Welcome to the seventh story in Sprinklemist's main canon. This will be the second All-Star story written by Sprink. It will take twenty memorable contestants from five preceding stories and have them compete against each other for the latest amount of prize money and the title of... Best of the best!






Audrey II








Micky D.












Chapter 1 - Return of the AlumniEdit

A familiar figure stands in front of a brick building, wearing his blue green button up shirt, and usual stubble. He states, "We're back for an all-new season of Total... Drama... This time, twenty contestants that already competed are returning to compete... again. They'll experience all-new challenges, and face off against the best... of the best. This is Total... Drama:... Best of the Best! Named that since, the contestants are the best, I think. Of the best." The host flicks his black hair to the side. "Let's meet our first returning contestant. He was really memorable for being a cool, smarty guy. He doesn't need an introduction, but I don't want to be rude. Here's Tsuyoshi."

The young, Asian man steps out of his taxi. He looks around at his surroundings, with a contemplative look. He reaches into the back of the taxi and pulls a heavy looking backpack out of the vehicle with great ease, likely due to his muscular form. He smiles at the host and says, "Hey, Chris. It feels good not to be introduced last, this time. Thanks for inviting..." Tsuyoshi stares at the host. "Wait a minute. You're not Chris."

"Shoot," the host states. "I was hoping you wouldn't notice."

Tsuyoshi leans toward the man in front of him. He says, "Wait another minute. I know you." Tsuyoshi snaps his fingers. He says, "You're Nolan. You were on Total Drama Wilderness, right?"

Nolan nods. He says, "Wow. You're as smart as your index card says you are. I guess that means I can take this off." He removes his Chris Mclean wig, and wipes his arm against his spray-on stubble revealing his clean shaven face under a portion of the stubble from a can. He starts to unbutton his shirt. "Woohoo! I've been waiting to do that, since I got here."

Tsuyoshi says, "Uh, you can stop there. Why are you here, anyway?"

Nolan answers, "Chris was unable to host this season due to his parole officer... I mean, he's visiting his mother. He's, uh, visiting his mother's parole officer. He hired me due to his trust in my skills and talent."

Tsuyoshi nods. He says, "He thought you generally looked like him, and figured that he could still get paid for hosting if you did it dressed as him."

"Man, you are good," Nolan compliments. Nolan looks at the next arriving contestant. "Oh, here he is. This guy named Doyce. I wonder what he's like. His index card says he's..." Nolan takes a closer look at the card. "A bundle of obnoxious, loud energy. He sounds nice."

"You mean you don't know?" Tsuyoshi asks the new host.

Doyce steps out of the taxi, wearing a pair of boots, elbow pads, wrestling trunks, and that's all. Tsuyoshi looks at him with his eyes wide. The freckled, red haired teen shouts one of his signature catchphrases, "Doyce!" Doyce spots Tsuyoshi, and gets a huge smile on his face. Tsuyoshi turns to look behind himself. Doyce runs toward Tsuyoshi and says, "Oh, man! I'm so glad you're here, son!"

"Y-you are?" Tsuyoshi says. He clears his throat after his voice cracks. Doyce approaches Tsuyoshi and hugs him tightly.

"I don't care what anyone says," Doyce assures Tsuyoshi, as Tsuyoshi blushes. "You're a good guy, Nathan."

Doyce lets go of Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi continues to blush, as he tries to avert his eyes from Doyce. Tsuyoshi insists, "I'm, uh, not Nathan, actually. My name's Tsuyoshi, actually. Uh, it's good to meet you."

Doyce looks like he's not paying attention. He says, "I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention. I don't speak Asian, but if I had tried to listen, I probably could have understood it. You know... Since I'm awesome, and stuff."

"I'll say," Tsuyoshi says under his breath.

"Huh?" Doyce asks with a raised eyebrow.

"N-nothing," Tsuyoshi lets out. "I was just, uh, agreeing with you... Before I just said that I'm Tsuyoshi, not Nathan."

Doyce puts his hand on his face. He says, "Oh, sorry about that. I hope I didn't offend you. I can be pretty obnoxious, at times."

"Hey," Tsuyoshi says. "No worries." Tsuyoshi lets out a slight smile.

Doyce nods. He says, "Hey, there was something I was wondering if you could tell me, man to man."

Tsuyoshi looks at Doyce and answers, "Sure. How can I help?"

Doyce says, "Well, I've been trying to become an awesome professional wrestler guy, so I've been working out like crazy, but it seems like my muscles aren't getting any more awesome, but my butt seems bigger." Tsuyoshi's eyes get wide. Doyce turns around and says, "Do these wrestling trunks make my butt look big?" Tsuyoshi's face turns a bright shade of red, as he averts his eyes.

"Uh, I haven't noticed," Tsuyoshi insists.

Doyce puts his head in his hands. He says, "Oh, crap! My taxi! Where did it go? I forgot my stuff! My mom's going to kill me!" Doyce runs after his taxi.

Tsuyoshi lets out a heavy sigh. He says, "I suddenly miss not being introduced last."

Nolan looks over at him, not knowing what to say. Nolan turns and says, "Oh, hey! Cool! It's the next contestant." He looks at one of his index cards. "This should be Alexandria."

A meek looking, short, brown haired, young woman steps out of a taxi. She puts down her bag. She says, "Hi. I'm Autumn." She looks from Nolan to Tsuyoshi. "It's nice to meet the both of you. Is Chris around?"

Tsuyoshi answers, "He's having some legal trouble. Nolan is our host, for some reason."

"Oh," Autumn replies. "That's new."

Nolan stares at his index card. He then stares at Autumn. He says, "No offense, but you aren't nearly as smoking hot as your index card says you are."

"Excuse me?" the shy girl replies.

Tsuyoshi looks at Nolan with a concerned look. He says, "Don't mind him. He's a bit of a dim bulb." Autumn smiles, slightly, as Tsuyoshi pauses. Tsuyoshi adds, "No offense."

Nolan lets out a deep sigh. He says, "Oh, good. I was totally offended, until you said no offense."

Autumn is shown in confessional. She says, "Tsuyoshi is pretty nice. I was kind of worried when I got here, about how everyone would treat me. I don't think I'm really 'All-Star' material, or anything. I got voted out pretty early, because of... Never mind. I don't really want to talk about that." Autumn's face is a little red.

Audrey II, a wide eyed, pretty, blonde girl with odd fashion sense, is shown stepping out of her taxi. She looks around and asks, "Could I bother one of you big, strapping, manly guys to help me with my suitcase?"

"Oh, sure," Tsuyoshi says. "No problem." He sprints over to Audrey's taxi cab and pulls out her suitcase. He has a confused expression on his face. He says quietly to himself, "This isn't heavy, at all."

"Thanks," Audrey II says. "You're a real gentleman." The blonde looks around. "Who's the beefcake?"

"You mean, Nolan?" Tsuyoshi says. "I wouldn't call him a beefcake, but he's not bad looking. But, hey, who am I to judge, right?"

Audrey II smiles and extends her hand to Tsuyoshi. She says, "Pleased to meet you, Nolan." She smiles wide.

Tsuyoshi's eyes widen. He says, "You meant me?" Tsuyoshi's face is red. "That's nice of you to say, and all, but I..."

Audrey II gives a breathy sigh. She says, "Why are words so much more beautiful when you say them?"

Doyce runs back to the others carrying his incredibly large suitcase. He informs the others, "I caught the taxi with my teeth. That's how awesome I am."

"It was at a red light, wasn't it?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Audrey II states, "You're funny." She grabs hold of Tsuyoshi's arm.

"Score, son!" Doyce shouts. "Man, you're good. You've got to teach me some of your moves."

Tsuyoshi replies, "My what?" His face red.

"With the ladies, bro," Doyce states. He leans in, and covers his mouth with his hand, thinking it makes him inaudible to anyone but Tsuyoshi. "You couldn't tell this by looking at me, but I have, like, next to no luck with the girlie girlies. Got any advice?"

"For starters," Tsuyoshi suggests, "don't call them 'girlie girlies'."

Audrey II looks at Doyce and says, "Girlie girlies? Such a charmer."

Doyce gives Tsuyoshi a thumbs up. "You heard nothing I said, I'm guessing," Tsuyoshi states to Doyce.

Nolan looks at his next index card. He says, "Next up is a man who needs no introduction. That's right it's that hero among heroes, Stevie!" Nolan gives a girlish squeal. Doyce stands up as straight as he can, and puffs out his chest.

"I thought you said he needed no introduction," Audrey says with a confused expression.

Stevie steps out of his taxi with a small plastic bag. He looks laid-back, wearing a sarong, sandals, and a necklace adorned with seashells, his former self-conscious demeanor nowhere in sight. He says, "Hey, dudes and dudesses. What's chillaxin'?"

"Did any of that make any sense?" Tsuyoshi asks with both of his eyebrows raised.

Nolan smiles and says, "Hey, Stevie! Remember me! We met... Like... This one time! I'm your biggest fan."

Doyce looks at Nolan, with a look of betrayal in his eyes. Doyce contends, "What was that? I thought you said you were Stevie's biggest fan, but that can't be right, since I'm his biggest fan."

"Yeah," Nolan replies. "Wait, no. I am."

"Whoa," Stevie says. "Whoa, whoa. Guys. Calm down. There's no reason to fight over me." He puts his hand into a peace sign. "I'm just an ordinary brother, you know, in this cycle we call life." Stevie gestures by spreading out his hands as he says 'life'.

Autumn stares at Stevie, and says, "Is this some colossal joke, or something?" She looks around and says, "Wait. Is this one of those hidden camera prank shows?"

"What are you talking about?" Nolan asks.

Autumn blushes. She says, "Sorry. It's just that... Well, I was on Stevie's season, and he was a lot different."

Stevie puts his arm around Autumn, who responds by blushing. Stevie says, trying to keep his strong, masculine voice as mellow as he can muster, "Everyone changes, sister. Some more than others, and some less than the other others, you know what I mean?" Autumn stares at him with a confused look. "That's all I'm sayin'. I just realized that I needed to stop and enjoy life." Stevie inhales deeply. "I needed to take time to smell the..." Stevie begins coughing. "What is that smell?"

Nolan shrugs. He says, "I'm not sure, but here comes Joanna. I'm positive that it's a coincidence."

Joanna steps out of her taxi, looking fresh and relaxed. She smiles and waves at the gathered contestants. She says, "Hello, darlings."

"This is Joanna?" Tsuyoshi says. He looks at Joanna and then back at Stevie. "What dimension did I step off at?"

"Look who's talking, muscles," Autumn replies.

Tsuyoshi smirks and says, "Touche."

"Was I too touchy?" Autumn asks. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean..." Tsuyoshi places his hand on his forehead.

Joanna pulls her luggage on wheels to the other contestants, her formerly stressed, sloppy appearance now entirely erased and replaced with smart business attire, and a smile. She says, "It's an honor to be invited to even be hear. I'm glad I was able to take time off of work." She pauses and reaches into her pocket. "I'm sorry I have to take this." She turns away from the others. "Yes, Michael? I'm kind of busy, at the moment... Try to get the documents submitted by Thursday. Right. I'll see you when I get back." She turns, revealing her hand, with her pinky and thumb extended to resemble a cellphone. She pretends to place it back into her pocket. The others stare at her with wide eyes and confused expressions. Joanna says, "Where was I? Oh, right. I'm sure this will be an exciting season." She walks over to the group and stands near it. Stevie looks at her, and takes a few steps away from her.

Nolan says, "That was certainly... Anyway, my index card tells me that Nathan is here."

Doyce looks at Tsuyoshi with a confused expression and says, "I didn't need a card to tell me that."

Nathan's cab driver goes to one of the back doors of his vehicle and opens it. He looks inside, and eventually pulls Nathan out of it. Most of the others gasp at the sight of Nathan, now with a shave head, far less concern over his appearance, and a depressed demeanor. He slouches as he stands. He lets out a sigh. The cab driver puts a small paper bag in Nathan's hand, before leaving. Nathan slumps over to the rest of the group. He says, without any hint at emotion, "I know I don't deserve to be here, and that no one wants me here, but it is what it is." He lays down on the ground in the fetal position.

Doyce looks at Nathan, and then back at Tsuyoshi. He says, "Two Nathans? Muscular Nathan and skinny Nathan?"

Tsuyoshi sighs. He says, "I told you. My name is Tsuyoshi." Doyce looks confused. "It's, uh, Japanese for 'muscular Nathan'." Doyce nods, an attempt to show that he now understands.

Nolan announces, "Okay, people. The next people to join you other people is named Willow, make her feel welcome."

The pretty, green eyed girl with short, brown hair emerges from the taxi cab that delivered her. She smiles as she looks over the other contestants. She says, "Hi, everyone. Let me grab my bag." She takes her things out of the taxi, and allows it to drive off. She says, "Most of you probably remember me as that shallow, emotional girl from Total Drama Tropics, but I'd like you to know that I've changed." She looks at Doyce and says, "Yum. You're even hotter in person." Willow clears her throat. She says, "Uh, I haven't met all of you, in person, but I'm sure we'll all get along, really well." She walks over to join the other contestants and trips. She says from her knees, "Ow!" She looks at Nathan, who is still in the fetal position. "I tripped over a person? Who put him there?" She begins crying. "Who would even think to do that?" She puts her face in her hands and sobs.

"Wow," Tsuyoshi says. "She's an entirely different person. Not shallow or emotional, at all."

Doyce looks around. He says, "Oh, sorry. I thought I heard Alexandria."

Tsuyoshi blushes. He insists, "I take pride in the fact that I don't have a girly voice, thank you very much."

Stevie takes his arm off of Autumn and puts it around Tsuyoshi. He says, "No reason to get all defensive, man. If we were to get offended by everything, how could life go on, man... The cycle of life, man. That's what it's all about." Tsuyoshi stares at Stevie, but then blinks and nods, trying to pretend that he knows what Stevie is talking about.

Nolan says, "Brad." The contestants look at him, expecting more of a sentence.

The young man that Nolan named steps out of his taxi, famous for his racial ambiguity and lack of modesty on his first season. Brad now wears a slightly over-sized hoodie, with the hood up. He removes his luggage from the taxi and moves over to the contestants, with great effort at not drawing too much attention to himself. He says, "I'm Brad..." He adds with a whisper, "™. I'm contractually obligated to say that, at least one time this season."

"Wow," Willow says. "That's Brad, huh? I remember him a little differently, last time."

Brad clarifies, "I'm a new man. At least, I hope to think so. I don't have to put on an act, anymore, but I have no plan to hold back. I hope to play this game with honesty and integrity. I want to prove that it can be done."

"I won my season without lying a single time," Doyce proudly says.

"What about when you kept saying you were awesome?" Autumn suggests. Tsuyoshi lets out a big laugh.

"What was that?" Doyce asks with a raised eyebrow.

Autumn replies, while blushing, "It was nothing. Sorry."

Doyce says, "Okay, good. I thought that I heard someone question my awesome."

"You know," Brad says. "This is my introduction. Isn't it supposed to be about me? I mean, not that I constantly need the spotlight." Brad laughs. "That was the old me. I'm a new Brad." Brad nods, in an effort to confirm his words to himself.

Nolan says, "Oh, here comes the next contestant."

"Did you just ignore me?" Brad asks. "I mean, I'm not saying I mind, at all. I'm perfectly okay with being..."

The next arrived contestant says, "I'm here. It's so nice to see everyone!" The beautiful, young woman flips her hair to the side, as she pulls her luggage from the trunk of the taxi.

"Eep!" Autumn says, as she takes a step back.

Stevie grabs hold of Brad and places him in front of himself. Stevie says, "Don't hurt me."

Tsuyoshi asks, "It's just Missy. Is she really that scary?"

"You have no idea, man," Stevie says. "No idea!"

Missy giggles sweetly. "Oh, goodness. That was years ago, I thought you two would forget all about that." Missy puts her hand to her heart. She says, "I'd like to think that I've changed for the better."

Audrey II points to Brad and says, "Sounds like Mr. Honesty and Integrity, here."

Missy walks near Autumn and says, "How have you been?" Autumn tries to discreetly step away from Missy. Missy says, "Oh, come on. I was hoping we could put everything behind us. No hard feelings?" Autumn hides behind Doyce.

Nolan says, "Alright, so... On that note. Here comes Eduardo."

"Oh, cool," Tsuyoshi says. "I liked him." The others look at him. "What? I'm the only one?" A taxi pulls up, obviously heavy on one side. The extremely muscular contestant exits his taxi, causing it to bounce, after being out of the pressure of his massive bulk. Tsuyoshi blinks and says, "Was he that huge, last time?"

The newly arrived young, Spanish man carries his large bag to the others. He turns to them and says, "Oh, hi, everyone. It's nice to be asked back." He sees Brad. "Brad! I'm glad you're back." He slaps Brad on the back, causing him to fall to the ground after being launched into the air five feet. Eduardo blinks. "Whoops." Eduardo runs over to Brad, causing the ground to shake as he does so. "Let me help you up." Eduardo attempts to reach for Brad's arm.

Brad insists, "I'm alright." He stands up. "I don't want you to pull my arm off, or anything."

Eduardo blushes and says, "Right. Sorry."

Brad laughs and says, "It's alright." He jokingly punches Eduardo on the arm. Eduardo smiles and returns the action, causing Brad to sail through the air. He's caught by a newly arrived contestant. He says, "Oh, thanks for catching me." He looks up at the newly arrived, muscular, female contestant. He holds up his hand to highlight his wedding ring. "I hate to break it to you, but I'm a married man."

The strong woman rolls her eyes and drops Brad to the ground. She says, "I'm Priscilla." Tsuyoshi smiles and waves.

"I was beginning to think that I was the only person returning from Reality," Tsuyoshi states.

"Aren't we all from reality?" Brad asks. "Unless you know something we don't."

"He meant Total Drama Reality, doormat," Priscilla states. She approaches Tsuyoshi, stepping on Brad, and her intimidating demeanor causes the other contestants to clear the way for her. She hugs Tsuyoshi and says, "It's good to see you. Still dating... whatever his name was?" Doyce raises an eyebrow.

Tsuyoshi blushes, slightly. He answers, "Nah, I'm newly single. Anyway... How's Yi Min?"

Priscilla smiles, but then tries to hide it. She says, "He's alright."

Tsuyoshi lets out a laugh. He says, "That's good to hear. You two are so cute together."

"Did you just say 'cute'?" Doyce asks with a raised eyebrow.

A new taxi pulls up, this one with neon lights under it, and the hydraulics causing it to shift up and down after it parks. A red haired, young man emerges from the vehicle. "Oh, great," Priscilla states.

"Yo, yo, yo," the newly arrived guy states. "What's up? What's up? What's up? Micky D. is in the hizouse!"

Nolan looks around and says, "We're not in a house..." He looks at another index card. "It says here that your name is Mackenzie Donah..."

Micky D. lunges at Nolan and snatches the index card out of his hands. He tears it up. He says, "Sorry you had to see that side of me. I have an image to protect. Gotsta maintain my street cred."

"You have an image to protect?" Willow asks.

Micky D. states, "I'm a world famous recording artist, now."

Willow raises an eyebrow and says, "I know." Micky D. glares at her.

Audrey II assures, "Don't worry! I love your music!" Micky D. smiles, revealing his grills.

Priscilla folds her arms and looks away from Micky D. Nolan shrugs and says, "I can't wait to see how that dramatic arm folding turns out. But for now, we need to introduce Alexandria, for reals this time." Nolan sprays breath spray into his mouth.

Alexandria walks up and says, "My taxi broke down a while back. I had to walk the rest of the way. So... Thanks for that."

Nolan eyes the beautiful, tan skinned, young woman. He says, "You're welcome."

"I was being sarcastic," Alexandria explains. "It's a thing I do."

Nolan smiles and says, "Your index card was right about that." He giggles. "It was also right about how smokin' hot you are."

Alexandria begins searching through her bag. Doyce ducks behind Stevie. Alexandria says, "You don't have to worry, Doyce. I forgot the pepper spray."

Doyce stands up. He says, "I wasn't hiding because of that, you know. I don't have any reason to be afraid of you, I mean. I was just... Aw, who am I kidding." Doyce looks at Stevie. "It was really disturbing down there. No offense, dude. You inspired me to become a professional wrestler."

"Ah, professional wrestling," Stevie states. "They make their athletes shave their bodies... So unnatural."

"Aw," Doyce says, looking disappointed. "You don't like professional wrestling?"

"What is liking or disliking?" Stevie ponders. "It's all just how you look at it."

Tsuyoshi admits, "I like professional wrestling."

"Really?" Doyce excitedly says. "Awesome!"

Tsuyoshi shrugs. He says, "It's a soap opera with a bunch of pretty, muscular guys running around in trunks. What's not to like?" Doyce blinks.

Doyce is shown in confessional. He says, "I don't know if I'm supposed to say this or not..." Doyce looks to both of his sides. "I think Tsuyoshi might be... gay."

Alexandria says, "So, I mean, this was an amazing way to get introduced, and all, but can we change the subject."

"You're hot," Nolan states.

"Can we change it, again?" Alexandria requests.

Nolan nods. He says, "Yeah. Let's introduce our final Total Drama: Boney Islander. It's Zane."

The tall and thin, young man steps out of the taxi hitting his head on it on the way out. He lets out a sigh, as the others wince. He stands up and the other contestants look up at him with wide eyes. Alexandria says, "'Boney Islander' is pretty unfortunate phrasing when you think about it."

Missy says, "Oh, my. Were you always this tall? I don't remember that."

Zane blushes and explains, "Growth spurt. So ya'll. Ready to get rocked by the Zane-inator?"

"I don't know," Alexandria says. "Is that some kind of disease, or something?"

"No," Zane replies. "It's my nickname... Is it still a nickname if you give it to yourself?"

Alexandria blinks. "My question still stands," she says.

Zane asks, "Are you always this sarcastic or do you have an off switch? If so, I'd be more than happy to help you find it."

Alexandria replies with, "Sure. And while we're searching, maybe we'll find you some brains."

"Sounds good," Zane replies, with a smirk. "Let's not start looking there." He points at Nolan, who has a finger in his ear, as he looks to be concentrating. "We don't want to waste our resources." Alexandria smiles. Zane's smirk gets bigger. "You liked that one." Alexandria rolls her eyes and looks away from Zane. Zane lifts his arms and says, "I win!" His pants fall to the ground. He blushes and pulls his pants back up.

Nolan says, "Next, we have Yesenia."

The dark skinned, young woman steps out of the taxi. The skirt of her polka dot dress flows in the breeze. She says, "Hey, all. It's so nice to be here."

"That's Yesenia?" Tsuyoshi asks.

"Yup," Nolan replies. "I remember her, because we were on the same season."

Tsuyoshi says, "Huh." He looks at Yesenia, then at Joanna. "Some pretty practical outfits this season for challenges." Joanna looks up from her imaginary PDA and snaps Tsuyoshi's suspenders. He replies, "Point taken."

Brad has a raised eyebrow while looking at Yesenia. He says, "Weren't you different last time?" Joanna flicks Brad's hoodie tie string. He says, "Point taken."

Yesenia explains, "That hip hop stuff was so last decade."

"Hey!" Micky D. says defensively.

"Hey," Alexandria says. "He proved your point for you."

Micky D. folds his arms and says, "Haters gonna hate."

Another contestant pulls up and exits the taxi. Missy says to Nolan, "Oh, dear. You missed your cue." Autumn leaps into Zane's arms.

Zane says, "Wow. I knew you were always into me, but I didn't know how serious it was."

Autumn jumps down from Zane's arms. She explains, "It was because of her." She points at Missy.

"Missy?" Zane asks, while looking at her. "She's nothing to be scared of. Everyone knows that she's really a two faced fake." Zane shrugs, as Missy glares at him. "You can't use the same strategy twice."

Missy sweetly says, "I don't have any idea what you're talking about." Missy puts her hand over her heart and says, "I've truly changed."

"Is being a creeper your new strategy?" Alexandria asks Zane, ignoring Missy's statement.

"I thought we were done with that," Zane replies. Alexandria sticks her tongue out at Zane. "Whoa, you're into French kissing? Okay. I can do that." Alexandria puts her hand on her forehead in annoyance, and retracts her tongue. Zane smirks. "Two points Zane."

Nolan says, "Um... Sebastian has been here for the last few minutes, but I didn't want to interrupt."

Sebastian adjusts his sunglasses. He says, "It's perfectly fine." He walks over to the other contestants. He turns to scan them through his dark sunglasses.

Tsuyoshi sneaks up behind Sebastian and puts his hands on his shoulders. {C Tsuyoshi says, "Hey, remember me?"

Sebastian turns around and smiles. He says, "I knew you'd be here. It was a surprise that you weren't on last time. It's good to see you."

"The same," Tsuyoshi says. "What's new?"

"Not a lot," Sebastian admits. "You?"

Tsuyoshi shrugs, "Not a whole lot, no. It's awesome that we get to play against each other."

Sebastian smirks and nods. He says, "Same. I won't go easy on you."

"You're on," Tsuyoshi states.

Nolan looks down. He says, "On what?" Sebastian and Tsuyoshi glare at Nolan. Nolan shrugs. He says, "We're behind schedule. I didn't realize everyone liked to talk so much."

"I think I've been pretty quiet," Eduardo replies.

Nolan nods and says, "Thanks for that. Here's Vanessa."

Vanessa steps out of her taxi quickly, before her male cab driver can help her out of it. She also grabs her belongings. The dark skinned girl, walks up to the others. She says, "Hello, ladies... and gentlemen." Her eye twitches. "I'm new to your Total Drama club, but I hope to get to know each of you..." She looks at Stevie and shudders. "Some less than others."

The next contestant rides up on a bicycle. The blonde girl steps off of her bicycle. Tsuyoshi excitedly says, "Irene! I'm so glad you're here! Why didn't you take a taxi like the rest of us?"

"Are you kidding?" Irene replies. "Those things are death traps on wheels." Her eye twitches.

Joanna points at Irene, then at Vanessa. She says, "Twitching eyes? You match. I was once like that, I'll admit, but now I'm far more calm and collected, but there's no reason for me to state the obvious." She writes something with an imaginary pen on an imaginary paper. The contestants next to her step away from Joanna.

Tsuyoshi goes to hug Irene. She steps back and says, "I'm sorry. It's nothing against you, but I need to know if anyone who wants to make physical contact with me has showered or bathed in the last two hours."

Tsuyoshi laughs. He says, "I have, actually. Gotta look good for the cameras."

Irene stares at him. She says, "I'll need to see documentation signed by at least two witnesses."

Tsuyoshi blinks. He says, "Uh... There weren't any witnesses..."

Irene says, "I'm sorry. I'll have to decline your hug. My apologies. You understand." She backs away from Tsuyoshi.

Nolan says, "Alright, everyone. We have a big challenge planned, and everyone's..." He looks down at his index card. "Oh, wait. There's one more." The last taxi pulls up. The contestant steps out of the taxi, and takes his duffle bag out of it. The handsome man adjusts his glasses. He walks up to the contestants without saying a word. No one says anything to him. Nolan says, "This is Dante."

"We know who he is," Willow assures.

"I'm flattered," Dante says. "My fame proceeds me."

Sebastian says, "You mean infamy."

Dante looks down. He says, "I guess."

Sebastian asks, "Why is he here?"

"The crime rate has gone up with his presence," Alexandria states.

Nolan refers to his index card. He says, "It says here that Dante has been reformed."

"Don't believe everything you read," Tsuyoshi states.

Nolan says to the index card, "You've been lying to me?"

Dante points to Nolan. He asks, "Why is he here? Where's Chris?"

Doyce explains, "He's in prison. So Nolan is filling in."

Nolan frowns and says, "I wanted to say it."

"Tell us something we want to know, like, what the prize money is?" Yesenia asks.

Nolan looks confused. He says, "It's the money that the winner gets." Yesenia puts her hand on her forehead.

Brad says, "Uh, I think she means, how much is it?"

Nolan nods. He looks at an index card, after flipping it to the front. He says, "Ah. It's ten million dollars."

Yesenia whistles. She says, "That's a lot of change."

Nolan looks confused, again. He says, "No. I think it's in hundred dollar bills."

Brad shakes his head. He says to Nolan, "You're on your own with that one."

Tsuyoshi is shown in confessional with his hand on his chin. He says, "This is going to be an interesting season. I can already tell. There's a lot of people known for strategizing, or at least being good at challenges. Yup... Definitely going to be interesting. Now that I think about it. I'm not sure why Yesenia is here, but I'm not sure if that's for me to say..."

Nolan says, "I'll show you all to where you'll be staying. Follow me. To our viewers, thanks for tuning in. I appreciate it! Be sure to tune in next time to see the competition begin." Nolan walks ahead as the other contestants follow.

Dante hesitates. He watches the other contestants walk ahead of him. He looks down, and kicks the ground. He says to himself, "This isn't going to be easy." He walks a safe distance behind the other contestants.

Chapter 2 - No Matter the CostumeEdit

Nolan stands in front of the camera. His expression looks blank. He begins to look nervous. He loudly whispers, "What do I do, now?"

"This is where you recap the last episode," Yesenia explains, the camera showing the contestants all gathered together. Nolan's expression is still blank. "Make a summary about what happened earlier," Yesenia explains more simply.

Nolan nods in realization. He says, "On our last episode, this one guy arrived, then this other guy arrived. He confused the first guy for another guy. Then this one girl showed up, and..."

"Um, Nolan?" Brad says. "Just try to say the main events."

"And would it hurt to learn everyone's name?" Priscilla asks.

Nolan sighs. He says, "This is a lot harder than it looks." He thinks for a moment. "Last time, everyone arrived. What will happen on this episode of Total... Drama:... Best of the Best? How was that?"

The contestants look back at Nolan with wide eyes. "That's it?" Willow asks.

Priscilla admits, "I liked it. It was short, and to the point."

Nolan looks confused. He asks, "Now what?"

Sebastian shifts his sunglasses before answering, "You said, earlier, that you were going to show us our accommodations." Nolan looks uncomfortable. "Accommodations means where we'll be staying."

Nolan smiles. He appreciatively says, "Thanks." Nolan begins walking ahead of the contestants. "Follow me," he directs. The contestants begin to walk after Nolan, Doyce drags Nathan along by the arm, and Irene looks cautious as she carefully walks behind the others. Nolan walks up to four vans, clearly from the 1970's, and in need of repair. Nolan's smile is still as large as ever. He turns toward the contestants. "Here they are! Aren't they beautiful?"

"What are we looking at?" Audrey II asks.

Nolan explains, "It's your houses. I mean, they're not houses, or anything... They're vans... I guess I assumed that would be obvious. Sorry about that. It's just where you'll be staying. They're mobile, too! That means you can all drive around to each challenge."

"I'm pretty sure we all know what mobile means," Alexandria states.

Nolan looks apologetic. He says, "Sorry. So if everyone's ready, we can get started with our first challenge."

"I don't mean to interrupt," Autumn says. "Are there teams this season?"

"Oh, right," Nolan says. "I forgot about that." Nolan pulls a sheet of paper from the pocket of his khaki shorts. He holds up the piece of paper and explains, "These are the teams." He begins to read off the names of the members of the first team, "Zane, Missy, Priscilla, Micky D., Willow, Sebastian, Brad, Yesenia, Alexandria, and Doyce."

"Doyce!" Doyce shouts.

"Right," Nolan states. "Doyce. Okay, the other team is made up of Autumn, Stevie, Tsuyoshi, Irene, Dante, Audrey II, Joanna, Eduardo, Nathan, and Vanessa. Alright. Now it's time for the challenge."

"Wait," Eduardo says. "I don't mean to do your job for you, or anything, Nolan... But do our teams get names?"

The black haired, square jawed host puts his hand on his forehead. He says, "Oh, man! I knew I was going to forget something..." Nolan looks contemplative for several minutes. "I got it!" He points at the first team he announced and says, "You can be Team 1, and the other team can be... Wait for it! Team 2!" The contestants stare at Nolan. "What's wrong?"

Autumn says, "Historically, the team names have tended to be... a little more... creative?" Nolan sadly looks down. "I mean, I didn't mean to be so harsh. You tried your best."

Doyce's eyes are wide. He says, "That was his best?"

"So does anyone have suggestions for team names?" Nolan asks.

Sebastian says, "I was thinking we could be referred to as 'Athena's Warriors'."

Nolan strokes his large chin. He says, "No." Sebastian frowns, slightly.

"I just noticed somethin' totally whack," Micky D. states. He gestures toward Dante, then Eduardo, then Tsuyoshi, then Stevie. "How come their team has all the strong contestants, dawg? They're, like, super muscle buff dudes."

Vanessa states, "I don't mind, or anything, but why did you only gesture toward male contestants when you were pointing out who was strong on this team?"

"Super muscle buff dudes?" Nolan says. "I like it!" Nolan points at the team formerly known as 'Team 2' and says, "That's your new team name."

Vanessa's eyes are wide. She says, "The Super Muscle Buff Dudes? The old me would have been offended by a name like that." Vanessa's eye twitches. "Yup. It's a good thing I've completely changed for the better."

Priscilla says, "I'm going to have to agree with the old you."

Nolan says, "Well, that's decided."

"It is?" Alexandria asks. "I thought you were joking."

"What about the other team name?" Nolan says. "I know! It should be named after some fierce animal with an aggressive adjective before it!"

"Like 'The Raging Ocelots'?" Dante asks.

"Sweet!" Nolan says. "Yes!"

"I was really joking," Dante insists.

Nolan states, "Sometimes the greatest ideas were intended as jokes."

"Is that how you got this job?" Zane asks.

"Okay," Nolan says. "We've put it off long enough. It's time for the challenge, but first..." Nolan runs off. He returns with a large trunk. He places it on the ground. He says, "These are your costumes for the first challenge."

"We're wearing costumes?" Tsuyoshi asks. "I don't like the sound of that. Last time I was forced to wear a cutesy bunny costume, I feel like it damaged my image."

"I took that into consideration," Nolan explains. "That's why your costume is totally cool this time."

Tsuyoshi says, "You did? I don't know what to say... Thanks, man."

"No problem," Nolan says with a smile.

The contestants walk off to get changed in their vans. Brad is the first to return. He stands next to Nolan, and says, "Hey, man. How's it going?"

Nolan looks down. He says, "I don't know... I don't feel like things are getting off to a good start."

"What do you mean?" Brad asks.

Nolan lets out a sigh. He says, "I don't know if I was cut out for this." Nolan looks down. "It's a lot harder than I thought it was going to be."

Brad puts his hand on Nolan's shoulder. He assures, "It'll just take a little time for you to get used to things. Nobody can host perfect the first time out. You're gong to do great."

Nolan asks, "Are you sure?"

Brad smiles and says, "I'm positive."

Nolan smiles and says, "Thanks, Brad." Nolan looks at Brad. "Hey. How do you like your costume? Pretty cool, right?"

Brad looks himself over. He says, "I'm wearing a straw hat, ripped up jeans, and my abs are painted silver with the frame of a washboard strapped over them..." Nolan smiles widely. "Uh... It's really awesome." Nolan smiles wider than usual, if that's humanly possible.

Brad is shown in confessional. He says, "I know that I said that I was going to play this game with honesty and integrity, but I had to spare Nolan's feelings. He's having a tough time adjusting to his role, this season. Plus, my costume is... I guess it's kind of creative." He looks down at his costume. "Okay, it's pretty cool."

Tsuyoshi walks out of his designated van. He says, with an annoyed expression, "Okay, this is ridiculous."

"What?" Nolan says. "It's a bat costume! Bats are hardcore, man."

Tsuyoshi points to the large, adorable eyes on the costume with an over-sized white glove. "This is hardcore?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Nolan sighs and looks down. He says, "Sorry. I guess I'm awful at picking out costumes, too." Nolan sighs, again. Nolan looks up at Tsuyoshi with his eyes round and sparkly from the oncoming tears.

Tsuyoshi insists, "N-no. I was just joking. This costume is amazing. I love it." Nolan smiles, again. Tsuyoshi gives a sigh of relief.

"Oh, man," Tsuyoshi says in confessional. He has his hand on his head. "When he looked at me with those big, green eyes..." Tsuyoshi sighs. "I didn't have the heart to complain, anymore. And I hardly had the worst costume."

Priscilla is shown with a scowl, in a bright pink Little Bo Peep costume, complete with a curly blonde wig. She says, "If any of you laugh at me, I'm not afraid to beat you senseless with this thing." Priscilla strikes her hand with the matching pink shepherd's crook.

"We'll save our laughter for Dante and his giant hot dog costume," Doyce states. Everyone points and laughs at Dante, who responds by blushing.

Irene states, dressed in a cardboard version of her mobile monitor set up from the first season, "Is my costume fireproof, and/or bulletproof?"

"I don't think so," Nolan says. "If there's a fire you'll go up in a ball of flame." Nolan adds an uncomfortable laugh, as Irene looks more on edge than usual.

Tsuyoshi looks at Stevie's minotaur costume, and Nathan's cyborg barbarian costume. "How come their costumes are so awesome?" Nolan looks disappointed. "You didn't let me finish. I was going to say 'How come their costumes are so awesome... too'?"

Nolan says, "I don't know. I think I have a knack for making costumes."

Sebastian tries to pull his short Medieval shirt over his tights. He says, "Mine could have been made better."

Joanna, who is dressed like a baby, looks closely at Stevie. She says, "I'm not sure how much of his is a costume."

Tsuyoshi blushes, as he looks at the loincloth and bullhead clad Stevie. Alexandria says, dressed in a scant, leopard print cave woman costume, "Wait a minute... You're attracted to Stevie?"

Tsuyoshi's face turns a brighter shade of red. He says, "He's not bad looking."

Stevie puts his arm around Tsuyoshi's shoulders and says, "That's cool, brother. But there's really no such thing as good looking or bad looking. It's all just the media telling us what looks good or bad."

Doyce, dressed in a superhero costume with the letters 'DB' on his chest, steps in front of Stevie. He defends Tsuyoshi, saying, "Leave this man alone. I'm a superhero. Pretty awesome, right?"

Autumn, wearing a potted plant costume, looks at Doyce and says, "Um. What does the 'DB' on your chest stand for?"

"Doyce Boy, I think," Doyce replies.

"Why are you standing over here, anyway?" Audrey II asks, in a fish tank costume. "Your team is over there."

Doyce looks over. He explains, "I know. They kind of banished me. It's a funny story, actually."

"Um, Nolan?" Yesenia asks, in a hamburger costume. "What's the hep, man? We're all dressed up for the challenge. What now?"

Nolan nods. He says, "You're right! There is more to the challenge." He hands maps to each team. "You'll notice a mark on your map. You'll need to get to the mark without using your vans."

"I'm not confident that they run, sweetie," Missy states. She is wearing a black cat costume.

Nolan continues to explain, "The red mark, red is like a more intense yellow, is the finish line. The first team to get into the building that is marked, in red, on the map will win the challenge! Well, after they do the challenge that awaits inside. The team that does the best will win the invincibility!"

"We have to go around in public like this?" Willow asks, wearing a Peter Pan costume.

"Yup," Nolan says. "I thought that a costume challenge would be fun. You all get to wear a costume, and I... I didn't get one for myself... I..." Nolan sadly looks down. "Why do I always get left out?"

Alexandria points at Tsuyoshi and says, "I'm sure Tsuyoshi will give you his costume if you ask him." Tsuyoshi blushes.

Nolan drools a little as he looks at Alexandria. He says, "Nah, I don't want to rob Tsuyoshi of the fun. I'm not that kind of guy. But if everyone is ready, we'll get going." Nolan looks at the contestants, as they look back at him. "I don't want to sound rude, but that means you go, now."

The contestants begin to run off. Vanessa, wearing a stylish outfit from the 60's, looks back at Nathan, who is again in the fetal position. She runs up to him and picks him up. She says, "This proves it. The old Vanessa would never think about touching a guy as disgusting and slovenly as Nathan, here."

"Yup," Joanna removes her pacifier to say. "You're a brand new woman." She puts her pacifier back in her mouth and continues running.

Tsuyoshi, Dante, and Eduardo are shown running ahead of the rest of the pack. Tsuyoshi looks back and says, "I think I'm going to go back to help out the rest of our team." Tsuyoshi slows down.

Dante tells Eduardo, "I like your statue costume."

"Thanks," Eduardo says, painted white to match his toga. "I like yours, too."

"I'm a weiner," Dante says, showing his disbelief at Eduardo's compliment.

Zane, who is close behind, says, "Truer words have never been spoken."

Dante taunts Zane, "Get out of here, you raisin, or whatever you're dressed as."

"I'm an old guy," Zane clarifies.

"Back it up, old guy," Dante growls. Zane slows down, holding his hands up defensively.

Eduardo says, "Uh... That could have been handled nicer. I thought you wanted people to like you, this time."

Dante nods. He says, "I do, but none of them are even giving me a chance, Ed."

"Did you expect everyone to just accept you with open arms when you came back?" Eduardo asks.

"Not really," Dante admits. "I guess."

Eduardo suggests, "Just keep trying. It might take time, and not everyone will be convinced that you really changed, but give it the time it needs."

Dante says, "But that won't happen once I get voted out first. And I can't be all fake like Missy over there."

Missy runs with Priscilla and says, "I love your hair."

Priscilla asks, "It's a cheap blonde wig. And why are you near me?"

Eduardo laughs. He says to Dante, "Well, I'm here for you."

Dante looks ahead. He says, "And we're at our destination. But I guess we have to wait for the rest of our team." Dante looks over at some people laughing and taking pictures across the street. "This is so humiliating..."

Tsuyoshi is shown toward the middle of the group. He says, "Come on, Stevie. Push! Give it your all!"

"Is it really worth it?" Stevie asks.

"Well, there is ten million dollars on that line," Tsuyoshi reminds.

Stevie answers, calmly, "Hey, man. Slow down. It's just money. Life's too short to rush through everything."

Tsuyoshi looks to be in a trance. He says, "Yeah... Life is pretty short, isn't it? I guess I do tend to..." Tsuyoshi shakes his head. He says, "Whoa? What happened?" Tsuyoshi looks worried. He says, "I'm just going to help out Irene, or someone else..."

"There's no need to answer to me, brother," Stevie assures. "Do whatever your heart tells you to do. Huh... I guess I could be walking slower, man, maybe take in the scenery." Stevie slowly passes by a graffiti covered alleyway with an overflowing dumpster in it.

Tsuyoshi goes by Irene. He says, "Hey, Irene. I like your costume... Uh... Did you want some help to go a little faster? Your outfit has wheels... Nolan never said it was against the rules to push anyone."

Irene says, "You know that running in a cardboard box is the number one cause of accidents?"

"I don't..." Tsuyoshi begins, "think so?"

"I've done my research," Irene assures. "What about you?"

Tsuyoshi insecurely replies, "I... I haven't really... I guess."

Irene is shown in confessional. She says, "I appreciate Tsuyoshi. He's a good friend, but... Can someone be any less careful? There's a lot of risks in the world. Have you ever gotten a cardboard cut? It's like a paper cut, but thicker. I mean, I haven't gotten one, but at least I'm aware of the ever present danger."

Tsuyoshi is shown by Vanessa who is carrying Nathan, who are currently in last place. Tsuyoshi offers, "Do you want me to carry Nathan for you?"

"Is that a pickup line?" Nathan asks.

Tsuyoshi blushes. He says, "No. I mean... I guess in the literal sense, I would be picking you up..."

Vanessa pants. She says, "You think that just because I'm a woman I can't handle carrying someone?"

"I, uh, didn't mean that," Tsuyoshi insists. "I'm pretty strong. I just thought that..."

"You're saying that I'm not strong, because I'm a woman?" Vanessa asks, as she stomps forward.

Tsuyoshi sighs. He says, "I'm not saying that. I just... I don't know, anymore. I'm going to run ahead."

Tsuyoshi runs forward and meets up with Micky D., who happens to be dressed as an old time detective. Micky D. says, "What's up, Tsu dawgy dawg?"

Tsuyoshi replies, "Remember that thing you said about my team having too many strong people?"

"Yeah, diggity," Micky D. replies.

Tsuyoshi looks at Nathan, Irene, and Stevie. He says, "I'd say it balances out, somewhere."

The Raging Ocelots are shown gathered at the building marked on the map. "So all we have to do is go in here?" Doyce asks.

"That's what Nolan said," Willow remembers, out loud. "He said that another part of the challenge awaits us."

Micky D. looks hesitant. He says, "I remember when we busted into a nondescript building on my season, we all regretted it, yo." Micky D.'s team looks at him with wide eyes. "What? There's no street word for 'nondescript'."

Priscilla looks back as Vanessa and Nathan approach. She says, "We better get in there if we want to maintain our lead." The others nod and enter the building.

"What the?" Zane lets out. The Raging Ocelots are greeted by flashing lights.

Nolan walks up to the team and says, "Congratulations to The Raging Ocelots, they arrived first!"

"What is this?" Brad asks.

Sebastian looks around at a table with several microphones on it. He says, "It appears to be a press conference."

Nolan says, "That's right. It is a press... thingy. I thought it would be good publicity for the season."

"This is ridiculous," Priscilla protests. "You had us put these stupid costumes on, and then paraded us in front of the media?"

Nolan says, "It's part of the challenge... The team that does this part best will win the challenge. I thought the costumes would leave more of an impression... Do you really think the costumes are stupid?" Nolan looks down sadly.

"Can we just get this over with?" Alexandria asks, with her hand on her head, as she receives whistles from uncouth members of the press.

Nolan nods and says, "Right this way." Nolan leads the team to a table in front of the reporters, and they sit in chairs behind the desk. "First question?"

A male reporter with a strategically placed comb over says, "Yes, this question is for Alexandria. Why are you so hot?"

Alexandria's face turns red. She says, "Is that really a serious question?"

Nolan says, "I'd like to know the answer to that."

The Super Muscle Buff Dudes enter the building with terrified looks on their faces, except for Stevie, who looks as relaxed as ever. "What the?" Dante asks.

Nolan explains, "This is a press conference for the season. I thought it would be a good idea to raise awareness of the season." Nolan smiles proudly. "Your seats are right over there." He leads the team to a second table. "Alexandria didn't answer her question, so I guess that basically makes the teams even. Next question?"

"This question is for Yesenia," another male reporter says. "Why is Alexandria so hot?"

Alexandria slaps her forehead. Yesenia answers, "Good genes, I guess?"

Alexandria says, "Can the next question not be about how hot I am?"

The next reporter asks, "Tsuyoshi, what has life been like after you won your season? You seem to have stayed out of the spotlight."

Nolan says, "That was a question and a statement. I'll allow it this time."

Tsuyoshi answers, "Life has been pretty intense, I guess. With the whole world knowing that I'm homosexual..."

Doyce slams his hands on his table and shouts, "I knew it!" Everyone in the crowded room momentarily looks over at Doyce, then back to Tsuyoshi.

Tsuyoshi's face is red. He says, "Almost the whole world. I mean, there's a lot of people out there that don't like gay people, but on the other side, appearing on the show and being open about it was basically like a singles ad... Uh... Anyway, I get a lot of support, too."

"Next question?" Nolan says.

A female reporter asks Micky D., "How are you dealing with being the biggest joke on the current rap scene?"

Nolan bites his lips and looks at Micky D. Micky D. leans back in his chair and says, "That's all how you look at it, shawty. I got a platinum encrusted limousine that tells me I'm not a joke."

Nolan looks uncomfortable. He says, "Sorry, Micky D. I didn't know that reporter was going to be so harsh. She looked nice. Let's move on."

"Irene," a reporter calls out. She says, "I think you're not in your actual monitor, right? Anyway, how have you adapted to life in the outside world?"

"Like Mars?" Audrey II asks.

Irene says, "You expect me to address these people? On the list of top fears, public speaking ranks above death. I can't do it." Irene ducks into her costume.

Nolan says, "Uh, let's move on with a question for The Raging Ocelots."

"Brad, Brad!" A reporter shouts. "How have you been able to balance your family, morals, and business?"

Brad answers, "It's easy to do when you decide that your going to treat things ethically. Then your decisions fall into place. And the new line of 'Fruit of the Brad' is in stores, now."

"My question is for Dante," a reporter states.

"Oh, boy," Dante replies.

The reporter goes on, "Have you faked an illness, or gotten into an abusive relationship, yet, or is it too early?"

Dante answers, "Look. I understand that that was who I was, and what everyone saw. I saw it, too. I want to be a better person, so I have no plans to lie and cheat. I have a lot to prove, and even more naysayers. But I don't care. If no one believes I've changed, it doesn't matter. It only matters that I try to be a better guy, and not a complete jerk." Eduardo pats Dante on the back after he finishes answering his question.

Nolan says, "Next question."

A reporter asks Zane, "Are you still a smooth talker, and do you plan to change up your strategy?"

Zane replies, "I don't plan to talk too much about my strategy, and that was technically two questions. But I don't mind hearing the sound of your voice, or gazing into your eyes." The reporter blushes.

Nolan looks impressed. He says, "Nicely done. That guy was totally impressed."

"Wait, that's a guy?" Zane says in disbelief. He puts his head in his hands and laments, "Not again."

Nolan says, "Next question for The Super Buff Muscle Dudes, please."

"Stevie," a reporter states. "Many people looked up to you on your first season. What would you say to your many admirers who were disappointed when you ended your wrestling career?"

Stevie answers, "Man, what's with all of these questions? If you're looking for answers, look to nature, brother."

Autumn leans toward Stevie and asks, "The question is part of the challenge, Stevie. Just answer it."

"What are challenges, anyway?" Stevie asks. "Life already has enough challenges. Why add anymore stress?"

Nolan looks down in a slightly disappointed manner. He says, "Uh, let's move on to the next question."

The contestants are shown outside. "That was brutal," Dante says, leaning against the side of a building and chewing a stick of gum.

Eduardo agrees, "I'll say."

Nolan walks out of the building that the challenge took place in. He says, "Good job to both teams. I hate to say it, but one team was not the winner. That team was kind of obvious... Sorry to The Super Buff Muscle Dudes. Irene and Stevie didn't answer there questions, at all, I mean... You're going to need to vote out a team member, but The Raging Ocelots are entirely safe. Think about who you want to vote out, then I'll lead you to the elimination."

Tsuyoshi looks at Dante and then at Sebastian. Tsuyoshi smirks at Sebastian, and Sebastian nods. The Raging Ocelots walk toward their vans. Eduardo looks at Tsuyoshi, and looks uncomfortable. Eduardo says, "Uh. I think we should talk about who we want to vote out. I don't think we should vote out anyone that gave it their best."

"I think it's pretty obvious who we need to vote for," Audrey II says, while looking at Dante, who walked over to his van. "He can't be trusted."

Eduardo says, "I know most of you are looking at what Dante did, before. But at least he's doing his best at the challenges."

Nolan, who is still present, says, "Actually... Uh..." He holds up a laptop, he clicks a video of Dante answering his question. Dante is shown saying, "I want to... lie and cheat. I don't care. It only matters that I try to be... a complete jerk."

"The magic of digital editing," Tsuyoshi says with a stunned expression. "But come on. Dante can't be trusted. He's a snake."

"Eduardo is right, though," Audrey II admits. "Dante did try in the challenge..."

Micky D. is shown sitting on the ground outside of his van. Priscilla approaches him and says, "I know we've had our problems, but I just wanted to say that I felt bad about that reporter said about you."

Micky D. says, "There's always going to be haters, yo." Micky D. stands up. "Not everyone takes me serious as an artist. I understand that, know what I'm sayin'? But I know that I have to be true to myself."

Priscilla shrugs and says, "If you say so. I should get going." She walks back to the female team member's van.

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan says, "Welcome to the first elimination of the season. Sorry about that. Like the locale?"

"It's just a dark alleyway," Irene says, looking disturbed. "I'm pretty sure I just saw a rat."

Nolan clears his throat. He says, "This is just a temporary location. Alright, I'll pass out the marshmallows for the safe contestants. Joanna, Tsuyoshi, Audrey II, Eduardo, Vanessa, Autumn, and Nathan are safe." Nolan tosses out marshmallows. "The next one is for Stevie." Stevie catches the marshmallow with a mellow smile on his face. "That means that our first bottom to is Irene and Dante... Congratulations. Um... I mean, sorry. One of you needs to leave the competition immediately... After I announce who gets the last marshmallow, I mean. Why don't I get right to that? The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Dante." Dante catches his marshmallow. Irene face shows her disappointment.

"Dang it," Tsuyoshi states. He puts his head in his hands.

Nathan says, "He really wanted Dante out, huh?" Nathan holds his head down.

Tsuyoshi admits, "It's not that. I mean, I guess it's no secret that I want him out." Dante looks down. "But I..." Tsuyoshi looks at Irene. "I feel like I let you down."

"What are you talking about?" Irene asks.

Tsuyoshi says, "I only won my season because of you. I wanted to pay back the favor, and keep you in the game as long as I could..."

Irene says, "I appreciate that Tsuyoshi, but you don't have to feel like you need to pay me back. You deserved that win."

Tsuyoshi says, "It's been all these years, and I still feel like I didn't deserve it."

Irene approaches Tsuyoshi and hugs him. She says, "You already outranked me this season, didn't you? It's pretty funny, though, that I did so well without being present, and got eliminated first this time."

Nolan looks at a newly arrived taxi cab and says, "You have to go, Irene. Sorry."

Irene nods and says, "Goodbye, everyone." She waves and approaches the taxi. She gets in, and can be heard yelling, "Where am I?! Why did I decide to get in here?!" Irene can be heard screaming as the vehicle drives off.

Nolan says, "That wraps up the first elimination." Nolan looks tearful. "It was harder than I expected. Maybe it'll get easier in time... Find out next time on another Total... Drama:... Best of the Best."

The contestants get up, while Dante stays sitting on a wooden crate. As he passes, Tsuyoshi whispers to Dante, "Don't get too comfortable." Dante keeps his head held down.

Goofy Costume Gallery

Chapter 3 - Food Fight ClubEdit

Nolan appears in front of the camera. He runs his hand through his hair, and smiles. He says, "Uh... I know. Last time, on Total... Drama:... Best of the Best, everyone was wearing these, like, wicked sweet costumes. Then they had to get to this goal thing, and then the challenge was inside... The goal thing was a building, by the way. Then the contestants had to do this press conference thing. Everyone did great! Well... Except for Stevie and Irene, who kind of didn't answer the questions that were asked them... But they were still great... So their team had to lose, though. At the elimination, Irene was voted out for being afraid of lots of random things." Nolan gives out a sigh of relief. "I'd say that went way better than last time. I think I could get used to this." Nolan smiles wide. After several moments of silence, he says, "Oh, right. I forgot. I have to lead in to this episode... So... Um... Keep watching!"

The Super Buff Muscle Dudes are shown returning from their elimination ceremony. Zane is standing outside his team's van. He observes the other team and says, "The elimination was in an alleyway? They're really sparing no expense this season."

Stevie says in an overly relaxed way, "Hey, man. What are you doing out here, Zane?"

"I'm just curious, I guess," Zane answers. "So... Irene is gone. I guess you guys decided to cut out the dead weight."

Tsuyoshi says defensively, "Don't call her that."

Zane holds up his hands and says, "Hey, hey. I didn't mean anything by it."

"Whatever," Tsuyoshi replies. "I'm going to bed." Tsuyoshi leaves the group and enters his designated vehicle.

Zane points after Tsuyoshi and asks, "Why so touchy?"

"Irene was his friend, or something," Audrey II explains.

"Oh," Zane replies. "I should have thought about that. Could you apologize to him, for me?" Zane asks while turned toward Stevie.

Dante asks, "Why are you so concerned with not offending him?"

Zane insists, "It's nothing, really. I'm just trying to change my image, a little. I don't want to come across as a total tool, or anything."

Doyce sticks his head out of one of the windows of his team's guys' van. He shouts, "Hey, skinny, bony guy! You're bed's getting cold! I'll warm it up for you while you're out there, though. That's the kind of guy I am." Doyce sticks his head back into the vehicle.

"I see what you mean," Dante replies. "You're team doesn't need another tool."

Zane laughs. He gets the evil eye from most of The Super Buff Muscle Dudes. He asks, "What did I do?"

Dante looks at the rest of his team. He says, "I think they don't like that you laughed at something I said. I apparently have the plague, or something."

"It was funny," Zane says, as he looks down. He shrugs, and says, "I'll be going." He walks toward his van, and bangs his head on the top of the door as he gets in. He puts his head down, after wincing, and goes inside. He can be heard shouting from inside, "Doyce! Get out of my bed!"

Dante is shown standing by himself outside his designated van, chewing gum, again. Eduardo steps off the vehicle, causing it to bounce up and down. When Eduardo lands on the ground, Dante falls to the ground due to the slight tremor. Eduardo apologizes, "Sorry." Eduardo grabs Dante by the collar, but rips it off when he tries to pull him up. "Sorry, again."

Dante stands on his own. He says, "Gah. I guess it's alright."

Eduardo says, "Hey. Let me sew that back on for you." Dante looks at Eduardo suspiciously. "What? Reeve taught me how to sew. With all the clothes I destroy, it's come in handy." Dante laughs. Dante removes his outer shirt, revealing the white tank top underneath, and hands it to Eduardo. "I'll get this back to you, soon." Eduardo looks at Dante. He asks, "What's with the gum?"

Dante answers, "Strict no smoking rules."

"Oh, right," Eduardo says. "You know you're slowly killing yourself with those things."

Dante rolls his eyes and says, "Yeah. I hear it on a daily basis."

"Sorry," Eduardo says apologetically.

"You better get inside," Dante suggests. "You don't want the others to target you for fraternizing with the enemy."

"Huh?" Eduardo says. "Oh, you mean you? Don't worry, Dante. Give them time. They'll see that you've changed."

"Right," Dante replies. "I'll be in, sooner or later. I'll give everyone time to fall asleep, first."

Eduardo shrugs his hefty shoulders, and gets into the van. Tsuyoshi can be heard shouting, "Earthquake!"

Nathan can be heard saying, "It doesn't matter. I have nothing to live for." Dante looks on and shakes his head.

On the van for the female members of The Raging Ocelots, Missy is shown finishing braiding Alexandria's hair, while Alexandria looks generally unamused. Missy says, "Aw! You should keep your hair like that! It's a good look for you." Missy looks around the room and asks, "Who's next?" Priscilla holds up her fists.

Yesenia says, "Um. You do realize that none of us are falling for your act, right?"

"It's pretty sad, really," Willow says tearfully.

Priscilla gruffly states, "I'd suggest that you be yourself, but I'm not sure which is worse."

Missy smiles sweetly, and says, "I don't know what any of you are talking about." She flips her hair back.

"Wow," Alexandria says. "All that sentence was missing was a 'teehee'." Alexandria fakes looking sweet and vacant.

Missy is shown in confessional. She says, "Nobody's falling for it... I guess I do need a new strategy if I hope to have any chance at making it far into the competition. My main incentive is to vote off all these annoying former contestants, though. I bet that some of them actually think that they're better strategists, or more famous, than me." Missy laughs, and eventually wipes the tears away.

In the guys' van from The Raging Ocelots, Doyce hops up and down and says, "Man! Today was awesome! I forgot how awesome it was to win challenges, son!"

Sebastian is shown lying in his bed with his eyes covered with a night mask. He says with a frown on his face, "I don't want to sound rude, but do you mind keeping it down, a little?"

Doyce sits down on the bed he was jumping on and says, "Sorry. I get pretty excitable, at times."

Brad says, "Can you get off of my bed, now?"

Doyce gets up and moves over to the pull out couch that he had been assigned to. "Sorry, again," Doyce replies.

Micky D. says, "I has to get my beauty rest, yo. I have an image to protect."

"And the hoodie footie pajamas don't negatively effect your image?" Sebastian asks, while shifting his night mask.

"These are what they wear in the hood," Micky D. insists.

Zane looks over with a confused expression. He says to Brad, "He does realize he's a novelty act, right?" Brad shrugs.

