friend. He knows I don't feel better than anyone else." Daniel looks down and sighs. "It hurts. I thought we were close."

Daniel walks back from confessional, and sees Chris standing upright and the other contestants around him. Chris states, "It's time for the next challenge. This one is based on Toby."

Brad says, "We already had an underwear modeling challenge." Daniel rolls his eyes.

Chris frowns. He says, "No, this one is based on his love for mechanics."

"Really?" Eduardo asks. "I guess I didn't know much about him."

Chris nods. He says, "Inside this box," Chris points to a box, "are two motorcycles. There are also the parts and tools that are required to repair it. We can get started, once The Black Sheep sit out two members."

Brad states, "Hedda and I will sit out of this one."

"Oh, wow," Daniel states sarcastically. "Brad sits out of another challenge." Brad looks slightly concerned, and over at Daniel.

Chris says, "Okay. Um... Yeah, let's get started."

The contestants open up the box, and start taking out what they need, or think they need. Reeve attempts to walk to the supplies. Wade says, "Reeve, I think you should rest. I mean, your foot it messed up."

Reeve throws his crutches to the side and says, "I'm not sitting out." He hobbles toward the motorcycle, lifts it, and carries it. "No one is going to claim I'm a liability."

"You're one tough dude," Wayne admits.

Daniel holds a lug wrench, and pats it down on his hand. Brad says, "Come on, guys! The other team sucks at life! Let's beat..." Daniel throws the lug wrench as hard as he can in Brad's direction. It spins as it sails through the air, and hits him directly in the crotch. Brad's eyes widen, and he crosses them. Brad says in a squeaky voice, "My junk! My junk is my career!" Brad falls over, crying. Daniel smirks, and his team looks at him in concern.

The contestants work at repairing the motorcycles. Chris looks at the two team's progress. Reeve works hard at repairing his team's motorcycle with some of the other's help.

Lea says, "This isn't exactly my forte. Sorry, guys."

"It doesn't matter," Francesca assures. "Reeve pretty much has this handled."

Chris nods. He says, "Time!"

"Wait," Nolan says. "There was a time limit?"

Chris nods. He says, "I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I will now test each motorcycle to see if it runs."

"Runs?" Kristy asks. "I didn't know it didn't work."

Chris shrugs. He tests The Black Sheep's motorcycle. It falls apart. Chris says, "It's All Relative wins the challenge!"

"You didn't even test theirs!" Brad protests squeakily.

Chris tests the other teams motorcycle. It begins running. Chris nods, "I knew it. The Black Sheep need to vote out a teammate." Chris leaves the area.

The It's All Relative team's motorcycle falls apart. Reeve lets out a sigh of relief.

Brad walks up to Daniel and says, "Is something wrong, dude? I can't help but feel that something is wrong."

Daniel smiles a little. He says, "Why would anything be wrong, Brad?"

"I don't know," Brad says quietly. "Um. You're not mad at me, are you?"

Daniel hugs Brad. He says, "Of course not. I don't have any reason to be mad at you, right? I mean you're my friend, and all. You would never do something to hurt my feelings, on purpose."

Brad looks guilty. He says, "Um... No, of course not." Brad begins to walk away. He says, "Stay awesome, bro."

Daniel looks on as Brad walks away. He looks down in a disappoint manner and sighs.

Daniel is shown in confessional. He says, "I guess I hoped I could get him to admit what he said, but he can't even admit it. I was really wrong about that guy." Daniel looks over to the side, sadly. "Even after all that, I can't bring myself to vote for him. That's why I'm voting for..." The tape is cut off.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "The first marshmallow goes to Kristy. Nolan gets the second one." Chris tosses marshmallows to the contestants.

Nolan says, "This is the earliest one of these I've gotten." He licks the marshmallow and says, "It tastes better!"

Chris looks worried. He says, "Right. Next up is Eduardo." Chris tosses a marshmallow to him. Nolan hugs Eduardo. Eduardo blushes and shrugs so Nolan falls to the ground. "Joanna, you're safe." Joanna catches her marshmallow. "Hedda and Brad, the two of you are safe." They catch their marshmallows. Daniel looks at Stefan. Daniel lets out a small sigh, while Stefan looks calm. Chris says, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Stefan." Stefan catches his marshmallow.

Daniel stands up. He says, "It's okay, guys, I wouldn't want to be on the same team as a nature freak who thought they were better than me, either."

"You heard that discussion?" Kristy asks. Daniel nods. "I'm so sorry."

"I heard every word of it," Daniel states as he narrows his eyes at Brad. Brad looks ashamed. He then looks down at the ground. Daniel says, "Do you have anything to say to my face, or will you say it once I'm not around?" Brad remains silent. Daniel heads toward the Boat of Losers. "I figured you'd act like a coward, yet again." Daniel gets on the boat and sits down with his back faced away from the others.

Daniel holds his head in his hands. He lets out a sigh. "I'm so disappointed," he says. "The whole team felt uncomfortable around me, and yet they couldn't discuss that with me. I could have explained myself, but they didn't give me the chance. I got labeled and stereotyped, and that does not feel good." Daniel sighs. "I felt like part of a team for once, but I never truly was part of it."

Nolan looks down. "I should have stood up for him," he says quietly. "I know how it feels to know people dissed you, but I didn't try to stop the discussion."

Stefan thinks for a moment. He says, "Wait. What did I do wrong?"

Chris says with a frown, "Well, I guess this is as good a time as any to end the episode. See you next time, for another Total... Drama... Wilderness!"

Chapter 9 - Triple TreatEdit

"Hello!" Chris Mclean says with a smile. "Welcome to Total... Drama... Wilderness!" Wild cheering is heard. Chris looks at the audience. "Who are you, people?"

"Your fans!" A skinny brown haired boy states. "We love this show."

Chris asks, "How did you get in here, nondescript fan that could cover several bases?"

"Uh," the fan states, "We let ourselves in."

"Thanks for stopping by," Chris says with a smile. "Now get out."

"But we..." the boy begins.

"Just so you know," Chris explains, "You let yourself out the same way you let yourself in." The group sighs and walks out. The cameraman shakes the camera in a disapproving manner. Chris exclaims, "What? I love my fans. Just not when they're all here... and in person. Okay, recap time. Reeve and Tom... Reeve and Wade are friends. Reeve made out with Celia, not knowing his friend liked her, too, but got rejected. Reeve stepped on a mirror that Wade dropped, and Reeve deduced that Wade felt self-conscious over the way he looks. Wade revealed that he also liked Celia, and felt bad about Reeve getting all kissy face with her. Reeve apologized. Pretty boring. Now for the good stuff." Chris smiles wickedly. "So Brad and Daniel are friends, too. Brad caught Daniel talking to trees. While everyone but Daniel was gathered, Hedda revealed that Daniel is fruitarian. Put in an awkward situation, did Brad do the right thing? Ha ha! No... Well, maybe, if you look at it from a ratings standpoint. He joined in on the Daniel bashing, while Daniel observed without detection. Daniel was deeply hurt, but didn't confront his alleged friend. After being eliminated, Daniel confronted his team, but Brad remained silent. It was awesome. Okay, this episode is about to start. What will happen next on Total... Drama... Wilderness?"

Hedda is shown hiding behind a tree. Eduardo is sitting by Nolan. Nolan says, "I really appreciate your coming out here, but I'm just super tired, dude. We can talk some other time."

Eduardo looks down sadly. He says, "Oh, okay." Eduardo lets out a sigh.

Nolan raises an eyebrow. He asks, "Is something wrong?"

"It's just..." Eduardo says with a sigh. A tear comes to his eye. "Something I have to get off of my chest, that has been so hard for me to deal with." Hedda's eyes widen.

Nolan looks concerned. "Man. I'm sorry I was brushing you off like that. I'm all ears, man. Well, like, not literally. That would be weird."

Eduardo sighs. He says, "This is so hard. I've never met anyone that I felt comfortable enough to tell, even though I should have."

Hedda excitedly whispers, "Come on, come on."

Eduardo says reluctantly, "The truth is, Nolan." He sighs, again. "The reason I wanted to talk to you..."

"Yeah?" Nolan asks with concern on his face.

"Yeah?" Hedda whispers in a desperate voice, tapping her pen against her notepad.

Eduardo cries. "Man," Eduardo says. "I'm so ashamed."

Nolan goes to pat Eduardo on the back. Eduardo quickly moves, avoiding Nolan's hand. Nolan asks with concern in his voice, "What is it, bro?"

Eduardo states, "Nolan, I've..."

Lea taps Hedda on the shoulder. She says, "Hi, Hedda! What are you doing all alone in the woods, in the dark?"

Hedda's face turns red, and she turns around. "Nothing," Hedda states. "I was just... making sure this tree... wasn't... going anywhere."

Lea nods. She says, "I see." Lea looks around. She says, "Um. I have to go somewhere that isn't here. See you." Lea walks off. Hedda sighs. She peeks behind the tree.

Nolan and Eduardo are both crying. Nolan hugs Eduardo close to him. He says, "Man, I had no idea! I thought I was the only one suffering. It must be horrible to go through what you've been through."

Eduardo sniffles. He says, "Thanks for listening. It feels good to finally tell someone, though I don't know if my heart will ever be able to heal." Nolan remains quiet, as he hugs his friend.

Hedda furrows her eyebrows. She says, "Curses!"

Kristy and Joanna are shown in their cabin. Kristy asks, "Don't you miss home even just a little bit, Joanna?"

Joanna shakes her head. She thinks for a little while. She says, "Maybe I miss them a little tiny bit. I guess I'm used to the chaos, though I would like to get a moment of peace and quiet every once in a while."

"It's peaceful here, though," Kristy admits. "Maybe you should just relax and enjoy your time, here."

Joanna shrugs. She says, "Maybe you're right." Joanna hugs Kristy. "It is pretty peaceful, here." Nolan can be heard screaming in the background.

Celie, Wade, and Reeve are walking together. "Beautiful night, huh?" Wade says. "It reminds me of the haunted mansion levels of..." Celia puts her hand in Reeve's hand. Reeve looks at Wade, blushes, and lets go of Celia's hand. Wade looks on with a raised eyebrow.

Reeve says, "Well, I think it's time I call it a night. 'Night, Celia."

"Goodnight," Celia says with slight confusion in her voice. Reeve walks to his cabin.

Wade says, "Don't mind him. He's a psycho." Wade's eyes sparkle. "But I love 'im."

Celia laughs. She says, "I'm going to turn in, too. Goodnight, Wade." The two part.

Wade walks into the cabin he shares with Wayne and Reeve. Wayne is awake, but lying in his bed. Wade addresses Reeve, "Reeve, what's up? Why are you avoiding Celia like that?"

"I'm not avoiding her," Reeve states, "just any romantic type situations."

Wade sighs. He says, "Why are you doing that?"

"For you," Reeve admits. "I don't want you to feel bad, or awkward. I don't want to pursue something if it makes my best friend jealous."

"And you decided that all on your own?" Wade asks. Reeve nods. "Well, that is just plain stupid." Reeve raises an eyebrow. "The girl of your dreams likes you. She's a great girl, and you're going to throw it all away for some skinny, blue kid who might feel a little awkward about it? That's ridiculous."

Reeve asks, "Did you just call me stupid?"

Wade nods. He chuckles softly. He says, "I guess I did."

"You die, now!" Reeve exclaims. He lunges at Wade, puts his head in a headlock, and begins giving him a noogie.

Wade laughs as he pleads, "Stop! I said I was sorry!"

"No, you didn't," Reeve says as he continues rubbing Wade's head with his fist.

"Oh," Wade says. "Well, I am!"

Reeve smirks, and lets go. He says, "Call me stupid, again, and it will be way worse."

Wade looks nervous. He says, "Not the dreaded wet willie!" Reeve laughs. Wayne rolls his eyes, and then closes them.

In the morning, Brad is sitting on the ground. Hedda approaches him. He says, "Oh. You. I wanted to talk." Hedda nods, and the go out into the woods.

"What is it?" Hedda asks.

"Why did you have to go and reveal that Daniel was a fruitarian?" Brad asks. "That should have been his decision."

Hedda asks with a confused expression, "What are you so worried about? You weren't exactly on his side, yesterday."

Brad nods. He says, "Why would I be, anyway?" He looks to the side. He says, "You aren't going to randomly decide to tell everyone my secret, are you?"

"It depends on whether or not you're loyal, Brad," Hedda says with a smile.

Brad nods. He says, "I was just wondering, though..."

Hedda interrupts Brad, "Thanks to my sources, I know what Nolan has been so upset about."

Brad's eyes widen. He says in disbelief, "You know?"

"Yes," Hedda states. "Want to hear?"

Brad nods rapidly. He says, "Uh... No. If he doesn't want everyone to know, I don't think I need to."

Hedda shrugs and says, "Suit yourself." Hedda walks away. Brad looks after her with an extremely concerned expression.

Brad walks back to the main area to see that Cris has gathered, along with the other contestants. Francesca states dryly, "What's shirtless, uses too much hair gel, and finally decided to show up for the challenge?"

Lea's eyes widen. She asks, "Is that a joke?"

Francesca nods. She says, "You got it. It's Brad." Some of the others laugh. "What's so funny?" Francesca asks.

Chris announces, "This challenge is based on Lea."

Lea shouts, "Yayz!" Stefan smiles.

"Not many of you know this," Chris begins, "But Lea is what we in the entertainment business like to call a triple threat. She can sing, act, and dance."

Stefan looks surprised. He says, "She can?"

"Watch me," Lea says as she begins dancing.

Chris says, "Yes, yes. Your challenge will be separated into three segments. You will split into three pairs of two."

"Isn't that what a pair is?" Francesca asks. Chris glares at her.

Chris continues to explain, "Each pair will either be in charge of acting in an original scene together, one writing a song and the other singing it, and then a dance number. Each segment can only be thirty seconds, as I have a life to get back to."

"Really?" Nolan asks in surprise.

Chris sighs. He says, "You have an hour to decide who will be paired, and then decide on your performances, and such. Bye." Chris walks away.

In a huddle, Kristy asks, "Anyone have a specific request for what they would prefer doing?"

"I want to write the song," Stefan requests.

"I'll act," Brad says.

"I'll act with Brad," Nolan says with a smile.

Kristy suggests, "I can dance, I guess."

"Sure, me too," Hedda states.

Kristy looks at Joanna and Eduardo. She says, "Who of you wants to sing?"

Joanna shrugs. She says, "I guess I have to."

"Look, you don't have to," Brad states. "We still have Eduardo as an option."

Eduardo sings, "Twink-le, twink-le, liiiiiittle staaaar!" Everyone covers their ears. Eduardo smirks.

"Joanna it is," Kristy states with a nervous smile.

In the other team's huddle, Francesca states, "I guess we should let little miss perfect decide what she wants to do, first." Everyone looks at Celia. Francesca states, "I was talking about Lea."

Lea says, "I don't know. I suppose I like singing the best."

Francesca nods. "I'll write the song," she states.

"I call acting," Reeve says quickly.

Celia says, "I'll act. That sounds fun."

Francesca states, "So that means that Wayne and Wade are our dancers by default." Wayne and Wade look at each other with wide eyes.

Stefan is shown sitting by himself writing on a single piece of paper. "How's it going?" Joanna asks.

Stefan says, "Okay. It feels great to write, again."

Joanna says, "You did pick writing the song, fairly quickly. You must like writing."

Stefan nods. He says, "Yeah. I love it almost as much as Yancy." Stefan blushes. Joanna smiles softly.

Chris arrives in an hour's time. He announces, "Let's begin the show. Let's start with the acting portion of the challenge. Reeve and Celia will go first." Reeve blushes. Reeve and Celia step on stage. "And begin," Chris commands.

Celia states, "Carlos? When did you get here?"

Reeve says in an embarrassed manner, "I couldn't stand to be away from you for another minute, even if it required flying across the country to get to you."

"Carlos, what are you saying?" Celia asks.

"Celia, I love you," Reeve states. He kisses Celia.

"Time," Chris states.

Celia whispers, "I thought we agreed that my character's name would be Rebbecca." Reeve blushes and looks away from Celia.

Chris cries into a handkerchief. "Nothing beats a good love scene like that. That was amazing." Brad frowns. Chris says, "Okay, Nolan and Brad, you're up." The guys step on stage. Chris states, "You can begin your scene."

Nolan says, "Hey, dude. You ready to go shoot some hoops?"

"Yeah," Brad states. "But there's something I need to say, first."

Nolan looks confused. He says, "Um, uh... So let's go."

Brad says, "I love you, man."

Nolan looks worried. He whispers loudly, "Brad, this isn't what we rehearsed. I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything," Brad states. "Just look into my eyes, tell me why I'm awesome, and stuff." Nolan awkwardly looks away from Brad.

"The scene is over," Chris announces. "Uh... That was... different. This round goes to It's All Relative."

Brad scowls. "Maybe, if someone appreciated the beauty of bromance." He glares at Chris. "Or if someone knew how to improvise." He glares at Nolan.

Chris announces, "Okay, now it's time for the singing segment of the challenge. We'll start with The Black Sheep this time."

Joanna walks on stage, she holds up the lyrics sheet from Stefan. She lets out a sigh. She begins singing in an amazing, operatic voice,

"I'd like to know the reason why,
I'll never get to catch your eye.
I want to sit and hold your hand,
So can you help me understand,
Why I'm not the one for you?
I'll do whatever you want me to,
To make you love me.
Make you love me."

Everyone who heard the song applauds.

Kristy says in a surprised state, "How come you never said you could sing like that?"

"Eh," Joanna states. "I'm nothing special."

Chris states, "The thirty seconds are up. That was really great. Lea, it's you turn." Lea nods and steps on stage. "You may begin."

Lea begins singing in a beautiful singing voice,

"Ba ba da da,
Ba da da da da,
Baby, baby, you're so sweet. (and all that crap)
I love the way you move your feet. (when you're going in the other direction)
I just really want to know why, (I'm pretending to actually care)
Will you ever be my guy? (blah)"

Stefan stares at Lea with wide eyes, full of tears. The others look slightly confused.

Chris states, "Your voice was really nice, but those lyrics were kind of... weird. The Black Sheep get the point for this round. It comes down to the dancing portion of the challenge. It's All Relative will go first, again." Wayne and Wade step on stage looking generally embarrassed. "You may begin," Chris states.

Wayne whispers to Wade, "Remember to follow my lead." Wade nods and sighs. They begin dancing to tango music. Wayne lifts Wade in the air, and Wade strikes a pose. Wayne spins Wade around his waist and tosses him in the air. Wade falls toward Wayne, and Wayne holds up his arms at the last minute, catching Wade gently. Wade holds his arms in the air.

The audience looks on with wide eyes. Everyone begins clapping.

Chris states, "Time is up. I was not expecting something like that. That was awesome. Who knew the short dude was so strong?" Wayne sighs. Chris says, "Alright. That will be tough to beat. Kristy and Hedda, you're up."

Hedda and Kristy dance a jazz routine, fairly well.

After their time runs up, Chris says, "That's all. Good job. This is a tough decision, as both pairs did well. But I can't help but give this victory to the It's All Relative team." The team cheers. "The Black Sheep need to vote someone out, tonight." Chris leaves the area, and interns arrive to start disassembling the stage.

Kristy says, "Don't feel bad, guys. We tried our hardest."

Lea walks up to Stefan and says, "I loved the song you wrote. It was so touching."

"Th-thanks," Stefan says with a slight blush. "You're beautiful." Some of the others present laugh.

Lea looks surprised. She says, "What?"

Stefan's face is bright red. He says, "I meant to say you're voice is beautiful. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable." Stefan walks away. Everyone looks at him as he walks away.

Stefan says in confessional, "I can't believe I said something like that." Stefan's face is bright red. "She probably thinks I'm creepy, like everyone always does."

Brad and Hedda are shown in the woods together. "Who should we vote out?" Hedda asks.

"I'm not sure," Brad confesses. "Hedda?"

"Yeah," Hedda replies.

"You know my secret, right?" Brad asks.

She nods. She says, "Of course."

Brad nods. He says, "So you must know how hard it was to do that to Daniel. Why would you present me with a situation like that?"

"What do you mean?" Hedda asks.

Brad looks confused at Hedda. He says, "What do you mean, what do I mean?" He stares at Hedda. "Tell me what my secret is."

Hedda laughs nervously. She says, "Um, well. I kind of... It's..."

"You don't know?" Brad asks in disbelief. "You mean you've been lying to me about it?"

Hedda says, "I wouldn't call it lying as much as I'd call it..."

Brad looks ticked. He says, "I'm leaving. Bye."

Hedda calls after him, "I assure you. I know what Nolan's secret is. If you get me voted out, everyone else will know, too." Brad stops walking. He looks back at Hedda and turns back around. He looks down at the ground and continues walking away.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Here we go. Another elimination. Great job at losing the lead in team members that you had over the other team." Chris holds up a marshmallow, he looks at it dramatically. "This one is for Stefan." He tosses the marshmallow to him. "Eduardo and Joanna, the two of you are safe," Chris states. He throws marshmallows to them. "Nolan, you're safe." Nolan catches the marshmallow in his mouth. "Kristy, you're safe, too." Kristy lets out a sigh of relief. "Hedda and Brad, one of you has been eliminated. The final marshmallow is for..."

"Brad." Chris tosses a marshmallow to him.

Hedda laughs. She says, "Oh, well. A deal is a deal. I told Brad that if he got me eliminated I would reveal what Nolan has been hiding from everyone." Nolan looks at Hedda with an extremely panicked expression.

Kristy asks, "How do you know?"

Hedda states, "I have my sources." She begins to say, "Nolan..." She looks him in the eye as tears begin to form. She looks down at the ground in an ashamed manner. She says, "Never mind. I guess there's no real reason to say anything." She stands up and says, "Bye, everyone."

"Bye," Brad says with a slight sigh. He looks over to Nolan, who looks fairly relieved.

Hedda walks toward the Boat of Losers. She pulls out her notepad. She looks at it and says, "I guess I'll leave this where it belongs." She drops it into the sand, and walks onto the Boat of Losers.

While on the boat, Hedda confesses, "I'm really sorry if I hurt anyone. I guess I realize how hurtful it can be to reveal something that someone else doesn't want everyone to know. I guess I appreciate learning that, and I hope Nolan is okay. I feel pretty bad, but I promise that I'll be a more respectable journalist from now on."

Chris states, "That wraps up another episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness. Be sure to tune into your local cable channel for our next episode, unless this has already been leaked on to ClipTube." Chris sighs.

The camera shows the beach. A shadowy figure walks up to Hedda's notepad, bends down, and picks it up.

Chapter 10 - Blindfolded FaithEdit

Chris is shown smiling and waving at the camera. He says, "Hello, and welcome to another installment of Total... Drama... Wilderness. If you'll remember with me what happened last time, you'll recall that our challenge involved three sets of two either singing, dancing, or acting. The Black Sheep lost two of the three events. It's funny how this show barely ever sees a clean sweep." Chris laughs. "That would be so boring. Hedda was sent home when Brad discovered that she had lied to him about knowing what he was hiding. Hedda had threatened to reveal Nolan's secret, but decided not to when she saw how scared Nolan was that she might reveal it to the others. Hedda learned her lesson, and dropped her notepad on the beach, before leaving. In the last moments of the episode, an unidentifiable figure picked up the notepad. So what will happen next? Find out, now!"

Joanna and Kristy are shown in their room. Kristy smiles and says, "Nice singing, earlier." Joanna replies with a grunt. Kristy continues, "This room is feeling nice and empty, isn't it?"

Joanna glares at Kristy and says, "Not quite."

Kristy gulps. She composes herself for a moment and asks, "You and me actually have a shot, don't you think? We haven't disturbed anyone..." She looks at Joanna as she blows her nose on her sleeve. Kristy goes on, "We haven't hurt anyone's feelings that I can think of. I think we're going to be safe for a little while."

Joanna laughs. She clears her throat and says, "I wouldn't be so sure."

"What do you mean?" Kristy asks. "I get along with everyone."

Joanna sighs. She says, "We're dealing with a numbers thing. I'm outnumbered at home, just like I am, here. There are four males on our team, and only two of us. It should be clear what might happen."

"You don't mean," Kristy says, "that they might team up to vote us out?" Kristy blushes. She says, "I'm sorry. That was a stupid question."

Joanna shrugs. She says, "Don't worry. I'm used to it. I have kids." Kristy looks concerned.

Wade is shown in confessional. He states, "Ever since Reeve figured out that I'm so self-conscious, he's been going out of his way to avoid Celia, since I like her, but she rejected me..." Wade pauses. "Why am I giving a recap? But what Reeve's doing, that isn't what I want. I want him to be happy."

Wade, Reeve, and Celia are walking together on the beach. Celia looks at the stars and says, "Nice night."

"Yup," Reeve says quickly.

Celia awkwardly adds, "And clear."

"Yup," Reeve replies.

Wade looks at Celia, and then at Reeve. His eyes sparkle as he whispers to Reeve, "You sure are pretty in the moonlight."

Reeve stops in his tracks. "What did you just say?" Reeve barks. Celia keeps walking ahead.

Wade laughs. He whispers, "Say that to her."

"But I don't wanna make you uncomfortable," Reeve quietly says. "I'm fine just being friends with Celia."

"Look, dude," Wade says. He jumps up and down, throwing his arms about. "I'm great. Couldn't be better. Woo. Don't worry about me. I want you and Celia to be happy together. I want to be the best man at your wedding."

"Wedding?" Reeve repeats in a stunned voice.

Wade laughs. He states, "I can picture it, now. I pretend to have misplaced your ring, you get ready to punch me, and then I find it in my pocket. Everyone would laugh and laugh."

"You're nuts, you know that?" Reeve states. Wade's eyes sparkle as he nods with a toothy grin.

Celia is shown walking along the beach, by herself. Stefan is sitting on the beach writing in the sand with his finger. His jacket is to the side, and his shirt is open. He looks up at Celia, and quickly wipes away what he had written. Celia doesn't notice Stefan, trips on him, and lands on top of him.

Wade points from the distance and says, "You might want to be over there, right now." Reeve looks over at the situation and rushes over. Wade chuckles and keeps walking.

Reeve gets to Stefan and Celia and asks, "What's going on, here?" Celia and Stefan abruptly stand up. Stefan's face is bright red and he is holding his head down.

Celia laughs and says, "I just tripped over Steven. I didn't know he was sitting out here in the dark."

Stefan continues to hold his head down. He stutters, "I-I-I'm s-sorry for being a nuisance. She's so pretty, and..." Stefan's face turns a deeper shade of red. He picks up his jacket and rushes away from Reeve and Celia.

Reeve looks after him. He says, "What is wrong with that guy? I wasn't mad or anything. He was acting like he just got caught doing some crime."

Celia shrugs. Celia suggests, "He seems pretty hard on himself, all the time." Celia looks at Reeve and smiles. She says, "You were jealous."

"I was not," Reeve insists. Celia looks at him with a smirk. Reeve sighs. "Okay. I saw you with that beefcake and got jealous. Happy now?"

"Did you just call him a beefcake?" Celia asks with a laugh.

"No!" Reeve says defensively. "I meant fruitcake!" Celia continues laughing. "Fruitcake, I tells ya!" Reeve begins to laugh, too, and softly smiles at Celia.

Stefan is shown in confessional, as he says, "Why did I just blurt out that I thought Celia was pretty? She must think I'm so weird." He sighs. "Writing that song, yesterday, really reminded me of how much I have to depend on writing to get my feelings out without embarrassing myself. I can't believe I didn't bring anything to write on, but I did save the pen from the challenge, yesterday."

Stefan steps out of the confessional and sees Francesca standing there. She sighs. He says, "Hi, Francesca."

She looks up at him and says, "Hello... guy? Um... I found this lying on the beach and came here to complain about people who litter." Stefan laughs. Francesca glares at him. She holds up a notepad. Stefan looks at it with wide eyes. Francesca asks, "This wouldn't happen to be yours, would it?" Stefan reaches for the notepad. Francesca holds it away from him. She dryly lectures, "You shouldn't leave things like this lying around. A seagull could mistake it for a french fry and choke to death on it. Seagulls are very stupid creatures, you know."

Stefan nods. Francesca hands him the notepad. He says, "It is mine. I promise not to drop it, again." He slips it into his pocket, and says, "Th-thank you."

"Whatever," Francesca states as she walks away.

"Technically," Stefan states in confessional, "I didn't lie. The notebook was left on the beach, so no one wanted it. It's in my possession now, so it's mine. If anyone says they lost it, I'll give it to them right away. So, if you're watching this Yance, Daddy didn't lie."

Reeve and Wade are shown entering their cabin. Wade has his arm around Reeve. He says, "Buddy, I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks," Reeve says with a slight blush. "I'm still shocked that someone like her agreed to be my girlfriend." Wayne looks up from his bed at Wade and Reeve.

Wade says, "Don't feel that way, man. You're quite the beefcake." Wade smirks.

"You were listening?" Reeve asks with his eyes wide. Wade nods. Reeve yells, "You die, now!" He begins chasing Wade around the room.

Wayne says, "Uh, guys?"

"Oh, sorry," Wade states. "We'll keep it down." Reeve glares at Wade.

Wayne says, "Oh. No. That's not what I meant. I've just been having a pretty hard time out here, and I wanted to talk to someone."

"Well, can't it wait until tomorrow?" Reeve asks. "It's late."

Wayne looks disappointed. He forces a smile and says, "Yeah. Of course."

"Thanks for understanding, buddy," Reeve says, as he slaps Wayne on the stomach. Reeve goes over to his own bed. Wayne turns around in his bed and silently stares at the wall.

In the morning, Brad looks over at Stefan. Stefan is writing in his new notepad, but he does so discreetly. Brad quietly walks over to Stefan and asks, "What are you writing?"

Stefan's face turns red and he insists, "Nothing. Nothing, at all." He slips the notepad under his blanket.

Brad raises an eyebrow and says, "Alright?" Brad walks away.

Eduardo stretches and yawns. "I'm going outside for a morning run."

"I call swimming," Brad states.

Eduardo asks, "How does one call swimming?" Brad whips off his briefs to reveal that he is wearing swimwear that looks like underwear, underneath. Eduardo sounds worried as he asks, "What are those?"

Brad boasts, "I designed these babies, meself." Eduardo shrugs. He puts on some jogging clothes, and leaves the cabin with Brad. Stefan begins getting dressed. He looks out of the hole that Eduardo punched through the wall and sees Lea in her swimsuit. He quickly finishes getting dressed, grabs his notepad, and runs outside.

Reeve gets out of his bed. Wayne turns and looks at him. Reeve starts to get dressed. He pokes Wade on the shoulder and states, "You're getting up. Let's go for a run." Wade nods, gets out of bed, and starts getting dressed.

Wade says, "Oh, yeah. You can't run with your foot all cut up."

Reeve sighs. He says, "You're right. It feels okay to walk on, but I shouldn't run on it. Let's go speed walk, or whatever those creepy middle aged women do at the mall."

Wade nods rapidly and smiles. "Can do, pally."

Reeve laughs. He says, "You're a great friend, dude. Except when you leave shards of glass on the floor, and you make your eyes sparkle."

"Like this?" Wade says, as his eyes sparkle. Reeve laughs. They walk outside together.

Wayne stares at them as they leave without saying a word to him. He lets out a disappointed sigh.

Wayne states in confessional, "I guess I got my hopes up that those guys actually wanted to listen to my problems, but they obviously aren't interested in me. I just don't relate to normal people, like them."

Nolan is shown walking over to Stefan, who is sitting by a tree, writing in his notepad. Nolan asks, "Hey, man! What are you writing? Does it have pictures?"

Stefan quickly sets the notepad next to his side. He says, "I wasn't really writing anything special." Stefan smiles awkwardly.

Nolan nods. Nolan says, "I get it. Like a grocery list, or something." Nolan lingers. He asks, "So, uh. Do you like crackers?"

"Um," Stefan replies awkwardly, "they're alright."

"Yeah," Nolan says. He stands around awkwardly. "You know, they're a lot better with a topping. Maybe a cheese, or some sort of a spread."

"Right," Stefan says as he nods his head.

"So..." Nolan says awkwardly. He looks out at the water. He says, "Oh, man. Those guys are swimming! I'm going to go change into my trunks." Nolan leaves.

"But aren't you already wearing..." Stefan says, though Nolan doesn't hear him. Stefan looks around. When he sees that the coast is clear, he opens the notepad and flips to a blank page. He glances at Lea from afar and begins writing.

