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39 Days, 10 Rankers, 633 Incarnations, 1... SURVIVOR! Edit


  • Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands)
  • Phillip Sheppard (Redemption Island)
  • Russell Hantz (Samoa)
  • Rocky Reid (Fiji)
  • Colton Cumbie (One World)
  • Alicia Rosa (One World)
  • Corinne Kaplan (Gabon)
  • Rodney Lavoie (Worlds Apart)
  • Will Sims II Play On My Computer (Worlds Apart)
  • Jeff Varner (Game Changers)
  • Michael Skupin (Philippines)
  • Zeke Smith (Millenials vs Gen X)
  • Terry Deitz (Panama)
  • Roark Luskin (Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers)
  • Vile Gayson (Kaoh Rong)
  • Jeff Kent (Philippines)
  • Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
  • Mookie Lee (Fiji)
  • Lisa Welchel (Philippines)
  • LJ "Where's the vagina?" McKanas (Cagayan)

633. Russell Hantz (Samoa)- Cut by Matthew Edit

I grabbed the obvious first cut because I hate making tough choices. I mean, it's obvious why Russell sucks. He takes up all the fucking screentime in Samoa, he starts out EXTREME IDOL CULTURE which has morphed into that which allows Ben to win HvHvH, and he's gross and little, like a little homunculus. This is also his incarnation in which he neither: a. makes Sandra better by acting as a foil, b. cries like a bitch. Bonus points for fucking Michaela purely to spite Brandon, but that happens later.

Gonna save Rodney, cuz c'mon, he's funny!

632. Will Sims II (worlds apart) - cut by dyna Edit

there's an argument to make that will sims is slightly decent, towards like, the beginning and end of WA, and I do not think he is the person most to blame for WA being an inexorable hellhole. however, my guy yelled and screamed at a defenseless waif who was just trying to Play The Game for like, a long while, and never once thought it was maybe the wrong thing to do (and also if you go into the season knowing that's gonna happen, like me, you can see flashes of it earlier on). so yeah, lifeless oaf who did One Extremely Shitty Thing and suffered 0 consequences for it. bad

saving gabon corinne because of her strategy voice

631. Colton Cumbie (One World)- cut by Rhonda Edit

I mean, there's probably a less obvious choice, getting medevaced sucks and you could argue that the season got less entertaining as it went. But at what cost? He was racist, whiny, petty, arrogant, a bully and a hypocrite. He can't stand the survival aspect and can't take it when things don't go his way. I wouldn't say he's a good survivor player either, just a season with bad players. He wouldn't win in the end from the jury and made some dumb moves. Plus, they get make OW entertaining with different editing or committing to the twist (more Kat and Chrisitina would have made me like it). I cringed more than was entertained.

I will the Billy Garcia, and save Candice.

630. Phillip Sheppard (Redemption Island) - Cut by MrE Edit

If Russell is the bringer of the Dark Age of Survivor then Phillip is the biggest example of it. The "Big Character" mentality was in full swing here and he is just so self aware in his faux-insanity that it's disgusting. He's just willing to be obnoxious and torture everyone for 39 days with his brand of stupidity. He also made Steve (understandably) calling him crazy into a race thing and would be casually sexist and all that. It's all terrible bullshit and he's a stain on survivor.

Saving Andrew Savage.

629. Jeff Varner (Game Changers) - Cut by Reddy Edit

This goes without saying because outing someone on national TV is fucking abhorrent and as if that wasn't bad enough Varner himself is gay? So he especially should have known better, and the fact that he tried to capitalize on the infamy is disgusting. Also, this moment was shared to Hell on social media, friends of mine shared and reacted to it, and it was weird yet still upsetting all the same. The outing also appeared on a ton of Trans-centric 2017 lists and if that doesn't illustrate just how bad this is, I don't know what will. Varner's an embarrassment.

Saving Lisa Whelchel because she's a modern Kathy VO

628. Rocky Reid (Fiji) - Cut by SG Edit

There are various SG anti-faves in this first set of noms, but this one is I think the easiest cut and the worst one. I think everyone already knows, but Rocky was an awful, probably sexist and homophobic bully who made an already dour and depressing pre-merge all that much worse. Him bullying Anthony Robinson constantly for not being a man or some dumb shit until he and Anthony ended up on a tribe of all guys and he got to vote him out is probably the least righteous thing to happen on all Survivor. Luckily, the Four Horseman inexplicably decided to vote him out over Lisi the very next episode and we were spared any more of this. And it all works out in the end anyway because Rocky was actually a repressed homosexual this entire time and Anthony! seems to be have had a much better post-game career.

Saving Roark because she's just forgettable rather than outright awful like the rest of these and doesn't deserve to go yet

627. Zeke Smith (Millennials vs. Gen X) - Cut by CK Edit

Zeke is a direct product of #BigMoves culture. more info soon

saving Terry. respect ur elders

update: i'm back to discuss my true Zeke emotions.  i feel like Zeke is the type of person who would be awesome to meet and maybe awesome to discuss Survivor with.  that being said, Zeke is very much a Part of the Problem when it comes to modern Survivor's issues.  it was somewhat funny when he showed up to like...roast Hannah in ep 3, but on the whole, I didn't find him very remarkable until the merge in which he elected to exclusively target my favorites (Michelle, Taylor, Hannah) except for when he rallied the troops (UGH @that metaphor.  it popped up like 10 times) and took Chris out.  luckily he was #WillWahlOwnt but his biggest offense was basing his jury vote on who evolved the game of Survivor more.  Survivor can only evolve so much before it becomes a complex and hard-to-follow strategyfest...  sounds like MvGX to me

626. Kyle "Vile" "Sarg" "Jason" Jason (Kaoh Rong) - Cut by ToadEdit

Kyle Jason hatred SHOULD be self-explanatory, but somehow he has a pretty decent fanbase by virtue of being a "~complex villain~" or some shit? I won't stand for that. Just because he talked about his daughter being autistic once or twice doesn't excuse him for being "an ugly ass turd" (--Survivor321) for the entire rest of his stay in the game. He was just a giant raging asshole to Alecia as well as basically every other woman in the game and earth angel Joe del Campo, and he didn't even have the decency to have a hilarious downfall like Scot, instead just hanging around and being pointless for 1-2 more episodes then being inconsequentially picked off. And unlike Scot, who just seems like your average harmless dick, I do believe Jason is a legitimately horrible person in real life if his Twitter feed is any indication. In addition, he and Scot are the reason that 1) Aubry lost and 2) Probst feels the need to make all these awful new jury twists, so he can add "actively making the franchise worse" to his greatest hits (even though that was mostly Probst's doing, but Jason is a funnier scapegoat). The one redeeming quality he has - other than his "ANUS" tattoo, of course - is his presence in Toadvivor: Jamaica, but that's not even canon. And of course, creating Jar Jar Binks can't be forgiven. 

Saving... Jeff Kent? He sucks but at least he provided one moment of hilarity

625. Michael Skupin (Philippines) - Cut by That SunnyEdit

Ok so the guy did a pyramid scheme and is a pedophile so??? why the fuck is he even this high also he was irrelevant this season but was so convinced he won that he spoiled the season and told people he won but then... lmao he was like MOR2? and didnt matter but he cut hit in the head by Abi but that's an Abi moment. 2 bad there weren't bigger fires in philippines :(

Saving Alicia because Sunny's a dumb ass.

Dyna's Gay-Ass Noms Edit

  • Joe Dowdle (Tocantins)
  • Debbie Beebe (Tocantins)
  • Charlie Herschel (Gabon)
  • Carolyn Rivera (Worlds Apart)
  • Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)
  • Reed Kelly (SJDS)
  • John Rocker (SJDS)
  • Morgan McLeod (Cagayan)
  • Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)
  • Brian Heidik (Thailand)
  • Becky Lee (Cook Islands)
  • Rob Mariano (Redemption Island)
  • Laura Morrett (Blood vs. Water)
  • Spencer Bledsoe (Cambodia)
  • Erik Reichenbach (Caramoan)
  • Philip Sheppard (Caramoan)
  • Tom Buchanan (Africa)
  • Tom Westman (Palau)
  • LJ McKanas (Cagayan)
  • Mookie Lee (Fiji)

624. Boston Rob (Redemple Temple) - by BrühñôEdit

never seen ri but ya know

Saving tont nachos g.oddess

623. Becky Lee (Cook Islands)- by matty moo Edit

Fitting that I cut the first female. I could have taken the easy, boring cut (P***lip) but instead I decided I'd take the less boring cut, although the more boring player, Becky. She got really far and was literally nothing to anyone. I guess. Also, she made her alliance with Yul because they were both Korean, which, um, RACIST. Also, this set of noms has a lot of people who I don't feel too strongly about really, so... I took down the one I felt the least about.

I save Mike, cuz he was Shirin's white knight.

622. Phillip Sheppard (Caramoan) - by SG Edit

Cutting Phillip because someone has to make the easy cuts or else the real hellbeasts like this will get way too far because everyone assumes someone else will cut them. Anyway, I haven't seen Caramoan, but I have seen RI, and Phillip is probably why I didn't watch Survivor again until BvW. His being so annoying and awful completely turned me off to the show (along with me hating Boston Rob and him cakewalking to the win), and from what I've heard, Phillip was just as bad in his second appearance.

I save Debbie I guess because she was UTRfun and the only person here I care about even a little bit

621. Spencer Bledsoe (Cambodia) by Epic Edit

Spencer's Cambodia edit honestly annoys me the more I think about it. Like, a showdown of so many people we've been waiting to see back for so long and Spencer hogs a ton of screentime, which is annoying on its own but expected, I guess. But all of this edit is dedicated to this redemption arc of him learning to have emotions? he's like CPPP8 every pre-merge episode and it continues into the post-merge. He' still well-edited the whole time until the finale where it's revealed that ha, Spencer was actually the frigid asshole we all thought he was the whole time! So like...what was the point of the redemption arc? It was honestly one of the kindest edits I've ever seen given to a 0 vote-getter. The flaws in hsi game were literally not brought up until the finale. It annoyed the hell out of me.

Also oblgiatory Spencer advances the superfan mindset of evolving the game which is ruining Survivor blah blah blah blah 

Saving MAMA C MISS CAROLYN, who is a random in this pool of evil.

620. Brian Heidik (Thailand) - by TödEdit

My first two cuts now span the entire continuum of Survivor321's contestant opinions. I don't know if anyone here has actually seen Thailand so I'm cutting Heidik before he can weasel his way to the top 300 or something. Basically, the guy's a legit sociopath - I guess they were looking for a literal used car salesman to cast, but it worked too well and so he just acted unsettling and robotic all season then won. Redditors like to hail Heidik as some sort of strategic genius, which is likely because he was one of the first gamebots EVER if you think about it, but anyone who only wins a jury vote by ONE against Clay Jordan can't possibly be all that. Also iirc he tried to campaign to get Ted out because he didn't want two black people winning in a row, and then there's the fact that he shot a puppy. Just a lovely guy, really. Ozzy did porn star-turned-Survivor contestant better anyway, and Heidik gives Brians all over the world a bad name.

Saving Erik because he's a good person who doesn't deserve this

619. Mookie Lee (Fiji) - by CKEdit

Like most of the Fiji cast, offered nothing except one facial reaction gif. Homeboy really did think he was slick by trying to idol Cassandra "Mhm" Franklin out of the game...surprise. I don't have much else to say about Mookie! I also am very anti-Fiji so I'm slimming its weight in this rankdown. c ya

Saving Laura M. because Ciera voted her out and she deserves some retribution

618. Charlie Herschel (Gabon)- by Survivor321 Edit

Out of every contestant on this list, Charlie probably rubbed me the wrong way the most out of them. His grating, whiny voice and annoying mannerisms certainly didn't endear him to me, but what made me despise him was probably his obsessive devotion to Marcus. Ally bromances are nothing groundbreaking on Survivor and I certainly appreciate them when the chemistry is edited well and it genuinely exists, but I didn't sense it between those two. Lacking Randy's blunt, old man wit also didn't help his case and I often felt that out of the Onions, he had the least prominence.

He saves Reed.

617. Joe Dowdle (Tocantins)- cut by the red dudeEdit

Uninspiring and kind of boring, the worst member of the Jalapao 4.

Saving Morgan bc tits.

616. LJ McKanas (Cagayan) -cut by Rhonda Edit

Hoping I can just edit this, since we aren't going in any order. I figured why not go ahead and eliminate LJ since he's been on two lists so far. Yeah, he made that horrible tweet and I hope it prevents him from being on Survivor again. Other than that, he was okay in Cagayan, with a couple of confessionals I remember and having an important storyrole with Tony and Trish. But not a major character, and certainly not as iconic as others in that season. So we aren't losing out with him going. 

I guess I'll save Tom Westman. Unless he did some terrible thing that means he should go, feel like he's a good enough winner and nice enough guy not to be this low. 

Toad's Heterosexual-Ass NomsEdit

  • Tom Buchanan (Africa)
  • John Raymond (Thailand)
  • Rob Mariano (All-Stars)
  • Yul Kwon (Cook Islands)
  • Sundra Oakley (Cook Islands)
  • Corinne Kaplan (Gabon)
  • Marcus Lehman (Gabon)
  • Ben Browning (Samoa)
  • Russell Hantz (HvV)
  • Jane Bright (Nicaragua)
  • Natalie Tenerelli (RI)
  • David Murphy (RI)
  • Coach Wade (South Pacific)
  • Alicia Rosa (One World)
  • Corinne Kaplan (Caramoan)
  • Josh Canfield (SJDS)
  • John Rocker (SJDS)
  • Tasha Fox (Cambodia)
  • Zeke Smith (Game Changers)
  • Ryan Ulrich (HvHvH)

615. David Murphy (RI) - Cut by SG Edit

This is kind of the continuation of my personal vendetta with RI and how after having it as my first season I gave up on Survivor for a while, but David was definitely one of the worst offenders. He was insufferable and incredibly annoying every single time he appeared onscreen and unfortunately stayed over Sarita, one of the only decent people from RI (voting off Russell for no reason other than not wanting him to be on TV anymore <3). That meant he survived until jury and gave the first "I'm not talking to the finalists, I'm talking to the jury" speech where he condescended to a bunch of people who were all going to vote for Rob anyway to not be bitter and give it to who played the best game and all that. If we can thank Kyle Jason and Scot for one thing, I guess it's that the David Murphy-style speech is dead.

Saving... I guess Tasha? I didn't loathe her in Cambodia and towards the beginning of the season she was actually kind of easy to root for. S/o to Toad for having noms good enough where I don't want to save anyone I guess

614. Zeke Smith (Game Changers) - Cut by CK Edit

Pt. II of why I'm not a Zeke fan: Game Changers.

It should be noted that he handled the Varner situation super well while on the show and that situation has no bearing on this ranking.

Zeke's spot on Game Changers was really unwarranted. Zeke claims he was asked to do the show within minutes of being voted out of MvGX, which is something I completely believe re: Michaela, but with Zeke, who did nothing to warrant being remotely considered a strategic player besides make 1000 military references with regards to his post-merge game...I just don't see it. We know David was asked too and declined, so in all honesty, I'm incredibly hesitant to believe that Zeke was really production's go-to for the big Game Changing season.

Zeke wasn't horrific, in fact he was pretty lowkey, on Game Changers, until around the time he rose to prominence by pushing to vote out Sandra. Big bad. Horrific move for viewers. He kept making bad moves later down the line, except they became bad moves for Zeke himself: he seemed to want to just vote people out for the sake of shock value. Truly a game changer; king of strategic prowess. He got his comeuppance in the game later, though, when his real life friend Andrea verbally castrated him with the iconic phrase "terrible move, you suck at this game, I hope I see you never," but unfortunately, that was about it when it came to appreciating his downfall. Zeke was such a boring gamebot that I couldn't really appreciate his downfall at all. it was bad

Saving Ryan. sorry

613. Alicia Rosa (One World)- cut by Matthew Edit

Well, I suppose it's up to me to cut the awful females of the Survivor world as the sole misogynist in the house. Alicia is fucking awful. She's a racist bully and stuff. She's crass, and not in a good way. She ruined the -amazing- Survivor power couple we'd all been waiting for (Darolina </3) with her home-wrecking ways. The most terrifying thing of all about Alicia is that she's somehow a special ed teacher. The fact that she obtained that job is a serious indictment of the American educational system. I feel very sorry for those poor disabled kids that she undoubtedly probably treats poorly and insults behind their backs. One good thing about Alicia Rosa: during her exit interview with Rob Cesternino she famously advertised some lame-ass song she had recorded, and the proceeded to very awkwardly sing it during the interview. Thanks for that, Alicia.

Saving Nat T because she seems like a nice girl.

612. Corinne Kaplan (Gabon) - Cut by MrE Edit

Candidate for the most smug and stank person on this entire show? Corinne is just a horribly unpleasant, nasty contestant whose air of arrogance and smug condescension makes her honestly one of the most unbearable contestants of all time for me. She rounds up a group of boring white guys and calls them the Onions and it nearly ruins Gabon until they're just kind of randomly pwnt out of the game by the weirdos. It was La Mina on steroids and actually a legitimate threat with Corinne and co. who were at least mildly competent.

Plus this isn't even mentioning the awful jury speech to Sugar which you just fucking know she rehearsed in her head and thought was absolutely hilarious before saying it. It was gross and you all know what it was.

now she's just friends with Max Dawson and running a podcast as Max's survivor career (side burn Max)

Saving John Raymond bc idk everyone left is trash

611. Ben Browning (Samoa)- Cut by RhondaEdit

Hope it's okay I went again so soon, I just felt like we needed to cut this guy before he got too far. Because honestly this might be too high for him? Like he was a racist, mysgonist, and never really aplogized for it. He defended it as much as he could, calling someone 'ghetto trash' and thinking they (Yasmin, a black woman) were so poor that she had to eat ketchup sandwhiches. He thought women couldn't make fire with flint because they were too weak. He also just complained all the time, fought dirty at a challenge and defended it, and also just sucked. He made Russell Hantz in Samoa look better. That's a huge negative against you. 

Who to save? Did Josh Canfield do something terrible? I think I remember him being okay, at least nicer than Reed. *shrugs* I'll save him unless anyone was really chomping at the bit to eliminate him. 

610. Corinne Kaplan (Caramoan)- Cut by DynaEdit

fuck you MrE for not at least cutting the iteration of this single-minded dickish weirdo that should be collectively recognized as The Worst Garbage a full 4.5 years after we all inflated her because she was the only familiar part of an historically bad season. caramoan corinne is bad because she enabled people that were far worse than gabon corinne did, i think that's all I really have to say

saving Coach because my dad's pals with him on FB

609. Russell Hantz (HvV) - Cut by SunnyEdit

Yeah, ok, I don't think I have to go into much depth. While this version of Russell was kind of... better? Since he was much more of a joke, and essentially helped Sandra win again (<3), I can kind of respect that. But he was still an asshole, got a bunch of screentime, and had a big advantage in no one seeing his season. Also everyone else that's left is decent-ish.

Saving Sundra because I played her in an ORG but also she's iconic.

608. Yul Kwon (CI) - Cut by Bruno Martins IndiEdit

I barely remember CI as a season because it's so fucking boring and Yul was a big part of that. He voted off the only good part of that season too early (Cao Boi). (eyes) And he won. Not that I wanted anyone else in that merge to win, but yah.

Saving John Rocker.

607. Jane Bright (Nicaragua) - Cut by ToadEdit

If people are salty about this cut I don't care because you had your chance to cut for the past 48ish hours (steam) Regardless, Jane is underratedly awful, and I really do think she deserves to be down there with the Alicias and Corinnes of the world in terms of bottom-of-the-barrel female Survivors. Basically she invoked some of my least favorite things in contestants so let's go through them:

  1. Cam-whoring! (The fish dance was not and will never be funny.)
  2. Pointlessly vicious grudges! (Irrationally hating other contestants is something I'm always down for but insulting Marty's parenting skills is YIKES)
  3. An edit that makes her look like a Good Person and a quirky, lovable fan fav when she was a passive-aggressive hellbeast!
  4. Validation from said edit considering she won the Fan Favorite award (god I'm so glad that was discontinued)

Overall yeah, Jane was not good. I like Nicaragua a lot, don't get me wrong, and I do think the last scene of her boot episode is some genuinely compelling stuff. But she's just a really venomous person in an unfun, ugly way, and I haaaaate that she was presented as a lovable older lady type. If the edit had embraced her awfulness and played her up as some sort of villain, she'd be AWESOME (and a really unique archetype?) but alas it didn't.

Saving Marcus I guess because in the grand scheme of things he's... fine

Matt's Objectively Correct Noms Edit

  • Rob Mariano (All-Stars)
  • Tom Buchanan (Africa)
  • Alicia Calaway (All-Stars)
  • Brandon Hantz (Caramoan)
  • James Clement (Heroes vs. Villains)
  • Brenda Lowe (Caramoan)
  • Morgan McDevitt (Guatemala)
  • Kelley Wentworth (Cambodia)
  • Anna Khait (Kaoh Rong)
  • Colton Cumbie (Blood vs. Water)
  • Reed Kelly (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Jim Rice (South Pacific)
  • Brandon Quinton (Africa)
  • John Cochran (Caramoan)
  • Shirin Oskooi (Cambodia)
  • Kelley Wentworth (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Rita Verreos (Fiji)
  • Hope Driskill (Caramoan)
  • Jessica Deben (Fiji)
  • Briana Varela (Guatemala)

606. Tom Buchanan (Africa) - cut by SG Edit

Tom is a creepy, passive-aggressive, sexist, possibly racist, sour old man, and the worst part of that is that he's edited as some quirky, fun fan fave when the only actually funny moment he had all season was being happy to eat Ethan Zohn's ham. Besides that, Tom was a drag on the season and ranged from dull to outright abhorrent, and the whole time enabled Lex's douchiness by acting as his right-hand man. I haven't seen AS but supposedly he was at least given an edit there that showcased how unpleasant and unlikable he actually is, so I'd say this is the worse incarnation of him. I'm so glad Kim Johnson pulled immunity out of nowhere and Tom never made the F3.

Saving Kelley Wentworth in Cambodia because I don't care that much about her anymore but she's still the best out of these.

605. Colton Cumbie (Blood vs. Water) - cut by Bruno Mars - Finesse [Feat. Cardi B] [Official Video]Edit

Whiny bitch who quit when he realized the BvW cast wasn't a bunch of poussays like the OW cast was and wouldn't enable his evil doings and things didn't go his way. Thanks for Calebangel <3, I guess.

Saving Anna Khait because I wasn't vaccinated (and boobes)

604. Brandon Hantz (Caramoan) - cut by ToadEdit

I'm IRATE right now because not only did I type up a manifesto about BvW Colton that got edit conflicted by Bruno, but also there was absolutely no reason Cambodia Kelley or Anna Khait should've been saved. So this'll be a short one. Brandon Hantz is a deeply troubled human being who shouldn't have been cast on the show in the first place, let alone two separate times. They knew exactly what they were getting into when they brought him back, and I actually feel really bad for the guy, because (like Shamar) his mental instability was exploited for Drama!. But still, that whole episode was just uncomfortable and a big reason Caramoan is as abysmal as it is. I guess props for not allowing a gentleman to suck his penis, though, and he did give us a good quote in "I AM THE ARTHUR OF MY FATE" but w/e

Saving Cambodia Shirin

603. Reed Kelly (San Juan Del Sure) - cut by princess di(na)Edit

yeah he did a split once, but what fuckin' pompous douchebag vibes he just radiated otherwise. he was such a nonfactor until like, his last, 3 episodes or something? i actually like INV dudes most of the time so his breakout soured me greatly, as I remember from watching SJDS, and then I feel like he tried to do something disruptive and just got natalieownt (this may be revisionist history but it probably works out about right). and then he did The Jury Speech which he milked up way too much and now doesn't every season have some kinda hotshot who's gonna act all holier-than-thou and do a speech like this. well I blame it on Reed.

other pet reedves:

  • looks better with a beard but decided to go clean-shaven post elimination
  • was in a relationship with a hem-hawing human foot and somehow came out like the bigger asshole
  • makes theatre kids look bad
  • probably makes Gays look bad? citation needed

saving HvV james because this shit is bananas b a n a n a s

602. Brandon Quinton (Africa) - cut by salty CKEdit

currently salty because of a thicc edit conflict and dyna cutting my original save...reed isn't worth an idol and i was able to get my writeup back tho so no hard feelings/loveless

Brandon Quinton is why we can't have nice things. Arguably among the most influential Survivors in history, Brandon did a big bad by voting out Kelly Goldsmith and saving Lex, which began a horrific chain reaction that eventually allowed Redemption Island to take shape, bringing Phillip Sheppard into the universe, which goes hand in hand with creating the beast known as Caramoan, and possibly kickstarting a returnee craze. If Kelly really did flip on the Borans and enable the breathtaking Samburu 4 to take control of the game, Africa becomes a stunning season with a wildly fun endgame, and Kelly G. executes the original Chaos Kass flip a full 13 years before Kassandra McQuillen even thinks of voting out Sarah Lacina. We didn't get that though

Saving Briana Varela. support talent

601. John Cochran (Camaroan) - Cut By Queen RhondaEdit

This was tough, there were a few I wanted to eliminate but had tough reasoning. I don't think Cochran is worth all the hate he gets and he seems like a nice person in real life...but he is annoying on this season. He's cocky, talks down to others, and acts like a mastermind, but he's a mastermind that is literally always right in the narrative. I don't even feel like the strategic plays in this season were that great like...everyone just kind of agreed to vote that way and I didn't feel like he was the genius making it happen. 

When he's not talking others down, he's talking himself down. I can appreciate deprecating humor and it feels like it's coming from a real place, but it just got old...especially because the narrative was still treating him as the best. It didn't seem like a challenge at all for him with the competition he had. 

But really the main reason for this is because Cochran seemed to increase the trend of the annoying super fan mastermind that we keep seeing in seasons. He's also certainly credited with helping the #BigMovesEra. And Jeff's ERECTION for Cochran is annoying, so annoying. It's worse than Jeff's love of big, challenge beast guys. Jeff just seems amazed he the point of Survivor is that anyone can win. The guy you allegedly cast as a first out won the first season. A mom who couldn't win any challenges almost had a perfect win! The coach potato invented one of the best strategies of Survivor. 

Survivor is about surprises and unlikely people failing or winning. It's where everyone is suppose to be equal. The nerd being successful and 'cool' is not a novel story, even back then. It's not subversive, and certainly not in Survivor where we have awkward, self deprecating, nerdy guy super fan being a 'surprise' strategy beast. But it is to Probst, who will just look for an excuse to bring him up in conversation, or in a season by having him deliver a twist on a boat. You can attribute that all to this season and this character.

I guess I save Wentworth.

600. Jim Rice (South Pacific) -- Cut by MrE Edit

Jim is just another addition to the horrible class of "Students of the Game" that plagued Survivor for the better part of a decade and that's his entire legacy. He was a condescending douchebag who would drone on about strategy and how much smarter he was than everyone else. Including his GENIUS plan to weaken Ozzy by eliminating some rando that Ozzy obviously didn't care that much about.

Thankfully he and the other Savaii's bullied Cochran or something and he flipped and Jim had a swift and uneventful death at the merge.

I save Rita for no reason.

599. Hope Driskill (Caramoan) cut by Reddy Edit

No airtime or personality, plus she got to cuddle with Eddie Fox and she's not me bye.

Saving Morgan McDevitt

598. Alicia Calaway (All Stars) cut by Survivor321 Edit

I honestly don't remember very much of Alicia on this season, but I recall her being as grating and demeaning as she was on Australia. Her aggression and unpleasant personality also rubbed me the wrong way, so she isn't going any higher on this list.

I'll save Brenda Lowe from Nicaragua.

MrE's Nominees Edit

1. Diane Ogden (Africa)
2. Paschal English (Marquesas)
3. Ted Rogers Jr (Thailand)
4. Roger Sexton (Amazon)
5. Tom Buchanan (All-Stars)
6. Rafe Judkins (Guatemala)
7. Alex Angarita (Fiji)
8. Shambo Waters (Samoa)
9. Natalie Tenerelli (Redemption Island)
10. Matt Elrod (Redemption Island)
11. Russell Hantz (Redemption Island)
12. Jeff Kent (Philippines)
13. Matt Bischoff (Caramoan)
14. Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs Water)
15. Josh Canfield (San Juan Del Sur)
16. Ben Dreibergen (Heroes Healers Hustlers)
17. Sunday Burquest (Millenials vs Gen X)
18. Chris Hammons (Millennials vs Gen X)
19. Rob Mariano (All-Stars)
20. Jessica deBen (Fiji)

597. Josh Canfield (SJDS) - cut by toad in the holeEdit

I guess Josh never really did anything actively offensive, and he sure seems like a more pleasant person in real life than Reed, but god, did he make the pre-merge of SJDS a chore to get through. Josh was an incredibly boring, milquetoast Superfan! gamebot who got CP5s like every episode despite doing nothing, and for some reason got to narrate almost every single pre-swap Coyopa scene. He had the personality of a piece of moist cardboard, and yet we were treated to tons of confessionals from him every single episode (not a single one of which I can actually remember). I also remember him voting for Baylor in the premiere, which is basically sacrilegious. The best part about Josh is obviously the great 1-2 punch edgic freakout at the merge, where hordes of people were convinced he'd win for some reason, then he got booted and they flipped shit, and then Jeremy got booted and MORE people flipped shit <3 But that's not actually a Josh moment in and of itself. While SJDS is an amazing season overall, the Coyopa-centered pre-merge eps were a drag and I blame Josh for that. Also he looks like a foot.

Saving Vedus because I actually liked him for some reason

596. Tom Buchanan (All-Stars)- cut by Matthew Edit

Yeah, was kinda upset that Tom from Africa got cut before his ASS incarnation, because while he did have SOME fun moments in Africa, he had absolutely none in All-Stars. All he did was talk mad shit about Sue (whose side we all obviously have to take) and enable Romber until he royally fucked up and got himself ousted at Final 5 entirely out of his own idiocy. He was only brought back because production felt bad about screwing up the Africa final four challenge anyway. Lil bitch. Bucky Bo shoulda been on the show instead.

I'm gonna go ahead and save Ben, cuz even though he's a shit winner I think he's a pretty good character.

595. Russell Hantz (Redemption Island) - cut by SG Edit

There are some good options for cuts here, but I think ultimately I'll just continue my anti-RI crusade. Russell was another reason why Survivor was kind of destroyed for me for a while after having RI as my first season; the supposed point of the season was to have him face off against Boston Rob and for the season to be a battle between Survivor's two "greatest" players (according to Probst, anyway). This, of course, fell flat on its face when Russell was voted off third and didn't even survive 1 duel in the mechanism designed to let him go further. And the worst part for me was that at the time I didn't even know who Russell was. I feel like most Survivor seasons with returning players let new viewers enjoy the season without having to know each player's background and all that, but without knowing about Rob and Russell, there was nothing to look forward to or enjoy about RI. Not that I would've enjoyed it anyway since Rob and Russell are both awful, but now looking back it's just ridiculous how much this season gave Russell and hyped him up at the expense of everyone else when he ultimately barely had any impact. I'm so glad Zapatera decided to screw themselves just for the purpose of not having Russell appear on TV anymore.

Saving Sunday because she's the most okay out of all of these

594. Paschal English (Marqueas)- cut by EpicProbst Edit

Evil!!!!!!!! Marquesas is oen of my favorite season and I love literally everyone who makes the merge except for this gremlin. He thinks he's way smarter than he is, his relationship with Neleh was NOT cute it was cweepy(--Christy Smith-- That Epic) and he was also a flaming racist who outright  stated that "people like Sean and V don't deserve the million", which vomit. Thank god he got purple rocked out and then like collapsed at ponderosa so he couldn't come to the f3 TC, karma's a bitch you skeleton

Saving Shambo because I don't understand how anyone can hate her

593. Alex Angarita (Fiji)- cut by Inês BrunosilEdit

This lil shit was a fucking douchebag. #Cassandrownt

Saving Rafe because he shares a b-day with me (I have never seen Guatemala lul). c:

592. Diane Ogden (Africa) - cut by COKEMAN11Edit

so she kind of was funny at first when she decided to lead the Borans in the Right Direction, but the big reveal came when she was exposed as a bad person and racist who Clarence eviscerated after cherrygate. been a couple of years since I saw her singular episode of Survivor so bye I guess

saving Matt Elrod because he contemplated an attempt vote out Rob and make the game interesting one time briefly

591. Jeff Kent (Philippines) - cut by dynaEdit

it's 600 grand by the time OBAMA takes it! and other such moments, which I have experienced as a person who has definitely watched philippines. jeff kent was a good baseball player and a significantly huge dick, and that applied to survivor in...some way, presumably

note: though this cut was generated through consensus, it was also my original cut that I was gonna make. so suck on that fellas

saving ted rogers junior because i forgot he's the 150 to 200 percent satisfied guy. heh. that alwys makes me laugh

590. Matt Bischoff (Caramoan) - cut by ReddyEdit

penis beard

saving jessica deBen

589. Roger Sexton (Amazon) - Cut by MrEEdit

Roger is a gross sexist welp on one of the best seasons of Survivor of all time. The fact that he was UTR for half of his stay and that he got destroyed at the merge in one of the most disparaging boot episodes of anyone of that era is righteous. Doesn't make him any less awful though. I think we avoided a lot of potential awful with his boot.

Saving Nat10 I guess.

CK's Big NominationsEdit

my noms are the people that aren't worth it

  • Rob Mariano (All-Stars)
  • John Palyok (Vanuatu)
  • Cecilia Mansilla (Cook Islands)
  • Boo Bernis (Fiji)
  • Ashley Trainer (Samoa)
  • Liz Kim (Samoa)
  • Tom Westman (Heroes vs. Villains)
  • Tyson Apostol (Heroes vs. Villains)
  • Tyson Apostol (Blood vs. Water)
  • Dale Wentworth (San Juan del Sur)
  • Max Dawson (Worlds Apart)
  • Tyler Fredrickson (Worlds Apart)
  • Dan Foley (Worlds Apart)
  • Sierra Dawn Thomas (Worlds Apart)
  • Stephen Fishbach (Cambodia)
  • Paul Wachter (Millennials vs. Gen X)
  • CeCe Taylor (Millennials vs. Gen X)
  • Chris Hammons (Millennials vs. Gen X)
  • Caleb Reynolds (Game Changers)
  • Katrina Radke (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers)

588. Sierra Dawn Thomas (Worlds Apart)- Cut by the Voluptuous Matt Edit

I know Toad was excited to cut FFGCSDT, but I couldn't resist. Now, I learned a lot about preventing bullying during elementary and middle school, and one of the main lessons I learned was: do not be a bystander. If you see someone being bullied, don't just stand there and watch. You need to step in and help the victim, or else you're just as much of a problem as the person doing the bullying. Presumably, Sierra didn't go to school, as she was too busy racing barrels, because she was the DEFINITION of a bystander. She stood by all season... and not only did she do nothing of particular interest, but she allowed a lot of evil to go on around her. She let Will yell at Shirin like that and stuff. This supposed "nice person" does that, and just stands by. Once can compare her to the Germans who stood by and did nothing during the Holocaust. "I vas just following ze orders," says German Sierra. Well fuck you, Sierra. I punch Nazis. Out of this rankdown.

Saving my boy Stephen, because, like, I can explain.

587. Tyler Fredrickson (Worlds Apart) - Cut By MrE Edit

read the above writeup but subtract two rounds.

Saving Tom Westman.

586. Katrina Radke (HvHvH) - cut by the Even More Voluptuous ToadEdit

Katrina's edit like... actively angers me because of how bad it is. The HvHvH premiere was really fucking boring other than Alan Ball's OTTN6 nonsense, and they didn't even try to give Katrina any sort of edit. Like pre-show when I saw her video and she was incredibly annoying, and then she was spoiled to be first boot, I pictured some sort of trainwrecky Wendy Jo-esque edit. But nope, I genuinely cannot tell you a single word she said in the episode and you know it's sad when Brook Gerahgahgahgahgahghaghgahgghty is more relevant than you. I know there are people in this nomset who are probably more offensive but like this just represents EXTREME laziness on the editors' part and it makes me sad. So unfortunately, since she's barely even a Survivor character, Katrina has to c-c-call it quits from this rankdown.

Saving Max because his boot episode is the best of WA.

585. Chris Hammons (Millennials vs. Gen X) - cut by Bruno aka TheBiggestDanFoleyFanEdit

Some may say he's not offensive, but this guy was awful, imo. He was a bore, he was the leader of that shitty alliance that dominated the early season (tho we all know <3 LUCY <3 was the real leader), and he had this hateboner for Jessica Blain Lewis and said he wasn't bitter about Paul when he clearly was. Bye douche!

You all know who I'm saving, I don't even have to write anything.

584. Paul Wachter (Millennials vs. Gen X) - cut by SGEdit

Definitely the worst contestant of MvGX, though I can at least appreciate that he had a sweet downfall, I guess. But that doesn't excuse him how awful he was over 3 episodes to the point where I was lowkey disappointed he didn't get medevaced in Episode 2, which I felt bad about, but that just tells you how much I hated him.

Saving BvW Tyson because he was honestly fine and I don't think it's really his fault the edit sucked every drop of personality out of him

583. Dale wentworth (sjds) - Cut by dynaEdit

I actually liked dale when I watched SJDS in the ancient times of Jan 2016, but looking back he wasn't much more than an ineffective old man who believed in Traditional Ways of Survival. They're everywhere in survivor and considering I almost disliked Dan Barry, one of the nicest examples, it's fair to say I have lessened my personal interest in this character type and he's not really worth that much. I mean dale and Kelley were harmless in season and I would say they are probably fine people outside of SJDS but there's supposed to be all this other off show drama they got into, so I can't even use that excuse. In essence dale isn't reallly worth anyone's time

Saving hvv Tyson, my pure angel who got me into the legend of Tyson apostol despite ALLEGEDLY doing nothing and screwing over any chance of hantz not dominating the season

582. Caleb Reynolds ("game changers") - cut by Ohf!Edit

I have an irrational hatred for caleb in GC because his arc in Kaoh Rong was -amazing- and it feels diminished by an underwhelming second run. his evac was one of the strongest moments of KR but there was nothing about caleb himself to warrant a return, only his circumstances. like even his bromance with Tai was only interesting because of Tai. as for GC itself he was kind of just Brad's lapdog until he got owned by Tai in an episode that I only have a vague recollection of. not to mention that he was a giant fucking douche in BB + still is outside of the show

saving liz because she was surprisingly great in my samoa rewatch <3

581. Cece Taylor (Millenials vs Gen X)- cut by EpiqueEdit

Are there Survivor contestants less intersting than Cece? I vote "no". Despite being in Millenials vs Gen X for five episodes and going to tribal council 4 of those 5 episodes, it's somehow difficult for me to remember a thing about Cece. All  remember is her being on the bottom with no allies, only for her to get swapped into a really great situation where she had 3 gen xers and her closest ally, David, only to get sent home like unanimously lol :/ Truly our next Cirie.

Saving John P, an equally riveting survivor character

580. Boo Bernis (Fiji) - cut by 1dra7Edit

Boo is kinda ugly and has a funny name, and since I was asked to make a GUEST CUT, this is my #shocking decision. I can't really make much of a writeup because I don't know anything about him but what I do know is...

I am saving Boston Rob from All-Stars because unlike most people, I don't actually hate him at all. He's pretty cool.

Epic's Noms!!!!!!Edit

  • Cecilia Mansilla (Cook Islands)
  • Ashley Trainer (Samoa)
  • Scot Pollard (Kaoh Rong)
  • Ben Dreidberger (HvHvH)
  • Roark Luskin (HvHvH)
  • Rodney Lavoie Jr. (Worlds Apart) IDOLED
  • Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)
  • Jonathan Libby (Palau)
  • John Rocker (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Gina Crews (Marquesas)
  • Brook Geraghty (Vanuatu)
  • Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands)
  • Sekou Bunch (Cook Islands)
  • Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands)
  • Lex Van De Berghe (All-Stars)
  • Marcus Lehman (Gabon)
  • JT Thomas (tocantins)
  • Natalie Tennerelli (Redemption Island)
  • Krista Klumpp (Redemption Island)
  • Stephanie Valencia (Redemption Island)

579. Stephanie Valencia (Redemption Island) - cut by SGEdit

And so my crusade continues. Stephanie was one of several incredibly weak players on RI cast possibly just to make things easier for Rob and/or Russell, and if that's what casting was going for, it definitely worked for like 3 episodes when Stephanie attached herself to Russell supposedly until the end. Luckily though, Zapatera spared us all when they voted Russell off third and Stephanie followed soon after. There's not much to say about Stephanie herself beyond that she enabled a pretty awful person but she's still one of the better people from RI because she failed in doing so, I guess? Cutting her over Natalie and Krista because while they all essentially did the same things, Natalie and Krista at least came off as nice people while Stephanie was sour and unfun. It's so weird that she was a candidate for Cambodia and that seems like production trying to make it easier for other people to get in, even? So misguided and so rude.

