jeff: welcome to suvivah boonio! new shoe suviving!


on Toogi bechEdit

richerd: im esentric

stacy: i rol mah is at u

sean: im gonna lay down

soo: lazee!

roody: ragga shmagga

derk: chere up roody, god luvs us

richerd: shuddup derk god isnt reel

derk: :(

sonya: *plas yookelaylie*

soo: so pritty

kellee: getting leddeh boner

stacy: gurls we shud vot out roody

soo: okay

soo: (confeshinal) jk

richerd: hi roody

roody: ragga shmagga homosexual

sean: das racist

richerd: homophobic dummy

sean: meh

richerd: meh

both: meh

pagoog bichEdit

bb: WORK!

jervis: nuu

joel: im gunna be sexist

jena: das not nice

joel: shuddup, mak me a sanwich

jena: ok you like mayo?

greg and colleen: *making out*

grechin: they lik eechother

greg: no we dunt! is purly platonic

colleen: o yes we do greg

greg: ur right *makes out again*

ramona: achoo, im sick

bb: shutup! go catch a fish or sumthin

jena: bbs mean

joel: were is mah sanwich

jena: cumming hunny


jeff: hi guys lift things fire yes GO!

everyone: *lifts things fire yes go*

sonya: *falls down*

jeff: pagoog wins!

tribel concilEdit

roody: ragga shmagga

richerd: as a jenius, i vot stacee, cuz everywun wants her gon

jeff: wun vot stacee, ninety million vots sonya

stacee: i thot roody was goin

soo: wuz jking

jeff: sonya the trib spokened *torch snuf*


toogi bechEdit

sean: imma mak bolin aly!

soo: sean u so lazy

soo: (confeshinal) sean so lazy

stacy: hey gurls lets vot richerd

kelly and soo: no

stacy: merp

dirk: imma verjin :)

sean: we no

richerd: god isnt reel, derk

roody: ragga shmagga

richerd: (confeshinal) roody and i is frends

roody: (confeshinal) richerd is homosexual. ragga shmagga

soo: hay kelly derk has crush on u

derk: is troo

kelly: ew i dun dat verjins

derk: :(

pagoog bichEdit

bb: y u no werk, joel?

joel: i mak teh women do it 4 meh

jena: *makes joel a sandwich*

grechin: *does joel's londry*

greg: i has a coconut fone!

ramona: achoo. im still sik

greg: hello? is greg!

jervis: gize u no wut wood be reely unfare?

jena: no wut

jervis: if multiple peeple voted for the sam person to mak sur they go hom

colleen: thas jus rong

greg: oh rly? wut r u wering?


greg: jak from stat farm

bb: vot me out

everyone: ok


jeff: chalinj is to count to thre go!

jervis: wun... erg...

derk: *prays*

richerd: wun tu thre

jeff: toogi wins!

trible consilEdit

jeff: bb everywun hats u da tribe has pokened *torch snuf*