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jeff; welcom is guatmelalalal

cindi: o yay

blaek; cherr who

jeff; but is not complet sesn ther r 2 othsr they r...

booby jeans: hrey


evry1; clppa cpap cpal calp clap

jeff; k stophermiya-

stephme: is STEPHME

jeff: k stophermiya is on yasha

yasha: clap yay ily hunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

cindi: she is da reson i am here! cri

jeff: an booby jeans is on nakoom

nakoom; yay is big strong

jeff; go hike in woods is 122592068590410286597760498 yardz long gl gl

steff: grabs rice

brendoin; falsl

gary; am landscooper gaery hokins

dani: no ur gary gogjoejgohewjboom

gary: who

mary; who

krazykathys16: who

jeff; not yet whor

branen: falls agen

tree; hurts ppl

ppl; owch

jeff: whoevr gets bak frst gets dis amazin maya camp

nakoooooooooooooooooooom; winz

booby jon: dies day 14


stef: das rlly gay an retar

every1else; yeh i agr33

stephme conf; wow evry1 agrose wit me i must be <3ed

-sum1 FALLS-


immunitits challengg

yasha; hrey

nak00m; AHM PISSED

jethro probst: o hi 2day ur challeng is to win

yasha: wins

jef; yasha wins xo nak000m tribull

jim; who am i again

jeff: o wow evry1 says ur old does dis ofend u


jeff: snuff

dani: *getss tha reakshin shot*

sux: omg winner xoxoxoxo :OO cakin

yaxxh: lol we won

stephme; wow the audiens sur love da undrgod

judd; man

jeff: immunitits challeng

stephme; am i involved

jeff; o sorry

booby jeans: sir i was gunna ask--

jeff: so u need 2 pitch an archaihotjgmindfcmldaonsclogical tent an win immunit

yasha; we got dis in abg

stephme: ikr

nakoom: *win$*

brine; oof im goin home nex

evry1; ugg yah sory

gare: ur not tbh

brian ruvolo: o wow thx mr hogeboom

gari; wait who is that lmao

brine; 5get it, morgun is laze

morgun: omg dont start a fire in the bb house when is HoH I thought POV--

jfef: smuff

brian; wow i am sure glad i survived

gary; me 2 just like i survivd the NFL

brian; ther wasnt a gary hokkins in the nfl i thout

gerry; oh right ther isnt lmao must hav been dremmin

dani: *rakshun shot*

-at yasha-


jaimie; ys it is lmao DEFEND ALLIANS

bobby; wanna go pee 2gethr

jamie; not yet we rnt on tryb

stephme; ME ME ME

booby jeans; so sir i was--

jeff; imunity challenge

brona; is it shoppeng

jeff; n

broena; is it at th mal

jeff; n

stephme; so wer gunna set a pikc

jeff; o ok steph is mayn basktbal sins producrs rig editin 5 u

stephme; I H8 ALL U

editrs; oops bettr edit dat out...

stephme; FUK U ALL HOSES

editrs; cgi apology seen now

stephme: ME ME--i mene broena set a pick

brienna; i pick the p3nk dres

stephme: do u kno wat a pikc is...

brienna; i pick the p3nk dres

stephme: dis is (hope)less i bettr go bak 2 camrahoggin an bein a bich cus editng will ficks is lol

jeff; yasha l0se immunty

broena; i pick the p3nk torch snuf

jeff: smuff


jeff; is any1 belleding xhakum red

lydia; i am a fishmongur

jeef; wh00ps i ment nakum bl00

booby jeans: am sorry sir thout u mean yell0

jef; lmao no

booby; o

jeff; wate yes

booby: told u so...oh i mean sir

jeff; k is it bleeding nakoom yellow

cidny; yes

branen; WOH WOH WOH

jeff; wat

brennan; WHO IS DIS

jeff; o she is apprntly bleedin yellow

cind; is nakum yellow apprently

brian; oh no lokk at my blod is yasha bl00

jeff; o ok trobe swip

brok; *nskoa*

judd; man i like this man man man man man


amy; i was on a piknic escuse me

gare; oops wer in th minoritititititiy

danni; wernt u on nfl

gary; ues

danni; *reactin shot*

margarine; wow jud is ded rude

judd; i am ded rude

jeff; immunity

nakoooooom; we have stephenie--

stephme: is stephME

yasha wins

stephme; WAT criyn

nak00m at tribullshit

jaime nd judd; us jersy girls need 5 stik 2gethr


jaim: oops steph raykrotted us

cindy; steph ur the reson im here

stephme; o dats nice :)