Micky D. says, "No way, yo. I'm a serious artist, booooo-eeeey!"

Zane continues to look confused, as he says, "Did you just call me a buoy?"

The next morning, Dante is shown hurriedly getting out of his bed. He removes his muscle shirt decorated with a tiger and puts on his glasses. Eduardo wakes up and says, "Dante? Why are you up so early?"

"Oh," Dante replies. "I was trying to get ready, and go outside. I didn't want to anger anyone with my presence. Go back to bed."

"Whoa," Stevie states. "Dante's a good looking dude."

"You do realize that wearing glasses doesn't make you any smarter," Tsuyoshi states, in unison with rolling his eyes.

Dante turns toward Tsuyoshi and says, "I can't afford contacts, anymore."

Tsuyoshi looks over Dante, and blushes. Tsuyoshi attempts to act natural as he looks away from Dante. He says, "Is that another fabricated sob story?"

Dante says, "Sorry. I didn't mean for you to get all attracted to me, or anything."

"Oh," Tsuyoshi replies. "You think that I'm attracted to every guy? It's not the way it works, Dante, and I'll have you know that the whole apologetic routine isn't deceiving everyone the way you hoped."

Dante says, "I really didn't mean it that way. And I'm not trying to deceive anyone, I just didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable."

Nathan says, "You might want to adjust your shorts, then." Dante looks down, his face turns bright red, and he turns around.

Later, The Super Buff Muscle Dudes are shown outside of their vans, waiting for Nolan to show up. Dante is sitting to the side, while Eduardo looks at him from the rest of the group. Audrey II sighs as she looks at Tsuyoshi. She asks, "Why are you so dreamy?"

Tsuyoshi looks worried. He says, "I'm flattered, really."

"You're not his type," Vanessa assures.

Audrey II shrugs and says, "I know that. It's always been a fantasy of mine to date a gay guy out of some blackmail I had over him, and then he eventually falls for me, anyway." Audrey II sighs.

"You probably shouldn't have shared that," Vanessa assures.

"What?" Audrey II says. "I read a lot of yaoi."

"You probably shouldn't have shared that, either," Autumn adds.

"What's yaoi?" Stevie asks, with a curious expression.

Tsuyoshi's face is red. He says, "What do you think the challenge is going to be?"

"Knowing Nolan," Joanna says, "it'll be bikini mud wrestling, or beer pong."

"You know he doesn't drink, right?" Eduardo asks.

Joanna holds up her hand and says, "I have to take this." She puts her other hand up to her ear and acts out a phone call.

Eduardo looks over at Dante. He says, "Hey, Dante. Come over here."

Dante sighs. He gets up and walks over to the group. "What is it?" Dante asks.

Eduardo assures, "I just want you to be included in our conversation."

"Lucky me," Dante says. "So what are you talking about?" Everyone remains quiet. Dante looks around at the others, awkwardly. He says, "So..." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out some gum.

"Ooh," Audrey II says. "Can I have some?"

"No," Dante barks. Audrey II looks dejected. Dante quickly puts some of the gum in his mouth and explains, "I don't have enough to share."

"Didn't you have, like, six boxes in your luggage, man?" Stevie asks.

"Not sharing?" Vanessa asks. "Sounds like the typical..." The others stare at Vanessa. "Latino," Vanessa attempts to cover. The others stare at her with wide eyes. "What? I'm totally not a sexist."

"Yes," Tsuyoshi says. "Because racism is far more acceptable."

Vanessa blinks. Her face turns red, and she says, "I didn't mean anything by it, Dante. I'm part Latina. I just wanted to disguise my sexist comment."

Dante laughs. He says, "It's alright. The gum is for stress, I guess you could say. I don't want to waste any." Audrey II frowns. "It hasn't been the most relaxing experience, so far."

Tsuyoshi adds, "And you do realize that you've brought that upon yourself?"

Dante looks down. He says, "So, anyway..." After another few seconds of silence, Dante says, "This is awkward."

Joanna looks at Dante. She holds out her hand and says, "Out with it."

"Out with what?" Dante asks with a confused expression.

"The gum," Joanna states. "It's rude to speak while chewing it, not to mention the choking hazard that talking and chewing creates."

"Funny," Dante says while smiling.

Joanna glares at him. She says, "Out with it, young man."

Dante looks at her hand. He says, "You're serious. You want me to spit it out into your hand?" Joanna gestures with her hand. Dante reluctantly spits the gum out into her hand, as the others seem grossed out.

Nathan lets out an unenthusiastic laugh. He says, "That reminds me." He strokes his hand over his recently shaved head. "I had to shave my head after someone spit their gum into my hair."

"Wait," Tsuyoshi states. "Did that really happen?" Nathan looks down. "Oh... Uh... If it's any consolation, I think it looks really good." Nathan looks at Tsuyoshi with a slightly worried expression. Tsuyoshi asks, "What?"

Tsuyoshi is shown in confessional. He admits, "Okay, it's true. I love Asian guys with shaved heads." He bites his knuckle. He looks around. "I guess that's why they call this confessional."

Sebastian is shown exiting the guys' van. He adjusts his sunglasses as he surveys the other team. He stops when he sees Dante. He says, "Oh."

Tsuyoshi steps away from his team, and explains, "I have to go to confessional."

"Just call it the little boy's room," Audrey II states, "we're all adults here." Willow walks out of her van. Audrey II shouts, "Oh my gosh! Is that a kitty belt? That is so cute! I want one!"

Tsuyoshi walks off, and Sebastian inconspicuously follows after him. "What happened?" Sebastian asks.

Tsuyoshi insists, "I tried, man. Everyone just thought Dante was too strong in challenges to be eliminated, right now, but I did as much as I could to convince them."

Sebastian lets out a deep breath. He says, "I understand. It's still early."

"I can't stand what he did to you and the others on your season," Tsuyoshi assures. Tsuyoshi looks around. He says, "We probably shouldn't be seen together. I think everyone already knows we're friends, and everything."

"You're right," Sebastian states. "We need to limit our contact before the merge."

"I got your back, like a train track" Tsuyoshi assures.

Sebastian laughs and says, "Don't ever say that." Tsuyoshi smiles. He and Sebastian shake hands and walk in opposite directions.

Sebastian returns to the majority of contestants who are currently standing together. Willow insists, "Audrey, we know each other."

Audrey II says, "I don't know..."

Willow insists, "We were in the final four together."

"It's not ringing any bells," Audrey II says.

"I look exactly the same as last time," Willow insists.

Audrey II still looks uncertain. "Were you wearing a kitty belt before?"

Willow cries into her hands and says, "Why is this so difficult?"

Nolan walks up to the contestants, looking concerned for Willow. He asks, "What happened with her?"

"Hormones?" Alexandria suggests.

Tsuyoshi returns to the group, as well. Nolan says, "Okay, everyone is here. Challenge time!" Nolan sets down a box.

"Please say that isn't full of costumes," Autumn pleads.

"Oh, Autumn," Missy sweetly says. "Still illogical with your fears, I see? I'm surprised you even said a sentence." Autumn frowns and looks away from Missy.

"Meow, son!" Doyce shouts.

Nolan shakes his head. He says, "How does Chris deal with these distractions? Anyway, the box is full of other items." He opens the box. "The challenge is a food fight!" He looks at the less than enthused contestants.

"You're serious?" Priscilla asks.

Yesenia insists, "This dress is brand new."

"Are we seven, again?" Micky D. asks. He adds, "Yo," for good measure.

Nolan says, "Fame has really changed you people. Come on, it'll be fun! You'll be given food items to launch at your opponents. If you get hit with something food related, you're out of the challenge, and you'll have to sit out for the rest of the challenge. You'll also be given different kitchen utensils that you can meld together for epic results." Nolan looks generally excited.

"What does that even mean?" Vanessa asks.

"You know that playground nearby with, like, the castle themed layout?" Nolan asks.

"I'm pretty sure none of us have been on a playground in ten years," Zane assures.

"Sweet, bro!" Doyce shouts. "I love that park!" Doyce gets some stares. "What? The monkey bars are awesome for chin ups. They're higher than four feet, there."

Nolan replies, "Someone knows it! Cool! That's where our challenge is going to be."

Tsuyoshi puts his hand on his face and says, "I'm sure that will look completely normal."

Nolan shakes with anticipation. He says, "I can't wait! Let's drive over there, right now!" He throws keys to four contestants. "Uh, can I hitch a ride with someone?" He looks at Alexandria with wide eyes.

The teams are shown arriving at the challenge area. Nolan steps out of the van for the male team members of The Raging Ocelots. He frowns at seeing the playground full of children. He says, "That wasn't in my plan..." He thinks momentarily. "I know what to do."

The scene is shown a few minutes later with Nolan putting up caution tape and quarantine signs. The children's parents start taking their children away from the area. "You have a sick and twisted mind, my friend," Eduardo assures.

Nolan produces the box in front of the contestants, again. He says, "Take whatever supplies you feel you need. Get in position, and then I'll announce when you can start the assault." The contestants take armfuls of supplies.

"This wouldn't be lunch, would it?" Stevie asks.

Eduardo looks at Stevie. He says, "Are you going to compete, or not?"

Stevie says, "This challenge sounded like war, my brother. Fighting is wrong, bro. Without fighting, there would be no fighting."

"True," Eduardo replies. "But this is for fun. It's just stew."

Stevie says, "To you it's a weapon, to me it's love in liquid form with some chunks."

"That may qualify as one of the strangest uttered sentences," Alexandria insists. Eduardo sighs. He lifts Stevie older his shoulder and carries him away. Alexandria covers her eyes and says, "I did not need to know what was under that sarong." She grabs some supplies and hurries toward a hiding place.

Nolan shouts, "Okay! Let the games begin!" Nolan is struck by a tomato. He asks, "Okay. Who threw that?"

Alexandria is shown sneaking under a wooden tower. From above, Tsuyoshi tilts a pot of spaghetti sauce and it drenches Alexandria. She looks at herself, and says, "I saw a movie like this, once." She shrugs. "I guess that means I'm out." She walks over to the sidelines. "I'll have to wring out my top."

Doyce pokes his head up from his hiding spot, and is hit almost hit in the head with a cupcake. He falls backwards. He shouts, "Doyce down! Doyce down!" Alexandria has her face on her hand.

Tsuyoshi goes to high five Nathan who is sitting by him. Nathan fails to put up his hand, and is slapped across the face. Tsuyoshi frowns. He says, "I'd like it documented that that was an accident."

"Don't worry," Nathan says. "I deserved it."

Tsuyoshi says, "Uh, no. Come on, Nathan. Try to perk up, a little."

"Can I tell you something?" Nathan asks.

"Go ahead," Tsuyoshi says with a concerned expression.

Nathan looks at Tsuyoshi, and then looks down. He says, "When I was a kid... I used to wonder where I fit. I moved to a new country where I was the only non-white kid in the whole school, I was adopted by two women, I barely spoke English, and I didn't have any friends. I was alone most of the time, and that was how it was for years. I gradually learned English, but I still didn't feel like I fit in. Then... I saw you on TV. There was someone I could identify with. We're both Japanese, you were smart, and you didn't care what anyone thought of you." Nathan looks up briefly. "You were my hero. I wanted to be just like you... Well, not just like you." Nathan blushes, slightly. "But because of you, I finally decided to try out for my school's cheer leading squad, not caring what anyone else thought. But then I got teased even more than normal. Then I decided that I had to use my brain, like you, and I won a lot of respect... After it came out, though, that I'd been messing with people... Things got really bad. Tsuyoshi... I really messed up. What do I do, now?"

Tsuyoshi assures, "Nathan, I'm not any different from you. I make mistakes, too. The important thing is that you move on. Plus, you don't want to 'use your brain' as you said, if it means hurting someone else."

"I know," Nathan says.

Tsuyoshi pats Nathan on the shoulder and says, "Come on. Give the challenge your best."

Nathan nods. He jumps up and shouts, "Okay!" He is immediately hit by a fish. Tsuyoshi puts his hand on his forehead.

Zane and Willow are shown in a wooden section above a slide. Zane pulls a screwdriver from his pocket. "Is that always in your pants?" Willow asks. Zane glares at her. He begins putting some utensils together, as food items sail overhead.

Autumn is shown shaking cheese in a can and then spraying it at Missy. "Missy's out of the challenge!" Nolan announces.

"You may have won this battle, but not the war," Missy taunts. Autumn sprays her with the cheese, again, but is soon hit by Sloppy Joe meat.

Autumn says, "It was totally worth it."

Eduardo and Stevie are shown behind a large tic-tac-toe board. Eduardo throws a carton of orange juice overhead. Eduardo gets back down. He says, "Care to try?"

Stevie replies with, "What's the point of these challenges, anyway, man? One team will win. One team will lose, in the end, any effort we make is futile."

"What happened with you, Stevie?" Eduardo asks. "What happened to the guy that every kid in Canada looked up to?"

"I'm the same guy," Stevie insists. "I've just realized that all the pressure I've been putting myself, meant nothing."

Eduardo disagrees, "I can't agree with that. You're not the same guy. I didn't want to say it, but nothing can describe how disappointed I am in you." Stevie looks down. "You're scared to make a decision in your life, and instead of trying, you're just giving up. You took the easy way out, by dropping out of school. I'm sure you're family is so proud of all your wasted potential. But I hope that it's made you happy. I'm not going to carry you, anymore." Eduardo stands up and is hit in the side of the head with a bottle. He falls to the ground.

Stevie tearfully cries out, "Eduardo! You're right! I was wrong. I need to live my life instead of sitting back. I'm going to keep living for you, Eduardo! I'm not going to hide, anymore. I will avenge your death!"

Eduardo says, "I'm still alive. It's just ketchup. Um... Sorry if I was too harsh."

"Don't be sorry," Stevie assures. "It was just what I needed." Stevie removes his sarong, revealing his tiger print underwear, and ties it as a head band over his forehead. "Let's do this thing."

Eduardo looks concerned and asks, "What's going on?"

Stevie grabs hold of some of the supplies that Eduardo gathered. He leaps over the giant tic-tac-toe board, and begins throwing buffalo chicken wings at his opponents. Doyce is one of the contestants that got hit. From the ground he smiles and says excitedly, "I got defeated by Stevie!"

Tsuyoshi stands up and shouts, "Go Stevie! I think you got everyone!" Zane launches a chocolate pudding cup at Tsuyoshi, using a contraption involving a ladle launcher. Tsuyoshi gets hit in the face with the pudding.

"Tsuyoshi is out," Nolan announces.

"Newsflash," Alexandria states.

Zane is shown putting another contraption together. Willow asks, "Now what are you making?" Zane holds still, and doesn't reply. She says, "Zane?"

Zane says, "Sorry. I zoned out. I was just thinking about Total Drama: Boney Island... How I did well on the second challenge, and still got eliminated..."

"You'll be fine," Willow assures.

"I already know I'm fine," Zane replies. "I didn't think my looks were in question here." Willow giggles. Zane smiles.

Stevie walks across a bridge in order to reach Zane and Willow. Zane holds up his contraption, a series of spatulas tied together and connected to a spoon. Stevie says, "What's that supposed to be?" Stevie holds up a yogurt tube. He prepares to squeeze out the contents. Zane spins the spatulas on his contraption, and completely shields himself and Willow from the yogurt. Stevie looks around himself, and realizes he has no more ammunition. He leaps off of the structure and retreats.

"Zane, that was awesome!" Willow insists.

"I know, right?" Zane replies. He clears his throat. "Okay. I'm going to go after Stevie, so he can't regroup." He dramatically puts his hands on Willow's shoulders and says, "You stay here."

"Okay," Willow replies.

"No, no," Zane says. "You're supposed to say... Never mind."

Willow looks confused and says, "Never mind?" Zane goes down the slide. Willow waits around for a few minutes. Finally, she hears someone crawling up the slide. She gulps and lifts up a bottle of mustard shaped like a grenade. As the person gets closer, Willow prepares to attack. Willow gets tearful in anticipation. She squirts the mustard.

"It's me!" Zane shouts. Willow covers Zane in mustard by mistake, and he slides back down the slide.

"Oops," Willow replies. "Um. Did you get Stevie?"

"He didn't," a powerful voice states from behind Willow. Willow turns, and immediately faints at seeing Stevie. Stevie looks concerned, but throws a milk pouch at Willow that explodes when it hits her.

Doyce and Nolan are shown on the sidelines with their hands on their heads. "That was awesome!" they shout in unison.

"I'll have to agree," Dante says with wide eyes, covered in cottage cheese.

Nolan states, "The Super Buff Muscle Dudes win invincibility, because Stevie decided to show up! This day will go down in history!" Stevie's team hugs him, but then they look at what he's wearing and step back. "The Raging Ocelots have to vote somebody out, or whatever."

"This one should be easy," Missy states in confessional.

At the elimination ceremony, which is taking place in the park used for the challenge, still covered in food, Nolan states, "One of you will be eliminated. Who will it be?"

Alexandria asks, "Why don't you tell us?"

"Oh, yeah," Nolan replies. He holds up a tray of marshmallows and tosses them out as he announces, "Zane, Brad, Sebastian, Alexandria, Priscilla, Yesenia, Doyce, and Micky D. are safe." The contestants catch their marshmallows. "That leaves Missy and Willow. Willow, you messed up at the end of the challenge." Willow cries. "Missy... That's self explanatory." Missy frowns. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Missy." Nolan tosses a marshmallow to her.

Willow frowns and says, "Oh, well." She gets up and walks toward a waiting taxi cab.

Alexandria puts down her umbrella. She says, "That's it? I was expecting waterworks." Water begins to fall on the contestants. "There it is."

"Wait, is it raining?" Yesenia asks.

"No, it's the parks sprinkler system," Nolan explains.

"At least I'm dressed for it," Doyce announces, still clad in his wrestling costume.

Nolan says, "See you next time on Total... Drama:... Best of the Best!"

Chapter 4 - The Best Defense is a Good FenceEdit

"Time to start the episode," Nolan says to himself, in an attempt at self motivation. He takes a deep breath. "Last time, our contestants went to this wicked sweet playground, with, like, castles and stuff, and, like, this little dragon with a spring you can ride on. It's really cool. So, then, they had to do this food fight thing, and Stevie was all in god mode, and he totally won the challenge for his team." Nolan squeals in delight. "It was awesome. So... um. I think that Willow was eliminated, for... I think she eliminated her own teammate from the challenge. Yeah. That sounds about right. So... Uh... Keep watching. Please."

"Sorry we voted out your girlfriend," Alexandria says to Zane.

"But you're still here," Zane replies, with a smirk. Alexandria rolls her eyes.

Yesenia says, "I'm pretty sure she meant..."

The other team can be overheard chanting, "Stevie! Stevie! He's our man, if he can't beat them..." The other team bursts out laughing.

Priscilla folds her arms and says, "Charming."

"I feel thoroughly demoralized," Brad states.

Yesenia says, "Now that Stevie is serious about the competition, The Super Buff Muscle Dudes are going to be unstoppable."

Sebastian assures, "We don't need to worry about the other teams' brawn. The challenges are usually pretty diverse. Sure, there are ones that are based on strength and athleticism, but there are those that are intelligence based. I think we stand at equal footing. I'd like to think that our team is made up of some of the more intelligent contestants." The other members of The Raging Ocelots stare at Sebastian.

Doyce says, "Nah. I think we're toast, son. Personally, I can't wait for Stevie to hand my butt to me." Doyce puts his arms up in excitement.

Priscilla offers, "I could do that right now, if you want."

"Nah," Doyce replies. "It wouldn't be the same. But thanks for offering." Priscilla stares at Doyce with a confused expression.

A heavy sigh is heard. "What was that, yo?" Micky D. asks. The contestants look over and see Nolan sitting down on one end of a see-saw. "Oh. Um... We should leave him to heavily sigh by himself, yo."

"Well said," Doyce states, as he puts his arm around Micky D. "Well said."

"Hey," Micky D. says. "Hands off the bling, playa playa."

Doyce's eyes are wide. He puts his hands up and says, "My hands weren't anywhere near your bling. You mean your necklace, right?"

Micky D. replies, "Never mind, yo." Micky D. and Doyce walk toward their teams' van.

Sebastian holds his head down and has his hand on his forehead. Missy asks, "Do you still stand by that statement about us having a more intelligent team?"

Sebastian says, "Yeah. I might have been wrong about that one." He adjust his glasses and says, "I should go, too. Not that I want to be in the same vicinity as Doyce." Sebastian walks off, as do Missy, Priscilla, and Alexandria.

Brad says to Zane, "Before we go back, there was something I wanted to mention."

"Yeah?" Zane asks.

"You were pretty good in that challenge," Brad states.

Zane's face turns a little red. He says, "To be honest, I think it was my fault we lost. I should have let Willow know that I was going back up the slide."

"Hey," Brad replies. "Don't feel like that." Brad puts his hand on Zane's shoulder. "You were great. I had no idea you were some inventor genius."

"I wouldn't go that far," Zane says. "I like to mess around with tools, and stuff, back home. I'm not an expert, or anything. I mostly like to work on cars and motorcycles, though."

Brad assures, "Hey, that's cool. I wish I had some skill, besides looking gorgeous... I mean... Not that I think that I'm..."

Zane laughs. He says, "I know what you mean, I think."

Brad looks over at Yesenia sitting on the other end of the see-saw with Nolan. He says, "I guess we should go inside, too."

Zane looks at Yesenia and Nolan. He says, "It doesn't bother you to leave them alone together?"

"That's their choice," Brad assures. "Besides, what kind of trouble can they accomplish on a see-saw? You know. I'd rather not think about it." Zane laughs. The two guys head into their van.

On the aforementioned see-saw, Yesenia is in the air, while Nolan remains on the ground. Yesenia asks, "What's up?"

"You mean besides you?" Nolan asks. "That reminds me. I should really lose some weight."

Yesenia lets out a slight laugh. She says, "I mean, you seem a little depressed."

"Oh," Nolan says. "Is it that obvious?"

"I mentioned it, didn't I?" Yesenia asks.

Nolan says, "I'm still not sure if I'm cut out for this. I mean, in the intro I didn't say Total Drama: Best of the Best dramatically, once."

"Well, if it's any consolation," Yesenia begins, "I think you're doing a great job."

"Thanks," Nolan says. He looks confused. "What does consolation mean?"

Yesenia laughs. She says, "You graduated college, right?"

"Yeah, why?" Nolan asks.

"No reason," Yesenia states. "I should head back. Don't be so hard on yourself. You promise?" Nolan smiles and nods. Yesenia waves and heads back to her van.

Nolan thrusts himself upward on the see-saw with his legs. He falls back to the ground hard. He lets out an, "Ow! I think this thing is multiplayer."

In the guys' van of The Super Buff Muscle Dudes, Nathan says to Tsuyoshi, who is in bed, "Oh, I know. We could tell everyone that Eduardo robbed a vitamin store, and then..."

Tsuyoshi politely says, "Uh, no offense, but I think that defaming someone's character isn't exactly the most honorable strategy."

"Oh, right," Nathan replies. "How about all of us guys team up and we throw the challenges so we can vote out the rest of the girls?"

"Again," Tsuyoshi says. "Not so honorable."

"What?" Nathan asks. "Why not?"

"Look," Tsuyoshi says. "Maybe we can talk about strategy in the morning. It's like... two A.M.?"

"Oh," Nathan replies. "I guess. Goodnight." Nathan leaves the spot on the floor he was sitting on, and climbs up to his bunk bed.

The next morning, Dante stretches and says, "Oh, wow." He looks at Tsuyoshi, who is also waking up. "Your brand new BFF decided to go to sleep?"

"You think every gay guy says 'BFF'?" Tsuyoshi asks. "That's not cool."

Dante's face turns red. He says, "I didn't mean anything by it. Really. I was just joking."

Tsuyoshi states, "Maybe you should stop." Dante looks down.

In The Raging Ocelots' guys' van as they are getting ready for the day, Micky D. asks, "Yo, Brad. Nice undies. I thought you were Mr. Modesty, now, know what I'm sayin'?"

Brad insists, "Free marketing."

"I'm surprised you still model," Sebastian states.

"Yeah," Brad replies. "I don't like it, but it's the only thing I know how to do. I wish I could just live a normal life, but that's why I'm here. I don't want to have to rely on my family, I want to stand on my own two feet to support Kristy and I."

Zane says, "Yup. Ten million dollars would definitely do that."

"I'd say, son," Doyce states. "I thought what I won was a lot."

"I don't need a lot of money," Brad assures. "I like to keep my life simple, but what I want most is time with Kristy."

"Wow," Zane replies.

Brad blushes, after getting done with putting his hoodie on. He asks, "What's the wow for?" He looks down. "I knew my pants were way too tight."

"Nah," Zane replies. "It's not that. I guess... You're a nicer guy than I expected." Doyce and Micky D. nod in agreement.

Brad's face turns red. He says, "I'm not all that great, really."

"We disagree," Doyce states. Brad looks down, looking entirely embarrassed.

Outside, the contestants are gathered. Nathan says to Tsuyoshi, "I couldn't sleep last night. I stayed up and wrote out these charts of possible scenarios of who we can eliminate from our team. You and I aren't on there, of course." He hands the charts to Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi looks through them. The other members of the team look at them with concerned expressions. Nathan looks over his shoulder and says, "I see that you went straight to Dante. Good choice."

Tsuyoshi blushes, and hands the charts back to Nathan. He states, "Look, Nathan. I think you're over-thinking this."

Nathan looks down. He says, "You don't think I'm a very good strategist, do you?"

"I'll be honest, Nathan," Tsuyoshi says. "Not everyone is cut out for strategy. Isn't there anything else you like doing?"

Nathan shrugs his shoulders. He says, "Not really, no. Wait. When you said that not everyone is cut out for strategy, did you mean me?" Tsuyoshi places his hand over his face.

Nolan drives up in a yellow convertible. He hops out of it, and says, "Hey, everyone! I got myself a car, so I wouldn't have to ride along with you guys. She's a beaut, huh?"

"I'm not saying I mind," Vanessa insists, complete with a forced smile, "but why is a car instantly referred to with a female pronoun? Is it because you view woman as possessions? Or do you view us as inanimate objects?"

Dante mutters, "There's some women that I'd wish were created as inanimate objects."

Vanessa's eyebrow raises high. She asks, "What was that?"

Dante's face turns bright red. He says, "Nothing. I just said that you look... awesome."

"That's my catchphrase," Doyce states.

"Sorry, 'son'," Dante mutters.

Doyce's eyes get wide. He says, "Hey!"

Joanna says, "It looks like Dante is looking to get a smacked bottom." Dante's face turns red, again.

Nolan looks around. He repeats, "She's a beaut, huh?"

"Yeah, sure," Audrey II answers. "Um. Is it supposed to be missing a hubcap?"

Nolan inspects one of the wheels. He says, "Oh, man! That duct tape didn't stick!"

"Right," Alexandria says. "Did you have to break a twenty for this heap.... I mean, beauty?"

Nolan looks confused. He says, "No."

"So are you here for any particular reason?" Missy asks.

Nolan says, "Oh, yeah! The next challenge is... Wait for it... Football!"

"Eee!" Eduardo squeals. The others look at the muscular young man with wide eyes. He blushes. "What? It's what I do for a living."

Nolan says, "What? No way! You can play football for a living?"

"It's an American thing," Autumn assures.

"Oh," Missy says. "She speaks." Autumn blushes.

Nolan says, "Come on! Follow me to the field in my sweet ride. Let's go!" Nolan hops into his car, and grimaces. "I landed on the stick shift." The other contestants rush into their vehicles.

As Tsuyoshi drives the vehicle for his teams' guys, and Nathan stands behind him, Eduardo, Stevie, and Dante are shown toward the back of the vehicle. Eduardo says, "Dante, what's up? You've been pretty snippy today."

Dante looks to the side. He says, "You noticed. It's been pretty tough. I just feel like nobody wants to give me a chance. I guess I've been letting it get to me."

"Really?" Stevie asks. "I didn't notice. Why are they so mad at you?"

"You mean, you don't know who Dante is?" Eduardo asks.

"Nope," Stevie replies. "I haven't seen many episodes. I was pretty busy... until recently. What did he do?"

"Uh," Eduardo replies. "It's not important. Dante, just try ignoring the others."

Dante frowns. He looks out the window, and says, "That's easy for you to say. You don't have to go through what I do, not that I don't deserve it."

"I guess you're right, Dante," Eduardo replies. "I don't know what you go through."

"What the?!" Dante shouts, still looking out the window. A loud crash is heard.

The contestants rush out of their vehicles after they get parked. Yesenia says, "Nolan! Are you okay?"

Nolan has his hands on his head, staring in disbelief at the yard he crashed through. He gets out of his car. He says, "I don't know what happened. Christine wouldn't turn when I tried... Aw, man! I just named her, too!"

"You named your car Christine?" Vanessa asks, with a frown. "Did what I said earlier mean nothing to you?"

An old woman with a particularly wrinkled face walks into her backyard. She asks, "What happened back here? What are you kooky teenagers up to?"

"Shh!" Nolan says. "She thinks we're teenagers."

The old woman looks around. "My fence!" She shouts. "You killed it!"

"No, no!" Nolan insists. "It's not dead. It was never alive."

"Unless it was one of those sentient fences," Alexandria states.

"I'm going to call the police," the old woman assures.

"Wait, wait," Nolan insists. "Let me settle this." Nolan cracks his neck, and escorts the old woman into her house.

"Should we be worried for that woman's safety?" Autumn asks.

Zane states, "It's Nolan. I don't think he could hurt her if she tried. He'd only get in his own way."

"Aw, leave Nolan alone," Yesenia insists. "He's a good guy."

Zane assures, "Okay. I'll leave him alone."

"Thank..." Yesenia begins.

"I can tell you want him to yourself," Zane states with a smirk. Yesenia blushes.

Nolan walks out with the elderly woman. He says, "Okay. We came up with an agreement. Kindly Miss Johanson, here, has agreed to not press charges, as long as you fix her yard."

"Why do we have to do it?" Joanna asks. "It seems too much like housework."

Nolan explains, "It's your new challenge. It'll be up to you to repair and paint her fence. The first team to finish their side of the yard will win invincibility."

"You young people and your slang," Miss Johanson complains. She hits Nolan with her cane. "Speak English."

"I guess we have no choice," Priscilla states with her arms folded.

Sebastian states, "At least we have more of a chance to win this one than we would if it were football."

Doyce slaps Sebastian on the back. He says, "You're an optimist, I see. Good for you, C-Bassy Bass."

"Don't call me that," Sebastian insists, as he readjusts his sunglasses.

"I didn't call you 'that'," Doyce states, with a confused expression. "I called you C-Bassy Bass."

"C-Bassy Bass?" Micky D. repeats. "I like it."

Doyce says, "I know! Not to brag, but I am really good at coming up with nicknames."

Nolan instructs, "Alright, if everyone is ready we can get started." He hands two paint buckets full of tools to the two teams, as well as a few resealable plastic bags full of white paint.

"What's with the plastic bags of paint?" Audrey II asks.

Miss Johanson says condescendingly, "I'm sorry, sweety. Did someone say that was your business?"

Audrey II thinks back. "No?" she answers.

Nolan shouts, "Go!"

Yesenia asks, "Wait. Can we get some paint clothes or something?"

Dante removes his glasses, and then his outer shirt. He folds up the shirt and sets it to the side. Audrey II says, "Woof." Dante puts his glass back on and looks at Audrey II with a concerned look.

Tsuyoshi says, "Oh, Dante. That get the girls to fawn over you so you can manipulate them strategy is such a great idea. Maybe I should try it." Dante looks down, but begins painting part of the fence that was already intact.

Eduardo grabs hold of Tsuyoshi's arm and pulls him to the side. Tsuyoshi rubs his newly sore shoulder. Eduardo says, "Tsuyoshi. Dante's trying his hardest to be nicer to everyone. Can't you give him the benefit of the doubt?"

Tsuyoshi begins, "But he..."

"I seem to recall the way you were treated at the beginning of your season," Stevie, who is nearby, states. "I saw that part of the season, at least."

Tsuyoshi looks down. He picks up some fence posts and carries them over to an empty area. He says, "This fence isn't going to build itself."

Nathan goes next to Tsuyoshi. He says, "I thought about what you said, about what I liked doing. I remembered something I had fun with."

"What's that?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Nathan nods. He stands up straight and claps. Nathan chants, "Explosive! Dynamic! Sure to pass the test! We explode with spirit, and eliminate the rest!" Tsuyoshi laughs. The rest of the team claps and Stevie pumps his fist, before working on the fence some more.

"That was good," Tsuyoshi states. He looks at the team. "I think you motivated them."

"I did?" Nathan asks. He smiles, a little. He goes to work on the fence, again.

Autumn looks over at the other team, and sees that the other team is a little behind them in progress. Autumn says, "We're going to win this."

"Did you say something?" Eduardo asks the quiet girl. Eduardo attempts to put a post in the ground. He has trouble getting it into the ground. He lifts it over his head and slams it into the ground which causes the rest of the fence to fall apart, almost in a Domino effect. "Oops."

Nolan looks on. He looks at The Raging Ocelots, who are already cheering. He says, "The Raging Ocelots are done! They win today's challenge. The Super Buff Muscle Dudes, I'll see you tonight at the elimination ceremony." Nolan looks at Miss Johanson, and sheepishly smiles. "After you get done with your side of the fence."

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan states, sitting on a fold up lounge chair next to a plastic pink flamingo in the back of Miss Johanson's yard, "The yard looks nice, guys. Nice job."

"Can we get on with it?" Joanna asks. "I have a business meeting to get to."

Nolan looks confused. He says, "Okay. Alright. Who wants marshmallows?"

"All of us?" Audrey II asks.

Nolan nods. He says, "Well, unfortunately one of you will not... get a marshmallow. Here's the first seven safe people. Tsuyoshi, Stevie, Audrey, Autumn, Joanna, Vanessa, and Dante. That leaves Nathan and Eduardo."

"I think we realize that," Vanessa states.

"Right," Nolan says with a nod. "So, one marshmallow, two dudes. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Eduardo." Nolan tosses the last marshmallow to Eduardo, and it disintegrates when it hits his chest.

Nathan looks down. Audrey II says, "Er, sorry. We overheard your strategy talk with Tsuyoshi. It worried us."

Nathan nods. He says, "I guess I'm not cut out for this game, after all." He turns to Tsuyoshi and says, "Thanks for not shrugging me off, though. I appreciated getting to know you, and thanks. I think you've inspired me to try my hand at cheering, again. That was fun."

"Yeah," Autumn says. "You were really good at it."

"You really think so?" Nathan asks. "Want to hear another one?" The others look uncomfortable.

Nolan says, "Er, it's not that we don't want to, but your taxi is here."

Nathan says, "Oh, right." He picks up his things, and looks around. He says, "Wait. The taxi isn't here, yet."

The taxi pulls up. Nolan says, "Nuh-uh. There it is."

Nathan shrugs. He says, "Well, bye, everyone. See you at the end, or whatever. Be good to each other." He walks to his taxi.

Tsuyoshi calls out, "Bye, man. Take care." Nathan nods, smiles, and gets into his taxi.

Nolan says, "There you have it. Another one is gone. Who will win the challenge for next time, and who will be out as a result? Find out on the next Total... Drama:... Best of the Best!" Nolan smiles. He says, "I remembered!" The Super Buff Muscle Dudes look at him with confused expressions.

Chapter 5 - The Bikini EpisodeEdit

The newly crowned host appears on camera. Nolan gives a wide smile and waves. He asks, "Uh. Is the camera on?" He waits for a response from the cameraperson, which comes in the form of a nodding camera. "Oh, right," Nolan responds. "This is Nolan, coming to you live from..." Nolan pauses. "This is prerecorded? Um... Anyway, last time the contestants were going to be in this epic football challenge, and it was going to be epic... Then... I kind of messed things up... Can I say 'messed'?" Nolan asks the cameraperson. He again gets an answer in the form of a nodding camera. "So the challenge was a slightly less epic fence repair challenge, after I kind of killed this old person's fence. The Super Buff Muscle Dudes were in the lead until Eduardo did his own fence killing after being too strong for the delicate challenge. Delicate means 'weak', right?" The camera goes up and down, once more. "But despite that, Nathan was eliminated. I think it was because he is definitely less muscular than Eduardo... and Autumn. But I don't like dwelling in the past. Let's move on with this brand new episode of Total... Drama:... Best of the Best!"

Sebastian is shown looking through the blinds of the male members of his team's van. Doyce is shown sitting on the shag carpeting of the van. He looks up at Sebastian and asks, "What're you looking at, son?"

"My name isn't 'son'," Sebastian replies.

"It's a term of endearment," Doyce assures. "Answer question, now?"

Sebastian sighs. "If I must," he states. He frowns and closes the blinds. "I was just looking to see who the other team eliminated. The results are disappointing, but understandable."

"Who's gone?" Zane asks.

"Nathan," Sebastian says.

Doyce looks down with a disappointed expression. He says, "Aw. That's a shame. Poor guy."

Micky D. looks over at Doyce with a slight smirk. Micky D. states, "Everything a'ight, Doyce?"

Doyce smiles and assures, "Nah, shawty boo. Every li'l thing is a'ight." Doyce pauses momentarily. "Did I get that right?"

Micky D. winces. He says, "I'm thinkin' you should leave it to the professionals, G."

"Professional sellouts," Zane mutters under his breath.

"What was that?" Micky D. asks. "I thought I heard someone hatin'."

"Yeah, you heard someone hatin'," Zane begins. Brad grabs hold of Zane's mouth to keep him from saying anything more.

"That's what I thought," Micky D. states.

"If it's any consolation," Doyce states. "I like your music."

Micky D. tries to keep himself from smiling. He says, "I'm not surprised, yo. I..."

"It's hilarious!" Doyce shouts. He laughs. "Remember that one about the solid gold booger?" Doyce laughs, again. "I like songs about boogers." Sebastian temporarily looks at Doyce, and then quickly away when Doyce catches his glance.

Micky D. says, "Well... Thanks, boooy. I... uh... love meeting my fans, in person. I'm suddenly really tired... Life of a rap star, and all, yo." Micky D. gets into his bed after removing his grills.

"I bet," Doyce states. "Life of a rap star. It must be amazing."

Zane glares at Brad. Brad says, "I'll remove my hands if you promise not to be mean to Micky D." He looks over at Doyce. "And Doyce." Zane nods.

Zane says to Brad, "Could you lay off of the cocoa butter, man? What's that about?"

"It's good for my skin," Brad states. "Not that I..."

"Yes," Zane states. "Not that you care about your outward appearance, or whatever." Brad looks to the side. Zane looks sympathetic and puts his hand on Brad's hair. He says, "Hey, man. I'm just joking around. I didn't mean anything."

"If I were to have ventured a guess," Sebastian states, "I would have thought you were in a bad mood, of sorts."

Zane is shown in front of the camera. He says, "I guess I have a bit of a big mouth. I need to keep it under control if I want to do anything in this competition. I mean, anything that won't cause me shame. I've tried to do better with my interactions with other dudes, in recent years, but I can always improve, you know? If only I were allowed to room with the ladies. Rawr!"

"What are you doing in our van, you perv?" Priscilla asks, clad in her sleepwear, which seems to be an over-sized jersey, and holding a broom in her hands.

"Hey, your van has a broom in it?" Zane asks.

Priscilla cracks her neck and says, "Yeah, and soon your innards will, too."

"Well, technically," Zane begins, "if it's in my innards, your van wouldn't have..." Priscilla raises the aforementioned broom. "I'm leaving. I'm leaving. But technically there's no official confessional. So I'm really not to blame, here." Zane slowly exits the van backwards, trips on his baggy pants, and lands on the ground.

Alexandria slowly lowers the pillow she had been using to cover herself. She asks, "Is he gone?"

Priscilla states, "No worries. I took care of that creep."

"If you were a guy, I'd marry you," Alexandria states. Yesenia gets out from under her covers and looks around. Alexandria asks, "What is it?"

"I thought I heard Audrey II," Yesenia explains.

Missy says to Alexandria, "Don't worry, sweetie. Priscilla's just an operation away." Alexandria responds by blushing.

Priscilla glares at Missy. She says, "You weren't before, but you're now on my list."

Yesenia says, "I hate to get on your case, but I don't see any paper, or anything..."

"It's a mental list!" Priscilla barks.

Outside, the next morning is highlighted. Stevie and Eduardo are shown outside, in Miss Johanson's backyard, landscaping. Miss Johanson oversees their efforts in digging, carrying things with or without wheelbarrows, and planting things. Miss Johanson says, "I was wrong about teenagers. You are some good lads."

"Actually, ma'am," Stevie begins. "We're not teenagers. We're in our early twenties."

Miss Johanson has a look of realization. She says, "Oh. So I was right about teenagers?"

"Probably, ma'am," Stevie replies. Eduardo nudges him with his arm, which causes Stevie to rub the spot he got nudged.

"We're happy to help in any way we can," Eduardo states. "It's the least we can do."

Miss Johanson nods. She says, "That's why I have these cat costumes on hand. Put them on."

"Uh," Eduardo states. "I had a bad experience with a cat costume, so..." Miss Johanson looks at him with a stern look, as Stevie already excitedly takes the costume from her. Eduardo sighs and takes one of the costumes from her. He looks at Stevie and asks, "Why do you get to be the calico?"

On The Super Buff Muscle Dudes' van, Tsuyoshi is shown just waking up. He looks over to see Dante still in his bed. Then he notices that Eduardo and Stevie are elsewhere. Tsuyoshi says, "Hey, Dante. Can we talk?"

"More snap judgments?" Dante asks.

"You know that's a snap judgment, right?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Dante looks confused. He says, "Is that what you wanted to talk about?"

"Uh, no," Tsuyoshi replies. "I wanted to apologize."

"For what?" Dante asks.

Tsuyoshi says, "For what? For how I'd been treating you. It was uncalled for."

Dante replies, "Right." He looks down.

Tsuyoshi says, "Dante. Whatever you're thinking, you don't deserve to be treated any different from anyone else. I mean, you haven't done anything that reprehensible this season, and what you did in the past, while unsavory, isn't necessarily who you are, today."

"You mean that?" Dante asks.

"Well, yeah, I mean it," Tsuyoshi states. "I said it, didn't I?"

Dante asks, "Is this a quiz, or something? I'm just not used to people treating me nicely, I guess. And I definitely wasn't expecting you to say something like that."

"Well, I do mean it," Tsuyoshi states. "I want to start fresh, if you think that's possible."

Dante shrugs. He says, "Considering my alternatives, I'll take that option." Dante stands up, in his ill-fitting muscle shirt, and grey boxer briefs, and attempts to shake Tsuyoshi's hand.

"Er," Tsuyoshi lets out, his face bright red. "Could you put on some pants, or something?"

Dante looks down at himself, and shrugs. He says, "Sure. I don't see why not."

Audrey II is shown outside, as well as Autumn, Joanna, and Vanessa. The women look on at Eduardo and Stevie in their cat costumes. Audrey II says, "OMG, that is so cute. Those cats are doing yard work."

Autumn states, "They're not real cats."

"I know," Audrey replies, with a confused look.

"I'm just surprised that Miss Johanson had cat costumes on hand that fit both of them," Vanessa states. "I'm all for this, by the way. Women are usually the ones who are forced into some cheesy costumes to appeal to male viewership."

"Where did you hear that?" Autumn asks.

"Here," Vanessa states. "I brought a pamphlet." Vanessa hands the pamphlet to Autumn.

"So is this part of the next challenge, or something?" Joanna asks.

"I wish we were doing this for some reason, other than to make an old woman happy," Eduardo states.

Stevie says, "That's reason enough for me. And they prefer 'elderly' or 'ninety-nine years young'."

Miss Johanson, who is still overseeing the project, shouts out, "Hey! I'm only ninety-nine!"

Autumn whispers to Joanna, "Does she realize that's what he said?"

Audrey II says in realization, "Oh! Willow! That's who that was." Audrey gets several blank stares.

Nolan steps out of his convertible in his sleeping clothes. He cracks his neck. He says, "What a pleasant night's sleep..." He groans. "What time is it?"

"What are you doing all naked in my yard, hippie?!" Miss Johanson shouts.

Nolan blushes. He looks down and says, "Wait, I'm wearing underwears." Miss Johanson sprays him with a garden hose. "Gah! Let's get out of here!" He jumps over the door to the front seat of his vehicle, but lands on his head.

The teams follow Nolan in his vehicle to the assumed next challenge location. They get out of their vehicles, and gather around Nolan. "Should we tell him his shirts on backwards?" Alexandria says.

Nolan says, "Aw, it is?" He removes his white tank top, turns it around, and puts it back on.

"She was messing with you," Tsuyoshi states. "It was on right, before."

Nolan sighs. "No matter," he says. "It's coming off soon."

"Wait, what?" Audrey II asks.

Nolan points to the community center behind him. "This is where your swimming challenge will take place. That's right! It's the bikini episode!"

Stevie raises his hand and says, "I didn't pack my bikini."

"And we're grateful for that, bro," Zane states.

"Nah, Stevie," Nolan says. "The girls get the bikinis. Chris mentioned something about that before being dragged off by the authorities... I mean... Escorted off by the authorities. Everyone get into your swimwear, please... If it's not too much of a hassle."

"This goes against everything I stand for," Vanessa states.

"You, too, huh?" Priscilla asks.

Zane says, "If it makes you feel any better, the swimsuit I have prepared is pretty skimpy, too."

"That makes me feel not one bit better," Vanessa assures.

"Oh," Zane replies. "Then how about a massage?"

Priscilla says, "Don't worry. I'll mangle him wearing a ski mask in a parking lot, later on."

Vanessa replies, "That's so nice."

"Um," Zane says. "No, it isn't. I was just playfully bantering."

The contestants are shown returning from their respective vans. Zane says, "Like what you see, ladies?"

Audrey II looks at Zane in his tight fitting swimwear. She asks, "What am I looking at?"

Alexandria steps out in her black bikini. Zane's eyes get wide. Alexandria says to him, "Not one word." Zane faints. Alexandria looks both surprised and concerned.

Tsuyoshi looks at Dante in his swimwear. He blushes and says, "Could your swimsuit be any more obnoxious?"

Dante says, "What? This is my work uniform."

"Work uniform?" Joanna asks. "Um, what exactly is your line of work, Dante?"

"He must be a lifeguard," Tsuyoshi suggests.

Dante clarifies, "Actually, I'm a Swimming Vicinity Technician."

"You're a pool boy?" Tsuyoshi asks with wide eyes. "In that getup?"

Dante says, "What? One of my clients picked it out for me. It's not..." He looks down and blushes. He adjusts the fabric around the legs. "I hate when it bunches up like this."

Audrey II looks at a blushing Tsuyoshi. She says, "What is it, Tsuyoshi? Why do you look so flustered? Your face looks so red." Tsuyoshi puts his hand over his face.

Nolan says, "Okay, everyone. Let's go in, so we can get our challenge started." Nolan tries the door. He sits on the ground.

"What's wrong?" Yesenia asks.

Nolan explains, "They don't open for another hour. Oh, well. We'll just wait out here."

"In these outfits?" Joanna asks.

Nolan states, "Sure. I don't think any of the workers mind." Someone walks by Vanessa and whistles. The feminist glares at the stranger.

"May I ask why you chose to put on your swimsuit, as well?" Missy asks.

Nolan explains, "I don't want to stand out."

One hour later, the contestants enter the community center and follow Nolan a while, until he finally finds where the pool is. Alexandria looks over to the side and says, "Huh. They have locker rooms. How novel."

"What, they have books in there?" Nolan asks. Alexandria places her hand on her forehead. Nolan says, "Okay, anyway. The challenge is going to be a scavenger hunt. But, like, an underwater one. It'll be like you're looking for an underwater buried treasure. Or, like, a pirate treasure, that was on this ship that got shipwrecked, but, like, not on a beach, but underwater."

"So what do we do, exactly, homie G?" Micky D. asks, somewhat impatiently.

Nolan nods. He says, "One at a time, a contestant will dive to the bottom of the pool, I mean, two at a time, since one from each team will be diving for each team. Am I over-explaining this?"

"Yes," Doyce assures. "But it's all good, son." He puts his arm around Sebastian, and adds, "Me and the C-Bass were made for this challenge."

"Would you mind not touching me?" Sebastian requests. "I have this thing about personal space."

"Was that one of those rhetorical questions?" Doyce asks.

"Oh, geesh," Nolan says. "I was always horrible at geometry." The contestants look confused. "So let's start with Stevie and Missy." The two mentioned contestants get into the pool.

Stevie's face looks relaxed. He says, "This feels so good."

"You better not be doing what I think you're doing, young man?" Joanna says authoritatively.

"What?" the generally hairy guy replies with a surprised look on his face.

Nolan says, "Our funds were short, so there's actually only one item on the bottom of the pool floor. Well, there's thirteen of them, but they're all Chris Mclean bobble heads. The first team to get seven of them will win the challenge. When someone returns a bobble head to me, the next member of the team can go. Everyone understand?"

"Well, actually..." Audrey II begins.

"Alright, go!" Nolan shouts. Stevie and Missy dive underwater. The underwater camera shows them swimming to the bottom of the pool. Missy gets to her bobble head first, but Stevie isn't far behind. They emerge from the water around the same time and climb out of the pool. Dante and Priscilla dive in next.

The two of them emerge from the water around the same time. Dante hands the bobble head to Autumn. Autumn asks, "What's this for?" Dante takes his glasses from Eduardo, and puts them back on. He takes the bobble head from Autumn and hands it to Nolan.

Brad is already in the pool for the other team, diving to the bottom. Eduardo dives into the water, making a huge splash, and causing Brad to be moved out of the water by the large wave. Brad dives back in, as he had yet to get a bobble head. Eduardo emerges from the water, and runs over to the host, in order to give him the third bobble head for his team. Joanna scolds, "No running around the pool!" Brad emerges and hands The Raging Ocelots' third bobble head to Nolan.

Autumn dives in, followed by Alexandria. Alexandria makes things more even, as she and Autumn hand their bobble heads to Nolan around the same time. "Are you going to take that necklace off before you dive in?" Sebastian asks Micky D.

Micky D. responds with, "Nah, man. This blingity bling is part of my image. It's how I roll."

"But you must see how a certain issue arises," Sebastian states, with a raised eyebrow.

Doyce emerges from the water, hands his bobble head to Nolan, and says, "Did everyone see how fast I did that? That's how you get it done! Yup yup! The Mick Deester, you're up!" Micky D. dives in after Vanessa hands off her bobble head for the other team. Joanna dives in for The Super Buff Muscle Dudes. Micky D. swims back up to the surface and dives back down, not retrieving a bobble head. Vanessa surfaces and brings her bobble head to Nolan.

Vanessa says, "This should be easy. Audrey? You want to clean up for our team?"

"Clean up?" Audrey II asks.

"She means, finish the challenge with the winning point," Autumn clarifies.

Audrey says, "Oh, um. How about someone else goes?"

"You're sure?" Vanessa asks.

Tsuyoshi says, "I'll go. Don't worry about it." Tsuyoshi dives into the water. He is shown swimming to the bottom, via the underwater cam. He grabs hold of one of the bobble heads, and begins to swim up. He looks over at Micky D. and realizes that Micky is struggling with the weight of his necklace. Tsuyoshi looks concerned, swims over to Micky D., and grabs hold of him. Tsuyoshi resurfaces with Micky D. over his shoulder. He helps him onto the poolside.

Micky D. coughs. He says, "I told you I didn't need help, yo."

Tsuyoshi says, "Um. We were underwater. You didn't say anything, and if you did, I couldn't have heard you."

Tsuyoshi hands the last bobble head to Nolan. Nolan says, "The Super Buff Muscle Dudes win another challenge! Invincibility is belonging to them!"

"That was amazing, Tsuyoshi," Autumn asserts. "You managed to win the challenge, and rescue Micky D."

"Uh," Tsuyoshi says. "I think the Micky D. thing should technically be mentioned first, suggesting that it's more important."

Micky D. looks over, and looks generally embarrassed. He looks up at his team, and says, "Sorry, guys. My bad, yo."

"All is forgiven, man," Doyce assures. "At least you're safe."

"Are you sure that the rest of the team shares your sentiment?" Micky D. asks. A few of Micky's teammates, glare at him with their arms folded.

Doyce looks at the others. He says, "Sure, I'm sure." He slaps Micky D. on the back, making him slip. Micky D. falls back into the water. Doyce shouts, "I'll save you, buddy!" He dives into the water as Micky D. attempts to swim away from him.

Brad is shown in his team's van drying himself off with a towel. He looks to Zane and Sebastian, who are the only other members of the team on the van at the time. Brad says, "I think that the two of you are two of the smarter teammates on this season."

"Thanks," Zane says. "You really think so?"

Sebastian quickly removes his goggles and puts on his sunglasses. Zane fails at trying to catch a look at Sebastian without his glasses on. Sebastian says to Brad, "Why do you mention it?"

"I'm thinking 'alliance'," Brad states.

"That's what I thought," Sebastian says.

Zane says, "Does that play into your honesty strategy?"

Brad states, "I don't know what the misconception is. You need a solid group of people to vote with if you want to do well. People mesh, and you choose people you can trust. It's almost like a friendship, in a way. I don't find anything seedy or underhanded about it."

"When you put it that way," Zane says. "I guess it doesn't sound so bad." Zane shrugs his shoulders. He says, "I'm in."

"How about you?" Brad asks Sebastian.

"I'll admit," Sebastian says, "the two of you seem like you would make for two strong allies. I'm in. Who else are you considering?"

"Yesenia, for sure," Brad says. "We're on friendly terms."

"And who are we voting for?" Zane asks.

Priscilla is shown on the female Raging Ocelots' van. She says, "So are the three of you in?"

"In what?" Yesenia asks.

"The alliance I'm proposing," Priscilla states. "We women need to stick together."

"We're going to need a guy, too, if we want a numbers advantage," Alexandria states. The others look at her. "What? I strategize, sometimes."

"Is everyone agreed?" Priscilla asks.

"Am I ever," Missy says, excitedly. Priscilla looks at her with a raised eyebrow. "What? I didn't think anyone was going to ask."

Yesenia says, "Sure, I'm in."

Alexandria shrugs and says, "Me, too, I guess."

Priscilla folds her arms and says, "Good."

Outside, Brad walks up to Yesenia, when she's alone, and says, "Alliance. You, me, some of the dudes?"

Yesenia says, "Alliance? I already agreed to be in one."

"I was afraid of that," Brad says, as he looks down. "I won't try to pressure you to change your mind, but I mean..."

"We are friends, Brad," Yesenia says. "I'll consider your offer. But no matter who I choose, be assured that we'll remain friends."

Brad smiles. He says, "Great. I'm not here to ruin the friendships I have. Just think about what you want to do. See ya." Brad walks off. Yesenia looks after him, and eventually walks away.

Yesenia says in a temporary confessional, a bathroom at the community center, "Brad and I may seem like a mismatch, but we are friends. We were both adopted, so we relate to each other. Our past... It makes my decision that much harder, though."

Micky D. is shown standing outside of The Super Buff Muscle Dudes' guys' van. Tsuyoshi steps out. He says, "Eduardo tells me you wanted to see me?"

Micky D. nods. He says, "Thanks for earlier. I don't know what I was thinking. I should have been grateful for what you did."

Tsuyoshi puts his hand on Micky's shoulder. He assures, "I appreciate it. I realize that your pride must have been hurt a little, with what happened, but we're good. I didn't rescue you for thanks or praise. I rescued you, because I was worried, and I was there at the right time. Just try to be more careful, in the future." Micky D. nods. He hugs Tsuyoshi, before heading back to his van.

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan says, "Alright. Everyone expects a marshmallow, but not everyone is going to get one. We'll start out with Doyce."

"Doyce!" Doyce shouts. He gets annoyed glares, as he catches his marshmallow. "What? I haven't even said it once all episode."

Nolan continues, "More safe people are Alexandria, Zane, Sebastian, Missy, Brad, and... Micky D." Micky D. looks surprised, as do some other contestants. "That leaves Yesenia and Priscilla." Nolan hands marshmallows to the announced saved contestants. He looks at the lone marshmallow on his tray. "That leaves one for one of the two of you. This last marshmallow goes to..."

"Yesenia." Yesenia is handed her marshmallow by Nolan, who smiles at her sheepishly.

Priscilla says, "I'm going to assume that you misread the votes, and gave the marshmallow to the wrong person."

Nolan says, "Wait." He looks down at a piece of paper. "Nope, this is right. Sorry, if that means anything."

"It doesn't," Priscilla assures. "Is anyone going to explain what happened?" She looks around at the other contestants, who look frightened, in general. "That's what I expected. I guess I have no choice but to be going." Priscilla gets into the taxi that arrived for her.

With the window rolled down, Yesenia says, "Sorry, Priscilla."

"I never liked you," Priscilla assures Yesenia. "I hope voting with the guys goes well for you." Priscilla folds her arms, as the taxi carries her away from the competition.

Doyce looks confused. He says to Micky D., "Did we vote for Priscilla?" Micky D. shrugs, also looking confused.

Brad says in the makeshift confessional, "We decided to vote for Priscilla, because she's proved herself as a tough competitor, before, and it looks like she was starting up a rival alliance. I know she's strong, but we need to get the strategic threats out, now, while we can. We considered Missy, but... she's already got a huge target on her. I would have told Priscilla that I was why we voted her out, but... I still don't know how we got the numbers on our side. I only told the other guys in the alliance, and Yesenia... Maybe she told someone we wanted to vote for Priscilla. Or maybe some on the other side got confused. Or maybe Doyce and Micky D. voted for Yesenia, while the others voted for Micky D. Or maybe I'm just over thinking this. See? Models think." Brad smiles.

Chapter 6 - Makeover HaulEdit

Nolan is shown standing, not facing the camera. He says, "Where's the camera... person? It's time to shoot the intro! What a slacker." Nolan lets out a disappointed sigh. He begins scratching his butt. "Oh, man! That feels good!" The camera person clears their throat. Nolan looks around for a while. "Ah, man. The throat clearing noises are back." Nolan then turns around to see the camera in front of him. He says, "Oh. Where have you been all this time?" Nolan pauses. "I'm sorry. It's not your fault... Don't be sad." Nolan looks down and sighs. He looks back up, and has an immediate smile. "Last time on Total... Drama:... Best of the Best, our contestants battled it out in a diving challenge! It was in a public pool and everything! That's what I call hardcore. Micky D. had some trouble with the challenge..." Nolan looks to the side. "I'm glad he's okay, and everything. Tsuyoshi ended up rescuing Micky D. from the bottom of the pool and his own bling, and he won the challenge for his team, too. The Raging Ocelots had to vote out a team member, and they chose Priscilla. Brad thought she was all threaty and stuff. There's more in store in this episode, so be sure to watch!" Nolan has a proud smile on his face. He says, "How was that intro? Pretty perfect right?" The camera person shakes the camera to denote disapproval. Nolan looks confused, and asks, "What? It was 'threaty' wasn't it? I was just guessing that it was a real world..." Nolan looks down, and his demeanor shows his disappointment. "I arranged for a permanent confessional, too."

Missy is shown in confessional, which is the inside of a porta-potty, with a large smile. She says, "I have no idea what happened with Priscilla. I thought we were all on board to vote for... It was me! I can't keep it to myself! I overheard Brad's conversation with Yesenia to switch alliances. I told Priscilla, and she recruited Micky Doof, and Doyce... His name is enough of an insult." Missy looks more serious. "Anyway, they were all going to vote for Yesenia, but... I decided that there was a bigger threat to be gotten rid of. Sorry, Yesenia. I think you're a great competitor, and all..." Missy begins laughing. "How was that? Pretty convincing, right?"

The female contestants from The Raging Ocelots are shown in their van, asleep on their various sleeping apparatuses. A close up of Alexandria is shown, who is squirming in her sleep. Her eyes shoot open, and she jumps up in panic. She notices the camera, scowls, gets up, and goes outside. The cameraman follows her. She says, "Why were you taping us while we were sleeping? And... Why are you following me, you perv?"

