DISCLAIMER: Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


  • Sprink- The king of the school. Writes a somewhat good, but soap opera-like, fanfiction series.
  • Brandon- Sprink's right-hand man.
  • Layla- Sprink's right-hand woman. Dating Brandon.
  • Toad- Weird nerd. Friends with SG, Zinc, and MrD.
  • SG- Toad's kewl friend.
  • MrD- A perverted kid. SG and Toad's friend.
  • Zinc- The three's normal but kewl friend. XD
  • Old Man Gideon- The old sage of the school who has been held back for 33 years.
  • Reddy- Makes a cameo.

Day 1Edit

Sprink: *is the king of the school* Woo! Let's go celebrate TDAthletics as if it still rocks at one of our senior parties! YEAH!

Layla: *giggles* Wow, how cool!

Brandon: Sounds good, dude.

Toad: *weird nerd who eats spaghetti in the corner* Schmrt.

SG: *Farts* Hehehehehe.

MrD: *Stalking Girls* Hehehehehe.

Zinc: *Just There* Hehehehehe.

Toad: Hey look, it's old man Gideon.

Gideon: I do propose that the unofficial ruler be given a oppurtunity to see reality at its finest...

SG: Let's see Tulle.

MrD: Boobies.

Zinc: Don't be a Harold.

Toad: Guys, let's play Maplopoly.

Sprink: I'm too popular to be seen with nerds. Layla and Brandon, ATTACK THEM!

SG: Why would we psyched out by two immature teens?

MrD: The girl's ugly.

Zinc: Ugh, you guys love girls too much.

Brandon: Power of things intended for younger kids but I like them anyway, go!

SG: Can I just go home now?

Layla: Nu, we have to fight you!

Principal Redflare: *dying in office*

SG: OMG, the principal's dying!

Principal Redflare: *wheezes*

SG: *runs over to the principal's office*

Sprink: Leave him be. Then, I can be the principal! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

Safety Patrol Nalyd: *shoots Sprink* ZOMG DIEEEEE

Reddy: This sucks. *goes home*

Sunshine: RAVIOLI POWER! I'm probably a nerd with no life but WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Toad, SG, Zinc, and MrD: Screw you

SG: Ugh, why am I even in high school?

Toad: IDK.

Sprink: You are my subject. Fart for me. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111

SG: *burps in Sprink's face* Close enough?

Gideon: This leads me to the question as to why I am being forced to repeat the 12th grade 43 times.

Layla: Hey, look, an old fart!

Gideon: I'm only 51.

Brandon: Let's bother the elderly! *Farts*

Gideon: I am much too mature for this sort of humor. Now, excuse me while I spend months writing LTDI.

Brandon: *Wraps Gideon with toilet paper* Your stories bore me, you old sot! *laughs obnoxiously*

MrD: I'mma go to the Camps High School and bother Kate even though she hates me.

Brandon: Not if I can help it!

Layla: *rips off her shirt*

MrD: *begins drooling* AAAAAAUGH! BOOBIES! Hubba hubba hubba hubba.

Zinc: Ugh.

SG: Boobs. But I'd rather hang out with Lindsey.

MrD: Lindsey? Her boobs are sad. -w-

SG: <.< *kills MrD*

Toad: *Clapping in the corner*

Sprink: OMG! Someone do something!

Brandon: BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRM Hahahahahahahahaha.

Layla: Brandon you're hooooooooooot. Wanna go out?


Sprink: Wait!

SG: Oh. shut up.

Layla and Brandon: Don't be a bully, Sg.

SG: *farts*

Layla: Ooh, I hope Brandon doesn't find out I like pokeymans...


Toad: *burps in Sprink's face*




Toad: Haw-haw.

SG: Wow, your breath must stink.

Toad: It smells like cra-- Mints.

SG: Right.

MrD: *still looking at Layla, unclothed* Boozums.

Layla: *slaps MrD* I have a boyfriend you n00b! O_O_O

Zinc: This is so messed up...

SG: Lemme try! *burps in Sprink's face*


Zinc: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Principal Redflare: *Is Dead*

SG: What are you laughing at, Zinc?

Zinc: Sprink's face. It's fugly!


Anonymos, Shane, Kenzen, and Gigi: *standing there* Oh no, the principal died.

Layla: Hey, turd, your name is spelled wrong.

Anonymos: Quiet, I'm an admin and I can ban you.

Layla: *turns into dust*

SG: You didn't even burp on her! Wow...

Brandon: My girlfriend died! I'm gonna blame Old Man Gideon! *whacks Gideon*

Gideon: I doubt this is the best way to solve a situation.