Saving Gina Crews because she was ironically hilarious and weirdly rootable that's a bad nom

N/A. Rodney Lavoie Jr (Worlds Apart) - cut by Bruno "Running Out Of Funny Names" SomebodyEdit

"HE'S FOOKIN VAI-OL" - Chanelle McCleary

I am sorry @Toad, but as Mana said somewhere, while Will said those terrible shit when he was pissed, Rodney said terrible shit like, every time. Ep 4 Rodney is like, a bottom tier showing for me, and I didn't even find him that funny. The birthday thing was ANNOYING AS FUCK grow up your fucking dipshit. In fact, my fave thing from him came from out of the show are you Real Fan of me? #AgeOfDanFoley

Saving CI Penner bc I am a Real Fan of him.

ADDENDUM: Yeah, no. Rodney DID say terrible shit all the time but the edit made him look like a complete moron and I thought it was hilarious. Also you can't stan Dan Foley and then cut Rodney since they both said EQUALLY horrible shit smh. There's like 20 hilarious Rodney moments that were unfairly ignored here - so, as Matt has informed us that there are idols, I'm using my FIRST IDOL on Rodney Lavoie, Jr --toad

578. Jonathan Libby (Palau)- cut by Matt Edit

I'm sorry, who? oh, the guy who somebody picked Willard before in a schoolyard pick. Even though I know nothing about him, one has to assume he was just awful based on this alone.

Saving Michael Holloway.

577. Marcus Lehman (Gabon)- cut by Dyna Edit

yeah, he's not vile as a person, and even to a reliably straight dude like me he's cute with his glasses on, but he Set Out to make a bewildering, chaotic, trainwrecky season actively boring and complacent, all while having no discernable flaws that could have made him interesting. thanks 4 play

saving JT Thomas Jr because being the object of complacency is at least better than aiming for it

576. Natalie Tenerelli (RI) - cut by Frogplayer69Edit

I'm sort of shocked she's lasted this far because of the attempted RI slaughter going on, but don't be fooled, Nat10 was one of the worst offenders of being a Rob Zombie. She was painfully inert and couldn't really string together a sentence, and she was also like 19 or something, so it was obvious she was only cast for a) bikini fodder and b) more of a chance to give Rob a win. And hey, it succeeded! I will say, however, that she's extremely hot - probably one of the top 5-10 ever on this show, and I voted her into SC a few times instead of Wentworth for this very reason. But that's nowhere near enough to save her, sadly.

Saving Roark because she's fine? Like she's no worse than any of the other post-swap UTRandos, of which there are like 50 still in this rankdown

575. Lex can der Berghe (All Stars) - cut by mreEdit

Lex is just another gross toxic human on all stars and his whole thing with rob was so awful in general. Overall he just helped make all stars the awful toxic place it was

Saving Scot "do drugs" Pollard

574. Ben Driebergen (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers) - cut by iCekiEdit

opens cowboy hat to reveal a benbomb 💣💣💣💥💥💥
so the January mood is correcting the narrative that Ben being a complex character excuses him from being Bad. yes, I, too, enjoyed him circa episode 4 when he had that complex moment at NuYawa re: PTSD, because that was content Survivor doesn't normally give us, but it did cause me to fear the worst: Ben wins. fast forward to the merge, Ben outs himself as a condescending, self-righteous pricc who literally breaks the game by finding three (3) hidden immunity idols and constantly eliminates superior players to him (Lauren, Ashley, Mike and Devon all deserved better), all while not providing a single ounce of fun. Miss me with that "in the Marines"/"I'm a Marine so I can't be dishonest"/"How dare you accuse me of lying, you're not as good as me, a Marine" bullshit attitude. you can be a shitty person and still be in the military,,they don't cancel each other out. Ben's endgame presence actively sourced HvHvH for me and probably made it drop 10 spots in my ranking. I really cannot stand this puta. Congrats to Fabio and Bob Crowley for no longer being the worst Survivor winners objectively.

saving CI Ozzy I guess because everyone else is worse

573. John Rocker (San Juan Del Sur) - cut by Ohf!Edit

"Imagine having to take the 7 train to the ballpark looking like you’re [riding through] Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It’s depressing… The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?'"

john is a generic alpha male with zero unique features, except for the fact that he's also a bigot, as if that's supposed to be remotely entertaining. I like my douches in a rodney-way, not in a holy-shit-how-does-someone-actually-think-like-this way. obviously it's fucked up that he bodyshamed natalie + threatened to knock her teeth out (and called her a slut, which was edited out, fun)--but it's even worse because it's painfully obvious that he was cast for that reason. it puts a really bad taste in my mouth that the moment didn't happen organically, but instead because survivor was craving controversy. stunt casting be gone. there's gross revisionist history going on that he was a fun OTT villain with a good downfall. stop that. drew christy? sure. rocker? no. he was just a boring, sour airtime hog that the edit protected until he got eviscerated by natalie, and is actively a terrible person outside of the show. I literally never want to hear about him again and hate that he's part of Survivor canon. also the 7 train doesn't look like that you doofus

saving...ashley? my samoa rewatch coming in clutch

572. Krista Klumpp (Redemption Island) - cut by Jaxswim Edit

This cut is purely emotional because Stephanie Valencia deserved to go much, much farther than Krista and it's a Greek tragedy that Krista is ahead of her. I have to end her run here. Look I don't remember much about RI and I remember just about nothing about Krista, but Stephanie Valencia was a shining light in that season's premerge. It's frustrating and I'm pissed that SG chose to cut her this early. So this Krista cut is basically just a result of that cut. I know this isn't normal but im actually so emotional when it comes to stephanie valencia and it didn't help that Cambodia reopened that wound, i got offered a guest cut so i get to say what i mf want. this is what it takes to live my way so the world will take me as i am.

saving brook. vanuatu protection team zoom zoom

SG's Noms™Edit

  • Cecilia Mansilla (Cook Islands)
  • Sekou Bunch (Cook Islands)
  • Alicia Calaway (Australia)
  • Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands)
  • Ashlee Ashby (Palau)
  • Terry Deitz (Panama)
  • Austin Carty (Panama)
  • Adam Gentry (Cook Islands)
  • Erik Huffman (China)
  • Dave Cruser (China)
  • Shannon Elkins (Nicaragua)
  • Ashley Underwood (Redemption Island)
  • Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island)
  • Matt Elrod (Redemption Island)
  • Troyzan Robertson (One World)
  • Brad Culpepper (BvW)
  • Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan)
  • Jeff Varner (Cambodia)
  • Andrew Savage (Cambodia)
  • Troyzan Robertson (Game Changers)

571. Matt Elrod (Redemption Island) - Cut By MrEEdit

Matt was just another vapid drone of the Ometepe tribe which is grounds enough to be slaughtered promptly but Matt had the unfortunate honor of being on Redemption Island for the entire season, which meant he was literally getting like 15 minutes of screentime dedicated to him + the flavor of the week and whether they could beat him (spoiler: they can't except Andrea randomly)

So the big thing was he was the RI god and stuff and he attributed his success to God and all that but like it was all so pointless??? I get that he was the one on RI the whole time but like, come on. He came back, got revolving doored, then got killed off in 3rd of 4 in the final duel anyways. Dude was as relevant as Steve in the long run. He was overexposed and he is just a figurehead of the worst twist in Survivor history that wasn't in HHH (side burn HHH).

Saving Andrew Savage (Cambodia) because you all are wimpy little non-leaders.

570. Troyzan Robertson (One World)- cut by yours truly, Matt Edit

Ah, yes, the pre-becoming an embarrassing joke that nobody even bothers asking questions at FTC Troyzan. He was fine in the early season but once he fell into the "underdog" role and started yelling "THIS IS MY ISLAND" all over the place I was done with it. Also, Troyzan is the dumbest fucking nickname of all time. Why'd they bring him back?

I had initially wanted to save the innocent Erik Huffman, but I fear my boy Braddy Brad would be in more actual danger.

569. Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands) - cut by Feminist Icon BrunoEdit

I said I'd cut a female this time... but I can't pass this opportunity. lul This one should've been gone a LONG time ago. He was the same self-righteous, arrogant prick he was in Cambodia, but while in that season he was shat by the edit and therefore enjoyable, in PI he was edited as the heroic leader of his tribe. Thankfully he got #Lillownt in the best twist ever (that should've been the worst but PI is a wonderful thing that made it work).


568. Ashley Underwood (Redemption Island) - buy CKEdit

I was between multiple people for this cut, but decided that Redemption Island just carries too much negativity and depression as a concept to let Ashley Underwood go further. When I watched RI live, I was essentially a casual viewer, so much that when Rob discussed naming Murlonio after an inside joke with his wife Amber, I thought Amber was referring to Ashley. Lowkey that;s how irrelevant she was. Now, people have decided to retcon Ashley into some kind of feminist icon that led the charge to take down Rob, but realistically she was just a RobObstacle because she was the only one that could beat him in the FIC (and would also beat him at the FTC, apparently). Unfortunately, guess what? She didn't beat Rob. And I was kind of shocked to hear that she was insanely close to getting on BvW because really? really?

On the whole I bet she's a nice person though. it's just too bad she didn't offer a lot in the scheme of the Survivorverse. saving Cagayan Spencer, sorry

567. Shannon "Shannips" Elkins (Nicaragua) - cut by ToadEdit

I will give Shannon some credit by saying the "lemme jus get this outta the way r u gay" scene is one of the times I've laughed the hardest during a Survivor episode, just because like... it's so stupid in so many ways? First of all it had NO relevance to the conversation at hand, so to imagine Shannon just thinking about that and ruminating in his mind for hours before he finally had the courage to say it is hilarious. And also... like, did he think it was going to help him in the game in any way? It was awe-inspiring how quickly the guy blew up his game in the span of one TC. Besides all that though, Shannon is actually a horrible person off-show? He displayed an impressive amount of bigotry in just like two episodes (didn't he call Fabio retarded lol). So that one line is hilarious, but only ironically because it's sad that he was being completely serious, and in general Shannon is kind of a shithead. 


566. Alicia Calaway (Australia) - cut by EpicEdit

I'm so glad Alicia hasn't become a thing yet, because I feel like she's exactly the kind of person who could in 2018 and nothx. Alicia is an incrdibly agressive and dour person, but that didn't...actually manifest itself into good TV, you know? I can admit that "I will ALWAYS wag my finger your in face" is funny but it's literally all she did in 8 episodes other than stand around be muscular and glare at people, so like...I have literally no idea why they asked her back for All-Stars, but she was even worse there yay thanks for that.

Saving GC Troyzan, who is too pathetic to dislike

565. Austin Carty (Panama) - cut by DynaEdit

just finished his boot ep so now i'm qualified to talk about him woo! there is a lot that is admittedly funny about this meathead hick coming to survivor, doing nothing other than being miserable while enjoying being in a big position, and then trying so hard to finally play Survivor after his team gets down in numbers despite the fact he knows he's fucked.

but unfortunately most of that fun comes in like the last 2 episodes of his existence, when the shitty boys are forced to break into Casaya's threshold and adopt some of their weirdness and liveliness. before that he was the sincere poster child for La Mina--undying unconditional loyalty to All-American Robot Deitz and an unwillingness to do much other than talk smack about the tribe's women. he is in some ways inherently funny and I hope he's doing well 12 years after what he called the most miserable experience of his life. but la mina sucks shit

saving whoever Cecilia is because that seems like the least controversial save i could make

564. Jeff Varner (Cambodia) cut by ReddyEdit

I already wrote my thoughts on him in GC, might as well call his Cambodia incarnation OVERRATED

Saving Ashlee Ashby bc tits

563. Terry Deitz (Panama) cut by Survivor321 Edit

Terry was extremely unpleasant on this season and I'm pretty sure everyone's aware of why. I liked him much better in Cambodia, so this also hurts this version of him. I never could for the life of me understand why he didn't use his super idol to save one of the La Minas, but he DID never claim to be a strategic mastermind, so I'll give him that. Either way, his grating, unpleasant attitude on this season is why I'm cutting him here.

Saving Sekou because he was mildly likable and mostly inoffensive, despite being the first voted out.

Ohf's Buy Ruins on iTunes NomsEdit

  • Adam Gentry (Cook Islands)
  • Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island)
  • Ryan Ulrich (HvHvH)
  • Ashley Nolan (HvHvH)
  • JP Hilsabeck (HvHvH)
  • Roark Luskin (HvHvH)
  • Cole Medders (HvHvH)
  • Desi Williams (HvHvH)
  • Lauren Rimmer (HvHvH)
  • Jessica Johnston (HvHvH)
  • Mike Zahalsky (HvHvH)
  • Aubry Bracco (Kaoh Rong)
  • Cydney Gillon (Kaoh Rong)
  • Debbie Wanner (Kaoh Rong) support talent - idoled her --CK
  • Tai Trang (Kaoh Rong)
  • Alecia Holden (Kaoh Rong)
  • JT Thomas (Game Changers)
  • Alexis Maxwell (Cagayan)
  • Garrett Adelstein (Cagayan)

562. Ryan Ulrich (HvHvH) - cut by ToadEdit

I'm coming back from the pub rn so this'll be quick. Jesus these are the worst noms I've ever seen but Ryan is garbage and he deserves to go. With other Superfan Nerd types like Cochran and Spencer, even if I didn't LOVE them, I can at least see why they were cast as they were interesting/had charisma. Ryan had none of the above and just seems like some loser plucked off of 4chan onto the island. Like 75% of his content is just cringey shit about not being able to get a gf which reminds me of the things I used to say in middle school and like... instead of bitching about not being able to get a gf, why don't you actually take time out of your day to improve yourself and do stuff like go to the gym and stop wearing turtlenecks and saying cringey metaphors all the time and calling women "females" and then maybe you'll find your love life has improved. Believe me man, I'm speaking from experience. Also he's alt-right, which is questionable at best, and the way he got Ali out was incredibly sus and I say this as someone who's barely even an Ali fan. While it's nice that he was super irrelevant post-merge, it also makes me kinda mad because it seemed to make people forget just how horrible he was in the early stages of the game. Bye

Saving Aubry because these noms are worse than getting hemorrhoids

561. Alexis Maxwell (cagayan) - dynaEdit

going first so i can make the easy decision! boring, complicit in all the beautys being dumb and stupid and bad, notably not a friend of the one interesting person on this tribe, got out without seemingly ever having done anything. the fact that she can twerk is good but irrelevant, sorry 2013dyna

saving garrett adelstein my wonderful weird stick boy. have fun eating yourselves over who from triple H is gonna go suckerrrrrrrs

N/A. Joe Mena (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers) - cut by CK Buy Ruins on iTunesEdit

salty BUT ok. this cut has justrategic nuances to it because realistically, Joe wasn't stellar until the final act of his Survivor journey and most of these noms are strides better than he. His bargain bin Tony act was hard to get through but once it dropped I actually really enjoyed the offerings of Joe Mann. In general I wish he didn't have to go out like this but homeboy is a victim of circumstance. Plus I guess he attacks too many people on twitter and COKEMAN11 dislikes that mood...that may be off show but who cares...gotta make a long writeup

saving Ashley Nolan bc I can't confirm that anyone else will

EDIT: Did you vote for who I told you to vote for, Joe Mann? *Joe Mann noods* I'm playing this for Joe Mann. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT -- bubulipoops

560. Desi Williams (HvHvH)- cut by Matt Edit

Sorry kids, with this set of noms from hell, I've gotta play strategically. She didn't do shit on the show, she is boring. She was my pre-season winner pick and didn't win. The main reason I'm cutting her was that she was SUPER nasty towards Chrissy in her post-game interviews. Unnecessarily so, and I don't even LOVE Chrissy.

Saving JP cuz I'm confident somebody'll save Lauren and Dr. Mike.

559. Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island)- cut by Bruno brought to you by "The Killers - The Mann"Edit

I mean, I kinda disliked Andrea in Caramoan and since it's RI she's probably bad there as well. I'm all for a RIslaughter.

Saving Tai because I have seen hatred for this pure angel and I'm scared he might go. :(

558. Roark Luskin (HvHvH) - cut by Jax Edit

Is there really another option here..? Roark is great outside of the game and all- actually, is she? I mean she's good friends with Corinne for one and ends all of her instagram captions with periods. Anyway she didn't do anything in-game despite the hype and hype doesn't mean I keep you around in a rankdown bb. She was probably the second most invisible person in HvHvH after Katrina and really... like this isn't even a bad spot for her to be going.

Saving Jessica who won HvHvH​

557. Adam Gentry (Cook Islands) - cut by SG I guess Edit

I knew O would make these kinds of noms eventually because he does rankdowns like he does RPs and kind of just causes chaos to the benefit of not even himself. But anyway I was between Adam and JT and at least JT's downfall was kind of funny thanks to Sandra. I haven't actually seen a full episode of CI, from what I do know, Adam was just kind of a douche and Candice has now gone on and married the legendary John Cody instead, who I think would give her the immunity necklace. rip

Saving Lauren Rimmer because (rimmer)

556. JT Thomas (Game Changers) - Cut By MrEEdit

These nominations are terrible, what the fuck. JT definitely doesn't deserve to go at this point but over all the others he is the worst one left on the nominations, at least imo. JT is just an anomaly of Survivor at this point. The first "perfect winner" (Earl was robbed of that title btw) and then just is an awful trainwreck who everyone hates in his two other seasons <3 It's amazing imo and JT is a fun character solely because of that. But of the people left, he's got to go unfortunately.

Saving Mike "Trust Me I'm A Sex Doctor" Zahalsky 

N/A. Debbie Wanner (Kaoh Rong)- cut by EpicEdit

This is a cut just to ensure that someone idols her because she has the best chance of getting it used. IT'S FRUSTRATING AND I'M PISSED-- debbie wanner at brad culpepper-- that epic and owenandheatherfan

Saving Alecia "Mental Giant" Holden

Addendum: I was ready to throw an idol at whoever you cut because all 4 are bona fide Survivor icons. Not only is Debbie a caretaker to nuns, Red Lobster server (between jobs), electronics expert, photonics manufacturing supervisor, bartender, civil air patrol captain, chemist and part-time model, she's also getting fast forwarded to the top 455. --CK

MrE's Nominees 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

  • Stephanie Dill (Thailand)
  • Jed Hildebrand (Thailand)
  • John Raymond (Thailand)
  • Rob Mariano (All-Stars)
  • Denise Martin (China)
  • Elyse Umemoto (South Pacific)
  • Michael Snow (Caramoan)
  • Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan)
  • Dan Foley (Worlds Apart)
  • Nina Poersch (Worlds Apart)
  • So Kim (Worlds Apart)
  • Tasha Fox (Cambodia)
  • Kimmi Kappenberg (Cambodia)
  • Ali Elliot (Heroes Healers Hustlers)
  • Simone Nguyen (Heroes Healers Hustlers)
  • Mari Takahashi (Millennials vs Gen X)
  • Bret LaBelle (Millennials vs Gen X)
  • Lucy Huang (Millennials vs Gen X)
  • Cole Medders (Heroes Healers Hustlers) (carryover)
  • Cydney Gillon (Kaoh Rong) (carryover)

555. John Raymond (Thailand) - Cut by Ohf! Edit

ehhhh I don't really have anything to say about him. he was super cringey in his first (and only) ep when he lied to his team about the location of the water well for literally no reason? and outside of the show he's like a raging homophobe so.... adios 

saving So obviously 

554. Mari Takahashi (MvGX)- cut by Matt Edit

She was like, a pretty inoffensive gamebotty early boot, but I hold some resentment towards her because of how her legion of fans acted after her elimination, and also because I saw her on a weird amount of like, Second Chances casts. Gay and bad. Smosh sucks.

Saving Dan Foley, correctly.

553. Lucy Huang (MvGX) - cut by Toad the Wet SprocketEdit

Lucy is like an empty shell of a 4th boot, surrounded by stars. INV-INV-INV-OTTN is objectively hilarious, but in practice, her OTTN wasn't nearly ridiculous enough for me to commit to enjoying her. Really all it consisted of was her talking about being a tiger mom (which made my dad rant for like 10 minutes for some reason) and then saying something really questionable about Ken in the confessional. I don't even adore Ken, but the way she said "Ken is so emotional, like a GIRL" actually made me irate (--Sarah Lacina). Nice internalized misogyny you've got there, Lucy - and I couldn't even find ironic humor in that because people said that shit to me for a solid 10 years of my life and it just hit a little too close to home. Then she got idoled out by David(?) and nobody gave a shit. Overall, I like my 4th boot trainwrecks OTTNN5, not some weak OTTN3. 

Saving THE Simone Nguyen. 

552. Bret LaBelle (Millennials vs. Gen X) - cut by iCekiEdit

sorry ladies but drunk gay Bret is a figment of the world's imagination, a fleeting moment of an idea created by Reddit and latched onto by fans in order to find good in the Millennials vs. Gen X season. after quitting MvGX post-Michaela, going back in and finishing it up I was expecting based on hype to encounter Bret, a drunk gay man who loved alcohol and got wasted every reward as an iconic, enthralling running gag, but all that was really presented to me(COKEMAN11) was the Zeke-Bret coming out scene. yes, that was a great moment in Survivor history but it was aired in a strategic context, that Zeke was bonding with Bret in order to rally his troops and build his army for the endgame, and honestly it's not amazing when your most personal moment of the season is swallowed up by the apparently epic clash between two alliances whose makeup I cannot remember. I also expected Bret to be, as advertised, a force of good in opposing the overtly ridiculous "evolution of the game"; in a season chock full of bad players, MvGX had people making big moves for the sake of looking smart left and right, and while we did get exactly one moment in which Bret denounced the "trust cluster" initiative, if anything, Bret was a net negative in Millennials vs. Gen X. the apex of the Bret experience is denouncing Hannah Shapiro for voting him out when it was the best move for her game in a lose-lose scenario.

see how that writeup was mostly about other people? it's not a coincidence. saving earth angel Cole Medders

551. Stephanie Dill (Thailand) - cut by BrunoEdit

Idk her. Seriously, I've never seen Thailand. But I heard she's bad? idk I sound like Dyna now. There's some people I actually watched that I'd cut (Tasha/Kimmi/Spencer (eyes)) but I think they deserve to place higher than STEPHANIE DILL???


550. Ali Elliot (Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers)- cut by EPicEdit

I was fully prepared to cut Denise Stapely but it was Denise Martin who was nominated ://// SO this is mys econd choice, but honestly I have no connection to Alli. I thought she might slay the game later on, but she was basicall just a gamebot for 6 episodes and then left. Some people think her getting mad at Ryan was some amazing crown jewel moment, and I hate Ryan as much as the next guy but her getting like mildly angry at him and then subsequently getting voted off was not riveting television, sorry. Good luck on SCII, which you're apparently on :/

Saving Nina because none of you have ANY human compassion

549. Tasha Fox (Cambodia) - guest cut by 1dra7Edit

Tasha was horrible in Cambodia and I can't believe people would let her get this far over miscellaneous characters that may or may not have had any screen time. She ruined cambodia by existing.

Saving Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan) because I liked him.

548. Rob Mariano (All-Stars) - cut by SGEdit

This kind of sucks because of the remaining noms the only ones whose seasons I've actually seen are Kimmi and Denise, but anyway, I feel like Rob deserves this cut BECAUSE he's the reason I've avoided AS thus far. I know enough about AS to know it was a toxic, ugly mess and that Rob was the prime reason for that. And unfortunately for him and everyone else, he was too odious to even actually win this season and take away reason for Probst to constantly keep bringing him back until he won, thus giving us the much-loathed RI. Rob is a mediocre player at best and he has no idea how to handle a jury, as seen when he lost to his girlfriend who didn't do anything in this season and then had to go to FTC with Natalie and Phillip in RI to have any chance at it. I'm glad that now even he realizes he's done playing Survivor.

Saving Kimmi because she was funny like twice

547. Michael Snow (Caramoan) - cut by dynaEdit

another 2013dyna fave who i don't care about anymore--bespectacled gay blob who did very little interesting and thus helped the fans tribe be awful. contributed the name @heysnowy and hashtag #staysnowy and made my heart merry for a bit as we all watched caramoan fall off a cliff, but otherwise, i mean, who remembers anything he did

saving, um, denise? sure

Bruno's Noms: Revenge of the IslandEdit

  • Jed Hildebrand (Thailand) carryover
  • Elyse Umemoto (South Pacific) carryover
  • Lex van der Berghe (Africa)
  • Amber Brkich (All-Stars)
  • Brook Geraghty (Vanuatu)
  • Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
  • Alexis Jones (Micronesia)
  • Michelle Chase (Gabon)
  • Brandon Hantz (South Pacific)
  • Jonas Otsuji (One World)
  • Jay Byars (One World)
  • Michael Jefferson (One World)
  • Lisa Whelchel (Philippines)
  • Julia Landauer (Caramoan)
  • Reynold Toepfer (Caramoan)
  • Lindsey Ogle (Cagayan)
  • Joe Anglim (Cambodia)
  • Julia Sokolowski (Kaoh Rong)
  • Scot Pollard (Kaoh Rong)
  • Sunday Burquest (MvGX)

546. Jed Hildebrand (Thailand) is getting cut by MrEEdit

Just another bland, uninspiring Thailand early boot. I don't remember anything about him though.

Saving Scot Pollard.

545. Lex van der Berghe (Africa) - cut by SGEdit

s/o first off to Bruno for putting up someone from a season he hasn't seen for me. I think I pretty much covered Lex in my Big Tom write-up since they were two halves of one evil, but basically Lex was a pretentious douche who made the post-merge of Africa way less fun than it could've been. His blow-up over the mystery vote led to us sadly losing Kelly Goldsmith and from then on, it was a relatively dull Boran bulldoze to the end with Lex still being a condescending ass the entire way. I'm so glad once again that Kim Johnson saved us all and decided she'd rather have Ethan Zohn win this season than Lex.

Saving Lisa Whelchel because while she is not a modern Kathy VO, I do like her

544. Brandon Hantz (South Pacific) - a CKutEdit

It should go without saying that Brandon is a Big Bad. Brandon's introduction to the Survivorverse/CBS continuum as a whole means that, at that point, the second of three Hantz family members would have appeared on reality television as a competitor, and what a bad idea it was to introduce this member. At the age of 19, Brandon was disillusioned and pressured to live up to his uncle Russell's legacy, and for a brief time, was the OTTP "I'm a lot nicer than my uncle" figure. this is, until, Benjamin Coach Wade fucked up his head and used Christianity as a weapon to control his tribe. what a fuckin prick!! anyways Brandon was really big on God (to the point of voting Mikayla out because she tempted him too much (dre)) and so that really worked with him. something that irked me was that his chyron straight up referred to him as Russell Hantz' Nephew. not like,,a real job. his occupation was being a Hantz. thats so sad to me. SP was the start of a multiyear meltdown journey for Brandon in which CBS screws with his head and life and this man was a loyal Upolu supporter to the point where he really was the poster child for Coach running that like a cult. defending cochran's fake bully narrative and demonizing the superior Savaiis...a bad look. what a bad person to have on TV for shock value

saving gay icon Reynold Toepfer

543. Michelle Chase (Gabon) - dynaEdit

despite being young and somewhat pretty, sucked so hard that Fang voted her out over the old lady everyone hated. also said retarded once and failed to warm up to anyone other than Ken, who thought he was seriously hot shit for that, which is funny but not really on her

saving wholia (caramoan), who deserves better

542. Jay Byars (One World) - cut by toadeh690Edit

The few things Jay is notable for include: being incredibly hot, being the focal point for a challenge in Woldu's magnum opus Forgive me i was like 12, having a hilariously unfitting squeaky voice, being Pagonged like every other guy in his season, and posting a DEEPLY transphobic tweet around the time Caitlyn Jenner came out. Pretty riveting stuff.

Saving Candice because I like her

541. Elyse Umemoto (South Pacific)- cut by Mattyboy Edit

Yeah, uh, she cuddled with Ozzy and got voted out for it cuz nobody had the balls to actually vote Ozzy out. Pretty lame. Umemoto good last name, tho.

Saving Michael Jefferson cuz he's like, a lowkey shit-stirrer and I kinda like him for some reason.

540. Amber Brkich (All-Stars)- cut by Not Really That Epic Edit

Amber is proof that giving someone more screentime is NOT always a good thing! We all remember her being the cute UTRfun girl in Asutralia, but in All-Stars she was relegated to Boston Rob's meat wallet. I've seen All-Stars more than almost any other season so I know that she's actually. fairly relevant, it's just that nothing she says is....itnteresting? She literally has the most basic opinions and commentary on everything. The only time she was semi-interesting is when she got swapped to Mogo Mogo ad should've gone home but didn't. She didn't get better post-merge either, b asically just...existing until the finale. I do think her win is NECESSARY, as it was the first real reckoning against "Big moves!", but it doesn't mean I find her interesting tho!

Saving Justrategic Goddess, queen of justrategy <3

539. Lindsey Ogle (Cagayan)- cut by Ohf!Edit

lindsey was bout lame as shit. hating trish because she told you to get firewood and then making fun of her physical appearance is a no from me. I'm totally on board with people who quit because the conditions are too hard (naonka/kelly, julie, osten, etc) as it makes for compelling television and I don't feel like they're "stealing" someone's spot or whatever. but in lindsey's case her reasoning made no sense. she...didn't want to set a bad example for her kid? if you have the self-awareness to quit I think you also have the control needed not to punch trish. shame on lindsey indeed

saving Sunday bc she's inoffensive 

538. Alexis Jones (Micronesia) - cut by Bruno himselfEdit

Yeah, Alexis was like, REALLY irrelevant and was kinda Amandajealous and got idoled by her. I can see the ironic love cuz #THATgirl and Survival, but lul yah no.

Saving Jonas, despite me vying for a One World slaughter. Dunno. He wasn't bad.

Toad's Fine, Fresh, Fierce Noms  Edit

  • Ted Rogers, Jr. (Thailand)
  • Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien (All-Stars)
  • Brook Geraghty (Vanuatu)
  • Rafe Judkins (Guatemala)
  • Brooke Struck (Guatemala)
  • Morgan McDevitt (Guatemala)
  • Sundra Oakley (Cook Islands)
  • JP Calderon (Cook Islands)
  • Joel Anderson (Micronesia)
  • James "JT" Thomas, Jr. (Tocantins)
  • Sash Lenahan (Nicaragua)
  • Grant Mattos (Redemption Island)
  • Benjamin Wade (South Pacific)
  • Dawn Meehan (Caramoan)
  • Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan)
  • Morgan McLeod (Cagayan)
  • Kelly Remington (Worlds Apart)
  • Joe Anglim (Cambodia)
  • Rachel Ako (MvGX)
  • Sierra Dawn Thomas (Game Changers)

537. Kelly Remington (Worlds Apart) - cut by OHFEdit

In this sea of UTR/MOR Kelly is the worst case of that I think? she had some potential with her bio ("my career because I get to use my pepper spray, handcuffs, night stick and Taser before I even walk out of the house" <3) but then did literally nothing except get idoled out by jenn 

saving...spencer because the hate is overblown + his reactions to losing challenges are funny + he was a good foil to Kass + he was a good protagonist to the evil that is Tony

536. Benjamin Wade (South Pacific) - cut by sierra mist man elevenEdit

while one could argue that there are more urgent issues here like cutting a MvGX cast member or one of the Joe-Sierra power couple, those contestants at least provided survivor with a net neutral in the seasons for which they are nominated. in south pacific, however, a season which cokeman11 watched live in 2011 and hated coach for the eternity of, coach fuckin ruined everything for me. right now at the very least, i have slightly positive thoughts on MOST of SoPa, if coach weren't there i honestly might love it. here's why.

people dislike south pacific for being "the religious season" or for being ran by a cult. some would argue that religion has no place in survivor, and when you literally fucking weaponize it like coach did, you're right. it's hard for me to support coach even in his other seasons when i know he goes on to use religion as a manipulation tactic on south pacific. angsty atheists online sat there thinking all christians are like this. no #notallchristians. even level headed atheists/agnostics probably raised many eyebrows, stating that this is another reason that religion should not exist...and when benjamin coach wade gives christianity a bad name thats when you know hes bad. homeboy literally said that God told him to betray his allies and in the grand scheme of things it's just not something i believe. you know he was doing that for a storyline, to further strengthen the stranglehold he had on john cochran, edna ma, rick nelson, brandon hantz, albert destrade and, to an extent, sophie clarke. i don't remember entirely but i also think coach told brandon that God wanted him to give up immunity? like what the fuck bro. people say he was a villain for being OTTN but really he was a villain the whole time because he's willing to go so far as to use faith as a combustible.

the quintessential manipulation example is when coach had already found the idol with albert/sophie at the upolu camp and decided that, in order to convince his alliance he didn't have it, he was going to get the entire tribe to group idol hunt together and they prayed before going idol hunting. poor eager brandon hantz was running around that jungle thinking God was on his side. benjamin coach wade lied to God as a strategy and literally had the audacity to say that his jury was bitter? no no. your jury voted for sophie because they saw right through you. as someone who identifies as a Christian and follower of God in general I just REALLY do not like the fact that survivor "legend" benjamin wade got to the end of a survivor season by convincing his allies that voting his targets out was what God wanted. a big fucking cult leader he was. what a dark threepeat. he was better off staying a sandra diaz-twine victim in hvv rather than returning to samoa to leave the merge in First Aid Kit - Ruins

saving dawn. she sold bread to fans on twitter. sink that in

535. Grant Mattos (Redemption Island) - cut by SGEdit

It's been too long since I've cut someone from RI. Fun fact, earlier when Bruno cut Andrea I was lowkey disappointed since I wanted to do her write-up, but a great thing about RI is I can basically say everything I'd say about Andrea for Grant too, except Grant never returned and kind of redeemed himself. Grant and Andrea and to a lesser extent Ashley are frustrating in a different way than Natalie or Phillip, because they all could've won but just didn't care enough to stop Boston Rob from dominating his way to the end. Grant was apparently really popular among everyone else and would've won had he made FTC, but instead he just sat idly by as Rob cut him and Andrea as soon as Zapatera was gone because he knew that he could win even if Grant didn't. Grant himself though was weirdly UTR and dull, so it's not like I'm super disappointed he didn't win-- it just would've been preferable over what actually happened.

Saving Sash because he was an entertaining villain in the trainwreck of Nicaragua

534. Morgan McLeod (cagayan) - Cut by dynaEdit

14-year-old dog who provided nothing to her tribes. the epitome of cagayan Beauty and even though she somehow did make friends with brice, failed to save him or capitalize on that friendship to become actually interesting, unless you're a white gay who thinks milquetoast ineffective roasts count as material. the tits weren't even that impressive

saving JT cus I suck

533. Sierra Dawn Thomas (Game Changers) - Cut by BrunoEdit

FFGCSWSDT! Yeah, no... she was just as boring, honestly, and then there are the Michaela stuff that... eh. (eyes) No. Bye.

Saving Rachel Ako because I've seen her nudes. (eyes)

532. Sundra Oakley (Cook Islands) - cut by MrEEdit

Honestly Sundra is just another boring cog in the Aitu 4 cog and while she may seem kind of trainwrecky and funny by that virtue its WRONG and she does NOTHING of any value for like 14 episodes. It sucks

Saving Joel I guess?

531. Rafe Judkins (Guatemala)- cut by Matt Edit

Jesus, I just rewatched Guatemala and I TOTALLY forgot how much of a fucking whiny, self-righteous prick this guy becomes near the end of the game. From how pissed off he gets at Cindy for making the correct choice at the car challenge, to complaining about Danni cutting him at the final three RIGHT AFTER HE LITERALLY SAYS SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO. Apparently he used to be a superfan and being on Guatemala ruined Survivor for him, and honestly I think that's fine.

Saving Ted because he's a funny person to save.

530. Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien (All Stars)- cut by RhondaEdit

Kathy was the fan favorite of her season and showed that just because you're an older woman doesn't mean you can't do Survivor. Then All Stars happened and it kind of ruined her legacy and she was a lot mean and nastier. Oops. Also, All-Stars just wasn't good. 

Saving Joe because...he is the only person I know.

529. JP Calderon (Cook Islands)- cut by EpicEdit

CI is a barren wasteland and JP is.....not a shining light. He's basically just a generic douche on the Spanish tribe. He gets blindsided by the girls which should be something I enjoy but I really can't bring myself to care about most things from Cook Islands

Saving magician's assistant queen, Morgan McDevitt

Dyna's "Actually, X Is Bad" NomsEdit

  • Brook Geraghty (Vanuatu) (carryover)
  • Caryn Groedel (Palau)
  • Brooke Struck (Guatemala) (carryover)
  • Ruth-Marie Millman (Panama)
  • Misty Giles (Panama)
  • Jacquie Berg (Gabon)
  • Gillian Larson (Gabon)
  • Spencer Duhm (Tocantins)
  • Debbie Beebe (Tocantins)
  • John Fincher (Samoa)
  • Sherri Biethman (Caramoan)
  • Ciera Eastin (Blood vs Water)
  • Julie McGee (San Juan del Sur)
  • J'Tia Taylor (Cagayan)
  • David Samson (Cagayan)
  • Jefra Bland (Cagayan)
  • So Kim (Worlds Apart)
  • Nina Poersch (Worlds Apart)
  • Hali Ford (Worlds Apart)
  • Carolyn Rivera (Worlds Apart)

528. Jacquie Berg (Gabon) - Cut Bai® CKEdit

I thought really in depth about who to cut here and decided it's #my time to strike; Gabon is a super duper awesome and great season but there are some pre-mergers who really Don't Cut It. Jacquie is among them (and for the record, so is Kelly Czarnecki). I've seen Jacquie's audition tape and it showed some kind of gumption but other than that, she seems like she just got cast for being an Athletic Young Girl, and that's the kind of casting they do for The Challenge, not for @SurvivorOnCBS. Probably the most forgettable Gabon cast member for me. Forgive me if she had some great moment I forgot about but this is my final decision

saving Hali but idk man. someone better swoop in and save some of my NewSurvivorGirls

527. David Samson (Cagayan) - cut by ohfEdit

David was easily the worst member on luzon... he just struck me as really smug and douchey, like when he corrected kass on the difference between a suit/blazer. how bad do you have to be to be voted out before J'TIA. 

saving So

526. Nina Poersch (Worlds Apart) - ct by mrEdit

A semi-uncomfortable third boot who's entire storyline is just kind of sad and unpleasant? do NOT sign me the FUCK up 👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀 bad shit ba̷̶ ԁ sHit 👎 thats ❌ some bad 👎👎shit right 👎👎 th 👎 ere 👎👎👎 right ❌ there ❌ ❌ if i do ƽaү so my self🚫 i say so 🚫 thats not what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ 🚫 👎 👎👎НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ 👎 👎👎 👎 🚫 👎 👀 👀 👀 👎👎Bad shit

Saving J'Tia obviously

525. John Fincher (Samoa) - cut by ToadEdit

I almost forgot this guy existed but he's a POSER (--Jeffpr0bst) and he's partly to blame for Galu getting pagonged and Russell hantz becomingthe terror he became. Also he's engaged to Parvati rn and most people would make some smug remark about how she's so much better than him but also I don't like Parvati so who the fuck cares

Saving my girl misty

524. Ruth-Marie Millman (Panama) - cut by MeninistBruno (5 women in a row 👀)Edit

EXTREMELLY irrelevant and part of La Mina. Easily the worst OG Casaya, although she's not the worst La Mina. lul


523. Debbie Beebe (Tocantins) - guest cut by Mama T.Edit

Despite the epic intro shot, all I really remember her for in the game is being part of the "let's make Sierra look bad" pantomime by shouting I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS while she tries to argue her point with Coach. I'm all for mostly irrelevant hags who have like, one time of glory and become adored by a small cult of gays while most people just don't care about them, but Debbie's "moment of glory" was like, riding Tyson once.

Saving mostly irrelevant hag who has like, one time of glory and become adored by a small cult of gays Mama C Miss Carolyn

522. Jefra Bland (Cagayan)- cut by Matt Edit

Top 10 Most Appropriate Castaway Last Names.

Saving Gillian cuz elephant dung.

521. Brooke Struck (Guatemala) - cut by SGEdit

Brooke apparently was in charge of an alliance that could've done well but then she got swapfucked and that was it rip. She is neither a magician's assistant nor someone who doesn't know what a pick is, so I can safely say she's the least good UTR Guat girl.

Saving Caryn because she seems funny as someone who hasn't seen Palau and also idc about any of these

520. Spencer Duhm (Tocantins) - cut by SunnyEdit

A forgettable presence in a pretty good season. I remember almost nothing about him besides that he's gay, and while that's cool, it doesn't necessarily make him interesting.

Saving Julie because why the fuck would she ever be this low?

Matt Noms Well Edit

  • Patricia Jackson (Marquesas)
  • Erin Collins (Thailand)
  • Ryan Aiken (Amazon)
  • Brook Geraghty (Vanuatu)
  • Kim Mullen (Palau)
  • Jeff Wilson (Palau)
  • Morgan McDevitt (Guatemala)
  • Rebecca Borman (Cook Islands)
  • Stephannie Favor (Cook Islands)
  • Kelly Czarnecki (Gabon)
  • Mick Trimming (Samoa)
  • James Clement (HvV)
  • Sash Lenahan (Nicaragua)
  • Whitney Duncan (South Pacific)
  • Keith Tollefson (South Pacific)
  • Sherri Biethman (Caramoan)
  • Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan)
  • Kelley Wentworth (Cambodia)
  • Shirin Oskooi (Cambodia)
  • Sarah Lacina (Game Changers)

519. Kelley Wentworth (Cambodia) - cut by ToadEdit

I'm one of Cambodia's most ardent detractors on this wiki for sure, but I still maintain that there's some good to be found in it. Kelley became a pretty decent underdog over the course of the season, and mostly just in the context of the show - the Savage idol play was AMAZING to watch live (in part because of the bootlist mixing up his and Stephen's boots, and it being edited like a Stephen boot episode) and I think we were all converted to Kelley fans at that point. But... I have many, many issues with her character (or lack thereof) in the season.

