jef: welcum 2 new sesin hers favrits

erix: im huje fan o sho

jayson: me2 but im st00pid

jef; hers frst fan serie

ciry: leeves yuk

fans; yay we luv serie

jef; hers ozzy hes not sexy yet

ozy: hiii ;)

alexis; ooh i wundr if he liks those grls

jef: amys bak

gotye; im lesbin tu ily amy

jef; an penr and his mobs

penr; *jigls*

jef: hers elyza

elyza: i brot my bags

jef; hers won of my mancrushs jams

jams; *fuks jeff*

jef; aaaand hers poverty

povety; thankyu jef o hey siska ur c00t

siska; she wants th d rsrs

jef; hers yaumn

yaumn; ching chang chong


prost; an heres lividmanda frum suviver chena

madna; hi

fans: ...

mary; who

jef: and th most infimis survive vilen evr... Jony fairply who i hat

jony: yoyoyo im drunk

jef: ok so ur gon to ur cmps now kthxbai

chetwelch; hiiiii

kathy; iv nevr met a gay prsn before

chetwelch; *dies*

trasy: lets make old geezr allions

kathy; are thes inplents

trasy; dont skweez them or theil pop

kathy; i got imunitiey idol yay

miky b; sooo we kant boot kathy so who we votin for

jole; exaxtly

mary: ...

jef; fans win imunitiy

jonyfareply: guys vote me out cuz i mis my knokd up gf

poverty: k

jef; jonyfareplay the trib has spokn *smuff*

jony; hugs jef

sarasawson; ugh thats my thng

next dy

jole; vote marie

kathy; who

jole; mary dont say nothin to nobudy

kathy; k

miky b; gigel gigel mary ur c00t

mary: ...

jef; mary tribehasspoken *smuff*

elyza; i wundr wut are nex chalange is gun be

jayson; i got skul pant i luk bladvass rite elyza

elyza; no

jef; mary votd out at last tribel counsl

eliza; mary?????

penr: thers a snake in my boot

yaumen; science

sirie: yau is a thret so we bootin him

yaumen; :(

probst; yau the tribe hav spokn

yau; o well at lest im not fat blak women

sirie; kills yaumen

lividmad; IM LIVID

ozy; dont wory fukbuddy *fuks manda*

jef; k ozy ur gon to exyle islid wit chetwelch

ozy; *at extle* i found idol!!!! i found idol!!!! im makin fak on so som moron wil pikitup........ oh hey chet u alive

chet: *dying*

jef; favrits win imyunitie

mickey b: i hav no allys except mary

kathy; who

jole: fuk u mickey

jef: *smuffs mikys totch* thetribehasspokn

jole; im buff

jef; ok guyz were switchin trbes

erik; ooh i can b wit ozy <3

jef; penr u pik

penr; kid in blu i dunt kno yr name

jasen; its jason mothafuckin siska

ozy; i pik troy

jole; wut

ozy; um......... joel sry

joel; imma smak you lil girl

jasen; i pik poverty

povrty; its PARVATY!!!!!!!

jasun; sry

povety; oh you ;)

jef; ok this chalanj wil be very violins

chetwelch; *lying there dead*

jef; troy-- i mean jole, an chetwelch wil be aganst poverty an elyza

elyza; i brot my bags

jef; GO

troy; throws chetwelch

poverty; fuks siska

siska; mmmmm you tease

chetwelch; i hit my hed back there

jole: i dont care

chet: i kno

penr; *leg explodes* *dies*

jef: penr is medikly evacyawated and wil retryn for philipenis

penr; yay more munny

elyza; join the whinendcheez clubb

amy; iv don nthin this sesin

gotye; same

amy; lesbiancarters <333

jef; jole the tribe has spoken *smuff*


jef; k siska will goto exyle with chetwelch

jasen; aw man i hav 2 b stuk with HIM??????

chet; weezing

jef; yes

jasen; .......holyshit i fownd idol

chet; dead day 14

jasen; this idol looks fake but its real

ozy; i made it next

jasen; is guna save me yay.........

jef; mulukil wins imyunitie

fuckingrayne; *happening*

karthy; im cutin my fingers of

poverty; ohshit

karthy; i cant fel my family

mary; its ok

kath; who

alexis; well miss u kathy

bote; *cums*

karthy; *gets on boat* weezing

chetwelch; k guys vote me of

cerie; why

chetwelch; i hav carol stuk in my fot

livid; kthxbai

jef; chetwelch the tribehasspokin

chet; heartattack

jef; o and trasy to cuz shes borin

trasy; damit

ozy; ur a thret lady

jef; oh an amy cuz shes not as ebil as she was in vunuutu

amy; noooo

jef: oh an shes lesben so i hat her

amy; but im bicyclual

jef; gtfo

amy; trips over corpse of chetwelch

jef; o the cleening cru forget to pik that up poops

erik; kiss me ozy

ozy; no my hart belong 2 livid

jer: the tribes r marged

elyza; nobudy likes me

jason; i lik u bby......

