Skool Kool is a series made up by me.


It was created in fourth grade with my friend Brendan, and we were both obsessed with Legos at the time. We decided to make a parody of our classmates (friends and enemies), and created other weird stuff like SHMs and talking Yoda heads. Even after Brendan moved, I still kept this going, it is now known as Skool Kool 2.0.



Zeke is the main character. He serves as sort of a foil to Brendan's wacky and mischievous nature.

Brendan is the comic relief of the show. He constantly pops out of holes at completely random times, and sometimes says creepy and perverted things. He is Zeke's best friend.

Alex is a tech-loving dude. He doesn't like to talk much either, and says "Your mom" to most things.

Kevin is a wise-cracking kid who's also stealthy and sneaky.

Athena is the main female character. She is a somewhat disturbing girl who loves the song "Barbie Girl". She will spontaneously rip her clothes off revealing a pink bikini whenever she is happy.

Bob and Ray are smooth-talking shopkeepers who own a shop in the attic of the Skool. Bob wears a Santa Claus hat and has a squeaky voice, while Ray has an afro and is more chill.

Ross is kind of the kids' friend. He longs to be popular, though, and will do anything to hang out with the "cool" kids.

Matt is a kid who claims he knows everything. He always wears a black fedora, and has a strange sense of humor. The kids come to him when they need help.

Erin is some weird girl with a nasally voice, who is obsessed with Jersey Shore. Snooki is her idol, and she will slap anyone who disagrees. She is friends with Athena.

Yoda Heads roam about the school. There are four of them, originally snobby and popular girls, until they felt the wrath of Athena. They are now grumpy and will do anything to destroy "Barbie Girl."

SHMs (Super Hall Monitors) are the guards of the Skool, who are pretty big and dumb. They usually grunt instead of talking, and constantly whistle.


For a complete list of recurring characters, see here.