Template:Featured Story Twenty characters from Sprinklemist's main canon stories are back to compete in another competition. The stakes have been raised, and the teams will be divided by who made it into the top ten of their original season, and those who were voted out before the final ten.



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Chapter 1 - All-StarstruckEdit

Chris Mclean is shown sleeping on a lounge chair. A stick goes near him from off camera, and pokes him. He wakes up and looks around. He says, "Oh, uh. Hey, there." Chris yawns. "I'm sure you're all as excited as I am for the all new, All-Star season." Chris takes out a noisemaker, and blows into it. "Eighteen of our most memorable contestants, and two that were kind of just there, are back to compete. They'll be divided in two teams, one made up of the contestants that made it to the final ten, and one made up of loser-y ones voted out before the final ten." Chris reads off of an index card, "Total Drama: Boney Island was one of our most talked about seasons. Twenty teenagers competed at the million dollar prize, and ultimately, Sabrina won that season. We have five non-Sabrina contestants back from Total Drama: Boney Island, and they're all grown up. Let's get reacquainted, shall we?"

Ivan, Waterlily, Quintin, Fiona, and Kendall step out from a boat, and go by Chris on the dock at Wawanakwa. Kendall helps Fiona off of the boat, and helps carry her belongings. Quintin says, "That was four years ago. Please. I just want to talk to you."

Waterlily folds her arms and looks in the other direction. She says, "Hey! We're at Wawanakwa!" She excitedly runs toward the island. Chris stops her by grabbing the back of her shirt.

Chris states, "That's right."

"Please tell me we're not going back to Boney Island," Kendall pleads.

Fiona hugs him and says, "Aw, Dolly. You're so cute." Kendall blushes.

Quintin says, "I don't think we're going back to Boney Island. If this is an All-Star season, I don't see what the point is to make reference only to that one season. It makes more sense for us to be staying here, as a reference to the very first season, Total Drama Island."

"You just sap the joy right out of everything, don't you?" Chris says. Quintin frowns. "But Quintin is right. You'll be staying here."

Ivan, with his arms folded, looks back at the island with his eyes wide. He says coolly, "It'll do."

Ivan is shown in the confessional stall. He says, "First one in the confessional!" He takes a heavy whiff of air. "I can tell. New confessional smell!" He looks around, uneasily. "I'm really excited to be here, but I've studied a lot of seasons of this show. I'm here to win, and I've done a lot of work to be at my A-game. But I realize that most people don't really take kindly to the fanboy types, so I have to keep it cool." Ivan hits himself in the head. "Keep it cool, Ivan."

Fiona pokes Ivan's chest. She says, "Who is this?"

"I'm Ivan," Ivan answers. "I was on your season. I guess I look a little different."

"Oh, right," Fiona says with a smile. "I remember you."

Fiona is shown in confessional, saying, "Seriously. Who is that?"

Waterlily looks at the island. She asks, "So can we go to the island, now?"

Chris shakes his head and says, "No. We have to wait for the other contestants to arrive."

"You mean, there are more contestants?" Waterlily asks. Quintin looks down.

Kendall asks, "What kind of season would it be with five contestants?" Fiona hugs him, as he blushes.

Quintin is shown in confessional. He says, "Maybe most people wouldn't understand, but after all these years I can't forget about Waterlily. She's the most innocent and pure person I ever met. I wish she would forgive me, but I guess she feels like she needs to remain guarded at all times. She's lived a pretty sheltered life. I just want to convince her that I'm not going to wrong her, again. Instead of pressuring her, I'll have to work at regaining her trust. It may take a while, but... it will be worth it."

Waterlily is shown in confessional. She looks around at it. "Rustic," she says. "This is a lot nicer than the restroom we have back at home." A piece of rotted wood falls from the ceiling of the outhouse. Waterlily goes on, "I'm so excited to be on this season. I'm glad I was asked to return. This island is beautiful, though I'll miss Boney Island. It was a little less modernized. I hear that the shower and confessional we used was destroyed by violent winds and beavers, because the island wanted to keep itself free from the bonds of industrialism." Waterlily looks off dreamily. "Pretty awesome."

Kendall is shown with his arm around Fiona. Quintin says, "You guys got married?"

Ivan says, "Whoa, how did you know that?"

Quintin looks at Ivan with a confused expression. He explains, "They're wearing wedding rings, Ivan."

"Right," Ivan says. "I knew that."

Ivan says in confessional, "Quintin, codename 'The Oracle', is a genius. I have to keep my eye on him, though, as he's pretty sneaky." Ivan holds up a chart with images of Quintin on it, and several boxes. "This is a chart of Quintin's plans and schemes from his previous season. It also details the seemingly insignificant nods, smirks, and eye rolls that he made that can totally be determined as strategy on his part." Ivan nods rapidly. "I've done my research. I also knew that Kendall and Fiona, codename 'Emo-mo' and 'Pixie Dust', were married, but I was at the wedding. I still have the mustache I used in my waiter disguise." Ivan holds up two thumbs.

Fiona explains, "Ever since Boney Island, Dolly and I knew we were in love." Kendall blushes. "Right, Dolly?" Kendall nods softly.

Kendall is shown in confessional. "Fiona is amazing. I wish everyone had someone like her that made them as happy as she makes me. I'm glad she persisted, as I really didn't realize that we were made for each other, at first." Kendall sighs. He says, "Man, she makes me so happy. That's why I said yes when she proposed. I would have been a fool to say no."

Chris looks up at another arriving boat. He says, "Here come the Total Drama Reality contestants." Ivan's eyes light up as he looks up at the arriving boat. Chris says, "Welcome, Sheena, Jonathan, Melinda, Ophelia, and Yi Min." The five contestants walk off of the boat. Ivan's face drops.

Jonathan says, "Uh, hey, Chris."

Chris says, "Hey, Jonathan."

"That's Jonathan?" Quintin says with wide eyes.

Jonathan blushes. He says, "Yeah. I put on a few pounds since my last time playing. Thanks for noticing."

Melinda punches Yi Min on the arm. She says, "Doesn't Yi Min look great?"

Yi Min laughs and says, "Thanks."

"I like the outfit, Yi Min," Ophelia says. "You got a little more fashionable."

"Me?" Yi Min says, while blushing. "No. Tsuyoshi redid my whole wardrobe. He's got a gift for that stuff. I mean, I'm the guy who showed up on TDR in workout clothes."

"Well, it's good to see you, again," Ophelia says.

Yi Min looks down and says, "It's good to see you, again, too."

Sheena is shown in confessional with her arms folded. "These are All-Stars?" she asks. "I could have chosen a better cast... Me and Grant. But I know I have to try to be positive. Last time, I didn't come across very well. I blame the editing. If I want to win, I have to get along with people."

Sheena says to Melinda, with a scowl, "You look better."

Melinda says, "Thanks. I like your outfit."

Sheena continues frowning. She says, "Compared to how you used to look, it's an improvement, but barely. Still pretty awful, though."

Melinda forces a smile. "Ah... Thanks?" she says.

Melinda is shown in confessional. She sighs and says, "Oh, Sheena. She's trying. I think she's trying. I mean trying to be positive, not the other kind of trying. We never actually, really interacted in our season. I think she was scarier than I was." Melinda shudders.

Sheena looks at Jonathan. She says, "Who let you on? I hope they got fired."

Jonathan says half-heartedly, "It's nice to see you."

"Sheena and I had a major falling out on our season," Jonathan says in confessional. "I'll try not to get too angry, I mean, I'm heavily medicated. That doesn't mean I don't need some self-control. I'm willing to let things go... But..."

"You got fat," Sheena says to Jonathan. He sighs.

"Be nice," Ophelia states. "Jonathan isn't fat."

Sheena blushes and says, "Oh, hey, Ophelia. You look good, girl."

Ophelia says in confessional, "Sheena has a difficult time remaining positive. We're friends, though, so she tries a little harder with me. If you don't remember, I set her up with her boyfriend, Grant. She feels grateful to me for that, as he's about the only person that makes her happy." Ophelia blushes. She says, "I only set them up, because I like seeing people happy, not for anything in return."

Yi Min is shown standing next to Ivan. He says, "Hey, Herman. You're here, too? It's nice to see you, again, man. You bulked up."

"Uh," Ivan says. "Actually, I'm Ivan."

"No, you're not," Yi Min insists.

Quintin sighs and says, "He isn't Herman."

"Oh," Yi Min says. "Thanks." He pats Quintin on the back.

"I believe whatever that guy says," Yi Min states in confessional. "We're actually pretty good friends in every day life. I feel a little out of place here, though. I'm not that special, or anything. I'm probably only on because of that memorable scene where everyone found out I couldn't read." Yi Min sighs. "I got a lot of support at home, but I got picked on pretty severely, too, by some jerks. It's not a big issue, anymore, as I can read pretty well, now, but some people still think of me that way, and some well meaning people send me children's books." Yi Min sighs. "But it's nice to know I have a friend here, like Sebastian." Yi Min rubs his chin and says, "I'm not sure why he dyed his hair orange, though."

Chris looks out at the next arriving boat. He says, "Total Drama Tropics' representatives are about to arrive." Ivan stands with his fingers crossed. Chris says, "Welcome Janice, Beau, Creigh, Sky Lynn, and Al."

Ivan tries to suppress a squeal, but fails. Quintin looks at him with a worried expression. The contestants from Total Drama Tropics get off of the boat, Creigh with the help of a wheelchair ramp. Al smiles and says, "Oh, man. This place is beautiful."

"Didn't he win his season?" Sheena complains. "Why is he here?"

Chris says, "He was memorable, and a fan won a sweepstakes and chose for him to appear."

"Aw," Al says. "I feel so special." Ivan begins hyperventilating into a paper bag.

Kendall looks at Ivan with wide eyes and asks, "Are you going to be alright?"

Al says in confessional, "I'm excited to have the opportunity to be here, again. It's not as beautiful as Tropics, though, but it's still nice, maaaan. I know some haters don't think I should be on, again, since I won already, or whatever, but I think I deserve another chance as much as anyone, you know? I have, like, this friend dude who told me to try my hardest, and not to waste my opportunity. I mean, I could be the first repeat winner." Al smiles and makes 'rock on' symbols.

Ivan stands up straight and regains his composure. He says, "I'm alright. Just a little asthma thing."

Quintin looks at Ivan and says, "You don't have asthma."

"Hey, buddddy," Al says to Quintin. "Nice to see you, again, maaaan. I gotta ask, though. Why'd you dye your hair orange?" Quintin looks at Al with a confused expression.

Sky Lynn is seen pushing Creigh in his wheelchair. He says, "I never asked for your help, you know."

"I know," Sky Lynn replies. "But we are friends." Ivan looks at Creigh with a quizzical look. He then stops, and looks back at Al.

Creigh sighs and says, "I suppose I should thank you, I guess. But I'm perfectly capable of pushing myself on this thing."

Creigh is in confessional, without his wheelchair, which is left outside. He states, "I could tell everyone was staring at me when I arrived. I know what they were thinking. I hope my presence doesn't inconvenience them, too much."

Sky Lynn is shown in confessional. She says, "It was a big shock seeing Creigh so different from the last time I saw him. We used to talk, but he sort of fell off of the face of the Earth. I hope he starts feeling better, soon, as I kind of miss the old Creigh. But I didn't come here to worry about that, I came to play the game, see some animals, and kick butt in general."

Waterlily is shown looking at nature. She turns around to see Beau. She says, "Whoa! Who's that guy?"

Beau smiles wide and holds the back of his hand toward Waterlily. He wiggles his ring finger, and says, "I'm Beau. I'm married." The single female contestants give a collective sad sigh.

Beau says in confessional, "I'm glad to be back. I feel like a new man. Last time was like torture, trying to avoid naughty thoughts, but this time I'm entirely devoted to my wifey. I'll miss her, for sure, but I know I'll see her soon enough. She told me that I couldn't give up this opportunity, and she was super supportive. I think I have a serious shot. I'm more focused this time, and I'm a lot more mature." Beau rips off his shirt and shouts, "I'm in it to win it! Yes!" He pounds his fist into his open palm.

"That is a pretty man," Sheena says, looking at Beau. He wiggles his ring finger in her direction.

Chris says, "Okay, all of the Total Drama Tropics contestants have said something, so..."

"Uh, I haven't," Janice states.

"Oh," Chris says.

Al nudges Beau and asks, "Who is that, maaaaan?"

"You don't remember her?" Beau asks. "That's Janice." Al's expression is blank. "You know? Puppet girl?" Al still looks confused. Beau sighs, "Her puppet's name was Violet?"

"Oh, yeah!" Al says as he looks around. "What happened to Violet?" Al tugs at his hair.

Chris says, "She's gone."

"Aw, man," Al says. "I was hoping to be on her team."

Chris says, "You really worry me, sometimes."

"Take it back!" Ivan shouts. Everyone looks at him with worried expressions. He blushes.

Janice says in confessional, "I'm back, I guess. I wanted to compete without a puppet to hide behind, but I do feel really nervous." Janice gives a nervous sigh. She says confidently, "But I can do it! I can do it... I think."

Chris states, "Let's bring out the contestants from Total Drama Wilderness." Daniel, Hedda, Francesca, Kristy, and Reeve walk from the island to the dock.

Reeve says to Chris, "Gee. Thanks for the lovely accommodations, Chris."

"Nothing but the best for my precious contestants," Chris assures.

"It was a storage shed," Francesca replies, monotonously. Al's eyes pop wide open at seeing Francesca.

Al says, "You look familiar."

Francesca replies, "I'm Willow's sister. You competed with her on your season."

Al holds his head down in confessional. He says, "That was my best pick up line."

Sheena looks at Kristy with a worried expression. Kristy says, "Hey, sis. Looks like we're both competing together. Isn't that exciting?"

Sheena's eye twitches. She says, "Must you always be so pleasant and chipper?" Kristy sighs, but remains smiling.

Kristy says in confessional, "I want to make the best of my time, here. It would be awesome if Sheena liked me more, but I'm really used to it. I'll just focus on getting to know the other contestants, and doing the best I can."

Daniel sits down next to Sky Lynn, remaining silent. Yi Min nudges Quintin and says, "Looks like somebody's a gloomy Gus."

Daniel says, "Not everyone is so thrilled to be here. I only agreed, because my sister insisted." Sky Lynn waves.

Sky Lynn says, "Guilty as charged. But you did say you wanted to get back to nature." Daniel folds his arms and looks off to the side.

Al strokes Daniel's mohawk. He says, "We both have mohawks, man." Daniel looks up at Al. He then looks to the side, again.

"That was not a mohawk," Daniel states in confessional. He looks annoyed. "I'm sure no one can tell, but I'm not thrilled to be here. With what happened to me last season... Anyway, I can't disappoint my baby sister. I put my feelings aside, for her."

Hedda excitedly writes in her notepad. Francesca looks at her and shrugs. She says, "Somebody needs a new hobby."

Hedda looks around and says, "Hello, All-Stars! I'm Hedda."

Kendall folds his arms and says, "I know who you are."

"Hey," Hedda says. "It's not my fault that the people are interested in what celebrities are doing."

"Yeah," Kendall states. "They don't need to see pictures of me showering to know that I do." Fiona gives Hedda a glare.

Hedda is shown in confessional. She states, "Seriously. The people need to know these things." Hedda's eyes widen. She whispers, "Someone's coming." She puts on a sheet that looks like the background of the confessional.

Reeve enters the confessional. He looks confused, and says, "Is it a little more cramped in here? Anyway. Man, I'm so excited to be here, but I don't want the others to realize that. I love playing this game. But... I am pretty ticked about something. One of the other contestants... He's lucky I didn't start wailing on him." Reeve takes a deep sigh. "But I'm working on my anger issues." Reeve sighs, again. "One, two, three, four, five..." Reeve stops to explain, "I count to fifty thousand when I'm getting really ticked. It helps me calm down. I may be here for a while. One, two, three, four, five..."

Reeve eyes the other contestants. He says, "This is a joke. I though I'd have some competition, here."

Beau laughs and says, "Oh, sorry. If I'd known you were coming, I'd have brought you some dollies for you to play with." Fiona holds Kendall close to her.

"Oh, right," Reeve says. "Everyone knows about that..."

Kendall laughs. He waves to Reeve. Reeve stands by Kendall. Kendall says, "Hey, Reeve. How are you doing, bud?"

"Fine," Reeve says with a smile. "How's little Isabella?"

"Great," Kendall states. "She misses Uncle Reevie."

"Yeah, I been busy," Reeve says gruffly. "I'll be sure to stop by for dress up, sometime, though." He pauses. "Uh, and I'll bring Arianne, too." He smiles at Fiona, "Hey, Fiona." She forces a smile and waves politely.

Fiona is shown in confessional. She states, "Reeve is a nice guy, but I worry about my Dolly. Reeve likes cute things, so I know he's bound to steal my Dolly, if I'm not careful. I know he doesn't mean any harm, but it must be really hard for him to resist. That's why I always have to be on my guard." Fiona pulls out a pink, bedazzled taser.

Reeve is shown poking Fiona's fairy wings. He says, "How much did these babies cost? I'm sure... uh... Arianne would love a pair."

Kendall explains, "Fiona made them herself."

"Really?" Reeve says. "I'm so jealous."

"I'm sure she can show you how to make them, sometime," Kendall insists.

"Gee," Reeve says. "That would be great."

Francesca is shown in confessional, monotonously saying, "I can't be the only one who still finds Reeve bizarre. Oh, well. If he's comfortable with himself, more girl power to him."

Chris rubs his chin and eyes the contestants. He says, "That's everyone. Are you all ready to start competing for ten million dollars?" Chris gets twenty wide eyed stares. He says, "Ha ha! I'm not joking. We had to make some budget cuts, go back to Wawanakwa, and there were a few lay offs, but we had to make the prize money more spectacular than ever."

"Why didn't you just add glitter?" Francesca states.

Chris says, "In hindsight, that would have been an easier idea." He eyes Reeve and Fiona. "And I'm sure some people would have appreciated it more. But that's the way it is. Now that everyone has become reacquainted, again, we can get this contest underway. Who's ready to start this season?" Several contestants cheer. "Next time on Total... Drama:... The All-Stars!" Several contestants groan.

Chapter 2 - Fatal DistractionEdit

Chris Mclean states, "Last time on Total... Drama:... The All-Stars, we introduced the contestants. Ten made it far, while ten others did poorly."

"Technically," Quintin starts, "I made it to the final three."

"Yeah, yeah," Chris says with an eye roll. "You and your tiny details."

Reeve laughs and nudges Kendall. "Quintin has tiny details." Kendall laughs, while Quintin rolls his eyes.

"Anyway," Chris goes on. "I announced to them that they would be competing for a chance at ten million dollars!" Janice faints. "So, let's get right down to the teams and team names. Fiona, Kendall, Melinda, Ophelia, Yi Min, Creigh, Sky Lynn, Al, Kristy, and Reeve, the contestants that didn't get voted off before the final ten, make up The Top Bananas."

"Oh, coooool," Al says. "I always wanted to be a banana."

"TMI, dude," Francesca states dryly. Al blushes. Most of the others laugh.

Al says in confessional, "I was being serious. It's on my bucket list." Al puts on a pair of reading glasses, pulls out a piece of paper and a marker, sticks out his tongue, and crosses something off of the piece of paper.

Chris says, "Then that means that the contestants eliminated before the top ten, Ivan, Waterlily, Quintin, Sheena, Jonathan..."

Sheena complains, "I have to be on a team with him, again?" She groans. Jonathan sighs.

"Ahem!" Chris says. "As I was saying, Ivan, Waterlily, Quintin, Sheena, Jonathan, Janice, Beau, Daniel, Hedda, and Francesca will make up The Bottom Feeders." Most of The Top Banana members laugh.

"Oh, man," Beau says. "I was hoping for an awesome team name, like 'The Mutant Zombie Ninja Laser Sharks'."

Beau is shown in confessional. He says, "I mean, seriously. Last time I was an 'Epic Failure', now I'm a Bottom Feeder?" Beau sighs. "Haven't I suffered enough?"

Chris is shown tossing keys to the contestants. Yi Min catches a key. He asks, "Did I win a car?"

Chris shakes his head. He says, "These are the keys to your cabins. There are four in total, one for each gender on each team."

Fiona says, "You mean I have to stay in a separate cabin from Dolly?" Fiona pouts.

"Um, yeah," Chris says. "We don't want any cross-contamination. Everyone get acquainted with your new surroundings. I'll be back tomorrow for your very first challenge." Chris removes his shirt, revealing that he is wearing a jet pack underneath. He turns on the jet pack and flies off.

Hedda is shown in confessional. She says, "I always wondered why those shirts Chris wears make him look so plus-sized." She writes something down in her notepad.

Sky Lynn is shown pushing Creigh in his wheelchair. Yi Min waves as they walk by. Creigh looks back at their luggage and says, "Aren't we going to bring that stuff?"

"Don't worry," Sky Lynn answers. "I have a guy." A bear walks up, lifts Sky Lynn and Creigh's belongings, and carries it toward them.

Ophelia walks up to Yi Min. She says, "Hey, Yi Min."

He says, "Hi. Uh. I was just leaving." He rushes off toward his new cabin, periodically looking over his shoulder at Ophelia. Ophelia looks after him with a puzzled expression.

Fiona is shown hugging Kendall tight. They both cry as Fiona says, "I'll never forget you, Dolly."

Reeve rolls his eyes and says, "Please. Your cabins are going to be a couple inches apart. You'll survive."

Fiona says, "You stay out of this."

"He is kind of right," Kendall states. Fiona glares at him.

Reeve grabs hold of Kendall's arm and pulls him free from Fiona. He says, "Let's go check out our new place, roomie." Kendall nods and they walk toward their cabin.

"Home wrecker!" Fiona shouts. She storms off to her cabin.

Hedda, Melinda, and Kristy are standing together. Kristy states, "I'm excited to be able to play this game, again."

"Me, too," Melinda says. "I feel like a totally new person. Kristy, right?" Kristy nods. "And you're... Where did she go?" Melinda looks around for Hedda.

Kristy shrugs and says, "Trust me. You get used to it. Let's go see our new cabin." Melinda nods and follows after Kristy.

Quintin looks over his shoulder as Waterlily walks into the woods by herself. Beau says, "And believe me. I never put on another kilt after that incident."

Quintin gives a halfhearted, "Uh-huh."

Beau says, "Aw, come on. That was one of my best kilt stories." Beau stares at him. "I see your mind is elsewhere. I'll be going." Beau walks off.

Beau says in confessional, "Believe you, me. I know what a guy looks like when he's thinking about a girl. That's what I looked like for about five years of my life." Beau blushes.

Waterlily is shown in the woods by herself, looking through flowers. Francesca walks up. She says, "What are you doing?"

Waterlily looks at her. She says, "Looking at these flowers. I want a nice fresh one for my hair." She picks a daisy, and places it in her hair. "How does it look?"

"It can't," Francesca states. "It has no eyes." Waterlily laughs. Francesca states, "I saw that Quintin guy staring off at you."

Waterlily blushes. She says, "I wish he'd give a rest."

"I can tell that he really likes you, though," Francesca says.

"I know," Waterlily says. "But I don't feel like I can trust him, again."

Francesca shrugs and says, "It does seem like he is trying to make things right. What would he have to do to make you go out with him, again?"

Waterlily thinks for a few moments. She says, "I guess it would be possible. I just don't like that he always has to have his way, or he always has to be right. I guess if I saw him trying to change that, I might give him another chance."

Francesca smiles. She says, "That's nice to hear." She skips off and says, "See you!" Waterlily looks after her and shrugs.

Francesca walks up to her and asks, "What are you doing?" Waterlily looks confused.

Francesca sits in confessional, she reaches for her face and pulls off a mask, revealing that she is actually Hedda in disguise. Hedda says excitedly, "I just may have got things started in rekindling one of the fandom's favorite romances. Thank me later!" She writes something down in her notepad.

Quintin looks around. He sees Daniel sitting on the dock. He walks over to him. Quintin sits by him, removing his shoes, and dipping his feet in the water. Daniel looks at him quizzically, and asks, "What do you want?"

"I just want to enjoy where we are right now," Quintin says. "I live in the city, and never get the chance to get away like this."

Daniel gives a slight smile, catches himself, and frowns. He says, "Fine." They sit together in silence, for a while.

Quintin breaks the silence by saying, "Do you think you'll ever forgive Brad for betraying you?"

Daniel shrugs and says, "It could happen."

"What would he have to do, do you think?" Quintin asks.

Daniel looks contemplative. He says, "I guess I would have to see firsthand that he was trying to change. Maybe see him do something selfless, I guess." Quintin nods. They continue to look out at the water. "We have so much to be appreciative of in nature."

Quintin nods. He says, "A lot of people take it for granted. Someone once taught me to appreciate nature more, and I'll never forget that." They silently look out from the dock.

Kristy, Melinda, Ophelia, Fiona, and Sky Lynn are shown in their cabin. Kristy looks around and says, "It's quaint." She sees a spiderweb. "Oh, Chris even went through the trouble to put up a fake spiderweb for atmosphere." She puts her hand on it.

Melinda narrows her eyes at the spiderweb. She says, "That is definitely a real spiderweb." Kristy flinches and retracts her hand, with some spiderweb attached to it. Melinda laughs.

Fiona sighs. Ophelia pats her on the back and says, "Don't worry, hon. You'll see Kendall soon enough."

Ophelia is shown in confessional. She says, "Fiona is crazy for Kendall. That's really nice, though, that they're so in love. I wish that I had a hand in beginning their relationship, but what can I do?"

Outside, Janice wakes up from her faint. She looks around and sees someone sitting by her. She asks, "What happened?"

Ivan looks at her and smiles warmly. He says, "You fainted."

"Oh," Janice says while blushing. "You didn't have to st-stay by me."

Ivan blushes. He says, "It's no big deal."

"Thanks," Janice says with a smile.

Ivan stands up. He says, "No problem." He holds his hand out toward Janice and helps her stand up. Janice giggles. Ivan says, "Let me walk you to your cabin."

Janice giggles and says, "Okay." They walk off together. Janice gets to her cabin, and opens the door. She turns to Ivan, smiles, blushes, and waves.

Sheena shouts from inside, "Are you coming in or not? Shut the door, already. Or are you trying to let the flies in?"

Janice blushes. She says to Ivan, "I should go inside." Ivan nods and smiles. Janice giggles and goes inside.

Sheena can be heard from outside saying, "Oh, it's you. You can stay outside." Ivan laughs to himself.

The next day, the contestants are shown sitting outside. Yi Min says, "It is really great to be here."

"Totally, maaaan," Al states.

Sheena sighs. She says, "How come the two of you even got on this show together? You fill the same role."

"Ooooh," Al says. "Like a danish?"

Yi Min excitedly says, "I want to be raspberry." Sheena presses two fingers to the bridge of her nose, signifying her forming headache.

A speedboat arrives, carrying Chris Mclean. Daniel looks at him disapprovingly and says, "Do you know how much pollution that thing causes?"

Waterlily cheers and says, "You tell him!"

Daniel looks at the flower in her hair. He says, "Do you know how many flowers had to die for your little accessory?"

Waterlily frowns, removes the flower, and says, "Just the one..." She drops it to the ground.

Quintin pokes Daniel in the ribs. He says, "Be nice to her." Daniel folds his arms and grunts.

Chris walks up to the contestants. He says, "Alright, everyone. You know what time it is?"

"Challenge time?" Sky Lynn asks.

Chris looks surprised. He says, "How did you know?"

"Chris, we've done this before," Jonathan answers.

Chris shrugs. He says, "This challenge is based on a specific past contestant."

"Ooh," Ivan lets out. Several contestants look at him with confused expressions, while Janice smiles at him.

"How many of you remember Esme?" Chris asks.

"That psycho?" Quintin says.

Chris nods and says, "You do remember. She was a fairly memorable firstly eliminated contestant, like one of you will be."

"Thanks for reminding us," Francesca states dryly.

Hedda goes on, "She was perhaps best known for her obsessive crush on Levi."

Chris nods and says, "Right you are. This challenge will require you to find a series of connectible parts to build a mannequin that kind of looks like Levi, that I've hidden throughout the island. Top Bananas are looking for yellow pieces, while The Bottom Feeders are looking for a putrid green color."

"Putrid green," Jonathan says sarcastically, "my favorite color."

"After you find your pieces," Chris explains, "you'll assemble them, bring them here, and one of you will swim out with the Levi mannequin to that platform." Chris points out to a floating platform in the water. "The team that brings their assembled plastic hunk to the raft first, wins the first challenge, and the losers will have to vote out a team member. So if everyone is ready, go!"

The Bottom Feeders huddle together. Quintin says, "We have to do this challenge like..." He pauses, looks at Waterlily, who looks disappointed. He says, "However... You guys want to do it."

Ivan says, "Since Esme pretended to drown, or whatever, to attract Levi's attention, I bet there will be some pieces out there, probably underwater."

Quintin looks out at the water. He says, "I don't..." He pauses and says. "What should I do?" Waterlily smiles slightly.

Ivan suggests, "How about you go in the woods and search?"

"All by myself?" Quintin says. "I just... Um, okay." Quintin walks off.

Ivan says, "Who wants to swim out?"

"I'm a good swimmer," Jonathan says. Ivan nods. Jonathan smiles, rolls up his pant legs, takes off his shoes and socks, and removes his shirt.

Sheena says, "Ack. No one wants to see that." Jonathan blushes. He runs toward the water. The rest of the team splits up to search for the pieces.

The Top Bananas are shown together. Kristy quickly takes the lead and says, "We should split up in teams of two. I think it would be best if we didn't completely split up. I'm guessing that Chris didn't put too much effort forth in spreading out the pieces, due to his disdain of manual labor, so we don't need to go too far out."

"Sounds good," Sky Lynn says. She takes hold of Creigh's wheelchair and goes to the east. Fiona glares at Reeve, grabs Kendall's arm, and they go off into the woods.

Reeve looks at his teammates. He tells Ophelia, "We'll pair up." Kristy goes off with Melinda.

Al and Yi Min look at each other. Yi Min says, "I guess it's you and me."

"Yay, maaan," Al says with his thumbs up. They walk off into the woods.

Quintin is shown walking by himself in the woods. He looks up in a tree and sees a putrid green arm in the tree. He looks around. He mutters to himself, "I don't do tree climbing..." He sighs, and begins climbing the tree.

Reeve and Ophelia are shown walking by the cabins. Reeve has his head held down. Ophelia says, "So... Uh, hi Reeve. I don't remember us having a chance to introduce ourselves."

"Yeah," Reeve says. "I'm Reeve. You're Ophelia."

"Was there something on your mind?" Ophelia asks.

Reeve says, "Uh, why do you say that?"

Ophelia looks to the side. She points at a Levi mannequin body part, and says, "Look."

Reeve says, "It belongs to the other team, though." He smirks wickedly, picks up the torso, and carries it with them. "The other team will have to fight me to the death for this."

"Ooh," Ophelia says. "You're bad."

Reeve laughs and says, "I know."

Quintin is shown in the tree, climbing a branch toward the plastic arm. He attempts to reach toward it, though his shirt is caught on an above branch. He shifts his weight on the branch in an attempt to reach the piece from a different angle. The branch begins to crack, and Quintin's eyes get wide. The branch breaks, taking Quintin, and the plastic arm down with it. Quintin lands hard on the ground. He looks straight up, seeing his shirt still caught on the branch. He sighs, stands up, picks up the Levi piece, and walks off.

Jonathan is shown swimming back to shore. He holds himself up on the sand with his arms and heavily breathes. He says to himself, "This used to be a whole lot easier." He continues panting.

Chris walks up to him and asks, "What's up?"

"Trying to find a piece of the mannequin," Jonathan answers.

"Out in the water?" Chris asks.

"Yeah," Jonathan says. "I'm about to go check, again. We figured you'd put a piece out there in reference to Esme's famous fake drowning scene."

"Oh," Chris says. "That's a good idea. I wish I thought of it."

"You mean..." Jonathan says. "I figured there'd be some pieces underwater."

Chris rubs his chin. He says, "Plastic floats, dude."

"Oh, right," Jonathan says quietly. Chris laughs.

Quintin is shown rummaging through some bushes. He looks up at the sky, as it begins raining. He says to himself, "A shirt would have been really nice right about now." He holds up a plastic jar of honey. He says, "I found someone's secret stash." Quintin looks around. "Something is telling me not to do this, but I'm a new man. I need to live dangerously." He puts a few bottles of the honey in his back pocket.

Sky Lynn and Creigh are shown in the woods. Creigh asks, "Shouldn't we be looking around for something?"

Sky Lynn shakes her head and says, "That's what he's for." She points to a bear, sniffing the ground for them. Creigh shrugs.

Waterlily is shown dancing in the rain. Ivan walks up to her and hands her his jacket. She says, "What's this for?"

Ivan says, "We don't want you getting eliminated like last time."

"Oh, right," Waterlily says. "Thanks." She inspects the jacket. "Is this made from synthetic material?" Ivan shrugs. Waterlily shivers, and puts on the jacket.

Quintin is shown, again, climbing a tree in an effort to get another piece. "Real creative, Chris," Quintin mutters. He slips from the tree and lands on his rear. He stands up, and groans, realizing that the bottles of honey in his back pockets broke open. He says, "This is what happens when I don't pay attention to my intuition." He sighs.

Sky Lynn and Creigh are shown, again. Sky Lynn looks at the bear as it looks excited and runs off. Sky Lynn says, "He's on to something. Let's go." She runs off. She runs back, and begins pushing Creigh.

Quintin is shown. He looks up with his eyes wide at the bear charging toward him. He screams, kicks his shoes off, and whips off his pants, leaving them for the bear, as he runs off. Sky Lynn and Creigh catch up to the bear. Sky Lynn looks down as the bear licks Quintin's pants. Sky Lynn says, "Pants?"

Quintin keeps running. "They say 'never look back', but..." he says. He turns his head as he is running to look back, slips, falls face first, and slides down a muddy hill. Once at the bottom, Quintin stands up, looks down at himself, and the front of his muddy boxers. He says, "This sucks." He punches a tree. He looks up and says, "At least the rain stopped." He looks surprised as a yellow plastic Levi head that had been in the tree's branches falls toward him. The head hits him in the head, and knocks him unconscious, making him fall back first to the ground.

The teams are all together, except for Quintin, Yi Min, and Al, at the starting point. Yi Min and Al run to meet their team, with the yellow plastic Levi head. "That's the last piece we needed!" Kristy excitedly says. "Great job, guys."

Waterlily asks, "Has anyone seen Quintin?" Yi Min and Al look at each other, and stifle a laugh.

Quintin is shown in the forest, gaining consciousness. He stands up, looks at his muddy chest, with a smiley face drawn on it, and 'WASH ME' written on his stomach. He lets out a heavy sigh, grabs the plastic green arm, and walks back toward the starting point. "Whoever did this has a lot of explaining to do," Quintin mutters to himself.

Yi Min and Al are shown in confessional, Al with his arm around Yi Min. Yi Min says quietly, "I felt kind of bad about leaving him there, but he'd be okay."

"Plus," Al says, "He's on the other team, maaan."

"There was nothing funny about what happened to him," Yi Min says. He and Al look at the camera seriously, and burst out laughing.

Quintin arrives to the others. He says, "I'm here." He throws Levi's arm to his team.

"There's no point," Sheena says. "We lost thanks to you."

Quintin looks out at the raft and sees Al sitting on the raft with his team's Levi mannequin. Al waves.

Reeve says in confessional, "I felt bad for the other team and their patheticness, so I gave them Levi's torso. Not like they were ever going to win."

Chris says, "So, The Top Bananas win the first challenge. The Bottom Feeders have to vote out their first teammate, later tonight."

Everyone walks off, but Quintin. He slouches down to the ground. Waterlily approaches him and says, "You look like you went through a lot."

Quintin nods. "Today was tough," he says. "You're talking to me, again?"

Waterlily shrugs and says, "I guess so."

Quintin looks up at her and says, "Look... I want to talk. But can you give me a half hour, and meet me at the dock? I have to get cleaned up."

"I can do that," Waterlily says. She walks off. Quintin gets up and heads toward his cabin.

A half hour later, Waterlily is shown walking toward the dock. She says, "Hey, Quintin. What did you want to..." Waterlily says with realization, "You're not Quintin."

Daniel looks back at her. He says, "I feel so fortunate."

Waterlily laughs. She says, "So what are you doing out here?"

Daniel answers, "It's my favorite spot, out here, so far. Especially at night, the way the moon reflects on the lake."

Waterlily looks out at the water and says, "It is beautiful." Already barefoot, she sits down on the dock next to Daniel and dips her feet in the water. "You really love nature, huh?"

Daniel nods and replies, "Yeah. It gives us all we need to survive."

"Some of the girls told me a little about you," Waterlily says.

"All bad, I bet," Daniel states.

Waterlily says, "I didn't think so. I mean, I thought that I loved nature, but I realized that compared with you... I have a lot to learn."

Daniel smiles slightly. He says, "Uh. I wouldn't mind teaching you, if you want. I mean, like a guru, pupil relationship."

Waterlily laughs and says, "I'd like that."

Daniel continues smiling. He says, "Alright, then."

Quintin is shown looking at Waterlily and Daniel from behind a tree. He sighs, but gives a warm smile.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "So, your team gave a pretty awful performance, I won't lie."

"Since when?" Francesca states dryly.

Chris says, "I should have been more careful about my contestant selection... Let's just get down to the marshmallow tossing." He tosses a marshmallow to Beau. Beau catches it and smiles. "Ivan is safe, also." Ivan catches his marshmallow. "Janice and Hedda," Chris says as he tosses marshmallows to the young women. "Daniel, you're safe." Chris tosses a marshmallow to him, which he quickly discards. Waterlily smiles at him. Chris says, "Waterlily." She catches her marshmallow and discards it. Daniel smiles at her. "I regrettably announce that Francesca is safe," Chris says. Francesca catches her marshmallow with a straight face. Chris looks at the contestants. He tosses a marshmallow to Sheena. "Sheena is safe." Quintin and Jonathan look at each other. Chris says, "That meaningful look is right. Either Jonathan or Quintin have been voted out. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Jonathan." Jonathan catches his marshmallow.

Quintin stands up abruptly. He says, "I figured." He looks at Waterlily, and slightly sighs. "I'm not good at goodbyes, so sorry, everyone, for my performance, today. Bye." He quickly walks toward the Boat of Losers. He looks back and waves, turns, lowers his head, and boards the boat.

On the boat, Quintin says, "That whole thing didn't go the way I expected to. I didn't plan on ignoring my intuition, but I see now what happens when I do... But I learned something important. I still believe that Waterlily is perfect for me... But I'm all wrong for her." He smiles. "I hope she's happy."

Waterlily and Daniel are shown sitting on the dock, again. Waterlily says, "I can't believe he left so soon. I didn't even get to say goodbye to him."

"I think he left abruptly to avoid having to say anything," Daniel replies. He looks at Waterlily, and blushes. He looks back out at the water and says, "But he didn't mean anything by it. He's a good guy."

"Yeah," Waterlily replies. "I think he tricked me into coming down here just to meet you. I'm still not positive why, exactly." Daniel looks at Waterlily, and she looks back at him. Daniel leans toward Waterlily and kisses her.

Chapter 3 - Modest MuseEdit

Chris says, "Another day, another dolla... Another episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars. Last time, our contestants faced their first challenge of the season, constructing a Levi mannequin, and swimming it to a raft, inspired by Esme. One contestant in particular had difficulty with the challenge. To be more specific, it was Quintin. He lost most of his clothes, was chased by a bear who wanted his pants, and slid down a muddy hill. Ha ha! His bad performance in the challenge caused the others to eliminate him, for some reason. But before he left, he set up his ex-girlfriend, Waterlily, with his new friend, Daniel. It was kind of sweet, actually." Chris pauses and begins laughing, again. "Sorry. I was just thinking about him sliding down the hill, again. What will happen next?"

Waterlily and Daniel are shown on the dock, both blushing. Daniel asks, "What just happened?"

"I think it was a kiss," Waterlily replies.

Daniel laughs, catches himself, stops, and blushes some more. He says, "I meant... I didn't come here to fall in love." His face turns bright red. "Not that I'm in love, or anything."

"Why not?" Waterlily asks.

"I don't know," Daniel says. "We met, like, a day ago?"

Waterlily nods. She says, "I never believed in love at first sight, either."

"Maybe that's what this is," Daniel says. They get quiet and kiss, again.

Ivan is seen strolling down to the dock. His eyes get wide as he sees Daniel and Waterlily kissing. He quickly turns around and runs toward the confessional. Once inside, he breathes heavily. He says, "This can't be canon. This can't be canon." He continues to breathe heavily. He pulls out a paper bag and breathes into it. He takes a break from breathing into the bag. "Quintin and Waterlily were meant to be together. I knew eliminating him would be a mistake, this early. Now they have no hope of getting back together. I can't even imagine what the fan community is saying, right now." Ivan cries into his hands. He stands up and says, "I don't know what to do with myself, now. I think I feel like wandering aimlessly." He exits the confessional and walks directly into Hedda, who is wearing scuba gear. "Sorry," he says. They look at each other.

Noting Ivan's red eyes, Hedda says, "You've been crying, too? So you must know about Waterlily and... I can't even say it."

"I know!" Ivan says through sobs. They hug and cry in each other's arms.

Hedda stands up abruptly. She says, "I know what we have to do."

"Huh?" Ivan asks.

In The Bottom Feeders' guys' room, Beau has his wallet out, and is showing Jonathan pictures. Beau explains, "This is my beautiful wife, Kara. Isn't she gorgeous?"

Jonathan says, "Uh. Yeah. She's really... Uh..."

"What?" Beau asks.

Jonathan blushes. He says, "Well, she's not what I imagined. She's a little on the... chubby side?"

Beau laughs. He says, "She's pregnant."

"Oh, sorry," Jonathan says. "Wait, you got married pretty recently, right?"

"About eight months ago," Beau replies. "We didn't plan on having kids so soon, but..." Beau points out the next picture. "This is my son."

Jonathan smiles. He says, "He's adorable. But he's not what I imagined... He's a little on the... Asian side?"

Beau laughs. He says, "His mother is Asian. An ex. I didn't know I had him, but I found out after getting married, and he's mine, now. My wife and I had discussed that if we were going to have children, we wanted them to be close in age, so we decided to expand our family. Probably just one or two more."

"How pregnant is she?" Jonathan asks.

Beau says with a laugh, "Oh, almost six months."

"Congratulations, man," Jonathan says with a smile.

Beau smiles and says, "Thanks, man."

The next day, Fiona and Kendall are sitting by each other. Fiona says, "Can you believe we get to compete with each other, again?"

Kendall shakes his head. He says, "I'm so blessed." Fiona closes her eyes, goes out to hug him, and realizes that Reeve has joined them. She puts her arms around Reeve by accident.

Fiona says, "Oh, Dolly! You started working out since yesterday?" She opens her eyes and sees a blushing Reeve. Fiona's face turns bright red. Kendall laughs hysterically. "Dolly!" Fiona scolds. "Don't laugh."

Reeve says, "I'm sorry. I must be interrupting something."

"Fare thee we..." Fiona begins.

Kendall says, "Don't be silly. You're always welcome to hang out with us." Fiona grumbles.

Reeve puts his arms around Kendall and Fiona. He says, "Thanks, guys. It means a lot to me to have people here I can be friends with."

Reeve is in confessional. He says, "I'm sure most people remember my last season. I think I did so well, because I had two people I was really close to that I could depend on. Coming here, I was worried that I wouldn't get along with anyone." He smiles. "So, yeah. I'm happy Kendall and Fiona are here."

Yi Min is shown lying on the beach. Ophelia approaches him and sits next to him. She says, "Hey, Yi Min." He abruptly tries to get up. "Yi Min, don't go." Yi Min sits back down, looking embarrassed. "Why have you been avoiding me? Aren't we still friends?"

Yi Min says, "Of course."

"So?" Ophelia says.

Yi Min looks down at the sand. "I don't want to talk about what happened between me and Priscilla," he explains. "I just thought that you'd be disappointed about it, since you were the one to set us up, and you would want to talk about it."

Ophelia says, "We don't have to talk about it if you don't want."

"Really?" Yi Min says.

"Really," she replies. "So how are you? How's school going?"

Yi Min smiles. He looks out at the water and says, "It's going good. I miss my friends, but I'm sure I'll start making more friends at college, eventually."

"I'm sure you will," Ophelia says with a smile.

Yi Min laughs. He says, "And here I was so scared to talk to you."

"Little old me?" Ophelia says.

"Yeah," Yi Min says with another laugh. Waterlily and Daniel walk by holding hands. Yi Min points at them as they pass and asks, "Your doing?"

Ophelia shakes her head and says, "Nope."

Hedda and Ivan are shown in the bushes. They peek above the bushes to see Waterlily and Daniel walking by. Hedda says, "You remember the plan?"

"Yeah," Ivan says while blushing. "But I don't think I'm the right guy for this. I mean, I'm not that good looking."

"You're joking," Hedda says. "You're the second hottest guy here."

Ivan bashfully says, "I don't know about all that."

"Oh, third," Hedda says. "I didn't include Chris."

"How could you forget him?" Ivan asks with a laugh. They sigh together.

Hedda states, "Here they come. Go get 'em, stud." She pushes Ivan out of the bushes, clad in his swimsuit.

He says, "Oh, funny bumping into you two." He nonchalantly poses. "I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk."

Daniel eyes him and says, "In that getup?"

Ivan looks down. He says, "Oh, this? I just put on whatever was lying around."

"That's not what I meant," Daniel says with a roll of his eyes.

Waterlily says, "A walk sounds fun. Where to?"

"I was thinking we could walk through nature," Ivan says.

"Ooh!" Waterlily excitedly says. "My favorite kind of walk." Ivan holds out his arm, and Waterlily latches onto him. She looks back at Daniel and asks, "Aren't you coming?"

Daniel begins walking away. He says, "You know what they say. Three's a crowd."

Waterlily says, "Well, if Danny isn't coming with, I don't think..."

Ivan grabs onto Waterlily's arm, and spins her toward him. He says, "You have the most beautiful eyes."

"Thanks," she says, with a blush.

"You know who else has beautiful eyes?" Ivan asks.

"Who?" Waterlily asks.

"Quintin," Ivan replies.

"Er," Waterlily says with a confused expression. They begin walking off together.

Daniel is shown sitting by himself on a rock with his arms folded over his legs. Hedda approaches him, and says, "Hey, Daniel!"

"Ugh," he says. "It's you."

"Right," Hedda says. "Your good friend from Total... Drama... Wilderness."

Daniel rolls his eyes. He says, "Go away."

"Sure," Hedda says. "But before I go, I should tell you some things I've learned about Waterlily."

"I don't want to hear it," Daniel says.

Hedda pulls out her notepad and reads from it. She says, "First off, I have gathered that she isn't very into bathing."

"She isn't?" Daniel asks.

"And I'm not sure what year it was when she last shaved her legs, if ever," Hedda goes on. Daniel's eyes widen. "And while rummaging through her belongings, I discovered that she didn't bring anything resembling deodorant."

"Really?" Daniel says.

Hedda nods and smirks. She says, "My work here is done." She gets up and walks off.

"I couldn't believe those things that Hedda told me about Waterlily," Daniel states in confessional. "If what she said was true, that would make Waterlily my absolute ideal woman." He sighs, and looks off dreamily. "I didn't know a girl like that existed."

Sky Lynn is shown pushing Creigh in his wheelchair in the woods. He says, "You didn't have to start pushing me around, you know?"

Sky Lynn says, "We went over this. I wanted to."

Creigh says quietly, "That's not what I meant. I was going to say..."

Ivan and Waterlily walk by. Sky Lynn looks after Ivan. She says, "Yum." Janice falls from a tree, in front of Creigh and Sky Lynn, and proceeds to be run over by Creigh's wheelchair. Sky Lynn looks down and says, "Whoops."

Janice says, "I'm okay."

Sky Lynn helps her up and asks, "What were you doing?"

"Oh, uh..." Janice says. "I... uh... decided to take up bird watching."

"Right," Creigh says. "If by bird you mean Ivan, and by watching you mean stalking."

Janice blushes. She says, "I gotta go." She runs off with her face red.

