Gwen and Owen are also playing, but only as mentors for their gender's team.

Episode SummariesEdit

"Monster Cash"Edit

We are introduced to a brand new cast of contestants: Cameron, Dawn, Staci, Molly, Brick, Sam, B, Jo, Dakota, Anne Maria, Zoey, Mike, Scott, and Lightning. The fourteen newbies set out for the experience of a lifetime, a chance at $1,000,000. However, when they reach the campsite, they see Chris, Chef... and Owen and Gwen, winner and runner-up of Season One. The fourteen newbies are informed that they will be playing in a "Battle of the Sexes" format, and that Owen and Gwen will be leading their respective gender's team.

"Alien Resurr-eggtion"Edit

The seven guys seem to be getting along extremely well, while the seven girls seem to be split. Dawn, Zoey, and Molly immediately become friends. Dakota and Staci form a "gossip clique" of their own. While Anne Maria and Jo are off by themselves. Gwen is seemingly half-assedly trys to keep the team together, and makes peace with the hippies, but not the gossip duo.

Meanwhile on the guys team, everyone seems to be working well, except for Scott and B, who seem to be constantly at each other's throats, Scott curses B in the confessional numerous times, and B just looks angry. At the challenge, the girls quickly split up, and then Dakota and Staci get out extremely quickly due to running right into Chef. Followed by Cameron getting trapped along with Scott and the latter throwing the former at Chef.

Around ten minutes later, it is down to Jo (the only girl who was able to get out of the massacre in the starting area), Scott, and Mike. Mike them trips and is caught by Chef, leaving Scott and Jo, each grab an egg and run to the exit, Jo then easily outruns Scott and wins the challenge for the girls.

Back at the Camp, Scott sneaks around and tells people that B is up to no good, and that he is only silent because he is strategizing, Scott says he knows, "because B asked me to be in an alliance". At the elimination ceremony, B gets blindsided in a 6-1 vote. The 1 vote going to Scott.

"Riot on Set"Edit

After B's elimination, Scott names himself leader of the tribe, which Mike and Cameron protest strongly. Cameron seems to be the most adamant to join him, simply because Cameron saw through Scott's plan, and Scott tended to belittle and bully him.

Meanwhile, Staci is seen telling Dawn and Molly about "what Zoey's been saying about them", to which they confront her, she, of course denies she said any of that, but the two hippies remain a bit uncertain of their friend.

At the challenge, Scott elects Cameron to act, thinking he will screw it up spectacularly and he could vote him out.

Elimination TableEdit

# Contestant 1 2 3
Staci IN WIN
Anne Maria IN WIN
Dakota IN WIN
Molly IN WIN
Cameron IN SAFE
Scott IN LOW
Lightning IN SAFE