Brandon: DIE YOU OLD FART! *takes out an umbrella*

Toad: *breathes on Brandon* <.<

Brandon: YOU @$$HOLE!

Safety Patrol Nalyd: Bad words are not allowed. *Shoots Brandon*

SG: O_o

Zinc: Brandon and Layla are dead! Yay!

Sprink: *Turns into Godzilla*

MrD: @#$% you, Zinc, you jinxed it.

SG: Wow...


Toad: This is getting weird. Come on, SG, let's go before we die.

SG: Good call.

Toad and SG: *Leave*

SG: Man, that school's crazy...

Day 2Edit

SG: Why am I even here?


Kate: *Stands Meekly In The Corner*

Sprink: What'd you losers think of the new Athletics?

SG: ...

Zinc: It su... It was amazing.

SG: I'mma go to first period, now...

Sprink: Yeah, thanks for that. What about you, Brandon?

Brandon: *rambles on about it for two hours*

Sprink: *gives full reply*

Layla: MEH HUBBEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111

Brandon: ﷯ You're not dead!

Layla: I GOT REEEEEVIVED!!!!!!!!111111111111

  • bell rings, letting the other students out of third period*

SG: You guys friggin' skipped three periods. -_-

New Principal Nalyd: Go to your next classes. *Grows a beard*

Toad: It was weird.

Layla: I'mma draw a pic of me and Brandy!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111

Toad: You suck, Layla.

Layla: OMG! Brandon, do something!!!

Brandon: ... *farts*

Layla: TOD DONT INSLUT MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

SG: You guys skip half the day and ramble on about crappy stories. Get a life.

Toad: What he said.

Sprink: Whatever. -w-

MrD: Shut up, chicken cup.

Sprink: I'm going to lunch. >:(

Layla's picture of her and Brandon.

MrD: It's only 10:00.


Toad: Sprink's fat. He needs lunch.

Brandon: It's fugl-- beautiful. -w-

Sprink: I am not fat! *shirt burst open*

SG: I rest my case.

MrD: It was Toad's case, sucka.

Toad: Mmm-mmm.

SG: *stuffs MrD into a trash can*

MrD: I'm th' good guy!!!

Sprink: *at lunch, farts, causes an earthquake, touches Nonny and he dies* I'm not fat.

Brandon: Yeah, you look awesome.

Layla: Sooooo muscular.

Layla: Brandon, are you cheating on me?

Sprink: *shakes his moobs* I know.

Brandon: ... um...

Brandon: *stuttering* N-n-nn-nnnoooo...

Layla: Sure, Sprink's hot, and nice, and caring, and forgiving and.., what was I saying?

SG: *blatantly coughing* And fat.

Sprink: <.< I thought you were still in math.

SG: We were. You've been eating lunch for two hours.

Brandon: You were saying how hot I was?

Layla: Oh, yeah... Wait, no I wasn't!

Sprink: You're quite the handsome boy, Brand.

Layla: You bisexual pigs!

SG: :D


Toad: Jolly good show.

Old Man Gideon: *hobbling* Good day to you, friends.

SG: Why are you talking like an old British man?

Layla: I'm going! *walks out the door*

Old Man Gideon: OMG! My initials are OMG!

Sprink: Layla, no... :( BTW, that's not an exit.

Layla: Whatever! *is locked in closet*

SG: Should we let her out?

Brandon: MAH GURL!!!!!!111111111 I'LL RESCUE YOU! *charges door and gets knocked down* *farts*

TAU: *comes in, morbidly obese with warts, pimples, and moobs* I'm one of Sprink's buddies, too!

Sprink: TAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111111

Brandon: *groaning* A little help?

TAU: Is that Brandon? I'll save you, bud! *goes over to Brandon* Buddy, are you okay?

Brandon: I was... but your breath really stinks. *faints*

Sprink: *still eating* 'Sup?

SG: Dude, half your posse is trapped and/or knocked out. And you're still eating?

Sprink: Yup. A Gary's gotta eat.

Toad: What's your last name, Gary? Poopsack?

Sprink: No. Asshole.

Safety Patrol Nalyd: NO CUSSING! *takes Sprink away*

TAU, Brandon, and Layla: NUUU!!!!!

Zinc: Might as well. *kicks Brandon in he groin, and Brandon turns into dust*

Layla: What just happened? Some one let me out of here!

SG: *opens the door, farts, closes it*


SG: Haw haw haw.

Layla: *shirt vaporizes*

MrD: *drooling* :o My perv senses are tingling! *locks himself in with Layla* *drools*

Layla: I'm stuck in here with toxic fumes AND a perv?

MrD: Let's have smex.

Layla: You aren't bothered by the smell?

MrD: I have no sense of smell.