Sky Lynn looks at Creigh and says, "That was nice of you. By the way, what were you about to say?"

"Before that guy candy walked by?" Creigh asks. "The moment is gone." Sky Lynn shrugs and continues pushing him.

The next scene shows Chris with all of the contestants gathered around. He says, "The next challenge is based on Ruth. She memorably was eliminated for being too focused on her artistic inspiration, Brent. This challenge will require you to make some sort of artistic statement with Brent as your inspiration. Come on out, Brent."

Brent joins the others wearing only a strategically allocated fig leaf. He shrugs and says, "I'm not sure how I feel about this."

Kendall looks on and asks, "Are all our challenges going to involve an arguably unhealthy obsession with a guy?"

Chris looks off. He says, "No, smarty." Chris points to a large pile of art supplies. He says, "We got this stuff cheap after a local school cut their art program. How lucky am I?"

"About medium-lucky," Al answers.

Chris goes on, "Whoever captures Brent's essence best will win the challenge. You must only make one piece of art, however. I'll let you all get to it."

Kristy addresses her team, "I think it would be best to find out who of us has any artistic talent before we get started. Anyone?" The members of The Top Bananas look at each other. "Anyone?" Everyone looks at Kendall.

Kendall says, "Just because I look like this, that means I'm artistic? Poetry is my art form, but I don't think it qualifies for this challenge."

Yi Min raises his hand. He says, "Uh, I do sculptures."

"Really?" Melinda says. "I didn't know."

"Yeah," Yi Min says. "I mean, it's on my official profile's list of talents."

Ophelia looks closely at the art supplies. She says, "Great. There's modeling clay here. You can use that."

"What do you mean?" Yi Min asks.

"You know," Ophelia says. "You can use the clay to sculpt something."

"Oh, no," Yi Min says. "I don't do that kind of sculpture." He blushes. "I use, like, old televisions, car parts, bottles, and cutlery. You know? That kind of sculpture. I stack them together to resemble something else."

"That is stupid," Reeve declares.

Creigh says, "Too bad we don't have any hair extensions and hairspray. We could have judged Reeve based on his hobby, instead."

Reeve folds his arms and says, "Point taken."

Yi Min says, "I guess I'm not going to be able to do the challenge without the supplies I need."

Sky Lynn says, "Let me handle that." She begins roaring and making bird calls. Her team looks at her with wide eyes.

Over on the other team, the contestants stare at the art supplies. "I guess we have to do something," Sheena says. "This challenge is so horrible."

Jonathan states dryly, "My day is complete. I got to hear Sheena complain."

Francesca says dryly, "Now that's humor."

Sheena rolls her eyes and says to Jonathan, "Didn't you get a arts and crafts patch in your prepubescent scout days?"

Jonathan frowns and says, "They were badges, and no. I did not get the elusive painting, sculptor, or paint-by-numbers badges."

"You must really suck at art," Sheena replies.

Jonathan sighs and says, "Yeah."

Beau says, "Well, we have to do something." He grabs an easel, places a canvas on it, and begins disrobing.

Daniel covers his eyes and says, "Don't tell me you're going to do body painting."

Beau says, "What? No! I don't want to get paint on my clothes. What's the big deal?" He looks over at Janice who has fainted. He says, "Oh, right..." He decides to keep his pants on. He shrugs and begins painting the canvas.

Sky Lynn is shown instructing various animals on what her team needs. Kendall pats a raccoon on the head. He says, "I've never see a raccoon in real life, before. It's kind of cute. Not puppy cute, but it's up there." It rolls over onto its back. Kendall says, "Aaaaw!"

Sky Lynn watches her animal friends as they fly, run, or swim away. She waves and says, "Goodbye my friends. And thanks."

Al says, "Uh, Sky Lynn?"

She says, "Yeah?"

"Is this a friend of yours?" Al asks. He holds up his arm, revealing a jungle cat hanging from his arm by its teeth. Al is covered in scratches.

Sky Lynn scolds, "Bad kitty!" The jungle cat leaps off of Al and runs off into the forest. She says, "Al, I'm so sorry! I recognize the markings on that animal from Tropics. He must still remember you as my competitor."

"That's okay," Al says. He falls over.

The other team is shown. Beau is covered in paint. He looks down at himself and says, "I told you so." He looks at his painting. He says, "Is it missing anything?"

"Talent?" Sheena suggests.

"Hey, I did my best," Beau states.

Waterlily suggests, "How about the sun or a rainbow?"

"Good idea," Beau says. He returns to painting.

Ivan says, "Nice suggestion, Waterlily. Quintin would be proud."

The other team is shown. Animals return with various objects for Yi Min to use. He looks around and says, "I can get started. Thanks, Sky Lynn."

Sky Lynn smiles and says, "You're welcome." She looks at Al trying to get his sarong back from the returned jungle cat. "Stop that!" Sky Lynn shouts. Al lets go of the sarong and the jungle cat runs off. Sky Lynn puts her hand on her forehead and says, "I meant the cat."

"Oh," Al says. He looks down. "Oh, good. I didn't go commando, today." The others shudder.

Later, Chris returns. Both teams have covered their artwork with white sheets. Chris is wearing a beret. He says, "I'm ready to judge."

Kristy states, "Yi Min made this sculpture that truly captures Brent. The moment we've all been waiting for, Yi Min's sculpture." She removes the sheet revealing a coat rack with a mannequin arm, boot, stereo, hoodie, and television attached. The television, which is at the top of the sculpture, has a portrait of Brent's face drawn on it.

Sheena says, "That is just awful."

Chris applauds and says, "I love it. Amazing work."

"Thanks," Yi Min says while blushing.

"I never understood art," Sheena states. "Art is stupid."

Chris says, "Now, let's look at The Bottom Feeder's entry."

Beau says, "Right. Mine is a painting. Um. That's all." He removes the sheet.

Chris surveys the image and frowns. He says, "This painting is average at best." Beau frowns. Chris states, "You perfectly captured Brent's essence. Congratulations! The Bottom Feeders win the challenge!" Most of the team cheers and hugs Beau, getting paint on themselves. Chris says, "That means The Top Bananas have to vote someone out. So sad. Seeya." He walks off.

Fiona screams and hugs Kendall, who is swelled up and lying on the ground. Reeve asks, "Kendall?"

Fiona points at Reeve and dramatically asks, "What did you do to him?"

Reeve insists, "I didn't do anything."

Kendall mutters, "Allergic... to... raccoons..." Kendall is picked up by interns, and brought toward the medical tent.

Brent asks, "Um, am I supposed to go? Are my pants anywhere?" He looks around.

Ophelia nudges Melinda and says, "Aren't you going to say hi?"

"I'm not sure what to say," Melinda says while blushing.

Al is by Brent. He asks him, "Do you know where I can get me one of those?" while pointing at his fig leaf. Brent shrugs. A large intern arrives and carries Brent away.

Ophelia asks Melinda, "Is there something you want to talk to me about?"

Melinda shrugs. She says, "I feel kind of guilty about asking you for relationship advice, since you had a hand in getting us together."

Ophelia says, "I don't mind." She grabs a marker and a rock, and writes on it. She places it on a stump, and it says, "Relationship Advice" on it. She sits on the ground and says, "What do you need?"

Melinda laughs. She sits down. "Well," she says, "pretty soon after we started dating... Brent told me that he missed the old me."

"Creepy goth Melinda?" Ophelia says in surprise. "Brent?"

Melinda nods. She says, "I asked him why, but he couldn't really give me an answer. Things got weird and awkward between us. So we mutually decided to break up. Well, I asked if he wanted to break up, and he was indifferent."

"And?" Ophelia asks.

"Well," Melinda says. "Uh... I miss him."

"So you should have talked to him," Ophelia says.

Melinda shrugs. She says, "I didn't know what to say. I kind of think that... I bore him."

"You bore Brent?" Ophelia asks with wide eyes.

Melinda laughs. She says, "Ironic, right?" She stands up and says, "I should get going. We have to vote for someone. Thanks for hearing me out." Melinda walks away.

Ophelia waves and looks up, realizing that Reeve, Sheena, Al, Jonathan, Kristy, Waterlily, Daniel, Fiona, and Janice are standing in line. She gets up and walks off.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "It is time... for one of you."

"Ooh," Yi Min says. "Chris has been working on his dramatic phrasing."

Chris frowns. He says, "Thanks for noticing. The first safe contestant is Kendall." Fiona hugs Kendall, making him miss his marshmallow. "Ophelia is also safe," Chris says with a toss of a marshmallow. "Fiona, Reeve, Yi Min, and Melinda." They catch their rapidly tossed marshmallows. "Kristy," Chris announces. "Creigh." Creigh catches his marshmallow. Chris states, "Sky Lynn and Al, our bottom two. One of the two of you is out, and must immediately leave Camp Wawanakwa. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Al." Al catches his marshmallow.

Sky Lynn stands. She says, "Um, okay."

Puffed up Kendall says, "Sorry."

Al waves, still covered in bite marks and scratches, and says, "Ow. Waving hurts."

Sky Lynn sighs. "Who thought my animal friends would become a liability this time?" She says. "Bye, everyone." She walks by Creigh and hugs him. She says, "Try to stay strong, out here." He glares at the rest of his teammates. "Don't be too mad at them. They had their reasons for voting for me."

"Right," Creigh says quietly. "Bye... and thanks, I guess."

"Sure," Sky Lynn says. "You kept saying you didn't need me, so here's your chance to prove it." Creigh cracks a smile but frowns after a moment. Sky Lynn waves goodbye.

Once on the Boat of Losers, she says, "I definitely was not expecting to be eliminated this early. Sorry to everyone who expected me to do better. Creigh and Daniel, I hope the both of you are okay without me." She smiles.

Chris is shown in front of the camera. He says, "Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to watch next time for more Total, more Drama, and more of The All-Stars." He smiles wide and says, "I thought of that myself."

Chapter 4 - Watermelon-cholyEdit

Chris opens the show, "Welcome to the fourth episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars! The two teams competed in an an artistic battle, based on Ruth, where Yi Min and Beau took the leads for their teams. In order to get Yi Min the supplies he needed, Sky Lynn called forth her beasts and sent them to get what she needed. Al and Kendall were caught in the crossfire, however, as a jungle cat mauled Al, and Kendall found out that he was heavily allergic to raccoons. In the end, The Top Bananas structure was simply too good, and the team was sent to the elimination ceremony. Sky Lynn did not return... Pretty dramatic, huh? Stay tuned to see what will happen this time."

Waterlily and Daniel are sitting on the dock, as Ivan and Hedda hide together in the bushes, spying on them. Waterlily is resting her head on Daniel's shoulder. She says, "It's so beautiful, here. Aren't you glad you decided to join?" Daniel remains quiet. Waterlily asks, "Is there something wrong?"

Daniel blushes. He says, "Uh, no. I mean, kind of."

"What is it?" Waterlily asks.

"Nothing worth mentioning," Daniel replies.

Waterlily says, "Daniel. If we want to have a solid relationship, we need to communicate what we're feeling, no matter what it is."

Daniel nods. He says, "Yeah, I guess you're right. I guess I'm just a little jealous of you and Ivan."

"Ivan?" Waterlily says with her eyes wide. "Trust me, Daniel. He isn't my type. Besides, I can't help but to think of him as that short, chubby kid from four years ago who couldn't touch a cardboard cutout." Hedda laughs, while Ivan glares at her.

Daniel says, "That makes me feel better. Though, I would prefer it if you didn't go off with him, anymore."

"Why not?" Waterlily asks. "It didn't mean anything. We're simply friends."

"You won't stop hanging out with him, even though it makes me feel uncomfortable?" Daniel asks.

Waterlily's eyes get narrow. She says, "You want to control who my friends are?" She stands up and says, "I'm sorry, but I don't think we're right for each other, after all." Ivan and Hedda hug and smile, with their eyes wide.

Daniel says, "I think you're right." He stands up. "I wouldn't want to control who you choose as your friends. I'm leaving." He begins walking away.

"No, I'm leaving," Waterlily states.

"Then after you," Daniel states in a condescending tone.

"No, after you," Waterlily replies. They glare at each other and storm off of the dock together.

Once the two are off of the dock, Hedda and Ivan hug and simultaneously squeal, "Eeeeeyay! We did it!"

Waterlily and Daniel's eyes get wide. Waterlily hugs Daniel. Daniel asks, "What was that?"

Waterlily shakes her head and says, "It didn't sound like anything I've ever heard in nature." Waterlily and Daniel look into each other's eyes, as they hold each other tight.

Daniel looks embarrassed. He says, "I was acting like a fool. I'm sorry for getting jealous."

Waterlily insists, "I'm sorry that I didn't consider how it made you feel."

"You can hang out with whatever stud muffin you want to," Daniel assures.

"I don't know why I would ever have to, when I have you," Waterlily answers. Daniel's face gets red.

"I'm sorry for getting mad," Daniel says. "Let's not fight, again." Waterlily nods and kisses him. It begins to rain gently. Daniel looks up and says, "Here comes the rain, again. Come on. I don't want you to get sick."

"You're so sweet," Waterlily says with a smile. They run off, holding hands.

Ivan and Hedda stare on in disbelief. Hedda asks, "What just happened?"

Ivan says, "I think Daniel just called me a stud muffin." The rain begins falling more heavily.

Hedda holds her hands above her head and says, "Oh, no. My beautiful hair."

Ivan picks her up, and says, "I'll bring you back to your cabin. I wouldn't want to let an institution get ruined." Ivan begins running toward Hedda's cabin.

Hedda says, "You're so strong."

Ivan blushes and says, "Thanks. You wouldn't happen to know how much your hair weighs, would you?"

"Why do you ask that?" Hedda asks.

"No reason," he says with a laugh. "I can handle it." While carrying Hedda, the pair comes across Janice.

Hedda whispers to Ivan, "Put me down." He complies by dropping her in the mud.

"Sorry," Ivan says with his face bright red. He turns his attention toward Janice. He says, "Hey, Janice."

"Hi," Janice replies. Hedda rushes toward her cabin. Janice looks after her. She then asks, "So... is something going on between you and Hedda?"

"Me and Hedda?" Ivan says. "No. She was just worried about her hair and I wanted to bring her back to her cabin, all quickly."

"Oh, I see," Janice replies. She begins to turn toward her cabin.

Ivan asks, "Uh, what were you doing out here, anyway?"

Janice's face is bright red. She says, "I saw you leave the guys' cabin, and when it started raining I started to get worried. That's all."

Ivan smiles. He says, "That's really nice of you. Thanks! But as you can see, I'm perfectly fine."

"Yeah, you are," Janice replies.

"What was that?" Ivan asks with a raised eyebrow.

"I gotta go!" Janice says, as she runs to her cabin. Ivan shrugs, and returns to his cabin.

Once inside, he removes his jacket and shirt, and then tries to ring the water out of them. Beau, Jonathan, and Daniel look at him. Jonathan asks, "Is that a TDI tattoo?"

"And..." Beau begins as he stares with wide eyes. "Al and Owen's faces?"

Ivan nervously says, "Uh. Yeah. I got them when I was still really big into the Total Drama series."

"Oh, okay," Beau says. "They complement your muscle definition nicely." Jonathan looks at Beau with wide eyes. Beau says, "What? Can't a dude say that to another dude without any weirdness?" Beau ponders for a moment. He says, "Maybe I should change the subject. Does anyone want to see the tattoo of my wife's name on my butt?" Beau gets some awkward stares. Beau blushes and says, "I take that as a no."

In The Top Bananas girls' cabin, the contestants attempt to sleep, but are kept awake from a drip from the leaky ceiling. "I hate to sound like Sheena," Kristy says, "but I don't think I can get to sleep with that rainwater hitting the floor, and getting all over the place."

"Me neither," Melinda states. "Do you think there's a bucket or something in that boathouse from season one?"

"Good idea," Kristy says. "We should go look for it."

Ophelia states, "I know where it is. I saw it in the first challenge when I was walking around with Reeve."

"Don't mention that name," Fiona states with malice in her voice.

"Okay," Ophelia says with a confused expression.

"Let's go, then," Melinda says while grabbing her jacket.

Ophelia states, "There's no need for all of us to go out there. I know where it is, so I can go by myself."

"Are you sure?" Kristy asks.

Ophelia nods and smiles. She says, "Yup." She puts on her rain jacket and boots, and heads outside.

"Be careful," Kristy calls after her. Kristy says to Melinda, "That girl is amazing."

"Tell me about it," Melinda says.

Ophelia is shown reaching the boathouse. She opens the door and looks around inside, and hears something fall to the floor. Her eyes widen and she says, "Is someone here?"

"Hey," an unenthusiastic voice says.

"Brent?" Ophelia says in disbelief. Brent nods, now in his clothes. "What are you still doing here?"

Brent explains, "I'm not sure. That intern guy dumped me off here."

"Huh," Ophelia says. "And you weren't upset about it?" Brent shrugs. Ophelia says, "Right." She looks around. She says, "I'm sure you can stay with the guys."

"Nah, I'm fine here," Brent says. "I wouldn't want to start a fuss."

Ophelia looks around and finds a bucket. She picks it up and says, "Well, I guess I'll be heading back. Take care." She opens the door.

Brent calls out, "Ophelia? Can I ask you something?"

Ophelia turns around and smiles. She says, "Sure. What is it?"

Brent says, "It's kind of silly, but... Did Melinda talk about me, at all?"

Ophelia nods and says, "Yeah, a little."

"What did she say?" Brent asks.

"She told me about your break up, and that she wanted to talk to you, but wasn't sure what to say," Ophelia admits.

"Huh," Brent says.

Ophelia asks, "What's on your mind?"

Brent says, "Hm? Oh. I just was remembering that I thought the same thing at the time."

"You should have said something to her," Ophelia states.

"I wanted to," Brent states, "but I didn't know what to say."

"It doesn't matter what you say, really," Ophelia assures.

Brent sighs. He says, "Yes, it does."

"What do you mean?" Ophelia asks.

Brent explains, "I thought things were going really good."

"You did?" Ophelia asks. "Melinda said that you said that you missed the way she used to be."

Brent looks confused. He says, "I don't remember saying that."

"You don't?" Ophelia asks.

Brent shrugs. He thinks back. He looks like he remembers something, and says, "Oh, yeah. I said that I missed the old Melinda."

Ophelia looks at Brent. She says, "And how is that any different?"

He looks confused. He says, "I missed the old Melinda. You know. I wanted to tell her how I felt back then, but, like, missed the opportunity."

Ophelia slaps her forehead. She says, "I think she would be more than happy to accept you, again, if you explained yourself."

"I don't know," Brent says. "I kind of felt that she broke up with me, because I bored her. I went along with it, even though it made me sad, as I didn't want her to be bored." Ophelia laughs. Brent frowns. He says, "Don't laugh."

Ophelia explains, "Melinda thought that she bored you."

"She did?" Brent says. "That's funny. Nothing bores me."

Ophelia laughs. She says, "Okay, I think you better talk to her when you can."

"Yeah," Brent agrees. "Thanks for the advice."

Ophelia says, "I better head back before my team worries about me."

"Yeah," Brent says. "Bye." He leaps into a pile of ropes. Ophelia looks at him with a confused expression, but leaves with the bucket.

The next morning, The Top Bananas are outside, excluding Creigh. Kristy looks around and asks, "Where's Creigh?"

Al explains, "He's still getting ready. I tried to help him get dressed, but he was all crabby, and kept pushing me away."

Francesca randomly appears and says, "I can't imagine why he'd do that." The others laugh, while Al blushes.

Creigh opens the door, holding his wheelchair with one arm. He tries to keep his balance and grasps the rail. He says, "It was so thoughtful of Chris to make this place wheelchair accessible."

Al nudges Yi Min and whispers, "Is that sarcasm?" Yi Min shrugs.

Reeve says, "Uh, let me help, Creigh."

Creigh holds up his hand and says, "I can handle it. I don't need anyone's charity."

"I wasn't offering charity," Reeve states gruffly. "I was just offering to carry you, or something." Some of the others giggle. Creigh's face turns red. As he hops down a stair, he loses his balance and falls down the rest of the stairs, letting go of the wheelchair, and landing hard on his right knee and elbow. He grimaces.

Kristy rushes over and says, "Are you alright? Let me help you up."

Creigh looks annoyed. He says, "I said I don't need anyone's help." Creigh struggles to prop up his wheelchair by himself, stands, and sits in it. He turns his head and looks away from the others. Kendall looks over at him, and then sadly looks down at the ground.

Fiona hugs Kendall and says, "Oh, Dolly! You're all better! I was so worried."

Kendall smiles and says, "Yeah. Thanks for worrying about me. Though, I'm sorry that I made you worry."

Reeve puts his hand on Kendall's shoulder, and smiles. Kendall looks up at him and smiles. Reeve says, "I'm glad you're better, too, man." Fiona hisses at Reeve. Reeve laughs.

Kendall says, "I'm so fortunate to have you Fiona." Reeve frowns. Kendall adds, "And you, too, Reeve." Reeve smiles. Kendall thinks for a second. He says, "That reminds me. Chef Nurse Hatchet told me that I had to take some meds for the next few days. I better go do that, I'll be right back." Kendall rushes toward his cabin, gently puts his hand on Creigh's shoulder as he passes him, and goes inside his cabin.

Fiona turns to Reeve. She says, "Now, I have something I've been wanting to say to you."

"Me, too," Reeve says. "I'll go first." He hugs Fiona. The others look at him with surprised expressions.

Fiona asks, "What was that for?"

"Oh," Reeve says, while blushing. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to thank you."

"For what?" Fiona asks.

Reeve looks down at the ground. He says, "Well... I used to be a lot different, until I met Celia. You kind of remind me of her, I mean, you helped Kendall the same way she helped me."

"Oh," Fiona says, while blushing. "You're welcome."

Reeve continues blushing. He folds his arms and says, "Man... This is awkward." Fiona looks at Reeve and laughs.

Fiona is shown in confessional, saying, "I feel a little bad, now. I was wrong about Reeve. He's not a homewrecker. He's just really nice and affectionate."

Chris is shown with the remaining contestants gathered around him. Daniel looks disappointed at the other team, seeing that Sky Lynn is gone. Waterlily puts her hand on his arm. Chris says, "Challenge time! This one is based on Dirk." Several groans are heard. Chris goes on, "Right, that's the one. If you'll all remember, Dirk was eliminated after he lost his match in a watermelon baton battle against Lisa." Chris laughs and says, "He was voted out immediately after losing the challenge and becoming a blubbering mess, after being beaten by a girl."

Ivan says, "Actually, Chris, Dirk survived that vote. He was voted out in the following campfire ceremony, after being unwilling to even try to compete in the next challenge."

Chris glares at Ivan. He says, "Nobody likes a know-it-all fanboy."

Ivan is shown in confessional. He says, "What? I was on that season. I was even in the bottom two with him when he got eliminated. That doesn't make me a fanboy." Ivan pauses. "I still have that marshmallow, by the way. I had it bronzed, and then framed." Ivan proudly smiles.

Chris directs attention toward two platforms over quicksand. He explains, "Dirk was rather memorable in this challenge, so as opposed to thinking up a new, original challenge, I decided to go with a classic."

"That's just lazy on your part," Sheena complains.

Chris nods. Chris walks to one of the platforms and picks up two sticks with watermelons attached to them. He hands one to each team. He says, "You have all been randomly chosen for a matchup. Lets begin with Kristy and Sheena."

Kristy says, "No way is that random."

Ivan laughs hysterically. The others look at him. He says, "Sorry." He clears his throat. "I just remembered when Sabrina and Katrina were paired up in this challenge and Sabrina said something similar." The others continue to stare at him. He says, "I guess you had to be there."

Kendall states, "I was there, and it wasn't that funny." Ivan nervously chuckles.

Kristy and Sheena get onto their platforms. Chris explains, "Whoever leaves their platform first loses the point to their opponent. You may begin."

Sheena swings her watermelon stick at Kristy, but misses. Kristy says, "You won't get me that easily." Kristy swings her watermelon baton but misses, as well.

Sheena states, "That was so lame. But I shouldn't be surprised by..." Kristy hits her into the quicksand. From the quicksand, Sheena states, "A little help here?"

Jonathan looks at Chris and asks, "Do we have to help her?" Sheena glares at him. Kristy helps Sheena out of the quicksand.

Kendall and Francesca are on their platforms. Fiona shouts, "If you lay a watermelon on him, I'll hunt you, and find you! And I'll be mad at you, forever!"

Francesca looks serious, as usual. Kendall swings the stick and loses his grip on it. It flies in the air, and falls and hits him in the back of the head, knocking him into the quicksand. Francesca shrugs and says, "I guess I win."

Fiona helps Kendall out of the quicksand. She says, "I don't know if I should be mad at you or not." Kendall looks at her with wide eyes. She says, "Aw! I can't be mad at you, Dolly!" She hugs him. Kendall smiles.

Chris says, "Wow. That was really pathetic. Let's move on to Yi Min and Jonathan."

Jonathan looks at Yi Min and says, "I have to go up against him?"

Chris says, "Yeah. Is that a problem?"

Yi Min lifts up his shirt and punches himself in the abs. He says, "Ha ha! I think I just broke all of my fingers." Jonathan puts his hand on his forehead and sighs. They get on their respective platforms.

Jonathan pleads, "Did I ever tell you how sorry I was for being mean to you on Total Drama Reality?"

"I understood, later," Yi Min assures. "I don't have any hard feelings, just rock hard abs."

Jonathan smiles and says, "That's good."

"I'm still going to beat you into the ground, though," Yi Min assures.

Jonathan says, "What? Why?"

"That's the challenge," Yi Min says with a confused expression.

Jonathan smiles nervously and says, "Right. But I don't really feel right about doing this challenge against a friend. What do you say? A truce?" Jonathan extends his hand toward Yi Min to shake his hand. Yi Min hits Jonathan in the back of the head, sending him headfirst into the quicksand.

Yi Min runs down and says, "I'll help you, buddy!" He grabs hold of Jonathan's legs and pulls. He falls back holding Jonathan's pants.

"Disgusting," Sheena states, covering her eyes.

"I'm gonna try, again, buddy," Yi Min says. Yi Min tries, again, and pulls Jonathan out of the quicksand. Yi Min blushes and holds Jonathan's pants toward him. Jonathan glares at Yi Min and takes his pants back.

Melinda and Hedda are paired against each other. Hedda says, "Ooh, if it isn't Melinda. How's the rash?" Melinda's face turns red. She swings her stick at Hedda, but misses. Hedda crouches down and says, "Watch the hair!" Hedda climbs down the ladder. She says, "This isn't worth it."

Chris states, "Alright, so The Top Bananas are leading, three to one. Next up is Beau versus Reeve." Beau gulps.

Reeve smirks at Beau. He says, "Ready to get a lot less pretty, pretty boy?" Beau shakes his head. They get onto their platforms.

Beau rubs his chin. He says, "Uh. Reeve, your fly is down."

Reeve looks confused. He says, "Why are you looking?" Beau blushes. Reeve swings his watermelon baton at Beau. Beau leaps and dodges the attack.

"Um, your shoe is untied?" Beau states. Reeve looks down at his shoe. Beau excitedly says, "Now's my chance." He swings his watermelon stick as hard as he can toward Reeve's head, hitting him across the side of his face. Reeve doesn't budge. He looks at Beau with an incredibly angry expression. Beau says, "Um. It was an accident?" Reeve lunges at Beau. Beau drops his watermelon baton and gets into the fetal position. Reeve sails over Beau's head, and lands on the ground, doing a somersault as he lands.

Chris announces, "Beau gets the point."

Beau leaps up and says, "I did? Yes!" Reeve grabs hold of Beau's ankles and drags him off of the platform, and back to the others.

Chris points to Ophelia and Daniel. "You two are next," Chris says.

Ophelia's eyes get wide. She says, "Me against him?"

Chris nods. He says, "Yup. Random selection." Ophelia and Daniel get on their platforms.

Ophelia pleads, "Please go easy on me."

Daniel frowns. He says, "Al... Alright." He gently taps her with his watermelon baton. Ophelia falls off of her platform. Daniel says, "Okay, I feel really bad." He helps her out of the quicksand.

Daniel turns around to face the others who are all glaring at him with their arms folded. Francesca says, "You should be ashamed of yourself."

Daniel says, "Yeah, I am, now."

"Don't worry about it," Ophelia assures him.

Chris says, "After Daniel's ruthless display, the scores are now tied, three to three. Al and Janice are up next." The two get onto their platforms.

Al looks around. He asks, "Where's my opponent?"

"Down here," Janice states.

Al looks down. He says, "Oh. Hi." He swings, but misses.

Janice says in confessional, "Uh. I knew I couldn't beat Al the way the challenge was meant to go, so I had to get creative."

Janice uses her ventriloquism skills. "Al, it's me," she says.

Al's light brown eyes shoot open. He says, "Violet. Is that you?" He looks around. "But where are you, maaaaan?"

"I'm in the quicksand," Janice says, still using her ventriloquism. "Save me!"

Al says, "I'm comin' for ya!" He dives into the quicksand. He is helped out by Yi Min. Al calls out, "No! I gotsta rescue Violet." Yi Min pats Al's head.

Chris says, "Uh, Janice gets the point, bringing her team to four points, while The Top Bananas are at three. Next will be Waterlily and Fiona."

Waterlily and Fiona climb up the ladders to the platforms. Fiona swings the watermelon stick above her head. Waterlily swings, but misses. Fiona reaches into her pocket and says, "Sorry, Waterlily."

"For what?" Waterlily asks. Fiona pulls her hand out of her pocket and blows her handful of 'fairy dust' at Waterlily. Waterlily sneezes, and looks disoriented. Fiona swings her stick at Waterlily, makes contact, and causes Waterlily to fall into the quicksand. Kendall cheers wildly for Fiona.

Fiona leaps of of her platform and hugs Kendall. Daniel helps Waterlily out of the quicksand. Ivan frowns and shouts, "Levi wannabe!" Ivan gets several confused stares.

Chris says, "Huh. Imagine that. The scores are tied four to four with one point to go. Ivan and Creigh will be in the deciding match." Ivan smiles and nods. Chris says, "Remember, Ivan. Try not to fall asleep, and get knocked into the quicksand like your first season. Who knocked you into the quicksand, again?"

"It was Blair," Fiona answers.

"Our weakest team member," Kendall reminds.

Ivan suddenly looks very nervous. Creigh gets out of his wheelchair, climbs onto the platform, and props himself up on his watermelon stick. Ivan hesitates to climb onto the platform. "Come on, Ivan," Sheena cheers. "You got this!" Ivan smiles. Sheena pauses and says, "Oh, man. I can't believe I'm trying to pretend to have any confidence in that loser." Ivan frowns, again. He slowly climbs the platform.

Creigh says, "Oh, you climbed up." Ivan holds up his watermelon baton. Creigh stumbles.

Ivan looks at Creigh, and holds his head down. Ivan drops with watermelon baton, and quietly says, "I can't do this. It's not fair." Creigh looks annoyed.

Sheena says, "Oh, great. That's what happens when we depend on Ivan." Creigh lifts up his watermelon baton, wobbles, slightly, and throws the watermelon stick at Ivan as hard as he can. Ivan stumbles, as he is hit in the back of the head. Creigh loses his balance and falls off of his platform backwards, landing on the ground with a heavy thud. Ivan falls off of his platform, as well, but after Creigh.

Kristy rushes over to Creigh, followed by Ophelia, Al, and Yi Min. "How many times do I have to tell you people, that I don't need your help?" Creigh says in a defeated voice. He winces as he tries to stand, and pulls his wheelchair toward himself.

Chris states, "Well, The Top Bananas lose, again." The Bottom Feeders cheer. "They'll have to vote out a team member." Ivan sadly looks over at Creigh, but is surrounded by members of his team, who hug him.

Creigh pushes himself off in his wheelchair as members of his team look after him. Reeve sighs and says, "I guess we all know who our team's weak link is."

"He isn't even trying," Melinda admits.

Ophelia sadly looks after Creigh. She says, "I still feel really bad for him."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "So, here you are, again. I must say I'm disappointed. But on with the elimination. Yi Min, Melinda, Fiona, and Kristy. You all did great in the challenge, you're all safe." Chris tosses out four marshmallows. "Kendall is also safe, as well as Reeve." Chris tosses out marshmallows. "Al, you're safe, too." Al catches his marshmallow. "That means that Ophelia and Creigh are in the bottom two." Creigh holds his head down. Chris states, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Stop!" Kendall shouts. Chris looks at him with a confused expression. Kendall goes on, "I want to leave."

Fiona and Reeve look shocked. Fiona says, "Dolly! Nuuuuuuuu!"

"What are you, crazy, man?" Reeve says with wide eyes.

Kendall laughs. He says, "I'm sorry, guys. This just wasn't what I thought it would be, you know? It's a lot harder to compete when I'm friends with everyone."

"Weak," Chris says.

Kendall looks at Chris and says, "Please, Chris? I've made up my mind."

"I guess if that's what you want," Chris says. Kendall nods.

Fiona says, "Dolly! I don't understand. Don't go." Kendall hugs Fiona.

He says, "Please, just trust me. Do your best, out here. Make me and Isabella proud." Fiona nods.

Chris shrugs. He says, "Alright. Kendall just gave up a shot at ten million dollars, but if that's what he wants, whatever."

Kendall frowns. He says, "I forgot about the prize money... Oh well, I already made my decision. Bye, everyone." He hugs everyone, but Creigh. He puts his hand on Creigh's shoulder. Creigh looks up at him, and then over to the side. Kendall runs back to Fiona, kisses her, takes his things, and leaves.

Chris looks after him. He says, "That was kind of weird. Anyway, be sure to tune in next time for another unpredictable episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars."

Kendall is on the Boat of Losers. He looks back at the island. He turns toward the camera with a smile. He says, "I'm sure what I did just then will look insane to everyone, but hear me out." Kendall gives a sigh. "To me, this whole thing was more about the experience than the money. I'm so grateful for my time on the island, on my original season. It changed my life for the better. Meeting and falling in love with Fiona was the best thing that could have happened to me. So, uh... Seeing Creigh the way he is, reminded me of myself four years ago. When everyone said they were going to vote him out, I thought it would be selfish of me to rob him of the chance at the experience. I don't know what would have happened to me if I was voted out early, and didn't get a chance. This time around, I have everything I need. So I'm paying it forward, I guess. I hope it makes a difference, somehow."

Chapter 5 - Comic Mischief MakersEdit

Chris Mclean smiles and says, "Last time on Total... Drama:... The All-Stars, our contestants faced a classic, low budget challenge, the watermelon stick jousting challenge thing. As usual, the challenge was all tied up, and needed to be decided by a single match up, Ivan versus Creigh. Ivan felt that the match was unfair, due to Creigh's disability, and Creigh was angered that he wasn't being viewed as a worthy competitor. As Ivan was just about to forfeit, Creigh threw his watermelon baton thing at Ivan, making Creigh lose his balance, and fall first. At the elimination, Creigh was in the bottom two with Ophelia, but Kendall was the one to go home, after sacrificing himself in Creigh's behalf. What crazy antics are in store for us today? Watch and find out!"

Fiona cries and sniffles, still sitting on a stump at the campfire ceremony. The other contestants are no longer there. After a while, Reeve walks up to Fiona. He says, "Hey, Fiona." Fiona cries loudly. Reeve frowns and says, "Don't cry like that. I hate seeing cheerful Fiona like this."

Fiona cries some more. She says, "Dolly is gone!"

"I know that," Reeve replies, "but I don't think he would want you to be so upset over it. Did he react this way when he outlasted you in Boney Island?"

Fiona nods and says, "Yeah, though he was worse."

"Okay, bad example," Reeve admits. "But I know for a fact that he would never want to make you cry, and that he would want you to be strong."

Fiona sniffles. She says, "Maybe you're right."

Reeve nods and says, "I'm definitely right. Now stand up and tell me why you're going to try your best?"

Fiona stands and says, "For Kendall?"

"Is that a question?" Reeve shouts.

"For Kendall!" Fiona shouts.

"That's right," Reeve says with a smirk.

"And for justice!" Fiona shouts.

Reeve looks confused. He says, "What now?" Fiona runs off, looking like she's pretending to fly. Reeve looks after her, shrugs, and says, "Well, at least she's motivated."

Al is shown lying on the beach in his swimwear, with his sarong stretched out serving as a beach towel. Francesca walks up to him in her swimwear. Al looks up at her, blushes, and utters, "The hotness."

Francesca looks at him with a worried expression. She states, "You know you can't tan by moonlight, right?"

Al continues to blush, and says, "I know that." Al wraps his sarong around his waist. He says, "So what brings you out here?"

"My legs," Francesca dryly replies.

Al bursts out laughing. Francesca raises an eyebrow. Al looks embarrassed and says, "Sorry." He clears his throat. "Out here for a swim?"

"Nah, I just thought I'd show off my swimsuit in the dark," Francesca retorts.

"Oh, okay," Al replies. "It looks really, really, reeeeeeeally good on you." Francesca raises her eyebrow, again.

Francesca says, "Now, if you'll excuse me..."

"Why?" Al asks. "Did you fart, or something?"

Francesca blushes and says, "No. I was trying to get away from this awkward conversation."

Al looks heavily embarrassed. He insists, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it." He looks down at the ground. "I mean, I know super hot girls don't fart. I wanted to make a good impression, and eventually ask you to date me, or something. I had to go and mess it all up." Al looks up and sees that Francesca is gone. He sighs.

Francesca is shown in confessional. She dryly states, "Must I always attract the tall, lanky goofballs? First Anders, now Al?" She sighs. "It's a difficult life I lead."

Jonathan and Beau are shown walking together. Jonathan says, "Thanks so much for agreeing to go on this walk."

"No problem," Beau states.

Jonathan admits, "I've wanted to be more active, like how I used to be, but the first step is always the hardest."

Beau says, "If you don't mind my asking, is there some reason that you feel like you gained the weight?"

"I don't mind," Jonathan says. "After I started going out with Dinah, we would takes trips with our families and go hiking, swimming, and everything. But, like, it wasn't as important to me without incentive behind it, like when I was scouting."

"For babes?" Beau asks.

Jonathan looks confused. He explains, "I was a boy scout."

"Ooooh," Beau says in realization.

"So, anyway," Jonathan continues. "We kind of stopped. I never did all that stuff for my health, or appearance, so that stuff kind of went away after a while, and my diet got a lot less healthy." Jonathan blushes.

"You can do it, man!" Beau randomly shouts.

Jonathan laughs. He says, "Thanks, but it isn't easy. I've tried to start exercising, but I never know if what I'm doing is right, or if it's working, so I always give up pretty quickly. I wish it was easier to find out what I should be doing."

Beau's eyes widen. He lifts up his shirt and says, "Dude, check out my abs."

Jonathan says, "Uh." He looks confused. "They look good?"

"Thanks," Beau says. "But that's not the point. I'm pretty fit, dude. I'll be your own personal trainer, out here, man."

"Oh," Jonathan says. "You don't have to do that. I'm sure it's a nuisance for you."

"No," Beau insists. "It'll be my pleasure. I know a pretty awesome routine, so if you listen to me, you'll be a total stud in no time."

Jonathan laughs. He says, "Okay. Thanks, man."

Beau nods and says, "No problem." Beau begins stretching. He says, "The first thing we have to do is stop this sissy walking. We're men, dude. Men run."

"Alright?" Jonathan says with a raised eyebrow.

Beau runs off. He turns around and says, "Come on, Jon. Pick it up!" Jonathan nods, forces a smile, and jogs toward Beau.

The next day, Ivan is shown walking toward confessional. An arm reaches from the bushes, and pulls him into the bushes. He looks at Hedda and says, "Wow. You're stronger than you look."

Hedda nods. She says, "We have to start thinking about an alliance."

"What?" Ivan says with his eyes wide. "Alliances are evil."

Hedda shakes her head. She says, "Ivan, Ivan, Ivan. You need to stop looking at alliances as a bad thing. It basically just means that you have a group of people there to protect you, and get you farther into the game. I don't know why they get such a bad reputation."

"I don't know," Ivan says with a shrug. "Because Heather started the first one on Total Drama Island?"

Hedda sighs. She says, "That doesn't make alliances evil."

"I guess not," Ivan admits. "So who do you want to join it? Am I invited?"

"Of course, you are," Hedda replies. "I'm not sure who should join, just not Waterlily or Daniel." Ivan nods. "Hey, why don't you work your magic on Janice?"

"Magic?" Ivan asks with a confused expression. "Oh, you know my 'coin behind the ear' trick?"

Hedda shakes her head and says, "No, I mean... You know... Your masculine charms."

"Masculine charms?" Ivan asks with a raised eyebrow. "Like, a manly horseshoe, or four leafed clover?"

Hedda laughs. She says, "Ahem. No. Can't you tell that she likes you?"

"I like her, too," Ivan admits.

"You do?" Hedda asks. "Great! Ask her to be your girlfriend. Then she'll have to vote with us."

"Wait, what?" Ivan replies with wide eyes. "No, no, no."

Hedda says, "What's wrong? You said you liked her."

Ivan blushes. "No," he says. "I like her like a quarterback likes a football, or a child likes frosting. I don't want to marry her, or anything."

Hedda's eyes widen. She says, "No one said you had to marry her. But, sorry. I thought you meant you liked her in a romantic way. But we can make it work. You don't have to like her to string her along."

"No?" Ivan asks.

"No," Hedda replies with a smile.

The scene changes to The Top Bananas standing around, with Creigh off to the side. Kristy says, "Even though we lost the last challenge, let's not let that get us down. We were really close to winning."

Melinda nods and says, "Right. We would have won if it wasn't for..." She stops her sentence.

Ophelia attempts to change the subject. She says, "Um. How about the food? Pretty gross, right?"

"Yeah," Melinda says. "I thought it might get better, but nope. It might have even gotten worse than last time." Ophelia looks over at Creigh who is holding his head down. He begins pushing his wheelchair away from the others. She looks down at the ground.

Fiona rubs her chin. She says to Reeve, "Thanks for what you said last night. It helped, a lot."

"Whatever," Reeve says gruffly.

"Let me give you something," Fiona says.

"You don't have to..." Reeve starts. Fiona drags him toward her cabin. Kristy and Melinda shrug and run off. Francesca walks by. Al walks in her direction.

Ophelia looks at Yi Min. She says, "I guess it's just you and me."

Yi Min nods. "How's Uriah?" Yi Min asks.

"Fine," Ophelia answers. "Look, you remember Creigh, right?"

Yi Min nods. He says, "Yeah. Tsuyoshi had a mad crush on him."

Ophelia laughs. She says, "He's obviously been really down about something, and I don't like to see him alienating himself from the team. Do you think you could go talk to him? Maybe help him get around?"

"I don't know," Yi Min says. "He keeps saying he doesn't want any help, and I don't know what to say to him."

Ophelia shrugs. She says, "Why don't you just go and try? You don't have to say anything, he just needs someone, right now, even though he's not admitting it."

Yi Min nods. He says, "Maybe you're right. I'll go." Yi Min walks off toward Creigh.

Creigh looks at Yi Min and says, "I want to be alone."

"Okay," Yi Min says. "Let's be alone together."

Creigh blushes and says, "That's not what I meant."

Yi Min takes hold of the handles of Creigh's wheelchair and begins pushing him. Yi Min says, "Let me help you."

"I don't need your help, Yi Min," Creigh says.

Yi Min thinks for a moment. He says, "Then help me out. Uh. I mean, what's a season of Total Drama without me having to push someone around?"

Creigh looks off to the side. He says, "Fine."

Yi Min pushes the wheelchair back on two wheels. He says, "Look! You popped a wheelie!"

Ophelia looks after them and says to herself, "My first same sex couple. Um... And my first platonic couple."

Reeve steps out of Fiona's cabin wearing a pair of fairy wings. He says, "Thanks, Fiona. I love them!" He looks at Ophelia removes the fairy wings, and says, "I mean, I'm sure Arianne will love them."

Fiona follows after him. She says, "You're welcome." She hugs Reeve and says, "I had a spare set of wings. I can make an extra pair for your wife, too, if you want."

Reeve blushes. He says, "Celia and I aren't married. But yes, I'm sure she would love a pair." Fiona nods and goes back into her cabin. Reeve looks embarrassed. He walks down to Ophelia and says, "Let's walk and talk." Ophelia nods. They begin walking together.

Ophelia asks Reeve, "What did you want to talk about?"

"Celia," Reeve says. "Everyone thinks we're married already, all the time, but we aren't."

Ophelia says, "That's okay. Some couples just need more time to be sure."

"No, that's not it," Reeve says. "I'm sure she's the one. But... This is going to sound so stupid."

Ophelia asks, "What is it, Reeve?"

Reeve stops walking and looks down at the ground. He says, "I already planned to propose to her, but... I didn't."

"Jitters?" Ophelia asks.

Reeve shrugs. He says, "Kind of." He lets out a sigh. "Promise not to laugh?"

Ophelia says, "I'll try."

Reeve sighs, again. He says, "I planned to propose at the finale, after she won. Right when I was about to, one of my friends said that I would make a great trophy husband." He holds his head down. "I hesitated, and lost the moment. I thought that if I proposed, it would look like I only wanted to marry her because of her money." He sighs. "Pretty silly, right?"

Ophelia says, "Oh, Reeve. I'm sure she knows you really love her."

"And I do," he admits. "But... Just when I worked up the courage to try again... It was at the show's reunion. I was waiting for Chris to finish up the show, when Toby proposed to that scary chick. I knew I couldn't propose after that. It was their moment."

"You'll get your chance," Ophelia admits.

Reeve says, "I wanted it to be a really special moment. That's why I wanted it to be on the show. But then I thought, maybe I'm not supposed to propose. Maybe I'm interrupted, because it isn't supposed to happen."

Ophelia pats Reeve on the back. She says, "You know in your heart what you want. Are you going to let two failed attempts keep you from marrying the woman you love?"

Reeve laughs and says, "You're good. I'll try again. Repeatedly, if I have to. I won't give up." He smiles wide. He says, "Thanks, Ophelia." He hugs her, lets go, and wipes his nose. He says, "I have to go find something manly to do to balance all of this out." He walks off.

Later, Chris is shown gathered around with the contestants. He explains, "This challenge is based on Libby. She joked around, a lot. You, likewise, will joke around in this challenge. This will be a joke off. Four contestants from each team will each go a round telling jokes. The best will move on, and one will be eliminated. Four other contestants from each team will be in a simultaneous endurance challenge. They will hold on to a rope attached to a pulley, attached to a fifty pound rock. If they drop it, it will hit a button, triggering a cream pie to launch at one of their teammates in the joke round. If their teammate is hit with a pie, they are automatically knocked out of the challenge, in addition to the contestant eliminated by me for the round. If a contestant is eliminated from the round for their sucky jokes, the teammate enduring for them can sit out, too. Everyone understand?" The contestants look confused. "Good," Chris says. "Pick who you want to do what. The Bottom Feeders get to sit someone out."

Ivan says, "I think we should have our guys hold up the weights, and have four of our girls compete."

"Aw, man," Beau says. "That sucks. I'm both really strong, and really funny."

Ivan nods. He says, "Sorry. I think that will be our best choice."

The contestants are shown in their positions. Both teams have chosen for their male team members to hold up the weights, while the females are in front of them, behind microphones. Janice is sitting out for the Bottom Feeders. Chris says, "Let's begin with Ophelia."

Ophelia smiles. She nervously says, "Uh... Why did the chicken cross the road?" Al lets go of his rope, causing Ophelia to get hit by a pie.

Chris says, "Ophelia is out." He shakes his head at Al.

Al says, "What? I didn't see the point in trying, with that joke."

Chris shrugs and says, "Fair enough."

Francesca goes next. "I don't get the point of this. I mean, this challenge is so dull it makes my ninety year old great grandma look exciting. Did I mention that she is in a coma?"

Chris laughs. He gets some disapproving stares. He says, "What? Comas are hilarious."

Fiona states, "What's small, pale, and always fearing for its life?"

"Your husband?" Francesca asks dryly. Several contestants laugh.

Chris says, "Now, now, Francesca. You had your turn."

Fiona glares at Francesca. She answers, "A paranoid sugar cube."

Chris says, "I liked Francesca's answer better." Fiona glares at Chris, and then at Francesca. Chris says, "Go ahead, Sheena."