In theory, Kelley should've been a great addition to the season. The whole theme was Second Chances, so a pre-merge boot who displayed some fun snippets of personality/had some memorable quotes, seemed like a good player, then got mildly swapfucked would fit the season perfectly, no? It's just that the ballot was stuffed with amazing one-time players who we ALL had a hankering to see play again, and Kelley... was not one of them. While she was awesome in the Drew boot of SJDS and turned me into a brief stan, after the show she started doing questionable things like attacking Missy and Baylor on Twitter (which is blasphemy) and making that incredibly cringey rap on RHAP (linked here for your listening "pleasure"). So that soured me on Kelley, then watching all that get validated by her appearing on the SC ballot soured me even more, then watching her get on over T-Bird soured me even more. Yes, I understand that she probably wasn't the 10th place vote-getter (which is scary in and of itself) and would've been on anyway, but she's the easiest scapegoat so.

From the second she stepped onto Cambodian land to do pre-game interviews, it became painfully obvious that Kelley was overcompensating for her bland, low-vis edit in SJDS by acting like a massive tryhard. I vividly remember her Gordon Holmes intervew being titled "I'm Gonna Get So Much Social Media Hate After This," and that wasn't even really the worst of it - she was spouting out rehearsed-sounding lines all over and not even really being subtle about it. I've described Kelley as the human personification of a BuzzFeed list before, and that rings true to this day. Her confessionals in the season followed the same pattern - "Sneaky sneaky!"/"Get under that bus, Terry"/"Hi I'm Kelley Wentworth and I just idoled Andrew Savage out of Survivor: Second Chance :)" will play repeatedly in my nightmares for the rest of my life. Especially that last one, Jesus, you just KNOW she was waiting with bated breath to say that for the whole hour-long drive back to camp.

If there was more to her than that, I could MAYBE see past it, but that's the other problem. There... wasn't. We got so much content from Kelley, but almost all of it was just gamebotting. I can't name a single thing about her actual personality other than a) she loves Survivor (cool, who doesn't) and b) her dad fucked her over in her first season and so she wants a second chance blah blah. For someone who lasted all the way to the finale and got a massive edit, that's a problem. Even Cambodia Spencer, as much as I hated him, got shitloads of personal content - the London Symphony Orchestra scene being an example. Kelley was just a gamebot, and in between those scenes of gamebotting, she was cringey. I can deal with gamebots if they talk about strategy in an engaging way, but she did not. The worst part is, I genuinely liked who she was in SJDS, so I don't think she even needed to overcompensate. I'm sure she'll get idoled, which would probably make her proud because as we know, she LOVES idols! But as it stands, Kelley was fun to watch circumstantially (I can't deny that idoling out Savage was great) but she displays some of the worst traits of the new meta Survivor age to me - overreliance on idols, cringey/rehearsed confessionals, no sense of who people are on a human level, and copious amounts of gamebotting. Hard pass. 

saving Shirin again

518. Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan) - cut by SGEdit

This feels like the first outright controversial cut I'm making but here goes. I'll be honest, I actually did like Spencer for about the first third of this season; he contributed to the thoroughly good clusterfuck that was Luzon and served as kind of a straight man to the antics of Garrett and the women. As soon as the merge it and Kass flipped though, Spencer became an insufferable forced underdog who was at the forefront of shaming Kass for making a move that was good for her and alienating her up until Day 38 when she was voted out. Spencer was forced down our throats so hard which would be okay if he were likable in any way, but he just wasn't and to have Probst devote so much time to congratulating him at the finale for being his mini-Cochran was way too much. I don't despise Spencer as much as some other people, I think, but I think about now when we're good a 100 places into this rankdown is when this version of him should go.

Saving Whitney because she's funny on paper

517. Jeff Wilson (Palau) - cut by DynaEdit

congrats to the winner of survivor's Most Generic Name Ever, an annual me/toad recreation! he could have maybe been his tribe's savior into the light, but he fucked up his leg and subsequently got cut for it, which I think is what ulong deserved. the reason he's so low is mostly just the fact that Survivor and the world spent way too much time thinking about him, as evidenced by the fact that he almost returned for Micro 3 years later and was on this magazine cover. what weird, disproportionate treatment for an uncharismatic lunk

saving Mick! who is FECKLESS and much more interesting as an uncharismatic lunk

516. Kelly Czarnecki (Gabon) - a CUTMAN11 productionEdit

this cut was unintentionally foreshadowed by me last round when I cut a near-identical figure within the Survivor pantheon, so enjoy this recycled part-of-a-write-up courtesy of me

Gabon is a super duper awesome and great season but there are some pre-mergers who really Don't Cut It. Kelly is among them. She seems like she just got cast for being a Pretty Young Girl, and that's the kind of casting they do for The Challenge, not for @SurvivorOnCBS. Probably the second most forgettable Gabon cast member for me. Forgive me if she had some great moment I forgot (I'm pretty sure I didn't with this one) about but this is my final decision; also, I REALLY do not understand her huge following. she's extremely meh tv-wise

saving Sarah Lacina. nothing but respect for MY criminal president

515. Sash Lenahan (Nicaragua) - cut by ohfEdit

Sash is just really awkward and I can't exactly pinpoint why? but I didn't like watching him and he made me uncomfortable. people call Vytas smarmy but Sash is like the dictionary definition of that. at best he's a gamebot, at worst he's slimy and weird. idk. somehow he made finals but I can't remember anything about him except that he calls himself the "biggest bachelor in new york" lmao

saving sherri yes I said that!

514. Brook Geraghty (Vanuatu) - cut by Bruno Marit(kovitasdjfs)Edit

Unremarkable first boot. Mostly cutting him cuz he's been carried over from like, three round. lol

Saving Stephannie Favor, she wasn't OUTSTANDING but she was good, deserves to be higher than 2/3 of her cast.

513. James Clement (Heroes vs Villains)- cut by EpicEdit

One of the reasons I loved HvV is that it really exposed, in my opinion, the ACTUAL heroes and villains from the frauds, and James was definitely one of the fraudulent heroes exposed. I really like James in both China and Micro, but he was just so nasty in HvV. The whole Stephenie situation was TERRIBLE and the fact that she got the boot over his beratings was terrible, and as soon as he got injured he started trying to do the same thing to Colby? Thankfully the heroes (sans Amanda lol) were #nothavingit at that point and sent him home, but still, think of the damage he could've done if he stayed :cry Some people are better left as twopeaters lol!

Saving Ulong queen Kim Mullen 

512. Patricia Jackson (Marquesas) - cut by Mystery!!!Edit

I remember nothing about her except she gave Sean a confederate flag at the reunion supposedly which is equal parts lol and yikes so here she goes.

Saving The Rebecca Borman

511. Morgan McDevitt (Guatemala)- cut by Matt, the nominator Edit

Worse than Brooke Struck, really sad I didn't get to save my girl Brooke. She was a magician's assistant, which isn't that bad. Cute.

Saving Erin, she seems nice.

Epic's Nominations- I'm Not Here To Make Friends EditionEdit

  • Ryan Aiken (Amazon)- carryover
  • Keith Toifelson (South Pacific)- carryover
  • Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)
  • Lydia Morales (Guatemala)
  • Cindy Hall (Guatemala)
  • Judd Sergeant (Guatemala)
  • Gary Hogeboom (Guatemala)
  • Brandon Bellinger (Guatemala)
  • Amy O’Hara (Guatemala)
  • Brian Corridan (Guatemala)
  • Margaret Bobonich (Guatemala)
  • Blake Towsley (Guatemala)
  • Brianna Varela (Guatemala)
  • Jim Lynch (Guatemala)
  • Adam Klein (MvGX)
  • Hannah Shapiro (MvGX)
  • Ken McNickle (MvGX) IDOLED by OHF
  • David Wright (MvGX)
  • Jay Starrett (MvGX)
  • Dan Foley (Worlds Apart) IDOLED by Matt

510. Ryan Aiken (Amazon) - a CK cut endeavorEdit

a wholly un-notable first boot...i've only seen 3 episodes of Amazon and I hate to say it but they weren't memorable either so I couldn't tell you a single fact about Ryan except I think he spoke Chinese, maybe

saving cindy hall, sister of i love money 4 winner mindy hall #protectguatemala #teamguatemala #saveguatemala

N/A. Dan Foley (Worlds Apart) - sO kimEdit

what hasn't been said about dan. everything he did was just incredibly forced and no amount of revisionist history will make him less grating. losing his underwear in the ocean, Shanini, outwit/outplay/outlast gibberish –– all cringe, garbage content. for fuck's sake he literally said in a confessional "one way or another, you won't forget me." you just KNOW he was foaming at the mouth to be considered an iconic character in survivor lore, and when it blew up in his face, he decided to blame the edit instead of taking responsibility for the fact that he was vile. the edit can't put words in your mouth. the edit can't make you say "somebody slap this woman, and shut her up already." at best, he played everything up for the camera. at worst, he's an actively malicious condescending egotistical sexist tone-deaf idiot. I mentioned this earlier but there's a weird movement to call anyone bad "ironically good" but, no, they're just straight-up bad. if your enjoyment of them is contingent upon ignoring all of their worst traits, what are you even enjoying. yeah, sure, "I am a fat guy" can -maybe- be entertaining, but it's cancelled out by him enabling bullies in the post-merge and personally attacking shirin. and no, his "downfall" doesn't put him in the clear, because the season had already been ruined by him. an entertaining downfall is like josh in SJDS, who got voted out *before* his season-ruining potential was tapped. dan made it all the way to the final six. by the time Carolyn idoled him out I had zero interest in the season anymore. and speaking of idols someone is probably going to idol him but I'm begging you to go support like...rodney, or literally anyone else who hasn't been crafting a villain narrative for over a decade to ensure a returnee spot.

saving adam who was a wholesome, positive presence <3

Sorry hun he's idoled- Matty

N/A. Ken McNickle (MvGX) - cut by SGEdit

Slight re: to OHF above before I start, even if you like Adam, he's not wholesome and positive. Even though I don't like him, the redeeming thing about him is that he was pretty M the whole time and that's interesting. But anyway, Ken. I actually did like Ken for the beginning part of the season but as time went on it became clear that he was little more than an uninspiring douche and the way he behaved just after the season made that even more apparent. There were very few likely able people in MvGX who were actually visible and Ken and Hannah and David all souring on me made that feel even worse. Ken is lame and mediocre at best just like the season he played in.</strike>

Saving Judd because Guat is a good season and Epic is a scumbag

idoling -ohf

509. Blake Towsley (Guatemala) - Mystery Cut This PersonEdit

dw Epic I also think Guatemala is a boring suckfest for the most part, and Blake is just a filler boot in a bad season.

Saving The David Wright.

508. jim lynch (guatemala) - the cut by the dynaEdit

consensus cut! feel free to chip in how you feel about whoever this is in the space below:

sort of like the poster child for the guat premiere? he didn't do much but get injured or sick. poor guy -ck

Tbh kind of nice old guy who seemed decent but then he got sick and asked them to vote him out which sucks - SG

Well, shows what SG knows, but he actually asked to be voted out cuz he tore a muscle in his arm. He got through the sickness. Fuck you SG, I know more.- Matthew

He made some surprisingly venomous atheist blogs online post-Guat which was hilariously random and made 2012 me unironically a fan of him --toad

-- saving Gary Hawkins, landscaper

507. Keith Tollefson (South Pacific)- ccuutt bbyy MMaatttt Edit

HOMEWRECKER!! He's boring, mostly, kinda mean to the young Cochran, and he got on TAR for NO REASON after Kat and Hayden broke up. Overall, 10 gays/gay.

Saving Brandon, my unappreciated king.

506. Brianna Varela (Guatemala) - cut by ToadEdit

Sorry, taking the easy way out here because I don't feel knowledgeable enough about the season to cut a MvGX power player just yet. I will say that Epic's Guat hatred is so misguided and so rude and that he should rewatch immediately. As for Brianna, don't worry I didn't know what a pick was either

Saving... premerge goddess Amy O'Hara

505. Margaret Bobonich (Guatemala) - cut by BUBU PEEM O.OEdit

I've never seen Guat lol but I like both Jay and Hannah and I ain't cutting them, and as for the Guats left she's the only I've never heard of. She seems nice, tho. Sorry.

Saving <3 JAY <3 Epic's hatred of him is misguised and rude, even though he should've voted overrated Bret over Michaela )': #YeahIDidIt

N/A. Danni Boatwright (Guatemala) - cut by EpicEdit

I had to send this round as evil as I started, and while this cut is slghtly evil, it's also deserved and not just me being petty. Danni is legit one of the least interesting peotle to ever win this show. I can not name you a Danni moment off the top of m head from the entire season, because that's how pointless she felt. Danni was a massive underdog and had to socially manuever really well to get ot the end, but I honestly don't care because I just cannot find a shred of personality coming from her in any direction. When you can't stand out in one of the driest casts in survivor history that's on you girl.

Saving Lydia for the pancake dance <3

try again! -loveita -cokeman11 with an idol

CK's Big Nominations IIEdit

my noms remain the people who aren't worth it

  • Leann Slaby (Vanuatu)
  • Brady Finta (Vanuatu)
  • Brian Corridan (Guatemala) (carryover)
  • Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands)
  • Gary Stritesky (Fiji)
  • Rita Verreos (Fiji)
  • Erica Durousseau (Fiji)
  • Edgardo Rivera (Fiji)
  • Sarita White (Redemption Island)
  • Mike Chiesl (Redemption Island)
  • Leif Manson (One World)
  • Michael Jefferson (One World)
  • Monica Culpepper (One World)
  • Matt Quinlan (One World)
  • Nina Acosta (One World)
  • Dana Lambert (Philippines)
  • Pete Yurkowski (Philippines)
  • Kat Edorsson (Blood vs. Water)
  • Scot Pollard (Kaoh Rong)
  • Hannah Shapiro (Millennials vs. Gen X) (carryover)

504. Michael Jefferson (One World) - cut by Gretchen-ValescaEdit

Waste of space on a waste of space season. Showed potential by stealing the axe in ep 1 but then did nothing. #KillOneWorld2018

Ironically saving a person from One World in Nina who was one of the highest points in that season and was robbed.

503. Dana Lambert (Philippines)- cut by Matthew Edit

She didn't really do much, but her basically-a-quit-med-evac took away any chance we had of the amazing Dawson gaining power in a season of Survivor. Fuck that.

Saving Leif because a guy being that short is ALWAYS funny.

502. Edgardo Rivera (Fiji) - cut by Dyna Edit

one of the four horsemen, which is all i know about him, and it's hilariously funny that 2 dismal seasons in a row had 4-person alliances be the bulk of what made them dismal

saving BvW kat who...certainly has flaws, but did inspire me enough to play my first and only survivor contestant parody in an RP

501. Mike Chiesl (Redemption Island) - cut by SGEdit

And so I guess I'll cut one last RI contestant before the top 500. I don't really dislike Mike per se, but ultimately he was kind of just a waste of time, which wasn't entirely his fault. He was a pretty middling veteran-type that Survivor loves to cast, but of course because of the titular twist of this season, instead of going home when Rob took him out Mike stayed in for 14 MORE DAYS. He just got really tedious, especially since none of it amounted to anything and he lost the final duel to Andrea anyway. It's easy to call Mike a hero of RI just because he stayed in way longer than Rob wanted to, and who knows, if he'd actually returned and immunity whored his way to the end and won, maybe I'd have a much better opinion of him. But in his actual form, who cares.

Saving ironically Sarita because she deserves to make it further than the others from RI for voting out Russell because she didn't want to see him on TV anymore

500. Matthew J. Quinlan, Attorney at Law (One World) - cut by ToadEdit

I will gladly contribute to this OW slaughter even if the Fiji bores also deserve to be cut from the rankdown -- anyway, Matt didn't do shit except be cocky and then impressively get voted out first from the men's tribe, before such luminaries as Colton and Tarzan. It would've been a good downfall arc had I actually cared about anyone involved, but I did not. I think there's a coalition of Sucksters who thirst over him? Yeah, I got nothing else.

Saving CI Penner?

499. Hannah Shapiro (Millennials vs Gen X) - cut by ohfEdit

I haven't seen vanuatu / guat / fiji / OW which make up the majority of these noms and I feel like it would be unfair for me to cut those people. which leaves pete, scot, and hannah -- pete was a pretty entertaining villain whose shit-stirring led to abi vs. rc, would definitely like to see him return. scot is kinda awful but objectively an amazing RTV character and he'd get idoled anyway. hannah was the weakest of the final 6, I think, bit of an overused archetype + "trust cluster" + voting off mari................ I do like her though she was a HBIC at final tribal 

saving Pete

498. Gary Stiresky (Fiji)- cut by EpicEdit

I was originally gonna cut Scot, but his downfall was one of the best parts of KR so I figure he can stay for a lil longer. And Gary really didn't contribute much to Survivor history. The only notable thing about him is that he was the only applicant on Fiji, which is kinda hilarious, and that he was left for medical reasons despite having one of the most comfortable and easiest living situations of any Survivor tribe ever, which is also kinda hilarious. What a luminary contestant.

Good news for Monica!!!!!!!!!!! I'm saving her ^_^

497. Brady Finta (Vanuatu) - cuttttttt by mreeeeeeeEdit

who? I legit don't even remember when he was eliminated that's how forgettable he is

Saving Scot again

dissenting: he's hot -ohf

496. Brian Corridan (Guatemala) - cut by SunnyEdit

Ok so... Guatemala is an amazing season of Survivor, but Brian was... okay? Like, he was on the right side of people? I think? But ultimately all I remember him for is "He may be the golden boy, but I'm platinum :smirk:" Like, first of all, Blake was better than him and also? It's smug but not in a funny way. He even tweeted it as one of his favorite Survivor moments... this year. Like, it wasn't that good, get over yourself.

Saving Rita Verreos because she followed me on Twitter and she was... iconic? Voting Earl for literally no reason and ruining his chance to be the first perfect winner? Queen.

SG's Noms: Revenge of the ObscureEdit

  • Leann Slaby (Vanuatu)
  • Erica Durousseau (Fiji)
  • Jessie Camacho (Africa)
  • Tanya Vance (Thailand)
  • Jenna Lewis (All-Stars)
  • Julie Berry (Vanuatu)
  • Cecilia Mansilla (Cook Islands)
  • Sekou Bunch (Cook Islands)
  • Jessica deBen (Fiji)
  • Mike Borassi (Samoa)
  • John Cochran (South Pacific)
  • Jonas Otsuji (One World)
  • Kourtney Moon (One World)
  • Julia Landauer (Caramoan)
  • Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)
  • Andrew Savage (Cambodia)
  • Vytas Bauskauskas (Cambodia)
  • Neal Gottlieb (Kaoh Rong)
  • Caleb Reynolds (Kaoh Rong)
  • Ciera Eastin (Game Changers)

495. John Cochran (South Pacific) - ckEdit

sorry coch, he seems cool irl but he is the second ever Survivor I ever truly loathed. he flipped on Savaii exclusively to secure a returnee spot, was wholly unfun and sour for multiple episodes before and after that, got swiftly dumped and shunned at pondy. also he crafted an entirely fake bullying narrative and sold it to coach, furthering ben's fuckin bad Good Dude edit....i think he also voted for coach to win at eff tee see which is criminal

it's time to make a big move! saving Ciera Eastin (Game Changers). this will be explained when i hijack her eventual writeup

494. Cecilia Mansilla (Cook Islands) - cut by ToadEdit

I feel like if we don't cut them now, Cook Islands/Fiji randos are gonna sail through to like the 300s and that shouldn't happen. Cecilia was really cute but I can't remember a single thing she said or did, why she got booted, or what her voice even sounded like. 

Saving Neal, because @SG you came into this game thinking you were a badass bitch but you're really just a little puppy suckling at the teat

493. Vytas Baskauskas (Cambodia) - by MaxEdit

Having just watched his single episode twelve hours ago the only thing I can remember of him is that he was just Creepy Gross Yoga Guy and somehow managed to go home on a tribe with perpetual Survivor Irritants Abi, Shirin, Spencer, and Peih-Gee. like, lol. He still was nothing though.

Saving Andrew Savage because SG is a wimpy little non-leader.

492. Jessica deBen (Fiji) - by BrunoEdit

*Probst dies inside*

Once again, I save tont nachos. *speaks llama*

491. Julia Landauer (Caramoan)- by Matt Edit

Sorry, folks. Vanilla is... *puts on shades* no longer on the menu.

Saving Julie Berry because she is actually good.

490. Jessie Camacho (Africa)- by Epic Edit

Jessie has one of the most ridiculous "this person is sick!" edits of all time, because her being "sick" was just her having chapped lips, and the reson she had chapped lips was that she didn't like the taste of the water alol. Truly a Survivor legend.

Saving JLew who's abrasiveness made All-Stars 10x more bearable

489. Jonas Otsuji (One World) - cut by Dyna Edit

i always wanted to like this guy because his name is Jonas (- weezer) and he's Asian, but he always placed low on CTS rankings from people like Rolo, and his face, upon closer inspection, turned out to be lumpy and gross. i just looked at him again and he's like a barely-asian penner. nightmarish, so he's also probably a Bad (or sick) guy!

saving mike borassi queen legend goddess etc. this joke can only be run out so far though

488. Caleb Reynolds (Kaoh Rong) - cut by ohf Edit

see my GC write up for him

saving kourtney even though I've never seen OW she seems chill

487. Leann Slaby (Vanuatu) - cut by S321 Edit

Admittedly, I don't remember much about Leann, aside from her being the first victim of Chris' surprising comeback. I don't really have anything against her, but there's no reason for me to really keep her around either. As such, I'm cutting her next.

I'll save Sekou because he was a mildly interesting first boot.

OHF's Noms, OWHF if ya nastyEdit

  • Erica Durousseau (Fiji) (carryover)
  • Tanya Vance (Thailand) (carryover)
  • Nicole Delma (Pearl Islands)
  • Michelle Tesauro (Pearl Islands)
  • Osten Taylor (Pearl Islands)
  • Shawn Cohen (Pearl Islands)
  • Trish Dunn (Pearl Islands)
  • Ryan Opray (Pearl Islands)
  • Darrah Johnson (Pearl Islands)
  • Scot Pollard (Kaoh Rong) IDOLED BY MRE
  • JP Hilsabeck (HvHvH)
  • Shambo Waters (Samoa)
  • Jean-Robert Bellande (China)
  • Dave Cruser (China)
  • Ace Gordon (Gabon)
  • Dave Ball (Samoa)
  • Ken Hoang (Gabon)
  • Matty Whitmore (Gabon)
  • Nick Maiorano (Kaoh Rong)
  • Vince Sly (Worlds Apart)

486. Michelle Tesauro (Pearl Islands) - cut by The Mystery ManEdit

Sorry PI :( but Michelle is arguably THE most irrelevant person of that whole cast. I can recall at least one moment of everyone else honestly while she's just... idk. She's nice I guess.


485. Nicole Delma (Pearl Islands)- cut by Matt Edit

Pretty unremarkable first boot except for she didn't wear underwear, which lead to one of Jeff's better PervProbst moments "Nice".

Saving THE Vince Sly because we may never see his like again.

484. Erica Durousseau (Fiji) - cut by SGEdit

Erica has carried over for too many rounds by now. She had a confessional in her second of two episodes that showed she had the potential to maybe be interesting, but then about twenty minutes later she somehow managed to go home over Sylvia who no one liked (<3) so that was that. Erica! You know you're not supposed to make it this far!

Saving Darrah because I get the other PI noms but no. OHF's noms are good but they suck too

483. Ryan Opray (PI baby) - cut by Dyna (nasty, apparently) Edit

idk who this is really but apparently OWHF's out for blood and we gotta conserve the icon OTTdudes (i only care about like, five of them, but still). apparently he went by Ryno for two weeks and was obviously the inferior Ryan, so that's the only basis i have to go off of. sorry if i just made people rage with my dumb uninformed opinion

saving matty whitmore in jax's honor. perhaps the weirdest and most OP of the weird golden boys

482. Trish Dunn (PI) - cut by ToadEdit

These noms are NIGHTMARISH. Worst ones yet? Regardless, Trish is the one person I don't feel bad about cutting. PI is godly and definitely my favorite season, but there's like 3-4 people who just don't deliver and Trish is one of them. All she did really was conspire with Jonny Fairplay to take out Rupert then get fucked by the true FFGCSWSDT, but there are like 6 better villains in the pre-merge of PI alone, so whatever.

Saving The Frenchman but there's like 2-3 other people still in who I'm VERY prepared to idol, so watch out. 

481. Tanya Vance (Thailand)- cut by Epic Edit

Sorry to all the Tanya Vace fans out there who I'm very sure exist, bt in these horrible nominee sshe's easily the person I lose the least from cutting. Her only legacy is being cast in the still-a-thing at the time "Survivor Sweetheart" role, only to get booted second ad to be forever forgotten lol. The only other notable thing is that Jeff  brought her name up in an interview about like, Cambodia randomly, so if we see Tanya Vance on SC2 don't be surprised! Saving SHAMBO again, queen of dreams

N/A. Scot Pollard (Kaoh Rong) - ckEdit

okay yeah like sure, he had a good villain downfall, but in general he just kinda sucked at a lot and was a really unfun handyman to a really fucking horrible person on a fantastic season. lame. i don't care if he gets idoled but it needs to be said that a good downfall, while having the power to elevate the statuses of villains, scot's terror reigned for Far Too Long and in general it doesn't redeem him @dan foley.  blue label also was not that funny or siginifcant to me and i didn't know people even found it funny until scot/vile showed up in toadvivor jamaica, even then i did not understand the meme.  he is devoid of pleasure

saving JP we love a legend



480. Shawn Cohen (Pearl Islands) by BrunoControversomebodyEdit

I was going to cut Scot and force an idol by MrE but CK was faster. oops Anyway, I know he has fans but I didn't care for him. I disagree with OHF that PI has a not-so-good cast, but Shawn was one of the lesser people there. Sry.

Saving Ken. Top 3 Survivor duos ever @him & Crystal <3

479. Dave Cruser (China) - cut by KororSurvivorEdit

Dave is probably the most incompetent tribe leader ever, while Zhan Hu is one of the most incompetent tribes ever.

You'd think that a funny 4th boot would be great, but Dave really isn't that good. He's a mixture of funny and annoying. Dave was legitimately a crazy person out there on Survivor. The biggest evidence of this is when he stripped down during a challenge in order to try to make others uncomfortable. Otherwise, there was one time when he laughed maniacally, he fought with Sherea and Ashley, he overworked (which cost his tribe the second immunity) yet continued to overwork after that. Eventually, thanks to annoying the rest of his tribemates, he was voted off despite trying so hard to contribute.

This sounds like a great OTT character, doesn't it? Well, I didn't find him too funny, so much as I found him annoying. He did make me laugh sometimes, but the getting naked part in particular weirded me out, giving me flashes of Richard Hatch. The times that he did make me giggle, though, are enough to propel him much higher than any low tier, and I think this is an appropriate spot for him.

(and he is saving Danger Dave Ball)

Matt's Misandry Noms Edit

  • Janet Koth (Amazon)
  • Osten Taylor (Pearl Islands)
  • Dolly Neely (Vanuatu)
  • John Palyok (Vanuatu)
  • Kim Mullen (Palau)
  • Misty Giles (Panama)
  • Rebecca Boreman (Cook Islands)
  • Rita Verreos (Fiji)
  • Ace Gordon (Gabon)
  • Ashley Trainer (Samoa)
  • Kelly Sharbaugh (Samoa)
  • Benry Henry (Nicaragua)
  • So Kim (Worlds Apart) IDOLED BY OHF
  • Ciera Eastin (Cambodia)
  • Monica Padilla (Cambodia)
  • Shirin Oskooi (Cambodia)
  • Ciera Eastin (Game Changers)
  • Sarah Lacina (Game Changers)

478. Ciera Eastin (Game Chamgers) - Cut by Maxthony MysterytanoEdit

I mean... I legitimate forget that Tony wasn't the first boot of Game Changers sometimes lmfao. I guess she was targeted bc she was kind of shady but a 9-1 vote on a tribe with people like Sandra and Tony on it? It's kind of funny but she did nothing so

In an odd turn of fate, I'm saving the other Ciera nominated.

477. Ben Henry (Nicaragua) - cut by Toad very excited (with his legs showing)Edit

Benry was boring and vaguely douchey, and for an alpha male who got to the final seven and unironically went by "Benry" (why), you'd expect him to have massive amounts of screentime - but nah, I can remember like two moments of his. There's that voting confessional he had where he said something ridiculous, then knocked over the paperweight, then there's when he called Alina a dirt squirrel. That's about it. 

I'm saving Osten because PI shouldn't be getting slaughtered any longer and plus he's hilarious

N/A. So Kim (Worlds Apart)- cut by EpicEdit

I don't dislike So or anyything, and shre's ot even the person I like least in these noms, but actions have CONSEQUENCES and OHF's noms were bad so this is what he gets. So is notable for having an amazing pre-show bio after being cut for SJDS, so anticipation for her was already SUPER high...and then she ended up leaving first. She did make sort of an impact in her one ep, for being one of the worst liars in Survivor history when she tried to convince her tribe that in the classic "help your tribe or strategy?" decision there was a "neutral" option lol. She then tried to come for Mama C Miss Carolyn and quickly got turfed out of the game and I never particularly cared again ok bye cya

Saving President Sarah, queen of playing like a criminal

wow.... Did not know nomming erica, tanya, nicole, trish, shawn, ryno, darrah, & JP, all the epitome of MOR2, could incite this much resentment.... Another bandwagoner. idoling the devil -ohf

ADDENDUM: JP and Darrah were UTR1 not MOR2, pls show respect to legends (something So isn't) --Bruno"'

you're right, how could I forget the edgic labels of survivor contestants over a decade ago -ohf

ADDENDUM 2: Trish and Shawn had fleshed out personalities and storylines, Nicole had a good one episode story, and Darrah and JP are fun background presences. All of which So doesn't have -mre

name one thing trish did that had depth to it. name one thing shawn did that wasn't douchey or a result of people around him. nicole had a good one episode story, sure... just like So. I'll give you darrah but JP was the furthest thing from entertaining and people only like him ironically -because- he was boring -ohf

ADDENDUM 3: and even if all of those WERE MOR2, that's still... less than half of your noms, and two were carryovers? Conveniently leaving out the 8-12ish actually bad ones (thinking) --toad

because I figured those are the ones everyone could agree on (except scot who no one likes except a vocal minority). shambo, ace, ken were all cringe and forced (and the former enabled horrible people). dave, matty, and vince were just... uncomfortable. nick and jean-robert were the only ones that I put as save fodder (but still wouldn't care if they went). THAT'S MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111 -ohf

476. Rebecca Borman (Cook Islands) - cut by SGEdit

I haven't actually seen this season, but Rebecca seems like the least notable of these noms, to the point where I've seen her constantly joked about as an example of an irrelevant Survivor. She never met the finalists which is funny and also shows why pre-merge jurors are maybe a bad idea. But most importantly, she has more Daytime Emmies than any Survivor player so who gets the last laugh (eyes)

Saving Misty because she would've had potential outside the People's Republic of Deitzistan

475. Kelly Sharbaugh (Samoa) - cut by SG (not really) Bruno* oops my badEdit

I've never seen Samoa, but I don't want to cut any of these people from the seasons I've seen, they are randomfavs lul. :^) rip Kelly Sahsuahushaushu <3


N/A. Ace Gordon (Gabon) - cut by ohfEdit

had a lot of season-ruining potential, fake accent, super douchey to sugar until she destroyed him. glad he remains a pre-merge boot in suvivor canon.

saving monica padilla

hey what's up guys it's Dyna and i'm idoling my mans ace

474. Rita Verreos (Fiji) a ckutEdit

rita did 2 things on this planet that i know of...1. prevented earl from playing a perfect game, unfortunately and 2. she was on the price is right. that's all i know about rita verreos.

saving john palyok because i feel like the remaining 5 noms are all people i've either nominated or considered nominating. this is a decision

473. kim mullen (Palau) - dynaEdit

all of ulong (sans jolanda and james miller and maybe angie but 2013me didn't like her) can get severely burned, in a trash fire

saving dolly neely bc didn't she look like a meth addict, also this

Max The Meme Man Nominates Mostly WomenEdit

Janet Koth (Amazon)
Ashley Trainer (Samoa)
Ted Rogers Jr. (Thailand)
Shambo Waters (Samoa)
Ashlee Ashby (Palau)
Brad Virata (Cook Islands)
Frosti Zernow (China)
Mikey Bortone (Micronesia)
Liz Kim (Samoa)
Carolina Eastwood (Tocantins)
Nate Gonzalez (Cook Islands)
Julie Wolfe (Redemption Island)
Kim Spradlin (One World)
Lisa Whelchel (Philippines)
Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs Water)
Kimmi Kappenberg (Cambodia)
Sunday Burquest (MvGX)
Rachel Ako (MvGX)

472. Lisa Whelchel (Philippines) - cut by ToadEdit

Don't worry Bruno, I've got your back. Lisa is a very overrated contestant whose edit consists of a lot of things people generally hate about Survivor contestants, but she still somehow has many fans. Lisa's whole edit was about ~growth~ and ~learning to play the game~ which would be compelling if it weren't for the fact that she got the EXACT SAME content in EVERY episode, and lasted until the final three. Like, outside of her premiere (which was relatively compelling) and her episode 2 #survivorbreakdown (and coining that hashtag actually!) it was just lots of crying, lots of hamfisted religious talk, and lots of "is this game too big for me?!?! can I play this game?!?! oh wait no I can and I will!". I just didn't find her journey interesting at all, especially after I had to sit through the same shit every episode. Lisa just never ~wowed~ me. I will say that since I haven't watched Philippines since it aired in 2012 while I was still in my edgy atheist phase, I might change my tune on Lisa if I were to ever rewatch the season - but I doubt it because, yeah, she sucks. And also I've heard people say she's lovely outside of the game, but didn't she write a book about parenting where she advocated for putting hot sauce in children's mouths as a punishment and burning their toys if they're ever caught playing with matches?

Saving... uh Vytas again I guess, props to MrE for having noms I don't care about

471. Ted Rogers, Jr. (Thailand) - cut by cloutman11Edit

so I was about to cut an Irrelevant Female but then I remembered that the Thailand cast is still around and moreso that Ted's entire Survivor existence makes me 150-200% more uncomfortable than usual when you remember he grinded on Ghandia (allegedly but lbr). that was a Bad Spot for all involved, but that being said, in the 3 episodes of Tie Land that I watched, he sucked so I guess he can go

saving Nate Gonzalez who singlehandedly carried my CI rewatch

470. Sunday Burquest (MvGX) - cut by Matteo Edit

Yeah, uh, she didn't do much. For someone with such an interesting name, she was very unremarkable and got out for... some reason. Points for not ACTUALLY being pro-conversion therapy.

Saving Frosti cuz idk he's cool.

469. liz kim (Samoa) - dynaEdit

Foa Foa, baby! everyone's favorite tribe of a torturous snake beast, Jaison, and a bunch of mindless robots who were put down the moment they showed a sign of autonomy. liz kim lasted pretty late in the mix and she had potential to be interesting, because she was gonna be taken over natwhite, if i remember right. but idk I saw samoa when i was 9 and I don't remember anything about her. she looks nice

saving carolina because of the boobs

468. Ashlee Ashby (Palau) - cut by SGEdit

I don't think this person did anything besides get sick and probably contribute to the fall of Ulong and also Mario Lanza has some dumb theory that centers around her being unimportant or something. That's all I got.

Saving Julie because she buried Phillip's shorts and I don't remotely care about anyone else

N/A Shambo Waters (Samoa) - cut by ohf Edit

blegh. shambo's story of sorta kinda not fitting in with her tribe and then using that as justification to flip to russell was terrible. her hatred for laura + monica was so one-sided and unreasonable and allowed foa foa to pagong the superior galu. which could still be a good story if galu had airtime, but no, shambo had to hog those scenes w her general obnoxiousness. I can see how some people would finTd her entertaining but she seems genuinely mentally unstable so the dream scene / feckless / peeing next to the chickens are...not fun.

saving qween kimmi kappenberg of kambodia

Can't believe someone would write a writeup on all the reasons someone's amazing while cutting them. Idoling xoxoxoxoxo- Epic

467. Mikey Bortone (Micronesia) - cut by Myra Sartain BrunoEdit

I don't care about none of these people, wow. I could cut Kim... but I'll cut him for being completely irrelevant. I only remember like, he was on a showmance with Mary, who is actually more memorable than him. lol <3

Saving Rachel bc she seemed like a good person who was was stuck on that shitty Gen X tribe... and I saw her playboy video too. 👀

466. Brad Virata (Cook Islands)- cut by EpicEdit

Brad was on the side of the asian tribe that was all judgey to Cao Boi, so he was immediately bad in my book. Then he did nothing for what felt like years, and was booted at the end of the pre-merge for fucking up a puzzle despite declaring he had good "spatial reasoning". What a thrilling competitor. 

Saving Kim, who I'm not a "fan" of perse but who deserves higher than this. 

Toad Nominates A Bunch Of Really, Really Boring PeopleEdit

  • Dirk Been (Borneo)
  • Nick Brown (Australia)
  • Erin Collins (Thailand)
  • Janet Koth (Amazon)
  • Jenna Lewis (All-Stars)
  • John Palyok (Vanuatu)
  • Flicka Smith (Cook Islands)
  • Stephannie Favor (Cook Islands)
  • Liliana Gomez (Fiji)
  • Joel Anderson (Micronesia)
  • Ashley Trainer (Samoa)
  • Yve Rojas (Nicaragua)
  • Leif Manson (One World)
  • Dawn Meehan (Caramoan)
  • Kat Edorsson (BvW)
  • Anna Khait (Kaoh Rong)
  • Jessica Lewis (MvGX)
  • Ozzy Lusth (Game Changers)

465. Anna Khait (Kaoh Rong)- cut by Matt Edit

Look, her tits are huge, and she's by no means the worst person in this nomset, but I just really wanted to do her write-up because her post-Survivor career has been so excellent. She now appears at conservative events alongside such visionaries as Weird Mike Cernovich, the lady who wore a Trump dress to the Grammy's, and Peter Sweden. She's a downright conservative visionary, and the best part of it is her befriending Dan Nainan and having him on her podcast. Dan Nainan, if you're not aware, is my favorite comedian, known especially for his joke about a Samsung Galaxy S7, or a joke about how he's half-Indian and half-Japanese, which means he gets his sushi at a gas station. Anna has some truly heinous views about the world, but I think that her having to pretend that Dan Nainan is funny is adequate punishment for all of her wrong-doings.

Saving Nick Brown, cuz he's funny.

464. Erin Collins (Thailand)- cut by ohfEdit

she exists

saving dawn meehan misunderstood angel

463. Kat Edorsson (BvW) - dynaEdit

total embarrassing mess from beginning to end, had weird hang-ups about dating a DR screamer who was maybe an ounce more tasteful than she was, told jeff probst and the whole world she got breast implants, but perhaps most notable for hiding in her hoodie like a slug inside its shell, a maneuver i have deftly borrowed for any retreat situation i've found myself in over the years

saving renowned deadchet causer joel anderson

462. Liliana Gomez (Fiji) - cut by SGEdit

I'm surprised the ultimate Fiji random somehow survived the Fiji random slaughter we had a few rounds ago? Liliana was supposedly in charge of some alliance that could've dominated, but then Sylvia screwed them over by putting them on different tribes, thus ending the alliance and any chance Liliana had of ever being a relevant Survivor character. After that, she was invisible for three episodes before being voted out for being a part of the alliance that never actually made it onto the show and a threat, apparently. I guess it would kind of suck to have everything you did completely edited out of the show, but that's the best I can say about Liliana. If I didn't cut her now, she was gonna beat me.

Saving Jessica because she's one of the only good people in MvGX and the season got exponentially worse when she was rocked out. That's a bad nom

461. Flicka Smith (Cook Islands) by OnurbEdit

You aint no Courtney Marit. CI deserves to be slaughtered...

Except for a few people and Stephannie Favor is one of them. She was good, ya know, and one of the only few positive things about the season I can remember.

460. Ashley Trainer (Samoa) - cut by CKEdit

Not very memorable aside from stanning Russell until being Russell. She's been saved too much so I'm doing this justrategically

saving Yve

459. Ozzy Lusth (Game Changers) - mReEdit

I mean... of all the people who could have a four-peat I don't think Ozzy is one that really anyone aside from thirsty facebook moms and Probst wanted. He was honestly pretty decent in SoPa and I liked how his story wrapped up so of course we had to get this pointless fourth incarnation that changed nothing about his character and made him a boring MOR3 presence the entire season. Who cares. There are way better and way worse Ozzy incarnations.

Saving Leif, I guess?

458. John Paylok (Vanuatu)- cut by EpicEdit

The mens tribe in Vanuatu is painfully boring, and John P dthing to stop that. His claim to fame was calling ember "amber" once. Thrilling television, truly.

