The Triapodons are the chill creatures that mill about Woldumar in the games.


The Triapodons look like large blue triangles. They have zebra-striped tails and stubby blue feet. Their arms are large blades, with orange, red, green, and blue spikes. They have beady little eyes, and green, red, blue, and orange stripes on their backs.


The Triapodons are pretty much the clowns of Woldumar. They are often seen in the Pine Forest, doing conga lines. The three most famous are Squinky, Blinky, and Charles. Squinky is extremely strong, buff, and in shape. He can lift up a tree with only one finger. Blinky is also quite strong, but a braggart as well. He always thinks he can win things. And Charles is lazy, meek, and quiet.


  • Squinky and Blinky are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, and Charles is voiced by Greg Cipes who also does Jarl.