Sheena states, "Has anyone seen the prices on yogurt these days? They're ridiculous. I mean the small cup ones. If I want to spend a dollar, I'll spend it on something useful, like thumbtacks. And what's with the crazy flavors? Red velvet yogurt? Red velvet is cake, not yogurt. And another thing..." Daniel lets go of his rope, causing Sheena to get hit with a pie.

He explains, "I could have gone on longer, but I really needed to put an end to this." Sheena wipes her face and glares at Daniel.

"And for that we thank you," Jonathan replies.

Sheena goes over to the bench and says, "You be quiet, chubs." Jonathan blushes. "I'm surprised you're even in this challenge, anymore, on account of how weak you are."

Jonathan holds his head down. Beau pats him on the back and says, "You're doing great, man."

"Thanks," Jonathan replies. "I just wish I didn't say anything to Sheena."

"Don't worry about it," Beau replies. He says, "Check it out." Beau holds onto his rope with one arm, and says, "One handed." He flexes with his other arm. "Oops." He loses grip on his rope, causing Francesca to be hit with a pie. He holds his head down and says, "My bad."

Melinda jokes, "So what has two brains, and a healthy appetite?" She pauses. "A zombie eating the brains of a pair of twins." Melinda laughs uncontrollably. The others look at her with wide eyes.

Jonathan looks sweaty. He says, "Sorry, everyone. This is getting harder by the moment." He lets go of his rope, and Waterlily gets hit with a pie.

Jonathan and Waterlily sit on the bench. Sheena says, "We're all so shocked by how pathetic you are."

Jonathan holds his head down. He shouts, "Leave me alone! Why do you always have to be such a..." He stands up, and walks off toward his cabin.

Kristy says in a disappointed manner, "Sheena. Be nice."

Chris laughs uncontrollably. He wipes his eye and says, "Good one! Lastly, we have Hedda."

Hedda states, "I bet you all didn't know that Chris has a new job." He raises an eyebrow. Hedda holds up her notebook. She reads, "According to my sources, he is the new model for a new brand of adult diapers." The others begin laughing heavily.

Chris blushes and says, "They don't show my face in the ads. I needed the money..." He looks annoyed. He states, "Hedda is eliminated from this round, meaning that The Top Bananas are the winners of this challenge." He rolls his eyes and says, "I should have known this challenge would be a dud. I mean, female comedians?" Chris scoffs.

The teams scatter. Ophelia sits down next to Sheena. She says, "Sheena, you should really try to be nicer to Jonathan. It's been so long since your old rivalry."

"What am I supposed to do about it?" Sheena replies. "It's his fault for being so annoying."

Ophelia suggests, "Maybe you should apologize." Sheena groans. "Come on. Do it for me?"

Sheena sighs. She rolls her eyes and says, "Whatever." Sheena gets up and heads toward Jonathan's cabin.

Ophelia whispers to herself, "Why do I have this searing feeling of regret?"

Sheena barges into Jonathan's cabin and looks around. "Where's everyone else?"

Jonathan shrugs. He says, "Why are you here? You've come to verbally abuse me some more?"

Sheena rolls her eyes and says, "Quit being an idiot. Oh, wait. I forgot who I was talking to."

Jonathan says, "Get out before I lose my temper."

"Ugh," Sheena says. She walks over by Jonathan and sits down on his bed, next to him. "I'm sorry, okay?"

"That was the most threatening apology I've ever heard," Jonathan states.

"I mean it," Sheena insists. "I shouldn't be so hard on you, I just have trouble separating you now from who you were three years ago."

Jonathan states, "I've been trying so hard to keep my cool. I take meds, but it doesn't completely take my mood shifts away. It's been really hard. You've made it difficult."

Sheena sighs. She says, "The truth is, I wanted you to be here. I thought if I could be nice to you, I could be nice to anyone. Grant has really been on my case about how mean I can get. I don't do it on purpose, or anything."

"You really hoped I'd be here?" Jonathan asks.

Sheena says, "Don't make me repeat it."

Jonathan looks at Sheena and laughs. He says, "Thanks." Jonathan suggests, "Let's take this opportunity to leave our past conflict behind us. Agreed?"

Sheena shrugs and says, "I guess."

"Hug?" Jonathan asks.

Sheena winces. She says, "Alright..." The two hug.

Jonathan looks at Sheena and laughs. He says, "I always thought that our first physical contact would result in charges, but..." He looks slightly more serious. The two lean in and kiss.

Sheena jumps up and says, "What was that? I'm dating Grant!"

Jonathan puts his head in his hands. He says, "I'm sorry. I'm dating Dinah... How could I do that?"

Sheena shudders. She says, "I kissed Jonathan?" She begins spitting.

"I happen to know that I'm an awesome kisser," Jonathan states.

Sheena nods and says, "Yeah." Her face turns bright red. "I mean, Grant is gorgeous. You're a fat slob. Why would I make such a mistake?"

Jonathan says, "This is you being nice?"

"Sorry," Sheena apologizes. "You really aren't that fat. I just wanted something to pick on you for. Old habits die hard, I suppose. You're actually still really good looking, to be honest." They gaze into each other's eyes. Sheena turns around. She says, "I should go." She rushes outside.

Jonathan sits back down on his bed with his head in his hands. Someone says, "Ow!" Jonathan looks worried and rushes out of the cabin.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Another one shalt bite the dust, tonight. Your team didn't even survive one round of the challenge. Pathetic. Anyway, let's get on with the elimination. Ivan, Beau, and Francesca are safe." Chris tosses out marshmallows. Chris announces, "Jonathan and Hedda." Chris tosses marshmallows to the two. "Waterlily, you're safe." Daniel smiles at her. "Janice is safe," Chris states with a marshmallow toss. "Daniel and Sheena. One of you will not receive a marshmallow, and you can never return, again. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Daniel." Daniel catches his marshmallow, but drops it and wipes his hands.

Sheena stands up. She says, "You know what I think about this?" The others wince. She sighs and says, "You know, I'm sorry for my behavior. I can't blame you imbeci... friendly people for voting for me." She looks at Jonathan. She says, "I think I learned my lesson. Take care, everyone." She walks to the Boat of Losers.

"Who was that?" Beau says with wide eyes.

On the Boat of Losers, Sheena states, "I really don't like Jonathan like that. I don't know what came over me. I really missed Grant, and thought about him, a lot. Jonathan was just there in that moment. Grant, I hope you can forgive me." She blushes. "I am grateful to Jonathan, though. He tries so hard to control himself, at least with his temper. He should work on controlling those lips of his. But, that big dummy makes me think I can control myself better. I'm going to try, at least.

Chris states, "Alright, so that wraps up another episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars. Tune in next time." He walks off, as well as most of the other contestants.

Ivan and Hedda look over at each other. Ivan says, "So we agree on going after Waterlily and Daniel next time?" Hedda nods. Ivan shudders. He says, "I still can't believe it. Are you sure that Sheena and Jonathan... kissed?"

Hedda nods. "As sure as I am that you guys never clean under your beds." She coughs.

Ivan sighs and says, "That's crazy. But I guess if it is true, by comparison, Daniel and Waterlily are the lesser of two evils."

Hedda agrees, "We can't let two former rivals be in a relationship together. That would just be a crime on our part. It's our duty to keep something crazy like that from happening, again." Ivan nods rapidly.

Chapter 6 - Puppet TearsEdit

Chris is shown in front of the camera in his trailer. He says, "Hello, and welcome to another episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars. Remember with me last time, if you will. The contestants were asked to either endure while holding a fifty pound weight, or do stand up comedy. Only the female contestants ended up doing the comedy. I'm not sure why, as everyone knows that women and stand up comedy don't mix. Am I right?"

"I quit," a female voice says from off camera.

Chris watches her as she leaves. He says, "There goes my one female employee. Oh, well. What good is a writer on a reality show, anyway?" Chris pauses, and stares blankly at the camera. "Uh... The one team lost... Oh, and Jonathan and Sheena argued, made up, and then made out." Chris laughs. "See? You can't write that stuff!" Chris clears his throat. "Sheena was then eliminated, probably for being so mean to Jonathan. You know, when she wasn't randomly kissing him. Stay tuned to see who will go home, tonight!"

The Top Bananas' girls' room is shown. Ophelia says, "Oh, right. Melinda, there was something I wanted to talk to you about the other day, but I kept forgetting. When I went to get that bucket, I ran into Brent."

"You did?" Melinda asks, with wide eyes.

Ophelia nods. She says, "He was still on the island at the time. Anyway, he said that you didn't bore him."

"He did?" Melinda replies.

"Yeah," Ophelia answers. "He's still crazy about you. He wants to get back with you, and he explained that when he said he missed the old you, he meant that he missed his opportunity to ask you out when you were all creepy goth."

"That's all so confusing," Kristy says with wide eyes.

Ophelia assures, "Love is a complicated thing."

Melinda hugs Ophelia and says, "Thank you so much, Ophelia. I can't wait to talk to him, again."

"Ophelia really is a miracle worker," Kristy replies.

Melinda looks at Fiona sleeping in her bed with her arms around a life-sized Kendall plushie. Melinda turns her attention toward Kristy and says, "Do you have any relationship advice you want to ask from Ophelia?"

"Me?" Kristy says with wide eyes. "Everything's fine with Brad and I."

"Oh, really?" Melinda asks.

Kristy says, "Okay, you pried it out of me. I'm sure you two noticed that Brad isn't the most... affectionate person?" Ophelia and Melinda nod. Kristy sighs. She says, "I love the fact that he's so firm in his beliefs when it comes to dating, and not getting too close. But, I mean, I don't see what's wrong with holding hands, or a little kiss now and then." Kristy blushes. "It just makes me feel like he's not attracted to me."

Ophelia rushes over to Kristy and gives her hug. She says, "I'm sure that isn't the case. You're a beautiful girl."

Kristy smiles and says, "Thanks. Any advice?"

"All I can say," Ophelia answers, "is that you need to talk to him about how you're feeling."

Kristy nods and says, "Brad. It bothers me that you seem to avoid touching me so much."

Ophelia looks at Kristy with a raised eyebrow. She says, "I meant when you see him, again."

Kristy blushes. She says, "Oh, I thought you meant some sort of exercise." Ophelia laughs and shakes her head.

Waterlily is shown by the lake, washing her clothes on rocks. Ivan and Hedda are disguised in owl costumes, in a tree. Ivan looks at his costume and says, "This thing is really neat."

"Shh," Hedda shushes. "We have to be quiet. Don't you know anything about spying?"

Ivan nods and says, "Oh, right. I've done my share of spying. Like when I followed Al when he went to the grocery store that one time. He picked out some of the best hummus I've ever tried."

"I would be disturbed by that if I wasn't there, too," Hedda assures. Ivan looks at her with wide eyes.

Ivan looks over at Waterlily. He says, "What should we do about her?"

Hedda rubs her chin. She removes her owl costume and hands it to a blushing Ivan. Hedda looks at him and says, "I'm wearing my clothes underneath."

Ivan frowns and says, "Why didn't I think of that?"

"Anyway," Hedda replies. "I'm going to go over there, and be all buddy buddy with her, then I'm going to say something harsh about Daniel."

"Sounds good," Ivan says with a nod. "Go get her, tiger!"

Hedda laughs and says, "I will." She cracks her knuckles and falls hair first out of the tree. Ivan looks concerned, but Hedda stands up quickly. Hedda approaches Waterlily and says, "Hey, Waterlily. What are you doing there?"

Waterlily replies, "Daniel told me not to talk to you."

"He did?" Hedda says with wide eyes. Waterlily ignores Hedda. "I, uh, just wanted to be friends." Waterlily ignores her, again. Hedda sighs and walks away. She shakes the tree Ivan is in, and he falls out of it with a heavy thud.

He stands up and says, "It didn't work out so great, huh? You want me to try something?"

Hedda shakes her head and says, "No. I have different plans for you."

"Does it involve the owl costume?" Ivan asks, innocently. Hedda shakes her head. They begin walking back toward the cabins together.

Hedda sees Janice and says, "There she is. Act cool." Ivan coolly strokes his hair with his wing.

Janice laughs and blushes. She asks, "What's with the owl costume?"

Hedda explains, "Ivan role plays when he goes birdwatching."

Janice laughs. She says, "You go birdwatching, too?"

Hedda looks at Ivan and nods rapidly. He says, "Uh, yeah."

"Oh, that's cool," Janice says.

Hedda says, "He also told me that he thought you were really beautiful." Ivan and Janice blush at the same time.

"He did?" Janice asks. Ivan looks at Hedda with a confused expression. She nods at him, again.

Ivan says, "Yeah. Sure."

"And he totally said he wanted to kiss you," Hedda goes on. Ivan's eyes get wide. Janice blushes. Hedda nods at Ivan. He shakes his head. Hedda frowns. She grabs the back of Ivan's head and pushes it toward Janice, causing him to hit his forehead against hers. Janice falls to the ground, unconscious.

Ivan looks down at Janice. He says, "She's unconscious. Now what?"

Hedda sighs. She says, "I suppose we should bring her back to her cabin." Ivan nods, and picks up Janice. Hedda says, "No, wait. I have a better idea."

The next morning, Jonathan is running alongside Beau. Beau pulls ahead, and looks back. He says, "Pick up the pace, man. You want to look like a stud, right?"

Jonathan breathes heavily. He stops running, altogether, and says, "Let me catch my breath for a minute."

Beau looks at him with a confused expression and shrugs. He says, "You want to do some one armed push ups, or something, while you catch your breath?"

Jonathan shakes his head and says, "Not in the slightest."

Beau looks confused. He says, "Um. Okay, man. I'm going to run another lap around the island. See ya when I get back." Beau runs off.

Jonathan looks after Beau and sighs. He wipes his forehead on his shirt. He turns around and sees Ophelia approaching him. He says, "Hey, Ophelia. Can we talk for a second?"

She looks at him with wide eyes and says, "What's wrong?"

Jonathan replies, "Sorry. I'm working out with Beau."

Ophelia smiles and says, "Good for you."

"Thanks," Jonathan replies.

"What did you want to talk about?" Ophelia asks.

Jonathan lets out a heavy sigh. He says, "Well... This isn't easy to say..."

"Let me guess," Ophelia says, "you and Dinah broke up?"

Jonathan's eyes get wide and says, "No. Not that. Why do you say that?"

Ophelia answers, "It just seems like everyone else I paired in Reality split up, or are at least experiencing difficulties."

"Oh," Jonathan says. "It did have to do with me and Dinah, kind of." Jonathan sighs. "I kind of... kissed Sheena."

Ophelia's eyes get wide. She asks, "Our Sheena?" Jonathan nods. Ophelia says, "Wow. When?"

"Last night," Jonathan admits. Ophelia looks down at the ground. Jonathan assures, "It didn't mean anything to either of us."

"Well, there must have been some reason behind it," Ophelia replies.

Jonathan looks down at the ground. He says, "After I gained the weight... I don't exactly feel attractive. I don't know how Dinah could ever like me this way."

"I'm sure she doesn't mind, Jonathan," Ophelia replies.

"I don't know," Jonathan replies. "I just don't feel like the same guy I was three years ago. That's why I'm trying to work out with Beau, but... he doesn't exactly seem to realize that I'm not in the shape that he is. I didn't exercise that much a few years ago, I just was more active, and did outdoors stuff. So... it seems way too difficult."

Ophelia nods and says, "I understand. Let Beau know. I'm sure he'll tone down the intensity if he knows."

Jonathan nods and says, "Yeah."

"And promise me that you won't cheat on Dinah, again," Ophelia requests.

"Oh, of course," Jonathan replies. He looks down at the ground. "I can't believe I was that stupid."

Ophelia smiles slightly. She says, "You seem to be sorry about it. I'm sure she'll forgive you, but I can't make any guarantees." Jonathan nods.

Beau runs up to them and says, "Hey, guys. I kind of forgot what I was doing, and did three laps around the island while you were talking." He looks at Jonathan, while running in place, and says, "Ready to go another lap?" Jonathan gives a heavy sigh, and begins running with Beau.

The medical tent is shown. Inside, Janice is in a bed, with Ivan by her side. Janice wakes up and looks at Ivan and says, "Wh-what happened?"

Ivan blushes and says, "I accidentally knocked you unconscious, but I'm so glad that you're awake. Hedda said that I was really worried."

Janice blushes and says, "Thanks. Did you stay here all night?"

Ivan looks down at the ground. He says, "Yeah."

Janice's face gets bright red. She says, "Thank you. You didn't have to do that."

"It was no problem," Ivan assures.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Janice asks.

Ivan rubs his chin and says, "I can't believe it worked so easily."

Janice asks, "What was that?"

Ivan says, "Uh. Nothing. I was just thinking that I was really worried about Waterlily, but it wouldn't be right for me to talk to her."

"What are you worried about?" Janice asks.

"Well," Ivan admits, "just her and Daniel. Waterlily's a free spirit, and Daniel is really... I don't know. Uptight?" Janice nods. "It just seems like he's trying to change her. That's why I'm worried."

"Is there anything I can do?" Janice asks.

Ivan says, "I'm glad you asked. I was wondering if you could talk to her about it."

Janice says, "I don't know if I would know what to say."

Ivan smiles and says, "That's why I prepared these index cards with what you could say to her on them." He hands Janice a stack of index cards.

"I don't know," Janice states. Ivan bats his eyelashes at Janice. She giggles and says, "I'll go talk with her."

Daniel and Waterlily are shown walking hand in hand. Waterlily smiles at Daniel. He smiles, but quickly frowns. He clears his throat and says, "There's no room for smiles in nature walks."

Waterlily nods. She says, "If you say so."

Al and Yi Min run by. Yi Min is pushing Creigh in his wheelchair. Daniel shouts, "Hey! Quit running! You might damage nature!" Al and Yi Min look at each other with serious expressions. Al grabs the back of Daniel's pants and pulls them down. Daniel's face turns bright red. Waterlily giggles. Daniel lifts his pants back up, and begins chasing after them. He shouts, "I'm going to get you guys, and you will regret messing with me!"

Yi Min says to Al, "Hop on."

Creigh asks, "Hop on what?" Al leaps into the wheelchair with Creigh as Yi Min runs. Creigh's face is bright red, as Al has his arms around him. Creigh says, "I told you I didn't want to go with you guys."

Waterlily looks after them as they run off into the distance. Janice says, "Uh, hi, Waterlily."

Waterlily screams. She says, "Oh, hi. I didn't see you there."

"I wanted to mention something," Janice says.

"Oh?" Waterlily replies.

Janice looks at an index card. She says, "I'm worried about you, Waterlily, and Daniel."

"Really?" Waterlily says. "Why? We're perfect for each other."

Janice flips through some index cards. She says, "The reason I was worried was because, while you have similarities, Daniel is far more serious about nature. Quintin, for example, accepted that you enjoyed the..." Janice flips over to the next index card. "Lighter side of nature. It made you happy, and it feels like Daniel is trying to change you."

Waterlily's eyes get wider. She says, "I never thought of it that way." Janice looks through her index cards. She walks away. Waterlily looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

Daniel returns, holding Al's sarong, and Yi Min's plaid shorts. Daniel says, "Hey. I'm back." Waterlily looks at him with wide eyes. "I would have stolen Creigh's pants, but, you know, he's in a wheelchair and everything."

The contestants are shown gathered around Chris. He explains, "Today's challenge is an ode to our very own, Janice. She was the fifth contestant eliminated. She also had a creepy puppet named Violet." Al looks off and sighs. He and Yi Min are wearing two of Al's replacement sarongs around their waists. Chris goes on, "So, this challenge deals with puppets."

Reeve begins shaking. He says, "What? I hate puppets."

Francesca replies, "I thought you loved all things cute and girly."

Reeve answers, "Well, for the most part. But puppets are just freaky. They are in no way cute." He folds his arms. "Evil."

Al says to Francesca, "Uh, you're cute and girly, and I love you." Francesca's eyes get wide. Several other contestants chuckle. Francesca blushes.

Chris looks at Francesca and says, "Wow. Al made Francesca blush." He applauds.

"I meant every word," Al assures.

Chris nods and says, "As for the challenge..." Chris holds up a standard ventriloquist dummy. Reeve begins shaking uncontrollably. Chris explains, "May I have a volunteer?"

Yi Min walks up and Chris hands him the dummy. Chris pulls out a baseball bat and begins smashing the dummy with it, until a card falls out. He picks it up and says, "That's the only way to get these cards from these puppets." Janice's eyes get wide. Reeve smiles. Chris says, "I had my interns hide these things throughout the forest. Whichever team brings back eight of these cards to me first will win invincibility. The catch is that each contestant can only bring back one card." He hands baseball to all of the contestants. "And each contestant must smash a dummy to pieces for their team to win." Chris smirks and says, "Alright. Get out their and break some puppets." Reeve pounds his chest and runs into the woods. The other contestants go into the forest, as well.

Daniel and Waterlily are shown walking together. Daniel frowns and says, "I can't believe Chris would have this forest decorated with these abominations." He points to a puppet hanging from a tree by a rope. "I'm just saying there better not be any wooden ones. Trees shouldn't have to die for such a stupid reason." Waterlily looks down at the ground. Daniel looks at her. He says, "What's the matter? You've been so quiet lately."

Waterlily shrugs. She says, "Don't you ever have fun?"

"Uh, sure," Daniel replies with a confused look. "Nature is fun."

"Yeah," Waterlily answers. "But you don't really show it. To me nature is all about beauty and being grateful for what we have. It just makes me so happy. Sure, there's a serious side, but I don't think that means we have to mope around and look at the destruction. Don't you ever just want to frolic?"

"I can honestly say no," Daniel replies.

Waterlily sighs. She says, "Maybe we're all wrong for each other, after all." Waterlily walks off into the woods by herself. Daniel stares off at her in disbelief.

Reeve knocks the dummy out of the tree that was in front of Daniel. He bashes it to pieces with his baseball bat, shouting, "Die, you evil spawn of Satan!" Daniel looks over at him. Reeve sighs. He says, "I just wish I was allowed to destroy more of these abominations." He walks off with a card. Daniel looks down at the ground.

Jonathan and Beau are shown walking in the woods. He points up at a puppet hanging from a tree. Jonathan says, "This whole challenge is creepy."

Beau says, "Hey, man. Let me on your shoulders. I can knock that thing down, no problem." Jonathan nods and hoists Beau onto his shoulders. Beau hits the dummy, and it breaks. He grabs the card and says, "Okay. Let's find one for you." Jonathan nods. They walk for a little while, and find another one. Beau says, "There's another one! Let's get it the same way." Jonathan nods. "Hop on my shoulders."

Jonathan looks at Beau with wide eyes. He says, "I don't think that's a good idea. Why don't you stand on my shoulders, again?"

Beau says, "We were supposed to bash it ourselves. We can't risk my awesome muscles to make that thing break on first impact, again." Beau crouches down and says, "Come on, man!"

"You're sure about this?" Jonathan asks. Beau nods rapidly. Jonathan sighs. He stands on Beau's shoulders, as Beau grabs his ankles. Jonathan says, "I don't think you'll be able to..." Beau stands straight up.

Beau says, "See? This is easy, bro." Jonathan's eyes are wide. He bats at the dummy. It breaks open and he grabs his card. Beau states, "Dude, back when I was single, I used to lift four girls on my shoulders at a time. It was a great conversation starter." Jonathan jumps down after Beau crouches.

Jonathan says, "I would have loved to meet you back then."

"Nah," Beau says, while blushing. "I was kind of a jerk back then. I didn't hang out with any guys, unless they had a cute girlfriend." Beau holds his head down.

Jonathan puts his hand on Beau's back and says, "We better head back." Beau nods.

Ivan walks by Janice with a card. He says, "Hey, Janice. Didn't find a card, yet?" Janice shakes her head. "It's really easy," Ivan assures. "Just bash the smile right off of those creepy suckers' faces."

Janice sighs. She says, "People hate puppets, that much?"

"Oh," Ivan says. "I'm sorry. It was harsh of me to insult your interests like that."

"It's okay," Janice replies. "I just don't know if I can do it."

Ivan says, "Let me help. You want to help win the challenge, right?" Janice nods. Ivan puts his arm around Janice and says, "Let's go!"

Waterlily and Fiona are shown in the woods. Fiona is on a tree branch and she breaks a dummy open. She floats down to the ground with her card. Waterlily looks up at her with wide eyes. She says, "Did you just float?"

Fiona taps her wings and says, "These babies aren't just for show. I better head back." Fiona runs off.

Waterlily looks after her, and then looks up. She looks around. She then climbs the tree, and begins untying the rope of the dummy that Fiona already broke. She looks down to see Daniel doing cartwheels. Her eyes widen. The dummy falls from the tree and hits Daniel. "Ow!" Daniel shouts.

Waterlily climbs down quickly. She says, "I'm sorry! I was just knocking this whole thing down since I didn't want to just leave it there."

"Oh," Daniel says. He clears his throat. He says, "Isn't nature beautiful? It makes me want to sing! In fact, I think I will. Oh, nature is so beautiful! It makes me feel... uh... dutiful! Like, to clean up stuff, and pollution..." Daniel pauses for a moment. "It's the most logical solution!"

Waterlily laughs. She says, "Nice song."

Daniel smiles bashfully and says, "I wrote it myself."

"I can tell," Waterlily replies. Daniel frowns. He smiles. "Thanks," Waterlily says. "You took what I said to heart. It was selfish of me to ask you to change."

"No," Daniel assures. "You're right. I was kind of uptight, before. No one likes a downer, and nature really does make me feel happy. I just thought that being serious all the time was more... I don't know. Like it showed people that I knew what I was talking about."

Waterlily smiles. She says, "I guess Janice was right to talk to me."

Daniel looks confused. He says, "Janice?"

Waterlily nods and says, "Yeah. She told me that you were trying to change me for the worse. I'm just glad I talked to you about it."

Daniel looks off to the side. He says, "Me, too. Um... Let's go smash a dummy, or two." Waterlily nods and smiles.

Yi Min is shown holding Creigh up, as he breaks one of the puppets. He brings him back down to his wheelchair. Creigh looks embarrassed and says, "Uh, thanks."

"No problem," Yi Min says with a smile.

Ophelia walks by and winks at Yi Min. He blushes and looks down at the ground. He pushes Creigh back to where Chris was. Ophelia comes across Al sticking out of a bush that he attempts to hide behind. She says, "Hey, Al. Um, is there a dummy back there?"

"What are you implying?" Al asks with a raised eyebrow.

Ophelia blushes. She says, "I mean, a puppet."

"Oh," Al says. "No. It's just..." Al gives a breathy sigh. Ophelia looks over to see Francesca.

"Ah," Ophelia says in realization. "You like her a lot, huh?"

"Yeah," Al says, as he nods his head. "How does one attract the attention of a gorgeous girl like that?"

Ophelia looks up to see a dummy hanging from a tree. She says, "Uh... They love guys who complete challenges."

"Really?" Al asks. Ophelia nods. Al runs out and breaks apart the dummy. Francesca looks over at him. Al asks Ophelia, after he struts back over to her, "How was that?"

"Perfect," Ophelia assures. "Now get back to Chris." Al nods and runs off.

Francesca asks, "What was all that about?"

Ophelia smiles and says, "Sorry, about Al. He's just crazy about you. But I can tell he's not your type."

Francesca sighs. She says, monotonously, "Why do I attract all the weirdos?"

"Aw, come on," Ophelia replies. "Al is really sweet."

"Whatever," Francesca replies. "I have a challenge to do." She walks off. Ophelia shrugs.

Ivan and Janice are shown with a dummy on the ground. Ivan says, "Now, don't view him as your friend. View him as... Like, something you don't like." Janice lifts the bat in the air.

She says, "I can't do it."

Ivan assures, "Take your time." He puts his arms around her from behind and puts his hands around hers. He says, "Now just swing it like this." She blushes as she swings the bat. Ivan smiles and says, "That's it. Now, close your eyes, and I'll hold the dummy up, so you don't have to see it." Janice nods. Ivan picks up the dummy and holds it in front of Janice. She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and swings the bat, repeatedly hitting Ivan. She eventually hits the actual dummy.

Janice excitedly says, "I did it!" She hugs Ivan, blushes, and runs off with her card.

Hedda suddenly appears and says, "Really? The 'put your arms around her and show her how to swing something' trick?"

"What?" Ivan replies. "It worked, didn't it?"

Chris is shown with most of the contestants. Ophelia, Ivan, Hedda, and Janice are missing. Ivan and Hedda return. Hedda looks around and says, "Where's Janice?" Chris shrugs.

Ophelia returns with her card. She smiles and says, "I got one!" Her team cheers.

Janice returns. She holds her head down and says, "I'm sorry, everyone. I got lost. All of the broken puppets were freaking me out." Reeve cracks his knuckles.

Chris nods and says, "Well, that means that the Bottom Feeders must eliminate another player."

Ivan says, "Aw, man. I hate being behind the other team with contestants."

The teams disperse. Hedda takes Ivan aside. She says, "You know who we have to vote out, right?" Ivan nods.

"Do you think we have enough votes?" Ivan asks.

"Well, Jonathan and Beau would probably vote with us, if you ask," Hedda explains. "And you've got Janice wrapped around your little finger." Ivan looks at his fingers with wide eyes. Hedda laughs and says, "Not literally."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "So, here we are, again. Let's get down to it. Beau is safe." Beau smiles. He catches a marshmallow. Chris announces, "Ivan, Jonathan, and Francesca are safe." Chris rapidly tosses three marshmallows to them. "Hedda is safe." Hedda catches her marshmallow. Chris eyes the other three. "Daniel, you're safe." Daniel catches his marshmallow. Chris states, "Waterlily and Janice, you are the bottom of the crop."

"Nice metaphor, Chris," Francesca states sarcastically.

"Ahem!" Chris states. "Dramatic moment, here? Anyway, the final marshmallow goes to..."

"Janice." Janice lets out a sigh.

Waterlily looks sadly down at the ground. Daniel takes her hand and stands up. He says, "Let's go."

"What?" Ivan says. "We only voted out Waterlily."

"Yeah," Daniel says, "well, if she goes, I go. She's the only reason I have to stay here."

"Yeah, but," Ivan says, "we'll be really behind in the amount of contestants on our team." Daniel narrows his eyes at Ivan.

Chris says, "Yeah. I'll agree with Ivan. I have the next challenge planned, and everything. And we had a quitter, earlier on..." Daniel glares at Chris. Chris sighs. He says, "Fine, you both can go."

Daniel hugs Waterlily. She says, "Thanks, Chris. I don't want to be apart from Daniel."

Daniel and Waterlily leave hand in hand. Daniel looks at Waterlily and smiles. He says, "Is that spontaneous enough for you?" They board the Boat of Losers.

Waterlily giggles. She says, "You didn't have to quit for me."

Daniel looks into her eyes. He smiles. He says, "I did it for you and me." He sighs. "They wanted to split us up."

"Why was our team so against us being together?" Waterlily asks.

Daniel kisses Waterlily's forehead. He says, "I don't know, but it doesn't matter, anymore. We get to be together, and that's all I wanted."

"Me, too," Waterlily says with a smile. She rests her head on Daniel's shoulder.

Chris states, "And that concludes another Total... Drama:... The All-Stars. Be sure to watch next time for more, next time on Total... Drama:... The All-Stars."

Chapter 7 - EnvironmentalityEdit

Chris Mclean states, "Welcome to this week's episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars! I'm your host, Chris Mclean. Last time, the teams had to take part in a puppet smashing bonanza. Janice had a little bit of a hard time with the challenge, for some reason. Ivan helped her complete her part of it, but she ended up getting lost in the woods, losing the challenge for her team. She was spared, however, as her team, i.e. Hedda and Ivan, were heckbent on breaking up Waterlily and Daniel. They voted out Waterlily, but Daniel went along with her. He didn't want to be separated from her. How sweet." Chris rolls his eyes. "What will happen this time on Total Drama: The All-Stars?"

Hedda and Ivan are shown sitting on their stumps at the campfire ceremony site. "I still can't believe it," Ivan says.

"Why couldn't Daniel stay, so that Waterlily and Quintin could be alone together?" Hedda asks. Ivan shakes his head.

"There's nothing we can do about it, now," Ivan says with a sigh. "Oh, well."

Hedda frowns. She says, "Let's not focus on that. How are things going with Janice?"

"Fine, I guess," Ivan admits.

Hedda asks, "Did you ask her to join our alliance, yet?"

"No," Ivan says. "I guess alliances still make me leery."

Hedda says, "Look, there's nothing wrong with alliances." Ivan sighs and looks down at the ground. Hedda looks at him. She says, "Um. But if it bothers you that much, you don't have to call it an alliance. Just get her to go out with you, or kiss her or something."

"Uh," Ivan says, his face deep red. "Hedda..." Ivan looks up to see that Hedda is gone. He looks to his other side and sees Janice. He jumps.

Janice blushes. She says, "I didn't mean to scare you."

"Um, you didn't scare me," Ivan insists. He looks at a branch he picked up to protect himself. He sets it down. "So, what brings you out here?"

Janice shrugs. She says, "Thanks for helping me out, yesterday."

Ivan smiles and says, "It was no problem, at all. We all need help at times."

Janice looks over at Ivan. She is still blushing. She says, "You're so nice to me. Why is that?"

"Because I like you," Ivan admits.

Janice's eyes widen. She says, "I like you, too."

"No wait," Ivan states. He blushes. "I just mean..." Janice leans in to kiss him. He stares at her with wide eyes. He leans in toward her. Ivan abruptly stands up and says, "I'm heading back to my cabin. See you, tomorrow?"

Janice looks flustered. She says, "Oh, yeah. Right. Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Ivan says, as he rushes back to his cabin. Janice looks after him, and sighs.

Ivan enters his cabin, and sees Beau and Jonathan. Beau is sitting on Jonathan's back as he attempts push ups. Beau smiles and says, "Hey, Ivan."

Ivan's eyes are wide. He asks, "What are you guys doing?"

Beau looks confused. He explains, "I'm sitting on Jonathan's back while he does push ups."

"Why?" Ivan asks.

"Oh," Beau says. "Jonathan wanted to get back in shape, but didn't know what exercises to do."

Ivan says, "Oh, I get it. Have fun with that." Jonathan looks up at Ivan and mouths, 'Help me'. Ivan looks at him with a confused expression.

The female team members of The Top Bananas are shown in their room. Ophelia asks, "So what have you three been up to since your original season?"

Fiona giggles and says, "I'm pre-law." The other girls look at her with wide eyes.

"Really?" Ophelia asks.

Fiona nods and says, "My mother is a lawyer, and I didn't always plan on following her footsteps, but I want to be able to help people. It makes me happy."

"What if they're guilty?" Melinda asks.

Fiona frowns and says, "Then they're naughty, and I will throw the glitter of justice at them. But I wouldn't take a client unless I was certain they were innocent." Fiona puts her hands on her hips and nods.

Ophelia smiles and says, "That's noble. What about you two?"

"I've been involved in sports, more," Melinda admits.

"That's cool," Ophelia says.

"And I just went back to boring, old school," Kristy states. "It hasn't been too long since my season."

Melinda asks, "What about you, Ophelia?"

Ophelia blushes and says, "No one cares about what I've been up to."

"Sure we do," Kristy insists.

Ophelia explains, "I opened a matchmaking business at home."

"Ooh," Fiona says. "I'm sure you're good at it."

"I hope so," Ophelia says. "I was confident about it, before I came here. Then it seemed like everyone was having some sort of trouble with their relationship that I set up on Total Drama Reality." Fiona laughs. Ophelia looks at her and asks, "What was that for?"

Fiona says, "I laughed because of what you said. It's not your fault that those other couples are having problems. Every relationship has it's share of problems. After meeting my Dolly, I dated three other guys, since I still wasn't sure about him." The other girls look at her with wide eyes. "Even though Kendall and I aren't exactly alike, we have our differences, but I realized that our differences are what made us perfect for each other. If we didn't have problems in our relationship, I might have never realized it."

"That's kind of sweet," Ophelia replies. "Thanks." Fiona nods.

In the morning, Ivan and Jonathan are shown sleeping in their room. Beau stands next to Jonathan. He blows into a whistle. Jonathan jumps up with his wide eyes. He shouts, "It was me that burned down the outhouse. Sir, yes, sir!" He salutes. He looks at Beau. Jonathan groans.

Beau says, "It's time to start exercising for the day, Jonathan." Ivan looks over at them. "I was thinking we could swim around the lake. I'll go get some steaks from the kitchen. I want a thousand jumping jacks from you before I get back."

Jonathan sighs and asks, "What are the steaks for? Protein?"

Beau looks confused and says, "Motivation."

"Oh," Jonathan says. "Like a reward if I do well?"

Beau continues to look confused. He says, "No. I'm going to strap them to your swim trunks, and the freshwater sharks will make chase. That will help you keep a fast pace." Beau nods rapidly.

Jonathan frowns. He looks down at the floor. He says, "Beau. I have something to say. I didn't want it to come to this, but..."

"What are you saying?" Beau asks.

"What I'm trying to say, Beau," Jonathan says. He sighs. "Your workout routines are pretty hardcore."

Beau nods and says, "I know. They're awesome, right?"

"Yeah, Beau," Jonathan says. "They're awesome, and they'd be perfect for someone else. What I'm trying to say... It's not you, it's me."

Beau's eyes widen. He says, "Are you breaking up with me?"

Jonathan frowns. He says, "I guess you could look at it like that. Beau, I still want to be friends. I just don't think we're right for each other."

Beau looks down at the floor. He says, "Oh, wow. Nobody has ever broken up with me before. Now I know how it feels."

Jonathan sighs and says, "I'm really sorry, Beau."

"No," Beau says. "It's okay. It'll just take a little time for my heart to heal. I thought you liked my workouts."

Jonathan says, "I really appreciate everything you've ever done for me. I just need someone who understands my needs, you know?"

Beau nods his head. He says, "I understand. Sorry it didn't work out. I should have asked how you felt." He looks down. "I'm going to go for a run. See you, later." Beau walks outside.

Jonathan looks after Beau and sighs. He says, "I feel really bad."

"Don't feel bad, Jonathan," Ivan states. "You need someone who understands you better."

"I guess," Jonathan states.

Ivan asks, "Jonathan, how would you like me to train you?"

"You don't have to," Jonathan says. "I don't know if I'm that easy to train."

Ivan laughs. He says, "Maybe you don't remember what I used to look like."

"You were shorter," Jonathan recalls.

Ivan shakes his head. He says, "Yeah, but I meant my weight. I had a little bit to lose, and I had to start at the beginning."

"Oh, I get you," Jonathan says. "But you don't need to feel obligated to help me."

"It's not that," Ivan says. He smiles. "I want to hep someone, like how I got help. If I'm able to do that, then I'll be able to put what I learned to use."

Jonathan asks, "Don't you think Beau will get jealous?"

Ivan laughs. He says, "Well, you can explain it to him. I'm sure he'd understand."

Beau walks in. He has tears streaming down his face. He says, "I do understand."

"Beau!" Jonathan exclaims.

Beau says, "I was listening the whole time."

"I can explain," Jonathan starts.

"Don't worry about it," Beau states. "I should have realized it from the start. You and Ivan were made for each other."

"I wouldn't go that far," Ivan replies with raised eyebrows.

Jonathan hugs Beau. He says, "You rock, Beau. A lesser man wouldn't understand something like this." Ivan awkwardly stares at them while they embrace silently.

Ivan is shown stepping out of his cabin. Hedda has her arms folded. She asks, "What was that all about?"

"Look," Ivan says. "Jonathan just needs someone to teach him how to be healthier in terms he can understand."

Hedda looks confused. She says, "I was talking about last night, with Janice."

"Oh," Ivan states. "What do you mean?"

Hedda shakes her head. She says, "You had the perfect opportunity to kiss her, and seal the deal. Why didn't you?"

Ivan's face turns red. He looks down at the ground. He says, "Well... you know..."

"I don't know, Ivan," Hedda says. "It's no big deal. You don't have to like her."

Ivan continues blushing. He lets out a heavy sigh. He says, "I never kissed anyone, before."

Hedda's eyes widen. She says, "Oh. I didn't know that." She takes out her notebook and writes something in it. "I just assumed that with how good looking you are, you've made out with lots of girls." She shakes her head. "Don't think too much about it," Hedda states. "It's just like putting your lips on something else."

"I'm not worried about that aspect of it," Ivan says. "I just... I want my first kiss to be with someone I really like."

Hedda frowns. She quietly says, "Oh. Well..."

The two look up when they hear Chris shout through a megaphone, "It's time for the next challenge."

"I guess we better go over there," Hedda says. Ivan nods, while looking down at the ground.

All of the contestants are shown gathered around Chris. He states, "Alright. For today's challenge..."

Logan walks up. He says, "Sorry, I'm late."

Chris looks at him. "Who are you?" he asks. Logan points to a name tag he is wearing. Chris says, "Oh, right. Um... What are you doing here?"

"This challenge is going to be based on me, remember?" Logan reminds.

Chris narrows his eyes at him. He says, "Oh, right. Well, there has been a change in plans. There was a surprise double elimination last night, so your challenge was cut from the line up. Your services are no longer needed You can go, now."

Logan holds his head down. He says, "Aw..." He walks off.

Reeve states, "I'm not sure who that was, but I feel kind of bad for him."

Chris states, "Okay, so I was doing my usual in depth research, and I realized that Waterlily and Daniel were both originally eliminated seventh."

"They were?" Hedda says.

Ivan pulls a piece of paper from his pants. He stares at it. He says, "He's right. I never realized that before."

"What's that?" Francesca asks Ivan. His face turns red. He quickly shoves the piece of paper down the front of his pants. His eyes widen, as he winces.

"Paper cut..." Ivan says, with his eyes still wide.

Chris states, "Waterlily and Daniel, come on back." Waterlily and Daniel walk over to the group from the woods, holding hands. "The challenge is based on these two," Chris explains. "Each team will present an environmentally friendly idea to Daniel and Waterlily. It can be an invention idea, a way to conserve energy, or anything else you can think of that could fit the challenge. Waterlily and Daniel will then choose the team that they liked best."

"You mean the two my team just eliminated will judge this challenge?" Francesca asks. Chris nods. "That should be fun."

Waterlily assures, "We promise to be impartial."

Daniel folds his arms and looks to the side. Waterlily pokes him in the side. He says, "Yeah. Impartial. Woo."

Chris instructs, "Okay, so teams can begin their presentation whenever they're ready."

The teams huddle together. Kristy states, "So does anyone have any ideas?"

Al says, "Ooh. I got an idea. How about this, like, net that you tie between two trees and take a nap in? I invented that a while ago."

Kristy looks concerned. She says, "Al. That's a hammock. That was invented a long time ago."

Al says, "Aw. All the good ideas are always taken. How 'bout, like, a fruit that is orange, and you peel it, and it's, like, a citrus fruit?"

Yi Min stares at Al with wide eyes. He says, "You even worry me, sometimes, buddy."

Al laughs and says, "Thanks, maaaan."

Creigh suggests, "How about an umbrella that absorbs rain water, and then purifies it so you can drink it?"

"That's good, Creigh!" Yi Min says. He pats Creigh's wheelchair.

"How would it work?" Ophelia asks.

Creigh's face looks blank. He says, "I don't know. I thought we were just calling out ideas."

Kristy says, "Let's go with something else." Creigh looks down at the ground. "Any other ideas?"

"A chainsaw that shoots out seeds when you cut a tree down?" Yi Min suggests.

"That's stupid," Reeve assures. "How about recyclable dental floss?" Yi Min glares at Reeve.

"Um, ew," Fiona says. "I vote for biodegradable glitter!"

Reeve says, "That."

"I don't know," Kristy says. "How about hair spray made from tree sap?"

"That's pretty awful," Creigh states.

Kristy smiles and says, "Um... Melinda, do you have an idea?" Melinda shrugs and shakes her head.

The teams are shown gathered in front of Waterlily and Daniel. Ophelia clears her throat and says, "Our team decided to go with an invention." She removes a card from an easel, and tosses it to the ground. She explains, "Our invention is an ice cream maker."

"It's been done," Daniel states.

Ophelia shakes her head. She removes the poster with a drawing of the machine, and reveals a picture of ice cream squares and buckets. She says, "What do you do when you have just a little ice cream left, and it's not enough to make a viable snack out of?"

Daniel says, "I wouldn't know. I don't eat dairy. Cows are not our slaves." Waterlily nudges him in the side.

Ophelia looks flustered. She pulls down the next poster to reveal an image of the ice creams being poured into the machine. She says, "Um... Well, instead of having a poor excuse for a dessert, you can combine all of your flavors..." She removes another poster, revealing an image of a bowl of multicolored ice cream. She says, "For one magical, flavorful treat." She looks around. She says, "That's all."

Waterlily smiles and says, "Whose idea was this?"

Ophelia says, "Mine."

Waterlily nods. She says, "Thank you. Now it's the Bottom Feeders team."

Francesca is pushed forward by her team. She says, "We decided as a group that our idea was to walk instead of using cars, and stuff." She walks back to her team.

Daniel asks, "That's it?" The Bottom Feeders nod.

Chris asks, "The judges will now deliberate." Waterlily and Daniel whisper to each other. They smile and start kissing. "Judges!" Chris shouts.

Waterlily blushes. She says, "We have decided on our winner. Do you want to announce it, squishy buns?"

Daniel blushes. He says, "No, you can announce it, pineapple lips." The others look at each other with confused expressions.

"The winners are..." Waterlily begins. She clears her throat. "The Bottom Feeders!"

"What?!" Reeve shouts. "Their idea was the worst, ever! It's not anything new."

Waterlily nods. She says, "Chris never said it had to be a new idea." Reeve slaps his forehead.

"She's right," Chris says.

"Besides," Daniel says. He point at the ground, "You wasted all that paper." He shakes his head in disapproval.

Chris states, "Well, The Top Bananas will vote out a member, later tonight." He walks off. Waterlily and Daniel look at each other and shrug. They walk off holding hands.

Hedda begins following after them. Ivan grabs her by the shoulder. He says, "Maybe, we shouldn't interfere, anymore. They seem really happy." Hedda looks at Ivan, and then at Daniel and Waterlily.

Hedda says, "Yeah. Maybe you're right. They were both eliminated seventh, so it must be meant to be."

Yi Min is shown picking up the posters that his team used in their presentation. He says, "These look pretty cool. Who did these?"

Ophelia answers, "Creigh did."

Yi Min says, "Really?"

Creigh sighs and nods. He says, "I drew them when I went to confessional when everyone was discussing what we'd present, since Ophelia asked me to."

"Oh," Yi Min says with wide eyes. "I just thought you went to use the bathroom. It was taking forever, I thought you were having some difficulties..."

Creigh's face turns red. He says, "No. I just don't like drawing in front of people. It's kind of a personal thing."

"I had no idea you drew, man," Yi Min states.

Creigh says, "Well... I did as a kid, but started up, again, when I started using a wheelchair, again."

"Huh," Yi Min says. "That's pretty cool." He puts his hand on Creigh's shoulder.

Creigh blushes and says, "Uh, thanks."

Yi Min removes his hand from Creigh's shoulder, and says, "Oh, sorry. I mean, you're welcome, bud."

Al is shown in his Speedo by the water. He looks out at the water. Francesca walks by him in her swimsuit. Al looks at her. His light brown eyes shoot open. He says, "Hot, Francesca. I mean, hi, Hot-cesca." He puts his hand on his face and sweats nervously.

Francesca stares at him. She says, "Is it okay with you if I swim, too, or is there a law against it?"

Al's voice cracks as he says, "No law against beauty. Hot. I like it." Francesca raises her eyebrow at Al.

Francesca sighs. She says, "Never mind. I'll wait until they vote you out."

Al frowns and shouts, "It's okay, I'm better now! I want to look at your sexy!" Al places his hand over his face, again, and says, "Ah, man. I'm pretty sure I just completely blew it."

Reeve walks by and says, "I'll say."

Al asks, "You talked to a pretty girl before, right?"

"Yeah?" Reeve says with a confused look.

"How do you do it, man?" Al asks.

"You're asking me for relationship advice?" Reeve asks. Al nods rapidly. Reeve looks at Al. He says, "No one ever asked me, before. It's not that difficult. Just act like she's, I don't know, another person."