"It's my job," the camerman explains.

Alexandria shrugs. She says, "I guess I have no choice, huh?" The ground begins to shake. Alexandria struggles to keep her footing. "What's going on? Is it an earthquake?"

"I think it's coming from over there," the camera person states, and presumably points.

Alexandria stands still. She says, "What? You expect me to investigate?"

"Makes for better TV," the camera explains.

Alexandria looks confused. She says, "You do realize you're filming Total Drama? It's not exactly quality programming." The shaking ground continues. Alexandria sighs. She points to the left and dramatically says, "Let us investigate." She runs toward the direction the sound is coming from, and turns a corner, arriving at a small park. "That's it? I was hoping for a fault line."

Eduardo looks over and says, "Oh. Hey. I have company." He holds down the jump rope in his hands.

Alexandria asks, "What're you doing out here?"

"Jump roping," Eduardo answers, with a slightly confused look on his face.

"That explains the jump rope," Alexandria states.

Eduardo smiles, and looks down. "I didn't want to say anything too obvious," he reasons. "I know it's pretty early, but it's about the only time I can get away from everyone else."

"Well, I don't want to interrupt you, or anything," Alexandria states, as she begins to turn around.

"Oh, no," Eduardo says. "You don't have to go. I don't mind. I was just about to take a break, anyway. I could use the company."

"You take breaks?" Alexandria asks.

"What do you consider Total Drama?" Eduardo replies.

The camerman asks, "Do any of you like this show?"

Alexandria points to the cameraman and says, "Is he good enough to keep you company?"

In The Super Buff Muscle Dudes' van, the guys are shown sleeping. A knock is heard at the door, waking up Tsuyoshi and Stevie. "What's that?" Tsuyoshi asks.

"What hour is it?" Stevie asks, groggily.

Tsuyoshi sighs. He says, "I'm too tired to get up."

Stevie yawns, stands up, and slowly drags his feet toward the door. "Yello?" he asks, when he reaches the door. He looks around to see no one around. He walks toward Tsuyoshi and hands him an envelope. "It was for you." Stevie scratches his chest, as he drags his feet toward his bed. He falls face first onto his bed.

Tsuyoshi sits up in his bed, looks at the envelope with his name on the outside, and opens it. He reads it intently, and lies back in his bed. He turns his head to the side, looking at the wall. After a few minutes, he sits up, and notices that Eduardo's bed is empty. Tsuyoshi proceeds to get out of his bed, put on a white shirt and a pair of slippers, and he walks outside, holding the note he received. He looks around, and walks to the left. He turns the corner, and notices Eduardo and Alexandria talking together and laughing. Tsuyoshi gives a slight smile, and a light 'ha'. He looks to the left and to the right, and walks back toward his van. On the way, he notices a trash can and tosses the note into it.

Eduardo says to Alexandria, "I'm a little surprised you decided to stay out here." He looks at Alexandria, as they sit on a bench together.

"Why's that?" Alexandria asks.

Eduardo explains, "I remember you on your season." He looks down and blushes. "You were more than a little apprehensive to go out alone, let alone being with a guy by yourself."

"Um," Alexandria says as she thinks. "We've got him." She points at the sleeping cameraman. "Well, he had him at one point."

Eduardo laughs. He says, "Thanks for staying out here with me. I should get back to the headquarters before the guys notice I'm gone."

"Good idea," Alexandria says. She stands up, loses her balance, and begins to fall.

Eduardo leaps up, and gently catches Alexandria before she falls. He helps her to her feet, and asks, "Are you alright?"

Alexandria blushes. She says, "I stumbled. It's not like I got hit by a bus."

Eduardo laughs and says, "Right." They stand awkwardly for a moment. "Well, see ya."

"Yeah," Alexandria replies. They walk toward their respective vehicles, leaving behind the sleeping cameraman.

In the girls' van of The Super Buff Muscle Dudes, the girls are just waking up. Audrey II asks, "Is it just me or is it weird that we're called The Super Buff Muscle Dudes?"

"You're just noticing that?" Vanessa asks.

"Maaaaaybe?" Audrey replies. Audrey II looks over at Autumn. She says, "Um. Can we go outside and talk?"

"You're choosing Autumn for talking?" Joanna states.

Vanessa states, "Look at her alternatives."

"You just insulted yourself," Joanna points out. Audrey and Autumn step outside.

Vanessa says to Joanna, "Don't you have an imaginary phone call to get to, or something?"

Autumn asks, "What's up?" Audrey II looks up. Autumn says, "Let me rephrase that. What did you want to talk about?"

Audrey looks back down at Autumn. She says, "Yesterday at the challenge... I think someone mentioned that they wanted me to 'clean up'. I really thought he meant that literally, so I got confused. I feel silly about it, now. Thanks for clarifying for me."

"No problem," Autumn assures, looking down. "I know someone with autism. I know that it's a little different for you, but I do know a little about Asperger's. Sometimes you take certain things literally."

Audrey nods. She says, "I feel bad, though. I could have helped out in the challenge, but... I was confused by the way Nolan described the challenge. He went so fast, I wasn't sure what I had to do to finish."

"Ah," Autumn says in realization. She smiles and says, "Don't be afraid to speak up if you feel you need to."

Audrey II says, "I don't want to look dumb, or anything."

"I don't think anyone thinks that," Autumn assures.

"Thanks," Audrey II replies. "Let's hug."

"Um, okay," Autumn replies, as Audrey gives her an awkward hug.

"Autumn finds romance," Missy states, as she steps outside of her team's van. "How wonderful."

Autumn blushes and steps away from Audrey's hug. The rest of the contestants step out of their respective vans. "Where's Nolan?" Yesenia asks.

"Why do you ask?" Sebastian says, as he fidgets with his sunglasses. "Do you have any reason to be concerned over him, more than the rest of us?"

Yesenia blushes, and says, "I just thought it might be time for the challenge."

Missy leans toward Sebastian and says, "I think you're onto something there."

Doyce steps in between Missy and Sebastian. He asks, "Is this antagonist bothering you, son?"

Sebastian assures, "Doyce. Please refrain from calling me 'son', and I don't need your protection. I can take care of myself."

Doyce takes hold of Sebastian's arm and holds it up. "With these wet spaghetti noodles?" Doyce asks. Sebastian's face turns red, and he quickly pulls his arm away from Doyce. "Hey. No need to be sensitive, bro. I can help you bulk up, if you want. I'm into charity. Well, as long as it doesn't involve giving away money."

"You're a saint among men," Alexandria assures Doyce.

Zane laughs and says, "Good one."

Nolan sits up in the back seat of his convertible. He stretches his arms as he yawns. He steps out of the back of his car, and scratches himself. He looks up at the contestants and says, "Whoa. Everyone is here. Why so early?"

"It's noon," Brad states, with his arms folded. He explains, "I'm folding my arms in remembrance of Priscilla."

"I'm sure she'd be deeply touched," Zane states. Alexandria laughs, causing Zane to unintentionally smile.

Nolan sighs and says, "I didn't get the best nights sleep. Let me tell you your challenge. Each team will select a member of their team to give a makeover to."

Brad squeals, "It's the makeover challenge!" He gets some worried looks. "What? I want to redeem myself for last time, when we made over that human brick."

"That's right, bro," Nolan assures. "Redemption. Wait... That was me."

Brad blushes and assures, "I meant 'human brick' in the nicest way possible."

"So is that all there is to it?" Joanna asks.

"Pretty much," Nolan answers. "The contestants will be judged by me, and the best makeover in comparison to the other team will earn invincibility. Beauty supplies will be provided, but you'll need to use preexisting clothing."

"As opposed to the clothing that we'll produce from thin air?" Zane asks.

"That's it!" Joanna shouts. "The next one of you to talk out of line is getting a smacked bottom. Who wants their butt spanked?"

Dante slowly raises his hand. Tsuyoshi grabs hold of Dante's arm and pulls it down to his side. "Don't encourage her," Tsuyoshi scolds. Tsuyoshi looks over at Sebastian, who is not looking in Tsuyoshi's direction. Tsuyoshi quickly lets go of Dante's arm.

"I wasn't a big fan of that, either," Dante assures.

"Oh," Tsuyoshi says while blushing. "Sorry." Tsuyoshi begins to whisper. "It's just that... I don't know how Sebastian is going to react when he finds out I don't despise you, anymore."

"No need to explain," Dante assures. "I know he can't stand me. He has plenty of reason." Tsuyoshi looks at Dante, and then looks down at the ground. "Hey, don't worry. If you want to put on an act for him, I'll let you insult me, and stuff. How about calling me 'four eyes' and kicking sand in my face?" Dante smirks, as Tsuyoshi lets out a laugh.

"Um," Vanessa interrupts. "If the two of you are done chatting among yourselves, we have to choose the contestant we want to make over."

"Any volunteers?" Tsuyoshi says, trying to hide his embarrassment. No one raises their hand.

"I already look perfect," Joanna assures.

Dante admits, "She does look pretty good." He pauses. "For a married business woman."

"How about you?" Autumn asks Dante.

Dante points at himself and asks, "Have you seen how good I look?" Autumn blushes and looks down at the ground.

"Who can forget that outfit during the diving challenge?" Audrey II adds. "I'm getting all sweaty just thinking about it."

"Thanks for sharing," Eduardo says, with a concerned expression.

"How about Autumn, then?" Tsuyoshi suggests.

"Sure," Autumn says.

Vanessa interjects, "Um, excuse me? Just because it's a makeover show, you're saying that it has to be a woman that receives the makeover." Vanessa looks at Autumn. "And you're not any better. Letting them change you at the drop of a hat."

"I don't remember a hat dropping," Stevie says. "Did I miss something?"

"I don't mind, really," Autumn says. "It's not like we're going to makeover Stevie, or anything. That would be more of a challenge."

"Why not Stevie?" Vanessa asks.

Dante says, "I didn't notice a weed wacker among the beauty supplies."

Tsuyoshi looks at Stevie and says, "Why not Stevie?"

Stevie shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't mind. Just don't damage the sarong in the process. We have a special bond."

On The Raging Ocelots team, Brad says, "So all in favor of Micky D. getting the makeover?" Everyone but Micky D. raises their hand.

Micky D. says, "Yo, hold up. I have an image to protect. Why can't someone else do it?"

"We all look good," Brad assures. He thinks for a second. "No offense. And makeovers are always more effective when the results are drastic. I read it in Vague magazine, once."

"Well, what about him?" Micky D. asks while pointing at Sebastian.

"I have a signature look," Sebastian assures. Sebastian pulls at his black shirt to emphasize his point.

"Can I get a veto, or..." Micky D. says. He sighs. "I'll do it, as long as I can go back to who I is, know what I'm sayin'?"

Missy assures, "You can go back to your usual charming self once the challenge is over."

"A'ight, yo," Micky D. says. He takes a deep breath. "Let's get this thing done. Wut, wut?"

"Don't..." Missy begins. "Just don't say that."

Eduardo is shown going through his things. He hands a spare pair of grey pants. "We're fortunate to have someone who actually brought extra clothes that is Stevie's size," Tsuyoshi assures. Eduardo hands Stevie a button up shirt, and a stretched out T-shirt.

Stevie puts on the new clothes. He says, "Well, how do I look?"

Tsuyoshi puts his hand to his chin. He says, "Good, but it's not drastic enough of a change, plus that T-shirt looks surprisingly too big on you."

Autumn suggests, "I could sew something together." She notices a hole in the button up shirt Stevie is wearing. "Like that?"

Eduardo blushes. He says, "I tear more clothes than anyone. Sorry."

"No need to apologize for your giant, bulging, rippling muscles..." Audrey begins. "What were we talking about?"

"You got a little drool on your lip," Joanna states. "Hold still." Joanna wipes Audrey's lip with a napkin.

"So," Dante says, sitting on a bed to the side. "Any ideas?"

"How do you feel about a haircut and a shave?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Stevie shrugs his shoulders. He says, "I've had this beard since I was twelve, but... I guess if it's for the good of the team, I can let it go. It can always grow back."

{C Tsuyoshi says, "Great. Um. How do you feel about waxing?" Several eyebrows raise.

"Um," Stevie begins. "It should be fine. It doesn't hurt, at all, does it?"

Tsuyoshi forces a smile and says, "No, not at all." Stevie gives a sigh of relief. Tsuyoshi continues, "Eduardo. We're going to need you to hold him down." Stevie's eyes get wide, as Eduardo nods.

On the guys' van for the other team, Brad asks, "How about this?" He holds up a pair of skinny jeans.

Micky D. says, "No way, man. Those pants are tight... And I mean than literally, not like 'bad' tight, know what I'm sayin?"

"Bits and pieces," Brad says. Brad tosses an unopened bag of 'Fruit of the Brad' brand underwear. He says, "We'll win for sure if you put these on underneath."

"How are these going to help?" Micky D. asks.

"They'll give you more confidence," Brad states. "Doesn't anyone read the label?"

Micky D. looks at the package of underwear. He asks, "You have any different sizes?"

Brad analyzes Micky D. He says, "Sorry, we don't make extra small, yet."

"No," Micky D. states, while blushing. "I meant something baggier."

Brad bursts out laughing. He says, "No way, man. Hilarious." Micky D. looks confused.

Brad thinks for a moment. Doyce calls out, lying on his bed, "This is boring!"

Brad's eyes widen. He says, "Nolan never said we couldn't use clothes we received on the show." Brad digs through his things. He pulls out a pair of torn jeans. "These are actually pretty cool. I had to wear them during the costume challenge." He pulls a button up shirt from Micky D.'s things, and a T-Shirt that reads "I Only Like New York As a Friend" from Zane's things. "We can dye this shirt, but for now, put these on." He hands Micky the T-shirt and pants. "Wait... We need to do something about your face."

"Thanks, yo," Micky D. states.

"Can I shave you?" Brad asks.

"You don't hear that every day," Sebastian adds, sitting on a pull out couch, also looking bored.

Micky D. shrugs. He says, "I guess that's okay." He puts his hand over his chin and adds, "Just lay off the soul patch if you know what's good for you, know what I'm sayin'?" Brad nods and begins working on Micky D.'s makeover.

Stevie can be heard screaming with his powerful voice from the other team's van.

"What's that?" Doyce asks, with wide eyes. "Hold me!" Sebastian attempts to push Doyce away from him.

Stevie is shown shirtless in the other team's van. He rubs his chest. "I've never known true pain until now," Stevie admits. He wipes away a tear. "I've never been so smooth, though. I can't stop rubbing my body." Stevie continues rubbing his now smooth chest. He looks at Tsuyoshi who is staring at the newly clean shaven man. "What is it? Do I look okay?"

Tsuyoshi's face turns bright red. He looks down. His voice cracks as he says, "Great." Tsuyoshi clears his throat. "You look great."

Audrey II nods and says, "I'll have to agree with Tsuyoshi on this one. Wow. What a transformation. I'd totally agree to date you right this second, if you asked." Audrey II pauses. "Are you asking? I don't hear you asking."

"Put this on," Autumn states, after she finishes sewing Eduardo's spare green shirt. Stevie puts his arms through the sleeves of the shirt.

Stevie asks, "Uh. Should I leave it buttoned or unbuttoned?"

"Unbuttoned!" Audrey shouts.

On the other van, Zane, Doyce, and Sebastian are sitting up and staring at Micky D. Micky D. looks at them and asks, "What's wrong, playa playas? Did something go wrong?"

Zane states, "You look... normal."

Micky D.'s eyes get wide. He says, "No way, yo! Can I even undo the damage, know what I'm sayin? Know what I'm sayin'?!"

Brad rubs his chin. He says, "When's the last time you spoke normal English?"

"Excuyuyuse me?" Micky D. asks. "This is who I be. This is the same Micky D. that emerged out of the birth canal, yo."

"First off, ew," Sebastian begins. "Second, I think we'd really impress Nolan if you did not speak your... ghetto slang?" Sebastian states. "Is that the proper terminology?"

"Nah, way, Dawg," Micky D. states. "It be..."

"Say it in proper English," Brad instructs. "You can go back to being... whatever, after the challenge."

Micky D. begins to concentrate. He says, "No... Sir? That is not the correct, uh... terminology?"

"Excellent!" Brad shouts. "We're going to win for sure! Redemption! I can taste it."

"What does redemption taste like?" Doyce asks, with a raised eyebrow.

Nolan is shown sitting in a chair between the two vans. He announces, "I'm ready! Bring out the made over!"

Vanessa turns to Stevie and asks, "Are you ready?" Stevie nods, and takes a deep breath. He walks in front of Nolan.

Nolan says, "Whoa. Who is this good looking hunk of a man, meant in the most heterosexual way possible?"

Stevie blushes a little. He says, "Uh, Stevie." He puts his hand on his now short hair, in a somewhat nervous manner.

"Holy cow," Nolan says with his eyes wide. "I like the outfit, the smoothness, and everything. You look great!"

"Can't argue on that," Alexandria admits.

"Okay, I'm still in shock, but I think I'm ready for the next makeover," Nolan admits. "Nice work to The Super Buff..."

Micky D. walks out of his team's van. His female teammates, who had yet to see him, gasp. He looks somewhat embarrassed, as he puts his hand on the newly shaved sides of his head. Brad nudges Micky D. forward. He says, "Remember what we rehearsed." Micky D. gulps and walks toward Nolan.

Once there Micky nervously lets out, "Hi. My name's Mackenzie. You might recognize me as Micky D."

"That's who that is?" Nolan says with wide eyes.

"I... I guess so," Tsuyoshi states.

"You look like a completely different person," Nolan admits.

"Oh," Micky D. states. "I guess that's a bad thing?"

Nolan shakes his head. "For you?" Nolan says. "It's a huge step up."

Micky D.'s expression looks blank. He says, "It is?" Micky D. strokes the shortly cut hair at the top of his head.

"You look really good," Tsuyoshi admits. "Of course, not as good as Stevie over here."

"Thanks," Micky D. states. "Wait, that's Stevie?"

"Yo," Stevie replies with a wave.

Nolan frowns. He says, "Man, this is going to be a tough decision." He rubs his chin as he analyzes both Stevie and Micky D. "Great work by both teams. But I have to make a decision so..." Nolan covers his eyes, points, and recites, "Eenie, meenie, miney, mo." He uncovers his eyes and says, "The Raging Ocelots win!"

"That loss would be more upsetting if Micky D. didn't look so good," Joanna admits. The rest of The Super Buff Muscle Dudes nod.

Micky D.'s expression looks blank as he stares at the other team. "We did it!" Brad shouts. "Redemption!" The Raging Ocelots surround Micky D. in a group hug. He looks at them with a slightly confused look. "We owe it all to 'Mackenzie'!" Brad looks proud. "And he's wearing my underwear!" He gets several concerned stares.

Nolan leaves the group hug and says, "Oh..." He looks at The Super Buff Muscle Dudes. "This is awkward. I'll see you at the elimination. Sorry about the whole votey someone outie thing." Nolan goes off to celebrate with The Raging Ocelots.

Dante says, "That's odd." He looks back. He says, "So... The vote is... Tsuyoshi?"

Stevie says, "I'm going to take a walk. I want to test out my new appearance." Stevie struts off with a big smile.

Tsuyoshi stops staring at Stevie and says, "Uh. Yeah?"

"You like the pretty boy type, huh?" Dante says with a smirk.

Tsuyoshi looks down. He says, "Having hot Stevie around is not helping my concentration. Besides that, I don't want to seem all boy crazy."

Dante says, "The trials and tribulations of being a gay icon, huh?"

Tsuyoshi laughs. He says, "Sorry. I also saw something odd with Eduardo, I guess. He was hanging out with someone from the other team."

"He was?" Dante asks. "That's weird. When was that?"

"In the morning, before we all woke up," Tsuyoshi admits. "It seemed like a... romantic moment, I guess."

"Certain things are off limits, though," Dante admits. "I'm never going to vote out Eduardo. He's been there for me when I needed someone the most."

"I understand," Tsuyoshi states. "On another note... I can't believe the other team voted out Priscilla."

"She was a friend of yours, right?" Dante asks. Tsuyoshi nods.

Stevie comes across a garbage can and notices a piece of paper at the top. He lifts it out of the garbage and reads, "Dear Tsuyoshi, I've had a mad crazy crush on you since I first saw you on television. Meet me outside around the corner of the Indian food market. Your secret admirer." Stevie blinks. He looks back temporarily, tears up the note, and discards it into the garbage can.

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan states, "Here's who's safe. I've got to get back to smores, so let's make this quick. Autumn, Audrey II, Joanna, Vanessa, Dante, and Tsuyoshi. All of you are safe." Nolan hands out marshmallows. He looks down at the two marshmallows on his tray. He picks one up and puts it in his pocket. He explains, "Sorry about that. That one is for smores. So, there's one marshmallow and two of you..." He takes a deep breath. "Eduardo and Stevie... the final marshmallow goes to..."


Eduardo's eyes get wide. He says, "Uh. This is a surprise."

Dante looks at Tsuyoshi and says, "Yes, it is."

Tsuyoshi looks down at the ground. Audrey II says, "Aw, come on, guys. Don't be mad at Tsuyoshi. Eduardo was hanging out with Alexandria, apparently."

"You..." Eduardo says. "You know about that?" Several others nod. "We're just friends."

"There's plenty of friends on this team, too," Joanna states.

Eduardo sighs. "I'm not going to lie. I'm a competitor. I don't like to lose, and especially not so early. But I guess I have to take it."

Dante holds his head down, in a disappointed manner. He says, "I can't believe they voted for you. You were my only friend when I got here." Autumn looks at Dante with a sympathetic expression.

Eduardo looks at Dante, and then at the rest of his teammates, and asks, "Do you guys still hate Dante?"

"Not really," Vanessa says.

"Yeah," Joanna adds. "He's not as bad as I was expecting."

Eduardo smiles and assures, "See that? You don't need to worry about not having me around."

Dante nods and says, "Thanks for that. I'm still going to miss you, and all."

"I'll be around," Eduardo assures. Dante still looks disappointed. Eduardo says, "You'll be fine."

"Too late for that," Audrey II states, causing Dante to look at her with a concerned look. Eduardo lets out a laugh, and approaches the taxi cab for losing contestants.

Nolan leans back and says, "Oh, how the mighty have fallen, and stuff. Be sure to see what happens on the next Total... Drama:... Best of the Best!"

Makeover Gallery

Chapter 7 - Invasion of the Insect That Happens To Be Above Average In SizeEdit

The rookie host appears on screen. He gives a wide smile. He says, "Welcome to an all new, all exciting episode of Total... Drama:... Best of the Best!" Nolan pauses. His expression looks blank. "You think I should put pauses between 'Best' and then 'of' and then 'the' and then 'Best', again?" Nolan shrugs his shoulders. He goes on, "Last time, on... our little show, the teams were doing this makeover challenge. Stevie turned out all beautiful, and Micky D. ended up all... Well, he looked normal. I almost didn't recognize him. Stevie I recognized. Maybe it was because of that poster of him I had above my bed... Anyway, Micky D. and The Raging Ocelots were deemed invincible by the judge." Nolan smiles, knowingly. "I was the judge. In the end, uh, Eduardo was eliminated for the others thinking he was macking on Alexandria." Nolan looks to the side, momentarily, but then back at the camera. He smiles, again. "Stay tuned for the rest of the episode. It's sure to be a nail biter. I mean, not like... I mean, fingernails. Not like nails... Like metal ones that you hammer... with a hammer." Nolan lets out a sad sigh. "Just... end the intro. I'm tired of reshooting it." Nolan sits down on the curb, before the scene changes.

Brad is shown with his arm around Micky D., in front of their team. The prettier of the two guys says, "Wasn't Micky D. awesome in that last challenge?"

"It was nothin', yo," the newly made over redhead replies. "We woulda won no matter who it was."

"Nah, man," Zane assures. "The other team did great with Stevie. He looked so handsome." Zane thinks for a second. He blushes, and looks to the side. "Anyway, we had to bring our A game, and that was you, bro. I have to admit that we owe that last one to you, and your new look." Zane strokes his own soul patch. "You were overshadowing the subtle beauty of your soul patch, dude, with that weird mustache-sideburn combo. What was that about?" Zane lets out a laugh.

"You know," Brad starts. He looks down. "I hate to mention it... But I did have a hand in..."

"Whatever," Micky D. utters. "I just want to get back my digs back on, yo," Micky D. states. "Uh, where did you guys put them?"

"We'll see if 1999 is willing to give them back," Alexandria states, with her usual dry delivery. Zane bursts out laughing.

Brad grabs Micky D. by the shoulders. He says, "I just want to get one last look at you, before you change back to..." Brad pauses for an awkwardly long period of time. "How you were..." Tears begin to form in Brad's eyes.

"Aw, are you gonna be alright, G?" Micky D. asks.

"Just..." Brad lets go of Micky D. as he speaks. "Just give me a moment." Micky D. slowly backs off.

The other team returns from their elimination. "Whoa," Doyce says. "Where's that buff guy that isn't Stevie... or me?"

"You just had to throw yourself into that group didn't you?" Alexandria says with a smirk.

Doyce replies, "Um, yeah. It took a lot of work to look this good."

Missy laughs. She looks at a confused Doyce. She says, "Oh, sorry, sweetie. I thought you were joking."

"Nah," Doyce says while blushing. "It's on me."

"What is he talking about?" Zane whispers to Alexandria.

Alexandria says, "This is my second season with him, and I have no idea. At least he hasn't said 'son', in a little while."

Doyce says, "Oh, yeah, son! How's that?"

"Right," Sebastian states, with a shift of his glasses. "If I can get things back on topic, I believe what Doyce was trying to say is that Eduardo is missing. I find that fact pretty hard to believe, myself."

Doyce pats Sebastian on the back. He says, "You remembered that guy's name? That's pretty impressive. You must have, like, a super great memory."

"Well," Sebastian says. "Thank you. It's not all super great. There are some drawbacks."

Doyce laughs. He says, "Having a good memory eliminates any sort of muscle mass?" Sebastian's face turns red. "Aw, come on, man. I'm just joking with you."

"Uh," Alexandria begins. "Doyce, I saw something shiny over in the bushes over there." She points in a random direction.

"Ooh, maybe it's a medal," Doyce says, "or better, yet! Maybe it's a trophy!" Doyce speed walks into the direction that Alexandria pointed.

"Thank you for the save, there," Sebastian states. "I've never been a fan of Doyce and his... type."

"Aw, not all guys with freckles are bad," Alexandria states.

Sebastian lets out a small laugh. He says, "No, I meant..."

"I know what you meant," Alexandria clarifies. The sassy Latina turns toward her van and says, "I should be going." She looks down, before walking toward her quarters.

"If its any consolation," Missy says. "I'm on your side... with this whole Doyce thing." Missy shudders.

Sebastian smiles slightly. He says, "It's no big deal." He glances at Dante who seems to be talking with the other members of The Super Buff Muscle Dudes. "We all need to endure people we don't like, at times."

"It's a constant struggle," Missy says with a smile. She turns to Yesenia, who is looking over at a sad looking Nolan. "Are you ready to go, you sad, little, lovesick puppy?"

"Huh?" Yesenia says as she turns toward Missy. "Oh... Don't wait up for me. I'll be back soon."

As Missy walks away, she mutters, "That was a contradiction."

Sebastian, Doyce, Micky D., and Zane walk toward their van. Tsuyoshi says, "Lookin' good, Micky." Micky D. blushes, and keeps walking.

Dante nudges Tsuyoshi with his elbow. He asks, "Gooder than Stevie, here?" Tsuyoshi blushes, notices Sebastian looking at him, and he looks to the side.

Tsuyoshi says, quietly, "Gooder isn't proper diction."

"Proper what, now?" Dante replies with wide eyes.

Brad follows after his male team members, but stops when he gets near Yesenia and says, "You and Nolan? I always thought you two would have adorable children... You know, through wedlock."

"No," Yesenia says, with a concerned look. "I'm definitely not ready for kids... or marriage... And who says I like Nolan?"

"Everyone but you," Brad answers, smirking.

Yesenia blushes. She explains, "He just seems really down about something. You want to talk to him?"

"Maybe, tomorrow," Brad says with a shrug of his shoulders. "The two of you seem closer, anyway. Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah?" Yesenia replies.

Brad says, "It's kind of silly, actually. Have you thought I've been acting a little... selfish, lately?"

"What, now?" Yesenia asks. "I never thought that."

Brad explains, "So... my wanting some credit for the challenge win..." Brad looks down. "Look. Forget I mentioned anything. I should go." Brad rushes to his van. Yesenia looks after him.

The other team walks by. "I still can't believe how smooth you are, Stevie," Audrey II states. "Mind if I feel your chest, again?"

Stevie blushes. He says, "Isn't that a little weird?"

"No," Audrey states.

"Huh," Stevie says, as Audrey touches Stevie's chest. "I have a lot to learn about this whole being smooth thing."

Audrey II grabs Tsuyoshi's hand and places it on Stevie's chest. She says, "C'mon, Tsuyoshi. You know what they say. 'Three's a crowd'."

Tsuyoshi's face is red. He says, "I don't think that applies to this situation... Hey... This is really smooth..." He realizes what he said and retracts his hand, still blushing.

Dante smirks and nudges Autumn with his elbow. "He totally likes Stevie," Dante whispers to Autumn.

"If you have something to say," Joanna states, "say it to everyone."

Dante sighs. He says, "I was just telling Autumn here that I really love your pantyhose." Autumn lets out a soft smile.

Joanna blushes and gently pulls her hair back. She says, "You do? You really mean that?"

"I think he was joking," Tsuyoshi states, with a slight laugh.

"Guilty as charged," Dante replies.

Joanna looks annoyed. "You," she says, while pointing at Dante. "Ten minutes on the naughty mat."

Dante looks confused. He asks, "Is that something kinky?" Some of the others laugh.

Joanna states, "I've changed my mind." Joanna pulls a small black square from her pocket and unfolds it until it resembles a mat. "You stand on that mat, and think about your backsass."

Dante lets out a small laugh. He says, "You can't be serious."

Tsuyoshi leans toward Dante and says, "I'd comply if I were you. I don't want to know what happens when she gets angry." Dante shrugs, and smirks.

Sebastian is shown looking through the awkward blinds of his designated van. He then puts it down.

Sebastian is shown in confessional. He says, "I do not understand what's going on on that other team. It seems that they're beginning to accept Dante... Tsuyoshi, especially. No. That can't be right. He's probably just acting like he's friends with him in order to make his elimination harder than Dante... That sounds like something my friend would do." Sebastian smiles. "I know it sounds harsh, but it is Dante in question here. And at least the team has seemed to ostracize him by forcing him to stay outside on a mat of some sort."

Dante is shown sitting on the naughty mat with a general disgruntled look on his face, chewing some of the gum designed to help him quit smoking. He looks over at Yesenia sitting by Nolan on the curb. The camera changes over to those two.

Yesenia says, "Nolan, you can talk to me. I can tell something is wrong. Is it about Eduardo? I'm sure it was difficult to host when it was your friend being eliminated."

Nolan looks down. He says, "Yeah. I feel like I should have been nicer with it, though."

"It'll be okay, Nolan," Yesenia assures. "You were just doing your job."

Nolan nods and admits, "I want to be professional, but I should have been more friendly. I hope he's not mad at me."

Yesenia assures, "I don't think he's mad at you, Nolan. He knows your role, here."

"I guess," Nolan replies, still looking unsure.

Yesenia puts her hand on Nolan's shoulder. She states, "You can be proud of yourself, Nolan. You're doing a good job. Besides that, you're not free from compassion, like you know who."

"Um, yeah," Nolan replies. He narrows his eyes. "Could you clarify who you mean a little better?" Yesenia lets out a laugh.

"You're cute," Yesenia lets out. She and Nolan simultaneously blush.

The next morning, Nolan knocks on one of the van doors. He shouts, "It's breakfast time! Come and get it!"

"I wonder what he's prepared for us, today," Sebastian states. "Raw eggs and bread, dry cereal, or uncooked toaster pastries?"

Doyce laughs, causing Sebastian to wince. "Good one, son!" Doyce compliments. "Mmm. I do hope that it's raw eggs, though. "

"Aw, come on," Brad says. "Give him a little credit. He's a bachelor. He's not used to providing food for a large group of people."

"That's why Joanna should have been host," Zane states.

Micky D. is still in bed. "Time to get up, Deester," Doyce instructs. Micky D. groggily gets up. Doyce hurries and gets his wrestling trunks on. "I want first dibs." He puts on his elbow pads, and rushes outside.

Micky D. slowly gets out of bed, scratches his chin, looks around and sees the other contestants have gone. He goes through his things, and pulls out his usual clothing. He pauses as he looks at it.

Outside, the contestants are standing around. Doyce drinks down a glass of raw eggs, while the others stand around holding boxes of cereal, and eat handfuls of the cereal. Sebastian looks at his box of 'Clown O's' wearily. Doyce slaps Sebastian on the back and says, "Ooh, 'Clown O's'. Don't be fooled by the marshmallow seltzer bottles. These things are packed with protein. They'll help you get big and strong. Eat up, son!"

Sebastian frowns. He says, "Here. You can have them."

"You're..." Doyce begins. "You're sure about that?"

Sebastian says, "Positive." He hands the box to Doyce.

"I mean," Doyce says. "You need something, right? I don't want to take..."

"I'll scrounge something up," Sebastian states. "Or maybe I'll skip breakfast."

"Oh," Doyce replies, he looks to the side. "Well... If you insist, son." Sebastian walks away. Doyce tears the box open, and holds it above his head. He begins pouring the dry cereal into his mouth, remarkably barely missing any piece of the whole grain cereal. Doyce's eyes get wide. He holds the box down, and reaches into his mouth with his free hand. He pulls out a small plastic bag. He laughs, "Oh, man! I almost choked on this! Oh, cool a prize." Doyce unwraps his 'Kookoo the Klown' figurine. His eyes dart back and forth. He whispers, "One more, and I'll have the complete set." He slips the figure into his wrestling trunks.

On the other team, Stevie rubs his now fully bearded chin. He says, "That didn't last long."

Dante says to Tsuyoshi, "Don't be too crushed that your dream man is now covered in shrubbery, again." Tsuyoshi sticks his tongue out at Dante, playfully. Dante smirks.

Vanessa asks Stevie, "Do you plan to do the waxing plan, again?"

Stevie's eyes shoot open, and the large man shouts, "Never! I still feel the pain in areas of my body... I had nightmares, last night... "

"I see you've stuck with the new outfit, though," Vanessa states. "I like it." Autumn and Joanna look at each other with wide eyes. "What? I've complimented a man before. Well, maybe not technically a compliment. It was implied, though."

"It's a good look for you, Stevie," Tsuyoshi asserts. "Way better than that sarong."

"You got a problem with my..." Stevie begins.

Micky D. walks out of his designated van. Everyone stops their conversation to look at him, still in his clothes from the makeover. Micky D. asks, "What's everyone staring at? Can't a guy walk out of a van without getting stared at?"

"Not one with shag carpeting," Alexandria states. Micky D. looks down, as he walks over to the other contestants.

Nolan steps in front of the remaining contestants. He says, "It's time for the next challenge. You'll need to follow me to the next location." He accidentally steps in front of Yesenia. He blushes and says, "I'm sorry. After you."

"No," Yesenia insists. "It's alright. You... go on ahead." Yesenia also blushes.

"No, I insist," Nolan replies.

Vanessa puts her hand between her eyes. She says, "How about we let the big oaf, which is totally a term of endearment, go first, since he's leading us to the challenge?"

"Oh, right," Yesenia and Nolan say in unison. Nolan walks down the street, and stands in front of a bus stop.

"Um, this is where our challenge is?" Micky D. asks. "Kind of lame, right?" Everyone stares at Micky D. with wide eyes. He looks down and says, "What?"

Nolan explains, "This is our ride to the challenge. I thought it would be easier to leave our vehicles here."

"But..." Tsuyoshi begins. He looks back at a club on one of Nolan's car's tires, indicating that a traffic cop had placed it on the vehicle due to a parking violation. "Never mind."

The bus arrives and the contestants herd into it. Doyce sits down next to Micky D. Doyce stretches. He looks at his arm and starts poking himself on his bicep. He eventually puts his arm down. He asks, "Hey, Mick Deester?"

"I'd prefer it if you call me Mackenzie," Micky D. Mackenzie requests.

"Right," Doyce replies. "I just wanted to make sure... Um. This is what you want to do, right?"

Mackenzie asks, "What do you mean?"

Doyce attempts to clarify what he means, "The new... persona."

Mackenzie looks down. He says, "Yes. This is my decision, Doyce."

Doyce looks over at Mackenzie. He smiles and says, "Okay." Doyce holds up his arm, again, and begins poking his bicep. "I wonder what people without muscles play with." Mackenzie's eyes get wide as he looks at Doyce.

Nolan stands up in the front of the bus and says, "We're here." The bus driver stops, and Nolan falls backward. Nolan leaps up like nothing happened.

"An abandoned movie studio?" Brad asks. "Can we legally be here?"

"Don't you recognize it?" Nolan asks.

Sebastian states, "It's the studio that they filmed Total Drama Action at."

"That's right," Nolan answers. Nolan looks excited. He says, "We're going to be recreating one of my favorite movies... that I can't say the name of for legal purposes, but I assure you... it's awesome!"

Doyce puts his hands to his mouth and shouts, "Awesome!"

"I'll be playing the part of a giant grasshopper," Nolan explains. The contestants look concerned or confused. "The rest of you will be given roles, and starting locations. You basically have to survive the challenge. The team who has the most survivors, or last survivor, will win the challenge. Any questions?"

Every contestant raises their hand. Missy speaks after Nolan calls on her. The beauty asks, "When you say 'survive', you can't actually mean?"

Nolan laughs. He says, "No." His eyes get wide. He says, "No! I don't mean that. I mean, you'll be shot with grasshopper goo, or a net, or something."

"Grasshopper goo?" Joanna repeats with wide eyes.

"Yup, that's right," Nolan states. "If something like that happens, you're out of the challenge." The host leads the contestants to a large set that looks like a city. He hands assignment cards to the contestants.

"Bikini model?" Alexandria states.

"That's not right," Vanessa says with a frown.

Nolan assures, "It's completely random. I assure you."

"I got bikini model, too," Stevie announces. Nolan takes that assignment card from Stevie and hands him a different one. Stevie reads his new assigned role, "Eskimo. I can rock that."

Autumn says, "We all got scientist." She points at Tsuyoshi and Dante.

"Then you'll need lab coats," Nolan states.

"No," Autumn says. "I mean, we're all bunched together in the same location."

"Um, yeah?" Nolan says. "You probably shouldn't be giving me hints. I'm the grasshopper, fyi. So everyone knows their starting point?" The contestants look at each other and nod. "Okay, put your costumes on." He reaches behind a cardboard building, and pulls out a rack with costumes hanging down.

"Ooh," Yesenia says. "This is a big step up from the usual box of costumes."

Nolan rubs the back of his head. He says, "I do what I can." The contestants reach toward their assigned costumes.

Doyce looks at Mackenzie. He asks, "What did you get?" Mackenzie holds up his card, and Doyce reads, "'Normal Guy'? That's cool. I got 'Paramedic'."

"Okay, everyone," Nolan says. "I have to go get ready. See ya, soon!" Nolan excitedly leaves.

"Is everyone else expecting an ill fitting spandex suit with a foam grasshopper hat?" Zane asks.

Missy sighs and says, "I need to wipe that mental image from my mind."

Brad asks Zane, "What did you get? I got 'Commando'."

"You're going commando for once?" Zane asks. Brad looks confused. "Anyway," he looks at Alexandria as he holds up his card, "'Bikini Model Photographer'. A happy coincidence."

Alexandria rolls her eyes, and grabs Zane by the camera. She drags him along and says, "Let's go."

"Score!" Zane says, as he is dragged along by Alexandria. "Ow. Can you be a little gentler? Nah, I'm kidding." The others also begin to disperse.

Vanessa looks over at Sebastian. She asks, "We're the unsuspecting, bickering, yachting married couple. What do you think that means?"

"Judging by the roles we were being given, I believe I've seen this movie before," Sebastian states.

"And?" Vanessa asks. "That should give us some sort of advantage." She looks down from the randomly placed yacht and the surrounding blue fabric that is meant to represent water.

"I'd tell you," Sebastian says. "But we are on separate teams." Vanessa glares at him. "Besides. We are kind of stranded over here."

Vanessa rolls her eyes. She says, "So you're already giving up? I don't want to say it's typical, but you know. Plus, a husband should share everything with his fake wife. That's the reason that so many marriages end in..." A loud clanging noise is heard. "What's that?"

"If my memory serves..." Sebastian begins, "which it does, it should be Nolan."

Vanessa looks to the shore. Her eyes get wide. She says, "What is that? I don't care that we're on separate teams. Hold me." Sebastian gulps, and hugs Vanessa.

"This was not what I was expecting," Sebastian states.

The scene changes to Autumn, Tsuyoshi, and Dante in their lab set. "Beakers and stuff," Dante says as he looks around. "This is boring. I wish I was on that bikini model photo shoot."

"Come on, Dante," Tsuyoshi states. "We need to follow the rules, although... I'm not quite... sure what they are."

{C "Survive," Autumn states.

"Yeah," Tsuyoshi replies. "That's vague. I'm not sure why this isn't a better place to stay than randomly in the street."

Dante looks at Autumn and asks, "Wanna make out?" Autumn blushes. Dante laughs. He says, "Sorry. I'm kidding."

"That's okay," Autumn says. "I knew you were kidding. I thought it was..." The building begins to shake. "What's that?"

A large mechanical grasshopper head breaks through the glass window. "What the?!" Dante shouts. "What is that thing?"

"It's me!" Nolan says from inside. "Isn't it awesome? Oh... Sorry. I'm going out of character. My motivation is... destroy the scientists responsible for my existence, and junk."

"I am not responsible for your junk," Dante assures.

Tsuyoshi says, "Come on. Let's go." Dante and Autumn nod. They run toward an elevator. Autumn is shot with a green goo, and falls to the ground. She hits Dante, and makes him fall, as well, causing his glasses to fall to the floor.

Dante says, "My glasses!" He attempts to find his glasses.

Tsuyoshi grabs him by the arm. "We have to go," Tsuyoshi insists.

"I know, but we can't leave behind..." Dante begins.

"Autumn is out of the challenge," Tsuyoshi states. "We just have to leave her behind."

"Thanks," Autumn says, from amidst the green goo.

"I know that," Dante assures. He's dragged into the elevator as the grasshopper machine prepares to fire, again. The door to the elevator closes just in time. "We made it... I didn't think that was going to happen."

"She's gone," Tsuyoshi says, melodramatically. He grabs hold of Dante's shoulders and says, "But we have to keep fighting... For Autumn."

"I thought it was summer, right now," Dante states. Dante rubs him arm. "You're pretty strong."

"Sorry," Tsuyoshi says, while blushing. "But we had to get out of there."

Dante replies, "I know, but it is just a stupid challenge. Dude, I need my glasses."

"So things are a little blurry," Tsuyoshi replies. "You can manage."

"Right," Dante replies. The elevator makes a dinging sound. "I assume that means we've reached the first floor?" Tsuyoshi steps out of the elevator. Dante walks forward, and bangs his head on the elevator doors, after they close, again. Tsuyoshi turns around and pushes an elevator button. The doors open and he sees Dante rubbing his face.

"Maybe it's a little worse than I thought," Tsuyoshi states. "Your nose is bleeding."

Dante says, "Oh, great."

Tsuyoshi tears off piece of one of his lab coat sleeves and puts it into Dante's hand. "Use this," Tsuyoshi instructs. He looks at Dante, as he holds the fabric to his nose. "Your eyesight is pretty bad, huh?"

"You think?" Dante asks. Dante groans.

"We should keep moving," Tsuyoshi states.

"How are we going to do that when I can barely see my hand in front of my face?" Dante says, as he holds up one of his hands for dramatic effect.

Tsuyoshi states, "You put your hand by your ear." Dante blushes, and moves his hand in front of his face. Tsuyoshi grabs hold of Dante's arm. He assures, "This means little to nothing. I'm going to have to lead you through the rest of the challenge. I know it's awkward, but..."

"I get it," Dante assures. "You don't need to give me some explanation. You're gay. I'm straight. But it doesn't matter. It's just one guy leading another guy around to avoid a giant grasshopper on a reality show."

Tsuyoshi looks at Dante. He says, "Uh. Thanks for saying that." The building begins to shake, again. "We need to go." Dante nods. Tsuyoshi walks out of the scientific research building, as he keeps hold of Dante's arm. Tsuyoshi comes across Stevie, lying on the ground covered with green goo. "What happened to you?"

"Who is it?" Dante asks.

Stevie explains, "I'm Stevie. You know? Stevie? Anyway, I was walking along, minding my Eskimo business, and this giant grasshopper that sounds like Nolan jumps up. I jumped on its back, and I tried to bite it with my teeth."

"As opposed to?" Dante asks. Tsuyoshi nudges him with his elbow.

"The thing was metal!" Stevie states. "It hurt my toofies."

Dante responds with, "I didn't know that grown men had 'toofies'."

Tsuyoshi looks at his hand on Dante's arm. He says, "This isn't what it looks like."

Stevie says, "Oh. It's not one guy leading along a guy with poor eyesight to avoid getting caught be a giant grasshopper on a reality show?"

"Maybe it is what it looks like," Tsuyoshi replies with a blank expression. "Sorry you got gooed, Stevie. But we should keep moving." Stevie nods his approval.

Alexandria and Zane are shown, while Zane pretends to take pictures of the bikini clad female with his fake camera. Alexandria says, "Shouldn't we be not here?"

"Yes," Zane replies. "But what opportunity am I going to get to take pictures of a hot girl in a bikini with a camera, you know... with her knowing?"

"Okay," Alexandria replies. "You get creepier on a daily basis."

Nearby, Doyce and Mackenzie are shown hiding under an overturned car. Doyce says, "Oh, hey! There's Alexandria and Zane!" Doyce begins to stand.

Mackenzie states, "Stay down. The giant grasshopper can sense groups of three or more people."

"It does?" Doyce asks.

"Yeah," Mackenzie replies. "I read it in science class when I were a wee lad. Wait. It might have been a comic book I slipped into my textbook."

"Okay," Doyce says. "Maybe you're right."

The giant grasshopper approaches the area. Alexandria looks up with wide eyes. Zane says, "I said 'give me anger', not mortal terror." Alexandria is hit by the green grasshopper goo, and knocked to the ground.

"This is grosser than I imagined," Alexandria states.

"Hold that pose," Zane states. "This is really hot." Zane is then hit by another glob of grasshopper goo.

Doyce removes his paramedic shirt and hands it to Mackenzie. He says, "Hold this. I'm going to go give Alexandria mouth to mouth."

"Alright," Mackenzie replies. Doyce leaves. "Wait, why are you doing that shirtless?" Mackenzie leans over and sees Doyce on the ground tied up by a green net presumably from the metallic grasshopper. Mackenzie frowns, but returns to his secure hiding place.

Yesenia and Brad are shown walking together, Yesenia in a poodle skirt, and Brad in a military helmet, white tank top, and camouflage pants. "You know how you asked me if I thought you were acting selfish?" Yesenia asks.

"I do remember that," Brad replies. "But I shouldn't have asked you that."

"You didn't let me answer," Yesenia assures. Brad nods. "You don't have to feel like you have to be perfect, while you're on here. Everyone makes mistakes. If you feel you have something you need to work on, work on it, but there's no point in dwelling on negative things. That's what I wanted to say."

Brad nods. He says, "Thanks for saying that. I..." The ground begins shaking. "What's that?"

"I don't..." Yesenia begins. The teammates see a giant mechanical grasshopper jump passed them. It leaves the area.

"What was that about?" Brad asks.

Yesenia says, "Maybe it didn't see us?"

A manhole cover moves, and Tsuyoshi climbs out of the manhole. He helps Dante out. "That was weird," Tsuyoshi states.

"What happened?" Dante asks.

"The grasshopper passed these two right by," Tsuyoshi states.

Dante looks confused. He says, "That's odd..."

Brad says, "Maybe it didn't notice me because of my camouflage pants?"

A globule of green goo sails through the air and hits Tsuyoshi, it knocks him over, and Dante extends his arms in an effort to catch Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi falls to the ground. Dante moves his arms over, not realizing that Tsuyoshi already landed on the ground. Dante is then struck by a green net. The grasshopper approaches Brad and Yesenia. Brad forces Yesenia behind him in an effort to protect her. Nolan emerges from the grasshopper and announces, "The Super Buff Muscle Dudes have lost this challenge, with all of their team members eliminated." The contestants covered in goo or wrapped in a net approach the area. "That means that The Raging Ocelots..."

"This is complete bullcrap!" Dante shouts. Everyone has wide eyes.

"We lost, Dante," Tsuyoshi assures. "It's what happened."

Dante shakes his head, and points toward Missy. "Nolan had the opportunity to eliminate Brad and Yesenia from the challenge, but he didn't," Dante explains.

Slimy Stevie whispers, "You're pointing at Missy."

Tsuyoshi moves Dante's arm so that he is pointing at Nolan. "I didn't see them," Nolan assures.

Tsuyoshi looks at Sebastian and whispers, "Dante, don't draw too much attention to yourself. Maybe he just didn't see them."

Dante shakes his head. He says, "I know cheating when I see it." Nolan gulps and looks down. "The other day, when Joanna forced me onto the naughty mat..."

"What goes on on that team?" Alexandria asks with wide eyes.

"That's not important," Dante says. "What is important is that I saw Yesenia and Nolan... kissing."

"What?" most of the other contestants say, if they aren't gasping. Yesenia holds her head down.

"This must be some sort of cheap ploy on Dante's part in order to save himself from the next elimination," Sebastian states.

Yesenia says, "He... Dante is telling the truth."

"Wait, so you and Nolan are a couple?" Sebastian asks.

"Not quite," Yesenia states. "The kiss sort of just happened."

Nolan says, "I'd already deleted the footage." He looks down. "I didn't realize that Dante was there at the time."

Tsuyoshi says, "So that means..."

Sebastian finishes his thought, "Yesenia broke the 'no romantic relationship and/or making out with the host' rule."

Alexandria says, "It's a wonder that the rule was never broken when Chris Mclean hosted."

"It's basically to insure that no unfair treatment is made by the host," Sebastian explains. "Or that no host/contestant alliances are made."

Nolan lets out a sigh. He says, "It's my fault. I don't want Yesenia to get in trouble for this."

Yesenia shakes her head. She says, "Nolan, it was bound to come out. According to that rule, I need to be disqualified."

Missy asks, "And what happens to Nolan? Not that I care."

"Nothing," Sebastian says with a frown.

"That's entirely unfair," Vanessa states.

"No one said the rules were fair," Sebastian states. "They were drafted by Chris Mclean, so they do tend to be unduly biased toward the host."

Nolan says, "I'm so sorry, everyone. I wish I could take it back, but Yesenia..." Nolan's face turns red. "I hope you can forgive me."

Yesenia assures, "Nolan, you didn't make the rules, and you didn't make me fall for you." Yesenia's face turns red. "Just promise me that you don't beat yourself up over this."

"But how can I..." Nolan begins. "I don't belong here."

Yesenia says, "Nolan, without you, this whole show would shut down. You need to see it through. As for me, I'll talk to you after the show is over?"

Nolan nods. He says, "If you aren't mad at me." Yesenia approaches Nolan and kisses him.

"I'm not particularly fond of public displays of affection," Sebastian states as he turns away.

The scene changes to show the outside of the movie studio. Yesenia waves as she gets into the taxi cab. Nolan waves, but then grabs hold of his arm. He says, "The elimination ceremony is cancelled, do to events. I hope you all can forgive me. It won't happen again." He walks off. Most of the remaining contestants follow after him.

Dante looks after him, and sits down on the sidewalk. Autumn walks up to him and holds out his glasses for him. "What's that?" Dante asks.

"Your glasses," Autumn states.

"Oh, thanks, Audrey," Dante says. He takes the glasses, and puts them on. He looks at Autumn and says, "You're not Audrey."

"I admire what you did, today," Autumn assures. "It took a lot of... courage."

Dante replies, halfheartedly, "Thanks. I do feel kind of bad. Was it really any of my business? And... it felt like a pretty heartless thing to do."

Autumn assures, "You did what you had to do. It would have been unfair for all of us, if things continued to go the way they were. Nolan's not a bad guy, but he doesn't really think his actions through."

Dante nods. He says, "I guess you're right. Thanks for talking with me."

Sebastian is shown in confessional. He says, "What Dante did, today, appeared to be noble. But I don't believe that his motives were entirely pure. Even if Yesenia was breaking a rule, it still means that Dante was safe from that elimination." Sebastian shifts his glasses. "I've still got my eye on him."

Doyce is shown with most of his team. He asks, "Wait. Has anyone seen Micky?" The others look at him with blank expressions. Doyce runs back to the movie studio.

Chapter 8 - Fractured Fairytale TheaterEdit

Nolan appears on camera. He smiles wide and says, "Hey, there. Welcome to an all-new Total... Drama:... Best of the Best. This is where I say what happened last time... Well... I kind of did a bad thing... I fell in love..." Nolan begins singing, "In love with the girl that conflicted with the 'no host dating and/or making out with a contestant' rule!" Nolan stops singing. "Did that rhyme?" The camera person shakes the camera to signify 'no'. Nolan looks down and sighs. "I got my favorite girl booted for showing her favoritism during the giant grasshopper challenge, and I stink at rhyming. It sucks being me." Nolan sighs, again. "Oh... I was talking about Yesenia by the way, though I know the other female contestants dig me. I'm a one guy girl, you know? That's why I got this tattoo." Nolan raises his shorts to reveal a tattoo that says 'Yesenia' on his thigh. "I hope she agrees to date me after the show... Otherwise this would be kind of awkward." He stares at his thigh for a while. He lowers the leg on his shorts. "So... What was I talking about, again? Oh, yeah. The show I am currently hosting... It'll be good, so keep watching." Nolan looks proud. "I consider that my best intro, yet!"

Dante is shown sitting on the curb next to the parking lot that the teams have their vans parked at, with Tsuyoshi and Stevie standing next to him. Tsuyoshi asks him, "You gonna be alright?"

"Yeah," Dante assures. "I just want to sit out here for a while."

"We can respect that," Stevie replies. "Let's go, Tsu." Stevie wraps his arm around Tsuyoshi's neck and pulls him to their van. Tsuyoshi looks worried, while Dante lets out a laugh as he watches the guys walk away. Dante lets out a sigh, as he looks down.

Audrey II appears out of nowhere and says, "Hey, Dante! What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be with the other guys, rubbing lotion on your pecs, or something?

Dante's eyebrows raise. He asks, "What do you think guys do all day?"

"Well..." Audrey II begins.

"Please, don't answer that," Dante insists.

Audrey asks, "Is anything the matter? You seem a little down."

Autumn, Vanessa, and Joanna walk up. "There you are, Audrey," Joanna states to Audrey. "I knew that we should have put her on a leash."

"What are you doing out here?" Vanessa asks. "With him?" she adds, as she points at Dante.

Audrey says, "We were going to talk about his feelings."

Vanessa laughs. She looks at Dante and Audrey II. "Oh, you're serious," she says. "My mistake."

"I honestly wasn't going to say anything," Dante states. "I'll be fine without opening up."

"And bottling up your emotions?" Vanessa asks. "Typical... Anyway. It's completely healthy to let someone else know what's on your mind."

"Maybe you're right," Dante admits. He lets out a sigh. "It's about what happened earlier with Yesenia. I just... I don't know if I want to talk about it."

Joanna suggests, "If there's something you need to get off of your chest, you should do it."

"Please, be his shirt," Audrey II recites with her fingers crosses. "Please, be his shirt."

Vanessa says, "Oh, Audrey. Don't be so boy crazy. You're better than that."

Dante's eyes get wide. He says, "Um. I'll choose to ignore that. But I guess you're right." Audrey squeals. "I was talking to Joanna!" Dante shouts, frightening the girls. His face turns red. He apologizes, "Sorry. I'm just a little uptight. I mean, what I did in calling out Yesenia and Nolan felt like something the old Dante would do." He looks to Autumn. "I know you said that I was upholding the rules, and crap like that..." Joanna covers Audrey's ears with her hands. "But I ruined someone's chances to win..."

Joanna assures, "I think it's kind of sweet that you feel that way."

"You do?" Dante asks. "What do you mean?"

Joanna explains, "It shows that you've grown a conscience since your last game. My naughty mat and I take full credit for that."

Dante laughs and looks down. He says, "I guess you're right. Thanks. I probably look pretty silly, being all emo about something like this."

"Pretty much," Vanessa states. "But it's alright. It's better that you feel bad over something that wasn't so bad, instead of being all cruel, and manipulative, and evil, and..." Dante looks like his feelings were hurt. Autumn shoots a glare in Vanessa's direction.

"We were just going," Autumn assures. The other girls shrug and head to their van. Autumn stays behind. She puts her hand on Dante's shoulder and says, "I don't think Vanessa meant anything by that."

"I know," Dante assures. "It's just... I don't like thinking about the way I was, when I'm trying so hard to be a different person. You know? It's like I'm never going to live it down, no matter what I do. People are always going to remember me as that heartless villain/abusive boyfriend from four years ago."

Autumn says, "I'm sure there's going to be someone that can look past that."

"How can you be so sure?" Dante asks.

Autumn explains, "There's already at least six people here that are giving you a second chance."

Dante's lips curl up on the ends to form a smile. "Thanks," he says. "You always know just what to say to make me feel better."

Autumn blushes. She says, "Well, it's nothing. Um. I should go."

Dante says, "Go on. Thanks, again." Autumn nods, and walks to her van.

Stevie and Tsuyoshi are shown on their van. Stevie says, "There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about. Do you mind?"

"Not at all," Tsuyoshi assures. "What is it?"

Stevie looks to the side. He says, "I found that note that you got... The one from your secret admirer. Did you find out who it was?"

"Oh, that," Tsuyoshi says. "I just thought it was some kind of joke. I... uh... I didn't believe it, or anything, but I thought that I might as well see if whoever it was that sent it showed up. They didn't. It was probably just Audrey II or something... It wasn't... you, was it?"

"Me?" Stevie asks, while blushing. "No, man. Sorry to disappoint." Tsuyoshi laughs.

"It probably wasn't one of the guys," Tsuyoshi states. "It couldn't have been Eduardo, because... of reasons. Dante was in bed. And it definitely wasn't Brad, Nolan, Zane, Sebastian or Micky D."

"So that leaves..." Stevie begins. Tsuyoshi's face turns red. "You already figured it out, didn't you?"

Tsuyoshi says, with his face red, "No way is it Doyce."

"Does it matter, anyway?" Stevie asks. "I mean, are you looking for a romantic interest?"

"That's not why I came here," Tsuyoshi assures. He looks down. "But it would be nice, ya know? I don't go too long between boyfriends... But none of my relationships ever seem to end well, because we never end up being right for each other, or we aren't looking for the same things in a relationship. But then a new one starts pretty soon... Maybe I just hate being alone... I don't know." Tsuyoshi looks at Stevie. "You probably don't want to hear about this."

Stevie laughs, heartily. He says, "I really don't mind. I like hearing about other people's problems, and helping in any way I can."

"Um," Tsuyoshi begins. "Can you keep what we just talked about between you and me?"

Stevie shrugs his shoulders. He says, "I don't see why I wouldn't. Nobody else needs to know."

Tsuyoshi says, "Thanks." He smiles. "I appreciate it." Stevie nods.

Doyce is shown walking through the movie set from the latest challenge. He happens across the car that he and Mackenzie hid behind. He looks behind it and sees his friend still hiding there. Mackenzie looks up and says, "Did we win the challenge?"

