WolduWarriors 4 is the fourth and final game in the WolduWarriors series.


The three remaining WolduWarriors, plus Brian, must stop Dave Boss, Beana and their cronies from taking over Woldumar and turning it into a fast food chain. Dave will only stop if he gets all eight pieces of a magical relic, which could be anywhere in Michigan.




  • Lena
  • Lito
  • Kevin
  • Sarah
  • New female counselor with brown hair who seems to run a healing stand
  • Cody - takes the place of Ethan
  • Ari - Will and Jarl's love interest
  • Joe
  • Jixx
  • Jarl
  • Mo
  • 9th Boss
  • Triapodons
  • Alfred Triapodon
  • Olive
  • Abby - Olive's odd friend
  • Zeke - seems to be finally returning, will be part of another camp that works together with the WolduWarriors to stop Beana.
  • Asian guy who's seen with Zeke
  • Girl with straight blonde hair
  • Girl with long, curly light blonde hair


  • Chips
  • Sully
  • Snake named Romeo, who can be stretched by his tail to hit switches
  • Franklin
  • Tibblum


  • Berryboy
  • Elite Berryboy
  • Sumo Berryboy
  • Artillery Adam
  • Artillery Andrew
  • Tik Tok Klok
  • Snapper
  • Unknown evil-looking trees that spout out poison spores
  • Adlings
  • Shellbutt
  • Booger Buddies
  • Underground Miner


  • A gigantic octopus-like creature
  • An undead tree
  • Adi riding on Bigsnake from the 1st game
  • Chief Hoogan who seems to be brainwashed



  • Woldumar Grounds - similar, but with the addition of wigwams
  • Hardwood Forest, where you must infiltrate a game of Capture the Flag played by 10 year olds
  • A random lake up north
  • Detroit, where the Hooga Hoogas live
  • The other camp that Zeke is at