Al says, "Please clarify."

Reeve says, "I'm no good at this. Like, imagine her like someone you're comfortable with."

"Like my mom?" Al asks.

Reeve says, "Sure, man. Wait, no. Just... She's no different from you or me."

"I disagree," Al states.

"She's the same on the inside," Reeve assures. "Like with feelings, and junk. If you really want to talk to her without making a fool of yourself, you should just talk to her like she was anyone, but respectful-like. Girls like being treated like anyone else, and they don't like being constantly reminded that you're attracted to them. It's just weird."

Al hugs Reeve. He says, "Thanks, maaaan!"

"Uh, sure," Reeve says. "You're welcome."

At the campfire ceremony, Chris says, "You're back. The first safely announced person is... Yi Min." Yi Min catches his marshmallow.

Reeve grumbles, "It should have been me, first."

Chris looks at a piece of paper. He says, "Oops. It was supposed to be you. Oh, well. It doesn't really matter." Chris tosses a marshmallow to Reeve. "Fiona and Ophelia." The women catch their marshmallows. "Creigh is safe," Chris announces with a marshmallow toss. "And so is... Kristy." Kristy catches her marshmallow. "That means that Al and Melinda are our bottom two." Al and Melinda look at each other. Chris states, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Al." Al catches his marshmallow, and smiles.

Melinda says, "Wow. I'm surprised."

Kristy rubs the back of her head. She says, "Nothing personal, really. It's just that Al tried to come up with an idea during the challenge, and so did everyone else."

"Yeah," Melinda says, "but he suggested an orange."

Kristy shrugs. She says, "I'm really sorry."

Melinda sighs. She says, "No, it's okay. I understand. I should have suggested anything." Melinda hugs her teammates.

Ophelia says, "I'll miss you, Melinda." Melinda smiles and nods. She heads to the Boat of Losers.

Chris states, "Another one bites the dust. Who will it be next time? Be sure to watch next time on another Total... Drama:... The All-Stars."

Melinda sits down on the Boat of Losers. She looks to her side and sees Brent. She says, "Brent?"

He looks at her and says, "Melinda? They voted you out, huh?" Melinda nods. He looks disappointed.

Melinda says, "It's okay. I'm fine with it. Wait a second, why are you here?"

"They finally found me on the island, and they're sending me to the losers resort," Brent explains. "They thought I was a contestant on this season."

Melinda laughs. She says, "Ophelia told me what you said to her."

"She did?" Brent asks. Melinda nods. Brent says, "So... Do you want to give our relationship another shot?"

"That would make me really happy," Melinda assures. She hugs Brent, and he smiles softly.

Chapter 8 - Quiz ShowtimeEdit

Chris clears his throat and says, "Last time on Total... Drama:... The All-Stars, Jonathan 'broke up' with Beau, and decided to take Ivan on as his personal trainer. The teams had to compete in an environmentally friendly challenge judged by none other than Waterlily and Daniel. The Bottom Feeders won the challenge, and The Top Bananas had to send somebody home. But before that, Al made a fool of himself in front of Francesca as he stumbled over his words in an attempt to ask her to go out with him. She declined. Melinda was the one eliminated, as she failed to contribute anything for the challenge. Who will be next? Find out on this episode of Total Drama: The All-Stars."

The girls from The Top Bananas are shown in their cabin. Ophelia says, "Voting out Melinda wasn't that fun."

"Yeah," Fiona agrees. "It could have used more glitter."

Kristy sighs. Ophelia says, "I'm sorry, Kristy. I know that you and Melinda are friends."

"Honestly," Kristy says, "I feel like we made a mistake."

"Why's that?" Ophelia asks.

Kristy says, "Well, now the girls are outnumbered, and the guys on our team seem pretty close."

Ophelia assures, "There's no reason to worry. Just when you think you're on the outs, things can change all around. I think it's for the best to let things happen how they happen."

"Yeah," Fiona adds. "I don't like stressing out about strategy."

"Maybe you two are right," Kristy says.

Fiona adds, "And maybe we're wrong."

Kristy stares at Fiona and says, "Thank you for that, Fiona." Fiona gives Kristy a thumbs up.

In the Bottom Feeders' girls room, Francesca states, "Where is that Janice girl? Doesn't she know it's nighttime?"

Hedda volunteers, "I'll go look for her."

"Bad idea," Francesca states. "Knowing you, you won't be back for two days."

Hedda sighs. She says, "It's no big deal."

"I'm going to look for her," Francesca states.

Hedda says, "Me, too." Francesca pulls out a pair of handcuffs and chains Hedda to a bed. "What? Where did you get those? They're not in my notes."

Francesca states, "You're staying here. I hate it when people go rogue."

"You didn't answer my question," Hedda begins. "Why do you even have those handcuffs?" Francesca walks outside. Hedda sighs. She attempts to drag the bed, but fails.

In The Top Bananas' guys room, Yi Min is shown snoring in his bed. Creigh is also sleeping. Al is sitting up in his bed, looking uncomfortable. Reeve turns over toward Al. Reeve asks, "Yi Min's snoring is keeping you up to?"

"No, it's not that," Al says quietly.

"So what is it?" Reeve asks.

Al blushes. He explains, "I need the bathroom, man. Bad."

Reeve raises an eyebrow and says, "Well, then go."

"Uh," Al says. "I'm kind of scared to go out there by myself."

"And how old are you?" Reeve says. "Eighteen?"

Al replies, "I know." He holds his head down. "I know."

"Is something the matter, Al?" Reeve asks.

Al sighs. He says, "Last time I went out at night by myself, I was held down in the mud."

"Oh, right," Reeve says. "That Dante jerk. I'm sorry, Al. I wasn't thinking. I'll go out there with you."

"You don't have to," Al assures. "I'm being silly."

Reeve says firmly, "Let's go." He stands up. Al stands up, as well. Reeve looks at Al and attempts to stifle a laugh. He says, "I would suggest that you put some shorts on."

Al looks down at his pixelation. He says, "You're good at giving advice, maaaaan."

Outside, Al and Reeve are shown walking back from the confessional. Reeve grabs hold of Al's arm. Al says, "Um... That's making me a little uncomfortable, man..."

Reeve says, "Shh!" He points over to the side and whispers, "Look who it is."

Al looks to his side and sees Francesca. Al asks, "What is she doing out here?"

Reeve shrugs and says, "Who cares? This is your chance." Reeve dives into the bushes. Francesca walks by. Reeve looks to the side and sees that Al is in the bushes with him. "What are you doing? Get out there!" Reeve tosses Al out of the bushes, and he lands on Francesca.

Al quickly stands up. He says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to knock you down when I landed on you."

Francesca stands up, and says, "Thanks for helping me up."

"Oh, let me help you up," Al says. Francesca glares at him. Al says, "Oh. Um. Sorry. I was just going." Al looks over to the bushes and sees Reeve glaring at him. Al says, "Um... What are you doing out here?"

Francesca states, "Looking for Janice."

"Oh, okay," Al says. "I'll go back to my cabin, now." Al looks at Reeve, who continues to glare at him. Al says, "Why don't I help you look for that Janice person."

Francesca assures, "You don't have to help me look for her."

Al says, "No. I really want to help." Al looks at Reeve in the bushes and Reeve smiles and gives him a thumbs up. Al says, "I got one right!" Francesca looks at Al with a confused expression. Al clears his throat and says, "Come on. Janice won't find herself." Al walks off, and Francesca follows after him with a slight smile.

Reeve stands up and says, "My work here is done." He looks around and whimpers. "It's so dark and lonely." He shivers.

Al and Francesca are shown walking together in the woods. Al states, "I like your sleepwear."

"Thanks," Francesca states dryly. "I like your..." She looks down at Al's palm tree detailed underwear. "Never mind."

Al laughs. He says, "Yeah." Al grabs hold of Francesca's shoulder. He points to the side and says, "There's Janice, maan... I mean, woman."

Francesca looks over. She laughs and says, "I'm pretty sure that's a stump."

Al blushes. He says, "Hey, you laughed."

"I guess I did," Francesca says with a frown. "Don't let it happen, again."

"Yes, ma'am," Al says while saluting. Francesca laughs, again. Al says, "Uh, I failed." He holds his head down.

With a straight-face, Francesca says, "You're funny."

"Thanks," Al says. "Funny enough to go out with?"

Francesca shrugs and says, "Sure."

Al stands in place. He says, "Did I... did you... I..."

Francesca smiles. She immediately frowns and says, "I don't know why I agreed."

"No take backs!" Al shouts. He pauses and blushes. "Sorry. Wait a second. You're on the other team, right?" Francesca nods. Al sighs and says, "Maybe we should wait to go out after we become one team."

"Are you sure?" Francesca asks.

Al nods and smiles. He says, "It's no big deal. I waited this long for a super sexy hot girlfriend, I can wait twenty-two more days."

"When do you think the merge will happen?" Francesca asks with a raised eyebrow. "Well, our search hasn't been too fruitful."

"Like a pear, or something?" Al asks.

Francesca sighs and shakes her head. She says, "I mean the search for Janice."

"Oh," Al says. "I saw her hiding behind a rock about an hour ago outside of the other guys' cabin."

Francesca asks, "So what was the point of walking with me?" Al giggles sinisterly. Francesca states, "You do have a brain."

Al nods and says, "I think so."

The next morning, Jonathan is shown in his cabin doing sit ups. He says, "I think I'm done."

Ivan asks, "That's alright. I don't want to push you to do more then you feel you're able to do." Beau folds his arms and looks to the side.

Jonathan pauses. He says, "Maybe I have a few more in me." Ivan gives Jonathan a thumbs up.

In confessional, Ivan says, "I know what it's like trying to get in shape from a low point. The harder it seems, the less motivated you will be to keep with it. Of course, if it doesn't feel like you're doing anything, it'll seem pointless."

Al is shown in his cabin with his arms around Yi Min and Reeve. He asks, "How are my two best buddies this morning?"

"Awesome, bro," Yi Min says with a smile.

"What do you guys say to breakfast?" Al asks. "Maybe there will be danishes, Yi Min."

Yi Min laughs and says, "It's only funny, because it's an inside joke." Yi Min turns to Creigh and says, "Hey, man. You coming?"

Creigh rolls his eyes and says, "I'm good."

Al puts his hand on the top of his head and says, "I almost forgot." He reaches into his bag, pulls out some hair gel, puts it in his hands, slaps his hands together, and then forms his hair into a mohawk.

Yi Min states, "You'll have to show me how to do that, sometime."

Reeve states, "Maybe the process came with an instruction booklet."

Al thinks for a second and says, "It did, actually." Reeve slaps his forehead. Reeve, Al, and Yi Min walk out of the cabin together. Creigh looks up and sighs.

The Top Bananas, excluding Creigh, are shown in the cafeteria. Al smiles wide. Ophelia says, "Someone looks really happy."

"Who?" Al asks.

"Uh, you Al," Ophelia replies.

Al says, "Yeeeeeah."

Kristy asks, "Has anyone seen Creigh?"

Yi Min says, "Oh, right. He's back at the cabin."

"Someone should at least bring him breakfast," Kristy states.

Reeve holds up his spoon, with whatever is in his bowl stuck to it. He says, "Have a heart."

Kristy sighs and says, "He needs to eat something."

Al stands up and dreamily says, "I'll bring him something." He grabs a bowl and skips away.

"What's gotten into him?" Fiona asks.

Reeve looks back and forth. He says, "I... it can't be..."

"What can't be?" Ophelia asks.

Reeve clears his throat. He stutters, "N-non-stick glue." He gets several confused stares.

Al skips passed Francesca's cabin and waves. He gets to his cabin and walks in. Creigh looks up, sitting in his bed, and his face is red. He drops a sketchbook that he had been drawing in, and Al walks over. He hands Creigh his slop and says, "Here, buddy. Let me get that for you."

Creigh says, "No, Al. It's okay."

Al ignores Creigh, bends over to pick up the sketchbook, and looks at it. He says, "No problem..." He stares at the picture, and his face drops. Creigh takes the sketchbook from Al's hands.

"You shouldn't have picked it up, like I said," Creigh says.

Al continues to frown. He forces a smile and says, "You're really good at drawing."

"Thanks," Creigh says quietly.

Al asks, "Is there something you need to talk about? I'm not too good at deep stuff, but I can listen..."

Creigh insists, "There's no reason to worry, Al. That picture was just how I view the old me, from our first season."

"I don't understand," Al says.

Creigh explains, "After I found out that I'd been lied to, and had my dreams crushed... I just felt who I was... is dead. I tried to stay positive, but one thing after another kept happening..." Creigh looks solemn.

Al looks uncomfortable. He says, "I should go, um, urinate." Creigh raises an eyebrow at Al. Al quickly walks out of the room.

Al is shown in confessional. He says, "I couldn't talk to Creigh, anymore. I never knew anyone had such... dark thoughts. Why can't everyone just be happy?" Al sighs. "But I know some of what he's gone through, and people handle things different ways, and stuff." Al holds his head down. "I hope he can come out of what he's going through all happy like."

Chris can be heard over the loudspeaker saying, "Time for your next challenge!"

Al looks around and says, "Is that my conscience?"

"I repeat," Chris says. "It's time for your next challenge." Al looks confused. Chris says, "Al... this is Chris... over the loudspeaker."

Al says, "Oh. I gotta go." He rushes out of the confessional.

The contestants are all gathered together around Chris. He explains, "This challenge is based on Quintin who was originally eliminated eighth, before returning to Total Drama: Boney Island. Who can tell me what he was famous for?"

Yi Min suggests, "Sliding down a muddy hill in his underwear?"

Al laughs and says, "I remember that." He pokes Creigh in the shoulder and asks, "You remember that, buddy?" Al laughs. "Good times."

Chris says, "Remind me not to open this stuff up for participation in the future. Quintin was memorable for being right all the time. So, this challenge will require you to be right, as well." Chris ducks behind a podium, he jumps up in a cupcake costume and says, "This challenge will be based on corny game shows."

Francesca asks, "Are you dressed like a cupcake?"

"Of course not," Chris says. He looks down. He ducks behind the podium, and stands back up wearing a periwinkle suit. He says, "Ahem. I'll present a contestant with a trivia question based on one of the past four seasons of Total Drama. If that contestant gets it right, they stay in the challenge. If they get it wrong, they can choose one of their opponents to attempt to answer the question. If they get it wrong, both contestants are eliminated. If the challenged contestant gets it right, they can choose an unrelated contestant on the other team to be eliminated from the challenge. So, that's all. Oh, one contestant has to sit out from The Top Bananas." Yi Min raises his hand, and Chris nods. "Let's get it started. Ha!" Chris looks through some index cards. He says, "Let's start with... Francesca. Who was crazily obsessed with Francesca in Total Drama Wilderness?"

Francesca raises an eyebrow and says, "Anders."

Chris nods and says, "Right. Fiona, who did Stevie dub 'The Challenge King' in Total Drama Wilderness?"

"Kendall," Fiona wrongly answers.

"No," Chris says, with a confused expression. "But you can choose someone to challenge on the other team."

Fiona eyes the other team. She says, "Jonathan."

Jonathan answers, "Eduardo."

Chris nods. He says, "Who would you like to eliminate from the other team?"

"Kristy, I guess," Jonathan answers. Chris points to a bench for Fiona and Kristy to sit on. Chris says, "Okay, Let's go with Ivan. Who was the first contestant to show nudity on Total Drama: Boney Island?"

Ivan smiles and says, "Ah. That would be a trick question. One might assume that it was Stevie, when he streaked to get over his fear of public nudity. The correct answer would be both Dirk and Zane as they discussed an alliance while in the shower together in the third episode, however." Ivan gets several worried stares.

Chris says, "That's correct, but still a little unnerving that you remember that scene so thoroughly." Ivan blushes.

"I..." Ivan attempts to explain. "I was on that season."

Chris says, "Me, too, but I didn't remember that. Anyway, Creigh. In Total Drama Tropics, who deceived the others to think that he was terminally ill?" Creigh's face turns red. He looks down at the ground. "Creigh?" Creigh remains silent. Chris shrugs and says, "I take it you don't remember. Pick someone to take a question on the other team."

Creigh says, "Jonathan."

Jonathan looks flustered. He says, "Uh..."

"Come on, man," Beau says. "This is an easy one."

Jonathan admits, "I was too busy to watch that season. I pretty much only watched Wilderness. I don't know, Chris."

Chris nods. He says, "Jonathan and Creigh are out of the challenge. Let's go with Hedda. Who tied Melinda for getting the least questions right in the episode titled 'The Vole'?"

"Tsuyoshi," Hedda answers.

Ivan looks stoic and says, "Impressive."

Chris states, "And right. Al, who burned down their shelter in Total Drama Wilderness?"

Al smiles. He says, "Wow, I was so nervous I wouldn't know this one." He looks over at Creigh among the eliminated contestants. Al frowns. He says, "Uh... Bradford."

"Bradford?" Chris says. "Who..." Chris sighs. He says, "Sorry, Al, that's wrong. Choose someone from the other team to answer the question."

"Hedda, I guess," Al says.

Hedda answers, "Yancy Ignatius Thyme."

Chris nods and says, "That's right."

Ivan's eyes widen. He says, "Yancy's middle name is Ignatius?"

"I find it more entertaining that Stefan's last name is Thyme," Reeve says with a laugh.

Chris says, "Anyway, Hedda can choose who she'll eliminate from the challenge."

"Ophelia," Hedda states. Ophelia and Al go to the loser's bench.

Chris says, "Okay, Beau. From Total Drama Reality, who was the guy that Jonathan was paired with in the race challenge?"

Beau throws his head back and says, "Why did you have to ask me a question about a guy? I don't know... Was Ivan on that season?"

Chris sighs. He says, "No, Beau."

"Beau, really?" Jonathan says from the sidelines.

Beau defends, "Hey, I was really into girls at the time."

"So, Beau," Chris says, "Who do you want to answer that question from the other team?"

"Um..." Beau says. "Isn't Reeve the only one left?"

Reeve answers, with his arms folded, "Herman."

Chris nods and says, "I didn't even remember who that was. Good job, Reeve. Now, who do you want to eliminate from the challenge?"

"Hedda," Reeve states without hesitation. Hedda glares at Reeve and goes over to the bench with Beau.

Chris says, "Alright, Reeve. Your turn, again. In Total Drama: Boney Island, who won the first individual challenge?"

Reeve answers quickly, "Tommy and Quintin."

"Wow, Reeve," Chris states. "You're pretty good."

"I did my research," Reeve says. "I'm here for the official title of 'Challenge King'. And... well... I was so thrilled that Stevie didn't win that challenge."

Chris asks, "Janice, who was in the bottom two when Jerome was eliminated?" Janice walks over to the bench and sits down. "Reeve?" Chris asks.

"Lisa," Reeve answers. He wipes his nose on his arm and stares down his opponents.

Chris says, "That's right. Who are you eliminating from the challenge?"

Reeve shrugs. "It doesn't matter," he says. "I can take them all. But if I have to choose, Francesca, I guess."

Chris asks, "Okay, it's down to Reeve and Ivan. Reeve, we'll go with an incredibly tough question for this one. What is the most embarrassing to happen to Al?"

"What kind of stupid question is that?" Reeve asks. "I don't know... When he got his face slapped in the mud?"

"Wrong," Chris says. "Ivan? Your chance to steal."

Ivan smiles. He says, "It was when he was doing a traditional Hawaiian dance with a group of guys at one of his friends' graduation parties. His sarong caught on fire, and he threw it off, forgetting that he was wearing 'Aloha Kitty' underwear." Al's face turns bright red.

"That's not true," Al insists.

"It's true," Chris says. "The Bottom Feeders win the challenge."

"It's true," Al says, looking embarrassed.

"Wait, what does that have to do with Total Drama, anyway?" Reeve asks. Reeve looks over at Al and assures, "It's okay, Al. I like Aloha Kitty, too." Reeve stands up and pulls his pants down enough to reveal an Aloha Kitty tattoo below his pelvis, on the side.

"Okay," Francesca says. "This day suddenly took a really bizarre turn."

Beau states, "Who wants to see my wife's name tattooed on my butt?"

Francesca frowns. She says, "That one I wouldn't mind seeing."

Chris coughs violently. He says, "Let's break this up. Elimination, later tonight." Chris walks off. Al gently waves at Francesca. She gives a slight smile.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris states, "Reeve, Ophelia, and Yi Min are safe." Yi Min hugs Reeve. Reeve glares at him and pushes him away. Chris states, "Fiona and Creigh." He tosses marshmallows to them. "And with that, Kristy and Al are the bottom two. The last marshmallow goes to..."

"Kristy." Kristy walks up and takes the marshmallow from Chris.

Al looks down at the ground. He says, "Well, being eliminated isn't so horrible. I feel the same as normal." Al stands up and says, "Give me hugs." His teammates, excluding Creigh, get up to hug Al goodbye.

Reeve smiles and says, "At first, I found you annoying, but you're a good guy." Reeve and Al hug. "It's too bad that you missed a question that you should have gotten."

Yi Min frowns and says, "I want hugs." Reeve frowns, but lets go of Al. Yi Min hugs Al. "Bye, Al. You're almost as cool as me."

Al nods and says, "Wait a second. I'm so cooler."

"Alright, Al," Chris says. "Time to go." Al nods, takes his things, and heads toward the Boat of Losers.

Al is shown sitting on the Boat of Losers. He says, "So, well... In case anyone is wondering, who didn't realize it due to my subtly skills, I kind of, like, threw the challenge. I realized that maybe... I was being selfish by being here. The others all wanted to win, and I already got to win, or whatever. I guess I had the change of heart because of how sad Creigh was when he got tricked out of winning, last time. For me this was all about proving I could win, again, but... The others have better reasons for being here. Anyone deserves to win more than I do. Peace out, ya'll. Go The Top Bananas! The banana-est team, ever!"

Chris says, "That'll wrap this week's episode. I hope you tune in next time for another Total... Drama:... The All-Stars."

Chapter 9 - LARPapaloozaEdit

"Last time on Total..." Chris begins, "Drama:... The All-Stars, the contestants were politely forced to compete in a trivia contest involving questions based on the past four seasons of the Total Drama series. After having a change of heart regarding his intentions for being in the game, Al purposefully got his question wrong. Reeve shined in the challenge, explaining that he did research on the series in order to be crowned the next challenge king, like that will ever happen. It came down to Reeve and Ivan, and after Ivan answered a question that he shouldn't have known about Al, he won the challenge for his team. Al was sent home, soon after Francesca agreed to date him, though he, for whatever reason, put their relationship on hold. So what will happen on this episode, you ask? Find out, now."

"What are we doing up in this tree, again?" Ivan asks Hedda.

Hedda explains, "Waiting for Janice, so you can casually fall on top of her."

"Oh," Ivan responds. "Wait... From the tree?" Hedda nods. Ivan says, "I don't..."

Hedda interrupts, "Oh, look. The other team is coming back from their elimination. I wonder who got voted out." Ivan and Hedda look at the returning contestants.

Ivan's face drops. He says, "Oh..."

"It looks like it was Al," Hedda states. "Oh, well. They all have to be eliminated at some point, plus he did already win a season." Hedda looks over at Ivan. She asks, with wide eyes, "Are you crying?"

Ivan sniffles. He turns his head away from Hedda. "No," he says.

Hedda pulls out her notebook and a flashlight. She begins taking notes. Hedda says, "You are crying. What happened?"

"It's about Al, okay?" Ivan replies.

"What?" Hedda asks. "I don't understand."

Ivan says, "Al was my most favorite contestant, ever."

"Yeah," Hedda says. "I don't know anyone who would cry over their favorite contestant being eliminated."

Ivan says, "I know it sounds stupid. I know it is stupid... It was just one of my dreams that I would be able to compete alongside him in a competition, on the same team. That's all."

"I don't think that's stupid, at all," Hedda says. "It's kind of sweet, actually."

Ivan holds his head up and asks, "It's kind of what, now?"

Hedda blushes. She says, "Nothing."

Ivan looks down at the ground. He says, "There's Janice. I guess I better get down there for our plan." Ivan wipes his eyes on his sleeve.

Hedda puts her hands on Ivan's arm. She says, "If you need to, you can have the night off from our sche... plan." Ivan looks at Hedda.

Ivan smiles and says, "Thanks."

Hedda frowns. "But I expect you to kick it up a notch in the morning," Hedda states. Ivan nods.

Down on the ground, Reeve and Yi Min return to their cabin, as Yi Min pushes Creigh in his wheelchair. Creigh gets up from his chair, and jumps toward the stairs. Yi Min says, "Uh, wait up, buddy. I'll help you."

"No," Creigh states. He attempts to jump up the stairs, and lands hard on his knee on the stairs. Creigh grimaces as he grabs hold of his knee, and sits on the stairs.

"Are you alright?" Yi Min asks, with a concerned expression.

"What do you think?" Reeve asks. "Maybe that wouldn't have happened if you actually helped him.

Yi Min says, "He said he didn't want help."

Reeve rolls his eyes and says, "Of course he would say that, because you asked." Reeve picks up Creigh. "See? He can't say he doesn't want my help if I force it upon him."

"I don't want your help," Creigh insists. Reeve carries Creigh toward the cabin door.

Yi Min asks, "Shouldn't we take him to the medical tent place?"

"Please," Reeve says. "He's barely even scratched." Reeve hits the door with Creigh in order to open it, and carries him inside.

Creigh can be heard saying from inside, "That was worse than falling on the stairs." Yi Min looks after them with a concerned expression. He looks at the stairs for a moment. He then picks up Creigh's wheelchair and carries it inside.

In the morning, the sound of hammering can be heard from outside. Reeve's eyes shoot open. He mumbles, "What is that noise?"

Creigh states, "I don't know... Where's Yi Min?"

"Who cares?" Reeve asks.

"Touche," Creigh replies.

Outside, Yi Min is shown hammering a board over his cabin's stairs. He is joined by Beau and Jonathan. Beau says, "Lookin' good, Yi Min."

"Thanks," Yi Min says with a raised eyebrow.

Beau says, "See Yi Min's shirtlessness, Jonathan? You could have looked like that if you stayed with the 'Beau-flex' fitness plan." Beau flexes his arm muscles.

Jonathan sighs. He says, "What are you doing, Yi Min? It's, like, five in the morning."

Yi Min explains, "I'm making this place wheelchair accessible."

"For Creigh?" Jonathan asks.

"No," Yi Min replies. "In case Stephen Hawking decides to make a visit."

"Oh," Jonathan says. "Wait, was that sarcasm?" Beau laughs.

Beau asks, "Where'd you get the board and nails?"

"It was Kendall's bed, but I ripped it apart with my bare teeth," Yi Min explains.

Beau laughs. He says, "I had no idea you were this funny, man." Yi Min looks at Beau with a confused expression.

Inside their cabin, Creigh is getting out of bed after getting dressed. He puts his leg on the floor, tries to stand, and falls to the floor. Reeve rushes over to him and asks, "Are you okay?"

Creigh's face is bright red. He says, "Don't worry about me." He attempts to stand, but falls, again. Creigh sighs. He admits, "I think my knee got messed up more than I thought."

Reeve picks up Creigh and puts him in his wheelchair. He states, "You don't have to be ashamed to need to depend on someone else. We all need someone in different ways, man."

"Right," Creigh says, looking to the side.

Reeve pushes Creigh outside in his wheelchair. Yi Min looks up and smiles. He says, "Hey, Creigh. Reeve." He stands up and puts his shirt back on.

"Is this a wheelchair ramp?" Creigh asks with wide eyes.

Yi Min says, "Yup. I'm almost done."

Reeve folds his arms and says, "I should have known that it was you making all this noise."

Creigh says, "Uh. Thanks, Yi Min."

"No problem," Yi Min says. "I'm almost done. I don't want you to have to struggle, anymore."

"What are the people who want to use stairs expected to do?" Reeve asks.

Beau says, "Are you serious?"

Most of the other contestants arrive and stand around. Ophelia looks at Yi Min, finishing up the wheelchair ramp, and smiles. Fiona asks, "What are you smiling at? I thought you were engaged."

Ophelia blushes. She says, "I'm just thinking about how I set Yi Min up with Creigh."

"Wait, what?" Fiona says.

"To be friends," Ophelia explains.

"Oh," Fiona says. Fiona winks at Ophelia and says, "Nice work."

Ophelia blushes and says, "It's no big deal. Creigh just needed someone, though he didn't want to admit it. I'm sure it would have happened naturally."

Francesca arrives and looks around at the other contestants. She says, "You voted out Al?"

Kristy says, "Yeah. It was a tough decision, but he didn't do so well at the last challenge. I don't wish anything but the best for him, though."

Beau asks, "Wait, why do you care, anyway?"

"No reason," Francesca says. "I was just curious." Ophelia looks at Francesca with a confused expression.

Ivan and Hedda arrive. Hedda gives Ivan a nod. Ivan approaches Janice and says, "Hey, Janice. I was hoping we could talk, just the two of us."

"O-o-okay," Janice says. They walk off together.

Beau puts his arm around Jonathan and says, "Watch out, man. It looks like someone might get a new trainer."

Jonathan says, "You mean that puppet girl?"

"Janice," Beau clarifies. "She doesn't exactly have a puppet, anymore."

"I know," Jonathan says. "But that's what she'll be remembered for."

Beau says, "Aw, come on. It must be really tough for her to have to live that down. She's a little on the shy side, but she's a nice girl."

"Wow, Beau," Kristy says. "Not only are you freakishly good looking, but you're also a good guy."

Beau blushes and says, "I don't know about all that."

Jonathan nods and says, "She's right, man. You're always looking to help people out, and trying to be positive. I wish I could be like you."

"In looks or personality?" Beau asks with a smirk.

"Both, you dork," Jonathan replies. The others laugh. Hedda looks at Beau and rubs her chin.

Janice and Ivan are shown in the woods. Janice asks, "What did you want to talk to me about?"

Ivan replies, "I was just thinking that..." Ivan looks down at the ground. "I want you to be my girlfriend."

"You..." Janice says with wide eyes. "I... And the... Yes!" Janice hugs Ivan. She asks, "But, I don't understand. I'm not exactly... Why?"

Ivan answers, "I don't care that you're shy. You're still a really pretty girl, and you seem nice. I want to get to know you better."

Janice squeals. "I want to get to know you better, too," she says. Ivan smiles. Janice closes her eyes and sticks out her lips.

Ivan says, "Uh. We better head back to the others and see if it's time for the next challenge."

"I guess that's a good idea," Janice replies. Ivan takes Janice's hand in his and they walk back to the others. Janice giggles.

Ophelia looks over at Janice and Ivan. She says, "Janice and Ivan?" Janice blushes and lets go of Ivan's hand.

Chris is present and says, "It's time for another challenge, everyone. This one is based on Herman, anyone remember him?"

Jonathan looks uncomfortable, nods, and says, "Yeah. He..."

"Herman was known for LARPing, crying, and getting offended by everything," Ivan interrupts. Ivan gets a few stares.

Chris says, "That's about right. And you got the challenge right."

"We're going to have a crying contest?" Francesca asks dryly.

Chris shakes his head and says, "Uh, no. You all are going to LARP it up."

"LARP?" Reeve asks.

"It means 'live action role playing'," Ivan explains. He blushes and says, "Not that I would ever have done it... Okay, there was that one time."

Chris states, "Okay, so the challenge will require you to wear Medieval type costumes, and use your imaginary middle ages skills to capture the other team's princess and take her to your side of the boundary." Chris points to a white line painted on the grass. He holds up two life-sized stuffed princess dolls.

Francesca points at the line on the grass and states, "You better be glad that Daniel isn't here to complain about that." Chris nods.

"Here are your costumes," Chris says. "Once everyone is ready, we'll start the challenge." The contestants begin digging through a chest of costumes that Chris has presented.

Beau pulls a two person horse costume from the chest and asks, "Hey, Jonathan. You want to be my butt?" Several contestants laugh.

Jonathan blushes and says, "Nah, I'm good."

Beau turns to Ivan and asks, "Hey, how about you?"

"I'm not really..." Ivan begins. Hedda nudges Ivan in the side.

Hedda says, "Beau, that is a fabulous idea! You should do that." Ivan sighs and nods.

The contestants begin to return after changing. Ophelia is dressed as a monk with a bald cap, Creigh wearing a knight costume with a wooden horse covering his wheelchair and tiny fake legs at his torso, Fiona is wearing a female ogre costume, Kristy is wearing a Medieval dress, Yi Min is dressed as a knight, and Reeve is dressed in a fur loincloth, crown, and fairy wings. Kristy asks Reeve, "What are you supposed to be?"

Reeve folds his arms and says, "I'm a pixie warrior king."

Hedda returns with a snake wig. Kristy turns to Chris and says, "I hate to sound defiant, but you do know that gorgons were from Greek mythology, right?"

Chris says, "Ah, it's all the same thing."

Francesca is dressed as a forest nymph, Janice is dressed in a green tunic with elf ears, and Jonathan is wearing a prince costume with a curly blond wig. Reeve taunts, "Nice tights."

Jonathan explains, "It was the only thing left in my size."

"I wouldn't go that far," Reeve says. "I'd guess that they're about two sizes too small." The others laugh as Jonathan blushes.

Beau and Ivan step out in their costume. Beau smiles and says, "So, what do you think? Pretty awesome, right?" Beau is shirtless, sticking out of the costume.

"Where's the horse's head?" Jonathan asks.

"I left it in your bed, man," Beau explains. "I'm a friggin' centaur!"

"Clever," Fiona says.

Beau shrugs and states, "It gave me an excuse to be shirtless."

Chris says, "It looks like everyone is ready to go." He hands a princess doll to Hedda and Yi Min. He instructs, "Each team has five minutes to hide this, but it must be within your team's boundary. After that, you can use whatever strategy you find necessary to retrieve the other team's princess. Everyone get it?" The contestants nod, except for Ivan.

Hedda hands their team's princess to Beau. She says, "I nominate Beau as leader."

"Me?" Beau says. "I'm not sure."

Hedda says, "Come on, Beau. You're smart, and we need a leader. I think that's where our team has been weak."

"Haven't we won the last two challenges?" Jonathan asks.

"I guess I'll do it," Beau says.

"Great," Hedda says. "So what should we do?"

Beau thinks for a moment. He says, "Ivan and I are less mobile, but we can protect the princess. We'll bring her to a far corner and babyguard her."

"Babyguard?" Jonathan says.

"Sounds like a great plan, Beau," Hedda says. "Right team?" The team shrugs.

Beau says, "And, uh, then the rest of you can try to take the other team's princess thing. Jonathan should stand guard, too."

"Great plan," Hedda assures.

Francesca shrugs and says, "It sounds pretty average to me."

On the other team, Fiona says, "So run it by me, again. Yi Min will hide the princess and protect it, while Reeve and Creigh will guard the middle area, and Fiona, Kristy, and Ophelia will try to sneakily retrieve the other team's princess?"

Kristy nods and says, "Great. You got it right."

Fiona thinks for a moment. She says, "I can do it!" She runs off and says, "Huzzah!"

Yi Min, Creigh, and Reeve are shown walking toward the far away boundary. Yi Min asks, "Do you guys like my paladin costume?"

"Sure," Creigh says with a forced smile.

Reeve says, "I'm surprised you even know what a paladin is."

"Duh," Yi Min says. "I'm not an idiot. He's that guy who found that genie dude in a lamp."

Reeve sighs. He says, "Remind me why you aren't an idiot, again?" Yi Min frowns.

Creigh says, "Yi Min, you better go ahead of us, now, and hide that princess... and then guard it." Yi Min nods, and runs ahead at full speed.

Reeve says, "Wow. I can't believe I'm stuck on a team with such a dolt."

"Give him some credit," Creigh says. "He's not a bad guy."

Reeve grumbles, "Whatever."

Beau is shown carrying his team's princess, walking along with Ivan as his horse rear. Ivan sighs and says from within the horse costume, "I can't remember why I agreed to have to stare at your butt all day."

"Don't act like you don't love it," Beau replies. Beau looks around and says, "Did you hear something?" He holds the princess doll close to his body.

Fiona comes running at him saying, "I shalt vanquish thou, would be protectors."

"In English, please," Beau replies.

"She's coming to get us," Ivan translates.

Beau asks, "What happened to Jonathan?"

Fiona smiles and says, "This!" She reaches into a pouch and tosses fairy dust in Beau's direction.

Beau drops the princess doll and yells, "My eyes!" He puts his hands on his face.

Fiona grabs the princess and begins running off. "Consider thine selves vanquished," she taunts.

On the other side, Yi Min walks up to Reeve and Creigh without the princess doll. He says, "Hey, guys."

Reeve asks, "Where is the princess?"

"I hid her," Yi Min explains. "I thought it wouldn't make sense for me to guard her and hide her, then everyone would know where I hid her."

Janice runs by carrying their princess. The guys look after her. Reeve asks, "How did that plan work out for you?"

Back at the center of the course, Chris is waiting for the contestants to return. Jonathan and Ivan gallop toward Jonathan. Beau shouts, "Stop Fiona, dude!" Jonathan looks at Fiona and begins chasing after her. After a little while, Jonathan stops running, and tries to catch his breath. Chris looks at Fiona and Janice as they approach. Chris announces, "The winners of the challenge are..." He watches the girls as they approach the border. "The Bottom Feeders!" The contestants make it back to the center point. Chris says, "The Top Bananas need to vote out another contestant. So sad." He walks off. "See ya."

Reeve folds his arms. Kristy says, "That was so close. Nice job, team."

Reeve states, "We would have won if Yi Min didn't make such a stupid mistake."

"We don't need to blame anyone for our loss, Reeve," Ophelia states.

Reeve says, "Oh, sure. Stand up for him. I can't stand it. Yi Min can act like a total doofus, and no one holds him accountable for anything he does. I'm sick of it!"

Yi Min says, "I'm sorry, Reeve. I'll try harder next time."

"This isn't about the challenge, moron," Reeve growls. "This is about Priscilla."

"I don't want to talk about that," Yi Min says, holding his head down.

Reeve says, "Too bad."

Ophelia says, "Reeve, that's not our business."

"It is my business," Reeve insists. "She's my girlfriend's sister."

"Still, I..." Ophelia begins.

"You have no idea what it's like to see her broken like she is, all because this guy broke her heart," Reeve says. Reeve looks down at the ground, and begins shaking. "He isn't worth the grief he's caused her!"

Yi Min looks down and to the side. Kristy insists, "Reeve. People break up all the time. Yi Min doesn't deserve to be yelled at."

"Oh," Reeve says. "And his ex deserved to get dumped without an explanation?" Yi Min stays quiet, looking hurt. Reeve shouts, "I can't even stand to look at you! Act like a man for once."

Yi Min says, "I'm sorry..." He walks off. Creigh looks after him with a concerned expression.

Reeve says in confessional, "Yeah, I didn't expect anything less from him." Reeve wipes his eyes. He says, "I hate that guy... It kills me to think of what he did to Priscilla..."

At the campfire ceremony, Chris says, "Welcome to another elimination, hosted by yours truly. Let's get right to it. Fiona, Ophelia, and Kristy are safe." The girls catch the marshmallows that Chris tosses to them. He goes on, "Creigh is safe as well, bringing us down to Reeve and Yi Min." Both guys hold their heads down. Chris says, "The final marshmallow is for..."

"Yi Min."

Reeve sighs. He says, "Yeah, take that jerk's side."

"Who's he talking about?" Chris asks.

"Yi Min," Fiona answers.

"Oh," Chris says with a nod.

Reeve says, "Look. I shouldn't have blown up the way I did, but I still don't like Yi Min. I tried to control myself all while I was here, and he might have been voted out if I continued." He sighs. "Whatever. I'm getting out of here." Reeve walks toward the Boat of Losers. He pauses and says, "Bye, everyone. I don't wish you any ill will... Except for Yi Min." He boards the Boat of Losers. Yi Min holds his head down.

Chris says, "Another elimination, and we're down to eleven contestants. Tune in for the next episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars."

Reeve is shown on the Boat of Losers. He says, "Yeah. This stinks. I can't believe they voted me out, when I didn't cost the challenge for us. Whatever. Yi Min can have fun with his little fan club." Reeve sighs. "I wish I could have controlled my temper for just a little while longer. I didn't want it to end like this." Reeve smiles. "But at least I can see my girls, again, soon. I have that to look forward to.

Chapter 10 - Mystery Loves CompanyEdit

Chris Mclean shouts over the sound of his blow dryer, "Last time on Total... Drama:... That All-Stars, the teams took part in live action role playing. The race to the finish was really close, but in the end The Bottom Feeders won the challenge. Reeve blamed Yi Min for losing the challenge, because he failed to guard the stuffed princess he was in charge of protecting. Reeve let out all the pent up frustration he was holding in toward Yi Min, and suddenly the argument became about Yi Min's break up with Priscilla, a sensitive subject to Yi Min. In the end, the other contestants voted out Reeve. What's going to happen next?"

The male team members of The Bottom Feeders are shown in their room. Beau says, "So guys, how's your work out routine going?"

"Pretty good," Ivan says. "Jonathan is doing more than what I ask of him."

Beau sits down by Jonathan, on his bed. He pokes his large stomach with his finger and says, "I see." Jonathan's face turns bright red.

Ivan says, "You can't expect instant results. Getting healthy is a long pro..."

Ivan is interrupted by a loud "Caw! Caw!"

Ivan stands up abruptly and says, "I have to go." He rushes outside of the cabin.

Beau says, "That seemed random."

"You're right," Jonathan states. He stands up. "I'm going to go see what's going on." Beau stands up. Jonathan adds, "By myself." Beau frowns, nods, and sits back down. Jonathan grabs one of his duffel bags and rushes outside.

Beau lets out a sigh. He says to himself, "This is boring." He stands up and walks outside.

Beau walks along by himself. He sees Ivan and Janice a slight distance away. Ivan has his arm around Janice and says, "You were amazing in the challenge, yesterday."

"You saw it?" Janice asks, while blushing.

Ivan says, "No, I had to stare at Beau's butt the whole time."

Beau whispers to himself, "He loved it. My butt is awesome."

"But he told me all about it," Ivan answers. "You've come a long way from the girl you were on Tropics."

"Thanks," Janice says while blushing.

"Want to go for a walk?" Ivan asks. Janice nods, rests her head on Ivan's shoulder, and they walk off together.

Beau looks down at the ground, smiles, and says, "That's pretty sweet." Beau looks around. "Wait, shouldn't Jonathan be around here, somewhere?" Beau hears some rustling in the bushes. He says, "Either that's two people making out, or..." He pokes his head into the bushes to see Jonathan surrounded by cupcake wrappers, with chocolate smeared on his face, and his cheeks puffed up due to being full.

"Um..." Jonathan says.

Beau's eyes are wide. He says, "Jonathan? What's going on?"

Jonathan looks to the side and says with his mouth full of cupcake, "Nuffin'."

Beau gives a disappointed sigh. He holds his hand out toward Jonathan and says, "Spit it out." Jonathan spits out the chewed cupcake into Beau's hand. Beau looks down at the chewed cupcake and says, "Okay, I didn't think through how gross this was going to be." Beau drops the cupcake on the ground. He says, "Jonathan. I can't believe this."

"You apparently talk to yourself," Jonathan rubs in.

Beau blushes. He says, "I'm not used to being by myself. But let's not talk about me. Why are you sabotaging yourself like this? These things are loaded with empty calories."

Jonathan answers, "I don't know..." He looks down at the ground.

"Plus, all these wrappers are, like, bad for the environment, or whatever," Beau states. "A baby seal might eat one, and choke to death. And in view of the foregoing..."

Jonathan looks disappointed with himself. He says, "I'm sorry, Beau. I really let you down, huh?"

Beau frowns. He says, "It's not like that. I want you to do your best at getting healthy. I know it has to be a struggle." Jonathan nods. "But eating healthy can be fun, man."

"Liar," Jonathan mutters.

Beau laughs and says, "I'm not even kidding. You just have to be determined to do better."

"Yeah, I know," Jonathan says. "Beau?"

"Yeah?" Beau says.

"Why am I still here?" Jonathan asks. "I'm useless in the challenges. I do nothing for morale or strategy..."

Beau says, "Hey, man. This game isn't all about that. On my first season I rocked at challenges, and got out early. You never know what will happen. Plus, you're awesome, man. Everyone loves you." Beau hugs Jonathan.

Jonathan blushes and says, "Thanks for the kind words."

Beau and Jonathan look up to see Francesca looking at the from outside the bushes. She looks at them hugging, Jonathan's chocolate covered face, and the cupcake wrappers. She says, "I'm not even going to ask."

"No, it's..." Jonathan starts. Francesca walks off.

Beau states, "Let it go, man. Stuff like this happens, every day."

"It does?" Jonathan asks.

Ivan and Janice walk back near Beau and Jonathan. Beau whispers, "Hey, check it out. I wonder what those two are up to."

Jonathan asks, "What do you mean?"

Beau explains, "They are totally a couple."

"Well, I don't feel right about eavesdropping," Jonathan says.

Beau smirks and says, "Ooh, you're jealous that Ivan is paying attention to someone other than you."

Jonathan puts his hand on his face and says, "No."

Janice says, "So, I guess I should turn in."

"I guess," Ivan says. "Before you go..." Ivan leans in to kiss Janice. She leans in toward him. Jonathan lets out a large belch. Beau looks at Jonathan, puts his hand on his face, and disapprovingly shakes his head.

"What was that?" Janice asks.

Ivan shrugs. He says, "I'm not sure."

Janice looks worried. She says, "I-uh-I'm going to go." Janice rushes off.

Beau looks at Jonathan and says, "Not jealous, huh?"

Jonathan says, "It just came out."

"Mm-hmm," Beau replies. "Well, we better..."

Hedda joins Ivan. She asks, "What was that?"

"I don't know," Ivan says. "A bear, or something."

"No, I mean with you and Janice," Hedda says.

"Oh, we almost kissed," Ivan says with a smile.

Hedda says, "Okay, great. Did you mention the alliance, lately? We need to have at most five, and I think Francesca is on board with us, though who can read her?"

Ivan says, "I'm pretty sure that Janice will go along with it." Ivan thinks for a second. "So which of the guys are we recruiting?"

"We need to get rid of the most popular contestant on our team," Hedda states.

"Which would be Beau?" Ivan says.

Hedda nods. She says, "You didn't even have to think about that one." Jonathan looks at Beau and sees that he looks sad.

Ivan says, "I-I guess I'm okay with that."

Hedda states, "We're up one contestant on the other team, so we can easily throw the challenge without risking too much. We can make it look like Beau is leading the challenge, and then we can vote him out."

Ivan says, "I don't know. That all seems pretty... mean?"

"I know," Hedda says. "I don't want to vote out Beau, but he would be way too dangerous to have around in the merge."

"Yeah," Ivan admits. "We better head back to our cabins before people start looking for us." Hedda nods, and they walk off in different directions.

Jonathan looks at Beau and says, "I'm sorry, man. I had no idea."

Beau forces a smile and says, "It's okay, man." He looks down at the ground and says, "I was so happy that I made it further than I did on my first season, but now..." Beau lets out a sigh. "It was fun while it lasted."

"Don't talk like that, Beau," Jonathan insists. "I'm not going to let that happen."

"Thanks, Jonathan," Beau says. "You're a friend. Not like there's much you can do, but I appreciate the sentiment."

Jonathan sighs. He says, "Sorry."

Beau smiles and says, "It's alright. Let's go back to the cabin, buddy." Jonathan nods, and stands up. Beau says, "Just a second. Let me get the schmutz off of your face, man." Beau lifts up his shirt and begins wiping Jonathan's face with the bottom of it.

Jonathan says, "Thanks for..."

"I question why I decided to walk back here," Francesca states. She walks off, again.

In Yi Min and Creigh's cabin, Yi Min is shown crying in his bed. Creigh looks at him sympathetically. He says, "I, uh... If you want to talk..."

Yi Min says, "I don't know, man..."

"Look," Creigh says, "I don't care, either way, but it might do you some good to open up about what happened between you and Priscilla."

Yi Min says, "But I haven't told anyone. I've been keeping it a secret for so long..."

Creigh looks worried. He says, "It was that serious?" Yi Min holds his head down. "What happened, Yi Min? Why did you break up with Priscilla?"