"Yeah, son," Doyce says. "Kinda." He looks to the side.

"They forgot me here, didn't they?" Mackenzie asks.

"Maybe," Doyce states.

Mackenzie says, "First, everyone gets all irritated by me, and now... they don't even remember me."

"I remembered you," Doyce assures. "I mean... eventually. How was your first day as Mackenzie? You know, besides getting left here."

Mackenzie lets out a deep breath. He says, "There's no pleasing anyone, you know? Everyone reacted so positively when I got changed, know what I'm sayin'?" Mackenzie's face turns red. "I mean, you know?"

"So that is why you changed," Doyce states. "Bro, you don't need to change yourself for anyone but yourself. If you're happy with how you were, then who cares what anyone else thinks. I'm living proof of that."

Mackenzie looks at Doyce. He then turns, and puts his head between his knees, and his hands over his head. He says, "I'm not happy, man. Everyone is right. My entire career is a joke. I'm a laughingstock. This isn't what I wanted. All I wanted was to be recognized for my talent, and some street cred... Naomi tries to be supportive, but I can tell we've been growing distant. I'm making money, but... I don't even care about that. It's not what I wanted..."

Doyce puts his hand on Mackenzie's shoulder. He asks, "What do you want, son?"

Mackenzie looks up at Doyce. "I'm not sure, anymore... I just want to be happy, again..."

Doyce pats Mackenzie on the back. He says, "Then you should do that. Well, we better head back."

Mackenzie nods. He lets out a quiet, "Thanks, Doyce."

The next morning, Doyce gets out of bed. Brad looks over at him and asks, "Did you always have that 'Team Brandon' shirt?"

Doyce looks down. He states, "Um, yeah. I just thought I'd switch it up from my long johns a little bit, son."

"I'm more of a 'Team Dylan' guy myself," Brad admits. "He wore Fruit of the Brad in his latest satyr movie."

"Do satyrs need underwear?" Zane asks.

Brad explains, "They do when they want to pass off as an every day teen that's aware of current fashion."

Zane frowns. He lets out, "You know? I'm sorry I asked."

"Me, too," Sebastian states, as he quickly shifts between his sleeping mask and his sunglasses.

Doyce's stomach rumbles. He says, "I'm ready for breakfast. Let's get it done!" He looks over at Mackenzie, who is still in bed. "You coming, man?"

"Nah, I'm going to sleep in, a little," Mackenzie states. "Go ahead without me." Mackenzie looks up and realizes that Doyce is already gone.

Outside, at breakfast the contestants eat their provided breakfast. Doyce says with a mouthful of a protein bar, "Protein bars and sports drinks? This is the life." He looks off dreamily.

Sebastian stares at Doyce, chewing with his mouth open. He says to himself, "Too bad I'll probably relive that memory..."

Missy is behind Sebastian. She says, "Relive the memory? You mean it'll happen, again?"

Sebastian looks behind him. He says, "I didn't know you were standing there." He explains, "And no. I don't mean it'll happen, again. What people don't realize about people with 'photographic' memories, is that when we do recall our memories, we remember all the feelings that we went through at the time."

"I never realized that, hon," Missy says. "So if you recall Doyce's disgusting behavior, it'll be just as cringe worthy?" Sebastian nods. "That must be awful."

"Hey, son?" Doyce says, referring to Sebastian. "You're going to eat that, aren't you? It'll help you get big and strong."

Sebastian mutters, "If it prevents me from ending up like you..." Sebastian smiles and says, "Here, you can take them." He holds out his protein bars and sports drink.

Doyce raises an eyebrow. He says, "Skipping breaky two days in a row? Are you sure?"

Sebastian assures, "Yes, I..." Doyce snatches the items from Sebastian, and walks away to devour them. "I will say that he has his reflexes going for him." Missy lets out a giggle. Sebastian looks at her and smiles.

Missy says, "You and I are on the same boat here."

"How do you mean?" Sebastian asks.

"Look around," Missy instructs. "We're not exactly swimming in a pool full of our friends, here."

"I've got Tsuyoshi," Sebastian lets out. "Not that we had any sort of predetermined alliance, or anything like that."

Missy raises an eyebrow. She says, "A likely story." Sebastian's face turns red. "Don't worry about it, sweetie. I would have done the same thing, if I had the option. But I'm basically alone here. And I might want to point out that your good friend seems to be doing quite well for himself." Sebastian looks over at Tsuyoshi, surrounded by the other members of The Super Buff Muscle Dudes, as they laugh. "You might want to rethink your little secret alliance, before you get hurt."

Sebastian frowns. He says, "Tsuyoshi would never betray me."

Missy smiles sweetly. "Well, if you don't think so..." Missy begins. She tilts her head to the side. "Then of course he wouldn't." She looks to the side. "Oh, look. Our charming host has arrived."

Nolan drives up in his shoddy vehicle. He jumps out, after parking. He says, "It's time for the challenge. Who are we missing?"

"Micky D.," Alexandria says. "I'm sorry. I mean, Mackenzie."

"I'm here, yo," Mackenzie calls out. The contestants look over at him, and see that he has gone back to his usual rapper garb. He walks over to the others.

Doyce asks him, "So this is what you decided?"

Mackenzie nods. He says, "I'm doing this for me, yo."

"Okay," Doyce replies with a nod. "Can I call you Micky D., again?" Micky D. nods. "Good. I think that suits you better." They turn their attention to Nolan.

Nolan says, "I wonder what we'll get, tomorrow. Anyway, the challenge of the day will take place at a local library. I volunteered all of you to put on a little play for a group of kids. You'll have access to our handy dandy box of costumes, some available props, and you must base your play on a famous children's story. You'll be judged by me and the kids, so do your best, and be creative in your interpretation. I'll drive over there, and you guys can follow. Come on!" Nolan runs off. He runs back, and hops into his car.

As the contestants arrive at the library, Nolan leads them inside. He points to the history section of the library and says, "You can get changed back there. No one's going to be going over there." Nolan adds a laugh. "We'll have The Super Buff Muscle Dudes to go first." The team nods.

Autumn walks into a room full of children, Nolan, and a stage. She sits in a large armchair and opens a large book. She says, "The story I'm going to present to you is 'Stevie in Wonderland'." Autumn clears her throat. She says, "Once upon a time, there was a boy... large man... named Stevie." Stevie skips into the room at his cue, wearing a wrestling uniform with an apron over it.

Stevie says, "I'm a large man named Stevie."

"Stevie was famous for being a wrestler," Autumn narrates. "But he also liked to dream. He always had his head in the clouds..." She notices some confused looking children. "That's a metaphor for daydreaming..." She notices more confused looks. "A metaphor is like a magical picture made with words." Some of the children give out some 'ooh's. "Stevie's father was particularly tough on Stevie, wanting him to be the best wrestler in the world."

Dante walks out in a fake beard and says gruffly, "Stevie! I'm your father, so you listen to me. I want you to be the world's best wrestler, so you need to quit this daydreaming crap..." Several shocked looks and 'oooh!'s come from the children. "Er... I mean, daydreaming nonsense. You need to keep focused if you want to make anything of yourself." Stevie looks aloof. Dante says, "You aren't even listening to me, young, large man." Stevie notices a butterfly, tied to a string and made from a piece of paper, and chases it off, and around the children, who laugh, and Nolan who also laughs and claps.

Autumn stares at Dante. She says, "Stevie's father told him to get back there."

"Oh, right," Dante says. He states, "Stevie! Get back here! Uh... I'm your father!" Dante walks off of the scene.

As Stevie goes back in front of the children, Autumn continues, "Stevie then came across an adorable white rabbit."

A disgruntled Tsuyoshi walks out in a white rabbit costume. Several children squeal or say, 'aw!' Tsuyoshi mutters, "I hate my life." He hops onto the stage. Stevie stares at him.

Autumn narrates, "Stevie saw the rabbit, and was overcome with an urge to 'pat the bunny'. For more information, ask your favorite librarian."

"Must..." Stevie begins, almost in a trance, "pat... the bunny."

Nolan laughs and claps by himself. He says, "Nice dramatic pausing! Woo! Yeah!"

"But the bunny did not feel like being patted," Autumn admits, "and he hopped away."

"Must I?" Tsuyoshi asks. Autumn nods. Tsuyoshi sighs, and proceeds to hop away as Stevie chases him around the room, and the children, and Nolan, laugh in delight.

Dante, no longer dressed as Stevie's father, and Vanessa change the scene on the stage around. Autumn continues to narrate, "Stevie continued to follow the strange, monocled, vest wearing rabbit to it's rabbit hole. Stevie didn't realize it, though, and fell down the rabbit hole... which he managed to fit in... " Autumn thinks for a moment, "through imagination!" The audience claps.

Stevie trips and falls down the stairs that lead off of the stage. Autumn, Tsuyoshi, and the audience look at him in concern. He quickly leaps up, and the audience claps and cheers. Tsuyoshi smiles and says, "Uh. I'm late. I'm late. For a very important... liaison."

Nolan says, "Uh, for the sake of our younger audience members... what's a liai... lala... whatever you said?"

Tsuyoshi defensively says, "I don't need to explain my personal life to you." The children, and Nolan, laugh. Tsuyoshi lets out a smile, before leaving the room.

"Stevie found himself in a very strange room at the bottom of the rabbit hole," Autumn narrates.

"Curiouser and curiouser," Stevie states, and then cheesily grins for his audience.

Autumn narrates, "Stevie surveyed the room." Stevie looks around. "He knew that he couldn't get back up through the rabbit hole, so how was he going to get out?"

"There's a tiny door!" one of the children calls out.

"Good idea," Stevie states. He approaches the door.

Nolan folds his arms and says, "I saw it, too."

Autumn narrates, "But Stevie quickly realized that the door was far too small for him to fit through."

"Even if I was a regular sized man, I probably couldn't fit through here," Stevie states.

Autumn says, "Then Stevie noticed a small bottle on a table in the room."

"I did?" Stevie asks. The children laugh. He goes over to the table and says, "Oh, there it is."

"The label on the bottle read 'drink me'," Autumn explains.

Stevie says, "You're pretty demanding for a bottle." The children laugh, again.

Nolan says, "I don't get it."

Autumn narrates, "Stevie drank the contents of the bottle."

"Are you sure?" Stevie asks. He opens the glass bottle and sniffs it. He says, "It smells like cologne." Autumn glares at Stevie, and he drinks the contents of the bottle, reluctantly. "Remember kids. Never drink a drink that you don't know what it is, and never believe messages from strange bottles."

"Now you tell me," Stevie replies. The kids laugh, again.

"After drinking the drink, Stevie began to feel strange," Autumn narrates.

Stevie says, "You're telling me. I really think it was cologne." Stevie looks woozy.

Autumn continues to narrate, "Everything went dark for Stevie." The lights in the room go out.

"What's going on?" one of the children asks with a whimper.

The lights come back on. Nolan proudly states, "I totally wasn't scared." The tiny door was replaced by a larger prop door, the table was replaced with a larger table, and the small bottle was replaced with a larger bottle. The children in the audience, and Nolan, look around at the stage in amazement as some of them point out the differences.

Autumn narrates, "Stevie approached the door out of his sheer curiosity."

"Curiosity killed the cat," Stevie states. He pauses, as some children look frightened by his words. "Sorry. I meant 'curiouser and curiouser', again." He approaches the handle of the door, and Dante and Vanessa run out to change the set around, again.

"Stevie went through the door and found himself outside," Autumn narrates. "The trees he saw weren't normal trees. They were all curly and purple leaved."

"I have a tree like that in my backyard," one of the children heckles.

Autumn nervously says, "Um. As Stevie continued to walk in place," Stevie walks in place, "he came to a fork in the road."

"Which way am I going to go?" Stevie wonders out loud.

"Stevie was now visited by a curious stranger," Autumn narrates. "Curious means 'weird' in this case."

Audrey II walks out in a striped costume in two shades of purple. She has on purple cat ears and she has a large smile. She gets up to Stevie. Stevie asks, "Who are you, curious stranger?"

Audrey replies, "I'm the Worcestershire feline."

"Do you know where either of these pathways go?" Stevie asks.

"What is knowing and not knowing?" Audrey asks. "Do any of us really know where we're going? Where we'll end up? If you take one path, you might end up where you want to be. If you take the other, you might end up somewhere else you might want to be. It all depends on your attitude, friend." The children respond by snapping their fingers. Nolan gets coached by one of the children to help him learn how to snap his fingers.

Stevie stares at Audrey II. He says, "I didn't understand any of that, so... I'm just going to go, now."

Audrey shrugs her shoulders and says, "Fair enough." She walks toward the door and waves at the children, who wave back.

Autumn narrates, "Stevie decided to take the left path." Stevie begins walking toward the right. Autumn shakes her head. Stevie nods in realization and begins walking the other way. Dante and Vanessa run in and rearrange the stage, adding rose bushes, and taking away the fake trees. Autumn says, "Stevie arrived at a beautiful garden full of white roses."

Stevie looks at the bushes and says, "Sweet."

Autumn looks at him blankly. "He was soon joined by this lady with anger management issues."

Joanna walks in dressed in an elegant gown, colored black and red. She asks, in a distinguished, royal voice, "Why are these roses white? I specifically asked for red roses! Are you responsible for this?" Her voice makes some of the children giggle, which causes Joanna to look at them and smile. She realizes that she breaks character, and frowns, again.

Stevie says, "Me? I'm not from around here. I just ended up here by mistake."

Joanna frowns. She says, "There is no trespassing allowed here. Guards! Off with his..."

Autumn whispers, "Don't make it too violent for our audience."

Joanna says, "Off with his apron!"

Stevie falls to the ground and shouts, "Noooooooooooooooooo!" with his arms extended in the air.

The lights go off, again, and when they turn back on, Stevie pretends to sleep on the first set that he was seen on. He wakes up and looks around. He asks, "What happened?"

"There you are," Dante says, now dressed as Stevie's father, again. "I was so worried about you."

Stevie lunges at Dante and latches onto him. He says, "Daddy! I was so scared! I chased after this adorable bunny, then I fell down this rabbit house. Then I was in another world! I'm so glad I'm home, though."

Dante blushes. He says, "Uh... It's alright Stevie. Everything's okay, now."

"The end," Autumn states. "The moral of the story is 'do as you're told'."

"Also," Stevie adds. "Don't do drugs."

Nolan and the children applaud wildly. "That was really good," Nolan assures. "It changed my life. Thank you, Super Buff Muscle Dudes." Autumn, Dante, and Stevie leave the stage while the audience applauds. "Next up, it's time for The Raging Ocelots to do their play for us." The children clap as Brad walks up and sits in the chair that Autumn occupied. His team sets up the starting scene and then leaves.

Brad clears his throat. He gives the audience a warm smile and says, "Welcome, kids. I hope you're ready for a special treat."

One of the children says, "Yum! I like treats."

Brad blinks. He says, "Uh, not that kind of treat. I mean a figurative treat." He gets blank stares from the children. He holds up a book that says 'Snow White' on it. "I'm going to tell you a story." He puts the book on his lap. "Once upon a time, there was a prince who loved everyone and every thing. He especially liked animals."

Micky D. walks onstage in a prince costume. He has a fake bird in his hand. He raps, "Yo, birdie bird. This kingdom is going to be mine someday, but all I wanna do is stay outside and play." The children laugh and cheer for Micky's rap.

"The prince was nicknamed Pasty White, due to his pasty white skin," Brad explains. "But back in olden, fairytale times, pasty white skin was something that was highly desired. That leads us to our next characters. The king and queen of the kingdom." Micky D. leaves the stage, and some of the children look disappointed.

Doyce, dressed as a king, and Missy as the queen enter the room. Doyce takes hold of Missy's hand and she follows him onstage. She kisses his cheek. Doyce says, "My dear queen, you look so beautiful." The children look at Missy, admiringly.

Brad explains, "And she was beautiful... on the outside. But don't be deceived by appearances, kids. That's not all that matters in a person, though it does tend to help. The queen was very ugly, cruel, horrible..."

"I think they get it," Missy says with a slight scowl.

"Right," Brad says. He uses the book as a reference, "She was a really bad lady on the inside, for she didn't really like the king for his personality, or anything important. She just wanted to inherit his throne."

"Wait," Doyce says. "You don't like me for my personality?" He frowns. The children laugh, which causes Doyce to smile.

"We're not supposed to hear him," Missy lectures Doyce, as she points at Brad. Doyce nods.

"When the evil, wicked, really naughty queen was alone in her chamber, she would talk to this weird mirror guy..." Brad begins. Sebastian walks up carrying a frame. Brad looks at Doyce. He says, "That's your cue to leave, king."

"I thought I wasn't supposed to listen to you," Doyce says. He shrugs his shoulders. He runs off stage making a 'whoosh' sound.

"The queen talked to the weird mirror guy because she wanted to know what was going on in the kingdom," Brad explains. "This was before the internet." The children nod in realization. "The queen particularly had her eye on Pasty White, because she was insanely jealous of him. He had a bond with his dad, but more importantly to the queen, he would be next in line to the throne. You see, kids, she was not Pasty White's biological mother, and stepmother's are usually evil in these kinds of stories. It also from a time before political correctness. There was also something else that annoyed the queen about Pasty White."

"Mirror, mirror on the stage," Missy recites, "who's the fairest of this age?"

Sebastian shifts his glasses, from behind the frame. He answers, "My queen, you are... kind of fair? I mean, your fairly tan, but..."

"Just tell me if there is anyone fairer than I in this kingdom," Missy demands, in an annoyed manner.

Nolan puts a handful of popcorn in his mouth. He says, "She is really good at this."

Sebastian states, "The fairest one in all the land, happens to be someone you can't stand."

"Narrow it down, a little," Missy requests.

"You know I'm not speaking out of spite, but the fairest in the kingdom is Pasty White," Sebastian states.

"Guards!" Missy shouts. "Take this mirror to the junkyard. It's all broken, and honest."

"Queens are not very nice people," Nolan says from the audience.

Zane runs in, and grabs hold of Sebastian's frame. "You're the only guard?"

"Our kingdom is in a recession, milady," Zane answers.

Brad looks at the book and says, "In the old days, people actually thought pasty skin was the best, but things are different, now. That, dear children, would be known as racism these days. Racism is very wrong. It makes people act mean, like our queen here, because someone is different from them."

Nolan wipes a tear from his eyes. He says, "I came here for entertainment, but I'm also getting educated on society's wrongs. This is entertainment that makes you think."

Brad flips through part of the book. He says, "So the queen wanted Pasty White to be taken out of the picture. She hired her guard, who also liked to hunt, to cut out Pasty White's..." Brad pauses to think. "She hired the huntsman guard dude to perform heart surgery on Pasty White. The guard had nothing better to do, because he had no other hobbies, and it was not currently hunting season, so he agreed."

Sebastian and Doyce change the scene to look like the outdoors, again. Zane sneaks up behind Micky D. with a scalpel. Micky D. looks around and says, "Oh, hey, bro! It's good to see you, dawg-tato."

"Um," Zane utters. He kneels down. "Good day to you, my prince."

"No need for that," Micky D. states. "You're my homedawg, a'ight? No question. It's funny that you showed up, 'cause I just wrote a rap about you, wanna hear it?"

"Uh, sure," Zane states, beginning to look guilty.

Micky D. begins, as the children, as well as Nolan looked excited, "Yo, yo, yo. My life is dope, but I need to admit, all these things and monet add nothing to it. My pals are always there right to the end, yo, and my guard Zane is the best, as far as friends go." The children cheer, again, and make Micky D. all smiles.

Zane looks down sadly. Brad states, "Zane began to have second thoughts about what he had been asked to do."

Zane lets out a sigh. Micky D. looks at him. He asks, "What's the knife for, homes?"

Zane states, "Oh... This?" He looks down at his scalpel. "I'm on my lunch break. I have this apple pie if you want to share some with me."

"That sounds tight!" Micky D. states. Zane nods, as he slices a piece for each of them. Micky D. takes a bite of the pie. He says, "I was right, bro! This pie is tiggity ti..." MIcky D.'s eyes widen as he puts his hands on his throat, and fakes choking. "I'm choking, yo!" The children begin to look genuinely concerned.

"Oh, no!" Zane shouts, with his hands on his head. "They haven't invented mouth to mouth, yet. What am I going to do?"

"Just then," Brad narrates, as he skips ahead in the book. "A beautiful princess entered the palace grounds, and gave Micky D. mouth to mouth." Alexandria enters the room, and places her hand over her face and Micky's face to avoid having to actually put her lips on him.

"I wish I had gotten the lead," Doyce states with his arms folded, on the side.

Micky D. gets up from his collapsed state. He says, "Hey, shawty. Where did you learn that, yo?"

"I'm from the future, from when mouth to mouth was invented," Alexandria explains.

Brad closes the book and says, "So in a nutshell, they lived happily ever after... After they got married, of course, but I think that's meant to be implied." The children, and Nolan cheer happily.

Nolan says, "This had it all. Everyone loves a good rom-com, but combining it with the buddy cop genre? I'm sold!"

"What happened to the evil queen?" a child calls out.

Brad opens the book and says, "Let's see here. Ah. When the king found out what she had attempted, the guard put her in metal shoes that were made red hot, and then she was forced her to dance until the pain was so unbearable that she died." Brad looks at the book blankly. "Whoa. I don't remember that being in the animated version." Brad looks up to see the audience nearly all crying, including Nolan. "Uh-oh."

After the room is cleared out, and the angry parents take their children away, both teams return to the room. Nolan states, "I'll admit. Both stories had their strong points. I thought Stevie in Wonderland was funnier, but Pasty White had better rapping. But you both had your issues. For example, the language in Stevie in Wonderland was unacceptable for me... and the tiny audience. And Pasty White had that twisted ending, though about five percent of the audience didn't mind it, due to the violent images their brains have already taken in through television and movies. Also, one of the kids has informed me that performing mouth to mouth on someone who is choking would be ineffectual... Whatever that means." Some of The Raging Ocelots slap their foreheads. "So in the end... The Raging Ocelots lose. Sorry, guys. I think you would have won if the story didn't end on such a traumatizing note." The team glares at Brad. "That means that The Super Buff Muscle Dudes get invincibility. Congratulations. Ocelots, I'll see you, later."

Brad states in confessional, "My team seems pretty mad at me. I mean, I don't blame them, but they must know that I won't do something like that, again. Plus, after I talk with Alexandria, my alliance will be all set."

Brad walks out of confessional to see his team outside it. He says, "Oh, hey everyone. Can I talk with Alexandria alone? Hey, Zane. Come chaperone for us." Zane shrugs.

Missy asks, "Why do you want to talk to her alone? Do you need her to join your alliance?"

"Alliance?" Doyce asks. "Brad doesn't have an alliance."

"Why do you say that?" Missy asks. "Did he not tell you about it?"

Doyce shakes his head. He says, "I wear his underwear." Doyce gets several frightened stares. "His brand, I mean. That makes us close."

Missy smirks and turns to Brad. She says, "So Brad. Do you have an alliance, or not?"

"I, uh..." Brad begins.

"Hm," Missy says. "I remember hearing that you said you were going to play this game honestly and forthright. What is it, Brad?"

Brad looks down. He admits, "I did start an alliance."

"What?" Doyce says. "Have you heard about this, Micky?"

Micky D. answers, "Nah, man. This is the first I'm hearing of it."

"But you were going to tell us, right?" Doyce asks.

Missy folds her arms and says, "Well?" Brad shakes his head. Doyce and Micky D. simultaneously look disappointed.

"Let's go, Doyce," Micky D. says. "I guess we know where we stand on this team, now."

Doyce says, "You know. I don't think alliances are all bad, but if it means eliminating someone who did their best in the challenge, then that's really not fair." Doyce follows after Micky D. as Brad looks down.

Missy says, "Well, my work here is done. Toodles." Missy walks off.

Brad looks up at Sebastian, Missy, and Alexandria. He says, "We need to vote out Missy. If we keep her, she'll just tear this team apart."

"I can't argue with that," Alexandria admits.

"So you're in?" Zane says to Alexandria. "If so, I'm in, too... Not that my alliance involvement depends on anyone but me."

Tsuyoshi walks up to Doyce, who is throwing a rubber ball at the library's wall. He says, "Hey, Doyce. Where did you get the ball?

"Found it," Doyce answers, as he continues to toss the ball.

"Is something wrong?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Doyce looks at him. He says, "I just found out that I'm on the wrong side of an alliance. If I survive tonight, it won't matter. My days are numbered."

"That's too bad, Doyce," Tsuyoshi admits.

"I don't feel like I'm done, yet," Doyce says. "You know? I feel like I have a lot more to do, here. I want to get to the later challenges, and I want to prove that I can do good at those. And there's someone I..." Doyce looks at Tsuyoshi. "Do you mind if I'm honest with you about something?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Of course, man. I'm all ears."

Doyce laughs. He says, "Sorry, I just got this really weird mental image. Anyway... There's this girl here that I really like."

"A girl?" Tsuyoshi repeats.

"Uh huh," Doyce answers. "It's, uh... Alexandria."

"Alexandria?" Tsuyoshi repeats. "She's a pretty hot property."

Doyce asks, "You think so, too?" He raises an eyebrow. "Is that allowed?"

Tsuyoshi laughs. He says, "So you're saying you want to stick around so that you can impress her with your great wit and personality?"

"And my muscles," Doyce adds. "Don't forget that."

Tsuyoshi laughs and says, "No comment. Well, I'll tell you not to count yourself out too early, you know?"

"Are we talking about Alexandria or the competition?" Doyce asks.

"A little bit of both," Tsuyoshi admits. "It was nice talking to you." Doyce nods and smiles. Tsuyoshi begins walking back.

Missy walks up and says, "So Tsuyoshi. Find out that your little crush isn't interested?"

Tsuyoshi rolls his eyes. He says, "I was just going."

"Your secret admirer must be someone else," Missy states with a smirk.

"How do you..." Tsuyoshi begins. "It was you, wasn't it. You were just messing with me?"

"Hey," Missy replies. "It got one of your strongest team members eliminated, didn't it?

Tsuyoshi's eyes get wide. He says, "I got played." He looks down.

"Aw," Missy says. "I'm sorry, Tsuyoshi. I will admit that I did expect that manipulating one of the alleged best players of this game would be a little more difficult."

"I'm going to get you for this," Tsuyoshi assures.

Missy smiles and says, "I look forward to it. Byesies!" Missy walks toward Doyce, while Tsuyoshi walks the other way.

At the elimination ceremony in the history section of the library, Nolan whispers, "So this is where you ended up. One of you is going to stay here... In the history section..." Nolan laughs at his own joke. "Get it?"

Alexandria says, "Is there a comedy section in this library?"

"I think so," Nolan says.

"Well, then," Alexandria states, "you're in the right place."

Nolan frowns. He says, "Moving on. One of you will not get a marshmallow, and then you need to leave. So lets get started. The first marshmallow goes to Alexandria." Alexandria is handed her marshmallow. "The next safe people are Zane, Sebastian, Doyce, and Micky D." Nolan gets the marshmallows to them. "That leaves Missy and Brad. One of you will be missed... the other... Well, my mom always told me that if I didn't have anything nice to say about someone... You know... That's kind of mean, too, since it implies that there's nothing nice to say about someone... Anyway, the last marshmallow goes to..."

"Missy." Nolan tosses the marshmallow to Missy. "Sorry, Brad." Nolan frowns and looks down.

Brad sighs. He says "I blew it for myself, didn't I? I hope Kristy isn't too disappointed."

"She'll be proud of the way you played this game," Sebastian assures, offering a smile.

Brad says, "Thanks, Sebastian. That means a lot. I really don't have any hard feelings, though. I mean, I'm the reason we're here, right?" Brad forces a smile, but it turns into a frown pretty shortly. "I wish you all the best." Brad heads out of the aisle. He turns around while walking, waves, and adds, "Seeya." His former team waves. Missy does so with a particularly condescending smile.

Zane says, "I'll miss you, man. You're a good guy. I honestly don't know what happened."

"Let's not dwell on the past, okay?" Brad says. "I learned that lesson the last time. I used to dwell on the past, a lot... But hey, I'll see you when this is over... for you, I guess." Brad is met with a 'shh!' from a feisty librarian. He nods, and leaves the library.

Nolan frowns. He says, "There goes my third friend in a row." He lets out a sigh. "I'll miss the guy, too. Brad's a nice guy. Oh, well. I've got a job to do. We'll see you on the next Total... Drama:... Best of the Best."

Chapter 9 - Any Mannequin of MineEdit

Nolan appears before the camera, wearing a pair of 'Fruit of the Brad' briefs outside of his regular clothes. Nolan hits his chest with his fist, points to the sky, and says, "This is for you, bro. On our last episode, the teams reenacted the very true events of Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. Woo! It was awesome! Until... that whole... wicked queen with the searing hot metal shoes thing... That's why The Raging Ocelots lost the challenge. They also voted out Brad after reading off that whole... wicked queen with the searing hot metal shoes thing... Plus, his alliance was made public by Missy. I'm sure something or other will happen in this episode. I mean... I hope so. Stay tuned, please?" Nolan crosses his fingers.

The Raging Ocelots are shown exiting the library, the site of the latest elimination. Missy hands Zane a book and says, "I got you a little present."

Zane looks at the book title and reads, "'Strategy for Dummies'. You shouldn't have. Plus, I don't think I'll be able to return it in time."

"Don't worry, sweetie," Missy states. "It was in the 'free, please take me' bin."

"I'm touched to see you care," Zane assures. "Here, Doyce." Zane hands the book to Doyce.

Doyce says, "Sweet, son!" Doyce looks at the book. "I can use this to practice my posture. One more thing for Doyce to ace!" Doyce places the book on his head and unsteadily walks toward his designated van. Zane looks at Doyce with a raised eyebrow, as Micky D. walks alongside him.

Alexandria looks at Zane with a slightly worried look. She says, "Zane, I don't know what..."

Missy hugs Alexandria randomly. Alexandria raises an eyebrow. Missy says, "Aw! Let's go braid each other's hair, BFF!" Missy drags Alexandria off. Alexandria turns to Zane and mouths 'help me'.

"I don't know what's gotten into Missy," Alexandria admits in confessional. "We're not anything close to friends, and she's not particularly good at braiding hair." Alexandria looks upward, and let's out a sigh at the three random braids randomly placed above her head.

Sebastian and Zane are shown outside, again. Sebastian looks upward. He says "It looks like rain. We better get inside."

"Right," Zane states. "Hey, before we go... What just happened?"

Sebastian nods. He explains, "I'm sorry, Zane. I realize that you and Brad have seemed to develop a friendship. His elimination must be difficult for you. But after seeing him being so flustered when Missy forced him to tell the truth... It gave me reason for concern, in case he felt obligated to reveal confidential information."

Zane nods. He says, "I understand. But I do feel... kind of alone, now."

"Alone?" Sebastian repeats. He says, "Us pretty guys need to stick together."

Zane lets out a laugh. He says, "I didn't know you knew how to joke, dude. You're pretty funny." Zane looks up, after he realizes that the rain is starting to fall. "Looks like you were right about the rain."

"It feels nice to be right about something every once in a while," Sebastian states with a smile. "We should get back." Zane nods in agreement, as he runs to the van. Sebastian calls out, "You know. Science has proven that you'll get just as wet running in the rain as you would by walking, due to..." Zane reaches the van, first. "You're not even listening!"

In The Super Buff Muscle Dudes' van, Dante folds his outer shirt and undershirt. He looks down as he begins unbuttoning his pants. He asks, "So where is Stevie, again?"

"He went to the deli with Vanessa when you were outside in the bathroom," Audrey II states and then adds, "hot stuff."

Dante looks up in surprise and says, "What are you doing in my van?!" He attempts to cover himself up. Audrey II lets out a deep sigh.

Autumn states, "Um..." Her face is red. "This is actually our van."

Dante blushes. He says, "Dang it! They look friggin' identical. I'm really..."

Joanna frowns. She says, "I will not tolerate both nudity and language in my house, young man."

"This isn't actually a house..." Dante says. "It's not, right? And I'm wearing underpants..."

"Now you're talking back?" Joanna asks.

"No," Dante replies. "I... I mean..." Dante holds his head down. "Yes, ma'am."

Dante is shown being thrown outside the van. He gets his clothes thrown at him. He says, "Aw, man. And it's raining? Can this day get any worse?" He attempts to run toward his van, slips, and falls in a puddle. "That answers that question."

Tsuyoshi is shown in his van alone. He is holding up a mirror and tweezing a hair between his eyebrows. Dante enters the van, soaking wet and holding his shirt and pants in front of himself. Tsuyoshi puts down his mirror and tweezers, quickly. "I don't have a monobrow. I don't." Tsuyoshi's eyes widen. "What happened to you?"

"I will never speak of this, if you don't," Dante bargains.

"Deal," Tsuyoshi states, nervously. He looks from side to side. "But I seriously have two eyebrows." Dante laughs. He throws his wet shirt at Tsuyoshi and hits him in the face with it.

Stevie and Vanessa are shown in the corner deli, holding bags of food. Vanessa says, "I still can't believe that Nolan sprang for dinner at this fine establishment... Not that I'm saying guys are cheap... We only have Chris to compare him to, in the host department." Squeaking is heard from the background. "Did I just hear a rat?"

"Uh, no?" a worker with a thick Italian accent calls out, unconvincingly.

Stevie looks outside. "It's really coming down out there," he states. "Hey, Luigi? We can stay here until the rain stops, right."

"My name is Douglas," the worker states. "And... I'm sorry, but I have to close shop. The two of you are going to have to leave."

Stevie laughs. He says, "Good one."

The next scene shows Stevie and Vanessa standing outside under an awning, as Douglas puts up a 'Sorry, we're closed' sign. "You just had to get his name wrong," Vanessa states.

"He looked like a Luigi," Stevie states, "with the green hat, and overalls... Plus, he wouldn't have let us stay, anyway. You heard how hot he described his date to be... Or was that the soup special?"

Vanessa says, "Ugh. Why do guys feel the need to compare females to a temperature?" Vanessa blushes. She looks at Stevie and says. "Sorry, I didn't mean to include you..."

Stevie laughs. "No need to apologize," he says. "I thought it was funny."

"You did?" Vanessa asks. "But I didn't mean it to be..." She looks toward their vans. "We should really figure out a way to get back to our vans."

"Hold this, if you don't mind," Stevie says, as he hands the bags from the deli to Vanessa. He removes his shirt.

Vanessa screams. She asks, "What are you doing?" Stevie holds his shirt above Vanessa. She says, "Oh... Thanks, but I don't..."

Stevie says, "Let's go." They start running, and stop once they get to Vanessa's designated van.

Vanessa laughs. She says, "Stevie, thanks."

"For what?" Stevie asks with a confused expression. "I didn't want to get my pastrami on rye to get soggy." Vanessa laughs.

Vanessa adds, "And you were great with those kids, and Nolan, at the challenge, earlier."

Stevie blushes. He says, "Twas nothin'. You should get your food to our female teammates before they're forced to eat their pillows."

"Right," Vanessa says. "Good idea. I thought of it, too, though. I mean... not that I..."

Stevie laughs. He says, "You are seriously hilarious."

Vanessa blushes. She says, "I'll see you later." She hands Stevie the bag for the male team members, and goes inside. Stevie stands still for a while with a goofy grin on his face, before he realizes that he's getting soaked.

After Dante is in his dry sleepwear, Tsuyoshi says, "Dante... I was wondering something."

"What's that?" Dante asks.

"I saw your season," Tsuyoshi states.

Dante says, "I'm with you so far." He squeezes some water from his hair.

Tsuyoshi says, "Well... We seem to get along pretty well, but... With some things you said to Isaiah , Topher, and... anyway. You came across as sort of a... homophobe... Sorry... It's not a word I like to throw around."

"That's because I was," Dante states.

"Oh," Tsuyoshi says, somewhat surprised.

Dante says, "But... I realized I was wrong, you know?" Dante lets out a laugh. He says, "You know what happened when I got home?" Tsuyoshi shakes his head. "It was some time after the show filmed, and it started airing. I slowly lost my friends, and no one would even sit with me at lunch at school, when I felt like showing up. There was this gay kid I used to harass on a regular basis. You know, the typical theater geek?" Dante pauses for a second, and then goes on. "He was by himself most of the time, given that our school wasn't in the top five most accepting schools. And even though I'd given him such a difficult time, he actually let me sit by him at lunch. He was my only friend at school. It didn't matter to him that I was this super evil villain from a reality show. He saw someone like him. An outcast, I mean."

"He sounds pretty cool," Tsuyoshi admits.

Dante nods. He says, "That kid, Hayden's his name, really made me rethink some of my views."

Tsuyoshi says, "Well, I'm glad that he..."

A thoroughly moist, shirtless Stevie enters the van. He states, "I brought soup." He holds up a soggy paper bag. Dante and Tsuyoshi stare at him and blink.

Dante and Tsuyoshi take their soup from Stevie. Dante looks down. He looks back up and says, "Would you mind going back to get a spoon, or..." Stevie glares at him. "Never mind. I'll use my hand, or something."

The next morning, Doyce and Micky D. are shown outside. A thick fog looms over the area. Micky D. asks, "Yo. Do you have any idea what time it is, dawg?"

Doyce shrugs. He says, "Nope. But if I were to venture a guess, son, I'd say it was three in the afternoon."

Micky D. rubs his arm, as he looks at Doyce's attire. He asks, "Dawg, aren't you little cold-izzle, out here?"

"Nah," Doyce replies. He pokes himself in the chest. "My muscle is like a layer of insulation."

Micky D. says, "I'll say this for you, dawg. When you have a dream you go for it."

"You mean the one about the giant corn dog?" Doyce asks.

"No," Micky D. replies. "I mean, your wanting to be a professional wrestler, dawg. I give you mad props for parading around like that, fer realzies."

Doyce smiles. He says, "Well, I'm not there, yet. Not like you, son. When you get back home, you got this amazing career waiting for you. I still have a long way to go with the wrestling thing."

Micky D. hesitates for a moment. He says, "I'm not going back to what I used to do."

"What?" Doyce asks. "What do you mean?"

Micky D. explains, "I mean, this big 'rap career' isn't what I wanted. Bro, my career is a mad joke. I want to do the music that I want to do, you know? Music that means something, for shizzle. Even if that means giving up the platinum bedsheets, and solid gold urinal. Even if it means starting at the beginning... rap battles in the underground, yo. I saw a movie about that, one time." Micky D. pauses. "So..."

Doyce assures, "I thinks that's cool, son. Not many people would give up success, just to be happier with what they do, you know? I think it's pretty cool."

Micky D. smiles and says, "Thanks."

"What are you talking about?" Missy asks, as she walks up.

Doyce says, "Nothing important." Micky D. glares at Doyce. Doyce winks at Micky D.

"Okay," Missy replies.

"What do you want, anyway?" Micky D. asks.

Missy smiles and says, "I'm glad you asked. It's about the next vote."

"You're already thinking about that?" Micky D. asks.

"I was wondering if you two classy gentlemen wanted to vote with me the next time we end up at another elimination ceremony," Missy says.

Doyce turns to Micky D. and says, "Is that okay with you, son?"

Micky D. rubs his chin. He says, "Yeah, boy."

Missy frowns at the two guys. She then smiles and says, "Good! It makes me so relieved to be in an alliance with two intelligent young men."

"You mean us?" Doyce asks.

Missy winces. She says, "Yes, dear."

Doyce blushes. He looks down and says, "Aw, shucks, son." Missy looks at Doyce with a worried expression.

Nolan emerges from the fog. Doyce jumps into Micky's arms, from fright. Micky D. collapses under the weight that is Doyce. Nolan says, "Sorry, bros. Didn't mean to scare you, guys. I'm just here to tell you about your next challenge."

"Shouldn't you wait until everyone is here, yo?" Micky D. asks.

"We are all here," Joanna states.

"Are you sure about that," Zane states, as he swirls his finger near his head to signify that he thinks Joanna is crazy.

Joanna threatens, "Don't make me get out the wooden spoon." Zane cowers in fear.

Nolan says, "I'd like to introduce you to two of my friends." He sets down two human-like figures.

Alexandria looks worried. She says, "They seem nice." She whispers to Zane, "Do you know any good local mental institutions?" Zane shakes his head. "Any bad ones? Anything will do." Zane stifles a laugh.

Autumn says, "I don't mean to question you, Mr. Nolan, but you do realize that your friends are not real people?"

Missy smirks and says, "I'm amazed that you figured out that much, hon." Autumn blushes, and looks down.

Dante puts his hand on Autumn's shoulder and says, "Don't let her get to you. She's just a nasty person."

"Says the expert on nasty people," Sebastian states. Missy sweetly giggles.

Nolan blankly stares. He says, "So, anyway... This is Janet and Dean. They're mannequins." He points at the fully clothed mannequins.

Audrey II's eye twitches. She says, "It's nice to meet the both of you?"

Nolan further explains, "They're your challenge."

"We call the male one!" Audrey II lets out.

Nolan shrugs. He says, "Fine. Anyway, so... Anyway... Oh, yeah. The challenge is for you to take these two mannequin peeps from here, to where this map directs you." He pulls two maps from his shorts.

"So the team that gets to the finish first will win?" Alexandria asks. "Not the most groundbreaking challenge."

Missy hugs Alexandria and says, "You're so smart!" Alexandria looks worried.

Nolan says, "Well, no, actually. The challenge is to see who gets to the finish line with their mannequin the most intact. These things will break apart at the slightest mismanagement." Nolan flicks one of the mannequins with his finger to prove his point, but it fails to do anything. "You'll have to take my word for it. When I say go, you can get started... But first, are there any questions?"

Audrey II raises her hand. Nolan points at her. She asks, "Are the mannequins anatomically correct?"

Nolan looks confused. He asks, "You mean, like, 'nucular'? Nah, I don't think so."

Audrey II says, "No, I mean..." Tsuyoshi puts his hand on her shoulder, and shakes his head.

Nolan says, "Alright, then. If there aren't anymore questions..." He waits around for a few seconds. "Go!"

The teams rush off with their mannequins. The Super Buff Muscle Dudes get into their girls' van. Vanessa insists, "I'll drive."

"Are you sure?" Audrey II asks. "It seems pretty foggy."

"Are you implying that a strong, capable woman can't drive well?" Stevie asks. "That's a pretty outdated misconception."

"Stevie's right," Vanessa says, while blushing. She gets into the driver's seat.

Stevie nods. He says, "Yeah. Women are capable of anything they set their minds to. They even just started having female race car drivers."

"By these days, does he mean starting five years ago?" Tsuyoshi whispers to Dante.

Joanna asks, "Any progress on where we're going?"

Autumn looks down at the map and says, "We're almost at the city park. It looks like we have to get to the center of it."

Stevie looks out of the van through the windshield. He says, "Hey. We're here, already. Let's go!"

Dante says, "I'll get the mannequin."

"He has a name, you know," Audrey insists. "And I'll take Dean."

"But don't you think I'd make a better... carrier guy?" Dante asks.

Audrey II looks shocked. She looks over at Vanessa, who says nothing, but "After you," to Stevie.

Stevie replies with, "No, after you, I insist." Dante shakes his head and pushes Vanessa and Stevie outside.

Audrey II says, "I got this." She picks up Dean and carries him outside. The door shuts after she exits, and says, "I'm ready for this." Her team looks at Dean with wide eyes. "What?" She looks at Deana and screams.

"Where's his head at?" Tsuyoshi asks. The team looks back and sees that it's caught in the van door.

Audrey II smiles and says, "There's no point in dwelling on the past. Let's keep moving forward."

"If you say so," Tsuyoshi says with a sigh.

The other team is shown arriving at the park. Sebastian shifts his sunglasses and says, "We need to be careful. There's no reason we can't go slowly, just to ensure that our mannequin arrives whole."

"But how do we know which way to go in this fog?" Doyce asks.

Sebastian looks down at the provided map. He says, "We'll need to pay attention to the layout of the park on this map. I'd suggest that we go down this pathway." He points to the left.

"I'll grab the mannequin," Zane proclaims. He reaches down and says, "Hey. This thing has really nice proportions."

Alexandria looks annoyed. She says, "You will remove your hands from my hips."

"Oh," Zane states. "I can't see a thing in this fog." He smirks.

"So you won't see my foot as it launches toward you?" Alexandria asks.

Zane smiles and says, "I love this chemistry that we have."

Alexandria grabs Doyce by the wrist and says, "Let's go this way."

Doyce says, "Derp... I mean, okay!"

Missy runs after them saying, "Don't leave me behind, BFF forever!"

"The 'forever' is implied," Zane says. "It looks like it's Sebastian, me, and you, Micky D."

"I'm over here," Micky D. states.

Zane looks closer at the team's mannequin, Janet. He says, "Huh. This fog really is thick." Zane picks up the mannequin and Sebastian follows him with the map, and Micky follows with his hands in his pockets.

Doyce and Alexandria are shown hiding in the bushes. Doyce says, "So..." Alexandria covers his mouth with her hand. Missy walks by looking in several directions.

After Missy is out of sight, Alexandria lets out a sigh. She says, "Thank goodness she's gone. I don't know what her problems." Alexandria looks at Doyce and says, "Oh, sorry." She removes her hand from his mouth.

Doyce insists, "It's okay. I kind of liked it."

Alexandria laughs. She says, "You're a perv."

"So..." Doyce begins. "What made you take me out here?"

Alexandria explains, "I didn't want to be out here, alone, and I know you the best of anyone here."

"I see," Doyce replies. Doyce takes a deep breath. He says, "So there's been something I've been meaning to ask you..."

"Yeah?" Alexandria asks.

Zane is shown walking ahead of his group of three with Janet. He's outside of the bushes occupied by Doyce and Alexandria. Doyce says, "I've liked you for a really long time, Alexandria." Zane stops in his tracks. "I was wondering if you'd maybe... want to go out with me?" Zane's expression drops, along with Janet.

Alexandria can be heard saying, "Doyce... I think you're really sweet."

"Doyce!" Doyce shouts.

Alexandria laughs. She goes on, "And unintentionally funny. But the truth is... I view you more like an estranged brother. Or maybe a fifth cousin."

"Is that bad?" Doyce asks.

Alexandria says, "Uh, yeah. I couldn't imagine you in a romantic way, I don't think." Zane lets out a sigh of relief. "Especially because..."

Doyce asks, "What is it?"

"There's someone else I like," Alexandria says, "a lot."

"Oh," Doyce replies. "Figures."

"Doyce, you're an... awesome guy," Alexandria assures. "It's just that I don't think you're the right guy for me. I'm sorry."

Doyce assures, "Nah. It was worth the shot, right? I've been rejected enough that I'm used to it, you know? How about we get out of here, and find the others. Whaddya say?" Alexandria and Doyce emerge from the bushes.

Alexandria sees Zane with a wide smile on his face. She says, "Oh, great. Here comes the pervy comment."

"Huh?" Zane asks. "Nah."

Sebastian and Micky D. catch up. Sebastian says, "There you are. I should have brought my whistle... It would help in this fog."

Doyce says, "Where's what's her name?"

"You mean Missy?" Sebastian asks. "I thought she was with you two."

"I actually meant Janet," Doyce clarifies.

"Oh, right," Zane says. He bends down and lifts up Janet, who is now missing an arm. "That's no good." Zane assures, "I can fix this, and Nolan would never know the difference." He pulls a roll of duct tape from his pocket. He looks around and says, "Where'd the arm go? Nolan didn't mention that it would disintegrate or anything like that, right?"

"Oh," Micky D. says. "Yo, I saw a dog a while back carrying an arm in his mouth." He points back. "I, uh... I didn't make the connection."

The Super Buff Muscle Dudes are shown walking along. Tsuyoshi is now holding the map. He says, "If this is right, we should be almost there. We just have to be careful not to lose anymore body parts." Dante stifles a laugh. Tsuyoshi glares at him.

Audrey II says, "Don't worry. I can handle it."

Stevie looks at Audrey II and says, "Did our friend, here used to have feet?"

Audrey looks back and sees two feet in separate pieces of gum. She insists, "No. He never had feet."

"So how do you explain that, young lady?" Joanna asks as she points to the feet stuck in the gum on the path.

"Pure coincidence," Audrey II states.

"Oh, there you are," Missy says, as she is shown rejoining her teammates.

Zane looks at Missy and asks, "Why are you chewing gum?"

"That's not for you to know," Missy responds.

Doyce asks, "Do you know where we need to go?"

Missy shakes her head. She says, "No, but you do have our team's brainiac guiding us."

"Aw," Zane says. "That's sweet, but I'm just carrying the mannequin."

"I meant Sebastian, silly," Missy replies.

Sebastian's cheeks are red. He coughs and says, "It's this way." He points to the right.

"Awesome," Zane says. He runs ahead with Janet, leaving the rest of the team behind. Zane can be heard saying, "Where am I? How did I... What's going on?" Zane can be heard screaming.

"Should we be concerned?" Doyce asks.

Alexandria says, "We need to go help him."

Doyce says, nervously, "Um... You guys go ahead."

"My hero," Missy says.

Doyce shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't have anyone to impress."

The Raging Ocelots get to Zane, lying on the ground with his clothes in tatters. Janet does not look much better, thoroughly torn apart. Zane looks shaken. He says, "So... many of them..."

"What happened?" Sebastian asks.

"Are you alright?" Alexandria asks, with a worried expression.

"G-g-g-geese," Zane states. "So many geese..." He rocks back and forth.

Missy says, "Thank you for scaring them away for us."

Zane continues to rock back and forth. Nolan runs up and says, "What happened?"

Doyce explains, "Zane got goosed."

"Uh," Nolan asks, looking worried.

"He was assaulted by actual geese," Alexandria clarifies.

Nolan shakes his head. He says, "I'm glad I wasn't around. Them's scary."

"Your concern is heartwarming," Zane assures.

"Oh, good," Alexandria says. "He's back with us. Are you okay?"

Zane nods. He says, "Yeah. I'm great, now that you're here." He smiles wide.

The Super Buff Muscle Dudes make it onto the scene. "Did we miss the party?" Dante asks, after seeing Zane.

Nolan screams at seeing The Super Buff Muscle Dudes' headless and footless mannequin. He says, "Sorry. That's just freaky."

"Well, we're here," Audrey II says. "Who won?"

Nolan looks at Dean, and then down at Janet, who is now only a torso. Zane winces a smile. Nolan looks up and says, "The Super Buff Muscle Dudes are the winners!" The team cheers, and Audrey II drops her mannequin, and falls apart. Nolan looks down, shrugs, and says, "Oh, well." He turns to the other team and says, "Sorry, guys. You have another elimination ceremony to attend. I'll see you there."

Later, Alexandria and Zane are shown sitting together. Zane smiles and says, "So I says, 'No way. Sauerkraut does not belong in a burrito'." Zane laughs. "I thought it was pretty clever."

Missy walks up and says, "Aw. How romantic." Alexandria blushes.

Zane says, "Don't let that hag bother you."

Missy frowns. She walks away. Sebastian walks up to Missy. He says, "Hey. I thought it would be a good idea to vote together, again."

Missy hugs Sebastian and says, "I was thinking the same thing! We are the two smartest players."

Sebastian blushes. He says, "So who are we voting for?"

"I think we need to break up a couple," Missy states.

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan states, "So here we are, again." He looks around the park. "This place looks a lot better now that the fog has lifted."

"I'm sorry, but are we here for sightseeing?" Missy asks.

Nolan assures, "No we are not." Nolan attempts to make a serious face. He says, "In the end, one of you is out of this competition. Doyce, Sebastian, Missy, and Zane are safe." The known safe contestants are given their marshmallows. "That leaves Micky D. and Alexandria." The last two contestants look at each other. Nolan holds up the last marshmallow and says, "This marshmallow goes to..."

"Alexandria." Alexandria is tossed her marshmallow.

"That's whack, yo," Micky D. states.

Doyce says, "I agree with Micky D. He's been doing his part, plus we're in this alliance thing with Missy."

Missy sighs. She says, "Alliances are such unstable things. I was concerned by the fact that Doyce needed to turn to ask Micky D. for permission to vote with me. That showed me that the two of you would not vote against each other when it started to matter, and Doyce has more muscle for the challenges."

Doyce hugs Micky D. and excitedly says, "She noticed!" Micky glares at Doyce. Doyce says, "Sorry, son. Uh, I'm really going to miss you, mad lots... yo."

Micky D. laughs. He says, "That's my trademark, dawg. Find your own."

Doyce nods. He says, "Oh, yeah! Do you smell what the Doyce... is cookin', fella?" Doyce pauses. "How was that?"

Micky D. laughs, again. He says, "Don't ever change."

"You, too," Doyce replies. "I mean... again."

Micky D. nods. He says, "My ride is here, know what I'm sayin'?"

"Can the cab driver legally drive through this park?" Alexandria asks in concern.

Micky D. says, "This is my chauffer, yo. We don't play by the same rules, know what I'm sayin'?"

"That includes traffic laws?" Zane asks.

"I'm out," Micky D. states. "Peace." He smoothly walks backward to the waiting vehicle. He hits his chest two times with his fist in Doyce's direction, and Doyce returns the sentiment. Micky D. then enters the vehicle and rides off through a fountain.

Nolan looks concerned. He says, "I think we better leave before we get blamed for that, uh..."

"Aw, Nolan," Missy says. "You're sounding more like Chris, every day."

Nolan says, "Aah! No. We'll cover the cost of the fountain." He turns to the camera and says, "We'll be back next time, with more 'Total'... more 'Drama:'... and more 'Best of the Best'! I'm your host, Chris Mclean..." Nolan screams. "Nolan! I mean, my name is Nolan!" Nolan sobs into his hands, and the contestants look at him with concerned expressions.

Chapter 10 - Pets ControlEdit

Nolan is shown in an extreme close up. He smiles in his usual wide way and says, "Welcome to Total... Drama:... Best of the Best! I'm your host, Nolan. And I hope your ready for the show. But first, let me tell you about our last episode. The challenge was to carry this mannequin thing around with it falling apart... I don't know. I'm still kind of confused about it, too. But what matters is that one team lost, and one team won... And then Micky D. was voted out, because his and Doyce's bromance was getting a little too bromantic for some of the other contestants. So... That's it, I guess." Nolan whispers to the camera person, "Pan out." He pauses to listen. "Yeah, I'm sure!" The camera pans out revealing Nolan in his boxers. He gestures dramatically and says, "Be sure to stay tuned in for the rest of the episode!" He stands awkwardly. He looks down, and then looks back up. "I'm in my underwear, aren't I?" He puts his hand over his red face and says, "I had a nightmare like this, once."

Doyce is shown in confessional. He sighs and says, "I'm gonna miss my little buddy. I have a way of outlasting my friends, out here." He frowns. "But it's going to be fine." He hits himself in the chest with his fist and says, "I'm Doyce! I'm awesome! I will rise above the challenge, son!" Doyce leaps out of the port-a-potty confessional, and runs past his team members.

"What's he all worked up about?" Zane asks.

"I'm not sure," Alexandria says. "But I am not going in there after him." Zane laughs. "You're into bathroom humor. That's so cool." Alexandria smirks.

Zane repeats, "You're so cool."

Alexandria looks concerned. She says, "What's that for?"

"Nothing," Zane replies.

"Okay," Alexandria says, with a smile. "Hey, I think we should head back, before the other 'Raging Ocelots' begin to worry. Though Missy probably doesn't want me to interrupt her when she's throwing stuff into her cauldron."

Zane laughs. He says, "Hey, before we go back... There was something I wanted to talk about."

"Sure," Alexandria says. "What's up?"

Zane looks down and smiles. He says, "It's about what happened between you and Doyce in the bushes."

"Nothing happened," Alexandria assures. "I don't care what he told you."

Zane laughs, again. He says, "No, no. I mean, I overheard what you told him... About... you know."

Alexandria blushes. She says, "Oh, man. You tell someone a secret in the bushes, and expect it to be between the two of you."

Zane smiles. He says, "Hey, it's cool. I won't tell anyone." He has his hands in the pockets. "I just wanted to assure you that..."

Missy walks up and puts her hands on Alexandria's shoulders. She says, "There's my favorite bestie! Hey, I have this new lip gloss we can try out."

As Missy drags Alexandria away, Alexandria says with concern, "Where did she get new lip gloss? I hope it wasn't a dumpster, because that definitely does not qualify as new!" Zane looks down at the ground. He looks up with a soft smile as Alexandria is dragged away. "Help!" Alexandria lets out.

Zane frowns. He looks around and asks, "Did someone say something?"

Missy is shown in confessional. She looks at her fingernails, nonchalantly. She says, "In case there's any confusion, I don't actually like Alexandria. But I can't exactly have her talking strategy without me present, can I?" Missy taps her finger to her forehead. "I'm always thinking."

Vanessa and Stevie are shown walking together along a sidewalk with different stores alongside it. Stevie says, "I always wanted a sister, you know? Reeve is about the closest thing I've got."

"Yeah," Vanessa says. "I always wanted a sister, too."

"Only child, or just brothers?" Stevie asks.

"Just brothers," Vanessa answers. Her eye twitches. "Lots and lots of brothers."

Stevie laughs, heartily. "How many are we talking?" he asks.

"Eleven," Vanessa states. Stevie looks surprised. "Well, technically five brothers, and six stepbrothers." Vanessa looks at a store they're passing. She says, "They're selling candy apples this time of year? I love those."

"Really?" Stevie asks. "I'll, uh... I'll get you one."

Vanessa says, "We don't have any spending money, Stevie. You do realize that, right? Not that you can't comprehend simple things like that. That's not what I meant..."

Stevie lets out a laugh. "I know what you meant," Stevie assures. Stevie points at himself and says, "You can count on me. I'mma get my girl what she wants... I mean... Not that you're my girl... I mean..." Stevie blushes.

Vanessa says, "It just slipped out. I understand. But how are you going to get anything?" Vanessa's eyes widen. "You aren't going to rob the place are you?"

Stevie laughs. He says, "Me? I have a reputation to uphold. Watch this." He buttons up his shirt and walks inside the candy store. After an exchange with some swooning employees, Stevie steps outside holding two candy apples. He says with a smirk, "It pays to be a lot of people's hero... Not that I take advantage of it, or anything." He holds out a candy apple to Vanessa, who graciously accepts.

Autumn and Joanna walk up to Dante and Tsuyoshi. Joanna says, "So they voted out Micky D."

"Really?" Tsuyoshi asks. "Man."

"That makes you the last of the Reality all-stars, huh?" Dante asks.

"Yeah, it does," Tsuyoshi replies.

"I guess it's up to you to represent," Autumn states.

Tsuyoshi laughs and says, "Yeah. It must be nice to have your whole season in tact."

"Unless one of them is Missy, right?" Dante asks, poking Autumn's arm. She blushes, nods, and laughs.

"I'm bored," Joanna states. "I'm going to bed. You kids, remember your curfew. And brush your teeth before you got to bed." Joanna gets onto her van. She sticks her head out of the van and says, "And do your business, too. I'm not cleaning up any accidents." She sticks her head back into the van.

Dante says, "I need a better explanation. You think she'd draw a picture?"

Tsuyoshi puts his hand on Dante's shoulder and says, "I think it'd be best to just let it die, man."

Dante laughs and says, "I think you're right." He looks at Tsuyoshi's hand.

"Oh, sorry," Tsuyoshi says with a laugh.

Dante assures, "Nah, it's cool." Dante removes his glasses, lifts his shirt, and begins to wipe them.

Audrey II appears and says, "Hehe. Abs."

Dante puts his shirt down, and puts his glasses back on. He says, "When did you appear?"

Audrey explains, "I was here all along. Hiding in that garbage can over there."

"That's pretty funny," Dante says with a laugh. "You were joking, right?"

Audrey looks back and forth. She says, "Yes?"

Dante insists, "You know. I don't love being ogled... I mean, isn't there some other guy you can go stare at."

Audrey II says, "Hey, you want your space. I can respect that. Sometimes I have to be told stuff like that before I understand."