Stefan says in confessional, "I guess I'm just really self conscious about my writing. I feel like it's for my eyes only. I'm sure everyone else would think my poetry is too sappy, corny, or weird." Stefan blushes. "Not like I write about weird things. It's just a way to serve as an outlet for my feelings. I really like Lea, but I know she doesn't like me back. I just let it all out with my writing so that I don't accidentally say something embarrassing."

Wayne walks out of his cabin and sees Nolan rush by. Wayne says, "Hey, Nolan. How's it going?"

"Later, dude!" Nolan says as he excitedly runs to the water, wearing green swim trunks, a swim cap, and orange arm floaties. Wayne sighs, and goes back into his cabin.

Nolan is inches from the water when Chris shouts out, "Challenge time!"

"Aw, man!" Nolan says sadly.

Everyone meets Chris in their various outfits. He says, "What do you guys think this place is, a spa resort? Anyway, this challenge is based on Shaila. Do you remember how I said that some of the challenges would be based on your fears?" Chris gets several blank stares. He continues, "Well, anyway. On Shaila's official profile page, her fear is listed as losing her independence. So this challenge deals with one member of the team having to depend on everyone else to make it through the challenge." Chris points to the left. "If you will follow me this way." Chris leads the contestants into the woods, where they see an elaborate rope maze, and several transparent, large, plastic boxes. Chris explains, "Everyone, but one from each team will be inside these boxes. Don't worry. Due to a certain lawsuit, they have plenty of air-holes."

Nolan laughs and repeats, "Air-holes."

"Yes," Chris replies. "Like the ones in your head."

Nolan winces and says, "Thanks a lot, man."

"Anytime," Chris assures. "The people inside the boxes will shout out to a blindfolded team member as they attempt to get them through the rope maze. The person following your commands cannot go beyond the ropes, they have to follow the path."

Kristy turns to her team and says, "I volunteer to be the blindfolded team member. Any objections?"

Chris says, "Yes. I never said you got to choose who went through the course. That has been predetermined." Chris smirks. He pauses.

"How?" Eduardo asks.

Chris answers excitedly, "By your team's latest votes. The one person who received the final marshmallow in the latest elimination ceremonies for each team."

"It's been so long since we had an elimination, that I don't even remember who it is," Reeve states as he glares at the other team.

Chris says, "That would be Wayne. Wayne and Brad. If they remove their blindfolds, their team is disqualified, and the other team automatically wins." The guys look at each other. "So now that everyone knows their roles, we can get in position." The boxed in contestants get helped into the boxes by interns that wear shirts similar to what Chris wears in different colors.

Stefan, who is inside the box nearest to Brad, says, "Where is it?" He puts his hands in each of his pants pockets. He then removes his pants and shakes them upside down.

Brad stares at Stefan. He says, "What's up?"

"N-nothing," Stefan states. Brad looks at the ground and notices a notepad on the ground. He walks over to it and picks it up. Stefan smiles nervously and says, "That's mine. If you could toss it over by me, that would be great, Brad." Brad opens the notepad to one of the first pages and begins reading. He looks concerned, and up at Stefan. Brad turns to the next page, and his expression shows that he looks hurt. Brad closes the notepad and puts it in his pocket. "Brad?" Stefan asks. Stefan looks embarrassed. Brad and Wayne get in position. Chris puts blindfolds on each young man. He walks to the side and says, "Your time starts now."

Stefan commands, "Brad, walk a few steps forward." Brad defiantly crosses his arms.

Wade directs, "Okay, Wayne. Just go, like, six steps forward."

Wayne states, "No, I don't think so." Wayne reaches for his blindfold.

"Whoa," Brad says to Wayne. "You're annoyed with a teammate, too?"

Wayne stops reaching for his blindfold and nods. He thinks for a second and says, "Yeah."

"What?" Wade asks. "Who are you mad at, Wayne?"

"All of you," Wayne answers.

"Why?" Wade asks. "What happened?"

Wayne says in an annoyed tone, "Everyone here has someone they can talk to, someone they can confide in. Everyone, but me."

"Dude, that's silly," Wade states.

"Oh," Wayne says. "Now when I finally express myself, it's silly?"

Wade says, "I didn't mean it that way." Wayne gets quiet. "Please, man. I'm listening."

Wayne sighs. He says, "It's just... I mean, my struggle with alcohol is public knowledge. I don't feel comfortable with talking about it, but I know I need somebody I can talk to, but I'm always brushed off when I try to talk about it. I feel like I don't have any friends here."

"Here's the deal," Wade promises, "if you listen to us, now, I promise I'll listen to whatever you want to say. I promise not to judge you, either."

"You promise?" Wayne asks.

Wade nods. He thinks for a second and says, "Yeah."

"Okay," Wayne says. "Was it six steps?"

"Yeah," Wade says with a smile. He leads Wayne to the next section, where Francesca is waiting to direct Wayne.

Stefan looks at Brad. He says, "Um. Brad. I don't know what's wrong, but don't throw the challenge. I'd hate to see you get eliminated for this."

"Why do you care?" Brad asks.

Stefan explains, "Because I'm your friend, Brad. All this time you treated me with respect, and I appreciate you."

Brad says, "Well, that was when I thought you were someone else. I trusted you."

"I don't understand," Stefan says. "But we can work it out, after the challenge."

Brad sighs. He says, "I guess. Give me those directions, again."

"Brad!" Brad turns in Wade's direction. Wade looks over at Wayne as he repeatedly walks into the same tree. Wade states, "Don't listen to him."

"What?" Brad asks. "Why not?"

"Because he's only telling you what you want to hear, so you win the challenge," Wade states. "You should know not to trust everything people tell you."

Brad hesitates. He asks, "Stefan, is he right?"

Stefan looks stressed. He says, "N-no. Of course not, Brad. I meant what I said."

"You don't sound too sure of yourself," Brad says quietly. Stefan looks like he's about to say something, but he's unable to say anything. Brad sighs. He removes his blindfold.

Chris looks on with his eyebrows raised. He announces, "By means of disqualification, It's All Relative wins the challenge." The teams are helped out of the boxes by interns. Stefan looks disappointed. He looks at Wade, and then down at the ground.

Wade says in confessional, "I... It was a competition. It was just strategy, like I'd use in a video game. But... I feel really guilty." Wade holds his head down. "Really guilty."

Francesca walks up to Wade and says, "I heard what you did, Wade! Great job! We won because of you." His team cheers and hugs him. He watches as Stefan walks away.

The Black Sheep are shown surrounding Brad. Joanna asks, "Brad, what were you thinking? Why did you remove your blindfold?"

"I had my reasons," Brad assures.

Kristy sighs. "I'm really disappointed," she says. "Whatever your reason was, you really let us down."

Chris nods his head. He says, "That will come in handy at your elimination ceremony, tonight."

The elimination ceremony is under way. Chris holds up a marshmallow, and darts his eyes at the contestants. He says, "This puppy is for Nolan." He tosses it to Nolan.

Nolan's eyes widen. He asks, "Marshmallows are made from puppies?"

Chris sighs. He says, "No, Nolan. They aren't. The next marshmallow goes to Eduardo." Eduardo walks up and takes his marshmallow from Chris. He sits back down, and the others are slightly forced up in the air as he makes contact to his stump stool. Chris announces, "Kristy and Joanna. The two of you are safe, as well." Chris tosses marshmallows to them. Chris says, "Brad and Stefan. The two of you are in the bottom two." Stefan gulps. Brad looks at Stefan for a brief moment, and then looks away. Chris states, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Brad." Brad catches his marshmallow.

"Did you show them what I wrote?" Stefan asks.

Brad nods. He says, "I still can't believe it." He holds up the notepad. "You were the 'sources' that Hedda was always talking about. How could you write these things about us?"

"About you?" Stefan asks with a confused expression. "I didn't write anything like that."

Nolan shrugs. He says, "It was in the notebook, dude."

Stefan thinks. He says, "You mean... What part of it? I never looked at the stuff in the beginning. I just used the blank pages to write poetry about Lea..." Stefan pauses, realizing what he revealed. He goes on, "I like her, but my poetry is the only way I can express it."

Brad flips through the pages. He says quietly, "The handwriting is different." Brad looks upset. He says, "Stefan, I'm sorry. This must have been the notebook that Hedda was always holding. I had assumed that she took it with her when she went."

Stefan ignores Brad. He grabs the notepad from him, and walks in the direction opposite of the Boat of Losers. Chris says, "Hey! You have to leave!"

Stefan ignores Chris and walks to the girls' cabin. He knocks on the door. Lea answers the door. She says, "Oh. Hi, Stefan. What are you doing here?" Stefan's face turns red. He opens his mouth to speak, but is unable to find the right words. He closes his mouth and rips pages out of Hedda's notebook. He hands them to Lea and walks back to the Boat of Losers.

Stefan boards the vessel. He sits down. He says quietly, "I can't believe I just did that. That was bold... for me. This game was way harder than I thought it would be. I guess the social side was more than I could handle. I don't like holding grudges, so I can forgive the others. It's just... That Wade guy... Or is it Wayne? The tattooed one. It felt really bad when he used the hard time I have with expressing myself against me. I think that was the low point of my time, here." Stefan sadly looks down. "He didn't have to do that."

Chris states, "Well, there you have it. Another concluded episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness. Tune in next time!"

Lea is shown sitting on her bed, reading through the pieces of paper that Stefan handed her. She cries and says, "These are really beautiful. I didn't know that Stefan felt this way, too." Celia and Francesca smile at her.

Chapter 11 - Do Make Me LaughEdit

Chris Mclean appears in front of the camera, holding a tropical drink in a coconut. He states, "Welcome to another episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness! Last time, the contestants were politely asked to take part in a trust game, where one contestant from each team would be blindfolded, and led through a maze by their team members, who would be watching from plastic boxes, unable to physically intervene. The blindfolded contestants, Brad and Wayne, were both annoyed with people from their team, so both of them stood still after being directed. Brad believed that Stefan had been spying on them, and giving that information to Hedda, while Wayne was upset that none of his teammates seemed interested in him. Wade was able to convince Wayne to move on to the next part of the maze. Stefan was also able to convince Brad to move on, but Wade interfered, stating that Brad couldn't trust Stefan. This convinced Brad to throw the challenge. Stefan was voted out, as his team mistakenly thought that he was Hedda's source, after secretively writing poetry in her abandoned notepad. Stefan then went to Lea and boldly handed her the poems he wrote about her, then he had to leave. Who will have to leave this time? Great tie in, I know."

Wade is shown sitting on the ground next to his cabin. He sees Stefan go to the girls' cabin. Wade gives a slight sigh of relief. Stefan walks back toward the campfire ceremony area.

Lea is shown in the girls' cabin. Lea says, "Stefan is so sweet, and his writing is so beautiful. He's just so shy."

Celia states, "But he seems like a good guy. You should really give him a chance."

"I might," Lea says with a soft smile. Francesca shrugs nonchalantly.

Celia says, "That would make you the first official couple of the season."

Francesca corrects, "You forgot Wayne and Tamira," Francesca pauses in order to shudder, "and you and Reeve."

"Well," Celia explains, "Wayne and Tamira so don't count, and..." Celia pauses. "I'm having second thoughts about Reeve and I."

Lea looks surprised. She says, "That can't be. You guys seem to really like each other."

"We do," Celia says with her cheeks a little red, "but I'm not sure if I'm ready to date. And he can't possibly want to date someone who already has a child."

"He knows that you do," Lea reminds. "You said something about being a mom when you first arrived."

Celia shrugs. She states, "Maybe he forgot. Or maybe he thought it was some metaphor."

"For what?" Francesca asks with a confused expression.

"Guys, I just don't know," Celia admits.

"Fair enough," Francesca states. "I wouldn't want to date someone that already had a kid. Too much laughing and happiness, for me." Lea and Celia laugh. Francesca asks, "What?"

Celia says, "Nothing. But you're right. What guy Reeve's age would want to date a girl who'd already been married and had a kid?" Celia sighs softly.

Wade is shown outside, again. He stands up when he sees the other team returning from their elimination. He looks at everyone and says, "Where's Stefan?"

Brad says, "Voted out. Thanks a lot, dude. It ended up that we had a big misunderstanding. He didn't do anything wrong."

Wade looks disappointed with himself. He says, "I didn't mean for him to get voted out."

Brad shrugs. "Well, it happened, anyway," Brad says. "Can we go in our cabin, now, or are you going to have us watch you sulk some more?"

"Oh," Wade says. "Sure." He steps away from the door as Brad and Eduardo enter. Wade walks in shortly after.

Wayne looks up at Wade and smiles. He says, "Hey, man!"

"Hey," Wade says quietly. Reeve looks at Wade with a concerned expression.

"I was thinking that we could have our talk," Wayne suggests.

Reeve barks, "Can't you see he's upset over something?"

"But..." Wayne lets out.

"What is it, Wade?" Reeve asks. "What's the matter?"

Wade looks upset. He explains, "I'm just so upset with myself. I interfered with the other team, and it ended up getting Stefan sent home. I never thought I was capable of playing so dirty."

Wayne says, "Okay. Now that we're done talking about that, I guess we should talk about what I've been..." Wade looks at Wayne with a sad expression.

Reeve interrupts by saying, "I can't believe you. Wade's upset about something, and you only care about your own problem?"

Wayne says, "Well, it's far more serious."

"Get out of here," Reeve demands.

"You can't kick me out of here," Wayne states. "I was just..." Reeve stands, walks toward Wayne, and looms over him. Wayne says, "You think you can intimidate me? If you even think about hitting me, I can sue you for however little you're worth." Reeve narrows his eyes at Wayne. He grabs the back of Wayne's silk pajamas, drags him toward the door, and tosses him outside. Reeve quickly grabs a bed and places it behind the door. Wayne tries to open the door but fails. He begins angrily pounding on the door with his fists. Wayne shouts, "Let me back in! You can't make me stay out here!"

Eduardo and Brad walk downstairs. Brad says, "What's going on down here?" He is wearing a sleeping cap with his face all over it, and a green mud mask.

Reeve growls, "We're teaching Wayne some manners."

"And by 'we'," Wade says as he points at Reeve, "he means him."

Eduardo looks at the door that Wayne continues to pound on. He says, "Don't you think you guys are being a bit harsh?"

Wade explains, "Again, I had nothing to do with..."

"Aren't you the ones who made Nolan sleep outside?" Reeve asks.

"Point taken," Brad says. He jumps into Eduardo's arms and says, "Carry me back upstairs. I don't want to over exert my calves." Eduardo sighs and walks up the stairs carrying Brad.

Reeve raises an eyebrow and says, "What was that Brad guy wearing?"

Wade says, "Reeve, thanks for defending me, but..."

"You're welcome," Reeve says. He narrows his eyes. "Don't call me 'butt'."

Wade laughs. "No," Wade says. "I meant to say 'but, I think we should let Wayne back in'. I don't think he meant to be hurtful." Wayne can still be heard knocking on the door.

Reeve explains, "Well, even if he didn't mean to be hurtful, doesn't mean he wasn't. He needs to learn how to care about others, and that showing no interest in other people's problems isn't nice."

Wade says, "But I don't think that..." Wade pauses. "Did Wayne stop knocking?" Reeve shrugs.

Wayne is shown in confessional. He states, "I'm pretty ticked. At least I know who my friends are, here. Nobody." Wayne glares to the side. He has a look of realization. He whispers, "Nolan."

Nolan is shown lying in his secluded bed. Nolan yawns. He looks up and sees Wayne, covered in mud. Nolan says, "Whoa. Wayne, dude. Where've you been? What happened?"

"Sorry that I haven't come to see you in a while," Wayne states. "My team threw me out of our room."

"Oh, no," Nolan says. "That's awesome." Wayne's eyes widen. Nolan corrects himself, "I mean, 'awful'. Isn't it funny how those words are so similar, but mean totally different things?" Nolan laughs.

Wayne furrows his brow. He says, "Right."

"You want to share my bed?" Nolan asks. Wayne gives a shake of his head, with a look of distaste. "I've been doing a lot better with my problem, man," Nolan explains. "I'm still screaming randomly at night, but... I forget where I was going with this."

"That's great," Wayne says with little interest in his voice. He says, "Nolan, I've been struggling out here. I wondered if you'd be willing to listen."

Nolan says, "Oh, sure, man. I'm listening."

"Th-thanks," Wayne says with a slight smile. "I'm used to drinking my troubles away."

"Uh-huh," Nolan says with a slight frown.

Wayne goes on, "I can't do that here. I've been thinking about some of the things I've done, and it hurts. I want to stop drinking, I really do, but I don't know what's worse, waking up with my guilt, or waking up not knowing what I did the previous night." Wayne pauses. Nolan says nothing. Wayne asks, "Nolan?" He looks to see Nolan sound asleep. Wayne looks annoyed.

Wayne looks disappointed and says in confessional, "Why doesn't anyone care about me and my problem?"

In the morning, Joanna and Kristy walk outside. Kristy says, "So I guess we were safe, after all. Go fig."

"Go fig?" Joanna asks with a raised eyebrow. "Kids, these days."

Kristy rubs her chin. She says, "We need to cement our relationships with our team, in case we lose the next challenge."

"It won't happen," Joanna states. "The teams will be even. But just in case, how do you propose that we get into the majority?"

Kristy raises a finger in the air and states, "I have no idea."

Joanna thinks for a few seconds. "I have an idea," she says.

"What is it?" Kristy asks.

"It's pretty horrible," Joanna says.

"It is?" Kristy asks with slight concern.

Joanna nods. Joanna explains, "You could pretend to be attracted to Brad."

Kristy's face turns bright red. "Pretend," she whispers.

Joanna nods. She says, "If you want to stay in the game, you'll have to take one for the team... or... whatever you and I are."

"But, I'm sure that would never work," Kristy says. "I bet he's used to girls always liking him. He'd probably be more annoyed than anything."

Brad and Eduardo walk outside. Brad asks, "What are the two of you talking about?"

"Nothing," Kristy says while blushing.

Joanna says, "Don't listen to her lies. She kept going on and on about how gorgeous you are."

Brad's eyebrows raise. He says, "Eduardo! Looks like you got an admirer, man!"

Kristy says, "No, I..." Joanna kicks Kristy in the shin. "Ow!"

"Right," Joanna says. "She's totally hot for Eddy, here."

Eduardo blushes. He says, "That's nice of you to say, but..."

Brad kicks Eduardo in the shin. Brad says, "Ow!" He whispers to Eduardo, "If you pretend to be attracted to Kristy, here, that will keep us in the majority, and keep our team together whenever the merge comes."

Eduardo whispers, "But, Brad..."

Brad says loudly, "That is so awesome. Um. We were just whispering about how much Eduardo has the hots for Kristy." Eduardo blushes a little more.

"R-really?" Kristy says in surprise.

"Okay, bye," Brad says. He grabs hold of Eduardo's arm, and Eduardo fails to move. Brad snaps his fingers and says, "Eduardo, come on." Eduardo nods and walks away with Brad.

Kristy says to Joanna, "What did you do that for?"

"Look," Joanna states in her gruff voice. "It doesn't matter which one of them you pretend to like, just as long as it solidifies our position in the game. You got to think of strategy, sometimes."

"Right, but it feels dishonest," Kristy explains.

"Was there any difference when your crush was on Brad?" Joanna asks.

"N-no," Kristy states with her cheeks red.

Joanna narrows her eyes. She says, "That look seems familiar to me, somehow." Kristy laughs nervously.

Brad leads Eduardo to a secluded area. Brad says, "Come on, man. All you have to do is pretend that you like Kristy."

"But I don't," Eduardo states. "I mean, I don't like like her."

Eduardo puts his hand on Eduardo's shoulder. He says, "Look, man. Strategy involves... um... strategy stuff. I mean, Kristy is kind of cute. It shouldn't be too hard for you to fake being attracted to her."

"I guess she is attractive," Eduardo admits. "But it feels wrong."

Brad sighs. He says, "I didn't want to do this." Brad closes his eyes. He opens his eyes and gives Eduardo a smoldering look, complete with a slight pout. Brad requests, "Please, Ed? I'm your friend. Do it for me?"

Eduardo's face turns bright red. He looks at the ground and says, "Sure. I'll do it."

Brad smirks and says, "Good."

Eduardo says in confessional, "Why couldn't I say no to Brad? I felt like I'd be a bad friend if I didn't do what he asked." Eduardo frowns.

Chris arrives and announces, "It's challenge time, everyone!"

"Woo!" Nolan shouts. "Who's challenge is it, this time? Is it me?"

"Dude, you had a challenge," Brad reminds him.

"Oh, yeah," Nolan says as he nods his head.

"The challenge of the day is based on Francesca," Chris explains. "Each team will sit silently in chairs, trying to remain serious. During one team's turn, the other team will attempt to make them smile, or laugh. When someone laughs or smiles, they're out of the challenge for their team. Whichever team has someone remain serious through the whole challenge longer, will win the challenge."

"This will be easy," Francesca states with no hint of emotion.

Chris says, "For the first time, like, ever, It's All Relative has more team members than The Black Sheep. They get to sit someone out."

Brad says with a dopey grin, "You guys should sit out Francesca!"

"Right," Wade states. "We'll sit out Lea." Lea laughs uncontrollably.

Chris states, "Alright. We'll get started." Chris points to a cart to the side. He says, "On this cart are all sorts of comedy props. Feel free to use them as you see fit. We'll start with It's All Relative. The Black Sheep will try to make you guys laugh." The teams nod, and get in position. Chris looks at a stopwatch and presses a button on it. He says, "Go!"

Brad says to Kristy, "Oh, leader. What should we do?"

Kristy blushes. She says, "Improvise?"

"Psssssst," Nolan signals to Eduardo. "Dude, hit me with one of these pies."

"Are you sure?" Eduardo asks. Nolan nods rapidly. Eduardo picks up a pie with a lot of a whipped cream on it. Eduardo stands a few feet away from Nolan. Wayne rolls his eyes. Eduardo winds up his arm and throws the pie at Nolan with full force. The pie hits Nolan's face. Nolan sails through the air about ten feet, and falls on his back on the ground. Wade and Celia begin laughing. Eduardo rushes to Nolan's side. He shouts, "Nolan! Wake up! Nolan!" He lifts up his lifeless arm to feel his pulse. He lets go, and his limp arm falls to the ground. Wayne chuckles.

Nolan stands, but stumbles as he tries to gain his composure. He says with his voice cracking, "Let's do not, again, that." Reeve smiles.

Eduardo apologizes, "Sorry."

Chris says, "Wow. Nolan and Eduardo took out Celia, Wade, Wayne, and Reeve with one act. Only Francesca remains." Francesca narrows her eyes as she remains as serious as ever.

Francesca looks at Reeve in a disappointed manner. He says, "What? I think Jerry Lewis is funny."

The Black Sheep attempt to get Francesca to show any hint of emotion. Kristy repeatedly slaps Joanna with a rubber chicken, while Nolan throws pies at Eduardo but misses, as his eyes twirl around. Brad smirks as he looks at Francesca. He says, "Francesca. I never told you this, but... I find you to be really attractive. Probably the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I..." Kristy stops slapping Joanna with the rubber chicken. "I just wanted to say that." Brad kisses his hand, holds his hand hand out below his lips, and blows it in Francesca's direction.

Francesca blushes, and gives a slight smile. "Crud," Francesca states, as she frowns. Brad smirks as he waves at Francesca.

"Two minutes and fifteen seconds," Chris announces. "The Black Sheep are up next. The Black Sheep sit in the chairs. Chris says, "You may begin." He presses his stopwatch. Nolan begins laughing hysterically. Chris raises an eyebrow, "Nolan is out, already."

Nolan says, "Sorry. I was just thinking about this time when one of my friends at home was like, 'Dude, you're weird', and I thought he said, 'Dude, you're beard'. It was hilarious." Everyone blankly stares at Nolan. Nolan says, "I guess you had to be there."

Wayne heads to the cart and picks up some pies. He begins throwing them at his team rapidly, they run around as they try to avoid getting hit. Kristy laughs. Chris says, "Kristy's out."

Wade continues running from the pies, and accidentally slips on one that is on the ground. He slides toward Reeve, and tries to grab something as he falls. He grasps Reeve's belt, and it slides off as Wade falls to the ground. Reeve's shorts fall, revealing his jockstrap. His face turns bright red. He hurriedly pulls his shorts back up, while Brad and Eduardo laugh. Reeve shouts, "I've been wearing a cup ever since that paintball challenge! I want to keep the kiwis intact, just in case the challenge is dangerous for balls, again! I mean, I want kids, some day!"

Everyone begins laughing, except for Joanna. Chris wipes a tear from his eye and says, "Eduardo and Brad are out of the challenge."

Reeve looks at Celia, who is also laughing. She says, "I'm sorry. I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing with people that are laughing at you."

Wade's face is red. He says quietly, "Reeve, I'm sorry."

Reeve glares at Wade and says, "Can I have my belt, please?" Wade nods and hands it to him. Reeve wraps his belt around Wade's neck, Wade's eyes widen, and Joanna begins laughing.

Chris says, "The challenge is officially over. The Black Sheep had a time of two minutes and sixteen seconds. They win the challenge!" The Black Sheep cheer. Chris says, "It's All Relative will have to vote somebody out. It should be quite the decision, after that challenge." Chris laughs. The teams disband, as Chris walks away.

Wade, Reeve, and Celia are together. Wade says, "Reeve, I'm so, so, so, so sorry."

Reeve says, "I know it was an accident, man. Sorry, if you thought I was angry with you."

"Yeah," Wade admits. "The belt around my neck made my confidence go down, a little." Reeve laughs.

"We have to vote somebody out," Celia reminds. "Who should it be?"

Reeve says quickly, and forcefully, "Wayne."

Wade states, "But there's only three of us, with six people on the team."

"Right," Celia says. "We need to talk to somebody else. I'll go talk with Lea."

Wade says, "Nah. Don't bother. I'll talk with her. I'm better with strategy stuff, no offense." Celia nods. Wade walks away.

Celia turns to Reeve and says, "I hope you aren't too embarrassed, Reeve."

He admits, "I don't embarrass too easily, but that was... That was really embarrassing."

"Well, I'm sure you don't have to worry about that from now on," Celia admits. She looks thoughtful and says, "Reeve. When you said you wanted kids some day, were you serious?"

"Yeah," Reeve says. "When I'm ready. It probably wouldn't be anytime soon."

"Oh," Celia says quietly. "Right."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris announces, "The first safe person is Lea." Lea catches her marshmallow and smiles. "Wade is safe, too." Wade catches his marshmallow. "Celia, you're safe, as well." Reeve smiles at Celia, and she catches her marshmallow. Chris says, "Reeve, you're safe."

Reeve catches his marshmallow and says, "About time."

Chris looks at the bottom two. "Wayne and Francesca. You are our bottom two. One of you will not receive a marshmallow, and must leave the show, immediately. The final marshmallow is for..."

"Wayne." Chris tosses the last marshmallow to Wayne.

"Francesca?" Reeve asks with a confused look.

"I wanted to vote your sorry, jockstrapped butt out," Wayne states. "But blue boy insisted on Francesca."

Francesca looks at Wade. He says, "I'm sorry. It was nothing personal. I just couldn't bring myself to vote out Wayne. I promised him I'd let him confide in me, but I didn't. I told him I'd vote with him and got Lea on board, but I told them that I couldn't vote for Reeve or Celia. That only left you, Francesca. Sorry."

Francesca shrugs. She says, "I'm not going to get emotional, or anything, but it is disappointing to be voted out for no reason." Wade looks down at the ground.

"Yes, yes," Chris says. "Life is full of disappointments. You can leave, now." Francesca nods, and heads toward the Boat of Losers.

On the boat, Francesca states, "Well, that was kind of enjoyable, I guess. I didn't learn much... I wonder if Brad was serious about thinking I was attractive." Francesca blushes a little.

Chris says, "Well, that will do it for another episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness. We're down to the final ten. Will there be a merge? Will there not be a merge? Watch next time to find out!"

Reeve is shown sitting on the beach. Wade approaches him, and sits down. Reeve looks at Wade, and then looks away. Wade says, "Reeve, I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me."

"Yeah," Reeve says. "I can. Just, promise me that for any decision like that, you won't go behind my back. I would have understood that you didn't want to vote out Wayne."

"I'm sorry, man," Wade says. "I promise I won't do something like that, again."

"Good," Reeve says. "And one more thing."

Wade asks, "Yeah?"

"Don't grab my belt if you fall over, again," Reeve says with his face red. Wade laughs and nods.

Chapter 12 - Inside ScooperEdit

Hedda smiles wide. She is shown to be standing in front of a beautiful resort. She says, still smiling, "Hello, viewer world! Hedda, here. Chris put me in charge of getting the inside scoop on the losing contestants."

"No, he didn't," the camera man states. He whispers in a frightened voice, "If anyone sees this footage... Help... me."

Hedda glares at the cameraman with a frown. She smiles, again, and says, "Please, ignore him. He's not well. So, I bet you're wondering what I'm doing reporting, after swearing to give up gossip. Well, I came to realize that gossiping about other normal people was wrong, but not celebrities! Celebrity gossip is totally okay. We all know that celebrities aren't like normal people, and they don't have normal feelings. Besides, they're used to this kind of treatment. Now that everyone here has appeared on Total Drama, they're big time minor celebrities! I'm sure all of you are wondering how you're favorite Total Drama Wilderness losers are holding up. Let's find out." Hedda puts a hat, that has a shrub on it, on top of her large hair. She sneaks behind where Holly and Tamira are sitting, and successfully attempts to blend in with the shrubbery.

Tamira is overheard saying, "I really couldn't be more sorry for judging you."

"Look, Tamira," Holly states. "I told you that I forgave you. Just forget about it."

"I try," Tamira admits. "But I still feel guilty."

Hedda leaps out of the bushes. Holly and Tamira scream. Hedda says, "Hey, girls. It's me, Hedda! Your fans want to know how you're doing."

Holly replies, "Good."

"Fine," Tamira answers.

Hedda says, "Tamira. Everyone is wondering if you're still a money hungry gold digger."

Tamira's face turns red. Holly says defensively, "Isn't that a little rude?"

Hedda nods. She says, "I apologize. Tamira. Do you still have feelings for Wayne?"

Tamira blushes. She says, "I think so. Maybe a little. Even though he wasn't very nice to me, I still can't help but liking him."

Hedda writes something in her notepad. She says, "So that's a yes for still being a money hungry gold digger."

Tamira's eyes widen. She says, "N-no! At first, that's why I pretended to like him, but then I started to really like him. I'm not sure why. I've gotten over him for the most part."

"Fair enough," Hedda states, "though hardly a story. Who do you girls hope wins the competition?"

Tamira says, "It has to be Wayne. Even though... Never mind."

"Celia," Holly states. "The viewer didn't get to see it, but we were pretty close."

"Thank you for your answers," Hedda says. She slips into the shadows. Holly and Tamira look at the cameraman with worried expressions. The cameraman just shakes his head.

From behind a wall, Hedda is filmed, crouching down to the ground. She says, "Next up, it's Toby, that lovable loser. How has he been since his elimination?" Hedda and the cameraman jump up, revealing that Toby is in the shower. Part of the camera is foggy from the steam, so Toby's nudity is obscured. He sees Hedda, and then the cameraman. Toby screams. Hedda says, "As you can see, he is not handling his elimination well, at all."

Toby shouts, "What are you doing in here, yo?! Get out!" He grabs a towel and wraps it around his waist.

Hedda explains, "I'm here in behalf of your fans. They want to know how you've handled your elimination."

"They does?" Toby says with slight surprise in his voice. He goes on, "I took it pretty hard, at first. I mean, the competition meant so much to me. I'm dreading it when I go back home, I ain't gonna lie, but I'm trying my hardest to enjoy the rest of the time I have at this dope resort."

Hedda nods. She says, "Any romance happening, here, for you?"

Toby looks embarrassed. He says nervously, "No, of course not! What are you talking about, yo?" Toby laughs nervously.

"But I distinctly remember seeing you and a female, former contestant kissing on the beach," Hedda informs, slightly frowning. She thumbs through her new notepad in an effort to find a certain page.

Toby says, "Um... Don't you want to know who I'm rooting for to win?"

Hedda sighs. She says, "Sure, I guess. Whatever."

"Nolan," Toby states. "Definitely. That dude is awesome, know what I'm sayin'?"

"Okay," Hedda states. "This interview is over." She crouches behind the wall and crawls out of the men's shower.