"I always talk about how I'm not stupid," Yi Min says quietly. "But I am... She deserves someone better."

Creigh looks confused. He says, "Yi Min, you aren't stupid."

"You're wrong," Yi Min states. "I..." Yi Min begins crying, again.

"What is it, man?" Creigh asks.

Yi Min sighs. He says, "I moved away to the college town where I was going to go to college. I'd saved up some money, and my parents lent me the rest. I didn't want to be on campus, since it got pretty awkward sharing a room with Tsuyoshi and he wanted to invite a... guyfriend over... You know how it is, I'm guessing." Creigh blushes. "I didn't want to put the money in a bank account because I didn't really get the point, but my roommate convinced me to get a bank account with him. He said it could be joint account, or whatever in case of an emergency. I mean, he acted like my friend, or whatever, not Tsuyoshi, my new roommate."

"So," Creigh looks solemn. "He took your money."

Yi Min looks down. He nods. He says, "I'm so stupid to have trusted something so obviously a scam. I never saw him, again, after he left with my money."

"How did you get into school?" Creigh asks.

Yi Min frowns. He says, "I didn't. I got a full-time job at minimum wage. I'm trying to save up so nobody has to know, and I told my friends and family that I'm so busy because I'm in school, and that they shouldn't visit. But having to pay for rent, food, and other stuff... I'm barely left with anything..."

"You should have told them, Yi Min," Creigh says.

Yi Min says, "I couldn't do that. I always have to depend on everyone else, and I didn't want to disappoint them."

Creigh sighs. He looks down at the floor. "I'm sorry you had to deal with that," Creigh says. He begins to get teary eyed, but wipes his eyes on his arm.

Yi Min says, "I didn't want to tell, anyone, but now that I told you, I feel like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I mean, one that wasn't completely easy for me to lift."

Creigh says, "I'm happy to be a help, I guess. I hope this helps you to be more honest about what happened with your family, and I'm sure Priscilla won't be upset with you over it." Creigh looks down at the floor. "People get conned all the time."

Yi Min lets out a deep sigh. He says, "Thanks, Creigh. You made me feel a lot better." Yi Min walks over to Creigh's bed and gives him a big hug, lifting him up.

"You can put me down, now," Creigh says, while blushing. Yi Min nods and puts Creigh down.

Creigh is shown in confessional. He says, "I feel like a rag doll, sometimes. Anyway, I was pretty shocked by what Yi Min said. I almost told him that my dad did something similar to what his roommate did. I didn't think that there was anyone else here that went through what I did." Creigh looks down. "I don't know if he'd believe me, though, and..." Knocking is heard at the confessional door.

Yi Min says, "Are you alright, buddy? You're taking an awful long time in there. Do you need some help? Are you out of toilet paper?" Creigh puts his hand on his forehead and shakes his head. "Speak to me, buddy!"

The next day, the contestants are gathered around Chris wearing costumes from the 1940s. He says, "So this challenge is based on Patsy, mystery novel prodigy."

"I did guess that, Chris," Francesca states dryly, wearing a French maid costume.

Chris further explains, "Cards were randomly placed in your costumes telling you if you were a killer or civilian. There is one killer card for each team, and it's up to the other team to figure out who the killer is. It's up to the other team to figure out who the killer is after round one. The killer will fake kill a contestant on the other team, and the opposing team gets a chance to guess who they think the killer is. If they're right, the game is over and that team wins. If both teams are wrong, we go another round." Chris eyes The Bottom Feeders, "Before we begin, who will The Bottom Feeders sit out?"

"Beau!" Hedda quickly shouts.

"Alrighty," Chris says. "Beau, go sit out." Jonathan looks at Beau, in his three piece suit, as he takes his seat.

Hedda, wearing a butler costume, holds up her civilian card and says, "What does this mean, again?" Beau slaps his forehead. Hedda nudges Ivan.

Ivan, in a doctor's costume complete with a monocle, "Ah. The civilian card is bad, right?"

Chris slaps his forehead. He says, "You guys have no idea how much effort I put into this challenge. Everyone close your eyes except the killers, and then they will point at the person on the other team they want to fake kill, but it can't be the other killer." The others comply. Janice opens her eyes. Chris says, "Janice? You're not the killer." He slaps his forehead.

"Oh, sorry," Janice says.

Chris says, "Go sit on the bench." Janice nods and walks off.

Chris looks around and says, "So everyone can open your eyes. The Top Bananas' killer fake killed Ivan, and The aptly named Bottom Feeders' killer fake killed Creigh."

Creigh, dressed in an aged war veteran costume, says, "Haven't I suffered enough?"

Chris says, "The teams can submit their first guesses as to who the other team's killer is."

Hedda shouts, "Fiona."

After a huddle with her team, Kristy says, "Well... We have deduced, due to our advanced logic, that Francesca must be the killer." Jonathan smiles wide. "Okay, we change our guess to Jonathan." Jonathan frowns.

Chris sighs and says, "Well, I guess that challenge could have gone better. The Top Bananas win invincibility. The Bottom Feeders will meet me at the elimination ceremony." Chris walks off.

Kristy sighs and says, "That was an empty victory."

Fiona shouts, "But a victory, nonetheless!"

"Who was our fake killer, anyway?" Kristy asks.

Ophelia raises her hand and says, "It was me. After being chosen as the 'vole' on my season, I didn't think it would happen, again."

"You're destined to be evil, it looks like," Fiona assures.

Ophelia frowns and says, "Yay."

Beau is shown in his cabin, sitting sadly on his bed. Jonathan walks in and says, "Hey, Beau. I'm sorry I messed up the challenge. I didn't do it on purpose."

"It's okay," Beau says. "I know you wouldn't purposely throw the challenge, unlike some people."

Ivan and Janice are shown outside. Ivan says, "You did awesome at throwing the challenge, Janice."

"Thanks," Janice says.

Ivan smiles and says, "So we can vote out Beau, tonight. Are you in?"

"I'm not sure," Janice says. "I'm still hesitant about the whole alliance thing." Ivan frowns. He looks up to see Hedda signaling him. She puckers her lips. Ivan does the same, and leans in and kisses Janice.

Janice's eyes widen. She smiles and giggles. She says, "I'll vote however you like."

Ivan looks uncomfortable. He says, "That's great. Thanks, Janice." Janice hugs Ivan. Janice skips off.

Hedda begins to approach Ivan, but jumps back into the bushes after Jonathan walks up to him. Ivan says, "Hey. Great job at throwing the challenge. Are you ready to vote out who we planned to?"

Jonathan holds his head down. He says, "I've been thinking. I wasn't trying to throw the challenge on purpose. I messed up and cost us the win."

"It's alright," Ivan says with a smile. "You'll be safe."

Jonathan admits, "My biggest goal when I came here was to do better than I did last time, but..."

"Don't worry, Jonathan," Ivan assures. "We're not voting for you."

"It's not that," Jonathan admits. "I just feel like... I don't deserve to be here. I can't understand the fact that I mess up nearly every challenge, but get a free pass every time. Why wasn't I voted out already?"

Ivan frowns. He says, "Uh. I..."

Jonathan says, "Please, Ivan. Please vote me out. Everyone else deserves this more than I do."

Ivan frowns and says, "I'll have to think about it." Jonathan walks away.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Alright, your team really stunk up the challenge this time. I might as get to the elimination, even though I was going to make you all feel guilty about your performance. Francesca is safe." Chris tosses a marshmallow to Francesca. "Hedda and Ivan are also safe," Chris announces. Janice smiles. Hedda and Ivan walk up together to take a marshmallow from Chris' tray, put their hands on each others, and mutually blush. They take their marshmallows and walk back to their seats. Chris announces, "Jonathan, come get your marshmallow." Jonathan frowns. He hesitantly walks over to the tray and takes his marshmallow. He shuffles back to his seat. Chris states, "Beau and Janice are the bottom two. So, the final marshmallow goes to..."


Jonathan stands up and says, "Chris, I..." He watches as Beau catches his marshmallow. "Never mind." He sits back down.

Janice frowns. She cries and says, "I don't understand."

Ivan's eyes are wide. He says, "I don't understand, either. You should have been safe." Ivan pats Janice on the shoulder.

Chris says, "I'm sorry, Janice, but that means you have to leave."

Janice nods, stands up and walks toward the Boat of Losers. She waves to Ivan, and he waves back.

On the Boat of Losers, Janice says, "I don't get why I'm here. I don't know what I did wrong, or anything." Janice sighs. "I'm really going to miss Ivan." She pouts and looks to the side.

Chris says, "So that will end another episode of Total Drama: The All-Stars. See ya." He walks off.

Beau happily carries Jonathan away from the campfire ceremony. Francesca shrugs and leaves, as well. Ivan looks at Hedda. He asks, "So what happened? I thought we wanted to vote out Beau." Hedda looks down. "You changed your mind, didn't you? I don't understand? Why would you do that without telling me?"

"I got jealous," Hedda admits.

"Jealous?" Ivan says.

Hedda sighs. She says, "When I saw you kiss Janice..."

"But you're the one who wanted me to," Ivan says.

Hedda says, "I know I did, but when I saw it happen... I realized my feelings for you." Ivan stares at Hedda with his eyes wide. She looks down at the ground, again.

"I..." Ivan says. "I don't know what to say."

Chapter 11 - Embar-RazzmatazzEdit

Chris Mclean gives his usual wide smile. He states, "Here I am, faithful viewer, you can stop waiting. We've got plenty in store for this episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars. But before we begin, it's time for everyone's favorite part of the show. That's right, the recap. Last time, Beau and Jonathan were in the bushes and overheard Hedda's plans to eliminate Beau after throwing the challenge. Due to Janice, Hedda, and Ivan throwing the challenge, and Jonathan's general incompetence, The Bottom Feeders needed to visit the campfire ceremony. But first, Hedda pressured Ivan to kiss Janice in order to secure her in their alliance. Jonathan went to Ivan begging him to vote him out for his poor participation in the challenges, in an effort to spare his friend Beau. Beau and Janice were in the bottom two, and Jonathan was fully prepared to leave the game, until Janice was eliminated, surprising both Janice and Ivan. When Ivan spoke with Hedda about what happened, she revealed that seeing Ivan kiss Janice made her jealous, because she had feelings for him. Let's get right back to the dramatic revelation."

Ivan and Hedda are shown together. Hedda says, "I know this has to be surprising for you. I mean, it surprised me, too. I never get crushes on anyone. I usually observe crushes from a distance."

"I... uh..." Ivan says.

Hedda sighs. She states, "I get it if you don't like me the same way. I pushed you to like someone else."

Ivan looks down. He says, "I never liked Janice more than as a friend. She's nice and all, but... I don't know. I don't know if I can betray her. What would that say about me?"

Hedda looks down at the ground. She says, "I'm sorry I made you pretend to like her. It was a big mistake."

"Yeah," Ivan says. "But I agreed to go along with it. I'm to blame, too."

"So," Hedda says. "This means you and me..."

"I'm sorry, Hedda," Ivan says. "I don't think it's a good idea for us to... get together."

Hedda smiles and says, "I understand."

Ivan blushes. He says, "This is going to make hiding in trees and bushes with you really awkward." Hedda nods. Ivan says, "Uh, well... I should really get back to the other guys. Uh..." He looks at Hedda. "See you, later." He runs off. Hedda looks after Ivan. She stops holding back her tears.

Ivan opens the door to his cabin and goes inside. Beau and Jonathan are hugging on one of their beds. They quickly stop hugging and Jonathan says, "We were just hugging because we're glad to still be competing."

Beau punches Jonathan on the arm. He says, "I'm sorry about your girlfriend, Ivan."

"My girlfriend?" Ivan asks.

"Janice," Beau reminds with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, right," Ivan says. "Her. Ah, yeah. That was a shock. Wait, how did you know about us?"

Beau explains, "I saw you two together, and can totally sense a relationship when I'm near one." He smirks.

Ivan nods. He says, "I think I just want to go to sleep."

"I don't blame you, brother," Beau says.

Ivan looks at Jonathan. He says, "You wanted to know why I wanted to keep you here?" Jonathan looks down and nods. Ivan sighs. He says, "I know what it's like to be the liability on a team. I was one on Total Drama: Boney Island. I was fine with my elimination, but after I started to think about it, I wondered what would have happened if I had been given another chance."

Beau pats Jonathan on the back. Jonathan says, "I... Thanks, I guess." He looks down.

"Sure," Ivan says. He gets into his bed fully clothed.

Beau smiles at Jonathan and says, "See, man? This is your second chance! I would have killed you metaphorically if you quit on my behalf. There's a lot of money at risk. You gotsta play this game as hard as you can."

"You're a weird kid, you know that?" Jonathan says with a laugh.

Beau frowns. He says, "Wrong. I'm a weird man. All man, baby." Jonathan laughs and shakes his head while smiling at Beau.

Creigh and Yi Min are shown in their room. Creigh is in his bed. Yi Min says, "About what I told you about me and Priscilla. What do you think I should do? I really want her back, but I..."

Creigh says, "Look, Yi Min. I listened to your problem, and you got yourself into that mess, and it's not up to anyone else to make your decisions for you."

"I know that," Yi Min replies. "I'm just really confused, still."

Creigh sighs. "The last time I gave someone personal advice he almost killed a guy, and me in the process. Good night."

Yi Min quietly says, "S-sorry."

Creigh sighs. He states, "Sorry, man. I didn't mean to be so harsh. Maybe you should just ask someone else what to do. Someone who knows what they're saying."

"I'm not sure," Yi Min says. "I don't know who I can trust."

"The merge is coming up, I'm sure," Creigh says. "Uh, weren't you and Jonathan friends?"

"Me and Jonathan were kind of friends," Yi Min states. "We were friends, and he kept saying some really harsh stuff about me, before I even knew about my dyslexia. We made up since then, I mean, I understood better when I learned about bipolar disorder, and that he wasn't in full control of how he was acting, but..."

"But?" Creigh asks.

Yi Min frowns and hugs his pillow. Yi Min says, "I've been thinking about it for a while. We became friends, again, but we don't keep in touch, anymore. You mentioned the merge being soon, and I've been thinking about it. I peeked and saw that the Janice girl was voted out, and honestly, I'm kind of scared about what it will be like to room with him, again."

Creigh asks, "What do you mean?"

"Well," Yi Min says with his brow furrowed. "Nobody likes it when someone says mean things about them, even if they can't help it."

"Ah, I get it," Creigh says, "I don't really want to get involved, but I'll talk to him if I feel I have to."

Yi Min quickly appears beside Creigh's bed. He lifts him up and hugs him tight. He says, "You're the best, man!"

Creigh blushes and shouts, "Put me down!"

"Sorry," Yi Min says, while continuing to hug Creigh.

Creigh frowns and says, "You're still hugging me."

Yi Min laughs and says, "So I am." He puts Creigh down and says, "Sorry. I can't seem to help myself. Tsuyoshi was always saying I'm a little too much of a hugger. But, um... Goodnight, good buddy."

"Goodnight," Creigh replies with a slight smile.

The next morning, in Francesca and Hedda's room, Francesca states, "What's wrong with you?"

Hedda forces a smile and says, "Why would you say that?"

Francesca dryly explains, "You're not out spying on people."

"Oh," Hedda says, looking to the side. "Why does that mean that something is wrong? Maybe I just don't feel like it, right now."

Francesca shrugs and says, "Okay, bye." Francesca walks out of the room.

Hedda sighs. She says to herself, "Is this what talking about feelings is like?"

Outside, Ophelia, Fiona, and Kristy are talking. "Definitely abs," Kristy states.

Ophelia laughs. She says, "Your shallowness is overwhelming."

"You say shallow, but I say honest," Kristy states.

Francesca walks up. She asks, "What are you three talking about?"

"What we look for in our ideal guy," Fiona answers. "I said sweet, funny, and crazy sexy."

"And you meant Kendall?" Francesca asks. Fiona glares at Francesca.

Ophelia looks at Fiona. She says, "Uh, what about you, Francesca? You're the only single girl among us three. What are you looking for in your ideal guy?"

Francesca blushes. Kristy says with wide eyes, "Francesca is blushing?"

Francesca says, "Uh, I guess someone who is tall, goofy, and can make me laugh."

"Make you laugh?" Ophelia asks.

"So no one?" Fiona says.

Francesca states dryly, "What? Is that so shocking for you three?"

"No," Ophelia answers. "We're just a little surprised, I guess. I thought you would be attracted to someone a little more like yourself."

"Which is?" Francesca asks.

"Someone who is way too serious and doesn't realize what crazy sexy is when she sees it," Fiona states.

Ophelia nervously smiles and says, "Why don't you two go someplace else?"

"Why?" Kristy asks.

Beau, Jonathan, and Ivan walk by. Beau, in his swimwear, says, "The water looks awesome, today. Let's go for a swim, guys."

"Wait a second," Jonathan says. "You were wearing your trunks, and you weren't even planning on swimming?"

Beau smiles and says, "What's the point of looking this good if people can't see it?" The guys walk off.

Kristy grabs Fiona by the wrist and says, "Let's go that way." Kristy drags Fiona, and they follow after Beau, Jonathan, and Ivan.

Ophelia turns to Francesca and says, "So... It's Al, huh?"

"What's Al?" Francesca asks, looking to the side.

Ophelia says, "I had a feeling, before, but you pretty much described him. So, are you two going out?"

Francesca frowns. She says, "I, uh, actually told him I would go out with him."

"You did?" Ophelia says with a surprised expression. "I figured, but it's still surprising to hear. So you two are an item."

"Not exactly," Francesca states. "Al said that he wanted to wait until we were at least on the same team, but then he got voted out."

"Al said that?" Ophelia says. Francesca nods. Ophelia says, "Wow. This whole relationship is one surprise after another. And you're sure you like Al back?"

Francesca blushes and says, "Yeah, I like Al."

Ophelia says, "Wow. Hearing you say that is so weird."

Francesca frowns. She says, "Honestly, I was surprised, too. I thought I liked guys that were more serious, smart, and actually handsome."

"Aw, come on," Ophelia says. "Al is kind of..."

Chris appears and says, "What's going on here?"

Francesca states, "We're talking about guys."

Chris says, "Oh. Was I mentioned?"

"No," Francesca states. "We were talking about guys we're attracted to."

Chris frowns and says, "I can't allow this kind of inter-team fraternizing."

"Since when?" Ophelia asks.

"It's common sense," Chris says. "I thought everyone was intelligent enough to figure it by themselves. Break it up, break it up. And also, it's almost time for the challenge." Chris walks off, dragging Ophelia with him.

The contestants are shown gathered around Chris. He says, "Teams are no more. This is officially the merge." Francesca glares at Chris. "This challenge is based on Kristy."

"Oh, boy," Kristy says.

"A rather memorable challenge that Kristy was eliminated after..." Chris begins.

"Oh, good gravy," Kristy says.

Chris smiles and says, "That's right. You must remember it. It's the embarrassment challenge! I've assembled some of your closest friends from your original seasons to tell us a little more about you all. Come on out, everyone! Welcome Yancy, Topher," Creigh's eyes widen, and then he looks to the side, "Kendall, Anders, Zane, Dinah, Brad, Uriah, and Tsuyoshi." The former contestants walk out from behind a curtain and stand before the contestants.

Fiona runs up and hugs Kendall shouting, "Squeeeeee!" Kendall blushes.

Beau waves at Yancy. Beau says, "Wait a second, either my counting skills are off, or there's only nine people."

"Yeah," Chris says.

"But there are ten of us still in the competition," Beau further explains.

Chris laughs. He says, "It's kind of embarrassing, but I couldn't find anyone to bring back for Hedda. She was too busy eavesdropping and scheming to actually make any friends. The closest she got to having a friend was Brad, and she was just blackmailing him." Hedda looks down at the ground. Chris goes on, "And besides, Brad is here to see Kristy, anyway."

"He is?" Francesca says. "Where?" A mysterious figure in a dark hoodie raises his hand.

"That's Brad?" Beau asks. He pumps his fists and says, "Yes! I'm the hottest guy ever on the show, again!" Chris looks annoyed.

Brad assures, "I'm still hot under all these clothes, I just don't feel the need for everyone to look at my exposed flesh."

Chris says, "Right. If you'll recall, the contestants will sit next to me in the hot seat while their friend..."

"Or former friend," Creigh states, folding his arms and looking to the side.

"Sure," Chris says. "Anyway, I will use my handy dandy paint chart to determine how embarrassed the contestants get. The one who blushes the most will get invincibility. Hedda will sit out. Let's get things started with the games best contestant ever, Topher."

Topher steps behind an assembled podium in front of the curtain the contestants stepped out from behind. He says into the microphone, "Chris, there's no need to introduce me like that."

"I agree," Creigh says, from the hot seat.

Topher lets out a sigh. "I'm not going to try to embarrass Creigh. I'm going to use my time to attempt an apology."

Creigh looks at Topher and says, "No need to waste our time."

Topher frowns and says, "I understand that you don't want to see me, Creigh. But I have to apologize. I never meant to hurt you. I really didn't. I still view us as friends, but I get it if you can't forgive me. That's all I have to say." Topher walks away from the podium.

Chris stands up and applauds. He says, "Amazing. Good job, Topher. That will be nearly impossible to beat." Chris immediately frowns and says, "Anders, your turn. Try not to take too long, this challenge is pretty much already won." Topher slaps his forehead and shakes his head.

Anders steps up behind the podium. He says, "Hello, peoples. I will say about the beautiful and charming Francesca that she is beautiful and charming." Francesca's face turns deep red.

"How about an actual story?" Chris says with an eye roll.

Anders nods and says, "Ja. Francesca was very embarrassed when I, Anders, proposed marriage to her." Anders laughs and says, "Anders thought that we were dating when Francesca was trying to teach me, Anders, the properness of English. Silly Anders, ja?" The other contestants laugh, while Francesca blushes a little more.

Chris puts the paint chart next to Francesca's face. He says, "Beet red. Too bad. Topher... I mean, Creigh is still in the lead." Chris gets several disapproving stares.

"I'm sure several of us would be prepared to sue if you continue to show bias," Francesca states.

"For justice!" Fiona shouts.

Chris sighs and says, "Whatever. Fine. Francesca is in the lead, or whatever. Next up, let's hear from Kendall."

Kendall walks up on stage. Fiona says, "There's my little pooky buns!" Kendall blushes. "Go get 'em, Dolly!"

Kendall stands behind the podium. He says, "Ah. Like, a few guys were bullying me one night when Fiona and I were leaving a club, and Fiona used her fairy dust and they ran away screaming." The contestants laugh. Kendall blushes. He says, "That's more embarrassing for me, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Jonathan states. Jonathan laughs.

Fiona says, "Don't worry, sweety pants. I always wanted someone I could protect from dangerous grade schoolers who picked on our daughter at the park."

"You mean, you were lying about the club thing?" Beau asks. Kendall blushes a darker shade of red. The contestants laugh at him, again.

Fiona defends, "Don't laugh at my Dolly! He makes up for his lack of masculine prowess in other regards."

"Like dusting, and sheet folding?" Francesca asks.

"How did you know?" Fiona asks with a confused expression. The other contestants laugh.

Chris wipes a tear from his eye and says, "Alright Kendall, you can stop now. Francesca still leads. Next up is Brad."

Brad shuffles his feet up to the podium. He says, "Even though that Kendall stuff was pretty awesome, I don't feel so great about this challenge after what happened to me on my season. Anyway, I do want to say that I love Kristy very much, so I don't want to embarrass her."

"So why did you agree to come here," Chris asks. Brad's cheeks turn red. He grabs the tie strings of his hoodie and pulls them to hide his face even more. He steps away from the platform and stands behind the other returned contestants. Chris sighs, "Well, that was lame. Let's hear from Uriah."

Uriah looks at Chris' lips and nods. He walks over to the podium and says while signing, "I feel a lot like Brad did about not wanting to embarrass Ophelia." Ophelia signs and mouths 'I love you'. Uriah goes on, "But I want my girl to get invincibility, too. So, there was this time when we had an anniversary and we planned to go out for dinner, and Ophelia had the flu. She insisted on going out, despite being sick. We went to this fancy restaurant, and things were going alright, until the waiter came with the check." Uriah laughs. "Ophelia blew chunks all over that guy, it was awesome." The other contestants laugh while Ophelia blushes.

"Thanks, Uriah," Chris says. Uriah nods and walks away from the podium. The contestants laugh and point at him. He looks down and realizes his fly is down. He attempts to zip it up, but trips and falls on the ground. The contestants laugh, while Ophelia rushes over to help him up. Uriah laughs, but looks a little embarrassed. Chris goes on, "Despite all that, Francesca is still leading. Yancy, give it a shot."

Yancy nods and jogs to the podium. He says, "Okay, so before Beau tied the knot, he and me used to party like crazy. We'd go to the library for storybook time, and it didn't stop there." The other contestants laugh a little. Yancy shoots his eyes back and forth. "We would also go rollerskating on budget Sundays." Beau blushes while the others laugh at him. Yancy goes on, "A lot of girls would be there, but they'd usually hit on me."

Beau says, "Those were old ladies, and they were only offering you hard candy."

Yancy says, "You'll remember things your way, I'll remember them my way."

Chris states, "Okay, Francesca is still in the lead. Let's move on to... Tsuyoshi. Come on up."

Tsuyoshi goes behind the podium. He says, "I'm not sure what to say..."

Yi Min shouts, "Ooh! Tell them about the time at my swim meet!"

Tsuyoshi laughs and says, "Alright. You asked for it. Yi Min was at this diving event, one of his many athletic endeavors, and when he was climbing the ladder his trunks tie string got caught on the ladder, and were pulled clear off." The contestants laugh. "Yi Min didn't even realize it at the time, and was standing there butt naked in front of everyone."

Yi Min laughs hard. He says, "I didn't realize it until I was diving, and I gave up my dive in order to cover myself. I slammed face first on the water, and it hurt like crazy."

"Yeah," Tsuyoshi says with a laugh. "It was pretty funny. Yi Min was fine, though." Tsuyoshi blushes. "I mean, health-wise"

"Oh, yeah!" Yi Min says. "That reminds me. Remember the time that guy you were going out with for a while was really into Mitchell Felps, and you wanted to surprise him by buying a Speedo?"

"Uh, Yi Min," Tsuyoshi says nervously.

"Well," Yi Min goes on. "I didn't know about it, and it happened to be Tsuyoshi's eighteenth birthday so I planned this giant surprise party. I said I'd be away for the weekend, but that was not true. Everyone there for the surprise party charged into our room with Tsuyoshi standing there trying on his trunks with a ribbon around his neck. Tsu nearly wet himself. It was hi-larious." The other contestants laugh while Tsuyoshi's face turns bright red.

Chris laughs and says, "Wow, that one was pretty bad. Too bad Tsuyoshi isn't competing." Tsuyoshi scurries away from the podium. "Dinah, come on up."

Dinah walks on stage, wearing a teddy bear costume, and Jonathan is already blushing. Dinah waves at Jonathan and smiles. "Hi, my big Jonny Bear." Jonathan waves and blushes. Dinah thinks for a moment. "Okay, so Jonny wanted to buy me a new costume, but didn't know where to start. This was after he put on a few pounds, but he thought he'd get a matching costume, but the one he ordered was a little small on him. To make a long story short, after he was wearing his teddy bear costume, he couldn't get it off the next day. Or the day after that." She laughs and says, "He had to go to school that way, too." The others laugh. Jonathan blushes. "He eventually got the costume off, but it had to be surgically removed." The others laugh harder. "So that's..."

Jonathan stands up and shouts, "I kissed Sheena!" Everyone's eyes widen and they look over at Jonathan. He sits back down in his chair and covers his face with his hands.

Dinah has wide eyes. She says, "Um... That's all." She walks away from the podium.

"Well," Chris says. "That was certainly interesting. Zane, you're last up."

Zane nods and goes on up to the platform. He explains, "I haven't seen Ivan in a little while." He looks out at the contestants and says, "Is Ivan even here?" Ivan waves at Zane from the hot seat. Zane says, "Ivan? That's you? Wow! You look awesome! Nice work, man. Anyway, on to my embarrassing story. Ivan and I were at the loser's resort back on Boney Island. We ordered these coconut drinks, and Ivan was accidentally given a cup with dishwater in it." The others laugh. "Ivan was belching bubbles for hours. It was quite the spectacle. Not just that, but he had this crush on that Autumn girl, and when she went to see if he was okay, he barfed right in front of her. It was insane." The others laugh. "Then... You won't believe this... Autumn slipped and fell on his vomit, then he bent over to help her up, but his pants split." The others laugh while Ivan blushes.

Chris says, "That's quite the story. I don't remember it, though." He looks at Ivan and says, "Well, we have a winner. That would be Francesca. Congratulations! You win invincibility, and Anders gets to spend the night in the competition, like Stevie got to last season."

"Anders is going to stay here?" Francesca asks. Chris nods.

"I'll be going, then," Chris states. "See you at the elimination. Later. Say your goodbyes to your friends." Chris walks off.

Anders says, "Anders can stay!"

"A little bit of a delayed reaction, buddy," Beau states.

Ophelia hugs Uriah. She glances at Kristy by Brad. Kristy looks from Ophelia to Brad. She says, "Hey, Brad. Thanks for being so nice about the challenge."

"You bet," Brad says.

"So," Kristy says. "Why did you come all this way? Maybe Sheena could have come, instead."

Brad blushes. He says, "I missed you so much. I just wanted to see you, again."

Kristy smiles. She says, "That's so sweet." Kristy leans in to kiss Brad.

Brad backs away and says, "What are you doing? You know how I feel about showing... affection."

"I know," Kristy says, while blushing. She says, "Brad, I don't know how long I can tolerate it. Your not wanting to hold my hand, or kiss me is driving me insane. It makes me feel like you aren't attracted to me. If you..."

"That's what you think?" Brad says.

"Well, yeah," Kristy replies.

Brad says, "It's not like that, at all. I'm crazy about you. I just..." He holds his head down.

"What is it, Brad?" Kristy asks.

Brad states, "I'm just scared, okay. I feel strongly about not being too intimate before marriage, and I was hoping you understood that."

"I do, Brad," Kristy assures. "But a little kiss isn't that big of a deal."

Brad blushes. He says, "Maybe to you it isn't, but I don't know about me. I mean, I'm fine with that kind of stuff, but I'm thinking about you all the time. I'm afraid that if we kiss, that you won't think I'm good at it, or maybe I won't be able to control my feelings, anymore. I don't know." He looks down at the ground.

Kristy says, "That's what you've been so worried about? Brad, I'm sorry that I wasn't thinking of it that way."

"Don't be," Brad says. "I should be sorry for not explaining my reasons." Kristy hugs Brad. He looks uncomfortable, but pats her on the back, and then holds her against him.

Yi Min pushes Creigh toward Topher. Creigh says, "Oh. I don't want to talk to him." Topher sighs.

Yi Min bends down and whispers, "If you want to move on, you have to forgive this guy. I bet you'll feel tons better after you do."

Creigh rolls his eyes. He says, "I forgive you, or whatever, Topher."

"I question your sincerity," Topher says. Topher begins to cry, "But I've waited to hear those words from you for so long, maybe without the 'or whatever'. Thank you, Creigh."

Creigh looks at Topher with a slightly surprised expression. He says, "Uh, you're welcome." Topher stoops down and hugs Creigh. Yi Min looks at Creigh and gives him a thumbs up while Creigh continues to look surprised.

Yi Min pushes Creigh over to Tsuyoshi. Yi Min states, "This is Tsuyoshi, remember him? The one with the Speedo?"

Tsuyoshi shouts, "Yi Min!"

"Right," Yi Min says. "I don't mean to embarrass you. Anyway, Tsuyoshi still has a mad gay crush on you, and I was wondering if you..."

Tsuyoshi buries his face in his hands and says, "Yi Min, please stop."

Yi Min nods and says, "Right, I'll leave you two alone." Yi Min walks off. Tsuyoshi slaps his forehead. He carts Creigh off a slight distance away from the others.

Jonathan holds his head down by Dinah. He says, "The kiss meant nothing. I was just confused about you and me."

"What were you confused about?" Dinah asks.

Jonathan sighs. He says, "I just... I know you can't be in love with me after I gained the weight. I'm sorry."

"Jonathan," Dinah says sympathetically. "I don't care about your weight, you're still the one I fell for, and I'll love you no matter how much you weigh. It was never an issue."

Jonathan says, "Maybe I was thinking too much about it." He sighs. "I really screwed up by kissing Sheena."

"Look," Dinah says. "It's okay, just this one time... Sheena, Sheena?" Jonathan nods. "Weird. Anyway, I believe you when you say it meant nothing. It would be like me getting jealous over you kissing your mom, or something. I just don't want it to happen, again."

Jonathan nods and assures, "It won't. It wasn't worth the guilt I've been feeling." Dinah hugs Jonathan.

Beau walks up with Yancy and says, "This is my Total Drama: The All-Stars best friend, Jonathan."

"Good to meet you," Yancy says with a smile.

"Likewise," Jonathan says.

"Okay, guys," Beau says. "There's no reason to get jealous. We're all mature adults."

"Are you sure all of us are?" Jonathan asks.

Yancy laughs and says, "Good one."

"You're cool, man," Jonathan says to Yancy. Beau folds his arms and looks to the side.

Ivan is shown talking with Zane. He says, "Thanks for coming out here to do the challenge in my behalf."

Zane says, "No problem." He stares at Ivan and pokes his chest with his finger. "Are you sure you're Ivan from Boney Island?"

Ivan nods and assures, "I am. I just feel bad the story didn't embarrass me all that much, but I honestly didn't really remember all of it."

"That's because I made it all up," Zane says with a smile.

"Oh, I get it," Ivan says while blinking.

"Hey, have you seen that lonely girl with the hair about yay big?" Zane asks while gesturing the estimated size of Hedda's hair.

"Ah, no," Ivan answers. He looks around for her. "Why do you ask?"

Zane states, "She was kind of hot. I like me a girl with giant hair."

"Uh, well she's off limits," Ivan states.

"Aw," Zane says sadly. "Wait, why is she off limits? Is she, like, a leper or something?"

"N-no, nothing like that," Ivan says.

Zane squints at Ivan. He says, "Alright. I'll trust your judgment, man."

"Thanks," Ivan says.

Tsuyoshi and Creigh are shown speaking near one of the cabins. Tsuyoshi says, "I'm glad that's all out of the way." He lets out a sigh. "Sorry if Yi Min thinking you're gay bothers you, at all."

"It's alright," Creigh says, looking to the side.

A boat arrives and Yancy shouts, "Our ride is here."

Brad is shown talking to Ophelia. He says, "I guess I have to go." He waves at Kristy and heads toward the boat, along with everyone.

Kristy says, "Um, Anders. You're supposed to stay here."

Anders nods rapidly and says, "I, Anders, will stay."

Hedda walks out from behind the cabin. Ivan smiles at her and says, "There you are. Where were you? We better go get to voting."

Jonathan shakes his head and says, "That was a lot of separate thoughts."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Francesca is safe." She catches her marshmallow.

Anders says, "Yes, Francesca!"

Chris says, "Dude, she has to be safe. Anyway, Beau, Fiona, Yi Min, Ivan, Hedda, Ophelia, and Creigh are safe." He tosses marshmallows as he announces the contestants' safety. "That leaves Jonathan and Kristy as our bottom two." He shifts his glance between the two. He says, "The final marshmallow goes to..."


"Eh?" Kristy says.

Chris says, "That's right. Bye bye."

Kristy looks tearful. She says, "This is where I got out, last time, and I don't even know why everyone voted for me."

"It's a surprise," Yi Min states. Ophelia jabs him in the side with her elbow.

Chris states, "Oh, well. Not everyone needs a reason to be voted out, you know, and um... Maybe you were a threat."

"Yeah," Beau says. "That's it." The others nod rapidly.

Kristy sighs. She says, "I better go before I'm told to go." She looks over at the other contestants, and then heads to the Boat of Losers.

Kristy sets her things down and sighs. She sits down, looks over, and sees Brad sitting next to her. "Brad? What are you doing here?"

"I knew you'd be voted out," Brad states.

"How could you know that?" Kristy says.

Brad admits, "I kind of told them to vote you out."

"You what?!" Kristy says in surprise.

"I didn't want to be away from you, anymore," Brad says.

Kristy's eyes are wide. She says, "That's it? Brad, that is incredibly selfish. I can't believe you would do something like that."

Brad pulls his hood down. He says, "It was selfish, wasn't it?"

Kristy says, "Yeah. I'm not a billionaire like you, Brad. I have loans to pay off, and debt. That money was really important."

"I'm sorry," Brad states. He looks down at the floor. "I wanted to talk to you alone, so..." Brad gets down on one knee and presents a ring to Kristy. "I could ask you to be my wife." Kristy looks dazed. Brad says, "I thought of asking you around the others, but I wanted it to be our moment. And if it's money you're worried about, me and my family have plenty, so I thought it wouldn't be worth it for you to stay and compete... Unless you don't want..."

Kristy hugs Brad and says, "Yes!"

Brad holds Kristy close to him and says, "I've never been more nervous. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone."

"I love you, too, Brad," Kristy says.

Brad says, "I know this might sound weird, but how early do you want to start a family? I, uh, always dreamed of having a family of my own... Though, I never thought about starting a family with a wife. Silly me. And..." Kristy interrupts Brad with a kiss. His face turns bright red.

Kristy says, "Sorry, Brad. I couldn't contain myself."

"It's okay," Brad says, smiling from ear to ear. He looks out and sees that they made it to the loser's resort. "About the proposal. Can we only tell a few people? It'll be a lot of time before this episode airs, so I was thinking we could get married in a few weeks. I don't want so much media attention, and all..."

Kristy nods and says, "I understand."

On Total Drama Island, Chris says, "Good job, gang." He laughs. "Thanks for viewing, viewers. See you next time on Total... Drama:... The All-Stars."

Anders says, "Anders did not receive a marshmallow." He sadly looks down. "Does that mean that Anders has to go, so soon?" Chris slaps his forehead.

Chapter 12 - Attack of the Deadly Tree Frog PeopleEdit

Chris Mclean states, "It's that time, again, for another Total... Drama:... The All-Stars! Before we begin, let's talk about our last episode. I brought back a classic challenge, the embarrassment of our remaining contestants. True, that does happen fairly frequently, but this time it was in challenge form. Former contestants returned to tell stories about their friends. Well... Hedda didn't exactly have any friends so she was excluded from the challenge. I'm sure she handled it fine. In the end, Francesca won as Anders described how he had proposed to her and got rejected. Anders was rewarded with a chance to stay on the island overnight. Kristy was voted off after Brad convinced the contestants to do so. He proposed marriage on the Boat of Losers and Kristy accepted. Will there be anymore proposals on today's episode? Watch and find out!"

Still at the elimination ceremony site, Anders says, "Anders is happy man, in general."

Beau puts his hand to his chin. He says, "I like him."

"So Anders," Yi Min states. "Are you excited to spend the night?"

Anders nods rapidly. He says, "Yes. I, Anders, are excited to spend the night with Francesca." The others laugh. Francesca's face turns bright red.

Jonathan says, "Uh, Anders... I think you should stay with the guys, tonight."

Anders throws his arms up and says, "Slumber party!"

Creigh lets out a heavy sigh. He says, "I suddenly wish I was voted out. I have to endure this nutjob..."

Yi Min pulls Creigh to him and says, "Creigh! Don't say that, man! What would this place be like without you?"

"Right," Creigh says. "I've been enduring nutjobs since I got here."

Yi Min hugs Creigh tight. He says, "Haha! Your sense of humor is finally beginning to shine."

His head being pressed against Yi Min's chest, Creigh's muffled voice says, "I-I can't breathe!"

Yi Min laughs and says, "Oh, you crazy kid."

Fiona says with wide eyes, "Is someone going to help him?"

"He'll be fine," Jonathan states. "If he was actually suffocating, he wouldn't be able to speak."

"Oh," Fiona states. "That's good to know."

"It is?" Ophelia asks.

"A little help here?" Creigh asks.

Fiona yawns. She says, "I think we should head to bed."

"Good idea," Beau says. "Goodnight, ladies." Yi Min puts Creigh back in his wheelchair, looking dazed. He follows along as the guys begin to return to their cabin. Anders follows after the girls, but Beau grabs his shirt collar and drags him along. Beau says, "I know how it is, man, but you need to follow the rules."

Ivan turns around and sees Hedda sadly sitting on one of the stumps. He says to the guys, "I'll be along in a minute." Beau nods at Ivan. Ivan sits by Hedda and says, "Hey, Hedda. Is everything okay? You look really sad." Hedda looks down, and remains quiet. Ivan frowns and says, "Come on, Hedda. I don't like seeing you this sad."

"I'm okay, Ivan," Hedda assures.

Ivan frowns and says, "I can tell that something is wrong." Ivan thinks for a moment. He nervously says, "Uh, are you upset about me and Janice?" He quietly says, "I'm really sorry about that."

Hedda replies, "I don't know. That's part of it, I guess."

"Oh," Ivan says. "Is there anything else? If you want to talk about it, you can."

Hedda sighs. She says, "The challenge, earlier... It made me realize that I'm so focused on spying on people that I don't have any friends. I don't ever make any lasting friendships. People don't want to talk to me."

Ivan takes Hedda's hand in his. He says, "Stop that. You have me, don't you?"

"I guess," Hedda says with a frown.

"You saying all that makes me feel like I don't matter," Ivan says. "We're going to be friends for a long time."

Hedda looks at Ivan in the eyes and asks, "You think so?"

Ivan looks down and says, "Look. I know what you're talking about. I don't really socialize all that much at home. I wish I had more friends, but I guess I feel embarrassed about being such a big fan of Total Drama... and stuff. It doesn't make you any less important to not be popular, plus, you can always try harder to be friends with people."

Hedda hugs Ivan. She says, "Thanks, Ivan."

"What did I do?" Ivan asks. "Did I say something special?"

Hedda states, "Not really. It's just... Being with you, even when I'm feeling sad, something about you makes me feel all warm."

Ivan blushes and says, "You're too young for hot flashes, right?"

Hedda laughs. She says, "Yes, Ivan. I feel a lot better, right now. I'm going to try to be more friendly. I'm not sure how, but you make me want to try. Thanks, Ivan. I should get back to my cabin." Hedda pauses and looks at Ivan. She says, "You can stop hugging me, now."

"Oh, sorry," Ivan says. He lets go, and Hedda walks away. Ivan looks after her, sits down on one of the stumps, and looks generally confused.

In the girls' cabin, Ophelia looks at Fiona, fast asleep hugging her Kendall pillow. Ophelia turns to Francesca and asks, "How are you doing?"

"Fine," Francesca states dryly.

Ophelia stares at Francesca. She says, "Are you sure?"

"Why wouldn't I be fine?" Francesca asks.

Ophelia shrugs. She says, "I had no idea that Anders proposed to you. It must be awkward to see him, again."

"Not really," Francesca states.

"Really?" Ophelia asks with wide eyes. "I guess I assumed that you might have feelings for Anders."

Francesca frowns. She says, "Our alleged relationship was a misunderstanding and besides, I like Al."

"Still," Ophelia states. "Sometimes finding out someone likes you makes you consider your feelings for them. You'd be surprised when I set people up how many of them say they can't view the one who likes them as anything more than friends."

Francesca nods and says, "That's how I feel about Anders."

Ophelia smirks and says, "Then they realize that they do have deeper feelings for them, after they realize how the other person feels."

"Well," Francesca states dryly, "that's not true with me. I'm attracted to Anders." Ophelia's eyes widen. Francesca asks, "What?"

Ophelia says, "You just said that you're attracted to Anders."

Francesca insists, "No, I didn't."

"Yeah, you did," Ophelia says with a giggle.

Francesca's face turns red. She says, "Well, even if I did, which I didn't, I meant to say that I'm attracted to Al."

"Sure," Ophelia says. "Whatever you say."

Francesca says, with her face still red, "Whatever. I don't need to talk about this, anymore. I'm going to bed."

Ophelia says, "Alright. Goodnight."

"Sh-shut up!" Francesca states. Ophelia looks surprised.

The next day, Hedda has her arm around Fiona, while Fiona is brushing her teeth. Fiona looks at her suspiciously. Fiona asks, "Uh, what are you doing?"

Hedda smiles and says, "I just realized that I should be more worried about making friends than gossiping."

"Alright, I guess," Fiona says, looking slightly more at ease.

"So tell me about yourself," Hedda states. "Are there any embarrassing secrets that you're keeping from your husband? Does Kendall have any strange habits that you..."

Fiona frowns and says, "I'm leaving." Fiona walks away.

In confessional, Hedda says, "Making friends is a lot harder than it seems. Oh, well." Hedda shrugs. "I'm not going to give up."

Outside the cabins, the contestants are shown standing around. Beau asks, "So Anders? Did you have fun last night?"

Anders nods rapidly and says, "Yes. The game you taught me, Anders, was fun."

"What was that?" Ophelia asks.

"We throw fish at each other in blindfolds and tell what memories it makes us remember," Anders states. Most of the others laugh.

Francesca looks annoyed. She shouts, "Oh, great. It's so funny to teach Anders embarrassing phrases so he makes a foll of himself. Real mature." She stomps away from the others.

Beau looks after her, blinks, and says, "She's wrong. We actually did what Anders said."

"Yeah," Yi Min says. "What's her problem?"

Ophelia says, "Uh. Maybe I better go talk with her."

Anders says, "Anders will also go!"

Ophelia says, "Uh, Anders. I don't know if that's..." Anders skips off in Francesca's direction.

Ophelia runs after him. Anders puts his hand on Francesca's shoulder. He says, "Anders is here to make it better." Francesca slaps Anders across the face. Anders rubs his face and says, "This is pattern with us, ja? Did Anders do something wrong?"

Francesca blushes and looks down at the ground. She says, "No, Anders. I'm sorry."

"Why is Francesca upset?" Anders asks. "It makes Anders sad."

"Would you stop referring to yourself as Anders?" Francesca says with in annoyed tone.

"But Anders is Anders," Anders says in a confused manner.

Ophelia catches up with Anders and Francesca. She breathes heavily and says, "Woo. You two are fast. Anders, you have such long legs."

Anders nods rapidly and says, "Ja. They are quite the conversation starter." Ophelia laughs, looks at Francesca's annoyed expression, and stops laughing.

Ophelia says, "Anders, you should probably head back. I want to talk to Francesca alone." Anders looks disappointed, but nods, and walks back to the others.

Ophelia looks at Francesca and says, "Are you alright?"

Francesca glares at Ophelia. She says, "Why do you keep asking that? Don't you have any hobbies?"

"I keep asking, because I can tell something is wrong," Ophelia answers.

Francesca folds her arms and looks away from Ophelia. She says, "Fine. You're right. You can go..."

Ophelia smiles and says, "You want to talk about it?"

Francesca looks at Ophelia. She says, "I hate it when people make fun of Anders."

"Is that all?" Ophelia asks. "Do you think there's a reason behind it?"

Francesca blushes and says, "It's just because I don't like it when people make fun of him."

Ophelia sighs and says, "That's pretty much what you just said."

Francesca retorts, "What do you want me to say? That I like him? I do, okay. Does that make you happy to hear me finally admit it?"

Ophelia smiles. She says, "I guess. Are you going to tell him?"

"I can't," Francesca admits. "I told Al that I would go out with him."

"But you don't really like Al?" Ophelia asks. Francesca looks down and shakes her head. "I thought so."

Francesca says, "I don't understand. If I don't like Al, then why did I agree to date him?"

Ophelia says, "I think I know what's going on."

"Enlighten me," Francesca says.

"You didn't mean to hurt Al," Ophelia states. "I think he reminded you of Anders, and your feelings for Anders surfaced, and you assumed that it meant that you liked Al."

"Anders and Al are nothing alike," Francesca states defiantly.

"Really?" Ophelia asks. Francesca sighs and looks down at the ground.

Francesca says, "So my stringing along Al makes me a horrible person."

Ophelia shakes her head. She says, "Don't say that. You were just confused. I'm sure he would understand if you explained it to him."

"You do?" Francesca states.

Ophelia smiles and says, "Sure... Maybe it would help if you drew some pictures."

Francesca looks over to see Chris with the other contestants. She says, "It looks like Chris is here for the challenge, and he apparently raided the wardrobe department for that lab coat."