Saving Jenna Lewis, the original That Girl

CK's Big Nominations IIIEdit

a mix of worth it and not worth it

  • Roxy Morris (Philippines)
  • Ozzy Lusth (Micronesia)
  • Scout Cloud Lee (Vanuatu)
  • Erik Cardona (Samoa)
  • Chelsea Meissner (One World)
  • Osten Taylor (Pearl Islands)
  • Lea Masters (Vanuatu)
  • Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands)
  • Robert DeCanio (Marquesas)
  • Erik Reichenbach (Caramoan)
  • Dirk Been (Borneo) [carryover]
  • Butch Lockley (Amazon)
  • Ozzy Lusth (South Pacific)
  • Yau-Man Chan (Micronesia)
  • Jake Billingsley (Thailand)
  • Penny Ramsey (Thailand)
  • Jan Gentry (Thailand)
  • Janet Koth (Amazon) [carryover]

457. Roxy Morris (Peens) - cut by Doug ToderEdit

I'm not a huge fan of Philippines' cast (or the season itself, really) but I can admit that the Matsung chronicles WERE pretty great. However, Roxy was easily the weakest link. All she did was get really uptight about Angie Layton's mere existence, speak in tongues which was more than a little uncomfortable, then get booted. Probably the worst of the premergers, except Dana but does she even really count?

Saving Erik "Best Jury Speech This Side of Snakes and Rats" Cardona

456. Dirk Been (Borneo) by Brunabi-Maria GomesEdit

Probably the only Borneo-an who deserves to go before the top half (and well, Joel, but he hasn't been nominated yet).

I'm a simple man, I see Yau-Man Chan, I save. It is the irrel Micro version, but still, he's The Yau-Man with the Plan.

455. Robert DeCaino (marquesas) - a phone cut from MrEEdit

Whom? I struggle to remember anything notable he did besides go by The General. Lol

Saving Osten

454, Erik Reichenbach (Caramoan)- cut by EpicProbstEdit

This is a justrategic cut because I feel lke he might last an unecessarily long amount of time due to his Micro incarnation, and sadly his Caramoan incarnation does not live up to it. He's basically non-existent this season- at least Brenda got an airtime spike in her alst few episodes, Erik felt like he was just.....there the whole time, doing absolutely nothing. He wasn't even relevant enough to get voted off, he was medevaced in one of the least climactic/tension-filled ones ever. Sorry fans :(

Saving SoPa Ozzy #controverchele

453. Ozzy Lusth (Micronesia) - cut by SGEdit

S/o to my Micro watch starting at just the right time or else I wouldn't know any of these remaining incarnations (blush). Anyway, after finally starting this season, I can pretty safely say that this Ozzy is mediocre and dull at best and self-righteous and annoying at worst. He hasn't hit anywhere near GC-level yet of course where he thinks that not strategizing and trying to win 10 immunities in a row makes him better than people who play differently, but his unfair bitterness towards Parvati because she was just so evil towards him is pretty ridiculous.

Saving... Jan because my limited knowledge of Thailand makes her seem cute and innocent?

452. Chelsea Meissner (One World)- cut by Matt Edit

Figured I'd just take out one of Kim's crew. All One World people kind of need to die (except Tarzan, Kat, Sabrina, you know), and Chelsea was probably actually the least relevant of the girls who went to the final three. She was... fine, I guess, and she was certainly fine, like, sexually, but she just didn't do much to pique my interest and then went to the final three with the two best players in the game as if that were a good idea.

Saving Butch because he taught me to believe in myself.

451. Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands) - cut by ohfEdit

boring. team yul

saving scout?

450. Jake Billingsley (Thailand) - cut by DynaEdit

sorry but this man's name is reserved only for people who disturbingly resemble myself/other wikians in terms of taste, and I just don't think he has it

saving Janet! Marty? Who are you people?

SG opens rankdown to reveal a nombomb (Vol. 3)Edit

  • Joel Klug (Borneo)
  • Jeff Varner (Australia)
  • Mike Skupin (Australia)
  • Penny Ramsey (Thailand)
  • Ken Stafford (Thailand)
  • Lea Masters (Vanuatu)
  • Lisa Keiffer (Vanuatu)
  • Mia Galeotalanza (Vanuatu)
  • Denise Martin (China)
  • Parvati Shallow (Micronesia)
  • Ami Cusack (Micronesia)
  • Chet Welch (Micronesia)
  • Jonathan Penner (Micronesia)
  • Mary Sartain (Micronesia)
  • Leif Manson (One World)
  • Kourtney Moon (One World)
  • Allie Pohevitz (Caramoan)
  • Brad Culpepper (Blood vs. Water)

449. Mia Galeotalanza (Vanuatu)- cut by Matt Edit

Yeah, a pretty unmemorable early boot. She had a little fire to her, I guess, but ultimately the best moment she had was Scout's scathing and kinda sexist voting confessional where she was like "good luck finding a husband".

Saving Ken Stafford because he is WINNING the rankdown.

448. Joel Klug (Borneo) - cut by bRunOEdit

I'm slaughtering Borneo wow. Nah but as I said in Dirk's writeup, those are the only two duds on an amazing cast (and the first ever cast nonetheless.) I think it's funny that he got the flack and was voted off for Gervase's comment, but Gervase was a better character so bye. Jenna's voting conf "moo" for him is great tho.

Saving Ami obv. Come on, she was great in Micronesia. That nom is bullshite.

447. Leif Manson (OW) - cut by NakedToadEdit

Matt has saved him like 3 times because he thinks it's funny how short he is, and I suppose it is to an extent, but holy hell Leif was a MASSIVE dud and needs to get out now. He had 4 confessionals, if I remember correctly, and I can't recall the contents of any of them. That's fewer than Purple Kelly, JP, and like half the first boots out there. He probably just got on the show in the first place because he's a little person, but I'm sure there's plenty of other little people out there who actually have personalities? Basically just another inert OW dud. Oh, and now he's a male stripper so there's that

Speaking of inert duds, I'm saving THE Chet Welch.

446. Denise Martin (China) - cut by ohfEdit

denise annoyed me when she backstabbed peih-gee by not taking her on the reward + waltzing to 4th when she had a perfect opportunity to flip at f5. idk she's kind of overrated and easily the weakest member of china's godly merge

saving parvati 

ADDENDUM: Repressing some old memories, eh? 

445. Allie Pohevitz (Caramoan) - cut by Ms TreeEdit

I mean... she was in two episodes and did absolutely nothing except be in the Kool Kids Klub and get eliminated over inert idiots like Hope and Eddie. gj

Saving Fuck You Brad Culpepper

444. Mary Sartain (Micronesia) - cut by DynaEdit


oh, uh.......

saving whoever kourtney moon is

443. Jonathan Penner (Micronesia) CkEdit

all the arrogance and wet mop allure of Spencer B. but with 0% of the youth. did nothing here but cry n leave

Saving Lisa k I guess

442. Michael Skupin (Australia)- cut by EpicEdit

Actually a pretty fun trainwreck this season and most of the time I can totally seperate rl from game but even seeing his name now makes me feel icky inside so :/

Saving Sarge mostly bc I forgot his name is fucking Lea and that's hilarious

Dyna's Noms Part IIIEdit

Elisabeth Filarski (Australia)
Jeff Varner (Australia)
Penny Ramsey (Thailand)
Butch Lockley (The Amazon)
Darrah Johnson (Pearl Islands)
Jenna Lewis (All-Stars)
Julie Berry (Vanuatu)
Ibrehem Rahman (Palau)
Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau)
Stephannie Favor (Cook Islands)
Marisa Calihan (Samoa)
Mike Borassi (Samoa)
Amanda Kimmel (HvV)
Yve Rojas (Nicaragua)
Sarah Dawson (Philippines)
J'Tia Taylor (Cagayan)
Alec Christy (SJDS)
Danielle DiLorenzo (HvV)

441. Yve Rojas (Nicaragua) - cut by Max "Too Mysterious to Sign His Name"Edit

The Nicaragua cast is great, but not because of her. Did she go before or after Jill? I legit don't remember off the top of my head.

Saving THE Alec Christy

440. Penny Ramsey (Thailand) by Bruno MartndfjshbjfsgdjhbsdjfsdjhfsdfsEdit

I've seen her nommed many times and she always survives. Death2Thailand I guess. Where is goddamn Rodney in this nomset, bro?

Saving J'Tia ffs Dyna ya little bitch. (wish I could save Dawson too you fucking racist!!!)

439. Jeff Varner (Australia) - cut by SGEdit

I can see the argument for this Varner being appreciated for being sassy and sarcastic and whatever, but to me he was always the bad kind of sarcastic, offputting, and overall just a lame douche. I'm so glad he was enough of a dick to Kimmi and Debb that they voted for him on their way out and inadvertently screwed himself on a tiebreaker the show doesn't even use anymore (<3). At least with this one though, I guess I can understand why he'd come back on an SC season, but throwing away a million dollars for peanut butter is not game-changing.

Saving Dawson because she would've been even better outside of Jeff Kent's patriarchal republic of Kalabaw

438. Stephannie Favor (Cook Islands)- cut by Matteo Edit

Cutting her cuz Cook Islands and Bruno saves her for some reason.

Saving Butch so that we have ample firewood.

437. Jenna [Construction Noise] Lewith (ASS) - cut by ToadEdit

One of the original offenders of the "let's bring back some rando onto an all-star season because we're not in tune with what makes female contestants good" routine that's plagued every returnee season since, also a Romber enabler and that's no fun, AND had some weird bloodlust against all the winners and was the reason they got slaughtered at the beginning of the season and we were left with such luminaries as her and Amber in the endgame.

Saving Julie Berry because she's genuinely good

436. Mike Borassi (Samoa) - cut by ckEdit

an iconic meme in TDIFF lore & one of Survivor Oz's sexiest men alive actually kinda sucked outside of his own meme value, but at some point in my life I read a treatise on why his evac changed the course of Survivor. too bad he sucked at health too. maybe he was good and I'm misremembering but I'm pretty sure I'm not since I only watched Samoa a year ago... sorry fans

there's like 3 quintessential CKfaves in this bunch but I'm saving HvV Amanda for helping me to realize her incredible talent

Survivor Audition

Survivor Audition

435. Darrah Johnson (Pearl Islands) - ohfEdit

darrah's good but she sucks too 

saving elisabeth the original survivor sweetheart

434. Ibrehem Rahman (Palau) - 1dra7Edit

I don't know who this is

saving Danielle because she's the obvious choice to save

OHF's noms that were randomized because everyone is going to call my nomset bad anywayEdit

1. Natalie Bolton (Micronesia)
2.Dawn Meehan (South Pacific)
3. Monica Padilla (Samoa)
4. Helen Glover (Thailand)
5. Sarita White (Redemption Island)
6. Brandon Bellinger (Guatemala)
7. Papa Bear Caruso (South Pacific)
8. Stephenie LaGrossa (HvV)
9. Jessica Johnston (HvHvH)
10. Tina Wesson (All-Stars)
11. Todd Herzog (China)
12. Kourtney Moon (One World)
13. Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart)
14. Edna Ma (South Pacific)
15. Parvati Shallow (Micronesia)
16. Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins)
17. Marisa Calihan (Samoa) (carryover)
18. Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau) (carryover)

433. Stephenie LaGrossa (Heroes vs Villains) - Cut By The MaxEdit

I do like Stephenie overall, but I like most of these nominees so I guess I'll take out a lesser incarnation of a good character overall.

I'm saving Stephen because he's most likely of my faves to be killed this round.

432. Sarita White (Redemption Island)- cut by Matt Edit

I mean, I guess she's one of the better RI people, but she's really not good by any means, I guess? Thanks for voting Russell out, but I still wish you were a better player than David and could have stayed past him.

I will save... Helen, because I'm clearly Thailand's main defender around here.

431. Kourtney Moon (One World) - cut by iCarlosEdit

I've nommed Kourtney twice and she's been saved twice pretty much just because there was no one else to save and that kind of annoys me considering better people have gone before her.

"I hate girls they're so catty" *falls on net and dies*

Saving Jessica because I'm still not over her being pre-jury

430. Tina Wesson (All-Stars) - cut by ToadEdit

Guess I'll go for the low-hanging fruit here and cut an irrelevant first boot incarnation of Tina. She was really only targeted because of Jenna Lewis' anti-winner crusade so I feel bad but whatever, she came back years later and got 4th so I can't complain too much.

I'm actually saving... Monica Padilla, because she's really really good in Samoa but I feel like she's in danger.

429. Parvati Shallow (Micronesia) - cut by DynaEdit

if any of The Peeps wanna fill in some stuff here y'all can, i'm mostly cutting her because i think parvati's legacy is weird and kind of uncomfortable, and I didn't like her in HvV

saving marc anthony caruso, baby

428. Marisa Calihan (Samoa) - cut by Brobbed SomeGoddessEdit

I WAS TOLD I WAS NEXT ON NOMMING WHY DID OHF NOM IN MY PLACE? Anyway, I'm cutting her cuz idk, she was the first boot. I've never seen Samoa. But I don't wanna cut any of the people I've seen. If that was CaramoanDawn I'd cut her, but alas, it's not. Thanks a lot, OHF.

Saving Todd idk he's in danger I guess.

427. Edna Ma (South Pacific) - cut by CKEdit

Like idk man I guess she was good but not that good. She followed the CoachCult until they excommunicated her ft. Her declaring she’d eat Coach’s excrement for him to save her and while that’s sort of an iconic moment, it really just circles back around to coach’s unfortunate stranglehold over Upolu dynamics and his strict no-fun-or-enjoyment policy for the season. the more I really do think about it, I’ve been giving SP a pass for years for not being That Bad but honestly it was........anyway when your iconic moment is part of being blindly loyal to a bad person that’s not cool

saving my b 🅱️random 🅱️ellinger

426.Dawn Meehan (South Pacific) - cut by EpicEdit

Cutting despite being at lunch bc I'm dedicated to this rankdown!!!! The remaining noms are all iconic which is a lil upsetting but the original Dawn is probably the least so? She had a few crying meltdowns here but really her Caramoam incarnation is where it's at and she was basically just playing a sweet older woman here, which while nice, is no match for the amazing crying mastermind we got later.

Saving Palau Steph ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Me. I Am Bruno... The Elusive NominationsEdit

  • Natalie Bolton (Micronesia) [carryover]
  • Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart) [carryover]
  • Lisa Keiffer (Vanuatu)
  • Nick Stanbury (Panama)
  • Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
  • Stacy Kimball (Fiji)
  • Aaron Reisberger (China)
  • James Clement (Micronesia)
  • JT Thomas (Tocantins)
  • Tyson Apostol (HvV)
  • Whitney Duncan (South Pacific)
  • Kim Spradlin (One World)
  • Andrea Boehlke (Caramoan)
  • Brenda Lowe (Caramoan)
  • Dawn Meehan (Caramoan)
  • Reynold Toepfer (Caramoan)
  • Alec Christy (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Joe Anglim (Cambodia)

425. Brenda Lowe (Caramoan)- cut by Matt Edit

Bitch makin Dawn take out her teeth bitch.

Saving Reynolds because he's in danger!

424. JT Thomas (Tocantins) - cut by Like a SG6Edit

Ranged from boring to annoying and while I admit that was usually more because of the complacency towards him by others than anything JT himself did, it doesn't make me dislike him any less. I'll never not hate that he's the first Perfect Game (fuck you Rita/Tijuana) and I'll always think Stephen deserved it over him. At least in his subsequent incarnations we got to see what a comically bad player he actually is when everyone's not fawning over him.

Saving Stacy Kimball because several SG randomfaves are nominated but she seems the most in danger

423. Joe Anglim (Cambodia) - cut by ToadEdit

Cambodia Joe is really, really boring, just like a lot of the other people who made it to Cambodia's endgame, yet he's also shitty - mostly because, for some reason, he gets a huuuuge edit. The worst part is, said edit consists of nothing but "I need to win this challenge today because I'm such a huge threat" x10000 and it's about as entertaining as it sounds. It really leads me to believe that he was only circumstantially good in WA, since he was aligned with good people and his boringness was overshadowed by actual hellspawn like Will Sims 2 Have Pets. Joe's just like... the most boring iteration of the "long-haired hunky white guy challenge beast" archetype yet, and I guarantee he's only loved BECAUSE of the fact that he's... well, a long-haired hunky white guy challenge beast. 

Saving WA Shirin who's amazing even if she's kind of... dipped in quality ever since then

422. Alec Christy (San Juan del Sur) - cut by ohfEdit

much less entertaining than his brother

saving dawn

421. Whitney Duncan (South Pacific ) - MaxxxEdit

One line doesn't make you a good character.

Saving The James Clement

420. Tyson Apostol (Heroes vs. Villains) hit the CKuanEdit

putting a stoner at #420 also he had one moment exclusively. read the Whitney Dunc write up

saving my main hoe nat b

419. Kim Spradlin (One World) by dynaEdit

the first robot winner, or something. never forget her most iconic quote, "we need to GJS$Y#(%S^" - kim spradlin as played by epic

saving Nick Stanbury, regular guy. hvv tyson is a heartbreaker of a cut but I don't think I can idol him

418. Aaron Reisberger (China)- Epiqua UniquaEdit

There was a weird mini aaron revolution a few years ago and it was weird bc as someone who just watched China he really does nothing for me. Like, a tribe like  Fei Long has so much potential to show yur personality, and Aaron's just......didn't. He would be mildly sour occasionally, but that's the most personality ever wringed out of him. Thank GOD Zhan Hu took him out instead of James. Being outsmarted by Jamie and Peih-Gee <3

Saving Candice, misunderstood angel <3

Total Rankdown Revenge of the EpicEdit

  • Lisa Keiffer (Vanuatu) (carryover)
  • Andrea Boehlke (Caramoan) (carryover)
  • Ken Stafford (Thailand)
  • Dave Johnson (Amazon)
  • Daniel Lue (Amazon)
  • Janet Koth (Amazon)
  • Chicken Morris (China)
  • Matty Whitmore (Gabon)
  • Sydney Wheeler (Tocantins)
  • Brett Clouser (Samoa)
  • Jill Behm (Nicaragua)
  • Ralph Kiser (Redemption Island)
  • Mikayla Wingle (South Pacific)
  • Max Dawson (Worlds Apart)
  • Monica Padilla (Cambodia)
  • Hali Ford (Game Changers)
  • Brad Culpepper (Game Changers)
  • Malcolm Freberg (Game Changers)

417. Mikayla Wingle (SoPa) - cut by ToadsworthEdit

I do feel bad for her because she didn't deserve to be the target of Brandon Hantz's weird repressed desires, but it's not like she was that interesting regardless, just more bikini fodder in an era with LOTS of bikini fodder. Glad she got shafted for Cambodia.

Hate to say it but I'm saving Max again because at least he's ironically funny

416. Monica Padilla (Cambodia)- cut by Matt Damon Edit

Yeah, she was like, remarkably invisible until basically her boot episode, where I guess it was kinda funny how she and Kimmi fought over clams? Eh. I also will always hold a grudge towards her because, although I typically have a very good winner pick record, she is one of my all-time worst picks. Super hot, though.

Saving DJ Dave Johnson. Bangarang.

415. Andrea Boehlke (Caramoan) cut by Bruno & BootsEdit

Surprised she survived last round, I thought she'd be an easy save for her fans or an easy cut for her non-fans. And you can see that I am the later. I honestly think Andrea heavily contributed to the shitshow that was Caramoan, enabling all the shitty people and stuff. #Justice4Fran And yah, she kinda annoyed me too, honestly? And I've now cut the first two Andrea incarnations, sry Andrea fans. :]

Hali Ford nominated? I didn't consent.

414. Brad Culpepper (Game Changers) - cut by SG whose name doesn't have much nickname potentialEdit

GC was really good at taking interesting characters and making them into lame, reductive versions of themselves. While BvW Brad was a good villain with a fun downfall, Probst apparently decided he didn't want to listen to the world after we decided Brad didn't need a second chance and brought him (and Troyzan) back for GC anyway. This version of Brad did basically nothing of note except be kind of a douche in the least interesting way possible, until he turned into a hellbeast in the finale because the editors wanted to give us something to care about and were taking their tips from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, I guess. I'm glad Brad lost obviously and I'm sorry to him that GC decided to edit out the fact that he can actually be a useful and interesting character.

Saving Ralph because he found the idol before Russell and outsmarted him and is a righteous redneck which I'm always there for

413. Sydney Wheeler (Tocantins) - cut by The DaddyUpDaBoomBoomzEdit

Sydney does nothing ever and is someone who could theoretically skate through this rankdown for no reason so it's time to cut her

Saving Malcolm

addendum: aggressive sydneyhate is the main reason I have issues with sandy kay burgin but it's true that she does nothing, ever - dyna

412. Chicken Morris (China) - cut by DynaEdit

ok imagine DAMN. except it's like the album cover, but with this guy's face on it. that's all I really got here for material. just imagine how funny that would be!

saving brett

411. Janet Koth (The Amazon) - ckEdit

was better in Hag Island than any canon incarnation

saving jill i guess

N/A. Matty Whitmore (Gabon) - cut by ohfEdit

100% of my hatred for matty boils down to his weird hyena laugh in challenges. he's normal, borderline boring, in confessionals but then has those strange american psycho moments. idk he just makes me uncomfortable and this is totally irrational 

saving ken who was a nice guy

hey it's Dyna and i'm just gonna idol all the Gabon men, evidently, until the heat death of the universe. but this one's for Jax

Toad's 27-Nom Round of TerrorEdit

  • Kel Gleason (Australia)
  • Carl Bilancione (Africa)
  • Daniel Lue (Amazon) [carryover]
  • Rob Cesternino (All-Stars)
  • Rudy Boesch (All-Stars)
  • John Kenney (Vanuatu)
  • Lisa Keiffer (Vanuatu) [carryover]
  • Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands)
  • Nate Gonzalez (Cook Islands)
  • Sekou Bunch (Cook Islands)
  • Frosti Zernow (China)
  • Joel Anderson (Micronesia) 
  • Yau-Man Chan (Micronesia)
  • Carolina Eastwood (Tocantins)
  • Kelly Bruno (Nicaragua)
  • Monica Culpepper (One World)
  • Dawn Meehan (Caramoan)
  • Reynolds Toepfer (Caramoan)
  • Laura Morett (Blood vs. Water) IDOLED
  • Rachel Foulger (Blood vs. Water)
  • Kelley Wentworth (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Nadiya Anderson (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Joaquin Souberbielle (Worlds Apart)
  • Kimmi Kappenberg (Cambodia) IDOLED
  • Ciera Eastin (Cambodia) IDOLED
  • Julia Sokolowski (Kaoh Rong)
  • Rachel Ako (MvGX)

410. Reynold Toepfer (Caramoan) - ohfEdit

daddy reynold is fine but mildly overrated and not as good as his counterpart, eddie. felt like he was kind of forced into an underdog role and the bro-ing with malcolm was annoying. he's not bad! 409 is a good place for him i think.

saving dawn... for those that hate her, just know that you share the same opinion as rabid gay brenda stans on twitter

N/A. Kimmi Kappenberg (Cambodia) - cut by mistreeeeEdit

Useless follower to the boring alliance with one shitty episode taking out a woman for a superficial reason at best. If you hate Tasha, you should hate her too. Her one episode that she's good in (the finale) doesn't cancel it out either, because she was only in the situation she was in because she literally sat on her ass all season and did nothing. Pass.

Saving Julia

idoling kween kimmi kappenberg of kambodia. she deserves to make top 200 just for the sake of being another australia returnee -ohf

N/A. Ciera Eastin (Cambodia)- cut by Matthew Broderick Edit

Ha, fuck this little big-move-succer for thinking big moves are good. They are bad. Voting off her mom was barely a good move but at least she had a personality that season. Cambodia was bad and she didn't help.

Saving Joaquin cuz his name, mainly.


409. kelley wentworth (San Juan Del Sur) - a dyna cutEdit

it's funny that Drew Christy was sort of right, I guess, but kelley wentworth did even less than Jaclyn in her like 4 episodes of existence. it's a bad sign when your dad is a characterless loaf whose only purpose is to live vicariously through you, and yet somehow he ends up being the more prominent one

saving nadiya, I guess?

408. Kelly Bruno (Nicaragua)- cut by EpicEdit

Kelly Bruno is the only survivor cotnestant wiwth the distinction of having one of their limbs be more interesting than them. Kelly B was an incredibly generic person who became a bizarre hate figure for Na'Onka. This was hilarious sometimes, but never actually because of Kelly B. Even her boot was an afterthought, shoved in a double boot ep, despite it actually being an incredibly confusing strategic move. But no one seemed to really care cause lol it's kelly b who gives a shit

Saving Rob C, who served real life Brick and Jo teas in his one relevant episode of All-Stars

407. Yau-Man Chan (Micronesia) - cut by ohfEdit

was going to cut sekou until learning that he's a parapalegic now. so. yau-man it is. I haven't seen fiji but I know ~ of ~ him and was really excited to see him in micro, but he was a massive disappointment. I can only really remember him being MOR2 and being at odds with cirie. I mean I guess the fact that my first sentence wasn't even about him speaks to how irrelevant he was. 

406. Frosti Zernow (China) - cut by Mister.. E.Edit

should've voted courtney bitch

405. Rachel Foulger (BvW)- cut by Matt Hoffman Edit

She seems like an A+ type of chick IRL, but she just didn't exactly bring the #fire to her Survivor appearance. I like the pair of her and John Cody tho, since they're both cool.

404. Sekou Bunch (Cook Islands) - cut by SGEdit

A first boot from a season no one likes and considering what happened to him this feels kind of bad, but still I don't think he should make it much further. Plus Survivor321 saved him a bunch of times, so he can't possibly be good.

Saving Joel because I randomly liked him on my current Micro watch and he brought down the shittest faction of the Fans

Addendum: Thanks to SG's unspeakable cruelty, Sekou's chances in this rankdown are now just as dead as his legs.

403. Carolina Eastwood (Tocantins)- Epic Part 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

Carolina is special bc her annoyingness was so palpable that even those who will blindly stan any random woman couldn't handle it. The only reason I don't completely h8 her is her two iconic contributions to survivor lore of a. being juxtaposed with a tapir in the intro, b. the whole david murphy proposal and then cheating fiasco, the closest Survivor has ever felt to an episode of Maury. Thx girl <3 

N/A. Laura Morrett (Blood vs. Water) - cut by dynaEdit

hahaaaaa you thought I wouldn't! but I did. I don't really know why laura morrett irks me so much but I think there's something to do with her needing to Have Control A Lot. it's also funny that I hate her from BvW and then love Brett from Samoa considering they were like best friends. anyway, laura's probably not worth hating that much but I think she's bad and john cody deserved a better ending than falling off a pole and dying. saving no one, because i can't because this rankdown's weird now

Guess I had to use an idol eventually and Laura deserves better, her need to Have Control A Lot makes her funny especially this season when no one cared about her. -SG

402. Rachel Ako (MvGX) - cut by SGEdit

I knew Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff was a fave of mine. Rachel, you're no Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff.

401. Monica Culpepper (One World) by Bruno Episode I: The INV MenaceEdit

She was nice, yah, but her second incarnation is far superior. HAVE I NEVER MET A NEAT LADY?

Saving Parvati. Her boring Micro incarnation is out, may her two superior incarnations prosper.

400. Lisa Keiffer (Vanuatu) by CKanberraEdit

i'm of the weird minority opinion that vanuatu is not worth it, lisa is an example of vanuatuan mediocrity. what did she do? strategize against ami publicly or sth? am i thinkin of the right vanuboot. iirc her voteout was supposed to be a shocc but i didn't care

saving Nate Gonzalez the king of cook islands until further notice

399. Daniel Lue (Amazon) by Bruno Episode II: The Bore WarsEdit

Out of all these people I never watched, Daniel is the one I know the least. He didn't steal beef jerky, his surname isn't Bilancione, and he isn't Rudy.

398. Rudy Boesch (All-Stars) by CKrassEdit

sorry fans. forgot rudy even played twice before this nom showed up. he'd be in the realm of CK's Nominations of People Who Aren't Worth It

CK's Big Nominations IVEdit

my noms need to go

  • Kel Gleason (Australia) [carryover]
  • Carl Bilancione (Africa) [carryover]
  • Frank Garrison (Africa)
  • Clay Jordan (Thailand)
  • Jan Gentry (Thailand)
  • Helen Glover (Thailand)
  • Ken Stafford (Thailand)
  • John Kenney (Vanuatu) [carryover]
  • Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands)
  • Jenny Guzon-Bae (Cook Islands)
  • Cristina Coria (Cook Islands)
  • Mick Trimming (Samoa)
  • Randy Bailey (Heroes vs. Villains)
  • Sugar Kiper (Heroes vs. Villains)
  • Coach Wade (Heroes vs. Villains)
  • Albert Destrade (South Pacific)
  • Rick Nelson (South Pacific)
  • Christina Cha (One World)
  • Katie Hanson (Philippines)
  • Jonathan Penner (Philippines)
  • Rupert Boneham (Blood vs. Water)
  • Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)
  • Rodney Lavoie, Jr. (Worlds Apart) IDOLED
  • Dan Foley (Worlds Apart)
  • Max Dawson (Worlds Apart)
  • Andrew Savage (Cambodia) IDOLED
  • Ashley Nolan (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers)

397. Dan Foley (worlds apart) - ohfEdit

everything he did was just incredibly forced and no amount of revisionist history will make him less grating. losing his underwear in the ocean, Shanini, outwit/outplay/outlast gibberish –– all cringe, garbage content. for fuck's sake he literally said in a confessional "one way or another, you won't forget me." you just KNOW he was foaming at the mouth to be considered an iconic character in survivor lore, and when it blew up in his face, he decided to blame the edit instead of taking responsibility for the fact that he was vile. the edit can't put words in your mouth. the edit can't make you say "somebody slap this woman, and shut her up already." at best, he played everything up for the camera. at worst, he's an actively malicious condescending egotistical sexist tone-deaf idiot. I mentioned this earlier but there's a weird movement to call anyone bad "ironically good" but, no, they're just straight-up bad. if your enjoyment of them is contingent upon ignoring all of their worst traits, what are you even enjoying. yeah, sure, "I am a fat guy" can -maybe- be entertaining, but it's cancelled out by him enabling bullies in the post-merge and personally attacking shirin. and no, his "downfall" doesn't put him in the clear, because the season had already been ruined by him. an entertaining downfall is like josh in SJDS, who got voted out *before* his season-ruining potential was tapped. dan made it all the way to the final six. by the time Carolyn idoled him out I had zero interest in the season anymore. and speaking of idols someone is probably going to idol him but I'm begging you to go support like...rodney, or literally anyone else who hasn't been crafting a villain narrative for over a decade to ensure a returnee spot.

saving HHH ashley

ADDENDUM: Lowkey want to idol him because I do want him to place higher than Rodney... but I'm not an awful human being like Trey and Todd so I won't. (lipstick) (shiftyisabelle) #shotsfired #lucyhuangdidnothingwrong

N/A. Rodney Lavioe Jr. (Worlds Apart)- cut by Yes Really That EpicEdit

I get the meathead appeal, but sorry just because he misuses words sometimes and is kinda funny doesn't make up for a season of petulance, misogyny, and general unpleasantness! His episode 4 performance is easily some of the most disgust I've ever felt for a Survivor player. He had the decency to have a good downfall at least, but thankfully despite lambasting Dan for 8 hours Rodney simply got a birthday cake at the reunion despite his much worse comments. ^_^

Matt is idoling him.

Saving Frank, never broken the bond of a handshake goddess <3

396. Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands) - ohfEdit

honestly this is definitely my least favorite incarnation of penner. his mutiny screwed over his team for… literally no reason, and I don’t usually care about gameplay, but when it’s completely slimy + uncalled for + followed up by an holier than thou attitude, it doesn’t sit well with me. like candice did the same thing but she didn’t try to bargain with yul or demand that he show his idol. penner was so obviously trying to call the shots when at the same time he had like zero power.

N/A. Andrew Savage (Cambodia) - finally cut by SGEdit

This has taken way too long to do. I can get finding Savage ironically to a degree, but by his boot, he was just so infuriating and insanely pretentious and douche-y that that time had long since passed. I'm not sure what he's done in life to give him such an ego about himself or if he thinks his 7-episode stint as a failed leader in PI and Jeff's insistence that he was "robbed" fuels that. Savage failed in PI because he was an unlikable douche and he failed here for the same reason. I don't even really like Wentworth but I'm so glad she was sick of his shit as much as I was and decided to end his life before he could do any more damage to an already bad season. At least he made it to the jury.

Saving Mike because Epic edit conflicted me out of saving Frank and idk who else to save

IDOLED!!!! Good job wimpy little non-leader --maxxx

395. Max Dawson (Worlds Apart)- cut by EpicEdit

I don't have the energy for a writeup because SG edit conflicted my Mike cut (>:() but in summation, awful awful awful. His one good contribution to the world was his delusions creating the "triple cross frontside", but otherwise he was just a superfan who spent the hwole experience jerking off to his own Survivor knowledge. It takes a lot to make me prefer a side with Jenn Brown and Will Sims over you, but congrats you did it!

ADDENDUM: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Max Dawson. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of Survivor superfandom most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Max's absurdist outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Martin Holmes literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Max (this includes Alerewaju) truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Max's existential catchphrase “Hold up bro,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Malcolm and Reynolds' American epic "That One Shitty Caramoan TC." I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Lynne Spillman's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂

addendum: this ^ but unironically

394. Jonathan Penner (Philippines) - cut by SGEdit

I can't believe I kind of liked Penner back when I was clueless about Survivor and watched this season. He was basically exactly like he was in Micro, overly self-important and pretentious and demeaning to anyone who didn't play the game with him and exactly how he wanted. I don't even like Lisa that much but fuck how he treated after she had the audacity not to vote with him. I'm glad this is the end of his Survivor story and I'm even more glad The Bye Bye Man sucked. His Arrested Development incarnation is better than all 3 of his Survivor ones combined.

393. Mick Trimming (Samoa)- cut by Matt Barnes Edit

Too feckless. Somehow got zero votes at that FTC, so he must really fuckin suck.

I save your boy AND mine, Ken Stafford.

392. Cristina Coria (CI) - cut by Toad Brigade CaptainEdit

I'm glad CI is continuing to get slaughtered because it's garbage. Cristina was mildly likable I guess, but I basically only remember her for having a hilarious edgic that included "INV1 CPP5 INV1" then getting booted and promptly being forgotten by everyone, just like everyone else in the entire fucking cast. Also Gatti > Coria as far as Cristinas go.

I really don't care about a single person left so props CK, but saving HvV Coach because I think he was funny?

391. Carl Bilancione (Africa)- cut by Matt-a-tat-tat Edit

He didn't do much besides be mildly successful and talk about how those damn Gen X-ers have no work ethic... he must have loved the forced narrative of MvGX.

390. Rupert Boneham (BvW) - cut by River McIrishEdit

I love Rupert, don't get me wrong, but his BvW self barely exists. Points for buying into the theme to a ridiculous extent as usual (<333) and allowing the Sucks Proper thread "Rupert the poopert, a really cool guy yea the rupert!" to be created. K that's it

389. Christina Cha (One World) - maxxxEdit

First off CK taking my nomination spot I see how iti s

Awkward an embarrasing, she was just another cog in the boring as fuck One World machine. Like OW is cool for seeing a woman's alliance finally work but at what cost? Most of them aren't even that good lol

Saving Albert <3

388. Rick Nelson (South Pacific) by #GetRodneyOutEdit

well im a cowboy. I've never seen SoPa but isn't he just like, INV?

Saving Jenny Guzon-Bae.

387. Jan Gentry (Thailand) - maxxxEdit

idk Thailand that well outside of Shii Ann and Robbbbbbbbbbbb but Jan just seemed boring from the little I remember of it. She isn't bad but not particularly special.

386. John Kenney (Vanuatu) by RodneyfuckingsucksSomebodyEdit

John Kenney (1)

385. Helen Glober (Thailand) cut by a very late dynaboyEdit

she seems like a nice person but I don't trust radio talk show hosts. they're strange

saving clay who is funny as a mere concept, and who cares about Thailand in anything more than theory

384. Randy Bailey (HvV) cut by an even LATER dynaboyEdit

this is really just me (symbolically :'( ) saving Sugar because of Sugar triple blur. haha now you'll have to find something else for her eventual cut

anyway, randy was his normal self except there was no fang to piss him off so he just found cooler people to be pissed off at, and it got him canned. it's cool that there was an age when polarizing weirdos like him could return though

MrE's Rankdown Christmas SpecialEdit

1. Rob Mariano (Marquesas)
2. Sugar Kiper (Heroes vs Villains) [carryover]
3. Katie Hanson (Philippines) [carryover]
4. Gretchen Cordy (Borneo)
5. Debb Eaton (Australia)
6. Nadiya Anderson (San Juan Del sur) IDOLED
7. Gina Crews (Marquesas)
8. Gabriel Cade (Marquesas)
9. Lea Masters (Vanuatu)
10. Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)
11. Nate Gonzalez (Cook Islands)
12. Sierra Reed (Tocantins)
13. Rob Mariano (Heroes vs Villains)
14. Jill Behm (Nicaragua)
15. Julie Wolfe (Redemption Island)
16. Bill Posley (One World)
17. Dawn Meehan (Caramoan)
18. Hayden Moss (Blood vs Water)
19. Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs Water)
20. Cliff Robinson (Cagayan)
21. Carolyn Rivera (Worlds Apart)
22. Hali Ford (Game Changers)
23. Simone Nguyen (Heroes Healers Hustlers)
24. Sonja Christopher (Borneo)
25. Alex Bell (Amazon)
26. Jenna Morasca (All-Stars)
27. Jimmy Johnson (Nicaragua)

N/A. Nadiya Anderson (SJDS) - cut by SGEdit

Unfortunately really just a typical "awkward" first boot. She gets points for making Natalie's story so much better with how early she went out, but that's kind of it.

Saving Carolyn because fuck y'all who don't like her even though it's understandable

EDIT: Since we're not doing a TAR rankdown, then I want Nadiya to do well on this one as well. Did you vote for who I told you to vote for? *nods* I'm playing this for Nadiya.

383. Hayden Moss (BvW) - cut by a very early dynEdit

i guess it only feels right to cut Kat and then her short-time bf, who as far as I remember was as appealing as, like, a glass of milk, or maybe a vitamin C supplement--something competent but otherwise bland. also he screamed on BB apparently. also his name's Hayden

saving Sierra Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

382. Dawn Meehan (Caramoan) - cut by ToadEdit

me seeing that my Mama C Miss Carolyn manifesto was edit conflicted by SG:  


I'm gonna make this quick because everyone will be coming for me. Anyway, I've made it very clear that CaramoanDawn is not my cup of tea and it's mostly because she's irrelevant for the first half of the season and then really, REALLY obnoxiously weepy for the rest. The Dawn/Brenda stuff was relatively compelling and I'm not even a Brenda stan so I don't have much of an opinion on the scenario but idk, the constant histrionics just kind of felt put on. Whatever. Caramoan sucks and the only person in it who should make it to like the top 200 is Lauraashleyalex

Saving Simone again because Your son helped me out with Sierra Reed

381. Cliff Robinson (Cagayan) - cut by SadGEdit

Most of these noms just inspire apathy from me, so props to MrE, because I don't want to cut nor save really any of them. Cliff I think out of these is the least remarkable or memorable in my mind. He bonded with Woo I guess and then was blindsided but both of those things were entertaining because of people other than Cliff Robinson.

380. Julie Wolfe (Redemption Island) - cut by Matthias Edit

Who cares? only Steve Wright matters to me.

I saved my beautiful, pure, innocent boy, Gabriel.

379. Nate Gonzalez (Cook Islands) - cut by Toad, againEdit

Glad my anti-Cook Islands crusade can continue! Nate was always boring and/or douchey. His one relatively funny line, "chop 'em up like poop," actually contains some disturbing implications if you think about it too much. What's he planning to do with said poop after he chops it up? Is he friends with [REDACTED]? I don't think I want to know. Also Nate isn't a good name.

378. Rob Mariano (Heroes vs Villains) by BrunoSomebodyOnceToldMeTheWorldIsGonnaRollMeEdit

I don't think Rob was bad this season, despite the grossly positive edit he got. He was a Sandra/Courtney soldier, and I enjoy that, but he wasn't a good character tbf.

Twistos twist, I'm saving Rob Mariano as well, but the good Marquesas version.

377. Jenna Morasca (All-Stars) by Matt (Bruno doing it for him cuz he high af)Edit

"I guess you can say I'm ADDICTED to cutting Jenna from the rankdown! Her chances in this rankdown are as dead as her mom!" - EnTrey

376. Jill Behm (Nicaragua) by BRUNO C-C-C-COMBOEdit

In a cast as good as Nicaragua's, where I got to know and enjoy so many contestants in the 3 episodes I watched, Jill Behm is not one of them. She was like, MOR3 I guess.

375. Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water) - ohf Edit

confession: I stanned vytas when bvw was airing. but I realize now (1) how gross his rhetoric of ~manipulating the women!!~ at the post-swap was (when in reality aras and tina had a pre-game alliance lmao) + (2) how his rivalry with aras went nowhere. also he was a giant baby when laura helped tina in the RI duel. his ex-con story was interesting, I guess

saving Hali 

374. Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)- EpicEdit

Already cut dis bitch earlier, but in summation- boring person, boring winner, boring season. Major lols @her declining HvV because she'll only play again on All-Winners gl on that one honey

Saving Souna <3

373. Katie Hanson (Philippines)- ohfEdit

I'm sympathetic towards katie for getting bullied by probst in challenges + leaving because of dana's low pain tolerance, but, she was boring.

