Will official

Will's official art from WolduWarriors 2.

Will is the enthusiastic, strong 3rd member of the WolduWarriors. His best friends are Zeke, Calvin and (sometimes) Steven.


William D. Wilson V came to Woldumar in 2007, and has been enthusiastic ever since. He is extremely hyper and always sides with Calvin when taking down Shadowbutt. He loves to talk about Pokemon and watch popular Internet memes such as Charlie the Unicorn and Llamas with Hats. He has long, very very light blond hair. In the first game he has a long sleeved green T-shirt and purple pants, while in the second game he wears a short sleeved green T-shirt and blue jeans. Will also rides the Eatran home, which is quite annoying when it comes when he is battling monsters.


Will is the strongest and best at defense of the four WolduWarriors, with Zeke, Steven and Calvin being all-around, funniest and fastest, respectively. Will can pick up large logs, Squirrel Nut Dudes and Berryboys and hoist them out of the way. His signature attack in the first game is Dex's Brawl, which stuns and sometimes kills all enemies on the screen. His signature attack in the second game is Wiiiiiiiiilson's Pawnch, which is sorta like a Falcon Pawnch. He can learn these by training with Mo. He is playable starting in Chapter 2-3 in WolduWarriors and Chapter 1-2 in WolduWarriors 2.