"We better get over there," Ophelia states. The two begin walking back together.

Francesca turns to Ophelia and says dryly, "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Ophelia states.

Anders rubs his sore cheek. Creigh looks up at Francesca and says, "The wild woman has returned."

Yi Min asks, "You know something about Ophelia that I don't?" Creigh and Ophelia blush.

Chris states, "Be quiet. This is my time, now." Chris clears his throat. "The island has been overrun by the dreaded tree frog people!"

"Oh, no!" Anders shouts. He ducks to the ground with his rear pointing heavenward.

Jonathan asks, "What are you blathering on about, Chris? Who is the challenge even based on?"

"Was one of the contestants a tree frog hybrid, and I didn't know about it?" Yi Min asks.

Chris laughs and says, "No. This challenge is based on Nolan and Melinda's vaguely mentioned love for old, cheesy, science fiction and horror movies. In the old, cheesy movie vein, you will all be hunted down by our random amalgam of a loosely possibly dangerous, tiny creature that is also part human for unexplained reasons. In this instance, it will be the tree frog people. On account of their figurative poisonous skin, if they make contact with you, you'll be eliminated from the challenge. The last contestant not to be tagged will win invincibility. Do any of you need further explanation?" Yi Min nods with a confused expression.

He asks, "Where did you find the tree frog people willing to participate?"

Chris begins walking away. "I'll be in the control room," Chris explains. "Your challenge begins, now."

Anders calls, "Uh, what will Anders be doing?"

Yi Min puts his hand around Anders and says, "Don't worry, buddy. I'll protect you. Let's go walk into the woods. The tree frog people are far less likely to be in there."

"Ja," Anders says. "You are a smart muscleman." Yi Min and Anders walk together.

Yi Min blushes and says, "We shouldn't walk side by side. Walk a couple of feet in front of me."

"Why?" Anders asks.

Yi Min says, "Um... The tree frog people are less likely to attack that way. They hate single file lines."

Anders nods rapidly and says, "I, Anders, understands." They walk into the woods.

The other contestants stare off at Yi Min and Anders. "Wow," Jonathan states.

Beau grabs hold of Jonathan's stomach. He says, "They were right about one thing. We should definitely pair up. If there's two of us, the alleged tree frog people will be all confused and disoriented when we run in separate directions. Let's go be somewhere else, Jon boy."

"Okay," Jonathan says. "Don't call me that, though." Beau nods and they walk off together.

"You know what I think?" Creigh states. "I think this whole challenge is a lie. There are no tree frog people. I mean, have any of you even heard of such a ridiculous thing? I bet that the challenge is actually who will be gullible enough to believe Chris, and then their own paranoia will cause them to be eliminated." Creigh folds his arms. He looks around and realizes that everyone else had walked away. Creigh nervously gulps. He says to himself, "I'm not scared. I'll just stay in this spot until Chris returns. Besides, if these alleged tree frog people are really here, this will be the last place they look." Creigh hears a tree branch break. He looks incredibly concerned. He begins pushing the wheels on his wheelchair. He says, "I'm not moving because I think someone will be coming after me. I just need to... Uh... check up on how well my wheelchair is working. I have to do that every now and then." One of the tree frog people jumps in front of Creigh. He screams.

"Don't scream, kid," the tree frog person states. "It's just me, Chef Hatchet."

"I know!" Creigh exclaims. He attempts to push his wheelchair away.

"Hardy har," Chef Hatchet sarcastically states. "Funny." Chef approaches Creigh.

Creigh frowns and says, "Oh, sure. Make your first victim a kid in a wheelchair. Real creative. I thought you were better than that, but obviously I was wrong."

Chef rolls his eyes and says, "Whatever. I don't discriminate. I hate young people all equally." Chef Hatchet tags Creigh with a stamp. Creigh's forehead shows a neon blue frog face stamped on it. Chef explains, "Besides, if I catch the most of you suckers, Chris said I would get a raise."

Creigh looks annoyed and folds his arms. He says, "Like that would ever happen."

Yi Min and Anders are shown in the woods. Anders happily walks along ahead of Yi Min while Yi Min nervously looks in several directions. A cracking twig is heard. Yi Min pushes Anders to the ground and shouts, "Take him! Take him!"

Anders looks up at Yi Min and says, "Anders is confused."

Yi Min nervously laughs. He says, "Just a little strategy. They're far less likely to go after someone lying on the ground. It's, uh, a defense tactic."

Anders nods and says, "Ah. Anders understands." Anders puts his hand up, and Yi Min goes to help him up. Yi Min looks up and sees one of the tree frog people. He screams and runs in the other direction.

From above, Hedda and Ivan are shown on a tree branch. Ivan looks down and holds Hedda closer to him. He looks away and says dramatically, "They got Anders."

"Ah!" Anders shouts from the ground.

Hedda blushes and says, "You do realize that that was an intern in a cheap costume, right?"

Ivan blushes and says, "Uh, yeah. Of course." He laughs loudly.

The intern looks up at them and asks, "What was that?"

Hedda sighs and says, "Good job, Ivan."

Ivan holds Hedda tight and whispers, "Shh. We need to be quiet. Maybe he won't notice us. Tree frogs can rapidly climb trees, so if he spots us we're in trouble."

"Uh, Ivan," Hedda says. "You know that it's just a normal..." Ivan looks at Hedda, and his eyes show his concern. Hedda blushes and whispers, "I'll try to be quiet."

Ivan looks into Hedda's eyes and says, "Thanks. I... uh..." Ivan begins making out with Hedda.

Hedda pushes Ivan back. She says, "What about Janice?"

Ivan holds his head down. He says, "I'll explain it to her when I see her, again. Hedda, you know I never really liked her, but... Maybe this was a mistake." He looks at Hedda and says, "No, it wasn't. I really really really like you, Hedda."

"Wow, three 'really's..." Hedda says. The two begin kissing, again. The tree branch begins to crack. They stop kissing and Hedda asks, "What was that?"

"I think our passion was too much for the tree branch," Ivan states.

"Don't say it like that," Hedda says, while blushing. The tree branch breaks and the two plummet to the ground.

"Ouchy," Ivan weakly says. The intern in a tree frog person suit runs at them and stamps Hedda on the arm, and Ivan on the forehead.

Francesca, Fiona, and Ophelia are shown in a pit, with stamp marks on their arms or foreheads. "This is awful," Francesca states.

"I'll say," Ophelia states. "I can't believe that all three of us stood on the trapdoor at once."

Francesca says, "Maybe if Fiona didn't say that the trapdoor was a safe spot from the tree frog people..." An intern, in the pit with them, waves at them.

Above the ground, Yi Min is shown nervously looking around. He says, "I should find a place to hide." He sees the old boathouse, smiles, and approaches it. He opens the door and sees one of the tree frog people inside. He throws up his arms, screams, and runs in the other direction. He shouts, "They're everywhere! Everywhere!"

Beau and Jonathan are shown walking on the beach. Jonathan asks, "Are you sure this is the best place to be? Isn't it really hard to run on sand?"

Beau laughs and says, "Not for me."

"I see your point," Jonathan admits. "Wait, what about..." Chef Hatchet runs at them. Jonathan and Beau scream.

Beau says, "He can't chase both of us. You run to the left, I'll run to the right."

"Got it," Jonathan says. They run in separate directions.

Beau shouts, "I bet you can't catch me, you crazy frog dude!"

Chef looks at Beau speeding off. He says, "You're probably right." He turns toward Jonathan, runs a few steps and attempts to tag him.

"Save yourself, Beau!" Jonathan shouts.

"Okay!" Beau shouts from a safe distance.

"Got'cha," Chef Hatchet says with a smirk. He holds his stamp toward Jonathan. Jonathan struggles to avoid Chef. "Hold still!" Chef insists. He thrusts the stamp at Jonathan.

Jonathan shouts, "Ow! My eye! Are you insane?! Holy crap, that hurts!" Chef's eyes widen, he frowns, and slowly backs away from Jonathan.

Yi Min is shown nervously walking backwards between the cabins. He looks around and hears a twig snap. He says, "I've heard that noise way too much, today." He shouts, "Who's there?"

Anders steps forward and says, "It is me, Anders!"

Yi Min gives a sigh of relief. He says, "Oh, good. I was afraid that the tree frog people got to you."

"Ja," Anders says with a nod.

Yi Min walks to Anders and says, "We better get out of here, they'll be here if we stand around too long." Anders nods. Yi Min asks, "What is that on your forehead? It can't be..."

Anders nods and says, "I am one of them, now. I am a tree frog person." Anders rips open his shirt to reveal his tree frog person costume.

Yi Min drops to his knees and says, "Nooooooooooooooo!" Anders stamps Yi Min on the forehead. Yi Min cries into his hands.

Later, Chris is gathered around the contestants. He says, "Okay, everyone. Nice work on making things far more dramatic than they needed to be. The winner of the challenge was... Beau." Beau takes a bow. "You know the drill."

"I can't say we're on a first name basis," Yi Min states.

Chris sighs. He says, "Vote out someone. I'll see you at the elimination ceremony."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris announces, "Beau gets the first marshmallow for his impressive challenge win." Beau smiles, and catches his marshmallow. Chris eyes the other contestants. He says, "Ivan, Fiona, Hedda, and Jonathan are safe." The safe contestants each give a sigh of relief. "The next safe contestants are Ophelia and Creigh." Creigh and Ophelia catch their marshmallows. Chris looks back and forth at the bottom two. He states, "It has been said that the two of you are two of our most attractive contestants, but as we all know, looks are not everything. They need to be backed up by fantastic hosting skills." Chris smiles at the camera. He states, "Francesca and Yi Min... The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Yi Min." Yi Min catches his marshmallow.

Francesca frowns and says, "You voted for me."

Beau shields his face and says, "Not the face. It's way too pretty to be mangled." He thinks for a moment. and shields his stomach. "Not the abs, my beautiful abs." He thinks for a moment. He lowers his arms and says, "Not my..." Jonathan grabs hold of Beau's lips.

"I'm not going to hit you," Francesca states.

Creigh shakes his head and says, "You say that, now, but you might go all psycho and attack us like you attacked Anders."

"You're a loose cannon," Yi Min assures.

Francesca sighs and shakes her head. She says, "I only slapped Anders, because..." She looks over at him and blushes. "I really like you, Anders."

Anders looks over his shoulder. He says, "You mean me, Anders?"

Francesca laughs. She says, "Of course, I do. Do you know any other Anders?"

Anders nods and says, "Ja." He lists, "Anders Jokonin, Anders Anderson, Anders Johansen..."

Francesca punches Anders in the arm, sighs, and smiles as she gazes at him. She says, "I love that man."

Yi Min looks confused and asks Beau, "Is it normal for women to express their love with violence?"

"It happens," Beau states. "Though it's more common in grade school." Yi Min shrugs.

Chris says, "It's time to go, Francesca. If you want, you can even ride to the losers resort with Anders."

"That's really sweet," Ophelia says.

"And cost effective," Chris states while grinning.

"Of course," Ophelia says in a slightly annoyed tone.

Anders and Francesca hold hands and go toward the Boat of Losers.

Chris states, "Well, that's all for this episode. Be sure to watch next time to see what will happen. Chris Mclean, out!"

Chapter 13 - Let LoseEdit

Chris Mclean states, "It's that time. Time for a loser's episode." Chris sits back in a lounge chair and grabs some popcorn.

Anders and Francesca are shown on the Boat of Losers. Francesca sighs and says, "How are we going to break it to him?"

"What is broken, sweetie lips?" Anders asks.

Francesca sighs, again. She says, "How am I going to break it to him?"

Anders states, "I suggest just coming out with it."

"Wow, Anders," Francesca says monotonously. "That's a really good idea."

"Anders will say that his loins burns with the passion for Francesca," Anders states.

Francesca glares and frowns at Anders. She says, "I don't think that's the best idea." The Boat of Losers arrives at Playa des Losers. Francesca sighs. She says, "No turning back."

"Why?" Anders asks. Anders turns around.

Al, Janice, and Waterlily are present to greet the losing contestant. Waterlily puts leis around Francesca and Anders' necks. Al frowns and says, "Francesca? Aw... I'm sorry you're here."

Francesca asks, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Al blushes and looks down. He says, "I wanted to see you, again, but I didn't want you to lose the game."

"That's so sweet, Al," Francesca says with a tiny smile.

Anders stares at Al. He asks, "Francesca? Who is this?"

Francesca blushes. She says, "Anders, we talked about this." Anders looks confused.

"So Ivan isn't coming?" Janice asks.

"No, I don't think so," Waterlily says.

"Yay!" Janice shouts.

"Um," Waterlily says. "I couldn't imagine wanting to be away from my Danny-poo."

Janice blushes and says, "I really want Ivan to win. That's all. Besides, you're away from Daniel, right now."

Waterlily's eyes widen. She shouts, "Danny-poo! I'm on my way, baby!" She runs toward the resort.

"I guess I should go, too," Janice states. She walks back to the resort. Al waves.

Al puts his arm around Francesca and says, "We have lots to catch up with, Franny."

Anders looks at Al and Francesca with a confused expression. He asks, "Why is this skinny peanut touching you, Francesca?"

"Who are you calling a skinny peanut, maaaaan?" Al asks.

Anders looks confused. He says, "'Man' has so many syllables? Anders is confused."

"Don't make fun of my pronunciatioooon," Al says calmly with a frown. "I have a condition. And quit referring to yourself by name."

Anders frowns and says, "But Anders is Anders."

"Guys," Francesca states. "Calm down, or whatever."

"Let's go, Francesca," Anders states.

Al says, "Come on, Franny." They each take one of her arms in theirs and walk toward the resort.

Francesca frowns and says, "I have a bad feeling about this."

"What do you mean, Franny?" Al asks. Francesca sighs as she is dragged toward the resort.

Kristy looks up from her lounge chair by the pool. She says, "Oh, look who's here. Hi, Francesca."

"Hello," Francesca states dryly.

"I'm happy to see you, too," Kristy states, doing her impression of Francesca's monotony.

"You're not funny," Sheena states from nearby.

Kristy says, "Thank you for your input."

"Anytime, sis," Sheena states.

From inside the pool, Melinda says, "Sorry to see you here, Francesca. Tell us all about what happened."

Francesca looks at Anders and blushes. Quintin looks over at Francesca and Anders from his seat at the smoothie bar. He takes a sip from a smoothie and says, "You don't want to know."

"I don't?" Melinda asks.

Sheena looks at Quintin and says, "If you keep drinking those things, you're going to get fat. Fatter than you already are, I mean."

"I'm not fat," Quintin insists. "And these things are free, tasty, and the right thing to do, in general." He slurps more of the smoothie.

Kristy sighs and says, "Sheena. Try to be nice."

"What?" Sheena says. "I was being nice. I was giving him nutrition advice."

Al says, "Francesca must be tired. I'll show you to your room."

Kristy asks, "Before you go, can I ask you a question?"

Francesca says, "I guess."

Kristy says, "Okay. Of the contestants remaining in the competition, who do you want to see win?"

"Not that question, again," Sheena complains. "Nobody likes that question."

"Aw," Kristy says. "Come on. It's an important question."

"You just want everyone to support your precious little Beau," Sheena states.

Kristy smiles and says, "He's better than Jonathan... Or should I call him 'Hot Lips'?"

Sheena blushes and folds her arms. She says, "His lips were lukewarm at best."

Al says, "Let's go, Fraaaanny." Francesca and Anders follow Al. He asks, "What is that dude following us for?"

Anders says, "Anders will go where Francesca will go."

"I get it," Al says with his eyes narrower than usual.

"You do?" Francesca asks.

Al nods. He says, "Anders is a creeper."

"Anders is?" Anders asks. Al nods.

Francesca says, "Maybe you two should go. I can find my room by myself."

Al frowns and says, "I guess that's a good idea, if it comes from you. I really wanted to talk to you alone, though."

"We'll get our chance," Francesca states. "Anders has to go home, soon."

Anders sighs and says, "Ja. I, Anders, has many responsibilities."

Francesca dryly says, "Goodnight." Anders and Al nod, walk away, and begin pushing each other.

Francesca walks down the hall and hears Daniel saying from around the corner, "Oh, you're so beautiful. I could just lose myself staring at you." Daniel giggles. Francesca's eyes widen.

Francesca says dryly, "Is that you, Waterlily and Dan..." She turns the corner and sees Daniel talking to a sunflower.

Daniel's eyes get wide. He says, "I can explain. Really."

"I'm sure you can," Francesca states. "But I'm sure you don't want to explain it."

Sky Lynn approaches. She says, "Oh, there you are, Daniel. You know who has been looking for you." Sky Lynn pauses. She asks, "Were you flirting with that sunflower, again?"

Daniel looks to the side and says, "Maybe."

Sky Lynn shakes her head and says, "I don't know what's wrong with you." She grabs hold of Daniel's ear and says, "Let's go." Sky Lynn drags Daniel away.

Francesca shrugs and says, "Different strokes for different folks." She walks down the corridor of rooms. She looks at one and says, "This one looks good." She tries the handle and the door opens. Her eyes widen at seeing Reeve with Kendall's hand in his hand. "Um. I didn't need to see that."

Kendall blushes. He says, "I can explain."

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, Kendall," Reeve states with a frown. Reeve explains, "I was painting Kendall's fingernails." He holds up Kendall's hand to show that three of his fingernails are painted black.

Francesca states, "That is something to be embarrassed about." Kendall continues blushing.

Kendall asks, "Hey, how is Fiona doing?"

"She's still in the competition, isn't she?" Francesca replies.

"That's good," Kendall says. "I'm so proud of her."

"Right," Francesca states dryly. "I doubt she would say the same about you, given this situation. I'm leaving." Francesca leaves the room.

Reeve looks at Kendall with an annoyed expression. "Way to change the subject," Reeve says.

Francesca walks down the hall. Quintin walks by her. He says, "Hey, Francesca. So, you and Anders?"

Francesca rolls her eyes. She says, "Yeah."

He nods and says, "Hey, I'm not judging you. But does Al know?"

"No," Francesca says.

"Okay," Quintin says, "now I'm judging you."

"I don't know what to say to Al," Francesca states. "I promised him I would go out with him."

Quintin says, "I don't know what you should say, but you should definitely talk to him."

Francesca sighs and says, "You're right."

"I know," Quintin says. "He's in room eight. Have fun." He walks off.

Francesca frowns, sets her things down, and walks toward room eight. The door is slightly ajar, so she pushes it open. Her eyes widen when she sees Al making out with Janice. Al's light brown eyes shoot open, and he says, "Francesca? What are you doing here? It's not what it looks like."

"That's what Kendall said when I caught him with Reeve," Francesca states.

Al says, "I'm really sorry. I... Wait, what?"

"Never mind," Francesca states. "What's going on in here?"

Al looks down at the ground, as does Janice. Al explains, "I missed you, a lot. Janice missed Ivan, a lot. We started talking to each other, and then we realized our feelings for each other. I'm really sorry. I know I gave you my word. But Janice and me have a really cool couple name."

"It's 'Alice'," Janice explains.

Francesca says, "There's no reason for you to be sorry, Al. For Janice there is, but not you." Janice frowns. Francesca goes on, "Al, the truth is that Anders and I are dating."

Al smiles and says, "That's great! You're just as big a cheater as me!"

"We were never officially dating, Al," Francesca states.

"I know," Al replies. "I am really glad for you two, though. Don't tell him I said this, but that Anders is a really good looking guy."

"I'm happy for the two of you, too," Francesca says. She turns to Janice and says, "It looks like you finally got your dummy, after all."

"Aw, thanks," Al says, still smiling. Francesca gives a slight laugh.

Francesca says, "I'll be going."

Janice nods and says, "I should get back to my room, too."

"Aw, okay," Al says. "Bye, ladies." Janice kisses Al on the cheek and she and Francesca leave the room.

Once outside, Francesca says, "That was quite the experience."

"Sorry," Janice says while frowning.

"No," Francesca says. "It was my fault for entering an open door without knocking."

Janice frowns and says, "That must have been a surprise."

Francesca nods and says, "Seeing those guys holding hands was really weird."

"Wait, what are we talking about?" Janice asks.

"Nothing," Francesca says. "I just want to go to my room. Way too many things happened and I just got here."

Janice nods. She sheepishly says, "I'm going to go. Have a nice time." She scurries away.

Francesca nods and says, "What a day."

Daniel jumps out from around the corner. He says, "Aha! You were talking to yourself! That's way worse than talking to a plant!"

Francesca glares at him and says, "No, it's not."

Daniel holds his head down and says, "You're right. It's not."

Quintin walks up and says, "Hey, man! How about some full contact shuffleboard?"

"Sweet," Daniel says. They walk off together.

Francesca shrugs and says, "This place is weird." She walks in the direction of her room.

Chapter 14 - Me, Myself, and IceEdit

Chris states, "Welcome to another, actual episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars! Last time, before the losers episode, our contestants were attacked by the allegedly poisonous tree frog people. Ivan and Hedda were in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G... literally. Ivan pushed aside his fake relationship with Janice in order to like Hedda. As for the actual winner of the challenge, Beau won after he left Jonathan for dead. Francesca ended up getting eliminated since the way she was acting was making the guys nervous. She left after admitting that she liked Anders, who just happened to be visiting at the time. Be sure to watch what happens on this episode of Total Drama: The All-Stars."

Ivan is shown among the other male contestants in their room. He instructs Jonathan, "Now I want fifteen squat thrusts." Jonathan nods and begins doing the squat thrusts.

Yi Min smiles and says, "It's really nice of you to teach Jonathan."

"It's no big deal," Ivan says while blushing. "I'm glad to be in a position to help him."

Yi Min is revealed to be hanging upside down with his feet strapped to the ceiling. He says, "You're awesome, Ivan." Yi Min puts his hands behind his head and does some upside down sit ups.

Beau looks at Yi Min and says, "And I thought I was hardcore."

Yi Min says, "It's not that..."

The guys hear "Caw! Caw! Caw!" from outside.

"What was that?" Yi Min asks.

Ivan blushes. He says, "I'm going to go check it out." He rushes out of the cabin.

Beau says to Jonathan, "Come on, man. Let's go investigate it with Ivan." Jonathan is already in his bed asleep. "Oh, no! Jonathan! What did they do to you?!"

"He's sleeping," Creigh states with a raised eyebrow.

Beau blushes and says, "I knew that. I was joking."

"No, you weren't," Creigh states.

Beau looks to the side. He says, "Never mind, I'll just go by myself."

"I'm sorry that Jonathan won't be going with you to hold your hand, man," Creigh states.

"Are you done?" Beau asks, while frowning.

"I'm just warming up," Creigh states. Beau laughs. Creigh lets out a slight smile.

"See you guys a little later," Beau states. He leaves the room.

Yi Min bends upward, unstraps his feet, and does a back flip on his way down to the floor. He lands on his feet. Creigh claps slowly. Yi Min laughs and says, "Thanks, buddy." Yi Min smiles and looks mischievous, in general. He says, "So... You have a little crush on Beau? He's a good looking dude, and all."

Creigh blushes. He gestures toward Jonathan and asks, "Have you thought about what you want to say to Jonathan?"

"I'm not sure," Yi Min says. He frowns. "I don't see what point there is to talk to him when he's sleeping."

"I didn't mean now," Creigh states, after rolling his eyes.

Yi Min admits, "He does seem a lot different than he was. But I'm still pretty nervous." Yi Min thinks for a moment. He excitedly says, "I have an idea!"

"Alert the presses," Creigh replies.

Yi Min goes on, "Why don't you talk to Jonathan for me? Tell him I want to be friends, but I'm not sure how to approach the subject. You'd do that for me, right?"

Creigh frowns and says, "I'm not sure..." Yi Min pouts and makes his eyes wide. Creigh frowns and says, "Fine. I'll do it."

Yi Min smiles wide. He hugs Creigh and says, "I love you."

Creigh blushes. He says, "I, uh..."

Yi Min lets go of Creigh. He says, "I have a question."

"Yeah?" Creigh asks.

"Did my eyes sparkle when my eyes got wide?" Yi Min asks.

Creigh laughs. He says, "Uh, no."

"Dang it!" Yi Min shouts. He frowns. "I have to try harder."

Outside, Beau is shown walking around, looking in several directions. He says, "Why do I find myself doing this, again?" Beau pauses for a moment. He says, "And I'm talking to myself."

"Are you around here?" Ivan asks. Beau smiles, he walks toward Ivan.

Hedda says, "Over here."

Ivan smiles and walks over to her. "There you are!" He smiles. "What did you need?"

Beau raises an eyebrow. He looks behind him and sees a convenient bush. Beau jumps into the bush. He whispers, "This is getting redundant."

Hedda says, "I just wanted to see you, again."

Ivan smiles and says, "Well, here I am." Hedda kisses Ivan. He blushes and says, "It's good to see you, too."

Beau looks uneasy. He quietly says, "I feel nauseous..."

Hedda says, "What do you say? A little walk in the woods?" Ivan looks nervous. Hedda laughs and says, "Don't worry. If we see any tree frog people, I'll protect you." Ivan blushes, takes Hedda's hand in his, and they walk into the woods together.

"Wow," Beau says from the bushes. He puts his hands on the ground behind his back, as he just generally looks stunned.

"What's wrong with you?" Fiona asks, sitting next to him.

Beau shouts, "Gah!"

"I get that reaction, a lot," Fiona says with a frown.

Beau says, "Sorry. I just didn't expect to see you there." Beau blinks. "What are you doing here?"

Fiona says, "I was out for my midnight frolic and heard someone in the bushes. I decided to investigate."

"I understand," Beau says. He thinks for a moment. "Well, I don't actually understand, but I know why you're here, now."

"So?" Fiona asks.

"So what?" Beau replies.

Fiona reminds, "What's wrong?"

"Oh," Beau says. "That." He looks down at the ground. "I just saw Ivan and Hedda kiss."

Fiona says, "Ooh! Romantic! Wait, what's the problem with that? Are you jealous?"

Beau's cheeks get a little red. He says, "No. It's not that. It's... from a past experience I had with hiding in the bushes. I gathered that Janice and Ivan were dating."

"Really?" Fiona replies, with wider eyes than normal. "So, he's dating Janice and Hedda?" Beau shrugs. Fiona says, "Wow. Ivan's come a long way from how he was."

Beau looks down at the ground. He says, "I feel really sick about it. Janice doesn't deserve to be toyed around with like this."

"What about Hedda?" Fiona asks.

Beau states, "Poor Janice." He sighs.

"What are you going to do about it?" Fiona asks.

"It's none of my business, I guess," Beau answers.

"Joe," Fiona says. "You can't let this be. You'll be at fault, too, if you don't do something."

"It's, uh, Beau, actually," Beau says. "You're the first girl to forget my name."

Fiona says, "That's not important, now. You need to avenge Janice. For justice!"

"Wait, what are we talking about?" Beau asks.

"For justice!" Fiona shouts.

Beau stands up, puts his hands on his hips, and shouts, "For justice!" Fiona begins walking away. Beau asks, "Wait, where are you going?"

Fiona says, "Back to my cabin."

Beau says, "Aren't you going to help me bring forth justice?"

"Are you kidding?" Fiona asks. "I don't want to get involved. This is none of my business." She walks off. Beau sighs.

"I'm going to bed," Beau says to himself. He walks off.

At the guy's cabin, Beau walks in. Yi Min says, "Oh. Hey, Beau! What's up?"

Beau says, "Ivan isn't here? I have to tell you guys something."

Ivan walks in and says, "I'm back!" He puts his arm around Beau. "What are we talking about?"

Beau looks down at the floor. He says, "Nothing. I'm really beat."

"Alright," Yi Min says. "Goodnight." Beau nods and gets into his bed.

In the morning, Beau is shown outside. He sees Ophelia heading to the cafeteria. He runs over to her and says, "Hey, Ophelia. Just who I wanted to see. I need some relationship advice."

"You, too?" Ophelia says. "Are you and your wife having some sort of problem?"

Beau blushes and says, "Uh, no. This isn't about me, it's about a friend of mine."

"Sure it is," Ophelia replies with a smirk.

Beau sighs. He says, "Okay, so this one guy I know is dating this one girl, right?"

"Right," Ophelia says.

"And then, after she got voted out, he starts making out with a different girl," Beau says.

"Jonathan and Sheena?" Ophelia asks.

"No," Beau says with a frown.

Ophelia says, "Okay. How did you take that one?"

Beau frowns and says, "I guess it didn't really bother me."

"Really?" Ophelia says. "So how is this different?"

Beau looks down at the ground. He says, "Um. I don't know. I just have a really bad feeling about it. It was more like Ivan was just using Janice, from what I could tell."

"Ivan?" Ophelia says.

"Shoot," Beau says. "At least I didn't say who he was kissing."

"Hedda, right?" Ophelia answers.

Beau blushes. "Wow, how did you guess?" he asks.

Ophelia shrugs and says, "Default?"

Beau lets out a sigh. He says, "So what should I do?"

Ophelia frowns. She says, "I think you need to talk to him so you get the story straight. Then, if you get the feeling that he's a two timer, do what you must."

"Beat the crap out of him?" Beau asks.

Ophelia looks surprised and says, "N-no, I..."

"Thanks for the advice, Ophelia!" Beau says with a smile. "I'll go lay the smack down."

"Beau, I..." Ophelia starts. Beau begins running toward his cabin. He directly runs into Chris.

Chris says, "Hey, you two. Hurry up to the usual challenge area. The challenge is waiting to get did."

"Oh, alright," Beau answers. He sighs.

At the challenge site, the contestants look around to see several blocks of ice. Chris explains, "This challenge is based on Naomi."

Yi Min nods and sings, "Cold as ice! You're willing to..."

Chris says, "That's enough, Yi Min. I don't want to have to pay royalties on that song... But he's right. Naomi was known for her icy demeanor, that is, until Micky D. melted her heart."

"Isn't that illegal?" Fiona asks.

"Not literally, okay?" Chris says. He gestures toward the blocks of ice and says, "Inside each block of ice is a gold medal. All you contestants need to do is melt the ice in order to retrieve the gold medal. Whoever does so first will win invincibility, and you can keep your gold medal."

"Oh, goodie!" Yi Min says.

Chris says, with a smile, "I'm glad one of you is excited about that."

Creigh says, "It's just Yi Min."

"I know," Chris says. "But I'll take what I can get."

"I have a question," Ivan says. Beau glares at Ivan. "Can we smash the ice blocks with our heads, or something?"

Chris shakes his head and says, "No shattering. Just melting. I'll keep my eyes on you all. If anyone tries to break it open, they'll be disqualified. So, you can begin the challenge."

The contestants nod. Fiona picks up her block of ice and juggles it as it is slippery. It falls to the ground, a part of it cracking. Chris frowns and says, "Fiona is out of the challenge for trying to break her ice, which was clearly brought out as being against the rules."

"It wasn't on purpose," Fiona assures. Jonathan walks toward the woods.

Chris says, "I don't care. You need to follow the rules, duh."

Fiona frowns and walks off. She shouts, "I will have my revenge!"

Chris laughs and says, "Yeah, sure. I'm so scared."

Beau is shown lifting up his shirt, and placing the ice block on his abs. He says, "Oh, yeah!" He begins shivering, drops the ice on the ground, and falls on the ground, shaking.

"What were you expecting to happen?" Creigh asks.

Beau's teeth chatter as he explains, "I d-don't kn-know. I th-thought it m-might m-melt."

Creigh shakes his head and says, "Can you believe him, Yi Min?" He looks to see Yi Min with his shirt up, holding the ice block to his abs. He falls to the ground, shivering. Creigh says, "Really, Yi Min?"

"Wh-why m-me?" Yi Min asks. Creigh frowns.

Chris says, "Looks like Beau and Yi Min are out of the challenge for dropping their ice. And no one is making any progress."

Ophelia is shown walking down to the water. She tosses her ice block into the water. Hedda walks over to her and asks, "What are you doing?"

"You know how ice melts in a glass of water?" Ophelia asks. Hedda nods. "Well, I'm trying that."

"Good idea," Hedda says. She tosses her ice cube into the water, too. The girls watch as the ice cubes float away.

Ophelia stares and says, "I didn't think that through."

Jonathan is shown returning from the woods with a pile of sticks. He drops them to the ground and takes some items from his pockets. He drops to his knees and robs some rocks together. Yi Min, who has recovered, asks, "What is that? Voodoo?"

Jonathan sighs and says, "No, Yi Min."

Yi Min looks down and says, "Sorry."

Creigh looks at Ivan and says, "You don't have an idea, either?"

Ivan says, "Not really."

"I guess we agree to..." Creigh says. He looks back at Ivan, realizing that Ivan's tongue is stuck to his block of ice, now. Creigh shakes his head.

Jonathan has a wide smile as he sets his pile of sticks on fire. "Whoa!" Beau says. "Awesome!"

"Thanks," Jonathan says. He takes his block of ice and holds it over the fire. It begins to quickly melt.

Creigh folds his arms and says, "Why didn't I think of that?" He looks to the side.

Jonathan's ice block melts, and he takes hold of his gold medal. Chris announces, "And Jonathan wins invincibility!" Jonathan smiles, and looks excited. The medal slips from his hand and falls into his fire, slowly melting. Everyone looks on with wide eyes. Chris says, "Oops. Oh, well. I'll see you guys at the elimination." He carts off the other blocks of ice.

The contestants scatter. Jonathan continues to stare at his melting medal with wide eyes. Beau goes over by Ivan. He says, "Hey, man. We need to talk."

"Okay," Ivan says. "What about?"

Beau sighs and says, "I saw you and Hedda."

"Okay?" Ivan says. "What's weird about that?"

"I don't know," Beau says. "You were making out at the time?"

Ivan blushes. He says, "That's kind of embarrassing."

"Kind of embarrassing?!" Beau says in disbelief. "You were going out with Janice."

Jonathan looks over, looks concerned, and joins the guys. He asks, "What's going on?"

Beau states, "We're discussing Ivan cheating on Janice with Hedda."

Jonathan has wide eyes. "Ivan?" Jonathan asks.

"I can explain," Ivan says. Looking down at the ground.

"Oh?" Beau replies. "I'm all ears."

Ivan smiles and nods. He says, "I was never actually dating Janice."

"You weren't?" Beau asks.

Ivan nods. "I just really needed to get her to join my alliance, so I acted like I liked her," Ivan explains. "I really liked Hedda, though, so when Janice was gone, I..."

"Whoa, dude," Beau says. "That's messed up. How could you use someone like that?"

"N-no," Ivan says. "It's not like that, at all."

"I'm so ticked, right now," Beau says, looking upset. He says, "I'm going to talk to the others. I thought you were a good guy, Ivan." Beau walks off.

Ivan says, "Beau, it's not like that. I'm not a bad guy, or anything."

Jonathan has his arms folded. He says, "I don't know, man. That was pretty low, what you did to Janice. It seems like something Heather would do."

"H-Heather?" Ivan repeats with wide eyes.

Jonathan nods, "Or that Alejandro guy. You know? Before he got all mangled and mutilated."

"H-Heather?" Ivan says, staring off with wide eyes. Jonathan waves his hand in front of Ivan's face.

At the elimination ceremony, Jonathan, Ophelia, Yi Min, Fiona, Creigh, and Hedda are shown holding their marshmallows. Chris states, "So, I handed out the majority of marshmallows, and there is only one left." He looks at Ivan, then at Beau. Chris states, "One of you guys will be sent to the losers resort." The camera shifts between Ivan and Beau. Ivan's eyes are still wide, while Beau gulps and then smiles at the camera mouthing 'Hi Kara'. Chris states, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Beau." Beau catches his marshmallow.

Hedda's eyes widen. She says, "Ivan?"

"H-Heather?" Ivan repeats.

"What's wrong with him?" Hedda asks.

Chris shrugs and says, "It seems like a fuse broke or something."

Beau puts his hand on Hedda's shoulder. She asks, "Why are you touching me?"

Chris says, "Can an intern or two carry Ivan to the Boat of Losers." Two interns arrive and carry Ivan to the Boat of Losers.

On board, Ivan repeats, "H-Heather?"

Hedda says, "I still don't understand why Ivan was voted out."

"For justice!" Fiona shouts.

Beau explains, "You probably don't know, but Ivan was going out with Janice before he started going with you. I'm sorry. He's not a good guy."

Hedda looks at Beau, then down at the ground. She says, "I knew, but he liked me not her."

"He shouldn't have strung her along, though," Beau states with his arms folded.

"I know," Hedda says. "Looking down. But it was my..."

"Huh?" Ophelia asks.

"Nothing," Hedda says while blushing.

Chris says, "Speaking of nothing, that's what's left of this episode. See you next time on Total... Drama:... The All-Stars!"

Chapter 15 - Some Children Left BehindEdit

Chris Mclean states, "This is another episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars. On our last episode, the contestants were asked to melt the ice... Uh, literally. They were each given a chunk of ice to get a medal out of. Jonathan was the only one to do something smart, as he started a fire with his boyscout skills. He won the challenge, and we said goodbye to Ivan." Chris outstretches his hand and an intern walks up and begrudgingly hands Chris a wad of money. "Beau was angered to find out that Ivan was kissing Hedda when he was supposed to have been in a relationship with Janice. Ivan tried to explain that his relationship with Janice was gameplay, but that didn't sit well with Beau, either. So, let's see what will happen this time."

The guys are shown walking back to their cabin. Beau has his arm around Jonathan. Beau says, "Wasn't Jonny Boy, here, awesome in that challenge? You've got some mad skills, bro."

"Thanks," Jonathan replies with his face red.

"Good job," Yi Min says with a half smile.

"Thanks," Jonathan replies. Jonathan suddenly looks down at the ground. He says, "I'm just really disappointed that I didn't get to keep that medal." Jonathan angrily stomps his foot.

Beau looks at Jonathan and asks, "Dude, are you crying?"

Jonathan turns his head away from Beau and says, "No."

The guys walk toward their cabin while Jonathan stays still. Beau asks, "Aren't you coming inside?"

Jonathan says, "I want to stay outside for a while. You guys go ahead without me."

"Suit yourself," Beau replies. He walks toward the cabin, while Yi Min looks contemplative. He stops pushing Creigh and leaves him next to Jonathan. Creigh looks after Yi Min with an annoyed expression. He begins to push his wheelchair toward the cabin, but looks back at Jonathan.

Creigh lets out a heavy sigh and says, "Hey, Jonathan. Is something the matter?"

"No," Jonathan replies. "Why do you ask?"

Creigh answers, "Maybe because you got so upset over not getting a flimsy medal?"

"I worked hard at the challenge," Jonathan states.

"Man," Creigh starts, "I don't even think it was made out of metal. You're overreacting."

Jonathan suddenly looks really angry and shouts, "Don't tell me I'm overreacting, you stupid gimp!"

Creigh looks surprised. He says, "Uh..."

Jonathan's eyes widen. He says, "I'm so sorry, man. I didn't mean that."

"Something is wrong, Jonathan," Creigh says.

Jonathan looks to the side. "I did something kind of stupid," Jonathan admits. "I sort of... I was at the showers the other day, maybe two days ago, and I was taking my medicine for my bipolar depression." Jonathan lets out a heavy sigh. He says, "I accidentally spilled the bottle, and almost all of the pills fell down the sink drain. That was my last bottle, and now I'm out of medication."

"Oh, wow," Creigh says. "I'm sorry."

Jonathan quietly says, "I'm really scared, right now. I don't know what I'm going to do or say, sometimes, when I'm not on my medication. I don't want to say anything I'll regret." He looks down. "Like what I just called you."

"Don't worry about that, man," Creigh assures. "I'll let it slide."

"Thanks," Jonathan replies. "I feel so awful, right now. I wish I never agreed to come here."

"Let's not talk about that," Creigh says. "Let's talk about something positive. What was it like to win that challenge?"

Jonathan lets out a small sigh and says, "Good idea. It felt great. I don't know if winning any other challenge would have meant so much to me, but that one reminded me of my survival skills, and how much I love doing stuff like that. Maybe I was so upset about the medal, because I'm used to getting a badge for that kind of stuff."

"Maybe," Creigh replies.

Jonathan looks down and says, "Thanks for talking with me, man. I hope nothing bad happens..."

Creigh says, "Here's an idea. If you're ever feeling down, or like you're about to snap, give me a signal. We can talk it out or something."

"Okay," Jonathan says with a smile. "How's this?" Jonathan grabs his crotch.

Creigh's eyes widen. He says, "No, dude. That's not the best idea..."

Jonathan frowns and says, "I was kidding."

"Oh," Creigh says. He lets out a laugh. "That was pretty funny, actually."

Jonathan says, "Maybe I've been hanging around Beau too long. Anyway, how's this?" Jonathan tugs on his ear.

Creigh says, "Good." He looks over at their cabin. "What do you say? Ready to go back to the other guys?" Jonathan sighs and nods. Jonathan walks toward the cabin, while Creigh pushes his wheelchair alongside him.

Hedda appears out of the bushes, writes something in her notes, and then walks away.

In confessional, Hedda says, "Ivan leaving was sad, but after I was depressed about it for a while, I realized that that wouldn't do me any good. After about... three minutes of grieving I decided that I should continue doing what I do best... Spying and blackmail."

While Creigh and Jonathan were outside, Beau is shown sitting on his bed, looking down at the floor. Yi Min asks, "Hey, Beau. What's up?"

"Nothing," Beau answers.

Yi Min says, "Okay."

Beau goes on, "It's about Ivan."

"That dirty cheater?" Yi Min asks.

Beau says, "Yeah." Beau lets out a slight sigh. He says, "I don't think I handled that situation as well as I could have."

"What do you mean?" Yi Min asks.

"I was thinking about Janice," Beau says. "The poor girl didn't deserve to get cheated on, and all. I just wish I handled it differently."

"Oh?" Yi Min says.

Beau says, "I wish that I didn't make it public. I wish that I talked to him privately, or something."

Yi Min asks, "Why's that?"

Beau looks to the side. He says, "I just... I... uh..." Beau looks down. "I think I was remembering how I was a few years ago. Cheating on my girlfriend was my average Tuesday." Beau lets out a deep sigh. "I hate the way I was, but I feel like I took out the anger I feel toward how big a jerk I was on Ivan. I shouldn't have done that."

"Yeah," Yi Min says quietly.

"I hope Ivan can work out whatever issues he has," Beau says. "He really is a good guy."

"Yeah," Yi Min replies.

Beau walks over to Yi Min and hugs him. He says, "Thanks, man. You know just what to say to make me feel better."

"I do?" Yi Min says.

Beau walks over to his bed and sits back down. He says, "I guess we should try to get some rest." Jonathan walks into the room, holding the door open for Creigh. Jonathan immediately tugs his ear, and Creigh sighs. He turns around and goes back outside, and Jonathan follows after him. Beau asks, "What was that about?" Yi Min shakes his head.

The next morning, Fiona looks over at Hedda's bed and sees her in it. Fiona asks, "Where were you all last night?"

"Around," Hedda replies.

"That's vague," Fiona says with a slight frown.

Ophelia states, "Fiona, it's not nice to pry."

"Sorry," Fiona says.

Hedda says, "Nah, I don't mind. I was out watching the guys."

"Watching them do what?" Fiona asks with wide eyes.

Hedda says, "Just talking. They're way more interesting than you two."

"Gee, thanks," Fiona says with a frown.

"No offense," Hedda replies.

Ophelia instructs, "You're supposed to say that immediately after the insult."

"Oh," Hedda says. "Good to know."

Fiona says, "Since you've been spying on them, you might as well tell us what you found out."

Ophelia says, "Fiona, that's none of our business."

Hedda thinks for a moment. She says, "No one's ever asked me that before. Well, here's what I found out. Creigh uses turtle wax to keep his wheelchair wheels greased."

Fiona frowns and says, "That's boring. I thought you found out something good."

Hedda looks to the side. She smirks and says, "Well... I did find out something a little more interesting than that."

"We don't want to hear it," Ophelia says.

Fiona puts her hand on Ophelia's face and says, "Don't listen to her. What did you find out?"

Hedda smiles and says, "Jonathan ran out of medication."

"Medication for what?" Fiona asks.

"For his bipolar disorder?" Ophelia asks. Hedda nods. Ophelia looks down and says, "Oh, that's awful. I hope he's okay. He's been doing really well, lately."

The contestants hear Chris over the loudspeaker saying, "I'm ready for the challenge, now. Get out here."

"I guess we better go," Ophelia states with a shrug.

The contestants are shown gathered around Chris, outside. He says, "This challenge is based on Joanna, remember her?"

Beau frowns and says, "She's my sister-in-law, Chris."

"Oh, that's right," Chris says. "I forgot. Anyway, there are twenty snot faced brats... I mean, children on the island. They were told that they were playing hide and seek. It's up to you guys to find the kids and keep them entertained so they don't run off. Whoever gets the most kids to follow them around will win the challenge. Is everyone ready?"

"I have a question," Yi Min says. "Where did you get all those kids?"

Chris shrugs and says, "I told their parents that I was running a 'daycare'."

"That's not right, Chris," Creigh says with a frown.

Chris says, "What? I needed kids for the challenge. Anyway, enough with the questioning of my ethics. Let's start the challenge."

Jonathan finds a stump to sit on. He says, "I think I'm going to sit this one out."

"If that's what you want to do," Chris says with a shrug. Creigh begins to push his wheelchair away. Creigh looks at Jonathan, and Jonathan tugs his ear. Creigh stops, and pushes his wheelchair toward Jonathan.

Yi Min grabs hold of Creigh's wheelchair and pushes him in another direction. Yi Min says, "Let's go, Creigh. There's strength in numbers. I learned that the hard way." Yi Min shudders. Creigh turns around as he is being carted off and waves at Jonathan. Jonathan waves and looks down.

Ophelia looks at Jonathan, sighs, and sits on the ground next to him. She says, "Hey, Jonathan."

Jonathan asks, "What are you doing? You have a challenge to do."

"It's not important," Ophelia says. "Unless Chris hasn't fed those kids."

Chris says, "I'm not made of money. They can eat some leaves and bark if they get hungry." Chris walks off.

Jonathan says, "I don't need you to sit by me."

Ophelia says, "Look, Jonathan. I know that you ran out of your medication."

Jonathan narrows his eyes and looks down. He says, "You do?"

"Yeah," Ophelia says. "I didn't want to say I knew, but that's why I'm here with you, right now."

"Thanks," Jonathan says. "It hasn't been easy."

"I can imagine," Ophelia says.

"You don't have to stay by me, though," Jonathan assures. "I appreciate the gesture, but I just don't want to have to deal with any bratty kids. I'll be fine if you go."

Ophelia shakes her head and says, "I would rather make sure my friend is alright, than to win a challenge."

"Thanks," Jonathan says. "That's really nice of you."

In the woods, Yi Min is pushing Creigh along. Yi Min says, "So how are you, buddy?"

"Fine," Creigh says with a frown.

"That's good," Yi Min says. A twig can be heard snapping in the distance. Yi Min says, "What was that?"

Creigh says, "I don't know. Maybe one of those tree frog people is still here." Yi Min looks concerned, and begins pushing Creigh rapidly out of the woods. Creigh says, "I was kidding!"

Beau is shown walking in the woods. He looks around and says to himself, "I don't see any kids out here. Maybe I should check some other spot on the island." He turns around and sees eight little girls following behind him. He says, "Uh, hey girls."

"You're so pretty," one of the girls says. "Like my Ben doll."

Beau blushes and says, "Thanks." Beau says, "How about you girls go back with me so I can win this challenge?" The girls nod. Beau says, "Awesome."

Hedda is shown with two little boys next to her. One of them says, "Is your hair real?"

"Yes," Hedda answers.

"Is there a bird living in it?" The other boy asks.

Hedda says, "No."

"Are you sure?" the first boy asks.

"Yes," Hedda states.

One of the boys asks, "When's the last time you checked?" Hedda sighs as she is followed back to Chris by the children.

Beau arrives where the challenge started, followed by the eight little girls. He says, "I'm back for my victory."

"Shhh," Chris says.

"What's going on?" Beau asks. He sees a bunch of boys and girls sitting on the ground.

In a glittering pink cloud, Fiona appears. She says, "In the name of love and justice, I will vanquish you, evildoer." The children cheer.