Katie Hanson Wake Me Up Inside

Katie Hanson Wake Me Up Inside

372. gretchen cordy (borneo) - dyna!Edit

the most Randian survivor player ever? in that she just. wanted to kill people based on how little they did, I think, was the idea. I like the idea of her as a dictator judging people based on how much they contributed to society, so, yeah, that's pretty objectionable

i can't save anybody but if i could i would save alex(ander graham) bell, so just note that

371. Bill Posley (One World) - Amanamanamanamanamana Show! Edit

this rankdown needs less One World representation. Also, despite Colton being a spawn of satan, Bill's overwhelmingly positive edit annoyed me.

Saving Gina because she's horrible <3 

370. Lea Masters (Vanuatu) - cut by ckEdit

Chris voted him out and that is all I can truly recall about the man... his real name is Lea. like a middle school English teacher

369. Debb Eation (Australia)- EpicEdit

The first "funny fail first boot", an archetype that would become VERY popular as the show went on. She wore it well, and "WE CAN BUILD A SHELTER MADE OUT OF RAWKS" is legitimately funny, but I like the other two more and also she married her stepson so

SG's Time of Introspection, on the Eve of His NominationsEdit

  • Hunter Ellis (Marquesas)
  • Ken Stafford (Thailand)
  • Alex Bell (Amazon)
  • Jeanne Hebert (Amazon)
  • Tijuana Bradley (Pearl Islands)
  • Dolly Neely (Vanuatu)
  • Coby Archa (Palau)
  • Melinda Hyder (Panama)
  • Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands)
  • Todd Herzog (China)
  • Leslie Nease (China)
  • Chet Welch (Micronesia)
  • Tom Westman (HvV)
  • Tyrone Davis (Nicaragua)
  • Jimmy Tarantino (Nicaragua)
  • Kat Edorsson (One World)
  • Russell Swan (Philippines)
  • Eddie Fox (Caramoan)
  • Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)
  • Joaquin Souberbielle (Worlds Apart)
  • Adam Klein (MvGX)
  • Ken McNickle (MvGX)
  • David Wright (MvGX)
  • Troyzan Robertson (Game Changers)
  • Tony Vlachos (Game Changers)
  • Sugar Kiper (Heroes vs. Villains)
  • Jimmy Johnson (Nicaragua)

368. Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands) - cut by ToadikoEdit

And the CI slaughter keeps on comin' and it don't stop comin -- CI Parvati was not much of anything. I remember her flirting with Yul "Moist Piece Of Cardboard" Kwon, and maybe Ozzy? Which is funny in retrospect because of the OzzyXThe Amanda Kimmel romance that unfolded only a few seasons later. She didn't do anything else though and I remember people saying she was a REALLY random choice for Micro. But hey, this means one fewer Parvati in the rankdown, and one fewer CI representative, so I'm happy

Saving... uh, David I suppose

367. Alex Bell (Amazon) - cut by MaxxxxxEdit

I mean he's done a lot for humanity, what with inventing the telephone but does that equate to a good survivor character? I don't think so.

Saving Tont Nachos.

366. Joaquin Souberbielle (Worlds Apart) - cut by Big Baller ToadEdit

Notable for having what is potentially the best name in Survivor history. Like, Joaquin is totally a Spanish name, but then Souberbielle is like... hilariously French? Really confuses me but honestly I don't even want to assign logic to it, it's just that good. Also apparently he was recruited off of Tinder - wish I could have the same luck (moan) Otherwise though he was a douche and didn't have enough charisma to be funny (ironically or not) like Rodney Lavoie, Jr. - I was glad when he left pre-jury. 

365. Hunter Ellis (Marqueshah) - i cut him, me, mystery!Edit

I Hate Work (Scenes) - Millions of Dead Cops

364. Melinda Hyder (Panama)- but Matt did it Edit

The worst Casaya, by a wide margin. Also, I always thought she was like in her forties/fifties until I watched Panama and found out she was only, like, 30. She looked old in her cast pic.

Saving THE Ken Stafford, the future winner of this rankdown.

363. Troyzan Robertson (Game Changers) by Bruno [Construction Noise] LewithEdit

mariah-carey-i-dont-know-her.gif I'm not even a Mariah Carey and I've references her twice in this rankdown. What a legend. As for GC Troyzan, I truly have nothing to say about him.

Saving Todd cuz I know some people don't like him and they're all darksided. (eyes)

362. Dolly Neely (Vanuatu)- cut by matt Edit

yeah SG how WILL we live without her

361. Sugar Kiper (Heroes vs. Villains) by Jackmerius MartinktheritrixEdit

Love Sugar, even the trainreck first boot version. But we have some fun chars there that, I don't LOVE, but they're decent enough and don't have a superior another version that will surely go far. sry bby! At least Sandra (TWICE) and literal Sugar avenged her. And fuck Dyna, I'll use this gif again.
Sugar triple blur

360. Tom Westman (Heroes vs. Villains) by icekiEdit

was between tom and another winner's 2.0 incarnation. decided hvv tom...sometimes i forget he was even on heroes vs villains. but then. i remember he showed up to basically kinda flounder, then idol out cirie. hvv was wonderful and to be honest, am i sure if i'd have liked cirie in that endgame? not entirely. but you have to take into account that in the 2009-10 tv season, tom westman did not fight on the side of good television.

saving eddie. team dog bar

359. Chet Welch (Micronesia) - ohfEdit

honestly kinda just pathetic. and ruined tracy's game

saving leslie r.obbed q.ueen

358. Jimmy Johnson (Nicaragua) - ckEdit

personal issues. i wanted him to be really cool and relevant, because my dad knew who he was and then i thought maybe if jimmy johnson is great on survivor then my dad will watch survivor. unfortunately i was 12 and wrong.

357. Tony Vlachos (Game Changers) - ohfEdit

tony sucked in cagayan yet *won* so the fact that he was (essentially) the first boot here......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

356. Coby Archa (Palau) - dynaEdit

I liked this guy in 2013 out of some sense that he was *rebelling* against the Big Koror Clique but idk janu played the lonely outcast sadsack role way, way better than he could have ever hoped for, and he seemed like kind of a dick

i say to my reflection, "god please spare me more rejection" by saving, idk, washed up weirdo RSwan

355. Adam Klein (Millenials vs Gen X)- EpiqueEdit

I actually cut him earlier this round but got edit conflicted and was too lazy to ever do it again, so sparknotes of a writeup: seems like a nice guy, but was also the "superfan" of the season which vom, perhaps the first DR screamer in survivor history, and altogether unpleasant a lot. I actually like dhim towards the middle when he was a hilar nerdy trainwreck, but the fact that he won is kinda eh, especially 10-0-0. I mean, I wouldn't vote for Hannah Shapiro or Ken McNickle to ever win the game either, but he just doesn't feel like a winner who deserved that kind of vote.

The people who hate him for the fact that his mom died and he dared to talk about it need to get a grip tho LOL


was gonna idol this but this write-up is kinda positive/righteous..........a send-off I'm comfortable with -ohf

354. jeanne hebert (amazon) - dynaEdit

I know literally no one on this list from watching so i'm just gonna cut the person from the oldest season and hope for the best

Manatee12 found on suicide watch --toad



Matt Noms A Thing Edit

  • Ramona Gray (Borneo)
  • Mitchell Olson (Australia)
  • Vecepia Towery (Marquesas)
  • Sarah Jones (Marquesas)
  • Shawna Mitchell (Amazon)
  • Rob Cesternino (All-Stars)
  • Colby Donaldson (All-Stars)<s>
  • <s>Chad Crittenden (Vanuatu)
  • Jenn Lyon (Palau)
  • Nick Stanbury (Panama)
  • Misty Giles (Panama)
  • Jenny Guzon-Bae (Cook Islands)
  • Cassandra Frankin (Fiji)
  • Jerry Sims (Tocantins)
  • Candace Smith (Tocantins)
  • Jimmy Tarantino (Nicaragua) (carry-over)
  • Ralph Kiser (Redemption Island)
  • Nina Acosta (One World)
  • Kat Edorsson (One World) (carry-over)
  • Caleb Bankston (Blood vs. Water)
  • Julie McGee (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Shirin Oskooi (Cambodia)
  • Julia Sokolowski (Kaoh Rong)
  • Jessica Lewis (MvGX)
  • Ken McNickle (MvGX) (carry-over)
  • Sarah Lacina (Game Changers)
  • Ashley Nolan (HvHvH)

352. Ralph Kiser (Redemption Island)- The Little MermepicEdit

it's shocking that all of the RI cast isn't out by this point, honestly. There are some who are better than others, but in the end they're all the RI  cast and even the best of them isn't that good. People like Ralph because he was a hick and he didn't like Russell, I guess? I never found anything about him charming and he also voted for Phillip Sheppard to win so bye

Saving Vecepia, as I am black like her

351. Jenny Guzon-Bae (Cook Islands) - cut by EsjeeEdit

Apologies to my friend Baecon, but as far as I know Jenny was only mildly good for being bitchy towards Yul and giving her jury vote to a stranger over him and also for drawing a gun on a vote for a police officer who's been shot before (<3). Which are nice but also she's from CI and this is a good place for her to fall.

Saving Jessica Lewis because she was a shining light in MvGX's darkness

350. Julia Sokolowski (Kaoh Rong) - cut by ToadEdit

Yeah, I hate to be cutting anyone from KR because it's a gem and one of my favorite seasons ever, but I think Julia leaving at around the halfway point is fitting. She contributed exactly what you'd expect from an 18-year-old sorority girl on Survivor - that is, nothing that interested me. I went to high school with like 50 Julia types and they're riveting personalities. She was circumstantially interesting at points in the KR post-merge, but emphasis on circumstantially, and honestly the main reason I'm cutting her is horrible, horrible memories of the 13-year-old vapids on Sucks and their undying love for her. Shit was stupid and, if memory serves, was actually the reason CTS was shut down. 

Saving Jimmy T, who almost got cut last round and is hilarious

addendum: it was actually idiotic aubry stans and idiotic michele stans arguing to death about that ftc that got it shut down iirc

349. Jerry Sims (Tocantins) - cut by DynaEdit

I actually like jerry! he's not really a nothing bore like his early exit seems to imply--he seems like a cool dude who kind of held the immediately fractured Timbira for a bit. but honestly even my enjoyment of Chill Jovial Black Dudes wore pretty thin when he gave up over just kinda casual injury pains. weakness is, like, fine, but he just kinda lay down and let it consume him, which I guess is about as much as you can expect from a guy named Jerry

saving my boy nick

348. Chad Crittenden (Vanuatu)- cut by EpiqueEdit

Chad is even more of a nothing than fellow fake limb contestant Kelly Bruno. The men tribe in Vanuatu is pretty goddamn terrible, and Chad is just another interchangeable bore. It's wild to me that he made the jury considering I can remember literall ynothing about him.

347. Kat Edorsson (One World) - cut by woke up afraid of my own shadowgeoffEdit

I didn't like Kat in BvW really, and every clip I've seen of her original season isn't too good either. Her blindside is a funny moment, but besides that she seems like a forced comic relief in a dour season.

"Blindsides are always fun and exciting"

<"Kim Blindsides Kat">

<"It's Always Sunny in Samoa">

346. Rob Cesternino (ASS) - cut by Not-Quite-Drunk ToadEdit

Flopped, now Has A Podcast. That's about all I remember? Someone's gotta trim down the All-Stars fat because there's a LOT of it.

345. Jenn Lyon (palau) - by "doesn't respect the dead" dynaEdit

jenn's death was an oddly Real moment for 10-year-old me to experience, even if I had never heard of her, and her dying of the same disease my mom had still kinda shakes me. that said I watched basically all of palau while 13, and other than her fun cool casual thing with Gregg (they're kinda goals) she complained about a shower once and otherwise never really did much

344. Sarah Jones (marquesas) - cut by ohfEdit

i have no strong feelings one way or the other towards sarah jones. she's just kinda mediocre. I remember sean calling her cleopatra and that's it really. 

saving ken leave him alone

343. Mitchell Olson (Australia) - cut by maxxxEdit

He's really tall and did the Back at the Outback thing which was funny but on the show he was just morn2 and that's it

saving candace smith

Back From The Outback

Back From The Outback

This is the ideal make body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. --toad

342. Ashley Nolan (HvHvH) - cut by ohfEdit

it's her time... she didn't have a plot outside of the first episode and even that was mostly alan's doing. yet somehow she made f6? the epitome of CPM

341. Caleb Bankston (Blood vs Water) - cut by the mysteryEdit

RIP gone too soon

On the show he was aight, his blindside of brad was hot but that's really all he did.

340. Misty Giles (Panama) by BrunoEdit

She was nice, one of the better people from La Mina, so of course she goes first from them. Nothing spectacular, tho.

Saving Cassandra "mmhmm" Frankin.

339. Shawna Mitchell (Amazon) ckEdit

if you an amazo fan, i apologize. if youre not, welcome to the legendary party. shawna was cute n nice, maybe thats it? she was only one LE away from being leshawna. leshook.

saving my muse, julie m.

338. Colby Donaldson (All-Stars) by Bruno the BearEdit

I don't want to cut anyone else. Sry. #pray4ramona and #pray4nina I guess.

337. Nina Acosta (One World) ckEdit

so here's the tea. nina is the best one world cast member because she answered my question in her ama, letting me know that her favorite music genre is "country, i guess." throwback to her wiki meme status as "melting nina." sarah lacina AND nina acosta came to play like a cop on their first attempt and lost, but on the whole though, sarah lacina came to play like a criminal her second time and nina cant arrest that.

Bruno's Completely Random Nomset Deluxe EditionEdit

  • Ramona Gray (Borneo) [carryover]
  • Shirin Oskooi (Cambodia) [carryover]
  • Sarah Lacina (Game Changers) [carryover]
  • Keith Famie (Australia)
  • Linda Spencer (Africa)
  • Ken Stafford (Thailand)
  • Dave Johnson (Amazon)
  • Bubba Sampson (Vanuatu)
  • Tom Westman (Palau)
  • Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
  • Ashley Massaro (China)
  • James Clement (Micronesia)
  • Joel Anderson (Micronesia)
  • Dave Ball (Samoa)
  • Steve Wright (Redemption Island)
  • Kristina Kell (Redemption Island)
  • Francesca Hogi (Redemption Island)
  • Malcolm Freberg (Caramoan)
  • Tyson Apostol (Blood vs. Water)
  • Gervase Peterson (Blood vs. Water)
  • Jeremiah Wood (Cagayan)
  • Joe Anglim (Worlds Apart)
  • Terry Deitz (Cambodia)
  • Scot Pollard (Kaoh Rong)
  • Neal Gottlieb (Kaoh Rong)
  • Devon Pinto (HvHvH)
  • Brett Clouser (Samoa)

336. Terry "Big and Long" Deitz (Cambodia) - cut by ToadEdit

I vehemently hated Terry the first time I watched Panama so I wasn't thrilled he was coming back (don't even get me started on Shane getting shafted) but he was fine in Cambodia! Barely did anything, was the target of some classic Probst innuendo, and then Sonsick - San Fermin happened and he left. I felt bad for him but he became an afterthought pretty quickly, and I doubt he'd have made the season too much better.

Saving love making dangerdave

335. Ken Stafford (Thailand) - cut by SGEdit

Matt's reign of terror needs to end. Whoever this is, he cannot keep being saved by minority rule.

Saving The James Clement, Bruno bit the apple by nominating him

334. Devon Pinto (HHH) - cut by mistereeeEdit

Robbed as fuck objectively ,but honestly just boring overall. He had his moments but like overall nothing to write home about.

Saving Scot. :^)

addendum: That is NOT a good cut :| 

333. Neal Gottlieb (Kaoh Rong) - cut by ohfEdit

I really don't like neal and it's honestly solely because he seems like a serial killer. I don't think he's capable of projecting his voice and it plays out really weirdly on tv, how was he even cast? wtf was his final speech towards michele. that's it. he seems cool on twitter but his confessionals are something I never want to experience again

saving sarah

332. Ramona Gray (Borneo)- cut by MatthiasEdit

Sorry folks but she's maybe kinda good but ultimately irrelevant even historically speaking. You might call me a "racist" or a "sexist" for this cut but all I'm saying is that Trump won and he is your president.

Saving Steve Wright, who I will legitimately idol when he gets cut now that Ken is out.

331. Tyson Apostol (Blood vs Water)- UnforgepicableEdit

I was just complainaing baout him still being in yesterday <3 BvW Tyson gets what a lot of fun returnee winners get: all of their personality traits waxed. I don't know why this exclusively happens to fun males lately (President Sarah was just as quirky as ever <3) but Tyson this season only had a couple of funny lines despite his omnipresence strategically and game-wise. It ws weird because he was hilarious even with barely any screentime in HvV, but he never really reached that or his amazing Tocantins heights again :(

Saving Candice because "Weasel is a verb in this situation :)" is legitimately a top 3 CI moment

330. Keith Famie (Australia)- MaaaaaaaaEdit

ma yo mcm is a chef but can't even cook rice. ma yo mcm proposes to you on television but nobody gives a SHIT. you think I wasn't gonna cut him? fohhhhhhhhhhh

329. Joel Anderson (Micronesia) - maxEdit

professional chet killer

328. Joe Anglim (Worlds Apart) - horny toadEdit

I can't think of a single circumstance in which Joe will ever be interesting for more than like... seconds at a time ("Is Rodney smart?"). He has almost no charisma, and aligning with the Good People in WA helped us all not realize that because I voted him back in for Cambodia like daily. Nowadays he spends his time dating FFGCSWSDT, and occasionally posting religious/conservative memes on Instagram. Good stuff!

327. Shirin Oskooi (Cambodia) - cut by iCarlos againEdit

A pretty good story for a second boot and a nice sort of "full circle" from WA to this, but that's kind of it. It was nice seeing her blindside Vytas only to become what she opposed in WA and get voted out for it (even though what she did to Abi isn't even nearly as bad as what Will did to her obviously), but she was overall kind of just a sidenote this season and I think this is a good time for her to go.

326. JERemiah Wood (Cagayan) - cut by DynaEdit

goddamn if beauty, minus Brice, wasn't just the most boring, dull charisma failure to ever exist. i usually like my chill white guys with inexplicably high voices, but Jeremiah brings like, nothing, in retrospect. he's basically Jefra, but like a dude, which I guess means he gets to mug for the camera more

saving brett

325. Ashley Massaro (China) - CKEdit

so my first encounter with ash mass is when i saw her image on the china wikipedia page and i was like wow. ok wow shes on this show? thats weird. she looks weird. and she appeared on the show and for approx. 43 minutes of the season, she was a badass iconic castrator of men but then she fell ill. china is a cool cast and season but ashley isn't a top 300 character, u feel?

saving caramalcolm

324. Gervase Peterson (Blood vs. Water) - ohfEdit

granted I haven't seen the entirety of the BvW post-merge but gervase struck me as kind of arrogant and douchey? I mean he was also that in Borneo but it was kinda endearing there... he made it too far in bvw. and his actions robbed marissa

323. Dave Johnson (Amazon) - ckEdit

don't know much about him. why is he important or relevant? seems like a fuckboy. people hype up the amazon cast all the time but i don't know who this is.

322. Tom Westman (Palau) - by DynaEdit

i definitely didn't hate Tom in 2013, but his super Patriarch style leadership completely working out is naturally something that's never really good, and probably led directly to Terry Deitz and the millions of other robotically competent older men who led boring tribes--he was just lucky his tribe had more interesting people than La Mina and also ulong fucking fell apart completely.

also I mean, he did psychological warfare or something which I never watched. nowadays the only real legacy he's left on me is Mana absolutely HATING his guts, which is extraordinarily funny

321. Francesca Hogi (Redemption Island)- First BootpicEdit

The legend of Francesca is pretty amazing, but as a character she's like  a solid 6.5/10. I do like her Redemption Island incarnation more than her Caramoan. Deciding to immediately go for Boston Rob is such a power move for a random newbie with no power, and her incredulousness that the whole "Francesqua" situation was actually happenign was kinda amazing. I do like her a lot, but I think she has the potential to go the furthest here and I don't really care about her that much

Epic's Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad NomsetEdit

  • Linda Spencer (Africa) [carryover]
  • Bubba Sampson (Vanuatu)
  • Kristina Kell (Redemption Island)
  • BB Andersen (Borneo)
  • Gabriel Cade (Marquesas)
  • Ryan Shoulders (Pearl Islands)
  • Richard Hatch (All-Stars) #MeToo
  • Julie Berry (Vanuatu)
  • Chris Daugherty (Vanuatu)
  • Brandon Belinger (Guatemala)
  • Dan Barry (Panama)
  • Billy Garcia (Cook Islands)
  • Angie Layton (Philippines)
  • Amanda Kimmel (China)
  • Daniele DiLorenzo (HvV)
  • Semhar Tadese (South Pacific)
  • Francesca Hogi (Caramoan)
  • Brice Johnston (Cagayan)
  • Julie McGee (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)
  • Jenn Brown (Worlds Apart)
  • So Kim (Worlds Apart)
  • Woo Hwang (Cambodia)
  • Peih-Gee Law (Cambodia)
  • Jay Starrett (MvGx)
  • Hali Ford (Game Changers)
  • Malcolm Freberg (Game Changers)

320 blaze it.  Gabe Cade (Marquesas) - cut by maxxxEdit

I mean he didn't do anything honestly. He wasn't like, bad per se but he just never tickled my fancy, so to speak.

Saving Mike Holloway, Merica's Hero

319. Julie McGee (SJDS)- cut by matttEdit

Sorry, Quits McGee, but you dated a huge racist. Thanks for ensuring Josh didn't get power post-merge, though. You a real one.

Saving the beautiful baby boy, Brandon Bellinger.

318. Malcolm Freberg (Game Changers) - cut by The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadEdit

I mean, I feel bad for the way he got fucked over just because that twist is garbage and should never be used again, and getting idoled out by FFGCSWSDT is a special kind of depressing, but Malcolm didn't do much here. I won't be surprised when he fourpeats and wins a season though! 

Saving my sweet angel Cambodia Woo

317. BB Andersen (Borneo) - cut by ohfEdit

pretty fun second boot who exemplified survivor being less about surviving the elements and more about the social game. ~300th is a good place for him. RIP 

saving so "the devil" kim

316. Dan Barry (Panama) - cut by SGEdit

I know a lot of people look back on him fondly and he was a cute, nice old guy but outside of his reverential boot episode he didn't do much of anything besides be a loyal Terry soldier which I cannot support. Sucks for him that he missed merge and probably jury because Casaya had enough sense to send Sally (who's better anyway) to Exile though.

Saving Amanda Kimmel because I too, like, Epic wasn't woke to her until recently. Look me in the face and tell me that The Amanda Kimmel is not the most interesting person on this planet I'll wait

315. danielle dilorenzo (HvV) - cut by DynaEdit

how humiliating must it be to be an underling to freakin Russell and Parvati. honestly I have very little animosity towards Panama danielle because she ended on such a high note but idk. what's it like to come back and get dunked on in Such A Way

saving Jenn because, like her, i'm resistant to change

314. Peih Gee Law (Cambodia)- cut by MartinEdit

sorry. Told O I wouldn't cut So Kim, so I had to cut another Asian female. This is easily the worse incarnation, Peih Gee from China will be fine.

313. Kristina Kell (Redemption Island) by BrünnhildeSomebodyEdit

idk her but RI must be cleased.

Saving Jayg.od

312. Travis "Bubba" Sampson (Vanuatu) - by Chodegamer80Edit

Dedicating this cut to TDIFF user and noted Bubba stan Jaxswim, as well as the one and only season of Jaxvivor (that was won by me playing BubbaSampson). I'm still amazed to this day that I managed to last an entire RP, and win, as a pre-merge boot of an obscure season without having any issues with running out of material. In Vanuatu itself, he was a pretty fun early boot but I can sadly only remember one of his moments now - "Chris, think about the merge." Definitely a good moment because how the hell would that work out in any scenario ever? Also I remember reading that the show made him go by "Bubba" despite the fact that he hadn't used that nickname since elementary school, which is just... indescribably sad.

311. Angie Layton (Philippines) - cut by ShadowgwenEdit

She was kind of cute and nice, and had a few somewhat funny moments to her like being the object of Roxy's fury and the "cookies" line (which wasn't really that funny for the record), but overall she's pretty inconsequential to this season and Survivor as a whole. Thanks for contributing to Matsing going down in flames and making Denise and Malcolm more likable as a result, I guess. Also she's only moderately attractive and anyone who thinks she's more than that is aggressively straight.

310. Chris Daugherty (Vanuatu) by Bruna MarquezineEdit

I always thought he was fairly w/e, I don't care for him. Props for surviving the Vanuatu women to win, although a huge part of that was because they killed themselves. Swap him with Rory and we get a better season, a better story, and a better winner.

309. Julie Berry (Vanuatu) by ohfEdit

all I know about her is that she dated jeff. idk I haven't seen vanuatu I'm indifferent but I can't cut hali / brice / francesca / semhar / billy / ryan / linda who are mildly good

308. Francesca Hogi (Caramoan) cut by DynaEdit

this is less about her than about how terrible Caramoan was in general that she actually went first again. still, she never ate that rock, and somehow kindled a friendship with Russell Hantz afterward

307. Hali Ford (Game Changers) cut by Max DawsonEdit

I mean honestly Hali is pretty nice and she's likable and stuff, but everyone left is very similar so I'm cutting her mostly because she still has another incarnation left in this.

306. Ryan Shoulders (Pearl Islands) - ck part 1Edit

making a big gameplay decision. ryan s. was great imo but he functioned the best in relation to how he affected the plotlines and arcs of others. he characterized lill and gave her more of an incentive for ruvenge. he gave savage an outlet to be horrible. he made nicole seem insane in comparison to him. it was all good, fun n games. morgan would not be the same, but otherwise "skinny" ryan feels like a joke character.

we're going to save linda in this house. queen of mother africa

305. Billy Garcia (Cook Islands) - ck part 2Edit

hey baby he's not a top 300 character unfortunately. he provided the MOMENT of cook islands when he proposed marriage to candice woodcock cody but other than that he sucked so bad at the game that he got voted out over ozzy, who would have come in 19th place if billy weren't around. i respect him a lot for his further contributions to the vivor fandom – he does well – but it's the same way with someone like gillian larson. they're nice people that do a lot for the fans but this is a survivor rankdown not the twitter rankdown.

OHF's oh, no, I ain't your hero RankingsEdit

  • Cole Medders (HvHvH)
  • JP Hilsabeck (HvHvH)
  • Will Wahl (MvGX)
  • Nick Maiorano (Kaoh Rong)
  • Scot Pollard (Kaoh Rong)
  • Stephen Fishbach (Cambodia)
  • Vince Sly (Worlds Apart)
  • Gregg Carey (Palau)
  • Drew Christy (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Wes Nale (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Tony Vlachos (Cagayan) (IDOLED)
  • JT Thomas (HvV)
  • Colby Donaldson (HvV)
  • Dave Ball (Samoa)
  • Brett Clouser (Samoa)
  • Ace Gordon (Gabon)
  • GC Brown (Gabon)
  • Ken Hoang (Gabon)
  • Jean-Robert Bellande (China)
  • Erik Huffman (China)
  • Shane Powers (Panama)
  • Willard Smith (Palau)
  • Tarzan Smith (One World)
  • Carter Williams (Philippines)
  • Brice Johnston (Cagayan) (carryover)
  • Richard Hatch (All-Stars) (carryover)
  • Semhar Tadese (South Pacific) (carryover)

304. Scot Pollard (Kaôh Rōng) - ck part 3Edit


N/A. Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)- EpiqueEdit

Thank GOD. Tony is someone who I like less and less as years go on and it shows what an impact he had on survivor. His brand of lunacy and overplaying was fun until like....the merge? But at that point I was over it and hsi constant CPN5s and ridiculous overplaying and the fact that he WON unlike Russell and made it  alegitimate strategy to win survivor......ughhhhhhh. glad he came back on GC and ruined his legacy xoxoxoxox

Matt idols this

Saving Stephen #EvolutionOfTheRankdown

303. Richard Hatch (All-Stars) - ck part 4Edit

dont entirely want to cut anyone else. all-stars insignificant. he did something bad but claimed it was so good. poor sue. big oops. he got bamboozled? feels weird to cut the og winner, but also feels weird that he even played two times. like. he has an all-stars incarnation? what? that season is non canon

302. Semhar Tadesse (SoPa) - cut by LividToadEdit

These noms are worse than AIDS. As one of the token straights/misogynists of the rankdown, it's only fitting that I cut the one woman out of these 27 noms. Semhar is a relatively funny first boot I suppose, but we're at the point where if you're a first boot still in, you have to REALLY deliver, and even that's not something everyone seems to agree on considering both Francescas are out. Her poems were funny but also deeply uncomfortable.

Saving Shane

301. Will Wahl (MvGX)- Matthew Luther King Jr.Edit

It's cute how much he loves milk and how his voice sounds like Kermit, but he listed his heroes as Jesus Christ and Ronald Reagan and also he got very little screentime. No good.

Saving Drew Christy, the badass.

300. Ace Gordon (Gabon) - cut by StillLividToadEdit

In the midst of a Gabon rewatch right now and while there are times when he's funny, I usually just can't fathom how someone this douchey even exists. Like, he passes the threshold of unfun douchiness a lot and I say this as a Rodney fan. Him getting fucked over by Sugar is funny, but I think 300ish is a good spot for him.

299. Wes Nale (SJDS)- cut by Karl MattxEdit

As pure and lovely as this dumb lil nugget chugger is, he is still the objective correct cut at this point. May we always remember him referencing Two and a Half Men on Survivor.

298. Vince Sly (Worlds Apart) - cut by Carlos "S.G." VargasEdit

I like Vince, of course, and his strange, disastrous two-episode run that I'm not sure even really happened or if we all dreamt it up. But, these are tight noms and OHF needs to chill, and imo Vince really isn't that special or at least not as good as my other options, so here he falls.

Saving Danny "G.C." Brown

297. Brett Clouser (Samoa) - cut by maxEdit

First let me start this by saying this is by FAR the worst nomset we've had in this entire rankdown and I like legit every single person on this list. So I guess we'll see what happens on the next list (eyes)

ANYWAYS onto Brett who is an angel in his own way and a decent opposition to the literal evil that was Russell Hantz but I mean in the end he was only relevant in three episodes in his season when he made it to the finale so here he places

Saving Nick Maiorano

296. Colby Donaldson (HvV) - cut by SGEdit

So this Colby was kind of funny for how much of a shadow of his former self he was and how lame he came off (I haven't actually seen HvV so that's all secondhand information), but everyone else here is better and he still has another incarnation so here he goes.

295. Brice Johnston (Cagayan) - cut by maxEdit

I liked him a lot and he was definitely robbed on the beauty tribe since really I only like one of them more than him, but really he's kind of forgettable except DOT DOT DOT HMMM and the butterfly thing. He's good, but not great.

294. JT Thomas Jr. (HvV) - cut by DynaEdit

lol he had girly handwriting. it'd be fun to watch HvV again after seeing the big greasy hero that is TocanJTins, but I feel like other than his really dumb ass move which is one of the greatest moments of HvV there's not really a whole lot there. ya boy doesn't really have camera presence

saving dangerdave, of course. kudos for not nomming matty ohf

293. Gregg Carey (Palau) by BrubruEdit


Saving my smash brother Ken Hoang

292. Carter Williams (Philippines) - cut by S321 Edit

It was mildly funny when Carter accidentally revealed to Penner that he wanted him gone, but he didn't seem to do much besides that. Also, his voice was pretty irritating and while he couldn't have known better at the time, he DID vote for Skoopin, who did some pretty bad things, I've heard....

291. Willard Smith (Palau) by BEdit


290. Erik Huffman (China) by Dyna heh that rhymesEdit

the inferior erik, I guess. idk much about him but jean-rob's funny

Reddy or Not: Horrible Guest NomsEdit

  • Tammy Leitner (Marquesas)
  • Zoe Zanidakis (Marquesas)
  • Clay Jordan (Thailand)
  • JoAnna Ward (Amazon)
  • Caryn Groedel (Palau)
  • Brandon Bellinger (Guatemala)
  • Sally Schumann (Panama) IDOLED BY SG
  • Stacy Kimball (Fiji)
  • Jon Dalton (Micronesia)
  • Bob Crowley (Gabon)
  • Candace Smith (Tocantins)
  • Yasmin Giles (Samoa)
  • Alina Wilson (Nicaragua)
  • Steve Wright (Redemption Island)
  • Albert Destrade (South Pacific)
  • Ozzy Lusth (South Pacific)
  • Artis Silvester (Philippines)
  • Sherri Biethman (Caramoan)
  • Shamar Thomas (Caramoan)
  • Laura Boneham (Blood vs Water)
  • Sarah Lacina (Cagayan)
  • Woo Hwang (Cagayan)
  • Tasha Fox (Cagayan)
  • Missy Payne (SJDS)
  • Carolyn Rivera (Worlds Apart)
  • Woo Hwang (Cambodia)
  • Aubry Bracco (Game Changers)
  • Tarzan Smith (One World) (carryover)
  • Jean-Robert Bellande (China) (carryover)
  • Cole Medders (HvHvH) (carryover)

N/A. Sally Schumann (Panama) - cut by Father Matthew MaraEdit

Watching Panama rn and, like, she's kinda cute but that's about it? La Mina as a tribe is really a black hole of charisma. When my favorite person on your tribe is Dan Barry you're doing something really, really wrong.

Saving Steve Wright, the Wright Choice.

Fuck it I'm never going to use any of these otherwise. Sally gets another 100 spots - SG

289. Aubry Bracco (Game Changers) - cut by MaxxxxEdit

I mean, Aubry is a great character in Kaoh Rong don't get me wrong but GC Aubry does basically nothing the entire season and doesn't even really have a big episode. She's more relevant than GC Troy but that's all I got.

Saving France

288. Brandon Bellinger (Guatemala) - cut by SGEdit

Nothing against Brandon of course but he was easily the least interesting person to make the merge in Guat (a season I actually like, don't believe the detractors). Nice fallen ally for Danni to make her story come to fruition, but that's kind of it.

Saving Tammy Leitner because she's a randomfave of mine

287. Carolyn Rivera (Worlds Apart) - cut by ToadersEdit

Carolyn, like... I enjoyed her in the first episode, and kind of by default in the last few episodes, but literally all her content in between (and even during!) was just dry, desolate, and sour. People shit on FFGCSWSDT and Tyler for being boring and enabling shitty people, but that's also what Carolyn did for the majority of the season and yet I see her getting a free pass all the time? Even at the beginning, during the White Collar days, she was like that. Sure, she may have had a fun premiere and bodied So Kim which was great, but then all she did was just make :| faces and say smug things whenever Shirin was being fun. The fact that she won out in the end too, over Shirin who was getting a far more positive portrayal, made me lightly salted as well.

Carolyn's other greatest hits: being one of the people who just sat there while Shirin was getting screamed at, idoling out Dan Foley which I guess was fun but at that point it was far too late in the season for me to even give a shit, beating Boston Rod in firemaking which was funny but more because of how incensed Rodney was, and tying in the FTC vote with Will Sims 4 Have Beds. And I genuinely feel bad for her about that because come ON, but it's also legitimately funny. In general, I just don't think Carolyn has it in her to be a particularly fun or likable person and is really only circumstantially good (considering her only good episodes were 1. when she was fighting with the first boot and 2. in the endgame when almost everyone else sucked). 

Saving my sweet sweet boy, Cagayan Woo

286. Tasha Fox (Cagayan)- cut by MattyEdit

Wasn't going to cut her, but the during convo the boys and I were having in chat I talked myself into it. Tasha was an underdog in the Cagayan post-merge, and I think we all kinda projected everything we wanted in a protagonist onto her. If I remember correctly, she didn't actually get much post-merge screentime, and honestly she's nowhere near the Holy Luzon Trinity. Add that to me now looking at her through the shit-colored glasses of her Cambodia incarnation, YA FIRED.

285. Zoe Zanidakis (Marquesas) - cut by SGEdit

Well, I have a cut hard, save hard attitude, and I feel like I should be sitting up there in that seat, I thought I cut really hard out there, and I ranked with the people who wanted to rank. I'm not going to talk about OHF quitting or undeserved idols, because I was there too. We all were there. Basically, I believe Zoe has a good heart and she made it to this spot that every castaway wanted to be at. And congratulations there and that's all I have to say.

284. Jon Dalton (Micronesia) - cut by Captain Toad: Treasure TrackerEdit

I mean... I'm pretty shocked he made it this far? I'm a big proponent of Jonny Fairplay in PI, as everyone should be, but here he quit on Day 3 because he had gotten body slammed by Danny Bonaduce and didn't have his pain meds with him on the island. If he hadn't done that, Parvati would've gone out first and Survivor as we know it would be completely different. So I hope you're happy, Jonny

283. Laura Boneham (BvW) cut by Maxwell Zorbel of Walking Dead FameEdit

She's fine I guess but like really the main thing with her is that really we're just supposed to feel bad for her tbh, she was good in her boot episode, but that's about it.


282. Cole Medders (HHH) - cut by ohfEdit

why d-d-d-d-d-id ohf do that? I watched HHH in the span of like two days so I can't say I *fully* remember cole but he started off boring and then ended up actually being a mild asshole that needed more rice than everyone. his face annoys me as well. I'm too bitter about shangela losing rpdr to craft a better write-up,  saving Bob

dissent: rip hottest survivor ever

281. Stacy Kimball (Fiji) by BrunoSomeCoffeeGateEdit

Her getting an OTTNN5 when she was like, MORN3 <3

Saving Tarzan cuz people might come for him...

280. Clay Jordan (Thailand) ck ldnEdit

he seems boring and weird and creepy. get thailand out...not a Thailand sympathizer

Saving missy

279. Caryn Groedel (Palau) by DynaEdit

caryn sucks, and katie gallagher is good. I don't think this is particularly controversial

saving the Big President Survivor Winner sarah lacina

addendum: you had the nerve. you had your nerve~- Epic

278. Shamar Thomas (Caramoan)- EpicEdit

idk a funny side character but top 300 wasn't necessary....the fact that he was also literally suffering from PTSD on the island was kind of uncomfy also. Him quitting because of sand in his eye also ruined both Sherri and Laura's games so he's the true villain of Caramoan smh

Saving JoAnna HALLELUJAH OH GLORY!!!!!!!!!

277. Alina Wilson (Nicaragua) by King Cobra Black Mamba Brazilian Sensation BrunoEdit

I don't remember her from the 3 episodes I watched but iirc she voted for Brenda (and this is Nicaragua, not Caramoan, so she was good there)/was on Shannon's side so lol bye.

276. Yasmin Giles (Samoa)- Epiketchup SandwichesEdit

um hilarious mess <3 Her arguement with Ben where after being asked what's the definition of ignorant, she went "WHAT'S THE DEFINITION OF GRAMMAR SCHOOL? >:(" <333 The age-old tactic of doing nothing at camp to save energy for challenges, but sucking at those too <3 Also props for being one of the Survivors I quote irl, as I have dropped "The hood is /NOT/ the wood" on multiple occasions. I only cut her bc i felt like she was going soon and deserved a good writeup rip sweet angel

275. Sherri Biethman (Caramoan) - dynaEdit

my school just won over a 1 seed get FUCKING hype, also sherri is a weird reptile who contributed to caramoan, and life in general, being bad

274. Artis Silvester (Philippines) - ohfEdit

of the remaining noms, i've only seen philippines + cambodia and i'm not cutting woo so . by default, artis has to go, and i remember him being kinda grouchy in general

273. Albert Destrade (South Pacific) ck literally dyingEdit

a frustrating person. has comedic value but that should not have allowed him into the top 275

Dyna makes noms, at long last (these are no longer poems, s/o to SG, I think)Edit

  • Candace Smith (Tocantins)
  • Ozzy Lusth (South Pacific)
  • Woo Hwang (Cambodia)
  • Peter Harkey (Marquesas)
  • Tina Scheer (Panama)
  • Chrissy Hofbeck (HvHvH)
  • Figgy Figueroa (MvGX)
  • Jenny Lanzetti (Kaoh Rong)
  • Darnell Hamilton (Kaoh Rong)
  • Lindsey Cascaddan (Worlds Apart)
  • Val Collins (San Juan Del Sur)
  • J'Tia Taylor (Cagayan)
  • Laura Morrett (Blood vs Water)
  • Ciera Eastin (Blood vs Water)
  • Zane Knight (Philippines)
  • Sandy Kay Burgin (Tocantins)
  • Erik Cardona (Samoa)
  • Gillian Larson (Gabon)
  • Patrick Bolton (HvHvH)
  • Chase Rice (Nicaragua)
  • Kim Powers (Africa)
  • Shambo Waters (Samoa)
  • Holly Hoffman (Nicaragua)
  • Cindy Hall (Guatemala)
  • Rob Mariano (Marquesas)
  • Andrew Savage (Cambodia)
  • Lydia Morales (Guatemala)

272. Andrew Savage (Cambodia) - cut by SG againEdit

Second chorus:

This has taken way too long to do. I can get finding Savage ironically to a degree, but by his boot, he was just so infuriating and insanely pretentious and douche-y that that time had long since passed. I'm not sure what he's done in life to give him such an ego about himself or if he thinks his 7-episode stint as a failed leader in PI and Jeff's insistence that he was "robbed" fuels that. Savage failed in PI because he was an unlikable douche and he failed here for the same reason. I don't even really like Wentworth but I'm so glad she was sick of his shit as much as I was and decided to end his life before he could do any more damage to an already bad season. At least he made it to the jury.