"Thanks," Dante states. He smiles. "I'm glad you understand."

Audrey stares at Tsuyoshi and lets out a sigh. Tsuyoshi looks concerned. Audrey looks at Dante and says, "I'm sorry. Did you say something?" Audrey turns back toward Tsuyoshi and realizes he's gone. "Tsuyoshi! Where'd you go?" Audrey walks off in search of Tsuyoshi.

Dante laughs. He asks Autumn, "Is she always like that?"

"No," Autumn insists. "I guess she's just not used to being around good looking guys, so often." Autumn blushes.

Dante rubs his chin. He says, "Well, I hope she can get over it, before she gets on Tsu's bad side."

Autumn looks at Dante. She says, "I was thinking..." Stevie and Vanessa walk up, Stevie with something red all over his beard. Autumn jumps into Dante's arms.

Dante squints as he looks at Stevie. He says, "Hey, there's nothing to be scared about. It's just Stevie..."

Vanessa looks at Stevie and laughs. She says, "You got a little something on your beard."

Stevie puts his hand on his beard. "What is it?" he asks. His hand is stuck to the sticky red substance.

"It's from the candy apple," Vanessa explains.

Stevie tries to wipe it away with his hand, but leaves the majority of the substance on his face. He asks, "Is it still there?"

Vanessa, Dante, and Autumn laugh. Vanessa says, "Let me get it for you." She reaches toward his face with her hand, but then leans in and she and Stevie start kissing.

Dante covers Autumn's eyes with his hand. He continues staring, as he says, "This is awkward."

The next morning, Sebastian steps out of his van, with the shouting of "Doyce!" being heard from within the van. Sebastian winces. "You're up early," Missy states to Sebastian.

Sebastian replies, "Do you blame me with that loudmouth around?" Sebastian shifts his glasses. He says, "My apologies. I should watch my mouth around a lady."

Missy laughs. She says, "You're so funny. I understand. Doyce can be pretty annoying."

"So can you remind me why we couldn't vote him out, last night?" Sebastian asks.

Missy states, "I thought you had this perfect memory. I explained it to you."

Sebastian sighs. He says, "I know. He's strong for the challenges. I think that's an overrated reason."

"Didn't that happen on your first season, though?" Missy reminds. "Wasn't your team behind at the merge due to the other team being stronger? What was your team name, again? 'The Epic Fail'..."

"You don't need to say it," Sebastian states. "I wish I didn't have to remember. And... you're right. I don't want to risk being in the minority, again, even though a member of my team ended up winning Total Drama Tropics."

Missy puts her hand on Sebastian's cheek. She says, "I know I'm right, sweetie." Sebastian's face turns red.

On The Super Buff Muscle Dudes' guys' van, Tsuyoshi smirks as he looks at Stevie. He says, "You and Vanessa, huh?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Stevie replies.

Tsuyoshi points at Dante and says, "Dante told me that you two were making out and he couldn't look away."

"Leave me out of this," Dante insists.

Stevie replies with, "Look. I don't want our relationship to be the cause for problems in this game. I like her, a lot. I don't want to risk Vanessa, or myself, being eliminated."

Tsuyoshi assures, "You don't have anything to worry about."

"I don't?" Stevie asks.

Tsuyoshi assures, "We need you, man. You're Stevie, right?"

"That's what's written over the label of my underwear," Stevie answers.

Nolan can be heard shouting from outside, "Hear ye! Hear ye! It's... challenge time, or something!"

"I guess we better get out there," Dante states. "As much as I hate to break up this conversation."

Outside, Nolan is seen surrounded by animals of all sorts, as he holds onto some of their leashes, as they bark, meow, and make other noises from their cages. "What's going on, out here?" Joanna asks with wide eyes.

Nolan smiles wide and states, "I opened up a pet care service!"

"Why?" Zane asks, with one eye wider than the other.

Nolan gestures. He says, "It all happened last night... I ran over a fire hydrant when we moved our vehicles, last night. It came out of nowhere. Funny story... They towed my vehicle away, so I'm going to have to room in someone's van. It's for the best. But anyway, the local authorities had me pay for the replacement, so I need to raise some money if we want this season to continue."

"You should have consulted us, first," Alexandria states.

Nolan goes on, "So I started the pet service. That's where you come in."

"Do we get payed for helping you?" Dante asks with a raised eyebrow.

Nolan shakes his head. He explains, "I'd have to pay you, if your role didn't fit into the context of the challenge. Each team will be in charge of a group of animal peeps." Nolan gestures to his pockets. He says, "My hands aren't free, so a member of each team will have to reach into my pockets..." The team members look concerned.

"You actually expect us to fall for that?" Alexandria asks. Stevie shrugs. He walks up to Nolan and removes a piece of paper from each of Nolan's pockets.

"You people are sick," Nolan asserts. "Anyway, thanks Stevie. You're a real hero among men." Stevie nods. "So, these lists are what you'll be needing to do in the challenge."

Joanna reads off the list, "Wash two dogs, groom a Yorkshire terrier according to the accompanying photograph, walk a cat without it getting lost or caught in a tree, or something, and find something to feed to a snake. The first team to fulfill all of these requests correctly will win the challenge. Any questions?"

"Who entrusted their pets to you?" Missy asks.

Nolan states, "I have a big following among pet lovers, I guess. I'm guessing it's my big puppy dog eyes." Nolan makes his eyes wider than usual. "So if you all get it, the supplies you'll need are to my left or right. You may begin." Nolan is swarmed by the contestants as they grab certain pets, and supplies. He's left looking trampled on the ground.

"You chose a Great Dane for the dog washing challenge?" Joanna says to Stevie. "You couldn't find a bigger dog?"

Stevie shakes his head. He looks at Vanessa and says, "Hey. We should do the dog washing challenge together."

Joanna says, "Fine. I'll find something to feed this disconcertingly large snake. Audrey II can walk the cat... and Tsuyoshi can supervise. Dante and Autumn can shave that rat."

"It's a Yorkie," Autumn corrects. "Don't hurt his feelings."

"It's not a girl?" Dante asks, looking surprised.

The Raging Ocelots are shown deciding their tasks. Sebastian states, "I'll feed our snake friend. Who would like to do the other tasks?"

"I call walking the cat dude, son!" Doyce volunteers.

Missy looks at the ungroomed Yorkshire terrier. She says, "I'll groom this beast... ly adorable creature."

"That leaves you and me with the dog washing," Zane says to Alexandria.

"Oh, joy," Alexandria replies.

Zane assures, "Hey, it'll be fun."

Alexandria shrugs and says, "If you say so."

Zane sprays Alexandria with a hose that he's already set up. "See?" he says. Alexandria glares at him.

Tsuyoshi and Audrey II are shown walking together. Tsuyoshi is walking several feet away from Audrey. She looks over at him. She says, "Hey, Tsu."

"Hey," he replies.

"I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable," Audrey assures. "I'll try to be more respectful, in the future. I've just been pretty lonely, lately. I haven't seen Al in a little while since he moved back to Hawaii. I really miss him."

Tsuyoshi looks down. He says, "That has to be difficult."

Audrey nods. She says, "But I'm determined to stay faithful to him. He's really special."

Tsuyoshi looks confused. He says, "Wait. I thought he said on All Stars that you broke up."

Audrey's eyes get wide. She says, "What?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Er... I'm sorry."

Audrey sniffles. She states, "So that's what he meant when he told me we were breaking up... I thought he was having problems with his phone." Audrey holds the leash leading to the particularly obese cat to her face as she cries. "You don't need to stand so far away."

Tsuyoshi pats her on the back, keeping as much distance as possible. He says, "It's not you, I swear. I just happen to be really allergic to cats... dogs... gerbils... Anything with thick fur."

"You seem fine around Stevie," Audrey says between sobs.

Tsuyoshi laughs. He says, "That's different... I'm sorry about Al... I didn't know."

"It's alright," Audrey assures. "I'm sure I can move on."

"Great," Tsuyoshi says. "Let's get this little fella back. He seems to be done relieving himself."

Audrey II looks confused. She asks, "What do you mean?" Tsuyoshi blushes.

Doyce runs by Audrey and Tsuyoshi, dragging a Siamese cat behind him. Tsuyoshi and Audrey look concerned. "Is that little kitty gonna be okay?" Audrey II asks.

Doyce catches up to Sebastian, who is carrying a cage of mice back toward their team. Doyce says, "Aw. Look at those cute little guys. Why do you have them?"

Sebastian looks at Doyce. He says, "This is what snakes eat." Doyce stops in his tracks, and looks stunned. Sebastian returns to the others, leaving Doyce behind.

Doyce returns, after a few minutes, and looks at his team. "Where's Zane?" he asks.

"Changing into his swimwear," Alexandria explains.

"He seems to think he looks good in them," Missy mutters.

Doyce looks at Missy's project, still completely ungroomed. "What's going on with that?"

Missy holds the dog away from her. She says, "This little mongrel isn't cooperating."

"Really?" Alexandria asks. "I haven't seen it move since we got here."

Doyce rolls up his non-existant sleeves, and says, "Let's Doyce this." He pauses. "How's that for a catchphrase?" His team looks at him with unconvincing supportive looks.

On the other team, Stevie and Vanessa are shown washing their dogs, together. They flirtatiously splash each other with water, and basically leave their dogs unwashed. Autumn holds down their Yorkie as Dante holds clippers and looks closely at the picture of the desired result. "I'm not sure I'm qualified for this," Dante insists. Tsuyoshi and Audrey II return.

"You'll do great," Autumn assures. "I mean, your hair looks really nice."

"Thanks," Dante replies. "It takes a lot of work in the morning." The Yorkie growls at Dante. "I'm not convinced that she particularly likes me. Ever since Tropics ended, animals seem to hate me... I'm not sure why that is..."

Autumn assures, "You're exaggerating."

"We're back," Audrey announces. The cat she was walking hisses and lunges at Dante, scratching his face as he struggles to get it off of him.

Tsuyoshi looks concerned, but hesitates to help. Dante slips on the water that Vanessa and Stevie were splashing at each other, and his glasses fall off. A buzzing noise is heard, and the others look on with wide eyes. Dante looks up from lying on the ground, and says, "What's wrong." Autumn picks up the clawing cat. Tsuyoshi picks up a mirror for grooming the dog, and holds it up for Dante. Tsuyoshi looks down. Dante's eyes widen, as he realizes that part of his hair is shaved off. Dante growls, "Stupid cat! You made me look bad!" He is then attacked by all three dogs, the cat, and the snake slithers out of the cage to get in on the action, coiling around one of Dante's limbs.

Nolan walks up with The Raging Ocelots, holding their washed, perfectly groomed, walked, and fed animals. Nolan says, "I came to tell you guys that The Raging Ocelots won the challenge."

"All thanks to Doyce," Alexandria states.

"Doyce!" Doyce shouts, putting his hands up in 'rock and roll' symbols. He looks down at Dante and asks, "Is he going to be okay?"

Missy laughs and says, "Someone just got Heather'd."

Nolan and Stevie try to get the attacking animals away from Dante. Tsuyoshi pulls the cat away from Dante, as it reluctantly removes its claws. "It looks like karma is at work here," Sebastian states. "Your evil deeds are catching up to you."

Tsuyoshi defensively says, "That's not true. Dante has been trying his best to make up for his past. He's a different guy. Apologize to him."

Dante stands up, looking particularly disheveled. Sebastian says, "I can't believe it. He's completely manipulated you."

Tsuyoshi says, "Look, Sebastian. I know you don't like Dante, but he's my friend. But you're my friend, too."

Sebastian states, "A friend wouldn't betray someone like this. You know what Dante did. The Tsuyoshi I was friends with wouldn't have ever befriended my enemy. I knew you changed over the years, with becoming a gym rat... I know that's not who you are, and I never liked the fact that you've been pretending to be something you're not, but... I can't forgive this. If you want to get used and backstabbed by that jerk, go right ahead." Sebastian stomps off.

Doyce says, "Wow."

Dante holds his head down. Tsuyoshi puts his hand on his back and says, "Hey, don't listen to him."

Dante says, "You guys should just vote me out..." He walks off.

Nolan says, looking bewildered, "Well, he is right. You do need to vote someone out. Sorry about that..."

Autumn is shown with Dante and the grooming kit, as she works on shaving off the rest of his hair. Tsuyoshi walks up and says, "Hey."

"Hey," Dante says with a sigh. "I never meant to mess up your friendship with Sebastian. You should just stop hanging out with me."

Tsuyoshi says, "Things with Sebastian have been tense the last few years... and he has trouble dealing with his memories of how things were, and how things are now. But I'm not about to let him decide who I can be friends with. Dante, you're a good guy. What he said about karma getting you back wasn't true." Dante remains quiet. "Uh... Sorry about your hair, dude."

"It's not a big deal," Dante says. "I was never attached to my hair. It was more of a disguise than anything."

Tsuyoshi looks down. He says, "You're taking this well, man. I'm not about to vote you out, though. You deserve to be here."

Dante states, "If you want to get hit by my karma next."

"Karma isn't real," Tsuyoshi repeats.

Autumn says, "Listen to Tsuyoshi."

"You don't understand!" Dante barks. "One bad thing after another keeps happening in my life. First my stepdad died, then my mom got sick, then I found out what was wrong with my eyesight... This is the smallest problem I've had..."

Tsuyoshi blinks. "What do you mean about your eyesight?"

Dante states, "I have retinitis pigmentosa."

Tsuyoshi and Autumn look at each other and shrug. Tsuyoshi asks, "What... What's that?"

Dante begins to get tearful. He says, "It's a degenerative eye disease... It means that I'm slowly losing my sight. In a few years I'm going to be completely blind. I know that no one is going to believe me, and I didn't want to tell anyone here. But how am I going to take care of my mom, like that..."

Tsuyoshi and Autumn look particularly affected by what Dante revealed. "Dante, I'm so sorry," Autumn assures. She hugs Dante.

"I deserve it," Dante states. "I'm not a good guy, like you seem to think I am. I did a lot of bad things to a lot of people."

Tsuyoshi puts his blotchy, red, hand on Dante's back and insists, "Dante. This isn't some sort of punishment..."

Dante looks down. He says, "I'm not so sure."

The scene changes to the elimination ceremony. Nolan assures Dante, now with drastically shorter hair, "Lookin' good, man." Dante looks to the side. "Ahem. Anyway, one of you needs to leave. No offense. So here's who's safe. Joanna, Tsuyoshi, Stevie, Autumn, and... Dante." Dante looks surprised, as he catches his marshmallow, along with the other contestants. "That leaves Audrey II and Vanessa. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Audrey," Nolan announces, before tossing a marshmallow to the awkward girl.

Stevie frowns. He says, "Vanessa?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Sorry, Stevie... and Vanessa... You two are so cute together, but you seemed to be distracting each other in the challenge."

Stevie looks down. He says, "I'm sorry, Vanessa. I just like you, a lot... I didn't realize that we weren't doing so great at the challenge..."

Vanessa assures, "It's not your fault, Stevie... I like you, a lot, too."

"So you'll still be my girl after this is all over?" Stevie asks. "Not that I view you as a possession."

Vanessa says, "I know what you mean." She puts her hand on Stevie's head and rubs her hand in his hair. "I'll miss you, a lot, but you need to move on as the renowned challenge king." Stevie blushes. She hugs Stevie, and waves to the others, before getting in the waiting taxi.

Dante looks up and says, "I hate to see these two broken up, like this..."

Tsuyoshi puts his hand on Dante's back, and says, "We need you here, man." Dante looks at Tsuyoshi, and then Autumn, who nods.

Dante sighs. He says, "Thanks, guys."

Nolan says, "That was... a pretty interesting episode... Be sure to check in next time to see what happens next time... Was that too repetitive a statement?"

Chapter 11 - Everybody Just Dance NowEdit

The host of the season, Nolan, is shown in front of the camera, fully clothed this time. He states, "Hey, viewer peoples. Woo! Are you ready for some Total... Drama:... Best of the Best?" Nolan awaits a response. "No need to be shy..." Nolan stares at the camera. He shrugs. "Well, I know in my heart that you are. On the last episode, the teams were asked to take care of some cool animal bros and bro-ettes... That's female for bro. The Raging Ocelots won the challenge, while the other team... not so much. Dante was mauled and stuff, by the animals, and... well... he was supposed to groom this durgie, but he was the one who ended up getting groomed... And by groomed, I mean that his head got shaved. At least it works on him. Oh, yeah. Another thing that happened was that Sebastian and Tsuyoshi got all frienemy. Sebastian was all mad and jealous, and stuff of Tsu's bromance with Dante... But despite all of that, Vanessa was eliminated 'cause she made Stevie all googoo eyed, and lovey dovey. You won't see me like that." Nolan looks off dreamily. He snaps back to attention. "Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about Yesenia." Nolan sighs. "Yesenia... Anyway, I'm sure you're here to see the episode, not me daydreaming about my 'gf'." Nolan pauses in order to wait for a response from the audience. Nolan shrugs. "I'll take a guess that you are. So... you... do that." Nolan gives an awkward smile.

Dante, Tsuyoshi, and Stevie are shown in their van. Stevie looks at Tsuyoshi red, blotched forearms and hands, and then at Dante's newly shaved head. Stevie lets out a laugh. He says, "I never thought I'd be the prettiest guy on our team."

Dante smirks and says, "I wouldn't be bragging over a default victory."

"Touche," Stevie replies, complete with finger pointing.

Dante looks at Tsuyoshi and says, "Man, you didn't have to grab that... kitty for my sake. I know you're allergic."

"Hey, it's no big deal," Tsuyoshi assures. "My skin will go back to normal... I hope. If not, I can always find some fashionable gloves or oven mitts to wear."

Dante lets out a laugh. "Sorry," Dante apologizes.

"Hey," Tsuyoshi says. "Don't apologize to me. Apologize to Autumn."

Dante's eyebrows go up. He says, "Autumn? I didn't say anything I shouldn't have, did I?"

"Nah," Tsuyoshi replies.

"So..." Dante starts. "What do I need to apologize for?"

Tsuyoshi lips curl up in a cheeky smile. He says, "For stealing her heart."

Dante's face turns red, as Stevie chuckles. "Autumn?" Dante replies, in slight disbelief. "You must be crazy."

"Dude," Tsuyoshi states. "Can't you see it?" Tsuyoshi's eyes get wide. He says, "That is... I didn't mean..."

Dante states, "Don't sweat it. I know what you meant. My impending blindness..." Dante pauses to sigh. "It's something I've been forced to come to terms with, and I know you didn't mean anything. I'm just sorry I let it out. I didn't come back here to throw a pity party for myself."

Stevie blinks. He says, "Uh. If you want to talk about it..."

Dante replies with, "I'm good."

"Maybe you should talk to us," Tsuyoshi begins. "I think it would be healthy to..."

"I said I'm good," Dante states, with a little less patience.

"Okay, okay," Tsuyoshi replies. He looks down.

Stevie is shown in confessional. He says, "While I think it would be a good idea to talk out what's going on with Dante, he probably has his own way of dealing with it, and Tsu-bu and I should respect that. If I was in his shoes... I don't know. It would be tough."

The next morning, The Raging Ocelots are shown outside. Zane and Doyce are shown awkwardly looking at Sebastian.

Doyce is shown in confessional. He looks confused. He says, "Zane and me weren't really sure what to say to Sebastian, after his fight with Tsuyoshi. Things were really awkward in our van last night, son. I don't think anybody said anything to anyone, at any time... anyway..."

Zane says, in order to start conversation, "So, I guess Nolan stayed with the other team last night, poor saps."

Nolan emerges from Alexandria and Missy's van. Zane's eyes get wide. "Don't ask," Alexandria states.

"Our genius host reasoned that since we were the only van with two people aboard, that he'd fit right in," Missy explains.

"Nothing interesting happened," Alexandria insists.

Nolan walks up and says, "Quite the pillow fight, last night." He continues walking.

Zane raises an eyebrow and asks, "Should I be worried?"

Missy explains, "In what way? Nolan had a laptop with him, and watched that cheesy horror movie... 'Texas Slumber Party Pick Ax Massacre', or whatever."

Zane says, "Oh, yeah. That pillow fight scene was... pretty amazing." Alexandria looks at Zane with a worried look.

"You liked that movie?" Alexandria asks.

"Well, yeah," Zane replies. "Wait. I didn't if you didn't. It's not a deal breaker, right?"

"What?" Alexandria asks. She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm going to go for a little walk before we have to start the challenge."

Missy leans toward Zane and whispers, "You should go after her and see what's wrong."

"Really?" Zane asks. "You mean, you don't want to go after her? I thought you were 'BFFs'." Zane puts his fingers in quotation marks.

"You're really not taking advantage of the situation, by questioning my motives?" Missy asks.

"Right," Zane says. "Gotta go." Zane follows after Alexandria.

Missy turns to Doyce and says, "I think I saw a bikini model shoot going on in that direction." She points, and Doyce vanishes quickly. Missy turns to Sebastian and says, "Still upset about what happened, yesterday, with Tsuyoshi?"

Sebastian looks over at Missy. He then looks down at the ground. He answers, "Yes."

"It might help to talk about it," Missy insists.

Sebastian says, "I think I should apologize to Tsuyoshi. I... don't quite understand the situation with Dante... But Tsuyoshi is my friend. We've been through a lot together, and I don't know if I want to throw that all away."

"People change all the time, Sebastian," Missy insists. "You seemed to have a lot of frustration with Tsuyoshi, that went beyond his friendship with you know who."

Sebastian continues to look down. He says, "Yeah... It's like... he's trying to change who he is. It's like he thinks that he's supposed to be a certain way to fit into the gay community. I mean, I've accepted him the way he is... I wish he could do the same... It's like he cares more about being well liked than just being himself."

Missy says, "You're a sweet guy, Sebastian." Sebastian looks up at her. "I hate to see Tsuyoshi hurt you look like this."

"I..." Sebastian begins.

Missy kisses Sebastian on the cheek. She says, "You have every right to be angry with Tsuyoshi. I would, too, if my best friend betrayed me."

Sebastian's face is bright red. He says, "Yeah... It's like he's a different person from what I remember..."

Alexandria looks behind Zane. He asks, "What are you looking for?"

"I'm just surprised that Missy hasn't followed after us," Alexandria explains. "She hasn't left me alone for the last few days."

"Hey, embrace it," Zane assures. "Can we talk about something?"

"Sure, what is it?" Alexandria asks.

Zane says, "I just noticed that you seem to be... kind of down about something. I'm here if you want to talk to someone."

"I don't know," Alexandria says. "It's kind of... awkward, I guess.

Zane smiles and says, "You're going to turn down advice from the king of awkward? I see how it is."

Alexandria laughs. "It's just relationship advice, I guess," Alexandria says.

"I don't mind, honestly," Zane states with a smile.

Alexandria admits, "I guess you are the person I feel closest to here." Zane pumps his fist. "What was that?"

"Nothing," Zane insists. "Go on."

Alexandria says, "As I was saying... Well... here's the awkward part. There's someone I like, a lot..."

"And?" Zane asks.

"And..." Alexandria says. "I guess that's it."

"That's it?" Zane says.

Alexandria says, "Well, yeah. It's not too easy for me to trust people... I just feel like I finally found the right guy, that I really like."

Zane says, "Well, if it's that serious, you need to tell him."

"I do?" Alexandria asks. Zane shrugs, and then nods. "Sorry. I guess I'm kind of a newb when it comes to dating stuff." Alexandria hugs Zane. "Thanks for the advice." She lets go, leaving Zane blushing.

"No problem," Zane assures.

"I guess I'll have to let Eduardo know, the next time I see him," Alexandria states.

"Eduardo?" Zane repeats.

Alexandria's face turns red. She says, "Yeah. He's the nicest guy I've met... and he's cute and all muscular. That's always a good trait in a guy, right?"

Zane blushes. He says, "I, uh... I wouldn't know."

"Oh, right," Alexandria states. "Thanks, again, Zane. You're a good friend to let me talk to you like this." Zane nods. "I should get back."

"I'll join you in a minute," Zane says. Alexandria nods and returns to her teammates. He looks after her. He then holds his head down in a disappointed manner.

Autumn is shown outside knitting a scarf, while sitting under a nearby tree. Dante steps out of his van, notices her, and approaches. He sits down next to her and says, "What do you got there?"

"I'm almost done," Autumn answers, slightly blushing. "It's a scarf."

"It's pretty cool," he replies, "you know, for a scarf."

"Thanks," Autumn says. "I mean, that's good." After finishing the scarf, she hands it to Dante. "It's for you."

Dante holds the scarf and says, "Oh... I like it... Just... I mean... You didn't have to make it for me."

Autumn explains, "I felt pretty bad about what happened yesterday with those bloodthirsty animals."

"You mean that little Yorkie?" Dante asks.

Autumn laughs and says, "Yeah. I thought you deserved something nice, and it would help cover your flesh wounds."

Dante laughs. He says, "Thanks." He lets out a sigh. "Autumn, I'm not interested in a relationship, right now."

"Um," Autumn lets out.

Dante explains, "I like you a lot as a friend, and you are a super nice girl. It's just that... last time I was on... the stuff with Emmy... I told myself that I wasn't going to have a girlfriend on the show. I don't want anyone to think that it was a repeat of what happened last time..."

"I understand," Autumn assures.

Dante looks surprised. He says, "You do?" Autumn nods. "That's a relief." He pauses, and points at the scarf. "Can I keep this?"

Autumn laughs. He says, "Of course. I guess... I'm a little disappointed. I do like you, maybe a little."

"Oh," Dante replies, blushing slightly. "Curse my boyish good looks, and amazing personality." Autumn laughs. "But I hope there isn't any awkwardness between us..."

"It's fine," Autumn assures. "At least you let me know before I picked out a wedding dress."

Dante laughs. He says, "That's good." Dante stands up, extends his hand toward Autumn.

Autumn says, "I still have to clean up my knitting supplies, you go ahead." Dante nods and leaves.

A few minutes later, Doyce walks up to Autumn. He says, "Hey. Did you see a bikini shoot going on around here?" Doyce pauses as he looks at Autumn. He asks, "Hey, is everything okay?"

Autumn forces a smile and says, "It will be, I guess."

"Do you mind my asking what's wrong?" Doyce asks.

Autumn explains, "I just found out that someone I like doesn't like me in the same way."

"You want me to rough him up?" Doyce asks.

Autumn laughs. She says, "No. I'll be fine."

Doyce assures, "If you need to talk to someone, I know a lot about being rejected." Doyce proudly points at himself. He pauses. "Okay, now I'm feeling kind of depressed."

Autumn laughs, again. She says, "Thanks, Doyce."

Doyce looks over at the others. He says, "It looks like Nolan is here. We better get going." Autumn nods.

The contestants are shown gathered around Nolan, wearing his swimwear. He explains, "I was chillaxing at the beach a few minutes ago, when this empty Pepper M.D. bottle washed ashore with these note cards with these strange cryptic markings on them. I think it was a dance routine from some ancient culture. I think it's a sign, so I decided to make a challenge out of it."

"So in layman terms?" Joanna asks.

Nolan says, "I brought some weeds and coconut bras from the beach. You'll be dancing a traditional island dance, and whichever team does the best will get invincibility." Nolan points to a box of costumes, leis, and tiki torches. "This is all the supplies you'll need. Any questions?"

Zane raises his hand and asks, "For the girls, are coconut bras optional?"

"Really classy," Joanna states. "I left my bar of soap at home, otherwise you would have gotten your mouth washed out."

Zane shrugs and says, "It's what I do."

Nolan refers to the season's rules. He says, "In regards to Zane's question, no topless dancing... Well, I guess the guys can legally do so, but no nudity. This is a family show."

"Wow," Audrey II states. "Chris valued nudity for ratings. It's like a whole different series. It's eerie, really."

"If that's all," Nolan says. "You can start discussing your routines, and getting into your costumes and stuff."

On The Raging Ocelots, the contestants look at the tiny costumes. Sebastian says, "I don't know if I'm comfortable wearing this grass skirt."

"I'll agree with that statement," Alexandria says. Zane and Missy nod.

Doyce says, "Are you kidding? This grass skirt is sweet, son! How many times will us dudes get away with wearing skirts?" Sebastian and Zane look at Doyce with worried looks.

Doyce is shown in confessional. He says, "Son, this challenge was made for me. Of course, I got the bod to pull off the costume. Not literally, I mean. That nudity rule, and all. But the chance to spin around flaming torches for the viewing audience, and stuff? That's tight!"

On the Super Buff Muscle Dudes, the contestants are shown in their grass skirts, and the girls also in their coconut bras. Dante adjusts his grass skirt. "Can you stop messing with that?" Joanna asks.

Dante says, "Sorry. I just want to make sure nothing falls out." Tsuyoshi, Audrey II, and Autumn blush.

Stevie adjusts his coconut bra and says, "I don't get it."

"Why are you wearing that?" Tsuyoshi asks, pointing at Stevie's coconut bra.

"There was one left over," Stevie says defensively.

"I'm not sure how comfortable I am with this challenge," Audrey admits. "I'm not the most coordinated dancer or anything, and I'm not exactly sure what a traditional island dance is."

Stevie assures, "I can teach you. I've been to a luau or two."

"That sounds like a great qualifier to teach us," Dante states.

"Weren't you on a tropical themed season?" Joanna asks Dante. "You could teach us."

Dante says, "Stevie it is."

The Raging Ocelots are shown practicing their dance. Doyce is holding two unlit torches. He looks back and forth at them, and then proceeds to spin the torches incredibly fast. Missy stops what she's doing to say, "Wow. Where did you learn to do that?"

Doyce explains, while spinning the torches, tossing them in the air, and spinning around himself, "After meeting Nathan, I thought I'd give cheerleading a try. I mean, some of the hottest girls are hot cheerleaders. Anyway, that's when I learned how to twirl stuff around, when I wasn't throwing chicks in the air, and causing them to hit the ceiling. It took a lot of practice to get this good, though. A lot of hard work, cheerleaders with broken noses, and singed uniforms once I upgraded to fire batons. You know... I didn't last too long on the team, for being too awesome to handle, of course, but the lessons have stuck with me."

"That was deep, man," Zane assures.

"Well, Doyce," Missy says. "You do make it look good."

Doyce nods and says, "Did you know that my consistent exercise routine is great for building muscle? Just an added bonus."

Sebastian insists, "Of course, the most important muscle is the mind, and the ability to carry an intelligent conversation." Missy lets out a laugh.

Zane lifts his arm and pokes himself where his bicep muscles should be. Doyce looks at Zane and says, "Hey, man. What are you doing?"

Zane puts his arm down. His face turns red, and he explains, "Just poking... myself."

"Oh, cool," Doyce replies.

Alexandria looks confused. She says, "Okay... Um... So do we have our routine prepared?"

Tsuyoshi walks up to the Raging Ocelots. He says, "Hey... I know I'm not supposed to be here, but I wanted to talk to Sebastian about yesterday... privately."

Missy puts her arm around Sebastian and says, "If you have something to say to Sebastian, you have something to say to all of us." Alexandria looks distracted by her fingernails.

Stevie walks up and says, "Hey, what's going on? Shouldn't we be practicing?"

Tsuyoshi says, "I want to tell Sebastian that I still want to be friends. I'm still the same guy I always was, and I don't want our friendship to be broken up because I have different interests."

"Like chasing after a new guy every twenty minutes?" Sebastian asks.

Tsuyoshi looks surprised. He says, "What?"

Sebastian looks down. He says, "Look. I know where I've stood in the last few years. I've been thinking about it, a lot. It's obvious that you're always at the gym, so that you can be more attractive. I know that whenever I've tried to reach out to you, you say you're too busy, or you're going out... Unlike you, I can't forget our friendship, Tsuyoshi. But I think we need to move on."

Tsuyoshi looks down. He says, "Sebastian, I still want to be your friend. I haven't forgotten what you've done for me... I just..."

Stevie puts his hand on Tsuyoshi's shoulder. He says, "Maybe we should just let Sebastian be, for now."

"Maybe you're right," Tsuyoshi replies, looking disappointed. He and Stevie walk back to their team.

The scene chanes to Nolan standing on a stage with a curtain toward the back of it. Nolan announces, "Let's get this thing started, okay? I'm going to ask the Raging Ocelots to go first."

The team takes their positions. Sebastian and Zane stand toward the back, Doyce stands in the center of the stage, and Missy and Alexandria stand toward the front. Once the high energy music starts, Doyce begins twirling his torches, spinning, and tossing them in the air. The other team members dance. Doyce shouts, "This is how we get things done, son!"

"The fire dancing is a nice touch," Autumn admits, as the Super Buff Muscle Dudes and Nolan watch with wide eyes.

"I think we need to change our choreography," Stevie admits.

Audrey II looks worried. She asks, "What?"

"That's okay with everyone, right?" Stevie asks. The others nod. Audrey reluctantly nods. Stevie pulls everyone into a huddle.

The Raging Ocelots end their routine, and Nolan jumps up and claps. He says, "That was amazing! Great job! I couldn't believe my eyes with the whirling, and tossing, and flaming, and... Just wow!"

Doyce drops the now snuffed torches to the stage and says, "Done!" He and the rest of his team leave the stage.

The Super Buff Muscle Dudes get on the stage, and the high energy island music begins, again. The team begins dancing, and does a fairly good job. Stevie is dancing in the middle, along with Joanna. Dante and Tsuyoshi dance toward the front, shouting in a rather masculine fashion. Audrey and Autumn hold up the back. Audrey seems slightly confused by the choreography, while Stevie twirls the lit torches. Nolan claps in his seat while he watches the dancing. Everyone on the Super Buff Muscle Dudes jump back, except for Audrey II. Stevie jumps backward, knocking into her. His torches fling forward toward Dante. He contnues dancing, and sniffs the air. He asks, "Does anyone smell something burning?" He looks down to see his grass skirt singe, and burn away in less than a second. The music abruptly stops, after the player gets hit by one of the torches. Everyone stops what they're doing, as Dante is now pixelated, and stares at him with wide eyes. His face turns red, and he attempts to cover himself with his hands, as he trips off of the stage. He scurries to his van.

"Wow," Nolan states, still with wide eyes. "No need to worry. The future pixelation will turn this back into a family show. As for what just happened... I, again, could not believe my eyes, but for different reasons from the last group. At least that made my job easier, since it means that The Raging Ocelots are the default winners... Though their routine was really good." Dante rejoins the others, now wearing pants. Nolan continues, "That means, uh, that the Super Buff Muscle Dudes will have to vote someone out. Sorry, guys."

"Well, kiddos," Joanna says. "I think you better clean up this mess." Stevie, Autumn, and Audrey groan. "Don't make me get out the wooden spoon." The others begin cleaning up.

Nolan walks off, as well as the Raging Ocelots who attempt to carry Doyce away, but fail to lift the bulky teenager. Dante sits down on the stage in a disappointed manner. Tsuyoshi sits down next to him, and he shoos away his teammates, who disperse. Tsuyoshi says, "Are you okay, man?"

Dante's face is still red. He says, "That was really embarrassing."

"Well," Tsuyoshi begins, "I don't think you have anything to be embarrassed about."

Dante's eyes get wide, he looks at Tsuyoshi and asks, "What?"

Tsuyoshi's face turns red. He looks away from Dante and says, "Uh... I mean, obviously... That must have been embarrassing."

"My karma is striking, again," Dante states.

Tsuyoshi sighs. He says, "I'm sick of hearing about that." He looks at Dante and says, "If karma exists, that means that every bad thing that happens to someone is their own fault. Why do certain criminals get away with it? Why do nice people get in car accidents? Why did I get thrown out by my dad... You know? Never mind." Dante looks at Tsuyoshi with concern. Tsuyoshi blushes, again, and looks away from Dante.

Dante says, "I think I get your point..."

"So no more of that karma nonsense?" Tsuyoshi asks, as he looks at Dante. Dante nods. Tsuyoshi blushes, again, and looks away from Dante.

Stevie is shown speaking with Joanna. He says, "Hey, Joanna."

"Hey," Joanna says. "Did you eat your dinner?" Stevie nods. Joanna raises an eyebrow. She asks, "Even the vegetables?" Stevie looks guilty.

Stevie says, "That's not why I stopped to talk to you, though."

"Okay, then what about?" Joanna asks.

Stevie says, "It's about your children... You must really miss them."

"Why do you say that?" Joanna asks, looking a little confused.

Stevie smirks. He says, "I think you've been transfixing your thoughts or feelings toward your kids to your teammates."

"That's ridiculous," Joanna states.

"I didn't eat my vegetables," Stevie admits.

Joanna says, "Then go to your room without dessert, young... Oh my..."

Stevie nods. He says, "Now you get it? The reason I mentioned it is because I'm worried that the other contestants might not exactly want to be treated like children. I mean, we're young adults. We're barely any younger than you... I think. I think I'm not older." Stevie looks concerned.

Joanna nods and says, "I guess I'll need to work on it. But vegetables are good for you, for the record."

Nolan announces, as the scene has changed to the elimination ceremony, "One of you will be out of the competition, forever. Sorry if that was too dramatic. I don't like to dwell on the negative, so I'll announce who is safe. Autumn, Tsuyoshi, Audrey, and Dante. The four of you will be receiving marshmallows." Nolan tosses marshamllows to the four contestants. "That leaves... Stevie and Joanna. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Stevie." Stevie catches his marshmallow.

Joanna frowns. She says, "Let me guess... I was smothering you all with my misplaced motherly affection?" The others nod. "Well, I wish I knew sooner."

Stevie shrugs. He says, "Sorry. I just figured it out, myself."

Joanna says, "Well, I have enjoyed getting to know all of you." The team stands to hug Joanna goodbye. She takes a napkin and wipes Stevie's face, makes Audrey blow her nose into the napkin, discards it, has Dante spit his gum into her hand, straighten's Autumn's hair, and straighten's Tsuyoshi's suspenders. "Yeah... I guess I have some work to do, but you five are going to be a mess without me."

Nolan says, "We'll see you, Joanna. Thanks for coming back." Joanna nods and leaves in a taxi cab. Nolan frowns and says, "Oh, man. All of the Total Drama Wilderness contestants are out. That sucks."

Tsuyoshi says, "Hey, if it's any consolation, you're still here."

Nolan smiles and says, "Oh, yeah! And if things go right, I'll be here all the way to the end!" Nolan now has a big smile. He says, "Join us next time to see what's going to happen next.

Chapter 12 - Musical Chairs... of Doom!Edit

Nolan, the congenial host, is shown on camera. He smiles and says, "Hey, viewer peeps! Thanks for, like, turning the TV on, and turning me on..." Nolan's eyes get wide. His face also turns red. "I didn't mean that as perverted as it sounded." Nolan looks down. "So... I should move on." He looks back up at the camera, and smiles like he didn't just embarrass him on national television. "Last time, our contestants were asked to do this traditional island dance routine thing that I discovered in the mystic ocean waters..." Nolan dramatically gestures. "It was between a couple of dead seagulls. Anyway, the teams did as they were told... except for Dante when he got all naked by mistake. His team lost the challenge, but they voted out Joanna, because she was all motherly to her team. I would have been fine with it, though. I... I really miss my mommy..." Nolan pouts, and looks down. He looks back up at the camera with wide eyes. He speedily says, "I hope you enjoy this episode of Total... Drama:... Best of the Best." He sighs. "I'm glad I got that out of the way before I said anything else embarrassing, like the fact that I sleep with my Hola Kitty toothbrush." Nolan's eyes get wide, again.

Audrey II and Autumn are shown in their van, lying in their beds. Audrey asks, "Do you think we're going to merge soon?"

Autumn shrugs. She says, "Probably."

"Do you think some random people are going to get back into the game?" Audrey II asks.

Autumn says, "You never know. It hasn't happened since the season I was on, though, so it probably won't... Is there a reason you're asking so many questions?"

Audrey says, "I'm sorry."

Autumn laughs and says, "You don't need to apologize."

"Sorry for apologizing," Audrey goes on. "I guess I feel kind of guilty. It was my fault that we lost the challenge, and Dante got all exposed on national television... Well, I'm not really all that sorry for that last one, but I didn't have a great view."

Autumn blushes and says, "Um... Well, Dante, Tsuyoshi, and I talked about it. You're our friend, Audrey. That's why we kept you."

"Thanks," Audrey states. "Anyway... Are you nervous about the teams merging?"

"A little," Autumn replies. "It was kind of different having Missy on the other team, so if we do merge... I hope it's not too unbearable."

"I was thinking about that," Audrey says, "you and Missy, I mean. I don't think I have a nemesis, like you. I mean, Dante was a little mean to me, but he seems like a nicer guy, now. I try to think of him as a new person, but I can't help but think of how he was, before." Audrey goes on, "But Missy seems different from Dante. She still seems not nice, if you know what I mean."

Autumn nods. She says, "Yeah."

Stevie, Tsuyoshi, and Dante are shown in their van. Dante stuffs some nicotine gum into his mouth and begins chewing. He says, "Thank goodness that Joanna is gone. Now I can chew as much of this as I need to."

"I take it that your urge to smoke hasn't decreased, at all," Stevie states.

Dante says, "Let's put it this way... When I get home, I'm not rushing to the store to get anymore of this gum."

Tsuyoshi asks, "You smoke, Dante?"

Dante says, "Didn't I mention that?"

"If you did, I don't remember," Tsuyoshi says. "But hey, it's your lungs."

"Yeah, yeah," Dante states. "They're crying on the inside." He smirks.

Tsuyoshi shrugs. He says, "I'm not trying to be preachy, or anything. I've got my problems, too."

Dante replies, "I know. I appreciate the concern. I do... And I do want to quit. It's been pretty difficult."

Tsuyoshi offers a smile. He says, "I'm sure it is, man." Tsuyoshi looks toward the door. He says, "Guys, I'm going to step out for a minute. Get some fresh air."

"Alright," Dante states. Tsuyoshi gets out of his bed and goes outside.

Stevie stands up. He puts his hand on Dante's shoulder and says, "If you really want to stop, I'm sure you can do it." Stevie heads toward the door.

Dante smirks. He states, "Thanks." He watches as Stevie goes toward the door. "Uh. Where are you going?"

"Outside," Stevie replies.

"That's a good enough explanantion for me," Dante states, as Stevie exits.

Tsuyoshi is shown sitting on a curb with his head in his hands. Stevie approaches him and says, "Hey."

"Hey," Tsuyoshi states, as he looks up. "What are you doing out here?"

Stevie shrugs his broad, hairy shoulders, and says, "I could tell that something was bothering you. Do you want to talk about it?"

Tsuyoshi shrugs. "I don't know. It's kind of personal."

"Is it about what happened with you and Sebastian?" Stevie asks.

Tsuyoshi admits with a sigh, "Yeah. But you don't need to get involved."

Stevie says, "Tsuyoshi. I'm sure you guys can patch things up." {C "I'd like that," Tsuyoshi responds. "But..."

"What's the matter?" Stevie asks.

"What he said was right," Tsuyoshi replies. He lets out a sigh.

Stevie says, "About?"

Tsuyoshi says, "About my having a new boyfriend every twenty minutes." Stevie's eyes get wide. "I mean... It was a little bit of an exaggeration, but there was some truth to it. I'm constantly settling for whoever shows interest in me."

"Why do you think that is?" Stevie asks.

Tsuyoshi looks confused. He says, "I don't know if there's so much of a reason."

"If you say so," Stevie says. "I mean, I just thought it was because you have no contact with your family, and you wanted to fill that void of loneliness by some means. So you end up settling for anyone for a relationship, despite their not fitting what you're looking for, in the hopes that they'll replace any sort of missing familial bond." Stevie lets out a laugh. "Misread that one." Stevie slaps Tsuyoshi on the back and says, "I'm heading back inside. We'll see you when you feel ready to come back inside." Stevie goes back into his van. Tsuyoshi is left staring forward with his eyes wide.

The next morning, Sebastian, Doyce, and Zane are standing together outside. Doyce is brushing his teeth. He stops and spits out his toothpaste. He looks down and realizes that he hit Zane's shoes. He says, "Uh... Sorry, son. I was aiming for that sewer drain..." Zane shrugs his shoulders. "Is everything alright? You seem... I don't know... Not so awesome?"

Zane assures, "I'm fine. Just a little worn out, I guess. I'll be fine."

Doyce nods. He pauses. He says, "You're not on the drugs, right?"

"What?" Zane says with his eyebrows raised. "No!"

Doyce bends forward, lets out a sigh, and says, "Okay, good. I was nervous there for a minute."

Alexandria and Missy walk up. Alexandria asks, "What's new with you guys?"

"Zane isn't on the drugs," Doyce states, while pointing at Zane with his thumb. Zane puts his hand over his face.

Alexandria has a raised eyebrow. She says, "That's good."

Sebastian looks at Missy. He shifts his sunglasses and says, "Can we talk in a more private setting?"

"Sure, hon," Missy replies with a smile. She takes Sebastian's arm as they walk off together.

Doyce looks after the pair. He says, "Missy and Sebastian? Do you guys think there's anything going on between them?"

Zane says, "No way. Hot girls only go for good looking dudes with big muscles."

Doyce pumps his fist and shouts, "Doyce!"

Missy and Sebastian are shown off to the side. Missy asks, "What did you want to talk about?"

Sebastian nervously shifts his glasses. He says, "It's about the merge. I'm nervous about it."

Missy tilts her head to the side. She asks, "Whatever would you be nervous about?"

Sebastian holds his head down. He says, "I feel like I've burned any bridges with Tsuyoshi."

"Rightfully so, of course," Missy states. "He betrayed your trust."

Sebastian nods. "But what are we going to do once we merge?" Sebastian asks. "We won't be able to recruit anyone from the other side."

"Why would we need to do that?" Missy asks. Sebastian looks at Doyce, who is presently doing one armed push ups. "Oh, Sebastian. I realize that Doyce isn't your favorite person, but we still need him around at this point. I promise. As soon as we can, we can vote him out. Is that alright, sweetie?"

Sebastian blushes, a little. He says, "Okay. I understand. But don't expect me to like him."

Missy assures, "I would never." She smiles sweetly at Sebastian. He blushes, again.

Missy and Sebastian are shown rejoining the other contestants, who are standing around waiting for Nolan. "What were you two talking about?" Doyce asks.

Zane suggests, "Picking out your future kids' names?" Alexandria laughs. Zane looks at her with a slight smile.

Sebastian's face is red. He says, "No, nothing like that."

"Sorry," Zane says. "Just some light teasing."

The members of the other team walk up. Audrey II says, "Hey, guys. What are we waiting around for?"

"Nolan," Alexandria answers. "We think he might be coming by soon to tell us we've merged."

"Oh, okay," Audrey replies. She puts her arms behind her head. "What do you guys think the merge will be like?"

Sebastian puts his hand to his chin. He says, "Being that this is a special season, I expect a grand feast. Maybe some sort of entertainment, as well."

Nolan walks up. He announces, "It's... time... for your next challenge!" He unfolds some chairs in front of the contestants and walks back to where he came from, returning with more chairs. He explains, "This challenge is musical chairs."

Dante raises his eyebrow. He says, "You mean that game for babies?"

Nolan shifts his eyes to the side. He says, "No, man. This is... Extreme Musical Chairs!"

"Really?" Stevie asks. "What's extreme about it?"

"Only that..." Nolan tries to think up an answer, "you'll all be blindfolded."

"And?" Dante asks.

Nolan says, "And... there will be... traps?"

"Hm," Doyce says. "What else?"

Nolan begins to sweat nervously. He adds, "Uh... I'll only be throwing water balloons full of pudding at you guys... How's that? Pretty h-core, right?"

Dante nods. He says, "Yeah. That sounds pretty extreme."

Nolan jumps up and shouts, "Yes!" He gets some worried looks.

Alexandria asks, "Do you have anything else to tell us?"

Nolan thinks. He says, "Oh, yeah. Whoever wins the challenge will get a reward, as well as invincibility.. I wished they had those on my season."

Alexandria says, "Okay. Anything else?"

"Nope," Nolan states. He says, "I'll pass out the blindfolds, now." He passes out the blindfolds, sets some traps, and says, "If everyone is ready, I'll start the music. When it stops, try to find a chair and sit down in it. Whoever isn't seated will be eliminated from the challenge." Nolan pushes play on his MP3 player. He adds, "Oh, yeah. You're merged."

"That was anticlimactic," Zane states.

The contestants walk around aimlessly, narrowly avoiding the set up traps, as Nolan plays the Total Drama theme song. He pushes stop on his MP3 player. Sebastian quickly takes a seat. Stevie, Doyce, Missy, Autumn, Audrey, Dante, and Tsuyoshi take seats. Nolan announces, "Alexandria and Zane are out of the challenge."

"That sucks," Zane states, as he and Alexandria remove their blindfolds..

"Um," Nolan says. "Sorry. You can help me throw the pudding balloons, if you want."

Zane states, "That makes up for it." He grabs hold of a pudding balloon.

"Time for round two," Nolan announces, as he begins the music, again. The contestants get up and start walking around the chairs, as Nolan sneaks up and removes two chairs. Stepping back, he steps on a mousetrap and collapses to the ground.

Zane hits Nolan with a pudding balloon, stating, "Whoops."

Nolan crawls over to his MP3 player. He turns it off. Sebastian quickly sits down, again. The others attempt to find an empty chair, and avoid the traps. Stevie finds a chair, followed by Doyce. Dante slips on a puddle of pudding, but lands on a chair, on his stomach. He lets out an "Oof!"

Audrey II sits down on Dante's back. She says, "This chair feels weird." She puts her hand down and feels around. "Dante?" she asks. She stands back up in order to find another chair. By then Tsuyoshi and Missy are already in chairs.

Nolan states, "So that means that Audrey and Autumn are out of the challenge. Sorry, girls."

"It's alright," Autumn says. She picks up a pudding balloon. "It'll be worth it."

Doyce says, "Wait. Sebastian is still in this?"

Sebastian states, "I'm sure that's surprising to you." Sebastian points at his own forehead. "But I know exactly where every chair is. If Nolan takes one away, I know where another one is."

Doyce sounds uninterested. He says, "Uh huh. Stevie, I'm going to take you down." Doyce tauntingly points toward Nolan. "There's only room for one challenge king this season!"

Nolan says, "Um, alright." Doyce changes the direction of his pointing after hearing Nolan's voice. Nolan begins the music, and removes two chairs, quickly.

Doyce shouts, "You're going down, Stevie!" Doyce leaps and tackles Sebastian to the ground.

"G-get off of me!" Sebastian demands. "I'm not Stevie!"

Doyce laughs and says, "Nice attempt at changing your voice and body type, but you won't fool me."

Stevie remains quiet as he takes an empty chair. Tsuyoshi also finds one and sits down. Doyce continues to keep Sebastian pinned to the ground. Dante reaches a chair and sits down. Autumn turns toward the other eliminated contestants and nods. The begin barraging Missy with pudding balloons, eventually knocking her to the ground. Sebastian says, "Doyce, if you don't let go of me, you'll lose the challenge, too."

Doyce says, "Oh, yeah. Thanks for the advice, Stevie." Doyce rushes to find an empty chair, as Sebastian gets up. Doyce slips on a pudding covered Missy, and slide forward and lands on the only empty chair.

Nolan stops the music, and announces, "Sebastian and Missy are out of the challenge." He shakes his head at the sight of Sebastian rubbing his sore neck and Missy covered in various flavors of pudding. The two walk over to the other eliminated contestants.

Doyce says, "Wait... That means that Stevie is still in the challenge?"

Nolan nods. He says, "So let's get this next round under way." Nolan begins the music, again, after he removes two more chairs. Doyce feels around for Stevie.

Doyce says, "Wait. Maybe I should just focus on the challenge."

"You think?" Sebastian states, wiping off his sunglasses.

Doyce runs forward with his arms extended, as the others walk with their arms out. Tsuyoshi finds a chair and sits in it. Doyce finds a chair and sits on Tsuyoshi's lap. Tsuyoshi blushes and says, "Who's sitting on me?"

Doyce says, "Oh, crap. Your legs are so bony, I thought you were a chair."

"Thanks, Doyce," Tsuyoshi states. Dante sits down in the only empty chair.

Nolan says, "Oh, man. Stevie and Doyce are out of the challenge just like that." Stevie and Doyce remove their blindfolds.

Doyce says, "Booya! I lost the challenge at the same time as Stevie! Doyce!" Sebastian places his hand on his head, and shakes his head in shame.

Dante and Tsuyoshi stand still. Dante says, "Well?"

"Well, what?" Nolan asks.

"When are you going to start the next round?" Dante impatiently asks.

"Oh, yeah," Nolan says. "Didn't I mention? This was a double invincibility challenge. That means that both you and Tsuyoshi both have invincibility, and you both get the reward."

Tsuyoshi says, "Hey, that's pretty cool." He removes his blindfold, as Dante does, as well, taking his glasses from his pocket and putting them back on.

Dante asks, "So what's our reward?"

"A romantic getaway for two," Nolan states.

"Wait, what?" Dante asks with wide eyes.

Nolan shrugs. He says, "I was sort of expecting a guy and a girl to win, but you know... It didn't happen. The three of us will stay at a local luxury hotel that agreed to sponsor us. In other words, the others can stay in the hotel's parking lot overnight."

"The three of us?" Dante asks.

"Hey, I need a place to stay, too," Nolan explains. "And the other members of the crew won't let me stay in their room at the hotel. They told me I snore..."

"Lucky us," Dante states.

Nolan says, "You guys are free to go, now. You can place your votes for the elimination, but you don't need to attend. Have fun!" Nolan hands marshmallows to Dante and Tsuyoshi. He then pushes Dante and Tsuyoshi away, as they look worried. Autumn also looks worried, and she waves at them. "The rest of you will be voting out one of the others that aren't... those two guys."

"We get it," Alexandria assures.

Later, Autumn is shown sitting on a bench, by herself. Doyce approaches her and says, "Hey, Missy says there was another bikini model shoot over here." He looks at Autumn and says, "Why so glum?"

Autumn looks up at Doyce and says, "I'm just kind of worried. Dante and Tsuyoshi are my two best friends here. We usually talk over who we want to vote out."

Doyce frowns. He rubs Autumn's head with his hand. He says, "You'll be fine. Don't worry."

"Thanks, Doyce," Autumn replies, with a slight smile.

At the elimination ceremony, outside the fancy hotel, Nolan states, "Hey, everybody. This is your first individual elimination... Not that you voted out groups, before... I think I'm over-explaining. Anyway, here's who is safe. Tsuyoshi and Dante..."

"We know," Sebastian states.

Nolan nods. He says, "The other safe people are Alexandria, Zane, Audrey II, Sebastian, Stevie, and... Missy." Nolan throws marshmallows to the newly announced safe contestants. "That leaves just Autumn and Doyce. One of you will need to leave the competition. The last marshmallow goes to..."

"Doyce." Doyce catches his marshmallow, fairly surprised.

Audrey gasps. She says, "Autumn?"

Nolan nods. He says, "That's how the votes went."

"We had to break up your little trio," Missy states. "You'll be missed, hon." Missy waves. Autumn glares at Missy, and then she looks down.

Nolan steps up to her and says, "I'm sorry, Autumn." He gestures to the taxi and says, "It's time for you to go." Autumn nods. She looks back at the others, frowns, and gets into the taxi.

While on the taxi, Autumn says, "I was expecting the rest of my team to vote for Doyce... But I couldn't. He seems too nice. I voted for Missy, but I guess she got me first. I wish that Dante and Tsuyoshi could have been here to discuss the vote. It's been really nice getting to know them."

Doyce is now shown looking down. He says, "Autumn was a nice girl."

"Please," Missy says. "She's still alive."

Nolan says, "Sadly, that's what happens in a game like this, Doyce. The nice people get voted out for minor things, liking urinating on a bee hive, while the cold, calculating villains get to stay around." He looks at Missy, who glares back at him. "But that's just the name of the game. Total... Drama:... Best of the Best... You know, I guess it's not technically the name of the game..." Nolan turns toward the camera, "but I hope you tune in to our next episode." Nolan gives an awkward smile.

Chapter 13 - Impression AbleEdit

In the hallways of a cheap hotel, Nolan comes walking down the hallway holding his pillow and Hola Kitty toothbrush. Nolan sings, "Gonna have a good time, tonight! Gonna have a good time, tonight!" He notices the camera and says, "Oh, hey! Welcome to an all-new Total... Drama:... Best of the Best! I'mma just getting ready for my first slumber party... since this season began. In the musical chairs challenge, Dante and Tsuyoshi won a romantic... I guess it's just a regular getaway at this hotel with me! They have a continental breakfast." Nolan looks off dreamily. "I hear they have Toaster Tarts. So Tsu-ey and Dant-Dant's friend Autumn got eliminated. I don't plan to mention in it, don't want it to kill the mood." Nolan makes a clicking noise with his mouth and winks. "Stay tuned to what is sure to be the best slumber party related episode in Total Drama history! Woo! Yeah!"

Dante and Tsuyoshi are shown walking down the hall on the second floor of the hotel. Tsuyoshi looks at the hallway walls. He says, "And this place is our reward?"

Dante looks at their room key number. He says, "What hotel doesn't use key cards these days?" He looks up. "Hey, here's our room." Dante attempts to open the door using his key.

A burly man comes to the door, holding a slice of pizza. He says, "Are you the pizza guys back with our breadsticks?"

"Uh, no," Dante replies. "This is our room."

Tsuyoshi takes the key from Dante and reads the attached number. He looks at the room number, and places his hand on his forehead. He says, "Dante. This is room number 217. Our room is number 211."

"Well, the one looks like a seven," Dante states, defensively.

"It's next to another one," Tsuyoshi states.

"And?" Dante asks.

Tsuyoshi says, "It would be room 277 if the one looked like a seven. Dude, there is no room 277." The burly man stares at Tsuyoshi and Dante. Tsuyoshi apologetically says, "We're sorry, sir. We... Wait a minute. Aren't you camera two?"

"Yeah," the man replies. "Oh, yeah. You're those kids... Danny and Talcuna."

"Dante and Tsuyoshi, actually," Tsuyoshi replies.

"Whatever," the off duty cameraman states. "I don't get paid to remember names. If you don't mind, we have to start filming in ten minutes, and we want to enjoy our dinner... You know, I don't care if you mind or not." He slams the door.

Dante says, "Wow. That guy should not have treated you like that."

Tsuyoshi replies, "It's fine. Besides, he treated you that way, too."

"Yeah, well, I'm used to it," Dante states. "Plus, you're a rare kind. You're a good guy, Tsuyoshi. You deserve respect." Dante puts his hand on Tsuyoshi's back.

Tsuyoshi blushes. He says, "Uh, thanks, Dante. But I don't know about all that. I'm not better than anyone else. Hey, let's go find our actual room. Sound good?" Dante nods.

Back in the girl's van, Missy looks giddy. She says, "So girls, ready for another day in the competition?"

"You're extra giddy, today," Alexandria vocally observes.

"Well, of course, sweetie!" Missy states. "I'm in the competition with my two favorite girls!"

"You are?" Audrey II asks.

Alexandria rolls her eyes. She says, "Don't listen to her, Audrey. She's just happy that our team now has a numbers advantage."

"Really?" Audrey II says.

Missy says, "Of course not. I'm also happy because Autumn got voted out."

"I'm not sure why you still had a vendetta against Autumn," Alexandria states. "She didn't seem like any sort of threat."

"Exactly," Missy states. "The non-threats are the biggest threat. Plus, she doesn't like me. I needed to get rid of her for that reason, alone. I swear. Some people just dwell on the past way too much."

Audrey frowns. She says, "Autumn's a nice person." Missy glares at Audrey. Audrey looks like she's thinking hard.

"What are you thinking about?" Alexandria asks. "The fact that I wish I was another winner in that challenge. A night away with three eligible bachelors? Hello? Yes."

Alexandria says, "Well, I... uh... I don't know how to respond to that. But I wonder how things are going."