"Evildoer?" Beau says. He looks behind him. "Who's playing the evildoer?"

Fiona states, "Shining... glitter... assault!"

"Shining what now?" Beau asks. Beau is hit in the face with Fiona's glitter. He grabs his face and shouts, "Gaaaaah! Not again! My eyes!" Beau falls to the ground holding his face. The children cheer wildly. Beau shouts, "I'm not playing! This hurts!" The children continue cheering.

Chris states, "With ten kids with her, Fiona wins the challenge."

"Call me Justice Fairy Princess," Fiona says. The children cheer.

Creigh states, "Isn't that Reeve's nickname?"

Hedda walks up and says, "Is the challenge over, yet? I have two kids following me." She looks back and sees that no one is behind her. "Oh, would you look at that. They're gone." Hedda shrugs and says, "Oh, well."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Congrats to Fiona for winning the challenge, or whatever." Chris tosses her her marshmallow. "As for the rest of you, you did pathetically."

"I only had two less than Fiona," Beau states. He puts his hands on his face, again and says, "It still burns."

Chris frowns and says, "Don't interrupt me. Yi Mn, you're safe." Yi Min catches his marshmallow and smiles. "Ophelia, here's your marshmallow." Chris tosses a marshmallow to Ophelia. "Hedda is safe, and so is... Beau." The two catch their marshmallows. Chris states, "Our bottom two are Jonathan and Creigh. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Creigh." Chris states. Creigh catches his marshmallow.

Jonathan frowns. He says, "Yeah."

Beau has wide eyes. He says, "Jonathan? What did he do?" Beau looks at some of the others and they avoid his gaze.

Jonathan explains, "I didn't want you to know, Beau. I lost my meds, and was worried I might lose control like I did last time." Jonathan looks at Creigh. "I guess the others found out, and thought it would be better for me to not be in the game, anymore."

Beau asks, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I," Jonathan begins. "I didn't want you to look at me any different."

Beau sighs. He says, "I don't, man. I know you're the same Jonathan I know and love. Nothing would change that. We'll always be 'Beaunathan'." Several other contestants laugh.

Jonathan blushes and says, "Don't... don't call us that."

"Aw," Beau says. He hugs Jonathan and says, "I'll miss you, man. I'm glad we became friends."

Jonathan hugs Beau back and says, "Thanks, Beau. You're great."

"I know, right?" Beau replies. Jonathan laughs. "You should be real proud of yourself, Jonathan."

Jonathan smiles and says, "That means a lot. Thanks." Jonathan waves at everyone and says, "Bye, everyone. It was kind of fun, this time." Jonathan hugs Ophelia. He pats Creigh on the shoulder and extends his hand toward Yi Min. He says, "I know we didn't get to talk that much, but I was afraid I might hurt your feelings, like I did last time. I really didn't want that to happen."

Yi Min shakes Jonathan's hand and says, "Thanks. I really hope we can be friends, after this."

"You bet," Jonathan says with a smile. Jonathan looks at the Boat of Losers and says, "My ride is here. I better go." He walks toward the Boat of Losers and waves at the remaining contestants. He boards the boat.

On board, Jonathan says, "Man. I was really worried that I would get mad about being voted out, but this was kind of nice, in a way. I made some great friends and I... I really wanted to redeem myself from last time." Jonathan is crying. He wipes his eyes on his arm and says, "I'd like to think that I have. One more thing... I really liked that challenge with the fire starting. I think I just might have remembered why I fell in love with nature in the first place. It didn't have anything to do with what insentive I got out of doing things I enjoyed." Jonathan smiles as he looks back at the island.

Chris states, "So we're down to six. Thanks for watching. Be sure to tune in to the next episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars!"

Chapter 16 - Riled AnimalsEdit

Chris Mclean states, "Welcome to an all new episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars. On our last episode, the contestants were asked to track down some rogue children, and bring them back to me. Jonathan lost his medication, so he opted to sit out of the challenge. Beau had quite a few female... prepubescent admirers, and thought his win was guaranteed. That was until he met up with Fiona... and her glitter of doom. She won the challenge, while Beau won... unbearable pain. Jonathan was voted out due to the concerns of how he would handle not being on his medication, but he took his loss well. So we're down to six, and after this episode is through there will be five. Watch what will happen."

The male contestants are shown in their cabin. Yi Min says, "I'm really glad I got to talk with Jonathan about us."

Creigh slightly smiles and says, "I'm glad for you, or whatever."

"I don't know," Beau says. "I'm gonna miss the little scamp."

Yi Min and Creigh look at Beau for a moment. Creigh says to Yi Min, "So... Yi Min. What do you want to do, tomorrow?"

"I was thinking you could help me practice my tango," Yi Min states. "I was thinking of entering a Latin ballroom competition at home."

Creigh has a raised eyebrow. He says, "That sounds fun."

Yi Min hugs Creigh and says, "I know it does."

"No, Yi Min," Creigh insists. "I was being..."

Beau interrupts, with a half smile, "Hey, guys. I'm sorry for listening in, but that sounds kind of fun. Mind if I join you, tomorrow?"

Yi Min frowns. He says, "Oh, man, Beau. I forgot about you. We can't exactly have three tango-ers, though."

"He can take my..." Creigh begins.

Yi Min says, "Hey. Beau, you could sit quietly and watch us if you want."

"No," Beau says, "that's alright. I don't want to be a third wheel, or anything. I'll find something else to do. No big deal."

Yi Min looks down. He says, "Sorry, Beau."

Beau is shown in confessional. He sighs and says, "I've never been in this game without a best friend, before. This is going to take some major adjustment." Beau looks to the side and says, "Or..."

The next day, Yi Min is shown pushing Creigh around in his wheelchair, simulating a tango. Hedda is shown on a tree branch taking notes. Beau asks her, "What are we doing?"

Hedda looks startled. She asks, "Beau, what are you doing here?"

"Just hanging out," Beau says. "Sorry about that whole Ivan thing." Beau looks at the tree. He shouts, "Holy crap! Is that a caterpillar?!" Yi Min and Creigh look around, and then walk away. Hedda puts her hand to her forehead and shakes her head. Beau says, "Never mind... It's just a leaf." Beau looks at Hedda and says, "I just realized that I never really got to know you, mostly because you creep me... Anyway..." Beau looks at Hedda. "What are those notes for? Can I see?" He grabs at Hedda's notebook.

Hedda holds the notepad closer to her. Hedda states, "I'm just testing how much weight this tree branch can take."

"Oh?" Beau says. "That's awesome! Do you know how much weight it can handle?"

"I'm not positive," Hedda says, "but I think the extra one hundred and seventy-six pounds is pushing it."

Beau laughs and says, "Hey! I weigh one hundred and seventy-six pounds!" Hedda stares at Beau. He says, "Oh... I get it." He blankly sits still. "So should I go?" Hedda glares at Beau. He sighs, and climbs down the tree.

Fiona frolics by and stops in front of Beau. He lifts a leg up and shouts, "Gah!"

"Hi, Bogart," Fiona says.

"Uh, it's just Beau," Beau says.

Fiona asks, "What were you doing in that tree?"

"Trying to make a new friend," Beau explains. He shields his head and adds, "Please, don't hurt me."

Fiona asks, "I didn't realize that you tried to make friends with trees."

"No," Beau says. "I was talking to that Hedda girl."

"You're that desperate, huh?" Fiona says. She looks up. "I don't see anyone."

Beau points up and says, "She's right up there." He looks up and says, "She's gone."

Fiona says, "Whatever. You're just crazy." She walks away laughing.

Beau defensively says, "You throw glitter at people, and I'm the crazy one? I still think I have a piece of it in my eye!" He pulls on his eyelid.

Beau is shown in confessional, again, saying, "This is way harder than I thought it would be. I still have one option left."

Beau is shown walking up to Ophelia, who is sitting on a stump. He says, "Hey, Ophelia. Mind if I call you Ophy G?"

"Um," Ophelia says. "I would prefer it if you didn't."

Beau says, "That's cool. You're really good at matchmaking, right?"

Ophelia blushes and says, "It's no big deal."

Beau says, "Love is, like, the biggest deal, ever. I was thinking I could help you out with your matchmaking. I know a lot about dating."

"That would be alright, I guess," Ophelia says.

Beau says, "Okay, cool. I was thinking that that Fiona girl and Creigh would make an awesome couple."

Ophelia has wide eyes. She says, "You do realize that Fiona is already married, right?"

Beau looks confused. He says, "That can't be right." He laughs and says, "Who in their right mind would ever even want to date that chick? I wouldn't wish her on my worst enemy."

"But you just said you thought Creigh and her would be a good match," Ophelia reminds.

Beau laughs and says, "Exactly."

"No offense, Beau," Ophelia says. "I think you should leave the matchmaking to... anyone else."

Fiona walks up to Ophelia and Beau and asks, "Ophy G, is this man bothering you."

"No, Fiona," Ophelia says. "It's alright."

"Yup," Beau says. "I was just..."

Fiona shouts, "Pixie Dust of Justice!" She tosses a handful of pixie dust at Beau. He grabs his eyes and screams.

Ophelia says, "Fiona! What did you do that for? I said he wasn't bothering me."

Fiona's eyes widen. She says, "I wasn't listening. Oh, well."

Ophelia puts her arm around Beau and says, "Come on, Beau. Let's bring you to the medical tent." Ophelia turns to Fiona and says, "You should really consider not throwing that stuff at people, anymore."

"It burns," Beau says, as Ophelia brings him toward the medical tent.

Fiona, Hedda, and Ophelia are shown standing between the cabins. Fiona says, "I said I was sorry."

"No, you didn't," Ophelia reminds.

"Oh, yeah," Fiona replies with a laugh.

Yi Min walks up to them pushing Creigh. He asks, "Hey, everyone. Why are you standing around?"

Fiona answers, "Hedda said that Chris was on his way for the challenge."

Chris walks up and says, "Hey, everyone. Are you ready for the challenge?"

"Beau isn't here," Ophelia states.

Chris asks, "Wasn't he voted out, already?"

Ophelia shakes her head and says, "No."

"Well, where is he?" Chris asks.

"At the medical tent with Nurse Hatchet," Ophelia replies.

Beau walks toward the group with his arm around Chef Hatchet. He says, "Man, you are gifted at what you do."

Chris looks up and asks, "What's this all about?"

Chef glares at Chris and says, "I found someone who appreciates me."

"Chef Hatchet is awesome," Beau states.

Chef Hatchet says, "Beau, I told you you could call me Clancy."

Beau smiles and points at Chef. He says, "You bet, Clancy."

Chris frowns and says, "You never told me your real name."

Chef says, "It isn't. It's just my dream name. You'd know that if you ever listened to me."

"It's okay, man," Beau says. "You got me, now." He pats Chef on the arm. He says, "Whoa, dude. You've been working out."

Chef glares at Chris and says, "At least someone noticed that I've been working out." Chef says to Beau, "Bye, Beau." Beau hugs Chef and waves as he walks off. Chris glares at Beau. Beau asks, "What?"

Chris says, "Some people were punctual for the challenge."

Creigh says, "Let's just get on with it."

Chris nods. He says, "I'll handle this maturely." He clears his throat and says, "This challenge is inspired by Sky Lynn, the animal enthusiast." Chris points to some cages. He says, "Each of you will be in charge of finding and capturing a specific animal. The first to do so and bring it back to me will win invincibility. As for what you each need to capture, Ophelia will need to catch a squirrel, Hedda needs to catch a chipmunk, Yi Min has to catch a raccoon, Fiona has to catch a fox, Creigh needs to catch a chihuahua, or something, and our friend Beau, here..." Chris puts his arm around Beau, "has to catch a bear." Chris smirks.

Beau frowns and says, "Why do I have to catch a predator?"

Chris states, "It was all chosen at random."

"I don't even know if the cages you gave us would contain a bear," Beau points out.

Chris sighs and says, "Fine. Just bring it to me, and it will count." Chris points at a large crate. He says, "In this conveniently located crate there are all the supplies you'll need for catching the animals you were put in charge of." The contestants begin looking through the crate.

Creigh pulls out a harpoon gun and says, "Daddy like."

Yi Min takes Creigh's harpoon gun from him and hands him a fishing net. He says, "That harpoon gun is entirely inappropriate for catching a chihuahua." Yi Min hands the harpoon gun to Ophelia.

Fiona doesn't take anything from the crate. She pulls out her bedazzled taser and says, "I have all the supplies I need."

Beau pulls out a costume from the crate. He says, "Ooh, a bear costume. Just what I need." Beau hops behind the crate, and emerges changed into the costume. He asks, "How do I look?"

Chris frowns and says, "I thought that costume came with a shirt."

Beau smiles and states, "It does, but I don't need it."

Chris sighs and says, "Well, since everyone seems to be ready, or whatever, I guess you can get your challenge started."

Beau says, "I'm going to go show my costume to Clancy."

Creigh states, "When Chris said you had to find a bear, I don't think he meant..." Beau walks off. Chris folds his arms and looks to the side.

"Let's go, Creigh!" Yi Min says. "Let's find you a chihuahua. Maybe we can win the challenge together."

Creigh says, "Yi Min, I really don't think chihuahuas are indigenous to this island." Yi Min pushes Creigh off into the woods.

Fiona is shown walking through the woods. She hears a noise, points her taser in the direction of the noise, and says, "Meet justice, fox."

Yi Min says, "Hey, thanks. I do look pretty foxy, don't..." Fiona shoots her taser at Yi Min and he convulses on the ground. She stares at him with wide eyes.

Creigh says with a concerned expression, "I saw nothing." He carts himself off in another direction.

Ophelia is shown returning to Chris with a cage. She says, "All done. I got my squirrel."

Chris says, "Wow. How'd you catch it?"

Ophelia says, "I, uh, promised him I'd find him a girlfriend."

Chris laughs. He looks in the cage and says, "Oh... Ophelia, this isn't a squirrel."

"It's not?" Ophelia asks.

Chris says, "It's a grey chipmunk."

"What?" Ophelia states with wide eyes. She sighs and lets the chipmunk go. She walks off.

Creigh pushes his wheelchair toward Chris. Chris asks, "Did you find a chihuahua?"

Creigh shakes his head. He shows that his cage is empty. "I figured that staying here would be as useful as trying to find the alleged chihuahua on this island," Creigh says.

Chris says, "Suit yourself." Chris shrugs.

Beau is shown walking out of the medical tent. He says, "Dude, I know my body is a beautiful thing. Thanks for noticing." He waves and walks away. He looks around and says, "Now to find that bear." He walks into the woods, and sees a bear. He says, "Whoa, that was quick." Beau asks, "Hey, bear. Come follow me." The bear puts his paw around Beau and looks at him lovingly.

Hedda appears randomly and says, "That bear really likes you."

Beau blushes and says, "Aw. She's kind of sweet, for a bear."

Hedda frowns. "That's a male bear," Hedda states.

Beau nervously lifts the bear's paw off of him and says, "Look, bro... bear. I'm not actually a bear." Beau removes his bear hat and says, "See." The bear growls at Beau. Beau says, "We gotta get out of here, Hedda." He sees that Hedda is already gone. He begins running in Chris' direction while the bear chases after him.

Ophelia arrives back at Chris with a caged animal. She says, "I found a squirrel. I'm positive this time."

"Congratulations," Creigh says dryly.

Chris says, "Good job." He looks into the cage. He says, "Uh... I hate to say this, but that isn't a squirrel."

"Ugh," Ophelia says. She releases the animal from the cage and it hops into Creigh's lap.

Chris announces, "Creigh wins invincibility!"

Creigh says, "What do you know? A chihuahua."

Beau runs at Chris at full speed. He says, "Bear! Right behind me!"

"Ooh, just a few seconds late," Chris says. "So sorry." Chris smiles wide.

Beau continues running and says, "Aren't you going to do something about him?" He points at the bear.

Chris asks, "Why?" Creigh and Ophelia give Chris disapproving stares. He sighs and hands money to the bear. He says, "Thanks for your services."

The bear says, "Cool. Now I can afford that nuclear powered curling iron!" The bear removes its head, revealing that it is Izzy. She starts doing cartwheels until she is off camera.

"That was a lot less scary when I thought it was an actual bear," Creigh states.

After the contestants are gathered around Chris, he says, "Creigh won invincibility. Someone else will be eliminated, tonight." Chris snaps his fingers and points at the contestants. He says, "Be there or be square."

Hedda rolls her eyes and says, "Only squares say that, anymore." He folds his arms, and stomps away.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Creigh is safe for finding the chihuahua."

Yi Min puts his arm around Creigh's wheelchair and says, "We named him Creigh Jr."

"No, we didn't," Creigh states, looking annoyed. Creigh pets his chihuahua, who shivers.

Chris says, "As I was saying, Yi Min is safe, also." Yi Min catches a marshmallow. Chris states, "Ophelia is also safe." Chris eyes the other three contestants. He says, "Hedda is also safe." Chris says, "One marshmallow left. The bottom two is Beau and Fiona." The two look at each other. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Beau." Beau smiles as he catches his marshmallow.

Fiona sighs and says, "Why did I get voted out?"

"For justice?" Creigh suggests.

Beau folds his arms and says, "My eyeballs are still sore."

Fiona shrugs and says, "I get to see my Dolly, again. That is worth a lot more than ten million dollars."

Creigh whispers loudly to Chris, "Watch her. She's delusional."

Chris escorts Fiona toward the Boat of Losers. Yi Min raises his hand and asks, "Can Creigh Jr. stay, even though he didn't get a marshmallow?"

Chris frowns walks back toward the contestants and says, "No." He picks up Creigh Jr., and carries him to the Boat of Losers. He hands the dog to Fiona and pushes her onto the Boat of Losers.

Fiona is shown on the Boat of Losers. She holds up Creigh Jr. and says, "Aaw! You're almost as cute as my Dolly. He's going to love you." She hugs Creigh Jr. as he continues to jitter.

Chris says, "So that ends another episode of Total... Drama:... The..."

Yi Min says while sobbing, "How could you, you monster?" Yi Min cries into Creigh's shoulder. Creigh pats Yi Min's back and fights back his own tears.

Chris sighs. He says, "Be sure to watch the next episode, or whatever."

Chapter 17 - Test SubjectionEdit

Chris Mclean smiles at the camera. He says, "It's time for another classic episode of The Chris... Mclean... Show!" Chris looks at his cameraman as he shakes his head disapprovingly. Chris rolls his eyes and says, "Fine... Total Drama: The All-Stars. My title is a thousand times hotter. Last time on the aforementioned program, that Beau kid stuck his finely toned nose where it didn't belong... Chef Hatchet." Chris folds his arms and looks to the side. "Anyway, for the challenge the contestants were expertly asked to bring back an animal for me. Creigh won the challenge with minimal effort due to Ophelia mistaking his animal for hers. You think these people would know a wild chihuahua when they see one... In the end, Fiona assaulted one person too many and was eliminated. Creigh and Yi Min's chihuahua, Creigh Jr., also took a ride on the Boat of Losers, crushing Yi Min and Creigh, you know, emotionally. It was actually kind of amusing. With all that out of the way, let's get to the episode."

Creigh and Yi Min are shown hugging as Yi Min cries into Creigh's shoulder. He says through sobs, "How could he break up our family like that?"

"He's a bad man, Yi Min," Creigh says quietly.

Beau stares at them with wide eyes. He says, "I guess I shouldn't judge. It would be the worse thing ever if someone took my son away from my wifey and I."

"You have a son, Beau?" Ophelia asks.

Hedda confirms, "Yeah. His name is Cornelius."

"Cornelius?" Ophelia asks.

Beau blushes and says, "His mom, my ex, named him. I call him 'Corny' for short."

"I'm sure that'll traumatize him," Creigh states.

Beau says, "Why so snarky? Are you done mourning?"

Yi Min looks around and says, "Oh, look. A fern!" He walks off.

Creigh shrugs and says, "I guess so."

"We better head back to our cabin," Ophelia says. She notices that Hedda is already gone. "She comes and she goes." Ophelia sighs and walks away.

Beau looks at Creigh. He says, "Hey, man."

"Hey?" Creigh says.

"So... how's your dream coming along?" Beau asks.

"My dream?" Creigh asks.

Beau says, "The one about becoming a doctor and helping underprivileged kids, and junk."

Creigh's face turns red. He says, "I gave up on that a while ago."

Beau stares at Creigh and blinks. He says, "Oh. Do you have another reason for signing up?"

"Not really," Creigh replies. He looks to the side. "I just wanted to... uh... do stuff... or whatever..."

Beau smirks. He stands up and puts his hand on Creigh's shoulder. He says, "You haven't given up on it, at all, have you?"

Creigh's face is red. He says, "I realized that it was a foolish dream, Beau. What good can one guy do?"

Beau states, "Even if you save one person's life, it would be worth more than all the money in the world."

Creigh stares at Beau. He says, "That's... that's deep, Beau. Thanks for that."

Beau smiles and says, "No big deal. I read that on a fortune cookie, once." Creigh lets out a laugh. "We should get to bed, man. We don't want to give the ladies a leg up on us." He looks at Creigh. "No pun intended, dude. Sorry."

Creigh looks after Yi Min and says, "It's alright. I'm going to wait up for Yi Min. He hates being alone in the dark. I mean, without his blanky." Creigh looks at Beau with wide eyes.

Beau laughs. He says, "Don't worry, man. Yi Min's secret is safe with me. Don't stay out too late, bro." Creigh nods. Beau walks off. Hedda emerges from the bushes with the top of her hair colored to match the bushes. She finishes writing something in her notes. Yi Min approaches Creigh and she hops back into the bushes.

Yi Min says, "Hey." He watches as Beau walks toward their cabin. Yi Min says, "Oooh. Beau, huh?"

"What?" Creigh asks.

Yi Min says, "Sorry, man. You know he's married, right?"

Creigh's face turns a bright shade of red. He says, "Uh, we better get back to the cabin. It's late, and stuff."

Yi Min nods. He states in a sing song voice, "I'm sure you want to see you know who, again." Creigh continues blushing. Yi Min pushes Creigh's wheelchair toward their cabin. Creigh slaps Yi Min's hands away and begins pushing the wheels on his own. Yi Min smiles and says, "Ooh. I hit a nerve there."

The next morning, the contestants are shown in the cafeteria. Creigh frowns and says, "What's in this disgusting slop, anyway?"

"You just decided to ask that now?" Beau says. "This stuff has been disgusting all along."

"No one answered my question," Creigh reminds.

Hedda says, "Bacon grease, chicken grease, soggy artificial pork rinds, possibly horse meat, it was in an unmarked can, and a hint of basil."

Ophelia pushes her slop away from her. "My appetite is completely gone," she says.

Yi Min frowns and asks, "You want me to make up some posters to help you find it?"

Beau says, "Aw, come on, guys. Chef does the best he can."

Creigh mutters, "I didn't notice you eating any."

Beau lifts up his shirt and says, "Are you serious, bro? I got to keep this body looking tight."

"Why?" Creigh asks.

Beau's expression looks blank. He repeats, "Why?"

Yi Min nudges Creigh and asks, "Would your wife leave you if you gained weight?"

Beau answers, "No way, man. She loves me for my fantastic personality."

Chef enters the room and says, "Are you maggots almost through with your breakfast and lunch?" He looks at Beau and says, "What are you doing, Beau?" He takes his slop away from in front of him and produces a box of donuts. "This slop is only for people I don't like."

Ophelia frowns and says, "Aw. Come on, Chef. I thought we were friends."

Chef stares at her and asks, "Do I know you?" Ophelia sighs and shakes her head in disapproval.

Beau begins shoving donuts into his mouth. The others look at him with wide eyes. He says, "What? I need calories to burn. Besides, donuts have been scientifically proven to be high in nutrition."

"No, they haven't," Hedda replies.

"I want proof," Beau states.

Chris walks in to the cafeteria. Chef Hatchet asks, "What are you doing here? You never eat my food."

"Ooooh!" Yi Min taunts.

Chris rolls his eyes and says, "Challenge time. This one I'm leaving to Chef Hatchet. It's based on Uriah from Total Drama Reality." Yi Min nudges Ophelia with his elbow. She falls off of the bench. Yi Min stares at her and helps her up. Chris walks out of the cafeteria.

"Where's he off to?" Yi Min asks.

Hedda replies, "He has a court date."

"Figures," Creigh says.

Chef Hatchet cracks his neck and says, "Listen up, maggots... and Beau." Beau smiles and waves. Chef removes his chef hat to reveal his military hat underneath. "I was asked to babysit you while Chris is out. Let's just make this easy for ourselves and take some time to relax. Shall we?"

"What about the challenge?" Creigh asks.

"Drop and give me twenty!" Chef demands. Creigh sighs, gets out of his wheelchair, and gets down on the floor. He begins doing push ups. Beau joins him on the ground and does one armed push ups at a high speed.

Chef looks at Beau and smiles. "That's what I like to see," he says. "Good work, Beau."

"What about me?" Creigh asks.

Chef shouts, "Shut it, maggot. Beau wasn't asked." Creigh rolls his eyes. Chef says, "Now, I'm going to mind my own business over here. Leave me alone, and everyone will live..." Chef goes to the other side of the room, sits down, and begins looking at pictures in his wallet. He laughs and sighs lovingly.

The contestants huddle together. Ophelia says, "I know what's going on. This is a test. Chef Hatchet is going to subject us all to a test designed to our own personal issues. This was the challenge Uriah and I were eliminated on the first time it was done."

Yi Min frowns and says, "I wish I did that challenge, so I could know what to do."

Ophelia looks at Yi Min with a confused expression. She says, "Um, Yi Min. You were there." Yi Min looks generally confused. Ophelia instructs, "We all need to be on our toes, and expect the unexpected. Chef may not seem like much, but he's very intelligent."

Creigh laughs. The others look at him. He says, "Oh... You were serious?"

"How do we know when something is a test?" Beau asks.

Hedda explains, "Look at him, now." The contestants look at Chef looking at his wallet lovingly. "He's acting strange."

"This is Chef Hatchet we're talking about," Creigh states.

Beau frowns and glares at Creigh. "Don't dis my bud," he warns. He hugs Creigh and says, "Aw, I can't stay mad at you." Creigh blushes.

Yi Min calls out to Chef and says, "What are you looking at Mr. Hatchet?"

Chef sighs. Clears his throat and mumbles, "Nothing."

Beau says, "Aw, Chef. You can tell us. We're all friends, here."

Chef states, "I don't want to." He pauses for a moment. "I'm looking at pictures of the love of my life."

Creigh says, "If he's looking at pictures of Chris, I'm out of here."

Ophelia walks over to Chef. She looks at the pictures and says, "Wow. She's very pretty."

"It's a she?" Creigh says in surprise.

"How long have you been dating?" Ophelia asks.

Chef blushes. He says, "Oh, no. We aren't dating. I could never work up the courage to ask her out."

Ophelia asks, "Why not? You're a... handsome... ish man."

Chef says, "Thanks... I just feel like she's too good for me. She would never want to go out with someone like me. She likes those extremely good looking guys, like Beau or Chris."

"Give your self some credit, Chef," Ophelia states. "You'll never be happy if you don't ask her out."

"Maybe, you're right," Chef Hatchet says. He gives a half smile and says, "Thanks, girlie."

"No problem," Ophelia says. "I'm always happy to help." Ophelia walks back to the others as they hold up their thumbs.

Creigh asks, "What did she look like? Completely hideous, right?"

Ophelia shakes her head. She says, "She was one of the most beautiful people, I've ever seen."

Creigh's eyes are wide as he asks, "Really?"

Chef asks, "Do any of you want to see her gorgeousness?"

"I'm good, man," Beau says. "I only have room for one beautiful woman in my life."

Hedda says, "That's so sweet, Beau. You're making me blush."

Beau begins, "Uh, I was talking about my..."

Chef lets out a heavy sigh. He says, "I'm still not sure what to do. What do you think I should do, Creigh?"

"Stop bothering me?" Creigh suggests.

Chef Hatchet frowns. He demands, "I want twenty more out of you." Creigh frowns, drops to the ground, and does twenty push ups. Beau falls to the ground and speedily does twenty push ups, again.

Creigh gets back into his wheelchair. He says, "Are we almost done here?"

Chef says, "Not quite yet. I've prepared a test for each of you to take. Flip over your place mats from your breakfast and lunch meal."

Yi Min stares blankly at Chef. He says, "Test?"

"What?" Chef asks. "Still afraid of taking tests, boy?"

"Well, not really," Yi Min replies.

Chef Hatchet asks, "Everyone flip over your paper place mats and get started." Chef Hatchet hands out crayons to each contestant. Yi Min sweats profusely. Chef Hatchet shakes his head in disapproval. He says, "You said you weren't afraid to take tests, anymore."

"It's not that," Yi Min assures. "I kind of used my place mat as a... spit ball."

Chef looks annoyed. He says, "Where is it?" Yi Min points up. Chef Hatchet looks up at the ceiling. The large spitball falls from the ceiling and slaps Chef Hatchet in the face. He wipes it off of his face, and looks extremely angry, as steam spouts from his ears. Chef walks toward the kitchen.

Yi Min says, "Sorry, Mr. Hatchet... Uh... Where are you going?"

"I'm going to retrieve my butcher knife," Chef answers menacingly.

Yi Min gulps and tries to push the door open. "I can't get out!" Yi Min yelps. "I'm trapped!" Creigh looks at the large sign by the door that says 'Pull' and shakes his head.

Chef returns with his butcher knife. Yi Min looks up and runs to the corner of the room. Chris enters and says, "Alright, I'm back. I was let off with a misdemeanor..." He looks at Chef and then at Yi Min. "Looks like I returned just in time. Let's go over to the elimination ceremony." Yi Min jumps into Chris' arms, and knocks Chris to the ground.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris explains, "Chef Hatchet is completely in charge of this elimination." Yi Min gulps. "The contestant that he considered doing the poorest at his test will be eliminated."

Beau says to Ophelia, "You were right. It was a challenge."

Chef Hatchet states, "Let's start with Beau. I love you, man."

"I love you, too, Clancy bro," Beau assures.

Chef states, "But I still had to give you a test. Your test was based on your time on your first season, all of the challenges were based on the first season each of you competed in. Beau, your test was when I asked if anyone wanted to see my gorgeous hot girlfriend, and you declined. That shows that you..." Chef pauses to wipe his eyes. "Sorry, I'm getting emotional. You've really grown as a person, Beau. I'm so proud. You're a beautiful man, inside and out. Come get your marshmallow." Beau approaches Chef and hugs him. Chef puts the marshmallow in Beau's mouth.

Beau turns around, getting several wide eyed stares from the others present. He asks between chewing, "What?"

Chef clears his throat and says, "Hedda, blah blah, your test was similar. You didn't inquire about the details of my relationship. You're safe." He tosses her a marshmallow at full speed. It gets stuck in her hair.

Hedda plucks the marshmallow from her hair. She says, "I already knew about the challenge. Plus, I knew that the photos came with your wallet."

"Is that true?" Ophelia asks with wide eyes.

Chef nods. He says, "That brings me to Ophelia. Ophelia, your test was to see whether you would meddle in my business, or not... You failed."

Ophelia has wide eyes. She says, "Uh oh... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to meddle. I just wanted to help."

Yi Min hugs Ophelia and says, "You can meddle in my love life whenever you want to."

Ophelia blushes and says, "Thank you, I guess..."

Chef Hatchet says, "Creigh had to avoid giving me rotten advice like he did to that handsome Topher kid. He succeeded." Creigh catches his marshmallow.

Creigh says, "I never knew that not caring could win a challenge for me." He glares to the side.

Chef looks at Yi Min and says, "That brings me to you." Yi Min gulps, again. "You turned your test into a spitball. This revealed to me that you still have a psychological fear of tests and being embarrassed in case you fail."

"I swear," Yi Min says. "I just thought it was a giant piece of paper."

"Even so," Chef goes on. "Your subconscious associated the paper with tests, and you took out your disdain. You destroyed the thing you still fear most, without even realizing that you still had that fear."

"I did?" Yi Min replies with his eyes wide. He puts his head in his hands and says, "I had no idea!" Yi Min sobs.

Chef shakes his head in disgust. "With that being said," Chef says, "I have one last marshmallow to give out. It goes to..."

"Yi Min." Yi Min catches the marshmallow. "That means that Ophelia has been eliminated."

Ophelia's eyes are wide. She says, "I'm so sorry for meddling. I just wanted to see you happy."

Chef Hatchet frowns. He says, "I'm already happy."

Beau hugs Ophelia. He insists, "Don't listen to Chef. He's wrong about this. What you do is awesome sauce." The others nod.

Yi Min assures, "You made me a happy person when you set me up with... Anyway, I owe you so much. I never would have considered asking her out if it wasn't for you." He hugs Ophelia.

"That's so sweet, Yi Min," Ophelia says.

Hedda says, "We meddlers need to stick together. Keep doing what you were gifted with."

"Don't compare her to yourself," Creigh says with a frown. "Don't listen to Chef. He's a bitter man full of spite, and if he can't find love, he doesn't want anyone to."

Chef glares at Creigh angrily. He opens his mouth. He says, "He's right. I'm so sorry!" He runs off crying into his hands.

Chris looks after Chef and says, "Too little, too late. Sorry, Ophelia. It's time for you to go."

Ophelia nods and says, "I'm ready. Bye, everyone. It was an enjoyable experience." She hugs her friends goodbye and heads to the Boat of Losers.

Chris states, "With that there are only four contestants left. Who will win the challenge? Who will be out next? Who will betray who?"

Yi Min's eyes are wide. He says, "Someone's going to betray somebody?"

Chris says, "There's always hope. Tune in to see what happens next time on Total... Drama:... The All-Stars!" Yi Min suspiciously looks at the other three contestants.

Chapter 18 - Poetry Slam DunkEdit

Chris Mclean says, "Welcome to the final four episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars. Remember the last episode with me. The contestants were asked to sit with Chef Hatchet, but they quickly figured out that it was part of a challenge of subtle secret tests. Yi Min and Ophelia were the only two to fail their tests, and the final decision was up to Chef Hatchet. The sad, lonely man decided to eliminate Ophelia for trying to help his love life."

"Who are you calling sad and lonely?" an off camera voice asks.

Chris glares to the side and folds his arms. He says, "Whatever. Let's get on with the show."

Hedda is shown in confessional. She states, "So I'm the last female contestant standing. I would feel lonely, but I'm never really lonely."

The guys are shown in their room. Yi Min is shown strapped to the ceiling doing upward sit ups. He says, "Can you believe we're in the final four together, guys? Isn't that awesome?"

"Yeah," Beau answers. "Isn't it, Creigh?"

Creigh shrugs and says, "I guess it's okay." Beau looks at Creigh and frowns.

Yi Min says, "I honestly never expected to make it this far, again."

Beau states, "Really? I'm not sure how well I thought..." A ripping sound is heard. "Uh, what is that noise?"

"I'm not sure," Yi Min replies. "Maybe it's..." Yi Min's straps break and he falls to the floor with a heavy thud.

Creigh and Beau stare at an unconscious Yi Min with wide eyes. Creigh asks, "So you were saying?"

Beau nods. He says, "I guess I thought I would do well, but there was this nagging doubt that I might do even worse than before."

"Huh," Creigh says.

"Huh?" Beau replies.

"Well, it's just," Creigh begins, "I took you for a rather confident guy. I suppose it's a little surprising to hear that you didn't think you'd win, or whatever."

Beau shrugs his shoulders. "I guess that I get what you mean," he says. "Truth is, that I'm a little insecure." Beau pauses for a moment. "Not about my looks. I'm gorgeous. I just mean... Like, I wasn't the nicest guy in the world. I did a lot of mean things for my own selfish reasons."

"But that was all in the past," Creigh assures.

"I know that," Beau says. Beau puts his arms around his legs. He says, "Sometimes when my life is going well, I stop and think that I don't deserve it. You know, because I was such a bad guy."

Creigh looks down. He says, "Beau. Who you were then doesn't define who you are now. We all make mistakes, but sometimes we can learn from them, and be better people... and stuff."

Beau tackles Creigh. He hugs him and says, "That makes me feel a lot better, man." Creigh's face is bright red. Beau stands up and begins writing something on a piece of paper.

Creigh asks, "Uh, what are you doing?"

Beau replies, "I'm just writing what you said down on paper, so when I start feeling down I can read it and feel all better. Words of wisdom, man."

Creigh is still blushing. He says, "Thanks, or whatever."

"No, thank you, man," Beau replies. "You know. I'm pretty proud of you. You definitely seem to be getting..." Beau looks up at a rather large, gaudy lamp in their room. He asks uncomfortably, "Was that always there?"

"I'm not sure," Creigh says, with a concerned expression on his face. He says, "Maybe if we ignore it, it'll go away."

"Right," Beau replies. "We should get to bed." Creigh nods. Beau gets into his bed, and faces toward the wall. Creigh turns around in his bed. He turns back and looks at Yi Min, still unconscious on the floor. Creigh gets out of his bed, stands on his leg, and winces as he falls to the floor. He grabs his knee in pain. He crawls over to Yi Min's bed, grabs his blanket, and covers Yi Min with it. He crawls back over to his own bed and gets back into it.

In confessional, Hedda removes a lampshade from her head. She says, "So I was inconspicuously spying on the guys, and I noticed something fairly interesting." Hedda rubs her chin. "I'll be sure to play my trump card if I feel the need."

The next morning, the male contestants are shown in the cafeteria eating slop. Creigh looks over at Beau. He asks, "Aren't you going to eat donuts, again?"

Beau takes a bite out of the slop. He says, "What? No. You can't eat donuts every day. That's completely unhealthy."

"But last time you said..." Creigh starts.

Beau goes on, "Plus, I wanted to know how the other half lives." Beau takes another bite of his slop. He says, "Besides, this stuff isn't half bad."

"Right," Creigh says. "It's all bad."

Beau's eyes widen. He begins laughing hysterically. Slop shoots out of his nose. Creigh winces at the sight. Beau continues laughing and says, "Ow!" He laughs some more.

Yi Min laughs and slaps Creigh on the back. He says, "You're hilarious, bro."

Creigh blushes and says, "Thanks."

Yi Min says, "I'm so glad to be in the final three with you guys."

"Yeah," Beau agrees. He says, "Hey, wait. No, that Hedda girl is around somewhere."

Hedda walks up painted like the wall of the cafeteria. She says, "I'm right here."

"Gah!" Yi Min and Beau scream at once.

Creigh says, "Hm, well I'm done. We better go see if Chris is ready with the you know what." Yi Min stares at Creigh blankly.

"He's talking about the challenge," Beau clarifies.

Yi Min nods and says, "Oh!"

Outside, after Hedda washed off the paint, somehow, the contestants stand waiting for Chris. He arrives and says, "Been waiting long?"

"Yes," Hedda answers with a frown.

Chris says, "Awesome. It make me feel so tingly inside when people wait around for me. It makes me feel important. I mean... I am important."

"Keep telling yourself that," Creigh says.

Chris looks down and says, "I am important. I am important. I am important..."

Yi Min asks, "Are you here for the challenge, or..."

Chris pauses. He says, "Ahem. Today's challenge is based on Kendall."

Hedda says, "Haven't we heard a lot about Kendall this season? He was the third person voted out."

Chris shrugs. He says, "Hey, he was popular, and I want ratings. It's a win win."

"For you," Beau says.

Chris nods and says, "For me. Anyway, the challenge is for you to write some poetry. The gloomier the better." He dumps out a box of pencils and notepads. "I'll be back later. Knock yourselves out." Chris walks off.

Yi Min lifts a large rock and aims it toward his head. Beau puts his hands on Yi Min's arm and says, "Yi Min, buddy. I don't think he meant it literally."

Yi Min says, "Oh." He nods. He drops the rock on the ground. Creigh shakes his head in disapproval.

The contestants are shown sitting in a circle. Creigh, Hedda, and Yi Min are shown writing. Beau looks thoroughly confused. He says, "Man. I can't think of anything gloomy to write about. Any ideas?"

Hedda says, "This is the final four. There's no room to help someone else."

Beau looks down sadly. He says, "I understand."

Yi Min says, "Aw. Look at him. He's sad. I'll help you Beau."

Beau smiles and says, "Thanks." Beau stares at Yi Min as he continues writing. Beau says, "So Yi Min... Any ideas?"

Yi Min looks at Beau. He says, "Oh, right." Yi Min looks over at Beau.

Beau leans over to look at Yi Min's notebook. He says, "What'cha got so far?"

Yi Min holds the paper close to his body. His face is red. He says, "I, uh..."

Beau smirks. He says, "Oh, I get it. You were writing something naughty."

Yi Min's face turns more red. He insists, "It's not that."

"Suuuuure," Beau says. "Anyway, any ideas?"

Yi Min looks at his notebook. He asks, "Are bunnies gloomy?"

Creigh holds his head down and says, "No, Yi Min. They're not."

"Well, that's all I've got, Beau," Yi Min says. "Sorry."

"That's okay," Beau assures.

Chris returns and he says to the contestants, "I'm back."

"Really?" Creigh asks.

Chris nods. He says, "So, lay it on me. Let's start with... Yi Min."

Yi Min nods and stands up. He looks down at his paper. He says, "When I'm feelin' funny, I think of bunny. When I'm feelin' sad, that makes me glad. That's it." Yi Min sits back down.

Creigh says, "You went with the bunnies, huh?"

"Yup," Yi Min answers. "I went with my gut."

"You don't have a gut, man" Beau assures.

Yi Min hugs him and says, "Aw, thanks." Yi Min lets go and says, "Sorry, Creigh. I don't mean to make you jealous." He pokes Creigh, as Creigh blushes.

Chris says, "Alright, next we'll hear from Beau."

Beau stands up and looks at his blank notebook. He says, "Uh, I've decided to improvise." He tosses his notebook to the ground. He gestures oddly. "Spiderwebs, emo kids, and vampire bats. Snakes, darkness, and... gloom. Thank you." Beau sits down.

Chris blinks. He says, "That wasn't as much poetry as it was you listing stuff."

Beau winks and says, "Gloomy stuff."

"Right," Chris says with a slightly worried expression. "Hedda, you're up."

Hedda stands up. She says, "The title of my piece is 'The Tragic Life of a Reality Host'."

Beau says, "Aw, man! We could have had titles?"

Hedda clears her throat. She says, "The Tragic Life of a Reality Host. Life is never fun, when you think of what you haven't done. A life that appears successful, is more than often distressful. Forging fan mail, crying at night, it really can be quite a plight. It's really sad, but from this we glean, when we see the life of Chris Mc..."

Chris shouts, "Alright, that's enough! Sit back down." Chris blushes.

Yi Min leans over to Creigh and says, "What's Chris so upset about?"

"I saved the likely most gloomy for last," Chris says. "Creigh, that's you."

"If you don't mind, I'd prefer to remain seated," Creigh says. He looks at his notebook. He says, "Uh. After hearing the other entries, I'm not sure if I want to read my..."

"Come on, pal," Beau says. "Don't give up."

Creigh looks at his paper and lets out a sigh. He says, "The Plea of a Delusional, Crippled Dreamer."

Chris, Yi Min, Beau, and Hedda look at Creigh tearfully. Chris says, "That is the saddest title I've ever heard. Creigh wins, hands down."

Creigh says, "But I didn't even read it."

"We don't care," Yi Min assures.

Chris says, "I'll be back, later. Creigh has invincibility." Chris disappears.

Beau says, "So, uh." He looks over. "Hey, Hedda is gone."

"It happens," Creigh says. "What do we care?"

Beau says, "Sorry if I offended you earlier, Yi Min, when I tried to look at your notebook. I should have asked before I tried to cheat off of your page."

"It's not that," Yi Min assures. "It was just that I'm not really that confident in my writing."

Beau says, "Please. None of us are Dr. Seuss, or anything."

"No," Yi Min says. "I mean, my writing. Most people can't make sense of it, since it's really sloppy, and I write some things backwards, or whatever. It's no big deal, but I find it pretty embarrassing, at times." Creigh looks to the side.

Beau says, "Don't worry about it, man. I'm not here to judge you, or anything."

Yi Min says, "Thanks, Beau. Creigh, isn't Beau great?"

Creigh says, "Uh, yeah." He says, "If you guys don't mind, I'd like to be by myself for a minute."

"Alright," Yi Min says. "See you later, buddy." Creigh nods. Creigh pushes his wheelchair wheels, and goes off.

In confessional, Creigh admits, "I'm having trouble deciding what I should do at this point. My plan has been to eliminate Beau for a while, but he's a genuinely nice guy. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be." Creigh sighs. "At least there's one other option." He opens the door to the confessional and transitions to his wheelchair.

Hedda appears and says, "Hi, Creigh."

Creigh lets out a scream. He says, "What are you doing here?"

"I overheard your confessional," Hedda replies. Creigh looks to the side. She says, "I didn't want to do this unless I had to, but it looks like I have to. Creigh, I was behind the cabin when you had your talk with Tsuyoshi."

Creigh's eyes get wide. He says, "You were? Uh. What's the big deal?"

Hedda says, "I wasn't there to eavesdrop, but I overheard. I didn't think anything of it, until I noticed something odd." Creigh holds his head down. "I won't tell anyone about it, tonight, if you change your mind about the vote. Otherwise, I'll have to say something." Hedda looks at him. She says, "I'll let you think it over. Byesies." Hedda leaves the area as Creigh continues to look down.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "There are four of you, and three marshmallows. The marshmallow represents your life in this game. The one of you that doesn't receive a marshmallow will need to leave immediately."

Yi Min says, "Not to be disrespectful, or anything, but this is the final four, Chris. We know."

Chris looks to the side. He says, "Creigh is safe." Chris throws a marshmallow to him, and hits him in the face. Chris says, "Hedda, you are safe, also." Hedda smiles at Creigh. She is hit in the face with her marshmallow. Chris says, "So that leaves Yi Min and Beau." Beau puts his arm around Yi Min. Chris says, "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Yi Min." Yi Min catches his marshmallow.

Beau lets out a sigh. He says, "I'm really happy to have made it this far, especially because of my last season." Beau stands up and hugs Creigh and Yi Min. He says, "Thanks, guys. You were part of what made this season awesome for me. It didn't get as dramatic as my season eventually got, so that's always good." Beau picks up his things and heads to the Boat of Losers.

Yi Min calls out, "I'll miss you, man!" Beau smiles and waves.

Beau gets on the Boat of Losers. He sits down and says, "Well, that's it, then. It was a good run. It would have been amazing to win, but I'm not going to dwell on that. I'm really excited to see my baby, again... And my actual baby... Anyway, thanks to everyone that helped me do so well. And Jonathan, I'm coming to see you, big guy." Beau smiles and holds his thumbs up.

Chris states, "With that, we're down to the final three. Pretty exciting. Which of these three former losers will make it to the final two for a chance at the big prize money? Be sure to tune in next time to find out on the next Total... Drama:... The All-Stars!"

Chapter 19 - Movie NightmareEdit

Chris Mclean states, "Welcome to another episode of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars! Last time, the contestants were politely asked to write some gloomy poetry, in honor, or whatever, of Kendall. Creigh won the challenge fairly easily." Chris wipes a tear from his eye. "Hedda seemed to be the intended target of the vote, but she was able to convince... I mean, blackmail Creigh into voting for someone else. And with that, Beau just missed making it to the final three. What is Hedda holding over Creigh's head? Will Creigh continue being controlled by her? Will Yi Min get mentioned in this introductory statement? When will this episode actually begin?"

Creigh and Yi Min are shown in their room, lying in their beds. Yi Min says, "Final three."

"Yup," Creigh replies.

"I never thought that I would make it this far, again," Yi Min says.

Creigh replies, "Congrats."

"Thanks," Yi Min says. "It still makes me pretty nervous, though, that I might get voted out at the final three, again."

"Let's not focus on that, right now," Creigh insists.

"Okay," Yi Min replies. "Um. I have a question." He waits for Creigh to respond. He stops waiting. "Why did we vote out Beau instead of Hedda, again?"

Creigh says, "Uh... He was definitely the most likable one left."

Yi Min says, "I'll pretend that that didn't hurt my feelings." Yi Min frowns.

Creigh glares at Yi Min. He explains, "I couldn't vote for you."

"That..." Yi Min begins. "That's so sweet." Yi Min gets tearful. He runs over to Creigh and hugs him. Creigh's face turns red. Yi Min says, "I won't ever vote you out, either, man."