Hedda is next shown pressed against the outside wall for the room with the phone in it. Shaila can be seen talking on the phone. Hedda whispers, "I wonder who she is talking to."

"Levi, honey," Shaila states. "Every day I'm here, I miss you more and more..."

"I bet he's saying that he doesn't miss her," Hedda suggests.

Shaila replies to Levi, "I'm glad to hear that you feel the same way as I do." Shaila smiles. "How is your family?"

"Ooh," Hedda says. She holds out her notepad. "Something horrible could have..."

"That's wonderful!" Shaila exclaims.

Hedda sighs. She whispers, "This conversation is boring." Hedda kicks the door open, surprising Shaila.

Shaila says, in surprise, "What are you doing? I am on the phone with my husband." She holds her hand over the phone's receiver.

"Yeah, yeah," Hedda says. "I know." Shaila's eyes widen. "Quick question. Who do you want to win Total Drama Wilderness?"

"Really," Shaila says. "What are you doing in here?"

"Just answer the question," Hedda demands.

"Joanna," Shaila answers. "Now, leave me be." Hedda nods and walks out of the room.

Hedda next comes across Anders and Francesca in a spa room in the resort. Francesca is lying on her stomach on a massage table. Anders is giving her a massage. Hedda's eyes widen. She whispers, "Now, this is a story." Hedda enters the room and shouts, "I would like to interview the two of you!"

Francesca sits up abruptly, and turns around. Her bare chest is pixelated. Anders looks down with wide eyes. He wipes the steam off of his glasses as he says, "Anders like."

Francesca quickly lies down on her stomach, again, and punches Anders hard in the stomach. "Shut it," Francesca states. "I didn't start teaching you some basic English words for you to use them for evil, and or pervertedness."

"Pervertedness is new word," Anders states as he clutches his stomach. Francesca glares at him. Anders falls to his knees. "Anders feel hurting..."

Hedda smirks. She says to the camera, "As you can see, Francesca and Anders are lovebirds."

"Francesca and Anders are lovebirds?" Anders repeats in his Swedish accent, after abruptly standing up. He says, "Francesca and Anders are lovebirds. Francesca and Anders are lovebirds."

Francesca sighs and puts her hand on her forehead. "Oh, great," she says. "Look what you've done."

Hedda smiles. She says, "We'll leave these lovebirds alone, after we find out who they're rooting for to win the competition."

"Can you stop referring to us as lovebirds, please?" Francesca requests.

"Francesca and Anders are lovebirds," Anders repeats.

Hedda says, "Well? Who do you want to see win?"

Anders says, "Reeve is cool muscle boy."

Francesca holds a finger to her chin. She answers, "I guess I would have to pick Wade. Sure, he got me eliminated, but he seems to be pretty strategic. I can appreciate that, especially when most of my team didn't seem to know what strategy is."

"Thanks for your time," Hedda says. She smirks. "And when Anders said he wanted to see your 'boobies', he eventually got to."

Francesca blushes. She shouts, "Get out!" Hedda leaves. Francesca thinks for a while and says, "Wait... How did she know about that?" Anders looks around the room. Francesca punches him, again, for no reason.

Hedda walks to the lounging chairs next to the pool. Yesenia and Toby are sitting in lounging chairs in their swimwear. Hedda says, "Hello, Yesenia."

"Yo," Yesenia states.

"Hey," Toby says.

"I talked with you, already," Hedda says to Toby with a frown. She suspiciously looks at Yesenia and Toby. She asks, "So are you guys, together?"

"Yeah," Yesenia states. "Can't you see us? We're right in front of you."

"No, I mean..." Hedda begins. She moves on. "Yesenia, how have you been handling your elimination?"

"It's a'ight," Yesenia states. Her eyes widen as she says, "Plus, have you seen this pool?! It's so uber awesome!"

"Right," Hedda states. "Who do you want to win that's still competing?"

Yesenia rubs her chin. She says, "Br-r-r-rad is hawt, but I have to support my girl, Kristy. How about you Hedda?"

"Nobody wants to know who I'm rooting for," Hedda states with a frown. "So..."

"Oh, come on!" Yesenia insists. "Who? Who? Who?"

"Brad," Hedda says quietly. "Even though we had a tiny falling out. I still consider us friends." Yesenia is shown having fallen asleep.

Hedda looks at Yesenia. Toby says, "Alright. I'm finally ready to talk about..." Hedda frowns, gets up, and leaves. Toby shrugs.

Daniel is shown in a greenhouse area of the resort. Hedda walks in and says, "Ooh! The ever reclusive Daniel." She whispers, "Here, our viewers can see Daniel in his preferred habitat, among the foliage and greenery. Look closely to observe Daniel's behavior when he believes nobody is watching." Daniel is shown watering one of the trees. He puts his hand on it, smiles, and kisses the trunk. Hedda and the cameraman break out in laughter.

Daniel looks up with his eyes wide. He says, "Hedda?" He looks annoyed and begins walking toward the exit. Hedda blocks the door.


Hedda says, "I'm not leaving until you answer some questions for our viewers."

"No," Daniel states.

Hedda ignores his answer. She asks, "How have you handled your elimination?"

"How do you think?" Daniel replies. "It was awful."

"Why?" Hedda asks. "Because of Brad?"

"Don't mention that dill weed," Daniel says in an irritated tone. He suddenly looks concerned, turns to a plant, and says, "Sorry, buddy. I hope that didn't hurt your feelings."

Hedda raises an eyebrow and says, "Um. One more question, and I can leave. Er... You can leave. Who do you want to win of who's left?"

Daniel thinks for a second. He says, "I'd have to say Eduardo." Daniel looks down. "He's a good guy. Can I go, now?"

Hedda nods. She steps away from the door, and Daniel walks out. Hedda says, "What a wack job. That reminds me. Time to find Stefan."

The scene shows Hedda finding Stefan sitting on the beach. He is looking in the direction of where the competition is being held. He tilts his head down, and writes in a notebook. Hedda says, "Oh, Stefan?"

Stefan looks up at Hedda. He says, "Oh, you."

"That's right!" Hedda says. "It's me, Hedda!" Stefan ignores her, and continues writing. Hedda says, "I'm here for your official, unofficial interview." Stefan continues writing. Hedda says, "Um... How has your elimination affected you?" Stefan fails to respond to the question. Hedda asks, "Who are you rooting for to win?"

Stefan stops writing. He says, "L is for her love of life. E is for her eternal smile. A is for all the things she does that make me love her."

Hedda raises an eyebrow and asks, "Is that a druid chant, or something?"

"N-no!" Stefan states. "It's poetry. I spelled out 'Lea'."

"Right," Hedda says. "I guess that's all for interviewing. Thanks, Stefan. Bye." Hedda walks away. Stefan goes back to writing.

Hedda faces the camera and says, "There you have it. I hope you enjoyed a visit with the depressed, bitter losers. Be sure to watch the next episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness!" Hedda smirks and says, "I always wanted to do that."

Later, Toby is shown lying on the beach in his baggy swim trunks. He looks up to see someone join him. He says, "Hey, boo. Did that Hedda girlie follow you out here?"

Tamira shakes her head. She is wearing her gold bikini. She sits down next to Toby, and puts her hand in his. He smiles at her. Tamira blushes and says, "I love that smile of yours."

Toby looks embarrassed. He says, "Thanks. I still can't believe you agreed to go out with me. I don't have nothin' to offer someone like you."

Tamira blushes and looks at the ground. She says, "I should say that about me not deserving someone like you." Tamira leans in and kisses Toby. "You're the sweetest guy that I've ever met."

"Yeah, sure," Toby says, looking more embarrassed. "But I don't have no money. And I'm not the best lookin' dude on Earth."

Tamira laughs. She says, "That doesn't matter to me, Toby. Not anymore." Tamira smiles and hugs Toby close to her. "Not after I've gotten to know you better." Toby and Tamira softly smile as they look out at the setting sun.

Chapter 13 - Royal BlushEdit

Chris Mclean gives his trademark smile. He states, "Hello, and welcome to Total... Drama... Wilderness! Last time, before that unauthorized loser chapter, the challenge required the contestants to make the other team laugh. The Black Sheep won by this huge margin, and It's All Relative had to send someone packing. Wade couldn't bring himself to vote for anyone but Francesca and she ended up being eliminated. What will happen on this episode? Trust me. You won't want to miss it. Ha ha!"

Celia and Lea are shown walking into their cabin. "No Francois, huh?" Joanna asks.

"Francois?" Lea asks.

Celia explains, "I think she means Francesca."

"Eh," Joanna says with an uninterested shrug. "Names are tedious to remember."

"So what are your kids names, Joanna?" Celia asks.

Joanna looks like she is thinking hard. She says, "I think there's a Benji?"

"Right," Celia replies with a concerned expression. "Wait, why are you all down here?"

Kristy answers, "Well, you see, we have been locked out of our room. Chris left a note on our door saying that we would share a room, because our teams have merged."

Lea excitedly says, "Yay!"

"Oh, boy," Joanna states with a sigh, as she looks at Lea. "One of those."

Brad and Eduardo are shown sitting on Wayne and Reeve's beds. Eduardo says to Brad, "I'm so shocked that I'm still here."

"Why, dude?" Brad replies. "You're by far our team's strongest person."

Eduardo blushes, slightly. He says, "Thanks, Brad. You're a real nice guy." Brad's eye twitches.

The It's All Relative guys walk in. Reeve glares at Eduardo and says, "Someone is sitting on my bed." Eduardo quickly gets up and sits on another bed.

Brad counts Wayne, Wade, and Reeve. He frowns. He says, "You guys voted out one of your girls?"

"Uh, yeah," Wade explains.

Brad states, "What? No!"

"What's wrong with that?" Wayne asks with a raised eyebrow.

Brad says, "With ten people left, there are six guys and four girls!"

"Yeah?" Wayne says. "And?"

"And?" Brad shouts. "Are you an idiot, dude?" Wayne frowns. Brad explains, "We should have had five guys left and five girls."

"Why?" Wade asks.

"Why?" Brad says with wide eyes. "Why? Because everything is uneven, now!"

The others look confused. "Dude, why are you acting so strange?" Eduardo asks. "I mean, this is weird, even for you."

Brad smirks. He pushes Reeve with his hand. Reeve looks wide eyed at Brad's hand. Reeve removes his shirt. Wade asks, "Reeve? Why the shirt removal?"

Reeve explains, "I don't want to get blood on it." Wade holds Reeve back from attacking Brad. Eduardo helps.

Wayne asks, "Why are you guys down here, anyway?"

Eduardo stops holding Reeve back, and Reeve falls on top of Wade. He walks over to his luggage and pulls a note from it. He hands it to Wayne and says, "Read this."

Brad says, "Dude, why are you assuming he can read?"

Wayne looks surprised. He says, "Are you trying to start a fight with us?"

"Are you trying to be stupid?" Brad retorts. "Nah, it just comes naturally for you." Wayne looks angry.

Eduardo says, "Guys, please, don't pay any attention to Brad. He isn't normally like this." Brad frowns.

Wayne sighs. He says, "Whatever. I don't need shirtless boy's pointless drama." He reads the note, "Your teams have merged into one. You'll be sharing a room. - Love, Chris." Wayne adds. "And there's a lipstick kiss mark on the paper."

Brad says, "Yeah, well... There's lipstick on your... mom! Haha!"

"Okay, seriously," Wayne says. "What is your problem?"

"Oh," Brad says. "Now I have a problem? Those are fighting words, pretty boy!" Brad lifts up his fists.

Eduardo grabs hold of Brad by the waist and lifts him over his shoulder. Eduardo says, "Brad must have his underwear on too tight. I apologize for his behavior."

"That's a lie!" Brad shouts. "Underwear can never be too tight!"

Reeve states, "Yup. He's a fruit loop."

Brad states, "Well, at least I don't..." Eduardo applies pressure to Brad's neck, knocking him out cold. Eduardo tosses him on a bed.

Wayne says, "Hey! I don't want that psycho in my bed."

Eduardo shrugs. He says, "Go ahead and wake him."

"Point taken," Wayne replies.

"Look," Eduardo says. "I don't want trouble with you guys. I was hoping we could be friends. I honestly don't know what Brad's deal is, but something is wrong. He doesn't normally act so strange. I'll try to sort it out with him."

Reeve shrugs. He says, "No need. The next vote will sort everything out, nicely. I'm hitting the hay."

"Well, as long as 'hay' isn't a metaphor for 'Brad', I agree," Eduardo states. The guys claim a bed and get in them.

In the morning, Brad is shown waking up. He says, "What happened last night? Oh, right! I'm now on that team of losers! You're all going..." Eduardo grabs hold of Brad's lips and drags him outside.

Once outside, Eduardo requests, "Brad, please, stop. You're upsetting the guys from the other team."

"Well, maybe they deserve it," Brad answers.

"And maybe they don't," Eduardo replies. "Look, Brad, I can tell something is wrong. I think it would be best for you to tell me what it is. Maybe I can help."

Brad hesitates before saying, "Ha! Like I have anything to say to a musclebound meathead."

"What?" Eduardo says in disbelief.

"You heard me," Brad states. "Oh, wait. You probably didn't understand due to how dense you are. It's so funny how you think you're capable of helping other people, especially when you obviously can't even work out whatever is bothering you." Eduardo grabs hold of Brad by the shoulder. "Ow!" Brad lets out. Eduardo raises his fist in the air. Brad smirks, and says, "Oh. Now you're resorting to violence. I should have known you were a coward, deep down." Eduardo looks at his fist. He drops his arm to the side. Eduardo looks at Brad with tears in his eyes, turns around, and runs off. Brad looks after Eduardo, and then down at the ground.

Eduardo reaches where Nolan's bed is placed. Eduardo sits down on the side of the bed, launching Nolan into the air. Nolan falls to the ground, quickly stands up, looking dazed, and says, "Wha' happened?" Nolan turns to see Eduardo sitting on his bed, and crying. Nolan sits down next to Eduardo. "Ed... What's wrong, bud?"

Chris appears and says, "I'll tell you what's wrong, you're late for the challenge! Follow me." Chris has a wicked smile on his face. Eduardo and Nolan stand up and follow after Chris.

Nolan looks at the challenge set up, and says, "A podium? Aw, man. We have to do public speaking? I'm bad at speaking in public, man."

"Don't worry," Chris assures. "You won't be doing any speaking." Nolan gives a sigh of relief. Chris states, "This challenge goes out to Hedda."

"Oh, great," Brad says quietly. "How are you making a challenge about gossip? Do we have to find out stuff about people?"

"No," Chris says with a smile. "We brought in a few folks that know a little bit about each of you." Chris calls out, "Special guests? Please, come out." Some people walk out from behind a curtain. The contestants' jaws drop. Kendall, Tommy, Stevie, Melinda, Priscilla, Libby, Dinah, Sheena, Beau, Frederick, and Willow stand before the contestants. Chris looks at the contestants' shocked expressions, and gives a big smile. "I thought about an embarrassing gossip challenge, and who better to let us all in on some embarrassing story about you than your closest relatives?"

"Embarrassing story?" Nolan repeats with a look of concern.

Brad states, "Frederick and I were never close." Frederick glares at Brad and smirks.

Kristy is blushing. She says, "Is it just me or is Beau even hotter in person?" She wipes her forehead.

Brad sighs and rolls his eyes. He says, "I am still hotter."

Beau blushes and says, "I'm nothing special."

"And at least I accept my gorgeous," Brad adds.

Kristy eyes Beau and says, "So gorgeous."

Joanna rolls her eyes and says, "Aren't you supposed to like Eduardo?" Kristy blushes.

Chris says, "So if we can begin." He pauses, staring at Willow. "What are you doing here? Francesca was voted out last episode."

"You never told me that," Willow says.

"Go away!" Chris demands.

Willow starts crying. She shouts, "You're so mean!" She runs away.

Chris says, "Now, whenever your relative takes the stage, you'll sit next to me in 'The Hot Seat'. They'll tell an embarrassing story, and I'll be right by you with one of those paint sample things to measure how embarrassed you get based on how red your face gets. The winning contestant gets invincibility, and a special reward."

"This is officially the worst challenge, ever," Reeve states, folding his arms.

Wade says, "I seriously cannot believe that Stevie is here! I'm like his biggest fan." Reeve sighs.

Stevie smiles and says, "Thanks, man." Wade giggles.

Chris says, "That's really special. It must be great having fans." Chris sadly looks to the side. "Well, let's not delay this any further. Lets get things rolling with..." Chris narrows his eyes, views the former contestants, and he states, "Sheena. You can go first."

Sheena says, "My pleasure, Chris." Sheena walks over to the podium. Kristy looks nervous. She states, "Why is this stupid podium so far from where you had us stand? It couldn't have been that hard to consider our feelings."

Chris says, "Yeah, yeah. Please, go on with the embarrassing story."

"Right," Sheena says with a smirk. "Okay. So Kristy was being all annoying and positive, like always, and she had this big crush on this new guy in her class. I think his name was Tex... or Joshua. Anyway, she was all concerned about getting his attention, so she schemed to drop something in front of his desk, bend over, and pick it up. You know, the dumbest trick in the book. She did so, but when she bent over her pants ripped in front of the whole class." Everyone but Sheena and Kristy are laughing. Sheena goes on, "Oh, that's not even the best part. It turns out that the guy was an undercover police officer posing as a student, in order to crack down on the druggies at the school. He was, like, forty years old." Everyone laughs even harder, and Kristy's face is bright red. Sheena steps away from the podium and joins the other former contestants.

Chris holds up the paint sample next to Kristy's face. He states, "Not bad. Candy apple red. That'll be hard to beat. Next up... Let's bring up Dinah." Wayne reluctantly walks over to the hot seat. Dinah, dressed in a kangaroo costume, walks up to the podium.

Dinah says, "Chris gave us permission to use visual aids for this challenge." Dinah reaches down into her pouch and holds up a folded piece of paper. She unfolds it, and props it on the podium. Everyone but Wayne laughs at the photo of Wayne, dressed in a chicken costume, sleeping in the middle of a highway, with parked cars surrounding him. Wayne's cheeks are slightly red, though he looks more angry than embarrassed. Chris holds the paint card to Wayne's face, and Wayne pushes it away. He stands up and walks over to where the other contestants are sitting. Dinah smirks and says, "That will teach you to take my chicken costume without asking." Dinah walks away from the podium, and sits down.

"Well," Chris states, "Wayne didn't let me measure his embarrassment, but I can guarantee that he wasn't embarrassed as Kristy. She still has the lead. Next up is Kendall. Tell us about your brother."

Kendall shrugs his shoulders, and walks to the podium. Kendall corrects, "Step. Stepbrother." Eduardo takes a seat next to Chris. Kendall blankly stares at everyone. He says, "Look. Eduardo and I were never very close. I mean, he had his life, I had mine. We never had many interactions, because we have nothing in common, what, with him and his muscles, and me with my... emo. He's not that deep... So, yeah. I couldn't care less." Kendall walks away from the podium and stands by Stevie.

Chris says, "Kendall's complete lack of interest in Eduardo means that he loses the challenge." Eduardo looks down at the ground. He quickly stands up, and walks into the woods. Nolan stands up and attempts to follow Eduardo. Chris says, "No, no, Nolan. You still have a challenge to take part in. You can't go off and be all comforting."

Stevie nudges Kendall's arm and says, "You should go comfort him, Kendall. You were a little harsh."

Kendall rolls his eyes. He says, "We don't get along, Stevie."

Stevie looks at Kendall with a disappointed expression. Stevie says, "Eddy is a good guy."

Kendall sighs and says, "Fine. I'll go. But don't expect any miracles." Kendall walks off in the direction that Eduardo went in. Wayne smirks, and also follows after Eduardo and Kendall.

Wayne says in confessional, "Why do I get the feeling that some dirt is going to be revealed? Finding out could help me in this game. Holding it over Eduardo will bring me further."

Eduardo is sitting on the ground. Kendall approaches him and says with little interest, "Hey, Eduardo. Um... What's wrong, or whatever?" Wayne is shown hiding behind a tree with a smirk.

Eduardo looks at Kendall and then down at the ground. He says, "You never cared about me. You never even tried to get to know me."

"What's there to know?" Kendall asks with a shrug.

Eduardo sighs. He says, "I watched your season. I thought your interactions with Stevie would help you want to talk."

Kendall says, "Please. Don't blame it all on me. You never tried to get to know me, either."

"Kendall, I tried," Eduardo insists.

"Oh, really?" Kendall asks. "How?"

Eduardo states, "You don't remember those nights that I knocked at your door? I needed to talk to someone. You would either yell at me to leave you alone, or blast your music louder."

Kendall sighs. He says, "What could you possibly have to talk to me about? The latest sporting competition you decided to win, and make my dad love you more?"

Eduardo's face is red. He states, "My birth father beat me."

"What?" Kendall asks with a surprised expression. Wayne's eyes widen. Kendall says, "I didn't know."

"Kendall, I tried to talk to you about it," Eduardo admits. "I thought you would understand how sad it made me, and sometimes I would feel so worthless that I just needed someone to talk to. But I never found that person."

"You've had to cope with that by yourself for so many years?" Kendall asks. Eduardo nods. "I wish I would have known. Eduardo, I'm sorry. I'm willing to listen, now."

Eduardo says, "Sometimes it's too late, Kendall."

Kendal looks at Eduardo with concern. He says, "Please, Eduardo. Let me make up for how I acted."

Eduardo lets out a sigh, with tears in his eyes. He says, "It started when I was a preteen. Some kids were talking about some stuff they found on the internet, and I was really curious. I looked at something I shouldn't have, and my dad came home early from work. He was so mad... He just really hit me hard. I apologized, and I really never did anything like that, again, because I was too scared and ashamed. But the beatings didn't stop. My mother worked late nights, so whenever he was upset about even the tiniest thing, he would take it out on me. Even when he wasn't mad about something, he would slap me, or whatever."

"I'm sorry," Kendall says, looking tearful. "I never knew you had to go through that. Didn't you try telling anyone, while it was happening?"

Eduardo shakes his head. He says, "I was afraid, Kendall. I had this weird feeling that if I told someone, he would find out that I told. I did make an attempt to stop the beatings, though. I started working out at my school's gym to avoid going home. I somehow thought that if I got stronger, he'd leave me alone. But it was like... No matter how strong I got, when I was around him, I'd become like that little boy, again. He didn't care how strong I'd gotten. But eventually, my mother left him. I was so relieved. When she met your dad, I was nervous. I kind of assumed that everyone had a father like mine. But your dad was different, Kendall. He treated me like his own, and he was always so proud of me. I'm sorry if you felt that I stole him from you."

Kendall is crying. He says, "I've been so stupid."

Eduardo asks, "Why did it happen, Kendall? Why did he have to treat me like that for so long?"

Kendall hugs Eduardo. He says quietly, "Some people just aren't meant to be fathers, Eduardo." Wayne looks on. He quietly slips away.

Wayne holds his head down in confessional. He says, "I never expected to hear that. I've been a complete fool."

Wayne arrives back to the group, followed shortly by Eduardo and Kendall. Chris looks at them. He says, "Where have you guys been? You missed a lot. I'll give you a quick recap. Wade sneezed on a girl he liked, and wiped her face with his gym shorts. Libby rambled on about something Lea may or may not have done. Beau told us that Joanna got thrown up on by one of her kids, once."

"Oh, it wasn't just once, Chris," Joanna reminds.

"Right," Chris states. "Kristy is still in the lead. We're going to move on to Priscilla, now." Celia gets in the hot seat.

Priscilla cries. She says, "Why? Why did Yi Min leave me? We were so good for each other." Priscilla continues to sob. "I tried to be the best girlfriend I could."

Celia assures, "Priscilla, it's okay. You don't need a man to define you." Priscilla continues crying.

Chris sighs. He says, "The only person embarrassed by that was Priscilla. Lets move on quickly. Stevie, you're up."

Stevie walks up to the podium, receiving wild applause. He blushes and says, "Oh, stop." He thinks for a moment. "What can I tell you about L'il Reevie?"

Some of the contestants snicker. Brad asks, "L'il Reevie?"

Stevie laughs and nods. He says, "Reevie was always the runt of the litter, I guess. Even though he was older than me and our youngest brother, we were bigger than him. He got bigger when he reached fifteen or sixteen, but we just found it funny that we were all bigger than him when we were younger, and the name 'L'il Reevie' stuck." The others laugh. Reevie's face is bright red. Stevie goes on, "Now what story is good... There are so many to choose from."

"You already told one," Reeve insists. "Let's move on to someone else."

Chris says, "Quiet down. I want to hear this." Reeve sighs.

Stevie smiles. He says, "Ooh, ooh. I got one. It was when L'il Reevie was sixteen, after his growth spurt. We had the day off from school, and I had wrestling practice. I ended up getting done early, and I went into our room and saw Reevie standing there in one of mom's dresses." Everyone but Reeve starts bursting out in laughter. Reeve's face is dark red, he slouches down into his chair. Stevie goes on with a slight laugh, "Man, it was crazy. I told the rest of the family about it, and you should have seen dad. He slapped Reevie's butt so hard he couldn't sit down for days." Reeve's face turns a darker shade of red, as the others laugh.

Chris holds up the paint sample chart to Reeve's face. Chris states, "Wow. Burgundy. We have a new leader." Reeve walks back to where the other contestants are sitting, with his head held down. "That's going to be tough to beat," Chris admits. "Melinda, why don't you give it a try?" Melinda, dressed in normal clothing, nods and stands behind the podium. Nolan sits in the chair next to Chris, sweating nervously.

Melinda thinks for a second. She says, "What can I possibly say about Nolan?" Nolan looks nervous. Melinda continues, "I got it. When Nolan was a pledge for his fraternity, he dressed up in a diaper and bonnet, and another one of the pledges dressed up like a lady." Nolan gives a sigh of relief. "They had to go in front of everyone at the school, Nolan got spanked, and had to cry like a baby." The others, including Nolan, laugh.

Brad says, "That sounds like what happened with L'il Reevie." Reeve blushes, as everyone laughs about Stevie's story, again.

Chris frowns as he looks at Nolan's complexion. Chris says, "You didn't blush, at all. Ah, well. Lastly we have Frederick." Frederick smirks, walks up to the podium, and pushes Melinda out of the way.

Brad rolls his eyes. He says, "I'm not worried. Frederick doesn't know anything about me."

"Oh, don't I, Brad?" Frederick asks. Brad looks confused. Frederick starts, "I'm making this trip worth it. Let me let you all know a little more about Brad. When we were kids, he was not anything like he is today. He barely ever went outside, and when he did, he would do so under a thick disguise. I would say that Brad was almost as reclusive as I am, if not more so. Imagine my surprise when I saw how he acted when he left home. I'm sure you have all noted his random, inconsistent behavior." Brad gets several looks from his fellow contestants. "I was confused by it, as well. So I hired some people to do a little investigating." Frederick reaches into a messenger bag that he had been holding and pulls out a scrapbook.

Brad's eyes widen. He says, "Where did you get that?"

"Ah, ah," Frederick states with a smirk. "No interruptions." Frederick opens the scrapbook and explains, "This belongs to Brad. One of my friends... found it. If you'll notice page one, you'll see Brad's adoption papers. There is absolutely no information on this piece of paper, accept for the fact that Brad had a heart shaped birthmark on his chest. I'm sure all of you are familiar with it." Brad holds his head down. Frederick turns the page, revealing several newspaper articles cut out. Frederick explains, "These are some articles about Brad's erratic behavior, involving fights he started for no reason, and girlfriends he broke up with without explanation." Priscilla can be heard crying louder.

"Frederick, please, stop," Brad pleads.

Frederick says with a smile, "But it's just getting fun." Frederick tuns the page, showing magazine ads of Brad's underwear modeling. Frederick turns to the next page, showing pictures of other male models, with different features circled. Frederick admits, "Now, this page left me a little confused. I thought it pointed to plastic surgery, but that's not what this is about. It's something different." Frederick skips ahead to one of the final pages. He says, "Let me read this page, it will explain everything, and it was written by our beloved Brad." Frederick clears his throat. "I have been depressed for years. I have used this book to chronicle my journey with not knowing who I am. I was abandoned as a small baby, with no clue as to who my parents are or who I am. This eats at me every day." Frederick adds a "Boohoo." He goes on, "After my eighteenth birthday, I have set out on a quest to discover who I am. I need to know who my birth parents were... I just need to. I feel so incomplete without that information." Brad gets some stares from his fellow competitors. "I cut off ties with my adoptive parents to cut down on confusion as to my being their actual son, or attracting people who simply claimed to be my parents because of their wealth. I've decided not to tell anyone about my quest, to avoid that problem, and because my searches for my parents have come up empty. I avoid wearing a shirt, no matter how odd that may seem, just so that whenever I get photographed, the birthmark is always present. Hopefully, that will somehow lead to someone coming forward. It has yet to work... but I just need to be in the public eye, even more. It feels wrong to create drama for no reason, but being nice never got anyone in the tabloids, or those entertainment shows. That's what gets attention. I don't want fame, I could care less about that. I'm just hoping that the right person notices me. I don't know how long I can go without knowing who... or what I am. I look in the mirror and see Taiwanese, Israeli, Italian, Filipino, Latino... I just don't know. I've tried comparing features of other guys, but I still have no idea. I wish I could get an answer soon. It's hard not being able to get close to anyone, because of the secret within these pages. I'm not being who I am, so that pushes people away. But if I tell anyone, there's no going back." Frederick closes the scrapbook. He says, "There you have it. Overconfident Brad is incredibly insecure, and obsessed with finding his birth parents."

"It's his entire life," Kristy says quietly.

"No," Brad says quietly, holding his head down. "It was my entire life. Now that Freder-prick revealed everything, I can't go back! Everyone knows now, and there will be people coming forward who only care about money. It's over. What I was working so hard to do is over." Tears fall from Brad's eyes.

"Please," Frederick says haughtily, "it's not a big deal."

"Yes, it is!" Brad shouts. "You have no idea what sacrifices I've had to make it an effort to find my parents! Betraying people that I really cared about... It was all for a bigger purpose, but now it was all for nothing. Nothing!"

Chris assures, "Brad, we can edit this out of the episode. No one has to know, if it really means this much to you."

Brad hesitates. He looks up at Chris. He says, "You would do that for me?"

Frederick interrupts, "Um... About that. I kind of already went to the tabloids with this."

"You didn't," Brad says, looking surprised. Frederick looks at Brad, holds his head down, and slowly nods. Brad sighs, and looks back down at the ground.

Everyone looks at Frederick with disappointed expressions. He says, "This isn't the kind of reaction I was expecting." He steps back from the podium, and leaves the area.

Chris says, "I'm sorry, Brad." Brad fails to reply. Chris says, "Well... On a happier note, um, Stevie, our resident challenge king has earned Reeve invincibility." Kendall pats Stevie on the back.

Wade stands up and shouts, "Stevie, you rock!" Reeve looks down at the ground.

"Oh, guys," Stevie says with a slight smile. "It really was no big deal. Anyone could have won it."

"But even better," Chris explains, "Stevie also won that special prize we talked about."

"And that would be?" Reeve asks with an annoyed tone.

"He gets to spend the night, and the rest of tomorrow, with everyone still in the game!" Chris announces. Several contestants cheer.

Reeve looks down at the ground. Stevie runs to him and hugs him tight, lifting him off of the ground. Stevie says, "Isn't that great, L'il Reevie? This is going to be awesome."

"Yay," Reeve says quietly.

Stevie puts Reeve down, laughs, and says, "I knew you'd be excited, buddy." Stevie slaps Reeve's behind. Reeve blushes.

Chris says, "Reeve is invincible in tonight's vote, something his brother, Stevie, is really familiar with."

"Oh, Chris," Stevie says with his cheeks red. "You're making me blush even more than L'il Reevie."

"Dude," Kristy says to Stevie. "You're seriously my idol." Stevie blushes some more.

"Alright," Chris says. "Everyone can say goodbye to their loved ones."

Kendall approaches Eduardo and hugs him. Eduardo doesn't hug Kendall back. He looks slightly surprised. Eduardo softly pats Kendall on the back. Kendall whispers, "I want you to call me when you need to talk."

"Uh," Eduardo says. "I don't know your number."

"Right," Kendall says with his cheeks slightly pink. "I'll get that for you when you get back." Kendall says quietly, "And what happened to you wasn't your fault."

"I..." Eduardo begins. "I know. Thanks, Kendall."

Libby is shown talking with Lea. Libby says, "Oh, I got a good one. What do a duck and a grape have in common?"