Dante and Tsuyoshi are shown standing staring at a snoring Nolan, lying on a bed in their hotel room. Dante states, "This is the exact opposite of a reward. The TV doesn't work." Dante points to the television in the room that has a wrench sticking out of it. "Nolan ordered no food. Speaking of Nolan, he's the loudest snorer I've ever met."

"Hey, give him a break," Tsuyoshi states. "His job must be pretty tiring."

"It's 6:30," Dante states. "P.M. mind you. Even my great grandma is still awake by this time. I say we find something to do while we're here."

Tsuyoshi shrugs. He says, "I'm not sure I have any ideas. I caught a look at the swimming pool on the way up... I don't think black sludge is customary in a pool."

Dante rubs his chin. He forms a smirk. He says, "I have an idea. Let's go."

Tsuyoshi thinks. He says, "Yeah, why not."

The guys are shown in the hallway. Tsuyoshi asks, "So, where are we going?"

Dante states, "It's a surprise."

"Well, you're definitely good for surprises," Tsuyoshi says. Dante lets out a laugh. "What's that for?"

Dante explains, "It's not for any huge reason. It's just that you're always seeing the good in people. I like that about you, you know? Most people never give me a chance."

Tsuyoshi blushes, a little. He says, "Thanks, Dante. That was nice for you to say. So... where are we..."

"We're here," Dante states.

Tsuyoshi looks up. He says, "Room 217? Isn't this..."

"Yup," Dante replies. "Remember that big dude saying that him and the other camera crew members were leaving?"

"Well, yeah," Tsuyoshi answers.

"We're going to raid their room, see if they have anything good in there," Dante explains.

"Like," Tsuyoshi begins, "s'more ingredients?"

Dante pauses. He looks at Tsuyoshi. He says, "What are you, five?"

Tsuyoshi sticks out his tongue. He says, "Ha ha. We're never going to be able to get in there without a key." Dante opens the door. "And you picked the lock." Tsuyoshi looks over his shoulder. He says, "Dante, we should really get out of here before we get in trouble."

Dante gives Tsuyoshi a serious look. He says, "You think I care about getting in trouble? Let's go." Dante walks into the room.

"Dante!" Tsuyoshi shouts. "Get out of there." Tsuyoshi looks to the left and to the right. He lets out a heavy sigh, and walks into the room.

"Oh, look," Dante says. "Mr. Goody Two Shoes decided to join me." He points to a box on a coffee table. "Leftover pizza." He puts a slice in his mouth and says, "Mmm. It tastes like it's five hours old. The best age for pizza."

Tsuyoshi laughs. He says, "I guess one slice of pizza won't hurt anyone." Tsuyoshi picks up a piece of pizza. "I'm ready. We should head back."

"Seriously?" Dante asks. He looks at a concerned looking Tsuyoshi. "Okay, okay. If it means that much to you, we can get out of here." Dante spots a mini-fridge. "After I check this baby out, of course." Dante squats to the ground.

"Fine," Tsuyoshi states. "I guess a pudding cup isn't that big of a deal."

"Jackpot!" Dante exclaims.

"What is it?" Tsuyoshi asks. Dante tosses him a can of beer. Tsuyoshi's eyes get wide. He says, "Uh. No, thanks. I don't drink."

Dante says, "Come on, man. Live a little."

"I'm serious, Dante," Tsuyoshi replies.

Dante says, "Of course. I didn't mean anything by it. And hey, more for me." Dante starts drinking down his first can of beer.

Time elapses, and empty cans of beer are shown in a pile. Tsuyoshi looks uncomfortable. He says, "Dante, we should head back. I think you've had enough."

Dante slurs, while squinting, "Hey, buddy. When youz has as many problems as me... there's no such thing... as enough."

"Come on, Dante," Tsuyoshi says. "Let's go."

"Fine," Dante states. "Let's hooble hobble out of here, Miss Cactafrass..." Dante stumbles and lands on top of the coffee table, knocking the empty beer cans to the floor.

Tsuyoshi helps Dante to his feet and says, "Here we go, big guy." Dante laughs and pokes Tsuyoshi's nose. Tsuyoshi drags Dante out the door and they begin down the hallway.

Dante says, "So I says to the guy, 'The guy! You and me has a problem...' Then he threw a fork at me." Dante begins laughing hysterically. "Isn't that the beast story, evah, bro?"

"Yeah, Dante," Tsuyoshi says. "It was pretty terrific."

Dante grips Tsuyoshi's side tighter, as Tsuyoshi continues dragging him along. Dante says, "I love you, man. You're a great man. One of the greatest men to wander thish Earth."

"Okay, Dante," Tsuyoshi assures. "If you say so."

"Hey," Dante says. "Can I tell you a secret?"

Tsuyoshi says, in a half-hearted way, "Sure. Knock yourself out."

Dante looks back, and then to his sides, at the walls. He says, "If I say thish to you, you have to promise not to tell a shingle person. Do you promise?"

Tsuyoshi says, "Okay, Dante. I prom..."

Dante puts his finger to Tsuyoshi's lips. He says, "Shhhhh!" He looks behind him, again. He says, "My secret is..."

"Yeah?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Dante squints and says, "I'm a homosexeal, too." Tsuyoshi stops walking.

"Dante, I'm not cool with you joking like that," Tsuyoshi states, sternly.

Dante shakes his head and says, "No, no, no. I'm telling you the truth. Pinkie swear." Dante extends his pinkie, poking Tsuyoshi in the face with it. "Schtick a finger in my eye, something, something, 'til I die." Dante looks over his shoulder, again. "You know that Hayden guy I said about? Yeah, I kind of lied about some of that... We were all secretly dating, until he broke up with me, and stuff. I like guys, man. Yessir."

Tsuyoshi still looks uncomfortable. He says, "Uh. We're here. We better get back to Nolan before he starts worrying about us."

"Yeah, yeah," Dante states. "But remember what I told you... I mean, don't remember. You're not allowed to tell anyone."

"I..." Tsuyoshi begins. "I won't, Dante. I mean, if you're telling me the truth, I know I need to respect that kind of request. It needs to be your decision to..." Tsuyoshi pauses and looks at Dante. "And he's passed out." Tsuyoshi lets out a deep sigh. Tsuyoshi opens the door with one hand, while he tosses Dante over his shoulder. He goes inside, and sees Nolan still sleeping on the room's bed. He removes Dante's outer shirt and sets him down next to Nolan. He then folds Dante's shirt and sets it on a dresser. He then walks over to a futon and lies down on it, as his eyes stay wide open.

The next morning, in the guys' van, Stevie and Zane are awake before Doyce and Sebastian. Zane sits up in his bed, and lets out a slight sigh. "Everything okay?" Stevie asks.

"Oh, Stevie," Zane says. "I didn't know you were awake. And everything's fine, man. Go back to bed."

Stevie shakes his head. He says, "I'm not tired, no more. I'm concerned about you, bud. I can tell that something has been bothering you. If you want to talk more privately, we can go outside."

Zane looks down. He says, "Okay."

Stevie and Zane are shown outside, now fully dressed. Stevie says, "I missed you, with you being on the other team."

"Thanks," Zane replies.

Stevie asks, "What was it that you wanted to talk about?"

Zane looks at Stevie. He says, "Stevie, I don't know what it is... I just always felt like I could trust you."

Stevie gives a thumbs up and says, "You got it, dude."

Zane nods. He looks down. He admits, "I kind of had this crush on Alexandria."

"Who didn't?" Stevie says with a slight chuckle.

Zane shrugs. He says, "I guess I felt like things between us were different, but I was wrong, I guess. She likes some other guy."

Stevie frowns. He states, "Sorry, man."

"I know that stuff like that happens," Zane assures. "It's just that sometimes, I kind of... doubt myself. I know that I talk a big game, but I don't have the best self esteem, you know?"

Stevie nods. He asks, "Do you feel like there's a reason for that?"

Zane says, "Uh. I don't know. But that's enough about me. What about you? I heard that you were having trouble deciding which way you want to go with your life, still."

Stevie laughs. He says, "Yeah. You're right. But I think I've reached a decision."

"You have?" Zane asks. "What is it?"

Stevie smiles. He says, "Being here and getting to compete in challenges, again... It reminded me of how much I love competition. So I've been leaning toward wrestling, again, when I get home."

"That's cool, bro," Zane assures. "I know you'll do great. You're a star."

"Thanks," Stevie replies, looking a little embarrassed. He looks up, and says, "Hey. Look who's back."

Nolan, Tsuyoshi, and Dante walk up. Zane says, "Oh, hey, guys. How was your night away?"

Dante puts his hand on his head and moans, "My head. I don't remember anything."

"That good, huh?" Zane asks.

Tsuyoshi shrugs. He says, "Uh. It was fine."

Nolan smiles, he says, "Are you kidding? That was the best night's sleep I've had in years!"

Dante winces. He says, "Can you keep it down?"

"Oh, right, sorry," Nolan says.

Tsuyoshi asks, "So who went home, last night?"

Stevie looks down. He says, "It was Autumn."

"I was afraid of that," Tsuyoshi says, looking down. Dante frowns.

"I bet it was that Missy wench," Dante states. "I never liked her."

Zane admits, "Yeah. She wanted to break up the three of you, plus I think she was afraid of Autumn."

"Yup," Dante says. "She's a scary chick."

Doyce comes out of his designated van carrying Sebastian, who is still in his sleepwear. Doyce says, "We're ready to roll, son!" Dante winces.

"Put me down!" Sebastian demands.

Doyce insists, "We can't be late for the challenge."

Nolan says, "Actually, you've got a little time before the challenge starts. I was just chilling out with my homeboys."

"Oh," Doyce says. "Even the Doyce makes mistakes, I guess. I just saw people gathering out here and assumed." He sets down Sebastian, who glares at him, and then walks back to his van to get dressed. Doyce puts his arms around Dante and Tsuyoshi and asks, "Party hard?"

Dante frowns. He says, "I honestly don't remember what happened last night."

Doyce's eyes get wide. He says, "Whoa. You're more h-core than I thought."

Missy, Alexandria, Audrey, and Sebastian join the others. Nolan says, "Since everyone is here, I guess we might as well get the challenge started." Nolan runs to the side. He returns with a box of costumes.

"Why was I expecting anything less?" Alexandria asks.

"The ratio of costume based challenges has been disconcerting," Sebastian states.

Nolan states, "This one is going to be fun. Even more fun than usual."

"Oh, boy," Dante states.

Nolan goes on, "So this challenge will be amazing. My buddy Frank came up with the idea."

"Who's Frank?" Audrey asks.

Tsuyoshi says, "He was some hobo we tripped over on the way over here."

Nolan nods. He says, "The challenge is roleplay. Each of you will be assigned a different contestant still on the show. Then you'll need to act like the contestant you picked out. As the challenge goes on I'll eliminate whoever does the worst until we have one person standing. They'll get invincibility, which means that they can't get voted out."

"We know what it means," Missy assures.

Nolan nods. He says, "So we'll draw names, and everyone can go get dressed." Nolan holds out the cap he wore on Total Drama Wilderness, and the contestants draw names.

Audrey II asks, "What do we do if we draw our own names?"

"Well," Alexandria says, "your impression better be pretty great."

Nolan takes Alexandria's piece of paper and switches it with Audrey's. Nolan says, "Okay, go get ready, please."

The contestants return. Nolan smiles wide. He says, "This is awesome!"

Sebastian's face is red, as he is in a suitably sized version of Doyce's wrestling costume. Sebastian shifts his sunglasses, and says, "This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever had to do."

Doyce states, dressed in a fake beard, as well as fake body hair and a sarong, "You look awesome, son! You should have done some more push ups before you got out here, though."

"You look surprisingly good, Doyce," Alexandria states, dressed as Audrey II.

Doyce blushes and says, "Daw. It's nothing." He pets his chest and adds, "It has inspired me to grow out my body hair, I think."

Missy, dressed as Alexandria, says to Sebastian, "You look surprisingly cute, like that."

"R-really?" Sebastian asks, while blushing. He clears his throat. "You're just saying that to make me feel better, but thanks."

Stevie is dressed as Zane. He says, "Hey, Zane. You got Tsuyoshi?" Zane nods. "That's a good look for you, man." Stevie gives him a thumbs up. He nudges Audrey II with his elbow. He asks her, "Right?"

Audrey, dressed as Dante, agrees, "Yeah, he does. Raow!" Zane's face turns bright red.

"I hate my life," Dante states, dressed as Missy.

Tsuyoshi, who is dressed like Sebastian, assures, "Uh, you look fine." Tsuyoshi stifles a laugh, as Dante glares at him.

Nolan says, "So everyone is ready." He gigles in excited anticipation. "Let's begin. Everyone will get one line, then I will judgify you guys. Yeah! Then we'll go on to round two."

"I'll go first," Doyce states. He clears his throat. He attempts to make his voice deeper as he shouts, "My name is Stevie! I'm awesome!" The other contestants raise their eyebrows.

Nolan bursts out laughing. He says, "That is so spot on!"

"Okay," Alexandria says. She rubs her chin. She says, "I have a crush on every boy." She blows a kiss at Nolan. The others giggle.

"Objection!" Tsuyoshi states. He shifts his sunglasses. "Audrey is clearly pandering to the judge. I know. I remember." Most of the others laugh.

Sebastian shifts his glasses. He says, "That sounds nothing like me." He looks at Doyce. Sebastian shouts, "Doyce, son! Doyce!" The others laugh. "I'm so awesome, people are repelled by my sheer awesomeness! Yes! Doyce!" Most of the others laugh, while Doyce begins looking uncomfortable, placing his left hand on his other arm.

Dante states, in his most womanly voice, "Oh, my gosh! Everyone is so my best friend!" He goes to his normal voice, and says, "Yeah. They'll never suspect what I am on the inside." The others burst out laughing.

Missy says, in her best simulation of Alexandria's voice, "Please, Missy. Like that stubble doesn't give you away." The others laugh.

"These are all so good," Nolan states, squirming in his chair.

Audrey says, "Uh, I'm such a good looking, man. I wish I could hug myself." She begins hugging herself.

"I spoke too soon," Nolan states. "I don't get it."

Stevie says, "That's not the first time you said that. Am I right?" Stevie smirks.

"You are right," Nolan says with a sigh. He looks up at Zane. He says, "Well?"

Zane looks uncomfortable. He says, "I, uh. I don't know what to say."

Nolan shrugs. He says, "I don't know. You're Tsuyoshi. Say something gay, or something." Tsuyoshi's eyes shoot wide open. "Er, sorry."

Zane removes his Tsuyoshi inspired wig. He says, "You know? I don't want to do this." His face is red. "I'll just stop this, right now, and make your decision easier." Zane walks over to the bench.

Stevie looks down. He says, "Yeah, Nolan. I don't feel so comfortable doing this, either. I'll sit out, too."

Nolan says, "Aw. Too bad, but if you don't feel comfortable, go ahead and sit out." Stevie nods and joins Zane on the bench.

Stevie whispers, "I'm sorry if what I said offended you."

"Huh?" Zane asks. "Oh. No. It wasn't that."

"So then..." Stevie begins. He looks over at Tsuyoshi. "You want to go talk somewhere more private?"

Zane shrugs. He says, "Uh. Sure, I guess."

During round two, Dante states in his gruff voice, "Things are going according to plan. Everyone loves me, and they have no idea that I've secretly sabotaged this challenge." He cackles. Everyone present, but Sebastian, laughs.

Audrey says, "Yeah. I should walk around shirtless more often." Everyone looks at her with raised eyebrows, again. She says, "Come on! That was some of my best stuff."

Sebastian states, "Doyce! Doyce! Doyce! Awesome! Doyce! Yeah! My life is so awesome! I've never seen a bad day in my life! Son! Even though I've never had a girlfriend, things are great! I love myself so much, that it makes up for it!" He holds his arm up and kisses where his bicep muscle should be. Everyone laughs, but Doyce, who looks even more uncomfortable than before.

Nolan says, "Doyce, you're up."

"I..." Doyce begins. He looks down. He mumbles, "Stevie..." He puts up his arm, in a half-hearted manner. "Woo." Nolan raises his eyebrow.

Missy tilts her head to the side. She says, "Oh, Stevie. You're feeling down because you're secretly in love with me? Don't worry. It literally happens with every guy." Mostly everyone laughs.

Alexandria states, "Yeah. I should walk around shirtless more often." Everyone bursts out laughing.

Audrey frowns and says, "But that was some of my best stuff."

Tsuyoshi says, "Yes. You said that just a few seconds ago, in case no one remembers." He shifts his sunglasses and adds, "Perfect memory."

Sebastian frowns. He says, "I don't mention it that often."

Tsuyoshi blushes. He says, "Yeah. I know. I don't mean anything by it, man."

Sebastian begins shifting his galsses, but stops. He says, "Right."

Nolan shrugs. He says, "Dante and Stevie are out of this round..." He pauses. "I mean, Audrey and Doyce are out, the ones that were pretending to be Dante and Stevie. This is a tough challenge." He looks toward the bench that Doyce sulks on, and Audrey sits on. "Hey, where did the real Stevie and Zane go?"

Stevie and Zane are shown to the near the vans. He looks at the other contestants from afar, and then at Zane. He says, "Zane. I thought you were over this homophobia stuff, man."

"I... I am," Zane assures.

Stevie shakes his head. He says, "Obviously you haven't, man. Come on. Tsuyoshi is a good enough guy. You don't have any reason to be nervous or scared around him."

Zane states, "Stevie. You don't understand me."

Stevie goes on, "Look, Zane. I don't know whether you have a reason or not, but you can't be acting like this. You don't have to approve of what Tsuyoshi does. I'm not saying that, but you need to treat him like anyone else."

"This isn't about Tsuyoshi," Zane states.

"So what is it about?" Stevie asks with his arms folded.

Zane's face is red. He says, "I don't need to tell you."

Stevie states, "Well, if you don't want to open up to me about it, how do you expect to grow? All I'm saying is that you need to get passed whatever is bothering you."

Zane glares at Stevie. He says, "You might think that you're some great judge of character, but you know nothing about me."

Stevie begins to look angry. He states, "Oh, yeah? What don't I know?"

Zane looks flustered. He lets out, "I was abused, Stevie. Molested. It was this guy my dad trusted to babysit me when he had to work nights." Stevie looks shocked. Zane begins crying. He says, "Oh, man..." He puts his hand under his eyes to wipe the tears. "I never told anyone... I've always been too scared of what they might think about me."

Stevie holds his head down. He says, "I'm so sorry, Zane. I... I didn't know. But I do know that it wasn't your fault."

Zane assures, "I know that... I mean, I tell myself that it wasn't my fault, but this guy was basically the lowest scum there is... He would constantly tear down any shred of self esteem I had. Even now, I'm constantly faced with doubts about who I am, or who I could have been."

"You can't let what happened define you," Stevie assures. "You said you've never told anyone, but have you thought about seeing a therapist? That might help you, better than I ever could."

Zane says, "Yeah... I've been thinking about that, a lot lately. I know that keeping it to myself has effected me, and that I go to prove my sexuality by overcompensating, but it's all a sham, man. I know for sure that I'm straight, but I still have these nagging doubts, just because of what happened. I don't know how to explain it better."

Stevie looks down. He says, "You don't need to explain yourself. I feel like I understand you a whole lot more. The fact that you spoke out, and took that first step... I really admire you, Zane. I don't know if I could be that brave."

Zane looks at Stevie. He says, "You mean that?" Stevie nods. "I wish I had spoken out about it when it was happening, but I felt like I couldn't."

Stevie puts his hand on Zane's shoulder. He says, "There's no going back. You can still make a difference, though. You can still press charges against this guy. You can still let people know your story that might be going through the same thing, or have in the past."

"I'm not sure if I'm ready for any of that," Zane states.

Stevie assures, "Whenever you are, I'll be there to support you."

Zane looks at Stevie. He says, "Thanks, Stevie." He hugs him.

"I, uh," Stevie begins. "You're welcome. Don't be afraid to come talk to me when you need to." Zane nods.

Back at the challenge, Nolan states, "Dante and Tsuyoshi are out of the challenge on account of Tsuyoshi's stunned silence when Dante started flirting with him."

Dante grumbles, "I was perfectly in character."

"On with the final round," Nolan announces. Zane and Stevie return. Nolan waves.

Sebastian says, "Yeah, son! I'm pretty much considered the least deserving winner in Total Drama history, but that was all part of my strategy. Awesome! Doyce! " The other contestants laugh, except for Doyce.

"I have to admit that that is pretty spot on," Zane states. Doyce holds his head down.

Alexandria says, "Derpity derpity derp!" She does a dance and falls over. Everyone bursts out laughing, except for Doyce and Audrey, who looks embarrassed.

Missy states, "Oh, Audrey. You're a regular solid bronze dancer." The others laugh. "And how about that airline food? It's disgusting, am I right?" The contestants laugh, again. "Why was six afraid of seven?" She pauses. "Because seven is mean, and a bit of a bully." The other contestants laugh, again.

Nolan shouts, "Yes!" He looks around. "Oh, so that's everyone. I'll need to deliberate with myself and reach a decision." Nolan turns his chair around. He turns it back, again, and announces, "It would have been Sebastian, but the sunglasses ruined it. Alexandria wins!"

"Yes!" Alexandria shouts.

Nolan stares at her. He says, "Oh, sorry. I meant Missy as Alexandria. My mistake. Your reward is this bobblehead Chris Mclean." He hands the bobblehead to Missy.

"Oh, joy," Missy states, as she glares at the item.

"Nice job, everyone," Stevie assures. As he gives out high fives.

Nolan says, "Okay, ya'll. BBL. That means 'be back later'. I think it's Latin." Nolan walks off.

Missy corales her former team members and drags them away from Tsuyoshi, Audrey, Stevie, and Dante. She says, "We need to vote out Stevie."

"But I like Stevie," Alexandria states.

"That's the problem," Sebastian assures. "I have other people I'd rather vote out, but Stevie is the obvious choice at this point. He's just so darn likable, not to mention that he's a serious threat in physical challenges."

"It's deja vu, all over, again," Zane says with his eyes wide.

"What's that?" Alexandria asks. Doyce looks up, and then back at the ground.

Zane states, "Stevie is absolutely off limits for me. I'm not voting for him."

"Oh, sweetie," Missy says. "You want to be a part of this alliance, don't you? Then you'll have to..."

"No," Zane states. "I said it, and I mean it. I might even join the other side." He puts his hand to his chin. He says, "Yeah, that sounds good. I'm out of your alliance. See ya." Zane walks away.

Alexandria's eyes are wide. She says, "That's not good for us, right?"

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan announces, "One will be voted out. Eight will continue on into the competition. Let's begin the elimination." Nolan clears his throat. "Missy is safe." He gets ready to throw her her marshmallow. He says, "Hold up your bobblehead." Missy rolls her eyes and holds up her Chris Mclean bobblehead. Nolan smiles and nods. He tosses a marshmallow to her. "Next is Audrey II, Alexandria, and Dante." The three catch their marshmallows. "Followed by... Sebastian, Tsuyoshi, and Stevie." Stevie looks somewhat surprised, once he catches his marshmallow. "So that leaves Zane and Doyce, and one marshmallow. That marshmallow goes to..."

"Doyce!" Doyce gets hit on the side of the face by his marshmallow.

Stevie frowns and says, "Aw, man. I can't believe..."

"Hey," Zane states. "No worries. Your name came up for the vote, and I'm not going to let you get voted out. I made my team think I was deflecting, and then I got Tsuyoshi, Dante, and Audrey to vote me out. I don't need to be here, I mean, if it means that it might come up that I'll need to vote you out. Besides... I feel like my time here is done." Zane shrugs his shoulders. "I always felt that I needed to prove myself, but... I guess I realized this game isn't all that important for doing that."

Missy says, "I forgot to start playing my violin."

Zane shrugs. He says, "I guess I have to go." Stevie stands up and Zane hugs him. He says, "Thanks for everything, big guy." Stevie nods. Zane walks to his waiting taxi cab and waves at Alexandria. "Peace out." He gets into the taxi and is driven away.

Stevie frowns. He says, "I'm going to miss that guy."

"If I have anything to say about it," Missy says, "you'll be joining him real soon."

Stevie raises an eyebrow and says, "What's that?"

"Nothing," Missy says sweetly.

Stevie looks after Zane's taxi, and gets a little teary eyed. He puts his fingers to his eyes after closing them and quietly says, "I don't know how he does it."

Nolan looks around. He says, "Well, everyone is done, right? Well then, we'll need to wrap up this episode. Thanks for watching, and I hope you catch the next episode."

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Chapter 14 - Tournament To BeEdit

"Hey, guys," Nolan states. He is wearing a green wrestling singlet. He giggles. "I'm so excited for the next challenge, but before we get to that I need to get to this recap... More like re'crap', am I right?" Nolan's statement is met with silence. "Anyway... I lost my train of thought... Oh, yeah. Last time, the contestants had to do this challenge, right? They had to imitate each other. So... Missy won the challenge. I think that's all that happened. Sorry, I'm reciting this from memory, if you couldn't tell. Zane got voted out after he refused to vote out his friend, Stevie. I mean, who can blame the guy? Stevie is awesomeness. 'Nuff said." Nolan pauses. He nervously adds, "Total... Drama:... Best of the Best!"

The contestants are shown returning from the elimination. "Zane, huh?" Stevie states. "Didn't see that coming..."

Tsuyoshi says, "Sorry, man. I know that you and Zane are close."

Stevie says, "Hey. He asked you to vote him out. It was his choice. There's no need to apologize to me." The bulky, hairy man looks over at Doyce, who kicks his feet as he walks along. Stevie lightly punches Doyce on the arm. He says, "Is everything alright?"

Doyce produces a feint smile. He assures, "Of course, son. Why wouldn't it be?" Doyce sticks up his arm and says, "Doyce." Stevie purses his lips as he looks at Doyce.

In confessional, Stevie says, "It might just be my imagination, but that was the most lackluster 'Doyce' I've ever heard Doyce utter."

As the others walk ahead, Sebastian whispers, "Missy? Can we talk, privately?"

"Sure, sweetie," Missy says. She takes hold of Sebastian's hand and leads him to the side. "What was it that you wanted to talk about?"

Sebastian's face is red. He says, "H... H... Hamina... Ha..."

Missy looks down at her hand on Sebastian's. She says, "Oops. Sorry, sweetie." She removes her hand from Sebastian's.

Sebastian clears his throat. He says, "Thank you." Sebastian shifts his sunglasses. He says, "It's about Zane. What we did doesn't feel right."

Missy assures, "Zane had to go, Sebastian."

"But to make him think that we were ever targetting Stevie," Sebastian states, "it doesn't seem entirely fair. I think that we should have tried to eliminate Stevie. I feel like he's the biggest threat."

Missy frowns. She says, "I told you, Sebastian. Zane is one of the most notoriously sneaky players of this game. Stevie may be a big physical threat, but Zane was far more dangerous. It would have only been a matter of time until Zane tried to change things up. We had to take advantage of his friendship with Stevie when we had the chance. As for Stevie in challenges... Nobody can win every challenge, and we won't need to worry about him trying to be strategic. Do you see what I mean?"

Sebastian sighs. He nods, and says, "Yes. I guess you're right."

Missy tilts her head, and sweetly says, "Good. Try not to question me, again, okay?" Sebastian hesitates. He nods. Missy smiles and says, "Great!" Missy hugs Sebastian, and his face turns red, again.

The other contestants are shown. Tsuyoshi looks around and asks, "Where did Missy and Sebastian go?"

"That is one of those questions best left unpondered," Alexandria states.

Dante laughs and says, "Agreed. I don't know what hold Missy has on him."

Stevie explains, "He was seduced by the hotness."

Dante blushes and says, "Well, yeah. Say something less obvious." He looks over at Tsuyoshi and asks, "Was Sebastian always so gullible?"

"Uh-huh," Tsuyoshi replies, not sounding too interested. "Sure. Whatever."

Dante raises an eyebrow and says, "Okay?"

Dante states in confessional, "I don't know what's up with Tsuyoshi. He's been acting weird, lately. I should probably ask him about it, but I've never been an expert at talking about my feelings, sunshine, and unicorns, and that stuff. You know?"

Dante is shown outside the guys' van. He says, "We better get inside."

Doyce trips over his feet and lands on the ground. Stevie attempts to help Doyce up. He looks up and says, "You guys go ahead. We'll be right in." Dante nods, and he and Tsuyoshi go inside.

In the van, Dante asks, "Hey, Tsu."

"Hey," Tsuyoshi replies.

Dante says, "Uh... I was wondering... Is everything cool between us?"

"What do you mean?" Tsuyoshi asks, looking to the side.

Dante says, "I don't know. It just feels like you're more awkward around me than Audrey II."

Tsuyoshi shrugs. He says, "Nothing. I mean. Everything's fine between us. I guess the game is just getting to my head, you know?"

Dante smiles and says, "Okay. I'm glad to hear that... I mean, not that the game has been getting to you. I mean, that things between you and me are alright. I like having you as a friend. Not only have you given me a chance, you're also a pretty cool dude." Dante puts his hand on Tsuyoshi's shoulder. Tsuyoshi looks at Dante's hand. Dante blushes and removes his hand. "Anyway. That's just what I wanted to say."

Tsuyoshi looks up at Dante and says, "Thanks, Dante. You're not so uncool yourself."

Dante looks down, laughs, and says, "Thanks."

Outside, Stevie attempts to pull Doyce off of the ground. He says, "Get up, Doyce."

Doyce asks, "What's the point?"

"Doyce, if you want to talk to me about what's bothering you..." Stevie begins. "Wait a minute. This wouldn't have to do with the challenge, would it?"

Doyce stands up, and brushes himself off. He says, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Stevie says, "You know. Sebastian's portrayal of you."

"Oh," Doyce says. "That. Um... Maybe it got to me, a little."

Stevie nods. He says, "I guess it seemed like Sebastian wasn't just acting in good fun."

Doyce sighs. He says, "Is that how I act?"

"No, Doyce," Stevie assures.

"Because everyone was laughing," Doyce adds.

Stevie assures, "I don't think we meant anything. It was just an impression, like the... awesome one you did of me."

Doyce says in a half-hearted manner, "I guess."

Stevie says, "Hey. Have you talked to Sebastian about it?"

Doyce shakes his head. He says, "I don't think he likes me very much."

Stevie stands up and says, "Talk to him." Stevie looks to the side and sees Audrey II eating out of a bucket of popcorn. Stevie's eyes get wide.

Audrey II says, "Don't stop on account of me. This is gripping stuff."

Stevie looks behind him. He says to Doyce, "Here's your chance." Stevie grabs Audrey's arm and walks toward her van.

Audrey asks, "Where are we going?"

Sebastian walks up to Doyce, looking after Stevie and Audrey. Sebastian looks at Doyce. He then walks toward the van. Doyce says, "Hey... Uh... Wait up."

Sebastian sighs. He says, "What is it, Doyce?"

Doyce says, "I want to talk."

Sebastian sighs. He says, "Can it wait?"

Doyce frowns. He says, "No."

"Then what is it?" Sebastian asks.

Doyce looks down. He asks, "Do you hate me?"

Sebastian hesitates. He adjusts his glasses. He says, "Doyce, I wouldn't say that I hate you... But you can't expect every person to like you."

Doyce nods. He says, "I know... I just... I want to know what it is that you don't like about me."

Sebastian sighs. He says, "You're loud. You invade my personal space. You don't have any real problems."

Doyce looks surprised. He says, "Is that what you think? I have problems, Sebastian. Everybody does."

"Yeah?" Sebastian asks. "What possible problem could you have?"

Doyce gulps, looks down, and says, "I... Uh... My parents are getting a divorce."

Sebastian looks surprised. He says, "I'm sorry, Doyce. I didn't know."

"Well, yeah, you didn't know," Doyce states. "It's been hard for me... I know it's my fault."

"Doyce, it's not your fault," Sebastian assures. "It's just something that happens to some..."

Doyce shakes his head. He says, "After my first season, my parents were constantly arguing about me... They would argue before, but they kept blaming each other for why I didn't feel loved by them. I should have kept my situation with my parents to myself... Then this whole mess wouldn't have happened. I moved out when I graduated high school... I feel like that was a mistake, too. I feel like they were staying together for me, so if I didn't leave..."

"Doyce," Sebastian says. "I don't know the whole situation, but I don't think this was your fault. I hope they can work things out, but if not... You're not responsible. Doyce, why didn't you tell us what was bothering you? I'm sure I, at least, would have tried to help you with your feelings."

Doyce puts his hands behind his head. He explains, "Everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Mine's just that I keep to myself, for the most part, and act like everything's okay. I don't want anyone else to feel sorry for me. I like making people smile, you know?"

"Sometimes it helps any of us to talk about what we're facing," Sebastian assures.

Doyce nods and says, "I see that, now. Now that I've talked with you, I feel a little bit better, somehow. It just hurt my feelings that you thought I was so annoying, and you didn't tell me."

"Yeah," Sebastian says. "I guess I should have let you know in aless passive aggressive way. From now on, I'll let you know when you're annoying me."

"Sounds good!" Doyce says. He pauses. "Wait..." He shrugs. "Nah, sounds good." He goes to hug Sebastian, but stops himself. "I forgot that you don't like me invading your personal space... Unless this one time, you..."

"We should get going," Sebastian states. Doyce nods in agreement. They look to the side and see Stevie sitting in a chair eating out of a bucket of popcorn, with tears in his eyes.

The next morning, Doyce is shown standing in his long johns. He says, "Hey, guys! It's morning!"

Dante groggily gets up. He says, "Looks like Doyce is back to normal."

Tsuyoshi looks at Doyce. He says, "Yeah, well, at least his sleepwear is modest. It's far less awkward than his usual ensemble."

Doyce says, "Oh, yeah. You guys didn't see my sleepwear, until now. Check it out." Doyce unbuttons the flap on the back of his long johns and says, "I'm fully clothed but you can see my butt!"

Tsuyoshi puts his hand on his red face. "Yup, not awkward, at all," he says.

Doyce looks at Sebastian who grimaces. Doyce nods and gives him a thumbs up. Doyce says, "Thanks, son." Doyce quietly sits down on his bed.

Tsuyoshi says in confessional, "I'm amazed by Doyce's staying power on a daily basis."

Outside, Alexandria and Audrey II are shown talking together. Alexandria says, "Hey, Audrey. I was wondering what you plan to do in this game."

"What do you mean?" Audrey asks. "I plan to just let things happen as they may."

Alexandria says, "That's... noble. But don't you want to shake things up, a little?"

"Shake things up, how?" Audrey asks.

Alexandria says, "I'm glad you asked. I just noticed that the guys on your team seem prety inseperable. Like, they wouldn't vote each other out when it gets down to the four of you."

Audrey says, "And I'd just end up at fourth place? I've thought about that, but I couldn't vote against my guys. I love them... I mean, I respect them deeply... from a distance."

"Well, which of them do you respect deeply from a distance least?" Alexandria asks. Audrey puts her hand to her chin thoughtfully.

Alexandria says in confessional, "See? I can be strategic, too. It's not that my team is my favorite group of people, but they aren't the most well liked group... No offense... except to Missy. I think it's in my best interest to stay loyal to them, and end up in the finals against one of them, or Audrey if she does flip."

Nolan is shown standing in front of the contestants in his singlet. He says, "Hey, guys! It's time for your challenge!"

Alexandria says, "Thank the stars. You didn't choose to dress like that for fashion reasons."

Nolan nods. He says, "You're right. This outfit is based on the challenge. Any guesses as to what it is?"

"Looking stupid in public?" Dante asks.

Nolan shakes his head. "Nope," the host replies. "It's sports!" Doyce looks particularly excited.

"Should I sit out now or later?" Sebastian asks.

Doyce assures, "Hey, don't be all defeated already. You can do anything if you believe in yourself, son." Sebastian smiles and nods. Missy looks at Sebastian with a raised eyebrow.

Nolan says, "There will be three rounds. The first will be a race. The top four will move on to the next round. Then you'll get a bunch of balls thrown at you." Dante stifles a laugh. "The two that catch the most balls will move on to the final round. Which is, wait for it, a wrestling match!"

"I wonder who that was designed for," Alexandria says, looking at Stevie. She says, "Nolan, wait. Why are you dressed like that? Shouldn't you be dressed like a referee?"

Nolan says, "I don't know why you care so much about what I'm wearing. You must like it." Alexandria blushes, and looks to the side. "Anyway, you'll get dressed in your running outfit things, and then we'll get started."

"And there's costumes," Tsuyoshi states.

"Um, yeah," Nolan states. "Costumes make life better."

The contestants return and walk onto a racetrack. "Was this always here?" Audrey II asks.

Nolan nods. He holds up a starting pistol and says, "Ready... Set..."

"Wait, is anyone else concerned by the fact that Nolan is holding a gun?" Alexandria asks.

Nolan assures, "It'll be fine. I'm a trained professional. Go!" Nolan shouts. He fires the starting pistol. A seagull falls to the ground. Nolan's eyes widen.

The contestants start running. Sebastian says, "Shouting 'go' and firing the pistol makes things rather redundant, doesn't it?" Sebastian slowly runs after the others, while Tsuyoshi, Doyce, and Dante make up the lead. Dante suddenly looks winded, and stops running in order to catch his breath. He gets passed by Stevie, Alexandria, and Missy. Dante starts running, again. Tsuyoshi finishes the race first, followed by Doyce, Stevie, Alexandria, Audrey, Missy, Sebastian, and Dante. Dante falls over and breathes heavily.

Nolan looks at Dante. He says, "Are you alright?" Dante gives a thumbs up while panting. "Dude, you got beat by Sebastian. That's just sad." Nolan looks up. "That means that Tsuyoshi, Doyce, Alexandria, and Stevie are moving on to the next round." Nolan holds up a football and a dodgeball. "Let's get started on round two."

"What?" Alexandria says. "No ball catching costumes?" Nolan shrugs. He starts throwing balls at the four contestants still in the competition. Tsuyoshi gets hit in the head with a football and falls on the ground. Nolan's eyes get wide. He says, "Uh... Maybe this challenge was a bad idea. To avoid lawsuits, we'll end things here..." He quickly scans how many balls Stevie, Doyce, and Alexandria are holding. "Doyce and Stevie are moving on."

Tsuyoshi stands up. He says, "I'm fine. Thanks for ending the challenge for my sake."

Nolan nods. "I just wish my curling coach let me sit out when it happened to me," Nolan explains. The others have wide eyes. "Okay, so moving on. We'll let Stevie get into his wrestling uniform, I had it flown in from the museum it was displayed in."

Stevie smiles and assures, "You shouldn't have."

"What about me?" Doyce asks.

Nolan looks at Doyce. He says, "Um... You're already wearing wrestling gear."

Doyce looks down. "Oh, yeah," he says.

Stevie comes back after changing. Nolan squeals at seeing him. Nolan excitedly says, after the guys get into the wrestling ring, a circle painted on the grass, "Let's get ready to rumble!"

Doyce excitedly says, "This is a dream come true!" Stevie tackles Doyce, and locks Doyce's arm, head, and leg together. "This is awesome!"

"This is really kind of sad," Alexandria states.

Doyce attempts to break free. He says, "I'm not going to give up that easily." Nolan drops to the ground in order to count to ten. Doyce breaks out of the hold, and jumps up, before Nolan even begins counting. Doyce attempts to put Doyce in a hold, but Stevie breaks out of the hold. Doyce says, "Oh, man. That was one of my best pro wrestling moves."

"That's why it got broken so easily," Dante states.

Doyce frowns. He says, "Hey. You take that back. Pro wrestling is real." Stevie puts Doyce in a wrestling hold with his arms above his head, and he forces him face first to the ground.

"Wow," Sebastian states, with a shift of his glasses. "Stevie is quite impressive in person. Even I must admit." Nolan drops down to the ground to start counting. Doyce breaks free again, but is quickly put in a hold by Stevie, again. Doyce flips and puts Stevie in a hold, where his headis on the ground and his arms and legs are locked by Doyce. Nolan shrugs, and begins counting.

Nolan reaches ten, after hesitating. Everyone looks on with their eyes wide. Nolan announces, "I... I can't believe it. Stevie lost."

"He did?" Doyce says. "That means that I beat him?" Nolan nods with a solemn expression.

Stevie looks down at the ground. He extends his hand and says, "Congratulations. You put up a tough fight."

Doyce smiles wide. He says, "Thanks, Stevie. You did awesome, too. I mean, I don't know how I won..."

Stevie assures, "You're good, man. Don't doubt yourself." Doyce nods.

The others still look on with stunned expressions. Nolan says, "Well, you'll all need to vote out someone. Doyce is the only one you cannot vote for." Nolan looks down. "You're supposed to get a reward, but all I have is this throw pillow where I did needlepoint to spell out 'Good Job, Stevie'."

"I'll take it," Doyce says with a shrug. Nolan reluctantly hands it over.

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan says, "So another elimination to get to. Seven of you are safe, one, not so much. The first marshmallow goes to Doyce." Doyce catches the marshmallow in his mouth. "The next ones go to Alexandria, Audrey II, Dante, Tsuyoshi, and Missy."

"That leaves Stevie and me," Sebastian states.

Nolan nods and adds, "Let me do my job." Sebastian nods. "There's one marshmallow left." Stevie crosses his fingers. "It goes to..."

"Sebastian." Sebastian catches his marshmallow.

Stevie stands up. He says, "Well, it's my time to go. I'm surprised I lasted this long." Doyce holds his head down. "Don't be sad, Doyce. It's not your fault that I'm leaving."

Doyce says, "But if I didn't win that challenge, you'd be safe."

Stevie shakes his head. He says, "What's the point in saying what might have been. Be happy you won." Stevie looks at the other contestants. "It's been a pleasure to meet... the most of you, and getting to know you. I guess I like people too much to be good at this game."

Tsuyoshi assures, "It was nice getting to know you, too, Stevie. You're a good guy."

Stevie shrugs. He says, "If you say so." He puts up his hand and says, "See ya, everyone. Play nice." Stevie gets into the waiting taxi.

Nolan wipes his eyes on a tissue. He says, "Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I'm gonna miss that big lug." Nolan looks to the camera. "Thanks for joining us, once again. We'll see you on the next episode of Total... Drama:... Best of the Best, though it's just got a little less best with Stevie gone."

"Did that make no sense, or is it just me?" Audrey II asks.

Chapter 15 - All Those Enduring Young CharmsEdit

Nolan is shown facing the camera. He says, "Hey, there." He winks and points at the camera. "On last week's Total... Drama:... Best of the Best, the eight remaining contestants were in this epic sports tourney thing. The two that made it to the final part of the challenge were Stevie and Doyce. It was a wrestling challenge, and to everyone's total shock and surprise, Doyce won the challenge."

Doyce yells out from off camera, "Aw, c'mon, son. It wasn't that shocking!"

Nolan says, "Anyway, I was saying... What was I saying? Aw, man... Doyce threw me off... So... Um... Oh, yeah. Doyce won the challenge. And... Um... Stevie got voted out because he was awesome... And... I guess that's all. Who will be voted out, this time?" Nolan pauses. He looks flustered. "I... uh... I don't actually know who will be voted out. I record these things ahead of time. You know? So..." Nolan lets out a sigh.

"Hey, Audrey!" Missy says as she runs up to Audrey II.

"Um, hi," Audrey says, looking concerned.

Missy smiles and asks, "What are you up to out here?"

Audrey shrugs. She asys, "I have it marked on my calender that tonight's a full moon. I hope to see some shirtless werewolf hunks run by."

MIssy smiles, insincerely. She says, "That's so interesting."

Audrey blinks. She says, "I was joking. It's actually supposed to be a meteor shower, tonight." Audrey holds up a calender that has the date circled on it.

"You're into that kind of stupid... dous stuff?" Missy asks. "Me, too!"

"You are?" Audrey asks. "I always feel like a little bit of a nerd because I like stars and outer space."

Missy wakes up. She says, "Huh?"

Audrey sighs. She says, "Look, you can go inside if this bores you."

"And leave my bestie?" Missy asks.

Alexandria walks toward the girls. "What are you two doing outside?"

Missy wraps her arms around Audrey's shoulders. She says, "My new best friend and I are enjoying the comet bath, or whatever."

"Sounds genuine," Alexandria states. "Hey, Audrey." Alexandria grabs Audrey by the arm. "Let me get you away from this... bundle of fun."

"Was that sarcasm?" Missy asks.

Alexandria says, "If you have to ask, then it's already too late."

Missy turns to Audrey and says, "You know you don't have anything to worry about with me, Audrey. I may be considered mean the majority of the time..."

"I have nothing further to add," Alexandria states. Missy glares at Alexandria.

Audrey says, "Look, girls. I'mgoing to go... You can work this out without me." Audrey slips away.

"Audrey is going to stay here with me," Missy states.

Alexandria says, "I didn't know she didn't have standards."

Audrey II is shown in confessional. She lets out a heavy sigh. She says, "I realize that Missy is trying to buddy up to me for my vote. I'm gullible, sometimes, but I'm not entirely oblivious. Alexandria also wants my vote. I just came back to have fun, but I guess I'm at the point where things get more cutthroat."

Alexandria is now shown in confessional. She says, "I'm not planning to turn on Missy just yet, but when the time comes I want Audrey II to side with me, you know?"

The guys are shown on their van, each in their beds. Dante looks over at Sebastian who is reading a book. He asks, "You read with your sunglasses on?"

"I don't need to explain myself to you," Sebastian states. "But they're prescription."

Doyce asks, "They make those? That's so cool, son!"

Sebastian face turns a little red. He says, "Uh, thanks."

Dante turns toward Tsuyoshi. He says, "So..."

"I think I'm going to try to get to sleep," Tsuyoshi states. "Night, guys." Tsuyoshi turns in his bed. Dante looks at him, looking a little disappointed.

Tsuyoshi is shown in confessional. He looks down. Tsuyoshi says, "I wish things with Dante weren't so awkward. He's got to feel pretty alone, but I don't know what to say. I guess I know what I need to do." Tsuyoshi lets out a sigh. "I need to tell him what happened the other night at the hotel."

The next morning, Tsuyoshi is shown lying in bed with his eyes open. Dante can be heard stirring in his bed. Tsuyoshi sighs. He looks over to see Dante getting out of his bed. "Good morning," Tsuyoshi states.

Dante replies with, "Hey. You're talking to me, today?"

Tsuyoshi blushes. He says, "Sorry about that. It's nothing against you."

Dante gets dressed. He asks, "Can we go outside and talk?" Tsuyoshi nods. He gets out of bed, puts on a shirt, and follows Dante outside.

When Tsuyoshi shuts the door, Doyce shoots up and says, "What's that, son?" He looks around the van. "They took Dante and Tsuyoshi!"

"Nobody took Dante and Tsuyoshi," Sebastian says with a slight laugh. "They left of their own initiative... for whatever reason." Doyce leans back in his bed.

"What happened with you and Tsuyoshi?" Doyce asks. "Weren't you good friends?"

Sebastian says, "We were, yes. But then Tsuyoshi changed."

"Oh," Doyce replies. "That happens with everyone, though. I mean, I wasn't always this good looking. But maybe he isn't as different as you think, maybe." Sebastian stays quiet. "Well... Uh... Don't you have anything to say to that?"

Sebastian says, "Yes. You said 'maybe' twice in the same sentence. It's redundant."

Outside, Tsuyoshi and Dante are leaning against the van awkwardly. "So..." Tsuyoshi begins. "There's something I need to talk to you about, Dante."

Dante looks confused. He says, "Didn't I ask you to come out here?"

"Yeah," Tsuyoshi states. "Sorry. Go ahead."

Dante thinks. He says, "No. Why don't you go first?"

Tsuyoshi sighs. He says, "Okay. If you insist."

"Never mind," Dante says. "I'll go first. Tsu... I don't know what's going on with you and I."

"You and me," Tsuyoshi corrects.

"Whatever," Dante replies. "It doesn't matter. It's just... I'm used to being avoided and ignored by people, but when it's coming from you... I don't know. It makes me kind of upset. I don't usually care what people think about me, but I care what you think." Dante holds his head down. He says, "I've done a lot of bad things, Tsuyoshi."

Tsuyoshi asks, "You have?"

Dante nods. He says, "I used to mess with girls, like...

"Oh, that," Tsuyoshi states.

Dante continues, "Like what happened with Emmy, just for my own advantage. It didn't matter to me, since..." Dante looks up. He has tears in his eyes. "I'm gay, Tsuyoshi." He wipes his eyes with his arm. "I'm not a cryer, but... I've never told anyone." Tsuyoshi puts his hand on Dante's shoulder. "I was kind of dishonest about that guy at school I told you about. We dated... He figured it out, himself, though, somehow. I don't know." Dante looks up at Tsuyoshi. "I just feel like I can't keep it secret from you, anymore."

"Dante," Tsuyoshi says. "It's a major step. I was kind of forced out, so I'm not sure if I could have done it..."

Dante says, "Don't sell yourself short. You're stronger than I ever could be." Dante sighs. "I wouldn't be surprised if you don't believe me. I deserve it for how I acted on my first season..."

Tsuyoshi assures, "I'll admit that I had my doubts about this, adnd your eyesight, but... I believe you, Dante."

"You do?" Dante asks.

Tsuyoshi smiles and nods. He explains, "The reason I acted so awkward around you was because you came out to me when you were drunk at the hotel."

"I did?" Dante asks with wide eyes. "Oh, man... That explains it. I'm sorry if that made you uncomfortable..."

Tsuyoshi assures, "Oh, it did." The guys laugh. "Everything seemed too convenient, you know? I thought you were putting on an act, the other night, I guess... But... I trust you."

Dante smiles. He says, "That means a lot. I know I have a poor track record, but I've really tried to change my life around. It's been a challenge."

"I bet," Tsuyoshi says. "But I don't think you know how much you've overcome. You're practically an entirely different person."

Dante says, "That means a lot." Dante looks down, his face slightly red. "I've been giving it a lot of thought. I don't know how this works... I think I've been developing some real feelings for you, Tsuyoshi... I... uh... WIll you, maybe, go out with me?"

Tsuyoshi looks surpised. He says, "Dante, I... I don't know."

"Yeah," Dante replies, still looking down. "It's got to be a surprise... All this at once."

Tsuyoshi lets out a sigh. He says, "Dante, I can't."

"You can't?" Dante asks. "I don't understand."

Tsuyoshi sighs, again. He says, "I like you, Dante. I do... But... I can't go out with someone who smokes and drinks like you do... I might have settled before, just because the feelings are there. I know I'd be so worried about you all the time... and I don't mean to sound judgmental..."

Dante assures, "Hey, I get it. I'm not good enough for you."

"Dante, that's not what I said," Tsuyoshi states.

Dante replies, "You might as well have."

Tsuyoshi says, "Dante. I don't want this to hurt our friendship."

Dante says, "Well, you have a funny way of showing it. I could have handled a simple 'no'."

Tsuyoshi looks down. He says, "I'm sorry."

"Look," Dante says. "I..." Dante looks over and jumps. Nolan waves. "How... how long have you been standing there?"

"Before you guys," Nolan states. "I came to announce the challenge, but I didn't want to interrupt." Dante places his hand on his head. "My lips are sealed."

Dante points at the accompanying cameraman. "What about him?" Dante asks.

Nolan assures, "It's your decision whether or not we show this footage, man. What do you think I am? Chris Mclean?"

"You said 'what', not 'who'," Dante states.

"I know," Nolan says with a confused look. "So, if we can temporarily move on, I should really get to the challenge." Dante and Tsuyoshi nod. Nolan yells, "Get out here! It's time for the challenge!" Tsuyoshi and Dante cover their ears. The cameraman points at his headphones. The other contestants rush outside. Nolan smiles and says, "It's time for everyone's favorite, an endurance challenge!"

"Oh, boy," Missy says with an eyeroll.

Nolan says, "What? I thought people liked these kinds of challenges?"

"Like you thought that haircut was a good idea?" Alexandria asks.

"Exactly!" Nolan says with a smile. "But this time the reward isn't for the winner of the challenge. Anyone who doesn't want to take part of the challenge can sit out and enjoy a feast. They just give up the chance to get invincibility."

"We'll take the feast," Missy, Alexandria, Sebastian, Doyce, and Audrey II say at once.

"I didn't even get to explain the challenge," Nolan says with a frown. "But whatever. Dante and Tsuyoshi will need to stand on these tiny pieces of wood while balancing twenty plates on the end of a stick. If they fall off or drop the plates, they will thusly lose the challenge."

"Is it too late to get the reward?" Dante asks.

Nolan looks over at the other contestants fighting over the last piece of pizza. Nolan says, "Yes. Get into position, and stuff." Tsuyoshi and Dante comply, as he places plates on the sticks they're holding.

"I see what you meant by 'and stuff'," Tsuyoshi states.

Nolan says, "The challenge starts now." He walks over to the side and sits on a bench. He picks up a pizza box he had placed behind the bench and starts eating the pizza from it. The other contestants eye him. "What? This one is mine."

"About our earlier conversation," Dante begins.

Tsuyoshi assures, "We don't need to talk about it now."

"It's fine," Dante assures. "I've calmed down a little. I kind of realize where we stand here."

"You mean the tiny plank of wood?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Dante glares at Tsuyoshi. "I mean in the game," Dante clarifies. "Whichever one of us loses will be eliminated."

Tsuyoshi nods. He says, "Yeah."

"Tsuyoshi, I still think pretty highly of you," Dante says.

Tsuyoshi replies, "Thank you. Dante, I..." Dante steps down from his plank. Tsuyoshi looks surprised. "Dante, what are you doing?"

Nolan puts his arms up and says with a moutful of pizza, "Tsuyofi wins invinfibility!"

"That's really gross," Missy states as she looks at Nolan.

Tsuyoshi says, "Dante, you didn't have to give up your chance." Dante looks down and shrugs his shoulders.

Nolan says, "I'll see you guys at the elimination ceremony." Nolan walks in the direction of a nearby pizza shop.

Missy smiles sweetly and says, "So, it's like you said, Dante. You should go pack your bags."

Dante looks at Missy. He says, "Right." He walks toward his van.

Tsuyoshi looks at Missy and says, "You're an ugly person, fyi." Missy smiles at Tsuyoshi.

Sebastian says, "Don't talk to Missy like that. Dante is only getting what he's had coming." Tsuyoshi rolls his eyes, and follows Dante onto the van.

Doyce says to Sebastian, "I don't think Dante's all that bad. I mean, he just gave up his shot so Tsuyoshi could stay."

Sebastian folds his arms. He says, "I think he's got some ulterior motive planned. Like getting you guys to feel sorry for having to break him and Tsuyoshi's alliance up."

On the guys' van, Tsuyoshi says, "Dante, you really didn't have to do this for me."

"It's no big deal," Dante states. "I've got a lot of people gunning for me still, so it would have happened eventually. With me out of the way, you stand a better chance at winning. I feel like I was here for a good reason, but it seems pretty pointless for me to think I have a chance at winning. And no crazy sacrificing yourself for me at the elimination. Promise me. It would make me feel like what I'm doing means nothing."

Tsuyoshi says, "Okay. I guess I promise."

Dante nods. He hugs Tsuyoshi. He says, "Thanks. Thanks for everything."

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan states, "This is the elimination ceremony."

"We know," Audrey says. Her eyes get wide. "Oh, no. I've been hanging around Missy and Alexandria too long."

Nolan says, "So here's who's safe. Tsuyoshi gets the first marshmallow due to his... standing on the plank for more than five seconds." Tsuyoshi shrugs and sheepishly smiles. "Next up, Audrey II, Sebastian, Doyce, and Alexandria." Nolan tosses out the marshmallows. "That leaves Dante and Missy. The final marshmallow goes to..."

Nolan drops the marshmallow on the ground. He picks it up, breathes on it, and wipes it on his shirt.

"Missy." Missy catches her marshmallow, with a smile.

Dante stands up. He says, "Well, there it is. I made it about thirteen spots further than I expected to." He faces everyone but Tsuyoshi, puts his hand up, and says, "Later." He looks at Tsuyoshi. "We already said our goodbyes, so... Yeah. Thanks, again." He turns to Sebastian. "I hope you give Tsuyoshi another chance. He deserves it. I mean, he gave someone like me a chance. Someone like that deserves that, too." Sebastian folds his arms, and looks to the side.

Tsuyoshi says, "I'm going to miss you. Thanks for what you did at the challenge. I still don't..."

Dante says, "Think of it as my way of repaying you, I guess, for all you've done for me."

Missy says, "This is getting cheesier than a plate of nachos. I'm going to need a box of tissues to wipe away the tears." Tsuyoshi glares at Missy.

Dante shrugs. He says, "Maybe someday Missy will get a heart transplant, or maybe she'll visit a wizard giving out hearts. But she's right. I need to get going before this gets any more sappy." Dante gets into his taxi. Tsuyoshi waves after him before the taxi is out of sight.

Nolan says, "Well... I guess that's this episode, huh? We'll see the viewer peoples next time when we'll probably have another challenge and another elimination. See you then."

Chapter 16 - Climb Every MountieEdit

The show's jovial host stares at the camera. He asks, "Is that camera on, or is that red light, like, a 'check engine' light, or..." Nolan smiles wide. "Hey! I'm Nolan! Welcome to another edition of Total... Drama:... Best of the Best! We're down to the final six! It's all so exciting. I remember when I was in the final six on my season." Nolan thinks for a moment. "Wait... I wasn't in the final six..." Nolan's face is red. "You'll cut that out, right?" The camera person nods the camera. Nolan gives a sigh of relief. "On the last episode, the contestants had the choice of sharing in a grand feast of pizza pie or competing for invincibility. Only two contestants chose to compete for the challenge, Dante and Tsuyoshi, knowing that they were in danger at the vote. Dante sacrificed his spot in the challenge for his friend as some sort of guesture, or something, because he thought that either he or Tsuyoshi would be voted out. Dante was voted out, just as he seduced... I'm using the right word, right?" The camera person stifles laughter as they make a nodding motion with the camera. "Oh, good. I've been reading the thesaurus, lately, and I'm glad to know it's working. So anyway, I'm sure you're here for the episode, so... Um... Watch it, please?" Nolan offers a wince and a smile at the same time.

At the site of the previous elimination ceremony, Tsuyoshi is still sitting on a provided seat. The other contestants begin to leave. Doyce calls out, "Hey, man. We're heading back to our rides."

Tsuyoshi says, "I think I'd like to stay out here for a little while. I have a lot to think about."

Doyce nods and smiles. He says, "Sure." Doyce follows after Sebastian. Missy and Alexandria also head toward their vehicle.

Audrey II stays behind. She looks at Tsuyoshi and says, "I'm sorry about your friend."

Tsuyoshi looks up at Audrey. He replies, "Thanks, Audrey."

"I feel like I made a mistake with joining the other side," Audrey admits.

Tsuyoshi assures, "You did what you had to. If I had the same offer, I probably would have done the same thing."

"You mean that?" Audrey asks.

Tsuyoshi nods. He says, "Yeah."

Audrey looks at Tsuyoshi. She looks down. "I hope you can stay around, longer," Audrey insists.

Tsuyoshi shrugs his shoulders. He says, "If there's one thing I've learned it's that this game has a way of turning around pretty fast."

Audrey looks concerned. She says, "That's the only thing you've ever learned?" She looks down at the ground. "That's pretty sad."

"It's an expression," Tsuyoshi replies with a laugh.

"I know that," Audrey states.

Tsuyoshi raises an eyebrow. He asks, "Did you really know that or are you just saying that?" Audrey looks back and forth nervously.

On the van containing Doyce and Sebastian, Doyce sits down on his bed. He says, "I feel bad about voting out Dante."

"Well, don't," Sebastian says. He shifts his sunglasses.

Doyce says, "Yeah. I never liked the voting out part of the show. I just like winning." Sebastian laughs slightly. "What's so funny?"

Sebastian states, "You realize that there's only one winner in the end, right?"