"No, I didn't mean..." Creigh begins. Yi Min looks at Creigh with wide eyes. Creigh sighs and says, "I won't vote for you."

"Unless it's a vote for who you want to win?" Yi Min asks.

Creigh lets out a laugh. He repeats, "Unless it's a vote for who I want to win." Yi Min hugs Creigh, tightly. Creigh says, "Urgh. Okay, Yi Min... You can let go, today."

Yi Min lets go. He blushes and says, "Sorry, man. I'm sure I make you uncomfortable, sometimes, on account of your... gayness." He pauses for a moment. "Is that the proper term?" Creigh shakes his head. Yi Min shrugs, gets back into his bed, and says, "Goodnight, man. Let's try our best, tomorrow."

"Whatever," Creigh replies.

"That's the spirit!" Yi Min excitedly says. Creigh looks over at Yi Min. He turns around and closes his eyes. Yi Min says, "I'm too excited to sleep!" Creigh's eyes shoot open.

Hedda is shown in her cabin, going through her notes. She says to the camera, "I'm so close to getting to the final two. I'm going over my notes to assure that I get to the finals." Hedda lets out a squeal. She says, "This is so exciting."

The next day, Yi Min is shown pushing Creigh around in his wheelchair. Yi Min says, "Remember when you used to complain at me not to help push you around?"

"I don't need your help," Creigh states. "I can get around on my own."

Yi Min laughs and says, "Yeah. Just like that. You've changed so much since then." Creigh glares to the side.

Hedda walks up to them and says, "Hey, guys."

"Hey," Yi Min says. "What's up?"

Hedda smirks and looks at Creigh. She says, "I was wondering what you two were up to."

"We're walking," Yi Min explains. "Well... I'm walking, anyway. What about you?"

"I just want to be sure that I'm secure in this game," Hedda says.

"That's cool," Yi Min replies.

Hedda asks, "Mind if I go with Creigh for a minute?"

"Sure, knock yourself out," Yi Min answers. He turns Creigh's wheelchair toward Hedda. Creigh looks at Yi Min with wide eyes. "Go with the nice lady, Creigh." Yi Min walks off.

Creigh folds his arms and asks, "What do you want?"

Hedda explains, "You not to vote me out if you win the challenge."

"I can't make any guarantees," Creigh replies.

Hedda nods. She says, "I understand. But if you don't, I'm not afraid to let Yi Min in on your secret."

"I don't like you," Creigh replies. He looks to the side.

Hedda shrugs. She says, "I don't expect you to like me."

"Right," Creigh replies. "Extortioners aren't typically the most well liked people."

"So do we have a deal?" Hedda asks.

Yi Min walks up with his arm around Chris. He says, "Hey, guys. Chris is all ready for the challenge, and stuff."

"Stop touching me," Chris demands. Yi Min removes his arm from around Chris. Chris pauses for a moment. "Hey, Yi Min. It would be awesome if you could go get this crate from my trailer, big guy."

"You bet!" Yi Min says. He runs off.

"Such a simple man," Chris says as he watches Yi Min run off.

Yi Min returns with a crate full of movie viewing equipment. Chris begins setting up the flimsy screen, and projector. He says, "I just thought that I would make this challenge really simple. All you have to do is sit through this movie." Chris begins the movie.

"Wait," Creigh says. "What's the challenge, exactly?"

Yi Min says, "Shh! It's starting!"

Chris whispers, "If you guys want me... I'll be as far from here, as possible. Have fun." Chris begins walking away.

Creigh says, "I don't think you'll ever have to worry about anybody wanting you." Chris stops walking. He looks back at Creigh with an annoyed expression, turns back around, and continues walking.

Yi Min sits on the ground. He says, "I wonder what movie this is."

"Knowing Chris," Hedda says as she looks through her notepad, "probably a horror movie he'll base the challenge on."

The title of the movie comes up, 'Requiem of the Rose Garden'. Creigh blinks. He says, "Looks like you're right about the horror movie thing."

Yi Min is shown crying. He says, "This is so sad."

"It hasn't even started, yet," Creigh starts. "We only saw the title so far."

"I know," Yi Min says. He blows his nose on a provided tissue. "The font was so touching."

Hedda turns to Creigh. She whispers, "Did you notice how Chris didn't even tell us who the challenge was based on?" Creigh shrugs then nods. "We can rule out Quintin, since he had a challenge based on him already." She looks up from her notepad.

Creigh says, "You know, I could have told you that, and I didn't need to refer to notes."

"Whatever," Hedda replies. "My guess is that it's based on Reeve."

"Makes sense," Creigh replies. "Why are you telling me all this?"

"I would prefer you or I winning," Hedda says. "If we're prepared for what the challenge might be, that might help us beat Yi Min."

Yi Min cries. He points at a character and says, "That lady's name is Patricia."

"Something tells me we won't have to worry about Yi Min in this one," Creigh replies. "It's probably going to be a trivia contest about the movie." Hedda nods. She begins taking notes on it. Creigh watches the movie with a disgusted expression. He says, "I would have preferred the horror challenge idea. It would be far less traumatizing than this."

The movie can be heard, "But'a he's the man I love, mama. I don't care that he's a ruggedly handsome, sensitive world traveler with millions of dollars to his name. Our love was never about that."

Creigh slaps himself on the forehead, as Yi Min cries. Yi Min whispers, "This is so good."

"I didn't wanna tell you this, mama," the movie goes on, "but I'm carryin' his baby child." The heroine lifts up her purse, revealing a baby in it.

Creigh throws his head back, as Hedda's eye twitches. Yi Min continues crying. He says, "This is the best movie I've ever seen."

"I've seen educational films about hygiene better than this," Creigh states. He begins crying.

Yi Min hands him a tissue and says, "Let it all out, man. It's okay to cry when a movie is sad."

"I'm crying out of pain," Creigh retorts. Yi Min blinks at him, and then continues watching the movie.

Chris returns after the movie is over. Creigh's head is buried in his hands, and Hedda's eyes continue to twitch. Yi Min says, "That ending was so good. I wasn't expecting the hero and heroine to actually end up together. What a great twist!" He wipes his eyes on a tissue, and is shown with a pile of tissues around him.

Hedda says, "I don't even think there was a single rose garden in that movie."

Chris laughs. He says, "Well, congratulations to one of you. You've won the challenge."

Creigh asks, "What? Isn't the challenge now?"

Chris shakes his head. He says, "It'll all make sense when I tell you that the challenge was based on Willow."

Creigh puts his hand on his face and says, "Don't tell me..."

"That's right. The winner of the challenge was the one who let their emotions guide them, and wept throughout the whole thing. Congratulations, Yi Min. You have invincibility for the final vote. I'll see you..."

"Shh!" Yi Min says. "This is the best part!" Yi Min cries as he watches the credits. "Sound editing... So sad..."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Yi Min, you know how this iworks. You get to choose who you want to eliminate. I'll leave the rest to you." Yi Min nods and stands up.

"I've been on the other side of this, so I know how it feels," Yi Min says. "I thought this decision would be hard, but I made a really good friend, here. Hedda, I hope you understand, but..."

Hedda says, "I do, but there's one thing I have to say before you make your choice."

Yi Min shrugs and says, "Alright." Creigh looks down.

Hedda says, "I overheard Creigh talking with Tsuyoshi when he was here."

Yi Min nods and says, "I remember that."

"Yi Min, Creigh isn't gay," Hedda says.

Yi Min blinks. He says, "Huh?"

Hedda says, "He hasn't told you that he isn't. I'm not sure of the exact reason, or anything."

Yi Min asks, "Creigh, is that true?" Creigh holds his head down, and nods. Yi Min smiles and says, "Oh. You should have told me. All this time I..." Yi Min's eyes get wide. He says, "But that means... I don't understand." Yi Min looks down at the ground.

Chris says, "What's your decision, Yi Min? I have a life to get back to."

Yi Min says, "I'm really confused." He looks at Creigh. He says, "My decision is to eliminate..."

"Hedda. I'm sorry."

Hedda nods and sighs. She says, "It was my only shot. Too bad it didn't work out. I'd love to stay around and eavesdrop, but I got my man to go see. Bye, guys." Hedda skips off toward the Boat of Losers as Creigh looks after her.

Chris shrugs and says, "Well, that's all for this episode. Our final two is Creigh and Yi Min. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out on the next episode of Total... Drama..."

"There's something that I don't understand about what Hedda said," Yi Min says. "If you're not gay, Creigh... Tsuyoshi told me about you showing up after I left for college. He talked about you on and on."

Creigh blushes. He says, "I just wanted to talk to him. I didn't expect him to think I liked him back."

"So you were just stringing him along?" Yi Min asks. "What did you have to gain from dating a gay guy?" Chris' eyes get wide.

Creigh holds his head down. Creigh says, "We never did anything. But it's your fault, you know. If you didn't mention that he had a crush on me, I wouldn't have tried to meet him. I just wanted to be friends, maybe... have him fund my schooling, like he did with you."

Yi Min frowns. He asks, "So you were trying to con him to get money out of him?"

Creigh continues to keep his head held down. He says, "I never asked him for the money. I was planning on it, but he figured me out, pretty quick. He realized I was different from... how I was."

Yi Min states, "I can't believe you would do something like that."

"How is it any different from him paying for you to go to that private school?" Creigh asks bitterly.

"It is different," Yi Min insists. "I never asked for him to do that."

"Please," Creigh says. "You're not as dumb as you put on. You probably were only friends with him because he's rich, now."

"That's not true," Yi Min insists. "He insisted on helping me."

Creigh rolls his eyes and says, "Sure, because of your doe eyed, 'durr' act."

Yi Min says, "Stop it." Yi Min looks tearful. "I thought we were friends, Creigh."

Creigh states, "I only acted like your friend to have someone to bring me to the finals."

"You don't mean that," Yi Min replies with a forced smile. "We had a lot of fun throughout this."

Creigh sighs. He says, "You can cut the act. I know you were only pretending to be my friend, because I'm in a wheelchair. How easy would it be to beat a cripple in the long run?"

"I never thought like that once," Yi Min insists.

Creigh says, "I'm tired of the goody goody act. There's no such thing as a good person, especially where money is involved." Creigh begins pushing himself toward his cabin. "I'm going to beat you, tomorrow. That money is as good as mine." He leaves the campfire ceremony area.

Chris' eyes are still wide. He says, "Wow. Are you okay, Yi Min?"

Yi Min shakes his head. He says, "I made the wrong decision, tonight."

Chris frowns. He says, "Sorry, mate." Chris begins to leave the area. He says, "Aren't you going back to your cabin?"

Yi Min says, "I think I'm going to stay out here, tonight."

Chris shrugs and says, "If you say so." Chris walks away.

Chapter 20 - Winner WonderlandEdit

Chris Mclean states, "Welcome to the sure to be exciting finale of Total... Drama:... The All-Stars! Last time, the contestants were forced to watch a sappy chick flick that left Yi Min in tears. He won the secret challenge, and was swaying toward taking his friend Creigh to the finals. Hedda then dropped the bombshell that Creigh was not gay, like he hadn't admitted to Yi Min, who had reason to assume otherwise. Even though Yi Min was confused, he stayed loyal to Creigh and eliminated Hedda. After that Yi Min and Creigh argued, and it was revealed that Creigh dated Yi Min's friend Tsuyoshi with the goal of getting money out of the former winner. With the guys on bad terms, how will it all end? Watch to find out."

Yi Min is shown lying next to the dying campfire. He opens his bloodshot eyes and looks over at his cabin. He gets up, sits on one of the stumps, and looks down at the ground.

Yi Min says in confessional, "I don't know how to feel, right now. I can't believe what Creigh did. He manipulated me this entire time." Yi Min continues to look down at the ground. "He's a really bad guy. I wish I never met him, but I can't let my feelings distract me. I have to try my hardest."

Creigh is shown lying in his bed with his eyes open.

In confessional, Creigh states, "I didn't get any sleep last night. Maybe it's a mix of nerves and excitement. I don't know. I played this game exactly the way I had to. I learned the hard way that being nice gets you nowhere." Creigh glares to the side for a little while. "I'm ready to win this."

Chris is shown standing next to Yi Min in front of two cheering sections. Creigh pushes his wheelchair next to the two. Chris says, "There you are. We can let the festivities begin. As usual, we'll bring in the eliminated contestants, and they'll sit in the section of the person they want to support. Let's start with our first loser of the season, Quintin."

Quintin walks up from the Dock of Shame. He says, "Good job to the both of you for making it to this point. I know it's a big deal."

"What do you mean?" Chris asks. "You never made it this far." Quintin glares at Chris. "I'll be quiet, now."

Quintin says, "I'm not sure who I want to support, but I'm going to go with Creigh. He's overcome a lot to make it this far, so that's my choice." Quintin sits in Creigh's section.

Yi Min begins, "Creigh, uh..." Quintin and Creigh look at Yi Min, but he doesn't finish his sentence.

Chris says, "Alright. Next up is Sky Lynn."

Sky Lynn walks up. She smiles and says, "I'm so happy to see Creigh, here. I'm so proud of him." Creigh fails to make eye contact as Sky Lynn sits in his support section. "Aw. You're being shy."

Chris clears his throat and says, "Moving on. Kendall is next."

"Hey, guys," Kendall says with a smile. He looks at Yi Min's empty support section. He says, "No offense, Yi Min, but I have to root for Creigh, today. I hope you understand. I'm sure someone else will support you."

"Yeah," Yi Min says quietly.

Sheena, already present, says, "I don't even get an introduction? What kind of shabby production... Anyway, I support Yi Min, my fellow Reality castmate." She sits in in Yi Min's section, and Kendall lets out a sigh of relief. "Quit breathing. It's annoying... Please?" Kendall blinks as he looks over at Sheena.

"Waterlily and Daniel?" Chris says. "You're up."

Waterlily skips forward, holding Daniel's hand. Waterlily says, "We're supporting Yi Min, today."

Daniel says, "Uh, actually, sweetie. I planned on supporting Creigh."

"What?" Waterlily asks. Daniel nods. Waterlily frowns and says, "Oh. That's alright, I guess."

"Sorry," Daniel says.

"It's okay, sweetie," Waterlily says with a forced smile. She kisses Daniel and they sit in the separate sections.

Chris says, "Alright. Next up is Melinda."

Melinda walks up and says, "Hey, everyone. I'm supporting Yi Min, today, but it wasn't an easy decision."

"Thanks," Yi Min says, as she sits in his section. Yi Min leans over to Chris and asks, "Who is that?"

Chris shakes his head and says, "Al..."

"That was Al?" Yi Min asks with wide eyes. Creigh rolls his eyes.

Chris sighs and says, "No, Yi Min. Al is here to give his support to one of you."

Al says, "Hey, dudes. Congratulations. I'm supporting Creigh, but Yi Min is really cool." Al pauses. "Can I sit in both sections?" Chris shakes his head. Al holds his head down and sits in Creigh's section.

Chris says, "Reeve, come on up." Reeve walks up with his arms folded. He sits down in Creigh's section without explanation. Chris says, "No reasoning?"

"Crush him, Creigh," Reeve says, glaring to the side. Yi Min looks down.

Chris says, "Well, on that note. Janice, it's your..." Janice is shown in Creigh's support section making out with Al. Chris, Creigh, and Yi Min look at them with wide eyes. Chris clears his throat and says, "Alright... Uh, next is Kristy."

Kristy walks up and says, "Hi, guys. Congrats for making it to this point. I like both of you, but I really feel for Creigh. That's why I decided to support him."

Creigh mumbles, "I don't need your pity."

"That's funny," Yi Min says. "That seems to be your..." Yi Min gets quiet. The supporters look at Yi Min with confused expressions.

Chris looks slightly uneasy. He says, "Uh... Let's lighten the mood with Francesca... I never thought I would say that."

Francesca says, "Funny. I'm supporting Yi Min, since he has less supporters. I don't want to have to sit too close to anyone." She sits down some distance away from Melinda.

Chris says, "Alright." He shrugs. "Ivan is up." He looks around for Ivan but fails to see him.

Ivan says from behind Chris, "Hey, Chris!" Chris jumps after being startled. "I couldn't wait for today, so I swam over to the island last night, and slept in the boathouse." He wrings out his shirt. "Still wet. Anyway, I support Yi Min, even though he's being kind of awkward, today."

"More than usual?" Francesca asks monotonously.

Ivan sits down in Yi Min's cheering section. He giggles and says, "The cheering section makes my butt feel all warm and tingly." Francesca scoots closer to Melinda.

Jonathan walks up. Chris says, "Here's Jonathan."

"Oh," Sheena says. "I thought it was that Dustin Beaver kid."

Jonathan blushes. He says, "Creigh and Yi Min are nice, and stuff, but I'm supporting Yi Min. Take home the win, buddy." Yi Min smiles and nods.

Chris puts on protective eye wear and a bulletproof vest. He says, "Alright. I'm ready for Fiona."

Fiona appears in a puff of pink smoke. She says, "Fiona is here, there's no need to fear!"

Creigh shudders and says, "There isn't?"

Fiona glares at Creigh. She says, "I've decided to support Yi..." She sees Kendall in Creigh's cheering section. "Dolly!" She runs over to Kendall, pushes Reeve out of the way, and sits next to him, as he blushes.

Reeve looks up from the ground. He says with a bewildered expression, "Wow. You're stronger than you look."

"Ophelia, your turn," Chris says.

Ophelia walks up and waves at the final two. She says, "Congratulations to the both of you. Creigh, I've known Yi Min for some time now, and I have to support him, today." Creigh shrugs, while Ophelia sits down in Yi Min's support section.

Chris says, "Okay. Here's... Beau... or whatever."

Beau does cartwheels all the way to the others, as Chris rolls his eyes. Beau says, "Hey, guys. We couldn't have asked for a better final two." Yi Min and Creigh glare away from each other. Beau pauses for a moment. "Except for me and Jonathan." Beau kisses his fingers and makes a peace sign in Jonathan's direction. "Anyway, I have to support my man, Creigh. Yi Min, you rock, too." Beau sits down in Creigh's cheering section.

"We have one last loser left," Chris states. "That is Hedda." Everyone looks in the direction of the Boat of Losers. They look back and see her already on Yi Min's support section. Several contestants scream.

Hedda says, "I was here along." She pauses. "Well, under here, anyway." She points at the bench. "I'm supporting Yi Min to win... for reasons."

Chris nods and says, "That's all there is. It's time to begin the competition." Chris counts the former contestants. "Creigh has ten supporters to Yi Min's eight." Chris points to an obstacle course. He says, "Each portion of this challenge is based on the final challenge from the past four seasons. From Total Drama: Boney Island we have the wall climb." Chris points to a wall with a rope attached.

"That's real fair," Creigh says, glaring to the side.

Chris shrugs. He says, "I'm not showing favoritism. Next, from Total Drama Tropics it's Dante's challenge to Al, swallowing a live cockroach." Chris points to two tables with silver domes containing the delicacy. After that, it's a challenge based on the best finale challenge, ever, Total Drama Wilderness."

"Isn't that because it was based on you?" Reeve asks.

"Yup," Chris answers.

Reeve shrugs and says, "Whatever. My baby won that challenge."

Al says, "Whoa. I didn't know they let babies compete." Reeve holds his head down and shakes it. Janice and Al resume making out.

Chris says, "Each of you will have to put on a costume inspired by the challenge. Creigh has to put on a cat costume, while Yi Min has to correctly apply zombie make up in order to move on." Chris points to a mirror with make up on a small table and a chest of costumes for Creigh on the side. "Last up," Chris says, "from Total Drama Reality, its a puzzle. After you each complete the puzzle, you'll run..." He looks at Creigh. "Or roll to the finish. The first to cross the finish line will be the winner of ten million dollars." Chris holds up a small blue ribbon. "And this ribbon."

Sheena says, "Whoop-de-doo."

Chris says, "Well if the 'whoop-de-doo's are out of the way, we can begin." Creigh and Yi Min get behind the starting line. Chris says, "On your mark."

"Who's Mark?" Yi Min asks.

Creigh rolls his eyes and says, "Shut it." Yi Min looks down.

Kendall whispers to Fiona, "Did something happen between them?" Fiona shrugs.

"Get set," Chris continues. "Go!"

Yi Min lunges at the wall and easily jumps over it. Creigh sighs. He says, "So fair." Creigh reaches the wall, grabs the rope, and pulls himself up as the cheering sections cheer.

"You can do it, Creigh!" Beau shouts. Creigh grabs hold of the top of the wall, leans down, grabs his wheelchair, and tosses it over the wall. He then pulls himself over the wall and lands in his wheelchair. Beau says, "Wow. I didn't think he could actually do it..." Beau gets a few glares.

Yi Min is shown clearing the live cockroach swallowing portion of the challenge. He moves on to the next station and Ivan rips off his shirt, turns around, and points to a new tattoo of Yi Min's face on his back. He says, "Go, Yi Min, go!" Francesca scoots even closer toward Melinda.

Creigh is shown swallowing his cockroach. He grimaces and opens his mouth. Chris says, "You're good... I mean... Your mouth is empty." Chris looks to the side.

Creigh says, "I don't need scolding based on your code of ethics."

Ophelia asks Jonathan, "What's up with them?"

Jonathan shakes his head. He says, "I'm not sure, but... Creigh kind of gives me a weird feeling." He looks down at the ground.

"Dramatic," Francesca states.

Creigh is shown struggling to put on the cat costume, while Yi Min struggles to apply makeup. They finish about the same time, get approval from Chris, and move on to the next part of the challenge. Hedda shouts, "Go, Yi Min! You're great at puzzles."

Creigh nods and says, "Almost as good as he is at pretending to be stupid."

Yi Min looks flustered as the other contestants gasp. Beau says, "Er. Man. That's not cool."

"Please," Creigh says. "You know he does it."

"Come on, Yi Min!" Ivan shouts. Yi Min looks to be struggling with the puzzle.

Creigh smiles wide and says, "I can't believe it. Chris! I've finished the puzzle."

Chris looks at it and says, "So you did. You can move on."

Creigh begins to wheel himself toward the finish line. He turns to Yi Min's station and says, "Thanks for the prize money, Yi Min. Looks like your strategy didn't pay off like mine did."

"Strategy?" Sky Lynn asks.

Yi Min stares down at his puzzle. Creigh continues wheeling himself forward. He calls back, "I guess I was wrong about you. You really are as stupid as you put on." Creigh smirks as he looks forward. Some of the spectators hold their heads down.

Beau asks, "What happened with those guys? I thought they were good friends."

"I didn't come here to make friends," Creigh answers, as he stops pushing his wheelchair forward. He says, "Yi Min was just one of the many pawns in my strategy. Nobody gets what they want from being nice. I'm tired of always being the one getting betrayed, stepped on, and pushed aside for other people's selfishness."

"Creigh, you've really changed," Sky Lynn says quietly.

Creigh says, "Maybe that's true, but I just needed to work at what I wanted. After this is over, I'll finally be able to go back to the old Creigh." Creigh realizes that he isn't moving. He says, "Excuse me. I have a competition to win." He tries pushing himself forward, but his wheelchair fails to move forward. He turns to see Yi Min behind him, holding his wheelchair.

Yi Min says, "I finished my puzzle."

"Let go!" Creigh demands. "You can't keep me from moving, that's against the rules." Yi Min tilts Creigh's wheelchair upward, causing Creigh to fall to the ground. Creigh holds his hurt knee and winces. Creigh shouts, "What are you doing?!" Yi Min tosses Creigh's wheelchair as far as he can to the side.

Reeve's eyes widen. He says, "Is this politically correct, or..."

Yi Min says, "You used everyone in this competition to get you ahead. You purposely used pity to get ahead in the game."

Creigh insists, "I didn't mean anything by it. Strategy is perfectly..."

"Shut up!" Yi Min shouts. "It's not okay to manipulate people the way you did. Start relying on yourself to make your goals happen."

"You're one to talk," Creigh retorts. "Who carried you through that fancy private school?" Yi Min looks solemn. "You're just as bad as I am, don't act like you're not just as manipulative as me, if not worse. At least I admit it."

"It's not true," Yi Min says. He gets tearful. "I never asked for any special treatment."

"You didn't have to," Creigh says. "Go get my wheelchair. That has to be against the rules."

"Is everyone else seeing the same thing I am?" Kristy asks. The others nod.

Ophelia holds her head down. She says, "This is all my fault."

Chris says, "Creigh, it's actually not against the rules." Chris thumbs through the rule book. "You are, however, not allowed to have a possum in your pocket when you cross the finish line. I wonder how that rule got in there."

Yi Min stands to the side of Creigh. He says, "I bet the wheelchair was part of your strategy, too. You thought it would make everyone feel sorry for you, more so than if you were walking. It's not your crutch, anymore."

Al asks, "Does he know it's not an actual crutch, or is that figure of speech?"

Yi Min goes on, "If you want to win so bad, why don't you crawl the rest of the way there?" Creigh looks ahead at the finish line. "I won't stop you." Creigh begins to crawl on the ground toward the finish line, still in his cat costume. He pushes himself forward and claws at the ground.

"This is really sad," Melinda says, looking down. "I can't watch."

Creigh continues to crawl toward the finish line. Yi Min says, "Now that you don't have anyone to carry you, it's a lot harder, isn't it?"

"Don't talk to me," Creigh says.

Yi Min holds his head down and shakes it. He says, "You don't deserve to win this. After all the people you've hurt." Yi Min begins walking toward the finish line. He passes Creigh.

Creigh shouts, "No! This can't be happening! I worked so hard to make it this far! I've had so much bad stuff happen to me in my life... I'm supposed to win! What am I going to do after this is over? There's nothing for me to go back home to!" Creigh begins crying. Yi Min walks toward the finish line and...

Pauses. He looks back at Creigh. Creigh pleads, "Please, Yi Min. You don't want to win this way." Yi Min steps forward. Creigh shouts, "This isn't over! I'll do whatever I have to do to get what I want! You hear me?!" Yi Min looks down at the ground. He turns around and walks toward Creigh. He lifts Creigh into his arms. Creigh asks, "What are you doing? Put me down." Yi Min walks toward the finish line and tosses Creigh over it. He lands hard on the ground.

Yi Min says, "There. You won. Congratulations. Is it everything you ever wanted?"

Creigh looks up at Yi Min. He says, "Yi Min... Why did you..."

"Leave me alone," Yi Min demands. "Leave my friends alone. Take your money, and live your life without any friends or anyone ever being able to trust you. You've earned it."

The cheering sections run forward. Jonathan asks, "Yi Min... How could you do that?"

"I want him out of my life," Yi Min states.

"Yi Min," Creigh says. "It was nothing personal. I just did what I had to do to win. Nice guys don't win."

Al frowns and says, "I was nice, right?"

"Be quiet," Yi Min insists. Al gets quiet.

Janice whispers, "I think he was talking to Creigh."

Yi Min goes on, "You think you're the only person here that wanted to win? We all had dreams. Dreams you stole from all of us."

"That's not..." Creigh begins. "I... uh..."

"I wanted to go to college so bad," Yi Min states. "I told you my secret about my college money getting stolen. I bet that's when you knew I was the perfect mark for you."

"Who is this Mark everyone keeps mentioning?" Al asks. Janice grabs Al by the lips.

Creigh looks down. He says, "Yi Min... It was never my plan to hurt you, but then you found out what I had been doing. If it makes you feel better, I'll pay for your college tuition. It's the least I can do..."

Yi Min looks at Creigh. He says, "I bet that would make you feel really good about yourself, huh?" Creigh continues to look down. "Well, I don't accept."

Jonathan pleads, "Yi Min, take the offer."

"You don't get it," Yi Min says tearfully. "All my life, I've been a burden to everyone else. My parents, Tsuyoshi... They paid for my schooling. This was my chance to finally prove that I could support myself, and I failed." Yi Min puts his hands on his face as he cries.

Creigh says quietly, "I'm so sorry. I've become just like everyone that ever took advantage of me. Yi Min, please forgive me. Take the money I offered you."

Yi Min says, "Never. I would never accept help from you." Creigh looks hurt by Yi Min's words.

Chris groans. He says, "I forgot to mention something. There's, uh... A five hundred thousand dollar prize for the second place finisher."

Yi Min's eyes widen. He says, "There is?"

"There is?" Creigh asks.

Chris grimaces and nods. He says, "Yup. Congratulations, Yi Min." Some of the other contestants hug Yi Min and shake his hand.

"I can't believe it," Yi Min says. "I wasn't expecting this. That's more than enough money." Chris winces, again.

Reeve puts his hand on Yi Min's shoulder, looks down, and says, "Congrats, Yi Min. You deserve it. Sorry for blowing up at you before, figuratively. You're a good kid."

Chris walks ahead and the others follow after him, all but Creigh. Ophelia nudges Chris and whispers, "Five hundred thousand dollar prize, huh?"

"Shhh..." Chris says. "It still stings."

"From your own pocket?" Ophelia asks. Chris glares to the side.

Kendall looks back. He says, "I'll catch up with you all in a minute." He brings Creigh's wheelchair over to him. He says, "You're in a pretty dark place right now, huh?"

Creigh looks up at Kendall with tears in his eyes. He says, "What did I just do?"

Kendall says, "Hey, don't think about it too much. You recognize that what you did was wrong?"

Creigh looks over at everyone else, celebrating around Yi Min. He says, "Nobody even congratulated me. Was what I did that awful?"

"Er, congrats," Kendall says, avoiding the question. Kendall extends his hand and says, "Uh, you need some help up?"

"No, I..." Creigh begins. He pauses. He takes Kendall's hand and is helped into the wheelchair. "Thanks."

Chapter 21 - Reunited, and It Feels So-SoEdit

Chris Mclean appears on camera with a wide smile. He states, "I'm back here at Camp Wawanakwa. Do you remember Total... Drama:... The All-Stars? It was one of our highest rated... I mean, beloved seasons. What has the cast been up to since this season ended? Well, if you've been wondering what the answer to that question is, it's fortunate that you're watching this, right now, since we've got the cast together, again. Let's give them a warm Chris Mclean welcome."

Sky Lynn says, "Thanks, Chris. It's really nice that you're trying to be..."

"Let's get things started with our first question," Chris states. "It's directed at Quintin, who did incredibly pathetically this season." Chris lets out a laugh, as Quintin glares at him. "The first question comes from a viewer who wishes to remain anonymous."

Quintin raises an eyebrow. He says, "That person, again? Who is it, exactly? Is there a reason they want to remain anonymous? Should we be concerned?" Quintin has a worried expression.

"Anyway," Chris says. "Do you regret your decision to stop listening to your intuition?"

Quintin says, "You know what? No. I think it was good for me." He holds his head down. "I wanted things with Waterlily to work, but what happened help me see that we weren't right for each other." Daniel looks at Waterlily, smiles, and puts his arm around her.

Chris says, "Another question from a viewer who would like to be referred to as a yellow dog lover..."

"Who are these people?" Jonathan asks with wide eyes.

Hedda states, "His real name is Daniel, but he often goes by the name 'Shane', a tribute to his beloved..."

"You creep me out, sometimes, babe," Ivan states. "I love that about you." Hedda and Ivan begin kissing.

Chris has a raised eyebrow. He says, "As I was saying. Quintin, what is your favorite memory of you and your brother, Bryce?"

Quintin says, "Wow. That took me off guard. I don't talk about Bryce, often, but... when I was a kid, sometimes our parents wouldn't be home, all the time. He knew how much being alone bothered me, so he would never go out with his friends on nights like that, or leave me with a babysitter, even. He used to read to me, or just talk until I fell asleep. I've never forgotten how he treated me. He never treated me like a pest, and he always took the time for me." Quintin looks down. His voice cracks a little as he says, "It's hard for me to think about these memories, but I'm so glad to have known him."

Chris smiles. He states, "I like that tattoo, by the way."

Quintin smiles, revealing the gap in his teeth. He unbuttons his shirt to reveal his heart shaped tattoo with Bryce's name over it. He looks down and says, "I don't ever want to forget him, and this way I feel like he'll always be a part of me."

Al leans over and says to Reeve, "I just thought the tattoo artist misspelled 'Brad'." Reeve laughs.

Chris states, "The next question is directed at Sky Lynn. How many pets do you have?"

Sky Lynn answers, "I don't have any pets. I feel that animals should be free, and not treated like household slaves."

"I guess now isn't the time to tell everyone about Creigh Jr.'s recent litter of puppies," Kendall whispers to Fiona.

Chris asks, "The next question comes from... uh... a talking otter..." Several contestants have worried expressions. "What do you wish you could have done in All-Stars?"

"I wish I could have made it further," Sky Lynn admits, "even though things with Creigh got a little ugly. I'd like to think that I could have helped him, but I'm not sure that I could have at the time."

"Speaking of Creigh..." Chris begins.

Sky Lynn blushes and says, "No, we aren't dating. We were only just friends."

"Since that answer is boring," Chris says, "we'll move on to Kendall. Several viewers wondered if you regretted throwing the competition for Creigh."

Kendall states, "I have no regrets about that. Even though it was part of his strategy, at the time, I still feel that Creigh grew during his time in the competition." Yi Min looks to the side. "That's something that wouldn't have happened if I didn't do what I did. Even though he hurt a lot of people, I feel like he needed to stay on the show to get anything out of it."

"Someone else wondered," Chris begins, "are you happy that Fiona is so obsessed with you?"

Kendall blushes. He says, "I prefer it to her being obsessed with some other guy. I'm grateful to have my girls in my life." Kendall smiles at Fiona. "And we're expecting our family to get a little bigger." Some of the other contestants smile.

"Congratulations!" Melinda says. "I hope Fiona's pregnancy goes..."

Kendall's eyes are wide. He says, "Wait, what? I was talking about Creigh Jr. She's pregnant, again."

Yi Min says, "Creigh Jr. is a she?" His eyes show his surprise. He shrugs his shoulders. "Well, at least she's found love."

Chris has his hand on his forehead. He says, "Sheena, this question comes from the video game enemy that never gets defeated..." He stares at the index card. "Just... just don't ask. Anyway, he asks 'How did Grant react to the kiss with you and Jonathan?'"

"He thought it was hot," Sheena answers. She rolls her eyes. "What do you think? He was upset. But we patched things up, after I convinced him that Jonathan was entirely disgusting."

Jonathan looks to the side, he says, "You're no walk in the park, either."

Beau clutches Jonathan's chest. He shouts, "Chris! Move on! They're about to make out, again!" Jonathan raises an eyebrow.

"So you and Grant are still on good terms?" Chris asks.

"Obviously," Sheena states with a roll of her eyes.

Chris shrugs and states, "Waterlily. Are you still a hippie?"

"Whoa, man," Waterlily states. "The stars have decided to be in cosmic alignment, and they've kept me in their..."

Chris says, "Yeah. Still a hippie. Has Daniel been good to you?"

"Um," Waterlily says. "That question is, like, way too personal."

Chris' eyes are wide. Quintin winces and says, "He means does Daniel treat you well?"

"Oh," Waterlily says. "Yeah. He's a total romantic."

Daniel grunts, and looks to the side. Chris says, "So, Daniel. Is that true?"

Daniel gushes, "Waterlily is the most amazing girl that I've ever met. She's so gorgeous, and her hair glistens like corn that just fell from the stalk."

"Aw, sweetie," Waterlily says, as she hugs Daniel.

"How's your fruiarianism going?" Chris asks.

Daniel nods. He says, "Still going strong. It can be a challenge to stick to that way of life, but I have Waterlily's full support. She joined me."

"And it was entirely my decision," Waterlily assures.

"Can I mention Brad's name?" Chris asks.

Daniel blushes. He says, "I guess. We've made up. We're friends, again. It's like he's an all new person, but he's still the same guy I idolized... I mean... I... uh... Anyway, I owe it to Quintin, actually. He told me I should try to make amends with Brad. I have full trust in Quintin after what he did for Waterlily and I. I've hired him as my spiritual adviser."

Quintin looks to the side and says, "He pays me in beads."

"Um, alright," Chris says. "Next, Melinda. How are things going with Brent?"

"Well, Chris," Melinda begins. "Our relationship has taken a great step forward. Brent recently..."

Chris interrupts, "That's so nice. How is your relationship with Nolan?"

Melinda blinks. "Are you going to let me speak, or..." Melinda begins.

"Al," Chris says. "I'm sure everyone wants to know, what was it like to be eliminated?"

"It was cool, man," Al states. "Wait... That's where I left the competition? No. I didn't like that, so much, but I did it for Creigh. He made me so proud, maaan."

Chris blinks. He says, "Even when he..." Al looks confused. "Anyway, how's your sarong collection shaping up?"

Al looks confused, again. He says, "They're all rectangles."

"No, I mean..." Chris says. "Never mind. How has life been treating you?"

"It's been good, maaaan," Al says. "Life... is... good."

Chris says, "That's nice, I guess. So Reeve, do you regret flipping out on Yi Min?"

Reeve's face turns red. He admits, "Yeah. I wish I'd known why he broke up with Priscilla. I probably wouldn't have been so mad at him. I've tried to make it up to him, though."

"How's that?" Chris asks.

"I gave him a free haircut," Reeve answers.

"Okay..." Chris responds. "How have things gone with Celia?"

Reeve admits, "Well, I tried to propose, again, and our wedding date kept getting messed up. One of Celia's grandpas died the day before her wedding, then there was a freak hurricane on the second date... We finally gave up and just eloped."

Chris laughs. He says, "Anything else?"

"Kind of," Reeve says while blushing. We're expecting our second child, second after Arianne, that is..." Reeve looks around. "What? No reaction?"

Kristy says, "Sorry. I think we're reserving our happy reactions, after that Creigh Jr. news."

Ophelia assures, "I can assure you that we're happy for you and Celia, Reeve. Congratulations."

Reeve continues to blush. He looks down and says, "Thanks."

Chris says, "So Janice, how did you feel with not having Violet as your mouthpiece this time?"

"Um," Janice says. "It was alright. She might have helped me use my judgement with Ivan, but Ivan isn't a bad guy." Ivan lets out a sigh of relief. "I was surprised to see that he actually tried to stick with me, even though he only dated me for strategy. I think that shows that he's got a good heart." Ivan blushes.

"What about you and Al?" Chris asks.

Janice answers, "We still live far apart, but we've been able to make it work."

"Were you always attracted to Al?" Chris asks.

Janice blushes. She admits, "I thought he was pretty goofy, at first. Kind of like a weird distant cousin, or something, but getting to know him, he's really sweet. Plus, I guess he is pretty cute."

"Aw," Al says. Janice blushes.

Chris says, "On to Kristy. Did you and Brad end up getting married?"

Kristy smiles and holds up her wedding ring. She answers, "Yup."

Chris asks, "How has it been being married to a rich, well known superstar, when you are... well, you know."

Kristy winces, a little, and says, "Well, it's been good. Brad has a big heart... On the inside, too. But you'd be surprised. Sure he's rich and successful, but we lead a really simple lifestyle."

"Any kids on the way?" Chris asks.

Kristy blushes. She says, "Not yet. We have discussed it, and we've mutually decided that when we're ready, we'll adopt. There are lots of children that need a family, and Brad's really passionate about it."

Chris blinks. He asks, "Why?"

"Do you ever pay attention to anything besides your reflection?" Sheena sarcastically asks.

Chris says, "Huh? Let's move on to Francesca. How are things with Anders?"

"Fine," Francesca flatly states. "We're still together."

"Have you and Al spoken since your 'relationship'?" Chris asks.

Al looks over at her and says, "Oh. Hi, Francesca."

"Hi, Al," Francesca says. She looks at Chris. "I guess the answer is yes."

Chris rolls his eyes. He says, "Okay, so Ivan, some of are viewers want to know how you lost the weight, and how hard it was for you?"

Ivan says, "Wow. I usually get questions about being a fanboy... Well, yeah. Losing weight was a real challenge, but it just sort of happened after I changed my eating habits, and started to exercise. It's all been worth it."

"That's good to know," Chris states. "So, about your being a fanboy. Are you still a fan of the show?"

Ivan looks to the side. He says, "It's alright. I try not to be too obsessive, you know?"

"Who's your favorite on Total Drama Athletics?" Chris asks with a smirk.

Ivan says, "Oh, my gosh! Evan was so inspirational! He's my new favorite... No offense to Al, though Al's right up there."

"Anymore tattoos in your collection?" Chris asks.

"I got one of Evan, actually," Ivan replies. "I'd show it, but this is a family show, right?"

Chris nods and says, "It varies. Let's move on to Jonathan."

"That's me," Jonathan says.

"Your weight was one of your major story arcs on the season," Chris states. "Have you made any progress with your weight loss?"

"Oh, I..." Jonathan begins, while blushing.

Beau shouts, "Are you kidding?!" He jumps up and rips off Jonathan's shirt.

"Beau!" Jonathan shouts, as he attempts to cover his torso with his arms.

"Check it out," Beau says. "His abs are almost as hot as mine. And look at his pecs. They're like two slabs of beef."

Jonathan's face is bright red. He says, "Beau, you're embarrassing me."

"Oh," Beau says. He sits back down. "Sorry about that, man." He stands up and says, "Oh, yeah. You should see Jonathan's butt. It's like granite." He attempts to pull down Jonathan's shorts, but Jonathan keeps them up while his face is red.

"How does Beau know, exactly?" Francesca asks with wide eyes.

"Stop it," Jonathan shouts.

Beau sighs and says, "Sorry. I just want everyone to know how far you've made it. I'm really proud of you, Jonathan."

"Well..." Jonathan says. "That means a lot to me, Beau. But I owe it to the help that Ivan and Beau have given me."

"I taught him the hard stuff, once he was ready," Beau proudly states.

Chris asks, "Been outdoorsy, at all?"

Jonathan nods. He says, "I've got friends who are pretty active, so that helps me to get out and do stuff."

"Oh, yeah?" Beau says. "Who are they?" Jonathan glares at Beau.

"Okay," Chris says, with a confused expression. "Fiona? Still in law school?"

"Yes," Fiona answers.

"Do you think it was right of Kendall to forgive Creigh so easily?" Chris asks.

Fiona says, "Um, yeah. Kendall is such a sweetie. He amazes me on a daily basis."

Kendall blushes and says, "Oh, Fiona."

Chris says, "Well, I have to move on. That stuff with Beau and Jonathan ate up a lot of our time." The others glare at Beau and Jonathan. "Ophelia, has Uriah made any sort of commitment, yet?"

Ophelia blushes. She says, "We're planning our wedding. There's a lot of people who want to be in the wedding, since I helped a lot of them."

"Can I be in it?" Reeve asks. "I look awesome in my sleeveless tux."

Ophelia forces a smile and says, "Sure. That sounds great."

"Have you made any matches, lately?" Chris asks.

Ophelia replies, "Yes. I have my own business, and all. I have set up some friends, too, I guess, and Chris... I've got someone in mind for you."

Chris blushes and says, "Really? What's she like?"

"She?" Ophelia says, with wide eyes. She looks to the side. "Um... I'll get back to you."

Chris says, "I'll be waiting."

"Eternally," Reeve whispers to Al.

Chris goes on, "Beau... Has your wife given birth, yet?"

Beau blinks. He says, "It's been a year since I was on All-Stars, last."

Chris replies, "I'm not really all that aware of long the birth cycle takes these days. Anyway, how does Kara feel about all those ladies fawning over you?"

"I don't think she minds," Beau says. "You should see the guys that stare at her."

"Are you sure they're looking at her?" Francesca asks.

Beau blinks rapidly. He says, "Huh?"

Chris turns to Hedda. He asks, "So, still gossiping on celebrities?"

"I've gone back to spying on normal people and politicians," Hedda states. "I've been spying on you, if you haven't noticed."

"But I'm not in politics," Chris says with a confused expression. "You and Ivan?" Chris winks.

Hedda and Ivan smile at each other. Hedda says, "I'd appreciate it if you'd respect our privacy."

Chris blinks. He says, "Um... How much hairspray do you use in a day?"

"None," Hedda answers. "I use tree sap, now."

"Really?" Chris asks with wide eyes.

Hedda states, "These questions are getting far too personal."

"But..." Chris says. He sighs. "Yi Min. Do you regret letting Creigh win?"

Yi Min says, "Absolutely." Creigh holds his head down. "But I don't need a lot of money to be happy. What I won was plenty. I'm in school to teach nutrition to the kiddies of the world. Oh... I don't mean cats. I get that a lot."

"Maybe you should rephrase it," Kristy suggests with a forced smile.

"By the way, Chris," Fiona begins. "It seemed totally out of your character to give Yi Min that money out of your own pocket."

"What, now?" Yi Min says with his eyebrows raised.

Chris shrugs and says, "I'm just amazingly generous." He gives a modest smile.

Sheena says, "Oh, come on! Has no one seriously noticed the random dip in prize money in Total Drama Athletics?" Chris whistles innocently.

Chris says, "Uh. Back to Yi Min. Do you think you'll ever be able to forgive Creigh?" Yi Min looks aloof. Chris asks his next question, "You and Priscilla?"

Yi Min giggles. "She took me back," he explains. "She also wants me to not keep any secrets from her, anymore. The thing about my hula hoop championship knocked her for a loop."

Chris has one raised eyebrow. He says, "Umkay. Finally, we come to Creigh." Creigh braces himself. "I see you've gone back to your prosthetic leg." Creigh nods. "Do you regret your actions?"

Creigh nods. He says, "How couldn't I? I couldn't even watch the show, to be honest. I really feel like what everyone saw was my lowest point. I've tried to become the old Creigh, that optimistic bundle of joy, but it's been a challenge. I healed a lot during and after All-Stars, but I got stuck in my deceit, and it was too late. I genuinely liked Yi Min. I really did, but I didn't know how to undo what I did." He mutters, "I still don't know how..."

"Have you gone into medical school, or pre-med, or whatever?" Chris asks.

"Uh," Creigh says. "I've actually given up on that dream." The others look surprised.

"What?" Kristy says.

Creigh says, "Let me explain. I..."

"And that's all the time we have," Chris states. Creigh glares at Beau and Jonathan. "Be sure to check out next year's Total... Drama:... The Best of the Best!"

"Wait," Daniel says. "We weren't good enough for a title like that?"

Chris says, "Alright. That's that." He walks off.

"And my question goes unanswered," Daniel says.

Al has his arm around Reeve. He says, "So you ready for your little vaca, maaaan?"

"You bet," Reeve answers. "Oh, but Celia can't make it. You mind if I bring my brother along?"

Al answers, "Sure. Is he as cool as you?"

"Wait..." Reeve says. "You don't know who Stevie is?"

Al shakes his head and says, "Should I?"

Creigh looks around, as the others walk away from him. He says, "I guess the news that I'm not going to be a doctor put everyone off..." He takes a deep breath and approaches Yi Min. "Can I talk to you for a few minutes?" Yi Min silently stares at Creigh. "Look. I don't expect you to forgive me, I just want to give you a little update."

Yi Min says, "Look, Creigh. I think it's best that we..."

Creigh says, "Yi Min, I gave up on becoming a doctor, because I got a new dream." He looks down at the ground. "I still think it would be great, but I have a new goal, now. I realized there were kids in our own country that need help, too. I, uh... I don't know how to say this, but I'm in school and I've decided to become a teacher. I specifically want to help kids with different learning disabilities and special needs, in general. I know it won't mean much, but you really inspired me. I want to thank you for that. Some of these kids get overlooked, because the way they learn is different from most people. They have that great potential, just like you." Creigh pauses. "I just wanted to tell you that."

Yi Min looks at Creigh. He says, "You're different, somehow. In a good way."

"Thanks," Creigh says.

"I'm a personal trainer, now," Yi Min says. "I want to be a teacher, too, maybe a nutritionist. I guess it's a different way to help people, huh?"

"Yeah, but just as important," Creigh assures.

Yi Min goes on, "It's really important. I really inspired you?"

"Yeah, Yi Min," Creigh assures. "I was set on being a doctor, but there's other ways I can help out people who need it."

"What else have you been up to for the last year?" Yi Min asks.

"My dad's in jail," Creigh states. "Let's see what else... Creigh Jr. is apparently pregnant... and female."

"Let's walk and talk," Yi Min says. Creigh nods. The two young men walk along the beach, as they catch up.

Elimination ChartEdit

Sky Lynn WIN OUT
Quintin OUT
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