Saving Ciera because her BvW incarnation doesn't deserve it

Addendum: The reason to like Andrew as a character is because he is so pretentious and douchey, and he's someone who survivor obviously caters to, yet his entire game the entire time post Bayon1.0 is just everything completely falling apart at the seams for him. The guy's commentary is hilariously unaware and verbose and it's hilarious in every way because of that, because he clearly doesn't get how terrible he comes off the entire time. Like on Angkor, Tasha had that shit by the balls and Andrew was barely able to even survive over hilariously annoying people like Peih-Gee and Jeff, lmfao. Then on Ta Keo3.0 he is just terrible in the best way possible throwing out Ciera's name which causes her to go into hyperdrive which also was great to see. His obvious breakdown over the entire season culminated in his boot where he he's ruthlessly slaughtered by the minority which was satisfying af to see.

I get not liking him, but he's not the reason for any of the bad things in the season and really was just a hilariously douchey b-plot the entire time who left at the right time and had a funny journey the entire time. --mre

Addendum #2: sometimes douches are just douches and that shouldn't be excused under the guise of irony -ohf

Reply: I completely unironically enjoy Andrew's storyline in Cambodia, just because you don't like him doesn't mean anyone who does immediately does it ironically. --mre

Addendum?: I really don't give a shit if someone's a douche or not. It doesn't play into whether I like them or not cuz it's a TV show, you know? I don't care about these people's morality. They're not people I know in real life, and I only know them in a very specific context in a very edited-down sense. Everything is stupid. - Matt

271. Val Collins (San Juan Del Sur)- cut by MattheEdit

Well, assuming she doesn't play one of her 76 idols, I'm cutting her gay ass. Kinda weird that she lasted this long. She's fine but like, whatever. I don't know.

Saving J'Tia, the righteous.

270. Gillian Larson (Gabon) - cut by Carlos, the Fat MexicanEdit

There are a lot of funny early boots here that have gone far enough, but I think Gillian is the least good or memorable of them all. She was excited about elephant dung and was a weird old lady which is good but not top 300 good. Her charity work in the fan community and all that is really cool though.

269. Chrissy Hofbeck (HvHvH)- cut by Big Titty MattEdit

Yo yo yo I'm out here making big moves! I am here to make the argument that Chrissy is mostly circumstantially good; she's sorta a gamebot, but her opposition to Ben makes her the person to root for (I mean, Ryan and Devon aren't SUPER appealing alternatives). I feel bad for how bad Desi roasted her in her exit press, but I'm cool with sending her out here.

268. Shambo Waters (Samoa) - cut by MaxEdit

These nominees are TERRIBLE except this one this is incredibly righteous

Honestly Shambo is just fucking infuriating as a presence and I'm really shocked she has fans in general for someone who really just amounts to The Female Dan Foley. Her entire storyline is just a horrid one sided fued with Monica and Laura, like they got annoyed with her but everyone did. But we barely got that outside of like two episode lol. All we got was Shambo doing Shambo Things and I guess that's supposed to be funny but  it really wasn't. Then Shambo at the merge takes that victim mentality and uses it to just flip the script and more or less cause Galu to completely die despite being far and wide the better tribe by far. And the worst part is, she ends up eating up the majority of the Galu screentime anyways, so it's not like her story is compelling or anything. I'd argue her dynamics aren't even explained as well as Dan's were lol. 

Basically she's a horrid hellbeast and the second biggest stain on Samoa other than the obvious black hole of screentime that was Russell Hantz.

saving Chase

267. Laura Morett (BvW) - cut by Early Morning ToadEdit

I’m not and never have been a huge fan of the Moretts, but Laura you can at least argue had some good moments in Samoa, what with being the opposition to Shambo and everything. Not so much in BvW - she was only brought back in the first place because production loved Ciera that much, and she then proceeded to do nothing interesting except like... massage Aras, dominate RI for a while (fuck RI), and get all weepy and get VOTED OUT BY HER DAUGHTER. Fitting that she’s right next to Shambo though.

Saving Cambodia Woo because I have faith people will make the right choices here

266. Rob Mariano (Marquesas) - ckutEdit

it's egregious that any rob mario incarnation made it higher than literally anyone cut in this round so far...howd we let this happen. it's unnecessary and it's cruel!! anyways the big draw of marquesiano is that he was a FunDouche, but like, he wasn't THAT good. think like taylor lee stocker of millennials vs. ken x fame..... he was good but not a standout. like thats how i feel. "wake up maraamu" is a semi fun moment but if we're being honest it's only remembered because mario lanza memorialized it. got clowned at the merge and that was funny lmfao

these noms are really tragic so i'm gonna have to save cindy hall, twin sister of vh1 star mindy hall, because logically no one else will

adding on: let's not forget his blatant homophobia towards john carroll. good cut -ohf

265. Kim Powers (Africa) - cut by "Weird Toad" GamereightyEdit

The inferior Survivor contestant whose last name is Powers. Congrats on being married to the inventor of the telephone, I guess? Yeah, I got nothing

264. Peter Harkey (Marquesas) - another ck endeavorEdit

so i think this is another case where if it weren't for mario lanza, literally no one would care about peter harkey. he would join survivor luminaries katrina radke, jim lynch, jessica deben as first boots that the fan base literally knows nothing about, but because his weird holes routine was immortalized in the funny 115, he is suddenly a comedic icon, and honestly, that says a lot about m. lanza's internet clout.

263. Lydia Morales (Guatemala)- and Epic said, let there be a cutEdit

My slaughter of Guatemala goes further and further :) I didn't slaughter Lydia in my guatemala nosm because she's kind of col, but in the end ortther than the pancake dance she doesn't very much for all of Guatemala. It's wild that someone can get overshadowed by such luminary personalities as Rafe Judkins and Danni Boatwright but you did it girl gg! 

Saving Erik, drunk stumbling jury speech goddess

262. Darnell Hamilton (kaoh rong)- ohfEdit

this is tough but of the remaining noms from seasons that i've seen darnell is the weakest. He seemed like a positive presence with potential but had no real story. I can't even remember why he was voted out

Saving king patrick ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

261. Zane Knight (Philippines) - by Late Night MaxEdit

Zane is sorta funny in how he's just the biggest failure ever pretty much. Asking to get voted off to see how much you could trust people and then getting unanimously voted off <3 Like, what did he think was gonna happen? lmfao. He's fun, but these nominees are tragic so I gotta cut him now.

addendum: there are many funny things about Zane Knight, but honestly THE funniest thing is that his name is only a few letters away from Wayne Knight, aka Newman from Seinfeld. That’s haunted me since the cast reveal and it will never stop haunting me to this day —toad

260. Candace Smith (Tocantins)- EpiqueEdit

incredibly abrasive early boots <3 Candace is not one of the best of this archetype imo, but she contributed to the mess that was Timbira for her one episode. Anyone with an INV->OTTN5 edit is probably iconic too

259. Ozzy Lusth (South Pacific) by BrunoEdit


Saving Holly.

258. Lindsey Cascaddan (Worlds Apart) - ohfEdit

tragic, but i literally cannot cut earth angels tina + sandy and jenny had a stronger arc ... lindsey had a ton of potential but a robbed fourth boot can only make it so far. plus her comments about god towards mike were kinda uncomfortable

257. Figgy Figueroa (MvGX) by a Bruno too lazy to log inEdit

Same as above, Tina is my fav first boot (we've lost two other faves in Darnell and Zane already D':), I've never seen Tocantins but Mamak <3, and Jenny is better. Figgy was good, but not great tbh, I don't even think she should've lasted longer than many people cut before her this round BECAUSE YALL WRONG OK SO SHUT UP!.

Bruno's Strategic Nomset Specifically Targetting One SatanEdit

  • Tina Scheer (Panama) [CARRYOVER]
  • Jenny Lanzetti (Kaoh Rong) [CARRYOVER]
  • Sandy Kay Burgin (Tocantins) [CARRYOVER]
  • Stacey Stillman (Borneo)
  • Kel Gleason (Australia)
  • Ethan Zohn (Africa)
  • JoAnna Ward (Amazon)
  • Osten Taylor (Pearl Islands)
  • Willard Smith (Palau)
  • Nick Stanbury (Panama)
  • Michelle Yi (Fiji)
  • James Clement (Micronesia)
  • Dan Kay (Gabon)
  • Erinn Lobdell (Tocantins)
  • Laura Morett (Samoa)
  • Steve Wright (Redemption Island)
  • Papa Bear Caruso (South Pacific)
  • Brad Culpepper (Blood vs. Water)
  • Drew Christy (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Rodney Lavoie, Jr. (Worlds Apart)
  • So Kim (Worlds Apart)
  • Kimmi Kappenberg (Cambodia)
  • Michele Fitzgerald (Kaoh Rong)
  • Aubry Bracco (Kaoh Rong)
  • Liz Markham (Kaoh Rong)
  • Michelle Schubert (MvGX)
  • JP Hilsabeck (HvHvH)

256. Stacey Stillman (Borneo)- cut by Matt HardyEdit

Bitch you out here tryna expose Survivor for rigging and getting the show cancelled? Fuck outta here. Not worth your eyerolls.

Saving Rodney, cuz it'll piss Bruno off.


255. Brad Culpepper (Blood vs. Water) - cut by A wet sandwich (SG)Edit

So Brad is better here than in GC and works pretty well as a pre-merge villain but I mean, I still wouldn't quite say I like him and I'm glad he went early, so I'm denying him top 250 here. Fuck you, Brad Culpepper.

Saving James Clement because this nomset has some of my true faves but I feel like he's the most danger

254. Joanna Ward (Amazon) - cut by Toad Movie to BerlinEdit

Hallelujah oh glory etc etc. She was funny I guess, but people like that kinda fundamentally make me uncomfortable.

Strategically saving Dan but prepared to use at least one of my 4 idols

253. So Kim (Worlds Apart)- cut by Matty MooEdit

Well, after fucking over the general populace with my last save, I've decided to do a public service with this cut. I say we just admit to ourselves that this is ridiculous and So does not belong in the top 400, let alone the top 250.

252. JP Hilsabeck (HvHvH) - ohfEdit

literally does not have a personality... how was he cast. the fact that he placed higher than So is ugly and offensive. struggling to think of anything for this write-up.

saving michele

251. Luara Morett (Samoa) - cut by Töded DiperEdit

Morett slaughter continues and I don’t give a fuuuuck. As I mentioned earlier, Luara has one funny aspect and that is her relationship/rivalry with Shambo. But as we know, Galu is tragically underutilized as a tribe and so something like that can only get you so far. And unless we’re dealing with a TRUE star who can shine despite a lack of relevance (including certain lovemakers out there), I think this is a good spot to dump someone with a small/usually uninteresting edit.

250. Kel Gleason (Australia) - cut by EsjeeEdit

Sorry Kel you're not cheating your way out of a nom this time. Kel was kind of funny in just how ridiculous the whole beef jerky incident is, but that's mostly funny because of Jerri than him anyway and he doesn't deserve top 250 for it bye.

249. Kimmi Kappenberg (Cambodia) - cut by misstreeEdit

ctrl+f my last writeup my mind hasn't changed since then saving Drew Basically A Badass Christy

248. Willard Smith (Palau)-cut by Epic Edit

lol how did he make it this far. Willard is pretty wholly unremarkable other than the fact that he looks like a corpse and he was the only Koror to go pre-merge. In the world where Palau has no double TC, Willard Smith probably makes the merge. A chilling thought.

Saving Aubry wyd @Broono

247. Liz Markham (Kaoh Rong) - cut by ohfEdit

im just dying for some freshly boiled water -_-

246. Sandy Burgin (Tocantins) - cut by DynaEdit

showed some vague promise for a couple days as kind of a weirdo outcast and then just slut-shamed the least terrible person on Jalapao for the rest of time. by the end she felt like a big ol' camera hog and far more irritating than she was funny

saving erinn! - sierra reed

addendum: AHM PISSED —toad

245. Steve Wright (Redemption Island) - ckEdit

dare you to use an idol on him? ok sure he hit the world up with a fat meme, "interesting twist in the survivor game" at the merge, but girl that wasnt even in the show it was a deleted scene...mood though. a literal dinosaur, i am glad that he himself is the winner of redemption island as if it were anyone else it would probably be dumb but since steve wright is the last one standing from survivor 22 it feels correct

saving the winner of mvgx michelle schubert

244. Mark Caruso (South Pacific) - mreEdit

I mean he was a nice CP presence when he was there but I barely remember anything he did the entire time he was there.

243. Tina Scheer (Panama - Exile Island) ckEdit

i feel bad because she was sweet and stricken with tragedy, but on the whole she did not do much. she is one of the most compelling first boots and her reunion segment was a lot, but i feel like this is as far as she could go. rip charlie, and i hope her life as a showlumberjill (that's a new word i just made up) is going fantastically

242. Nick Stanbury (Panama)- cut by EpicEdit

Nick is easily one of the most boring people to ever be on this show. Everyone love shis inspirational final words and deludes themselves into thinking he's good and survived this far. first victim of casayaownage <3

241. Jenny Lanzetti (Kaoh Rong) - dynaEdit

the choke wasn't really as funny to me as it was to everyone else, what can I say? it wasn't really relatable and just felt like she went on autopilot and got herself canned for that. she also got a bug in her ear and that was gross

Toad's Survivor Rankdown Life Support Noms Edit

  • Ethan Zohn (Africa) [CARRYOVER]
  • Osten Taylor (Pearl Islands) [CARRYOVER]
  • Michelle Yi (Fiji) [CARRYOVER]
  • Nick Brown (Australia)
  • Rupert Boneham (All-Stars)
  • Sue Hawk (All-Stars)
  • Greggggg Carey (Palau)
  • Jolanda Jones (Palau)
  • Sherea Lloyd (China)
  • Leslie Nease (China)
  • Russell Swan (Samoa)
  • Betsy Bolan (Samoa)
  • Candice Woodcock (HvV)
  • Cirie Fields (HvV)
  • Sabrina Thompson (One World)
  • Pete Yurkowski (Philippines)
  • Ciera Eastin (Blood vs. Water)
  • Nadiya Anderson (San Juan del Sur)
  • Ciera Eastin (Cambodia)
  • Ken McNickle (MvGX)
  • Jessica Lewis (MvGX)
  • Taylor Stocker (MvGX)
  • Simone Nguyen (HvHvH)
  • Tai Trang (Game Changers)
  • Andrea Boehlke (Game Changers)

aaaaand I wasn't gonna do this quite yet but Bruno's last noms were pretty heinous so: 

  • Abi-Maria Gomes (Philippines)
  • Abi-Maria Gomes (Cambodia)

240. Michelle Yi (Fiji) - cut by mister eEdit

I mean she's not bad, but really lowkey and I don't think she was a pivotal part of any episode like ever. she was objectively pretty robbed though and according to local legend had sex with three guys at once so go her i guess.

saving taylor i guess

239. Nick Brown (Australia) - cut by SGEdit

I was going to go for an ultimately inconsequential early boot since there are a lot of these here, but they were honestly more memorable in their <4 episodes than Nick was in his entire 7th-place run. There's not really much to say about Nick other than he seems mildly cool and was voted off for being on the wrong original tribe because that's what Survivor was then. Rip.

Saving BvW Ciera

238. Jessica Lewis (MvGX) - cut by MattEdit

Uh, idk, I guess she's fine, but she was kinda boring most of the time and her eyes were super fucked up for a good stretch there. They scared me. She had LEMUR eyes. Also, more MvGX people need to gtfo

Saving Philippines Abi, her purest version.

237.Greggggg Carey (Palau) by BrunoEdit


oh there's a cut too idk I've never seen him so I guess his name has too many gs.

236. Nadiya Anderson (SJDS) - cut by Isle of doSGEdit

My needlessly idoled Nadiya write-up from about 150 Spots ago:

"Unfortunately really just a typical 'awkward' first boot. She gets points for making Natalie's story so much better with how early she went out, but that's kind of it."

235. Sherea Lloyd (China) - cut by miss treeEdit

She was good in like two episodes but I like all the other ones better.

234. Sabrina Thompson (One World)- cut by MattEdit

Not the worst person left but I'm kinda worried she could get REALLY far for no reason. I mean, don't get me wrong, she's easily top 3 from One World, but like, it's One World that we're talking about and she's REALLY not that great.

233. Ethan Zohn (Africa) - cut by ohfEdit

definitely one of the nicest players ever but also kinda boring and enabled bad people

saving ken. my favorite boring nice guy that enabled bad people

232. Russell Swan (Samoa)- cut by EpicEdit

I was never a huuuuge fan of Russ Swan in Samoa, but he was pretty good. I liked him as a tribe leader and in general galu felt a lot like an old school survivor tribe and I think he was very much part of that. However, he also wasn't super interesting and I feel like after he left I didn't really miss him at all. I much prefer his trainwrecky Philippines life <3

Tough choices cause this is getting hard but saving HvV Candice, who is just as iconic as all other Candices

231. Jolanda Jones (Palau) by Bruno "If you fuck with me you're dead" SomebodyEdit

I mean, I saw an appreciation post about her on Reddit a few weeks ago and she is definitely a great, inspiring person irl who went through a lot and did a lot as well, and I am now a fan... but that was all about her outside the show. In the show, idk, I've never seen Palau and I don't see people talking about her so idk. sry.

Addendum: She was on the Houston city council for years so out of every Survivor Jolanda has probably had the most impact on my life. Legend - SG

she's dating a woman now...queen of lgbtqia+ equality in politics --CK

230. Sue Hawk (All-Stars) by CKEdit

she's a #victim of a bad bad situation and i feel sorry for her, but we need to take into account that she was actually going to come back if not for the fact that she'd eaten real food at ponderosa post-quit. imagine that bizarre sequence if she actually comes back? like she eviscerates jeff and then he's like "welcome back sue." that's awkward

saving uhhh cambodia ciera? idk i feel like a lot of these noms are like, Good Characters but none are great. play the game make big moves

229. Pete Yurkowski (Philippines)- cut by EpiqueEdit

I've always felt a weird connection to Pete because he's suuuuch a Jersey person. His particular brand of douchiness, filled with shit-stirring for no reason and being bitchy behind people's backs is something I can see on an everyday basis, and it was very entertaining. I liked that version of Pete more than the more generic strategybot version, who would show up every so often and take up airtime without being very interesting. Overall, a decent char but this is a good place for him to go.

228. Osten Taylor (Pearl Islands) - cut by ohfEdit

idk he basically moped around until he quit and now his twitter is full of conspiracy theories. nothing against him but a top 200 player he is not

227. Rupert Boneham (All-Stars)b y CKEdit

who is he? ive never met him. i dont know who all stars rupert is. he dug holes, so much for his dreasm

226. Simone Nguyen (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers) by DynaEdit

sorry friends. she seems nice, I guess, but I watched like 2 eps of HvHvH and she just kinda got booted. bye

saving HvV Cirie because i'm nostalgic for redflare going CIRIEG.ODDESS

225. Leslie Nease (China) by DynaEdit

who's this

"Best remembered for refusing to finish the Buddhist welcoming ceremony due to her Christian beliefs,"

k lit

SG's Nominations Part V: The Irrelevance Strikes BackEdit

  • Betsy Bolan (Samoa)
  • Tai Trang (Game Changers)
  • Andrea Boehlke (Game Changers)
  • Jenna Lewis (Borneo)
  • Robb Zbacnik (Thailand)
  • Ghandia Johnson (Thailand)
  • Butch Lockley (Amazon)
  • Tijuana Bradley (Pearl Islands)
  • Jerri Manthey (All-Stars)
  • Ethan Zohn (All-Stars)
  • Bobby Jon Drinkard (Palau)
  • Wanda Shirk (Palau)
  • Cindy Hall (Guatemala)
  • Anthony Robinson (Fiji)
  • Sylvia Kwan (Fiji)
  • Todd Herzog (China)
  • Kathy Sleckman (Micronesia)
  • Coach Wade (Tocantins)
  • Kelly Shinn (Nicaragua)
  • Russell Swan (Philippines)
  • Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)
  • Garrett Adelstein (Cagayan)
  • Rodney Lavoie Jr. (Worlds Apart)
  • Peter Baggenstos (Kaoh Rong)
  • Sarah Lacina (Game Changers)
  • Debbie Wanner (Game Changers)
  • Joe Mena (HvHvH)

224 - Rodney Lavoie Jr. (Worlds Apart) by logged off Bruno on phoneEdit

Can't waste the opportunity. Fuck you Rodney.



Saving Debra Donato Wanner

ADDENDUM: someday I'll write a manifesto about why Bruno is misguided, but that day is not today (it WILL happen though) --toad 

223. Sarah Lacina (Game Changers)- matt Edit

Ha fuck playing like a criminal. boring! ruined cirie!

Saving uh... Robb.

EDIT: sarah_lacina_raises_hand.gif

222. Anthony Robinson (Fiji) by Bruno now logged on in a computer!Edit

I was going to cut the last Andrea as I've cut the other two :^) bc from what I seen of GC she doesn't even exist, but I've also seen the "you suck at this game" vote and so I'll keep her. I liked Anthony, probably more than most people, but from the people I've seen on this list he's the lesser one. He outranks Rocky by a wide margin, so I'm sure he'll take it as a win. <3

221. Betsy Bolan (Samoa) - by ToadEdit

She was pretty good from what I can remember, but the thing is, I can't really remember much about her (just like half the Samoa cast). She bodied Ben Browning and then got bodied by Hantz, and seemed vaguely pleasant throughout it all. Not a top 220 character.

Saving Garrett I guess

220. Butch Lockley (The Amazon) by CKEdit

so the mood with Butch is he was a creepy old man, but burned down the camp and collected firewood all the time... like I haven't seen Amazon but I am pretty sure this might not be that funny. my only knowledge of him is a Mario Lanza-fabricated narrative. you know it's bad when

saving cindy

219. Andrea Boehlke (Game Changers) - by Toad!Edit

I haven't seen much of the GC post-merge and that's probably not going to change soon, but this cut is happening for two specific reasons - a) Andrea was shitty in Caramoan, so I'm assuming she wasn't too great here either and people are just clinging to her voting confessional against Zeke Smith as a source of entertainment, and b) the Clubs That Suck contestant popularity poll just finished, and Game Changers Andrea got ranked 8th OVERALL with a score of 8.83. Contestants she outranked include such luminaries as Kassandra McQuillen, Natalie Anderson, the entire cast of Kaoh Rong, and literally every male contestant ever. It was frustrating, I was pissed, and I decided to make it my mission to make sure that never happens again. Terrible rankdown move, you suck at being entertaining, hope I see you never. 

Edit: not surprised Clubs worship Andrea like a Survivor deity lmfao -- Bruno the anti CTS crusader

218. Tai Trang (Game Changers) by CKEdit

ok. who? tai didn't play twice dont tell me these voracious lies ok?

all moods aside, tai playing twice and making it to fourth place is false. it's just not right. like ... ?? the game changers post merge is full of people that arent real. i don't think you could tell me that any of the gc postmergers played x+1 times except sarah lachampion, winner of the next rankdown. i think tai being brought back was premature and maaaybe a bad idea. aubry being brought back was inevitable but tai? tai trang? a great first season, but the magic was not renewed. he found three idols. but like. did he even? i don't remember that? like his weird plot was just existing and being out of the loop until brad bullied him or something? can you tell me that tai has played multiple times? i do not

217. Tijuana Bradley (Pearl Islands)- matthewEdit

Not having seen Pearl Islands in a while, Tijuana is one of those people that I remember as "vaguely good" but I can't actually tell you what she did that was vaguely good. Whatever.

N/A. Tony Vlachos (Cagayan) - dynaEdit

if there's anything funny about Tony it's ruined mostly by the fact that he spends all season barking like a dog. big cheesy, mobster-like wannabe alphas can definitely be good characters, but tony in this season never really seems anything other than obsessively confident and ruthlessly competent at every garbage gimmick he does. I didn't even love to hate him i just wanted him to Go Away.

but wait dyna. don't you like the 4 episodes of domenick you saw? wasn't he as gimmicky and got just as much screentime? and. yeah, but okay one his intentions were actually super noble and also he had clear flaws and intrigue that Tony, mobster robot that he was, never displayed in his Gallons of Fuckin Screentime. I haven't seen cagayan in like two years but i really stand by my opinion that he was, not at one singular moment, any good

saving Playboy Obama Baggenstos, who holds much less claim to be a top 200 character than Tont Nachos, but hey that's what rankdowns are for

EDIT: Idoled. :] - mre

216. Kelly Shinn (Nicaragua) - mreEdit

rip a legend

but like, yes the purple kelly chronicles is funny but it's just a meme and while her quit is hilarious, it's literally all there is to her. rip

saving Coach

215. joe mena (heroes vs. hustlers vs. healers) - dynaEdit

mostly out of spite bc I don't know much about him, but as far as I can understand everything in my last writeup still applies except he was maybe a fraction less competent. top 200? fuhgetaboutit! (that joke works, right)d

214. Jenna Lewis (Borneo)- EpicEdit

I haven't seen Borneo in a really long time, so it might be my fault, but I don't remember Jenna being that great. Obviously there's her heartwarming friendship with her first black friend Ramona, which she literally betrays within the episode its formed <3 She also has not getting a video from home, which while sad, I feel like it doesn't have that much to do with her? I much prefer her incredibly abrasive All-Stars peOLrformance, to be honest <3

Saving Jerri, IT'S NOT WORTH IT @cutting her

213. Wanda Shirk (Palau)Edit

the remaining noms are too good so unfortunately wanda has to go even though I know nothing about her time in palau

saving todd

212. Ghandia Johnson (Thailand) - mreEdit

Funny character, extremely awkward and unpleasant circumstances surrounding her. It's not her fault, but it is there.

211. Ethan Zohn (All-Stars)- EpiqueEdit

Inspired by the fact that Ghost Island bores me now, I remember the rankdown! All-Stars Ethan was fun because he was a lot bitchier than Africa Ethan and instead of blandly existing his way to the end he had to actually fight. I did always feel bad about Lex voting him out, it must of hurt considering all they went through together and he voted him out over Jerri and Shii Ann LOL. But what was Survivor All-Stars if not a series of friendships and relationships being destroyed and bitter feelings revealed?

210. Bobby Jon (Palau)Edit

I haven't seen palau so idk anything about bobby jon but it's between russell swan / kathy sleckman who had genuinely gripping plots and sylvia seems iconic

saving kathy

Matt Noms Your MomEdit

  • Amber Brkich (Australia)
  • Colby Donaldson (Australia)
  • Vecepia Towery (Marquesas)
  • Gina Crews (Marquesas)
  • Shii Ann Huang (Thailand)
  • Deena Bennett (Amazon)
  • Burton Roberts (Pearl Islands)
  • Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama)
  • Sylvia Kwan (Fiji)
  • Cassandra Franklin (Fiji)
  • Amanda Kimmel (China)
  • Kathy Sleckman (Micronesia)
  • Ami Cusack (Micronesia)
  • Matty Whitmore (Gabon)
  • Brendan Synnott (Tocantins)
  • Cirie Fields (HvV)
  • Brenda Lowe (Nicaragua)
  • Russell Swan (Philippines)
  • Laura Alexander (Caramoan)
  • Marissa Peterson (BvW)
  • Sarah Lacina (Cagayan)
  • Jeremy Collins (SJDS)
  • Ciera Eastin (Cambodia)
  • Jeremy Collins (Cambodia)
  • Michele Fitzgerald (Kaoh Rong)
  • David Wright (MvGX)
  • Michelle Schubert (MvGX)

209. David Wright (MvGX) - cut by SGEdit

David really does make me sad because for all intents and purposes, he should've worked as a great character but the editors were just way too infatuated with him and way overdid it on his edit. The whole "underdog" angle was blown way out of proportion to the point of just being annoying and overbearing and one of my least favorite parts of a subpar season. That being said, David is still fine and seems like a good guy, but not worthy of top 200.

Saving Amanda Kimmel, someone the editors did and could not overexpose

208. Amber Brkich (Australia) - cut by my boy flakoEdit

I... am genuinely baffled she's still in, and I'm just going to assume the rankdown collectively forgot about her and just didn't even register her name when scrolling past it while making noms? The original wtf choice for returnee seasons, and that's really all there is to it. Oh my god it's sooooo goooood etc etc

Saving my dude SJDS Jeremy

207. Sylvia Kwan (Fiji) - cut by big SerGioEdit

I admit Sylvia was screwed over by maybe the most awful twist Survivor has done pre-RI; I mean, they made her pick both tribes and then sent her to Exile until she could join whichever tribe lost the first challenge, which would also be the tribe that had to live in squalor while the winning tribe got the luxury camp, so I'm not sure what their logic was in condemning her to the Have-Not tribe no matter what she did. I guess Sylvia could potentially do better on a season that doesn't suck so much, but nonetheless while I did like her, her three-episode run is kind of forgettable on an average-at-best season, so here she falls.

206. Ciera Eastin (Cambodia) - cut by RuZekeEdit

Ughhhhh. There's a point where the B I G M O V E S stuff does become ironically funny, but I can't even appreciate that because Ciera is just emblematic of the bigger problems that have been plaguing modern Survivor. Super gamebotty and also smug about it (not joining your alliance = not playing the game, apparently?), validating Probst's voting blocs and evolution of the game garbage, all the works. People have asked me why I don't dislike Cambodia Stephen for these same reasons, and that's because even though he did get on my nerves with that stuff too, he was also a complete trainwreck. Did Ciera have #severegastrointestinaldistress or recite a goddamn poem in the middle of the shelter or sob for 2 minutes in a confessional for literally no reason? I didn't think so. Ciera's edit was pretty much just UTRUTRUTRUTR --> PLAY THE GAME --> gets voted out. Hard pass. 

addendum: clearly someone didn't know that they need to make BIG MOVES to win this game smh :/

N/A. Brendan Synnott (Tocantins) - cut by maxEdit

He's alright, and the exile stuff is interesting, but really he's my least favorite of this bunch for sure.

Saving Michele Fitzgerald, the most controversial survivor contestant of all time.

I'm idoling because in this house we love and protect our christian corporate white boys - dyna

205. Michelle Schubert (MvGX) by BrubsEdit

She was noice but not that good. Sylvia should be higher than her js. 👀

Saving Vecepia. <3

204. Cirie Fields (HvV) by EpicEdit

This pains me bc I obviously love ha and she was still great in HvV but just not AS great you know? There's only so much someone can do in 4 episodes, and although Cirie is obviously Cirie it's still hard for me to let her go to 200 when she was such an early boot and there are three other versions. On the bright side, Cirie was still great. The "gangster in a oprah suit" confessional is one of my faves ever, and I oved her alliance with Candice and how little time it took her to start running the heroes tribe LMAO <3 I wish JT/Tom didn't screw her out of the game because she was honestly on track to make it super far again, which would've been amazing. Imagine potential Cirie and Sandra interactions </3

Saving Least Self-Aware Person Alive Shii Angel :<3

203. Matty Whitmore (Gabon) by BUBU PEEM 👀Edit

Matty was nice and all but he wasn't GREAT ya know. He should've gone at f6 and allow the amazing Sugar/Susie/Crystal f3 to happen. rip

202. Gina Crews (Marquesas) by EpiqueEdit

The revelation I had on my last Marquesas watch was that Gina's actually kind of a shrew. While Sarah  was obviously useless in many ways, she was really out to get her and bitchy the whole time. The only other notable thing is that she has a hilarious boot ep, which us about how numaraamu can beat the odds and win and theyr're the underdogs and then they lose and she goes home lol <3

201. Colby Donaldson (Australia) by MrEEdit

An iconic character and the original alpha male character. He's honestly pretty interesting during his stay on the show here, if a bit annoying at times. His feud with Jerri is kind of hilarious but Colby sometimes comes off terrible during it. He's also insanely self righteous at times and it end up fucking him over in the end by taking Tina to the end over Keith. Long story short, mixed opinions. He's an iconic character in Survivor lore, but perhaps for the wrong reasons.

200. Deena Bennett (Amazon) by CKEdit

amazon, to me, is a season that is heavily benefitted by the mindset that survivor peaked at season one and only declined ... genwunners of survivor perpetuate that every member of amazon's cast could knock survivor: san juan del sur - blood vs. water out of the park when no ma'am. the show peaked at season 29 in the fall of 2014

saving phils russ. he's annoying but compelling

addendum: watch past episode 1 of amazon and you'll see how good it is ~_~ - epic

199. Ami Cusack (Micronesia) by ohfEdit

haven't seen vanuatu but if I'm judging ami just based off of her micro incarnation: she was pretty irrelevant up until she got viciously robbed by ozzy. a nice mini-arc but not worthy of top 200

saving kathy

198. Marissa Peterson (Blood vs. Water) by CKEdit

ended bculps but disappointed gays everywhere when she was spoiled to merge and didn't. she died so candice could live though which is nice, i think top 200 is great/perfect for her

197. Brenda Lowe (Nicaragua) by ohfEdit

she was great for the most part but I'm cutting her because her boot ep was possibly the most anticlimactic thing ever. brenda was built up as this powerful ice queen that could have dominated the game along with sash/naonka... and then when she gets targeted she just rolls over and dies.

ADDENDUM: "Asian Woman by ohf"


196. Laura Alexander (Caramoan) by DynaEdit

I guess she's like the best option from caramoan but I still don't remember sensing a ton of presence. sucks to see her go but idk

saving La Presidenta

195. Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama) the better cut by dynaEdit

Danielle ended on a really high note when she more or less saved and comforted Aras, her f2 opposition, instead of just like being super cold, but that's only really nice because it was so unexpected--throughout the season she alternated being unwelcoming and self-righteous and generally seemed opposed to Casaya being as fun as they were. she destroyed the illustrious story of Bobby Mason, and it was annoying that she was always around Shane/Courtney despite being miles worse of a character than them--and probably impeded courtney's path to waif greatness by pretending to be a waif herself. also she was the first to align with Terry and even though she made the right choice in the end, that's still negative points (even though in retrospect the Reign of Deitz is more interesting than it is sour). panama's cool, and danielle, throughout much of the season, came close to making it not cool, so even though she ended well she's Here

CK's Noms, Brought to You by SGEdit

  • Burton Roberts (Pearl Islands) [carryover]
  • Shii-Ann Huang (All-Stars)
  • Jerri Manthey (All-Stars)
  • Scout Cloud Lee (Vanuatu)
  • Cassandra Franklin (Fiji) [carryover]
  • GC Brown (Gabon)
  • Paloma Soto-Castillo (Gabon)
  • Jaison Robinson (Samoa)
  • Monica Padilla (Samoa)
  • Dave Ball (Samoa) IDOLED
  • Erik Cardona (Samoa)
  • Jimmy Tarantino (Nicaragua)
  • Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff (Nicaragua)
  • Stacey Powell (South Pacific)
  • Tarzan Smith (One World)
  • Katie Collins (Blood vs. Water)
  • Aras Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water)
  • John Cody (Blood vs. Water)
  • Jeremy Collins (Cambodia) [carryover]
  • Keith Nale (Cambodia)
  • Stephen Fishbach (Cambodia)
  • Ken McNickle (Millennials vs. Gen X)
  • Jay Starrett (Millennials vs. Gen X)
  • Taylor Lee Stocker (Millennials vs. Gen X)
  • Mike Zahalsky (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers)
  • Alan Ball (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers)
  • Patrick Bolton (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers)

194. Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff (Nicaragua) - by Like an SG7Edit

Definitely the first boot to end all first boots but that shouldn't merit a top 200 spot. It was kind of funny how socially inept she was but nonetheless I forgot her existence by Episode 3 of this season

Saving Jay because he's one of the only bright spots of the MvGX endgame

193. Erik Cardona (Samoa)- by MateEdit

I'll be straight with y'all (as always); Samoa is the only season I've not seen. But at this point, nearly everyone left in the rankdown kinda rocks, so I have limited options. And from what I know, Erik's only real thing was hiding in a tree or something, and then having a good jury speech. Those are good things, but only barely good enough to take you into the top 200, and no better.

Saving Greg Smith.

192. Taylor Stocker (MvGX) - cut by a 5-star manEdit

Taylor showed a little bit of promise in the first few episodes, and I guess his hilariously bad relationship with Figgy was kind of funny, but overall I didn't really end up liking him because he seemed like an empty shell of his archetype. with very little charisma. He did some decently interesting things but wasn't nearly as funny as he could've been (Jay was a lot better), and also I just didn't care at that point. Ii'm always ready to slaughter MvGX contestants too. 

Saving both my and Coraline's dad

191. Ken McNickle (MvGX) - cut by GSEdit

I gave a write-up before, but short version is Ken enabled a bunch of bad people while being pretty lame and boring himself. He had some funny moments like his "honesty tests" that probably contributed to him getting 0 jury votes next to Adam and Hannah, but top 200 is more than enough compensation for that.

190. Paloma Soto-Castillo (Gabon) - dynaEdit

she's very small, which is cool, but that's about all she had going for. down and out she's probably the least memorable gayboyn contestant but she had some nice moments.

saving Jaison. he's big, and friendly

ADDENDUM: legend

189. Cassandra Franklin (Fiji)- MattEdit


188. Jerri Manthey (All-Stars) - Hint ToadEdit

I like Jerri a lot from what I've actually seen of her, but ASS wasn't really anyone's best season and that includes her, I think? I feel bad for her about getting booed at the reunion, but I'm glad she was able to redeem herself in HvV. 

N/A. Patrick Bolton (HHH) - MrEEdit

He's funny but not nearly as good as the rest of the people left.

Saving daddy Burton

NO! -michelle visage -OHF

187. Aras Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water) by BrynoEdit

I luv Aras but his BvW version isn't that good honestly sry.

Saving Mike Zahaslky aka the best Survivor Mike/Michael.

186. Monica Padilla (Samoa) by Pam Halpepic Edit

Monica is underedited in Samoa (like a LOT of people lol) but she still manages to shine. Shes one of those people whow ere obviously destined to be early boots but were on winning tribes and was dragged to the merge despite being useless <3 Monica was a Laura minion who would generally just sit around and make snark comments which is a way to my heart, but what really made her amazing is her last eisode. Instead of ust sitting back and getting Pagonged, she basically threatened Russell the whole day <3 The scene where shes like "You shouldn't vote me out. I have a loooot of friends on the jury ;)" while he seethed was amazing. Wish she wasn't such a flop in cambodia but what can you do lol

Saving Shii Angel, smart people @letting her be the final All-Star

185. Jeremy Collins (Cambodia) by Branny or BraunelEdit

Continuing the winner-who-I-like-but-I-very-much-prefer-their-first-season-than-their-second-season-slaughter.

184. Alan Ball (Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers)- cut by EpicEdit

Alanw as the only shining light in the otherwise boring HHH premiere by virtue of being a literal insane person. Unfortunately he was blindsided early on, but tbh he feels like such a footnote in retrospect 

N/A. Dave Ball (Samoa) cut by ohfEdit

I'll try to do this write-up without bringing up edits/arcs because samoa is a weird case. this will be controversial but "eccentric, borderline mentally unstable" is not an archetype that I enjoy. I don't like vince, I don't like shambo, and I don't like dave. don't get me wrong, I can see the appeal of someone who says "love making is my sport" - he defies conventional rules of how you're supposed to act on TV and that can be entertaining. but to me, his one-liners aren't funny or wacky... he just comes off as creepy and unhinged. him saying the N word in his reddit AMA doesn't help either.

saving katie

#POWERMOVESONLY - in no way do I condone danger dave's alleged use of the N word in his AMA (but the whole situation is very funny I'll admit) but that AMA in general is god-tier and Dave is one of the naturally weirdest people we've had on this whole show. I'm idoling him --toad

183. Scout Cloud Lee (Vanuatu) cut by MaxEdit

s/o to being the only survivor within driving distance of me but otherwise she's just decent. of the girls alliance she is definitely the most lowkey one left i think so here she goes.  addendum: her singing to sarge while he fumes about that vote across the firs is the funniest thing of all time

182. GC Brown (Gabon) cut by ohfEdit

GC's story of not wanting to be the leader is a super outdated one. although him leaving camp before the challenge was funny, he was vaguely salty the entire time which I can't really get behind. and his semi-quit was pretty anticlimactic which makes him less entertaining than other trainwreck pre-merge boots like jtia

181. John Cody (Blood vs Water) by Dyna :(Edit

mostly just don't wanna be a he man woman hater and Stacey Powell seems like a decent person even though I've never seen her play. John Cody is an inspiration to us all in his chill sweetness and just genuine affection for his Super Hard Line Competent 3 Time Survivor Playah Future Survivor Winner Candice Woodcock, and. yeah idk he just seemed like a great dude until Laura Morrett vanquished all his chances of being even better. that relatives tribe in general was pretty stupid and directionless, and John seemed to be the most aimless sometimes. but I luv him and him getting out was what made me stop watching BvW

Epic's Noms Part 3: Peter, Paul, and MaryEdit

  1. Jimmy Tarantino (Nicaragua) (carryover)
  2. Stacey Powell (South Pacific) (carryover)
  3. Keith Nale (Cambodia) (carryover)
  4. Elisabeth Filarski (Australia)
  5. RC Saint-Amour (Philippines)
  6. James Miller (Palau)
  7. Jenn Brown (Worlds Apart)
  8. Bob Crowley (Gabon)
  9. Chase Rice (Nicaragua)
  10. Kathy Sleckman (Micronesia)
  11. Natalie Bolton (Micronesia)
  12. Michele Fitzgerald (Kaoh Rong)
  13. Garrett Adelstein (Cagayan)
  14. Sean Kenniff (Borneo)
  15. Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins)
  16. Dreamz Herd (Fiji)
  17. Sonja Christopher (Borneo)
  18. Gervase Peterson (Borneo)
  19. Bobby Mason (Panama)
  20. Maralyn Hershey (Australia)
  21. Malcolm Freberg (Caramoan)
  22. Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)
  23. Earl Cole (Fiji)
  24. Amanda Kimmel (China)
  25. Tammy Leitner (Marquesas) IDOLED (madamebroode)
  26. Hali Ford (Worlds Apart) IDOLED (madamebroode)
  27. Gary Hogeboom (Guatemala)

180. Maralyn Hershey (Australia) - cut by aggretSGukoEdit

She was kind of cute/funny in her 3-episode run and definitely has a place in wiki history for giving us one of the original emotes in the form of (drama). Would such masterpieces as (tanya) and (madamebroode) exist today without Maralyn? Not sure. But on Survivor, she doesn't deserve top 200, sadly.