"I don't know," Lea admits.

Libby answers with a toothy grin, "They're both purple... except for the duck." Lea laughs.

Joanna, Kristy, and Brad are standing by each other. Kristy says, "So Beau, if you and your girlfriend don't work out, I'm readily available." She snaps her fingers and says, "Just like that." Beau blushes. Joanna glares at Kristy and pinches her arm.

Chris says, "Alright everyone. Time to go."

Tommy says to Wade quickly, "Bro, I remember what it was like having the same rancid clothes for all this time. Here, take my shirt." Tommy removes his shirt and hands it to Wade.

Wade smiles and says, "Thanks, bro. You've been working out." Tommy blushes. He turns around and reveals a giant 'Space Trek Wars' tattoo on his back. Wade slaps his cheek and says, "Epic, dude!"

"Yes, yes," Chris says. "Nerds and the things they decide to tattoo onto their bodies. Get out of here!" The past contestants, other than Stevie, leave. Kendall runs back to hug Stevie, and runs away, again.

Chris says, "I'll be back later for the elimination ceremony. Seeya." Chris walks off.

Lea asks Stevie, "Did he always do that?"

Stevie nods. "I think he has some late day talk show about women's problems to get back to."

Reeve and Brad sit next to each other holding their heads down. Celia sits next to Reeve. She says, "Reeve, I want to talk."

He says, "Oh. You want to break up with me because you think I'm into cross dressing?"

Celia's face turns red. She says, "No." She takes his hand, and they walk away, together.

Nolan sits down next to Brad. He says, "Hey, dude." Brad remains silent. Nolan says, "That was really hard to watch." Brad continues looking down. Nolan says, "I'm here for you, though. I really am. I know how hard it is to feel alone, and all... worthless. If you want to talk, I'm here."

Brad quietly says, "Thank you, Nolan. I appreciate that."

"It was you, huh?" Nolan asks. Brad looks confused. Nolan explains, "You brought the bed all the way downstairs for me, without anyone knowing. You're the only one who had the opportunity to, during the tree burying challenge."

Brad says quietly, "You're a smart guy. Yeah, it was me."

Nolan pumps his fist and says, "I knew it." Nolan begins crying.

"What is it?" Brad asks.

"Bladder... full..." Nolan lets out. He stands up and runs into the woods. Brad lets out a slight laugh. He then looks back down at the ground.

Wade tosses Tommy's shirt to Brad, slapping him in the face. Wade says, "I thought you might want this, now."

Brad nods and says, "Thank you, Wade." He stands up, puts the button up shirt on, and buttons it.

Nolan calls out from the woods, "Is it bad to pee on a hornet's nest? Aaaaaaaaaaagh!" Nolan runs out of the woods screaming, being chased by hornets. Everyone else rushes away.

Reeve and Celia sit by each other in the woods. Reeve asks, "Did you hear that?" Celia shrugs. Reeve says, "Celia, I want to explain myself. I'm not into cross dressing. It was a one time thing. My mom tore her favorite dress, and I was repairing it and fixing the hem up, as a little surprise for her." Reeve blushes and says, "I was sewing it. I put it on, because me and my mom are about the same build." Celia raises her eyebrows. "I wanted to make sure it looked perfect, and then Stevie walked in."

"I see," Celia states.

Reeve says, "I know I should be more of a man. Men are supposed to be men, and women are supposed to be women. That's how my dad raised us."

Celia assures, "Just because you like sewing, and things like that, doesn't make you less of a man, Reeve. That's just a stereotype." Reeve nods. "I accept you for the way you are, Reeve. Just like I want you to accept me the way I am."

"What do you mean?" Reeve asks.

Celia sighs. She says, "I have a little daughter, Reeve."

Reeve looks surprised. He says, "Really?" Celia nods. "That's great. I bet you're a great mom."

"Thanks, Reeve," Celia says. "I was afraid to tell you, because I thought that might scare you off."

"It doesn't," Reeve says. "Wait... You don't have a husband, right?"

Celia laughs and says, "No." Celia stands up. She says, "What are we doing out here? Your brother is here! I'm sure you want to spend a lot of time with him."

Reeve fakes a smile and says, "Oh, sure. Right." They walk out of the woods, and see Nolan swelled up all over, with his swelled tongue sticking out of his mouth. Reeve says, "Gah! What happened to him?"

"A swarm of hornets that apparently didn't like getting peed on," Joanna explains.

"How thood I dough?" Nolan adds. The caption reads, "How should I know?"

Lea says, "Thankfully, Stevie here knows how to treat people with wasp stings."

"Of course, he does," Reeve says quietly with a sigh.

Wade walks up to Reeve and Celia, pulls them aside, and whispers, "Here's who we're voting for, guys..."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "That was quite the challenge. Anyway, here's how things played out." Chris holds up a marshmallow and says, "Reeve. Normally I would throw this to you, but in honor of old times, I'll throw this to Stevie, as he's used to this." Chris smiles and tosses Stevie Reeve's marshmallow. Reeve folds his arms. "Lea and Nolan, the two of you are safe." Chris throws marshmallows to the contestants. "Eduardo, you're safe." Eduardo catches his marshmallow. "Celia, you're safe. So is Joanna." Chris tosses marshmallows to the women. "Brad, you're safe. Sorry about what happened." Brad nods as he catches his marshmallow. Chris eyes up Kristy, Wade, and Wayne. He says, "Wade, You're safe." Wade smiles. Chris says, "Our bottom two are Kristy and Wayne. One of you has been eliminated." Kristy and Wayne look at each other. Chris says, "The final marshmallow is for..."


"Again?" Wayne asks in surprise.

Brad quietly says, "Kristy?"

Wade shrugs. He says, "Sorry, guys. We couldn't vote for anyone else at this stage. She was your leader. I mean, I remember Brad saying something like that, before."

Kristy stands up and says, "Well, I guess it's time to go. Take care, everyone, especially you The Black Sheep."

"No," Brad says. "You can't leave, yet." He stands up. "Kristy, I know you like Eduardo, but I have to say this. I don't care what anyone thinks, anymore. I like you. You're sweet, and you treat everyone equal. Even me, when I was acting like a jerk." Brad sits back down. "I wanted you to know that. I know it won't matter."

"I can't believe it," Kristy states. "Brad, I never liked Eduardo. No offense, Eduardo. I liked you, Brad."

"Even with how I acted?" Brad asks.

Kristy nods. "I was right, I guess, though," Kristy says. "You're a beautiful person on the inside. It was just hidden."

Brad blushes slightly. Stevie adds, "This is way more dramatic than Boney Island."

Brad thinks for a moment. He asks Chris, "Shouldn't there have been a tiebreaker, or something? I'm positive that both teams voted out someone from the other team."

Chris explains, "Five votes Kristy, four votes Wayne, one vote Wade."

Four members of The Black Sheep state, "But I voted for Wayne."

Nolan, with his swollen tongue, states, "I voted fo' Wade, too!" Everyone stares at Nolan with wide eyes. He says, "Aw, cwap. Thowwy, guyth." The caption reads, "Ah, crap. Sorry, guys."

Kristy sighs. She says, "Oh, well." She leans in to kiss Brad.

Brad blushes, and backs away. He says, "I'm sorry, Kristy. I don't believe in kissing before marriage. I hope you understand."

Kristy looks at Brad with concern in her eyes, and says, "Um. Of course. Bye, everyone." She heads to the Boat of Losers.

On the boat, Kristy says, "Me and Brad. Wow. Um, anyway. I enjoyed my time here, and I'm glad I could prove myself, and that you don't have to be mean in this game. I'm leaving with my head held up high. I'll miss all of my friends, and maybe even Chris." Kristy smiles.

Chris says, "That was an interesting episode, I'd say. Be sure to be here to see what happens next on Total... Drama... Wilderness!"

Chapter 14 - Wrestle in PeaceEdit

Chris Mclean states, "Welcome to this edition of Total... Drama... Wilderness. If you missed last week's episode... Well, I wouldn't want to be you! Ha ha! For the challenge, the contestants received a big surprise. The former contestants that each of them are related to came out for a visit, and to humiliate them with embarrassing stories. Everything was going awesome, especially when Stevie revealed that he caught his brother, macho man L'il Reevie, cross dressing." Chris stifles laughter. He continues, "But things took a dark turn when Frederick revealed the truth about Brad's irrational behavior. His entire life was spent in an effort to attract the attention of his birth parents, hoping that they would recognize him by the heart shaped birthmark on his chest, not wanting anyone who knew about his rich adoptive family to come forward. I felt for the guy. Stevie won the challenge for his brother, L'il Reevie, like we all knew that he would. They received a special reward, Stevie getting to spend the night and next day with the contestants. But in the end, Kristy was voted out for being declared as her team's leader, earlier on in the competition. Nolan's swollen tongue didn't help things, as his vote for Wayne was misunderstood as a vote for Wade... Whoops! Ha ha! What will happen this time? Only time will tell."

Joanna, Lea, and Celia are shown in their cabin. Celia states, "That was quite the challenge, yesterday."

"I'll say," Lea agrees.

"Eh, I've seen worse," Joanna says in a droll tone, "like that ballet challenge. Men in tights equals nightmares."

Celia looks down. She says, "I feel really bad for Brad, though. I can't even imagine what he must be going through."

"Yeah," Joanna states. "It almost kind of makes me like the guy. But the one I really feel bad for is Reeve."

Lea says, "Yeah. That story was really embarrassing." Celia nods.

Joanna says to herself, "That's not what I meant."

Stevie, Reeve, Eduardo, Wayne, and Wade are shown in the guys' cabin. Stevie has his arm around Reeve. He says, "I sure missed you, buddy. How come you haven't visited? I'd love to hang out like old times." Reeve forces a slight, awkward smile.

Wade asks, "You two are close?"

Stevie insists, "Are you kidding? Reeve and I used to do everything together." Stevie reminisces, "Remember that time when I saw you at the movies and you were going to see 'Flowers for Andrea', because you liked this one girl and you thought she'd be there, and she wasn't? I went to it with him, and we were the only dudes there. Oh, and that time I saw you walking down the street, and you started running, and I joined you? That was fun."

Wade looks down and says, "It must be awesome having Stevie for a brother. I'm so jealous."

"Right," Reeve says under his breath. "I think we better get to bed."

"This early?" Wayne asks.

"Oh, man, Reevie," Stevie asks. "You're still not over that bed wetting thing? He used to go to bed early, so that he would wake up early, and wouldn't have an 'accident' in the morning."

Reeve's face turns bright red. He says, "That stopped when I was seven." Stevie shrugs.

Brad and Nolan walk in. Wayne looks at Nolan and says, "It looks like the swelling has gone down."

Nolan nods. He says, "Stuff like that doesn't usually last for two episodes." The others nod.

Eduardo asks, "So what is Nolan doing here?"

"No one should be forced to sleep outside," Brad explains.

"Why was he sleeping outside?" Stevie asks.

Wade begins, "Well, you see..." Brad grabs hold of Wade's lips.

Brad says, "Stevie doesn't need to know."

"Aw," Stevie says in a disappointed manner.

"He'll know soon enough," Wayne assures.

Nolan looks around and says, "But there are only five beds in here. Where is everyone going to sleep?"

Brad says, "You can have my bed, Nolan. I'll sleep on the floor."

"Really?" Nolan asks in surprise.

"Yes," Brad states. "It's the least I can do."

"Thanks, man," Nolan says. He hugs Brad.

Brad blushes. He says, "Let's not go overboard."

"What about Stevie?" Eduardo asks.

Wade says, "He can have my bed for the night."

"No," Stevie says. "That's alright. I'm fine on the floor."

Wade says, "Oh, come on. I could tell all my friends that the Stevie slept in my bed."

"Is that really what you want to tell people?" Wayne asks with a worried expression.

Stevie says, "No, no. That's okay. I'm fine on the floor."

Wade rubs his chin. He says, "I got it. Reeve, why don't you let Stevie stay in your bed? You can sleep on the floor one night." The others look in Reeve's direction.

Reeve holds his head down. He says, "Alright."

Stevie slaps Reeve on the back and says, "Thanks, man!"

"Don't mention it," Reeve says quietly. Stevie hugs Reeve tight, and Reeve looks uncomfortable. Wade joins the hug. Stevie looks at Wade with a concerned expression.

Wade says, "Sorry, man. I'm your hugest fan." Eduardo looks to the side.

Stevie laughs and says, "Thanks, man. Alright. L'il Reevie wants us to go to bed early. It's a downer, I know. But we can hang out all day tomorrow. Won't that be fun, Reevie?" Reeve forces a smile. Stevie says, "Goodnight, guys." Reeve begins to pull off his shirt. Stevie pulls off his shirt and flings it to the floor, and does the same with his pants, standing in just his boxers. Reeve drops his shirt back down.

Wade says, "Whoa. You're even hairier in person." Wade narrows his eyes on Stevie's hairy chest. "Mind if I touch it?"

Stevie says, "Um. That would be a little weird." Wade looks disappointed. Stevie says, "Okay. You can touch it."

"Yay!" Wade squeals. He puts his hand on Stevie's chest. "Your chest feels like a puppy, dude!"

Reeve rolls his eyes. He shouts, "Wade, what is your problem?! Leave him alone."

Wade looks down. He says, "I'm sorry, Reeve."

Stevie says, "Don't be sorry. Reeve is just a little uptight, because he never grew body hair like the rest of the guys in our family." The other guys laugh, a little. "Hey, Reeve? Are you still like a hairless cat?" Reeve's face turns bright red. "I take that as a yes." Stevie chuckles. "Don't get me wrong. I wasn't always comfortable with the way I looked, but I learned to love my body. Reeve just isn't there, quite yet."

Wayne whispers to Eduardo, "Stevie is awesome." Eduardo nods slightly.

Stevie blushes a little and says, "Well, goodnight, guys." Stevie gets into Reeve's bed, slips off his boxers, and drops them on the floor. "I hope you guys don't mind that I sleep in the nude."

Reeve whispers to Brad, "Remind me to set that bed on fire, later."

Brad laughs. He says, "You mean, after Stevie is out of it?" Reeve remains silent. Brad looks concerned.

A few hours later, Brad hears Nolan sigh. Brad crawls over to Nolan and asks, "Are you awake, man?"

Nolan says, "Yeah. How 'bout you?"

Brad looks confused. He says, "Um. Yes. Are you having trouble sleeping?"

Nolan says, "Yeah. I'm tired, but I'm forcing myself to stay awake."

"Why?" Brad asks.

Nolan explains, "I don't want to embarrass myself in front of Stevie. He's seriously one of my heroes, so him finding out about my problem scares me."

Brad assures, "Stevie is an understanding guy. He wouldn't look down on you."

"Yeah," Nolan agrees.

Brad says, "And Nolan?"

"Yeah?" Nolan asks.

"I believe in you," Brad states. "If you want to stop those nightmares, you can do it. Nobody here thinks any less of you, because of your night terrors."

Nolan nods. He says, "Thanks, Brad. That makes me feel a lot better."

"No problem," Brad assures.

"You're so much cooler, right now," Nolan insists. "And you don't even realize it."

Brad's face turns a little red. He says, "Thanks." Nolan turns around in his bed and falls asleep with a smile on his face.

In the morning, Brad and Nolan are alone in their cabin. Brad shakes Nolan by the shoulder. Nolan wakes up. He says, "What is it? Was I about to start screaming?"

Brad shakes his head. He says, "It's morning."

Nolan's eyes widen. He says, "That means I didn't..." Brad nods. Nolan lunges toward Brad, hugging him, and knocking him to the ground.

Nolan says in confessional, "I just don't believe it. It was the first time since the nightmares started that I didn't wake up in the night screaming. I still don't believe it." Tears come down Nolan's face.

Everyone but Nolan and Brad are shown outside. Stevie says, "And then, L'il Reevie stood up, his face and clothes covered in icing, and he says, 'I didn't do it'." The others laugh. Reeve looks down at the ground.

Wayne looks at Reeve and says, "Um. Stevie. Why don't you let Eduardo and I show you around?"

"Sure," Stevie says. "That sounds great."

Wade says, "Can I come, too?" Wayne glares at Wade. Wade backs away. Wayne, Stevie, and Eduardo leave together.

Joanna takes Reeve aside. She says, "Reeve. Is there something wrong? Are you upset about Stevie being here?"

Reeve says, "First of all, who are you? Second of all, why wouldn't I be happy to see him? He's my brother."

"I know," Joanna insists. "But that doesn't mean that there wouldn't be resentment or jealousy."

"I'm not jealous of Stevie," Reeve insists, looking angry.

Celia joins them. She asks, "Is everything alright over here?"

Reeve says, "Yes. I was just leaving." Reeve takes Celia by the hand and walks away with her.

Joanna looks after them and frowns. She says to herself, "Oh, well. People just don't like free help." She shrugs.

Eduardo, Wayne, and Stevie are walking together. Wayne points up and says, "And that's a tree."

"Nice," Stevie says. He looks at the tree and smiles. Eduardo looks down at the ground.

Wayne looks at Eduardo. He asks, "Is there anything you want to say to Stevie?" Eduardo keeps quiet. Wayne says, "Um, I have to go brush my hair. See you, guys." Wayne runs off.

Stevie laughs. "That guy is funny. He reminds me of Jerome." Stevie looks at Eduardo. He asks, "Was there something you wanted to talk about? I'm all ears, Eddy."

"Yeah," Eduardo says. "I always hoped we could be friends."

"We are friends," Stevie says with a smile.

"I know," Eduardo admits. "It's just that we never really hung out together, we just talked in passing. Kendall didn't want me around, so I respected that."

Stevie nods. He says, "Well, I'll be sure to call you every now and then." Stevie hugs Eduardo. Eduardo's face turns red. Stevie says, "You're an awesome guy."

Eduardo says, "Thanks. Um... I guess I should tell you this. When I saw you on Boney Island, I was a big fan of yours. You accepted yourself, you were open about what you struggled with, and you were able to befriend Kendall, things that I could never do. I really wanted to be you." Eduardo looks down at the ground. "I wish I could open up more, but I'm always scared of how others might react."

Stevie puts his hand on Eduardo's shoulder. He says, "I learned that it doesn't always matter what others think, Eddy, but I wasn't always that way."

Eduardo nods. He says, "Yeah."

Stevie blushes. He says, "You really wanted to be me?" Eduardo nods. Stevie says, "Being Stevie isn't all that it's cracked up to be. I always have to think about not being a bad role model for my younger fans, my jaw cracks when I chew, you wouldn't believe how many times I clog a shower drain, and I am so scared to lose at wrestling. That's why I retired."

"You did?" Eduardo asks. Stevie nods. Eduardo begins laughing.

Stevie asks, "What is it?"

Eduardo answers, "The shower drain thing."

Stevie laughs and says, "Leave me alone."

Reeve is shown sitting by Celia and Wade. Celia says, "Stevie is great. I'm so glad he's here."

"Me, too!" Wade says excitedly.

"What's your deal, Wade?" Reeve asks. "Ever since Stevie got here you've been acting like a freaking psychopath. It's just Stevie."

"I know," Wade states. "But I can't help it. He unleashes my inner fanboy!"

"Well," Reeve states, "it's annoying."

Wade looks down at the ground. He says, "Sorry."

Celia looks disappointed. She says, "Reeve. You shouldn't tell Wade that it's wrong for him to be excited. That's not up to you to decide."

Reeve sighs. He says, "You're right. I was acting like a big, selfish jerk." Reeve mutters to himself, "Like always."

Chris Mclean can be heard shouting through a megaphone, "Challenge time!"

Everyone joins Chris at the site of the challenge. He explains, "This challenge is inspired by Kristy, and conveniently coincides with Stevie's presence here."

"Wrestling?" Wade asks excitedly.

Stevie says, "Wade, you like wrestling?"

Wade shakes his head and says, "No way! But you do!"

Chris explains, "This will be a nine person wrestling match. Whenever someone is pinned for three seconds or goes out of the ring, they'll be out of the match, and out of the challenge." Chris presents wrestling costumes for the contestants. "You'll be wearing these." Most of the contestants groan.

Brad examines his tiny, neon green and pink wrestling trunks, and stretches it. He says, "I honestly kind of like this." The contestants leave to change.

The contestants return and enter the ring. Chris announces, "If everyone understands the rules, we can begin." Chris clears his throat and exclaims, "Lllllet's get ready to wrrrrrrreeeeeeestlllllle!" The others look at Chris with worried expressions. He says, "I always wanted to do that." Reeve immediately lunges at Wade. He pins him to the ground. Chris states, "Wade is out. Reeve... I find it pretty heartless to immediately target someone who is so pathetic and unable to defend themselves."

"Um," Wade says. "I'm here, you know?" He turns to Reeve with a confused expression. "But why did you go after me first?" Reeve turns around and ignores Wade's question. Wade walks over to the sidelines and stands by Stevie.

Brad is on Eduardo's back, trying to put him in a stranglehold. Eduardo is blushing. He falls backwards, and pins Brad on the ground. Chris says, "Brad is out."

"Oh, well," Brad says. "I may not have wrestling, but at least I have my looks." He shrugs.

Lea pins Celia, but before three seconds are up. Reeve pulls Lea off of her, and pushes her outside of the ring. Celia blushes and says, "Thanks, Reeve." Reeve blushes.

Wayne knocks Reeve to the ground, catching him off guard. Chris gets ready to count, but Reeve flips over and pins Wayne's leg near his ear, making a cracking sound. Wayne's eyes widen. Chris says, "Lea and Wayne are out of the challenge." Wayne dejectedly waddles out of the ring.

Nolan looks around. He knocks Celia and Joanna to the ground. Chris counts and says, "Celia and Joanna are out!"

Nolan jumps up and down. He says, "Oh, yeah!"

Chris says, "Dude. You just took out two girls. Nothing to be proud of."

"Sure it is!" Nolan assures with a smile. "Two girls almost equals one dude." Everyone looks at Nolan with wide eyes. He blushes and says, "What is it?" He looks down at his trunks and says, "No. They're still on."

Reeve grabs hold of Nolan from behind and flips him backwards, pinning him to the ground. Chris says, "Nolan is out."

Nolan sighs and walks to the sidelines. He says, "I coulda been a contender."

Chris states, "Now it's the final showdown. Reeve and Eduardo."

Eduardo looks hesitant to approach Reeve. Stevie shouts, "Eduardo! You can do it!" Reeve looks like his feelings are hurt. Eduardo grabs hold of Reeve and easily pins him.

Chris announces, "Reeve is out of the challenge. Eduardo wins invincibility!" Stevie runs up and hugs Eduardo.

Stevie says to Eduardo, "It looks like I'm officially handing the challenge king baton to you, buddy." Eduardo smiles.

Nolan asks, "Whoa. There's a challenge king baton?" Reeve looks down at the ground. He quickly rushes off to the woods.

Celia says, "Reeve!" She begins to walk in his direction.

Stevie puts his hand on her shoulder and says, "He's my brother. I should go talk to him." Celia nods, and Stevie follows after Reeve.

Stevie finds Reeve sitting on the ground. Reeve looks up and wipes the tears from his eyes. He stands up. Stevie says, "Reeve, don't cry. Dad always said that real men never cry."

Reeve looks down at the ground. He says, "Dad said a lot about real men."

Stevie thinks for a second and says, "He did, didn't he."

"And I never measured up to what he expected from me," Reeve says. "And there you were, the perfect son. Do you know hard it was to always be compared to your little brother? To always be placed last?" Stevie's expression is blank. Reeve says, "Of course, you don't. You're Stevie."

"Wait," Stevie says. "You're talking about me?"

Reeve rolls his eyes. He says, "Of course, I am. You always could be yourself, while I had to pretend to be all manly to try and compete with you. You're the reason I started cage fighting. I could never beat you at wrestling."

Stevie smiles and says, "But you're awesome at cage fighting. Haven't you never lost, except through disqualification?"

Reeve nods. He says, "You want to know why I do so well? Why I get into an uncontrollable blind rage in the cage matches?"

Stevie smiles and says, "Sure, bro. What's your secret?"

"I imagine I'm fighting you," Reeve explains.

Stevie's face drops. He says, "What?"

"That's right," Reeve states. "I can't express how mad you make me, so I take my anger out on the poor saps who enter the ring with me."

"You hate me that much?" Stevie says with a solemn expression.

"Yes," Reeve states. "I hate you." Reeve lets out a deep sigh.

Stevie sits down on the ground. "I didn't know," he says.

"Because you assume everyone loves you," Reeve states.

"I don't think that," Stevie states. "What did I ever do?"

Reeve explains, "You're always the best, and you're always dad's favorite, no matter what you do. You always treat me like I don't matter." Reeve looks down. Stevie is crying. Reeve says, "Are you crying?"

"Yeah, I'm crying," Stevie states. "It doesn't feel good when someone you love tells you something like that."

Reeve looks down. He says, "Look, man. I'm sorry. Just having you here, seeing my friends fall in love with you, and having to endure those embarrassing stories... It hasn't been easy."

"I'm sorry, Reeve," Stevie says. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"There's one more thing," Reeve states. "I... I like girlie things. Cooking, sewing, fashion, chick flicks... I'm tired of having to ignore that, even though it means I'm less of a man for it."

Stevie assures, "None of that makes you less of a man."

"Yes, it does," Reeve insists.

"Why?" Stevie asks. "Just because dad said it does?" Reeve looks down. Stevie says, "I want you to be happy, man. I want us to have a good relationship."

Reeve nods. He says, "I want that, too. But I don't know, Stevie. It just feels too late for that." Reeve starts to walk away. He says, "Goodbye, Stevie." Stevie puts his head in his hands.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris looks on as Stevie, and the contestants sit on the tree stump stools. Chris says, "Welcome to your second elimination ceremony as individuals. The one of you who received the most votes has been eliminated. After I hand out the last marshmallow, you can get up and leave the campfire ceremony after a few goodbyes." The contestants nod.

Stevie stands up. He says, "I have something to say."

Chris smiles and says, "Sure, Stevie! Go ahead."

Stevie gulps. He says, "One time, when I was in the ninth grade, I had to get up in biology and state a brief report in front of the class. The teacher told me to, but I didn't want to for... reasons. The teacher told me that if I didn't get up, I'd get a failing grade." Stevie's face is red. "I walked up in front of the class and turned around. The class burst out in laughter because I had an erection." The contestants laugh, and Stevie's face turns a deeper shade of red. He says, "The teacher told them to stop laughing. He said that erections were a natural process, and often happened for no reason. He then went on to explain how erections worked, using me as the example." The contestants laugh some more, as Stevie holds his head down. Reeve looks at Stevie with wide eyes. "It was beyond embarrassing, and I never forgot how that embarrassment felt." Stevie sits back down in his seat.

Chris laughs. He says, "No one tells a story like Stevie. I fail to see the point, but... Anyway, on with the elimination. Eduardo, you're safe." Eduardo catches his marshmallow. "The next contestant safe is Joanna." Joanna catches her marshmallow. "Lea," Chris states as he throws her her marshmallow. "Wayne." Wayne catches his marshmallow. "Brad is also safe," Chris states. Brad catches his marshmallow. "Celia." Celia catches her marshmallow. Chris eyes up Wade, Reeve, and Nolan. He says, "Wade. You're safe." Wade lets out a sigh of relief, as he catches the marshmallow thrown to him. Chris says, "There is only one marshmallow left. Will it go to Nolan, or will it go to Reeve?" Chris pauses dramatically. He says, "The final marshmallow is for..."

"Reeve." Reeve catches his marshmallow as his eyes are wide.

Nolan says, "Aw. This ceremony could have ended better."

"Sorry, Nolan," Chris says. "That's the way the votes went."

Nolan nods. He stands up and says, "Bye, everyone. I made a lot of awesome friends here. Thanks for being awesome, when you weren't votin' me out, and stuff. See ya! Stevie, it was awesome to meet you, dude." He hugs Eduardo, Stevie, Wayne, and then Brad. He whispers to Brad, "Thanks for helping me out, man." Brad smiles and nods.

Nolan waves at everyone after he boards the 'Boat of Losers'. Nolan sits down. He says, "I actually did a lot better than I expected to. I hope to use my life and my experience to help other people, now. That would be the best."

Chris says, "Alright. Stevie has to leave shortly, too."

Wayne asks, "Couldn't he have taken the 'Boat of Losers' with Nolan?"

"What?" Chris asks. "No! Stevie is leaving on the 'Yacht of Winners'." Stevie blushes.

Stevie hugs everyone, but Reeve. Stevie approaches the Yacht of Winners. Reeve shouts, "Stevie, wait!" Stevie turns around. Reeve says, "Thank you. I'm really glad to have you as my brother. You didn't have to embarrass yourself like that."

Stevie says, "I know."

"I want to be friends," Reeve says. "I'll come visit you. I'm sorry if what I said, earlier, hurt you."

"It did," Stevie admits. "But I'm glad you said it. I don't want to make you angry, anymore. I love you, too much. Now that I actually know that I was hurting you, I just have to control how I express that."

Reeve sighs. He says, "Stevie, I love you, too, in a dude way. Just don't tell dad I said that."

Stevie laughs. He says, "Who cares what dad thinks?" Reeve nods, with a smile, and hugs Stevie close to him. "And by the way. Did you see 'A Widow's Journey Through Greece'? I saw it with Kendall and Fiona."

"No," Reeve states. He says quietly, "I wanted to... Was it good?"

Stevie nods and says, "It was pretty awesome. This lady was all going through Greece and stuff."

Reeve laughs. He says, "Bye, Stevie. Thanks for coming here."

"No problem," Stevie says. He leaves and boards the Yacht of Winners.

Chris smiles. He says, "Stevie just makes any show he's on special. Be sure to watch next time. Who will win the next challenge? Who will be eliminated? Will Lea or Wayne do anything interesting?"

Lea and Wayne shout, "Hey!" in unison.

Chris says, "Find out next time on Total... Drama... Wilderness!"

Chapter 15 - Misadventures in BabysittingEdit

Chris is shown in front of the camera. He smiles wide, and says, "Welcome to another thrilling episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness! Last time, Brad welcomed Nolan back to the guys' cabin. For the challenge, our young people were submitted to a wrestling challenge. Reeve and Eduardo made it to the final two, where Reeve's brother, Stevie, rooted for his brother's opponent to win. After Eduardo did win, Stevie said that he passed the title of challenge king to Eduardo, which upset Reeve, causing him to run into the woods, as is so common with disgruntled youth these days. Reeve revealed to Stevie that he resented him, and told him how embarrassed Stevie was making him. Stevie promised to make it better, but Reeve didn't give him the chance. Then, at the campfire ceremony, Stevie told an incredibly embarrassing story about himself. After the screaming wonder Nolan was eliminated, Reeve agreed to try to patch things over with Stevie. What will happen this time? Who will win the challenge? Who will be sent home? Who put the bum in the bum chicka wow-wow? Find out, now!"

Brad is shown in confessional. "I'm disappointed with Nolan's elimination. I'm going to miss him, but I'm glad that we were able to work things out." Brad looks thoughtful. He says, "Now, there's one more person that I need to work things out with."

Outside, Brad walks up to Eduardo. Eduardo looks up at Brad, and begins walking away. Brad reaches out and grabs Eduardo's arm. Eduardo freezes. Brad says, "Eduardo, I know you've been avoiding me. I'm sorry about what I said yesterday. I really didn't mean those things. It was an attempt to get talked about the next day."

"It doesn't matter," Eduardo states. "You still said those things. It hurt, Brad. It may not mean much to you, but I can't help but be overly concerned with how others view me, and the fact that you said those things shows that that's what you think about me, deep down."

Brad insists, "Eduardo, that's not true. You're really smart. I was just trying to think of something to say."

Eduardo sighs. He says, "Brad, I don't really care to hear your explanation."

"But, Eduardo," Brad begins.

Wayne walks up from behind the bushes. He says, "Brad, leave Eduardo alone. He's been through a lot, so I don't think he needs any more pressure."

Brad looks down at the ground. He says quietly, "Eduardo, I really am sorry." He walks away.

Eduardo looks at Wayne and smiles a little. Eduardo says, "Thanks."

"No problem," Wayne assures.

"I know Brad's story, and I realize he's been hurt," Eduardo says, "but I just have to deal with how he hurt me before I can forgive him. I do know he's a good person, though."

Wayne assures, "That's understandable."

"How about you, Wayne?" Eduardo asks. "How have you been coping? I know you have your own problems."