elyza; stfu

erik; lets call tribe name dabu cuz it micuntsian for guud

poverty; hey ladys lets vote out jasen cuz hes anoyin

livid: k

cerie: k


jef; jasen wins imyunitie

poverty: shit

elyza; jasun im in trubble their all votin 4 me tonite

jasun; relax bby i got u coverd......... i hav imunitie.....

jayms: i got da idols in my possesion. das funy

elyza; you do?! wear

jasen; its in my bag......go get it pls

elyza; k

jasen; brb gotta fap

elyza; this isnt it this is a napoken

jasen; fapping

elyza; jason!!! wart r u tryin to pul

jasen; wut

elyza; thats not the idle

jasen: it is the idol........

elyza: its NOT the idol

jasen; wut is it.....

elyza: its a fukin stik!

jasen: ....its got a face on it dont worey

elyza; im livid

jef; the trib has spoken *smuffs elyzas torch*

elza: *fuks tode*

jef; k next chalanj is the bukkit one

everyone; gets out

jef; last 2 are jaysahn and povrty.... if one of u seps dwn u can get candy for evryon

jasen; ill do it if u say u wont vote me owt

erik; i wont vote jasen out

poverty; same

cerie; same

livid; same

gotye: i wana floss with his jugular-- i men same

ozy; same *fuks eric*

james; same

alexis; who am i

jasen; k il give u candy

livid; i was crossin my fingrs huehuehuehuehue

poverty; rsrs

jef; poverty wins amunitie

cerie; les not vote jasen an blindsid ozy insted


livid; no!!!!! ozy is my bf

ozy; yes yes i am

livid; i wot vote 4 u hun

jef; eres first memebr of jury aka elyza

elyza: ahm pissed


jef; sexynt membr of jury is...... ozy

elyza; *explodes*

ozy; fuk u fagets

livid; *deadface*

alexis; im that girl


jef; k its time 4 auctshin... rule numbr won

livid: is that u gotta have fun

jer; stfu manda k so lets start bidig

debby: 50

jef; ...........

goyte: 500

jef; k goyte who u gona send to exyle

gotye; that asshat siska

jef: siska get ur as outta hear oh and you mite run into the roting korps of chetwelch

jason; finds idol

chetwelch: hi

jason; i got a real idol yoopee... k now i ned imyunitie

jef; jasen loses imunitiy

jasen; i rly think gotte is aline with me since she licks me seckshually

nataly; i hat jasen cuz hes a boy

jef; k there ar about 15 voats for siska in her whos gona play an idle

jason: ...

jef: anyone?

jason: .........

jef; im talkin 2 u siska

jason; nah im guud

jef; thrd membr of jury..................………jasen

elyza: shuashuashua

ozy; jajaja

james; i got a bad fingr

JEff; ur gona be medavackd

james: dayum

alexis; we shud vote out last guy

erik; wins imunitie

amanda; wut we gon do now

poverty; idk

jef; who has an idol any1???

livid; me

alexis; fuck

jef: and wjth 2 voats agenst her alexys is out

alexis: im that girl

erik; k i need to win inunitie its finalfyve and im the only dood left

jeff; todays challenge blah blah

erik; *wins*

jef; k one of u is goin home

cery; i got guud idea idk if it work

poverty; wut

cerie; wisper wisper

goyte: lessdoit

at tribal cownsil......

erik; ive thot about this a long tyme....

jef: ?

erik; im gona giv imunitie to goyte


Oh, I never done this before
Never wanna do this again
Wrong turn on a dusty road
I did it to myself, I can't pretend
Well, I learned just a little too late
Good God, I must've been blind
'Cause she got me for everything, everything, everything, alright

Like my daddy I'm a gambling man
Never been afraid to roll the dice
But when I put my bet on her
Little Miss Snake eyes ruined my life
She better sleep with one eye open
Better make sure to lock her doors
'Cause once I get my hands on her, Imma oh

Gotye ‒ she ran away with my immunity
And she did it for fun
Gotye ‒ she's probably out there thinking it's funny
Telling everyone
Well, I'm digging a ditch
For this gold-digging bitch
Watch out ‒ she's quick
Look out for a pretty little thing named
Gotye ‒ if you see her tell her I'm coming
She better run

jef; bye erik

jaims; im no longr dummest suviver

jasen; i am

jef; k last chalanj

poverty; wins

jef; theirs no purpus to tis tribel cuz goyte is the only fan left so shes gonnig hoam

goyte: fuk u jef

cerie; hehehe yeah day 39 bichez

jef; hahahahah no is finaltoo

cerie: ...............damn

livid; eeeee!

poverty; eeeee!

jef; k hers jury inkloodin serie votd oit at las tribelcownsel

cerie; im livid

elyza; hi

jef; k ask kwestins

nataly; how dus ur flurting resonate in bedroom poverty

poverty: confyoosed

siska: she wants the d rsrs

ozy; parvati ur a bich... lividmanda i luv u

bilygarseea; hey thats my thing

jef; winnr of suviver micuntnesa....






jef; peetr harky

peetr; i got holes

jef; toon in nexttyme fore survivor gay boyn