"Well, yeah, son," Doyce replies. "Anyway, I think Dante's made a lot of changes for the better. And he seemed like he was really good friends with Tsuyoshi."

"He was just using him," Sebastian assures.

Doyce shrugs his shoulders. He says, "Either way, Tsuyoshi's got to be pretty bummed right now. I mean, he probably feels like I would if you got voted out." Doyce's face turns red. He adds, "I mean..."

Sebastian turns his head in Doyce's direction. He says, "You think that highly of me?"

"Well, sure," Doyce says. "You're really smart. You got cool sunglasses. Who can ask for anything more in a friend, you know?"

Sebastian laughs, a little. He says, "I'm sorry I ever misjudged you, Doyce. You can be pretty annoying most of the time, but you're a nice guy."

Doyce frowns and asks, "You still find me annoying?"

Sebastian blushes. He says, "We all have our little quirks."

"Hey," Doyce says, after lying down in his bed. "Maybe you misjudged Dante this time, too. Wouldn't that be funny?" Sebastian stays quiet. "Hey, Sebastian. I've been wondering... Do you think we'll be friends after this show?"

Sebastian shrugs. He says, "I don't see why not."

Doyce smiles and says, "Good, son."

"Why do you ask?" Sebastian says.

Doyce says quietly, "Well... you know..."

Sebastian asks, "Enlighten me."

Doyce admits, "I guess my friends from Total Drama Athletics and I don't talk as much as I expected... I must annoy them, too."

"I'm sure that's not the case, Doyce," Sebastian assures. "Sometimes people get really busy. It's not that they don't care about you, anymore. They just..." Sebastian pauses. He looks over at Doyce who nods with his eyes closed. Sebastian says, "You must be really tired. Uh. I guess we should just get to bed." Doyce yawns and falls back in his bed. "Doyce?" Doyce fails to reply. Sebastian removes his sunglasses quickly and puts on his sleeping mask.

The next morning, Doyce and Sebastian are standing outside. Doyce scans the buffet table provided for the contestants' breakfast. He says, "Awesome! They've got protein shakes this morning. You should try them out, son."

"I'd rather not," Sebastian replies with a frown.

"Come on," Doyce replies. "They'll help you get big and strong."

Sebastian continues frowning. He adjusts his sunglasses and says, "That's one thing I never understood."

"What do you mean?" Doyce asks.

"I mean," Sebastian begins, "what's the point of being all muscular? I find it pretty vain, myself."

Doyce states, "Aw, son." He puts Sebastian in a headlock, "It's not just..."

Missy walks up and says, "Hey, boys." Doyce lets go of Sebastian.

Sebastian laughs and pushes Doyce. He says, "Cut it out, dude... I mean... Doyce..."

Missy raises an eyebrow. She smiles sweetly and asks, "Sebastian, can I see you alone for a minute?" She walks away without a further reply.

Doyce nudges Sebastian with his elbow. He says, "Here's your chance, Sebastian."

"Chance at what?" Sebastian asks.

"Everyone knows you like Missy," Doyce states. "Now's your chance to tell her."

Sebastian says, "I don't know. I do like her... But isn't she a little bit out of my league?"

Doyce assures, "There's some sitcoms with some pretty mismatched couples, son. That proves there's hope for average Joes like you."

"Aren't you single?" Sebastian asks.

"That's not the point," Doyce asserts. "Just go over there and tell her how you feel. WHat's the worst that can happen?" Sebastian shrugs his shoulders.

Sebastian walks up to Missy. He says, "Hey, you wanted..."

"What took you so long?" Missy asks.

"Nothing," Sebastian says. "Doyce and I were just having a conversation."

Missy replies, "That's what I wanted to talk about. What's going on? You and Doyce are acting awfully chummy."

Sebastian shrugs his shoulders. "I guess I'm finally able to look past our differences," he says.

"I see," Missy says with a frown.

Sebastian replies, "Um. That's good, right?"

Missy smiles and says, "Of course it is. I'm so... happy for the both of you."

"Thanks," Sebastian says, slightly blushing. "Uh, there was something I wanted to say to you."

"Can it wait?" Missy asks. "I hoped to stop by the confessional before that lovable buffoon Nolan showed up. 'Kay?"

Sebastian says, "Uh, yeah, sure." Missy smiles, kisses Sebastian on the cheek, and walks away. Sebastian stands still with his face red.

Missy says in confessional, "This is very bad. I'm talking about Doyce and Sebastian being friends, obviously. That will need to be dealt with. I mean, I can't have either of them feeling more loyal to anyone more than me, now can I?"

Tsuyoshi is shown with his arms around Audrey and Alexandria's shoulders. He says, "So girls, what do you say we vote out Missy, next?"

Audrey says, "Okay."

Alexandria says, "I don't know if this is the right time, just yet. This is the one circumstance where being entirely unlikable is an advantage."

"Yeah," Audrey agrees. "I'm not sure if it's the best idea right, now."

"Plus," Alexandria adds, "I don't want to earn the disapproval of some of my former team members by turning on them."

Missy returns from confessional, she walks by Sebastian. He says, "Oh. Welcome back, Missy." Missy walks by him.

She walks up to Tsuyoshi, Alexandria, and Audrey. Missy asks, "So, what are we talking about?"

Audrey explains, "Tsuyoshi wants to get you voted out."

Tsuyoshi puts his hand on his face. He says, "Audrey!"

Audrey raises her eyebrows. She asks, "Was I not supposed to say that? I'm sorry."

Missy smiles and says, "Well, that's no real surprise. Too bad the odds aren't in his favor." Tsuyoshi gives a sarcastic smile.

Nolan runs up to the contestants. He says, "Hey, everybody! Challenge time! We're on our way to one of the greatest tourist spots in Canada. Let's roll." Nolan boards the guys' van. He sticks his head out. "Come on!"

The contestants are shown in a remote location. Doyce asks, "Where are we?"

Alexandria looks at the wooded area. She says, "I think I saw a horror movie about this once."

Nolan says, "Oh yeah? Was it 'Black Friday'? I loved that pepper spray scene, then everyone fighting over that chainsaw..."

Alexandria blinks. She says, "What are you talking about?"

"What are you talking about?" Nolan asks, with a raised eyebrow.

Missy asks, "So why are we here, again?" Missy looks up and says, "Oh, my..."

Nolan smiles wide. He says, "We're here." He guestures at a giant, stone mountie statue. "I'm sure you've all heard of it. The largest mountie in Canada! I'm so glad we got cleared to film here."

"So are we?" Doyce says. "I'm sorry. There's no way I can fake being excited about being here."

Nolan frowns. He says, "The challenge is climbing this bad boy." Several eyebrows raise. "The contestant to reach the brim of his epic mountie hat first wins invincibility, and a special reward. Your mountie climbing gear, a harness, and rope thingie are set up, you just need to put on your harnesses. There are also some paid professionals around here, and a medical tent should the need arise."

"That's reassuring," Alexandria states.

"I know!" Nolan says. "I've thought of every possible outcome." Nolan frowns and looks down. "Sorry about your accident, Doyce."

Doyce's eyes get wide. He asks, "What accident?"

"I'd rather not talk about it," Nolan states. "So, anyway. Everyone get suited up, and we'll get started." The contestants get helped into their harnesses by different workers.

Tsuyoshi says, "Aw, Nolan? What happens when we need to use the bathroom? I kind of need to..."

Nolan sighs. He says, "I told you to go before you got into the harness."

"No, you didn't," Tsuyoshi reminds.

Nolan sighs. He says, "Well, get unstrapped and hurry up." Tsuyoshi is unstrapped from his harness, and walks off still wearing it. "Does anyone else need to use the bathroom before we start?"

Missy raises her hand and says, "I do!"

Nolan says, "Fine, but I better not here a peep out of any other ones of you." Nolan laughs. "I sound like an old, married couple." He gets some concerned looks from the contestants. Missy is unclipped from her harness by a worker. She follows after Tsuyoshi, removes her harness, and sets it outside of the restrooms. She then enters the ladies' room.

Tsuyoshi is shown returning to the other contestants. Nolan says, "I hope you're happy." Tsuyoshi smiles and gives him two thumbs up. "Oh, good," Nolan says with a smile. Missy returns after a little while, and after putting her harness back on. Nolan says, "Great, we can get started." Tsuyoshi and Missy get clipped back into their harnesses. "Everyone clear on the rules, right? I don't have to repeat them?" The contestants strap on their helmets.

"Just get to the top, right?" Alexandria asks. "I think we all can handle the many rules."

"Good, 'cause I was worried," Nolan states.

Missy tosses her hat to the side. "I'm not wearing that thing. It'll mess up my hair."

Nolan says, "But it's regulation." Missy glares at Nolan. He gulps. "I guess I'll allow it." The contestants get in position to start climbing. "Go!" Nolan shouts.

The contestants begin climbing the statue. The higher they get, their rope tightens. Doyce and Tsuyoshi lead around the statues waist, with Alexandria not too far behind. Audrey dangles on the side swinging in circles, and Sebastian and Missy are near the knees of the statue. Nolan looks up with a pair of binoculars. He says, "Oh, wow! It's a tight race between Tsuyoshi and Doyce. They're almost at the top!"

Doyce and Tsuyoshi are shown grasping the brim of the hat. Doyce pulls himself up first. He then helps Tsuyoshi up. Doyce throws up his arms and shouts, "Doyce!"

Nolan looks through his binoculars. He shouts, "Doyce wins invincibility."

Sebastian frowns. He says, "Well, it looks like we might as well climb back down. It's a good thing we didn't make it too far up, now we don't need to climb all the way back down."

Missy looks down. She says, "That's true." A creaking noise is heard.

Sebastian looks at Missy. He says with concern, "Something's wrong with your harness."

Missy looks at her harness. She says, "You're right. We better..." The metal clip on the harness snaps. Sebastian reaches out and grabs Missy by the hand. Missy looks scared. She says, "Don't let go."

"I won't," Sebastian assures. "I..." Sebastian begins sweating. "I can't hold on much longer..."

"What are you talking about?" Missy asks, still sounding scared. Sebastian tries to grab hold of Missy's arm with his other hand, but before he can he drops her.

Sebastian shouts, "Missy!"

Alexandria looks down after reaching the top. She asks, "What's going on down there?"

Tsuyoshi and Doyce look down. Tsuyoshi says, "I don't know."

Nolan looks up as Missy falls from the statue. He shouts, "Oh, man! I knew she should have worn her helmet!" Nolan dashes toward Missy as she plummets. He dives and catches Missy before she hits the ground. He stands up and holds her in his arms. The other contestants repel down.

Sebastian asks, "Is she alright?" Sebastian looks concerned. Missy is unconscious.

Nolan says, "I think she just fainted on the way down. I caught her before she hit the ground, so I think she'll be fine. I'll send her to the medical tent just to be safe."

"What happened?" Audrey asks.

"Faulty equipment," Nolan says, as he points at her harness. "But when she wakes up tell her it was a breeze, or something. I don't want any lawsuits for the fine people at Canda's largest mountie." Sebastian looks at his hand. He wipes off a drop of blood on his hand, looks at Missy, and holds his head down.

In the medical tent, MIssy lies in a bed, and Sebastian sits in a chair beside the bed. He says, "This is all my fault..."

Tsuyoshi walks into the tent. He says, "Hey, Sebastian. How are you holding up?"

"I... I don't know," Sebastian replies. Sebastian hugs Tsuyoshi. He says, "I was so scared. I couldn't do anything to help her... I wasn't strong enough to help her... I get it, now... There's reasons to being fit besides just aesthetics." Sebastian lets go of Tsuyoshi.

Tsuyoshi nods. He says, "She's going to be alright, man. Do you know how any of this happened?"

Sebastian holds his head down. He says, "Someone tampered with her harness."

"It wasn't me," Tsuyoshi assures. "Who would do something like that?"

Sebastian says quietly, "I know who it was."

"Who?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Sebastian looks over at Missy, then holds his head down. "I noticed a cut on her hand," Sebastian explains. "I think she tried tampering with her equipment when she left for the restroom."

"Why would anyone..." Tsuyoshi begins. "She was trying to frame me for this?"

Sebastian sighs. He says, "I know that you would never do anything like this. I'm sure it was caught on camera, so we can have Nolan check. She won't be disqualified for tampering with her own equipment."

"But everyone else will vote for her, obviously," Tsuyoshi says. "This is just above and beyond despicable."

Sebastian says, "I'm just glad she's alright."

Tsuyoshi replies, "Sebastian. I can't believe you're still worried about her after what she did. It's obvious to everyone that she's just been using you this entire time."

Sebastian puts his head in his hands. He says, "You don't think I know that? I've known all along, but I can't help my feelings for her..." Sebastian begins crying. He adds, "I love her, Tsuyoshi. I can't explain it, beyond that. I can't help how I feel." Sebastian continues crying. Tsuyoshi looks at Sebastian, with a sad look on his face. He walks up to Sebastian, kneels to the ground and hugs Sebastian. Sebastian pleads, "Please, don't vote her out. I beg you to vote me out."

Tsuyoshi replies, "I don't think I can do that, after what Missy did."

"Please, Tsuyoshi," Sebastian pleads. "I ask this of you as your friend."

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan says, "Missy is back with us, so that's good news." Missy waves at Nolan. "I think." Missy scowls. Nolan says, "Uh, you're not feeling a lawsuit coming on or anything, right?"

"No," Missy says, looking guiltily to the side. "I mean, not today, anyway. We'll see how I feel about the situation, later on."

"More pillows?" Nolan asks. Missy rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Well, onto the elimination. Doyce won invincibility, along with that snazzy mountie hat." Doyce smiles and points at Nolan, wearing the aforementioned hat. Nolan tosses him a marshmallow. "The next safe contestant is... Alexandria." Alexandria catches her marshmallow. "Next up is Audrey II." Nolan tosses her a marshmallow, and she claps. "The following marshmallow goes to... Tsuyoshi." Tsuyoshi receives his marshmallow. Missy looks at Tsuyoshi with a frown. "That leaves Missy and Sebastian, and one marshmallow. The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Missy." Missy catches her marshmallow.

Tsuyoshi glances at Sebastian. Sebastian looks back at Tsuyoshi and softly smiles. He says, "Thanks, Tsuyoshi."

"I think asking us to vote for you was a mistake," Tsuyoshi replies. "But I had to go along with what you requested, as your friend."

Sebastian stands up, hugs Tsuyoshi, and says, "I'm so glad we're friends, again. I wish it had happened sooner... Maybe I need to trust your instincts regarding Dante, as well..." Sebastian turns to Missy. He says, "Bye, Missy. I'm sorry it was between you and me, tonight."

"Well," Missy says, "better you than me." She waves at Sebastian.

Sebastian gives a slight laugh. He says, "I guess I wasn't expecting any other response." Sebastian looks at an approaching taxi cab. "I guess that's for me." An elderly woman boards the taxi cab and it leaves. "I guess I was wrong..." Another taxi approaches. Sebastian gets on the vehicle. He looks outside the window at the waving contestants. He looks forward and then holds his head down.

Nolan says, "That was a pretty exciting episode, I'm not going to lie. I'll plan a safer challenge for next time, though. With our final five decided, that brings this episode to a close. I hope to see you next time, on the next Total... Drama:... Best of the Best."

Chapter 17 - A Bicycle Built For YouEdit

Nolan is shown standing on his head. His face is red as he asks, "So, you really..." Nolan hiccups, "think this..." Nolan hiccups, again, "will cure my hic..." Nolan hiccups, again, "cups?" The camera person fails at stifling their laughter. "What's so..." Nolan hiccups, "finny?" Nolan laughs and hiccups. "I said finny." Nolan laughs, again. "Wait a..." Nolan hiccups. "You're filming this to embarass me, aren't you!" Nolan does a somersault and leaps to his feet. "Guys, I'm serious. Public embarrassment is not... Hey! My hiccups are gone! You did all that to cure my hiccups, didn't you." The camera halfheartedly nods up and down. "Aw. You guys are the best!" Nolan slaps himself in the face. "Okay! We have an intro to film! Let's do this thing!" Nolan grunts. "Last time, Doyce won invincibility for climbing on top of a mountie! Then Missy almost died when she landed in my arms! But then she was unconscious! And then Sebastian told his friend Tsuyoshi to vote him out! So Sebastian got voted out!" Nolan pauses. "I guess that's about all... I guess." Nolan smiles wide. He says, "That was my best intro, yet." He holds his head down. "Yeah, it's depressing."

Walking back from the elimination ceremony, Audrey II says to Missy, "I'm glad you're okay, Missy. That challenge ended up being kind of scary."

Missy looks at Audrey II and smiles. "Aw, that's so nice of you to say, Audrey," she says.

"Um, sure," Audrey says.

Alexandria adds, "Yeah. I know we've had our differences, but I wouldn't wish harm on my worst enemy... or you!" Alexandria smiles, nervously.

"Nolan certainly chose a good day to be a hero," Doyce says. He assures, "I totally would have done the same thing had I been down there."

Missy assures, "You're all too sweet."

Missy is shown in confessional. She rolls her eyes and says, "I don't know who those three are fooling. They obviously want me out of the competition by any means." Missy folds her arms and says, "I'm on to them, though."

In Doyce and Tsuyoshi's van, the guys are shown lying in their beds. Doyce has his hands behind his head. He says, "I feel pretty bad about Sebastian. But... he asked to be voted out..."

"Yeah," Tsuyoshi replies. "I'm glad we're friends, again."

"Just friends, right?" Doyce asks.

"What's that?" Tsuyoshi asks, with a raised eyebrow.

Doyce replies, "Uh. Nothing, son."

Tsuyoshi nods. He says, "Hey. I was thinking... What Missy did was pretty crazy."

"Yeah," Doyce states. "I can't believe she messed with her own harness thing just to get you voted out. That's beyond cray cray."

Tsuyoshi says, "Agreed. So, what would you say to joining up with me and voting out Missy?" Doyce remains quiet. "Doyce?"

"Oh," Doyce replies. "Tsuyoshi, I'm sorry. I'm in an alliance with Missy. I know she's messed up in the head, or something, but I can't turn on her just like that."

Tsuyoshi sighs. He says, "I understand. It was worth the shot, right?"

Doyce laughs. He says, "Yeah, sure." Doyce is momentarily silent. "I kind of wish things were different between you and me."

"Uh," Tsuyoshi begins. "Me, too."

"Yeah," Doyce says. "You seem like an awesome dude." Tsuyoshi blushes. "If we started off on the same team, we could have ruled this game together, son! Best. Alliance. Ever!"

Tsuyoshi says, "Oh... That..." Tsuyoshi's face turns more red. "Um, yeah, Doyce. That would have been great."

"Yeah," Doyce states.

Tsuyoshi is shown in confessional. He says, "The odds are pretty obviously against me... But I don't plan to give up without a fight. Figuratively, of course. Don't want to set off any random anti-violence rules."

The girls are shown in their van. Missy brushes her hair. She says, "So, you know what I found odd?"

"The size of Nolan's teeth?" Audrey II asks.

"No," Missy says. "Well, besides that. The fact that Tsuyoshi is still in this game, after he obviously tampered with my harness."

Audrey and Alexandria exchange glances. Audrey says, "Uh, Missy. We know Tsuyoshi didn't do that. He made Nolan showed us the video of you tampering with it."

Missy laughs. She says, "I wouldn't do something that stupid."

Audrey and Alexandria look at each other. Alexandria says, "We saw the footage. Your plan backfired..."

"If that's the case, then why am I still here?" Missy asks with her arms folded. Alexandria and Audrey exchange glances, again. "Would you two stop that?!"

The next morning, Tsuyoshi is shown outside exercising with a jump rope. Audrey II steps outside and sees him. Audrey says, "Oh, it was you, out here."

"Hey, what's up?" Tsuyoshi asks.

"Not much," Audrey answers with a shrug.

Tsuyoshi offers, "Care to join me?"

Audrey says, "Okay, sure." Audrey calls out, "My name is Audrey, my husband's name is..."

Tsuyoshi laughs. He stops jumping rope, points to another jump rope sticking out of his bag, and says, "I meant, I have another jump rope."

"Oh," Audrey says. "Sorry."

"No one got hurt," Tsuyoshi assures. Audrey picks up the second jump rope and begins skipping rope. Tsuyoshi looks at her with wide eyes. "You're really good at that."

Audrey says, "I'm not useless at every physical activity. I guess it deals more with knowing what I'm doing, and being comfortable with whatever activity. There's some stuff I'm good at."

Tsuyoshi states, "Yeah." Tsuyoshi stops jump roping. He says, "Hey, I was thinking... What would you say to joining forces, again?"

"That would be cool!" Audrey says, excitedly.

Tsuyoshi rubs his chin. He says, "So what would you say about voting out Missy our next chance?" Audrey looks uncomfortable. "I'd try to get Alexandria on board, as well."

"I don't know how I feel about that, to be honest," Audrey says. "Sorry."

"Even after what she did, yesterday?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Audrey looks at Tsuyoshi. She says, "I think there's something wrong with Missy. I mean, she put her life in jeopardy for a competition. This whole thing means a lot to her. I guess, I should want to vote her out, but... I don't think I can."

"Yeah," Tsuyoshi says. "I guess I wasn't really expecting any different of an answer."

"So why did you ask?" Audrey asks.

Tsuyoshi answers, "To keep a glimmer of hope alive."

A little later, the contestants are shown standing around Nolan. He is wearing a bicycle helmet. Alexandria asks, "Did you catch the short bus over here?"

"Um," Nolan replies.

"Good comeback," Alexandria replies.

Nolan smiles and says, "Thanks." Alexandria frowns. "The challenge of the day is a good old fashioned bike race."

"You mean, like those old time bicycles with one giant wheel and one small one?" Audrey II asks. Nolan looks confused. "You know... Forget I said anything."

Nolan goes on, "You've all been provided with bicycles from a local bicycle shop for free since we're promoting their shop... The name of the shop slips my mind. Oh, well. You'll race around the track, and the person who survives the obstacles and finishes first will win invincibility."

"Obstacles?" Alexandria asks.

"Shh," Nolan shushes with his finger over his lips. "I want them to be a surprise. Um, okay. If everyone can get in position, we'll get the race started."

Doyce looks at his bike. He says, "I think my bike is defective."

Nolan looks at Doyce's bicycle. He says, "It looks fine to me. Come on. Let's get started." The contestants get onto their bicycles at the starting line. Nolan looks around. He removes his shorts and holds them up. He waves his shorts and shouts, "Go!" A cloud of dust appears when the contestants speed off. Nolan runs off track toward the bushes in the direction of the other side of the track. As the dust settles, Doyce tiptoes backwards, out of the dust cloud, with his bicycle to his side. He lets out a sigh.

Missy stands staring at Doyce with her arms folded. She asks, "What are you doing?"

Doyce says, "Gah! Uh. You know. I was worried about my bike being defective, so I thought it would be safer to sit out."

"Sit out, or magically appear at the finish line in order to win?" Missy insists.

Doyce laughs and says, "You got me..."

Missy smiles and says, "I didn't know you had it in you. I'm so proud. But I learned the hard way. If you want to get away with a scheme like that, make sure there aren't any cameras present."

Doyce looks toward the camera and says, "Oh, right."

"We should try to catch up with the others," Missy states. "Maybe they've been held up by the obstacles. We wouldn't want Tsuyoshi to win invincibility at this point."

Doyce nods. "You go on ahead," Doyce insists. "I'll catch up with you."

"Oh, no," Missy states. "You're not going to fool me that easily. We ride off together." Doyce looks down. He nods and gets on his bike next to Missy. Missy begins riding off while Doyce stays behind. Missy stops and looks back at Doyce. He nervously looks back and forth, as Missy glares at him. He pushes off, and immediately falls to the side, landing on the ground on his right knee. Missy looks at him with wide eyes. She puts her hand over her mouth and says, "I can't believe it. You don't know how to ride a bike!"

Doyce stands up. He says, "Sure, I can... It's just been a while." Doyce looks down and to the side, his face bright red. "Now I'm thinking knee pads would have been a good idea..." Doyce gets back on his bike, wobbles on it for a few feet, and says, "See? I can..." Doyce falls off the bike, and it rolls away. Doyce gets up and rubs his knee.

Missy laughs. She says, "The amazing Doyce can't even ride a bike? That is rich."

Doyce holds his head down. He says, "I never learned, okay? My dad was always too busy to teach me. I mean, I guess it's true that one guy can't be perfect at every sport..." Doyce sighs, again. "It's pretty embarrassing. I'm sure everyone watching things I'm entirely pathetic, now."

Missy looks to the side. She says, "Look. Maybe it's not that big of a deal. Most two year olds can ride a bike, but if you never learned, I don't think anyone is going to make fun of you, too much. Just stay away from the message boards."

Doyce looks up at Missy. He says, "You don't think I'm pathetic?"

Missy says, "For not being able to ride a bike? No. For other reasons? Definitely."

Doyce hobbles over to Missy and hugs her tight. He says, "You're not so bad, after all."

"G... Get off of me!" Missy demands.

The other contestants return from the other side as Nolan runs back to the finish line, wearing an alligator costume. Nolan shouts, "Audrey II crosses the finish line, first! She wins invincibility!"

Missy's eyes are wide. She asks, "How did that happen?"

Tsuyoshi admits, "Audrey is actually pretty good on a bicycle."

"I would have won if Nolan didn't tackle me," Alexandria states.

Nolan states, "You didn't successfully cross the alligator obstacle. It's your own fault." Alexandria glares at Nolan.

"So, do I get a prize?" Audrey asks.

Nolan nods. He reaches into his costume and pulls out two pieces of paper. "It's an all expenses paid trip to Cabo for two," Nolan states. Everyone else looks on with wide eyes.

"Oh, come on!" Alexandria shouts.

"Cool!" Audrey says.

"The only condition is that you take me with you," Nolan adds.

"Um..." Audrey says. "Okay!"

Alexandria says, "I guess that does make losing less dissappointing."

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan states, "Wow, we're down to the final five, already. I remember when there were seven of you guys."

"That... That's all you remember?" Alexandria mutters.

Nolan blinks. He says, "But soon there will be..." Nolan holds up his hand, "four."

"Did you hold up your hand as a gesture, or to count?" Alexandria asks.

Nolan blinks, again. He says, "For winning invincibility, Audrey II also gets a marshmallow." Audrey claps before catching her marshmallow. "Next is Alexandria... Unless she feels like insulting my intelligence, again."

"In my defense," Alexandria begins, "I never thought you noticed. Sorry." Nolan tosses her a marshmallow.

"The next marshmallow goes to Missy," Nolan states. "That leaves the two fellas that aren't me, Doyce and Tsuyoshi, and one final marshmallow." The guys put their hands on each other's shoulders. "The last marshmallow goes to..."

"Tsuyoshi." Tsuyoshi catches his marshmallow.

Missy's eyes get wide. She says, "What?! This was our chance to get rid of him."

Audrey and Alexandria look at each other. Alexandria says, "We're sorry, Missy. Audrey and I had more loyalty to you than with Doyce. Besides, Tsuyoshi pointed out that Doyce was a bigger threat than him than in challenges, plus, for whatever reason, everyone here likes Doyce."

"Are you kidding?" Missy asks. "He just said that to make himself look like less of a threat. No one dislikes Tsuyoshi... besides me, anyway."

Doyce says, "Hey, calm down. It's alright." Doyce stands up. "I already won, once."

"So did he!" Missy says while pointing at Tsuyoshi.

"Oh, yeah!" Doyce says. "Congratulations, son!"

Tsuyoshi says, "Thanks." Missy has two fingers on the bridge of her nose.

Doyce looks at Tsuyoshi. He asks, "You really think I'm a bigger threat than you in challenges?" Tsuyoshi nods. "Aw, man! That's so nice! Thanks."

"No problem," Tsuyoshi replies.

"It looks like you didn't give up," Doyce says. Tsuyoshi shakes his head. "You got a lot of fight in you." Doyce gets into the taxi waiting for him. He looks at Missy and says, "Can I count on you for those bicycle lessons?"

Missy rolls her eyes and says, "Yeah, whatever."

"Cool!" Doyce says, in an excited manner.

Nolan states, "That's it for this episode. We're down to the final four, already. Be sure to check out the next Total... Drama:... Best of the Best!" Nolan turns toward Doyce. "Any last words, Doyce?" Nolan asks.

Doyce says, "No, not really."

"You sure?" Nolan asks. Doyce shrugs. "I was thinking you could... you know... leave us with your catchphrase?"

Doyce nods. He says, "The Doyce is ready to lay down the smackdwon, son!" Doyce turns to Nolan. "How's that? I've been practicing my catchphrases and that one really seems to..."

"Just go," Nolan commands, with his hand on his head. Doyce's taxi begins to leave, as he waves at the remaining contestants.

Chapter 18 - Game ShowdownEdit

"Tonight on Total... Drama:... Best of the Best!" Nolan states with a smile.

The camerman says, "Is this a good time to tell you that I forgot to press record?"

Nolan's eyes get wider than normal. He says, "Are you serious? That was my best opening, ever! Not a single mistake..." Nolan frowns. He smiles wide. "Bring it on! Last time on Total... Mama:... Best of the Beast, our contestants faced off in a bicycling challenge-diddly doo. Doythe didn't know how to ride the bike, so he didn't won. Oddwey II dud. Then Thuyothi was able to convinthe Alecthandia and Oddwey to vote to thave him, and not Doythe..." Nolan's eyes widen, as he opens his mouth and a hornet flies out. He sticks out his tongue to reveal that it is swollen. "Aw, man! My tongue got thtung, again! What awe the chanthes?" The cameraman starts laughing. Nolan looks at him. Nolan starts laughing, too.

Tsuyoshi is shown in his van. He says, "Looks like I'm the last man standing. It's going to be weird looking in that bed, and not seeing anyone..." Tsuyoshi looks over and screams.

Nolan looks over from Doyce's bed. He says, "Would you keep it down, please, dude?" He removes his head phones. "I'm watching some old game shows on my portable DVD player. This stuff is comedy gold. And... not to be rude, but it's kind of weird that you're talking to yourself. Just sayin'." Tsuyoshi stares at Nolan. "Sorry. I was too harsh."

Tsuyoshi laughs. He says, "No. It's fine... How did you get in here without my noticing you?"

"I was in ninja camp for, like, a week," Nolan states.

Tsuyoshi says, with a surprised expression, "What, really?"

Nolan states, "You think that if there was a ninja camp, I'd be here, instead?" Nolan randomly laughs. He says, "This lady from 1970 said 'tinkle' as her answer." Nolan laughs some more.

Tsuyoshi sighs. He says, "This is going to be a long night." Nolan looks at Tsuyoshi with a worried expression. He then starts laughing, again.

In the girls' van, Missy says, "How are my girls doing?"

"You have girls?" Alexandria asks.

"Humor me," Missy replies, giving a sarcastic smile. "All I'm saying is that the three of us have to stay united, and not let Tsu... that guy divide us."

"Now you're sounding like Vanessa," Alexandria states. "You know. Before she had character development."

Missy rolls her eyes. She says, "So are you two in, or not?"

Alexandria looks at Missy, then Audrey II. Alexandria says, "Yeah. I'm in."

"Yeah," Audrey says. "Me, too."

Missy smiles and says, "Aw! I knew I could count on the two of you." Missy hugs the other remaining female contestants, as they look at each other with worried expressions.

Alexandria says in confessional, "I think Audrey and Missy are two of the best people to be in the final three with. I mean, no ones afraid of losing to Audrey. Er... No offense. And Missy... well, no one's afraid that she'll have any support... It makes me wonder why they want me around..." Alexandria looks from side to side.

Audrey II is shown in confessional. She says, "Missy scares me, sometimes... Well, most of the time. I guess I feel like I need to play along with her. It's not that I don't want to win. I would be all strategical, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings in the process."

The next morning, Tsuyoshi is shown leaning up against his van with his eyes red, and bags under his eyes. Audrey walks outside. She looks at him and says, "Yikes! You look really ugly."

Tsuyoshi yawns. He says, "Thanks for that."

"Oh," Audrey says. "Sorry. Sometimes stuff like that just comes out, I didn't..."

"It's okay," Tsuyoshi assures. "I just had a rotten night's sleep."

"Oh, why is that?" Audrey asks.

Nolan emerges from Tsuyoshi's van whistling an old game show's theme song. He points at Audrey and says, "Hey, Audrey. Right on. Go on down! Dyn-o-mite!"

Audrey looks at Tsuyoshi sincerely and says, "I'm sorry."

Nolan says, "I'll be back, soon. I have to hit up the craft supply store, and the costume store. This challenge is going to be amazing. Bye!"

"I'm scared," Tsuyoshi states with a frown. He holds his head down.

"Tsuyoshi?" Audrey asks. "You okay?"

Tsuyoshi shoots his head up. He says, "Who, now?"

"Maybe you should get some rest before Nolan gets back," Audrey suggests. Tsuyoshi nods and yawns. Missy emerges from her van. "Oh. Hi, Missy. I was just leaving."

"I see," Missy says. "Bye, dear." She waves as Audrey walks backwards into her van, slowly and cautiously. Missy turns to Tsuyoshi with a scowl. "What were you two talking about?"

Tsuyoshi yawns. "I don't remember," Tsuyoshi states.

"A likely story," Missy replies.

Tsuyoshi shrugs. He says, "You know, not everyone is scheming all the time."

"Whatever," Missy replies. "I have my plan all worked out, so there's nothing you could do to change it, anyway."

Tsuyoshi says, "Right. You plan to use Audrey and Alexandria the same way you used everyone else."

Missy smiles. She says, "My little pawns."

Tsuyoshi disapprovingly shakes his head. He says, "You do realize that these are real people with real emotions you're messing with, right? Your actions do affect them."

"Please," Missy says. "Everyone knows this is just a game. Everyone has their strategy, some are just better than others."

"So how do you explain the relationships, friendships, and conflicts?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Missy lifts a finger in the air and says, "Those are just for the cameras. This whole show is just a production, after all."

Tsuyoshi laughs. He looks at Missy. He says, "Wait. You really believe that?" Missy glares back at him. "Look. Just because you're somehow able to close off your emotions, doesn't mean everyone can."

Missy replies, "Well, then, those people are weak. You can't take anything that happens here personally."

Tsuyoshi shakes his head. He says, "What about Sebastian?"

"Aw, yes," Missy says. "I guess his attachment to me did pay off in the end. He was one of my best pawns." Missy smiles. "A little on the gullible side..."

Tsuyoshi holds his head down. "I can't believe this," Tsuyoshi says. "I knew you didn't care about him, and all, but he's a good guy. There's no need to insult him."

Missy says, "Oh, of course not. It's thanks to that little weirdo that I'm where I am, now."

"That's it," Tsuyoshi says. "He really cares about you, and you just act like he's your little plaything. I'll have you know that when you were laid up in that hospital bed, he didn't leave your side for a second." Missy looks surprised. "I'm not going to stand around here and let you insult one of my best friends. So go on. Take Audrey to the finals like you want. You think you're a great strategist but you can't get beyond the simple fact that nobody likes you, Audrey hasn't offended a single person in this game, and if you send me to the loser realm, I'll make sure that you have even less support." Tsuyoshi walks onto his van, looks back at a moping Missy, and smirks. Tsuyoshi then enters his van.

After Tsuyoshi leaves, Missy looks down on the ground. She takes a sharp object, stabs one of Tsuyoshi's tires, and walks back toward her van. Nolan walks up. He says, "Hey, Missy. You look weird. Are you sad, or something?"

Missy snaps, "Of course not." She looks at Nolan in his brown and red plaid suit. "Okay, now I am sad."

Nolan holds up a skinny microphone and says, "Allow me to change that! You're the next contestant on The Match Show AM!"

"Is that good, or..." Missy begins.

"Here, take this." Nolan hands Missy some costumes for the female contestants. "I'll deliver Tsuyoshi's costume to him." Missy looks at Nolan with a concerned expression, as he boards Tsuyoshi's vehicle.

Tsuyoshi and Missy are shown sitting in the contestant boxes. Nolan explains, "Here's how things will work. Tsuyoshi and Missy will face off at The Match Show AM, while Alexandria and Audrey will play another game. I attempted to gather some of The Match Show's original panelists, but they were either dead, filming a sitcom, or they had a canasta game. So I did the next best thing. I brought back some of the most memorable contestants from this season to serve as panelists. Say hello to Irene, Brad, Priscilla, Dante, Yesenia, and Doyce!" The mentioned contestants look embarrassed for the most part in their various seventies costumes.

"Can we please just get this humiliation over with?" Missy asks. Her hair is feathered and she's wearing a top with sequins and one long sleeve.

Nolan nods. He says, "Here's how it will work. I'll ask a question. One word will be left out and replaced witht he word 'blank'. The panelists will each right down an answer to fill the said 'blank'. Then I'll ask the question to one of you, again, and you'll provide the answer. I'll do this two times, one for each of you, and the one of you that gets the most answers matched with our celebrity panel will win a spot on the third gameshow, against the winner of the next one. If everyone's ready, we'll start with Missy." Nolan opens a card to read. He lays on the structure in front of Yesenia, who is seated, along with the other panelists. He reads, "Old Man Jenkins is so old."

"How old is he?!" Doyce shouts. Receiving glares from the other eliminated contestants.

"He's so old," Nolan goes on, "that he often forgets what he's doing, and draws a blank." The panelists stare at Nolan with confused expressions. "Go on. Write down your answer." The panelists begin writing. When they all finish, Nolan goes up to Missy. He repeats, "Old Man Jenkins is so old that he..."

"I remember your stupid question," Missy states. "The only possible answer is 'blank'."

"Is that your final answer?" Nolan asks. "Oh, sorry. Wrong decade. Let's see what our panelists wrote down, starting with Irene."

Irene is dressed in a sparkly headband and matching jumpsuit. She says, "I wrote," Irene holds up her piece of paper. "'Why am I here?'"

Nolan says, "Ooh. Not a match."

"You've got to be kidding," Missy laments.

"Brad?" Nolan cues.

Brad says, in a leisure suit, "Huh? I wasn't really paying attention." He holds up his piece of paper. "I just drew what I would look like if I was a superhero."

"Ooh!" Nolan says. "That's really good! Can you draw me next?"

"Sure!" Brad replies.

Missy says, "Can we just get on with this train wreck?"

Nolan nods, "Priscilla? Your answer, please?"

Dressed as a female superhero from a 1970's television series, Priscilla states, "There's only one possible answer, like Missy said. But I don't like her, so I wrote 'Coupon'." Priscilla holds up her piece of paper that says 'Coupon' on it. Missy slaps her forehead.

Nolan turns to Missy and says, "Self abuse is never the answer." He turns to Dante. "Can you show us your answer, Dante?"

Dante, whose only difference in his appearance is a fake black moustache, says, "Uh, I thought it was a trick question. I said 'bath'." Dante holds up his piece of paper. Missy rolls her eyes.

Nolan nods and laughs. "That's funny." He looks lovingly at Yesenia, wearing her hair in braids. "Yesenia-poo? Your answer, please, sweetie?"

"Who decided that she was memorable?" Missy asks. Nolan glares at Missy.

Yesenia says, "Well, I said 'blank', but now I regret it." She holds up her piece of paper.

"I always liked you," Missy assures.

Nolan says, "That's one match. Good job, Yesenia!"

"It's my point," Missy says with a frown.

"Doyce?" Nolan says. "You're up."

Doyce, also with a fake moustache, a vest, a rounded hat, and a purple, blue, and green shirt under the vest, says, "Here's my answer, son." Doyce holds up a card that says 'Doyce!'

"Old Man Jenkins draws a Doyce?" Missy replies in disbelief.

Nolan says, "So that's one point for Missy. A pretty tough number to beat." Missy folds her arms and looks to the side. "Here's Tsuyoshi's question." Nolan clears his throat. "John says, 'I just met the most amazing person, the love of my life.'"

Yesenia says, "Aw!"

Nolan goes on, "It's blank." The panelists write down their answers. "Tsuyoshi?"

Tsuyoshi eyes the panelists. He smirks and says, "Doyce." The panelists and Nolan laugh.

Doyce looks confused. He says, "Why is everyone laughing?"

Nolan asks, "Okay, show me your answers. Irene?"

Irene answers, "Waffles." She holds up her piece of paper. The others laugh.

Brad holds up a picture of Nolan dressed as a superhero. Brad says, "It's Nolan as a superhero."

"That's awesome!" Nolan says. "Okay, how about you, Priscilla?" Priscilla silently holds up a piece of paper that says 'Winnie Mouse'. "Umkay."

Priscilla folds her arms and looks to the side. She says, "I thought it was funny."

"Let's move on to Dante," Nolan says.

Dante's face is bright red. He says, "Uh..." He holds up his piece of paper that says 'Doyce'. "Doyce." The others laugh.

"That's one match for Tsuyoshi," Nolan says.

Tsuyoshi smirks, wearing an afro with large sideburns. Missy says, "Oh, no."

"Yesenia, honey-boo?" Nolan asks.

Yesenia says, "I said 'my dog'." Yesenia holds up her piece of paper.

Nolan blinks. He says, "That's kind of weird. But don't worry, boo. I still love you. Doyce?"

Doyce looks confused. He says, "I didn't actually listen to the question... I just instinctively wrote down 'Doyce'." Doyce holds up his piece of paper. The others laugh, as Doyce blushes.

Nolan says, "That's two points for Tsuyoshi. He's our winner of this competition." Tsuyoshi blushes as Nolan takes him by the hand and helps him out of the box he and Missy were in.

The box spins around and Missy shouts, "What's going on? I didn't sign up..." She disappears behind a wall.

Nolan says, "So, who is Tsuyoshi going to face in the final showdown? Let's find out."

Audrey, with an afro and a tacky, flowing gown, is shown sitting across from Sebastian. Sebastian says, "Quixote."

"Roadrunner!" Audrey shouts out. Sebastian puts his hand over his face.

Zane sits at a desk across from Alexandria. He says, "Handbill."

"Windmill!" Alexandria shouts out.

"That's right!" Nolan states. "Alexandria is up ten points to Audrey's zero."

"Can we just end this misery?" Sebastian asks.

Nolan shrugs. He says, "Uh, okay. Sure. Alexandria is moving on to the final showdown with Tsuyoshi!"

Alexandria hugs Zane. "Thanks, Zane! You were great!"

Zane asks, "Is this a good time for a celebratory makeout session?"

Alexandria asks Nolan, "I can punch him since he's no longer in the compettion, right?"

Nolan thinks for a few moments. He says, "Um, I guess so."

Zane hurries off the colorful set, in his short shorts and roller skates. "I'm out of here!" Zane calls out.

Nolan smiles to the camera and says, "Stay tuned for the lightning round. It's called that because it's fast, not because it uses actual lightning."

After the commercial break, the show returns with Tsuyoshi and Alexandria standing to either side of Nolan. Nolan says, "Welcome back to the lightning round! I'm going to ask each of our contestants a series of questions. I polled one hundred former Total Drama contestants and got their answers. Tsuyoshi will be sequined..."

"I think you mean 'sequestered'," Tsuyoshi suggests.

Alexandria looks down at her sequined gown and says, "I'm not so sure."

Nolan says, "I'm not sure what I mean. Anyway, Tsuyoshi will be taken off stage while I ask Alexandria these questions. You'll get points as determined by how many people said the answer you did. It's like The Match Show AM on steroids." Nolan turns toward the camera. "Don't do steroids, kids." He turns back to the contestants. "So do you understand?" Alexandria and Tsuyoshi nod. Stevie, in a bright purple hat witha feather on it, escorts Tsuyoshi offstage. Nolan turns to Alexandria and says, "Your time starts, now. What's the biggest thing you can think of?"

"Uh, your mama," Alexandria replies. Nolan's eyes fill up with tears.

Nolan asks, "Name another word for 'adorable'?"

"Cute?" Alexandria answers.

"Name a type of fruit," Nolan asks.

"Banana," Alexandria answers.

He says, "Uh... What's Nolan's best trait?"

"Pass," Alexandria says. Nolan gets more tearful.

He says, "That's... all the questions. We'll bring out Tsuyoshi and ask him. Then, we'll see who got more points. Thank you, Alexandria... And I'm not being sincere about that."

"Sorry," Alexandria apologizes. "There wasn't enough time to filter my answers." Nolan nods and sniffs.

Tsuyoshi is now shown standing next to Nolan. Nolan asks, "What's the biggest thing you can think of?"

"I don't know... The universe?" Tsuyoshi answers.

"Name another word for 'adorable'?" Nolan asks.

Tsuyoshi answers, "Cute." He blushes.

Nolan asks, "Name a type of fruit."

"Strawberry," Tsuyoshi answers. "Wait, that wasn't some sort of derogatory..."

Nolan looks confused. The timer buzzes. "Oh," Nolan says. "That's time."

Tsuyoshi says, "Wait. We were being timed?" Nolan continues, "Let's bring Alexandria back up here." Alexandria walks back on stage. Nolan announces, "The winner of invincibility is... Alexandria... You both picked some good answers, except for that mama thing. 'Pass' was the number one answer to that last question." He looks to the side. He points to Missy and Audrey II in the audience and says, "We'll see all of our contestants at tonight's elimination ceremony. Thanks for watching!"

At the elimination ceremony, Nolan announces, "Alexandria gets the first marshmallow. As her reward, she gets to keep her costume from today." Alexandria sighs, as she catches her marshmallow. "The next marshmallow goes to... Missy." Missy smiles and catches her marshmallow. "That leaves one marshmallow and two peeps. Not marshmallow peeps, human peeps. Anyway, the marshmallow goes to either Tsuyoshi or Audrey II. The person who will receive the marshmallow is..."

"Tsuyoshi." Nolan tosses out the last marshmallow.

Audrey says, "So I was voted out?"

Missy says, "My apologies, Audrey. You haven't done anything to offend any of the other contestants, so they would surely support you in the finals. Tsuyoshi on the other hand has already won, and Alexandria breaks more hearts than... Something that breaks a lot of hearts."

Audrey begins, "But... But... I thought we were..." Audrey bursts into tears, which causes Missy to wince. Alexandria puts her hand on Audrey's back.

Missy looks uncomfortable. She says, "Audrey, it's nothing to cry over, you just..." Audrey sobs loudly, interrupting Missy.

Nolan says, sympathetically, "Sorry, Audrey. I mean, you did really good. You should be proud of yourself." Nolan escorts Audrey to the waiting taxi. "If it's any consolation, I'll let you keep your outfit from today, too."

"So my victory means nothing?" Alexandria asks.

Audrey sniffles. She says, "It makes it a little better, but it still hurts." Audrey sobs loudly, again, and the crying can be heard even as the taxi drives down the street.

Tsuyoshi shakes his head in Missy's direction and says, "Shameful. You hurt that poor girl's feelings."

"Don't think you tricked me into voting for her," Missy assures. "You raised a good point."

"Uh-huh," Tsuyoshi says with a smirk. "If it makes you feel better, keep telling yourself that."

Nolan puts back on his plaid suit jacket. He says, "If you three will excuse me, I have a date with my special lady."

"And you want her to break up with you?" Alexandria asks.

Nolan raises an eyebrow and says, "No." He turns to the camera, waves, and says, "I'll see you next time on Total... Drama:... Best of the Best!"

Chapter 19 - À la KartEdit

Nolan appears before the camera and smiles. He says, "Welcome to an all new episode of Total... Drama:... Best of the Best! At least, I think it's all new... Anyway, on our previous episode we had cameos from several pseudo-celebrities. In other words, we got visited by our lovely past contestants. They helped our final four out in a classic game show inspired challenge... Well, not Sebastian, so much." Nolan begins laughing hysterically at his attempt at humor, and a fly flies into his open mouth. He begins coughing. The footage is edited to Nolan standing and smiling like nothing happened. He says, "Alexandria won the challenge for her team... of herself. Tsuyoshi was, again, able to shift the focus off of himself, getting Missy, and presumably Alexandria to vote out Audrey II. See? I figured all of that out by myself, by watching the footage. I'm more than just a pretty face and calves. But you're not here to look at my calves..." Nolan looks uncomfortable. "At least, I hope not... There are some weird people out there... Not that I think any of my viewers are weird... I mean, not that I think anyone's watching the show exclusively to see me and my crazy, but endearing, antics..." Nolan sighs. "Let's just... Let's just get on with it."

Tsuyoshi is shown in his van. He says to the camera, in a close up, "How do I feel about how far I've made it this season? Amazed. I'm surprised I wasn't the first one out, to be honest. Well, that's what I was thinking might happen before I saw that Dante was on this season. Speaking of Dante, he looked good with that moustache." Tsuyoshi blinks. "Anyway... Things are getting pretty surreal, now that there's just three people left. Honestly, it's kind of lonely here, now." The camera zooms out to reveal that Tsuyoshi is nailing boards across his vehicle's door.

The camera man asks, "Uh, what are you doing?"

Tsuyoshi states, "Keeping Nolan out. Why?"

"It's just that I'll be trapped in here, too," the camera man explains. He stops to think. "Away from Nolan... Keep putting up the boards. Here, let me help." The camera man sets down his camera and walks over to help put up some boards. He's fairly young looking with a backwards baseball cap, a plaid button up shirt, and broad shoulders.

"It's not that I don't like Nolan or anything," Tsuyoshi begins.

"Too much of a good thing, right?" the camera man adds.

Tsuyoshi lets out a laugh. He says, "Yeah. Something like that. You know, after a while, you kind of forget that the cameras are there, and the camera people start to look the same."

"Don't tell that to Janet," the camera man states. Tsuyoshi laughs. "But I get ya. We have a lot of rules we have to stick, too, so we aren't supposed to get too attached to the contestants. Nolan's a good boss, though. He's not as strict about us being both unseen and unheard, like Chris was."

"This isn't your first season?" Tsuyoshi asks, now sitting on the floor.

The camera man sits down on the floor, too. He says, "Nah. I know I look a lot younger than I actually am, but I've been around since Boney Island."

"What, really?" Tsuyoshi asks with a surprised expression.

The camera man laughs and says, "Yeah." He extends his hand toward Tsuyoshi and introduces, "The name is Bucky, by the way."

"Nice to meet you, 'Bucky, by the way'," Tsuyoshi says with a cheeky grin.

"Har har," Bucky states.

Tsuyoshi says, "Sorry... Why 'Bucky'?"

"Bad teeth as a kid," Bucky explains.

"Oh, sorry," Tsuyoshi replies.

Bucky states, "My real name is 'Coriander'. My parents were hippies."

Tsuyoshi winces. He says, "I like Bucky. Hey, thanks for hanging out with me. It has been kind of lonely, even though we're not technically alone, here."

"No problem," Bucky assures, with his hand on the back of his head. "I'm sure Nolan will overlook our fraternizing. If not, what's he going to do? There's only two days of filming left, and all. I always wanted you to know who I was, you know? You've been my favorite for a while."

"Me?" Tsuyoshi asks. "Really? I'm kind of a nerd, and overly emothional..."

Bucky's face turns a little red. He says, "Nah, I don't think so. I guess you're kind of a role model."

"How do you mean?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Bucky blushes more and says, "Well, I..."

A voice from one of the beds says, "Hey, guys! What are you talking about?"

"Nolan?" Tsuyoshi asks in disbelief. Bucky jumps up and picks up his camera. "How did you get in here?" Bucky points the camera at Nolan.

"The door wasn't opening for whatever reason, so I just snuck in through the window," Nolan explains. "You really shouldn't leave your windows open enough for someone to pry them open with a crowbar. There are some real weirdos out there."

"So I've heard," Bucky says. Tsuyoshi laughs.

Nolan says, "Oh, so you've met Bucky? He's a good kid." Nolan stands up.

"I'm older than you," Bucky states, dryly.

"He was going on and on about how he wanted to be assigned to film you, for whatever reason," Nolan explains. "Personally, I think it's because..." Bucky sets down his camera in order to tackle Nolan. "What? Oh... I guess your sensitive about being shy around the female contestants... Sorry."

Bucky says, "Oh... Uh... Yeah, that's it." Tsuyoshi lets out a laugh. Bucky looks at him, and they smile at each other.

Nolan says, "Um. Are you guys done smiling at each other, or do I have to stay tackled?" Bucky stands, and helps Nolan up.

The next morning, Alexandria and Missy are shown sitting outside their van. Missy rubs her hands together and says, "Final three."

Alexandria looks over at Missy with a worried expression. "I'm just going to ignore that," Alexandria states. "I wasn't expecting to make it this far, to be honest. Now that I'm at the same spot I made it last time, I'm a little nervous, I guess."

Missy flips her hair. She says, "With my foolproof plan, I knew I'd make it this far, at least."

"Uh huh," Alexandria says. "It was my mistake for trying to engage you in conversation." Alexandria stands up and says, "I'm going to go walk into the distance."

Tsuyoshi walks out of his van, followed by the camera man, holding his camera down. Bucky says, "My shift is over. It was nice talking to you."

Tsuyoshi blushes and says, "You, too." He rubs the back of his head, bashfully. Missy's eyes are wide. Bucky walks away. Nolan steps off the van with a basket full of granola bars that he hands out to Tsuyoshi and Missy.

Nolan asks, "Where's Alexandria?" Missy points in a random direction. Nolan walks off in that direction.

Missy walks up to Tsuyoshi and asks, "Hello there, Tsuyoshi." Tsuyoshi looks off, not paying attention. Missy coughs loudly to get Tsuyoshi's attention.

Tsuyoshi looks at her and says, "What is it? I was daydreaming. This better be important."

Missy says, "I wanted to ask you something."

"No, I won't sell my soul to side with you," Tsuyoshi assures with his arms folded.

"Not about that," Missy says, "I am going to vote you out, next."

"Thanks," Tsuyoshi says, sarcastically.

Missy smiles and assures, "No problem. It was about what you said, yesterday. About Sebastian."

"I see," Tsuyoshi says. "What about him?"

Missy looks down. She says, "Did you mean what you said? That he didn't leave my side when I had my little fainting spell?"

Tsuyoshi shrugs. He says, "Well, yeah. But I don't want to see him hurt, so you're done messing with him, right?"

Missy looks off. She says, "Sure, whatever. He's kind of useless to me, now, anyway."

"Aw, that's sweet," Tsuyoshi says, sarcastically.

Bucky walks up and says, "I forgot my cap." He goes back onto Tsuyoshi's van, as Tsuyoshi blushes, looking after him.

Tsuyoshi says, "I... uh... I'm going to go... I don't know..." Tsuyoshi walks off.

Bucky steps outside and walks by Missy. Missy says, "Oh. I think you dropped this, sweetie." Bucky turns to her and takes a wad of money from her. Missy smirks.

Bucky feels his pocket and says, "Oh, yeah. You're right. Thanks. You're probably wondering why I have a random wad of money. I don't like having a bulky wallet on me so this money clip is perfect for me. Anyway, you're not nearly as bad as the other camera operators say." He walks off.

Missy has her arms folded as she looks at the camera person filming her. She looks after Bucky and says, "I didn't ask for your life story." She looks at the camera man currently filming her and says, "What have you been saying about me? Wait... You thought I was bribing that guy to distract Tsuyoshi, didn't you? How devious do you think I am?" Missy looks to the side. "Actually... I wish I thought of it..."

The scene changes to the contestants awkwardly standing by each other. Nolan walks up. Alexandria says, "Oh, thank goodness. Nolan's here."

Nolan says, "Calm down. Calm down. I already has me a lady friend. I'm just here to take you to the challenge. Get in Tsu's van and I'll drive you there." The contestants reluctantly comply.

Tsuyoshi's van is shown pulling up to a Go-Kart track. The contestants step off of the van and look at the sign. Tsuyoshi reads, "Speedy's Go-Kart Speedway?"

Nolan nods and says, "Yup! This is your challenge. You will each ride in these adorable, little carts. I guess it's pretty straight forward. Get to the finish first and you win a very important invincibility."

"Sounds easy enough," Alexandria says. She looks at Nolan.

"What?" Nolan asks.

Alexandria says, "This is where you talk about the stunning obstacles."

Nolan shrugs. He says, "That's not really in our budget. Sorry. So everyone can get ready."

"At least you can't incorporate costumes into this challenge," Missy says. Nolan looks at her, blankly. "Please tell me you didn't..."

The contestants are shown in their carts. Tsuyoshi has on a scarf, a pilot's hat, and goggles. Missy is wearing a riding cap, and holding riding crop. Alexandria is wearing a red hat and a fake moustache. Missy looks at her and points at her own lip. She says, "You forgot to wax this morning." Alexandria gives a sarcastic smile.

Nolan walks onto the track. He says, "So it looks like you're ready to go. So..." Nolan thinks. He pulls down his shorts, lifts them in the air, waves them, and shouts, "Go!"

Alexandria races past Nolan and says, "Just the 'go' would have been fine."

Missy is shown leading in front of Tsuyoshi and Alexandria. She spins her car in order to get in their ways, causing them to stop. She speeds ahead. Missy pulls her car into the bushes and cackles. She steps up to a sign that points out the direction that the contestants need to go. She turns it to point in the opposite direction. She looks on as Tsuyoshi and Alexandria drive off in that direction. Missy laughs, "Heheheh!"

A worker from the go-kart track walks up. He says, "Hey, just here to change the sign, I accidentally had it pointing the wrong way..." He pauses. He says, "Oh you changed it! Thanks! You're a life saver!" The large, greasy man attempts to hug Missy.

Missy says, "Ew, get away from me!" She runs to her cart and drives off. The man looks after her, and sighs.

Missy is shown catching up to Alexandria and Tsuyoshi, who are idling in their carts. Missy asks, "What are you waiting for?"

"Turtle crossing," Alexandria explains. She points to a long line of turtles slowly crossing the track.

"You've got to be kidding," Missy says. She steps out of her vehicle, and attempts to pick up a turtle, that tries to bite her. She whips her hand, and it flies through the air. Tsuyoshi jumps out of his cart and catches the turtle.

Tsuyoshi scolds, "What are you doing throwing turtles around? Are you nuts?" He sets the turtle down, closer to the other side of the track.

"They're in my way," Missy states, folding her arms.

"You can't just pick up a turtle whenever things don't go your way," Tsuyoshi states. He puts his hand on his forehead. "What am I talking abour?"

"I don't know half the time, sweetie," Missy retorts. Tsuyoshi grunts.

Tsuyoshi looks around. He sees that the turtles finished crossing the track. He states, "Alexandria is gone."

"Oh, really?" Missy asks. "I couldn't tell by her bulky cart is no longer in our presence. Out of my way." Missy and Tsuyoshi struggle with each other as they try to get back into their carts. Once they get in them, they race along the track, occassionally bumping into each other. They reach the finish line, where Nolan is standing next to Alexandria.

Nolan states, "Alexandria won invincibility! Congrats! She gets to decide which one of you should go home, but to make things more dramatic, I'm taking her to have her sequined."

"I hope you mean sequestered, again," Alexandria says.

"Right," Nolan says. "What did I say? Anyway, we'll see you two at the elimination. And don't worry, we'll have a chaperone."

Missy says, "As if you aren't repulsive enough."

Nolan smiles and says, "Hey, thanks!" He and Alexandria walk away.

Out front of the go-kart track, stools are set up for the elimination ceremony. Nolan says, "Welcome to the final elimination ceremony! Thanks for coming out!"

"You mean we had a choice?" Missy asks.

Nolan says, "Anyway, Alexandria earned invincibility. So I'm going to leave the rest to her." He hands her two marshmallows. He explains, "One is for you, the other you don't get to keep. You give that to the person you want to stay and join you in the final two."

Alexandria nods. She says, "I get that. Er... Thanks." Nolan nods and smiles. "So I've been thinking a lot about who I want to take to the finals. So before I make decision, I'd like the two of you to plead your case as to why you should join me in the finals."

MIssy says, "I'll go first." Alexandria shrugs. "So, it's fairly obvious as to why you should choose me over Tsuyoshi. He has already won, and besides, the other contestants seem to love him, for whatever reason. With me, you won't have to worry about your own fanclub supporting me. That's all I need to say."