Saving Earl Cole, a chill MOR black guy

179. Michele Fitzgerald (Kaoh Rong) - cut by MattEdit

Look, lemme be clear: I've always been a Michele supporter. She was my pre-season winner pick, after all. She 100% deserved to win and whining about how Aubry should have won is the same as whining that Russell should have won. I even think she's kinda underrated as a character. But she's not that underrated as a character.

Saving Dr. Sean, the original moron.

178. Sonja Christopher (Borneo) - cut by EssJeeEdit

I have to pay my respects to the first person ever voted out of Survivor, but all I remember Sonja doing in the first-ever episode of Survivor is playing ukulele and having a scene where she bonded with Rich, which is cute but does not merit a top 200 spot.

177. Elisabeth Filarski (Australia) - cut by Toad’s TurnpikeEdit

So I guess she was an early “sweetheart” type. Pretty commonly known that Colleen did it first and better, but Elisabeth has some value to her - though sadly, at this point I think she’s known more for her post-Survivor Republican talk show host turn than anything else. Good for her for turning out to be rich/successful, and I do admit I’m jealous that she was able to witness this, but... eeeech.

Saving BobDawg, a very unchill OTTN black guy

176. Keith Nale (Cambodia)- cut by Mattgan MarkleEdit

Look, I love ol' Keith as much as the next guy, but Cambodia is 100% his worse incarnation. He was actually super invisible for a lot of it, and didn't do much besides the (admittedly legendary) tuk tuk scene and Jeremy trying to get his attention. I also was always upset that Kelley didn't just let him walk at final six when there was that awkward rocks situation. Him just sheepishly agreeing to "go to the house" would have been such a perfect end to his story, and allowed Kimmi to keep fightin'. Alas. He has a better incarnation which I'm sure will deservedly go much farther.

175. Bob Crowley (Gabon) - cut by DynaEdit

yeah I liked bob early on but he kind of seems like the Joe Biden of contestants--a guy you're cool with getting a big platform because he's decent enough, but he really should not be winning over so many other promising people in an endgame. also he seems deeply uncomfortable to be around in any capacity other than a physics classroom, as far as contestant stories go. the archetypical Kota, a slightly-dorky but mostly boring status quo Power Guy whose stiff and sterile win inefficiently captures how fuckin insane Gabon was. decent pelvic thrust, though

saving Jenn because sometimes mario lanza's right. sorry

174. Malcolm Freberg (Caramoan) - by MrEEdit

Phils Malcolm is good and a solid underdog actually, but Caramoan Malcolm like most Caramoan incarnations is uninspiring at best. Now, he's one of the best people in the cast solely for his dumb move to kill Philip to which I can just say thank fucking god bc Philip making the finals in two seasons would've actually killed the show. But otherwise he's unremarkable and this is a good spot to cut him.

Saving Mike Holloway.

N/A. Tammy Leitner (Marquesas) - cut by the Communist ManifestoadEdit

I think she's pretty good but also part of the Marquesas UTR/MOR toneless crew, and she's no Zoe Zanidakis (who's been out for like 100 spots), so the choice is clear here. 

Fuck it I got two left. My randomfave will live to see another day - SG

173. Jimmy Tarantino (Nicaragua) ckEdit

i know people like him but on both nicawatches i found him irritating? okay yeah he's funnyish but not a shining star in the starry nicaragua night sky. top 200 is enough for him better luck next time

saving The Amanda Kimmel

N/A. Hali Ford (Worlds Apart) - dynaEdit

yeah i'm probably alone in thinking hali is dull, uninteresting, and half the lazy smug sneerer Jenn Brown is. when I saw her do the America parallel thing at TC, I was 75% sure she wasn't joking

the shining light of modern survivor will make top 100 if i have anything to say about it--CK

172. Chase Rice (Nicaragua) ck againEdit

nica slaughter? maybe. chase rice a top 200 contestant? perhaps. i was compared a lot to him in tengaged games because of indecisiveness in gameplay, but on the whole, chase's most memorable moment is his success as a country music star. his plot with jane was compelling but it ended in a sad way

171. James Miller (Palau) by brunoEdit

idk lul

Saving RC. She IS loved. <3

170. Gervase Peterson (Borneo) by ohfEdit

I have a love-hate relationship with gervase because he was kind of obnoxious but in an endearing way? his women/cow comments were yikes but the fact that he got away with it off of pure charm is funny. 170 is a good place for him I think 

saving kathy

169. Gary Hogeboom (Guatemala) by BrunoEdit

Everyone else is better, I guess.

168. Stacey Powell (South Pacific) by MrEEdit

sry but ^

She WAS hilarious in her like two episodes of relevence but she was just kind of a fun gag character and that's it.

167. Natalie Bolton (Micronesia) by ohfEdit

ok. my policy of not cutting people from seasons i haven't seen only leaves natalie + garrett and I'm not cutting the king of luzon. natalie was pretty INV for the majority of the season until she wanted to floss with erik's jugular so

Fuck, By MrEEdit

  1. Garrett Adelstein (Cagayan) (carryover)
  2. Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins) (carryover)
  3. Dreamz Herd (Fiji) (carryover)
  4. Rodger Bingham (Australia)
  5. Kim Johnson (Africa)
  6. Shii Ann Huang (All-Stars)
  7. Angie Jakusz (Palau)
  8. Bobby Jon Drinkard (Guatemala)
  9. Sally Schumann (Panama)
  10. Todd Herzog (China)
  11. Sierra Reed (Tocantins)
  12. Jaison Robinson (Samoa)
  13. Candice Woodcock (HvV)
  14. Fabio Birza (Nicaragua)
  15. Sarah Dawson (Philippines)
  16. Ciera Eastin (BvW)
  17. Jenn Brown (Worlds Apart)<s>
  18. Jay Starrett (Millennials vs Gen X)
  19. Lauren Rimmer (HHH)
  20. Linda Spencer (Africa)
  21. Judd Sergeant (Guatemala)
  22. Marty Piombo (Nicaragua)
  23. Tarzan Smith (One World)
  24. Aubry Bracco (Kaoh Rong)
  25. Debbie Wanner (Game Changers)
  26. Tina Wesson (Australia)
  27. Cindy Hall (Guatemala) 

166. Kim Johnson (Africa) - by toadEdit

I will never be able to unsee that picture of her in a thong.

Saving Aubry 

165. Sally Schuman (Panama) - by MatthewEdit

I feel like this has all happened before...

Saving the voluptuous Dreamz.

164. Todd Herzog (China) - by SGEdit

Todd is honestly incredibly dull and I don't think I'll ever be able to shake that opinion. One of the only dark spots of my China watch was having Todd be a constant force of uninteresting strategy and outlasting everyone more interesting than he was before unceremoniously beating my two favorites at FTC. He's definitely good at Survivor and I wish him well, but I could never find him entertaining.

Saving BvW Ciera

163. Marty Piombo (Nicaragua) by BrunoEdit

He actually wasn't good on the 3 episodes I watched oops.

Saving Lauren Rimmer go fuck yourself in the ass MrE!!!!!

162. Linda Spencer (Africa) - by Toad, who apparently doesn't bless the rainsEdit

She was funny but also idk I've seen like 3 episodes of Africa (but she was a super early boot right?) and if you're gonna be a pre-swap boot still in the rankdown near the top 150, you REALLY have to bring it. God bless Mother Africa

N/A. Candice Woodcock (HvV) - MAAAAAAAAEdit

Look, she's good and all, but she's a little overrated-y-ish (at least in regards to this season) and honestly she shouldn't have been on the cast. Woodcock is a very funny last name, though. But whatever, her flipping enabled Russel for a while. Bad. idk fuck you bitch the secret scene where Amanda bullies Candice into crying and then they look for the idol together and make fun of rupert is top 1 survivor moment, idoled hoe-- Epic

161. Cindy Hall (Guatemala) - cut by SGEdit

I'm sorry to CK but my hand has been forced. Cindy was a funny/cute force for most of Guat and of course her boot episode is pretty hilarious, but I can't really justify cutting any of these other noms over here nonetheless. rip

its ok - ck

160. Jaison Robinson (Samoa) - ckEdit

a good person and an interesting character but like everyone in samoa, he was shafted in favor of rustle feathers himself. i laud him for being a successful black man and providing poc excellence on survivor, i stan his vote for natalie. in the upper echelon of foa foas for sure but it's samoa. top 160 is throwing him a bone for sure

saving sierra r.

159. Debbie Wanner (Game Changers) cut by ohfEdit

debbie was great in kaoh rong but she revealed how forced/scripted/rehearsed her entire character actually is in game changers. "it's frustrating and I'm pissed" is definitely one of the cringiest scenes in survivor ever. the boat scene with cochran was also kind of an abomination

saving tina

158. Angie Jakusz (Palau) cut by DynaEdit

yeah, now that more people are watching Palau I think they could do better writeups, but mostly ulong is pointless and a waste of space and I never really got people saying that Angie stuck out, at least when I was 13 years old watching this. so. cool. peace out

saving Stephen!

157. Sarah Dawson (Philippines) ckEdit

outside of her one big moment where she kissed probst (and then again at the reunion), s. dawson did not actually do much? she had her one ep gag of intimidating jeff kent which was iconic but went nowhere and i wish it had. she deserves lots of good things in this world

156. Tarzan Smith (One World) by ohfEdit

breaking my rule of not cutting people from seasons I haven't seen because he just *seems* terrible. what man over the age of 60 goes by tarzan.

EDIT: YOU are terrible oops

N/A. Jenn Brown (Worlds Apart) by BrunoEdit

So, I don't want to cut her now, but I also don't want to cut people I didn't watch but seem good (Shii Ann/Rodger/Judd), also don't want to cut 2nd boot legend Garrett, and Jay is better than her, so... sry bye.

idoling - dyna

155. Bobby Jon Drinkard (Guatemala) - dynaEdit

he's boring in palau and all I really know in Guat is that he was a very humble boy generally but yelled in challenges? which. isn't really that different than most white males in his position. kinda weird that he returned tbh

154. Judd Sergeant (Guat)- EpiqueEdit

Sorry fans but right now I have to play my OWN game and my hatred for Guatemala and want to get everything from it out is the game angle I'm going for right now. Judd is mildly funny but also kind of uncomfortable. Obviously shit like "AYY DEE DEE" and "I hope you all get bitten by a freakin crocodile" is funny but his constant yelling at and berating of women is less so. He gets points for being from Guat and not terribly boring but this is a fine spot for him

Saving Shii Angel who needs to make top 100

153. Garrett Adelstein (Cagayan)- Epiqua UniquaEdit

lol <3 Garrett seemed like the "destined to get a huge edit douche" of the season pre-season, being a poker player  stating he watched the entire 27 seasons in preparation for the show, and his ken doll body. Thankfully, Garrett was such a lunatic that he ended up flaming out so hard on Contenders For Worst Tribe Ever Luzon (side note: with Spencer and Tasha's heel turns in Cambodia, every member of the brains tribe being proven to be a vindictive asshole <3) Garrett's declaration that he's not having FUN, and preceding to police his whole tribe, constantly let it slip that Tasha and Kass had no value to him, and somehow get sent home over J'TIA

ohf's noms. PSA: "can't do better" by pop savior kim petras comes out june 8thEdit

  1. Sean Kenniff (Borneo)
  2. Frank Garrison (Africa)
  3. Clarence Black (Africa)
  4. Matthew von Ertfelda (Amazon)
  5. Burton Roberts (Pearl Islands)
  6. Rory Freeman (Vanuatu)
  7. Jamie Newton (Guatemala)
  8. Bruce Kanegai (Panama)
  9. Lisi Linares (Fiji)
  10. Jean-Robert Bellande (China)
  11. Jaime Dugan (China)
  12. Jason Siska (Micronesia)
  13. Ken Hoang (Gabon)
  14. Dan Kay (Gabon)
  15. Coach Wade (Tocantins)
  16. Rupert Boneham (HvV)
  17. Coach Wade (HvV)
  18. Dan Lembo (Nicaragua)
  19. Eddie Fox (Caramoan)
  20. Drew Christy (San Juan Del Sur)
  21. Nick Maiorano (Kaoh Rong)
  22. Peter Baggenstos (Kaoh Rong)
  23. Mike Zahalsky (HvHvH)
  24. Jessica Johnston (HvHvH)
  25. Rodger Bingham (Australia) (carryover)
  26. Fabio Birza (Nicaragua) (carryover)
  27. Jay Starrett (MvGX) (carryover)

152. Peter Baggenstos (Kaoh Rong) - by SGEdit

I never got why people thought Peter was noteworthy or why he's been saved this long? He had a pretty typical UTRdouche arc of being irritating but kind of funny and then dying just before the merge because his own allies were sick of him. The "Julia Peter" vote is a moment but it's an Aubry moment, not a Peter moment. I'm sure at some point while KR was airing I cared about Peter but it's been a long time since I have.

Saving Rory because I just watched Vanuatu and he's the only man on that season worth anything

151. Dan Lembo (Nicaragua) - a CKEdit

funny but #151 is apt, I think. nicaragua was a fever dream and Dan was there, too. holly hoffman got his shoes GOOD and i was pretty much 100% here for dan's like, 3 other moments, but the reality is that he had 14 episodes to have moments and one of them was his final words. those were GOOD final words though whew

saving jessica johnston because something i don't think about enough is how much joy i got from hhh's premerge

150. Coach Wade (Tocantins) - by Shadow GwenEdit

I will always stand by the opinion that Coach is really not worth it overall. In a season that I otherwise really like, Coach was always there to eat up screentime with lame "warrior" confessionals I didn't care about and his actually funny stories and moments were too few and far in between for it to be worth the rest of his existence. I'm not sure I support Mario Lanza making Funny 115 2.0 just what he thinks Survivor should be, because while it gave us a great #2 in Russell Hantz's HvV Fall, it also gave us the #1 entry just being... Coach.

149. Eddie Fox (Caramoan) by BrunoEdit

Laura should be #1 for Caramoan assholes. I like Eddie, but he's kinda overrated? oops :]

Saving Lisi Linares because have you fucked in an elevator?

148. Ken Hoang (Gabon) - by ToadEdit

This is a really tragic group of noms and I'm mostly cutting Kenny because I feel like I can write about him - he's overall very unique and pretty good MOST of the time, but by the end he gets kind of unbearable. And that's not even the end of the world because it works well when looking at his character arc of "nerdy/socially awkward gamer starting as an underdog/becoming a kingpin/devolving into a cocky overdog," but it's enough to set him apart from some people I consistently enjoyed for the entirety of their time on the show. That said, Kenny was great - I love that an actually famous figure in the Smash world just casually went and did Survivor, and I got one of my (former kinda) friends to watch a season with me just by telling him Kenny was on a season and did well. His partnership with Crystal was also amazing of course, and one of my favorite duos probably ever (even though Crystal did the heavy lifting, of course). I choose to forget more cringey aspects of Kenny's character such as his tantrum to Bob at the F5 TC and him telling Michelle that it would be hot if she ate a termite, but I guess that all just adds to the Ken Hoang appeal? I think this is a good spot for him overall.

Saving Dan because I don't want to have to idol him 

147. Burton Roberts (Pearl Islands)- mattyEdit

Yeah, not my favorite set of noms ever, but you get what you get. Anyway, Burton is a cool guy and all and he has a pretty great arc over the season. He's Jonny Fairplay's best lieutenant, and he's underrated as an all-time challenge boy. However, ultimately, he is only vaguely likable, and lacks the unique likability of most of these other noms. In the game of Survivor, he was able to return after being voted out. Sadly, in this rankdown, there is no Outcast Twist.

Saving Clarence, because he's a work of art.

146. Rupert Boneham (HvV) by BrunoEdit

rupert the poopert a really cool guy yea the rupert *roars*

addendum: this is a good place for The Only Incarnation of rupert i know of but he's actually pretty good, in this season? he's like a funny troll. he also outsmarts The Virgin Hantz a few times - dyna

145. fabiobirza (Nicaragua) by MrEEdit

He is honestly not that great as a whole and while I like having a MOR toneless winner, at what cost truly.

While I want to save half of these nominees I'm saving Jean-Robert

144. Frak Garrison (Shit!) - by toadEdit

Republicanism + looking like my high school cross country coach (not the most pleasant guy) + bonding with Bbquinton15 is basically all I know about him? Not going to risk anything else

143. Coach Wade (HvV)- MattEdit

Kinda weird that SG cut Tocantins Coach before HvV Coach but whatever. Same Coach, smaller dose.

142. Rodger Bingham (Australia) - MrEEdit

He's nice but ultimately nothing special

N/A. Drew Christy (SJDS) - dynaEdit

the Christyluv is a byproduct of dudes ironically loving obnoxious white dudes for no real reason other than their plans failing bc they're idiots, without realizing everyone else on survivor is an idiot too and their plans could have easily succeeeded. drew christy's 1 episode arc is funny but he comes off super annoying and I don't think, other than maybe Alec's kinda-funny smug garbage that comes out of being related to him, really connects back to SJDS's theme in a relevant way unlike most of the other lolwhat moments of the season

saving bruce. a hero

EDIT: Dyna is jealous because he basically not a badass (and you keep saving mediocre white dudes watcha saying dude @dyna smh)

141. Jay Starrett (Millennials vs. Gen X) by CKEdit

a good character in a dark season! served some of the more realistic and relatable plots of the millennials vs the gen x. his strategy seemed organic ... him and will finding the ikabula idol and hiding it from michaela, only to conceive a plot to dramatically backstab michaela felt like something out of a soap opera and i kind of loved it if not for its capability to get me to stop watching the season altogether. jay's good but not great. ushering in an era of positive writeups because we're at the point where everyone deserves a compliment (sun)

140. Mike Zalahasky (Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers) by EpiqueeEdit

idk I think HvHvH has gotten a better rep after Ghost Island and realizing what an actual terrible season looks like, and I can support most things from it, but I've never been a huge Dr. Mike person? idk he just always seemed to me like he was gonna do something in the game and then just....never did. He was funny and likable a lot of the time, but n the end he was basically a side characte rin the grand scheme of the season. Kool, but doesn't deserve top 100

Saving Cweepy Matt

139. Jamie Newton (Guatemala) by dynaEdit

hey he's like bobby jon, but he's new, so, even less reason to like him? also he's a grown American man self identifying as a Jamie. gross. he hated stephenie which is a plus but unfortunately the hivemind thinks she's chill I guess, and either way, doesn't give him a personality alone

138. Sean Kennif (Borneo) by EpicEdit

lol retard <3 Dr. Sean was really the first Survivor Idiot, an archetype that has been well-represented over time. I love that the aphabet strategy was esssentially what doomed Pagong even though he did it just to not piss anyone off <3 I like him, but it's close to the top 100 and at this point...legends only.

Toad's Extra-Crunchy Noms (madamebroode)Edit

  1. Jaime Dugan (China) [CARRYOVER]
  2. Jason Siska (Micronesia) [CARRYOVER] IDOLED
  3. Nick "Daddy" Maiorano (Kaoh Rong) [CARRYOVER]
  4. Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo)
  5. Vecepia Towery (Marquesas)
  6. Shii Ann Huang (All-Stars)
  7. Janu Tornell (Palau)
  8. Stephenie LaGrossa (Guatemala)
  9. Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
  10. Earl Cole (Fiji) IDOLED (topper)
  11. the Amanda Kimmel (China) IDOLED
  12. James Clement (Micronesia)
  13. Tracy Hughes-Wolf (Micronesia)
  14. Kathy Sleckman (Micronesia)
  15. Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins)
  16. Parvati Shallow (HvV)
  17. Amanda Kimmel (HvV)
  18. Christine Shields Markoski (South Pacific)
  19. Abi-Maria Gomes (Philippines)
  20. Tina Wesson (Blood vs. Water)
  21. Ciera Eastin (Blood vs. Water)
  22. Missy Payne (San Juan del Sur)
  23. Jon Misch (San Juan del Sur)
  24. Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)
  25. Abi-Maria Gomes (Cambodia)
  26. Alecia Holden (Kaoh Rong)
  27. Michaela Bradshaw (Game Changers)

137. Vecepia Towery (Marquesas) mattEdit

Everyone needs to stop pretending Vecepia does anything particularly interesting. She's kinda self-righteous and shit. Real religious, apparently said some gay-ass shit to John about his sexuality. Cool to be the first black winner and all, but like, it should have been Sean. Definitely don't want her in MY Top 100.

136. Kathy Sleckman (Micronesia) - by SGEdit

Kathy deserves some credit because her quit and the breakdown leading up to it was (unfortunately) one of the most relatable things I've ever seen on Survivor, but besides that and "where did Mary come from?" I really don't have very much to say about her. She's a cool addition to the fan community nowadays but this is not the r/Survivor rankdown.

Saving Michaela B

135. Christine Shields Markoski (South Pacific) by MreEdit

She was fun enough in her few episodes of relevence but ultimately she was just another unfortunate casualty of SoPa's lopsided editing, and due to being on RI for nearly 3/4ths of her stay in the game and didn't return she completely faded into the background and becomes a massive afterthought.

Saving Mike Holloway, God Warrior

134. Jaime Dugan (China) ckEdit

we love our bizarro villainness queen? china has bigger stars though. that being said i love love love her wild CPN breakout in which she decides she's going to take down the alpha males and it's fun, but michelle dougan (fun last name twist there) does that archetype better i think

saving guat steph she's at risk

133. Tracy Hughes-Wolf (Micronesia)Edit

she was definitely one of the better fans, but, a victim of circumstance (read: a victim of chet & kathy). she's someone that should return but idk if untapped potential is enough. #133 is a good spot for her

saving cambodia abi because some people can't appreciate the wild fever dream that was abi in the pre-swap

132. James Clement (Micronesia) by BronoEdit

I'm a China James fan and ya know, I don't remember him in Micro AT ALL. SG's random love for him is hilarious, tho.

Saving the other Abi. (abi)

131. Janu Tornell (Palau) - by S H A D O W G E O F FEdit

See Kathy but somewhat better? I want to like Janu more than I do since she was genuinely interesting when she showed up but that was only maybe 3 episodes. Her quitting because she genuinely hated Koror and was fed up of them constantly bullying her is goals and a crucial "fuck you Tom" moment Palau desperately needs, but overall Janu doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

130. Missy Payne (San Juan del Sur) by BrucieraEdit

I like Missy but there are people better than her, from her cast, from her archetype, etc. This is a good place for her, I guess. #BaylorForTop50

129. Amanda Kimmel (HvV) by MaxxxEdit

I like Amanda in all three seasons. She's a complete weirdo who is just fun to experience for no real reason at all. However HvV Amanda did kind of suffer from being irrelevant as after like the first few eps iirc she kind of falls by the wayside, like a lot of people in favor of like... the Rob and Russell rivalry which would later spawn the worst season of Survivor, Ever. She does eventually respawn right in time for her inconsequential boot but she was still alright, but it's definitely her worst incarnation.

N/A. Amanda Kimmel (China) by MatttEdit

The OG Zombie Eyes, I'm honestly just cutting her cuz it's hard to pick from the remaining peeps and it's funny to cut two incarnations of her in a row. Also, Micro is the best Amanda so it should have a deep run.

not so fast straightie! can't get rid of this gay icon before the top 100 --ck

128. ciera eastin (BvW) by DynaEdit

in the end this is more a combination of 13 year old me and 18 year old me projecting, but i'll still hold my ground that the morretts still suck

saving fisch

127. Nick Maiorano (Kaoh Rong) ohfEdit

I only like nick because of his social media presence. he's obviously really self aware, but that didn't come across on TV at all, he just seemed like a mainsplaining douche. 

N/A. Earl Cole (Fiji)- EpiqueEdit

People keep  trying to make Fiji happen and it's NOT going to happen. Truly one of the worst seasons and although Earl isn't really part of what makes it bad he's not particularly good either? idk I just find him incredibly unintersting, fine character I guess but not amazing

saving Tina, redemption island legend

Nope he's a top 5 winner. Try again Epique - SG

N/A. Jason Siska (Micronesia) by CKEdit

this one HURTS but Jason on the whole does not exactly materialize as a legendado until the merge IIRC? Ozzy isn't the only godlike competitor in this rankdown. Assuming Jason beat all of his incarnations so that's a force of good. The fucking stick was a MOMENT and Michael Yerger should be ashamed "he played it for Ozzy." justice for Jason, also justice for Jason in real life because one of the wildest things I've ever seen was Aubry tweeting out a picture from the USVI where inhabitants of some town were writing their names on a whiteboard in the town square to declare they were alive post-hurricane and Jason's name was one of them. that was weird? here's that tweet. also never forget the wild rumors of him being bisexual?

IDOLING THE GOLDEN GOD (sorry Nick) --toadgamer80

126. parvati shallow (HvV) by dynaEdit

why do people cozy up to russell unless they're like 100% sure they can win? people really try to defend her credibility and it just. it ain't work. she's dumb

125. alecia holden (kaoh rong) - jennaEdit

Ok tbh this is hard bc you guys gave me 4 icons to choose from but alecia only gave us a few episodes of iconic while the other 3 were almost an entire season. Imagine watching ass w/out shii ann or ci w/out Candice. Sad I know. And Kelly wigles is the original bitch so. At the end of the day good luck on second chances 2 girl but bye to the queen of to tang.

*bill wurtz voice* Gonna make my noms be dumbEdit

  1. Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo)
  2. Shii Ann Huang (All-Stars)
  3. Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
  4. Rudy Boesch (Borneo)
  5. Silas Gaither (Africa)
  6. Rory Freeman (Vanuatu)
  7. Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau)
  8. Dreamz Herd (Fiji)
  9. Amanda Kimmel (Micronesia)
  10. Dan Kay (Gabon)
  11. Susie Smith (Gabon)
  12. Holly Hoffman (Nicaragua)
  13. NaOnka Mixon (Nicaragua)
  14. Malcolm Freberg (Philippines)
  15. Monica Culpepper (Blood vs. Water)
  16. J’Tia Taylor (Cagayan)
  17. Jaclyn Schultz (San Juan Del Sur)
  18. Cydney Gillon (Kaoh Rong)
  19. Jean-Robert Bellande (China)
  20. Amy O’Hara (Guatemala) IDOLED
  21. Neleh Dennis (Marquesas)
  22. Denise Stapley (Philippines)
  23. Heidi Strobel (Amazon)
  24. Sarah Lacina (Cagayan)
  25. RC Saint-Amour (Philippines)
  26. Russell Swan (Philippines)
  27. Jenna Morasca (Amazon)

124. Rudy Boesch (Borneo) cut by MrEEdit

Rudy IS iconic and a very unique for a multitude of reasons. His friendship with Richard despite for all intents and purposes being A Homophobic Old Man was pretty cool I guess and him making it so far is pretty wild, but in the end he was easily the most irrelevant person in the entire final like 9 or so in Borneo and outside of "I Dunno." and "Not in a homosexual way that's for sure" he really doesn't hold much too much weight as a character compared to the others on the list, so here he has to fall.

Saving Da Frenchman.

123. Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau)- cut by me, MattEdit

Look, she doesn't even say gay and retarded this season, I don't think, so that kinda sucks. Also, she's just kinda a basic underdog instead of a huge bitch like she is in Guat, and that's way less interesting. Bobby Jon should have made merge, too. He got 10th place, wtf? Anyway, figured 123 would be a good spot for Stephenie, cuz that's also the most counting she can do. Heyo!

Saving complex-ass character Dreamz.

122. Russell Swan (Philippines) - cut by SGEdit

Russell honestly really wasn't that interesting to me? He's a key part of the Matsing Chronicles, sure, but really he's the least funny or entertaining member on the tribe nonetheless even if he occasionally is compelling. He also makes me uncomfortable both for what he did on the show and knowing that afterwards he was so ashamed of it he slipped into depression. Sorry guy.

Saving Rory again

121. Shii-Ann Huang (All-Stars) cut by MrEEdit

She's pretty good but I just never have liked Shii Ann thaaaaat much oops. AS is such a dour season and she doesn't stand out enough to make it better until her last like, two or three episodes really when she becomes basically the only hope for any decent ending to come out of the whole thing. Her immunity win was epic btw. Otherwise though she's just a fairly standard second outing, pretty decent but not amazing.

N/A. Jenna Morasca (Amazon) mttEdit

Jenna's a cool enough character and a fine winner gameplay-wise, but I've always had a decently huge problem with how she was presented on the show. Everyone out there knew she had demolished Matt in the final two, but still they edited Matt as a sort of hero, with him sacrificing his loved one reward and shit and people being like "wow matt might be hard to beat in the finals" and they edited Jenna as a vapid mean girl who bullies a deaf girl. Maybe she was that way, but they have the ability to edit, and at the time people were perplexed by her win. So, like, what gives? Make the winner look good, bitch.

idoled bitch, I adore the one and only JENNACONDA and she needs to make top 100- epique

120. Silas Gaither (Africa) - by SGEdit

Okay so my opinion on characters like Drew Christy and Silas (the original Drew Christy) is that while they are funny and it's fun to watch someone be so incompetent at Survivor, that's not enough to earn them a higher placing than unironically good characters and they should've been cut a while ago, thus why I'm cutting Silas now. It's a simple story: Silas started a young-supremacist dictatorship on Samburu and after the first-ever tribe swap Teresa and Frank decided to end his life after it was them three and three Borans on one tribe. I'm sure he's nice irl.

119. NaOnka Mixon (Nicaragua) - toadEdit

Okay, NaOnka’s definitely funny a lot of the time, and she’s one of the more unique villains we’ve had on the show for sure. The fact that she apparently had an actual shot at winning if she got to the end despite getting a hilariously OTTNNN edit (which I assume was punishment for her quit?) is pretty great. That said, there are a couple pretty glaring flaws with her - the double quit (as funny as it is, and as great as Holly is during it) kills the momentum of the entire season and then it just peters out, and then there’s the REALLY uncomfortable stuff with Kelly B and her leg which just... speaks for itself. I wouldn’t feel great having her in the endgame just because of that, but then again, she wrote “420” on her winner vote for Fabio so.

Saving Dan because I really just want him to make top 100

118. Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands) by brunoEdit

idk not a fan all other Candices are better.

Saving J'Tia because yall have shitty opinions (tanyadeluxe)

117. Roberta Christine "RC.oddess" Saint-Amour (Peens) - reluctantly cut by toadEdit

I really don't want to have to do this but I don't have a valid argument for cutting anyone else left SO. It's no secret that I fucking love RC, while her season was airing I became obsessed with her and was rooting for her unironically (I think that's where my Abi distaste stemmed from??? :O) but then after she got voted out, RC just revealed her true colors as... a goddamn mess. A lot of people started vehemently hating her when she did shit like be extremely bitter at Abi (valid), scream at her at Ponderosa for an extended period of time (also valid), and compare her Survivor experience to the Holocaust (HILARIOUS), but that just added to the RC appeal honestly. It takes a special kind of talent to get voted out near-unanimously at your first TC (The Noble One and Nick Maiorano say hi), and I wish we could've gotten a more accurate portrayal of the shrieky helldemon that RC obviously is. But she's obviously a legend, and although I'm like the most vocal (and the only?) RC stan on here and it pains me to see both Abis outlast her, her on-show performance isn't QUITE top 100 level.

But regardless... RC YOU ARE LOVED <3 <3 <3


116. Malcolm Freberg (Philippines) by BrunoEdit

The best Malcolm. He's good, but, I hate using overrated, but if I didn't I'd probably use that word on him. (teehee) Yeah, 115 is good for him ig. RC DESERVED BETTER.

115. Denise Stapley (Philippines) ckEdit

a C O N T R O V E R S I A L cut? perhaps. but my 2016 phils rewatch unveiled the truth! denise stapley is kind of... dry? like sometimes it's the good dry. it's the witty, realistic and fun dry. and she literally just murks bad people for the entirety of the phils postmerge... we stan her penner takedown. jeff kent died at her sword. abi was the voldemort to her hermione. she slaughtered a pedo at ftc. an unmatched legacy, i'm just here to break it to the masses that the plot itself is all she probably has going. one time i accidentally liked one of her husband's tweets and i was mortified

giving my good graces to the amanda kimmel

N/A. Amy O'Hara (Guatemala) by EpicEdit

GUATEMALA SLAUGHTER ALL THE WAY BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Amy is honestly probably in my top 2 for this season which is sad because I don't even like her thaaaaaat much. Definitely a fun character but idc that much

Saving Jaclyn (5 hours later)

imagine having taste this bad. the idol jump out --CK

114. Heidi Strobel (Amazon) ohfEdit

i know nothing about heidi except that she's kinda dumb and stripped for peanut butter. but she's against actual legends like cydney, kelly w, neleh, and holly so she has to go.

saving cydney

113. Monica Culpepper (Blood vs. Water) -- ckEdit

sorry gays but the taste is here. monica culpepper, yes, is a neat lady, but it's the hannah shapiro syndrome where she really only becomes Good by being the brightest star by default in a bleak endgame.



112. Holly Hoffman (Nicaragua) ohfEdit

refer to my heidi write-up. holly was great especially when she was having a manic episode and throwing dan's shoes in the water. but i remember her being kinda problematic in the end game and she just doesn't compare to the other legends that are currently nommed. this is a tragic cut but these are also tragic noms.

111. Sarah Lacina (Cagayan) - cut by Epic via SGEdit

Epic authorized me that this is his cut. He can add the write-up later (eyes)

SG's Noms Part VI: (beth)Edit

  1. Richard Hatch (Borneo)
  2. Kimmi Kappenberg (Australia)
  3. Lindsey Richter (Africa)
  4. John Carroll (Marquesas)
  5. Shii Ann Huang (Thailand)
  6. Robb Zbacnik (Thailand)
  7. Matthew von Ertfelda (Amazon)
  8. Christy Smith (Amazon)
  9. Eliza Orlins (Vanuatu)
  10. Ami Cusack (Vanuatu)
  11. Cao Boi Bui (Cook Islands)
  12. Lisi Linares (Fiji)
  13. James Clement (China)
  14. Eliza Orlins (Micronesia)
  15. Natalie White (Samoa)
  16. Katie Collins (Blood vs. Water)
  17. Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)
  18. Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)
  19. Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart)
  20. Stephen Fishbach (Cambodia)
  21. Woo Hwang (Cambodia)
  22. Joe del Campo (Kaoh Rong)
  23. Debbie Wanner (Kaoh Rong)
  24. Michaela Bradshaw (Game Changers)
  25. Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo)
  26. Neleh Dennis (Marquesas)
  27. Susie Smith (Gabon)

110. Natalie White (Samoa) - Toad!Edit

Okay, let's get the obvious out of the way -- the fact Natalie won over Russell is amazing, and the fact that Russell stans are STILL salty about it almost 10 years later is even more amazing. It's really just the biggest possible fuck you to those who believe B I G M O V E Z and being a middle-aged male asshole disguised as a "strategic mastermind" are the only way to win Survivor. HOWEVER, the thing is, Natalie barely exists. As an idea, she's great, but in practice she's maybe the most egregious victim of Samoa's trash-tier editing. She was super likable whenever she did show up, but she got fewer than 20 confessionals and was unfairly shafted in favor of Russellhantz & Guildenstern, so I feel like this is an appropriate spot? Deserved better

Saving Vanuatu Eliza 

N/A. John Carroll (Marquesas) ckEdit

it is completely righteous that people want this man back on survivor but it should not be omitted that this man was a dour evil gay on the show!!! and not the good kind of dour evil gay. also his downfall, while a cool example of strategic development in a vacuum, was hyped up waaay more for me than deserved. basically post-coconut chop he knows he's going home so it's not that exciting.

tl;dr, a part of an iconic situation in survivor history but thats the best part about him. long live the non-rotu 4s!

saving game changers michaela

idoling. "dour evil gay" is exactly why he's incredible. quoting someone from r/survivor here: "John is everything Borneo viewers wanted to happen to Richard Hatch. The perfect amount of cockiness where yeah, he’s saying and doing these arrogant and obnoxious things, but he’s not so awful that he crosses lines into being awful." not to mention his dynamics with sean/rob which were really the highlights of the merge

109. Tont Nachos (Cagayan) - toadnyEdit

I'm SUPER mixed on Tony, always have been, always will be, but I know for a fact I don't want him in the top 100 so here he goes. I don't even really know where to start because there's just... so much about Tony. I guess I appreciate how... unique he is both as a contestant and a winner, and the fact that he played one of the sloppiest, most obnoxious/OTT games ever and yet won near-unanimously is such a weirdly perfect capstone to the mess that is Cagayan. But Tony's a lot better in theory than in practice for a couple key reasons --

1) his edit is fucking relentless. Cagayan's a great season but it's not perfect, in large part because of those 3-4 post-merge eps where he consistently gets OTTN5/CPN5s and double digit confs while half the rest of the cast is shafted. And it's not even unique screenhogging, he's just saying/doing the same shit every time, between sprinting around in the jungle to sitting in his spy shack to screaming at someone random. It was really funny pre-merge (his orgasm noises upon finding an idol <3333) but eventually just became too much of a good thing? I was exhausted of his schtick by like episode 9, and that didn't let up until the season ended.

2) his win was portrayed in a way I kinda have issues with, and he's ushered in a really unbearable new subset of fans. It's pretty commonly known in interviews/etc that Tony won mainly because of the bonds he created with people like Trish and even people in the minority alliance, while Woo was more introverted/off stealing food. But instead, the show just kinda turned him into a "Russell who wins"-type and made it seem like the jury just sucked him off for making copious amounts of B I G M O V E Z (well, Spencer did do that, but still). So now there's shitloads of Redditors who hail Tony as a Christlike figure/a top 5 character of all time/etc, and you also have casting trying to replicate him by finding a bunch of other asshole blue collar family men who have nowhere near the same charm he does, as well as the show itself including more and more idols and twists to be abused by Tony-types. As much as I love Cagayan in general, I feel like without Tony and the Tyler Perry idol we wouldn't have had something like Ghost Island... so. 

idk though, he's overall #NotThatBad and has great moments so I'm fine with him being this high up -- the llama noise scene is SLIGHTLY overrated and I much prefer Kass's ":|" reaction to it than Tony's llama noises themselves, but it's noteworthy just how much his sanity unravels during the game. And he really IS funny a lot of the time, between the aforementioned orgasm noises to saying/doing dumb shit like "TOP 5 BABY" and somehow getting away with it. But like... his edit and his win aren't my favorite things in the world, so I'm content with this (madamebroode) 

108. Katie Collins (BvW) - mattEdit

Look, I enjoy Katie kinda BECAUSE she's super normal and somewhat uninteresting. She's just such a fun contrast to the rest of the cast, and her constant failures and facial reactions are relatable in a deep way. But like, overall, I guess I don't think she should be top 100. Lovely lady.

Saving Robb because I follow my heart, not my head.

107. Matthew von Ertfelda (Amazon) ckEdit

oops i haven't seen amazon the whole way through but these are the two things i know about matt

  1. he's cweepy and may kill everyone with the machete
  2. killed rob cesternino by exercising the very tactics rob taught him, which is a funny arc but probably insignificant

106. Woo Hwang (Cambodia)- mattEdit

Look, he's our bright and adorable and innocent young ninja boy, and he has a couple of really good moments this season (his whole relationship with Abi, him shutting down Shirin and Spencer) but he just didn't last that long, and he has a stronger performance in that other season he was in. Legends only time, baby.

105. Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart) by Br0n0Edit

I am one of the few who love Mike but I like everyone else better. (madamebroode)

Saving Debbie because I'm sure someone will be like "SHE OVERRATED (bowser)" and I mean fuck you. (nun)

104. Kimmi Kappenberg (Australia) by MrEEdit

it hurts i know but there are so many better people here because the nominees are honestly tragique. she actually was super fun in this season (unlike cambodia tee hee) but ultimately by sheer number of episodes she just had the least so here we are rip


103. Lindsey Richter (Africa) by BrunoEdit

So if you're from Africa, why are you white?