Wayne nods. He smiles slightly, and says, "It was a struggle, at first. I didn't know who I was, and all sorts of thoughts began to hurt. I wondered why no one was reaching out to me, but I realized that I was looking at everything wrong." Eduardo stares at Wayne as he speaks. Wayne says, "I was being selfish." Wayne puts his hand on Eduardo's shoulder. He says, "Thanks so much for asking about me, Eduardo. I know that it isn't the easiest to worry about someone else, when you have your own problems to deal with."

Eduardo's face turns red. He says, "Don't worry about it."

Wayne says, "Let's head back to the other guys." Eduardo nods.

Eduardo is shown blushing in confessional. He says, "There's something I'm really confused about. I don't know. It's probably nothing."

The next morning, in Joanna, Lea, and Celia's cabin, Celia and Joanna are standing over Lea's bed. Lea looks sick, with her eyes half open, and her polka dotted tongue sticking out of her mouth.

Celia diagnoses, "You're sick."

"Wow," Joanna says sarcastically. "Are you a doctor?"

"Oh, no," Celia states. "Nothing like that. Just my motherly instinct."

Joanna rolls her eyes and says, "I'm so glad you know sarcasm when you hear it." Celia looks confused.

Lea insists, "Guys, I'm fine." She begins sneezing several times in a row.

Joanna says, "You sound alright to me."

Celia looks at Joanna with a confused expression. She says, "Are you serious, Joanna? And you call yourself a mother."

Joanna says, "No, I was being..."

Celia walks to her bag. She says, "Fortunately for you, Lea, I brought some cold medicine." She walks back over to Lea. "You can never be too prepared. Now just apply this salve to the outside of your throat." Celia opens the container, and Joanna and Lea begin coughing.

"What's in that stuff?" Lea asks weakly.

Celia says, "Oh, don't worry about it. It'll put hair on your chest."

Lea looks concerned. She says, "But what if I don't want hair on my chest?"

Wade and Reeve are walking together outside. Reeve winces as he steps on his injured foot. "Is that thing still bugging you?"

"No," Reeve assures. "It feels fine."

Wade sighs, and then giggles. He says, "I was just thinking about Stevie."

Reeve looks concerned. He says, "I don't want to hear the details."

"He's so awesome," Wade states. "It must be awesome to be his brother."

"I really didn't know you were such a fan," Reeve says. "You know? Not until yesterday when you gushed about him, and made a fool of yourself."

"Yeah," Wade says with a laugh.

Reeve stops walking. He asks, "Did you only try to befriend me because of who my brother is?"

Wade looks surprised. He says, "No, Reeve."

Reeve looks at Wade. He starts walking, again, and says, "Okay."

Wade admits, "There's a big reason I like him so much." He rushes to catch up to Reeve. "I felt like he went through what I go through, you know? How I'm so concerned about my image of myself? Imagine me seeing a guy who struggled with something similar to me. Seeing him overcome it, made me feel like I had hope, you know?" Reeve nods. "He inspired me to lose the initial weight, though I'd been depressed about it for a while. I just never took action. I know that I still struggle with my appearance, that I still feel chubby even though everyone tells me I'm too thin, but I do feel better than I did before."

Reeve smiles slightly. He says, "I'm proud of Stevie." Reeve looks forward. "He means a lot to a lot of people, even though most of them never met him in real life." Reeve's eyes widen.

Wade asks, "What's wrong?"

Reeve lifts up his foot and sees that his bandages are red. He says, "My cut reopened."

Wade sighs. He says, "You really have to take better care of yourself. Then you wouldn't have a scar like the one on your face. How'd you get that baby?"

Reeve shifts his eyes and says, "A guy took a a broken bottle to my face."

Wade's eyes widen. He asks, "Really?"

"No," Reeve says with a sigh. "Scooter accident." Wade looks surprised.

Celia and Joanna are shown meeting Brad, Eduardo, and Wayne outside. Brad says, "Hey."

"Hey," Celia says. She looks around. "Where's Reeve?"

"Where else?" Brad asks. "With his shadow."

Celia looks confused. Joanna explains, "He means Wade." Celia nods.

"Where's Lea?" Wayne asks.

"Sick," Celia answers.

"Sick?" Brad says with his eyes wide. "Like, how sick?"

Celia answers, "Just a little cold."

Brad shudders. "Gross. Keep her away from me."

"You're a germaphobe, Brad?" Wayne asks with wide eyes.

"Just sick germs," Brad admits. The others look confused. "I'm serious. I try my hardest to keep my body as healthy as possible. Whenever I get sick, my eyes swell up, my nose turns bright red, my abs get all sickly and green. It's, like, the only time I ever look nasty." The others laugh. "It's true!" he insists. The others continue to laugh, and Brad lets out a slight chuckle.

Chris walks up pushing a large crate on a hand truck. "What's in the box, Chris?" Wayne asks.

Chris says, "Your next challenge. Go get the others."

Brad runs to find Reeve and Wade, while Celia goes to get Lea. They return soon, Reeve limping. "We're back," Brad announces.

Chris nods. He says, "This challenge is based on Joanna."

Joanna narrows her eyes. "What's in the crate, Chris?"

Chris smiles. He swings around a crowbar and uses it to open the crate. About forty children emerge from the crate. Joanna gasps. Chris says, "Today's challenge is children!" Several contestants sigh. Many of the children scream in excitement.

Joanna cries, "No!"

Chris laughs. He says, "Here's how this challenge will work. These kids will be allowed to roam the area. It's the contestants' jobs to wrangle as many kids as they can. When the challenge ends in a half an hour, whoever has the most kids with them, and calm, will win the challenge. Everyone understand." Some of the children yell randomly. Chris laughs and says, "Let the challenge begin."

The children begin running around. Brad states, "Okay, little people. If you come by uncle Brad, I'll show you my abs." Brad begins unbuttoning the shirt that Wade gave him.

Joanna is standing by Brad. She says, "You're really brave, Brad."

"I am?" Brad asks. "Why do you say that?"

Joanna states, "Because of your fear of germs." Brad looks confused. Joanna goes on, "Children are crawling with germs."

"They are?" Brad says with a concerned expression. Joanna nods. Brad looks at one of the children closely, seeing them wiping their runny nose on their arm. Brad's eyes widen. He runs away screaming. He gets near Lea. He looks at her runny nose, and he runs in another direction.

Lea looks around and shrugs. She says, "Okay, children. Gather around." Lea coughs. She says, "I'll sing you a song." Lea clears her throat, which takes several minutes. She begins singing, "Oh, Susanna..." Lea coughs some more. Most of the children walk away from her, while a few stay by her and stare at her.

Celia is telling a story to some children. Reeve looks over at her and smiles softly. One of the children tugs on his shirt and asks, "What are you doing Mister Skeleton Arm?"

Reeve blushes and says, "Nothing."

The child looks at Celia and asks, "Is that your girlfriend?"

Reeve nods. He says dreamily, "Yeah."

The child laughs. He says, "She must be desperate. She could do so much better." Reeve glares at the kid. The child says, "I bet you have some inferiority complex, and that you're overcompensating for something by acting all strong and tough."

Reeve's eyes are wide. He says, "How do you know all those words?" The kid shrugs.

"I read," the kid replies. "I'm guessing you don't."

Reeve narrows his eyes. He says, "Watch it, kid. You don't want to see my ugly side."

"What was I looking at all this time?" the kid asks.

Reeve shouts, "Alright, kid! I'm going to beat the snot out of you!" The kid's eyes widen, and Reeve begins chasing him with a wicked grin. Eduardo runs at Reeve at full speed and tackles him to the ground.

"Whoa!" some of the children say in unison. They rush over to Reeve and Eduardo.

Reeve shouts, "Get off of me!" Eduardo stands up.

Eduardo says, "I apologize. I was trying to protect that defenseless kid."

"From what?" Reeve asks. "I was just playing around."

"Sorry," Eduardo states. "I didn't realize that at the time."

"Whatever," Reeve states in an annoyed tone.

Some of the children chant, "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Reeve's face turns red. He says, "I'm leaving. This challenge is stupid." Reeve storms off.

Celia looks up at him as he leaves. One of the children asks, "Is that scary man the ogre in your story?" Celia blushes.

One of the children gathered around Eduardo says, "You're really strong. Probably not as strong as my dad, but pretty strong." Eduardo blushes. "Can you give me a piggy back ride?" Eduardo nods gently.

Several other children say, "Me, too! Me, too!"

Wayne is sitting by a little girl. He says, "So that's when I started drinking." The girl has wide eyes.

"Drinking what?" she asks.

"You know," Wayne says. "Booze. Liquor. Alcohol. It all means the same thing. I thought it would help me deal with my dark issues, but..."

The girl says, "I'm sorry. My parents told me I couldn't talk to hobos." The girl stands up and runs off.

Several other children run by screaming. Wade chases them, but stops when he gets to Wayne. Wade sighs and says, "Am I really that scary looking? I thought the kids would think I looked fun."

Wayne laughs. He says, "Right. Maybe if they find horror movies fun."

Wade shrugs and keeps walking. He comes to Joanna, who has a bunch of children sleeping by her in a group. Wade asks, "What happened here?"

"Nap time," Joanna answers. She narrows her eyes. "A parent's best friend." Wade nods. Wade looks over at Eduardo who has a pile of children on his back, and several holding on to his legs and outstretched arms.

Chris stands up from his chair on the sidelines. "The challenge is over!" Chris announces. He says, "That was quite the challenge. Some people had no children by them." Wade and Wayne look disappointed. "We had two drop outs." Reeve and Brad return. Brad is wearing a surgical mask. "And one winner." Chris darts his eyes. He says, "The winner of invincibility is Eduardo!" Eduardo smiles. He gets hugs from the children. "Now get out of here, you little pests!" Chris throws a shoe at the group of children, and they run off. He says, "One of the remaining eight contestants will have to be voted out." Chris walks off.

Wade smiles at Reeve and says, "Nice job at the challenge, today."

Reeve grunts. He glares at Eduardo. Eduardo says, "I said I was sorry. I just didn't like what you said to that kid."

"I wasn't serious," Reeve says. "I told you."

Eduardo holds his head down. He says, "Sorry." He walks off into the woods.

Wayne looks at Reeve. He says, "Good going. Can't you choose what you say more carefully?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Reeve asks.

Wayne answers, "It means that you could be a little more sensitive. You don't know what other people are going through."

Reeve looks confused. He says, "What do you mean? What did what I said have to do with Eduardo?"

Wayne's face turns red. He says, "Never mind." He follows after Eduardo into the woods.

Eduardo is sitting on the ground, with his hands sifting through the dirt around him. Wayne says, "Eduardo."

Eduardo looks up at him. He says, "Oh. Hey, Wayne."

"I apologize for Reeve's behavior," Wayne says.

"You didn't do anything," Eduardo says. "I guess I'm just a bit sensitive."

"No, Eduardo," Wayne says. "Don't blame yourself."

Eduardo laughs. He says, "It's really alright. I don't know why I got so worked up over what he said."

"Look, Eduardo," Wayne says. "I was abused, too." Eduardo was a confused expression on his face. "When my dad got really angry, he would hit me. I was fortunate, because he sought help, and he stopped hitting my sister and me."

Eduardo asks, "How did you know I was abused?"

"I overheard your conversation with Kendall," Wayne admits.

Eduardo says, "That conversation was private. How could you have heard it? You were at the challenge."

Wayne says, "I sneaked away from the others."

"You were eavesdropping?" Eduardo asks.

"Um," Wayne says. "I guess."

Eduardo stands up. He says, "I can't believe this. I had this strange feeling that you knew my secret."

Wayne says, "I was just trying to help."

"I never asked for any help, Wayne," Eduardo states. "I didn't want to blurt it out like I did. I didn't want everyone to know."

Wayne says, "It's okay, Eduardo. Besides, everyone will find out on television."

Eduardo says, "I know that. I was planning to get therapy immediately after I got home so I could handle that. Thanks so much for your help."

"I didn't do anything wrong," Wayne states.

"Whatever you say," Eduardo states. "Next time you decide to help someone, try to figure out how they want help." Eduardo stomps off, shaking the ground as he does so. Wayne folds his arms. He follows Eduardo back soon after.

Wade and Brad are standing by the woods. They stop Eduardo. Wade asks, "Is everything alright? Wayne said you were struggling with something."

"Is there any way we can help you out, man?" Brad asks.

Eduardo holds his head down. He says, "No. I'm alright, guys." He walks off.

Wayne walks up to Brad and Wade. Brad says, "I consider Eduardo a friend of mine. I really need to know what's wrong, Wayne."

Wayne looks down at the ground. He says, "It's nothing." He forces a smile. "I shouldn't have said anything. If he wants to open up, that's for him to decide." Wayne walks off.

Lea walks up to Wade and Brad. She says, "I think I dozed off for a bit. What happened at the challenge?" Brad lets out a scream and runs into the woods.

Reeve is sitting with Celia. He says, "I'm sorry about what I said to that kid. I didn't mean it, but that's no excuse." Celia nods. Reeve goes on, "I would never say anything like that to you or your daughter. I mean that. The people I love are too dear to me. I just wish I could control the way I talk, sometimes."

"Yeah," Celia says.

"I'm used to my career," Reeve admits. "Violence is accepted there. I'm not like that all the time, but it kind of takes over my speech and the way I think, I guess."

"Did you ever think about quitting?" Celia asks.

Reeve nods. "Every day," Reeve admits. "Even more so since I met you. I think about those poor kids I fight in the ring. I've paralyzed one or two, and I feel like... They didn't deserve that. I mean, I know they didn't. I just want to leave, so accidents like that never happen, again."

"So why don't you?" Celia asks.

Reeve laughs. He says, "The only other thing I'm good at is hair and makeup. That's even less reputable than what I do." Reeve thinks. "I mean for a guy."

Celia sighs. She asks, "Would you rather do what you love, no matter what anyone thinks, or do something that you don't want to do, that makes you feel guilty?"

Reeve says, "When you put it that way..."

"I'll support you if you decide to change careers, Reeve," Celia states. "But if you decide to continue cage fighting, I can't go out with you, anymore." Reeve's eyes widen. "I would be worried every night over your safety. I'm sorry."

Reeve sighs. He says, "Sounds like my decision has already been made for me." He hugs Celia close to him.

Brad is shown in confessional, "Lea. I vote for Lea." Brad twitches.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris holds up a marshmallow. "This marshmallow has Eduardo's name on it." He tosses it to Eduardo.

Eduardo looks at the marshmallow closely and says, "He's right. It does have my name on it."

"Good job on the challenge today, man," Chris states. Eduardo nods, and looks down at the ground. Chris goes on, "Celia and Wade, the two of you are safe." They catch their marshmallows. Chris says, "Joanna." He tosses a marshmallow to her. Chris eyes up the other contestants. He says, "Brad, congrats." Brad catches his marshmallow. "The next one is for... Lea." Lea catches her marshmallow and sneezes on it. Brad groans. Chris says, "Wayne and Reeve. One of you has been eliminated." The guys gulp simultaneously. "The last marshmallow goes to..."

"Reeve." Reeve catches his marshmallow, and gives a sigh of relief.

Wayne nods. He stands up. He says, "I really don't belong here, anymore. I'm sorry if I hurt any of you with my behavior. I want to be a better person, so I thought that requesting to leave was the first place to start." Wayne walks up to Eduardo. He bends down and whispers, "I said I'm sorry, but I'm going to make up for what I did. I promise." Eduardo looks confused. Wayne waves to everyone and heads to the 'Boat of Losers'.

On the Boat of Losers, Wayne sighs. He says, "I acted like a selfish idiot all this time, and when I tried to help Eduardo, I was thinking more about how I looked, or what I thought he needed, instead of asking him how he needed help." Wayne smiles. "But I finally realized how I can help people. I was so stupid for not realizing it, earlier. I'll make a donation to a charity in his name, with his permission, of course. It looks like I can finally put my money to good use." Wayne smiles slightly. "Maybe if I focus on helping others, I will focus less on my own situation."

Chris looks at the final seven. He says, "An interesting group. Which one of these interesting group members will go home next? Find out right now!"

"What!?" several contestants shout at once.

Chris laughs. He says, "Just joking. We'll find out next time on Total... Drama... Wilderness!"

"I really do not like you," Reeve tells Chris.

Chapter 16 - The Amount is CorrectEdit

Chris gives his usual smile. He states, "Welcome to another episode pf Total... Drama... Wilderness! If you think back to last time, you'll remember that our contestants had to compete in a babysitting challenge. Brad freaked out on account of the germ ridden tots, and sickly Lea. Joanna freaked out at the children's presence, in general. In the end, Eduardo won the challenge as he lifted a large amount of the children, which always goes over well with youth. Wayne was voted out after requesting to leave, and offending Eduardo after revealing that he overheard his conversation with Kendall. With more challenges in store for our final seven, who will be out next?"

Eduardo is shown sitting quietly at the campfire ceremony, all alone. Reeve walks up and sits down next to him. Reeve says, "Nice job with the challenge, earlier."

"Thanks," Eduardo says quietly.

"You had a falling out with Wayne, huh?" Reeve asks.

Eduardo nods. He admits, "I'm not one to open up about myself, too much. But, obviously, that means that I have trouble getting close to people."

"We have that in common," Reeve states. "I felt the same way when I came here, but met some good friends."

"Me, too," Eduardo says. "Nolan was a good friend."

"That screaming mess?" Reeve asks with a laugh.

Eduardo says, "Don't call him that, but yeah." Eduardo laughs slightly.

"Sorry," Reeve says. He awkwardly pauses. "Look, I'm..."

"I'm sorry about..." Eduardo says at the same time.

Reeve laughs. He says, "I'm sorry I offended you earlier. I don't always think when I speak. I'm going to try to work on it, so I'm more pleasant." Reeve gives an unnatural smile.

Eduardo laughs. "I'm sorry, too," he says. "I shouldn't be so quick to get offended. You know something happened to me in the past, but I can't associate that with everything that happens, now. It's hard not to, though."

"Yeah," Reeve replies. He puts his hand on Eduardo's shoulder. "I'm glad we talked, man. To be honest, it hurt when Stevie seemed to act closer to you, than he did me. I don't want that to be any cause of resentment between us." Reeve takes his hand off of Eduardo's shoulder and extends it toward him. "We're the two strongest guys, here. Let's agree to do our best at the challenges, so the other has a run for his money."

Eduardo shakes Reeve's hand and says, "Agreed."

Reeve stands up and says, "Well, we better..." Eduardo stands abruptly and hugs Reeve tight. Reeve laughs. After a little while, Reeve says, "You can let go, dude." Eduardo doesn't listen. Reeve's face begins turning blue. He says weakly, "You-you're crushing me."

Eduardo's face turns bright red. He lets go of Reeve and says apologetically, "Sorry, man." Reeve gasps for air.

Eduardo states in confessional, "I guess I have this weird psychological tendency to be a little too affectionate with positive male influences in my life. It obviously stems from not having the approval of my birth father. It was part of the reason Kendall resented me, I guess, as my stepfather and I are close friends. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have him."

Celia is shown in her cabin, putting a cold towel on Lea's forehead. She says, "Hopefully, tomorrow you'll feel all better."

"Hopefully," Lea states.

"Goodnight," Celia states. "You need your rest." Celia heads toward her bed.

"Celia?" Lea asks. Celia turns around. Lea says, "Thanks for all your help."

Celia smiles and says, "No problem." She walks to her bed. She looks at Joanna in the corner of the room.

Joanna rocks herself back and forth in the fetal position. She says, "The challenge... So many children..." Celia sighs.

In the morning, Wade wakes up. He says, "Time to get up, Reevie boy." He looks at Reeve's bed and realizes that Reeve is gone. He looks at Eduardo's bed and sees that Eduardo is gone, as well. He looks at Brad's bed, and sees Brad in a surgical mass, holding an aeresol spray can of disinfectant. Wade laughs. He says, "Brad, feeling a little paranoid?"

"No talking!" Brad demands. "It spreads germs." Brad violently sprays the aeresol spray in the air. Wade sighs. Brad sprays the air, again.

Wade is shown walking outside, after getting dressed. He looks around for a while. He eventually sees Eduardo and Reeve running together in the distance. Wade lets out a sigh, but forces a smile to his face.

Wade says in confessional, "I suppose I've been hogging Reeve most of this time." He looks down. "I'm happy he has a new friend. Why wouldn't I be happy for him?" A tear comes to Wade's eye and he says, "They grow up so fast."

Lea is shown rising from her bed. She says, " I can't believe it! I feel better!" She jumps up, and hits her head on the higher bunk bed. Lea laughs and jumps out of bed. She runs out the door. She yells, "I feel great!"

Joanna's eyes are wide. She asks, "Is she seriously like that all the time?"

Celia nods. "I think so," Celia answers. Joanna shudders.

Lea is shown outside doing cartwheels. Wade laughs. He says, "Nice form." He immediately blushes. He says, "I meant your cartwheels."

Lea says, "Thanks." She asks, "So what are you doing?"

"Nothing, really," Wade admits.

"Oh," Lea says. "Um... Where are your tattoos from?"

Wade's eyes widen. He answers, "Only the best video game, ever."

"'Ping'?" Lea asks. Wade hits his face with his palm.

The guys' cabin door opens. Brad pokes his head outside. He sees Lea. His eyes widen. He says, "Uh. Hey, Lea. How are you feeling?"

"Great!" Lea answers.

Brad immediately emerges from the cabin. He smiles confidently and says, "That's cool. Not like I mind whether you're sick or not. I mean, I'm glad you're better." Wade sighs.

Eduardo and Reeve run up to the others. Reeve says to Eduardo, "So that's when I punched him."

Eduardo laughs. He says, "No one messes with your brussel sprouts, huh?"

"Dang straight," Reeve states.

Lea laughs and repeats, "Dang straight."

Chris appears, followed shortly by Joanna and Celia. He says, "It's good that everyone is here."

"Why?" Wade asks. "Time for the next challenge?"

"Nosy," Chris says with an eye roll. "It's time for the next challenge." Wade sighs. Chris smirks and says, "This challenge is based on Tamira."

Joanna throws her head back and says, "Oh, please tell me we don't have to woo Wayne." Eduardo whimpers.

Chris laughs and says, "No, but I wish I thought of that. Instead..." Four podiums emerge from the ground. "You'll be competing in a series of pricing games!" Cheesy seventies music is played. "Based on Tamira's love of shopping."

An announcer's voice is heard, "Brad! You're the first contestant on The Amount is Correct!"

Brad looks around and asks, "Who is that?" Chris shrugs. Brad stands behind one of the podiums.

"Lea!" The announcer announces. "You're the next contestant on The Amount is Correct!"

Lea shouts, "Wooooo!" She does cartwheels in wide circles, and eventually winds up at the podium.

The announcer states, "Eduardo! Go on down! You're the next contestant on The Amount is Correct!"

Eduardo walks toward the podium, trips, and smashes one of them to pieces. He stands up, blushing, and says, "Sorry."

Chris shrugs. "The podiums are just for show, anyway."

The announcer states, "Celia! You're the next contestant on The Amount is Correct!" Celia looks around. She quietly walks up to the podium.

Chris states, "First, the four selected contestants will need to guess the closest price, without going over, on this lovely prize. The contestant that guesses closest, without going over, will get a chance at another amazing prize, and an automatic pass to the final round of the challenge." Chef walks out in a bikini. He gestures toward a portable outhouse. "Brad? You're first."

Brad bids, "One dollar."

"Lea?" Chris asks

"Twenty million dollars," Lea says.

Chris raises an eyebrow. He says, "Um... Eduardo?"

"Hm..." Eduardo says. "Eight hundred dollars?"

Chris says, "Celia?"

"Eight hundred and one," Celia says. She says to Eduardo, "Sorry." He shrugs.

Chris says, "The actual retail price is... Eight hundred dollars!" Eduardo's eyes widen.

"Eight hundred dollars for that?" Brad protests.

"Yup," Chris answers. "Eduardo wins the portable outhouse."

Brad blushes. He says, "Oh. I thought we were bidding on..." He glances at Chef Hatchet. Chef Hatchet scowls at Brad. "Never mind."

Eduardo stands by Chris. Chris says, "You'll be playing one of our favorite games, 'Blink-O'."

"What's Blink-O?" Eduardo asks.

Chris says, "I understand that you don't know, as you're probably always busy bench pressing wicker furniture."

Eduardo raises an eyebrow and asks, "What exactly is your workout routine?"

Chris ignores the question and explains, "Blink-O is a game." He hands Eduardo a handful of wooden tokens. He points to a platform with prize money listed on it. Chris directs, "Climb those stairs and drop those chips one at a time down the slots. Whatever amount of prize money you get , you get to take home with you." Eduardo looks at the '$20,000' slot and smiles. Chris says, "Go ahead and give it a try." Eduardo nods. He climbs the stairs and drops a chip down a slot. It goes toward the '$20,000' slot, but turns to the side landing in '$0'. Eduardo tries again, but the same thing happens. Chris chuckles.

Eduardo asks, "Is this game rigged?" Chris whistles innocently. Eduardo narrows his eyes. He takes his last chip, holds it against the platform, and throws it with all his might. The chip busts through all the wooden stoppers, hits the $20,000 mark, and breaks through the entire display, and through the ground.

Chris states, "Destruction of our props? That's it! I'm taking away that outhouse." Eduardo frowns.

Later, Eduardo and Brad our shown at two platforms. Chris says, "I decided to fast forward to the final round. You missed a lot of excitement, though."

Wade asks, "What are you talking about? You just said Brad got into the final round for being the hottest," Brad pumps his fists, "right after Eduardo destroyed the Blink-O thingy."

Chris says as he darts his eyes to the side, "Yeah... Whatever. For this round, whoever wins gets invincibility, and their prize. You win by getting closest to the price of your product without going over. Brad? What would you like to bid on this lovely pineapple lamp set?"

Brad asks, "Is zero an option?" Chris shakes his head. Brad guesses, "Five bucks."

Chris nods. Chef models a kiddie pool. Chris asks, "Eduardo? What do you bid on this fine product?"

Eduardo rubs his chin. He says, "Fifteen dollars and ninety-nine cents."

Chris' jaw drops. He says, "Screw it. You both got your prices exactly right." Eduardo and Brad high five. Brad's eyes widen as a cracking noise is heard when Eduardo hits his hand. "You both get invincibility, but I'm keeping your prizes." Chris looks defiantly to the left. "You'll all need to vote out someone other than Brad or Eduardo." Chris walks off, and picks up the pineapple lamps as he goes.

Brad walks away. Eduardo follows him and asks, "Brad, is your arm okay?"

Brad fakes a smile and nods. Brad sighs. He says, "Eduardo, uh..."

Eduardo looks down. He says, "I forgive you, Brad. I can't spend my life being mad at people for every little thing."

Brad smiles. He says, "Thanks, Eduardo. Your forgiveness means a lot to me."

Brad is shown in confessional. He says, "I'm so glad that Eduardo forgave me, but... I was gonna ask him if my abs looked good, today." Brad lifts up his shirt and flexes. He laughs and says, "Oh, who am I kidding? We all know the answer to that." Brad laughs, again.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Eduardo and Brad, nicely done, or whatever." Chris tosses marshmallows to the young men. Chris states, "Reeve, you're safe." Reeve nods and catches a marshmallow. "Celia." Celia catches the next marshmallow. Chris says, "The next marshmallow goes to Wade." Wade walks up and takes his marshmallow. Wade hugs Chris. Chris pushes Wade away from him. Lea and Joanna look at each other. "Joanna and Lea," Chris states. "One of you is out of the competition. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Lea." Lea catches her marshmallow.

Joanna says, "Eh. Whatever. I'm tired of food being thrown at me." Joanna stands.

Lea says, "Joanna! I'll miss you!" Joanna shudders. Joanna hurries to the 'Boat of Losers'.

Joanna says on the Boat of Losers, "I'm glad to be leaving, honestly. The money would have been nice, sure, but I realized that my family aren't the only annoying people to be around for long periods of time. And I guess I kind of miss my children, too." Joanna's eyes widen. She says, "Wow. What's wrong with me?"

Chris states, "So we're down to the final six. Who will be victorious in the challenge? Who will be out next? Who will not be out next? Find out on the next episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness!"

Chapter 17 - You're So LameEdit

Chris Mclean states, lying in a kiddie pool, "Welcome to this week's episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness. On our last episode, a select few of our contestants got to compete in exciting pricing games. Eduardo and Brad tied and were both given immunity, but I kept this sweet pool. Joanna was the one voted out. What will happen this time on Total... Drama... Wilderness?"

The remaining male contestants are in their cabin. Wade states, "Man, Eduardo. I can't believe you won another challenge!"

Brad adds, "Uh, I won, too."

Brad is ignored. Wade says, "Ed, I don't think you're ever going to lose a challenge."

Brad tackles Wade and puts his hand over his mouth. Brad says, "Dude! Don't say that! You'll jinx him!"

"It's okay, Brad," Eduardo states. "I don't believe in jinxes."

Brad stands up and says, "Oh. Sorry, Wade."

Wade stands up and dusts himself off. He says, "Are you kidding? I just got tackled by Brad Flanderbuilt! Major fanboy moment."

The others look at Wade with worried expressions. "You're a Brad fanboy, Wade?" Eduardo asks.

Wade's face turns red. He says, "Ah, well. It was bound to come out sooner or later." Wade sits down by Reeve. Wade says, "You're being awful quiet, man."

Reeve replies, "I am, aren't I?" Reeve lays down in his bed. Wade stands up and shrugs.

In Celia and Lea's cabin, Celia says, "I'm going to miss Joanna, a little."

Lea says, "Me, too, Celia." Lea's eyes widen. She says, "Have you ever noticed how you name has 'lia' at the end?"

"Um, yeah?" Celia responds.

Lea laughs. She says, "That's like my name. Weeeeeird."

"Right," Celia says with a raised eyebrow.

The next morning, Reeve is sitting outside by some trees. Wade is standing next to him. Wade pokes Reeve on the arm and asks, "What's wrong, big guy?"

"Nothing," Reeve insists.

"Come on," Wade says. "You can tell The Wade-inator."

"Wade-inator?" Reeve asks.

"That's what I always want people to call me," Wade says with a smile.

"Look, Wade," Reeve says, with extra emphasis on 'Wade', "I really want to prove myself in this competition, but with Eduardo here, I don't stand a chance."

Eduardo is walking out of the woods. He notices Wade and Reeve and hides behind a tree that fails to cover his bulky body. Wade says, "Eduardo is bound to lose a challenge, eventually."

"But what if he never loses?" Reeve asks.

"He will," Wade assures. "He has to at some point. Besides, even if he does win the next few challenges, you have nothing to worry about. I'll keep you safe."

Reeve nods. "Thanks," he says quietly. "I guess what I've really been thinking about is that I really want to win a challenge."

Wade says, "You won the first individual challenge."

"No," Reeve says. "Stevie won that one."

"Hey, guys," Celia says, as she walks up. She sits next to Reeve. "What'cha talkin' about?"

"Nothing," Reeve says with a halfhearted smile.

"Reeve was just complaining about not winning a challenge," Wade states. Reeve gives Wade a glare.

Celia says, "Did you tell him that we love him, anyway?"

Wade blushes. He says, "No. That would be awkward."

Reeve raises an eyebrow and looks at Wade. He says, "Right. Because we wouldn't want you to start being awkward."

Eduardo begins to quietly back away. He walks into a tree, knocking it down. His face turns red, and he quickly, and loudly, runs off. The tree falls to the ground. Reeve, Wade, and Celia look back. "What was that?" Celia asks.

Wade walks over and looks at Eduardo's large footprints. He says, "I think it was a Bigfoot." He runs to Reeve, extends his arms, and says, "I'm scared. Hold me." Reeve pushes Wade to the ground.

"Get a hold of yourself," Reeve demands. "There's no such thing as Bigfoot."

"What about Sasquatchanakwa?" Wade asks from the ground.

"A guy in a costume," Reeve insists.

"Reeve is right," Celia says. "There's nothing to worry about."

"Let's get out of here," Reeve states. "We're loitering." Wade and Celia nod, and they walk away, followed by Reeve. Reeve stops walking for a few moments and looks back with a worried expression. He nervously gulps, and hurries to catch up with the others.

Brad is shown crying, holding a rabbit. He carries it to Nurse Hatchet's medical tent. Brad says, "Nurse Hatchet! I brought a sick rabbit dude!"

Chef Hatchet sighs and says, "What do I look like? A veterinarian?"

"Bunny sick," Brad says.

Chef sighs. He says, "Whatever. Leave him here."