Layla: O_O *runs around in circles* SOS!!!!!!!

SG: What is going on in there?

Safety Patrol Nalyd: Someone's in trouble! Quick, let's break out the heavy artillery! *pulls out a naked barbie doll*

TAU: I'm the only one of my posse who's still around! :D

SG: *mimicks TAU's voice* Sh*t, yeah!

TAU: THATZ MEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

Nalyd: NO CUSSING!!! *takes TAU away*

Sprink: *still eating, burps loudly*

SG: Wasn't he arrested?

Nalyd: He's on parole.

Sprink: I always escape the law! ;)

Parole Officer Cherry: Hello Everyone. I Am Chancellor Cherry.


Sprink: Him? O_O Take me to jail instead!!!

Cherry: No, Sprink. I Like Your Stories.


SG: Your stories are @#$%&, to be honest.

Sprink: Nalyd, run him in!

Nalyd: You can't be arrested for telling the truth. :|

Cherry: You Will Never Get Me Alive! Bwahahahahahahaha!

Sprink: Dang it.

QOS: *comes out of the sky, riding on a naked Eva* Hahahaha.

Nalyd: O_O GTG! *chases after QOS*

MrD: *pauses from his smex* RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Sprink: *done eating, now 179246283639576235207526576057 pounds* Bai, Nalyd.

WARNING: The following scene is extremely inappropriate. Only read if you're 50 and up.

MrD: *slams into door*

Layla: I'm going to give birth in a closet?!

MrD: *takes out a condom* It's for you. >:D

SG: Well. Let's let her spend nine months pregnant in there.

Layla: *screams, runs away, bumps into the
179246283639576235207526576057 pound Sprink, gets stuck in between his boobs* Brandy, help me!

Brandon: *still dead*

Sprink: Schnup.

Brandon: *comes back to life* LAYLA!!!!

Sprink: *burps loudly in Layla's face*

Layla: SPRINKY!!!!!!

Principal Gideon: Yep, I'm the new principal. Time to go to your next class. *dentures fall out*

Sprink: *can't even move*

Brandon: I'll save you!!!!!!

Sprink: *farts*

Sprink: *magically loses 99999999999999999999999999999 pounds*

Layla: You're skinny, or, whatever you were before, again! :D :D :D

Brandon: :D

Layla and Brandon: *make out*

SG: I'mma go to our next class now...

Brandon: *farts*

Mr. Vargas: Hello, I'm your teacher.

SG: MY BRO??!?!?!?!?!


SG: Can we just make a fart joke and go home now?

MrD: Poot. I'm going home.

SG: *burps* Going home.

MrD, Zinc, Toad, SG: *walking home, see a skeleton*

Toad: Looks like Principal Redflare.

SG: Yep.

Day 3Edit

MrD: *wakes up* Wake up in the mornin', feelin' really sh*tty. Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I see Layla's t*tty!

Layla: EWWWW! YOU PERVERT!!!11111111

Sprink: Yo, Layla. Like, your audition for dat 2nd All-Stars thingeh was so epic. I have to let you in ASAP.

Layla: OMGLEE! YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111 HEY LOOK ITZ BRANDEN!!!111

Brandon: Yo. Hey, like, I'm moving so I can't audition yet but everyone knows I'll get in. Even those losers...

SG: Said the guy who got killed by a door...

Sprink: Hey, Toad! Guess what?

Toad: Ugh, what?

Sprink: Blair's not in all-stars! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

SG: Wow...

MrD: Blow it out your rectum, Sprink. Oh wait, you don't have one! Hahaha!

SG: Anything for me, Sprink?

Sprink: Nyet.

SG: <.<

Sprink: *falcon-pawnches SG in the groin*

SG: ...I didn't even feel anything. :P


Brandon: Shut up Nalyd.


Toad: Does just skipping to the elimination chart count?

SG: I second that.


SG: He called us groins? :P

Zinc: Is that even an insult?

SG: That sounds like a bit of a compliment. If we have big groins then when we get la... *CN edit*

Old Man Gideon: Salutations, folks.

Layla: ZOMG, stop talking all weirdly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111

Old Man Gideon: Raising your voice is not the best way to solve problems.

Brandon: He's right. Bothering the elderly is. *sprinkles flower over OMG*

Gideon: Well, I find flowers quite pleasant.

Sprink: Oh, really?

Gideon: Ya, rly.

Brandon: <.< *dumps books onto OMG*

Gideon: I love to read, so this is quite a blessing. *takes out J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit"*

Brandon: *dumps hot lava onto OMG*

Gideon: I find lava very cool and refreshing.

Layla: Yeah, you show him, Brandon!

SG: This is so stupid.

Gideon: You are all hob-knockers!