102. Stephen Fishbach (Cambodia) ohfEdit

had a weird fixation with taking out joe and generally was just a gamebot. next

saving shii ann

addendum: probably not idoling but it always REALLY boggles my mind when people say Stephen is a gamebot. Like, there are so many negative things you can say about him but I don’t think gamebots have a full-on sobbing mental breakdown in the confessional for zero reason for like 2 minutes, or recite Shakespearean poetry in the middle of a rainstorm, or talk about their diarrhea. He’s got a great plotline that continues perfectly from his Tocantins one about feeling inferior to ~golden boy~ types and is generally the absolute peak of the “awkward nerd” archetype. Robbed —toad

101. Susie Smith (Gabon) by mreEdit

look I like her and I know she's great but compared to the others she's just SO underedited it's actually wild tbh. She is great when she shows up but that's not often enough.

100. Lisi Linares (Fiji) ohfEdit

i really cannot think of a more perfect contestant to kick off the top 100

Lisi Linares - Tightie Whities

Lisi Linares - Tightie Whities

99. Richard Hatch (Borneo) - dynaEdit

idk y'all I haven't seen any of these seasons left so I really wanted to Be Bold and Dramatic. anyway, richard hatch is probably cool but when u think about it his influence is the only thing that led Every Single Bad Survivor moment to exist. i'm bored, this is twisted logic, y'all can beat me up for it later if you want

saving Shirin

98. Cao Boi Bui (Cook Islands)- Epique Edit

this is a sad cut but honestly he probably wouldn't be in my top 100 :] I appreciate him for being the only asian who wasn't dreadfully boring (at least on puka puka, luv u jenny-guzon bae) and for inventing split votes, which is something amazingly significant for a rando pre-merger from CI but in the end...he's a random pre-merger from CI

saving Cwisty <3

97. Neleh Dennis (Marquaseas) - Survivor321 Edit

Out of everyone left on the list, I liked Neleh the least. I know she was known for playing the game on Day 24 or whenever it was, I haven't seen Marquaseas in a long time, so I can't remember, but if I had to choose an early season finalist to save, she just isn't the one I'm going to. She's not terrible, but there are better people on this list, so bye bye Neleh.

96. James Clement (China) - special guest star Avery Edit

Shirin was saved so i have to do someone else and james is really the only one left on that list that i don't like. I didn't dislike him, but I found he was kind of dumb in his original season and little did we know he was going to progress into a prick in later seasons. But im cutting his China iteration so i'll just stick to him being dumb.

Gays React to: Matt's NominationsEdit

  1. Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo)
  2. Tina Wesson (Australia)
  3. Teresa Cooper (Africa)
  4. Tammy Leitner (Marquesas) (safe til 87 tho)
  5. Christa Hastie (Pearl Islands)
  6. Ami Cusack (Vanuatu)
  7. Katie Gallagher (Palau)
  8. Aras Baskauskas (Panama)
  9. Bruce Kanegai (Panama)
  10. Peih-Gee Law (China)
  11. Eliza Orlins (Micronesia)
  12. Amanda Kimmel (Micronesia)
  13. Dan Kay (Gabon)
  14. Sierra Reed (Tocantins) idoled yo
  15. Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins)
  16. Brendan Synnott (Tocantins)
  17. Courtney Yates (HvV)
  18. Sophie Clarke (South Pacific)
  19. Candice Cody (Blood vs. Water)
  20. Trish Hegarty (Cagayan)
  21. Jeremy Collins (San Juan Del Sur)
  22. Baylor Wilson (San Juan Del Sur)
  23. Abi-Maria Gomes (Cambodia)
  24. Kass McQuillen (Cambodia)
  25. Michaela Bradshaw (MvGX)
  26. Jessica Johnston (HvHvH)
  27. Patrick Bolton (HvHvH) (safe til top 94 but then you can get im)

95. Candice Cody (BvW) - by ShadowgwenEdit

Okay so it's basically to the point where I'm cutting early boots because it's easier than the others, and here Candice falls because of that. Weirdly though, I'm not even opposed to her as top 100? It's an amazing arc through and through-- CBS having her on speed dial and flying her out like 2 minutes before the game started because RC's dad was prematurely medevaced, her getting voted out because she just got there, and then going on a reign of terror at Redemption Island for a while and destroying everyone in her way. I'm watching HvV right now and it's honestly hilarious that the tame, normal Candice Woodcock transformed into the beast that is Candice Cody. The Candice fourpeat when (allears)

Saving The Amanda Kimmel

94. Patrick Bolton (HvHvH) - by ToadEdit

Patrick is a funny pre-merger and it’s impressive just HOW bad he was at the game, but like... he’s not top 100 (barely even top 200 tbh?) and I wouldn’t be able to stomach him outlasting Lauren or Jessica, the objective top 2 of the season. I will say that his blindside is the most floored I’ve been since SJDS Jeremy so that’s cool

Saving Eliza!

93. Brendan Synnott (Tocantins) - by Essgee (madamebroode)Edit

I definitely like Brendan and his partnership with Sierra but as far as Tocantins goes, and in general, he's really not the most interesting or memorable character and it's a stretch to even put him in top 200, let alone top 100. I still wish he'd ended up in the F4 with Sierra, Stephen, and Taj though because fuck Coach and JT

92. Courtney Yates (HvV) - by JewartEdit

Look, I ADORE Courtney, but sadly this is her INV incarnation with like 4 confessionals. I could use this space to go on about how purpling one of the funniest contestants ever in favor of more Hantz was one of the worst decisions SEG has ever made etc etc, but instead I’ll just reminisce about that legendary confessional with The Russell Impression. Hope her China self makes top 10.

91. Tina Wesson (Australia) by MreEdit

I'll be honest I've never been quite as much of a Tina stan as a lot of people seem to be? She's obviously really good at the game and stuff but I've never really loved her too much as a character and felt she was slightly just like, sanctimonious. (Although this is a MAJOR problem with early RTV in general tbh) She's a character of the time, and it's just not as good as it could be.

Saving BRUCE bc he's def in danger

90. Dan Kay (Gabon) by BrunoEdit

All love and respect for him and his family and all, but I think this is a good place for him. He wouldn't even be on my top 100 if I'm being honest.

The save is obvious. (abi) (teehee)

89. Jessica Johnston (HHH) by ohfEdit

had a ton of potential but was v unremarkable and ultimately a victim at the merge. the worst season strikes again. she was cute but i remember nothing about her.

saving peih gee

this cut is evil ... jessica was the best merge boot in years - ck

88. Aras Baskauskas (Panama) by CKEdit

ending this run here; aras' panamanian excursion was kind of a wild concept because of his position within the gitanos microcosm. a chill, metrosexual yoga instructor in his very early 20s takes on chainsmokers, old dudes and fighter pilots and somehow comes out on top? a mood. king of keeping calm and carrying on, but undeniably not the best winner pick out of survivor 12's ensemble cast

saving michaela, who singlehandedly makes mvgx's pre-merge palatable

N/A. Sierra Reed (Tocantins) by MrEEdit

I just don't enjoy her honestly. She's for one thing, incredibly irrelevant, seriously I'd argue she;'s the most irrel person on this entire list comparable to their respective seasons. Plus she's super whiny and annoying when she DOES show up. I mean, congrats on outlasting Tyson I guess but otherwise she's thoroughly unremarkable and I seriously just don't see what others see in her.

hi it's dyna: luv u aras but I think this is the correct save, sierra is in a lot of ways the soul of Tocantins and makes the other people around her great

87. Tammy Leitner (Marquesas) by EpiqueEdit

lol marquesah rando. Tammy is not very memorable in all honesty, probably one of the least memorable of the Rotu Four.Great moments include her amazing one ep feud with Zoe and her being randomly intense all the time, but these things do not a top 86 survivor contestant make.


86. Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins)ckEdit

it's hard because stephen's good here but like. this is the top 100! it's a good time. everyone here is great and deserves it. a great display of the nerd archetype succeeding. the jt/stephen bromance was compelling and one of the real only times it's okay to say bromances are amazing on rtv. the other noms are just better

85. Trish Hegarty (Cagayan) by DynaEdit

big ups to all weird reptilian women out there for her getting this far, but she enabled Run Around Man a lot of the time which sometimes came off as funny but felt kind of gross a lot of the time. they were just big meatheads. trish is funny and weird and extremely self-aware, except when it mattered like when she was bending the world to tont nachos' weirdness

saving Jeremy, in all honesty

84. Teresa Cooper (Africa) by EpiqueEdit

Shocker? Idk I mean I like T-bird and she's cool and all but I think a little bit of revisionist history is what has caused her to be so loved. She reall doesn' anything for the first half of Africa. She's part of the elders which is easily the worse side of the elders vs mall rats debate, and she's just generally irrelevant. Of course her survival of the last Samburu is iconic and she's a great underdog who really scrambles in an age where that wasn't really a thing, so she's still pretty badass. Her not returning to Cambodia was sad, but not THAT sad, y'know?

83. Katie Gallagher (Palau) by BrunoEdit

idk never seen Palau but she is NOT as good as Ami or Wigles or Kass.

Addendum: Not idoling her but giving her a proper write-up because she deserves it. Katie is actually probably one of my favorites in Palau and basically Yates 0.5 while also being involved in entertaining drama. Koror wouldn't have been nearly the amazing clusterfuck it was without her feuds with Caryn and Janu and her drama with Ian. Was kind of uncomfortable for the jury of people she thought were her friends to completely tear her to shreds at FTC but what can you do. She showed potential to be pretty good at Survivor too (or maybe she'd just go pre-merge if she's not on an undefeated tribe) so where's her second chance - SG

we stan a post-survivor success story; she's high up on the production team for The Challenge and casts for the Bachelor franchise. icon! –ck

82. Christa Hastie (Pearl Islands) by ohfEdit

christa was always really unremarkable to me but I showed pearl islands to a friend of mine and christa was her favorite. she gets lost in the survivor canon but we shouldn't forget that christa was extremely righteous in aligning with sandra/rupert. only cutting her because she's up against kelly/ami/sophie/kass. is that four legend

N/A. Ami Cusack (Vanuatu) by DynaEdit

the only thing i've ever heard about Ami Cusack is that one blog post that had all these pictures of naked male/female Survivors and the blog said something terrible like "Here are two words of pure greatness: naked lesbian." and then had a picture of Ami. i'm sure she's fine, i guess

yeah sure I'll use my second to last idol! Ami is a great contestant and although it's shocking for me to be singing the praises of anyone from Vanuatu other than EOrlins, I think she REALLY deserves top 40ish and is one of the more complex villainesses out there -- also she's not even lesbian (beth) --Toad 

Bruno's Controvershele Noms Top 100 EditionEdit

  1. Kelly Goldsmith (Africa)
  2. Clarence Black (Africa)
  3. Shii Ann Huang (Thailand)
  4. Robb Zbacnik (Thailand)
  5. Rob Cesternino (Amazon)
  6. Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands)
  7. Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands)
  8. Ian Rosenberger (Palau)
  9. Stephenie LaGrossa (Guatemala)
  10. Bobby Mason (Panama)
  11. Dreamz Herd (Fiji)
  12. Courtney Yates (China)
  13. Erinn Lobdell (Tocantins)
  14. Tyson Apostol (Tocantins)
  15. Dave Ball (Samoa)
  16. Candice Woodcock (HvV)
  17. Jerri Manthey (HvV)
  18. Woo Hwang (Cagayan)
  19. Jaclyn Schultz (San Juan Del Sur)
  20. Jon Misch (San Juan Del Sur)
  21. Hali Ford (Worlds Apart)
  22. Joe Del Campo (Kaoh Rong)
  23. Michaela Bradshaw (Game Changers)
  24. Sandra Diaz-Twine (Game Changers)
  25. Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo) [carryover]
  26. Sophie Clarke (South Pacific) [carryover]
  27. Kass McQuillen (Cambodia) [carryover]

81. Dave Ball (Samoa) - ToadEdit

Even though I idoled him a while back, I think this is a good spot for the legend himself Danger Dave? He’s a pretty solidly 75-100 range character, he’s very unique (aka weird as shit) and some of his lines/confessionals are gold, so I enjoyed him every time he was on screen (makin’ love’s my sport!). That said, this is Samoa, so you can’t really expect him to be that relevant. I think the whole Samoa cast is wiped out and if so, he makes a fitting #1, and if not, I’m glad he made top 100. Fun guy, glad my 10th grade world history teacher got on Survivor.

Saving Erinn

80. Shii Ann Huang (Thailand) - MattyEdit

Gonna be real, this cut is mostly happening to assure Robb wins Thailand (don't worry, you guys can cut him now, I'm not gonna waste a save on him). Overall, Shii Ann is one of the few welcome presences in Thailand. Her snark and devilish nature provide a good contrast to the super-gooey Sook Jai tribe, and her arc overall is pretty fantastic. Going from being ostracized and constantly bullied on her tribe, to a seeming merge where she immediately flips (as she should have), and then it being revealed that there was no merge and her being extra screwed going into another tribal. Overall, she's good, but Robb is the rightful King in the North Thailand.

A tough choice, but I'm saving Jon Misch, as he's the more endangered member of Jonclyn as far as I can tell.

79. Robb Zbacnik (Thailand) - by SGEdit

Robb honestly does seem kind of funny, from his luxury item being a skateboard to being kicked out of a challenge for trying to kill Clay outside of the attack zone, but at this point I can't bring myself to cut anyone from a season I have actually seen. To make things full circle, Robb dies just seconds after his rival Shii Ann this time. Also this is at least partially retribution for Matt making a Game of Thrones reference.

Saving Ian, the best part of Palau

78. Bobby "BobDawg" Mason - by ToadEdit

I'm so pumped BobDawg made top 100 because he's one of the integral parts of Casaya, despite only being in like 5 episodes. I'd say he's one of my favorite pre-mergers ever? His entire arc has to do with the Casa del Charmin, considering the first significant thing he does all season is take a giant shit in it and utter "I'm a new man, I feel 10 pounds lighter" while everyone else is arguing about whether it should be used to store wood (???). Then he spends a night in there drinking all the wine and getting shitfaced with Bruce, which pisses everyone off and devolves into a screaming match because... well, Casaya, and then he DESTROYS Courtney Marit and gets voted out in something absurd like a 3-2-1-1 vote. BobDawg symbolizes the appeal of Casaya and honestly I have no qualms with him being this high, I just wish he got farther in the show itself because he was amazing. 

77. Kass McQuillen (Cambodia)- MateEdit

Look, I love Kassandra as much as the next guy, but #KindKass doesn't hold a damn candle to #KhaosKass baby. Her thirst for Joe and her righteous fight against Tasha can only get her so far. Cagayan Kass is top ten baby.

76. Clarence Black (Africa) by ohfEdit

clarence was actually v great and likable in the face of a ton of coded racism, fuck big tom. however he's ultimately irrelevant to the survivor canon and there are a lot of feminist icons on the block right now.

saving courtney yates because she deserves to win this entire thing

75. Dreamz Herd (Fiji) by CKEdit

my truth is fiji really really sucks and dreamz SORT OF contributed? he was an iffy presence that did some good things, provided a unique character study in survivor morality but on the whole i forgot he was even still in and idk. if anyone has a good defense of dreamz please provide one here but i'm cutting him

saving michaela again

74. Stephanie LaGrossa (Guatemala) - mysteryEdit

I like Stepheme as much as the next guy but Gay & Retarded can only get you so far. Plus lol @ her coming in a huge CPP underdog (the most CPP underdog of all time?) to a bitch who ran the game and lost to Danni "Irrelevence Personified" Boatwright <3

saving POOPERT

N/A. Rob Cesternino (Amazon) by CKEdit

using this cut to protect talent! rob has a podcast is an interesting addition to the survivorverse but in my opinion is it really that good? the answer is sometimes anyways he was funny on the show (survivor's answer to will kirby?) but i think this is a good place for him

Eh I'll idol him.

73. Sophie Clarke (South Pacific) by mreEdit

A potentially amazing and top tier winner getting absolutely neutered by modern day editing + Coach existing? It's more likely than you think! Sophie's personality does show from time to time but it's horribly drowned in her MOR2 edit they gave her for some reason. I guess to make her more palatable or some shit? Who knows. All I know is that it turns her from a god tier winner to only a good one.

72. Hali Ford (Worlds Apart) - by SGEdit

Okay this is a hard choice but out of the legends still nominated Hali clearly is the least memorable and special. That being said, I'll always stand by loving Hali; she honestly has that The Amanda Kimmel flair of being so incredibly strange and dull at the same time that she becomes the most interesting person in the world every time she speaks in her weird, idiosyncratic way. Also would've been a better winner to GC than Sarah just imagine the jury making HALI FORD win because Brad and Troyzan were colossal douchebags

71. Jaclyn Schultz (San Juan Del Sur) by dynaEdit

I don't even really know if i have a coherent argument as to why jaclyn seemed just kind of placid and neutral to me throughout the entirety of my SJDS watch. she was invisible early on and when she did appear just didn't really seem like a paragon of smarts or niceness, who seemed content to let Jon do his Big Hero shtick for most of the talking. maybe it wore out later on, like there has to be a reason she sailed to f3 other than nat's baylor move? but it's been too long since i've seen SJDS, I just didn't really /feel/ jaclyn in any way

saving my ninja angel, jesus christ people

70. Candice Woodcock (Heroes vs Villains) by ohfEdit

i haven't watched hvv in full, but from what i have seen, candice's only good incarnation is bvw. and she's up against two sandra incarnations + joe del campo so... 

69. Tyson Apostol (Tocantins) by DynaEdit

honestly very glad I got to make this cut! as funny, charming, and weirdly Out There tyson apostol is, there's a certain element to him that's just skeezy and uncomfortable, especially when he goes after the women. I think he does have some amount of mario lanza bias playing into him seeming funnier than he is as well. basically I expected tyson to be the unequivocal #1 of my tocantins watch no matter how far he got, and that certainly didn't happen. that said, his audition tape is a masterpiece, the best survivor quote of all time may be "I'll wear a tiara.....a man-tiara", and i love his tall, bony body in more ways than I'd care to admit. he did not deserve to win, or take as much predominance in cheens as he does, but he is an essential part of Timbira and i'm very glad, even if it was through boring realpolitik, that he won a survivor season later on.

also he would want to be cut at #69. nice

68. Joe Del Campo (Kaoh Rong) by EpicEdit

obvious love but this is a good spot/potentially even too high for him lol I love how it seemed like he was gonna be utrp and then ended up being such a rando curmudgeon <3 His hatemance with Liz <3 Him dying because he ate too much beef <3 Getting it done at 71 <3 Super UTRfun but good spot

Saving GC Sandra bc I feel she's in more danger, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR PLOTTING AGAINST ME

67. Kelly Goldsmith (Africa)- EpiqueEdit

Kelly Goldsmith's arc of nameless boran girl -> fun, snarky, narrator -> vehement lex hater -> victim. Despite only being relevant for like 3 or 4 episodes, she really makes the most of it. Confessionals like "Frank has problems talking to people but there's medication for that :)" or of course the iconic "WHEN IT'S ME, YOU'LL KNOW IT" voting confessional. I just can't bring myself to cut Sandra/Jerri/KWigs sry </3

CK's Didn't Want to Make Most of These NomsEdit

  • Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo) [carryover]
  • Sue Hawk (Borneo)
  • Greg Buis (Borneo)
  • Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien (Marquesas)
  • Christy Smith (Amazon)
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands) [carryover]
  • Lillian Morris (Pearl Islands)
  • Jon Dalton (Pearl Islands)
  • Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)
  • Rory Freeman (Vanuatu)
  • Bruce Kanegai (Panama)
  • Yau-Man Chan (Fiji)
  • Jean-Robert Bellande (China) IDOLED
  • Cirie Fields (Micronesia)
  • Erik Reichenbach (Micronesia)
  • Eliza Orlins (Micronesia)
  • Randy Bailey (Gabon)
  • Taj Johnson-George (Tocantins)
  • Jerri Manthey (Heroes vs. Villains) [carryover]
  • Tina Wesson (Blood vs. Water)
  • Baylor Wilson (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Jeremy Collins (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Drew Christy (San Juan Del Sur)
  • Abi-Maria Gomes (Cambodia)
  • Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart)
  • Tai Trang (Kaoh Rong)
  • Michaela Bradshaw (Millennials vs. Gen X)

66. Michaela Bradshaw (Millennials vs Gen X) by MrEEdit


Michaela is 100% one of the most refreshing casting choices in recent survivor, she's a super fun and energetic presence every time she's on the screen (which isn't often enough might I add), ultimately her boot in MvGX was the first sign the season was gonna become completely irredeemable and had no chance to become good in the long run, which ended up being true.

Thankfully she returned for Game Changers randomly so she didn't become a forgotten relic of a shitty era of survivor, but MvGX Michaela is a tragic tale and ultimately the only storyline of the season that is entertaining to watch the entire way through. (shoutout the the taylor chronicles tho)

Saving Jonny Fairplay

65. drew christy (SJDS) by dynaEdit

i made my point like 100 cuts ago, i don't think he's that great of a character

saving Baylor

N/A.Bruce Kanegai (Panama) by BrunoEdit

We stan a legend forever. In our hearts 4ever. <3

Undoing my wrongs and saving Sandra, the queen doesn't deserve to be put on jeopardy.


64. Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart) - by SGEdit

Okay, it goes without saying that any cut at this point is pretty hard, but I think we're getting down to only the legends and I don't think Shirin makes that list. WA definitely wouldn't be what it is without her as a foil to the awful (but entertaining, though this write-up is not about them) majority and her glorious social ineptitude. I'm not sure I want to see Shirin again but she gave us one of the most interesting if unsettling storylines on Survivor with lots of fun and strange moments on the way, and she deserves top 100 albeit maybe not this high.

Saving Randy because I feel like he could be in danger

N/A. Jean-Robert Bellande (China) by BrunoEdit

He is great. Can't cut anyone over him. IDOLED - mre

63. Christy Smith (Amazon) - by SGEdit

Christy is an amazing part of Amazon but unfortunately the edit set her up so that her story basically ended at the swap and then she kind of just existed until her boot when she got a power trip out of being a swing vote and Rob and Heidi just decided to end her instead (<3). Like Shirin though, Christy definitely is novel for Survivor and it was simultaneously fun and awful to see how she adapted to her disability and how other people treated her for it (it's not as severe as being a hot girl, though), and also her confessionals where she'd roast the rest of the women's tribe and Cweepy Matt alive. Ultimately a great character who deserves top 100 but she just doesn't measure up to the others.

62. Taj Johnson-George (Tocantins) - ToadEdit

I really like Taj, but I don’t know if I can justify her being this high just because she REALLY falls off the map post-merge. Sure, she had the “see you back at the camp!!!” Scene ft. Eddie George which was great, but that’s basically all she does other than follow JT/Stephen around after the Exile Alliance (sadly) peters out. She’s super likable though and one of the highlights of the Tocantins early stages.

Saving Erik?

N/A. Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo) - cut by MattEdit

I think she plays a pretty excellent role in the opening season of this lovely show. She's the challenge beast rat who decides that she doesn't want to be a part of the dominant alliance, and makes it to the finals anyway. There's an alternate universe where she wins the first season, and the face of the show is very, very different. However, I'm super glad we live in the universe we live in cuz let's be real she's sorta bland overall. She also lost to Gervase in a rowing challenge and he couldn't swim. She sucks at her job.

Saving the Yau Man.

EDIT: Idoling the legend - bruno

61. Greg Buis (Borneo)- cut by EpiqueEdit

Greg is honestly like...fine. Good, even but I've never felt the random intense attachment to him that so many others did. The coconut phone as kinda funny, as was his strategy for not getting voted off being "flirt with Richard Hatch" but I'm not a YUGE fan and this is a fine place for him I think

Saving Cambodia Abi because if you FUCK WITH HER YOU'RE DEAD!!!!!!

60. Tina Wesson (BvW) -mreEdit

Tina was fun in BvW but she really only had one episode to shine? So here she lands. rip.

59. Jeremy Collins (SJDS) - toadEdit

SJDS Jeremy is really, REALLY good and I'm glad he made the top 100 - he was super fun, not the average CPP leader guy, and a great Natalie sidekick. Despite his super positive quasi-winner's edit, he was bitchy in almost a Yates-esque fashion yet still really likable. Then there's the fact that his boot is THE most floored I've ever been while watching Survivor, set up Natalie's winner arc perfectly, and sent my dad into a deep depression for a solid week (like the monday after: "god, I still just... can't believe Jeremy got out, man"). Jeremy is awesome, and I think this is a great spot for him - even if his edit was a lot more boring in Cambodia, I'm still glad he won because he himself deserves it.

58. Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)- MattEdit

Look obviously she's good, but I like everyone else better. If someone wants to give her a really good write-up, I just don't feel like doing so at this time.

57. Jerri Manthey (HvV) by dynaEdit

cutting the person I've actually seen play, as is standard operating procedure at this point; idk I came into HvV as a 10 year old with no knowledge as anyone, and she was built up as this historical femme fatale that never came into practice in the season, but I'm sure she's good--editing just wasn't there. of course lanza has the Fabled Story of her and colby making up, which is cool, but it ain't happen in season

56. Rory Freeman (Vanuatu) - ohfEdit

haven't seen vanuatu but he barely made the merge so he's definitely not on the same level as legends like kathy, cirie, jerri, jeremy, tai, sue, and lill.

saving cirie

55. Eliza Orlins (Micronesia)- EpiqueEdit

Sorry Toad :( I think Micro is actualy my preferred eorlins incarnation. She leaves earlier but it's truly a summation of the Eliza experience- spending the whole pre-merge as a scrump underdog and her weird frenemyship with Parvati. Obviousl the climax of this was the merge when Eliza is reduced to her closest ally being Jason (lol) and her only way to stay being the fucking stick <333 I think this a good place for her, she's great but not a yuge character/legend

54. Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien (Marquesas) by ohfEdit

kathy is very overrated and this is an easy choice between her & sue/tai/lill. like I understand the appeal of her arc of being on the bottom, overthrowing the opposing alliance, and being tragically cut at the end. but that's also been repeated a hundred times. she's essentially cirie with a lot less charisma. does she get credit for being the first to have that storyline? sure, but it was also the worst executed. neleh/vecepia/sean occupied the underdog role a LOT better to me. like the scene of vecepia winning FIC and eliminating kathy in such a cutthroat manner adds to vecepia's character, not kathy's. i feel like a lot of people get the wires crossed there and that's why vecepia is painfully underrated. and I can't take kathy's ~hero~ story seriously after knowing what goes down in All-Stars. I know I'm supposed to be ranking her marq incarnation but... I can't suspend disbelief and pretend like she's a quirky relatable mom after she shamed sue over sexual harassment

dyna has pretty much no idea what he's doingEdit

  • Sue Hawk (Borneo)
  • Colleen Haskell (Borneo)
  • Jerri Manthey (Australia)
  • Sean Rector (Marquesas)
  • Jenna Morasca (Amazon)
  • Lillian Morris (Pearl Islands)
  • Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands)
  • Eliza Orlins (Vanuatu)
  • Amy O'Hara (Guatemala)
  • Courtney Marit (Panama)
  • Earl Cole (Fiji)
  • Amanda Kimmel (China)
  • Peih-Gee Law (China)
  • Amanda Kimmel (Micronesia) IDOLED BY SG
  • Jason Siska (Micronesia)
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine (HvV)
  • Abi-Maria Gomes (Philippines)
  • J'Tia Taylor (Cagayan)
  • Jon Misch (San Juan Del Sur) IDOLED BY MATT
  • Aubry Bracco (Kaoh Rong)
  • Tai Trang (Kaoh Rong)
  • Cydney Gillon (Kaoh Rong)
  • Debbie Wanner (Kaoh Rong)
  • Cirie Fields (Game Changers)
  • Michaela Bradshaw (Game Changers)
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine (Game Changers)
  • Lauren Rimmer (HvHvH)

N/A. Amanda Kimmel (Micronesia)- MattyEdit

Look, I like Amanda in Micro well enough, but in a candy shop full of all sorts of delicious treats, a single vanilla Hershey kiss simply does not cut it.

Saving Sean Rector, the Greatest Man to Ever Live.

For the record, when I said I didn't have it, I didn't have it then so I didn't lie (Amanda is making top 40 bye) - SG

52. Amy O'Hara (Guatemala) - SGEdit

I love Amy and she probably would be my #1 at least close to it from Guat, but her time was cut woefully short unlike pretty much anyone else here and in the grand scheme of things I don't think I can call her a legend like most of the others here. A hard cut but everyone else is just more memorable and great to me.

Saving HvV Sandra because I'm not taking any chances

51. Amanda Kimmel (China) - by BrunoEdit

I 100% support SG saving MicroAmanda and her making it to the top 40. But I think ChinaAmanda shouldn't have made it this far. (teehee)

She's a constant target so I'm saving Abi-Maria.

N/A. Jon Misch (SJDS) - by ToadEdit

Yeah, the person who's my clear least favorite of these noms was just saved so Jon takes the fall. I've never liked him that much but I don't HATE him, I think a lot of my distaste came from being terrified he'd win when I was rooting so intensely for Natalie. Maybe in a full-on SJDS rewatch, I'd appreciate him more, but idk, I still have reservations - like how people kept saying he was a "lovable goofball" when he just felt like yet another generic, milquetoast athletic white guy with a classic CPP sob story. Again, maybe a rewatch would clear that up, but whatever, sorry to his fans?

Saving..... Courtney Marit

Matt's idoling Jon cuz it's my last chance and I prefer him to Amy and Amanda I guess.

50. Jenna Morasca (Amazon) - mattEdit

I feel like I've cut her before, but let's see. She's obviously a pretty good character, even though she does kinda play second fiddle to Heidi in my opinion. My main problem with her is that she doesn't feel like she's edited as a winner. Like, she obviously wins her season quite handily, but the editing the whole time seems to hint that Matt is gonna win in the end. They keep referring to him as a "jury threat", such as after he gave up his family visit, and he seems to get a really positive hero edit while Jenna is rarely shown strategically and most of her content is just being kinda mean to Christy. Winning 6-1 proves Jenna was really playing the game out there, but the edit we got seems to ignore this because it was under the impression Matt was gonna win. Also, I recently found out that Jenna was a wrestler for a short while; apparently she was pretty good but didn't stick with it that long. That's pretty cool.

49. Lauren Rimmer (HvHvH) - SGEdit

I hate to cut THE Lauren Rimmer but honestly, the meme she brought chat aside, she's clearly the least great of these. HvHvH is a pretty mediocre season with a bad boot order and I give Lauren credit for being one of my few faves who lived to see the jury. From her destroying Patrick to her glorious downfall I loved Lauren and was extremely disappointed (lorde) when she was the first casualty of Ben's reign of terror, but I can't keep her in over anyone else here.


Wishing you had saved Lauren instead of Abi now, huh, Bruno? (chris) --toad

48. Cirie Fields (GC) - by ToadEdit

There's really no reason 3 contestants from Game Changers should still be in at the top 50. Cirie is Cirie, so obviously she's going to be great by default, but never forget that she's invisible for the entire pre-merge and then Probst decides to resurrect all the cringey "got off the couch!!!" stuff for no reason at all post-merge. That balance beam scene was painful. Love Cirie, she had some great scenes, and I'm salty she got robbed in the dumb way that she did, but whatever, it's GC.

47. Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands) ckEdit

love love love pearl islands but as far as rupert goes, i can't really call him a good top 50 survivor.......this is the era of the rankdown where the claws come out and we cut everyone who we were afraid to cut before due to backlash. he's a really cool guy yea the rupert. & stealing shoes for the drake was iconic and so was who the hell voted for me but let's be realistic. is he really better than anyone that's left in this round?

saving aubs

46. Earl Cole (Fiji)- EpicEdit

already cut him once, now I'm doing it again :)

Saving Jerri <3

45. Michaela Bradshaw (Game Changers) - BrunoEdit

I'm sad but 45 is high as fuck and everyone else is a legend. Ok, so I'm glad we got a contestant with so much personality, charisma and star power out of the bore that was MvGX and I luv you Michaela, glad you were there to be a bright spot on two awful seasons. Also appreciate her calling out possible racial bias from her cast members. (tea)

44. Cydney Gillon (Kaoh Rong)- EpiqueEdit

These cuts are getting card </3 Love Cydney, her decuiding to be a strong woman and not live under the thumb of Scot, Jason, and Nick saved the season and she was both a hilarious and righteous force for the whole post-merge. The only reason I'm cutting her is that she was kinda stank pre-swap and it's hard to find reasons to cut anyone this late on :( love u girl

43. Jason Siska (Micronesia) ckEdit

anyone can take this up with me personally, we all know why jason is iconic, c/ping my last writeup though since i really can't cut anyone else here

this one HURTS but Jason on the whole does not exactly materialize as a legendado until the merge IIRC? Ozzy isn't the only godlike competitor in this rankdown. Assuming Jason beat all of his incarnations so that's a force of good. The fucking stick was a MOMENT and Michael Yerger should be ashamed "he played it for Ozzy." justice for Jason, also justice for Jason in real life because one of the wildest things I've ever seen was Aubry tweeting out a picture from the USVI where inhabitants of some town were writing their names on a whiteboard in the town square to declare they were alive post-hurricane and Jason's name was one of them. that was weird? here's that tweet. also never forget the wild rumors of him being bisexual?

42. Eliza Orlins (Vanuatu) ohfEdit

I have no legitimate reason for this cut except that I haven't seen vanuatu, eliza seems like she has a stick up her ass perpetually, and she's up against actual survivor legends 

saving peih-gee 

41. Colleen Haskell (Borneo) by mreEdit

the OG cute nice girl trope, she's great and spunky and cute n stuff but we're hitting the BIG LEAGUES here, so there's no room for people who are just cute anymore

saving Lillian

Master List - For ReferenceEdit

Richard Hatch (Borneo)

Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo)

Sue Hawk (Borneo)

Colleen Haskell (Borneo)

Greg Buis (Borneo)

Tina Wesson (Australia)

Jerri Manthey (Australia)

Kimmi Kappenberg (Australia)

Teresa Cooper (Africa)

Kelly Goldsmith (Africa)

Clarence Black (Africa)

Lindsey Richter (Africa)

Neleh Dennis (Marquesas)

Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien (Marquesas)

Sean Rector (Marquesas)

Tammy Leitner (Marquesas) - IDOLED, safe until top 87

John Carroll (Marquesas)

Shii Ann Huang (Thailand)

Robb Zbacnik (Thailand)

Jenna Morasca (Amazon)

Matthew von Ertfelda (Amazon)

Rob Cesternino (Amazon)

Christy Smith (Amazon)

Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands)

Lillian Morris (Pearl Islands)

Jon Dalton (Pearl Islands)

Christa Hastie (Pearl Islands)

Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands)

Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)

Eliza Orlins (Vanuatu)

Ami Cusack (Vanuatu)

Rory Freeman (Vanuatu)

Katie Gallagher (Palau)

Ian Rosenberger (Palau)

Stephenie LaGrossa (Guatemala)

Amy O'Hara (Guatemala) - IDOLED, safe until top 56

Aras Baskauskas (Panama)

Cirie Fields (Panama)

Shane Powers (Panama)

Courtney Marit (Panama)

Bruce Kanegai (Panama)

Bobby Mason (Panama)

Cao Boi Bui (Cook Islands)

Earl Cole (Fiji) - IDOLED, safe until top 62

Dreamz Herd (Fiji)

Yau-Man Chan (Fiji)

Lisi Linares (Fiji)

Courtney Yates (China)

'Amanda Kimmel (China)– IDOLED, safe until top 64'

Peih-Gee Law (China)

James Clement (China)

Jean-Robert Bellande (China)

Amanda Kimmel (Micronesia)

Cirie Fields (Micronesia)

Erik Reichenbach (Micronesia)

Jason Siska (Micronesia) - IDOLED, safe until top 62

Eliza Orlins (Micronesia)

Susie Smith (Gabon)

Sugar Kiper (Gabon)

Crystal Cox (Gabon)

Randy Bailey (Gabon)

Dan Kay (Gabon)

Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins)

Erinn Lobdell (Tocantins)

Taj Johnson-George (Tocantins)

Sierra Reed (Tocantins) - IDOLED OUT UNTIL TOP 44

Tyson Apostol (Tocantins)

Brendan Synnott (Tocantins) - IDOLED, safe until top 105

Natalie White (Samoa)

Dave Ball (Samoa) - IDOLED, safe until top 92

Sandra Diaz-Twine (HvV)

Jerri Manthey (HvV)

Candice Woodcock (HvV) - IDOLED, safe until top 81

Courtney Yates (HvV)

Sophie Clarke (South Pacific)

Abi-Maria Gomes (Philippines)

Tina Wesson (Blood vs. Water)

Katie Collins (Blood vs. Water)

Candice Cody (Blood vs. Water)

Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)

Woo Hwang (Cagayan)

Kass McQuillen (Cagayan)

Trish Hegarty (Cagayan)

J’Tia Taylor (Cagayan)

Natalie Anderson (San Juan Del Sur)

Jaclyn Schultz (San Juan Del Sur)

Keith Nale (San Juan Del Sur)

Baylor Wilson (San Juan Del Sur)

Jon Misch (San Juan Del Sur)

Jeremy Collins (San Juan Del Sur)

Drew Christy (San Juan Del Sur) - IDOLED, safe until top 70

Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)

Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart)

Jenn Brown (Worlds Apart) - IDOLED, safe until top 77

Hali Ford (Worlds Apart) IDOLED, safe until top 86

Abi-Maria Gomes (Cambodia)

Stephen Fishbach (Cambodia)

Kass McQuillen (Cambodia)

Woo Hwang (Cambodia)

Aubry Bracco (Kaoh Rong)

Tai Trang (Kaoh Rong)

Cydney Gillon (Kaoh Rong)

Joe Del Campo (Kaoh Rong)

Debbie Wanner (Kaoh Rong)

Michaela Bradshaw (MvGX)

Cirie Fields (Game Changers)

Michaela Bradshaw (Game Changers)

Sandra Diaz-Twine (Game Changers)

Lauren Rimmer (HvHvH)

Jessica Johnston (HvHvH)

Patrick Bolton (HvHvH) - IDOLED, safe until top 94

Idol StatsEdit

  • Mattyboi the Sex Daddy Boy [0]
    • Dan Foley (Worlds Apart) [#509, by OHF]
    • Rodney Lavoie, Jr. (Worlds Apart) [#396, by Epic] 
    • Tony Vlachos (Cagayan) [#303, by Epic] 
    • Rob Cesternino (Amazon) [#73, by CK] 
  • S to the G [0]
    • Laura Morett (Blood vs. Water) [#402, by Dyna]
    • Sally Schumann (Panama) [#289, by Matt]
    • Tammy Leitner (Marquesas) [#173, by Toad]
    • Earl Cole (Fiji) [#126, by Epic]
    • Amanda Kimmel (Micronesia) [#52, by Matt]
  • COKEMAN11(me) [0]
    • Debbie Wanner (Kaoh Rong) [#555, by Epic]
    • Danni Boatwright (Guatemala) [#504, by Epic]
    • Hali Ford (Worlds Apart) [#172, by Dyna]
    • Amanda Kimmel (China) [#129, by Matt]
    • Amy O'Hara (Guatemala) [#113, by Epic]
  • max [1]
    • Scot Pollard (Kaoh Rong) [#480, by CK]
    • Andrew Savage (Cambodia) [#395, by SG] 
    • Tony Vlachos (Cagayan) [#216, by TBTDIF]
    • Jean-Robert Bellande (China) [#62, by Bruno]
  • Br0n0s0meb0dy -role model to your son tho [1]
    • Joe Mena (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers) [#560, by CK]
    • Nadiya Anderson (San Juan del Sur) [#383, by SG]
    • Drew Christy (San Juan del Sur) [#141, by Dyna]
    • Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo) [#60, by Matt]
  • Me. I Am That Epic, The Elusive Chantenuse... [1]
    • Shambo Waters (Samoa) [#467, by OHF]
    • Ciera Eastin (Cambodia) [#409, by Matt]
    • Candice Woodcock (HvV) [#161, by Matt]
    • Jenna Morasca (Amazon) [#120, by Matt]
  • Toad or Toady just not Toadgamer80! [1]
    • Rodney Lavoie, Jr. (Worlds Apart) [#578, by Bruno]
    • Dave Ball (Samoa) [#183, by OHF]
    • Jason Siska (Micronesia) [#126, by CK]
    • Ami Cusack (Vanuatu) [#81, by Dyna]
  • DJ Dyna Sexed Up The Mixtape Part 8 [0]
    • Ace Gordon (Gabon) [#474, by OHF]
    • Matty Whitmore (Gabon) [#410, by OHF]
    • Brendan Synnott (Tocantins) [#205, by Maxxx]
    • Jenn Brown (Worlds Apart) [#154, by Bruno]
    • Sierra Reed (Tocantins) [#87, by MrE]
  • O o o o o ohhhhh [0]
    • Ken McNickle (Millennials vs. Gen X) [#509, by SG]
    • So Kim (Worlds Apart) [#476, by Epic] 
    • Kimmi Kappenberg (Cambodia) [#409, by MrE]
    • Patrick Bolton (HvHvH) [#187, by MrE]
    • John Carroll (Marquesas) [#109, by CK] 
  • Rhoda the creepy enjoyer [5]
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