Brad nods. He says to the rabbit, "Be brave, little bunny dude. Nurse Hatchet will make you feel all better." The rabbit looks at Brad with wide eyes. Brad sadly leaves.

Chef Hatchet looks at the bunny. He says, "You look fine to me." Chef Hatchet turns around and messes around with vials and hypodermic needles. The bunny's eyes turn red, and it begins foaming at the mouth. Chef Hatchet turns around, and his eyes widen. The rabbit jumps at Chef Hatchet and he screams.

Later, a helicopter lands in front of the medical tent. Chef is carried out on a stretcher. The contestants gather together. "What's going on?" Lea asks.

Chris says, while crying, "Chef got attacked by a rabid bunny. He has to go get treated, and stuff."

"A rabid bunny?" Brad asks with concern in his voice.

Chris nods. Everyone watches as the helicopter lifts off of the ground. Chris says, "Okay. Since we're all gathered, time for the next challenge."

Celia looks at Chris in disbelief. She says, "Isn't that a little heartless?"

Reeve nudges Celia with his elbow and says, "This is Chris we're talking about."

Chris clears his throat. "This will be an endurance challenge based on Yesenia's fear of not being considered cool." Chris points to several platforms with very little room on the top of them. "You'll all be standing on those. After a while it will become very uncomfortable for you. If everyone is ready, we can begin."

Brad asks, "What does any of that have to do with being considered uncool?"

Chris smirks. He says, "I almost forgot." Chris grabs a box from his side. He hands Celia a gag mustache, gag teeth to Brad, an arrow through skull headband to Reeve, blurry, thick glassed bifocals to Eduardo, a bald cap to Lea, and a pair of glasses, with eyebrows, a large nose, and mustache attached, to Wade. "You'll all have to wear these dorky items. Also, throughout the challenge, mysterious embarrassing things will happen to each of you when you're on your platform. Try not to let any of it make you lose your balance. Now, you can get on your platforms." The contestants begrudgingly climb onto their platforms. Chris says, "The contest starts, now."

"Thif ifn't fo bad," Brad says, with his gag teeth in place. Several interns come out, with pails filled with tomatoes. They get in position to throw the tomatoes, and Brad hurriedly gets off of his platform. He takes out his gag teeth.

Reeve asks, "I thought you didn't think this was so bad?"

Brad says, "Um. Do you know how hard tomato stains are to get out of clothing?"

"All you have to do is wet the stained area with salt water, and leave it in the sun so it bleaches," Reeve answers. Brad raises an eyebrow. "What?" Reeve asks.

The remaining contestants in the challenge are pelted by tomatoes. Brad joins in on the tomato throwing. Brad hits Wade with a tomato, he loses his balance and falls off of his platform. Wade says, "Nice, Brad."

"Sorry," Brad says. "I can't resist a good tomato tossing." Brad looks down at the ground and says, "I'm ashamed."

Reeve winces. He begins leaning on one foot. Celia asks, "Reeve? Are you okay?" Celia loses her balance and falls off of her platform. Reeve looks concerned. Celia assures, "I'm okay. What about you?"

Reeve says, "This challenge is not good for my bad foot."

Lea laughs and says, "Reeve has a naughty foot." Reeve shoots a glare at Lea, and she falls off of her platform. "Whoa!" Lea exclaims. "Looks may not be able to kill, but they can apparently knock people off of platforms."

Chris says, "Only Reeve and Eduardo remain. Eduardo was a given, but Reeve? I'm beyond surprised that he made it this far."

"Gee, thanks, Chris," Reeve sarcastically states.

Chris says, "It's time for the next embarrassing event." Two interns climb Reeve and Eduardo's platforms. They proceed to pants them. Reeve's face turns bright red.

"Dude," Brad says. "Still with the jockstrap?"

Reeve demands, "Shut it!" Eduardo looks down at his boxer shorts and shrugs. Reeve's attempts to pull his shorts back up, but falls off of his platform. After landing on the ground, he quickly pulls his shorts back up. "Ow! My ankle! I think I twisted it."

Chris yawns and says, "Eduardo wins invincibility, again."

"What about Reeve's ankle?" Celia asks.

Chris says, "Well, he can't exactly get medical attention with Chef Hatchet's rabies. He'll have to tough it out." Celia looks at Reeve with a concerned expression. Chris says, "I'm leaving. I'll be back for your elimination ceremony."

Lea, Wade, and Celia help Reeve back to his cabin. Eduardo looks solemnly at the ground. Brad says, "What's up, Eddy?"

"They're going to vote you out next," Eduardo says.

Brad shrugs. He says, "Maybe not."

"I'm sorry I won invincibility, Brad," Eduardo says.

Brad laughs. He says, "Are you kidding? You deserve it. You are seriously unstoppable at these challenges."

"But they'll vote you out," Eduardo states.

"Don't worry about me," Brad says. "You should be happy for yourself."

Eduardo looks down and nods. He says, "Yeah."

Brad hugs Eduardo and says, "Always thinking about others, huh? You're a good kid." Eduardo chuckles.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "One of you just lost your chance at winning this thing. Eduardo, you're safe, big guy." Eduardo catches his marshmallow. "Celia and Wade, both of you are safe." Wade hugs Celia. Reeve grabs the back of Wade's vest and pulls him off of Celia. "Lea," Chris announces as he tosses a marshmallow to her. "It is between Reeve and Brad. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Reeve." Reeve catches his marshmallow.

Brad sighs. He puts on a smile and says, "That's alright."

Eduardo hugs Brad. He says, "I'm going to miss you, Brad."

Brad nods. "And me you," he says. "I have something for you to remember me by." Brad reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a gold colored pair of briefs. "Don't worry. I haven't worn these, yet. I planned to wear them when I won this thing." Brad hands the briefs to Eduardo and says, "I want you to have them."

Eduardo hugs Brad tight and says, "Thank you, Brad." Brad winces until Eduardo lets go. "I'll treasure them always."

Reeve asks, "Is anyone else completely weirded out by this?"

Wade, Celia, Lea, and Chris look on with tears. "This is so touching," Lea states.

Brad waves to the other contestants and says, "Bye, everyone!"

Brad gets on the 'Boat of Losers' and sits down. He gives a heavy sigh. He says, "It's time to start my new life, I guess. At least I won't be living a lie, anymore. Maybe what Frederick did was the best thing for me. It was pretty hard acting like a jerk all the time. We'll see."

Chris says, "With that, we're down to our final five. Who will be eliminated next? Find out on another exciting episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness." Chris leaves.

Reeve stands up and groans in pain. Wade asks, "Man, are you sure you're okay?"

Reeve says, "I told you guys not to worry about me. I'll be perfectly fine." He walks off, cringing as he does so.

Wade turns to Eduardo and eyes Brad's gold briefs. He asks, "Can I touch those, or would that be awkward for you?" Eduardo looks at Wade with concern, and quickly puts the briefs in his pocket.

Chapter 18 - Tea Party TimeEdit

Chris gives a smile and says, "Welcome to another episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness! Last time, if you remember, our contestants had to endure standing on a platform. They also had to endure the ridicule that comes from wearing goofy accessories. Eduardo won the challenge, big shock, and Brad was voted out. What will happen on this episode?"

Lea, Celia, Wade, and Eduardo are sitting together at the campfire ceremony site. Lea asks, "Is Li'l Reevie going to be okay?"

"I don't know," Wade answers. "But he's the type of guy that it would make things worse if you tried to comfort him."

"Did you guys think about voting for him?" Eduardo asks. "I mean, he's obviously in pain, even though he won't admit it."

"I considered it," Celia states. "I want him to get medical attention, but he wouldn't want that."

Wade nods. He says, "He would be ticked. He wants to prove himself."

"This conversation is boring," Lea states. "I'm going to go frolic." Lea gets up and leaps away.

Celia shrugs. "I'm going to check up on Reeve," she says. Celia gets up and walks away.

Wade says to Eduardo, "So Eddy... Can I call you Eddy?" Eduardo shrugs. "You're a monster at those challenges, man." Eduardo blushes. "Do you ever plan to lose a challenge?"

Eduardo shrugs. He says, "It's not like I'm really competitive, or good at everything. I'm sure some challenge will come along that I just can't do."

"I don't know, man," Wade says. "I have this feeling that you'll never lose a challenge."

"Yeah," Eduardo says. "I'm afraid that the moment I lose a challenge, I'm out of here. So, I feel like I can't lose."

Wade nods and says, "Right." Wade and Eduardo sit awkwardly in silence. Wade asks, "So... Are you sure I can't touch Brad's golden briefs, dude? Just for a second?" Eduardo stands up and walks off. Wade sighs.

Wade says in confessional, "I feel awkward around Eduardo. The fact that he's always winning these challenges is like an elephant in the room. I'm seriously nervous about what will happen if he continues to win. But what can I do?"

Reeve and Celia are shown sitting in the guys' cabin. Celia says, "I want you to be entirely honest with me, Reeve. Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm perfect," Reeve insists.

"Nobody is perfect," Celia says.

"Yeah, yeah," Reeve says. "Look. I'm in the final five, right now. A little injury is not going to keep me from winning this thing. I can get medical attention after this thing is over. This is a once in a lifetime chance."

"Yeah," Celia says. "I understand."

"And..." Reeve begins. His face is bright red. "I can't imagine being away from you for a single moment. If either of us is ever voted out, I don't know if I can handle it."

Celia puts her hand in Reeve's. She says, "That's so sweet, Reeve."

Reeve continues to blush. "There have been girls that I really liked," he admits. "But I've never felt this strongly about anyone before."

"I'm so glad I agreed to be on this show," Celia says. "I would have never met the love of my life."

"Who's that?" Reeve asks.

Celia laughs. She says, "You're a silly guy." Celia kisses Reeve.

Reeve smiles. He says, "How do you do this to me? You make me just want to be myself. I don't feel ashamed about my feelings when I'm around you. With other girls I dated, I never opened up."

Celia hugs Reeve. She says, "I guess we just bring out the best in each other."

Wade walks into the room. His face turns bright red. He says, "Uh, I was just leaving."

Celia says, "No. It's okay." She stands up. "I was about to leave, anyway." Celia smiles at Reeve and waves as she walks out of the room.

Reeve glares at Wade. Wade pleads, "Please don't beat me up. I didn't mean to interrupt you two."

"No big deal," Reeve says. Reeve gives a big smile. "I love her, more than I loved anything." Reeve gives a romantic sigh. He says, "I never thought that I would love anything more than beating up other guys."

Wade raises an eyebrow. He says, "How romantic."

"Thanks, Wade," Reeve says.

"For what?" Wade asks.

Reeve says, "For understanding, man. There's no weirdness between us, even though... You know."

Wade smiles. He says, "I'm happy for the both of you." Wade's eyes sparkle. "Just as long as I get to be best man at your wedding."

"Keep it up, and you'll be demoted to flower girl," Reeve answers. Wade laughs.

Eduardo is shown sitting on the ground, outside. He lets out a heavy sigh. Lea frolics by. She says, "Eduardo?" She thinks for a second. "Or are you a boulder?"

Eduardo says, "No, it's me."

Lea says, "Oh." She sits down by Eduardo. "Is something the matter?"

"Well," Eduardo says, "yeah. I'm just feeling really guilty."

"Ooh," Lea says. "What did you do? Did you kill a guy?"

"No," Eduardo says. "Nothing like that. It's about the challenges."

"You mean," Lea says with her eyes wide, "you've been cheating?"

Eduardo says, "Well, no."

"Then what's the problem?" Lea asks.

Eduardo explains, "I just feel like with me winning every time, I'm not giving anyone else a chance to win, or whatever."

Lea stands up. She says, "That's crazy. This is a competition. You shouldn't feel bad about doing well."

"You're right," Eduardo says. "I have to worry about myself."

Lea nods. She says, "If you want to throw a challenge so that I can win one, I'm perfectly okay with that."

Eduardo laughs. He says, "You're funny." Lea shiftily looks back and forth. Eduardo goes on, "But I think I feel a little better about it. I guess it's a pretty dumb thing to be upset about." Eduardo stands up. "I'm going to bed. See ya. Thanks." Eduardo walks off.

The next morning, Wade is sitting outside by Celia. He says, "I'm really worried about Eduardo."

"What happened to him?" Celia asks.

"I just mean about the challenges," Wade states. "If he keeps winning, what's going to happen to our team?"

"I don't know," Celia says quietly.

Wade says, "I just wish I could think of something to keep it from happening."

"Like sabotage?" Celia asks.

Wade's face turns red. He says, "I would never do something like that."

"I know you wouldn't," Celia says. "You'll just have to try your hardest at the challenge, I guess. Well, I'm going, now." Celia stands up and walks away.

Wade looks up and says, "Huh?" He looks around. "I wasn't paying attention, but I know what to do."

Wade walks off and finds Eduardo doing sit ups. Wade says, "Hey, Eduardo. Can we talk?"

Eduardo stands up and says, "Sure."

"Great job with the challenges, man," Wade says.

Eduardo blushes and says, "Thanks."

"But," Wade starts, "I'm worried that you aren't thinking everything through."

Eduardo asks, "What do you mean?"

"Well," Wade states, "do you really think you deserve to win the whole competition?"

"Well, yeah," Eduardo says. "Just as much as anyone else."

"Eduardo, this game has two aspects," Wade explains. "Sure, there are the challenges, but there's also strategy."

Eduardo agrees, "Right."

"You sure are proving yourself with the challenges," Wade says. "But all that happens is that you're invincible from the vote. You're not proving that you could survive a vote without having invincibility."

"Oh," Eduardo says quietly. "I wasn't thinking about it that way. But you're right. The ones who really earn their spots in the finals are the ones who use their brains to survive."

"Exactly," Wade says with a smile. "I had no idea you were so smart about strategy."

Eduardo blushes and says, "Thanks."

Reeve walks up, wincing as he does so. He says, "What are you guys talking about?"

"Nothing," Wade says quickly. Eduardo looks at Wade with a confused expression. Wade asks, "How are you feeling today, man?"

Reeve glares at Wade. He says, "Oh, really great. Never felt better."

Eduardo says, "Really? You're feet look pretty messed up to me."

"Please," Reeve says. "I've had worse injuries."

"Like when you got shot in the junk with a paintball?" Eduardo asks.

Reeve's face turns bright red. He says, "Yeah. There was that."

"What about the time that guy came at you with a baseball bat in the parking lot after one of your cage matches?" Wade asks.

Reeve's eyes widen. He says, "How do you know about that?"

Wade says, "A true Stevie fanboy knows all." Wade nods.

Eduardo asks, "What kind of conditioner does he use? His hair always looks so soft."

Wade answers proudly, "Snuggly."

"The fabric softener?" Eduardo asks. Wade nods. Eduardo says, "Wow."

"You guys need help," Reeve states with his hand on his forehead. "but I am glad you're bonding. I just wish it was over something less creepy."

Eduardo asks, "What brand of toothpaste does he use?"

Wade says, "Actually... I don't know that one. I wish I did, though. His teeth are so white." Eduardo and Wade look at Reeve with expectant looks.

Reeve says, "Oh, no. Don't think I'm about to get involved in this stupid discussion." Wade and Eduardo look at Reeve with wide eyes. Reeve sighs. "Stop that. I'll tell you. He doesn't use toothpaste. He just rubs sandpaper on his teeth." (author's note: don't try this at home, kids)

"Whoa," Eduardo and Wade say in unison.

Celia and Lea are shown standing by Chris. "So Chris," Celia says. "How are you doing?"

"Not great," Chris says with a frown. "Where are the others? I'll disqualify them from the challenge if they don't get here soon."

Celia says, "Right. I'll go look for them." Celia walks off.

Lea looks awkwardly at Chris. He looks away from her. She asks, "Hey, Chris." Chris ignores her. "I always wondered this. Why do you agree to host this show? It doesn't seem like something you particularly enjoy."

Chris explains, "I do enjoy it. Especially when the contestants squirm." Chris' eye twitches.

"Okay," Lea says. "I heard a rumor that you actually host these shows as part of your community service, and that Chef is your parole officer."

Chris' eyebrows raise up. He looks up to see the other contestants joining them. He says, "Oh, great. I'm so happy to see all of you. Let's get this challenge underway."

"You?" Reeve asks. "Happy to see us?" Reeve glances at Lea, and gives Chris a compassionate look.

Chris says, "Okay, look over there." Everyone looks over at a cage fighting ring.

Reeve excitedly says, "Yes!"

Chris says, "That's right. This challenge is based upon Reeve."

Reeve looks at an intern bringing a miniature table into the cage. Reeve looks confused. He asks, "What's going on, Chris?" Chris laughs maniacally. Reeve says, "Oh no. This is one of those fear challenges."

"That's right," Chris says. Several interns decorate the inside of the cage fighting ring with pink drapery and stuffed unicorns. "This challenge is based on of your love... I mean, 'fear' of girlie things." Reeve folds his arms and grunts. "You will all be having a tea party. You will be judged by our extinguished experts."

"I think you mean distinguished," Celia corrects.

Chris shrugs. He explains, "Whoever does the challenge properly, as in drinking your tea properly, and acting most ladylike and polite, will win invincibility."

Reeve's face is bright red. He says, "I'm not doing this."

Celia says, "Come on, Reeve. You need to face this head on."

"Besides," Wade says. "You are the only person I know who can do stuff like this and still be completely B.A."

Chris says, "Okay." He hands a box to the contestants. "Here are your costumes." Lea takes a boa out of the box and wraps it around her shoulders.

Reeve looks down in the box with a worried look. The others wrap boas around their shoulders. Reeve smirks and says, "Ah, well. There aren't any boas left in the box for me."

Chris says, "Oh, yeah." Chris reaches into his back pocket and places a plastic tiara with pink feathers on it on Reeve's head. Reeve's face is bright red. Chris says, "Now go on in there. Your challenge begins now."

The contestants walk into the cage fighting ring. The interns return with notepads and pencils. "These are the distinguished experts?" Lea asks.

Chris says, "It is unladylike to ask such questions." The interns write something down in their notebooks.

The contestants sit down at the table. Eduardo sits with his legs crossed. Wade gives him a glance, and Eduardo quickly sits with his legs apart. Wade nods. Wade says, "So let's see." He looks around. "Ah. A teapot! Let me get that for everyone." Wade walks over and picks up a tray of tea supplies. He brings it to the tiny table. Chris looks on and gives a disapproving shake of the head.

"Thank you, kind sir," Reeve says through his teeth. Wade pours tea for everyone, including a teddy bear that is sitting at the table. The contestants pick up their teacups and Reeve is the only one to extend his pinkie finger. He puts down his tea cup and delicately dabs the edges of his mouth with a napkin. He says, "This tea is divine." Celia belches. She immediately looks embarrassed.

Chris says, "Alright, I think this challenge is over." He shoos the experts away. "Reeve is the clear winner."

"I-I am?" Reeve says in disbelief. Chris nods. Celia hugs Reeve. Wade pats him on the back.

Wade says, "You rocked this tea party, dude."

"Is it wrong that I feel a tear coming on?" Reeve asks.

Chris says, "Umkay. Reeve has invincibility. I'll be back later for your elimination ceremony." Chris walks away.

"I'm still shocked that I won," Reeve says.

Eduardo smiles and says, "You deserve it, you did great."

Celia and Lea walk off. Reeve looks at them, and then back at Eduardo. "I'm shocked that I won against you, man."

"Well," Eduardo says. "I can't win them all."

"I guess," Reeve says. "I was just thinking... Never mind."

"What is it, Reeve?" Wade asks.

Reeve says, "I just felt that you didn't give that challenge your all."

"I just wasn't feeling it, I guess," Eduardo admits.

Reeve nods. He says, "I'll be back, later." He walks off.

Reeve says in confessional, "I thought winning a challenge by myself would be a great feeling. I just feel like I was handed this one. It doesn't feel great, at all."

Wade is shown talking with Eduardo. "Awesome throwing of the challenge, man. I was really convinced."

"Thanks," Eduardo says with a blush.

"You're not really used to compliments, huh?" Wade asks. "Me neither."

Eduardo says, "I better go talk to the others so they keep me around."

"Oh, don't worry about that," Wade says. "I'll handle it for you."

"Oh," Eduardo says. "Uh, thanks."

Wade smiles and says, "No problem."

Eduardo looks Wade straight in the eye. Wade looks down at the ground. Eduardo says, "You must take me for an idiot."

"What was that?" Wade says, looking up at Eduardo.

Eduardo looks down at the ground. Eduardo says, "I can't believe you convinced me to throw the challenge. Your plan was to vote me out all along."

"No," Wade insists. "It's not like that."

Eduardo sighs. He says, "I'm sorry I didn't realize that you were manipulating me, earlier. Thanks a lot, Wade." Eduardo walks off. Wade looks after Eduardo, and then down at the ground.

Wade is shown in confessional. He says, "I feel like crap, right now. I never feel this way in my video games. NPC's don't have feelings." Wade sighs.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Let's get this thing over with. Reeve, you won the girlie challenge, earning your safeness." Chris tosses him a marshmallow. "Celia, you're safe, too." Celia catches her marshmallow. Chris eyes the remaining contestants. He says, "Wade, you're safe." Wade looks a little surprised as he catches his marshmallow. Chris says, "Alright. Lea and Eduardo are the bottom two. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Eduardo." Eduardo's eyes are wide as he catches his marshmallow.

"I'm shocked," Eduardo states.

"I'm sorry," Wade says quietly.

Lea says, "What are you sorry for? I was the one voted out."

"Oh, right," Wade says.

Lea sighs and says, "I was so close to winning."

Reeve laughs and says, "Right. Like you ever had a chance to win this."

Lea gives Reeve the evil eye. "I'll remember that," Lea says. She stands and leaps toward the 'Boat of Losers'.

Lea says on the boat, "Oh, well. I made it far, and Stefan-baby, I'm coming to see you!" Lea smiles. "I can't wait to see that little hottie, again." Lea giggles.

Chris says, "Our final four is official. Who will be out next? Who will be in the elusive final three? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Wilderness!" Chris walks off.

Eduardo asks, "Why did you keep me? You had the chance to get rid of me."

Reeve says, "I knew you weren't trying your hardest at the challenge. When I beat you in a challenge, it will because I rocked the challenge harder than you, at your best. Not because you didn't try."

Eduardo says, "Wade talked with you?"

"About what?" Reeve asks with a confused expression.

Eduardo, Celia, and Reeve look at Wade. He says, "Uh..."

Chapter 19 - A Brisket a BasketEdit

Chris Mclean states, "I am Chris Mclean." Chris smiles, and coughs violently. He says, "Ahem. Last time, our contestants were faced with a cage match tea party. Wade convinced the challenge dominant Eduardo to throw the challenge, by telling him that he wouldn't deserve a spot in the finals if he didn't make it through a vote without invincibility. After losing the challenge to Reeve, Eduardo figured out what Wade did, and he was not too happy. In the end, Reeve realized that Eduardo wasn't trying at the challenge, and he and Celia voted out Lea. Reeve wanted to defeat Eduardo at a challenge where he was really trying. After Lea was eliminated, it was revealed that Wade was involved in Eduardo's loss. What happened when this was revealed? Let's look in, shall we?"

Reeve asks, "Wade, what is this all about?"

Wade narrows his eyes and says, "Um."

Eduardo begins, "Wade..."

"I'll tell them," Wade says. He holds his head down. "I convinced Eduardo to throw the challenge."

"What?!" Reeve exclaims.

"I'm sorry," Wade says quietly. "I did it so he wouldn't break the three of us apart."

Reeve puts his hand on his head. He says, "I can't believe you would do something like that. I want to win a challenge fair and square."

"Dude," Wade says as he looks up at Reeve. "Strategy is part of the game."

"Yeah, well you're still dealing with other people here," Reeve replies. "I don't see why Eduardo deserves to win any less than you, me, or Celia."

"I, uh," Wade says. Wade pauses. "Why are you so upset over this? Who is Eduardo to you?"

Reeve looks angry. "Someone who plays this game honorably," he explains.

"I'm tired of feeling like I'm doing something wrong when I'm just playing the game," Wade says.

"And what does what you feel tell you?" Reeve asks as he glares at Wade.

Wade puts his palm to his forehead. "I don't want to argue about this," Wade states. He begins to walk away, but Reeve grabs him by the arm.

"You're not leaving that easily," Reeve states.

Celia gently puts her hand on Reeve's shoulder. She quietly says, "Reeve." Reeve sighs and lets go of Wade. Wade walks off. Celia says, "Reeve, don't be angry with Wade. He's been a great friend to us all this time."

Reeve looks down at the ground. He says, "I want to be alone right now." Reeve walks off.

Reeve is shown in the confessional. He says, "I've been screwed over in the past, plenty of times. I gave Wade lots of chances to stop messing with people's chances here. I thought he was learning how his actions were hurting people, but... It just hurts that he feels like he did nothing wrong."

Wade says in confessional, "I don't know what the big deal is. Reeve should be happy that I was trying to keep us in the game. It was nothing personal against Eddy... Eduardo."

Eduardo is shown sitting by Celia. He is holding his head down. He says quietly, "I... I'm sorry I wasn't voted out."

Celia widens her eyes. She says, "Don't feel that way, Eduardo. You deserve to be here."

"Yeah," Eduardo replies. "I don't want the guys to fight, and I'm the reason they are."

Celia assures, "It's not your fault, Eduardo."

Eduardo mutters, "Everything is always my fault."

"What was that?" Celia asks.

Eduardo stands up abruptly. He says, "Nothing." Eduardo walks off.

Eduardo says in confessional, "I don't know what to do. I want to be here, but I don't want Wade and Reeve to be mad at each other. I suppose I should do something."

"What is up with these guys?" Celia asks in confessional. "They say girls are dramatic." Celia rolls her eyes. "I haven't seen so many dramatic walk offs in a row in my life."

Eduardo and Reeve are sitting in their room. Eduardo says, "Reeve... Can't you try to forgive Wade?"

"No," Reeve says gruffly. "That skinny, little, sneaky weasel is going down."

"Look, Reeve," Eduardo says. "If anyone should be mad with Wade, it should be me, not you. But I've kind of forgiven him."

"Kind of?" Reeve asks.

"Well," Eduardo explains, "I didn't actually forgive him verbally." Reeve raises an eyebrow. "But that's not the point. You're friends. You don't want to ruin what you have."

Reeve narrows his eyes and says, "Right. A scumbag who only cares about himself, his precious strategy, and my girlfriend. That's a great friendship, right there."

Eduardo looks confused. He says, "Um... Anyway... Why don't you try to remember why the two of you even became friends?"

Reeve thinks for a moment. He says, "I don't remember."

"You have to remember," Eduardo says.

"Why?" Reeve asks. "This has little to do with you."

"I hate seeing the two of you mad at each other," Eduardo says. "I just want you to be able to work things out."

Reeve says, "That's..." Reeve holds his head down. "You're a good guy, Eduardo."

Eduardo blushes. He says, "Not really. So will you..."

Wade walks into the room. Reeve says, "Ech. What is he doing here?" Reeve turns around.

Wade says, "I live here. Or do you think that's part of my strategy, too?"

Reeve glares at Wade, and turns around, again. He says, "Don't talk to me."

"You talked to me first," Wade reminds.

Eduardo sighs. He says, "Can you two try to act like civilized adults?"

"Civilization comes with war," Reeve states.

Eduardo sighs, again. He says, "I'm going to sleep. And I don't want to hear your cat fighting." He turns around in his bed. Reeve and Wade glare at each other, and then get into their respective beds.

In the morning, Reeve and Celia are sitting together. Celia asks, "How are your feet doing?"

Reeve sighs, "They hurt. Bad. But don't tell the others. I don't want to show any sign of weakness." He narrows his eyes dramatically.

Celia looks at Reeve's bloody bandage and says, "Yeah. It's not a dead giveaway."

Reeve sighs and looks at the ground. He says, "Can I talk to you about Wade?"

"It depends," Celia says. "How bad are you going to badmouth him?"

Reeve shakes his head. He says, "I feel pretty sick being mad at him. He's always been supportive of me."

"So why don't you apologize?" Celia asks. Reeve cringes. "You're foot hurts, again?"

Reeve says, "No. It's just the thought of apologizing to that twerp. He should apologize to me."

"Reeve," Celia states. "If it means ending this little feud, don't you think it's worth it?"

Wade walks up. He says, "Oh. You're here." Reeve scowls at Wade. "I was hoping to talk to Celia alone."

"Well, she doesn't want to talk to you," Reeve states.

"Don't talk for me," Celia says to Reeve. She turns to Wade and asks, "What do you want to talk about?" Wade glances at Reeve. Reeve stands up and stomps off, wincing every time he takes a step.

Wade says to Celia, glancing over his shoulder to make sure Reeve is gone, "I was wrong." He holds his head down. "I shouldn't have manipulated Eduardo. He's an awesome kid, and he didn't deserve it."

Celia says, "So, why don't you tell him?"

"I did earlier," Wade says. "We hugged it out, and everything."

"So?" Celia asks. "What about Reeve?"

Wade looks down at the ground. "I want to apologize," he says. "But I can't." He lets out a sigh. "I never thought of myself as being too proud, but... its a pride thing. Eduardo wasn't that mad at me. With Reeve, I feel like he has to apologize to me, first."

Celia smiles. She says, "Go apologize, Wade. Reeve already told me that he wanted to apologize to you."

"He did?" Wade asks. Celia nods. "I guess we're both too proud, huh?"

Celia smiles. "Enough with the mushy stuff, its time for the next challenge." Celia and Wade look behind them to see Chris standing there.

"How long have you been standing there?" Celia asks.

Chris shrugs. He says, "A couple minutes. Anyway, let's go over by the others." Chris leads them to Eduardo and Reeve. Wade smiles at Reeve. Reeve scowls. Chris explains as he points to a basketball hoop, "This is a basketball related challenge, inspired by Anders."

"Was that that tall kid that was all foreign?" Reeve asks. Chris nods. "He plays basketball?"

"Dude," Wade says with a smile. "He's like thirty feet tall."

Reeve glares at Wade. He says, "He was not. And don't contradict me."

"Contradict?" Wade says quietly.

Chris frowns. He says, "Yes. I'm here about the challenge. Remember me? Chris Mclean? Anyway, each of you will be paired up for a one on one match. Whoever scores a point first moves on to the second round, where they will face the winner of the other match. We'll start with Celia and Eduardo." Celia gulps. Reeve and Wade glare at each other.

Celia and Eduardo walk in front of the hoop. Celia says, "Go easy on me." Chris walks in between them, holding a brisket.

"What's that for?" Eduardo asks.

Chris explains, "We couldn't fit a basketball into the budget for the show, so this meat product will serve as your ball thingy."

"Wait," Wade says. "You couldn't fit a basketball into the budget? I don't understand."

Chris looks down at a solid gold chain around his neck. He blushes and tucks it under his shirt. "Okay," Chris says. "Lets get this showdown started." Chris tosses the brisket in the air. Eduardo leaps up in the air and grabs the brisket midair. Celia ducks and covers her head. When Eduardo lands on the ground, Chris, and Celia fall to the ground. Eduardo runs up to the hoop and easily tosses the brisket into the hoop.

Chris says, "Okay, Eduardo wins. Next up is Wade and Reeve's match up." The guys glare at each other, and make their way in front of the basket.

Wade extends his hand toward Reeve. He says, "Look. I know we're not on great terms right now, but I hope we can do our best."

Reeve stares at Wade's hand. He says, "I don't need your strategy handshake." Wade looks at Reeve with a confused expression.

Chris tosses the brisket in the air. Wade jumps up and catches the brisket. He attempts to shoot it at the hoop, but it's stolen by Reeve. Reeve throws the brisket at the hoop, sinking the shot. Chris says, "And Reeve wins the match. I'm not surprised." Wade sighs. Chris picks the brisket up off of the ground. He says, "So it's between Reeve and Eduardo."

Reeve gives out a nervous sigh. He says to Eduardo, "Give this your all. I want to be able to enjoy it when I whoop you."

Eduardo smirks. He says, "Okay." Chris steps between them and tosses the brisket skyward. Both guys leap up. Reeve catches the brisket, and lands hard on the ground. His face shows his pain, but he turns around to shoot the brisket at the hoop. Eduardo quickly gets in front of Reeve, and jumps in front of his shot. He catches the brisket, and turns toward the hoop. Reeve runs in front of Eduardo and steals the ball before he can even shoot it, and runs to the side. Reeve acts like he's going to throw the brisket. Eduardo leaps in order to block the shot, but lands back on the ground. Reeve smirks and tosses the brisket at the hoop. The brisket falls into the hoop.