"Okay," Alexandria says. "Thanks, I guess. Tsuyoshi? Your rebuttal?"

Nolan laughs and repeats, "Rebuttal..."

Tsuyoshi clears his throat. He says, "Missy raises a good point... A good point as to why you should take me with you to the finals." Missy glares at Tsuyoshi. "Sure, Missy is completely unpopular, but you won't need to worry about support for me, either. Nobody likes a double winner, no matter how fashionably they might dress. Besides, if you did bring Missy to the finals and she won, could you really live with yourself with your role in making that happen?" Missy glares at Tsuyoshi, again.

"You both raised some good points," Alexandria assures.

"Wait," Missy says. "Tsuyoshi didn't raise a good point, at all. He's just..."

Tsuyoshi puts his arm around Missy and says, "Let the lady speak, sweetie." Missy glares at Tsuyoshi.

"I have reached my decision," Alexandria admits. She says, "I'm going to give this last marshmallow to..."

"Pause for dramatic effect," Alexandria states. "I always wanted to do that." Missy rolls her eyes, while Tsuyoshi gives two thumbs up.

"Missy." Missy jumps up and claps. Alexandria hands Missy her marshmallow reluctantly.

Missy says, "You made the right choice."

Alexandria says, "No offense, Tsuyoshi. I do like you as a person, but you have already won, before."

"I understand," Tsuyoshi assures. "I'd want to go up against Missy, too."

"Aw, I am popular!" Missy states. Tsuyoshi glares at her.

Tsuyoshi says, "I had a good run. I just wanna say good luck."

"To me, too?" Missy asks.

Tsuyoshi sighs, rolls his eyes, and says, "Fine. You, too." Tsuyoshi sees his taxi pull up. "Well, my ride's here. I guess that's it."

Alexandria hugs Tsuyoshi goodbye. She says, "Sorry, again."

"Nah, it's alright," Tsuyoshi assures. "Seeya. I'm excited for the finale." Tsuyoshi gets into the taxi and it drives him away.

Nolan blows his nose on his shirt and says to Alexandria, "How could you?" Alexandria nervously smiles. Nolan says, "I'll try to pick up the pieces and do my job." Nolan clears his throat. "We'll see you on the exciting finale of Total Drama: Best of the Best."

"I still can't believe you get paid to do this," Missy states. "Even a wild monkey could do what you do."

"Thanks!" Nolan says, as his eyes blink at separate times. Missy and Alexandria look at him with worried expressions.

Chapter 20 - Land of the LosersEdit

Nolan appears before the camera. He says, "This is a loser visit episode, so I don't really need to do an introduction. If you're like me, you're super cool. You also are wondering what's going on with the eliminated contestants, and won't be satisfied by their flimsy cameos in the final challenge. So I'm here at this fancy hotel that agreed to host our friends, after I decided to advertise for them." Nolan lifts his shirt to reveal a tattoo with the hotel's name misspelled on his stomach. "Don't worry. It's not permanent... At least... I don't think so... I guess the guy that gave me the tattoo was laughing a whole lot... And it really hurt..." Nolan smiles. He says, "You're here to see the losers... I mean winning challenged, so let's go in and see how they are." Nolan narrows his eyes. He says, "That was technically an introduction wasn't it? The one time I'm not supposed to do one..."

Nolan is shown walking inside the hotel. He looks around and whistles. He says, "This place is way nicer than Tsuyoshi's van. I should have been staying here." He shrugs his shoulders. "But now we're out of rooms for our contestants, so... I guess I'll just have to sneak into Tsuyoshi's room at night." He looks around, and then walks up to the receptionist's desk. "Hey, can you point me in the direction of the eliminated contestants?" The receptionist points at his stomach. "You ate them?" Nolan says in a panic.

The receptionist puts his hand over his face. He says, "No, Nolan. It's me..." Nolan looks confused. The receptionist pulls off his fake beard. "Brad! I'm Brad!"

Some people walk by. One of them shouts, "Hey! It's Brad Flanderbuilt!" People swarm and take pictures of the modest celebrity. Brad puts his hand over his face and pulls Nolan into a back room.

Nolan says, "Hey, sorry. I didn't recognize you with a shirt on."

Brad shrugs his shoulders. He says, "I understand."

Nolan asks, "So... What are you doing here?"

"Well, after competing on this season, I put a lot of thought into my career," Brad admits. "If I'm uncomfortable with parading around in brief... briefs, why am I doing it? This job definitely doesn't pay the same, but I'm a whole lot happier here, and I'm making all that Kristy and I need."

"Hey, that's cool," Nolan replies with a slight smile.

"If you're interested in seeing the other contestants, they're at the pool exposing their bodies in a crude act of..."

"Yes!" Nolan shouts. "Ratings!" Brad frowns. "Thanks for the info..." Nolan starts to rush out of the room. He stops, approaches Brad, hugs him, and says, "I'm super proud of you, man. Sticking to your beliefs, and all that."

"Thanks, Nolan," Brad says. "Lots of people think I'm weird for..."

Nolan says, "I'll see you later, buddy. Gotta film the contestants in their flimsy swimwear." Nolan rushes out of the room. Brad looks after him with wide eyes. Brad lets out a slight laugh.

Nolan is now shown entering the pool area, already in his swimwear. He looks at the eliminated contestants and shouts, "Jackpot! Although two of the hottest contestants are still in the game... What am I talking about? The hottest contestant of all is in this room." He dreamily looks at Yesenia.

Zane walks up and says, "I heard you talking about me."

"I wasn't, actually, I..." Nolan begins.

"I know," Zane says. "I was joking. I do that, sometimes."

"Oh," Nolan says. "Funny!" Nolan begins laughing hysterically for several minutes. Zane looks at him with a worried expression. After Nolan finishes laughing, he asks, "So anything good happening out here?"

Zane shrugs his thin shoulders. "Besides the ladies crawling all over me?" Zane asks.

Stevie walks up and says, "Hey, Zane. Vanessa had to go to the ladies' room. Mind finishing up slathering my back with sunscreen?"

Zane raises an eyebrow. He says, "We're indoors." Stevie pouts. Zane sighs. "Yeah, okay."

Nolan volunteers, "I'll do it!" Zane vanishes.

Stevie looks around. He says, "Ah, okay." Nolan pumps his fist.

"Hey, I have some questions," Nolan begins. Stevie nods and gestures toward a lounge chair. Nolan sits down. "You mentioned on the show that you planned to return to the world of wrestling, then you lost a humiliating... Anyway, do you still plan to go back to wrestling?"

Eduardo walks up. Stevie points to him and says, "I did a lot of talking with Eduardo, here. He told me how he had originally gone to school for psychology, or whatever, then he got sidetracked by his sports career."

Eduardo says, "That's right. I did say that."

Nolan says, "Psychology? Stevie, you have a gift for wrestling, and stuff. You'll let a lot of people down..."

Stevie says, "I thought about that, but I've made a lot of my decisions based on what everyone else expected of me. I want to really help people, even if it's only a handful. And I don't know... I've been blessed with a lot of talents, but I think I might have a knack for psychology, too..."

Nolan sighs. He says, "I don't think there is such a thing..."

Stevie tilts his head to the side. He says, "Why do you feel that way, Nolan?"

Time has shown to expired, with Nolan and Eduardo hugging and crying on the lounge chair. Nolan says, "And then my dad told me that I was wasting my time going to a therapist, even though deep down I knew it was helping."

"I see, Nolan," Stevie says.

Eduardo says, "I just really miss Alexandria." Stevie nods.

Yesenia walks up. She looks at Nolan and asks, "Is everything okay?"

Nolan jumps up and says, "It is now!" He shoos Eduardo and Stevie away, they shrug, and run toward the pool.

Yesenia asks, "What brings you here?"

Nolan blushes, looks down, and says, "Aw. I just wanted to see my friends, again. You know how it is."

Yesenia shrugs. She says, "That's cool. So... I missed you. How are things going on in the competition?"

"Missy and Alex are the final two," Nolan states.

"I figured that," Yesenia states.

Nolan looks embarrassed. He says, "That was a stupid thing to say, huh?"

Yesenia assures, "No, Nolan." She laughs. "You're so cute."

"No, you're so cute," Nolan replies, blushing.

"You're two cute people," Priscilla states, dryly. "We get it."

Nolan says, "Oh. Hi, Priscilla. How are you doing?"

Priscilla shrugs. She says, "I'm fine. It took me a while to adjust to not being in the competition, anymore, but I got over it. This just wasn't my season. The competitor in me still wants to be in it, though."

Nolan's eyes get wide. "You ate a former contestant, too?" he asks. "Now that you mention it, I haven't seen Nathan."

Priscilla rolls her eyes. She says, "You, I don't miss." She points back. "Nathan is over there. He's lucky I have a man back home."

Nolan looks confused. "Why?" Nolan asks.

"Just..." Priscilla says. "Get out of here." Priscilla walks off, with her face red.

Nolan walks in the direction that Priscilla pointed. He sees a young Asian man in the center of a bunch of people. He says, "So, yeah. I was like, 'Oh, I will bring it'." The young man does a back flip. "That's how we won the tournament. Of course, I was standing on a pile of cheerleaders, at the time." The group of fans laughs.

Nolan's eyes are wide. He says, "That's Nathan?"

Nathan looks over to Nolan, smiles, and says, "Hey, Nolan! It's good to see you, my man. How are things?"

"Things are..." Nolan begins, "things."

"That's cool," Nathan says. "That's cool."

"Uh, what happened with you?" Nolan asks.

Nathan replies, "I guess I figured myself out, a little. I mean, the guy that felt like he had to lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead was never me. I've been being myself, and things have been going good. I'm tired of living my life worried about what people think of me." He smiles, sheepishly. "That's why I hooked up with Irene."

"You and I..." Nolan begins, clearly surprised.

"No, dude," Nathan replies. "Irene. Oh, here she is!"

Willow walks up, crying, and pushing forward a monitor on a cart with wheels. Willow says, "True love is so romantic."

Nolan's eyes are wide. He says, "Irene went back to... "iRene"."

"It's part of who I am," Irene states through her monitor. Nathan walks up and puts his hand on the monitor.

Nolan asks, "So when you said you hooked up with Irene..."

Irene states, "He helped me with my wiring."

Nolan looks concerned. He says, "Uh... I... I mean, I think it's cool that the two of you found love, but this is still a little weird, so I..." Nolan slowly backs away.

Dante is sitting on a lounge chair, shirtless, but in his regular pants, with his glasses off. Tsuyoshi sits next to him, with Bucky the camera man pointing his camera at Tsuyoshi, close up. Bucky is wearing his usual, button up plaid shirt, but with a swimsuit on, instead of his other clothes. Dante raises an eyebrow and looks at Tsuyoshi. He asks, "Uh, is this guy bothering you?" Sebastian, sitting in a lounge chair on the other side of Tsuyoshi, looks at him and shifts his sunglasses.

"Uh, no, Dante," Tsuyoshi says, blushing. "It's alright. I'd like you to meet Bucky, anyway."

Dante nods at Bucky and says, "It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise," Bucky states.

Nolan walks up. He says, "Hey, guys. How are things going?"

"I'm fine," Tsuyoshi says, speaking first. "I was a little disappointed at getting voted out."

Dante adds, "I was expecting him to go all the way, again."

Tsuyoshi admits, "But I definitely don't regret joining another season." He looks at Bucky and blushes. Dante looks at Tsuyoshi, then Bucky. He holds his head down, momentarily.

"Oh," Dante says, quietly. "I may be legally blind, but even I can see what's going on between you two." Dante stands. "Be good to him," Dante says to Bucky. Bucky looks surprised.

Bucky's face turns a little red. He says, "Yeah."

Sebastian adds, "I remember you. Obviously. You finally got past your nerves and talked to Tsuyoshi, I see?"

"Oh," Bucky replies. "I guess. I forgot about your memory. That's kind of cool. I'm just surprised that anyone notices the camera people."

Sebastian nods. "Though there are some I'd like to forget," Sebastian admits.

"Poor, Janet," Bucky sadly says.

Sebastian looks out a large window at the sun. He says, "Oh, it's time for my yoga class."

"Can we hang out, after?" Tsuyoshi asks.

Sebastian says, "I have Tai Chi after Yoga, but after that I'm open." Tsuyoshi nods.

Dante asks, "Aren't those the same thing?" Sebastian glares at hime. "Sorry." Sebastian waves, before walking away.

Dante looks forward. He looks annoyed. "I can't believe it." He kneels and scoops something up from the pool. He says, "Doesn't anyone care about keeping this pool clean? I swear... I..."

A pixelated Doyce emerges from the pool, looking left and right. He asks, "Uh, has anyone seen my awesome swimsuit?" Dante takes his glasses out of his pocket, puts them on, and looks at the swimsuit in his hand. He looks at Doyce. Dante's face turns red, he stuffs the swimsuit in his back pocket, and sits back down, still blushing.

Micky D. walks up to Doyce and says, "I got you covered, yo." He hands him a swimsuit. "I had a spare pair of my trunks."

"Thanks, son," Doyce states. He quickly puts on the shorts. He looks down, and says, "These fit just right... Not too tight, not too baggy... What is this feeling?"

Dante stands up and holds out Doyce's Speedo. He says, "Here, I found this... Or whatever."

Doyce says, "Thanks, dude. But you can keep them. I like these new trunks better."

Dante blushes. He sits back down. "I, uh... Okay," he says.

Nolan looks at Micky, who sat back down. He asks, "What are you writing, Mick Deester?"

Micky says, "Huh? Oh, just my rhymes, yo. Ever since I been here, my rhymes have been flowin' like the cash the rich are blowin'..." Micky's eyes widen. He fervently writes something down.

Nolan blinks. He says, "Whoa. Awesome. I'll leave you to it, bro." Micky D. nods. He looks over at Vanessa, Joanna, and Autumn, and quickly makes his way over to them. He asks, "Hey, girls. What's going on?"

Vanessa says, "Autumn was going on about tips for filling out her swimsuit better." Autumn's face turns bright red. "But I told her that she was giving in to the views of the media wanting to objectify women. You know. The usual. If she wants to that's her decision, but it's not a good decision."

Nolan snores, sleeping standing up. He wakes up and says, "Huh? What?"

Vanessa laughs and says, "Oh, Nolan." Her eye twitches.

Joanna says, "Let me get some ointment from my purse for that twitch." Joanna walks off.

"So who do I have left to talk to?" Nolan asks, looking back over at Doyce, who is now accompanied by Audrey II. Nolan walks over. Nolan asks, "So what's new?"

Audrey says, "I just got here a few days ago, so nothing much."

Doyce says, "Yeah, me, too... My shorts mysteriously disappeared, earlier."

"Aw, and I missed it?" Audrey asks.

Doyce laughs and says, "I guess."

Micky D. walks up. He says, "Here's your new catchphrase, Doyce. You're welcome, yo."

Doyce looks down at the piece of paper. "This is awesome!" Doyce says.

Nolan says, "Ooh, let me see!" Nolan looks at the piece of paper that says, 'Awesome'. "I love it! You're a genius, Micky D."

"Mind if I use that as a testimonial for my next album, No-dawg?" Micky D. says.

Nolan says, "Oh, sure, bro."

Audrey says, "I'm going to go for another swim. Seeya, guys." She walks off.

Doyce points after Audrey and asks, "Was she always that hot?"

"Audrey?" Nolan asks. "Ooooh! Doyce and Audrey! Dude, don't do it. Anyway you look at it, you wouldn't have a cool couple name."

Doyce laughs. He says, "What about Daudrey?" He laughs, again. "Whatever, man. I'm in no rush. I'm sure I'll meet the right girl."

Nolan smiles. He says, "That's cool, bro." He looks around. He says, "Woo! I think the episode just wrapped itself!"

"That happens?" Doyce asks, in disbelief.

Nolan says, "Well, that's all. We'll see you on the exciting finale episode of Total Drama: Best of the Best."

Chapter 21 - The Finale CountdownEdit

Nolan, dressed in a tuxedo, states, with a grand gesture, "It's time for the grand finale of Total... Drama:... Best of the Best! On our last episode we visited the losing contestants just to check up on those lovable people. Before that, Our final three, Alexandria, Tsuyoshi, and Missy , were asked to compete in a go-kart race. Alexandria came off victorious, so she got to decide who to take with her to the finals. After she let the other two contestants state their case, she chose to keep Missy, and eliminated Tsuyoshi. So which one of these women is going to be declared the winner of Total Drama: Best of the Best? Be sure to stay tuned to this episode in order to find out!" Nolan blinks. He says, "I can't believe it! That was my first perfect intro! Woo! This is awe..." Nolan vomits.

Alexandria and Missy are shown in the van that they shared throughout the competition. Missy asks, "Are you prepared to get beaten, tomorrow?"

"Are you prepared to get beaten right now?" Alexandria retorts.

Missy flinches. She says, "No. I simply meant in the competition."

"Um," Alexandria states. "I was being sarcastic."

"Oh, right," Missy says. "That's pretty much all you do." Alexandria blankly stares at Missy, who nervously looks out her window.

Alexandria is shown in confessional. She says, "Final two. I was really close to this point, last time, but now I'm here." Alexandria lets out a deep sigh. "I'm not sure what's wrong with Missy, but she been acting on edge, lately. She must be feeling nervous over actually being in the finals. I don't blame her, but I wouldn't tell her that in person. She'd probably think I was out to get her, or something."

Missy smiles, in confessional. She says, "Well, here I am. The final two. And I knew I would make it to this point. The other person, of course, I didn't know who it would be, but it doesn't matter. Alexis I think her name is. But still, there's something..." Missy looks to the side. "Nope. I feel great." She smiles, again, and winks at the camera.

The next morning, Alexandria and Missy are shown standing next to Nolan. He says, "Hey, girls. It's good to see you, again."

"I wish I could say the feeling was mutual," Missy assures. She smiles with her mouth open. "Unless you've decided to just hand me the prize money and get this over with."

Nolan says, "Um. Okay!"

Alexandria says, "Wait, that's not fair!"

Nolan says, "Yeah... I know. I was being sarcastic." Alexandria's face turns red, as she looks to the side. "The two of you will need to compete in one final challenge, but first, you'll need to see your cheering sections, if you have any." He looks at Missy. Nolan gets flustered. "That wasn't really directed at you, I just happened to look in your direction after I said it." He looks to the side. "Anyway, we'll bring back our first eliminated contestant, Irene. Se ended up going back to her..." Irene walks up with Nathan holding onto her arm. "Uh... Never mind."

Alexandria says, "Nathan and Irene? That's unexpected."

Nathan looks at Irene and says, "Sometimes the best things happen to you when you're not expecting it."

MIssy states, "Did you get to know each other in the waiting room of your psychotherapist?" Nathan glares at Missy.

Irene says, "Don't let her get you mad, babe. I like it when you're happy, that's why I cam out without my headgear." Nathan smiles, the couple sits down, hand in hand in Alexandria's cheering section.

Nathan leaps up and sings to Irene, "You... light up my day. You carry me... to the something way." Irene sighs breathily.

Alexandria uncovers her ears after Nathan finishes his song in his unpleasant singing voice. She asks, "Is he done?"

Missy states, "I stand by my earlier statement."

Willow who is also sitting in Alexandria's cheering section. "So beautiful," she tearfully says. "I'm such a hopeless romantic."

"Hopeless is the perfect adjective for you, sweetie," Missy states.

Willow stops crying. She says, "Now that's just not nice. Cream her, Alexandria! I didn't mind either of you winning, but now I'm out for blood!"

Nolan and Alexandria's eyes are wide. Nolan says, "Okay, then... Let's move on to the fourth eliminated contestant..." Nolan looks down at his elimination chart. "Priscilla."

Priscilla walks up from a bus that brought over the contestants. She stands between the two cheering sections. She says, "I can't say that I'm not glad to see an all female final two, but it could have been better... if I iwas in it." Priscilla folds her arms. "And Yi Min..."

"Um," Alexandria says. "He wasn't really on this season."

Priscilla sits down in Alexandria's cheering section. She points at Alexandria and says, "I like that you're observant. You're a positive role model to the girls of the world."

"Oh, and I'm not?" Missy says. Everyone looks at Missy with at least one raised eyebrow each. Missy laughs, and says, "Oh. Right."

Nolan says, "Let's bring out our next loser... I mean, winning challenged contestant."

Eduardo steps off the bus. He looks up at Alexandria, smiles, and runs toward her with his arms extended, shaking the ground as he does so. He says, "I really missed you."

Nolan opens his arms and says, "I saw you yesterday, but I agree, bro." Eduardo runs past Nolan and gently hugs Alexandria. Nolan blushes. "Right. I knew what who you were talking to... I was just joking." After he stops hugging Alexandria, Eduardo sits down next to Priscilla in Alexandria's cheering section, causing the other contestants in the section to temporarily bounce. Nolan squeals after referring to his elimination chart. He licks his hand and strokes his hair with it. He says, "Ladies and gentleman, it's Yesenia!"

Yesenia walks up, blushing. She says, "I don't think I deserve that kind of introduction."

"You're right," Nolan says, while blushing. "You deserve better." He yells out, "Bring out the elephants!"

Yesenia blushes. She says, "Uh, Nolan it's alright. I don't need elephants upon my arrival."

Nolan nods and says, "Right. Of course." He yells out, "Cancel the elephants!"

"I'm just..." Yesenia begins. "I'll just sit over here." She sits down in Alexandria's cheering section.

Nolan gives a thumbs up and says, "Good choice, baby!"

"Hey!" Missy protests. "Aren't you supposed to be unbiased?" Nolan blinks.

"She means impartial," Alexandria attempts to explain.

Nolan feels his torso. He says, "I think I'm all here..." He looks up. "Oh, Brad's here. And he's already in Alexandria's cheering section.]]

"That's right," Brad states. "Just act like I'm not even here." Brad holds up a newspaper that covers his face, and other body parts.

Nolan says, "I think I just stepped in something sticky, see? Let's all give it up, for the man, Micky D." Nolan's eyes widen. "Did I just freestyle?" The gathered former contestants look at Nolan with worried expressions.

Micky D. says, "Yeah... I'm just gonna." He looks at the two support sections. He sits down in Alexandria's cheering section.

Nolan says, "Next up we have Vanessa."

"Aren't you going to say something against men in her honor?" Alexandria asks.

"Dear, he's a living example," Missy states. Alexandria attempts not to laugh, as the eliminated contestants look at her with wide eyes.

Vanessa walks up. She stands between the cheering section. She squeals and says, "An all female final two?" She squeals, again. "Of course, it would have been better with me... and Stevie."

"You know that would no longer be an all female final two, right?" Missy asks.

"Unless she knows something we don't," Alexandria replies.

Vanessa blinks. She says, "Well, I have to support Total Drama Athletics." She sits in Alexandria's section.

Nolan laughs. He says, "That would make you a true 'athletic supporter'." He looks around. "What? Nothing? I thought it was funny..." He looks up. "Oh, here's Joanna."

Joanna walks up and says, "I've come to view everyone here as family." She looks at Alexandria. "Wait... Who are you, again?" She looks at Missy. She then looks back at Alexandria. "You earn my support by default." She sits down in Alexandria's section.

"Next, welcome back Autumn," Nolan states.

Missy says, "We all know who she's going to support." Missy rolls her eyes. Autumn sits down in Missy's support section. "Wait, what?" Autumn looks back, and sees Missy's face over the support section.

Autumn says, "Oops. My mistake." She gets up and moves over to Alexandria's support section.

Nolan says, "Will Missy get any support? Will there be enough seating in Alexandria's section? Let's find out with our next eliminated contestant, Zane."

Zane walks up. He says, "Hey, ladies. I guess I've had a lot of... history with the both of you. But to show that I don't hold any hard feelings, I'm going to support Alexandria. Because, let's face it, nobody likes that troll Missy." He sits in Alexandria's support section.

"Thanks," Alexandria says.

Missy folds her arms and looks to the side. Missy begins, "No hard feelings my..."

Nolan says, "Hush, now, quiet, now. Stevie's on his way." The contestants in Alexandria's all stand to their feet.

"Oh, brother," Missy mutters under her breath.

Stevie walks up, with his face red. He says, "Shucks. You don't need to stand for little, old me."

"You heard the man," Missy states. She gets glares from the other contestants.

Stevie says, "Guys. Missy earned her spot in the finals. You don't need to ostracise her by only supporting Alexandria, right now."

Missy blinks. She says, "Thanks, Stevie. That's actually quite gallant of..." Stevie sits down in Alexandria's section. Everyone else sits back down. "Well."

Nolan says, "Thanks for gracing us with your presence, Stevie. Here comes Dante."

Dante shuffles his feet up to the other contestants. He says, "Hey." He looks at Missy's empty support section. "I know what it's like to have everyone against you. Um... That's all. I don't have much else to say." He sits down in Alexandria's support section.

"Gee, thanks," Missy states.

"Moving right along," Nolan says. "Here's Sebastian."

Sebastian walks up to the contestants from where the bus is parked. He shifts his glasses as he observes the support sections. He says, "I had a feeling this might happen."

"Go sit with everyone else," Missy states. "I don't need anyone's support. I'm still going to win."

Sebastian nods. He sits down in Missy's support section. "Well, you have my support, at least," Sebastian states.

"You know I never had any actual attachment to you, right?" Missy says.

Sebastian nods. He says, "Despite that, I can't help how I feel about you. I know that you aren't as vile as you want people to believe, for whatever reason." Missy folds her arms and looks to the side.

Doyce skips up to the contestants and says, "Hey, what's going on?"

"Oh, hey Doyce," Nolan says. "We're just looking to see who everybody's supporting."

"Cool, son," Doyce replies. He looks at the two sections, and puts his hand on the back of his head. He says, "I, uh... I don't mind Missy as much as you all do. I don't think she's all that horrible, but me and Alexandria go way back, so I have to support her." Doyce sits down in Alexandria's support section.

"I wasn't expecting much else," Missy states.

"Hey, you still have me," Sebastian states.

Missy's face turns red. She says, "Would you stop that?"

"I'm not doing anything," Sebastian states. "I would know." Missy rolls her eyes.

Alexandria says, "Ooh! Someone's embarrassed!"

Audrey II asks, "Am I up?" She's standing behind Nolan.

Nolan lets out a scream. He says, "Oh, Audrey... It's you... Yeah, it's your turn." Audrey nods. She walks over to Alexandria's support section and sits down.

"Lastly," Nolan says.

"And leastly," Missy adds.

"Right," Nolan says. "Wait. No. Come on up, Tsuyoshi."

"Thanks, Nolan," Tsuyoshi says, after joining the contestants. "It's pretty obvious who I'm not supporting." He and Missy stick their tongues out at each other. Tsuyoshi sits down in Alexandria's support section.

Missy says, "Well, I seem to recall that I still have more support than you did on your season."

Tsuyoshi states, "Um, yeah. That was all because of a misunderstanding."

"That's true," Nolan says. "You have no support because no one likes you." Missy glares at Nolan. "I'll shut up, now."

"I think the damage is already done," Alexandria assures. "Thanks for all the support, everyone." Alexandria's support section cheers.

"You go, girl!" Stevie shouts.

"Would you say 'You go, boy' if you were supporting a guy?" Vanessa asks.

Stevie's eyes get wide, and sparkly. He says, "No, I guess I wouldn't. Sorry."

Vanessa blushes. "I guess I can overlook it since you're so darn cute," she says.

"Daw!" Stevie replies.

Missy says, "Can we just get on with the challenge?"

"Oh, right," Nolan says. "The challenge. That's just whoever has the most supporters."

"What?" Missy says, in shock.

"Really?" Alexandria says in disbelief.

Nolan laughs and says, "No, that would be awful. I'm just joshing."

"You chose a horrible time to develop a sense of humor," Missy states.

Nolan goes on, "The fine people at Jimmy's Kiddie Gymboree have agreed to let us use their playground for this challenge, which is also doubling as an obstacle course. You start off with the classic slide puzzle, when you finish that, you can go ahead and climb up that rope thingie onto the playground, run across the bridge and go down the slide. Then I prepared a kiddie pool full of chocolate pudding, that you need to dig through in order to find a machete." Missy and Alexandria's eyes widen.

Alexandria says, "Uh, that doesn't sound that safe."

"Why, what did I say?" Nolan says. "I meant dig in the pudding to find a baton thing. There's two in there. Once you find it, just run to the finish line."

"I guess that sounds about right," Missy says. "I expected it to be slightly more humiliating."

Nolan says, "I wouldn't do anything to humiliate anyone."

"Since when?" Alexandria asks. "You don't remember all those ridiculous costumes you made us wear?"

Nolan looks off into the distance. He says, "Yeah." He lets out a sigh. "Good times."

"So we can start the challenge, now, right?" Missy says.

Nolan says, "Oh, yeah. You bet. But first..." He walks up to the eliminated contestants and hads them several grocery bags.

"What's all this, yo?" Micky D. asks.

"I wanted to get the rejects..." Nolan begins. "Sorry. I wanted to get the winning challenge involved in some way, so I bought the local grocer out of their eggs. You can pelt the person you're not rooting for with eggs to show your disapproval."

"What?!" Missy says, in surprise.

"What?" Nolan says.

"I'm liking this challenge," Priscilla states, as she tosses an egg in the air, and catches it.

Nolan says, "Okay, so if you're ready to go... Go!" Alexandria and Missy run past Nolan, making him lose his balance and fall. After hitting the ground, he moans, "Bwaaaah!"

"Ready, troops?" Brad asks. The other Alexandria supporters nod, and begin throwing eggs at Missy, at the same time. She and Alexandria reach the puzzle. Missy gets pelted with the eggs.

Missy says, "Gah! Stop that!"

"Don't worry," Sebastian states. He attempts to throw an egg at Alexandria, but throws the egg straight down. "Never mind that. What I lack in physical prowess, I make up for in my mental capabilities." He stands up on his bleecher. He analyzes Missy's puzzle. He says, "Move it up north, west, south, east, east, north, west, south, south, east, north, north, west, west, south, east, east, north, west, south." Missy follows along as Sebastian gives direction.

Nolan looks at Missy's egg covered puzzle, with a picture of him winking in smiling revealed. He says, "Missy's puzzle is done! She can move on."

Doyce says, "Whoa, son. You're good at those."

Sebastian says, "Not really. I just did one of those slide puzzles when I was a kid. They're all the same."

"Aw," Alexandria says, as she looks at Missy on the next section of the challenge. Alexandria continues trying at her puzzle. Sebastian tries to throw an egg at her, but it lands at his feet.

Doyce instructs, "Dude, don't let go of the egg until it's at its highest point and furthest forward. Then let go. Like this." Doyce throws an egg that narrowly misses Alexandria. He says, "Like that."

"Oh, thanks," Sebastian says. He makes a better attempt at throwing the egg, but still misses.

"Better," Doyce says, with a thumbs up.

"Whose side are you on?" Alexandria dryly asks Doyce.

Doyce says, "Whoops."

Missy is shown attempting to climb the rope, but having difficulty due to being covered with egg yolk. She makes it up part way and then slides down, all while being pelted with eggs. Alexandria shouts, "Nolan! I finished the puzzle!" Nolan surveys the puzzle.

Nolan nods and says, "You can move on." He stares at the puzzle. "I never noticed how good looking I am." He smiles, winks, and points at the puzzle with his likeness on it. He looks up to see Alexandria climb the rope ahead of Missy and get onto the playground set, crossing the bridge.

"I'm not giving up that easily," Missy assures. She attempts to wipe some egg off of her hands. She then successfully climbs onto the structure, despite continuously being struck by eggs. "How many eggs did you buy?" Missy asks.

"I don't know," Nolan says. "About one hundred..."

"So they should be running out by now," Missy states, as she she makes her way to the bridge. Alexandria goes down the slide.

Nolan says, "You didn't let me finish. About one hundred dozens... I'm not sure how many that is. But I did buy local, so I'm helping out some local businesses in this process."

Missy attempts to cross the bridge but slips and falls down. The former contestants laugh, but don't stop pelting eggs. Missy says, "And you think I'm a heartless beast?"

"Um, yeah," Zane says. "Why do you think we're throwing all these eggs at you?"

Missy makes it to the slide, and slides down. Nolan looks at the gooey trail that she left on the slide. "I'm going to have to clean this up, aren't I?" he asks.

Alexandria eyes the pool of pudding. She then looks back at Missy. She says, "I don't want to get dirty."

"Do it for the money!" Doyce shouts out. "It'll totally be worth it!"

Eduardo eyes Doyce and asks, "You wouldn't just want to see my girl rolling around in pudding would you?"

Zane shouts, "Totally worth it!" Eduardo glares at Zane.

Alexandria reaches into the pudding as Missy reaches it and dives in. Alexandria pulls out a baton and says, "Oh, look at that!"

"Run to the finish!" Audrey shouts. Alexandria nods and begins running.

Missy emerges from the pudding, completely covered with the snack food, holding up the baton. She steps out of the pool, and falls to the ground. Sebastian shouts, "Don't give up."

Missy stands up, and looks over at Sebastian. She slips, again. Missy then begins running toward the finish line, loses her footing, and tries to balance on one foot. She slides toward the finish, trying to keep her balance by waving her arms around. She slides past Alexandria, falls, but keeps sliding due to the slippery pudding and egg combination. She shouts, "Whoa!" She stops right in front of the finish line.

Alexandria's support section lets out a sigh of relief. Vanessa says, "Keep going, Alexandria! You can do it." Alexandria looks back, nods, and proceeds to slip on the trail of goo, falling on the ground.

"Ouch," Zane says, while grimacing.

Missy looks back. She looks forward and begins crawling, and crosses the finish line. Nolan runs up, slips and falls, helps Alexandria up, and crosses the finish line. He says, "Missy is the winner of Total Drama: Best of the Best."

"Aaaaw," Alexandria's cheering section sighs.

Alexandria sighs, too. She says, "It's okay, I guess."

Missy's eyes are wide. She says, "I won?"

Sebastian walks up. He says, "You did it."

Missy cheers. She says to Alexandria's cheering section, "Take that, haters! I am so the best."

Nolan says, "Yup. According to this season's title, which isn't really all that legally binding." He holds up a giant check and says, "I'd give you this, but you probably don't want to get it all covered in pudding."

"Well, it's only here for looks, right?" Missy says. "You have a standard sized check with the same dollar amount, don't you?"

"I don't understand the question," Nolan says, with a confused expression.

Tsuyoshi states, "It is pretty ironic that our egging her ended up aiding her in the end." He shrugs his shoulders.

Doyce and Audrey II walk up. Audrey says, "Don't listen to Alexandria's supporters. You totally deserved to win."

"You were supporting her, too," Missy reminds. "So you're telling me that I shouldn't listen to you?"

"Oh, yeah," Audrey says. "But, yeah. Congratulations, and all that."

"Yeah, whatever," Missy replies.

Eduardo goes up to Alexandria and hugs her. He assures, "It's alright. You did really good, today."

"Thanks," Alexandria replies. Missy looks at them, and then away.

"Let's go," Eduardo says. "I have an after party planned for you, invitation only." Alexandria shrugs and nods. Everyone but Missy and Sebastian walk away.

Sebastian removes his outer shirt and says, "Here. You can use this to clean up. It's taffeta. I don't dress without keeping functionality in mind." Missy takes the shirt from Sebastian, and begins wiping off.

Missy asks, "Aren't you going to go to the after party for Alexandria?"

"No," Sebastian replies.

"You weren't invited, I suppose," Missy says with a smirk.

"No, that's not it, at all," Sebastian replies. "I'd rather spend time with you."

Missy asks, "After all I put you through?" She thinks. "Oh, I get it. Now that I'm a multimillionaire, you want to..."

Sebastian shift his glasses. He says, "It's not that, either. I couldn't care less about that."

"So, then, why..." Missy begins.

Sebastian blushes. He says, "I really like you... I guess." He looks down. "I know you don't feel that way about me, but it's just how I feel."

"You're serious about that?" Missy asks, looking confused. "I thought that was just for the show."

Sebastian admits, "I guess not everyone's as tough as you. I mean, I can't separate my feelings, just because this is a game." He looks down. "I know that you thought you could get away with whatever you wanted in the context of the game, and expect it not to have repercussions." Missy folds her arms, and looks to the side. "But you saw that mostly everyone took what you did, personally."

"It's not my fault that everyone else is so thin skinned," Missy assures.

Sebastian laughs. He says, "I know that, deep down, you care about what everyone else thinks about you." He shifts his glasses. "I'm the same way. But it's okay to let people in, sometimes. It just has to be the right person for people like you and me. So how about after you get cleaned up, you and I go to a delicatessen, or something? My treat?" Sebastian holds out his hand.

Missy rolls her eyes, takes his hand, and says, "Fine."

Chapter 22 - Reunion GenesisEdit

"Hey, party people!" a square jawed guy with a wide grin greets. "This is Nolan, host of Total Drama: Best of the Best to ask your questions from your favorite contestants. They're all here and ready to answer your questions."

"Anyone else find those two statements kind of redundant?" Alexandria asks with a raised eyebrow.

Nolan laughs and says, "Oh, Alexandria. Always making up crazy words. Before we begin, I thought I'd answer any questions the fans might have for me. Just let me click on my inbox, under 'messages directed t'ward Nolan'." Nolan stares at the empty inbox for a few moments. "Uh..." Nolan gets a little tearful. "I guess... the fans were busy, or something..."

Yesenia assures, "I'm sure they're wondering how you're doing, Nolan."

Nolan smiles wide. "Thanks, baby girl," Nolan thanks. Nolan explains, "Well, I'm out of the hosting business. I discovered that lifestyle just wasn't me, ya know?"

"You were fired, huh?" Zane suggests.

Nolan looks to the side and says, "Yeah. I got a new job, though, as spokesman for this costume company. It's sweet. I get to wear a different costume every day! It's like, on day I'm a gladiator, the next day I'm a ballerina. It's awesome!"

"I remember that ballerina commercial," Brad says.

"Thanks, man," Nolan replies. "I thought it was some of my best..."

"If you value our friendship, never wear tights, again," Brad commands, ending with a shudder.

Nolan blinks. "Uh, maybe I better move on to questions for our contestants. Talking about myself has left me feeling... sad." After frowning for a moment, Nolan looks up at Irene, who is sitting in the back row among the other contestants. "Let's start with, you, Irene." Irene nods. Nolan reads off of a card, "Do you feel like your fears kept you from playing as well as you did on Total Drama Reality?"

Irene nods, and says, "Obviously, but I think it was good for me to try to face my fears."

"How do you mean?" Nolan asks.

Irene explains, "I did better on my first season when I..."

"Correction," Priscilla interrupts. "You did well on my season." Irene looks over at Priscilla. "Go on."

Irene continues, "Anyway, I did better when I didn't have my fears to contend with, but that didn't help me make any progress."

"Not true," Tsuyoshi assures. "You rocked out that final challenge."

Irene nods. She says, "That's true, but that was only due to the support of my friends. And I didn't have that from the majority this time. But I won't take it for granted that I was eliminated early. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have gotten to know Nathan."

"Aw, thanks, babe," Nathan says from a few seats away.

"Speaking of Nathan," Nolan says. "What first attracted you to him?"

Willow puts a hand to her heart and says, "What a sweet question."

Irene thinks for a moment. "It was his butt. Yeah. Definitely the booty." The others look at Irene with wide eyes.

"Er, it was a sweet question," Willow lets out.

Nolan blinks. He says, "Uh, Willow. Let's move onto you."

"Alright," Willow says, with a smile.

"What do you feel went wrong, this time?" Nolan asks.

Willow frowns. She admits, "I didn't get much of a chance to show my team members why I would be an asset on the team. But that isn't always something you're given a chance to do, you know?"

"Boy howdy, do I?" Nolan replies.

Willow frowns and gets tearful, "Why does this all have to be about you?"

Nolan's eyes get wide. He says, "I don't know... I'm sorry. Um... let's move on to another question. Do you think that if you had more time on the show, something romantical would have went on with Zane?" Zane looks back at Willow.

"I guess I wouldn't have counted out that possibility," Willow admits. "He's a sweet guy, but sometimes things just don't go that way. I definitely like Zane as a friend, though."

Dante coughs, says, "Friend zoned," and coughs, again.

"Look who's talking," Zane retorts.

Dante blushes, and says, "Touché."

Nolan looks at the contestants. "Ah, Nathan. The next question is for you." Nathan nods. "After the show, did you return to cheerleading?"

Nathan nods. He says, "It's what I enjoy doing most. I went back to school, and am on the cheer squad." Nathan waves at the camera. "Hey, girls... and Oscar."

Nolan looks down at his card, "A viewer who wishes to remain anonymous..." Nolan looks at the back of the card, and then shrugs. "Anyway, he wonders how people have treated you since your elimination?"

"Some of the response has been pretty positive," Nathan admits. "Others don't accept that someone has changed. But what matters most," Nathan pauses for a second, and smiles, "is that I don't care what people think, anymore. It doesn't matter. After I got over that, it feels like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders."

"That's so beautiful!" Willow expresses. She blows her nose on a tissue. Irene looks at Willow, and then pushes her off of her stool.

"Priscilla..." Nolan begins.

"What?" Priscilla asks, with her arms folded.

Nolan explains, "Er... I was hoping to ask you a question... Pretty, please?"

"Fine, go ahead," Priscilla replies.

Nolan nods. "Thanks. So, do you feel regret over your alliance?"

"I haven't thought about it, lately," Priscilla admits, "so thanks for bringing back those feelings." Nolan frowns. "But, yes. I would say I regret my attempt at an alliance. But I should have tried some different strategy, like voting out Missy."

"Was being an early out a blow to your ego?" Nolan asks.

Priscilla looks to the side. She answers, "Maybe."

Nolan nods. He admits, "It would be for me, too."

Priscilla glares at their season's host. "In your case, it would have been entirely deserved."

Nolan frowns. He says, "Let's move on before I start bawling... Eduardo, what gym do you go to?"

Eduardo answers, "I go to eight different gyms."

"It shows," Nolan says, from the side of his mouth. "So you changed careers, playing sports instead of what you intended with psy... whichever one it was. How is that going?"

Eduardo shrugs his broad shoulders. "I admit that playing the football is fun, if not challenging. I don't feel like I'm helping anybody, though... That's what I miss most. But I admit that I think there are people that are better at it than I am."

Stevie smiles and says, "Thanks, man."

"That wasn't necessarily directed at you," Eduardo replies.

Stevie winks and says, "Okay, bro. If you say so."

Nolan smiles and asks, "So what's it like having Alexandria as a trophy girlfriend?"

"Uh, excuse me?" Eduardo asks.

"Yeah," Yesenia adds. "Excuse me?"

Alexandria states, "If anyone's a trophy whatever, it's Eduardo." Eduardo blushes and looks at his girlfriend.

Nolan shrugs and says, "That's true. Let's move on to Yesenia. Hey, boo." Yesenia smiles and waves at Nolan. "The viewers totally want to know, what is it that you see in me?"

"By the viewers you mean you, right?" Zane asks with a smirk.

"Maybeh," Nolan replies.

Yesenia answers, "You're a complete sweetheart, and I love a guy with a thick neck."

"Aw, thanks, boo," Nolan says. "Anything else you want to say, boo? We're all ears." Nolan dreamily looks at his girlfriend with his hand under his chin.

"Nah, I'm good," Yesenia replies.

"Yeah, you are," Nolan replies. He blows a kiss at Yesenia, the other contestants look at each other awkwardly. "Next up is Brad."

"Yo," Brad replies.

"Hey, bro, woo!" Nolan greets. Brad lets out a laugh. "Does it bother you that your decision to eliminate Priscilla instead of Missy led to your own elimination, and eventually Missy's victory?"

"Dude, spoiler alert," Zane says.

Nolan looks down and says, "Uh, sorry. Any response, Brad?" Missy folds her arms and shakes her head.

Brad explains, "I wouldn't say I was exactly bothered, persay... Disappointed, though, mostly by my elimination. I've gotten over it, though. Happiness isn't about money." Brad looks over at Missy. "I think Missy does owe me some of her winnings, though, for my involvement."

"Nice try," Missy replies with a roll of her eyes.

"It was worth a shot," Brad says with a shrug.

"Do you regret any other decisions you made in the game?" Nolan asks.

"I could have played smarter, but hey, there's nothing I can do about it now, ya know?" Brad answers. Nolan nods.

"How are things going with Kristy?" Nolan asks.

"Things are going good, man," Brad replies. "I'm a lucky dude."

Nolan smiles and gives his friend a reassured nod. "Next, let's talk to the Mick Deester." Micky smiles, showing off his grills. "How is your new rap career going?"

"It's been sweet, No-dawgy dawg," Micky D. replies. "I had to start from the bottom, but it's made me happier, yo."

"DJ Brandy Bran wonders if your career change has helped your relationship with Naomi," Nolan says as he refers to a card in his hand.

"Yeah," Micky D. admits. "Things have gotten way better, yo. She's happier, 'cause I'm happier, and I'm happier 'cause she's happier. We've gotten close again, yo, and..." Micky looks up. "That's what matters, yo. Uh, we're getting married this summer. It's gonna be tight, and ya'll are invited... Except that Missy chick." Missy tries to look like she doesn't care. "Just... bring a dish to pass, yo."

Nolan nods, and says, "Sweet. Thanks for the invite, and the chance to show of my tuna and yam casserole surprise."

"Is the surprise foodborne illness?" Alexandria asks.

Nolan laughs and says, "Nah. It's yams." Some of the contestants look at Nolan with confused looks. "Back to Micky. Have you had to give up your luxurious lifestyle?"

"Some of it," Micky admits, "but I'm cool with it. Thankfully, Naoms is great at balancing the checkbook, know what I'm sayin'? I did have to give up the chocolate swimming pool." Micky folds his arms, and looks to the side. "I do kinda miss that."

"Understandable, man," Nolan assures. "Vanessa, how is your relationship with Stevie? Any weirdness with his popularity?"

Vanessa shrugs her shoulders. She answers, "It can be pretty awkward when we're approached by his fans... I mean, I'm sure I would have fans come up to me if my edit was as strong as his."

Missy lets out a laugh and says, "Oh, sure, blame the edit." Vanessa glares at Missy.

"How did you feel about the representation of the female species in the final two?" Nolan asks. "That question comes from Layla."

Vanessa continues to glare at Missy, "I liked half of it." Missy responds with an eye roll.

Nolan asks, "Some of the fans noticed the Dustin Beaver shirt in your sleepwear image. You a fan?"

"I have to admit," Vanessa begins. Nolan begins to roll up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo. "I'm definitely not a fan." She blushes. "I thought I would represent the ladies with some girl singer, but... well, I didn't know he was a guy at the time..."

"Yeah," Priscilla adds. "Dustin Beaver fans are pretty delusional."

Nolan puts his sleeve back down with a frown. He says, "Yeah... Totally." Nolan sounds a little choked up, as he continues, "Uh, let's move on to Joanna. So Joanna, did you miss your job more, while you were competing, or your kids?"

"The kids," Joanna admits. "I got over it, when I got home."

"That's... nice?" Nolan responds.

Joanna shrugs. "I'll admit that I do try to spend more time with them. I do love my family."

Nolan smiles and says, "That's cool. So, hey? Does Beau ever come over with his kids for a play date?"

Joanna rolls her eyes. She says, "Everyone's always asking about, Beau. Yeah, he brings his kids over, sometimes. He has one thing going for him. He's good with kids. But I don't usually feel sorry for him when he volunteers to watch the kids for the day. Last time, he came back with two black eyes, and a broken arm. Serves that pretty boy, right."

Nolan looks at Joanna with wide eyes. She says, "Uh... Okay... I'm speechless." Missy looks hopeful. Nolans goes on, "So... Autumn, some talking manatee was wondering what your opinion on Missy's win was."

"No comment," Autumn answers.

"Fair enough," Nolan replies, with a laugh. "What attracted you to Dante?"

Autumn blushes. She admits, "What's not to like? He's ruggedly handsome. I also felt like he was putting forth a lot of effort to change his personality. I found that admirable." Dante blushes as he looks in Autumn's direction.

"Were you ever scared of him, like with Missy?" the Total Drama: Best of the Best host asks.

"Uh," Autumn lets out. "I was a little nervous when I found out he was on my team, because I didn't knnow what to expect. I thought he might try to manipulate everyone, but I was relieved to see that he was genuine."

"Isn't someone chatty, all of a sudden?" Missy says, with a raised eyebrow. Autumn blushes.

Nolan shrugs, and admits, "Makes my job easier. Let's move on to... Zane." Zane nods. "How has your life been after your secret came out?"

Zane explains, "Well, it was my decision." Zane gestures toward Nolan. "I talked with Nolan about it, and decided that I wanted the scene on the show. I thought that if I could help anyone with my story, it would make up for any embarrassment I might have felt. I've met, or heard from people that related or were helped by what I said... It's definitely not for everyone to go public with their past, but for me, I feel like it was the right decision. I feel like it actually gave my time on the show some meaning."

"Well said, man," Nolan replies with a nod. "Next question. Has the sting of rejection from Alexandria healed?"

Zane shrugs. He admits, "Yeah. We're still friends, and I'm happy for her and Eduardo. He's a good guy." Eduardo smiles. "A little overly muscular, but a good guy." Eduardo frowns.

"Still a single guy?" Nolan asks.

"Yeah," Zane admits. "It's all good, though. When I find the girl for me, I'll find her. I'm not going to stress out about it."

"That's good," Nolan replies. He waves at Yesenia and says, "Hey, sweetie!" Yesenia waves back. Zane frowns. "How did it feel to sacrifice your place in the game for Stevie, just for him to be booted the next time?"

Zane says, "Stevie's a true friend. I have no regrets in that regard. I did something for him, allowing him to survive another elimination. The fact that he didn't win, doesn't take away how I felt in that moment." Zane looks at Stevie. "It was the least I could do for him." Stevie puts one of his hands on Zane's shoulder, and gives him an assuring smile.

"You didn't have to, man," Stevie assures. "But it did mean a lot." Zane nods.

Nolan sighs. He smiles and says, "Stevie! My favorite contestant." He looks at a frowning Yesenia. "Er... sorry, babe." Nolan looks back at Stevie. "So, bro... Can I call you 'bro'?" Stevie shrugs. "What's it like being Stevie?"

Stevie puts a hand on the back of his head. He says, "Okay, I guess."

Nolan sighs. "Yeah," Nolan replies. "So did you go back to school?"

Stevie nods. "I want to be a psychologist so I can help people," Stevie explains. "I realize I was being kind of selfish when I moved out to Hawaii, but it did allow me to clear my head, a little. I also feel grateful to the show for showing me what it is I want to do with my life. I still like to sing, but I realized that I should follow what I'm passionate about."

"Still wrestling?" Nolan asks.

"I haven't touched a wrestling mat since last year," Stevie admits. "Sorry to disappoint."

Nolan tearfully assures, "It's alright." Nolan wipes his nose on his sleeve. "I... I should really move on..."

"Yeah, you should move on," Sebastian states as he shifts his glasses.

Nolan turns his attention to Dante. "Next we have some questions for Dante," Nolan states.

"Oh, boy," Dante braces.

"Do you feel like you've been able to redeem yourself?" Nolan asks.

"Uh," Dante replies, sounding surprised by the question. "Yeah, I guess. Well, in a way, anyway. Some people think I'm still a jerk pretending to be nice, but I guess that's something I had coming."

"Still smoking and drinking?" Nolan asks.

Dante shakes his head. He admits, "It was tough, but I was able to quit smoking. That was about eight months ago. As for the drinking, I've been sober for three months."

"Good for you, man," Nolan assures. Tsuyoshi also offers a thumbs up. Dante smiles at him and nods.

Doyce shouts, "Doyce!"

"And your eyesight?" Nolan asks.

"It's not getting any better," Dante admits.

Nolan says, "Alright, that's all I had in mind to ask, Dante. Let's go on to..."

"Huh," Dante replies. "I was sure every question was going to be about me coming out..."

"Oh, yeah!" Nolan says with a snap of his fingers. "How has your life changed since that?"

Dante puts his hand over his face. "Why'd I have to open my big mouth..." Dante mourns. Dante shrugs. "It has certainly made my life a lot different... My mom reacted better than I expected. Some other responses were good, some not so much." Dante cracks his knuckles. "I can take on any haters, though." Some of the contestants look at Dante with wide eyes. "With some well chosen words, of course."

Tsuyoshi assures, "I find 'I know you are, but what am I' to be quite effective." Dante laughs, and nods.

Nolan directs his attention toward Sebastian. "So, C-Bass, have you stayed friends, or... whatever with Missy?"

Sebastian shrugs. He says, "I suppose you could call us friends, and yes to your question."

"I forgot what it was," Nolan admits. "How about you and Dant? Have you guys kissed and made up?"

"Certainly not," Sebastian says, while blushing. Dante blushes, as well. Sebastian adjusts his sunglasses. He realizes, "Oh... you meant, have we moved beyond our differences?" Nolan nods, looking confused. "Y-yes, we have. It isn't easy for me to forget the past... Well, I never forget, but Dante and I had a long talk about what went down on Total Drama Tropics, and I feel his apologies were sincere. I like to think of myself as a human lie detector."

"More like a human beefcake," Audrey II assures.

Sebastian blushes and says, "Y-you really think so?"

"Nah, I'm just messing with you," Audrey insists. Sebastian folds his arms and looks to the side.

"Sebastian," Nolan addresses, "do you typically make friends with people like you, or are friendships with the Doyces and Als of the world a common thingy?"

"Typically, I seek out association with people with similar interests," Sebastian admits. "But these shows have allowed me to be more open minded as to what a friend can be."

"Doyce!" Doyce shouts.

"Yes, Doyce," Sebastian responds. "'Doyce'."

Nolan also joins in. "Doyce!" He clears his throat. "So, Doyce... Doyce, Doyce, Doyce... Were your parents disappointed with your performance this season?"

"Nah," Doyce assures. "I was expecting them to be, but there wasn't any difference between the time I won, and this time. They were proud both times."

"That's good," Nolan assures. "Did your parents go through with their divorce, or..."

Doyce frowns and says, "They did. It hasn't been easy to deal with... I wanted them to stay together, but I still love them. They assured me that it wasn't because of me, though."

"I noticed you were wearing more clothing than last time, but what possessed you to become a pro wrestler?" Nolan asks.

"I'm wearing my trademark wrestling trunks under my clothes, if you want me to..." Doyce begins.

Nolan assures, "Nah, man. We believe you." Dante looks down, slightly disappointed.

Doyce explains, "If you say so. I wanted to be a wrestler since I was a kid. I would stay up late watching it. Now, I've been signed to the WHEW! It's all thanks to how I wiped the snot out of Stevie... No offense, Stevie." Stevie nods. "Now I get to rub shoulders with some of my childhood favorites... Though some of them are pushing sixty... Well, it's still awesome."

"Anything else new?" Nolan asks.

Doyce explains, "I'm going to be starring on my own reality show. I hope everybody checks it out. It's called 'The Doyce'."

Nolan nods, laughs, and blinks. "One last question, Doyce," Nolan says. Doyce nods. "How does it feel to 'Doyce' so much?"

Doyce respons with, "Doyce!"

Nolan nods and says, "Well said, my friend. Well said. Let's see here... Audrey II."

"Hi!" Audrey says with a wave.

"Let me ask my question," Nolan whispers. Audrey nods. "Did you have a different experience from last time?"

"Yes," Audrey replies, after giving the answer some thought.

Nolan pauses. He says, "Um... How was it different?"

Audrey looks confused. She replies, "It was in a different place, you hosted, and there were different contestants." She looks to the side and says, "Duh."

Nolan lets out a sigh. "Did you enjoy this season more or Total Drama Tropics?"

Audrey thinks. She replies, "Tropics. This one hurt more when I was eliminated, as I felt like I actually had a chance to win. On Tropics, I feel like I made more hot guy friends, too."

Nolan blinks. He says, "I don't want to dwell on that. Tsuyoshi, were up to you." Tsuyoshi nods. "What was it like to be eliminated for the first time?"

Tsuyoshi admits, "It was different. I expected it a lot sooner, though, so I'm surprised that I lasted so long, anyway. It wasn't so bad."

"Do you think there was a flaw to your strategy this time?" Nolan asks.

Tsuyoshi replies, "Winning the first time? Other than that, I let my emotions control me, again, but I don't exactly want to be devoid of emotions."

"Uh-huh," Nolan replies, trying to look like he knows what Tsuyoshi is talking about. "Right there with ya, buddy." Tsuyoshi looks slightly confused. "What happened to you physique, dude?"

Tsuyoshi blushes. "I hoped you wouldn't notice. I still work out when I find the time, but I've been trying to be more balanced, doing things with my friens, again, as well as working on some different projects."

"Like what?" Nolan asks.

"Like a home for kids whose parents kick them out of the house after they come out," Tsuyoshi explains. "I know what it's like to be scared and not knowing what will happen. This, at least, provides a place to stay, and some emotional support."

"Cool, man," Nolan assures.

"Thanks," Tsuyoshi responds.

"Alexandria," Nolan continues. "What was it like to come so close to the victory and to lose to Missy?"

"I can think of worse things to happen to someone," Alexandria admits. "Being mauled by a bear is one of them."

Nolan shudders. He goes on, "Let's see if we can find another question directed to you by the fans... Nope. Just a series of marriage proposals from strangers with their photos attached."

"Any good looking ones?" Alexandria asks. She looks to a sad looking Eduardo. "I'm kidding, Eddy boo-boo." Eduardo smiles and nods.

Nolan says, "Well, that wraps up the reunion. Thanks to all of you for coming out, and to the viewers at home."

Missy looks surprised. "Hey, you didn't interview me," the season's winner protests.

"I was hoping no one would notice," Nolan admits.

"Don't mistake my protest as actually caring about this program, or anything," Missy explains.

Nolan shrugs, and nods. He asks, "Is there anything you regret from either season you competed?"

"No," Missy replies.

"I knew she'd say that," Tsuyoshi states. "Pay up." Doyce frowns and hands Tsuyoshi five dollars. Missy glares at the transaction.

"What was it like to win?" Nolan asks.

"Like everything I dreamed it would be," Missy assures.

"Uh-huh," Nolan responds. "How do you really feel about Sebastian?" Missy looks over at the anyltical guy, as he shifts his glasses.

"Next question, please," Missy requests.

"One last one," Nolan explains. "What did you think was your best strategic move?"

Missy smiles. She says, "It would definitely have to be the time I..."

"Oh, look at that," Nolan says. "That's all the time we have." Missy frowns.

Dante whispers to Stevie, "Looks like Nolan's got the power here." Stevie nods.

Nolan says, "Don't miss the next episode of Total Deception Island. After that will be Total Drama: Worst of the Worst, where poorly placing contestants get a chance to try, again."

"That sounds fun," Nathan admits.

Willow looks at him and asks, "Shouldn't that have been the season for you?" Nathan shrugs.

Nolan proudly states, "I got a look at the cast, and I should say that there are some great choices. I'd like to wish my loser resort buddy Anders luck when he... Oh, shoot."

"Dear, simple Nolan," Missy states. "Letting a contestant's name slip is no minor offense in the reality TV world.

Nolan shrugs. He says, "I'll plead insanity if they file a lawsuit."

"That's definitely his best bet," Alexandria admits.

"We'll end things here so I don't spoil any other competitors," Nolan admits. "Thanks for watching, viewer people! Bye!"

Elimination ChartEdit

Willow WIN OUT
Irene OUT


  • In chapter 11, the challenge is based on the fact that Dirk McGrath from Total Drama: Pacific Island misplaced the traditional island dance instructions for a challenge, and replaced it with the hustle. The instructions that Nolan found were meant to be the ones lost by Dirk. TDIwriter suggested doing our challenges like this, but I decided to push it back one challenge, so certain events could take place in the previous challenge, and so that it wouldn't be immediately after his chapter was posted, in case anyone had not read his chapter before mine was posted.
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