jef; welkum to new sesin wich is totely not rigd

kim; hi

jef; i hat choo cuz u dominatin gam

rawb; hi i dominatd redmepshit islen

jef; ..... *fuks rawb*

kortny; im an otsidr

chesly; inside th otsider (on my own agayyyyn)

jonis; im a bladvass sooshy sheff

jef; men wil be kald manano

coltn; mmm im horney

jef; wimin wil be kalled peeses of shi-- i meen salami


jef: k gathar materrals

mikel: *steals ax* *disappears for rest of season*

cat; meow

kymm; k les go to cmp

coltn; ooooh ther r gurls hear yay

jef; o yes an we is also shareng kamps this sesin but onley fore three epasods

sabrena; i dont ned no men... oo lok an idol

philip philips: setle dooooooown itll al be cleeeear

greg; cll me tarzan pls

troy; but im troyzn so he cant be tarzen

matthoojaykwinlin: im an atorny at law

j biars:

aleesea: ooh is sexy

j biars:

cat; yum

j biars: im gay

coltn; eeee!

jef; first chalanj is to jump on roap thing but kep ur arms up

kortny; *jumps*

a lowd krakin nois is herd

kortny; poops i brok a mussel

jef; medevac on day won ur a faylyer

mikeborasy; im coolr now eee

koltn; bil ur an unamployd unejucated leach on socitey

bil; stfu niqquh


alesea; i hat u

krasteena; wut did i do

aleesea: get born

jef; next chalanj is one from vunuutu we borowd the won with jumpin into oshin

cat; jumps

nina: wtf u doin u not saposd to jump

cat: jumps

nina; wtf my fase is meltin

cat; jumps

nina; dum blond

chesly; hey thats ofensif

jef; nina tribhasspokin *smuff*

nina; u yung bitchez

matthyoo; les get majoritie wit me mikel bil an j biars

j biars; *fuks mat*

bil; is sexy


matthyoo; were rosters

coltn; k were getin majoritie alions cuz their alined

greg; heartattack

trozyan; this is my island

leef: im slmall

jonis; omg leef talked

coltn; k i hav idle

philip; im gunna make this place yoooour hoooome

jef; women win imunitie GODAMIT

monika; stfu sexis kunt

alexys; im that girl

mat; roostrs

jef; mat thetribhasspoken *smuff*

mat; go dye in fires evry1

chelsy; wakes up

kymm; ooh doityerself chalanjes wich r almost as poyntles as madalyn of power

bil; *reding instrucshins in britis acksent*

sabrena; ey thts not funy

colton; get a real job!!

bil; im a struglin standup komic

coltn; i dont kno blak peopl

jef; rly

coltn; my howskeepr rsrs

jef: bil thetribehasspokin *smuf*

bil; dayum

momaka; hey qurls lets al make alions

jef; teemswap

momaka; shit

coltn; yay im wit aleesea

aleesea; kristina diaf

xtina; i havnt evn sed anythin

coltn; jump in fire!

momaka; *jumps*

coltn; ..............

jef; momaka thetribhasspokin *smuff*

coltn; weezing

kristena; o no koltns hert