Chris says, "And with that, Eduardo... loses... invincibility." Reeve looks at the hoop in disbelief. He gives a reluctant smile. "Reeve wins invincibility," Chris announces.

Celia runs to hug Reeve. Eduardo pats him on the back. Eduardo says, "Nice job, man."

"Thanks," Reeve says with a smile.

Wade walks up to Reeve. He says, "Congrats, man. I know how much you wanted a win. You deserved this."

Reeve looks down at the ground. He says, "Thanks."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Great job, Reeve. You get invincibility for the second time in a row." Chris throws him a marshmallow. Reeve catches it, blushing. "Celia, you're safe." Celia catches her marshmallow. Reeve takes hold of her hand, accidentally crushing the marshmallow in his hand. He tries to act cool. Chris says, "The final marshmallow goes to either Wade or Eduardo." The two guys look at each other. Chris says, "The final marshmallow is for..."

"Wade." Wade catches the marshmallow with his eyes wide.

Eduardo stands up. He says, "My time has come to an end, here." He turns to his competitors and says, "It's been pretty awesome to compete with the three of you." He turns to Reeve and says, "You're a monster, dude. Sure, I won challenges, but you did it with two injuries. I don't think I could ever do something like that. You're something else." Eduardo hugs Reeve. Eduardo turns to Wade and says, "And you. You're a smart kid."

"You're smart, too," Wade states.

Eduardo blushes and says, "Thanks." He turns to Celia. He rubs his chin and says. "Um... Bye, Celia. Take care of Reeve. I know if anyone can keep an eye on him, it's you." Celia laughs and nods. Eduardo says, "Alright, everyone. See you all, soon." Eduardo walks off to the 'Boat of Losers'. It looks weighed down when he steps aboard.

Eduardo looks back, once on the boat. He says, "That was an experience for me. I never thought I'd do so well with the challenges, but the social side was more of a challenge for me. Opening up has been so impossible for me, until this competition. It does some strange things to people." Eduardo smiles. He says, "I'll be really happy with whoever wins."

Chris is shown at the campfire ceremony site. He says, "And there goes another one. Who will be out next on Total... Drama... Wilderness?" Chris walks off.

Wade stands up. He says, "Well, I know you don't want to see me, Reeve. So I'll..."

Reeve stands up and hugs Wade close to him. He says, "I don't want to be mad at you, anymore. I'm sorry for being so upset with you."

"No," Wade says quietly. "I'm sorry about what happened last time." Wade sits down on a stump. He sighs. He says, "Reeve... I didn't get Eduardo to throw the challenge solely for strategy purposes." He holds his head down. "I knew what winning a challenge would mean to you. I wanted to see your face when you won one. You're the best friend I ever had, and I had to screw it up."

"You did that for me?" Reeve says with wide eyes. Wade nods. Reeve says, "That was so stupid."

"I know," Wade says. "I realize that it meant nothing to you, if you didn't really earn it. I felt so guilty, but I couldn't apologize. I'm sorry for all of that."

Reeve says, "Thank you, Wade. I am glad you learned your lesson."

"Yeah," Wade says. "I'll only use non-traumatizing strategy from now on."

Celia lets out a big sigh of relief. She says, "I'm so glad the two of you are getting along, again. It was horrible seeing you not get along."

"It happens," Reeve says. "But, yeah. I'm glad we worked things out, too."

Celia smiles. She says, "I couldn't imagine two people I'd want to be in the final three with more." Reeve smile and hugs Celia. Wade approaches the hug with his arm stretched, and Reeve reaches out and pushes him down. Reeve kisses Celia.

Wade says, "Oh. It's one of those hugs."

Chapter 20 - Mash PointEdit

Chris Mclean states, "Welcome to today's episode of Total... Drama... Wilderness! Last time, if you'll remember, Wade and Reeve had a bit of a tiff over Wade's constant strategizing. At the basketball challenge, Reeve legitimately defeated Eduardo. Eduardo was voted out on good terms with his competitors. Who will win the challenge, this time? Who will be the final two of Total Drama Wilderness? Find out, now!"

Reeve is shown looking after Eduardo as he leaves on the 'Boat of Losers'. He says, "I'm gonna miss that guy."

Wade says, "Guys, I'm so thrilled that you kept me around."

"Of course, we would keep you, Wade," Celia replies. "You're our friend."

Reeve crosses his arms and looks to the side. He says, "Right."

Wade says, "You still hate me? I thought we made up?"

Reeve shakes his head. He explains, "It's not that, Wade. Honestly? I considered voting you out, last time, but..." He holds his head down. "We had a deal, remember?"

Wade looks confused, "Uh. Care to enlighten me?"

"You made me promise not to vote you out, if you kept my girliness a secret," Reeve explains.

"Oh, that," Wade says. "Thanks, man. You really keep your word, huh?"

Reeve rolls his eyes and says, "What do you think I've been talking about the last few minutes?"

Wade laughs. He says, "But dude, you don't have to worry about that deal. Your girliness was revealed ages ago."

"Yeah," Reeve says. He looks to the side.

Reeve says in confessional, "Wade kept his end of the deal, even though my love for all things pink and glittery came out. Of course I'm going to uphold my end of the deal. What would that make me if I didn't? I'll tell ya. It would make me a liar, and a cop out." Reeve nods.

The final three are shown in the guys' cabin. Celia asks, "Can you believe we're in the final three already?"

"Can you believe we're in the final three, together?" Wade replies.

Celia says, "Yeah. Usually friends don't make it too far together in these games. I'm really glad we did, though."

Wade pats Reeve on the back. Wade says, "I am, too, guys. What about you, Reevie?"

Reeve's face is red. He says, "Yeah. It's fine."

"It's fine?" Wade repeats in confessional.

Reeve is shown in confessional. He looks down. He says, "I couldn't say what I wanted to say. I wanted to say that I love these two, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. It's not easy for me to say stuff like that."

Celia is shown hugging Reeve in his room. She says, "I better get going, guys. It's a big day, tomorrow." Celia leaves.

Reeve smiles, looking after her. Wade sighs and says, "You two are so made for each other."

"Don't say anything so sappy, son," Reeve says with a scowl.

Wade begins laughing loudly. He says, "Dude. You're hilarious." Reeve glares at Wade. Wade explains, "When Celia is around, you're in puppy dog mode. Every other time, you're like, what? Junkyard bulldog mode?"

Reeve laughs. He says, "Okay, yeah. I know what you're saying. Celia is just... Something else, ya know?"

Wade blushes. He says, "Yeah. I know."

Reeve sighs. He says, "We better get to bed. 'Night, man."

"Goodnight," Wade says. He heads toward his bed.

Reeve says from his bed, "And don't go near my girl." Wade laughs and nods.

The next day, Celia and Reeve are sitting by the water with their feet dipped in the water. Celia puts her arm around Reeve. Reeve turns to her and smiles. He says, "I'm so glad I agreed to be on this show. I almost didn't, but if I hadn't, I would have never met you."

Celia kisses Reeve on the cheek. She says, "Thanks, Reeve. I'm glad I met you, too."

Reeve asks, "Can I ask you something?"

Celia says, "Sure. Whatever you want to."

Reeve asks, "Why did you pick me over Wade? I'm not the best person, in the world. Wade's a good guy, and all."

Celia smiles and says, "I could see that you're a sweetheart, Reeve. You don't pretend to be a nice guy, but your true nature is obvious." Reeve blushes. "Wade is a nice guy, but you're the one I fell for. I couldn't lead him on, when I already knew you were the guy for me."

Reeve smiles. He says, "I love you, so much." The two begin kissing. Reeve's eye widens, and he looks back. He sees Chris watching them, sitting in a lounging chair eating a bucket of popcorn. Reeve and Celia stop kissing. Reeve shouts, "What are you doing, you perv?"

Chris says, "I didn't want to interrupt."

"Time for the challenge, right?" Celia asks. Chris nods. They get up and follow Chris to the challenge site.

Chris explains, "This challenge is based on..."

Wade interrupts Chris, "If you don't mind. I've been keeping track on who was left for the challenges, and we're down to three, Eduardo, Stefan, and Wayne. Now, I'm assuming that either Eduardo or Stefan's challenge will be done today, and that for the final challenge, the last two will be incorporated, or not done at all." Wade smiles.

Chris winces. He says, "Dude, we're doing all three, today." Wade's eyes widen. Chris nods. He says, "That's right, today's challenge will be a skiing, poetry reading, bodybuilding contest." The contestants look at Chris with wide eyes.

"You're joking," Reeve states. Chris shakes his head. He hands them their bodybuilding costumes, skis, and poetry books.

The contestants return in their outfits, Speedos on Wade and Reeve, and a bikini on Celia. Reeve states, "I feel like a piece of meat."

Chris laughs. He says, "I love humiliation. Okay, so you will all race on these all-terrain skis, while flexing, and reading poetry. Whoever finishes the track first gets a point, and whoever reads the poetry best wins a point. Also, who ever is the most muscular, and flexes best wins a point." Wade and Celia look at Reeve. He blushes. The contestants get in position to start, and Chris shouts, "Go!"

Wade and Celia quickly look through their poetry books to find something to recite. Reeve looks at them with a confused expression. He begins racing off toward the finish line.

Reeve says in confessional, "There was no point in me reading the poetry. I would win the flexing portion of the challenge, I'm assuming... No offense. So the point that really mattered was winning the race."

Reeve flexes his muscles while skiing toward the finish line. Wade and Celia ski toward the finish line, as well, though a good distance behind Reeve. Wade recites, "I shan't believe I'll ever espy a sight as beautiful as a pizza pie."

Celia recites, "There once was a fella from Poughkeepsie..."

Reeve crosses the finish line first. Chris sighs. He says, "Okay, Reeve wins two points, you guys can stop trying."

Wade says, "Never! There's more to finishing a challenge then just winning, I want to be able to tell my grandkids..." Wade falls and rolls into an area full of sharp rocks.

Reeve removes the skis from his own feet, and rubs his aching feet. Celia and Wade surround him. Celia hugs Reeve. He says, "It's a good thing you both gave me a head start. I don't think I would have won the race if you didn't."

"It was smart of you to not bother with the poetry reading, Reeve," Celia states. "I'm proud of you."

Wade states, "Yeah, man. Who would have thought you'd be capable of strategy? It brings a tear to my eye."

Reeve frowns and says, "Shut it. It wasn't strategy. It was common sense." Wade laughs and hugs Reeve.

Chris says, "Wow. You three sure get along really well, considering that one of you is about to be voted out by Reeve." Reeve gets wide eyed. "Oh? You weren't considering that? Oh, well. Congrats, Reeve. You earned yourself a spot in the final two. It will be your decision as to who to bring with you to the finals. See you at the campfire ceremony." Chris skis off.

Reeve's face looks grim. Celia smiles at him. She says, "Reeve, you did great, today."

"Thanks," he says quietly.

Celia says, "I'm going to change." Celia walks off.

"Good idea," Wade says, covering himself with his hands. Wade walks toward his cabin. Reeve sits down on the ground and puts his head in his hands.

Reeve is shown in confessional. He states, "I promised Wade I would never vote for him, but that leaves Celia." Reeve holds his head down. "What am I going to do?"

After changing, Wade asks Reeve. "Dude, what's bothering you? You're in the final two." Reeve looks down at their cabin floor. Wade says, "This is about the promise you made me? Reeve, don't worry about it. I completely understand if you want to vote for me." Reeve walks out of their cabin. Wade looks after him and sighs.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Alright final three, Reeve has invincibility, so it's his decision as to who he will bring to the finals with him." Chris tosses Reeve a marshmallow. "Reeve, go ahead and tell the others who you're going to eliminate." Chris hands Reeve another marshmallow.

Reeve stands in front of Wade and Celia. He holds his head down. He says, "Wade, you've been a good friend to me, but Celia is the woman I love. If I had to choose, I'd vote for Wade, but I can't, because of a deal I made earlier in the competition."

Wade says, "Reeve, I told you not to worry about that."

"Are you sure?" Reeve asks.

Wade hesitates. He says, "Yes, I'm sure."

Reeve sighs. He says, "Wade, I don't think I can overlook it without feeling guilty. I'm a man of my word, and I said I would never vote for you." Reeve gives a heavy sigh. He says, "This decision is so difficult. But..."

"Wade, I have to honor our deal." Celia looks down, but then looks at Reeve and smiles. "I have decided to eliminate myself." Reeve gets tearful. He says, "I can't vote out Celia. I just can't."

"Reeve!" Celia states. "I don't want you to do that."

Reeve says, "I have to. I don't have any other choice." He looks down at the ground.

Wade puts his hands on his head. He says, "Reeve, this is a huge mistake. Vote me out, man."

Reeve shakes his head. "I can't," he says.

Chris says, "Wow."

"This has to be against the rules," Celia says.

Chris says, "No. A contestant can vote themselves out, and since Reeve has the only vote this time, he's free to do what he wants with the vote."

"He has invincibility, though," Wade states.

Chris narrows his eyes and says, "Yeah, well, it's only a word. It's really just a formality. If someone wants to vote for themselves, it kind of voids invincibility. It's like rock to scissors."

Celia hugs Reeve tight. Celia cries. She says, "Reeve, I don't want you to leave this way."

Reeve smiles. He says, "This is the way I want my time here to end. I'm so glad to have met both you, and Wade."

Wade says, "You're a big man, Reeve."

Reeve chuckles. He says, "I'll be rooting for both of you." Reeve kisses Celia. He says, "But some a little more than others."

Reeve puts his hand on Wade's shoulder. He says, "I'll see you, man."

"Bye, Reeve," Wade says. He hugs Reeve. Reeve lets go of Wade, grabs his belongings, waves at the other contestants, and heads toward the 'Boat of Losers'.

On the boat, Reeve states, "I don't know if anyone will understand my decision, but it was the right thing for me to do." Reeve sighs. "Why did I have to get so attached to those two?" Reeve slaps himself across the face. He says, "I'm proud of myself for making a decision like that. Those two matter to me more than I matter to myself." He smiles. "I made the right decision."

Chris says, "Okay, so we're down to the final two. Who will win the entire competition? Find out next time, on the exciting finale of Total... Drama... Wilderness..."

Chapter 21 - Dear GenreEdit

"Welcome to the grand finale of Total... Drama... Wilderness!" Chris Mclean announces. "It's been a long journey, with many heart touching moments." A montage is shown of Wayne vomiting on Tamira, Reeve getting shot in the crotch with a paintball, and Nolan being chased by a swarm of hornets. "But it's time to see this competition come to a close. Last time, Reeve won the challenge, and invincibility. This put him in a difficult situation. He had to either vote out the girl he loves, Celia, or the guy he promised never to vote out, Wade. In the end, he chose to vote himself out, as opposed to making that difficult decision. So that leaves us with Celia, the single mother who apparently is into tough guys that are femmies at heart, and Wade, the awkward, randomly strategic, tattooed wonder. Who will win Total Drama Wilderness? It's all going down, right now, ya'll. Ha ha!"

Celia wipes her eyes on her arm. She says, "I can't believe anyone would do something like that."

"Reeve is a special sort of guy," Wade admits.

"He is," Celia agrees.

"So we're the final two," Wade points out.

"Yeah," Celia says. "It's really almost over."

Wade nods. "All the former contestants are going to be returning," he says. "I wonder what that will be like." He looks down at the ground.

"So you made some decisions that hurt some people's feelings," Celia says. "It brought you here, didn't it?"

Wade says, "Yeah. But you got here, too. And without the trickery."

Celia smiles. She says, "Come on, Wade. You were the best player this season. Don't be so hard on yourself."

"Thanks," Wade says with a slight smile.

"We better get to bed," Celia says. "Tomorrow is the big day." Wade nods. They get up and go to their respective cabins.

Early in the morning, Chris shouts through his megaphone, "Its time for your challenge! This is no time to sleep in!" Wade and Celia groggily meet Chris outside. He smiles and asks, "How are you two doing, this morning?"

"I'm alright," Wade states.

Chris frowns and says, "That was a rhetorical question."

Wade looks confused and says, "How is that..."

"Shush, shush, shush," Chris says quickly. "As you two may now know, you are the final two."

"Um, yeah," Celia says.

Chris nods. He says, "Yeah. I'll let it set in, for you." He stands in silence for a few moments. Wade and Celia look at each other with confused expressions. Chris says, "For your final challenge, there will be two different challenges for each of you. The challenge you do will be determined by how many former contestants choose to support you. Alright. It's now time for the parade of losers to state who they'll be supporting. Let's start out with Missy's sister."

"Her name is Holly," Celia reminds.

"Yeah," Chris says, "no one cares." Holly arrives. Chris states, "Oh, we were just talking about you."

"All good, I hope," Holly says. "Anyway, I have to support Celia." Holly blushes. "Even though I did have a secret crush on Wade."

Wade's eyes widen. He says, "What now?"

Chris says, "Next up is Toby."

Toby walks over. He says, "Hey, guys. Congrats on being the final two." He steps behind Wade and explains, "I have to support Wade. Skinny dudes, FTW."

"Enough with your ancient druid speak," Chris says. Toby looks at Chris with a confused look. "Shaila's turn."

Shaila walks up to the group. She says, "I honestly didn't get to know either of you that well, but I'm sure most people would assume that I'd support Celia." Celia smiles. "So I'm going to support Wade." Shaila steps next to Toby.

Anders walks up and pokes Chris in the face with his index finger. Chris looks annoyed. He says, "You didn't wait for your cue."

Anders holds up his thumbs and says, "I want the Wade to be the loser." He stands among Wade's supporters.

"Are you sure he..." Celia begins.

Chris explains, "I don't want to bother. Moving on. Yesenia."

Yesenia walks up and says, "I thought about supporting Wade, but..." She looks at him. She then starts laughing. She stands by Holly.

Chris nods and says, "I understand, completely." Wade frowns. "Tamira, please."

Tamira arrives. She explains, "I don't really care who wins, as long as I can stand by my little Toby-poo."

"Aw, babe," Toby says while blushing. Tamira stands by Toby in Wade's support section and kisses him on the cheek.

Celia's eyes widen. She says, "Tamira and Toby? I did not see that coming."

Chris nods. He says, "You never know when true love will walk up to you and take a bite out of your arm." Chris gets several confused looks. "Next up is Daniel." Daniel silently walks up and stands in Celia's support section. "A man of few words, I see," Chris says. "And next we have Hedda."

Hedda arrives and says with a smile, "I have chosen to support Celia. Your style, and romance with Reeve has been the talk of the loser resort. I have to support the biggest story."

Wade smiles and asks, "What have people been saying about me?"

Hedda narrows her eyes at him and asks, "Who are you?" Wade sighs.

Chris laughs, and wipes a tear from his eye. He says, "This is good." Wade frowns some more. Chris says, "Next, we have Stefan." Stefan walks up and glares at Wade. He stands in Celia's section. "Chris says, "Okay. Next is Francesca." Francesca steps into Celia's section. Anders smiles widely and waves at Francesca. She shrugs. Chris nods and says, "Okay, next is Kristy."

Kristy joins the group and says, "It is a pretty tough decision, but I have to support Celia." She joins her support section.

Nolan runs at full speed and tackles Wade to the ground. He shouts, "You got this, man! You got this!" He gets up and stands in Wade's section. Wade stands up and brushes himself off.

Chris says, "Wayne is up, next."

Wayne joins the group. He says, "Uh, I decided to support Wade. Sorry I was a jerk, before."

Wade shrugs and says, "It is perfectly okay, man." Wayne nods and smiles. He stands in Wade's section.

"Okay, the moment everyone has been waiting for," Chris states. "Joanna."

Joanna walks up and says, "I don't appreciate your sarcasm. I'll get plenty of that once my kids are teenagers." She looks back and forth at Wade and Celia. She shrugs, and goes to Celia's support section.

"Brad's turn," Chris states. Kristy swoons. Brad walks up, blushing. He quietly stands next to Kristy in Celia's support section, at a respectful distance. Chris says, "Next is Lea."

Lea leaps toward everyone, and sings, "I have decided to support Celia!" Stefan swoons. Lea stands by Stefan with her arms around him.

"Okay, so it's time for Eduardo to make his choice," Chris says. He quickly puts on a metal gauntlet.

Eduardo walks up to Chris and shakes his gauntlet clad hand. Eduardo says, "I'm going to support Wade to win." He walks behind Wade, and places his hands on his shoulders.

Chris states, "Lastly, we have Reeve." Reeve joins the group. He smiles at Celia, walks up to her, and hugs her. Chris says sarcastically, "So you're supporting Wade, then?"

Reeve turns and glares at Chris. He says, "Rawr!"

"Now that everyone has made their choice," Chris says, "It's obvious that Celia has far more supporters than Wade does." Wade frowns. "Now this entire season, the challenges were based on you, people. I'm entirely sick of it. Why can't we have some interesting challenges at some point? That's why this will be the best challenges, ever. These ones are based on me." Chris smiles. He says, "Not only are they based on me, it's based on my prestigious film career." Several chuckles are heard. Chris smirks. He says, "I wouldn't be laughing if I were all of you. You'll all have a role in this challenge, as well." He points to two large trunks. "Your costumes are in there." Chris walks over to one of the trunks. He opens it and tosses a ragged shirt and pants to Reeve. Chris states, "All of Celia's supporters will be playing zombies. That's right. Wade will reenact that classic hit, 'Badminton: The Movie'." He tosses a sweatband and badminton racket to Wade. "All Wade has to do is get to the finish line." Chris points at it. Wade begins walking toward the finish line. Chris says, "After I give you permission to start." Wade walks back toward Chris. "Celia's supporters will be trying to prevent you from making it to the finish line. There's a lot of them, like zombies in real life."

"There's no such things as zombies," Francesca says as she rolls her eyes.

Chris scoffs, "Have you ever not seen one?" Francesca looks at him with a confused expression. "I thought so. That brings me to Celia's challenge. I'm sure all of you are quite familiar with my series of films involving a talking cat by the name of Guido." Chris gets twenty blanks stares. "If you'll recall, those classic cinematic treasures found me, Chris Mclean, solving complex mysteries with the aid of my feline sidekick. Celia's challenge will involve her having to solve a mystery, while Wade's supporters play the roles of townspeople, trying to prevent her from learning their town's horrible secret. Clues have been laid along a course, and some are there to mislead our heroine."

Celia admits, "This challenge seems a lot harder than what Wade has to do. Like, what do I even do?"

Chris sighs. He says, "I have to explain everything, don't I. You just have to solve the grand mystery of this obstacle course. There's a door at the end of your course. In order to get through it, you need to figure out how to." Celia continues to look confused. Chris says, "So with those challenges expertly explained, we can have the loser contestants get into their costumes." The former contestants grunt and walk to go get changed.

The contestants return, dressed as zombies, and townspeople. Eduardo slowly joins the contestants, wearing a giant cat costume. He receives a few points and laughs. Eduardo says, "I have to be the feline sidekick?"

Chris shrugs and says, "The only cat costume we had was in your size. You can still coyly mislead Celia, you just have to look cute doing it." Eduardo shrugs. Chris says, "The challenges can now begin."

Wade begins by running full speed toward the finish. Reeve runs at him and tackles him. Wade says, "Dude, you're a zombie. You aren't supposed to be fast."

"I'm a fast zombie," Reeve admits.

"And you're also quite eloquent for a zombie," Wade says.

"Um," Reeve says. "Brains?" The rest of Celia's supporters slowly approach Wade. He looks up with a worried expression.

Celia is shown doing her part of the challenge. She looks around with a confused expression. Eduardo says, "Maybe you should start talking to the townspeople. Maybe they'll tell you something about what they were instructed not to tell you."

"Aren't you not supposed to be helping me?" Celia asks.

Eduardo shrugs and explains, "What kind of talking feline sidekick would I be if I didn't help you?"

"Thanks," Celia says. She approaches Wayne. She says, "Hey, Wayne."

He says, "Look, I ain't gonna talk, see? I know how to get through the door, but I was instructed not to tell yous."

Celia nods. She says, "Alright. Thanks."

"I didn't do nothin' to thank, see?" Wayne says.

Eduardo glares at Wayne and says, "You're enjoying this way too much."

The other part of the challenge is shown. Wade nervously looks up at the approaching fake zombie horde, from underneath Reeve. Wade says, "Let me go, man. The zombies are coming."

"No way," Reeve states. "I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure Celia wins."

Wade sighs. He says, "I didn't want it to come to this." Wade begins tickling Reeve's underarms. Reeve begins laughing uncontrollably, and rolls off of Wade. Wade stands up and darts passed some of the former contestants. He is approached slowly by Daniel. Wade eyes his badminton racket. He holds his fist to his chest and dramatically states, "This isn't badminton... It's great-minton!" He swings the badminton racket at Daniel and hits him. He falls to the ground. Wade's eyes widen and he tiptoes away from Daniel, whistling.

Celia is shown talking with Anders. She says, "So, all I have to do to get through the door is move the handle?"

"Ja," Anders states. The caption reads, "Yes."

"Thanks, Anders," Celia says as she runs off. Eduardo follows after her.

Eduardo warns, "He sure was forthcoming with that information."

"Well, yeah," Celia says. "He didn't understand that he wasn't supposed to tell me."

"Could be," Eduardo says. "Or it could be a trap."

"You don't think he'd really be that cunning," Celia says. They look back at Anders, who has his finger in his ear.

Eduardo says, "You'd be surprised." Celia nervously approaches the door.

Wade walks toward the finish, not seeing any zombies in sight. "I lost them... Somehow." He begins running toward the finish line, and gets within ten yards when an arm reaches up from the ground and takes hold of his leg. Wade screams. Stefan emerges from the ground still holding onto Wade's leg, preventing him from moving. Wade says, "Oh, it's you." He gives a sigh of relief. "I thought you were a real zombie for a second." Wade thinks for a second. He says, "How did you get down there?" Stefan glares at Wade. "I guess politely asking you to let go of my leg isn't going to work?" Stefan grunts.

At the door, Celia looks at it wearily. She says, "What's the worst that could happen?"

"You opening the door the wrong way could release a devastating plague to mankind," Shaila says, walking up to Celia and Eduardo.

"No," Celia says. "It wouldn't be anything like that. Chris wouldn't do anything that drastic." Shaila raises an eyebrow. Celia looks to Eduardo and asks, "Chris wouldn't do anything that drastic, right?"

Eduardo shrugs. He says, "It is Chris we're talking about."

Celia looks resolute. She says, "I'm going to try to open the door." She reaches toward the handle, and nervously gulps.

Wade is shown, still in Stefan's grasp. He tries to get free, but fails. He laughs and says, "You certainly have quite the grip, buddy." Stefan grunts, again. "Please, let me go. I really am sorry about what I said to you earlier in the competition." Stefan doesn't let go. Wade looks up as the other Celia supporters slowly approach them. He gulps, and says, "Stefan, please let me go, I know you can't hate me so much that you would keep me from winning."

Stefan admits, "I don't hate you, I just want Celia to win."

"Doesn't everyone," Wade says quietly. Wade gulps as the other zombies get near to him.

Celia turns the door's handle, but nothing happens. It doesn't open. She sighs and says, "Anders was wrong."

"Or he purposely gave you the wrong information," Eduardo states. "He really isn't stupid." Eduardo holds up his paw and coolly looks at it.

Celia says, "What else can I do? There probably isn't any time to question anyone, and even then, they were instructed not to be helpful." She shrugs, "I guess I have to look at the door."

"Chris did mention that there were clues," Eduardo reminds.

"Yes, but he also said that some were fakes," Celia says.

Eduardo looks around. He says, "Hey, what's that." He walks off.

Celia says, "You know what they said about curiosity and cats."

He comes back and is holding a small handle with a small blade at the end. He says, "I think this is a clue."

"It just looks like a paper cutter to me," Celia admits.

Wade is shown, struggling to get free from Stefan. He looks around with a panicked expression. He says, "Let go, dude. I'm going to lose my chance at winning." Daniel approaches first, with his face having an impression from a badminton racket. He looks annoyed, and leaps on Wade. The other former contestants that chose to support Celia leap on him, as well. Wade shouts, "Noooooooooooo!" as he is buried in a sea of zombies, and has his arm outstretched.

On Celia's side of the challenge, she holds the paper cutter, and looks at the door. She rubs her chin with her free hand and says, "I think I get it. The door is a lie."

"What now?" Eduardo says.

Celia approaches the door and presses the paper cutter against it, she moves it along the door, and a thin sheet of paper falls from the middle of the prop door. "That was it," Celia says.

"Yeah, it was," Eduardo agrees. "You better get through that door and win."

"Right," Celia says. "Thanks, Eduardo." He nods.

Celia runs through the door and crosses the finish line. Chris wakes up from his nap and says, "Celia is the winner of Total... Drama... Wilderness!"

The zombie cluster disperses, and they rush toward Celia. Reeve hugs her and says, "You did it! You won!" The others cheer.

"I did, didn't I?" Celia says, still in disbelief.

A disoriented Wade approaches Celia and says, "Good job, Celia. If I didn't win, I wanted it to be you."

Reeve glares at Wade. Celia says, "Thanks so much to everyone who supported me throughout the competition, and in this challenge. I couldn't have done it without all of you."

Chris says, "Yeah, yeah." He walks away, and returns with a giant check. He says, "This is yours."

"Wow," Tamira says. "That is quite a large sum of money."

Wade nudges Reeve in the chest and says, "Looks like Reeve is going to make someone a lovely trophy husband." Reeve's face turns bright red.

Chris says, "Well, that wraps up this season. Be sure to tune into the exciting reunion, to be followed by Total Drama: The All-Stars. Thanks for watching." Celia is shown hugging Reeve tight as the other contestants applaud.

Chapter 22 - Reunited FrontEdit

Chris Mclean is shown wearing a blue tuxedo. He says, "Hello! Welcome to the long awaited reunion of Total... Drama... Wilderness!" Chris claps by himself. "What have the Total Drama Wilderness contestants been up to since their time in the competition? I'm also going to reveal to the contestants, who of them will be appearing in Total Drama: The All-Stars!"

"You are?" Yesenia says. "Cool!"

"Don't worry," Chris replies. "You aren't in."

Yesenia sadly says, "Aw!"

Chris says, "Let's start the questioning with Holly." Holly smiles. "How have people treated you since you returned from the competition?"

Holly answers, "I guess the reaction wasn't horrible. Some people felt sorry for me, while others asked if I really was like Missy."

Chris nods. He asks, "And are you?"

"No, of course not," Holly says in an annoyed manner.

"About you and Missy," Chris begins, "Are you close to each other?"

"Not, really," Holly replies. "She isn't really easy to get along with, and it is hard for me to relate to her."

Chris nods. He says, "Okay, how is your mother?"

Holly replies, "She's doing alright. We were able to afford treatment for her, thanks to... a special someone." Holly looks in Wayne's direction. Chris looks confused.

Chris says, "Alright, moving on to Toby." Toby smiles and stands up from his stool. He is wearing tight white pants with a belt. He sits back down. "Nice pants."

Toby says, "Thanks. My li'l T-boo picked them out for me." He smiles at Tamira.

Chris says, "Some people just can't take sarcasm." Toby frowns. "What did you think about your elimination?"

"I took it real hard, ya know?" Toby admits. "It felt like my world fell down around me, because that house was the most important thing to me. But things got betta."

"About that house," Chris starts, "Several viewers wondered if you were able to keep it or not."

Toby nods and smiles, "Yeah. The money came through."

"It did?" Chris asks. "How? From where?"

Toby looks in Wayne's direction. He says, "Uh. You knows... It just, uh... appeared."

"That's weird," Chris says with a frown. "I think the answer to this question is obvious, but how are you and Tamira doing?"

Toby's face looks a little red. He says, "It's going great, C-dawg. It's going great."

"Why did you decide to go out with her?" Chris asks.

Toby's face is still red. He answers, "Truthfully? She's a real hottie, I ain't lyin'." Tamira blushes. "But, I mean, you can't have a real, uh, meaningful relationship based on all that. She's a sweetie, too."

"She is?" Chris says in surprise.

Toby narrows his eyes. He says, "What are you implyin', man?"

Chris laughs and says, "It's time to talk with Shaila. A few viewers wanted to know how you and Levi are?"

"We are doing well," Shaila answers. "Thanks for asking. We now appreciate each other more, due to our short time apart."

"How was your marriage at first?" Chris asks.

Shaila admits, "Pretty difficult, I guess. I didn't want a man to control me, but Levi really was never that way, even though I kind of assumed he was. He is very caring, and he is always considerate of me and my opinion."