brook: *smuff*

wait who

balke; my gurlfren has dubbel d

ines; lmao mine is bigr

blake; story time w/ blak by the hot tub

brine; bate blake


jeff; smuff @blake

blake; wow

jeff; reward challeng

stephme; me me me me i wanna play

jeff; shush

rayf; when is immunitits

jeff; now

rayf; i thought it was rc

jeff; it is

rayf; but you just sed--

jeff; it is

rayf; but--

jeff; 5 todays challgn ur gunna be comparting for rew0rd

rayf; so wats that indidicicivivinnidnindivnindinvindinvindinvindual immunitityityitiy nekliss doin

jeff; o

productn; winning tribe is compooting 5 immuniy both tropbes r goin 5 ryryng

jeff; kk reward is beer boot boor boor toor beer an stake

judd; man i E.V.O.L. beeer

jeff; reddy go nokom wins lmao

margerin; uggg judd stop talkin

judd; man i hate you man

mergin; man shut up

judd; ancint ruwin

jeff; o

rayf; o *wins*

jef; raef winz immunitits

rafe; no sory i dont want imnunitits

jeff; o ok immuniwhateverulike

rayf; ty ty

brine; i am golden boy but ur platinum

rayf; i giv bran immuity

bran; rlly

rayf; no i giv it to gary hokin

gary; am sur glad my lie is werking

mararine; judd no 1 lyks u


jeff; 2 smuffs! gaspin

danni; SERpise we r at ur camp

production; wait is this in the rols

judd: is that yASha

stef; YAX

amy; chocolate we brought it

jam: yes

nakoom; yes

yasha; yes

jeff; yes nakum does win immunity

amy: plz im hurt its unfair 2 vote me

jeff; *smuff*

shakoom: lydia


barnon: howdy

jeff; paGONG

steph; bye vote me on jury

jeff: *smuff* jury starts now O BTW theres an idol

judd: its on the ground man totally not in a tree or anything

gary; judd ur actually lookin @ the trees rn

judd; ancient roni

boby jonas brothers; steph plese i just wnt 2 mak jury

stefen; u did bitch be gretful

jeff: *smuff*

gary: plya the diol

jeff: o


jeff: *smuff*

jamy: blinsdded NICE now THTS how u VOAT somBODY OTE

jeff: same

gayr: am on reward rn

steph: same

sgry: align with me i am in the game

jeff: *smuff* btw ur a gary hogeboom

gar: who

jeff: auckshun

danni: ok i am putting a price

jff: sold

stephme; rofl she wont win

jeff: danni bought immuneity

deni; i am swappin wit stephme

jeff; ok ttyn

judd; ok um hello

cind; judd is a tad annoyin

lidia; pancakes

stef: oh

jeff: *smuff*

judd; wow thx i hope u die crocodile S C U M B A G S

cindy: same

jeff: cindy u win a car do u want ppl to have it

cindy; rofl bye

rafe: wtf I WANTED ONE

jeff: *smuff*

cindy: sun roof

lidia; pancaks

jeff; smuff


steph *cricricricri*

jeff; ok danni cast a vote

danni; rofl bye RAYF

ray: *smuff*

jeff; wow

cind: wait

danni: UTR

stephme: ME ME ME ME ME ME ME

danni; same

jeff; the sunner of winvivor guametala . . . . . . . . ....................



.. . . .

jeth: james jt thomas jr

jt; wow thx jury

cindy; car