Chris says, "A random blonde asked what you felt when you were eliminated due to being hesitant to join your team's alliance?"

Shaila blushes. She says, "It actually was a big lesson for me. Sometimes, in certain situations, everyone needs help to get along. I like to think that I learned from what happened, and apply it in other aspects of my life, now."

Chris looks at Anders, and says, "Time to question Anders. This should be fun."

Anders holds up his thumbs and says, "For a good time, call Anders." Several others laugh. Francesca placesher hand on her forehead.

Chris asks, "Kenny asks, are you still working on your English?"

"Anders is English king," Anders replies.

"Have you been popular since returning home?" Chris asks.

Anders nods rapidly. He says, "Anders has many peoples come up to Anders and try to gets Anders to say something embarrassing about Anders' body parts, but thanks to Francesca, Anders knows a lot more about his body parts." Nearly everyone laughs. Francesca's face turns deep red.

Francesca says, "He means, I taught him the English, so he knows some things that would be embarrassing to say."

"Sure," Chris says with a wink. "Are the two of you still 'friends'?" Chris asks, with his hands in the international parentheses symbol when saying 'friends'.

Anders frowns. He says, "Francesca stay away from Anders, after... the incident."

"Ooh, what happened?" Chris asks.

"You really don't need to ask about that," Francesca says menacingly in her usual monotone.

Chris shrugs. He asks, "Yesenia, do people still consider you cool?"

"No," Yesenia answers. "They know I'm cool." Chris looks at her with a confused expression.

"Do you accept yourself, now?" Chris asks.

"What do you mean?" Yesenia asks. "I've always accepted myself."

Chris continues to look confused. He says, "Alright. We'll move on to Tamira. Have you gotten any money since your time on the show? That question is from a viewer named Daniel."

Daniel says, with his arms folded, "Cool name."

Tamira answers, "I guess I learned that money isn't very important, and junk."

"Like Lisa, do you play any sports?" Chris asks.

"Ew," Tamira says. "No."

Chris asks, "What attracted you to Toby?"

Tamira blushes. She answers, "I liked his underpants."

"Aw, boo," Toby says with a smile.

Chris looks at them with a worried expression. He looks down at an index card. "Daniel, how are things with you and Brad?" Daniel looks off to the side, ignoring the question. Chris shrugs. He says, "Uh, what about Sky Lynn?"

Daniel admits, "She's a little pushy with me, but she is my kid sister."

Chris states, "Okay. Have you received any support from people that agree with your environmental ways?"

Daniel nods. He says, "Yeah, sure. I get letters from people that share my beliefs."

"That's nice," Chris says. Daniel shrugs. "Let's move on with Hedda." Several groans are heard. "Do you think gossip helps you get ahead in life? That question is from Koops." Wade's eyes light up.

Hedda replies, "Gossip isn't about me, it's about other people."

"Um, yeah," Brad says.

Hedda goes on, "But I realized gossiping was wrong, that's why I turned to celebrity gossip."

"Pretty much the same thing," Daniel mutters. Hedda writes something in her notepad.

Chris asks, "Alright. Several viewers want to know about how you get your hair to look that way."

Hedda knocks on her hair, and it gives a metallic sound. She says, "Hairspray." She gets a few worried looks. "But enough about me." She focuses on her notepad. "Let's move onto Stefan."

"Alright," Chris says with a confused look. "Uh, Stefan. Are you still writing?" Stefan nods. "You and Lea still a thing?" Stefan blushes and nods. "How is Yancy?"

Stefan admits, "He's doing good. He's heading off to college."

"You afforded it?" Chris asks.

"I was a little short," Stefan says while blushing. "But someone helped out a little." He glances at Wayne, a few times. Wayne blushes.

Chris asks, "Has Yancy met Lea? And if so what did they think of each other?"

Stefan says, "Yes, they have met." Stefan blushes. "If I can be real honest, I think Yancy is a little jealous of her." Several contestants laugh. Stefan blushes and says, "I guess he's sad that he doesn't get daddy all to himself." More laughing is heard. Stefan laughs. He says, "I should stop. I'm probably embarrassing him."

"A viewer who wishes to remain anonymous asks if you've been able to break out of your shell a little?" Chris states.

Stefan shrugs. He says, "I like to think so. I've had a lot of help, though." He looks at Lea and smiles.

"Francesca's turn," Chris states. Anders cheers. Francesca looks aloof. Chris asks, "Are you aware of how funny a lot of viewers found you to be?"

Francesca states, "I don't get it."

"What are some things you enjoy doing in your spare time?" Chris asks.

"I don't like talking about my personal life," Francesca states dryly.

"Do you get along with your sister, Willow?" Hedda asks. Chris glares at Hedda.

Francesca says, "Sure. We are kind of different, though."

Chris asks, "What did you think about Wade's use of strategy?"

"You have to do what you have to," Francesca states dryly, "but I wasn't thrilled when I was voted out for no reason." Wade blushes and looks down at the ground.

Chris says, "Kristy, Nonny wants to know how you and Brad are doing."

Kristy says, "We're doing well." She plasters on a smile. Brad smiles.

"What was it like being Sheena's guardian at such a young age?" Chris asks.

Kristy admits, "Not easy. I don't know if you've noticed, but she complains about everything. She is my sister, though, and I like to think that her attitude helped me try to remain positive in every situation."

"What did you think when Nolan cost you the game?" Chris asks.

"I didn't feel great, honestly," Kristy answers. "But I don't hold it against him. He's a good guy, and he didn't mean any harm."

"Let's move on to Nolan, then," Chris says. "Nad wants to know if it was fun getting stung by all those hornets?"

Nolan looks contemplative. He says, "Well, it was horrible at the time, but I guess it wasn't so bad. I mean, at least I can tell my grandkids about it." He frowns. "If I can even have kids, anymore."

Chris laughs. He says, "Have you had any nightmares, since your time on the show?"

Nolan says, "Actually, no. I do have some moments where the mental images come back to me, when I'm reminded of what happened. Somebody has agreed to pay for my therapy sessions." He looks back and forth. "I won't name names, but it starts with a 'W' and ends with 'ayne'." Nolan smiles smugly, while Wayne slaps his own forehead.

"What did your friends think of your time on the show?" Chris asks.

"Well, they were really excited," Nolan answers. "But I was a bit of a downer at the beginning. Most of them didn't know about what I went through, so it was actually kind of nice for them to know I had a more serious side, and why I can be pretty strict at times. I feel closer to them, though. Like, our friendships aren't based on painting our bodies, and cheering shirtless at sports games, anymore. Well, that's still a major part of it."

Chris looks at him with a concerned expression and says, "Right. Wayne's turn."

"Oh, boy," Wayne says with a sigh.

Chris asks, "How is your friend doing? You know which one I mean?"

Wayne nods. He says, "He's more of the same. No improvement."

"I'm sorry," Chris says.

Wayne looks down and nods. "Thanks," he says.

Chris asks, "Have you done better with your drinking?"

Wayne admits, "Yeah. I finally entered rehab, which I should have done a long time ago. I feel like it was a bad idea to try to use the competition to solve my problems, when nobody could help me there. I mean, I needed expert help, you know?"

Chris nods. He says, "Yeah. Do you regret joining the show?"

"At times," Wayne says. "But I met some really good people, here. I wouldn't take back my time on the show, besides how I acted. I feel like I learned how to view other people, and I'm grateful for that."

"On to Joanna," Chris says. He looks at Joanna in disbelief. She is smiling, and wearing a business suit. Chris asks, "How are your kids?"

"Great," Joanna admits. "I love those little scamps."

"That's good," Chris says, looking shocked. "How about you and your husband?"

"We're doing pretty good, too," Joanna answers with a smile.

Chris asks, "Has he helped with raising the kids more?"

"Well, yeah," Joanna admits. She says, "While I was away, he was actually laid off." Chris looks surprised. "When I got home, I called Wayne. We got pretty friendly at the losers' resort. He offered me a full time job, and I took it. My husband stays at home, and takes care of the kids."

Chris says, "Wow. Is he handling it alright?"

Joanna admits, "He is, honestly. A lot better than I had been." She narrows her eyes and says, "But it won't last."

Chris smiles nervously. He says, "Right, uh. Next we'll talk with Brad." Brad smiles, he is wearing a lot of layers of clothing. "Brad, a few viewers wondered if you have gotten any closer to finding your birth parents."

Brad shakes his head. He says, "A lot of people came forward, claiming I was their son, but there wasn't any way I could believe any of them. It's become really easy to fake documents. I've seen about fifty copies of my birth certificate." Brad sighs. "So my hopes of finding my real parents are over."

"So," Chris says, "how were things before with Frederick and how are they now?"

Brad looks down. He says, "He admits he was wrong, and what he did still hurts. But we're trying to get back to the way we used to be. We were once close, but when we grew up... I felt I had to distance myself for him, and I guess I was being kind of selfish, but... I felt like I had to."

Chris asks, "How about your adoptive parents? How is your relationship with them?"

"I went back home to them after the contest," Brad admits. "I feel like I was taking for granted what I had with them, and now I feel closer, like... I finally feel like they're my real parents, now that I realize I won't be finding out anything about my birth parents. I'm really fortunate to have been adopted at all, let alone to a good family."

"That's so sweet," Chris says. "Time to move on. Do you still model?"

Brad says, "No. I was never that comfortable with it, though I faked it really well."

"Do you want your golden briefs back from Eduardo?" Chris asks.

Brad laughs. "They're his," he says.

Eduardo laughs and says, "Good, because I'm wearing them right now."

"Uh," Chris says. "Aren't they a little tight?"

"Nah," Eduardo says. He rips his button up shirt open, revealing that he had the golden briefs connected to a necklace. Chris' raises his eyebrows.

Brad hugs Eduardo and says, "Aw, man. You do care." Brad looks at Eduardo's chest. He says, "Is that a heart tattoo?" Eduardo blushes and starts buttoning up his shirt.

Chris says, "Alrighty. Let's move on to Lea. Several viewers have been wondering about your career."

Lea says, "Yeah. I have a show off of Narrowway, and an album that Steffie-poo and I co-wrote." Stefan blushes. Lea blows a kiss at him.

"Are you usually attracted to older men?" Chris asks.

Lea shrugs. She thinks for a few moments. She says, "There was that eighty year old, rancher guy I guess, and that college professor. And you're kind of cute, too, Chris." Chris frowns. Stefan blushes. "But Stefan is the love of my life, really. And he is the best looking of all my boyfriends and crushes."

Chris folds his arms and mutters, "He isn't that good looking." Chris looks at Eduardo. "Eddy, how are things with Kendall?"

Eduardo smiles. He says, "Good. We're doing a lot better."

"How about you and your father?" Chris asks.

"My birth father?" Eduardo asks. "We don't talk. My real father, my stepfather, we're even closer. I was always scared to tell him about my birth father, but he was really understanding when he found out. We had a long conversation about it, and I don't feel like we have to talk about it, again. I wish I'd told him sooner, it would have saved me a lot of worrying if I had. I just thought that he would be ashamed of me, somehow, or think I was making it up for attention, or something. I don't know."

"What about your psychiatry?" Chris asks. "Is that going well?"

"Yeah," Eduardo says. "I'm still in school, but I feel even better about my choice, especially since I've opened up about my past. I feel like I can understand other people better, and I don't feel hypocritical about not telling anyone what I'd been hiding, when I expect to help others with their problems, in some way."

Chris says, "Now, I have to ask this next question. Really, I have to ask it or that girl who keeps following me around, insisting she's a pixie won't stop bothering me. She wants to know, how did you get to wear the best costumes during the competition?"

Eduardo laughs. He says, "I was just lucky, I guess."

"Actually," Hedda states. "I did research on that. It turns out that Eduardo got those costumes, because he has the same measurements as Chef Hatchet. But you didn't hear it from me."

Eduardo's eyes widen. He says, "Is that true?"

Chris chuckles and says, "Yeah." Eduardo looks disturbed and begins scratching his shoulder. "One more question. Do you feel that being labeled 'The Challenge King' helped or hurt you in the competition."

Eduardo admits, "I'm not positive. I think I would have been eliminated no matter what. I couldn't break up those three, I don't think." He points to Celia, Wade, and Reeve.

Chris says, "Let's move on to Reeve." Reeve grunts. "If you couldn't eliminate yourself when you did, who would you have eliminated?"

"I put a lot of thought into that," Reeve admits. "If I couldn't have voted myself out, I would have beaten the snot out of you and gotten disqualified." Reeve spits to the side.

Chris' eyes widen. He says, "Uh. Moving on. How did your family react to you on the show?"

Reeve admits, "We watched the show together. After the makeover challenge, my dad got all quiet. I think it was a major shock to him. He didn't talk to me for a few weeks, until Stevie told that embarrassing story. My dad apologized, and said he thought about how he had raised us, and he felt there wasn't anything wrong with me being the way I am." Reeve smiles. "I feel like it was a major load off of my shoulders. I pretended what he thought didn't matter, but deep down, it still did. As for my brothers... They told me that they all felt the same way about Stevie, but they didn't want to speak up against the 'golden son'. I think all of us get along better with each other, so... That's good, I guess."

"I'm guessing you and Celia are still together?" Chris asks.

Reeve looks at Celia and takes her hand in his, over Wade, who looks uncomfortable. Reeve says, "Yeah. We are."

Chris asks, "Have you met her little girl, yet?"

Reeve blushes and says, "Yeah. It didn't go great."

"Really, how?" Chris asks.

"When we met, she ran under her bed, and wouldn't come out," Reeve says. "I tried to cover up my skeleton arm and everything. Celia tried to introduce me to her in small doses, and all, but... she didn't take a liking to me until she saw the show. Now she lets me braid her hair, I made her an adorable little dress, and we play dolls together." Reeve looks like he's glowing. "She's like the little sister I always dreamed of. Er... Never had."

"That's so sweet," Yesenia admits.

Chris says, "Blech. Let's talk to Wade. Wade, how did second place feel?"

"I don't know," Wade says. "I am glad that I lost to Celia, though. She did deserve to win."

"I always wondered this. How did your eyes turn yellow?" Chris asks. Wade looks confused and takes out a contact lens, revealing a deep brown eye. He puts it back in, and Chris looks embarrassed. Chris asks, "How much did you weigh at your heaviest?"

Wade looks embarrassed. "About three hundred pounds," Wade admits. Several contestants applaud. Wade blushes and says, "Thanks, everyone. I'm proud of what I did, through dieting and exercise." Wade smiles.

Chris says, "You should be proud. I gotta ask, though, why did you cover yourself in tattoos?"

Wade looks surprised. "Uh," he says. "Uh." He holds his head down. He removes his contact lenses. He looks straight at Chris and says, with tears forming in his eyes. "I hate my skin color." He holds his head down. "I never told anyone that before." Reeve puts a hand on Wade's back, while everyone looks fairly surprised. Wade sighs. "I feel bad about it, but I don't think it's my fault. I recently learned about body dysmorphic disorder, and I know that's what's wrong with me. I just feel like I never look good, and pinpoint these things about myself that I consider to be flaws, even after I change something else that bothered me." He wipes his eyes on his arm. "But I know now that it might never change, and I try to keep it in mind when I feel down, that I'm just being too hard on myself, and that the way I look is perfectly fine. I've been doing a little bit better. Not many guys admit when they feel this way."

Chris says quietly, "Sorry, man. I had no clue." Wade forces a smile. "Ah. Let's talk about something less serious. What were you thinking when you jumped off of Kristy's head?"

Wade laughs. He says, "I'm really sorry about that. I guess I thought her costume had a lot of cushioning? I don't know."

"Do you regret how you played the game?" Chris says.

"Yeah," Wade says. "Some people hurt other people, using the game as an excuse for how they acted. I wish I could have been more considerate, but I can't take back anything I did."

Chris says, "Thanks. Celia, our big winner."

Reeve glares at Chris and says, "She is not big."

Chris says, "Um, I didn't mean literally. So, let's see. How did you use the money?"

"The main thing I did was set aside a portion of the money for my daughter's college fund," Celia says. "Her name is Arianne, by the way. I get that question all the time."

Chris tosses away the index card with his next question on it, as well as the name 'The Biggest Fan' written on it, and moves to the next one. He asks, "Do you think you deserved to win?"

"Yes," Celia says. "I don't think I would have if I didn't." Reeve nods rapidly.

"Can I ask about Priscilla?" Chris says. "Are your other sisters like her?"

"Nah," Celia says. "I think we're all pretty different from her."

"How is she holding up after the big break up?" Chris asks.

"Not great," Celia answers. "She has a big heart, though she always tries to act differently. It hurts seeing her that way."

Chris says, "The final and most important question. This one is directed toward me." Chris clears his throat. "Red asks what my favorite season was that I hosted. I'd have to say it was..."

Toby says, "Chris, I'mma let you finish, but I have something I have to say." He gulps nervously and stands up. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box.

Chris mutters, "I didn't think you could fit anything else in those tight pants of yours."

Toby gets down on one knee, and faces Tamira's direction. He says, "I couldn't wait another second. I'd been planning this for a long time." He gulps. "Tamira, you'd make me the happiest homie on the planet if you agreed to marry me." He opens the box, revealing an inexpensive looking ring. "I know it's not much..."

Tamira jumps up and says, "Yes, Toby!" She tackles him, and kisses him. The others applaud.

Chris shrugs and says, "Well that's about all the time we have. They had to go and interrupt my big moment." Chris sighs. "Anyway, time to announce the All-Stars." Chris anticlimactically reveals, "Daniel, Hedda, Francesca, Kristy, and Reeve. Grab your things, we're going immediately from here."

"We are?" Reeve says.

Chris nods. "Don't act like you didn't know you'd be on, I let you all know ahead of time."

Reeve hugs Celia and says, "I'll miss you, babe." Brad gives Kristy a goodbye handshake, looking all sweaty and nervous.

Daniel begins walking behind Chris. Brad runs after him. He says, "Hey, Daniel. I was hoping we could talk. I'm really sorry about what I did, but I was hoping you understood why I did it."

Daniel keeps walking. He says, "I have to go."

Hedda follows after, saying, "I'm so excited. I already figured out who was on, so now it's time to get some good dish on these people." She excitedly skips after Chris on the way to his boat.

Anders waves at Francesca and says, "Bye, Fran. I will miss you, pudding duck." Francesca sighs and walks after Chris. Kristy follows after Chris and blows a kiss in Brad's direction. Brad looks incredibly embarrassed, and his face is red. Kristy sighs.

Reeve lets go of Celia and says, "I guess this is goodbye for now. I really love you."

"I know that," Celia says. "I love you, too."

Chris shouts, "Come on, Reeve." Reeve sighs, and begins to walk away. He punches Wade on the arm and says, "Take care of yourself, kid."

Wade smiles and says, "Yeah." The contestants board the boat with Chris and wave at the others. They leave.

Brad looks around and says, "So... Are we supposed to stay here?" The others look somewhat nervous.

Elimination ChartEdit

Holly OUT

The purple 'OUT' means that the character won invincibility, and was eliminated.


This section is best read after you read the entire story.


  • The main theme of this story was to show the people in the lives of the previous contestants to show other aspects of their relative, and to flesh out their lives, a little. It also was meant to show that they were people, as well.
  • Three characters I planned to include, but ended up having to cut out were Jamie (Logan's cousin), Uriah's twin brother, and Fiona's sister.
  • After deciding not to use Jamie, I used his character model for DJ Spenstar's Gary. He was originally going to have red hair, and be paler. Part of the reason I didn't include him, was because he already had a name, and would ruin the surprise of the characters being related to other characters.
  • Total Drama Time Travel contestant Florence was originally planned as Isaiah's female cousin. I changed her to being a character in the other story. She was originally going to be the winner of Total Drama Wilderness.
  • Fiona's sister was going to have been eliminated first for being too cheerful, before the teams even formed. Chris would then say he was going on vacation, and he would appoint Fiona's sister as host. Noting that the teams would be uneven she would randomly choose someone to eliminate. This made it hard to choose who to eliminate, though, and I didn't know if the readers would like the new host. She also would have had them do ultra-girly challenges, until the contestants would start complaining.
  • In the title pic, Brad is at the forefront as he is semi-tall and would likely not settle for being in the back row. He is also up front to garner more attention. Also, it was hard to make him fit any higher in the front row without blocking a back row character's face, and it made more sense for him to be toward the middle, as opposed to the side.
  • Lea is closer to the front, as she would get in the way of character's behind her. I didn't want her closer to the front of the picture as she was a potential winner, and I didn't want anyone to view that as a hint to her victory. She didn't win, in the long run...

Chapter 1

  • The title, Another Day, Another Season, comes from the phrase another day, another dollar.
  • Chris says, "That's what she said," though not trying to be joking. This phrase was popularized by The Office.
  • In this chapter, Stefan seems to be attracted to several female contestants. The main reason was he's not used to being around attractive women, but I also was undecided as to who I was going to pair him with, if anyone, at all.
  • Wayne mistakenly refers to Chris' pectoral implants as 'pictorial implants', likely because he was drunk at the time, and not thinking coherently.
  • Wayne's statement of knowing what silicone feel like points to his promiscuity.
  • Toby's introduction is similar to Micky D.'s. I wanted to avoid it, but couldn't think of much else to write.
  • I simply forgot to draw a ring on Joanna. I explained it in the story as one of her children swallowing it, again.
  • Wayne saying "I'm grown" is a common figure of speech I've observed among African people, at least in the region I'm from.
  • Brad wanted to be the most famous contestant to be noticed more.
  • Brad's reluctance for his family to be revealed was because he was afraid that it would hinder his search for his birth parents, but decided that it was better to stay than not to, as long as his secret wasn't revealed.
  • It's quite possible that Wayne still holds the record for earliest vomit on any season, despite Doyce's efforts. I forgot about Wayne vomiting in the season opener.

Chapter 2

  • The title, Trick or Tree, is based on Trick or treat.
  • Brad reacts to Yesenia mentioning her being adopted with a smile. He catches himself, and frowns.
  • When Tamira learns that Brad is from a wealthy family, dollar signs form in her eyes. This is one of the occasional cartoon impossible responses that I've written into a story. I specifically had Harold from the actual series with hearts in his eyes in mind as a reference when writing this part.
  • Even though Wade is shown to have a lot of knowledge on Total Drama, he can't recall the forgettable Libby, as a contestant. Though I don't view her as forgettable, this was a general remark on the lasting appeal of reality competition contestants that get eliminated early.
  • Reeve shows signs of jealousy of Stevie, though it wasn't mentioned until who his brother was was revealed.
  • Brad stops to do the math on how old Stefan would be if Yancy were his biological son. Brad says he'd be forty-four. If Stefan was eighteen when Yancy was born, he'd only be thirty-five. Brad's math is way off, and he was exaggerating in how old he thought a parent might be, though it would be possible for Yancy's father to be forty-four.
  • Brad reacts, again, to adoption being mentioned. When Stefan says he adopted Yancy, Brad raises an eyebrow. While it was revealed that Brad was adopted, the connection he feels to other adopted individuals was something he tried to hide, to make himself fit the public image he'd made for himself.
  • The line about a drunken fratboy mistaking Stefan for a girl was meant to be partly humorous due to the fact that Stefan looks so manly.
  • Daniel stating that 'White man happened here' in a clear field, and then a tear rolling down his eye was a reference to an old public service announcement about a Native American man (who was not an actual Native American) reacting to seeing litter.
  • When Brad leaves the challenge, he moves a bed outside for Nolan.

Chapter 3

  • The title, Any Given Monday, is based on the football movie Any Given Sunday. Monday is in the title because I typically post my chapters on Mondays. Also, it was a slight reference to Monday Night Football.
  • Toby's early elimination is foreshadowed when he asks why he would possibly be eliminated so early, and when he tells Nolan he'd talk with him the next night.
  • Hedda saying that vampires are hot is a reference to all the popular vampire media these days.
  • Brad saying 'you're either with me or against me' is a reference to a common phrase spoken by Survivor's Russel Hantz, when hes talking about alliances or voting.
  • Brad proposes an alliance to Yesenia, because of the fact that she's adopted, like him. Kristy is included as she was present with Yesenia at the time.
  • Hedda getting cuddly with Brad, telling the others they're dating kind of irks Brad. My intention with his being annoyed was that he didn't like Hedda romantically, especially after she manipulated him. However, his being bothered also goes along with his extreme chasteness.
  • Brad refers to the confessional cam as 'camera', like he's talking to another person.
  • Nolan as captain is mentioned as being because he actually plays football, in contrast Wade calls being captain on the other team because he once played a football video game.
  • The scene where Stefan got the football after it was fumbled, and the others were in a pile up was based on something that happened to me in gym class when I was in middle school. I was in Stefan's position.
  • Toby tripping over his own sagging pants is based on my cousin witnessing a shoplifter running from security and tripping over his pants in a similar fashion.
  • Wade wondering if he got a continue after missing the field goal kick is based on continues in some video games after your character runs out of lives.
  • Anders' utterance of "I use the spoon as a lever" was based on a sketch from The Tom Green Show where he had people that didn't speak English well say weird things.

Chapter 4

  • The title, Hidden Ballet, was based on the Hidden Valley salad dressing company.
  • This chapter features one of my favorite challenges, ever, the ballet inspired paintball dodging.
  • Eduardo shows a sign of his being abused in the past when he gets really scared of Brad hurting him, when Brad gets mad with him. Him stating to Nolan that not much scares him is meant to imply that he doesn't want anyone to think he gets scared, or to imply that he is afraid of his biological father.
  • Eduardo sleeping with his thumb in his mouth was meant to show that while he is a large, muscular man, he is still, in a way, a little boy.
  • Tamira refers to Celia as 'Princess Buttercup'. Princess Buttercup is the name of the title character from The Princess Bride.
  • Wade tells Reeve not to call him 'Slim'. This is a hint to his struggle with his weight and his poor body image.
  • Reeve states that real men don't wear tights, hinting at how he was raised to be 'a real man'.
  • Tamira stating that 'Those paintball thingies hurt' is a line spoken on an episode of Daria featuring a paintball match.
  • Wade pulling his tights down to reveal his torso was because they were too loose fitting, and they made him uncomfortable (his being to thin to wear the costume correctly). This was also an excuse for his tattoos to be exposed, and Chef being unable to tell that he had struck Wade. This victory, I felt, would have been unfair if it was decided by Wade's win, so I had the other team do extremely poorly compared to It's All Relative, so Wade's victory wouldn't matter.
  • Reeve getting hit by a paintball in the crotch in my mind would have left some permanent damage. I'd considered him having a storyline where he was unable to have children, thereby suing Chris and Total Drama, and winning the lawsuit. However, if that were to happen it would likely lead to the cancellation of the series due to lack of funds and lack of sponsorship.
  • The entire challenge was thought up just so Chef could say 'That's what I call a nutcracker suite', after hitting Reeve in the crotch with a paintball.
  • Stefan's reasoning for covering his crotch was specifically because he was a virgin, and wanted kids of his own some day.
  • Daniel complaining about the set offended Chef, because he was the one who made it.
  • I had planned for Brad getting hit by the paintball to leave a large welt. Brad would not have noticed it, and when someone else pointed it out to him he would have not reacted until they told him they thought he'd be upset about his body looking less beautiful. This would have been an indication of Brad not being as vain as he put on.

Chapter 5

  • The chapter title, Male Model Citizens, is just a combination of 'male model' and 'model citizens'.
  • I used Stefan to confirm that some of the stories that Yancy stated about him were true. The reason for this is that some readers doubted the believability of the stories.
  • I also felt like I had to point out that while Stefan never went to college, he did experience the atmosphere by being a janitor there. However, he mentioned earlier some experiences with fratboys, so I felt I needed to clarify why he had experiences with fratboys if he had never attended college.
  • I'd just heard a news report about 'Ana' being a slang term for anorexia, so I included that with Yesenia pointing out that the cool kids call it that.
  • With Daniel, I wanted to highlight certain struggles with people who make dietary restrictions, since that's something I experience with being a vegetarian. Since vegetarianism is far more common than fruitarianism, I felt that would be less likely to be accepted by his peers.
  • Nolan shrugs when Brad assigns modeling assignments to the other guys on the team, but not him. This is to show that he didn't care either way.
  • The video that Francesca mentions of Wayne dancing intoxicated in his underwear in the street is a reference to a similar scene with Tracy Morgan's character on 30 Rock. If I remember right, Tracy wasn't dancing but believed he was a Jedi.
  • Anders stating that they do runway shows different in Canada than in his country was meant to be in confessional, but it works either way.
  • Anders was not meant to be a comedy character solely, but a highlight of how some people might view someone who does not speak the same language as them.

Chapter 6

  • The chapter title, Hostile Makeover is based on the phrase 'hostile take over'.
  • Reeve stating that real men don't hug and telling Celia that he didn't need her looking out for him were more hints at his upbringing, and being told what a 'real man' was.
  • Eduardo abruptly leaving when Nolan extended his arm toward him was another hint at his being physically abused as a child. He basically had a flash of a memory in the moment. Nolan was either looking to put his arm around him, playfully punch him, or just put his hand on him.
  • The scene where Stefan was climbing on top of a sleeping Eduardo to look outside was based on a scene from Tenchi Muyo, during which Tenchi tried to retrieve his sword from a sleeping princess Ayeka by climbing over her, which did not look so good for him, either.
  • Reeve stating "She is?" when Chris says that Celia is a hair stylist and makeup artist is basically a hint that those are his dream careers. He also reacts when Nolan says he has experience with those sorts of things, though Nolan was lying in an effort to be an asset to his team.
  • When Brad rubs his chin, it was supposed to signify that he was thinking. Instead, he just states that he has a sexy chin.
  • In the scene where Brad got Wayne to give him his shirt, Wayne left and put a shirt back on. When drawing the scene image, I forgot that and drew him with no shirt on. Instead of fixing the image, I changed the scene in the story so it would match the image.
  • Wade is offended when Reeve threatens to kill him if he lets his secret out, and simply tells Celia that he'd be disappointed if she did.
  • Nolan's stomach is described as spilling over the tight pants he wears for the makeover. It's not that he has a gut, he is muscular, but he is a little thick at the waist. The pants are not flattering on him.
  • Brad is hesitant about voting out Yesenia, because of the fact that she was adopted, like him.

Chapter 7

  • The title, Platformers, More Than Meets the Eye, is a reference to the Transformers tagline.
  • Celia describes her little sister's boyfriend breaking up with her, which was referring to Priscilla and Yi Min. This surprised a lot of readers, but was a big part of Yi Min's story in the following story, Total Drama: The All-Stars.
  • TDIwriter suggested that I leave Nolan's accident vague, as to what happened to the family who's car he hit.
  • The message behind Nolan's back story was something I felt important to put in a piece of entertaining (hopefully) fiction, just so the message might be seen by someone who might not otherwise realize one of the dangers of driving while distracted. It's a serious issue, that might be deemed as too melodramatic, but I like to use the fact that my stories have some readership to impart messages on occasion, without being overly preachy.
  • Nolan expresses that he appreciates that Eduardo didn't interrupt his story. That method can be helpful, and one I myself could learn from, due to my general trouble of knowing when it's my turn to speak.
  • Stefan expresses himself as a father, and puts himself in that role when he tucks Daniel into his bed, and tells Eduardo that they need their rest.
  • Brad tells Stefan and Eduardo to keep it down, but this was meant to show that he was awake and listening to their conversation.
  • Stefan tosses food at Wade after Lea performed the Heimlich Maneuver on the tattooed guy. This was out of Stefan's being jealous of the physical contact Wade just had with Lea.
  • The challenge was a Mario Bros. reference. The references include warp pipes, Mario and Luigi, Bowser, Koopa Troopas, and Goombas.
  • Eduardo dresses as Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Brad is described as only wearing a kilt when portraying the damsel. This is meant to represent a skirt that a damsel might typically wear. He's shirtless, though, because at that point in the story he didn't wear shirts.
  • Tamira's utterance of 'your princess is in another castle' is a reference to what Toad says in the original Super Mario Bros. platformer.
  • When Wayne enters the room, Wade looks uncomfortable. This is because he planned to vote off Wayne's temporary girlfriend, Tamira, and didn't want Wayne to realize that.
  • Wayne's promiscuity is referenced her when he states that he was using Tamira to take his mind off of his problems.
  • Tamira is hurt by Wayne's words, convinced that she wasn't just a gold digger, even though she might have been at the time. Wayne's bluntness was part of what helped Tamira analyze herself after her elimination.
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